Patratskaya Natalya: другие произведения.

Pearly woman

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Natalya Patratskaya


Pearly woman

  Chapter 1
   Outside the window, worried sea. On the horizon was the white sail of the yacht. The woman watched in amazement at the man who put the peacock feathers in a narrow vase standing in front of the window. She just arrived at the Peacock Palace today, and he doesn't even notice her!
   - Ivan Sergeyevich, what do you do with feathers? She asked, lifting her lush white hair over her head.
   - Victoria Lvovna, do not bother me! I am making an antenna, an ordinary antenna, "the man answered, continuing to hide the wires in the peacock's feathers.
   - Why so difficult, dear? You could say mystery.
   - Tell you everything! I am minimizing life from trouble. I am watching my kingdom-state and my palace.
   "Explain it in more detail," Victoria Lvovna asked coquettishly, although she was less interested in this. She still hoped that she would return home forever.
   - Do you remember the tale of Pushkin: "Reign, lying on your side"? So I fulfill the covenant of the great storyteller. I really like lying prone people.
   - Explain to those who do not understand! - capriciously exclaimed the lady.
   Victoria Lvovna was still trying to attract the attention of a man.
   - Ok, I'll explain. The fact is that I have a network of listening devices, and the antenna helps me to improve the quality of communication with my employees, and if someone touches it ...
   - And you are listening to me? - Viktoria Lvovna interrupted him in surprise, straightening the collar of a white blouse. Yes, and she was all dressed in white leather clothes.
   - And then! Beloved woman should be under the control of the emperor!
   "You are already a count, and a king, and an emperor!" Everything, I was offended.
   Victoria Lvovna, the most beautiful of women, thought and sobbed. A mess of words flashed through her mind, which she had spoken at different times and on different occasions. She took a leather case on wheels, which had not yet been unpacked, called a taxi and left for the boarding house, while Ivan Sergeyevich, who was all called Count Peacock, set up antennas in a house that had belonged to him since time immemorial.
   The sun was shining and warming. The waves of the estuary lazily ran to the shore. Two girls did not hurry. They lay on the rug, enjoying life. They were good. Desire completely absent. The euphoria of the holiday was complete. No one was lying next to them, so no one interfered with them.
   The wind increased from the sea. The young wind was chillingly cold. The wind flew mysterious, in it lurked whole flocks of white butterflies. And all this mystery of nature swirled over sunbathing people. Beach audience began to take a vertical position. People quickly put on bright clothes. Sunny summer day quietly became overcast. One of the girls from the cold began to rotate.
   - Bella, let's go home! - She cried, nervously stamping in one place. - I'm cold and scared. The weather has changed so drastically! These butterflies! I do not like insects with wings! Oh, they got on me! Oh, I'm afraid of them!
   The girl rose from her seat. She swung her hat over her head, brushing off white butterflies, bouncing in time with her hat and wind.
   - Alla, let's look at the butterflies. They are so beautiful! They fly so great! When will we meet the living white cloud of flying wings! This is a miracle! - inspired exclaimed Bella, touching her blond hair, looking at a flock of white butterflies.
   - What to look at them ?! Caterpillars are unfinished! - Alla said irritably, curving with her whole body and showing how she didn"t like white butterflies flying around them.
   - I do not know where we rush. Before lunch, two hours. Put the veil on yourself and calm down! Yes stop you twitch! Butterflies do not bite! - instructively said Bella.
   - Caterpillar caterpillar, can you not think about food? - a friend irritated her a little.
   - Yes, I always want to eat! I always remember about lunch! But it's so good here! I am pleased to sit on the beach in captivity of white butterflies. And not hot. And so beautiful with these flying butterflies all over the beach!
  - You're killing me! Yes, look at us from the side! If only one guy came to us! As if they are not on the beach! Because of you - lovers of food - and nobody looks at me !!! - Alla shouted.
   The words of the girl heard the wind. He circled around the two young men and dragged them along the beach to the girls. Guys staggered in the jets of the sea wind. They were wrapped in white butterflies and, like two caterpillars, fell from a gust of wind at the feet of Alla.
   - Alla, you are a gift from the wind! Whom you asked, that and received! Bella exclaimed, quite pleased with the situation. - Look how funny guys are in white butterflies! They are like in white shirts! They have butterflies on their faces!
   - Boys honey plastered! They are so sticky that they have collected all the butterflies! - Alla exclaimed scornfully.
   - Girls, help out! - shouted the blond. - We have a sunblock honey!
   Bella swung the rug over the young people: the butterflies were blown away like a wind.
   - I am a junior wind assistant! Bella exclaimed, not taking her eyes off the blond, slowly folding the rug made under the mat and putting it in a beach bag.
   Young people began to rise from the ground, trying to shake off the last butterflies stuck to them. They seemed to have grown out of the sand: big and beautiful, young and strong.
   - Yura, look what girls! What girls! Shine!
   - Pasha, what do you want them for? Are you missing girls?
   "So the brunet is Pasha," Bella said.
   "Boys, we are ordinary girls," Alla said playfully.
   "Girls, but we are not from your collection," said Yura, a fair-haired young man of medium height of twenty-six.
   Bella quickly put on her shorts and top. It may seem strange, but she was not in a solid swimsuit and looked quite normal. Alla slowly got up and dressed. The young people looked at the girls with an appraising glance and looked at each other. They appreciated them pretty quickly.
   - And you girls are nothing! - Exclaimed Pasha, a young man of strong appearance about twenty-five. - Girls, unite their efforts in holding idle days? Our vacation is not over yet.
   "I agree," Alla said quickly, fearing that they would change their mind, and looked inquiringly at her friend.
   All four stood up and left the place where they were attacked by butterflies. The wind quickly flew and quickly disappeared. The coolness remained.
   A young man with thin features, with a flexible figure, walked to the seashore. He looked with interest at the three-story palace. The Peacock Palace, as all the locals called it, stood on the first line from the seashore. The sturdy building seemed carved from the rock forever. None of the people living in these parts represented the seashore without this ancient building.
   Soon he was already lying in a white lounge chair and was looking at a yacht with white sails sailing on the horizon. He noticed how a white cloud appeared over the yacht and flew to the shore. His name was Ilya. He was bored. He looked sadly at the shore and noticed two girls lying on the sand not far from him. He liked one of them very much. He forgot about the sea, the palace, the white yacht, the sun that burned his shoulders. He saw only her. He saw white butterflies fly at young people.
   He thought that the butterflies came from a white yacht on the horizon. Most likely, these butterflies were a white cloud over the yacht. He approached the place that the young people had left, and looked after the girls. He slightly regretted that he was again ahead of two guys. Again, he did not have time to meet the girls first. And at the same time, he realized that it always happens to him in life. He chooses - he is taken away.
   Two girls and two guys walked slowly along the beach. The guys had flippers in their hands, and the girls carried beach bags with portraits of strangers.
   - Girls, where are you staying? Where are you going? - Yura asked and quickly continued to speak, without waiting for an answer. - And we came to the central beach with flippers, and there is no place to dive here at all. We walked, walked on the water, and everything was shallow. This is a children's beach. We always go to another beach, there is deep.
   - Yura, Pasha, we live in the private sector. We have a house for two, - Alla answered in unison to him. - We walk on shallow water on this beach and we sunbathe.
   - Well! - exclaimed Pasha. - So, we have the same conditions of life with you. We live in a boarding house together in the same room and cannot swim in the sand of a shallow beach.
  - Wow! - Alla exclaimed. - And they say: the conditions are the same! Yes, in our house there are only two tiny rooms: in the one we eat, and in the other we sleep. The windows are tiny and do not open. The window is one and that tiny!
   - Girls, we will throw things in a boarding house and will be at your feet today! - Pasha said, not listening to Alla's indignation about her harsh life.
   - Gentlemen, we will bring our rugs and go out. Where will we meet? - rattled Alla, quite smiling at such nice young people.
   - See you at the fountain! She still asks, - Yura dismissively remarked and pointed to a fountain at the end of the beach, from which a trickle of water slowly rose and fell.
   - Well, - Alla answered.
   The girls quickly went to the house, standing in the shade of the trees. They smiled and talked about the beach wind, about wonderful butterflies and about young people. They entered a small room, fell on old metal beds with feather beds and huge white pillows. Bella lay down on the bed under the window. On a small window were three peacock feathers, leaning against the glass, they reminded of the sunny road to the sea.
   The grass rang in the sun and turned into hay at the root. It was unbearably hot. Bella and Alla drove in a large cabin of a passing car along with the driver. They drove the steppe reserve. After some time, the car drove into the peninsula, drove past the storks. Their huge nests were located on power transmission poles.
   The car quickly drove the village, surrounded on three sides by the sea. On the one side of the village there were two beaches: one wild, with steep shores, and the other ordinary.
   "The central beach is distinguished by fine sand and shallow water, you can walk along the shallows for a long, long time, and the water does not rise above the chest," said the driver, taking the fare.
   The girls came to the sea, rented a house with facilities in the yard. Opposite their house stood the house in which an elderly couple lived. Older people used to meet every summer at a local beach, then they got married and bought a small house, later they built their house according to a fashionable project at the time.
   Two houses were connected by an arch with branches of grapes, which wrapped around a wooden lattice in artistic disorder. In the yard grew apple and plum trees. Outside the site was surrounded by quince trees. The amenities in the courtyard included cold water from a pipe that ran idly to the dishes or the kettle. Next to the crane was a table and two shops, they were eaten in the summer.
   The owner of these two houses most often worked in the workshop, attached to a large house. In the yard hosted Ivanovna. She gave visitors a small house and grew tomatoes for sale. Tomatoes covered the entire floor of the veranda, leaving a small walkway. The hostess constantly told how difficult it was for her to sell tomatoes ...
   Bella stopped remembering the day of arrival and said:
   - Alla, let's not go on a date at the fountain. I do not want adventure with these young people! I'm afraid of them! I don"t understand them and don"t know, "the girl whined, touching the peacock"s greenish feathers.
   - Bella, and I am too lazy to go, but I really want adventure. I'm tired of boredom! What do we do? And laziness, and fear, and really want adventure? For once, young people appeared on our horizon, but we are too lazy to make out. You know, I'll go, and you lie on your side and be afraid! I"ll go alone to them, "Alla said ominously, looking at the clothes in the closet.
   - Go alone. And I will not go! "I want to sleep," Bella said in a sleepy voice.
   - Agree. I'll go alone to the fountain with drinking water, and you cook dinner! We will not go to the cafe today, "Alla instructively said and looked at Bella. She saw on her pearl beads a white pearly butterfly. "Where did the butterfly appear on the beads?" - She thought, it seemed to her that the butterfly was shaking her little head in time with Bella's breathing.
   Alla waved her friend a hand and ran out of the house. She was a slim girl of medium height, with brown hair below her shoulders. Pretty quickly she went to the fountain. On the other hand, Yura, a young man of medium height with blond hair, approached the fountain. Both of them looked at each other with undisguised interest in the steel eyes.
  "My name is Alla," she said and smiled friendly.
   - And my name is Yura, - smiling young girl, a young man introduced himself, - and I personally like you, and even more.
   - I am pleased that it was you who came. I immediately noticed you, - Alla answered, smiling with a white-toothed, open smile.
   "And I am pleased that you are pleased and that it was you who came here," said Yura, continuing to smile, showing wonderful white teeth.
   - What do we do? Where to go? - asked the girl.
   - Alla, are you not afraid of heights? I'd like to climb the tower. Height beckons me! I want to see the lighthouse. With him watching the sea.
   - Well, let's go to the tower. I do not mind. The lighthouse here is called the tower ...
   Alla and Yura went towards the tower two steps away from each other, but with each step they approached each other, and at some point their fingers joined. Both stopped and looked into each other's eyes. I didn't want to go.
   - Yura, are we not going to the tower? Looking at each other?
   "Let's go to the park, here any group of trees is called a park, if they are not fruit trees," said the young man and squeezed the girl"s hand more tightly.
   Park it or not, but they sat on the nearest bench under a chestnut tree.
   - Yura, who do you work? If it `s not a secret? - Alla asked, playfully glaring at the eyes of a young man.
   - We. No one. Nothing. Not married. Did not participate. Were not.
   - But seriously? I really want to know who I am talking to, who I liked! To continue the acquaintance, - and she smiled her best smile.
   - We are from special forces. We are great and terrible marzipans with butterflies!
   - Joke? You're all kidding! And I get offended for myself that I'm talking to someone unknown to anyone, "Alla pouted her lips.
   - No, you are, - Yura objected, - how could I dare to joke with a girl! I'm a serious person! I will answer directly: we are from special forces!
   - Yes, you are strong guys, but your hair is long-haired.
   - Yes, we are nimble guys. And who are you?
   - We? To know who we are? We are two girls from the beach.
   - Alla, yes, your answer is even steeper, and I do not like it!
   - We are two artists. We paint the boxes, "she replied sadly.
   - Isn't it boring to paint boxes under riveting? - he laughed.
   - Bored? Not. We like. We work as photographers. Reliable, the girl answered seriously.
   - Are you married? The question is fundamental to the relationship.
   - No, we are free girls! In our factory, only girls and women work. Men rarely look into our art studio only when the boxes are brought in for work. No, we are not married! - Alla put an end to the question and began to look sadly towards the sea.
   - Alla, sorry, but what city are you from? Can I call it? - continued to knock questions Yura in the almost closed door.
   - From the regular. There is such a town, - Alla answered, ready to turn around and go in the direction of a small but cozy house.
   - Understood, speak and call your city you do not want. And Pasha and I came from the capital, we both work as programmers, - said Yura, - We are not married and have not been married. We studied, served in the army and worked.
   - Yura, you said that you are from special forces. Now you are deceiving me, - Alla said with unconcealed insult in her voice.
   - SWAT is a hobby, and so we work with computers.
   - It is clear to you that everything is incomprehensible, but very entertaining. And this is not you accidentally bought in the city all the hotels?
   Jura's eyes radiated cold. Alla realized that she asked stupidity. They fell silent, as if they had run a hundred meters for speed and were tired, although they were sitting on a bench. It was a rare warm rain. Alla opened the umbrella. Yura moved to the girl and took her hand with an umbrella in his hand. They looked at each other. Hands got warm ...
   - Get up, Alla, the rain has passed. In the evening, come with your girlfriend to a boarding house on the dance floor. We have dancing today. We'll be waiting for you!
   "We will definitely come," Alla agreed without much joy.
   And they went in different directions.
   Alla came home annoyed, she smiled tightly.
   - Alla, what was? Where have you been for so long? Said Bella.
   "Yura came to a date, he asked who we were and where we were from," said Alla sadly.
  "So I didn't want to go," Bella muttered.
   "They are waiting for us in the evening at the dances in the boarding house," Alla said thoughtfully and looked at herself in the small mirror on the white wall.
   - It seems you knowingly went on a date and you agreed to something! Lunch is ready! Sit down Bella said cheerfully.
   The girls sat at the table, ate and soon fell asleep. At four o'clock in the afternoon, they woke up and began to think about what they should go on their first date.
   Rested eyes shone in anticipation of the meeting. Thick hair waves fell on his shoulders. Clothes for a date lay on the bed. The girls themselves shone from unconscious hope for the future.
   Ivanovna looked into the room:
   - Girls, and you prettier! Where are you going? And then you're all at home sitting.
   - To the disco! - shouted the girls, considering the clothes.
   - Girls, I repeat, do not bring gentlemen here! I will not let them go!
   - We know. We remember the prohibitions well, Bella said quietly.
   Mistress retired. The girls sat in two chairs and decided to read a little, but the lines in front of her eyes did not move. They simultaneously put down the books and thought. Increased general tension.
   "I'm scared," Bella blurted out. - I feel uneasy. I shiver all.
   - What are you afraid of? And you are trembling because you are frozen on the beach, "Alla commented, combing luxurious chestnut strands of hair.
   "I"m scared because I don"t know these men," Bella whined as she brushed her blond hair.
   - Always everyone does not know someone, and then they get to know each other. At the dances, by the way, other people will, "Alla instructively said, putting her foot in a chair, examining it for the presence of vegetation, and, not finding anything extra on her feet, put her foot on the floor.
   - If only so. I'm scared anyway. I still had no one, and they are such mature men! You see, Alla, they are men, not classmates! They are not boys! - objected to Bell of the last forces against the date, which was approaching with incredible speed.
   - Your name is not in bed, but to dance! What are you scared of? - Alla said with a touch of irritation, putting a light dress in front of the mirror.
   "Oh, your mother asked us not to get in touch with anyone, to beware of anything incomprehensible in relations between men and women," Bella recalled her last argument.
   - And you do not mess up going, and dance. A coward, that's who you are! - Alla shook her hair, circling in a dress in one place.
   The girls took books in their hands, put their noses in them, since there was no TV in the white house. On the clock, time was slowly moving. In summer, dances don't start early.
   A warm evening floated with a slight coolness. Yura and Pasha were sitting on the railing of a wooden veranda.
   - Girls, where have you been? We are waiting for you, waiting! Everything is here, but you are not! - spoke Yura, running a five in his hair.
   "We waited for your dinner to end," Alla replied and approached Yura.
   Bella went to Pasha. Yura noticeably cheered up:
   - Oh, we already broke in pairs! We don't need dancing either ?! We won't be bored anyway. Or see how they dance here?
   Everyone laughed in response.
   On the veranda, the first dance chords sounded invitingly. The people along the paths and paths began to flock to the veranda to the sounds of music. The audience was of all ages: from five to eighty.
   - Wow contingent! - exclaimed Pasha. - What should we do here?
   - Budding, - answered Yura. - You did not know that there is a disco out of age? Here who knows how to walk, he comes.
   "But not to that extent!" No, this disco is not for me, - muttered Pasha, slightly contemptuously looking at the public.
   - Normal degree of contingent. We just need a little walk. Old people and small children will soon go to sleep, then we will return here to dance, "wisely judged Yura, without emotion, looking at the crowd that wanted to dance.
   Young people with girls left the veranda.
   - Guys, where are we going? Asked Bella. - In an hour it will be dark.
   "To the tower," Pasha responded, "we will walk to the lighthouse."
   - Pasha, are you going to the tower? - Yura was surprised. - You - and the lighthouse!
   - With Bella, I can go to the tower. I think you and Alla will go.
   - Will they let us in there? - Asked prudent Alla. - Suddenly we will not be allowed on the tower? It should be closed to us.
  "If they pay, they will let them go," answered Yura. - I heard from tourists that the tower is accessible to tourists, but at a rate.
   Having broken into pairs, the four went to the tower of the lighthouse on the other side of the village. The superintendent, after meeting with Pasha"s hand, missed everyone on the tower and told them not to stick out. The guys went up to the balcony. Bella began to look toward the estuary.
   The sea is stormy. White yacht rocked on the waves. On the yacht, two men stood in the rack of wrestlers. Sail flipped them on the torso, but they did not respond to his blows. One man did a foot kick. The second man fell and caught the sail. Sail wind deviated overboard, and the man hung over the sea. The first man kicked the second man off the sail.
   The spectators were surprised, then screamed at the same time and ran to the caretaker to ask for a boat to save the man. The caretaker pointed to the boat, made a movement with three fingers. Pasha thrust money into his hand and went to the boat. The paddles in the boat have already been inserted into the oarlocks.
   "Girls, stay on the shore, we will sail alone," said Yura, getting into the boat and picking up the oars. Soon he earned oars.
   The boat slowly conquered the waves. Sailboat quickly went to the side. The buoy had a head. The man waved his hand. The guys sailed to the buoy, dragged the man into the boat and with difficulty came to the shore. The waves were getting closer to the shore, then they were being carried away from it. The girls happily met the guys. The rescued man approached the caretaker. The superintendent put money in his hand.
   Young people were numb from the spectacle.
   - Guys, why did you open your mouths? We have a marine performance on a dachshund.
   The four went to the side of Apricot, discussing what they had seen. They walked alongside the carriageway, on which rare cars drove at that time. Bella looked at her companions and realized that word of mouth in the Apricot shop worked on tower advertising. She guessed that they just bought them. But the guys were pleased with their courage, and the girls checked that the guys served alongside the special forces.
   All four of them returned to the disco. By their return, the audience on the veranda remained youth and sexual in appearance. Two couples took their place among the dancing couples. Music enveloped them with their intrusiveness. Darkness enveloped the veranda on all sides. Lamps were shining above the dance floor and rare lanterns on the tracks.
   - Yura, and I was afraid of you. But you turned out to be so brave: they immediately rushed to save the man from the yacht, did not even spare the money, - Alla quietly whispered.
   He did not answer, only he pressed the girl closer to him.
   "Bella, you are so good with a fluffy tail of hair," said Pasha. - It"s nice to dance with you. I feel your tender body under your arms, "he said mysteriously and with a hint.
   - Oh thank you! And they tell me that I like to eat. Everybody is joking at me, - Bella replied laughing, feeling her biceps with pleasure under her palms.
   - You are so homey as a bun. And no husband? More likely no than yes! True? - Pasha gently cooed, slightly squeezing her hands.
   - I don't have a boyfriend either! Bella exclaimed. - Alla and I have been friends for a long time. We are friends from school.
   - Yes, and we are normal friends, - Pasha answered seriously, - and I personally like you, it is cozy with you and there are no bad thoughts in your head.
   "And I am pleased to feel your strong arms," thought Bella.
   Tango is over. More energetic music made the audience dance a distance from each other, the dance allowed to see the partner, but did not feel it.
  Chapter 2
   The pair of Alla and Yura was more sensual, and they squirmed to the fast music, not letting each other out of their hands, as if they were stuck to each other.
   "Alla, let's take a walk," Yura whispered to her. - Leave quietly.
   - We go where you say. I'll follow you anywhere.
   Yura and Alla left the circle of dancing people, not looking back at the second pair, and quickly disappeared into the bushes. Turning off the path, they stopped after a couple of steps. Lips in a kiss joined together in unison. With two hands he pulled the girl to him, their bodies pressed to each other no worse than the lips. The thin summer cloths of their clothes were barely separated.
   - Yura, so it is impossible! You almost ate me, - Alla screeched.
   - Alla, what are you doing? I need a woman's caress.
   - I know everything theoretically about love, but practically did not pass.
  "Oh, so you don't have a boyfriend either?" Then move on to practice. You're turning me on. I am an ordinary man, I served the army.
   - And I am an ordinary girl. With a friend, we did not reach love.
   - Oh, so the gap between us! Alla, this is where you are so preserved safe and sound? - Yura quite laughed.
   - At the factory for painting boxes and preserved. I painted love scenes, but I did not get into such scenes myself. I only read about them in books.
   - Yes, no luck to me. Alla, we will disperse beautifully, while once again you have not led me beyond the horizon of love, while I am in possession of myself, - Yura pushed the girl away from himself.
   They went to the lantern-lit dance floor. Bella happily waved to them.
   "Pasha, let's go home," said Yura. - It is already dark, and girls are not afraid of the dark, they have to go far, but you and I are close. Come on, friend. Girls, bye! Do you reach yourself? Or you to go home? Shut up? True, I do not want to accompany you!
   - Come on, - Alla said sadly. - We ourselves get to the house.
   - Alla, did I miss something? Asked Bella with eyes full of misunderstanding.
   The girls walked along dimly lit streets toward the house. The darkness deepened, the shadows merged with the darkness. Evening chatter sounded in the grass.
   - Alla, why did they leave us? All was good. What happened? Explain to me. Such a quiet evening. "We danced nicely and everything went away," Bella wailed.
   - They need women, but you and I, a friend, have not grown to them. Pasha and Yura are boring with us. They are adult males. And we ... - Alla did not finish and waved her hand with inner regret.
   - But we are not men! Yes, we are shorter, but we are adults.
   - Bella, well, you're stupid and listen to mom, and I listen to you. And men, if you still do not understand, need disobedient women.
   The moon was shining. Darkened trunks of apple trees. In one window of the house the light was on. Ivanovna was sitting at a table in the courtyard.
   - Girls, what's so early? I thought you would be brought with flowers.
   "Because it"s too early for girls," Alla answered briskly.
   The girls washed, dressed, and sat down to drink tea.
   - Alla, forgive me, but I am somehow offended. Pasha and I were so good together, and suddenly everything was over. And you appeared dissatisfied with each other ...
   - You know, Bella, they brought us the wind of love, but love did not work out. Tomorrow let's go to the beach alone. I hope that white butterflies do not fly from that shore every day.
   Clear morning woke Bella. She looked out the small window: Ivanovna was talking with the owner in the courtyard. The girl turned her head toward the girlfriend:
   - Alla, let's go alone to the beach. We have a little rest.
   "You're right, friend, we lived without men - and we will live," Alla said, and a sigh of deep regret broke from her chest.
   The day was sunny with variable clouds. Sunburn was, it was not. The girls sat on their rugs and looked at the sea. Ilya was lying on a white couch and sighed, looking at the girl with pearl beads around her neck, but he did not dare approach her. He noticed that strong guys were approaching the girls. Girls simultaneously hugged male hands. Strong arms hugged the girls' slightly tanned and charred shoulders.
   "Girls, we are bored without you," Yura rumbled.
   "Boys, we have no life without you," Alla sang.
   The boys laid a large bedspread and both sat on it. Their impressive figures excited unintelligibly and almost tangibly.
   "Let's play cards," suggested Yura and took out the cards.
   "And we will play cards," Alla replied, straightening dark glasses in front of her eyes and getting up from her mat.
   The girls sat on the bedspread guys. Young people began to play cards together. But the cards did not go - during the day they were bored with boredom. An alarming and pleasant feeling appeared in Bella's soul. Male legs captivated her eyes, she involuntarily looked at Pasha's legs.
   He appreciated her gaze and said:
   - Today is a concert at the local house of culture, there are four tickets. I suggest that the girls put on evening dresses in the evening and show up in full parade to the house of culture, and we will put on tuxedos and we will arrive in the carriage.
   - Well, we will go with you to the house of culture, and then alone we will return home! Parting we have already passed in the last meeting, and we do not have evening dresses! - Bella responded. - And there are no carriages!
   The guys on her words did not pay attention.
  The girls carefully prepared for meeting young people. Hairstyles - curly. Persons - like painted boxes. Couples after the meeting at the house of culture changed: Alla with Pasha, Bella with Yura, so they sat in the concert hall. The scene is now heavily lit, then plunged into darkness along with the hall. Saving darkness brought couples together. After the concert, all four stopped in front of the entrance to the House of Culture. Pasha suggested:
   - There is a proposal to break up in pairs, but in a new composition.
   - We disagree on new couples, - Alla answered and went with Pasha.
   Pasha did not attack Alla, did not embrace. They walked through a warm summer evening. Were silent. Bella walked with Yura and was also silent, but for a long time she could not stand the new companion and caught up with Pasha.
   - Pasha, I need you! Screamed Bella with sadness in her voice.
   - And I need Yura, - Alla responded and approached him.
   Both couples, as if on cue from above, hugged and sighed.
   - Girls, we live on the first floor of the fifth building of the boarding house. The windows for you will be open. We will give you a chair. You will climb a glass of champagne over it to our room, "suggested Yura. - You can go through the main entrance, but there may be problems.
   "Where ours did not disappear, we climbed through the window to you," Alla replied, always pleased when it came to adventure.
   The guys entered the building through the main entrance, and the girls climbed through the window.
   "We entered the history of our life through the window of love," Bella said with a lyrical mood, looking at the decor of the room.
   There was champagne on the table. Lying apples and a box of chocolates. The room had a sofa, two armchairs, a TV, a cupboard with dishes and a table with chairs.
   "I am very happy about this," said Pasha, hugging her by the shoulders, "I like you very much, Bella!" - And he gently kissed her cheek.
   They all sat around the table. Wine glasses filled with an effervescent drink of happiness, loudly knocked them in a fit of feelings. Who ate the candy, who the apple ... We sat at the table for half an hour and went into rooms.
   Alla and Yura just fell on a double bed made up of two. They did not talk, but clutched at each other with their hands and could only torment themselves and their clothes. In Pasha's room there was a sofa in the unfolded form, on which Bella sat down. He sat down with her. They sat and talked. There was still champagne on the table. Lay candy. The room served as a living room. He was watching TV. She looked at the screen and ate an apple quickly.
   - How are you feeling? He asked, putting his arm around her waist.
   "Fine," she replied, stuffing another candy in her mouth.
   She looked toward the TV. On the screen, the actors kissed each other. He hugged her again. She was unknowingly afraid of continuing the banquet of untouched love.
   - Pasha, I'm probably stupid, but let's get out of here! Let's go through the window. Please leave, "Bella said. The frivolity of a few sips of champagne eroded from her head.
   "Well, I"ll get out through the window with you," Pasha answered.
   He lowered the chair by the window. They took turns descending to the ground. Then he put a chair on the windowsill, pushed it into the room and covered the window. I heard the sound of glass. But they did not pay attention to him.
   - Oh how good! Bella exclaimed and hugged Pasha herself, and then pushed him away. - Let's walk! The night is so warm. Crickets sing. It's nice to be with you.
   Bella felt the pearl beads squeeze her throat. She tried to pull the necklaces off her neck, but they pressed harder.
   - Good so good, I take you home. You can walk on foot too, "said Pasha, and unwittingly noticed the girl"s manipulations on the neck with the beads.
   He tried to remove the beads from her, but he failed.
   - That's nice! I love evening walks, but for one only evening walks are unrealizable, it"s scary to walk alone, - Bella tried to say fun, but she felt even more painful from pearl beads, presented to her by school friend Seryozha before leaving.
   Talking, they approached the house. Bella kept her hand between the beads and the neck. Pearl beads crushed mercilessly. There was a feeling that Serezha was stretching his hands towards her, warning of another danger.
   Omnipresent Ivanovna stood at the gate, lit by a single lantern on a pole. The shadow of the trees fell on her shoulders. The hostess was waiting for the tenants, as if someone had warned her that they were already coming.
   - Bella, are you alone or not alone? Who is that with you? Oh, this is a man!
   "Alla is delayed," answered Bella, walking away from Pasha.
   - Man, you can not come here! I warned the girls! - indignantly shouted Ivanovna.
   - Got it. Bella, happy! Tomorrow we will meet on the beach! In the same place! - shouted Pasha.
  - Happily, Pasha! - answered Bella, kissing him on the cheek.
   Pasha did not answer. He returned slowly. From two sides of the central entrance of the fifth building, lush thujas grew. Pasha walked past the thuja, past the white columns, opened the massive door with brass handles and walked very quietly into the building of the boarding house.
   Pavel was stopped by the guard on the corps:
   - You have already arrived, but did not go out and come in again?
   - It happens that they leave, but they do not enter. Can I sit here?
   - What happens in your room? Come, see your number.
   - No, I'll go there myself now. I just walked along the chestnut avenue.
   Pasha entered his room. The door to the bedroom was closed. He lifted a chair from the floor and lay down on the sofa. Sleep overcame him until the morning.
   Alla and Yura rustled in the next room.
   In the morning, Bella woke up and almost roared in frustration when she saw Alla"s empty bed. Or did she want to mourn the fate of her friend? Then she remembered that Pasha would wait for her on the beach, and began to gather.
   Ivanovna looked into the room:
   - Bella, and Alla never came? Here is her mother will set the heat at home!
   - No, she hasn't come yet. And I could not wake up.
   On the beach, Pasha was waiting for Bella. He sat alone on a large bedspread.
   - Bella, sit down next. Alla and Yura are still sleeping.
   - I'm scared for them. Did you hear that they are alive?
   - They are adults and they know what they are doing.
   "This is her first time," Bella sighed. - Oh, that will be ...
   - I see you came to the beach again with your pearl necklace, it does not harmonize with your swimsuit at all!
   - I can not remove the pearl beads. The lock is broken.
   The sun was hot. The day was getting hot. Ilya discreetly watched Bella and Pasha, who walked along the shore, then bathed and lay down on one blanket, face down. Pasha once again tried to unscrew the lock of the beads around Bella's neck, but the lock did not yield. Then he took out a manicure set and cut the thread. Pearls rolled on the bedspread.
   Bella began to collect beads. A pearl butterfly lay among the beads. Her hands shook nervously as she held the butterfly in her hands. She thought that the butterfly is not nacreous, but dead. "What if this is the queen of those white butterflies? No, this is an ordinary shell, there are a lot of them," she thought and heard Pasha's voice:
   - Bella, if Yura and Alla do not come in five minutes, then we will go to the cafe. I don't want to go to lunch. My heart is heavy.
   - Ok, go to the cafe. They will not come.
   Not far from the beach was the registry office. They went inside, where they carefully read the memo for those who want to get married.
   - Pasha, here are very large terms from the application to marriage registration! No, marriage does not shine with you!
   - Bella, I'm just reading. You better say: what city are you from?
   - We do not have to be together, so why should I confess to my ancestors?
   - I'll go to your house with you, go to your parents.
   - If only you go with me. Weakly believe in happiness. I do not feel the communion between me and you to such an extent.
   They went into a small cafe. Pasha ordered food for two. Have eaten.
   - Bella, I would love to go to you. I do not want to go to the boarding house! I do not want! Come to me, and there Alla sleeps or Yura sits! Let's go to your house, tell the hostess that Alla has been replaced by me.
   - Pasha, do not joke like that! I am responsible for her in front of her mom, she asked me to look for my girlfriend. Her boyfriend Vasya went to the north to serve.
   - Where should I go? They sleep together in a room there. For a couple of hours we will come to you, it will be easier to wait for their appearance.
   - Well, for a couple of hours we will go to me, and then we will go to the beach.
   They came to a little house. Ivanovna shouted after:
   - Only until the evening a man can be in the house!
   Pasha lay down on Alla's bed and fell asleep. Bella lay down on her bed, peacock feathers twisted for a long time. She carefully looked at Pasha and fell asleep.
   Alla woke them up:
   - Sleep - and apart! And let me sleep!
   Pasha rose from her bed. Alla laid down on the bed and blacked out.
   Bella and Pasha went to the beach.
   - Bella, an hour sunbathe, swim, and then go together in a boarding house. I don"t want to go there alone, the brake has settled in me.
   - I will go with you, do not worry, but we will go into the building through the main entrance.
   They passed through the central door of the boarding house building, entered the room and froze: Yura was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. He moved his fingers slightly. His head was in blood. The bottle lay nearby.
  "I'll call the doctor," Pasha shouted, and ran to the duty corps.
   Bella remembered that while they were walking into the room, she saw the doctor"s office. She called the doctor. Together they went to the room. On the way, Pasha caught up with them:
   - I called an ambulance, he will come soon.
   The doctor examined Jura's head and said that everything was fine with him, although the blow was strong. Then she saw a broken vodka bottle.
   - It is clear where the blood is from. He broke the bottle, hurt his hand.
   "I didn't want to go here," said Pasha.
   - Young man, help put a man on the sofa. An ambulance will not come here quickly. I'll look at the wounded man, tie him up. He is alive. The wounds on his arm are not dangerous, but he has lost a lot of blood through them. We have a security department in the boarding house, go get a detective story. His name is Ilya. Let him examine everything in the room, "said the doctor, continuing the examination of the wounded man.
   At the gates of the boarding house, one guard was on duty, and the rest of the guards were in the service room, located next to the gate. Ilya played dominoes with the guards.
   - Ilya, for your soul came. Look, what a serious couple is asking you, "said the guard.
   "Yes, we need Elijah," Bella confirmed.
   - I have all the attention! - quickly answered the young man.
   - Problems in building number five. You need to go there with us, - intercepted the initiative Pasha.
   The three of us went back. On the way, Pasha brought Illya up to date.
   Ilya, having listened to the story from the words of Pasha, made his conclusions:
   - From the story, I realized that you both did not participate in the bloody fight, that you have an alibi for this time. According to you, you were seen in a cafe and the hostess of the girls' house. I should talk to Alla, - Ilya concluded his conclusions.
   "She's sleeping," Bella said.
   - Wake up, bring me. I will find in the fifth case.
   Bella returned to her house, tried to wake up Alla, but she slept very strangely. It was impossible to wake her up. All efforts were in vain. She called Ivanovna.
   Ivanovna got flustered:
   - Guys, it is clear where Alla was all night! All are engaged in love, but they also go to work and wake up! And with her the problem is different. She does not even respond to shaking her shoulders. How did she even get home?
   - I came and immediately fell asleep. Do you call the doctor? Asked Bella.
   - First aid call! I did not have enough deaths in my house, and then no one would rent an apartment from me. Phone on the veranda! "Call me, man, we have one ambulance in the village," she shouted to Pasha.
   Pasha went to call an ambulance for the second time that day.
   The duty officer asked:
   - Man, you call an ambulance for the whole Apricot?
   "No, to one couple that split into two parts in different places," Pasha answered by phone, then he turned to Bella: "Bella, Ilya should be informed that Alla is sleeping and not waking up."
   - Pasha, Ilya gave me his business card, call yourself.
   Pasha took a business card and called detective Ilya:
   - Ilya, you are disturbed by Pasha. Alla does not wake up.
   "Your friend sleeps well too." The doctor bound his wounds. The ambulance did not take it, they said that there was no reason for X-rays. He is whole.
   - They are not poisoned? What could happen to them?
   - Good idea, check it out. When the doctor comes to you, let him enter the fifth building, take the second person with the poisoning.
   Pasha decided to clarify the situation of his life in a boarding house.
   "Bella, we"ve fooled you a little." You see, there are three people living in our room. Yura and I live in a bedroom in which two beds are separate, we moved them for you, and another man lives in the living room. Therefore, I did not want to go to the room.
   - Pasha, and where is the neighbor? He who? Where is he He drinks? - Bella quickly asked questions.
   - To know who he is! Strange type. Then it was still not clear where the bottle of vodka came from. Yura does not drink vodka!
   - Your neighbor could bring vodka. You can check the prints.
   At this time, the ambulance doctor appeared and asked:
   - Where is the patient? If sleeping, wake up! - in a command voice said the doctor, impatiently looking at Alla.
   - I can not wake up. With Alla something happened. There is a chance that this night she had a man for the first time in her life, Bella said confidentially.
   - I will examine the patient. Everyone out the door!
   Five minutes later, the doctor went out into the yard of the house and said:
   - Guys, I can say: the girl has no injuries, and there has never been a man. Your girlfriend is a girlfriend. We will take her to the hospital, she does not wake up.
  - What?! - asked Pasha. - Why is Alla a girl?
   - I can not add anything. Man, you will go with us.
   An ambulance drove up to the fifth building. Ilya was sitting on a bench. The doctor turned to him:
   - Ilya, is the champagne again guilty?
   - Yes sir! They drank champagne. Put the girl on the second bed, let him sleep. On the first bed a man sleeps.
   - Where am I to sleep? - asked Pasha.
   - You better answer, where did you buy champagne? - Ilya asked with a hard intonation in his voice.
   "I bought a bottle of champagne at the buffet." And what not?
   - The barmaid has already been taken to the police, a special conversation with her. Champagne local spill, it was added sleeping pills. From such a drink in the boarding house everything appeared. Paid on a fee.
   "But Bella and I also drank champagne!" - exclaimed Pasha.
   - You drank a little, and wanted to sleep? - asked Ilya sympathetically.
   - I want to sleep now. Why is a bottle of vodka broken?
   - You, man, give, you broke it. Chair thrown into the room from the street?
   - I threw it, I put a chair on the windowsill, and he rolled into the room.
   - So I broke a bottle of vodka, left her neighbor at the table leg.
   - And the blood? Where so much blood on the Jura?
   - Yura fell from the couch and hurt himself on a bottle.
   - Why is Alla a girl?
   - You, man, give! Alla wakes up, you ask her why she is a girl, and now go to bed yourself. The nurse will look after you. Ha, why is Alla a girl? Nobody ever asked me that, and, satisfied with the exposure of the incident, Ilya withdrew, taking with him a bottle of champagne.
   Pasha lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. Bella slept in her room, she had a dream, as if she were a white butterfly and was flying across the sea ...
   Storm clouds gathered in the sky. Lightning lit the fifth building, it began to rain. Belated travelers fled through the puddles, flying into the hull wet.
   It was the third morning from the date of acquaintance. Outside the window the sun was shining, it called its rays to the sea. Bella woke up, turned over, began to recall the events of the past day, going to the beach. Alla came with the guys. The sand after the night rain was still wet.
   "We all got poisoned with champagne," said Yura.
   - Do you have anything with Alla was not? - asked Pasha.
   "Tell me everything, but I didn"t open Alla like champagne," Yura answered with a hint of irritation, looking at Alla from head to toe.
   - What are you talking about me ?! - Alla worried. - I am fine.
   "It's good that everyone is whole," Bella concluded. - Where is your neighbor?
   - What other neighbor? - Alla asked and looked at Yura.
   "Girls, we deceived you," Yura began to say.
   - Neighbor by number - fake duck, he is from a gang of the barmaid. "The neighbor forced me to buy champagne at the buffet at a high price, after that there was no boredom in building number five," Pasha explained. - Here everything is by dachshund.
   All four were silent. The sun was hot young backs.
   - I offer a tour of the sea. Want to go today? - asked Pasha and covered a part of Bella's back.
   - when? - Yura woke up, lifting his head from the cards.
   - After lunch. Girls, why are you silent? - asked Pasha, rising from the sand.
   - How much is the tour? - Alla asked, dropping the edges of the hat.
   "We will pay for the trip," said Yura, collecting a deck of cards.
   - We will go on a tour. Where do we meet? Asked Bella.
   "We will meet on the quay," Pasha answered, specifying the start time of the excursion.
   White ship rocked on the waves. The public went through the narrow ladder inside the vessel. Two decks with seats for passengers waiting for vacationers. On the lower deck there was a buffet. The bulk of the people sat on the upper deck, over which there was a roof, but there were no walls. The wind was blowing passengers from all sides, but they could look in all four directions.
   There was music. Pasha and Bella joined the public on the upper deck. Yura and Alla sat on the lower deck, closed on all sides. They were ready to look at each other.
  Sea waves lapped on three sides of the ship, and on the one side could be seen the retreating village. Water, wind, sun - in stock. The audience after dinner was half asleep. Suddenly, everyone took turns raising their legs, the cries of women were heard. Under Pasha's feet, a small, low, long dog ran a dachshund. Under Bella's feet, the second dog spun around and ran free.
   "Oh," Bella just breathed.
   "And here the dachshunds are running around," said Pasha, sighing.
   Dachshunds quickly descended to the lower deck. There were shouts of Alla and Yura. Apparently, they finally woke up. The audience spoke animatedly. A man in circus clothes appeared on the upper deck. He set the cabinet. Dachshunds ran up to him. Several rooms with the participation of two taxes amused passengers. Two identical boys of ten came. Dachshunds and boys synchronously completed the number. The audience rejoiced.
   The ship went to the first stop.
   - Dear passengers, we suggest visiting the factory of grape wines, you will pass by the vineyard, you will see the cellar, located under the ground. Wine can be bought at a reduced price, "the guide said loudly.
   People grabbed bags and wallets. Pasha and Bella went ashore. The vineyard grew away from the sightseeing road. About ten meters the audience walked past the transparent hedge. A small factory of old red brick suddenly appeared in front of people. Tourists were shown how to store wine, offered wine tasting.
   People, having tasted wine from plastic cups, were drawn to buy it in plastic bottles. Those who went for wine, took a few bottles in their strong bags. The rest took a bottle or did not buy anything at all. People noticeably cheered up.
   Pasha bought two bottles of local wine. To the touch the bottles were slightly cool, and the number of degrees on the label did not scare. He took one bottle of Jura with Alla. Bella refused wine and bought herself a bottle of mineral water in the buffet and a couple of bags of chips for herself and Pavel. He quietly drank the whole bottle of cool wine. She drank the water.
   "Bella, it means that we don"t just pay for the girls, you"ll work out a ticket for this tour for me," said Pasha, sharply drunk, through his teeth.
   "You drank a lot of wine and forgot that you and Yura promised to pay for Alla and me," bella outraged with undisguised surprise.
   - What more! And the champagne! Do you know how much it costs ?!
   - I'll pay you for the trip on the boat! I'll send money by mail!
   - By yourself, my dear, you will pay. Now there will be a stop, we are leaving on it, and on the way back they will take us away.
   "All right," Bella agreed, frightened.
   At the next stop, Pasha took his gym bag and went down the ladder to the shore. Bella came down behind him. They both ended up on an empty beach among coastal trees. At that moment, there were no pearl beads around Bella"s neck; they were left to lie on the window-sill next to the peacock feathers.
  Chapter 3
   White ship sailed. Pasha spread the familiar beach cover. And quite unexpectedly, he began to tear Bella's clothes.
   - Pasha, I will take off my clothes. I'm in a swimsuit.
   - And I did not sunbathe you called! I don't need your swimsuit!
   Pasha took off his clothes, standing in front of Bella in nudist clothes. She saw a naked man for the first time in her life. She was terrified. And he tried to rip off her swimsuit. Bella began to fight a slippery and nasty man!
   - Pasha, do not! Do not, Pasha !! I am begging you!!! Bella shouted, holding onto her swimsuit, protecting her body from the man"s arrogant hands.
   - Enough of your virginity for me alone. I will not let you go! Bella, you are mine! And I will be your first man! All my life I wanted to be the first! Can you imagine what a pleasure it is! There has never been such happiness in my life! - shouted Pasha.
   She wriggled with all her strength, trying to strike the man with her fists. He twisted her hands, closed his lips with a kiss, trying with his whole body to make movements unfamiliar to her. This last movement for a long time he could not. She began to beat him with her free hand. He was angry, lifted her shoulders. She twisted! He got angry and threw the girl on a rocky beach. She went limp with her whole body and was silent from the unreality of what was happening with her eyes closed from resentment and pain.
  - Bella, I love you! I want you so much! Wake up, love! Shouted a sober man on a lonely, deserted beach.
   And in response to silence. Pasha got dressed. He was bored and scared. He thought, "What if Bella died?" I looked at the girl's body. He wanted to run away from the body prostrated in the sand. He looked around: on the one side the sea, on the other steppe.
   - Pasha, where are we? Bella asked quietly, regaining consciousness.
   "You and I are on a wild beach, and I am a real savage," said Pasha, with vexation and self-loathing. - Adrenaline defeated alcohol.
   - What happened with me? We were sunbathing? - Bella babbled.
   - Yes, love, we sunbathed. You had a sunstroke. Everything is already fine, "Pasha whispered, not believing in his happiness that Bella was alive.
   "Pasha, lie down next to you, I need your strength, I have a strange weakness," Bella said, experiencing complete weakness, pain, and an unfamiliar feeling for this man.
   Pasha went to bed. Bella hugged him, leaned against him with her whole body.
   "Pasha, I love you," she said, merging with him with her whole being, without a single sound thought in her head. She wrapped around him like a real Bella around a strong tree.
   The shocked man was silent from complete surprise. Wine from it weathered completely. He kissed her gently. Fully coming to his senses, he rounded his big eyes in surprise and exclaimed:
   - Bella, I'm scared of you! Honestly, I'm afraid.
   Fear passed in Bella, the spirit of a voluptuous woman moved into her. She did not understand herself. And, like an opened bottle of champagne, she could not extinguish all the beautiful sparks of new feelings that filled her to the brim. Feelings began to spill from the depths of her being. She wanted this first her man. She was exhausted from feeling for him and felt it with every waking cell in her body.
   Not long Pasha resisted unexpected happiness after a short misfortune. He responded to the happy bubbles of champagne in the form of the first female feelings. He drank the first love of a woman with undisguised delight. How long the love orgy lasted on the bedspread covering the small pebbles of the wild beach, they did not know, but at some point both stopped. They sat down, got up, got dressed.
   A light wind of love blowing from the sea ruffled matted hair. Bella lifted her head: a stork spun over them and soon disappeared, probably flying to its nest on the power line pole.
   A white ship appeared on the horizon. No one on it met the couple in love. Alla and Yura were nowhere to be found: they were not on the upper deck, they were not on the lower deck. Nobody was going to search for a couple on the boat.
   Bella and Pasha returned to shore. He stopped the car and drove it home, and he went to the boarding house. She washed herself under cold streams of water and went to bed, but could not sleep for a long time. It seemed to her that if Pasha had not cut pearl beads from her neck, then fights and love on a wild beach among the rocks would never have happened. She tried to find the beads, but they seemed to evaporate - they were not anywhere. Then she reached for the peacock feathers, but they, too, recoiled from her.
   Bella felt stuffy in the room, although the necklaces did not crush the necklace, but she felt them around her neck, although she couldn"t find them. It became terrible. She looked for the butterfly. The butterfly sat on the peacock's feathers and swung its little head either from the wind, or it was the living queen of white butterflies. The butterfly nodded to the girl, and she fell asleep, as if she had fallen into the abyss, from which the butterfly flew out ...
   The morning was playing with sunshine through the curtains. Bella woke up. Alla was not in her place. Pasha woke up, but did not find Jura. Bella and Pasha met on the beach, the touches of their hands became more outspoken, they noticed attentive and judgmental eyes of those around them. The two of them were good, but conscience told me that we should remember about the absent.
   - Bella, I will call Ilya and say that there is no Yura and Alla, that they have disappeared from the ship and have not returned yet.
   "Call me, love, call me," Bella said sweetly, slightly embracing the first man's own body.
   Pasha dialed the phone number of the detective on his phone:
   - Ilya, Pasha is worried about you, we have Yura and Alla gone.
   - Oh, does it bother you all, why is Alla a girl? The guide called me and said that Yura and Alla remained in the Peacock Palace. Today they will come.
   "Thank you," said Pasha, thanking Pasha, and turned to Bella: "Bella, they will definitely come today, they will have a tour with a sequel in the Peacock Palace."
   Now they were lying in the sun with a clear conscience.
   - Pasha, and what will happen to us? Bella asked, running her fingers through his hair.
   - We get married. I told you about this, - Pasha answered in disbelief.
   "And I decided that you were joking," clinging to Paul with a quivering doe, Bella muttered.
   - We will apply for registration of marriage in a week.
  - I just have a week left before departure. Oh how good! - exclaimed Bella and stretched out next to Paul in the sand.
   - Bella, will we lose the whole week? Not. Come to my room.
   They got up, collected things from the sand. Soon went to the boarding house. Pasha went to dinner, brought food for Bella. She ate. They closed the door to the room. Bella behaved much calmer: without much passion, but without too much coldness. With Pasha, things were not going very well with Pasha, but now everything was no better than ever! Pasha and Bella were disturbed by a knock at the door.
   - Sony, open up! - the familiar voices of Alla and Yura were heard.
   Pasha opened the door.
   - Why shout? - Pasha asked, but when he saw a couple, he stopped.
   Before him stood Yura and Alla in new outfits.
   - Pasha, do not be surprised, - said Alla, - understand, we got into the palace of Peacock. It is not quite a museum, people live in it, but once a week they are allowed to visit them. True, they have harsh laws. The first night of an intact girl is given to a count with the strange name Peacock. Yura gave him to me. And I do not cry. Count Peacock rewarded me with money, and Yura and I bought new things.
   Yura stood and was dejectedly silent with an absent look.
   "In the morning I was given to Jura under the gaze of Count Pavlin, but I am not crying," Alla sobbed. - We drank a glass of wine and were very calm, not even indignant. Count Peacock collects only those with whom you can sleep for the first time, and he learned from somewhere that I am a girl. I was met on the beach on the carpet with flowers. Near the path stood stern men with tridents, we could not run away, everything was prepared.
   "Everything was according to the tax," Yura said thoughtfully.
   Bella came out of the bedroom and, looking at Alla, said:
   - Alla, we go home, we need to rest with you.
   - Let's go home, - Alla responded as an echo. - I think men will not object. Goodbye, boys!
   Dear friends exchanged the latest news and impressions that hit their heads, or rather their young bodies.
   - Alla, what should I do with Pasha? I remember very well that he hit me on a rocky beach so that I lost my feelings. He told me that I had a sunstroke. I pretend to believe him and imitate passionate love. Actually, I'm afraid of him !!! - breathed out a passionate tirade of words Bella.
   - Bella, got you! Keep on portraying love, and I got so angry at Count Pavlin and Yura! I was ready to kill them, but then I depicted complete obedience, even happiness. There is such a guard! I do not know: to revenge or forget everything?
   - Alla, smart people told us that we did not go alone, and we went for sea nuts.
   - I took the pills on time, because I carried them in my bag with me on the advice of my older friends. But such sadness and longing in the soul! I saw the palace of Peacock, it is ancient from the outside, but inside it is fashionable. And Count Peacock! Oh my God! Cool man.
   - So, forget everything and do not take revenge?
   - Bella, what are you talking about? What revenge? I have a feeling of fear left!
   Ivanovna sat thoughtfully on the porch of the house, but when she saw the girls, she delightedly spoke:
   - Girls! Are back! I'm waiting for you, waiting.
   "Thank you for participating," Bella said. - Everything is normal with us.
   The girls went into the house, went to their room.
   - How things have changed! - Alla exclaimed. - Eternity has passed!
   "Exactly," Bella replied, "Pasha promised to marry me."
   - And you believe? Nobody promised me to marry ...
   Cars sounded at the gate. I heard the helpful voice of Ivanovna. A handsome, imposing gentleman in a white suit entered the room to the girls.
   - Alla, I came for you! I don't want to be a female collector anymore! I want to marry you! Now! Get up! Dress will bring you. We are waiting for registration of marriage!
   Two large men in suits brought into the room huge bags that had a dress, veil, shoes, and underwear.
   "Sorry for giving you Yura, but otherwise you wouldn"t forget him, but now you will forget him," said Count Peacock calmly, "Alla, we are waiting for you." Take your girlfriend, will be your witness.
   - Alla, here is happiness, then you fell down! Bella exclaimed, gazing with admiration at the gifts of Count Peacock.
  "Bella, he's so extraordinary!" Here are the results, - Alla showed on the packages.
   She went to the summer shower, but quickly returned.
   - Cool water! - Alla pounded her teeth.
   Bella changed her clothes and began to help Alla to dress, then her friends went out into the yard. Ivanovna threw up her hands at the sight of Alla in a magnificent outfit.
   The gates opened wide. The doors in the three cars opened. People quickly disappeared into the cars. Cars at the same time drove away from the house. At the registry office, the doors opened. Marriage register opened. The registration form has been filled out. Everything was written. It remains for Count Pavlin and Alla to sign. They put their signatures on the application form. Received a marriage registration certificate.
   - Can I not go with you? I can not go with you !!! I feel bad! - Bella unexpectedly for all was indignant and began to settle on the floor.
   Bella was picked up by the arms, put in one of the cars, taken to a small house. The girl was dropped out of the car in front of Ivanovna"s surprised eyes. The car quickly drove away from the house and soon joined the rest of the cars that drove towards the Peacock Palace.
   Alla was riding in luxurious clothes, in a chic car, with an impressive man. She was surprised by what had happened to her, but she held herself in her hands and responded favorably to the attention of Count Peacock.
   Bella lay in a poor little room and felt abandoned by all. Tears stood in the corners of the eyes. She looked at a small TV, recently issued by the hostess. On the screen, the humorists laughed, and she cried. The girl was sad. I had a nape ache.
   The hostess entered the room:
   - Bella, your friend with chic taken away! Why not go with her?
   - Oh! How many new things have happened, and my head hurts, Bella cried.
   - Yes, you, girl, overheated in the sun, look at yourself in the mirror, how you got tanned. Lie down today, rest, tomorrow everything will be fine. Where is your boyfriend? He's a good man.
   "They are good when they are strangers," Bella replied with a pain in her voice.
   At that moment a white butterfly flew off the peacock feather, she sat down in Bella"s palm. The girl stroked her gently with one finger.
   "Bella, I found scattered pearl beads and gathered them on a thin line," Ivanovna said, and handed her the beads.
   Soon knocked at the gate. Ivanovna went to open.
   - Easy you guys, at the mine. Bella is crying. Go calm down.
   - Thank you, I feel that she is bad.
   Pasha entered the room.
   - Bella, why are you crying? I love you! We will be fine, "said the young man, carefully examining Bella and Alla's belongings scattered around the room.
   - Pasha, will you love now or will you give me a rest? Bella asked tiredly.
   - I'm not a villain. Rest. Where is Alla? He asked, still looking around the room.
   - Married married Count Pavlin. She was taken to the Peacock Palace. I did not go with them.
   - Fairy tale. Is it true? - Pasha asked, sitting down on the bed of Alla.
   "Not a joke," Bella replied, putting on a pearl necklace.
   - Bella, forgive me. I do not drink wine, but here I was exchanged. I have never thrown women before, I"m painfully ashamed of myself.
   "Well, we survived, we will live," Bella replied, holding in her hands the three peacock feathers and hiding their barked eyes in them.
   - Bella, do you want me to buy tickets to your city for the two of us?
   - Here you are almost right. Tomorrow we will buy tickets. I still have money for the tickets. Today I will not go anywhere. Alla will not go with us.
   Knocked at the gate. Ivanovna opened the door. Before her stood Alla, barely alive, in a torn bridesmaid dress.
   - They are so joking! Everything was a joke! - Alla shouted with tears.
   - Get some sleep. There one already cries, - grumbled Ivanovna.
   Alla went into the room. Pasha habitually jumped up from her bed. Alla lay down on the bed and turned away from the wall. She shuddered with sobs with her whole being. Pasha went out and called Yura:
   - Yura, come here again problems. Both girls cry.
   - I'm already on my way. It was necessary to immediately go with you, but they called me and said that Alla was taken away to register a marriage with Count Pavlin, so I did not go with you.
   Pasha returned to the room:
  "You girls cannot be left alone." We can pay for you for a week in a boarding house, you will live next to us, under our supervision.
   - Is it possible? - Alla turned her tear-stained face to him.
   - For money, everything is possible. It's all dachshund.
   Yura entered the room.
   - Girls, in our building, next to our number, a double room was freed. There is a proposal to change your habitat. In the pension all the amenities, it is fed, there is a beach with a bed.
   - If no joke, then we agree to move to a boarding house, and here all the amenities in the courtyard, - said Alla, raising tear-stained eyes.
   - Alla, you do not understand men! They speak seriously, but they will surely demand payment, "Bella put in her thought, habitually touching the pearls around her neck, as if seeking their protection from forthcoming troubles.
   - Bella and I only have money for living in this house, even for the common beach and for tickets to the house. And a little food. That's all, - Alla said, and she looked at that doomed.
   "We don"t ask for money from you," answered Pasha.
   "Alla, they"ll take it in kind," Bella snapped, she was no longer surprised that there was a pearl butterfly among the pearls.
   - I did not get that. What kind? - Alla asked.
   - They will take love. Do you understand? - clarified the situation of Bella.
   - Why so cynical? - asked Yura.
   - In this regard, we have already lost everything, we have nothing more to lose, it is possible with love. Who am I with? With you, Yura? - Alla asked.
   - Well, girls, you grow. Alla with me. Bella with Pasha.
   - I am not against love with Yura, - Alla put an end to the conversation.
   "I don"t know," Bella said honestly, touching the peacock feathers with one hand and touching the pearls around her neck with one hand, "I don"t want to go into debt."
   - Decide! The car is waiting at the gate. We will take you and your things, - suggested the solution to all the problems of Yura.
   Alla got up, took her dress, asked the men to wait in the yard of the house. Bella did not move.
   - Alla, I will not go to the boarding house! I almost got killed for the tour.
   "Bella, you have nothing more to lose." Where is the guarantee that Count Peacock won't get to you? Count Peacock is not a man.
   - Alla, but debts ... I am afraid of debts.
   "Bold, Bella, you won't become richer without risk!" - Alla said, collecting things.
   Bella waved a hand in desperation, took her bag, but sat down again:
   - What do you want, but I will not go!
   - As you wish, you did not go with me, but they loved me ...
   - Alla, I can not! I can't keep up with you!
   Alla waved her hand and with the things went out into the yard.
   - Where is Bella? - Pasha asked Alla.
   "She remains in the house without amenities," Alla said and went to the car.
   Pasha came into the room to Bella.
   - Bella, what's up? Am I so disgusted?
   "Not anymore, but I can't leave like this," the girl said, and wrapped her hand around her mouth.
   - Understand, silly, there I will be with you alone, and here I will not save you from the people of Count Peacock! They went on your trail, now they will not leave you alone. Think: Am I alone or are people of Count Pavlin ?! Where are your things? Get up fast! I say - fast!
   Bella got up, threw things into her bag, then took the peacock feathers, from which two mother-of-pearl butterflies rolled: a bluish and white. She wrapped them in a clean handkerchief, then put them in the inside pocket of a large bag with things. Pasha took the bag. They went out into the yard.
   Here the mistress of the house joined:
   "Ladies, I won't refund your money for the rest of the week!"
   "This is for your concern," said Pasha and led Bella to the car.
   A car with two young couples drove up to the fifth building of the boarding house. Everyone was silent. Yura went to pay for a room for girls for a week. Bella and Alla entered our room, where they felt themselves to be an order of magnitude higher, they didn"t want to talk. Soon, clean hair adorned the girls' heads.
   There was a knock at the door. A pleasant female voice asked to open the door. An interesting blonde with a familiar face entered the room.
   - Girls, I am a singer Victoria Lvovna. Today I came to the boarding house. My room is near your room. I saw you in the lobby. I really liked you. Girls, could you help me a little?
   - How can we help you? - Alla asked, combing her hair.
   - Everything is very simple: in three days I have concerts in Abrikosovka and in the neighboring city of Cypress, and one concert will take place in a boarding house. I need two girls for the background. You have the same height. Clothes, I'll give you. Stand behind me, pretend singing girls. Can you sing?
  "Alla and I sang at an art school," Bella replied.
   - Well! Tonight I'm waiting for you after dinner.
   - We will come, - naturally, Alla said the last word.
   Victoria Lvovna left.
   Yura and Pasha came.
   - settled? After lunch we go on a boat ride, - said Pasha.
   "And we were invited to sing, today is a rehearsal," Bella told him.
   - What other singing? What story have you already got? - he asked.
   - In the local history. Singer Victoria L. lives in the next room.
   - Have you got a job? Do you go by boat with us? There are no big waves here, - Yura suggested with a slight irritation.
   - Do not be angry, Yura, rehearsal after dinner, - Alla gently addressed him.
   - Oh, you are already a sweet fox playing!
   "Victoria Lvovna just came out, tell her," Alla said dejectedly.
   Pasha carefully examined the clothes on the girls and said:
   - We'll forget for clarity. We came on another occasion. Bella, I will give you money for clothes, they sell her before entering the dining room. We are going to lunch now, and you see something interesting for yourself. Yura will give money to Allah. Here, take the money, we'll meet in the dining room. We have one table for four.
   The men are out.
   - Bella, golden rain! I've never had anything like this in my life! - Alla exclaimed with feigned cheerfulness in her voice.
   - Alla, we have life here like on a volcano. Let's go look for new things.
   Bright summer clothes hung and lay on the shelves. They chose a pair of fashionable rags and quietly entered the dining room. At the end of the hall sat Pasha and Yura.
   - Girls, and all the men are looking at you! As you walked through the dining room, they turned their necks! Sit at the table, put the birds in the menu as your wishes the next day, "said the courteous Pasha.
   Yura sat gloomy and dissatisfied, the stories with Alla pleased him a little. It began to seem to him that someone would take her away from these concerts and rehearsals.
   After lunch, the four went to the bank of the estuary. At the boat station, boats were issued for money, on bail. Friends took two boats, sailed one by one on the estuary. Pasha and Bella were just talking. Alla and Yura were deafeningly silent.
   The wind was blowing weak. The sun was shining behind the clouds. The day reigned with cloudiness. The same mood reigned in the people in the boats. Bella enjoyed life and another adventure. Alla tried to improve the mood of the Jura:
   - Yura, this night I will sleep in your room, and Pasha is in ours. Does it comfort you a little?
   - Alla, I am afraid that men will run up to you, and I will stand in a queue.
   - Who can reach me faster than you? - Alla tried to make him laugh.
   I heard the noise of a motorboat. The motorboat made a circle around the boat with Alla. Boats got close. Strong male hands dragged Alla from the stern of the usual boat and transplanted into the motor boat. The engine roared. The motorboat quickly disappeared over the horizon.
   Pasha sent his boat to the Jura boat. Everything was clear. People Count Pavlin found Alla. Yura was right: Alla had to stand in line, which did not reach him. The boys rode a little more and returned to the boat station.
   "Bella, I'll go to the rehearsal with you," suggested the agitated Pasha.
   - Why should I go to the rehearsal alone? The singer needs both of us for the scenery behind her back. And what if the people of Count Pavlin return Alla by the evening?
   Yura was silent and frowned.
   - No, Alla is not for me! I can not stand her disappearances! I can not with Count Pavlin and his people. They can return it, and then they will take it again! And who am I in this story? - suffered Yura.
   - Yura, swim! It will be easier, - Pasha addressed him.
   "I'm coming with you," Bella almost whispered.
   Water cooled the passion of youth. Three stretched on white plastic couch. The sun was shining and warming through the clouds.
   "I'll come home, go to study at a driving school, buy a car," said Yura dreamily.
   - Well done, Jura. I'll go to study with you, I want to get a driver's license, otherwise we didn"t have rights, and without rights we don"t have rights. While the army. While studying. Now we will have our rights in the first place, "Pasha concluded his dreams.
   - Forgot me? I'm with you! My father has a car. I know how to drive it, I only have the right to get it! - Bella shouted loudly, lifting her hair.
   - Bella, do you have a voice! - exclaimed Pasha. - We'll go listen to you.
   Having cheered up, all three of them went to their corps, for dinner they had to change clothes.
  Tortured Alla sat in a small chair. She did not move.
   - Bella, don't ask. Fiends: neither myself nor the people.
   Bella went into the shower, unable to immediately talk to Alla, and when she came to her friend, clean and calm, she was already asleep. The exhausted expression did not leave Alla in a dream. Bella decided that she had to tell detective Ilya about everything. She remembered his phone number by heart.
   - Ilya, you are worried about Bella, we have Alla tormented by people of the count.
   - Bella, I'm coming to you.
   Ilya really did come soon. He looked at Alla and said:
   - I have long heard about Count Pavlin and his antics, but I have not seen him. Alla was again reprimanded. Put a guard near her? Hard case.
   "They take Alla, then they return," Bella said.
   "Bella, let me know right away when they will take her." They can not take her to their castle and wear down completely. Can she go home?
   - We still have a week left. Today we have a rehearsal with the singer Victoria Lvovna.
   - Today, they will not come anymore, but tomorrow may well be. The kidnappers will find out about the rehearsal tomorrow, and today I have nothing more to say.
   Alla woke up in the evening. Her shower refreshed. She came to herself and came to the dining room. Men looked at her in surprise, as on the phenomenon from the dead. Alla said nothing about what was happening to her outside the perimeter of the boarding house.
   All four came to the rehearsal. The singer liked the four young people very much. She decided to use them for extras behind her back. Not only were the girls of the same height, but the men were of the same height, and they were also quite beautiful. We had to check their voices. They claimed that they knew the repertoire of the singer. Their job is to pull up the choruses. The girls sounded altogether with one voice, apparently, they sang together a lot earlier, the men were fiercely apart, but with a pleasant timbre.
   Resting people entered the doors of the concert hall of the boarding house and slowly filled the back rows.
   When Victoria Lvovna started singing, the hall was half full. Expel the public was simply impossible. The people climbed into the door for rehearsal, like a concert. People recognized Alla, their boys from the boarding house, Pasha and Yura, and applauded them to exhaustion. I must say that in the boarding house the requirement for concerts is naturally reduced, here any copper goes for gold.
   The singer was surprised by the popularity of the guys. After the rehearsal, we agreed on who and in what will be singing at the next, final dress rehearsal. The bitter experience with local champagne stopped buddies from drinking alcohol in honor of their first success. The musicians, and there were five of them, looked at each other fairly, they liked the new four. The artists calmly dispersed according to their numbers.
   Alla went to the room to the men, but Yura did not let her go there. He wanted her, and was afraid, and loved, and despised, and through such a set of feelings, love did not attract him. She returned to her room, closed the door and fell asleep.
   Bella looked at her friend and realized that they would not be disturbed today. Sighing, she fell asleep, but immediately woke up: she remembered that there were two butterflies in the bag - the queen and the king of white butterflies. A nervous shiver appeared in her hands, she took out a suitcase, looked into her pocket, a handkerchief lay there, but there were no butterflies in it! She involuntarily began to look around the room: butterflies were sitting on peacock feathers that were standing by the window. She waved to them. They shook their wings in response. Bella fell into a dream. She dreamed of an island with palm trees, and her pearl beads hung on a palm tree, and Pasha stood next to them and grinned.
  Chapter 4
   In the morning, the musicians went in for the singer Victoria Lvovna to go to the dining room for breakfast, but her door did not open. They called the maid, she opened the door. The room was empty. The bed was untouched, tucked in by the same maid the day before. Someone called Ilya. The crowd crowded at the door.
   "I ask everyone to go to the dining room for breakfast, and I"ll alone look around the room, then I will talk to everyone who saw it yesterday," Illya said clearly.
   The first thought of Elijah was the thought of Count Pavlin and his people. But the count without a car does not take away, and foreign cars did not pass the territory of the boarding house from evening to morning, he knew that even before coming to the singer"s room. The window was closed from the inside, therefore, the singer Victoria Lvovna voluntarily went out the door and closed the door behind her. The idea that she could have gone before breakfast did not occur to her. She clearly did not sleep in the room.
  Ilya looked around the room, but did not find the singer's things. There were no things! There were no traces of the singer at all. There was no toothbrush in the room! There was no wet towel! There was nothing!!! But her passport had to remain in the housing administration!
   He went down to the boarding house administration, located on the first floor of the fifth building. The singer's passport was in a safe, he was shown to him by an employee of a boarding house who decorated visiting people. She said that the singer did not change the number. Where did the celebrity from the guarded pension with a suitcase on wheels? On the asphalt there were no traces of wheels. The detective was at a loss. He went towards the beach.
   At the boat station in the morning there was still no one, all the people were in the dining room. That's where Ilya noticed traces of struggle, traces of wheels on the sand! The boats all stood still, but there were traces in the sand of a strange boat! He needs to talk to Alla while she is here, because she was abducted yesterday from a motorboat! Ilya went to look for Alla.
   The four were just leaving the dining room, but the terrified Alla refused to testify. They were approached by musicians from the group of the singer, one of whom served as director of the group. Ilya told him that while he had nothing to say about Victoria Lvovna, but if she was taken away by people of Count Pavlin, they usually return those who are being taken away. Must wait.
   Alla was visibly nervous, but she didn"t say a word. And it could be understood. Ilya let the people go and wandered to the beach. People on the beach after breakfast increased, and the traces of the wheels of the suitcase disappeared. He had nothing more about the existence of the singer Victoria Lvovna, except for her passport. He again went to the corps administration, but during his absence the singer Victoria Lvovna"s passport disappeared. Now he could play dominoes with the guards. My head was empty.
   Four went to the beach. All the attempts of the guys to pull the information out of Alla were not crowned with success. She did not tell. Alla was lying, sunbathing, bathed and silent. An hour later, someone from those who rode the boat that day brought the singer Victoria Lvovna's belongings, which washed ashore. Called Ilya.
   The detective got into the boat, took Yura with him, and left Pasha with Alla.
   Men swam in the direction indicated by people. They were lucky in that they found an open suitcase of a fair-haired singer Victoria Lvovna. Scattered things lay on the shore. There were no tracks of people. Things collected and put into the boat. Yura paddles. Ilya examined the suitcase. In the suitcase, he found the second bottom, under it lay white matter in a flat bag. Without expertise, he knew that the white matter was from the sleeping series of Count Peacock.
   It was the sleeping pill that the barmaid and her master used to put people to sleep for their own fun. Ilya realized that he took the trail, but whose? Singer Victoria Lvovna in this case - the link is clearly passing. Yura looked at the find and was silent. He was well aware that he was in a black story, and in such a story the main thing is to survive himself. Oh, as he now understood Alla! Anger towards her began to pass.
   Ilya suggested that the barmaid injected sleeping pills through the corks with a syringe into bottles, which means that it had to completely dissolve. Water overboard the whole sea, but with them they did not have dishes. Therefore, before the turn, they did not swim and turned to the boarding house to try the substance for solubility in the laboratory.
   The public on the beach did not approach the arriving boat. People understood that the matter was serious, and no one was in a hurry to get into the witnesses. Pasha helped collect the singer's things, bring them to the room of the guards. Yura walked with the girls. Taking Alla's hand, he simply said:
   - Forgive me, Alla, I understand you now.
   - Oh, Jura! I'm sad to remember everything, I'm afraid to remember!
   - Well done, that made it up! I'll leave you alone. "I have business," Bella said, and walked away from them quickly.
   Bella walked, walked and suddenly realized that she was going to the tower at the other end of the Apricot. Vaguely in her head was the memory of a scramble on a sailboat and a keen joke about a dachshund, for which two men allegedly fought on a yacht. But the fight was real, so it seemed to her. At the tower on the steps sat the overseer. Bella crouched beside her.
   - Girl, why did you come here?
   - I'm an artist. I liked the seascape here.
   - Draw, girl, draw. We do not charge money for a visit to the sea.
   - Why is the white yacht not visible? I wanted to draw her!
   - What you wanted: give her a sailing boat! Sailboat sailed on business - on the waves, now here - tomorrow there. You would have told me the news that the village is being done, otherwise there is no one to talk to me here.
   - News? They stole a blond singer from a boarding house.
  - What are you saying? It's quiet here. The singers do not sing. And you know, at night I heard singing on the sea! True, heard! Yes, the woman sang so loudly that I still thought that the motor ship was on, and there was music on it. But the singing quickly stopped. The yacht sailed at this time. I saw a familiar sail, and I know these men on the yacht well. They collect contributions from me for letting viewers go to the tower. And you thought that I paid them for a fight on the water? Nonsense, they are a hat, but no, they are a roof.
   "Well, I don"t need to know about them, I"d like to bend the waves and then draw them for a whole year," Bella decided to change the subject because of safety. Something told her that Alla and the singer were taken away by the same people.
   - Thank you, I will go to draw pencil sketches, and if I fail, I will come back. Here you have a beautiful sea.
   - Come, girl, and bring the news.
   Bella took out a phone and called Ilya:
   - Ilya, I'm on the tower of the ranger. He heard female singing at night!
   - Bella, you risk. One went to the lighthouse?
   - Yes, alone. Yura stayed with Alla. You know, there is a strange white yacht here. Probably, the singer Victoria was taken away on it, and Alla was taken to Count Pavlin in a motorboat. These are different people or alone - I have not understood yet.
   - Bella, run to the village, you have a lot of information. No surveillance?
   - Not! But I will go faster to crowded places.
   - I'm coming to meet you.
   Bella met Ilya at the bench under a chestnut tree, where Alla and Yura once sat. They sat on the bench.
   - Bella, say everything you know about the yacht at the tower.
   - a yacht, people collect tribute from it from the caretaker and from someone else. The superintendent at night heard the woman singing. Loudly sang. Now there is no yacht at the tower, this is her parking place, she usually stands at the buoy.
   - Here it is! So, they took the singer Victoria to the boat, and then transplanted to the yacht. This explains that her things were thrown out of the boat, and then traces are lost. Bella, you would work with me! Did you see Count Peacock? - he asked.
   Behind Bella, someone clamped his mouth.
   - Pasha, where are you from here? - turned Ilya head.
   - I am looking for my love, and she is sitting here with a detective on vacation.
   "We met by chance, here we are," the detective said peacefully.
   - So I believed it. Ilya, you see me, I will not give Bella to you.
   Bella had a thought: where did Pasha and Yura have money from? Who else do they work for besides work? She did not believe that firms pay a lot.
   - Pasha, our meeting is absolutely random. "I went to the market to see new things for myself at your expense," she said humbly.
   - Well, and found? Bought? - he said displeasedly.
   - No, at the dining room of the boarding house the choice of clothes is better. Let's break up.
   "I was sitting with you and not in a hurry," Pasha reproached.
   - Goodbye, Ilya. Come, Pasha, lunch.
   "Okay, I'll believe for the first time," muttered Pasha, displeased.
   Pasha and Bella went towards the boarding house.
   Elijah thought that Bella is a smart girl and we will need to talk to her again, but for this Paul he will have to be detained somewhere. He got good thoughts about the yacht, you have to look at who the yacht is registered to. The detective slowly went to the management of the river shipping company.
   The owner of the yacht was a certain Pavlinov Ivan Sergeevich. Most likely, he was Count Pavlin. It is clear that the singer Victoria must be sought in the palace of Peacock, but how to get there? Or will he let her go to the rehearsal? Then why was Victoria Lvovna"s belongings thrown overboard, and she herself was taken to the yacht? This is Elijah knew from Bella's story. And if you offer the powder from the singer's suitcase to Count Pavlin himself? But he will not believe. Need a setup. Bella would definitely be able to. She has a gift to remain invulnerable, such a gift happens to good intelligence agents.
   Here it is! The powder must be offered to the caretaker! Bella could give him the powder! But what about Pasha? He won't let Bella away from me. Pasha should be sent with Yura by boat, even if they look at the coast. Alla will have to talk, and Bella will be sent to the caretaker. Ilya decided to carry out his plans.
   He also had a thought in his head: who could take the singer out of the boarding house, so much so that she walked and was silent? And the duty officer did not see her. Ilya decided to go around the fifth building. At the windows of the singer Victoria Lvovna left traces of four legs from the chair. And he saw that the windows were closed from the inside, and did not think to bypass the building! Here it is the solution! Or part of the clue. So it means that at least three people acted here with singer Victoria Lvovna! One person got out of the window with the singer or was waiting for her at the window, he brought her things to the boat, and the second person closed the window, put everything in place, put away and closed the room. It's simple. Or so it seems that simple.
  There remains one question: who is the singer Victoria Lvovna? Is she a supplier of the Peacock Count or a prisoner? These are two big differences. Ilya slapped his head with his hand and went again to the fifth building. The tracks under the window strongly resembled the tracks of Pasha. The track is big. Pasha and Yura are the same height, but the size of their leg is different - it was Illya who noticed gradually. Could Pasha carry the luggage to the boat in her arms? Easily. Yura could close the window and the room? Could They did not sleep this night with the girls, he knew that well. He also knew from Bella that Pasha hit her on the sand when he sought her love. And Yura with Alla was the second after Count Pavlin! He knew that too.
   He did not know who Alla had after these two. She was silent - or there was no one, but there was still the same Count Peacock. Bella didn"t know that either, otherwise she"d have laid out everything for him. So, Alla Bella does not trust. Interesting?! And, according to rumors, they all five sang well, in vain he did not go to the first rehearsal. And all on dachshund. But who pays anyone to this story? So Ilya thought. But he thought not alone.
   Singer Victoria Lvovna, looking in the dining room, determined that almost all the viewers of the pension saw and heard her, which means she worked out her life in the pension. Most of all she wanted to leave her musicians and run away for a week, and no one would drive them out of the boarding house, since everything was worked out. The fact that under the second bottom of her suitcase lay a bag of powder, she did not guess. But the director-musician knew about the powder, it was he who slipped the powder to her.
   The windows of the musicians went to the outside of the case. What did singer Victoria Lvovna want? Run away and that's it. She's all tired. She asked for help in her flight Pasha and Yura. Pasha helped bring her things to the pier, because going through the protected gates would be more noticeable. For her happiness or misfortune, a yacht stood on the horizon. She waved her hand against the lantern. From the yacht lowered the boat and brought the singer on board.
   Pasha calmly returned to the sleeping body. The duty officer was already used to the fact that he enters even when he did not go out and did not pay attention to him.
   Victoria Lvovna looked at the men on the yacht and realized that she gave a blunder. They did not inspire confidence in her, it seemed that they did not shun anything. One immediately put his nose in her suitcase, the second pulled her hands. She became angry, began to fight back, she was not accustomed to such treatment. Suitcase flew overboard. When the yacht sailed past the tower, the singer sang to attract the attention of the caretaker. He heard her, but helping unselfishly is not from his repertoire.
   The woman knew the charms of life without protection. One of the men named Buek took her by force. The second, nicknamed Ledok, did not need it. The first realized that you can curry favor with Count Pavlin, and headed for the palace. Dame, he ordered silence about the violence, then she will live.
   Count Peacock, seeing that his children caught the golden hen, did not scold them for an after-hour visit. They were paid for the delivery of the singer, which was hard to miss. The wardrobe found clothes for the singer. After talking, Count Peacock asked her to voluntarily stay for a week. He demanded that she sing three songs every night without musical accompaniment; he could not stand her more singing.
   Victoria Lvovna got into a painfully familiar golden cage: a bedroom, a terrace, a small courtyard with flowers - that was all she could see. Few people knew that she was the wife of Count Pavlin, that they both could not live long without the sea.
   Victoria Lvovna was treated with caution, but they were not allowed anywhere. Count Peacock did not insist on intimacy with her, he quenched his passion with Allah and was elementarily empty. He had no desires, but he could not deny himself the pleasure of seeing the brilliant singer on her territory again, especially since she herself got into the network of the yacht. A little effort from his people - and she is at his home of her own free will.
   In the evening, Victoria Lvovna did not appear in the boarding house.
   It was a warm night. The moon slept behind the clouds. The crickets quietly chatter. Glowing fireflies. Bella agreed to take the package to the caretaker in the morning, while she looked out the window. In her head were questions Ilya. She liked the detective more and more. Their souls seemed to be playing on the same wave of interests.
  Ilya at this time looked out the window and dreamed of Bella. Their feelings are connected somewhere in the night sky. They dreamed. Then at the same time they went to bed and dreamed of each other.
   Alla was lying with her eyes open. Yura was sleeping next to her. Her two partners, Count Peacock and Yura, went through her thoughts. Then, with offense, she recalled how Count Peacock had given her to the two guards after him, shuddered at the horror of the memories. The third time he did not touch her at all, he immediately gave it to the same guards, while he himself sat in his chair, drank red wine from a glass, and watched their actions. She shuddered in disgust. Her nerves were on the edge, I wanted to cry, sob, but she was silent, like a hunted beast. She fell asleep and moaned a little in her sleep.
   Singer Victoria Lvovna lay in a golden bedroom, more like a golden cage. No one disturbed her, but she was scared, terrified and hurt. Among gold and luxury there was no simple TV, there was no radio, there were no books and magazines. She lay and looked into the dark night outside the window, which looked out onto the veranda, and the windows of the veranda looked out into a small flower garden, then - one big fence ... Victoria Lvovna sighed sadly and remembered that she lost her favorite bag on wheels with she thought about the sailor from the yacht and fell asleep.
   Count Peacock slept alone. Two guards, with whom he shared with Alla, slept behind his door, sitting in chairs. His conscience did not torment him, he grew old. Women needed him less and less. Alla already started it twice, which was already a great rarity and a joy for him. And the guards, he was supposed to please? So he shared his last love, as the last piece of bread. He thought that Alla would be silent about it.
   Morning shed rain. In the boarding house, everyone sat in their rooms, and in the dining room they walked along the transitions between the buildings. Musicians raked rackets on the white balls. A knock and a shout could be heard far down the corridors of the building. The musician director was sitting alone in the room, he was thinking about a powder that cost a lot of money, although it was not a drug (that was its value), and the effect on the human body was quite definite - a sleeping pill. He already knew that they had fished the suitcase, but how to get it? Ilya himself came to his room and asked directly about the powder. The musician director shuddered.
   - Where is Victoria Lvovna? - Ilya asked the director-musician.
   "I don't know that," the musician shyly shuddered.
   - Did she have a white powder in her suitcase?
   - There was, but it is not a drug, it is a sleeping pill, a sedative, not compressed into tablets at the request of the customer.
   - Where is the powder for whom he? - Ilya continued the interrogation.
   - From a pharmaceutical factory. Who was meant, I do not know. I had to take it to the caretaker of the tower. The further path of the powder is not known to me.
   - I'll give you the powder, you will take it to the caretaker, and we will see where it goes further. Do you agree?
   - I have no choice. And about the singer Victoria Lvovna - she must wait a week, if she doesn"t appear, then look for her. With her, this already happened, she ran away from everyone.
   - Here is the powder. Act as agreed.
   Ilya, closing the door, felt lightness because it was not necessary for Bella to be involved in this matter. She was dear to him.
   The rain stopped. People began to leave the buildings. Four of the case headed for the dance veranda. Ilya, seeing their procession, approached them closer.
   "Bella, I don't want to go to your town," said Pasha.
   "Who would doubt that," said Bella, distressed.
   "That's right, Bella and I will go home to ourselves," Alla said without emotion.
   "We will leave for our homes, and this will be the end of it," said Yura indifferently.
   - Men, and where is the singer Victoria Lvovna, did you help her escape? - asked Bella, depicting an interest in someone else's fate.
   "Slaughter, you can't hide anything from you!" Yes, we brought it to the pier. The yacht was waiting on the horizon. "They sent out a boat for Victoria Lvovna," answered Pasha.
   "Why did you find her things?" - Alla asked.
   "I don"t know that," answered Pasha honestly.
   - I wonder where she is now? - Alla asked, without contacting anyone.
  - Alla, she is where you were, - said Yura irritably.
   - What? She has Count Pavlin? - blurted out jealously Alla.
   - And you want him? - Pasha asked sarcastically.
   - Want! I want, and that's all! Yes, I want to see him, but he does not want me, and now he still has this singer Victoria Lvovna! - Alla shouted.
   "Alla, we can take you to Peacock"s palace on a white boat, he goes there in a day," Yura told her with mocking notes in her voice.
   - I will leave myself! - shouted Alla, full of jealousy to the rival.
   - That's what love came to! The woman to the peasant was going to go, and he has another one! - yelled Yura.
   - Dont spoil spirit! There is no money, otherwise it would have gone, Alla shouted.
   - Alla, so we will scrape you on the track, - said Yura, - we will carry you to the ship, and you will become the owner - maybe you will not forget about us.
   - Oh, radishes! Here are fun! - Alla started and left the terrace.
   "Bella, where are you going?" Do you play dominoes? - asked Pasha.
   - Ilya did not scoff at me like you! Pasha, do not come to me anymore! I believe that I worked pension, - said Bella.
   Ilya listened to all four of them and quietly left his vantage point in the bushes. He realized that the singer would return, even if not immediately, but he would return. The white yacht in these places was only at Count Pavlina. Ilya went to report on the events to the director of the boarding house: everyone has a boss in his life. The director should know everything, but almost nobody knew him or saw him.
   The director of the boarding house was an unforgettable gentleman, he calmly sat in the office as a simple official with the usual name Ivan Sergeevich. But the fact that the director of the boarding house, Ivan Sergeyevich Pavlinov and the notorious Count Peacock, is one person, few people knew. Illya himself did not know this, he only guessed, telling the director everything he knew.
   Alla could have recognized the director, but Yura did not see him when they were at his castle. For them and their love, Count Peacock, out of boredom, watched through a cunning mirror: he saw them, and they did not see him. And who will let Alla to the director? No one! But about the wishes of Alla, Ilya informed the director of the boarding house.
   The director gave Ilya a prize. Detective, happy, went to his gatehouse to play dominoes.
   Count Peacock thought. It turns out that Alla did not forget him. Moreover, she was jealous of him! It was a complete surprise. It was a pleasant surprise!
   "Oh, how boring," he thought. "I know everything, there is no serious opponent."
   - There is! Said the Count Peacock, sitting deep in it. "We need Bella to watch the caretaker when they give him the powder."
   He called Ilya.
   - Ilya, Ivan Sergeyevich is bothering you, make your wise Bella follow the music director when he passes the powder to the superintendent. Do not miss the moment. Let her lead this powder to Count Peacock!
   - It will be done, now everything is at dinner, I will meet them at the dining room, - Ilya mentally grinned, but kept himself from commenting.
   - Take the car! It is important for Bella to see the moment of transfer of the goods, tear her off from those accompanying her under any pretext! On the map of honor boarding!
   Count Peacock loved to be a two-faced Ivan Sergeyevich.
   Ilya looked into the dining room: the musicians ate, drank. On the lap of the musician-director lay the package, the goods were in place. All four were assembled. He went to his table, ate quickly, went to Belle. Pasha made a displeased face. Bella approached Ilya.
   - Bella, come with me! You and I will go to the tower.
   "Interesting, let's go, Illya," Bella said and waved to the others.
   Bella and Ilya, without looking around, went to the central exit of the boarding house, where there was a company car for traveling. He himself got behind the wheel.
   "Bella, I"ll give you a lift, but I shouldn"t be near you, you will follow the entrance to the tower." There is an assumption that today smuggling will be transferred to the superintendent. You follow up who will give him the package, try to see the one to whom the caretaker will then give the package. Here are pencils, paper. You sit and draw, you will not pay attention. You told the caretaker that you were an artist, so draw the waves of the sea from nature.
   Ilya took Bella to the tower and disappeared into the side of the city market. She sat down to draw. The caretaker himself went up to Bella and asked:
   - Girl, you have no memory at all? Decided to draw waves from life? Draw, but do not bother me. If you were still a little away from the tower, on that boulder.
  - OK, I'll switch. What a beautiful wave today!
   - What did you find in them? And, all artists are miserable, that they are offended, - said the caretaker and went to the tower.
   Twenty minutes later the musician director appeared. He sat down at the caretaker, then went up to the observation deck, and went downstairs without a package. Bella noticed the package, but she also noticed that there was no package in the hands of the returning music director. The caretaker after the departure of the musician director cheered up.
   - Oh, draws. See you, and the waves are as alive. Girl, and you really artist! I would give my waves, I'll hang them on the wall.
   - I'll give you one drawing, today the waves have turned out well, but I still need to finish them a little.
   - Okay, draw, girl, just draw me.
   Bella had the feeling that the caretaker had taken a hundred grams of vodka or more per soul and was drunk and excited. She sat, painted and did not turn her head towards the caretaker. Half an hour passed before the yacht appeared.
   The caretaker with a bag went to the shore, took the boat ...
   - Oh wait! I want to ride with you! Shouted Bella.
   - Girl, why are you attached to me? The caretaker asked.
   "I am not for you, I have become attached to the waves," Bella said and climbed into the caretaker"s boat. Figure she left under the boulder.
   - Ok, floated on the yacht.
   - Why did you bring a woman? - asked the sailor in a disgruntled voice.
   - This is not a woman, but an artist. She draws waves, she wants to ride with you.
   - Can i?! - Bella shouted her question.
   - Sit down and do not bother me, but here we will only return by evening.
   The bag of white powder disappeared into the hold of the yacht. Bella sat on the stern. The men were talking. The caretaker got into his boat and swam to the shore. The yacht took the course known to Bella on the boat excursion. She sat, watched, was silent. The last thing she noticed on the shore was the car of Ilya. The superintendent told him something. Ilya went and took a picture under a boulder.
   The yacht picked up speed. The rescue tower has disappeared from view. Bella men were extremely indifferent, they perceived her as a wretched person, drawing waves. It looked like a rather nondescript gray mouse. This singer Victoria Lvovna was all of herself. She jumped out of her dress while walking. And Bella had it all closed, and she herself was boring. Sailors Buek and Ledok immediately forgot about it.
   The yacht was met on the quay by Count Pavlin himself in elegant light-colored clothes. Bella noticed that the package was taken by Buyek to the side door of the castle. And at that moment Count Peacock approached her. He said that he already knew that she was an artist, and he had an order for her.
   Bella immediately grew up in her own eyes. They entered the Peacock Palace. It seemed to her that the number of mirrors in the castle was greater than the number of the walls themselves, she was reflected on all sides and quickly felt that her clothes did not fit the castle much.
   Count Peacock noticed a change in her mood, but he continued to show an art gallery consisting of only peacocks depicted on canvases.
   "Bella, I need a peacock amidst sea waves." I have a live peacock, it must be drawn against the background of the sea. Can you handle this job?
   - I think yes.
   Chapter 5
   Count Peacock carefully looked at the modest girl and decided that he needed to send the singer back to the boarding house: his singer did not care. He called the yacht and said that the singer was taken to a boarding house. To accompany her, he did not come out. Victoria Lvovna was delighted with what she recently ran away from.
   Bella was given a choice of brocade robes with peacocks, they were relatively dimensionless. She tried on one bathrobe and felt quite comfortable.
   Count Peacock looked at Bella and realized how she differs from energetic Alla and even more from nervous singer Victoria Lvovna: calmness. It was thoroughness. She went, did not run and did not fly, she did not ask for anything, but carefully looked at the pictures. He invited her to sit in the chair. They brought a table with food and drinks.
   For the first time in his life, Count Peacock felt himself in his palace at home. Bella didn"t grumble, she ate pies and squeezed compote without zhemanstvo. She was calm. With her there was no need to be cunning, to look after, to turn inside out. You could just sit, eat, drink, be silent. There was no flashy sexuality of the singer in her, but she pleasantly delighted the eye of the sophisticated lover of women.
  "Bella, I have a room for you, and everything you need to write a picture will be delivered." You write what you need.
   Count Peacock went to his chambers. Mikhailovna escorted Bella to the golden room where the singer Victoria Lvovna lived.
   - I will not work in this room! - Bella was indignant and asked: - There are rooms above the floor?
   - Yes, but they are much simpler, and now they are busy.
   - Come, please, and look at the view from the window from the room above the floor.
   Mikhailovna showed the girl rooms on the top floor.
   Bella chose one room overlooking the sea, which she was quickly released. She wrote a list of items needed to work on the picture. Bella turned on her mobile phone, but it didn"t work. Through the window she saw the singer, Victoria Lvovna, sit on a yacht, which sailed in the direction of the boarding house. "Change of prisoners," - thought the girl and heard the cries of peacocks in the poultry yard. Scary in the castle she was not, but also boring, too, was not.
   Bella had pleasant worries, she was brought everything she ordered to work on the painting. She drew a peacock in pencil, traced the sea on the sketches in great detail, it was necessary to combine the drawings and then paint them on canvas in oil. She worked in her room on the top floor of the castle.
   Count Peacock sometimes went to Bella's room, sat in an armchair, watched and left. He liked her more and more. He did not try to take possession of it, did not try to give to drink, to bewitch with his wealth. He wanted one thing: that she was always in his house. He did not have a daughter nearby. For the first time in his life, he had a desire to protect, not attack. He knew that after four days she needed to go home. Will she have time to write a picture? Rather yes than no.
   Bella was working on the painting and was happy. On the caskets, she wrote, drew pictures on a given topic, the size of which was very limited. She painted and painted on canvas the way she wanted. "I would have been painting here all my life," a thought flashed through her mind, and then she saw a white butterfly outside the window. Bella opened the window.
   The butterfly quickly found peacock feathers in a vase on the window. The girl looked at the feathers and was surprised that the wires were stretched next to them, but decided that it was not her business, not her room, and she would not touch other people's feathers and wires.
   Singer Victoria Lvovna came to dinner beautiful. People in the dining room greeted her with deafening applause. In response, she invited everyone to the concert in the concert hall of the boarding house after eight in the evening. The people responded with clapping their hands together. Victoria Lvovna approached the trio: Pasha, Alla and Yura - and invited them to perform with her. They agreed. They did not remember Bella, everyone was firmly convinced of one thing: once Alla and Victoria Lvovna were here, it means Bella is where they were.
   An hour later, the audience came to the concert hall. Victoria Lvovna had a good rest and acted with feeling, she sang with her voice without any plywood. Behind her back, the trio sang heartily, but their microphones sounded louder. They echoed her like waves, but she could be heard - the singer. The musicians played with inspiration, they were radiant with happiness, because their prima, soul and salary Victoria Lvovna returned from a short journey, and in a good mood.
   After the concert, Pasha turned around at the throne of Victoria Lvovna. He melted at her sight, at the sound of her voice. The musicians did not interfere with another fan primo. Naturally, Pasha came to the singer in the room. I bought champagne and sweets. I decided that since the barmaid is different, it means that everything is fine with champagne.
   The singer is tired of the disdainful inattention of Count Pavlin, and here Pasha just creeped before her. She was flattered. Victoria Lvovna loved slaves. The two of them drank a whole bottle of champagne and ate some of the candy. Pavel Victoria Lvovna did not reject. The two of them lay down on the bed, but something happened to them: they just fell asleep.
   In the morning, Victoria Lvovna and Pavel could not wake up. Yura and the musicians looked into the window of Victoria Lvovna. The curtains were slightly open. They saw that the singer and Pasha were sleeping in clothes on the same bed.
   The director of the boarding house received information about the singer Victoria Lvovna, because it was his service who added sleeping pills to the bottles. They have developed their own technology for the introduction of sleeping pills in wine and vodka bottles. The new party was specially made weaker, so that they did not immediately understand why they fell asleep. Results are always reported to the director. It entertained him, and especially what was happening with his vacationers.
  And now there was no love and betrayal. Singer Victoria Lvovna and Pasha just slept. They did not wake up. They themselves woke up for dinner. The singer in the evening had a concert in Abrikosovka. Victoria Lvovna again invited the trio to take part in her concert.
   Alla was not surprised at anything and bought herself a new shiny dress. She liked to look from the stage into the hall. Scene delayed. She accepted applause on her own account, and this pleased her inexpressibly.
   Pasha and Yura quietly basked, attracting the views of the female half of the hall. Singer Victoria L. felt that this trio has a beneficial effect on the attention of the audience. She decided to use them in all the remaining concerts. So it was easier for her. Musicians from Victoria Lvovna
   They did not ask anything extra, they played with all their creative powers.
   All tickets for the remaining four concerts were sold out. Four days later, the four had to leave the boarding house. Bella was not told. Ilya did not ask the guys anything. He dressed up and looked overconfident.
   Yura and Pasha decided to buy the same trousers and shirts for four concerts. The singer has approved their idea. Alla added new sandals with thin heels and thick soles to the wardrobe.
   The audience came to the second concert with bouquets of flowers. The audience in the hall dressed up. The musicians dressed up. The holiday was mutual. Flowers flowed through the rows onto the stage. Buffet worked at full capacity. The concert was on. The spectators fell asleep. In some places, ordinary snoring was heard.
   Singer Victoria Lvovna began to get nervous. Pasha realized that here came the long hands of Count Pavlin. During the intermission, he tried to explain to the singer the reason for sleeping in the hall. But she refused to understand him and was even more nervous.
   The evening, sweltering and hot, made everyone attach to drinks. By the end of the concert, the audience slept. There was no applause. The musicians fell asleep in their places on the stage. Singer Victoria Lvovna fell asleep in the wardrobe. Next to her, Yura and Alla slept on chairs.
   One Pasha did not sleep. He examined the sleeping kingdom and thought that the guards here would not help, and he didn"t want to make enemies among the strong people of Apricot. Once someone had made a dream, then it was necessary.
   He left the concert hall and went to the tower to breathe the maritime evening air. The overseer was delighted by Pasha as his own. After the departure of the girl artist, he was sad. The caretaker informed Pasha about his sadness. He told him that the girl who painted the waves here went on a yacht and did not return.
   Pasha was expecting such a denouement over the disappearance of Bella. He thought about her again, and the conversation with the caretaker was by the way.
   - Do you happen to know when the yacht will reappear here? - Pasha asked the caretaker of the tower.
   - Oh, dear man, no one knows! The yacht will sail, will certainly sail, - replied the superintendent. - The girl was sitting on that boulder. The yacht sailed. A girl left with them. I thought that she left until the evening, but she didn"t have two days.
   Pasha went up to the boulder, under which lay a piece of a picture with the image of sea waves and a few strokes with the image of a yacht. He sat on a boulder. Night fell. Through the night space, Pasha understood where to look for Bella. It seemed to him that she was talking to him through the dark and warm sky.
   He decided to go to her the next day by boat, but he decided to keep quiet about his plans, said thanks to the supervisor for participating and hurried to the boarding house. The room was empty, it didn't upset him very much. He closed the door and fell asleep to the righteous until the morning.
   The sleep of the whole hall did not go unnoticed, the local radio talked about it. A newspaper was not allowed to be published on this topic, and a television announcer was not allowed to come out with this information. There was a whisper about a secret sleeping pill that could not be found in the blood. After the person woke up, the sleeping pill disappeared. To take a blood test from sleeping people have not yet thought of.
   The buffet checked drinks and foods, but the period of disintegration of the elements of sleeping pills after its dissolution turned out to be too short. In the powder, sleeping pills persisted for a long time, but the dissolved one had a short shelf life, disintegrating into widespread elements. These factors were used by Count Peacock and held an invisible power over the whole region.
   The next concert was in jeopardy. People were afraid to go to the concert. The audience tried to get their money back for the tickets, but they were told that there was no cause for concern, and they added, they say, take your water and food with them. People began to joke that if they didn"t see the concert, they would at least get enough sleep. Guards stood at the entrance to the concert hall. They checked hand luggage and women's bags. The concert was quite decent. There were no sleeping people in the hall.
   Doctors walked between the rows and peered into the hall. Everything was calm. In every case, the suddenness of the event is important.
  Bella was unconsciously waiting for the white ship. She worked without long breaks, she wanted to paint a picture as soon as possible. She looked at the sea and was not mistaken.
   Sailed the ship. Pasha went ashore, looked at the palace and found that all the doors to it were tightly closed. He lifted his eyes up and noticed a flickering of a sheet of paper in the upper window. He realized where Bella was, waved her hand and hurried to the ship.
   Bella sighed more calmly after Paul's visit. And freedom? She will certainly come. Freedom she decided to take cunning, but how exactly did not know yet.
   The motor ship sailed to the winery. Many passengers bought wine in a factory shop and drank it quickly, someone was drawn to drink water in the buffet. Soon all the people were sleeping on the two decks of the ship. Slept crew of the ship. The barmaid fell asleep. Circus artists slept. The ship lost control in front of the quay of the Peacock Palace and was spinning at the behest of the waves.
   He could be thrown ashore or carried with the stream, and no one would have helped him.
   Bella watched the erratic movement of the white ship from the workshop window, realizing that her waving in the window was noticed by Count Pavlin. Escape time was postponed. The picture progressed successfully. Beautiful peacock straightened tail feathers on the background of river waves. The golden frame of an elaborate baguette stood and waited for a new masterpiece on the canvas.
   Count Peacock went to Bella and at first glance realized that she saw everything from the window. Hysteria and requests he did not wait from her. The girl was firmly aware that the requests would only worsen her position and people on the boat.
   The ship was only nailed to the pier, as the sailors Buiek and Ledok jumped out of the ground and pushed it into the sea with a wave. The ship spun in the direction of the sea.
   Bella quickly drew a boat and hooks on the quay on a sheet with a pencil. In the poultry yard of the castle, besides peacocks, lived turkeys, hens and pigeons. She made friends with the birds, and they greeted her favorably. This time she tied a drawing to the leg of a pigeon with a thin elastic band, released it from the bird's yard, tightened with a metal grid.
   A beautiful pigeon with shaggy legs flew where it should be. Pigeon road passed through the air from the palace of Peacock to the pigeon house of the boarding house, located near the administrative building.
   At the pigeon house usual lovers of pigeons were constantly spinning. One man noticed a piece of paper on the pigeon"s leg and the signature Bella. The entire pension knew about her disappearance. The man did not take it for work and found Detective Ilya.
   Elijah looked at the drawing and suggested that she had another story connected with a sleeping pill in wine, but how could he help and to whom? However, he said thanks to the man for help and thoughtfully went looking for Pasha, who understood everything at once. Ilya caught his train of thought when Pasha told him about his trip and the search for Bella. Apparently, the ship is wrecked, and Bella is still a prisoner of Count Peacock. Ilya called the shipping company and said that there is data from the scene of events for which the white ship is in distress in the area of the Peacock Palace. He was told that they would take all measures to save people and the ship.
   Alla in her own way worried about her friend Bella. The departure date inexorably approached, and she persistently continued to be jealous of Bell to Count Pavlin, but she could not help her and herself. Her friend Yura was glad that Alla was with him.
   Pasha was worried about Bella, but it was clear that if she was not released from the clutches of Count Peacock, he would still go to his home, and other people would come to the boarding house.
   Bella felt tired, she did not want to take a brush in his hands. She went to the luxurious swimming pool, empty and cool of marble. Then she went to the dining room, where with appetite she ate everything she served and fell asleep with a sense of accomplishment.
   Waking up, Bella saw Count Pavlin.
   "Bella, you can get driving license and car license." This is your picture. She's really good at it. You will finish writing a picture and get the keys to the new car, they will help you to master it, and you will pass on the rights in the city of Cypress.
   - And I can go home on it?
   - I think no. If you want to stay in the Peacock Palace, then I can provide you with the entire second floor. You have a choice, but I have no choice. I suggest you become a housekeeper and an artist.
   "Can I leave the palace grounds of my own free will?"
  -Yes. There is an exit on the other side of the palace on the highway, through which you can leave the house when you want, but you must return until evening.
   - Can I think a day? During this time I finish writing a picture.
   "Think," said Count Peacock, and went about his business.
   A day later, Bella said she agreed to stay in the castle. Count Peacock replied that the car was waiting for her. From her point of view, she was incredibly lucky: she got a job, a whole floor of living space, on the east side of which there was a sunbathing balcony with deck chairs, and the floor below she could use the pool. She was scheduled art workshop and private car.
   But Count Peacock would not be himself if he so easily gave away half of his palace. In Bella, he saw a serious girl, it was possible to leave her abandoned housing. Yes, it is abandoned housing. The village of Abrikosovka did not have its own station, there was no airport in it, there was a small pier for water transport.
   The new apartment of Count Pavlin was located in the neighboring city of Cypress, his business flourished in gaming halls, he was the owner of a fabulous gaming complex. His beautiful face inspired the confidence of visitors to the city. People, or rather their money, flowed like a river into slot machines, on card tables. Roulette ate the rest of the financial reserves of visitors.
   Pasha, Yura and Alla came out of the gates of the boarding house. They were waiting for a regular bus to go to the railway station in the neighboring city of Cypress. Their last words were about Bella. Naturally, she immediately appeared on a new car and offered to take them to the city.
   Pasha melted at one glance at Bella, but she was unusually serious and offered to sit behind the wheel. He refused due to lack of driving license. Bella already had her driving license, she received them almost simultaneously with the car, and she drove the car along with her father, so she was not a novice at the wheel.
   Bella's success did not give rest to Alla, she bit her elbows, because she is more beautiful than her, she was first with Count Pavlin, and everything went to her friend. Not fair. Yura had no thoughts about this. With Alla they went to different cities, and before Bella he didn't care. Bella drove the car smoothly along the road, she studied the route between Abrikosovka and Cypress on the map, did not answer questions from friends about the rest.
   She was saying goodbye to her former life. Her decision to stay with Count Pavlin seemed solid and was not discussed. The car drove through the central streets of the city of Cypress. On the way, she saw a glittering game complex and a portrait of a man whose face was vaguely familiar. But to recognize the face of Count Pavlin in the illuminations on the facade of the building her friends and girlfriend did not guess. All three of them were traveling on the same train, however, Alla had to go to a halt earlier.
   Bella spent her buddies and asked goodbye to Alla to talk to her parents and dismiss her from work, while she handed over an application for dismissal from the factory on the painting of boxes.
   Pasha felt with his gut that relations with Bella were no longer shining for him. Bella calmly got into the car and drove back. At the gaming complex, she suspended the car, once again looked at the glittering portrait and easily recognized him as Count Pavlin. The girl smiled at the portrait and went to her palace. Bella began to gain something, but she decided not to ask the owner because of the elementary safety of the questions, but to perform the functions for which she was left in the Peacock Palace.
   Pasha came home, went to the store with the name "Products", but instead of products it sold wine and there were slot machines, decorated with all the colors of the rainbow. The young man went to the tea shop, but there were also money dispensers in it.
   At home, his younger brother sat at his computer and played games. On the monitor screen, he drove cars, a man ran from the car, got into other cars and drove along the roads, breaking all the rules. Pasha decided to go to the computer room, but instead of computers everywhere there were automatic machines, painted to disgrace.
   What is it for? Throughout the city, there was one computer room where computers were located, but they were almost all occupied by people. This salon was known to everyone, the owner of the salon was killed in it and computers were dragged away, but, apparently, another owner was found and everything was restored.
   What could Paul do? After leaving for work, go out and buy a new computer for yourself, and give the old one to your younger brother? Work after the holidays has accumulated and for some time occupied all his thoughts, but already at lunch he remembered Bella.
  Women in the office and in the cafe looked askance at him: tanned handsome man of the best male years, and his heart remained in the south. Pasha decided to fly to Bella on the plane as soon as possible.
   Meanwhile, Bella found work in the house and on canvas. In the yard she threw a flower bed. The old house seemed to be alive. The birds greeted her with joyful exclamations and, like small children, fled, flew towards her. She was getting used to her new lifestyle. The chauffeur of the count gave her money for the management and maintenance of the palace. In the palace of Peacock, besides her, there were people needed to maintain him in a living condition, but she had no one to talk with.
   For many years, Bella's friend was Alla, they shared any thoughts, told each other everything that was possible and impossible, and now she didn"t have a person to talk to. The superintendent of the tower also talked to her, and people from the palace avoided her, or they did not trust her. At times Bella was attacked by longing for simple communication with people, and in the house she only had to give orders or follow them herself.
   Involuntarily, her hand reached for a piece of paper, she began to write down her thoughts, the pen and paper became her companions. Once Bella sat on the balcony and wrote. The wind stirred the leaves. At some point, she could not hold them, and the sheets flew.
   At the same time, her eyes fell on the dock: Pasha stood there, waving his hand. She could do everything, but she didn"t have the key for the gate to the pier, the key was in the hands of the guard. She stood at the window and depicted the lighthouse, then she pointed at the clock and showed five fingers in the hope that he would wait for her at the lighthouse tower at five o'clock in the evening.
   Pasha understood, he showed the time on his hand, his palm and nodded in agreement. Bella waved her head at him and collected the sheets of paper that the wind had taken. She got into the car and drove to the lighthouse on the ring road.
   Buying shared notebooks along the way, she arrived at the lighthouse. Paul was not there yet.
   The superintendent of the tower was delighted with the girl as his own. They sat and talked. Pasha appeared almost on time. The superintendent invited the young couple to his house, but they refused the invitation and went together in a car. On the beach, they stopped, got out of the car to talk on the air. He blew a gust of wind, their hair entwined and spread to the sides.
   - Bella, why do you need notebooks? - could not resist the question Pasha.
   - I write, draw and write down expenses.
   - Bella, what a backwardness, and why not using a computer?
   - We do not have computers in the castle.
   - So order a computer, I hope your master is not a poor man.
   - I will certainly order, and will you help me buy a computer?
   - No problem, but it would be better if I bought it in the capital.
   - And here you can not buy?
   - In Abrikosovka I did not see computer hardware stores.
   - There is everything in the neighboring town. We're going, I'll show you.
   They got into the car and drove into the city.
   A store with computer equipment was located next to the gaming complex, she remembered it on her first trip. Pasha looked at the samples of goods on the shop window and said that everything can be bought here.
   - Pasha, you choose what you need to buy, and I will come soon.
   Bella left the store and entered the gaming complex, the guard said she was going to Count Pavlin.
   - We have no Count Pavlin. Who you need, say more precisely or pass.
   - I need the owner of the Peacock Palace.
   - I understand, and say that you need the owner of the gaming complex.
   Bella walked to the door of Count Pavlin's study. She entered a luxurious office with light leather upholstered furniture. Count Peacock sat in an armchair at the coffee marble table and looked closely at Bella.
   "Bella, is there a problem?"
   - I want to buy a computer in a nearby store, but there is no money.
   - A good idea, I also want, but how do we choose it?
   - Pasha arrived for a couple of days, promised to buy a computer, he is a programmer.
   - Wonderful. Come on, buy five computers with all the giblets.
  Count Peacock and Bella entered the store. Pasha, looking at them, said nothing.
   - Pasha, they told me here that you know everything about computers. Pick us five sets, take the best of what we have, and then you will have a training course.
   - I do not know who you are, I can only guess, but in a day I have to leave.
   - Consider that you are on a business trip and you will train us for ten days. I'll pay for everything. Bella will put you in the castle, and for two hours a day you will come here and train me and three more people. I agree?
   "I agree," answered Pasha, and decided that he would have to call Jura in order to arrange a vacation at his own expense for ten days.
   Pasha picked up the monitors with a flat screen, chose the case for the system units, all the necessary boards, picked up the keyboard and mouse. People came from Count Pavlin, paid for the goods. Four computers were brought into the gaming complex, one was left in the car for Bella. Count Peacock gave his business card, a few words were written on it: "Mikhailovna, have Paul settled in the palace." Pasha and Bell did not expect such happiness, they were shining from an unexpected offer.
   The servants of the palace began to talk with Bella. They saw now that she was not just another woman of Count Pavlin, and she was Paul"s woman. It was not necessary to say this, one glance at the couple was enough to understand that they were close people. Bella settled Paul in the next room, nobody forbade meeting them. She performed her household chores with even greater obsession, and she had time to take Paul to Count Pavlin for computer training.
   Pasha put all the necessary programs, including for accounting, which made Count Pavlin so enthusiastic that he offered Paul to work with him as chief accountant. Pasha agreed to an unexpected offer, by this time he knew that Count Pavlin was named Ivan Sergeevich Pavlinov.
   - Ivan Sergeyevich, I need a car, I will live with Bella, and come here.
   - There will be no problems with the car;
   Pasha went outside to Bella. She was waiting for him in the car. The news suited her.
   The wind increased. At sea, the waves became big and formidable.
   - Pasha, the wind is strong, squall! It's scary to go.
   They went to the side of the palace, but came under heavy rain. The car was stopped on the sidelines. Pasha thought that daily trips would be impossible. Bella understood the situation. They waited for the downpour and continued on their way.
   - Bella, what are we going to do? Wherever you throw, everywhere wedge.
   - The palace is closer than the game complex. You have to live in the city.
   The wind of love governed their meetings and separations. Dirty clouds walked across the clear sky. A cool morning called for righteous labor. Count Pavlin suggested that Pavel could add a computer salon to the game complex, so that the debtors of the game complex would collect money to pay off their debts via e-mail from around the world. Then he added that this is a joke, but it is necessary to add a salon.
   - Pasha, there is a suggestion: I want to leave you my deputy in the gaming complex. I have a new project, I want to open a supermarket.
   - Why do you have such a variety of interests? - asked Pasha.
   - I'm so arranged. You get acquainted with the game complex. You will submit reports twice a month to me, there are experts here, they will help. Take the address and keys of your rented apartment, a personal apartment will be based on the results of your work in a year, I will allocate a car to you, but it is the property of the game complex, hand over the rights and act.
   Count Peacock disappeared in his car.
   Pasha, sharing the news with Bella, sent her home, and he went to the gaming complex to take on financial affairs.
   Bella enthusiastically began to type texts on the computer, then went to the house. Life flowed smoothly, as before the advent of Paul. She received an e-mail permission from Count Pavlin to use the keys to the gate, having access to the sea. It was a nice gift!
  Chapter 6
   Count Boredom periodically attacked Count Pavlin. He fell into an even more boring affair, namely, just lying on a wide bed in a room with windows to the sea. There were no regular servants in the apartment, so no one disturbed him. He wanted nothing.
  In the organization of the new supermarket, he took minimal part. Just one debtor, the owner of a supermarket, almost on a platter brought him this very supermarket. It was necessary to add a few funds and put your man in the management of the store. That's what he thought. He needed his protégé, but he didn"t want to go into trade. Count Peacock lay, lay, then clapped his hand over his forehead and cried:
   - Yura!
   Without thinking twice, he called Pavel on his mobile phone and asked how you could find Yura, if he was familiar with cash register programs, and still need to bring all the goods of the store into computers. Pasha replied that Yura was familiar with these programs, he worked in a supermarket.
   Count Peacock immediately jumped up, happy that he had found a scapegoat and went to dinner. After lunch, he called Yura on his mobile phone, invited him to work at a supermarket on the rights of his deputy. Yura paused, but agreed to cooperate.
   Count Peacock again went to bed and remembered Alla. He called the superintendent at the palace, told Bella to be allowed to use a cell phone, and then called back to a regular phone.
   - Bella, give Alla's phone number, let her forgive me.
   - Count Peacock, with pleasure: she loves you!
   - Nice to hear. And she is not indifferent to me.
   Called Count Peacock Allah:
   - Alla, honey, forgive me, but without you I feel bad! Come to Cypress, write down the address and phone number. You will find the money for the ticket. You come - I will give, I will provide.
   Now he did all the work and fell asleep like a baby.
   After sleep, Count Pavil Ilya called:
   - Ilya, as life in the role and. about. boarding house director? I am waiting ...
   Ilya took a boarding house car and in a couple of hours was at the Count Pavlin's. The town apartment of Count Pavlin was small: an office, a bedroom, a kitchen, places without a name. In the office and the owner talked with a detective. He looked at all the papers. Things Ilya led the way they were led to the computer era.
   - Ilya, do you remember Pavel from the boarding house? He is now working here in the gaming complex. Do not be surprised. You go to him, talk about computer equipment, he will help you buy computers, printers, put the necessary programs. You tell him that you need three computers for a boarding house, you will learn how to work on a computer, then you will teach the others. Got it? Here is my business card, it says the number of computers for the boarding house, give it to Pavel.
   - Ivan Sergeyevich, forgive me, but if Pasha is here, then where is Bella?
   - Bella in the old Peacock Palace. He did not marry Paul. Okay, call her as a bonus. Her mobile is connected, and you know her phone number, so I turned it off at her until she got used to life in the castle.
   Happy Ilya hurried to Pavel. Together they made an order in the store. And the next day they promised to fulfill their order. The store was surprised that their goods quickly began to be understood by people of Count Peacock.
   Ilya got in the car and called Bella:
   - Bella, this is Elijah bothering you. I can call you? Tell the way to the castle by land. Got it, I'm going.
   Ilya knew the whole history of the fours and each one.
   Bella and Ilya were spiritually close to each other. Together they went to the sea, which for so long was closed for the girl. They sat on a bench under the walls of the castle and began to look at the waves. White butterflies swirled around Bella, but they didn"t fly up to Ilya. One butterfly sat on her palm, and she had a white pearl in her hand, and the butterfly flew away, flapping its wings.
   - Ilya, how difficult it was for me here, nobody spoke to me! And now everything is fine, "she said, rolling a white pearl in her fingers.
   - Bella, it was all done on purpose: you were disconnected from telephones and people, and now everything has been returned to you. You know, when I realized that all your fours were coming back here, I unwittingly realized how powerful a person is Count Peacock! I recently discovered this.
   - I don"t want to discuss the affairs of Count Pavlin. I have enough of my affairs here, but you come, it is pleasant to talk with you.
   They sat for a while longer. Ilya went to the boarding house, now he was fully responsible for him before Count Pavlin, that is, director Ivan Sergeevich.
   Alla frantically sought money for the road. The mother was in no hurry to give her daughter the last money. Relatives had no money at all. Alla gave up her only ring and bought a ticket. Parents shook their heads, and she collected her bag and left to meet the unknown. Alla arrived to Count Pavlin a day after the call, plus a few hours. Count Peacock was at home in a state of utter laziness. Alla and hung on his sturdy shoulders. He was pleased with her. Servants and guards were not around, this Alla immediately noticed.
  Count Peacock noticed that the girl had no jewels.
   - Alla, forgive me, I am old for instant love, but I have work for you.
   - What?! - Alla was really surprised.
   - Alla, we are civilized people! I suggest you be my deputy at the pawn shop. It is located near the train station. The place is crowded. Work is always there.
   - I'm an artist! - Alla exclaimed, perplexed by the proposal.
   - Don't make noise, no one forbids you to draw. You will find Jura in the nearby supermarket, it is located not far from the pawnshop. I think you will find a common language.
   - Got it. I am a workhorse. Thanks and on it, - Alla has faded.
   - Alla, you will not regret. Here is the address of your rented apartment. On the same floor you will live with Yura and Pavel.
   - And Pasha is here? - Alla asked almost without emotion. - And Bella?
   - She works and lives in the palace.
   - It is clear, Ivan Sergeevich! And lifting will be?
   Count Peacock gave money to Allah. His soul became calm, like a calm sea.
   Calm came in the relationship of Bella and Paul. He is mired in computer affairs. Yura, who had recently arrived, plunged into the business. Alla was attached to work. Count Peacock lay down on the bed and thought about it, then he took a mobile phone and called Ivanovna, the mistress of a small house:
   - Ivanovna, Count Pavlin worries. Collectible girls are not? Listen, arrange a flat for five girls, no more.
   - What a pittance, Ivan Sergeevich?
   - How to talk! All will be. Remove the house from the neighbors, I saw him. For a good price will pass. Girls will take off those who go to the south without money and valuables, everyone is hoping for someone else's uncle. Here we will also slip someone else"s uncle. Do you understand? Money will bring you.
   Here is Count Peacock rest and earned. He turned on a huge plasma-screen TV, but his thoughts had not yet all calmed down. He called the barmaid in the house of culture Apricot.
   - Hi dear! Count Peacock is worried. How are you? Silence, you say? No concerts? Sleeping buffet? There will be concerts! No, without sleeping pills! Earn, do not be indignant. I have in mind well-known and slightly forgotten on the TV screen singers who will come to you, at the same time the pension will have fun and rest themselves.
   He switched the channel and began to watch the concert. Singer Thor liked him, and he immediately called the stage department:
   - Residents of Apricot and Cypress sleep and see a long-haired handsome Thor, he has just been on the screen. How much does it take? Is the group big? How many gigs? On all concert venues plus pension. I agree!
   He pressed the button on the TV remote and fell asleep. And they say that the owners do not work! Work.
   In the evening, new deputies gathered in Alla's apartment; there was not only Bella among them. Pasha and Yura sat in their chairs. Alla sat on the sofa. Count Peacock, from the bounty of his soul, allocated to each of them an apartment for personal use, as long as they worked for him.
   "Guys, either we are lucky or we"ve gotten into a black business," Alla said.
   - Whatever it is, but the job offer is more than interesting, - Pasha picked up the conversation.
   - I do not know, I do not know, everything is so doubtful! It is so difficult for me in this supermarket that I myself do not understand how I agreed to this, - Jura joined the sore subject.
   "You know, I got the impression that Count Peacock had invented all this long ago," Alla said anxiously.
   - Anything can happen. I came here for two days, but I could not leave. And there's no way to get to Bella, "Pasha burst out.
   "Do not worry, we will break through: either in people, or we will return home, which is hard to believe in," Jura began to console everyone.
   - Guys, I treat today! I was given a lift. I'll bring you dinner now, "Alla said cheerfully.
  The men sat closer to the coffee table on wheels, which Alla solemnly rolled into the room from the kitchen. They appreciated the delicious dinner.
   "Alla, and you are capable," Pasha said.
   "Alla, I'm marrying you," said Yura.
   - Yura, do not rush! Now I do not want to marry you! I want to work for the good of Count Pavlin and myself.
   - What is happening! Alla refuses from Yura! Alla, do you need me? - asked Pasha.
   - Pasha, do not arise! Bella lives in a captive palace. And then, I do not like to cook often. Today I prepared a dinner in honor of our new life, and for tomorrow I do not call anyone to myself: eat at home. I am not a servant to you, but the deputy director of the largest pawnshop of the city. I need to get acquainted with my new work, and in the winter I will write pictures, in the winter there will be less work.
   - Yes, in winter, the rest will be reduced, it will be possible to go home, - Pasha somehow solved his problems right away.
   - Alla, can I come to you? - asked Yura.
   - Yura, let's wait with private life! There are so many changes that I need to get comfortable and understand what I should do here at all. Do you think it's easy for me in a new line of business? Not at all. The whole state is full, and I'm on the side of the stool. Why do I need a pawnshop - I'll never know.
   "Alla, I have the same opinion that everything is in place at the supermarket, and I don"t need me there," supported Alla Yura.
   - Oh, gentlemen, zamy, is it easy for me in the gaming complex ?! I"m nobody there at all, but appointed from the great mind of Count Pavlin as chief accountant. In the gaming complex, and so there is a strange influx of money! I have to fix them in the computer, compile new programs, but which programs I will not tell you. I know one thing: I have a lot of work, a lot, "Pasha cleverly delivered his speech.
   - Pasha, you are a hammer, you have to do what you know. So, I will write programs for the supermarket and use those that are. In the ordinary business, you feel better, "picked up Jura's friend.
   - So, well done, they will write programs. They are in place! And I'm in no boom boom programs! What should I do? - Alla screamed in a state of nervous breakdown.
   - Calm, my friend. You refused me, - Jura spoke with a reproach, - and you need me! I will help you with the programs for your pawnshop. I can teach you how to use them, which is not so difficult if you know everything. Do you agree, Alla?
   - Yura, my joy! I'm yours forever! Where is the computer?
   - Will, Alla, everything will be, but if you will be with me!
   - Yura, I'm with you, of course, I'm with you, but in a week! Do yourself a job, and for the time being I will get used to what came before me.
   Pasha ate, realizing that he had done a good deed, directing Alla and Yura's thoughts in the right direction. His thoughts flew to Bella, but did not fly.
   - Thank you, Alla, everything was at its best. I left if you do not mind, - said Pasha and disappeared through the door.
   - Yura, don't go away, stay a little longer, - Alla asked.
   - My dear, I will be behind the wall and another entrance door. See you in a week at the same time. Forgive me, but you yourself said so first, and I am intelligent, "said Yura and went to his apartment.
   Alla was left alone. She removed the remnants of dinner, knowing full well that surprises in her life are still possible.
   Count Peacock, as usual, lay at home with peacock feathers in front of the TV screen. He just listened to the speeches of his new deputies in Alla's apartment, and I must say, they did not upset him. In the three apartments were listening devices, for listening to them he had a convenient device with easy control. Turned the right pen - and listen to the right person, so Count Peacock made an inspection of his staff. He did not use video equipment for these purposes.
   Bella at that time was looking at the sea from the terrace, she was accustomed to her more than to the shore, to which for a long time there was no access. The artist's soul absorbed the view of the sea to work on new paintings. With the advent of the computer, her zeal for the records weakened, she wanted to draw more than write texts from her head.
   She followed the order and expenses in the palace, and the rest of the time she painted with oil new paintings with birds on the canvas, so that they were pleasing to the art gallery. Thoughts about men flashed fragmentary, she did not hope for them. The girl decided that if she needed someone, then let them appear, but no - she would not call.
  On the TV screen flashed a woman very similar to Bella. Count Peacock rose from his bed, dressed quickly. He wanted to see Bella and his favorite palace with servants. The car started up with a half turn and rushed to the dream in a quiet and clear evening. Machines at such a late hour were few. The road pleased with their outlines. Count Peacock quickly arrived at the gate of his main abode. He noticed Bella on the terrace and was happy about it. He called her cell phone and said that in ten minutes she would have her.
   Count Peacock noticed that Bella jumped up and left the terrace into the building. He told the servants to bring food to the art gallery. He enjoyed looking at Bella's new creations in her workshop. He perfectly understood that she works for his art gallery and approved her work. He was surprised at the beauty of the hall with the pictures: it would seem that the pictures were what they were, but all together it looked much more beautiful, there was a creative hand in the design of his favorite hall. He almost exclaimed with joy, but he restrained himself and calmly praised Bella for the beautiful contents of the castle.
   It's funny, but again he felt at home, he was good in the society of calm Bella, all things disappeared from his head. He ate, looked at her, at the pictures. The count was happy. It did not occur to him that a woman sitting next to him could be used as a woman. For the first time, a stupor attacked him in this regard, and he did not want to rush things. Did not want to hurry ...
   Bella was pleased with the company of Count Peacock, he did not attack her, did not hit his head against the floor to achieve male ambitions, like Pasha, he was a like-minded person in the field of paintings, and it was pleasant. She always felt the fear in Paul, which was in the subconscious, she didn"t tell him about it, but she didn"t call on herself. Ilya was sympathetic, it was good with him, even if not for long, but something in that pleased her. And, in fact, she was alone.
   After a late dinner, Count Peacock let Bella go, and he himself went to the bedroom with a TV screen and with the usual set of items he needed to rest, entertain and spy on employees through listening devices.
   On his bed, wise thoughts came to Count Pavlin, he was not an evil man by nature, but sometimes he was entertained by the turns of someone else's destinies. The computers of Count Pavlin personally did not particularly captivate, although he implemented them wherever possible and necessary, but now they did not worry him, and he himself has not yet found his place on the World Wide Web. For a long time he did not make jokes, although the arrival of four young people can be completely mistaken for a joke, but serious. "Oh, and how is the mistress and the five girls? That's where to go," he thought and fell asleep.
   In the morning a new business appeared. The singer Thor arrived and asked for an audience with Count Pavlin regarding payment for concerts. Singer settled in a boarding house.
   Count Peacock himself in the hands of money tried not to take it and moved it in space with someone else's hands. He told Ilya by phone:
   - Ilya, what is singer Thor dissatisfied with? Do you remember the joke with the sleeping pills? You figured it out pretty well. Do not need a singer to calm down a little? Noisy he, and he will sleep - a man will become our man, and everything will be like someone else"s. Singer Victoria remember? Not again? No, it means. Send singer Tora to Ivanovna, she has five girls, let him go to them. The powder in your office, tell the hostess, she is aware. Girls and singer will be baptized for peace of mind, I do not like screams. All happen, - and he hung up the phone.
   Count Peacock lay down a bit and called the yacht:
   - Buoy, when will you be at the quay of the castle? In an hour? I am waiting.
   Count Peacock walked through the castle, he had affairs in the pool, in the sauna. In the hen house, he patted his beloved peacock, then climbed to the terrace to Bella.
   - Bella, in ten minutes the yacht will arrive, I am waiting for you on the shore. Take food and swimsuit. For a couple of hours go into the sea.
   "I"ll come," Bella said and left to do the assignment.
   Count Peacock in a white suit came out of the castle to the pier. Bella was waiting for him with a grocery basket in her hands. The yacht was moored. The buoy helped them climb the ladder and pushed the boat away from the pier. Bella carried the basket to the galley and sat down to the stern. For the owner on the deck stood a weighty straw chair, attached to the legs.
   The yacht went out to sea. The wind blew into the sails. Count Peacock came out on the deck in shorts, sat down in a straw chair. Bella in a bathing suit sat in the stern. Both of them studied each other. What they saw did not upset both of them. Bella looked a little fatter models. Count Peacock seemed better than men of his age. They were lightly in body, one weight class.
  A sailor Buyek appeared on the deck, he poured a couple of sea water from a hose. There was no pool on the yacht, but there was a motor that pumped water, otherwise it would have been too hot.
   The water from the hose, having poured over the people, was rolling overboard. Everyone was satisfied. The yacht went as long as it was visible from the tower, after which its course changed dramatically, and she approached the rocky shore with a ledge of rock. When approaching the yacht from the cliff, the pier has advanced. Count Peacock in a white suit and Bella in a light dress entered the rock, so it looked from the side.
   In the rock was a cave. Coolness engulfed customers from all sides. In the cave, they saw several doors, veiled under the arches of the cave. The elevator brought people into the room, on one side of which there was a thick glass, through which the bottom of the sea was visible.
   Bella could see the fish behind the glass and six tables at which the couples sat and ate! Just ate and that's it. One table was free, and they approached him. A waiter jumped from the gray cave opening to Count Pavlin and put a gray book with a menu in front of him.
   "Serve my favorite dish," said Count Peacock.
   Bella examined the underwater restaurant, everything seemed romantic, as if created by nature, only the prices under the water were transcendental. Count Peacock smiled encouragingly at his companion. The waiter put salads with sea kale and sea clams on the table. The second was completely edible: chum under crabs with ordinary potatoes. Water in tall glasses.
   Nothing beyond, except that it is all under water. Half an hour in a deep restaurant flew by quickly. Exotic is always pleasant for gourmets. They went out in the sun.
   The sailors of the yacht Buek and Ledok ate, drank, anecdotes poisoned and now waited for the owner to return. Only the yacht departed from the cliff, as on the other side a second yacht sailed up to her. Bella was surprised at everything she saw, but did not file it. She had long noticed that Count Peacock loves in people restraint, outward coldness.
   The yacht headed for the sea, then abruptly turned to the shore.
   And when everything was fine, Bella knelt in front of Count Pavlin:
   - Ivan Sergeyevich, I did everything that you asked for! Three paintings with peacocks and the sea wrote, but more I can not be here! I can't live here anymore! Let me go home! - Inconsolable sobs devoured the artist.
   Count Peacock did not expect a change of mood in a calm girl.
   - Bella, I agree! You can go home.
   Bella stopped shuddering with sobs, turned her tear-stained face to him:
   - When can I go?
   - Right now! Pack your things, wait twenty minutes in the car.
   Bella rose from her knees. She quickly collected things, paints with brushes, but did not know if they could be taken with them ... With a bag over her shoulder, she went to the car.
   - Bella, did you take the paint? Go, take it. I do not paint pictures. Take canvas and everything else. Bella, you dear to me, I do not know why. If you want to come back, come back, and now take it to memory, - and Count Peacock extended a cherry velvet box to Bella, in which lay a golden bracelet with a pinkish pearl. He put it on her hand. She was silent.
   "Yes, and here is the money for the journey," said Count Peacock sadly.
   Bella had such a large amount of money in her hands that she had never seen! They rode to the city in silence. They approached the train station. Bella bought tickets, looked in the direction of Count Pavlin, but he was not there! She put the bag on her shoulder and walked along the platform. A boy ran up to her and held out a plastic bag with products.
   "They passed you," the boy said, and disappeared into the crowd.
   Bella was alone in the compartment, the whole carriage was kind of half-empty, although the other cars were packed completely, she saw it in the crowds on the platform. She came home almost a day later.
   From happiness, the mother did not know how to feed her daughter, where to plant, as if the daughter had become a guest for the mother. Alla's mother came running, began to ask about her. Bella said that Allah was given a cash job. Alla's mother sighed, wept and left. Father came from work.
   - Daughter, tell me what happened on vacation? - he asked.
  - Dad, I was asked to write pictures, I completed the order and arrived.
   - Did you get paid?
   "Yes," and she showed the money.
   - And then what will you do?
   - I will go to work, paint boxes.
   - With boxes you do not earn so much in a year.
   - I have no other way out, I can not live in the Apricot.
   Bella walked into the old, but beloved bathroom, then went to her room, looked into the dressing room, which was painfully familiar, and saw a plump figure. This was the main reason she returned home. She decided to get rid of the pregnancy, the cause of which was Pasha with his love in the rocks. She still could not forgive him for having deprived her of her consciousness during the first love in her life. It was nothing but anger.
   In her youth, she was afraid to discuss this topic with her mother and even more so with Paul. She decided to terminate the pregnancy in the hospital. At different times in different parts of the country this procedure is the same and different in some parameters. After an abortion, her nervous system was shaken, her health deteriorated sharply. She did not do a godly deed ...
   Parents looked at the money and did not bother with questions. And so it became clear to them that the daughter had drank the hard times of adult life. Father offered his daughter to buy a car.
   - Bella, we have money with your mother, if you add the ones that you brought to them, then you can buy a decent car, and you can get the rights, learn the theory, and you can drive a car.
   - Dad, I have a driver's license. There was a car. I agree with you, let's buy a car, and then I go to work.
   They bought a car and, happy with the purchase, came home, where Bella was waiting for a friend. He always waited for her, silently loved her and did not demand anything.
   - Sergey, hello! How I miss you! Bella exclaimed happily.
   - Bella, let's get married! I'm so hard and empty without you! - suggested the groom.
   - Why do you need me? I got lost in life, but I survived, and there is nothing more to say.
   - You're alive, and that's enough! I missed you and waited, I waited every day, - Seryozha said with a patter, fearing that he would be interrupted and would not be allowed to express his cherished thoughts.
   - Better look at the new car. She stands in the yard. I bought it with my father. And I can't marry you right now, I need a break from southern affairs.
   Sergei sat for a bit, sighed and left. On the table, Bella found a black pearl, next to it lay a black butterfly. She took it in her hands, and the butterfly slowly began to turn to stone.
   Count Peacock woke up, turned over and heard the door creak - it was the housekeeper who brought him mail. Among the papers lay a cassette. Count Peacock put the tape in the video recorder. The film was shot on a wild beach, there were only two actors in it: Bella and Pasha. He watched the movie, then took the phone:
   - Boeke, well done! Good movie turned out. There is no Bella in the city, launch the cassettes for sale.
   He lay down and thought that the Buyer was a bad person, but the film turned out to be a good one, and now there is something to be afraid of Paul.
   Who would doubt that the white ship, the wine shop and the factory is the property of Count Pavlin. One day he came up with a white ship and his route, and at the time of his arrival, the Buek had always been sitting on the beach. He filmed those who, after drinking wine, arrived on a hidden beach. Good movies were not always made, but the love of Bella and Paul was completely on the video camera. For this film, Earl Peacock gave the money to Bella, although she did not know about it, and he had not seen him at that moment, but he already knew that the shooting was successful.
   Chapter 7
   Pavlov was called by Count Peacock with the first report on the gaming complex. Pasha did a good job of understanding his work, made two programs: in one he recorded the true revenues, and in the other he recorded the revenues of the gaming complex for the inspection organizations. Count Pavlin Pavla praised, gave him his first salary, keeping silent about the movie with his participation.
   Satisfied Pasha left the apartment. He wanted to go to Bella with gifts, but the driver said that Bella had gone home. Pasha wilted, but not for long, he did not hold so much money in his hands. And all his money! He stopped thinking about Bella, and went to the store for a new suit. He very much wanted a light suit and light shoes. He realized his dream, and also bought a computer for the house.
  The fact that the money he paid for the work and for his love on the beach, shot on film, Count Peacock said nothing. He did not begin to disturb Yura and Alla with reports, he decided to let them work for another week. Called Count Peacock Ilya.
   - Ilya, how are you?
   - If in a boarding house, then everything is fine. If the singer Thor, then everything is relative. He refused to go to the girls. He is rehearsing, waiting for you.
   - Persuaded, but I do not want to go. Do you know his requirements?
   - I know. We have drawn up a plan of performances with him, we need to agree with you.
   - Consider that agreed, but start with a boarding house, then the house of culture Apricot, then the site of the city of Cypress. Put up posters! Connect the word of mouth radio, let it work on the beach. Prices are marginal. Everything.
   Called Count Peacock hostess:
   - Ivanovna, how are you? How do new girls behave?
   - Intelligible, but everyone wants to go home.
   - Tell me that in two months you will let everyone go with money, that in winter they have nothing to do here. In the spring you will find new girls.
   Bella spent the money issued by Count Pavlin. She looked at the wretchedness of home life, at the meager salary at the factory, and very soon repented that she had returned home. Seryozha was screaming about his love, but he did not have money. How easy it is to spoil a woman with money and how difficult it is to return her to a beggar home life! She tried to become what she was, but it turned out to be doubly difficult: after all, Alla was not around!
   She regretted that she bought the car, because in the south she just had it, then she decided to paint pictures with local motifs: trees, pigeons, a crow on a branch. And then she thought: "Why not?" - and decided to write three paintings with native birds and offer them to Count Pavlin. Bella again worked in a factory, painted on canvas, and postponed her visit to Count Pavlin for the winter holidays.
   No sooner said than done. She worked in good faith on the paintings, but made them ahead of schedule, then she decided to sell one painting in the market through people she knew. Her picture bought! Not only well paid. She mentally thanked Count Pavlin and began to paint pictures with birds for local sale. It went. There were buyers, she bought paintings made for Count Pavlin. Rumor has it that Bella is very talented. Money has appeared. Bella had stopped thinking about going to Cypress, as the bell rang:
   - Bella, I miss you! You can not quit, but come for the winter holidays, in them for ten whole days! I'm waiting! Said Count Peacock.
   Bella grabbed her head in her hands, and all the paintings have already been sold! I decided for the remaining time to write at least one picture with a local landscape. And then the snow fell. I had to draw a winter forest and a chaffinch. Happened. Customers came to Bella's home, and she told them that the painting was custom-made and sold.
   Parents did not have time to wonder the popularity of his daughter. Seryozha was ready to sit on the threshold, just not to drive him away from Bella. They did not want to let her go to Cypress, and she had already promised Count Pavlin to come. In the factory she worked a lot of time, but she received little, at home she worked less, but for the sold paintings she received more.
   The money has returned, the mood has improved. She bought a leather jacket, new boots, so that was what to go. I bought a beautiful travel bag and some things for myself. Before the New Year, Bella went to Abrikosovka. With tears in her eyes, she was released from the house. Serezha walked to the car, a lightning bolt froze in his eyes. He gave Bella new pearl beads, but she just bounced off them.
   In the city of Cypress nobody met Bell. She took a taxi and drove to the Peacock Palace. At the gates of the palace were all Bella's paintings: both those that she wrote in the summer, and those that she bought from her in her city. Bella burst into tears. No one opened the door to the palace. Count Peacock always called himself and often changed cell phone numbers. She did not know his new telephone numbers, and she had three more pictures in her hands. Bella did not have lighters, because she never smoked, otherwise she would have made a fire out of paintings and frames with anger. She did not take pictures at the gate, put her three, rolled up to them.
   The taxi driver was waiting. Bella got in the car. The driver took her back. Bella sobbed. In order to finally break with Count Pavlin and his gifts, she told the chauffeur that she had very little money, and she asked the chauffeur to take a gold bracelet with pinkish pearls instead of money. The driver is kind - took the gold.
  Bella bought a ticket for the first train. On the platform Bella, no one brought a package of food. She bought herself a loaf and decided that she would survive a day without food, got into the car, but waited all the time for a miracle, but there was no miracle! The train started moving. The girl went to her home. At home, Bella closed in, didn"t say anything to anyone, went to work, didn"t write pictures of the house. She no longer had tears. Serozha is behind her. Bella was consumed by loneliness.
   Alla came out of the pawnshop. A taxi driver got out of the car and went to the pawnshop.
   - Excuse me, do you want to hand over something? - Alla asked.
   - Yes, the client paid with a gold bracelet, and report money to me.
   The two of them went to the pawnshop. Alla looked at the bracelet.
   - And do not tell me who passed it? I would buy it for cash.
   - The girl arrived by the capital train, I took her to the palace of Count Peacock. She saw paintings at the entrance to the palace, the doors to which she did not open. She put another roll of pictures and asked to take her to the station. She said that she only had enough money for a ticket, and she paid off with a bracelet.
   - She called herself? Is her Bella a name?
   - Yes, she said a phrase in which Count Peacock addressed her by name and what awaited her for ten days, and she was not even allowed into the palace for ten minutes.
   - I buy a bracelet for you. I know its price. Take the money here without cheating, I have my first pay today. And you will not take me to the palace?
   - And pay a bracelet?
   - No, I have money to pay for the trip.
   The car drove back. Pictures were still standing at the entrance.
   "Help me collect the pictures," Alla turned to the driver.
   They collected the pictures, put them in the back seat of the car. The door of the castle did not move. They drove back to the city. Pictures Alla brought to her home. In the evening, she went to Pavel and told her what had happened to Bella, pointed at the bracelet and the pictures.
   "Could call us," Pasha said thoughtfully. - Or maybe I go to her for the holidays?
   - You'd better take some of the pictures from me, I have nowhere to hang them.
   Alla divided the paintings into two parts and gave one to Paul. She left the roll with the pictures. In the evening Yura came to her and saw the pictures.
   - Why didn't they give me the pictures?
   - There are three more pictures without a frame. Will you take it? - Alla asked him.
   "I will take one picture, a bird with a view of a river wave," answered Yura.
   - Okay, take it. Each peacock, there were three.
   "Is it nicely drawn what happened to Bella?"
   Alla told the story of Bella's unfortunate arrival.
   - Alla, learn from the mistakes of a friend! Count Peacock does not forgive departures, she left - that's all. Be patient, my dear, be patient. Thanks for the pictures.
   Count Peacock, as usual, listened to Alla's apartment, so he was immediately aware of all the cases. He smiled because he punished Bella successfully, but he didn"t feel joy.
   Bella, having grieved for a week, showed character, began to paint again. It was winter, winter landscapes filled with canvases, then she switched to still lifes, it turned out to be very interesting. She decided to sell some of the paintings, went to intermediaries. Pictures took for sale, after two weeks brought the money. Most of all, she was afraid that they were bought by the people of Count Pavlin, but then she decided that money was good, and began working on still lifes. It was a bad thing: she had to have an operation to remove the result of sinful love with Pavel on a wild beach, so she felt not the best way, it was not for nothing that the stork flew over the beach ...
   Count Pavlin as someone cursed. All his property made a profit, but after a joke on Bella he came down, and not just with a telephone receiver, but fell ill. Headache. Stomach ache. Food is not happy. Sophisticated dishes intensified pain. He asked the housekeeper to cook him a pot. He spun on the bed and did not know what to do. The number of pills arrived, but the pain did not go away.
   - You have sinned, apparently, - the housemaid innocently told him.
   He thought about her words, began to think who annoyed him more. Most of all he got from women. He decided to start with Alla.
   - Alla, I am waiting for you in my report. The driver will bring you to me.
   Alla did not keep herself waiting, the car behind her drove in and drove to his home.
   - Alla, I completely became sick, what would you advise? And how are you?
   "You know, money is better already." The work has become clear.
   - Are you very angry with me?
  - What was, then passed. I do not remember difficult moments.
   - Alla, how can I redeem myself? Asked Count Peacock, writhing in pain.
   "You have redeemed your guilt: you gave me a job," Alla said coldly.
   - I do not believe that you forgave me! I need your complete forgiveness. Ask what you want, my health depends on it.
   - I want nothing! I have everything or nothing.
   - Listen, Alla, do you want me to arrange a wedding for you and Yura?
   - He does not marry me, I am too poor for him.
   - I will give to your eternal use the pawnshop and the apartment in which you live. Jura this is enough?
   - We must ask Yura what kind of appendage he needs for me to marry.
   "The papers on you will be drawn up, and you must wish me health every day, that's all."
   Alla is gone. She had not experienced any particular joy from the alleged inheritance, she knew that everything could turn into a joke at any moment. Still, she mentally wished the owner health and went home.
   Count Peacock summoned Yura.
   - I have not seen you for a long time. You look good, Yura.
   "Thank you, not without your generosity, Count Peacock."
   - Yura, there is a suggestion: marry Alla, she will have an apartment and a pawnshop as a dowry of the bride. Do not be afraid. The apartment you live in will be yours.
   - Do you have a day of generosity?
   - No, the day of justice. Once again I ask: marry Alla?
   - Okay, I'm marrying Alla!
   - Then make a formal offer to the girl, inform her parents about the wedding, buy her a dress, rings, shoes. But there is a condition. All of you every day I have to loudly wish for health. This is your apartment fee. I need health, and you need an apartment.
   "Good, but it seems to me that the terms of the deal are unrealistic."
   Yura immediately went to Alla.
   - Alla, did you invent our wedding?
   - No, Yura, I myself have not fully realized everything.
   - Then I make you an offer: marry me.
   - Well, I agree.
   Count Peacock listened to Alla"s room, smiled and fell asleep without a headache.
   In the morning, Count Peacock awoke with severe pain in his stomach and thought that his stomach required another day of generosity. But he did not want to marry Paul and Bella, it was silly to call Bella again. A stomach ache and hurt. The pills did not soothe the pain. Tears of pain rolled over his eyes, he did not want to call the doctor. Ambulance to go to the hospital there was no desire.
   - Yes, this Bella curses me! - He cried from the pain in the stomach. - I'm getting married myself!
   Then he thought about his words.
   - Why not? He asked himself. - But I don"t want to go! Pasha, Count Peacock worried. Come in, dear, to me, there is a deal, "said Count Peacock on the phone and groaned in pain.
   Soon Pasha appeared.
   - Pasha, I am guilty before Bella with the pictures! I did not want to offend her, but it happened. Tell me how to fix my fault?
   - You know better. She was very offended, but she is strong, will survive.
   - Pasha, what does Bella most want in life?
   - And nothing, she has everything.
   - Sorry, I do not believe. I don't believe that Bella wants anything. Yes, she is stubborn and goes to her goal aggressively. No, she wants something. Pasha, you do not want to help me, - groaned Count Peacock.
   "I don"t know how to help you, but I"ve already dealt with her obstinacy."
   "I know how you hit her on the beach with your head on the stones."
   - How do you know? There was nobody there!
   - Silly, you were filmed on a video camera, all your love!
   - It is clear there they filmed it, but here you are listening. I clean the dust, I rub the dust, I found the bugs in my apartment.
   - That I cannot listen to you! And with Bella, we have not advanced. What to do?
   - Make an exhibition of Bella's paintings in the Apricot's House of Culture. Invite her, take pictures with us. She wrote new pictures. Apologize for the misunderstanding ...
   - Pasha, you are well done! Let your boxes grab - sell for the company. You call her and appoint the exhibition to the eighth of March. She will believe you, but I do not.
   Pasha called Bella and offered to hold an exhibition of her paintings in Abrikosovka.
   "Pasha, I don"t believe you all," Bella sobbed into the phone.
   - Count Peacock, she does not believe and sobs. The phone immediately turned off.
   Count Peacock groaned and writhed in pain.
   - First aid to call? - Pasha asked, considering the suffering of Count Pavlin.
  - No, it is my sins that hurt.
   - If you die, it would be better to call a doctor.
   - Not!!! I do not want to go to the hospital! - Count Peacock screamed helplessly.
   - Drink these pills, I found them on the bedside table, it will be better.
   Count Peacock drank the pills and fell asleep.
   Pasha went home. I called Bella from home:
   - Bella, here Count Pavlina eats conscience. He wants to see you, he himself will not get to you. Come for you? Or do you come? Do you have money?
   - Pasha, tell me your address and phone number. I'll fly over the weekend.
   Bella flew by plane. Pasha took her to Count Pavlin.
   - Bella, forgive me, dear! For God's sake, forgive me!
   - Do not suffer so! I forgave you.
   - True? Cinderella you are mine! I will atone for my sin! I will redeem! "And for the first time in recent weeks, the pain left his stomach." - The guys in the restaurant, now!
   Count Peacock asked to leave him while he dressed. All three of us went to the restaurant. To himself, he ordered sparing food. Bella and Pasha ordered what they wanted after reading the menu. The evening was glorious.
   - Pasha, drive home. Bella will stay with me. I'm afraid to stay without it.
   Count Peacock and Bella crossed the threshold of the apartment, but the happiness was short-lived. Bella was surprised to see how a beautiful woman flew into the apartment, she hardly recognized the singer Victoria in it. It was a purebred beauty with a sleek face, dressed in white skin, with a huge mane of red hair. Her white leather boots quickly ran through the apartment.
   - Count Peacock, well, you have become quite bad! Again the girl zahomutal !!! Forgot about me, completely forgot! You have a daughter like her, and you all walk over girls! You cry our tears! She shouted and fell into the leather chair.
   - Victoria Lvovna, where did you fall on my head? From which resort did the wind bring you? Did I have a daughter during your absence? This girl is my psychic, not a sexual friend of life.
   - Now I believe you! For the night brought home the singer from the restaurant!
   - She will sleep in this apartment on the sofa in the office. Her presence favorably affects my shaky health.
   - I'll check. Let him check my biological field and tell me where it hurts!
   Bella looked from Count Pavlin to Victoria and back: they were both as beautiful as two dolls from the same manufacturer. Bella didn't know that she was a psychic, but she felt that she urgently needed to become. She remembered that if you run your hands over a person, then in places where there is pain, a tingling should appear. How she knew it, at that moment she did not know.
   - Girl, your name is Bella, if I remembered correctly? - asked Victoria Lvovna, examining Bella from head to toe. "You have a glorious name."
   "I will try to determine the place of pain in your body," Bella tried to translate the topic of conversation into a different direction.
   - Come on, dear, save Count Pavlin from my hatred.
   Bella took off her outerwear, boots, washed her hands and approached Victoria Lvovna. She slowly led her hands along the body of a beautiful woman at a distance of several centimeters from her. Bella herself was terribly surprised when she felt a sharp tingling in her palms around Victoria Lvovna"s head. Bella ran her hands over the woman again. Tingling repeated in the same place. She showed her hand where it hurts.
   - Bella, and you guessed it. Can you cure? - asked Victoria Lvovna.
   Bella remembered what pills her mother took when her head ached in this place, she always took these pills with her.
   - I have two pills, they will help. Your blood pressure has risen, but since your blood pressure is low, a slight pressure rise is very painful.
   - How do you know everything?
   - I do not know where, but I know.
   Bella brought water in a glass and gave two pills. Soon Victoria Lvovna already laughed.
  - Victoria Lvovna, understood me? As soon as Bella appeared, I had a pain in my stomach, which tormented me for a week, "Earl Peacock spoke peacefully.
   - Good girl, and I'm crazy about this headache. All pills drank, and she hurts. Okay, let him stay, but I won't leave the apartment until the girl leaves. Enough with me of the fact that in the summer you sent me on a yacht fraudulently, and left her with you.
   - I fly away tomorrow. "I flew in for one day, so I don"t have to quarrel over me," said Bella to a beautiful couple, "then I can go to Paul.
   - And who is Pasha? One of your famous foursomes?
   "My friend," Bella replied.
   - If you have a man in this city, then leave for him immediately! - Victoria Lvovna again flared up.
   - Victoria Lvovna, do not make noise! Let me live without pain. I'm afraid to be alone! If Bella leaves, I will have pain again!
   - Bella, call your man! - ordered the red-haired beauty.
   Count Peacock himself dialed the telephone number of Paul.
   - Pasha, we have problems, come and take Bella to your place. I will not stay in debt.
   - I'm going.
   On the threshold of the apartment, Pasha appeared in a bright suit and light-colored boots.
   - What a boy! Just handsome! - Victoria Lvovna sang and suggested: - Count Peacock, I take Bella Pavel and leave you Bella. Exchange is complete!
   Victoria Lvovna picked up Paul's arm and disappeared with him in the fog of the night.
   - Bella, we were alone with you - it is nice. Victoria Lvovna and I have an adult daughter, but we are not married, because this beautiful woman cannot stop looking for her man.
   - It is quite clear. She is a very beautiful woman.
   - So, yes, not so. All of it is solid money and my incentive is to make money.
   Count Peacock and Bella lay down in different rooms and fell asleep without pain or thoughts.
   Pasha brought the lady to his home. Victoria Lvovna went around the apartment, looked at the pictures of Bella, on Paul's bed.
   - Pasha, we will sleep with you here! Through a light shower, I will come to your arms - and she began to take off the white skin of clothes and boots.
   - Victoria Lvovna, and you were not mistaken with the choice?
   - Count Pavlin I know so long ago that there is nothing to talk about, but you are lovely! - And Victoria Lvovna disappeared in the bathroom.
   The man undressed, quickly made new bedding, took out clean towels, and at that time he heard a scream.
   - Pasha, give me a clean towel! - shouted Victoria Lvovna.
   Pasha opened the door to the bathroom and handed the woman a towel. She pulled her neck with a wet hand, her wet lips smacked him on the cheek, and the towel disappeared behind the closed door.
   The man critically examined his home, removed unnecessary things, took clean laundry, and in time: Victoria Lvovna emerged from the bath with a towel on the body.
   "Honey, the shower is waiting for you," she purred in an unctuous voice.
   A young man flew into a bath filled with water vapor, opened the faucet, but there was no water. In the city of Cypress water is turned off at night. Pasha came out of the bath and said that there was no water.
   - I do not like unwashed men. In a clean bed I will sleep alone. "There"s enough for a dirty man and a sofa," concluded Viktoria Lvovna, twisting her hair with a towel. She lay down on the bed and quickly fell asleep.
   Restlessness felt Pasha. He lay down on the sofa and fell asleep from fatigue. He woke up from the murmur of water in the bath and remembered the lady.
   And Victoria Lvovna remembered about him:
   - Pasha, the water is running and waiting for you.
   - Good morning, Victoria Lvovna! How beautiful you are! - Pasha exclaimed and flew into the bathroom. There was a splash of water.
   Victoria Lvovna in front of a mirror in the hallway put herself in order. Then she went to the kitchen, turned on the kettle, looked at instant coffee, approved the choice of Paul, poured a cup of black drink.
  Pasha flew out of the bath, but, sensing the smell of coffee, went to the kitchen.
   "Coffee is ready, and so am I," said Victoria Lvovna, wrapping her arms around Paul. Her gentle and well-groomed hands slid over the body of a young man. They both ended up in bed. A strong woman, sensual and temperamental enveloped the man with her caresses.
   Pasha did not resist, he had not yet fallen into such a cascade of love caresses. He started all up, filled with young forces and entered into a love game with a magical woman. Two partners knew what they were doing and took everything they could from life. Complete fatigue and discharge came unexpectedly. Victoria Lvovna and Pasha slightly moved away from each other.
   - Great! - said Victoria Lvovna. - I can live with you. I'm good with you! You are wonderful with me! Why live apart? Count Peacock will approve of us. My daughter and Count Pavlina got married. I am free!
   "There's something in it," Pasha murmured.
   - Everything, I stay with you live! My traveling bag ... And where did I leave it? In the storage room at the station! Take her, cell number I will tell.
   - I'll take the bag out of the luggage. Here is the key to the apartment, but I need to work. Here is the money, - and he held out the money.
   "This is not money, but enough for today," said Victoria Lvovna, kissed Paul and took a cup of black coffee.
   Count Peacock and Bella did without love at night, trust arose between them, they became more understandable to each other. Bella prepared a light breakfast, beautifully served it to Count Pavlin.
   - Thank you, Bella, you have good taste. As for Paul, he is in safe hands, he is not up to you. There is a sentence: we will leave today from Cypress! I feel myself good. Zamy my work. Victoria Lvovna will check them.
   - I already leave today, I flew in for the weekend.
   - Victoria Lvovna does not know that I have a hotel in the capital, in which prices are in winter like in Cypress in summer. We'll come to your house, take your things, and we will go to rest. I have a new deputy at the hotel, and I need to check it personally. We will stay in the suite with you and tacitly do the check.
   - How much property do you have! Where is she from?
   - Chain financial reaction. About the capital hotel here, no one knows, you are the first. We will live in a big city, visit art galleries. Do not worry, and your pictures will be included in the price. Victoria Lvovna attach them. You have been hardened, we will play on the big world stage of pictures. We will fly with you on the plane, we will take the tickets at the airport. We are flying away with the rest of our community. I will call a taxi so that no one escorts us.
   Bella obediently went to the kitchen. She began to get used to the strange behavior of Count Pavlin, and when she returned to the room, she did not recognize him at all, a completely different person stood in front of her, so he changed.
   - You are an actor and have become younger!
   - I try. We go out, no one should see us.
   The car was waiting at the entrance, just two steps - and both disappeared from the view of the neighbors.
   Victoria Lvovna, having accompanied Pavel to work, decided to call Count Pavlin, but in response she heard frequent beeps. Then she called Ilya, who plays the role of deputy director of the boarding house "Peacock".
   - Ilya, explain to me what kind of bird named Bella?
   - Bella is a talented artist, but without sexual needs.
   - Speak nicely. I now live with Paul, he said that he is well acquainted with you.
   - Pasha - Bella's boyfriend!
   - We exchanged with her men. I can not understand where Earl Peacock disappeared, so I myself will check the work of all his private properties and will check the boarding house!
   - Check, wait! I haven"t seen your new outfits for a long time, "Ilya said happily, delighted at the absence of Count Pavlin.
   He decided to conduct a thorough search in his office in a boarding house.
   Victoria Lvovna hung up the phone and felt that Count Pavlin and Bella were not in the city, but this did not upset her. She dressed in white skin, made a magnificent hairstyle, called a taxi and went to induce rustling and remove the foam from the private property of Count Peacock - so she earned money when she was bored to portray the singer. She was greeted with caution, and those who knew her, bought off her visits.
  In the gaming complex, Victoria Lvovna didn"t go to Paul, but went to whoever was his chief accountant. The former accountant did not suffer from the presence of Paul, he had enough of his problems and incomes without his programs. She did not even know about her visit to the gaming complex.
   He was very surprised when he returned home in the evening: the apartment became much more expensive and more comfortable. Victoria Lvovna set off a new comfort and least of all thought about the songs. With a sense of gratitude, Pasha fell to her knees in front of her, so he was amazed at the renewal of the bachelor apartment!
  Chapter 8
   On the plane, a man with a weathered face was sitting next to Earl Peacock and Bella, for a moment his gaze lingered on her face:
   - Hello! Are you an actress?
   - No, I'm an artist.
   - Strange, but I saw you in the film.
   - I have never starred in films.
   - And the film "Love on the beach"?
   "Never heard of it."
   - So you have a twin sister.
   Count Peacock listened to the conversation, understood everything, but explained nothing. He mentally praised the Buoy for a good movie and decided to change the topic of conversation of neighbors on the flight.
   - Young man, where are you from and where? Are we on the way?
   - I am flying from south to north, I was on vacation for a month and a half - it's time to go home.
   - And what, in the north are such long holidays?
   - Yes, enough to bask in a different climate. I work as a pilot on the northern flights.
   At this time, the cockpit had a hitch. Two men in black masks burst into the cockpit and began to pester the pilots to change course. The pilots were in no hurry to execute the order. The man in the mask shot, scratching the soft part of the pilot's cheek, the bullet smashed the glass of the cockpit.
   Frosty air poured into the cabin. Masked attackers did not immediately feel the cold. The altitude is ten thousand meters above the ground, the temperature overboard is minus fifty degrees. Chill quickly went through the cabin. Oxygen masks in the plane are not all immediately got. The flight attendants from the cold huddled in his room and were silent. The passengers were left to themselves. The pilots were frozen first. The masked men understood that the matter was bad, turned to the salon with a speech of two words:
   - Are there pilots?
   - There is! - shouted a neighbor Bella and went to the cockpit.
   Bella froze in winter clothes. Count Peacock ezhilsya from the last forces. A guy with a chapped face passed through freezing passengers, he had a strange long object in his hands.
   Masked men shouted:
   - And what's that?
   "Your salvation," said the man and sent a strange foam into the hole in the window.
   The hole in the viewing window of the pilots was instantly eliminated. The pilots did not move from the cold in their costumes. The guy raised one, put it next to the chair and sat down at the control panel. The plane felt the hand of an experienced pilot, he leveled off and took the right course.
   - Listen, men in masks, everyone needs to survive! Make your plans another time. Remove the mask and rub the pilots! Flight attendants, where are you ?! - shouted the man on the local radio. - All in places, all warm with alcohol! Get all the stocks of alcohol, brandy and vodka, distribute to passengers!
   Flight attendants came to their senses, putting on their jackets, grabbed trays and flew around the cabin to distribute alcoholic drinks. The passengers slowly began to raise their heads.
   - Stewardess, what happened?
   - The bird broke the glass, it was closed with a special foam, everything is fine.
   Bella took a glass of strong drink, drank, the heat spread throughout the body, the second glass she poured into the mouth of Count Peacock. He began to rebound. After strong drinks in the cabin rose the noise of human voices. Warm from alcohol breath and closed hole in the glass.
   Men without masks otterli pilots, gave them to drink alcohol. The pilots came to life. The guy looked at the actions of the pilots and decided that they themselves would bring the plane to the airport, and went to his place. Passengers talked on nervous grounds, they did not care for their savior.
   Bella shook hands with a boy with a weathered face.
  - Thank you, you saved us!
   - And you are still an actress! I liked you in the movie.
   So they did not understand each other, but at the airport he quickly disappeared, no one had time to write down the data of the savior, and the men without masks dissolved in the crowd of passengers.
   At the station of the capital, Count Peacock took a taxi to the hotel. The driver got business, did not drive through the streets with traffic jams from cars, but skillfully avoided them on internal roads, and delivered his passengers directly to the Klukva Hotel.
   Count Peacock appreciated the driving skills of the chauffeur and asked him:
   - I do not want to work? I would take you a couple of weeks while I live in this hotel.
   - Pay - I will not refuse. I am a private cab driver.
   - Agreed. Near the hotel there is a service parking, stay there. We will come to you, but for now take the money for the trip plus the wait for an hour.
   Count Peacock and Bella entered the hotel. They did not know the new owner of the hotel in the face, and they were settled as ordinary customers, taking a room for two.
   Bella settled into a new place quickly. After the shower, clean and contented, she appeared from the bathroom. Count Peacock followed suit. The girl dried her hair with a hair dryer and was soon in perfect order.
   - Bella, where do we start?
   - With food. I want to eat and sleep.
   - Good idea. You see, we didn"t stop for your things, and I need to buy something, so the plan is: go to a cafe, then to a large store, and then return to the room.
   Dinner in the hotel restaurant they left for the evening, and drove there, where recommended by an experienced driver. Fat, with new clothes, they returned in a couple of hours to their room.
   Bella went to bed and turned off.
   Count Peacock lay down on the second bed and fell asleep. An hour later, they both opened their eyes and, realizing that they were at the hotel and not on the plane, sighed and laughed. For the first time, Bella herself approached Count Pavlin and wrapped herself around him. The man stretched pleasantly in her arms. Without saying a word, they began to drown each other in caresses. They may have moved away from the fear experienced on the plane.
   There was a knock at the door.
   - Count Peacock, it's me, Thor, please open the door.
   - Bella, this is my deputy. They have missed about me.
   He got up, straightened his robe, opened the door to the deputy. A broad-headed man of about thirty-five entered the room, the hair on his head was exactly cut, it was difficult to recognize the singer Thor with long hair.
   - Hello! Sorry, I did not know about your arrival, but the administrator realized that it was you. I am glad that you yourself have come.
   - Hi, Thor! This is Bella, my assistant.
   "Bella, glad to meet you," and Tora"s face stretched into a smile.
   Bella Thor liked. She was sincerely glad that it was he who suspended the caress of Count Peacock.
   - Great! Meet at the restaurant at eight o'clock. And now we need to recover. On the plane, we got into a mess, then we"ll tell you, "said Count Peacock, a little tiredly.
   - Well, have a rest. We will meet at eight in the hotel restaurant, "said an imposing man and disappeared through the door.
   Ten minutes later, all the services of the hotel knew that a new owner had arrived, and quickly began to restore order in their affairs.
   Bella put on a new black dress, fitting her slimming figure. New shoes with a thin heel looked on her naturally. She lightly curled her hair on large curlers and varnished, put makeup on the face skillfully and moderately.
   Count Peacock was pleased with Bella's appearance. He himself put on a new suit, new shoes. Bella picked up his tie; he was the nail of his new look. They left the room and headed towards the restaurant.
   Along the way the pair were standing employees of the hotel. Count Peacock nodded with his head, but he did not stretch his hand to anyone. Bella first came under the watchful eyes of the employees and smiled politely. Thor waited for them, standing at the table set on four. A plump little woman with a pleasant face approached the table.
   All four sat down at a table.
   - Count Peacock, meet, this is your left hand in the hotel, Claudia Karlovna, she is responsible for the material part.
   - Very nice, Claudia Karlovna, we have something to talk with you.
   "And I am glad to see you, Count Peacock," said the woman calmly.
   The table attracted attention and a distraction from conversations with its wonderful view. The music sounded. Thor invited Bella to dance. She went out to him. The man led the girl in a slow tango rhythm. She involuntarily remembered dancing on the terrace of a boarding house and understood with a woman"s instinct that this dance was the beginning of something more than a dance. Thor radiated male vibes. Bella was drowning in his arms, she was very pleased.
   A new couple formed at the table: Count Peacock and Claudia Karlovna understood each other without words and dancing. People they were experienced in the affairs of everyday life. The conversation between them was slow and informative. The food from their plates was regularly chewed and disappeared in full stomachs. They were worth each other. Claudia Karlovna let slip that she is not married. Count Peacock immediately said that he was always single. They were too lazy to dance.
  Thor and Bella returned to the table after two dances. Music has changed the rhythm. And they sat down at the table. The conversation at the table for four did not work, I wanted to split up into pairs. But the hotel and restaurant were their place of work, they were all jealously watched from all sides. Informal acquaintance took place. The official part was postponed the next morning.
   Count Peacock took Bella under his arm, and they retired to their rooms under the jealous gaze of Claudia Karlovna. It would seem that after meeting with another woman, Count Peacock himself would cool down to Bella, but it turned out the opposite; he looked at her from the side: in the hands of the broad-shouldered Thor she was sexy and charming! In his room, he was just thinking about Bella. And she walked beside him, but was not completely in his power.
   And the man wanted power over her! Oh god How he wanted to feel her body in the hands! He stopped her. She sat next to him in evening dress. A dress with a deep neckline easily left her body. And at this time the mobile phone rang.
   The voice of Mrs. Victoria Lvovna was wound up to the limit:
   - Count Peacock, you old sly! Why did you give away apartments, pawnshops and other real estate? Why put everything in the wrong hands ?!
   - Victoria Lvovna, do not make noise! Yura and Alla should be married, they will bring us benefit, don't worry about them. Pasha has already completed his apartment, he has advanced accounting in the gambling business so much that he has paid for everything, which he does not know about. You chose the right partner, and that's it!
   - Count Peacock, and where are you? - Victoria Lvovna asked meekly.
   "Victoria Lvovna, I"m in the capital, I"m in business," Count Peacock replied, calming down.
   "Okay, I will," and there were beeps in the receiver.
   "Bella, they prevented us again, apparently, it"s not our fate that"s your love," he said tiredly, laying his back on the bed. - Bella, go to your place, - and he closed his eyes.
   Bella involuntarily rejoiced at this outcome and ended the evening on her bed. The dream came quickly. She dreamed about a magnificent Thor, but when he brought her face closer to her, he turned out to be Paul, who hit her against the stones of the beach. She shuddered in pain and woke up. She got up, left the room, looked at Count Peacock.
   He lay on his back, and lay.
   She approached him, listened to the breath, but did not hear. Pulse was not! She looked at the lying body of a man, not knowing what to do. Then she jumped into the long corridor of the hotel, having forgotten about the elevator, ran down the stairs in the lobby and turned to the attendant:
   - Girl, the owner of the hotel is dead!
   "We have a guard on duty, now I"ll call you," and she phoned.
   A couple of minutes later a sleepy guard appeared.
   - What is the matter, girl?
   - Sorry, the owner of this hotel is dead.
   - Follow me quickly, I know in which room he stayed.
   Count Peacock lay on his back as if he were alive: his eyes were covered, there were no wounds, there was no blood during an external examination.
   "Tell us what happened here," the guard ordered.
   - We arrived unsuccessfully by plane, then there was dinner at the restaurant, after dinner Victoria Lvovna called Count Pavlin, and after talking with her he lay down and did not get up anymore.
   - Excuse me, what is your relationship with him?
   - He is my partner in personal life. He demanded that I be near, but not close.
   - What did you eat?
   - The menu is known by Thor, his deputy.
   - Does he have relatives?
   - Victoria Lvovna and daughter.
   - Take their search, but by the way, the phone number of Victoria Lvovna is exactly on his cell phone, and it is written: Victoria Lvovna. I myself will call everyone, but you do not leave, go to your room, people will come here.
   Bella went into another room. Through the open door, she heard the voice of Thor, the doctor through a strange dream, and fell asleep.
   When Bella woke up, she saw a woman in a white robe.
   - Woke up! Bella, it's good that you woke up. We were afraid for you! You slept two days!
   "What's up with Count Pavlin?" Is he dead or alive?
   - The owner of the hotel is dead. You and he poured a strange substance into the wine, you drank a little, and he more. His heart could not bear the load. He died.
   "Did anyone come from Cypress?"
   - Yes, here Victoria Lvovna, Pasha and Ilya.
   "Do you know them all?"
   - They are here for a day attacking me about your health. You do not want, so remember their names. Oh, go.
  Pasha flew into the room:
   - Bella, are you alive? Good! After all, you were poisoned, or more precisely, put to sleep with what Count Peacock himself put to sleep. Well done, that you drank a little!
   - Pasha, and what will happen to us?
   - We'll go home.
   - Which house?
   - Good girl, I do not know where to go. I went home already, looked at all. Victoria Lvovna allows me to continue to work in the gaming complex, but personally she was already tired of me. Let's go, Bella, with me!
   - Pasha, where should I go ?! - Bella's question hung in the air.
   "Here, everyone has unleashed it, and then they twisted it, that nothing is incomprehensible," Pasha said out loud.
   Thor entered the room:
   - Bella, I'm glad you're alive! At the table we sat four. How could the poisoner know where Count Pavlin would sit? Here is a mystery!
   "Count Peacock always sat facing the hall, and the woman always sat on his left," Bella answered quietly.
   - How do you know where?
   - Noticed. Observation, and everything. Interesting.
   Victoria Lvovna entered the room:
   - Bella, do you believe that I loved Count Pavlin ?! That loved him and everything!
   - I believe, Victoria Lvovna, I believe.
   "Thank you, Bella, for decorating his last watch." Yes, and I managed to hear his voice. Bella, rule with Paul in the game complex and in the palace, now I am the main heiress! What surprised? Funny people! Yes, we signed with Count Pavlin when I was still waiting for my daughter, but I decided to keep quiet about it for the rest of my life so that they would not kill me as an heir. Now I am the owner of his property, but the poisoner did not know about it!
   "I am glad to welcome the owner of the hotel," Thor was the first to realize that she was congratulating her.
   - Thor, you will be my man. I liked you. At the hotel, you can leave employees in their places. The only addition: let Bell take the whole hotel with her artistic eye and give her suggestions. Pasha will check the program in accounting. I'll be here for a week.
   - Victoria Lvovna, how do you know about our abilities? - asked surprised Pasha.
   - Count Peacock shared his leadership experience with me.
   All involuntarily bowed their heads before Mrs. Victoria Lvovna.
   - Well done, everyone understood! Count Pavlin will be buried in Abrikosovka, not far from the Pavlin Palace. And now everyone is free!
   Victoria Lvovna quickly left the room. Thor walked slowly behind her.
   Pasha stayed with Bella:
   - Bella, how things have changed lately!
   - Not that word! But you do not throw me more! And do not hit!
   - Do not remind. After all, we were shot on a wild beach with our love.
   - What?! And strangers tell me that I am an actress.
   - By chance, I learned that you and I were filmed on the beach when I was spinning Count Pavlin"s finances in my programs. We are with you - a small part of his income.
   "Here, Pasha, now I understand a lot, but there is no strength for anger," Bella replied with sadness in her voice.
   The doctor was not in the room, and when she left, no one noticed.
   - Bella, after a week, the wedding of Alla and Yura, will you go to a celebration with me?
   - Let's go, Pasha. We will go to the wedding in a week if they let us out of here.
   - Still have a suggestion: let's get married!
   "With this we wait, let everything settle down," Bella replied.
   Thor and Claudia Karlovna sat in the office of Thor.
   - Thor, we escaped death with you, my hands are still shaking.
   - And do not say, the new mistress appointed me as her man.
   - Lucky you, Thor, on women! Victoria Lvovna - a woman prominent and domineering, you have to endure her whims.
   - I do not like to tolerate female whims.
   - Thor, did you pour the sleeping pills of Count Pavlin to Count Pavlin himself? - sincerely surprised Claudia Karlovna.
   - Who else? I went to his school of white powder in a boarding house and decided to take revenge on him. And then, we are not all clean with the bills, I wanted to get rid of the problems.
   "Fool, yes, this Countess Victoria Lvovna will steer you steeper than Count Peacock!"
   - Will not be. She will be blown up, and I will marry her daughter.
   - You can't do that! - Claudia Karlovna exclaimed loudly, but she did not have time to explain her words.
   At this time, three guards, Victoria Lvovna and Ilya, broke into the office of Torah.
  - Grab the killer! Everyone heard what he said now? Take it away! - said Mrs. Victoria Lvovna with anguish in her voice and sank into a chair by the wall.
   The guards handcuffed the hands of the handsome Thor.
   A secretary flew into the office.
   - Thor, I'm not guilty! They made me! They all heard what you said!
   - Here is a stupid woman! - said Thor and went between the guards.
   Victoria Lvovna entered Bella's room:
   - Bella, I have a bummer with Tor. Paul, I'm taking you. Ilya loves you. We will marry you in a couple of months. You told the guard very well that Count Peacock was your personal life partner. More specifically, Count Peacock was my personal partner. The words "husband", "friend", "lover" give a mouthful of prolonged use. Two words unite everyone without resentment: a personal partner. They can be a former official husband, and a former friend. And who cares? And everyone is not offended, and jealousy through a set of words does not appear.
   - Victoria Lvovna, you are beautiful! - Said Pasha and knelt before her. - Do you want me to be your personal life partner?
   Detective Ilya entered the room:
   - Without me in this story has not done! Bella, I'm glad to see you!
   "And what I said," said Victoria Lvovna, and embraced the familiar gesture of Paul, who was already sitting at her feet. - The Peacock Palace is yours, I do not like this palace. Bella, the palace is my gift to you for the wedding with Ilya. And Pavel and I will live here.
   - Victoria Lvovna, can we leave with Ilya? Asked Bella.
   - Scram, Bella, with Ilya, I will not let you go to Paul, he is mine. We"ll find a designer for a hotel, "answered Viktoria Lvovna with a bit of rudeness.
   - Thank! - in one voice said Ilya and Bella.
   Because of the lack of direct evidence of his guilt, the Torah was released from custody. Victoria was not very upset; the last thing she wanted was to take on all the responsibility for the hotel, let Thor bear her for now.
   Victoria Lvovna did not allow to open Count Pavlin. Death was explained by a heart attack. Victoria Lvovna paid tribute to Count Pavlin, buried him with all the honors.
   Beautiful Victoria Lvovna after the death of Count Pavlin was a rich heiress. She decided to manage her property to her partner in her personal life, Pavel, so that he worked, and she could live as she used to. For ladies of this level is always more important personal outfits, costumes, or rather sets.
   She loved to be one-color, and this is a very expensive pleasure. To pick up a black set is not a problem, but all other colors required the intervention of money. Sometimes she ordered a set of leather of one color: a suit, bag, boots, hat. Victoria Lvovna's chic was visible from afar.
   Pasha plunged into the papers, which are always shrouded in any real estate, he transferred the data to the computer, shook his head and thought how to cope with such huge money and not to lose it. Victoria Lvovna spun nearby. Both of them knew that this was not for long. Both did not trust each other, so many words were not uttered.
   Bella and Ilya, arriving from the capital, immediately drove to the groom and the bride. It was noticeable that the wedding calms down, although her time has not come. In the evening, everyone gathered in Alla's room and felt free because now there was no one to eavesdrop on them, but for some reason did not want to talk. Everyone was bored and sad. They remembered Count Pavlin and fell silent. Alla did not share the news. Bella didn't tell her too much.
   Ilya understood that it was time to leave. He first called Bella to the Peacock Palace, since they had no other common housing. The car of the taxi driver Andrei arrived fairly quickly. The taxi driver, seeing a young woman, remembered her golden bracelet, but in the presence of the man he was silent, and they drove in silence to the palace, located on the seashore.
   The January weather did not spoil the heat, but it seemed to Bella that it was warm outside. Despondency reigned among the servants of the palace. Bella went to the birds, they showed joy as she approached with a cascade of sounds. In general, longing reigned in the palace, and when Count Peacock appeared in it, the palace came to life.
  - Ilya, now dinner will be served, there is a small request: put on a new bathrobe with birds on your back. I very much ask you and I wait in the art gallery located on the first floor.
   "All right, Bella, I will wear a bathrobe with birds," answered Illya.
   Ten minutes later, both in brocade coats met among the paintings with birds on the canvases. Ilya felt the difference of existence on earth. In his bathrobe he felt good and comfortable at home. He was ready to swear that his master's soul had passed into him. He became stronger. A strange sense of power appeared in his gaze.
   Bella noticed and smiled.
   - Is everything alright, Ilya?
   "Surprising, Bella, but I'm really good.
   "Now you are the owner of the Peacock's Palace, until Mrs. Victoria Lvovna changes her mind, and she will understand this at the next meeting with you." She will give you everything, here you look! But people do not lull the powder of Count Pavlin.
   - I will not, and then he himself will die from the powder. I know his properties!
   "So we received the blessing of Count Pavlin himself," Bella said calmly.
   The cook brought food, he really wanted to meet new owners. He knew Bella well, and when he looked at Ilya, the cook understood that he had a master in the castle, and he was relieved from his heart. The cook enjoyed working here. Employees at the sight of a man in a bathrobe with birds came in a good mood. The palace came to life.
   Bella suggested Ilya take two adjacent rooms on the second floor. She did not want to be alone, but relative freedom was necessary. They went to bed in different rooms, but nothing is as attractive as the desire of two people who are apart from each other through a wall that has a door.
   Both of them got up and collided in the doorway. Elijah sank his lips into Bella's lips. She answered him with all the fibers of her soul. They sat down on the couch, it would seem, just to talk, but Ilya flunked Bella, but she did not resist. Two beds were empty, and two people with great love studied each other on the half of the sofa. How did they even fit there?
   Without a big love on the half-meter width of the sofa does not fit. They fit into two floors, then the two floors are mixed. Bella and Ilya intertwined so that they seemed to be one. The sofa, new and soft, did not emit squeaks.
   Two bodies moved in space with the inherent activity of youth. Ilya drank in the pleasure of being a man. Bella loved without memories of the stones on the beach. She saw and felt only Elijah. They rejoiced at the pleasure of owning each other.
   The morning was shining with the February sun. The heater sang its song, filling the room with warmth. Bella woke up from Ilya's caresses. She smiled at him joyfully and simply.
   He brightened with a smile:
   "Bella, where are we going to have breakfast?"
   - Lunch at the underwater restaurant. Breakfast is served in the dining room. Any objections?
   - Yes, somehow not at home, and you can be more comfortable?
   - It is difficult, the palace is large, the square must be used.
   - Let's open a branch of a boarding house here for a well-to-do public, and shall we buy an apartment for ourselves? You and me.
   - Great idea, but where will we get the money?
   - I already have a studio apartment, we will add to it the income from the boarding house and the palace and buy a decent apartment.
   - Mrs. Victoria Lvovna will be against your decision.
   - She will agree. The main thing is that she should be unfastened from the income of the boarding house or should not be frightened by the cost of repairs.
   - I will deal with the interiors later, and now I will wash and have breakfast.
   Good relations arose between Bella and Ilya. They gave themselves a day of rest, then they had to go to the wedding of friends, and on the third day they could think about remaking the Peacock Palace, whose location was convenient for holidaymakers, but it was not very suitable for life.
  Chapter 9
   Thin Ilya with a smile looked at Bella, which was difficult to attribute to slender women. She was not plump, but a pleasant tender body attracted. He was drawn to the warmth of Bella, which she seemed to radiate on a winter sunny day. Even Ilya noticed that she doesn"t walk much with heels, but that didn"t bother him, she was calm and not wound up with heels.
  He watched as she prepared for the wedding of her friend and at the same time did not try to be more beautiful than the bride. All the colors of her clothes were calm, the heels on her shoes were moderate, her hair was smooth.
   Ilya came up and hugged Bella's warm body. She snuggled in response. After the realized love with Bella, Ilya was worried about the question: why did Count Peacock die? He did not believe in his natural death.
   Something did not develop in the solitaire of his life and death. Suspicious for him was a couple of Thor and Klavdia Karlovna. They were very similar to each other. The detective slapped his forehead at the strange thought that there must be a connection between Thor, Claudius Karlovna and Count Pavlin. For a second it seemed to him that they were one family, even if not for long, but they were. He discarded this crazy thought, but other thoughts on this topic did not attend him.
   Madame Victoria Lvovna was tired of winter in the capital, where the hotel was located, inherited by her. She was tired of the sleek Thor and the controversy with him.
   Pasha checked all the papers of the former singer Thor - they were in relative order. Bookkeeping is a very slippery science, and Victoria Lvovna did not want to deal with it. She named the amount Thor should have transferred to her, and stopped the audit until the next visit. Pasha got used to Victoria Lvovna. He knew how to be necessary, helpful, attentive and undemanding. The woman he was completely satisfied.
   They unwittingly became friends. Both loved good things, so they dressed up in the best shops of the city. Victoria Lvovna decided to live with Pavel.
   Sad thoughts Pasha drove away thoughts of work, which every day only increased.
   He subconsciously was afraid to live with Victoria Lvovna in the same apartment, because she is an experienced and unpredictable woman, and he already assumed all her concerns about inheritance and real estate. He was tired of kowtowing to her, and it was this situation that always arose in her presence. That is why he offered to live in the apartment of Count Pavlin.
   Thor, living in a large city, knew the value of money, which was necessary here for any reason and for no reason. The stingy Pasha imperceptibly, but sensitively worsened his financial situation.
   Bright Victoria Lvovna made a good impression on him, and then, she was a widow and heir to a lot of money. He decided not to miss the opportunity and become her husband, lover, but by anyone! Such ladies for a long time without husbands do not happen! For the time being he handed over all his affairs to Claudia Karlovna and flew to Victoria Lvovna. He knew where the apartment of Count Pavlin was, and decided to fall at her feet like snow on his head.
   Victoria Lvovna sat majestically in a new chair and drank black coffee. Loneliness did not bother her, she knew how to squander money on people and be quiet in solitude. The sobriety of the mind of the new mistress - as she now called herself - was at its best. She watched TV and missed. The majestic woman enriched the apartment with her presence and several new items, leaving the rest as it was.
   The doorbell rang. Victoria Lvovna rose from her chair, walked to the door, looked into the peephole, recognized Thor, sighed, and opened the door to a new destiny, she was clearly aware of that.
   Thor held one huge rose in his hand. Next to him was a baulchik.
   - Victoria Lvovna, I'm here for you!
   - Nice, nice. Come in, Mr. Tor, "said Victoria Lvovna in a bored voice.
   Thor entered, looked around, it seemed to him that he always lived here.
   - I like you! - exclaimed the young rage.
   - I would not like it! Sit down. Your room is second.
   "I was going to the hotel," Thor spoke as if making excuses, but then decided to talk to you and then decide whether to stay or go home immediately.
   - You speak well! - smiled woman. - Live here, you will not live long anyway.
   "Thank you, I accept the invitation," bending down his head, the young man thanked her.
   "First of all, a shower, there may be interruptions with water, and then a conversation," Victoria Lvovna said quickly, handing him a black towel with gold stripes.
   "No objection," said Thor, busily, accepting a towel as an expensive gift.
   Victoria Lvovna looked at a beautiful man, it became clear to her that everything was overcast. Frant metropolitan flew for the money, it was written on it, but it was not in her spirit to rush men, not using them for its intended purpose. She looked at herself in the mirror and decided that everything was fine for such a visit.
  Pasha was sitting at home at the computer and acutely felt anguish, he was pierced by the first thought that he had made a mistake, letting Victoria alone in the apartment of Count Pavlin. He clearly overestimated his influence on the woman. The second thought was: "Late!" He quickly clicked on the name "Victoria" on his mobile phone and heard that his calls had been disconnected there.
   My heart sank with surprise. He got dressed and ran to the car. He drove fast, traffic lights drove through the neighboring streets, took off to her floor, rang the bell. No one opened it, but he heard the sound of water through the door.
   Once again, Pasha nervously pressed the bell button. The sounds of a voice of Victoria Lvovna and a man flew to him. Pasha bit his lip in surprise and a bad foreboding. He involuntarily felt pain under the scapula. Nerves came out of obedience.
   The man jumped out into the street, got into the car and dropped his head on the steering wheel, then took out the pills from the first-aid kit, drank it and slowly drove to the sea. Water cooled feelings. The sand did not crumble under your feet. Pasha wandered along the shore ...
   Victoria Lvovna recognized Pavel"s call, but decided not to combine the two men, and she was offended by Pavel: he sent her alone to the apartment of a different husband who had just left for the world. Handsome Thor with wet hair was irresistible, they were combed very sexy. How Victoria Lvovna loved these moments! She came up and kissed her warm lips. She was answered. A luxurious bed was nearby. The canopy with gentle lines descended to the head of the bed. She closed her eyes and felt a decent weight.
   At the head of Torah, he earned a calculator, he calculated the price of his services and showed all the masculine qualities in the best way, thinking that he would "total" present at a more appropriate moment. The sleek male hands of the former singer, playing with their biceps, caressed the aging body of the former singer.
   At the last minute, Viktoria Lvovna dropped her slippers with a fluff on the rise. Exquisite shoes spun in the air and fell. Handsome Thor, too groomed, quickly tired her.
   Victoria Lvovna has not got used to the fact that she pays to men. She didn"t bring such a transfer of values to joy, especially since Thor hinted at paying for his priceless sexual services.
   She almost choked when she heard at breakfast that she was being asked for love, and he asked for her hands on the condition that they make a marriage contract in which he would own a hotel and a game complex, which was run by almost one Pasha.
   She loved to present herself to a society of frivolous special on heels, brightly made up, with a figure, skin-tight skin, but she was smart and knew how much in this life. Thor began to enrage her, of course, the new love is very pleasant, if it is not burdensome, but she was not going to marry.
   "Thor, you are a magnificent man, but I will not marry you until a year after my husband"s death," Victoria Lvovna turned out so beautifully from the proposal of Thor.
   - Victoria Lvovna, you do not want me as a husband? You leave from the answer about the wedding and the contract.
   - Let me come to you from stress. I am not a machine that can be easily customized for a new husband.
   - So you answer me, and then I will wait for you, how much will be needed, otherwise you will jump for Pavel!
   "I"m running and falling to marry Pavel," the displeased lady replied rudely.
   - Though it pleases. So what will you answer me?
   - And nothing.
   "Then I will fly to the capital today."
   - Good riddance.
   - And you do not delay me?
   - Not.
   Thor felt that he had outplayed, but he did not want to leave without a positive answer. He felt that he was missing a rich heiress.
   - Victoria Lvovna, forgive me, I hurried, so I will leave tomorrow.
   -That's better. We go today in a gaming complex, play.
   Paul woke up with the thought that he needed to buy a hang glider. He climbed into the World Wide Web in search of a hang-glider for sale, read, thought, found out where fans of hang-gliders are going, and soon bought a personal hang-glider. The flight on a hang glider improved his state of mind, he no longer suffered because of Bella and Victoria Lvovna, so he broke the deadlock bypassing meetings with them.
   In the gaming complex, visitors discussed the main news: Victoria Lvovna gently kissed Paul. Thor frowned with jealousy. Pasha was glad to kiss to the extent that he did not expect. He kissed the lady of his heart and raised it above the audience like a hang glider.
  Good that she was wearing pants. The woman played up to him and portrayed the swallow, then he lowered her to her, quickly pressed her, kissed her and set her on the floor. The whole hall drowned in applause for the flight of the hostess of the gaming complex.
   Victoria Lvovna was glad for such an unexpected success among employees and clients. In her soul was born gratitude to Paul. She whispered in his ear:
   - Pasha, quickly make an offer for everyone.
   Pasha did not keep himself waiting and said to the whole hall:
   - Victoria Lvovna! I love you! Marry me!!!
   - I agree.
   Hall drowned in applause and shouts. People got up from their seats and ran to congratulate the hostess and the future owner. Champagne bottles flashed in the air.
   Only one person did not understand the general exultation - Thor. He stood and watched Pasha happily holding Victoria's arm, the two of them receiving congratulations. Thor turned and quickly left the hall. Victoria Lvovna kissed Paul again.
   - Thank you, Pasha! - said Victoria Lvovna quietly.
   - For what, darling?
   "You helped me out, and the wedding will be a year after the death of Count Peacock."
   - It's clear.
   - And you do not require a contract from me?
   - No, I love you! I realized that in the last days I spent without you.
   "That's good," and Victoria Lvovna announced loudly to the entire hall: "The wedding will take place a year after the death of Count Pavlin!"
   The hall fell silent, and then rustled approvingly. The performance was over.
   Thor wanted to subjugate Victoria, a very influential and rich person, and he was turned around at a turn to success. He was angry. The evening, warm as in spring, enveloped the city. A shot rang out from around the corner. Pasha clasped his left hand. The blood appeared on the sleeve. He looked at his hand and noticed that he was aiming at his heart, but at that time he raised his left hand, and she took a bullet to himself.
   Victoria Lvovna turned pale, looked, from where the shot sounded. She noticed the shadow of Thor, who quickly got into a taxi. It became clear to her that Thor wanted to kill a competitor. She looked at the doorman.
   The doorman of the gaming complex has already called security and ambulance. His reaction to events was swift, he quickly called a taxi to a runaway Torah.
   Victoria Lvovna nodded approvingly to the porter and sighed over Paul's wound. He squeezed his hand so that less blood flowed, and sank down on the steps of the stairs of the game complex. She sat down next.
   People poked curious faces out the door, but the doorman sent everyone to the hall. It was an impressive man, and he was not objected. The guards looked at the scene, but no one answered them correctly. The doorman said that at that time he was busy with the doors through which the customers were going, so he did not see anyone.
   Victoria Lvovna had time to say that she was looking at the groom and did not notice who shot. The guards trampled at the scene a little more and left on another call.
   An ambulance took Paul to the hospital with a gunshot wound. Victoria Lvovna managed to leave with him. In the hall they did not understand anything, because the city guards in front of the gaming complex are far from uncommon.
   In the taxi Andrew sat Thor. He hid the gun on the move. The driver thought that the shot at the gaming complex was his business, but he wanted to live and did not say anything to the armed man. And he looked attentively at the driver, he had a thought in his head that the driver would not sell him, but sell him - not to security personnel, and decided to go to the railway station and forget about the things left in Victoria Lvovna"s apartment. He did not regret that shot.
   Burning jealousy after the shot disappeared, there was a feeling of emptiness and despair, then he thought that he had nothing to do, but his personal debts in the game complex were so great that he had no other choice.
   Taxi stopped at the train station.
   Thor gave the driver a green piece of paper and, without looking around, went to the station. He took a ticket for the train, which was already on the platform, and quickly ran into the car. The train started moving. Thor entered the car, gave the ticket to the conductor, who looked surprised at the passenger without things.
  - Do you need linen and tea?
   - Can. Are there any cookies?
   - We will find. Restaurant through the car.
   - Thank you, restaurant later.
   The conductor looked at the imposing young man once more, sighed and left. Thor took the glass of tea from the hands of the conductor and accidentally looked at the top shelf.
   The guide followed his gaze:
   -There's a student going. She told me everything about herself, she"s sleeping now, "said the conductor and went into her compartment.
   The girl on the top shelf turned over. To the view of Thor, two charming halves of the lower back part of the body were presented, there was a chain between the halves, it met with a ribbon around the body, in the center of their meeting was a silk lizard with rhinestones. "Panties," Thor guessed, and began drinking tea. On the top shelf, his thoughts were not heard, and the chain did not move.
   He thought that Victoria Lvovna would still fire him from the hotel anyway, so he may not return. He decided to go with this girl in shorts with a chain, maybe lucky in love, since he was unlucky in the gaming complex in the cards. He didn"t want to think about the game complex, he lost out stupidly and arguably, now he was ready to bite his elbows. He still shot at Paul. Again there was a feeling that he had committed another stupidity, but the chain reassured him. He closed the door in the compartment on the latch, undressed and lay down. He fell asleep.
   Thor woke up from a close look.
   On the opposite bottom shelf was an amazing creature. A pink bra gleamed on the girl, the young breasts just hadn"t just jumped out of him. The bra was slightly covered by a transparent blouse, which left the waist without its presence. Jeans, torn, with rhinestones, covered panties from a metal chain.
   - Class! - Thor said, looking at this magnificence.
   - I'm almost an adult. I went on holidays to my parents, and now I'm going to study. You can congratulate me on the eighth of March.
   - Congratulations! Are you cold?
   - So in the car drown, and when I get out of the coupe - put on a jacket.
   Thor stirred. As if by chance, a muscular, hairy man's leg came out from under the blanket.
   - Oh, how hairy you are!
   "But I"m not everywhere like this," and out of the blanket, a man"s bare chest appeared, slightly covered with hair, under which muscles were well visible.
   - Do you have clothes on you?
   - Yes, - and he took off the blanket.
   Before the eyes of the girl was a handsome man in swimming trunks with buttons.
   - No, you get dressed! Cried the girl.
   "Get dressed," and he reached out, uttering strange syllables.
   - What is this recitative?
   - I want a woman!
   - Where can I get it?
   - And you?
   - And I am a girl.
   - So you can make a woman out of a girl, and you can't make a girl out of a woman.
   - How do you know?
   - Seen while you were sleeping.
   "I"m under 18, but I"ll be soon," the girl said defensively.
   "We will wait until you turn 18," said Thor, putting on black trousers. He regretfully thought that he had run away from Victoria Lvovna in full dress, and not in jeans.
   Victoria Lvovna from the hospital went to her home. She called the game complex, found out from the doorman, which taxi driver took Thor. Then she called Andrew, pulled her call out of bed.
   - Andrey, where is your client from the gaming complex?
   - And who are you?
   - Andrey, this is me, Victoria Lvovna, the owner of the gaming complex, you must remember me.
   - I do not remember everyone. He got on the train and left, - Andrei called the departure time of the train.
   "Thank you," and then she called the station. She learned that for the train at that time stood on the platform. Then she spoke to the head of the station, and he contacted the train in which Thor rode. He was told that there is such a man, he sat in Cypress and goes without things.
   Victoria Lvovna looked at the things of Torah, he didn"t even take his mobile phone, it means that he will go to the final stop in order to get as far as possible from the place of the shot. She called the airport, ordered tickets for the flight to the city, where Thor kept her way. She was lucky, the plane took off in three hours. Why did she do this, she did not know, but decided to get Torah. And suddenly she was attacked by Laziness and indifference: she didn't want to fly that far.
   "Ilya, remember your abilities of Sherlock Holmes," said Victoria Lvovna Ilya.
   - What happened?
  She recounted the events of the last day.
   - Can you intercept the Torah? Do you recognize him?
   - I will find out the Torah. I'll fly to him. But what should I do with him?
   - Nothing needs to be done with him, tell him not to be stupid and come back to me. Let him take his things and return to the hotel to work. He is to blame for Paul, it is in our hands. Let him work, and if he has debts or needs money, we will pay for it. He will be our man.
   Thor stepped out of the car with the girl's belongings. She walked beside him.
   - Thor! Shouted Detective Ilya.
   Thor looked at Ilya and wanted to run, but the girl was hanging on his one hand, and on the other hand he had her travel bag in his hand.
   - Thor! It's okay! We are going to Victoria Lvovna!
   - I'm not going to her without a girl!
   - What do you know about her?
   - Not enough, but I need it.
   - Fly three! The plane takes off in a couple of hours.
   - Release me! - the girl screamed.
   "You"ll go with me," said Thor sternly.
   The girl looked from Thor to Ilya and nodded in response.
   Victoria Lvovna attentively looked at the girl with her inquisitive eyes:
   - Thor, what kind of dullness did you bring?
   - She is my bride.
   - Does the girl know about it?
   - Guessing. We will wait for her to turn 18 years old.
   - So, it means that the girl found! And who will she work at the hotel?
   - Thoughtful you, Victoria Lvovna, she will work as my bride.
   - In the capital, these girls are not?
   - No, otherwise I would not carry.
   "Ilya, take the girl to the kitchen, and I'll talk with Tor," Victoria Lvovna asked.
   Ilya and the girl went to make coffee.
   - Thor, you have done something stupid, but I will pull you out, pay your debts for you, we have already been informed about your debts.
   - Victoria Lvovna, I do not ask for forgiveness, you will pay debts - thanks. A girl will work at the reception of hotel guests. There is a charm in it, it can be developed.
   - I agree, she is not quite a primitive person, you have found the right employee, I praise. Fly away by plane today. Ilya is holding you.
   - What's up with Paul?
   - I remembered! Pasha is alive. You shot the soft part of his hand to him, the bullet stuck in the bones and did not hit the heart. His arm is badly damaged. You sit in your hotel and here by foot! I will check your work without Pavel, or Ilya will come with a check.
   The girl brought four cups of coffee and cakes.
   - Good girl! - said Victoria Lvovna and did not utter a word.
   Thor, Ilya and the girl went to the airport by Andrew"s taxi.
   Victoria Lvovna soon went to the capital to look at the handsome Thor and at the hotel, which he managed. She did not keep her word to the Torah and took Paul with her. She decided to find out what the capital hangers Thor is doing with a girl from the car. Pasha, like a sparrow shot, accompanied her. He, like a robot, performed his functions in the maintenance of her private property, without requiring her to marry him.
   Pasha and Victoria Lvovna were more like people from the same team than lovers. It was good for work. When they entered the hotel, they saw a Torah girl. She was charming, just a metropolitan thing: beautifully dressed, with a sexy figure. The girl recognized the hostess, greeted her, gave the key to her personal number. But they barely escaped the sight of her calling Torah. So that's why you need your man at the entrance! For information.
   Thor walked quickly through the hotel, going up to Victoria Lvovna"s room, he knocked. She just went into the room, has not yet removed her outerwear. He could quickly touch the entrance with a card, but there was a woman in the room, and he was a raised man. However, Pasha opened the door to him.
   The two rivals, Thor and Pasha, looked menacingly at each other, sending sparks of hatred through their eyes, but in the words of greetings they were mutually polite. Mrs. Victoria Lvovna did not have to separate them.
   - Thor, we have arrived on very important matters, which you and Pavel will take up, and I will go to the places of fashionable clothes. I will not go into your affairs if everything is normal in them.
  - Victoria Lvovna, you offend, I am an honest clerk of your empire.
   - Thor, there is still a hotel in the neighboring town, someone lost it in our game complex, we should see.
   - Oh, you have a whole empire of power!
   - No kidding. We will leave Paul here, and with you in two days we are going to see new private property.
   - I obey and obey, but let Pasha not touch my girlfriend.
   - Pasha, behave yourself!
   Pasha was silent. He was angry. The wound in his hand constantly made itself felt, he could not lift heavy things. Pasha decided to take revenge on Torah and arrange a good check of his bookkeeping at the hotel.
   Mrs. Victoria Lvovna didn"t like very much that her private property was divided, being in different cities, but what to do if she lost all this, she shouldn"t be left to fend for herself with big money. Another hotel turned out to be built since the time of the king of peas. Old building. The whole city was restored before the anniversary, and it, the poor, was spared. In the hotel there was a small cafe, which was fed from ceramic wings. The food was pleasant. Thor examined the new possession of the hostess.
   - Victoria Lvovna, the anniversary of the city was over, there were few guests, and the repair work remained above the roof. Maybe you should not hang such a collar around your neck?
   - We need to find someone who will do this.
   - Not a problem, find it.
   - We will not go to museums, there is a lot to do. Estimate make up for repair, leave the walls, but from the outside repair is required. Do not use white paint - this is my condition.
   - And how long will we be here?
   - From you, my dear, it all depends.
   - With you I can stay here forever. Name the amount for repairs.
   - This is the county ruins. The amount is on the check, the check is signed by me.
   - In humor you can not refuse.
   Thor looked at the amount of money meant for the repair, shook his head in agreement.
   - That's enough, you are also clever.
   - Look for the best room in this hotel for us, but do not tell us who we are.
   A room with antique furniture tuned to the lyrical mood. Story.
   - Thor, let the antiques remain, you need to restore it and add new plumbing equipment for modern amenities. We will earn a star for the hotel.
   While big people were engaged in big business, you can specify a small meeting between Torah and Ella - from the point of view of the girl she looked like that. Girl rode the train. On the platform, she saw an unusually beautiful man; moreover, he entered her carriage. She quickly climbed onto the top shelf, dropped her jeans and hid under a blanket. Young heart prompted that he would go to her compartment.
  Chapter 10
   The girl pretended to be asleep, listening to a conversation between a man and a guide. Panties, sewn from a metal chain and a rag of fabric with rhinestones, she bought by chance, she liked the lizard on the rag of fabric, she put them on the road. Unconsciously after the departure of the conductor, she turned so that the chain, which constituted the back of the panties, became visible to the new passenger.
   Was she ashamed? Not! In it appeared the excitement of the chase! She had never seen such men before, and instead of her face he saw her lower back part! For some reason, she believed that men are not won by the mind, and if they are winning, it is from a series of long-term conquest, and her time was short.
   She was not a sports girl, but a dance girl, from childhood she was led to a dance, so her figure was knocked down. The word "man" in her vocabulary has not yet been counted, but the figure of a young man under a blanket, rather at the moment when he dropped it, caused her new tickling feelings somewhere between the chain and the lizard.
   And now she was working in a hotel very close to the entrance door; it was to this place that a man in shorts with buttons brought her, and what is behind the buttons she still didn"t recognize. While she had to work, and to be registered as the bride of this man.
   The girl dreamed. Pasha stopped near her.
   - Hi, the girl from the train!
   - Hello, Pasha! My name is Ella.
   At this time, a visiting man approached her, she began to design it to the hotel.
  Pasha sat in a chair and began to observe Ella. Pleasant, hardworking girl attentively served the client. Pasha remembered that Bella had offended him greatly, now she lives with Ilya. There was a thought that he would not succeed with this Ella, and he also heard that she is the bride of Thor. Victoria Lvovna herself leads him. Thor is completely dependent on her.
   The client, whom Ella served, went to his room. The girl was left alone. Pasha approached her.
   - Ella, do you have an evening tonight? We can meet.
   - I am free in the evening. Thor and Victoria Lvovna left to watch an old-new hotel.
   "I know that." Where and when will we meet?
   - It would be better for us not to meet, Thor will be unhappy.
   - Reasonably speak, but in fact it is boring, do not misunderstand me.
   - Pasha, if all your business is over, you would go home.
   - No, there are still cases to verify the activities of the Torah.
   - So check it, do not interfere! I"m not studying because of him, but I"m working, and if he finds out about you, I don"t know what will happen to me!
   "Now I"ll do some business, and in the evening I"ll be in my room."
   In the evening, Paul was knocked to his room. He opened the door: Ella stood on the threshold.
   "I'm sorry, but I'm bored here." Knowing that I am the bride of Thor, the hotel employees stay away from me.
   - And rightly so. Favorite - it's dark. Come on in, Ella.
   On the table was a bottle of cola, next to it was a tall glass of dark glass, lay a piece of ham and bread.
   - Pasha, and this is your dinner?
   - And why is dinner bad? Lazy male dinner. I'm a bachelor.
   - And be proud of it?
   - No, but there is no other option either.
   "Okay, eat a bachelor's dinner, and I suggest we go to a restaurant to dance, order something light."
   - Are you not afraid of the Torah?
   - No, I have a stop-cock in the shower from the train.
   Pasha ate, changed clothes, and went with Ella to a restaurant. The oblique views of the staff were their reward. Tor and Victoria Lvovna entered the restaurant from the road - Ella's shift manager sent them there. Not without malice, Viktoria Lvovna approached Ella, took her by the shoulder so that two beautiful nails were set, they dug into the shoulder of the girl with large eyelashes.
   - Girl, why are you taking away other men? Pasha - my man, do not touch him! Do I understand clearly?
   - Sorry, but dancing is prohibited?
   - For you - yes! You are at work!
   "Victoria Lvovna, have pity on your nails," Pasha intervened.
   - And you, an expert on women, keep quiet!
   - I can be offended.
   "Be offended," said Victoria Lvovna, and went to her room.
   Thor approached Ella.
   - Well, that the girl with the chain found me a replacement?
   - No, we just danced.
   "Can you tell me why my bride should dance with other men in a restaurant?"
   - Forgive and let go!
   - Not! Work here, but you will live on your salary, "said Thor and drove to his home.
   Left Pasha and Ella.
   - Here, hit. I told you that we can not meet!
   - Yes, the summit was held not without humor.
   - Pasha, how would I go home?
   - Carry to the station?
   - I'll take my things from the room and leave.
   - Ok, waiting for you in the lobby.
   Ella went to her room. The door was open, and Thor was sitting in the chair.
   - Well, going to run?
   - Not.
   - So it seemed to me. That's better.
   Thor thought that it was officially impossible for Ella to work as an administrator if she was under 18, and she works. If her documents have passed the appropriate registration for work, she has an incomplete secondary special education connected with the maintenance of hotels. It is permissible. But age? She said she was under 18 years old. A man full of doubt, went to the personnel department of the hotel, which was in the office of Claudia Karlovna.
  - Klavdiya Karlovna, I am about Ella, her documents passed through you. Do not accidentally remember how old she is on her passport?
   - Thor, you laid eyes on her and are afraid that the girl is underage? She is 18 years old and even soon will be 19!
   "Thank you, you reassured me," Thor grinned, and left the office.
   Thor made a quick career in hotel business. He swam among women to the top without underwater reefs, leaving behind a singer"s career. And suddenly this girl from the train! He himself did not expect to drag her along. He was then upset by the refusal of Victoria Lvovna and was ready for any nonsense. And the girl was also a deceiver, and if she works in a hotel, it means that she passed a physical examination. Thor went back to Claudia Karlovna.
   - Claudia Karlovna, I'm sorry, but this is me again. You can look or find out: did Ella have men? Is it somewhere in the papers maybe?
   - Thor, what's wrong with you? She was a female doctor, without this they would not have taken her to work. I'll find out everything and tell you.
   - Thank.
   Five minutes later, Thor's mobile phone rang.
   - Thor, it's me. The card says that Ella is a woman, she has been living since she was 17 years old. Not married and not married.
   - Thanks again, I will draw conclusions.
   So Ella tricked him twice. What was she counting on? I believed the girl in the train with a metal chain instead of panties. Fool! He brought her to the capital, settled her, arranged for a job and waits for her to turn 18! Peacock! Prominent young man caught the bait of a metal chain! Thor decided it was time to drink or eat these sad thoughts. He went to the side of the restaurant at the hotel, the time was dinner.
   Ella came to the table of Thor.
   - Hello, Thor. Today I have not seen you yet.
   - Hi, if you're not kidding! Sit down, order lunch, talk.
   - What are you dissatisfied with now? I came alone and do not dance.
   - Would be silent! Cheater!
   - This is when I deceived you?
   - On the train, you said you were a girl and you were 17 years old.
   - Similarly, once I was a girl at seventeen, but now I will soon be 19 years old, and I repeated that phrase several times to different people and answered you automatically on the machine.
   "So I'm one of many, sorry," and the man got up to leave.
   - Don't leave or let me go home.
   - Yes, if I knew, I would not have brought you here!
   - Thor, did you shoot Pavel? So you and I are both spoiled! You are not my judge.
   - This is Pasha told you?
   - Yes, that's all he had to say while we were dancing, and then Victoria Lvovna dug her long nails into my shoulder.
   - Well done, Ella! I really got on the train after being shot at Paul. I didn"t even know where I was and if he was alive. In this state, I saw you.
   "You took me hostage."
   - Yes you are right.
   - We're even. I am free?
   - No, I'm used to you. I am patient. In fact, I am glad that no one betrayed me, that Pasha was cured. Indeed, I grabbed hold of you, like a straw.
   - Pasha saw you during the shot. Male revenge, expressed by injury, cured him of love. Paul was in the hospital, his injury was not only in itself. What is surprising, Victoria Lvovna did not attract him anymore. Victoria Lvovna sent you to the capital and hid from Pasha, - Ella said the words of Pasha, spoken to her during a dance in a restaurant.
   Victoria Lvovna went to her daughter, her granddaughter was born. The feelings of a young grandmother at the time surpassed feelings for Paul.
   It so happened that Ilya came to Bella less and less. The reason from the point of view of men was quite reasonable. He bought a detective agency and did what he loved without reporting to Bella with the money he earned at the Peacock boarding house. She lived in a palace. She had no particular job. She took the paints home in due time and never bought new ones. Ilya did not spoil her with money and personal presence.
  Pasha came to Bella. She was so glad to him! Both of them survived a difficult year. Victoria Lvovna refused him a wedding, the year after the engagement passed, and all their relations were silenced.
   Pasha began to visit Bella more often, but on one of his visits he ran into Ilya. The men shook hands and looked at Bella.
   "Bella, how do you explain our triangle?" - asked Ilya.
   - I do not know which of you will come, there are few people here.
   - And you don't care with whom to sleep?
   - Pasha is just my friend.
   "A friend may return to the role of a man," Illya continued.
   - Ilya, calm down, she is yours, to my regret, - Pasha said sadly.
   - And you would be silent, because you lived with Victoria Lvovna, - said Ilya.
   - Victoria Lvovna with her daughter in another city.
   "So you would go to her, what are you doing here ?!" - Ilya's voice rang from the tension.
   "Thank you for the idea, I will go to Mrs. Victoria Lvovna with the report," Pasha agreed peacefully.
   - And now goodbye! - said goodbye to Pasha Ilya.
   "Bella, I'm sorry, I won't disturb you anymore." Ilya, goodbye!
   "Happily," said Illya, and went deep into the house.
   Bella guided Paul to the gates of the palace.
   Victoria Lvovna turned out to be a good grandmother, but she sincerely rejoiced at the arrival of Paul, the role of her grandmother exhausted her order. She found a nanny, gave her money and left with Pavel. Cool grandmother changed roles.
   Bella noticed the dependence of the amount of money given to her on her appearance. Ilya gave her money by looking at her, she finally realized that appearance is very important. Bella invited the master in European repair. For a start, she decided to cover the outside of the palace with white paint: naturally, everything except the stones themselves, of which the palace was made; and indoors everything you can do is trimmed with gold, the rest is white. Masters her idea came to taste.
   Ilya approved the gold decoration of the premises and allocated money for the repair. Bella rushed about the castle in search of items to upgrade and last but not least updated the bedroom.
   A month in the palace everything was turned upside down, but then he shone in the sun and inside from chandeliers and sconces. After that, Bella lay in the bath for an hour and came out as a new person, while she had new thoughts about herself.
   For a long time she did not use her car, she took the money and went to a beauty salon. The face in one go does not ennoble, this procedure is incredibly long, as a masseuse told her. They cleaned the face, painted eyebrows and eyelashes, gave a slight form to the eyebrows, did a face massage and said that you should go for a massage every other day.
   Bell peeked into the sports equipment shop and looked at three simulators for herself, so she went home for the first time. Ilya bought the simulators. Bella installed them next to the pool, then Ilya bought simulators for a boarding house and invited a barber and a cosmetologist to work at the boarding house.
   For the first classes, Bella needed a coach. She found a coach in a sports club in the city. She had a difficult task: from a rustic young woman to turn into a lady. She changed her food, grew her hair, dyed it with a fashionable shade, changed her hair styling method.
   Ilya began to come home more often: the common-law wife was changing so rapidly that he enjoyed the view of the new woman and, once unable to bear her beauty, offered to become his wife.
   And rightly so. The figure of Bella began to resemble the figure of Victoria Lvovna: tall and slim. She has shoes with heels. Clothing increasingly emphasized the beauty of the figure. Bella began to resemble the mistress of the palace Peacock.
   Ilya told Victoria Lvovna that he and Bella decided to get married.
   - Ilya, are you going to marry this simple girl? Get married And with whom will you spend time, say, in the gaming complex?
   "Take your time, Victoria Lvovna, with conclusions," the confident detective replied.
   From the point of view of Ilya Bella gained female attractiveness. The stiletto heels on her looked naturally, the gait changed dramatically, it appeared sophistication and elegance. Ilya could not see enough of her and in a month he invited everyone to a wedding in a restaurant located next to the gaming complex. Newlyweds in public were supposed to appear only in a restaurant, and they went alone to register a marriage.
  The audience in the restaurant that evening was all its own. At the time of the appearance of the newlyweds, the music was replaced by the ringing of bells. Door opened. A woman of unprecedented beauty appeared on the threshold, but so far everyone has seen her gorgeous, sexy figure. The bride's face was hidden under a light veil that fell from a white fanciful hat. Next to her came Ilya. Everyone recognized him.
   - Ilya! Congratulations! Have you changed your bride? Is that why you didn't take anyone to the registrar?
   Ilya led the bride to the top of the table. They all sat down.
   The bride raised a veil in a beautiful movement.
   - Bella !!! - exhaled the hall.
   Victoria Lvovna looked up at the bride:
   - Shine! Didn't expect this from Bella!
   Ilya from pride for his wife was in seventh heaven with happiness. Pasha glared at her face; he was shocked by Bella's beauty! From the beautiful bride, everything in the restaurant became more beautiful; the light of beauty and nobility came from her. People proudly raised their heads: they were in the same room with such an unearthly beauty!
   Victoria Lvovna offered Bella to lead concerts in the gaming complex as an entertainer, saying that you need to get money for such beauty. Bella was rather tired of financial dependence on Ilya, but she did not begin to conduct concerts, but began working as a designer of the halls of the complex.
   The audience here was often young, time flew by without boredom. She worked on a schedule that allowed her to have free time, but she was humiliated by handouts. Ilya is like a surf: he was, he was leaving for his business.
   Sometimes Pasha visited the game complex. The relationship between them turned into a friendly course.
   Soon Pasha and Viktoria Lvovna went with checks on her property, and Bella was immediately tired, and as a result, her relations with Ilya improved.
   Bella returned to the palace, stopped going to the game complex, found a new occupation: she bought semi-precious stones, made paints for them to depict birds against the backdrop of sea waves and branches.
   The birds became her friends again, the palace was revived. Bella turned into a golden bird of a golden castle, but it suited everyone. Ilya did business and sometimes came home. Bella became herself again and stopped copying Victoria.
   The yacht was in her department. Sailors Buek and Ledok were glad that at one time they had not offended her, and she had not offended them. She reached the caretaker of the tower, talked with him, and since she was now the roof of her, she allowed him to keep the money collected from the onlookers to keep improving the appearance of the tower. Bella promised that the spotlight at the lighthouse would be replaced soon.
   She got to the house of culture, to the main barmaid. Together they made a plan of events, appointed a manager to communicate with the actors. Further - more: she visited the boarding house, found that it requires the intervention of repair crews, and here she made up the repair schedule for the buildings. Bella looked at the supermarket project, made changes to it, looked at the pawnshop and calmed down.
   And then Victoria Lvovna and Pavel returned.
   Mrs. Victoria Lvovna, good people reported on Bella's activities, where she was and what she was doing. At first, Victoria Lvovna got angry, and then realized that Bella's work was beneficial for her, because Pasha had put her programs everywhere, but he could not cope with administrative work, and Bella was doing everything right, now she is Illya's wife.
   Victoria Lvovna decided to appoint Bella as her deputy for all private property. Bella agreed to her proposal, because she had grown into the problems and lives of people of a small kingdom in a large state.
   At home, Viktoria Lvovna sat down wearily in a chair. Pasha dropped to one knee and began to take off her high boots, which she always wore, except for the summer period. And now autumn has turned yellow with its foliage, and a yellow leather suit adorned it.
   - Victoria Lvovna, you promised me that you would marry me.
   - Pasha, why do you need this?
   - You and I will be a childless couple, such pairs also exist.
   - I love freedom, I like to sleep alone on a rookery.
   - Fine, we will live in different rooms, and meet by agreement.
   - It is possible to think about it. Why do you need a woman who is older than you? Look how you and Ella danced! I saw.
   - I wanted to understand why Thor brought her to his hotel.
   - And got it?
   - I understand, he found her after a shot at me and took me as a hostage.
   - Yes, you understood everything correctly. The hand does not hurt?
   - It hurts sometimes.
   - Pasha, live in this apartment, but do not demand a wedding from me.
   - Today I will stay, if you do not mind, but tomorrow we'll see.
   - Well, ladies, you will live with your grandmother.
   - Victoria Lvovna, I have a computer at home, and you should have it.
   - I put him in the pantry.
   - Why is it almost new?
   - I do not understand them.
  - So I will teach you to meet men on the World Wide Web.
   - Go, take out and connect, and I'll do dinner.
   Bella got behind the wheel of the car and offered Ilya to show her her apartment.
   - Bella, we can go to the palace, why should we go to the bachelor lair?
   - Ilya, you need to see how you live without me.
   - And if there is busy, how do you perceive it?
   - That's the second reason, you need to check your own husband, where he lives without me.
   Ilya, sighing, pressed the bell of his apartment.
   - Ilya, you do not have the key to your apartment?
   - Yes, yes, not about my honor.
   A cute girl opened the door.
   - What kind of woman in your apartment ?! Bella asked angrily.
   - You yourself rushed here, here and came across, this is my second woman.
   - Oh, I got into the harem of my husband, and there are still women in it?
   - Yes, there are two of them here.
   - So, hubby, and where did you get them, if not a secret?
   - Ivanovna, she keeps the girls in the summer, and lets her go for the winter, so I stayed two for the winter.
   - Birds of migratory winter! Well, let's go to the apartment.
   Another young woman came out of the room.
   - Ilya, one-bedroom apartment, and here are three strangers! - outraged Bella.
   - And more happens.
   "Hangout," Bella grumbled miserably.
   "Bella, you were lucky with Count Pavlin, and they were lucky with me."
   - And what should I do now? - asked Bella and sat in the only old chair.
   - You have a palace, you are my legal woman.
   - They are sitting on your frail neck?
   - No, they work in a boarding house, clean the rooms.
   - Ilya, I think I'll go to my place. Will you go with me or will you stay in this bedlam?
   - I am at work in the morning, I will stay here, I have a sofa here.
   - Lived. Live
   Bella wiped away a tear, got into the car, started the engine, drank a soothing pill, and sat still, folding her hands on the steering wheel. She took the phone and called home to her parents.
   - Mom, hello, it's me.
   - I can not hear who speaks, it is hard to hear.
   "Mom, it's me, Bella," Bella said, covering the phone with her palm.
   - Oh, Bella, my daughter! Hello, dear.
   - Mom, have you seen Sergei for a long time?
   - You know, he came to us yesterday, asked about you.
   - Tell him to let him come here even for a couple of days, give him my mobile phone number, I will meet him at the station, if only he will let you know when he leaves.
   "Daughter, you are married," said the mother, outraged.
   - Married, but not with her husband.
   Seryozha greeted the news that Bella was waiting for him. How many men need to be happy? A woman is waiting for him! He got ready at the moment, bought tickets, called Bella. She confirmed her words that she was waiting for him and promised to meet him. He bought a few new things, went to the hairdresser, went to Bella's mother before leaving. She threw up her hands:
   - Sergei, you look good! Where are you working now? You go to Bella, but what about work?
   - Work will wait, I lead the shop for painting boxes. We now paint them with semi-precious stones like icons.
   - Success to you! Painfully, I don't like her marriage.
   - And you do not get sick.
   Bella drove out of the gates of the Peacock Palace by car. Ilya was driving toward her in a car. He stopped his car. She also stopped. They got out of the cars.
   "Bella, where did you go alone?" Where did you read that you are a free woman? I do not live in that apartment, but I live with you or in a boarding house room, and my servants live in that apartment. I brought you to them so that they would not bother me. The women looked at you and withered, and after your departure I went to sleep in a boarding house.
   - And after a visit to that apartment, I called my friend Seryozha, now I am going to meet him!
  - And who allowed you to invite friends? BUT?! - Ilya was indignant. - I am to you on the wings of love, and you to me on stilts of separation! So, dear little wife, I will meet Seryo and meet him in my one-room apartment and put him on a sofa in the kitchen. Speak his coordinates and train. Bella, go back to the palace. I said everything.
   - It looks like you, here, on a piece of paper everything is written: train, car.
   Happy Serezha appeared in the doorway of the carriage. Ilya recognized him, they were similar.
   - Your name is Seryozha? I meet you, - Ilya told him.
   "Where's Bella?" - Serezha's face stretched out from failure. - I see, I need to buy a return ticket.
   - No, I'll take you to one apartment, where you will sleep until morning, look at the Apricot, and then decide what to do. Or I can take you to a boarding house.
   - What a honor! I agree to live a week in a boarding house.
   - If you go to a boarding house, then you will get a discount. The familiar taxi driver will take you, I'll call him now, he will arrange you, but I still have some things to do.
   Andrei arrived in five minutes and took Seryozha to the boarding house. In a room for two people settled him alone. Andrei introduced him as the brother of the director's wife.
   Serezha was in hotels, and he was in a boarding house for the first time. He liked it, just enjoyed it. Sergei is sitting in the room. A maid comes in. And he escaped:
   - Bella!
   "Have you been waiting for Bella?" Director's wife? I saw her the other day. She and her husband stopped by. She looks great! Pearly lady!
   "They didn't give me the chance to see the pearly madam."
   - God willing, meet. I need to clean up, take a walk, take the keys.
   Serozha went outside. Well maintained square. Pruned trees. Fountain. Benches. He sat down on a bench and began to inspect the area. To him sat a magnificent blonde in bright clothes.
   - Good afternoon, man! I see you here for the first time.
   - Yes, behold, the north wind brought me here.
   - And good. You are alone? Now everything is on procedures. Autumn, you do not bathe, but there is a pool. I go from procedure to procedure, from one procedure I go to another and sat down to rest, and here you are.
   - Do not be late for the second procedure?
   - And I can miss it for you.
   - You do not know me, but you already sacrifice me.
   - I know you are the brother of the director of the boarding house's wife. Fast radio works here. My name is Tonya, and you?
   - Me - Seryozha.
   Bella met Ilya in the hall of the palace at the main door.
   - Ilya, where is Seryozha?
   "Your former friend was taken by Andrei to a boarding house."
   - Thanks and on this. Can I see him?
   "I'll go to work tomorrow and take you with me."
   The next day, Bella and Ilya arrived in a boarding house in the same car. On the way to his office, the director landed his spouse outside the building where they settled Seryozha.
   - Good luck Bella! You have two hours on a date with a friend, then I'll pick you up.
  Chapter 11
   Bella got out of the car and saw Seryozha walking along the avenue with the blonde. They had a lively conversation. There was no sadness on the man"s face. Bella had a desire to hide in the car, but Illya had already left. Bella waited for the pair to come up.
   - Hi, Seryozha! Who is that with you?
   - Hello, Bella! So we met! With me Tonya, we met here.
   -You do not get bored. Two minutes. My husband gave you two hours to see you, but I had two minutes.
   - Wait, wait, so you are not relatives? - asked Tonya. - So why do I need this Seryozh then? Beats - and the blonde left alone.
   Seryozha and Bella entered the corps. The guard on the boarding house squinted at Bella and was silent.
   Tonya walked, walked and thought that this Seryozha was a very good man, since he was a former friend of a woman like Bella. She returned to the body, sat down at the entrance to the bench and decided to wait until the pair came out of the body.
   Bella and Serezha seemed to be waiting for a witness, after a couple of minutes they went outside, sat down next to Tonya.
   "Tonya, do not rush to Seryozha, he will be here a week, he is yours," Bella said calmly. She realized that there was no way back in their relationship.
   "I accept him back," Tonya giggled, "without him I immediately became bored.
   "Here are the women, they passed me from hand to hand, but I do not mind," said Seryozha.
  Ilya drove up by car:
   - Hello honest company! Bella, are you with me?
   "I'm with you," Bella said, walking up to her husband.
   Victoria Lvovna regretted that the palace had left Bella, had tired of the small apartment of Count Pavlin, and together with Pavel it became unbearably cramped. She understood that it was easier to live with Pavel, he brought food and sometimes cooked, and also the visiting housekeeper, who remained from the time of Count Pavlin, but something was missing.
   Over the summer, her income increased. Soul requested personal expenses. Leather suits, boots with high heels bored her. Madam Victoria Lvovna is all fed up! Make a throne room? To be the local queen? Stop smoking? But smoking was a part of her life. With a cigarette, she passed the time, killed time, kept slim, ate less. Buy a new car? But she was too lazy to often leave the house. Build a cottage? She always lived in the city, in apartment buildings, and the summer house would require security costs. She came to the conclusion that she did not need a palace, but needed a large apartment with modern amenities, with its own water intake.
   She did not want to live in the north, it means that it is necessary to make sure that the water in Cypress was round the clock. This is already a good task. And the summer garden in winter conditions would not hurt her. Her idea of Pasha fully approved. It turned out that it was necessary to build a palace with a water storage system, with a generator. All perform the latest construction equipment.
   Victoria Lvovna looked after the place under the palace, studied the numerous projects of the mansions. Pasha brought magazines, newspapers.
   Victoria Lvovna read everything and looked through. She was fully employed by the creation of her new home. She received money from all the income places: a gaming complex, two hotels, a supermarket, and so on trifles ... Pasha Victoria Lvovna assisted and helped, managing to follow the work of the gaming complex and hotels.
   Bella did all the administrative work on linking lucrative jobs. Thor found out about the planned construction of the cottage, he sent an architect to Victoria Lvovna with building designs.
   The money for Victoria Lvovna went to one bank. And when everything was ready to start construction, the bank went bankrupt. The director of the bank was Tonya. It was she who settled incognito in a boarding house and was making everything out of Victoria Lvovna. Thor personally Tonya did not know. Learning about the collapse of the empire of Victoria Lvovna, Thor decided not to marry Ella, he went to a hotel to collect income alone, until the news of bankruptcy reached there. He left Ella where he found him - on the train.
   Unexpectedly for all grew Seryozha. He, as a person far from business and a bank, gave a valuable thought to Tone how to become rich at the expense of Victoria Lvovna. He said in jest, because of the anger against Ilya, and Tonya put his thought into action. Money from the bank through Seryozha moved to another new bank, where he became director. Tonya believed in Seryozha right away and took a chance.
   Tonya was declared bankrupt, but Serezha became a banker. The machinations took place at the highest level. Nobody suspected Sergei.
   Victoria Lvovna was comforted by the fact that she had not yet purchased everything necessary for the realization of her dream. She sat with her legs in a chair and smoked in front of the TV. She did not want to think, she drank wine and soared between heaven and earth.
   Pasha was counting losses and looking for a way out. He offered to sell the hotels, especially since they are far away, but the main reason was the thought of getting rid of Thor forever. The love for Thor from Victoria Lvovna disappeared with the arrival of Ella, and she gave permission to sell hotels. Game complex and supermarket Pasha decided to save. The boarding house and the palace remained with Ilya, I still had to sell the yacht and the motor ship.
   Bella lived in the palace and did not know anything about the financial affairs of Victoria Lvovna, until the butler told her that a man was waiting for her at the gate, he refused to go inside the house. She went out of the gate, next to her stopped a posh car, from which a beautifully dressed man stepped out.
   - Seryozha, is that you? - surprised Bella. - Where does this luxury come from? - and she pointed at the car.
   - All thanks to you, thank you! I live here, I married Tonya from a boarding house, - Sergei boasted to his ex-girlfriend and left.
   Bella felt like something was wrong with her gut. Soon Ilya arrived, he told about the machinations with the bank.
   Pasha and Viktoria Lvovna kept the problems with the bank secret, and after they decided to sell the hotels, they came to the conclusion that Ilya should be informed about this.
   In Ilya from such news, Sherlock Holmes began to work, and Bella involuntarily turned his thought to Seryozha. He immediately learned that Serezha had married Tone from a boarding house, and found out who Tonya was: the former director of a former bank.
   Ilya talked to Pasha, they found a forgery. Khvastun Seryozha laid everything out to Victoria Lvovna when she appeared to him in full parade: all in white skin and heels.
  Ilya summoned Torah, who flew in immediately for a conversation with Tonya. Tonya under the influence of the handsome capital melted like smoke.
   Victoria Lvovna and Pasha, after solving a banking fraud, decided that Tonya would return the money to Victoria Lvovna. Tonya agreed, but expressed knowledge of several criminal cases, including she knew about the shot of Torah in Pasha. They agreed that Victoria Lvovna was losing an old-new hotel, and that was all. Seryozha promised Tone that he would no longer come to Bella. We decided to stop at that.
   Thor, seeing that his hotel remained with him, called himself the last words and went to look for Ella. She was offended and studied again. She refused to go with the Tor, saying that she would finish her studies, and then it will be clear where she should work. Thor said that he was waiting for her on vacation. Ella's heart melted. She clasped him with two hands, clung to him with his whole body and kissed good-bye so that Thor thought about leaving.
   In the room of Ella, a neighbor opened her face through the open door. She saw the love scene, slammed the door and went into another room. Ella locked the door.
   The student bed could not bear the burden of Thor. The plywood cracked, and both of them were on the floor. Laughter instead of sex sealed their relationship. Thor climbed out from under the rubble of the bed, looked at how to fix it, and came to the conclusion that you should not keep such furniture in your hotel. He decided to replace the beds in some rooms. And I almost forgot that Ella got out of the same bed fragments. They embraced in a friendly way and laughed. She forgave him everything.
   It is difficult for girls to complete their education if they meet their love. Oh, hard!
   Thor was the first to become acquainted with a shipbuilder working at a shipbuilding plant that manufactured yachts, boats and large vessels. Therefore, he hinted to Mrs. Victoria Lvovna that it would be time for her to replace the old yacht. She agreed to build a new yacht with the condition that he will sail on her for the first month, and after her she will board the yacht. To order a new yacht went Thor.
   General Designer Roman Romanovich listened to the new order and said that the yacht can be built, it does not apply to complex orders, if you just need a comfortable yacht called "Victoria Lvovna".
   At home, Roman Romanovich discussed the construction of the yacht with her daughter Marina, who grew up in a prosperous family in a large stone house. The apartment of the designer consisted of large rooms with high ceilings, in one room there were huge bookcases. Huge apartment with a small room for servants. A fragile girl loved to read books, often sat at home and read, no one interfered with her, no one scolded her. She did not demand much from her parents.
   The last work of Roman Romanovich was a ferry for transporting people across the sea. The work was difficult because the task was of a contradictory nature: the ferry had to sail like a ship and open the bow so that cargo could be easily removed from the ship to the surface of the pier. This is how cargo airplanes still work, it also looked like a bridge with chains in front of an old castle and a jaw. Roman Romanovich believed and did not believe in what he was doing. Common sense suggested that the idea is good, but the result can be deplorable, but the task must be completed!
   In the shipbuilding city loved big mechanisms, ranging from movable bridges. And now he was developing a vapor pipe: the bow of the ship was lowered, then it was lifted and closed mechanically using a vacuum system. My daughter often sat in her father"s office and watched him work. He was so accustomed to her presence that, voluntarily or unwittingly, he discussed the design of ships with her. My daughter perceived the discussion as a natural conversation with her father. Unnoticed, she began studying at the institute and working with her father on the creation of ships.
   New Year's Eve turned out to be a revelation for her, she was simply called on him. The girl was known as a homebody. Students-fellow students decided to pull Marina into the light of day from the books and father, about whom they had heard. She came late for the evening, and when she crossed the threshold of the New Year's hall, a tall young man approached her and invited her to dance.
   Her first dance took place with Yasha. He did not let anyone near her any more, so they did not leave each other the whole evening. A big rarity for life: Marina and Yasha had no sexual partners before they met, and their age for love was quite mature: Yasha was 23 years old, Marina was 20 years old.
   Feelings have the ability to come to life. They both came to life at the same time. They woke up sensuality in the usual slow dance.
   The meetings followed immediately, they maintained their integrity for so long that they now threw themselves into each other"s arms with ease and great desire. Yasha did a diploma. Marina was still studying.
  They met from time to time on neutral territory. My daughter stopped visiting the father"s office, so he was the first to notice that his beloved daughter began to change before our eyes: there was demand in her. She cut off her parents, did not let them talk much and began to demand a lot of money from them.
   They got used to her small needs, and she suddenly burst out: Marina took up shopping and often became absent from home. The asceticism of the girl turned into insatiable feelings and needs. She had unfulfilled desires, such as who jinxed her.
   Yasha, a man of more than modest needs, could not fulfill Marina"s wishes! He had to finish his studies. He rarely went to work. A diploma took time. She could not understand this, she woke up for love, but there was no way out for her feelings.
   Thor came from the capital, he worked with Marina's father on the final version of the yacht. A thirty-year-old man with a sleek face and a smooth face has since become a regular visitor to the office of Roman Romanovich. They worked on the project of the yacht "Victoria Lvovna". Speech Torah was heard in the house of Marina everywhere.
   She first went to the office of her father, and all three of them plunged into the discussion of the project. Thor's fingers touched Marina's thin fingers, their eyes now and then met over the papers. Love is not love, but a sensitive spark has passed from the hands of Thor to Marina"s fingers. Her hand burned at his touch.
   Father left the room. Thor and Marina leaned against each other at the same time and immediately recoiled: my father returned to the room. Thor, a very wealthy man by local standards, did not leave far from her. The girl attracted him with her grace. She was impressed by the attention of Thor. The father noticed their attraction, but did not give it any significance.
   Yasha did not have time to fully understand and feel Marina, as she disappeared from his life. It left the desire to meet, but he could not meet her anywhere. Yasha defended his diploma, he was left after distribution in the city with bronze lions and sphinxes of granite. He came under the leadership of Roman Romanovich.
   The shipyard was almost ready ferry, Yasha ran around him and shouted:
   - Fools, who came up with such a ship, it will sink, it will surely sink! Is it not clear to designers that the jaw at the ferry can drop and the ferry chokes on the sea!
   Next to him, a little peasant was running around and in all he was cheering. Yasha loved when his words were approved by the public. He arrived at the shipyard from a student's bench and immediately began work on a huge ferry in tenth roles.
   His task was to modify what was a mistake in the drawings at the moment. When docking a large number of products manufactured in different countries, different companies and firms, there was always a job for an engineer. It is difficult to foresee everything when designing a large vessel, punctures are inevitable. Drew one, bought another, and everything had to be combined.
   Yasha's father once brought a picture home, it showed a raging sea and a ship. The picture was hung over the boy's bed. The boy woke up, looked at the picture and composed a story that happened with the ship on the canvas. In a small town where Yasha lived, a small river flowed, in some places it could be forded. On the bank of the river geese constantly grazed. Little Yasha walked along the muddy shore, along goose feathers, and dreamed that he was walking along the sandy shore of the ocean. The boy grew up among the geese, which kept his mother. They ate geese on holidays and on weekdays. Goose feathers swept crumbs off the table. The mother put the sour cream on the rolls in the oven with a goose feather, which turned out to be buns with a delicious crust.
   The boy stuck goose feathers into his badly combed hair and screamed among the geese, for which the mother was very angry with him. Then Yasha climbed up the clay cliff to the nests of swallows. He interfered with his cries and sticks from the branches. Adults at the sight of his actions always tried to drive the boy away from the shore with the nests of swallows.
   The goose's childhood broke off like a precipice over a river: Yasha went to school. He studied surprisingly easily, although no one worked with him before school, this was not accepted in a small town. The school was one. Before the eighth grade, the boy lived at home, and there was no ninth grade at school.
  After the eighth grade, the guys went to a local school. Then they worked in their small town in a small repair plant. That's the whole prospect of the future life. Yasha decided to go to the nautical school and went away for a long time from the goose town, and then he went to study at the shipbuilding institute.
   Thor came to Roman Romanovich, but the owner was not at home. Marina was home alone and dreamed. She wore her hair on large curlers in front of a mirror and wanted to go where it was impossible. The bell rang, she went to the door, into the peephole noticed Thor, pulled off her hair curlers and opened the door. Thor crossed the threshold. Marina wrapped her arms around his neck. Her young breasts tightened beside Thor's chest.
   He took the girl in his arms:
   - Marina, where to carry you?
   - To my room.
   The girl's room was the personification of dear modesty. There is everything, but there is nothing superfluous. Most importantly, she had a bed and a half people. Thor laid her on that bed.
   - I did the right thing? - asked Thor and exclaimed: - But there is not enough space!
   - I have always had one.
   "I thought you were inviting me to you," said Thor.
   - No, I wanted to know if you can pick me up and carry a couple of meters.
   The phone rang in the room.
   Father's voice asked:
   - Marina, Thor, is it by chance not near you?
   - He's here.
   - Give him the phone, I'll talk to him.
   Thor listened to Roman Romanovich and frowned, then hung up and said:
   - I urgently need to go to the capital.
   - Take me with you, I have never been to the capital.
   - Let's go.
   But she could not leave with him, and Thor left and disappeared. There were no calls from him. The father did not say anything to his daughter. She could not be bored for a long time and went to Yasha at the shipyard. Seeing Marina Yasha, he became animated, he was happy in her presence, and she was a little indifferent to him.
   Yasha as a young specialist received a room in a three-room apartment. He was pleased with his housing. Marina casually listened about his joy and did not understand why he was glad. She, as she remembered herself, always had a large apartment. However, on a visit to Yasha began to come more and more often. The neighbors got used to her, she talked with them and once, having stayed in the common kitchen, she stayed in Yasha"s room until the morning.
   My daughter came home in the morning and passed through the line of silence. Her father did not speak up after her return, and her mother pursed her lips.
   After a while, the mother said:
   - Marina, you are an adult girl, but I dreamed about your wedding.
   - I dreamed of a rich husband.
   - Yasha - poor fiance?
   - He is not rich and unpretentious.
   Meetings continued. Parents sighed. There was no wedding. Yasha was happy, and Marina was waiting for something, and she was waiting for a versatile Torah. He arrived the day before the launch of the ferry.
   When going around the ferry before sending, Yasha stumbled upon a cache, but did not advertise his find. He took the bag, put it in a double plastic bag and hid it not far from the ferry dock. At home, I thought about how an explosive could be triggered. He knew that his rival Thor would leave on the first flight.
   A stupidity arose in Yasha's soul, that is, his thought revolved only around the destruction of an opponent. And he hated the ferry, he did not believe in it, and everyone knew about it, so if the ferry sinks, it will fly up the corporate ladder.
   Tickets for the first ferry trip were sold out or distributed to the right people. Roman Romanovich did not leave for the first flight. But quite unexpectedly, Marina wanted to take part in the first ferry crossing.
   Yasha knew about Torah, but did not know that Marina would float with him. He put the explosives in the weakest point of the ferry - in the castle, which kept the nose of the ferry shut. He washed his hands, taking off his gloves after his first bad act. The next day, passions were boiling around the ferry; the press was on their ears, taking pictures and filming a new technology miracle on camera.
   Five hundred passengers with their own champagne boarded the deck and scattered around their cabins. Yasha sobered from hatred for his opponent when he saw Marina going to the ferry accompanied by Thor.
  Her father stood in the crowd of mourners, and his daughter did not even give up. The ferry sailed away from the shore. The timer of time on the explosive device after closing of the palace started. Externally, the giant ferry inspired confidence: a huge floating high-rise building. Yasha did not like anything gigantic. He grew up in a small town and perceived only two-story buildings and double-deck ships.
   Two hours after the departure an explosion occurred in the lock of the bow of the ferry. The public by this time had time to drink champagne for a happy crossing.
   Jealousy is the black power of humanity. Yasha sat on the dock and looked into the cold distance of the sea, where his only love Marina, a charming girl, was leaving on a huge ferry. She was not a dream for him, but a reality until recently, until she met Thor. This Thor - Yasha gritted his teeth - bewitched her and now carried her away into the cold distance.
   Yasha's eyes were covered with a veil of hatred for her rival. The feeling of revenge excited him, he avenged, it remains to wait for the results of revenge.
   The waves grew in his eyes, more recently they were sloping and smooth, and now they have become sharper on the ridge and broke on the pier with an open-air mass of foam. Yasha flinched, he heard the muffled cry of Marina. He screamed like a horse, then stopped short and was silent. After a minute of silence, the wharf sank in his wolf howl.
   The moon through the clouds smiled at Yasha in the face.
   At the sound of the explosion, part of the crew of the ferry came running, the public was not allowed to go to the scene of the explosion. The explosion soldered parts of the castle. The captain concluded that everyone got off easily, the ferry became one, and without a welder there was nothing to think about destroying the new connection of the ship"s bow and stern. The public didn"t find out about the explosion, they were told that the planned tests had been carried out. They were successful.
   Marina and Thor retired to the cabin and had a great time.
   Yasha got up from the pier, turned and met Roman Romanovich"s eyes:
   - What have you done on the ferry? Admit it!
   - I planted a small bomb in the lock of the ferry.
   - And lost. The ferry has stood and floats on the course taken.
   - It can not be, I heard the cry of Marina!
   "The murderers didn't work out of you, your explosion only melted the steel parts of the castle, the steam sails." Problems will be with the unloading and loading, but the ferry team will cope with this. What to do with you?
   - Release - I will leave.
   - You will manage, you will work on the knot of the lock of the ferry.
   - I am against the collapsible design of the ferry!
   - You are against Thor, did I understand you correctly?
   - Yes. I hate him!
   - You love Marina and nearly killed her!
   - You're right! I have to leave.
   - In the morning I am waiting in the CB, the passage to the shipyard is closed for you.
   - I will come to KB.
   Yasha went on foot home. Roman Romanovich got into the car and drove away. Yachts were developed without the personal intervention of Roman Romanovich, so he sent Yasha to this development group to see him less often. After the explosion on the ferry, Yasha seemed numb and mechanically set about fulfilling a new task, but his work gradually enticed him, and he began to work in the design bureau with great dedication. His work was appreciated, but Roman Romanovich said that Yasha himself would be sailing the first week on the yacht Victoria.
   Ilya and Bella once again lived together in the old palace of Peacock, he became more comfortable with her. They did not argue, did not make plans for the restructuring of the palace, their life became quite measured.
   Bella enthusiastically looked at how a new yacht, Victoria Lvovna, was gathering in front of her eyes, the yacht was called "Victoria". Yasha, a yacht builder, noticed Bella's attention to his work and suggested that she paint the peacock feather next to the name of the yacht. Victoria Lvovna did not object to the drawing. Bella set about doing her favorite job.
   Thor arrived one day before the launch of the yacht on the water and stopped in the old palace. Bella told Ilya that she would take part in the first voyage. Ilya refused to sail on a yacht categorically. Victoria Lvovna said that she was carrying the yacht from the pier, but two sailors from the previous yacht would definitely take the yacht on the first voyage of the ship.
  Bella, Thor, Yasha and two sailors from the old yacht boarded the new yacht. Viktoria Lvovna did not let Pavel into the first voyage, he stood beside her on the quay.
   At this crucial moment, the helicopter of the border service hoisted over the yacht. The yacht was not allowed to enter the fairway. A serious ship should have been registered with the border guards. Tests of the yacht border guards were transferred indefinitely.
   Victoria Lvovna asked: "What is needed to speed up registration?" She was told that she needed money for registration and for obtaining permission to move in the Abrikosovka water area.
   Pasha engaged in paperwork. Yasha was nervous, his business trip was coming to an end. Ilya was glad that Bella was with him. And here, like snow on her head, Marina flew in to familiarize herself with the yacht and Apricot. Her father recommended to look at the yacht.
   The fact is that Yasha made her an offer to marry him, and Marina said that she would not marry him without a yacht. From childhood she wanted to have her own vessel, albeit a small one, but her own.
   Old palace announced young voices. Everyone who had nothing to do was swimming in the pool. Bella sat thoughtfully on the side of the pool, Marina sat next to her.
   - Well, here you are, - said Marina, - and most importantly, warmly. You don"t buy it in our sea, but there is also a warm pool here. I like. Can we stay with you for a week, we will pay for everything?
   - Stay.
   Bella Marina liked, she missed her friend so much! Alla was busy with her own affairs, and their friendship fell apart, as if she hadn"t, and with Lviv, Lviv"s friendship wasn"t working. Marina appeared on time.
   But Yasha came at the wrong time:
   - Hi girls! Look, you're here talking like family.
   - Are you jealous of us? - Marina asked.
   - No, I am glad that you approached each other. Marina, why did you come here?
   - My father wants to buy me a yacht that looks like this one! And you can make yachts, but you can never buy me a yacht!
   - Yes, I do not buy a boat for you. Tomorrow all the papers will be ready, and we will be able to sail on a new yacht from the Apricot for a considerable distance. Marina, will you sail with us?
   - Take - swim.
  Chapter 12
   Bella looked at a couple of young people and realized that a new acquaintance had already been taken away and they hadn"t been allowed to talk. She got up and went into the house.
   At the doorway, Bella ran into Thor.
   - Bella, where are you in a hurry? Talk to me.
   - Thor, I go to my workshop. Escort me
   Thor and Bella went up to the art workshop. The man walked over to the window and looked at the yacht at the pier.
   - I like the new yacht. And Marina looks good with the yacht! Yes, I noticed that peacocks are painted everywhere. Do you love them?
   - I love it very much, like the former owner of this palace.
   - Again, this Yasha is standing next to Marina! You know, Bella, he wanted to drown me on the ferry! Marina's father saved him from punishment, and everything went without victims. Marina only knows nothing about this, her father forbade talking to her about it! So I will not allow her to go on this first flight!
   - Will she listen to you? Marina is an obstinate girl. Yes, and I no longer want to go to the first voyage.
   - Bella, look! Marina is already hanging around Ilya's neck!
   Bella went to the window and saw that Marina was actually almost hanging on a man, and Yasha was standing next to her and was trying to tear her away from Ilya.
   "Ilya is my husband, he is not a rival to Yasha," Bella said.
   - But he is handsome! He is a very sleek man! Such men like her!
   - Thor, but you are also beautiful, you have a very well-groomed appearance!
   - Bella, you tell Marina this!
   Outside the window there was another revival. Pasha appeared with a case in his hands and said something to everyone. At the pier, shouted: "Hurray!" Marina hung on Pavel. He kissed her and set her aside.
   Victoria Lvovna approached the pier, she did not lose her charm.
  - What a beautiful owner of this yacht! Exclaimed Thor. - Let's go to the pier, Bella! - And he himself first ran down the stairs.
   Bella remained standing at the window. She took the brush and stopped at the easel.
   Thor came running to the pier and told Mrs. Victoria Lvovna that he liked the yacht madly, that he wanted to check the ship's quality of the yacht himself, because he was good at it. Victoria Lvovna gave her consent to his participation in the trials. Everyone was ready to sail the yacht, but there was no Bella, so we decided to sail without her. The team changed its composition: Yasha, Thor and two sailors. On the shore they left to accompany the yacht and its first passengers Pasha, Victoria Lvovna and Marina.
   Bella went to the window and accidentally touched the antenna, which was located by Count Peacock in a bouquet of peacock feathers. At this moment an explosion occurred on the yacht. The men jumped overboard and swam from the burning torch to the shore. Bella shuddered at the sound of an explosion, she saw men swimming, burning white sails of a yacht.
   She decided to paint this picture and did not take her eyes off the bright spectacle, not even suspecting that she did all this with one careless movement of her hand in a bouquet of peacock feathers created by Count Pavlin. Or not she? After all, the count was no longer in this world, and the yacht was new.
   Bella knew that bouquets of peacock feathers hid strange entries that Count Peacock strictly forbade her to touch ... She thought a little more and came to the conclusion that the yacht was new, and the old entries of Count Peacock could not have any relation to her. So she didn't blow the yacht ...
   In the evening, everyone gathered in the hall of the art gallery. The question was one: who blew up the boat? Ilya looked at the audience, it seemed to him that Yasha"s eyes were strangely running around. The others sat and talked excitedly. The conversation did not bring results.
   In the morning Ilya decided to inspect the yacht himself. The charred remains of the yacht lay on the shore. He sat down on a bench not far from the wreck and began to look and think about who and whom he prevented from these men who were interesting in appearance. It turned out that the biggest enemies are Thor and Pasha, which means that Pasha could have put explosives!
   Illya has already noticed the hostility between Thor and Yasha, but both of them were on board the ship, and there could be no questions about them. Ilya did not even think about the explosive revenge of women, but in vain! And then he noticed on the upholstery yachting traces of a peacock feather pattern. Bella was not even on the pier. She, according to people, was in the workshop and did not approach the pier at all!
   And yet, the yacht belonged to Pavel and Mrs. Victoria Lvovna. Bella could take revenge. Ilya slowly began to bypass the yacht. He suggested that the explosive lay in the place where the chair was fixed on the deck for the hostess. He did not find the answer to his questions. Only their people saw the explosion, and nobody was in a hurry to tell the official authorities about the explosion aboard the new yacht.
   Bella came up to Ilya.
   "Ilya, I did not blow up the ship, but I sketched what was after the explosion," and she showed her husband her sketch.
   Ilya attentively fixed his eyes on the picture of the sea tragedy. He noticed that Thor was the first to swim, Yasha followed him. Bell did not draw sailors, but where were they at the time of the explosion? According to eyewitnesses, during the explosion the sailors were in the cabin, they were not on the deck, but they escaped, and no one noticed them!
   "Bella, what is your opinion about the explosion?"
   "I did not look out the window until the explosion, until I heard the sound of an explosion and the cries of people." Tor came to my studio, he was jealous of Marina to all men.
   - But Thor was on the yacht, he could not blow himself up!
   - What will you say about Marina?
   "Nice girl, but they didn't let me talk to her."
   "Couldn't she blow up the boat with her men: Yasha and Thor?"
   "I don"t know, they all came here with their old grievances against each other, but Thor said that Yash blew him up once on the ferry.
   - Here are the wonders of a global scale, and all this is at our pier! If the people find out, it will climb into all the cracks here! You need to drag the burned yacht into the hangar!
   Victoria Lvovna approached them:
   - Here, brother, how my money is burned! I already suspect everyone. Pasha managed to arrange all the papers.
   - So it means! I do not know who blew up the boat! - Ilya exclaimed and went to organize a team to transfer the yacht to a closed place. It was carried to the shore by the ninth wave.
   Thor stood next to Yasha and shouted:
   - Yasha, you wanted to blow me up!
   - Thor, I did not know that you will sail on a yacht!
  Marina stood nearby and sobbed. Belatedly, she understood what had happened and what could have happened. Realizing the situation, she went to the men, took them by the arms and led them to the remains of the yacht. The men fell silent and carefully began to bypass what was left of the white splendor.
   Yasha slapped his forehead:
   - Marina, what if the bomb came from the factory!
   "The bomb could have exploded at any time, but it exploded after sailing!" I saw an explosion!
   - By chance, you did not see someone from the mourners clicked on the remote control?
   - As soon as you sailed, Pasha clicked on a mobile phone.
   - What we did not please him? Thor asked.
   - Darkness! - Yasha cried. - I won't blow anyone up anymore!
   - Yasha, do you often blow up? - Marina asked.
   - It was business, but not now. Marina, I will not give you a yacht, and you will not marry me.
   - Yasha, you are lucky, survived and shut up, - said Marina, and then laughed: - That's it! I will not have a yacht! I will not have a husband!
   After her own screams, the girl wandered to the side of the old palace to collect things.
   Thor approached Paul:
   - Pasha, it was not you who wanted to blow me up?
   - I'm not an explosive technician.
   - And who, let me ask you?
   "I"m the man you are shooting at!"
   - Wu, vindictive!
   - The hand hurts and reminds of your shot.
   - Did you blow up the boat?
   - Why should I blow my property?
   Together, the yacht was brought into the hangar. In the doorway of the hangar, Roman Romanovich stood in the light:
   - What happened, Yasha?
   - Our work was blown up. Where are you from?
   - I came to see my daughter, to show myself.
   Ilya carefully looked at the chief designer Roman Romanovich, he seemed too merry, and from his pocket he stuck out the antenna of some device.
   The shipyard produced ships for various purposes under the general guidance of Roman Romanovich. In ancient times, he studied at the institute together with Count Pavlin, who, as a student, won a huge amount of money in the gaming complex and did not play any more gambling. With this money he built his first yacht. How everyone envied him!
   Roman Romanovich liked Victoria Lvovna very much then.
   One summer, Viktoria Lvovna went to Abrikosovka - exactly where Count Pavlin sailed on the yacht, she wanted to pick it up and did not pay attention to the designer Roman Romanovich. But her money ran out faster, and she had to work as a saleswoman in a wine shop, and there she got to know closer to Count Pavlin.
   She did not return to the institute to study, but she no longer worked as a saleswoman, she became a singer with the help of Count Pavlin. For all her life Victoria Lvovna remained in the soul of Roman Romanovich. He successfully married a girl with a strange name Claudia Karlovna, who owned a large apartment at that time, and had a good life.
   But Victoria Lvovna! And he received an order for a yacht for her! It is for her! His daughter Marina was a bit like Victoria! The explosion on the ferry, which gave Yash, inspired Roman Romanovich for a new feat. He decided to destroy the yacht after its creation! Revenge and jealousy of his life! And he destroyed it! He was pleased!
   Mrs. Victoria Lvovna looked at the man who entered the hangar:
   "Roman Romanovich, is that you?" Victoria Lvovna pointed at the yacht.
   - Naturally, the most beautiful of women!
   - Dad, did you blow it up? - Marina asked, standing not far from the yacht.
   - You can"t look at Victoria without glasses, you will be blind from her beauty!
   - Daddy, do you know Victoria?
   - And how long! Marina, do you know that you are the daughter of Victoria Lvovna ?!
   The crowd around them closed tightly, turning into eyes and ears.
   - What are you persecuting ?! - shouted Victoria Lvovna.
   - Victoria Lvovna, do not shout! I will say for all that was many years ago. You gave birth to a child and gave it to a lonely, young and barren woman Claudia Karlovna, who had a big apartment. You yourself went to Abrikosovka, and I never saw you again. But I knew from Count Peacock that you rode with him on his yacht. So, I married a woman with your child, and we had no more children. Marina is your daughter! And your daughter almost drowned Yasha! So I decided that let Yasha sink on your yacht! I said everything! - and he sank down on the charred yacht.
  Victoria Lvovna had noticed her features in the face of Marina before, her heart was trembling, and now she was ready to jump out of her chest.
   Marina looked at Victoria and said:
   - You are mother Victoria Lvovna! And my mother Claudia I already have. I almost left, but I returned on time, I got to such a concert! Thank you, father, for the truth! It remains to find out who is my father ?!
   - Count Peacock! - involuntarily cried out Victoria Lvovna.
   - Victoria Lvovna, you already have a daughter from him, so you have two daughters from him? - asked anxiously Pasha.
   - Pasha, it's the other way round, my second daughter is from Roman Romanovich.
   - Victoria Lvovna, are you out of your mind ?! - asked Roman Romanovich with anguish.
   - It so happened, I was so confused when I tried to marry Count Peacock. But I loved you, Roman Romanovich, and you know that.
   - I know, Victoria Lvovna, I know. What are we going to do now? Where is my daughter?
   - Roman Romanovich, you already have a granddaughter. The second daughter did not study at the institute and gave birth before her elder sister.
   - Mom, so I have a sister and niece ?! Great! Introduce yourself! - Marina exclaimed.
   - She will come today to look at the yacht.
   Yasha approached the company and said:
   - Marina, I won't leave without you.
   - Yasha, meet my mother Victoria Lvovna!
   - Beautiful you have a second mother, you are very similar to her! - quietly said Yasha.
   - Mother Victoria Lvovna, Yasha and I want to get married.
   - And marry, but wait sister, her name is Lisa, and she has a daughter Alain.
   Lisa and her daughter Alyona soon went to the hangar.
   - Hello everyone! Mom, we came, nobody met us. Taxi driver Andrew drove to the palace. What about the yacht? Are all intact?
   - Lisa, here it happens! Meet: your sister Marina, your father Roman Romanovich, said Victoria Lvovna to her daughter.
   - Cool! The yacht burned down, the father died, and the new relatives are going to the herd of inheritance, the mother"s daughter replied sarcastically, these are the next tales of my mother.
   - It's true! - Victoria Lvovna exclaimed bitterly.
   She took the little granddaughter Alain by the hand and went with her to the sea. Lisa outwardly resembled Roman Romanovich. He looked at his daughter and for the first time in his life he felt like a complete man!
   The daughter looked at her father and shuddered with her whole body:
   - But I look like you! Horrible! Are you my father ?!
   - Liza, I myself have not quite gotten to this idea.
   Lisa and Roman Romanovich stepped aside.
   For a complete idyll, Tonya and Sergei came to the palace.
   - Bella, you have so many people here and the yacht is burnt! And Andrei brought us here, said that very interesting events are taking place here.
   - Sergei, today the palace is full of people. All my own, but I'm sad. Okay, soon a general dinner, we will lay the table on the street.
   - Do not be sad, girlfriend. Bella, everything will be fine, we do not wish you evil.
   Tonya shook her head in the affirmative. Tonya, Seryozha and Bella walked along the shore. On the seashore, all women had the opportunity to talk.
   Marina approached Victoria Lvovna:
   - Mother Victoria Lvovna, I can"t believe that you are my mother.
   - Marina, I myself hardly believe it. Many years later. The severity of the pain because I gave you to raise a better-off woman has passed.
   - Sorry, but you are not a poor woman and you could find me and meet me!
   - No, I could not come to you. Your adoptive mother paid me to keep me from looking for you. You see, I lost a huge amount of money in the game complex. Count Peacock won a lot of money and bought a boat. And I lost, and you had to pay for the debts. I had no way back. Claudia Karlovna paid my debt in the game complex. I didn"t remember her name. About you, I did not allow myself to think, thoughts about you my whole life were forbidden.
   - But you look great!
   - Thank you, I stand on it.
   Victoria Lvovna and Marina continued to speak without listeners.
   Liza and Roman Romanovich approached them:
   - Victoria Lvovna, I will pay damages. You will have a yacht better than this.
   "Mom, I want to go visit Father Roman Romanovich," Lisa said.
   - Mother Victoria Lvovna, can I live here? - Marina asked.
   - Do what you want! Marina, live here with Bella. And I will leave with Paul now, do not judge strictly, I told you everything.
  Piles of people roamed the palace grounds, discussing the news about the daughters of Victoria Lvovna.
   A black limousine drove up to the gates of the palace, a man in a strict suit came out of it. He went to Mrs. Victoria Lvovna.
   - Victoria Lvovna, there is news for you! - exclaimed lawyer Count Pavlin. - I got a call on my mobile phone and was told that you have two daughters!
   - What do you care? - irritated exclaimed Victoria Lvovna.
   - I have a testament to Count Pavlin ... Yes, you are an heiress, but the testament says: if you declare children about which Count Peacock did not know, then the whole inheritance is transferred to his own daughter. The heiress is his own daughter, whether he knew her or not! One day, for fun or not, but he did a DNA analysis, you can compare him with the DNA of your two daughters! The official results of the analysis are attached to the will.
   "Why didn't I know about this?" Now heiress Marina?
   - If the tests match - yes. You managed to build a house for yourself, nothing is said about it in the will, your new house is yours!
   - Grigory, what will Lisa and Alena get?
   - They have their apartment and everything that they used until this moment, and, perhaps, nothing more.
   - So, if the boat was not blown up, it would be mine?
   - Absolutely right!
   They said so loudly that everyone who was in the territory of the old palace began to approach them.
   - Grigory, what will my stepbrother Ilya get? He now has a boarding house with Bella and the old Peacock Palace.
   Ilya and Bella turned out loud.
   - One-room apartment Ilya.
   Ilya and Bella joined hands, they didn't have the strength to speak.
   Lisa and Roman Romanovich came up.
   - Daughter, we are ruined, we have nothing left with you, only our homes! - shouted Victoria Lvovna.
   "Mom, I don't know what this is about, but I didn't have anything," Lisa said modestly.
   Marina came up, everyone looked at her.
   - Marina, you are now the heiress of Count Pavlin! - exclaimed Victoria Lvovna.
   - I `ve heard it before. My mother is the daughter of the host of the gaming complex, in which you, mother Viktoria Lvovna, lost her to her!
   - All over again to her? - cried Victoria Lvovna with tears.
   - Father, when are we going home?
   "Marina, you wanted to live here," Victoria Lvovna reminded her.
   - Not! My palace! I do what I want! Yasha, come with me? I am now richer! Yasha, why do you need me? I am rich, I can do without you.
   - Daughter, what's wrong with you? - asked Roman Romanovich. - I raised you!
   - Roman Romanovich, do not attach yourself to my wealth, you are not my father. Thanks and on it, and now your daughter won, - and Marina showed a hand on Lisa.
   Bella walked away from the company, went to the birds and brought a peacock feather.
   "This is also the heiress of Count Pavlin," lawyer Grigory exclaimed, and pointed to Bella.
   - What a joke? - asked Victoria Lvovna, wiping her eyes from tears.
   - Count Pavlin has three points of heirs: a wife, a daughter and the woman who will have a peacock feather in his hand from his coat of arms during the dismantling of the inheritance.
   - Man, what did you say ?! - Marina wailed.
   - Girl, impudence is punishable even from the next world. Count Peacock loved to joke, he knew about heart disease and therefore everyone around him soothed sleeping pills. He assumed that Ms. Victoria Lvovna had a daughter, he with his sick heart felt that she was. Therefore, his heart ached, but in fact he was a count with the family coat of arms. His coat of arms glows on the gates of the palace from the inside, look, look!
   Everyone looked towards the gate and really saw the coat of arms with a peacock feather.
   - The third condition of the testament: if a woman with a peacock feather appears, then the whole inheritance is divided into three: wife, daughter and woman.
   - Gregory, and what other conditions? - Victoria Lvovna asked dejectedly.
   - No, this is the last, everything is divided into three.
   "Bella, did you know about this condition?" - asked Victoria Lvovna.
   - Yes, I knew about the third condition. Earl Peacock once told me about him, but I did not know about the second condition.
   - This is better than nothing. Bella, since you helped me out of my daughters and my brother, now we all go to the art gallery to eat cakes and drink compote.
   "Everything is ready," Bella replied.
  Marina from her summer bag took out a pistol and sent it to Bella. Ilya in a jump knocked the gun out of the hands of the heiress.
   - Attention everyone! Shouted Gregory.
   - What else? - asked Victoria Lvovna.
   - Marina loses inheritance!
   - What a joke ?! - Marina screamed.
   - You raised a gun to the coat of arms of Count Pavlin.
   - This is not a coat of arms, but a woman with a feather of a bird.
   - Lord, what a joy that I have not seen you for so long! - exclaimed Victoria Lvovna.
   - You about me and my daughter? - asked Roman Romanovich.
   - Who else? One blew up the yacht, the second shoots the pearly madam Bella!
   Three cars drove up to the gate. The guards broke into the palace grounds.
   - You are arrested! Said the guard to Roman Romanovich.
   "Where are you from, captain?" - asked Victoria Lvovna.
   - Ilya told us about the explosion on the yacht, we were standing next to the palace.
   - Thank! - said Victoria Lvovna and sat on a bench at the gates of the palace.
   - What should I do? - asked Yasha.
   "Your documents," said the captain to Yasha.
   "Will you arrest me?"
   "No, it was not you who blew up the ferry, but Roman Romanovich," answered the captain.
   "But everyone thought I was," Yasha said hopelessly.
   - Roman Romanovich bought the place of the general designer in difficult years for the shipbuilding plant, this is the whole story, and you are a pawn.
   "But I put the explosives in the ferry lock!"
   - You were told that it was glue? Yasha, you were fired, and we are arresting Roman Romanovich. You are free, but without the right to work in a shipyard.
   - Yasha, can you restore the yacht? - asked Viktoria Lvovna, rising from the bench.
   - Can.
   - I take you to my job. You will live in the palace, if Lady Bella does not object.
   "I don't mind," Bella replied. - Victoria Lvovna, I do not believe that Marina is your daughter!
   - She is not my daughter.
   - What?! - all exclaimed in chorus.
   - Marina is the daughter of Count Pavlin and her mother Claudia Karlovna.
   - Why is everything so confused? Asked Bella.
   - Her mother gave Count Pavlin the opportunity to win big in the game complex of her father, she loved him very much. Roman Romanovich knew that Claudia Karlovna was expecting a child from Count Peacock. I lost in the game complex, where Count Peacock dragged me, who knew that Roman Romanovich loved me, and if I told him that this was my daughter, he would be a good father to his daughter. That's all about this confusing story.
   The guards released Marina, because she did not have time to shoot, but the gun was taken away from her. They also freed Roman Romanovich because of the lack of direct evidence against him, except for his personal confessions made in the heat of passion. The guards left the palace.
   - So I am the daughter of Count Pavlin ?! So I am the heir! - Marina said surprisingly calmly and loudly.
   "Yes, you are an heir, you owe a third of his empire," Gregory replied.
   - Let's go to the art gallery, there is no truth in the legs, - Bella tiredly called everyone to the table.
   Bella entered the palace's art gallery and stopped, looking in surprise at the absence of two paintings. Rama peacefully displayed bare walls. The crowd stopped nearby. On a large table there were glasses with a compote on duty and branded pies lay on plates.
   - Ilya, lost two paintings from the collection of the graph! Bella exclaimed.
   - They are valuable? - asked Illya, making his way forward.
   "The most valuable paintings are gone, they are not of my production," Bella replied.
   - Attention! All together we sit at the table! - shouted Ilya. - And we confess to the theft of paintings! - He added in a joking way.
  Guests began to slowly enter the art gallery, marveling at its selection of works on the theme of the sea and peacocks.
   - Bella, what exactly was missing? - asked Victoria Lvovna.
   "Two paintings on a maritime theme, originals," Bella answered quickly.
   - On the first floor of the picture hung without alarm? Bella, the palace was always guarded by Count Pavlin. Where is the guard? - asked Victoria Lvovna.
   - I repent, Victoria Lvovna, I dismissed the guard.
   - The guests are full of palace - and all without protection! You're crazy, Bella! Is it so possible! - Victoria Lvovna complained. - I do not trust you Peacock Palace!
   - Victoria Lvovna, we will close the art gallery and set the alarm, - Ilya reassured.
   - Hands waved after the theft! - grumbled Victoria Lvovna.
   - Victoria Lvovna, what is the stump hanging on your chain? - asked Ilya.
   - Where? - asked Victoria Lvovna, and grabbed the chain with her hand. - True, there is no pendant.
   - Attention, all look at your jewelry! - Ilya called all.
   Women from all sides began to examine themselves.
   Men climbed to check wallets.
   "Lisa, take Alain and come with us," Bella said.
   "So, there were a lot of adults here," Ilya said, "two paintings were gone, the yacht was blown up, the pendant of Victoria Lvovna was cut off. Who wants to comment on this?
   "There were still security guards and a lawyer here," said Marina, "there are still servants, or, as they are called now, the palace attendants."
   - The last people tested, but the newcomers arrived plenty! - Ilya objected.
   "Ilya, we cannot find those guilty of theft and explosions," said Viktoria Lvovna sadly, and she herself thought that all the explosions were the work of Count Pavlin, who is bored of living without a human face, so he is having fun in his own way.
  Chapter 13
   A figure of Serezha appeared in the doorway, Tonya stood behind him.
   "Seryozha, two paintings here are gone," said Illya.
   - Here was Andrei, a taxi driver! - quickly said Seryozha.
   "Andrei is almost our man," answered Illya.
   "Ilya, you have all of ours, but there are many punctures," Victoria Lvovna grumbled again. "It"s still necessary to decide what Bella gets for the third part of the inheritance."
   "Victoria Lvovna, we will solve this without a general meeting," Pasha intervened as the financial director of Count Pavlin"s entire heritage. - There is a proposal to transfer Belle hotel with the Thor.
   - I have no right to vote? I was blown up, and now they are passing, as a thing, and I had to advise Victoria Lvovna to order a new yacht! Said Thor loudly and nervously.
   - I will repeat my proposal: the hotel will get Marina, the palace and the boarding house - Ilya and Bella, a supermarket and a gaming complex - Victoria Lvovna, - Pasha said importantly.
   - A wine factory with a store who will get? - Marina asked.
   - Nimble how, just arrived, and he knows everything! - Victoria Lvovna was surprised.
   - Mama!
   "We clarified this question, you only have mother Claudia Karlovna," Victoria Lvovna answered firmly.
   "The winery and the motor ship remain with Madam Victoria Lvovna," Pasha answered.
   - Something I have very little left, - Marina moaned.
   Bella approached Ilya. Lisa stopped next to Victoria Lvovna.
   - Lisa during the life of Count Pavlin was his daughter. She has the right to a portion of the estate, Bella said.
   "Good," Marina agreed. - Lise factory and motor ship.
   "Pasha, the decision was made about the inheritance, and about the thefts, let Illya understand," Victoria Lvovna said wearily. - And it is necessary to strengthen the security of the palace.
   "I will marry Torah," said Marina, "and I will leave to live in the capital with my husband and inheritance in the form of a hotel."
   - Bummer, baby. Thor is your brother, - Victoria Lvovna objected. - Thor is the son of Count Pavlin and Claudia Karlovna.
   "Another joke," Marina pointed out sarcastically.
   "Marina, I will marry you," suggested Yasha.
   "If Marina is my sister, then ask her for my hands," said Thor.
   "No," she said twice, "I"ll sell the hotel and buy out the shares of my father"s shipyard with this money."
  "Daughter, you made good decisions," said Roman Romanovich.
   - Eh, dad! I got used to you! And you are not my dad!
   - I did not understand why Thor turned out to be Marina's brother? - asked Roman Romanovich.
   No one answered him, no one has figured it out yet, and everyone thought such a relationship was a joke. Questions with inheritance are hanging.
   In the evening, Ilya turned on the TV. Bella looked at the screen and said:
   - Ilya, there were sailors from the yacht here, have you not seen them for a long time?
   - From the moment they helped move the yacht.
   - They took the pictures. One of them, named Buek, is capable of anything, he could cut the pendant and blow up the yacht, he loved the old yacht, and the new one was his rival.
   "Bella, you're right, we"ll find him." Everybody's Free! - said Ilya loudly.
   Lady Victoria Lvovna observers reported that our her yacht. She expected to hear such news, and yet was extremely excited. She drove along the highway to the beach. Andrew was standing on the dock. They greeted each other. Andrew looked elegant, without the usual leather and a black sweater. Victoria Lvovna, he pointed to the sleeping sailors. She recognized them. Sleeping sailors were placed in an ambulance that approached from the side of the highway, they had to be carried in a stretcher, they did not wake up.
   Andrey and Victoria Lvovna drove her car. For the first time, Andrei was driven by a woman.
   - Andrei, did you blow up my yachts? - Victoria Lvovna asked peacefully.
   - No, why should I blow yachts?
   - I wonder why you were with the sailors on the same team?
   - I saved them.
   - And robbed? Money out of your pocket stuck out. And where did they get so much money? Not for my diamond pendant?
   - About the pendant I have not heard.
   - And about the pictures?
   Andrey so carefully began to look out the window, that her suspicion about the role of Andrey in her bad luck intensified.
   - For how many pictures my sold?
   - For a pound of raisins.
   - Specific answer. For pounds sterling? Will you give raisins or paintings?
   - Yachts. One I saved you.
   - For the salvation of sailors and yachts I will give you money for a new taxi, but for the theft of pictures this money will be subtracted from you. We're even. Penguins will wake up, they won't sell you.
   - And you know about penguins?
   - Burdock Andrew, I live here forever. Penguins worked on the principle of "just to profit." I will not dismiss them, I think that they did not blow up the hangar.
   - Not they.
   - Give me all the money!
   Andrew began to pull out money taken from penguins from all his pockets.
   - Smart Andrei, serve me.
   - How?
   - Find someone who blew up the hangar!
   - And I already know who sent it to the air.
   - And who?
   - And you give me half the money, I will say.
   Victoria Lvovna broke a pile of securities into two halves and handed a paper wad of money to Andrei.
   - Marina.
   - Proof of!
   - She brought several complicated units for repairing the yachts, carried them in my taxi, I cleaned them in the trunk. Among other boxes and drawers was one drawer with a bomb.
   - How do you know?
   - In the army sapper served. I have a nose, like a dog, on explosives.
   - What can you prove?
   - Inspect her room or rubbish, there should be a small box with the smell of explosives.
   - We have trash and a small truck after the explosion of the yacht and hangar, everything has not been taken out yet.
   - Bring the dogs.
   - If you knew about explosives, why did not you say?
   - I believe in people, did not know that she would let her work.
   - Not bad. Will you be my personal driver?
   - And part-time lover?
  - And let's check your abilities. You and I have money, and we will go to my new home, now there is no one there.
   - Let's go, your majesty.
   The house inspired respect for its appearance. A small palace surrounded by a decent fence hid within itself the secrets of civilization. Victoria Lvovna led Andrew into the bedroom for guests, she did not dare to lead to her bedroom: what if Pasha showed up.
   Andrei liked everything here, right up to the hostess. Passionate love in recent times he did not have. And Victoria Lvovna was not spoiled by Pavel"s love. She drew the dark curtains. Twilight enveloped potential lovers. The bath took into her warm bliss the body of Victoria Lvovna. Andrew went to the next shower. A huge guest bed swallowed clean bodies. They turned to each other and forgot about the outside world for about two hours. Then fell asleep.
   Pasha made out insurance for the burnt yacht. With one boat he was stopped, saying that there is information that she was intact. In general, the money was issued for one yacht. With such news Pasha was driving home. At the house he noticed the car of Victoria Lvovna, but she was nowhere to be seen. He began to call her, no one responded.
   Pasha went around one room after another, came to the guest bedroom, opened the door and froze: Victoria Lvovna and Andrey were sleeping on their bed without clothes.
   The man closed the door, went down to the first floor, sat in a chair, turned on the TV. He took out brandy, poured it into a thick glass, but did not drink it.
   A bell rang: the bell rang. Pasha opened the door by clicking on the button in the table behind which he was sitting.
   Soon, Bella stood before him in person.
   - Pasha, they say, with the garbage from the fire found out. I came to find out whether it is possible to dump the trash? The season is open, vacationers scurry everywhere.
   - I think you can clear the territory.
   "But I would like to hear this from Ms. Victoria Lvovna."
   - And I would not mind talking to her, but she is not at home.
   - She is at home, her car at the gate, apparently, was in a hurry somewhere.
   - I have no words in response to your arguments.
   "So she is at home?"
   - They are sleeping.
   - Who are they?
   - Andrey and Victoria Lvovna sleep in a nude in the bedroom for guests! Waiting, when they wake up, the whole bedroom is covered with crumpled money.
   - How interesting!
   - Still would! I have horns growing, I am already thirty years old ...
   - Do not worry, Pasha, as they say ...
   - Will you drink?
   - I'm driving.
   - My hands are falling. I drag all worries on myself, and here is the reward - the horns!
   - Do not be sad.
   - Bella, do you love Illya?
   - We live together.
   - This is not an answer.
   - I do not know, Pasha.
   - Should I go home? You will go with me?
   - I'm used to here.
   - But not me. Bella, transfer this package personally to Victoria Lvovna, there is insurance, but she has a completely different one ... I am flying home, now I will take my things. Documents with me, take me to the airport.
   - I'll drive, let's go.
   Bella handed over the package to Ms. Victoria Lvovna the next day and said that Pasha returned to her home and asked him not to disturb him anymore. Victoria Lvovna called the forgotten lawyer Gregory and asked him to take Paul's place in her pyramid. She was not going to chase after Paul.
   Victoria L'vovna poured out her accumulated anger on Pavel to Bella. Victoria Lvovna came to Bella and said that in her department alone explosions occur. Bella packed up and left for home. Victoria Lvovna told Ilya that now she is the mistress of the Peacock Palace! Ilya took the things and left.
   Victoria Lvovna has quarreled with Bella and Ilya. She herself could not understand why all the anger accumulated after the explosion on the new yacht, she put out to Bella and Ilya. It so happened, got the hand. Victoria Lvovna calmed down, but she no longer had to apologize, the addressees dropped out.
   Pasha told Victoria Lvovna that her old friend from the time of school came to Bella, he lives with Tonya. Victoria Lvovna decided to Seryozha to check for professional suitability for her purposes. Tonya was at work. The door was opened by big Seryozha. He immediately liked Ms. Victoria Lvovna.
   - Hello, Seryozha, I am Victoria Lvovna. Do not be surprised at my arrival.
   - Hello to you, too! What is it for? Offend us?
   - No, I want to offer you a job, but I do not know, will you agree? I need a man with golden hands. I have a yacht maintenance factory, an engineer, no worker. Could you help in repairing two yachts and a ship?
  - Where and when to work?
   - It will get warm soon, and you can start working. Hangar stands on the beach, the rest is all in your hands. You can live in the palace, it has rooms for staff.
   News Tonya met calmly, she knew that Victoria Lvovna Seryozha would not miss. Soon Seryozha moved to Bella"s palace. Yashu and Seryozha were placed in two adjacent rooms. They began to repair the floating equipment of Victoria Lvovna. Yasha thought through what and how to do, and Serezha performed. They worked together. Their working day was irregular, which suited them perfectly.
   Marina could not understand who and what blew up, but she felt her guilt before the yacht, broken by the explosion. As far as she could, she helped Yasha to get the necessary parts and components for his repair crew. Far from him, she realized that he needed her more than a married Thor. It so happened that Marina brought necessary spare parts for the repair of yachts. The three of them were cheerfully thinking about how to improve in yachts or in the ship.
   Bella looked in on them, offered her help in setting up small ships. They invited painters, and things went. Victoria Lvovna glanced at the cheerful light of the repair brigade and was surprised at how quickly her assignments were carried out.
   The old yacht shone like a new one. In the new yacht, the holes from the explosion acquired cover and did not frighten their frankness. The ship took on the appearance of a beautiful double-deck vessel. Victoria Lvovna personally paid Yasha and Serezhe.
   Yasha was hoping, after repairing the yachts, to return to Marina. Seryozha wanted to live with Tonya, and not work away from her. They gave the money to their women and continued to work that they performed efficiently and quickly. The success of the brigade hung in the air. Silence was surrounded by a hangar, a small canal had been dug through it, through which vessels were brought up and raised for repair.
   Luna looked into the hangar. The gates opened. An old yacht sailed out of the gate and swam toward the open sea. A few minutes later an explosion sounded. The hangar with the new yacht and the motor ship flew into the air with bits of planks and ragged iron.
   Bella woke up from the explosion and looked out the window: the yacht was visible in the flames of a burning hangar. Ilya woke up, looked surprised at his wife by the window, then quickly jumped up and ran to the window. The old yacht was hidden by the darkness of the night. Burned hangar.
   - Bella, someone against the new yacht! Let it burn.
   - Ilya, call the fireman, call the police. Call
   Ilya called emergency numbers and looked out the window: Yasha and Marina ran to the hangar. In the hangar, something else gasped, zhahnulo. The couple fell on the sand and no longer tried to go in the direction of the explosions. They went to the side of the palace. Bella and Ilya went down to them.
   Firefighters arrived. The ambulance roared. Some clever man began to survey the inhabitants of the palace. Firefighters extinguished burnt debris. In the morning among the wreckage it was difficult at first sight to determine the number of ships. Victoria Lvovna walked around the hangar and did not know what to think.
   Ilya approached Victoria Lvovna:
   - Sister, most importantly, do not worry, people are all intact.
   - This is good, but to whom did my yachts get in the way?
   "I don't know who your enemy is."
   - Look, brother, look!
   - Look for the wind fistula in the field!
   - Or to the sea!
   - You know, and you are right, it is the sea that must be sought by the enemy.
   Yasha shrugged, he answered all questions about the repair of ships, but he wasn"t released, forcing him to remain until the end of the investigation. Victoria Lvovna could not look at him. She refused to maintain the repair team.
   On the fairway on the old yacht two sailors sailed, who had always sailed on it since its inception.
   - Boeke, we were lucky that we did not explode in the hangar with the rest of the ships!
   - Ledok, you are a hammer, quickly brought the yacht to the fairway, but it was not you who planted bombs?
   - What am I, shifted - to blow yourself up? You must have blown it up.
   - And I'm not sick to destroy the yacht with explosives.
   - I know that not you. But who blew it up? After all, they barely lost their legs!
   - A little in the grave did not please, still shakes me from fear.
   - And people will think that we blew up.
   "Glacier, and who do you think, well, about the explosions?"
  - Boek, we came here everyones, and they themselves blew up. I think we did not notice. We went into the fairway, and only then the explosions went.
   - Listen, what if we moved something with our yacht, well, everything exploded because of us?
   - Do not drift, break through. The main thing is not to see us.
   "My heart feels, Bella could see us, this woman notices everything in time."
   "Right, she could see how we went out on the yacht, with her workshop you can see far."
   - Lady Bell is not a talker, she will not tell.
   - Do not tell. From the time we brought it to Count Pavlin for the first time, it was obvious that it was all-metal. Count Peacock stumbled over her, wanted her and died.
   - How do you know?
   - From pies.
   - Mikhailovna dedicated?
   - And then! And now you and I have enough pies for five days.
   "That's right, the love of a cook is a great power!"
   Yasha collapsed on the bed, put his hands under his head and looked at the ceiling without a single thought in his head. Marina left, but didn"t take him away with her. He loved her so much and wanted to, that he fell ill to the void. She is strange or too rich for him. There was no love between them.
   And Yasha began to catch himself thinking that he was gradually thinking more and more about Bella. A good woman, she does not ask, doesn"t humiliate others, calmly speaks with her husband, the servant doesn"t tyrannize, like Victoria Lvovna or Marina.
   Eh, this Marina also turned out to be the daughter of Count Pavlin, she became even richer. Again his explosions are haunted. On the ferry, yes here the second time. Both guilty and innocent. The devil pulled him to blow the steam of his own free will and at the behest of Roman Romanovich. After all, his daughter was swimming there! And suddenly he did not know that Marina would go on that flight with Thor? Could not know. And then the explosion after explosion on the yachts of Victoria Lvovna. Who annoyed she?
   Yasha fell asleep. He dreamed of geese from childhood, he abruptly woke up with the thought that he should immediately go to the town where he was born. Immediately. He jumped up, quickly collected things, then remembered the subscription and took out some of the things, took a plastic bag and quickly ran out of the gate with him, caught the car and was like that.
   Ilya broke his head, thinking about the explosions on yachts. And suddenly asked:
   "Bella, did you see something in the window before I woke up and walked to the window?"
   - What are you talking about? The two of us looked at the fire in the hangar!
   - Dear, and yet you lie! You saw something on the sea! You looked at the sea!
   - Roughly, Ilya, the sea is dark without a moon ...
   - There was a moon, Bella, was! I caught a glimpse of her. Saw you! But what?!
   - Not true!
   - I'll answer myself! You saw how the old yacht was leaving!
   Bella shuddered subtly with her whole body.
   - I guessed! - said Ilya. "But what does that give me?" The fact that the old yacht is intact, we did not find any remnants of it in the fire bits. Bella, do you know where Yasha disappeared ?!
   - You suspect me?
   - No longer. Marina was still spinning here, she brought something for the repair of yachts, and there is nobody to ask. We also did not find two paintings and the pendant of Victoria Lvovna!
   Anya watched her husband in a suit and tie gather to go to work.
   - Andrei, are you going to go to Victoria Lvovna again? So she is all busy!
   - I'm at work.
   - Is that so ?! Is this how you go to work now?
   "The work is different," said Andrey, and quickly went to the car.
   At that time, Andrei"s subordinates, Buek and Ledok, took out a bottle of wine from the cellar, drank and cheered up.
   - Boeus, where to sail? We are now in the money and on the yacht.
   - All our money! In Victoria Lvovna, my deck love, you cut off the pendant, I took pictures from the art gallery, and Andrei took them out and sold them. Andrei is waiting for us in an underwater cafe, and we are going there. In the cafe we will settle with him, he will give us a job - to bring guests to the shore, and we will roll them over the dachshund, - answered Buek and fell asleep on the deck. Near Ledok fell asleep.
   In the underwater cafe Andrew was waiting for the yacht, but she was not there. He was fed up with oysters, got drunk, no penguins, so he called sailors. Andrei left the cafe and saw a yacht that was not operated by anyone. The man went down to the cafe, called a familiar yachtsman, and on his yacht sailed to the old yacht. The sailors were sleeping on the deck, nobody was driving. Andrey moved to the yacht, let the sailor go, got behind the wheel himself and led her to the wild beach, there are few people at the beginning of the season.
  There was a small house among the trees, the owner of the house was not. Andrei moored to the yacht, the sailors dragged one by one into the hut. They were still asleep. I checked Andrew in their pockets, found the money, took it and calmly went to the yacht.
   Over the sea, helicopters were lashed around, they noticed a lonely yacht and flew up to the pier. Andrei told the observers that he had dinner at an underwater cafe, went out to smoke and noticed a yacht that behaved very strangely. He caught the yacht with the help of a famous yachtsman. Sailors slept on the yacht, he laid them in the house.
   "Everything is fine," one of the river observers answered, "but this yacht is on the list.
   - I do not pretend to it.
   - And nice.
   Over time, all the stories of the explosions subsided, and people went home.
   The sun shone with the May rays. Young openwork green trees gave shade. Victoria Lvovna arrived in the palace on a white limousine. As a hostess, she drove into the garage, left her car in it, and patting a roll of paper on white laced boots, appeared in front of Bella in a workshop on the third floor of the palace. Victoria Lvovna stopped at a window overlooking the sea.
   - Bella, hello, dear! Something you can not see anywhere and can not hear.
   - Victoria Lvovna, hello! Sorry, absolutely I stuck to the palace, paint pictures and never go anywhere.
   - Tell me, why do you have no children?
   - It is difficult for me, Victoria Lvovna, to answer this question.
   - More in detail, please, it becomes interesting to me!
   - For confession, let's go to the art gallery, there are good chairs and they will bring us food there.
   - Dark, Bella, or time you pull, well, let's go.
   Two tall blondes descended the central staircase to an art gallery. Victoria Lvovna was not here for a long time, she sat in a chair and began to look at the pictures.
   - Bella, here it has become much more beautiful and more pictures!
   - Added my work, and repair was recently.
   - Your taste is excellent. I arrived on business, I need to develop a home design.
   - I'll do it with joy! And what kind of house are you building?
   - Build a house with the latest amenities.
   - Great! And where will it be located? What terrain?
   - The house will stand on the outskirts of Cypress with a sea view. Bella, where's the confession?
   - Victoria Lvovna, we will go to the pier, I will show you your possessions.
   - Will you make me travel?
   "Have you been to a winery for a long time?" Not? And you have to go there.
   - Yulish and leave the answer.
   Ladies climbed the ladder to the yacht. When the yacht sailed near the wild beach, Bella pointed to the beach and said:
   - This is the place where the movie "Love on the Beach" was shot.
   - What nonsense? This is a short film, - Victoria Lvovna was indignant. "Then why did you marry my sibling?"
   - And who is your brother ?! - genuinely surprised Bella.
   "Didn't you know that Ilya is my stepbrother?" - Victoria Lvovna was surprised in her turn.
   - Nobody talked about this to me, he did not say a single word. And Ilya, when you were looking for Count Pavlin, did not say that you were his sister. Although I heard that Ilya was called your stepbrother.
   - That's what real family secrets are! - Victoria Lvovna said with pride.
   - Can I tell you my secret after we visit the winery? Asked Bella.
   - I, it seems, have no choice but to visit this factory.
   The ladies went to the factory. Vineyard behind the fence radiated emerald energy, it attracted the eye. Victoria Lvovna stopped and looked at the bushes.
   - And why am I not an agronomist? Work on the air: go and sunbathe.
   - Victoria Lvovna, there is a local wine shop here ...
   - You tell me more about the store, but I worked here as a saleswoman when Count Peacock saw me!
   - Sorry, I did not know.
   - Here I am to Count Pavlin and gave birth to a daughter because of this vineyard! We walked with him through the vineyard, then rode on a yacht, she was still quite new with him, - Victoria Lvovna sighed. - In fact, I know exactly one thing: that Lisa is my daughter, and Marina is sister of Torah.
   - Pavel and I bought a bottle of wine in this store, he drank it alone, and on the beach he got so drunk that he hit me on the stones of the beach so that I was unconscious. A real stork flew over us.
   - I did not expect this from Paul! So what is next? - Victoria Lvovna asked with interest.
  - Victoria Lvovna, I had nothing with your husband.
   - And for what are your qualities he pushed you Peacock Palace?
   - I am surprised myself, I wrote pictures in the palace, and he said that from my presence it becomes easier for him.
   "It looks like him, then he spewed, then generous."
   - Yes, I was afraid of Paul. One day I was urgently called by Count Peacock, but I was deceived: he put my pictures on the outside of the gate. I felt bad. I gave the bracelet, presented to them, to the taxi driver Andrew, and went to my home. I got sick, I had to interrupt the pregnancy - this is my biggest nonsense. The father of the child at that time could only be Pasha, but he never knew about it. And Count Peacock again called me to him, and then there was an unsuccessful flight with him on an airplane, then he died. I slept for two days.
   - I already remember that. So, from a dose of sleeping pills you fell asleep for two days because you were in a weakened state?
   - I do not know. I decided to restore myself.
   - It's all seen that you become more beautiful. What should I do with Paul? We got married! Oh, honey, I didn"t want to talk about it, but since such a thing had split.
   - Forgive him, me and myself!
   - And nothing else remains, I need it. What shall we say to my brother Ilya?
   - That he is barren.
   - And you are not stupid, let's say. And I already have an heir. Let's go to the yacht, and then we stand at the vineyard.
  Chapter 14
   Ladies on the yacht returned to the pier of the palace.
   Detective Ilya was standing on the pier.
   - what are the people: cousin and wife on one yacht!
   "And we are," said Victoria Lvovna, and went to the palace.
   Ilya took Bella under his arm and said:
   - You are both worried some! What happened?
   - We went to see the vineyard. Why did you never tell me that Victoria Lvovna is your cousin? And today both of you said about it ?!
   Ilya looked at Bella with an alienated look and asked for a completely different person, not answering the question.
   - Ilya, I just told Mrs. Victoria Lvovna everything.
   - It is clear that nothing is clear, repeat the essence of your conversation.
   - I can not.
   Victoria Lvovna stopped at an old chestnut tree, waiting for them to catch up with her.
   - Relatives, walk to the car, I went home.
   - Come, sister, we spend to the car.
   Victoria Lvovna left, and Ilya's silence hung over Bella.
   - Ilya, I am guilty before you!
   - That's better. Do not continue. I know everything. I listen to your mobile phone, I built a bug in it.
   "I said that I changed the battery, now you"ve just replaced Count Peacock in all respects," Bella said and unwittingly moved away from him.
   - Do not continue, I still love you. I will not listen to you anymore. I do not want. I'll go to the pool, don't follow me, "said Illya, and abruptly left Bella.
   Victoria L. introduced peacock feathers to a new home. Soon the feathers brought and Bella.
   "Bella, why did you bring me peacock feathers?"
   - Victoria Lvovna, yes these feathers are your coat of arms! Didn't you know?
   - No, Count Peacock said that feathers are antennas in his radio transmitter.
   - I found the coat of arms of Count Pavlin, when I made repairs in the palace, there is a peacock feather in the coat of arms.
   - Count Peacock was actually a count? - Victoria Lvovna was surprised.
   "Yes, and with a rich pedigree," Bella replied.
   Victoria Lvovna came into the room of Count Pavlin, with a nervous tremor pushed a vase with a bouquet of peacock feathers hiding the old antenna, and the Palace of Peacock exploded with it. Thus, the last revenge of her personal partner in the life of Count Pavlin came true.
   Ilya began to review phone numbers in his mobile phone and look for Bella. He found her at Paul. They worked together with Yura in the same firm.
  Bella, hearing the voice of Ilya, suddenly calmed down and realized that she was in vain rushing around, tearing nerves in different places. She needs Ilya! He is the keeper of her calm! She, offended by Alla, went to her relatives, but there her place was taken. Pasha refused to go to Cypress, he became involved in his work and did not want anything else.
   Bella herself went to see Ilya. She met the news about the explosion in the palace with complete calm, through which she understood why she was so bad!
   - Ilya, forgive me, I did not know about the death of Victoria Lvovna, but I was unbearably bad! I felt like what was happening with the palace. Where are the pictures?
   - They are damaged, but rather there is little left of them.
   "And are the servants of the palace and the birds alive?"
   - The cooks had a day off. One peacock is alive.
   - Thanks for that. So you say you want to sell this blasted land? And there are buyers?
   - Sergei with Tonya.
   - They follow the trail and take away what was from Count Pavlin.
   - You're right. The question arises, what connected Count Pavlin and Tonya?
   - Good question!
   - Bella, I love you!
   - I believe, Ilya, I believe, but I do not believe that the explosions have ended.
   - I called the miners, but they do not catch, there are strange interferences.
   - This is Count Peacock angry!
   - You think so?
   - He was a great man, I felt his biological field, he was getting better with me, and when I fell asleep from sleeping pills, he died.
   - You're right, Bella. Are you not afraid to look at the place of the palace, at what remains of the explosion?
   - Ilya, can you believe me that everything will be fine. But the land can not be sold!
   - If you say so, then I will not sell the land. But what to do on it?
   - I don't know yet. It is necessary to call archaeologists, let them dig deeper, and at the same time we will correctly deny Tone, they say, lands of national importance are not subject to sale.
   - You are my good clever! - Ilya exclaimed and wanted to hug his wife, but she lost consciousness.
   Bella woke up in one of the rooms of the boarding house, where Ilya took her. Next to her sat a doctor.
   - What happened? Asked Bella.
   - Lie down, darling, lie down, you have a strong depletion of the nervous system, we will heal you and heal you.
   Next to Bella, there was always a doctor or nurse in a boarding house; she was not left alone in the ward for several days. Ilya came, smiled, talked about nothing, brought something tasty and left.
   Pasha missed loneliness. He drew the conclusion that he was used to being in big work and being a boss! And here, in a small firm, he was twice subordinate. He thought that Ilya had refused in vain, but refused because of elementary jealousy. Pasha called Ilya. Ilya replied that it was bad with Bella, that she was lying in a boarding house. Pasha asked for leave from his boss and went to Abrikosovka.
   Bella turned away from the nurse and thought of Victoria Lvovna. Such thoughts oppressed her, then she began to rise, smile to Ilya, she smiled and Paul, when he appeared on the threshold of her room. Pavel was not immediately allowed to talk with Bella, at first he was invited to the office of the director of the boarding house, Ilya.
   Ilya and Pasha opened the first production meeting after the death of Victoria Lvovna. Ilya offered Paul the leadership of all real estate. Pasha gave his consent to the proposal. They shook hands.
   Ilya asked:
   - Pasha, what happened to Bella?
   - Her life at home did not work out, and she came to me with one handbag.
   - Did you feel sorry for her?
   - Yes, I did not drive away, she lived in our apartment for a week, but we slept apart.
   - What if I believe?
   - Ilya, I'm happy for both of you! - seriously answered Pasha.
   - Good. Pasha, the house that you built with Victoria Lvovna is very good, and we will need it! How do you see me taking it from you?
   - I will live in the city of Cypress, in the apartment where he lived.
   - It is reasonable, there are three apartments, say, what you choose. Pasha, flag in your hands! Start managing all my real estate, "Ilya said calmly and smiled inwardly, following Paul"s eyes.
   Husband came to his wife's room:
   - Bella, I suggest you live in a house built by Victoria Lvovna and Pavel.
   - I agree.
   - You will not mind if Pasha ... - and Illya stopped short. - No, no, everything is fine, - Ilya could not continue the phrase, he did not want to mention Paul and Bella together.
  After the explosion in the palace of Peacock and the disappearance of Victoria Lvovna, her brother Ilya turned into a little oligarch. He decided not to restore the old palace and the burnt hangar. The place was razed to the ground, the garbage was taken out or burned. When the wreck was dismantled in the place where there was a golden cage, we ran into a cache. The workers were afraid of another explosion and the hiding place was reported to Ilya. Miners and journalists arrived. Ilya almost became a news star.
   The stash was opened in front of the camera; there was a case in it. At that moment a shot rang out. The camera shattered into fragments. The guards arrived. They tried to determine who shot the camera, but did not find anyone. The metal case was closed, and no one could open it.
   Ilya found an old bearer to determine the case code, the code he identified, the case cover opened, and an explosion sounded. Bear-bear managed to bounce to the side in some strange somersault. Ilya stood far from the scene and was not injured. He had the idea to sell the land on which the palace stood. It seemed to him that everything was bewitched here, and he also missed Bella very much. Highly. She dreamed of him. In each blonde, he tried to see either the deceased sister Victoria, or the departed wife Bella.
   Serezha drove up to Ilya in a car and on behalf of his wife Tony offered to buy land from him. They offered a very decent price. Ilya suddenly felt sorry to sell the land, where he was sometimes happy. Tosca enveloped him in thick fog. Mean men's tears were ready to fly out of their eyes.
   Serezha saw the agony of his rival and was calm, he was an obliging husband of his wife and lived in such a way that he could not dream about anything.
   Dreamed Tonya. She wanted to have a palace by the sea, on the very spot where the old, famous Peacock Palace always stood.
   Ilya, left alone with all the wealth of his sister, wanted one thing: to return Bella and even Paul, just not to think about what should be done and where. He liked to look for a needle in a haystack more than to roll in millions, where he didn"t understand what, why and for what.
   Tonya received the following answer from Ilya:
   "We have to wait for Bella"s decision, she doesn"t know about the explosion and death of Victoria Lvovna, but she is still my wife."
   It so happened that Ilya buried only Victoria Lvovna's things. After the explosion in the palace of Count Pavlin, her body was not found, but they found scraps of clothing in the drops of her blood, in which she was last seen.
   The explosion occurred in the empty part of the palace, where the bedroom of Count Pavlin and Victoria Lvovna was located. Naturally, everyone decided that she died while in the epicenter of the explosion.
   The new house was the last creation of Victoria Lvovna. Ilya did not build anything new, he did not know how to make money, but he slightly kept his sister"s legacy afloat. Bella in her heart kept her pity for the old palace, blown up by Victoria Lvovna.
   After the explosion of the Peacock Palace, caused by Victoria Lvovna only because she touched one of the ill-fated antennas of Count Peacock in the form of a peacock feather, an explosive cascade occurred.
   At first, the floor near Victoria Lvovna was sold in two directions, and she fell into the basement on a wide, primitive bed. While she was flying, some clothes caught on the edges of some objects, and she scratched herself. After her landing on a soft bed over Victoria, Lvovna ceiling was closed and an explosion occurred at the top, falling asleep on the way down.
   Victoria Lvovna lay in complete darkness. Suddenly, a light slowly came on around the perimeter of the room. She saw that she was lying in a circular basement, carved into the rock. It began to come to her that it was all invented by Count Peacock for his escape in case of big troubles, or it was invented before him. She got up from the dusty rookery, went around the room, found the door, but soon returned and lay down. Once more, I looked down at my nest. She found the doors of the cabinets, approached them.
   In one cabinet in the stainless banks were cereals. There were matches in boxes with Olympic symbols. There was an old kerosene, a bottle of kerosene, a glass bottle filled with water, sealed with a sealed cork. Victoria Lvovna thought that you can live a little on this. Even behind one of the doors she found a metal box with old money. Next to this box was a metal cylinder with an exotic set of various female ornaments. "Already better," she thought, continuing to go around her place of imprisonment.
   Victoria Lvovna stood for a long time in front of the only doors, not knowing how to open them. There was a lock in them, but there was no key. She realized that she had to look for a big, primitive key. Extraneous sounds did not penetrate into the room. She walked around the walls, opened all the doors, found a closet with men's clothing of the pre-war model.
   After examining herself and her torn clothes, she came to the conclusion that it was necessary to choose something from this good old stuff. She wore men's shoes on her feet, and they were great for her. In general, the outfit turned out akin to a caricature. Victoria Lvovna put her hands in the pants and - oh joy! - in them she found a big key. The key and lock were from the same series. Creaking for decades, the castle opened.
   The woman went out into the tunnel, but the crude twilight scared her, and she returned to the beast's lair. We had to make a torch or find a candle or a lantern. And with that thought she lay down and fell asleep. Hunger made itself felt, but she still did not want to eat old cereals. She spent several days in a trance. Then she nibbled the croup, opened the bottle of water.
   Little by little she made a torch, wetted it with kerosene and went out into the tunnel. From the tunnel she went out through the old crypt to the cemetery and went among the graves, where she saw her grave. The woman sat down on a hillock, looked at her portrait, burst into tears from the accumulated fear.
   Bella and Ilya came up to Victoria Lvovna's grave with flowers in their hands. A creature of indeterminate sex was sitting on the grave, when they met their eyes, then all three of them involuntarily screamed.
   - Victoria Lvovna! - Bella was the first to recognize her.
   - Victoria Lvovna! - boosted Ilya.
   - Ilya! This is me, - said Victoria Lvovna, bursting into tears.
   "Swine, evil spirits, swell," Bella waved her hands.
   "I am alive," Victoria Lvovna said, wiping her eyes from tears.
   Ilya looked at his sister, touched her hand:
   - Victoria Lvovna, is it true, are you? You did not die?
   They had something to talk about, but they just looked at each other.
   The newly married couple Thor and Ella came to the palace of Peacock, before its explosion. Ilya took them to the workshop.
   Bella sank into a small chair at the sight of the new guests:
   - What are the fates? Any questions to me?
   "Bella, we have a honeymoon trip, we got married and would like to stay with you for two weeks," Thor replied.
   - How do you imagine it?
   - I work for your corporation, could you provide me with Ella a room in your castle? The sea is close by, having a rest in May is not much.
   - Why not in a boarding house? Ilya is now at home, he will help.
   - Do not need a boarding house, we would stay here.
   - Permission should still be taken from him.
   - He agrees.
   She did not think that it was so difficult to let guests into such a big palace, but she did not want to let them in, and she knew that she could not refuse them.
   - Get down to the first floor in the art gallery, I'll be there soon.
   All four of them sat in chairs around a low, large table. Cook brought traditional cakes for guests and compote. Bella thought that Victoria Lvovna would remain, but she left, and other people arrived.
   Thor looked at the patties:
   "Is it always fed like that?"
   - No, but everything else is cooked to order, and the pies are here instead of the word "Hello."
   - I repeat the question? - Thor asked again.
   Ilya looked at Ella carefully and said:
   - Stay here, we will find you two rooms adjacent.
   Bella looked at the guests and added:
   - We will find you a place for two weeks.
   - Hooray! - Ella exclaimed. - I really liked it here!
   - Is it possible to have two rooms with different entrance doors? - Thor has importunately specified.
   - Are you newlyweds - and two different rooms? There are no rooms, but rooms and amenities at the end of the corridor. The palace is old, and there was no overhaul, Bella said.
   "Bella, we"ll give them two different bedrooms, let them live," added Ilya.
   Bella turned to Mikhailovna:
   - Mikhailovna, take the guests to the second floor, in two separate bedrooms. They will stay here for two weeks. And tell the cook to write down their wishes about the menu, "Bella gave instructions and involuntarily remembered how she danced with Thor in the restaurant of his hotel, and mentally decided that she needed to arrange dances.
  Ilya liked Ella, very much, for a long time he was not so fond of a woman at first sight. Did Bella enter his life slowly and confidently, and this one instantly, or is it his reaction to a woman after he learned about Bella's infertility? He ordered a festive dinner and decided that the music did not hurt, he had a day off.
   In the evening, ladies in evening dresses with open upper parts and stiletto sandals came to the art gallery. Men in black suits and patent leather shoes were gorgeous. The holiday among the birds, with the muffled light, was beautiful with its sympathies, which only intensified with every minute.
   The first could not stand Ilya, he invited Ella to a light tango. Thor seemed to be waiting for the team - he immediately approached Bella. She clasped his shoulders, stuck to a strong male body and felt something familiar and long familiar. Ella next to Ilya felt like a woman, and not a hare driven away, as she always had with Thor.
   After the dance, everyone had a feeling of euphoria from their own success. Happiness flew easy cloud among all four.
   Ilya felt that they all fell into the trap of their own hearts, and decided to ask with inappropriate arrogance:
   - Thor, I am the local owner! The right of the first night is mine!
   - I do not mind! Traditions cannot be broken, but then Bella is mine! - answered Thor.
   "I agree to an exchange for two weeks," answered Ilya.
   - Women, do you agree? - Thorishy asked Thor.
   Women were silent in agreement.
   Bella only now understood why the guests needed two bedrooms, but gave Ilya the right to championship. Illya did not linger, took Ella by the arm and led her into her bedroom.
   Thor went up to Bella:
   - I love you so long! From the first dance in the restaurant!
   "And I have a strange feeling that I need you." Come to me, I have a favorite bedroom here, she is removed from Ella's bedroom, and there is a shower.
   Bella led Thor into a golden cage, which was designed as a separate room, she improved it even more with the next repair. Thor looked around and approved the choice. For the first time in a long time, perhaps from the day he met Paul, Bella had a feeling of lightness and freedom. Lasky two loving people have the property of unearthly existence.
   Ella tried to love Ilya as if her whole life depended on it. He fully appreciated her efforts and the next morning asked:
   - Ella, is Thor really your husband?
   - Yes, we signed it quickly and without witnesses. He said it was better.
   - One more question: can you have children?
   - I do not know. I don't know that yet.
   - Do you like Torah?
   - I can not answer this question.
   - It is reasonable, and you could live in this old castle?
   - Easily, here is my climate, and in the north I feel bad, I do not understand the north. I do not know how to dress there in order not to freeze, even in summer.
   "Ella, could you stay here with Bella with me?"
   - If Thor allows, then with great pleasure!
   Bella did not try to love the Torah, she just loved him.
   And in the morning he asked:
   "Bella, could you go north to the capital with me?"
   - With joy, I'm hot and stuffy here, and I'm just afraid of the coming summer. I can not fall asleep here almost until the morning, I do not have enough air even ashore. And you, Thor ... I love you! I really love you! "From that dance in the restaurant," Bella said, somewhat mockingly, offended by Ilya.
   - I then felt it and drove Ella behind me to someday exchange.
   - Wise man.
   For breakfast, all four gathered in the dining room, located next to the kitchen. The bright dining room illuminated the dark side of life.
   The first was made by the newly-made owner Ilya:
   - Good morning! There is an offer to exchange wives for a year!
   - Hello! There is an offer to leave forever, "said Thor.
   "I don"t mind," answered Illya.
   The women looked at each other without a smile, waiting for their fate.
   - You can collect things? Asked Bella.
   "Though now," answered Illya.
   - You will not hesitate?
   - Not!
   Bella moved away from the table and asked:
   - Thor, are you ready to leave today?
   - Right now! - Thor repeated the words of Ilya.
  - A rest for two weeks?
   - I do not need him, I have a cottage.
   - In thirty minutes I will prepare for departure
   - Ok, I'll call a taxi from the city.
   "Call Andrei, here is his phone number," Bella said and handed in a business card with a taxi driver"s number.
   - Bella, what about registration?
   - We are with you, Thor, from one area, and here I have everything temporary.
   Elijah listened as in a dream, realizing that Bella was actually leaving forever, but there was no feeling of pity, a feeling of freedom appeared, and he looked gratefully at Ella, who was surprised to hear all the conversations.
   Ilya could not stand it and asked:
   - What about registration of marriages?
   "We will divorce when there is an urgent need, but now we will part so much," said Thor, he was tired of the amorphous Ella. It seemed to him that Bella was an independent person, and he hoped that she would have what was necessary and better with her than with Ella.
   Bella and Thor left. Thor mentally celebrated the victory: he and his brother Victoria Lvovna's wife! And this is a lot of business! He is not touched! Pasha will not come to check the affairs of the hotel, if it is Bella. The hotel will not be sold, it means that it is almost its owner!
   Bella assumed that Thor was not sugar, but with Elijah, joy in life, moreover, did not expect her. From Thor, if anything, she could have gone to her parents, they lived nearby. Victoria Lvovna"s business no longer attracted her, she could no longer work with Pavel in one team, she wanted to paint and nothing else.
   Thor looked at Bella and realized that she was smart enough not to demand much from him. He also noticed that Bella began to resemble Victoria, only there was not enough skin in her clothes.
   Two couples changed their wives, but nothing good came of it.
   Ella was not as artistic as Bella, she ordered Ilya to move into a golden cage with her, and in the whole castle she started a restructuring, that is, she converted all adjacent rooms with one entrance into full rooms with bathroom fixtures and a bathroom. Ella decided to be the director of the mini-boarding house and looked after where else she could build buildings next to the palace.
   Ilya was so impressed with her activities that he came to the palace extremely rarely, was more and more in his boarding house, and slightly regretted about exchanging wives, and blamed drunk wine with the added powder of Count Peacock.
   Bella settled in the three-room apartment of Thor. From one room she made an art workshop. The smell of oil paint permeated through the whole apartment. Thor inhaled new flavors that he liked less and less. The charm of the house was fading. Bella walked around with her ideas and looked past Thor. The man was beginning to regret the exchange made.
   Thor once came home tipsy and expressed everything to Bella about the smell of paint, which was constantly drying in new paintings. She packed up and went to her mother.
   Ilya looked at the estimate for the restructuring of the old palace and so screamed at Ella that she didn"t seem to be enough. She, looking at the fact that her dream of becoming the director of a recreation center collapsed, took things and went to her mother.
   Victoria Lvovna came to Ilya to get acquainted with a new relative closer, but Ella was no longer there, neither was Ilya. The cook told her about local events. Victoria Lvovna called Torah, he replied that Bella lives with her mother. Then she called Ilya to say that his Bella lives with her mother. Elijah cried out with joy and went after Bella.
   Thor did not go after Ella, she returned to him.
   Next to Ella, Thor now lay, but there was a broken string in it. She, like a guitar with a torn string, did not let him play on herself. She plunged into the memories of the last scandal ringing in the house of Thor. All shouted to exhaustion, to madness, to accusations. Then she shrank from a strange feeling, she felt so bad that she quickly got dressed, took the bag, the last money and went where her eyes were.
   She took four pills at his home: there was no peace. Tor from the cabinet took out the salt in the bag, put it in a bath under a stream of water. It's amazing how much foam and salt Ella transferred in her life, but this salt reassured her. She came out of the bathtub absolutely calm, while Thor was waiting for her at the bathroom door. How he loves these moments of primitive female freshness! After tears, the pristine love fell upon them, so much so that they could not tear themselves apart. Looking at Ella, Thor also calmed down, took the remote control, turned on the TV, found a purely male action movie, and that was that. She came out of the next crisis, but watching the fighter was overpowered. Life continued with new obstacles, and they still had to learn how to get around it.
  Chapter 15
   On the street sleet flew. The sky without a glimpse of the sun covered the earth. In the pension missed the public. Ilya wandered through the alley and did not know how to entertain himself and society. Under the gray sky, the gray crowd was going out for lunch. He remembered the kind word of Count Pavlin, who knew how to make a rustling sound, was not boring with him, though resurrect him.
  A lady came out of the dining room in a short skirt and high boots with flowers on high heels. Next to her was a little fat boy, looking like a fat wallet. The lady laughed merrily. Blond hair in large waves fell on her chest and shoulders. The fat man laughed at her.
   From such a spectacle, Ilya smiled, then laughed and thought that the actors in front of him were of a cheerful genre. He went to a cute and fun couple.
   - Good afternoon, I am the director of the boarding house, could you give one concert?
   The couple rolled back in hysterical laughter.
   - Excuse me for saying this?
   - We are not actors, but we are all mistaken for actors.
   - Sorry, but you look great together.
   A couple of laughter began to squat.
   The lady condescended to Ilya:
   - The first of April, soon, I suggest we arrange a joke day.
   - Thank you, will you help?
   - Yes, but it is necessary to lure all the rest in jokes. With you - the money, and with us - the show.
   - I agree to your conditions, but can the audience be brought not from a boarding house?
   - Viewers - please, with them and collect money. And those who live in a boarding house, I will process.
   - Do you need something for the show?
   - Not. Posters are needed with the text "April 1 - the day of the joke!"
   - Posters guarantee.
   The woman waved to Ilya and went to her room with the fat one.
   Ilya phoned Bella and said that a day of laughter was scheduled in the boarding house on April 1, so that she would warn all of her, and asked her to draw a poster, and he would replicate it. Alla met the news with a smile and called Yura. Victoria he warned himself. All promised to come for the holiday.
   On the day of the joke, people reached the sanatorium. At the entrance from them collected a nominal fee, but the amount was significant. Spectators walked along the alley of the boarding house. Inhabitants of the boarding house appeared from all sides, they all came in pairs. Couples were the most unique. The gorgeous guy was walking with a dry old woman, and they rolled with laughter. A huge fat man appeared with a huge woman, both were so big and laughed so much from their own communication that everyone who looked at them began to smile.
   The woman did not fail Ilya, she confused all the couples in the boarding house, made her put on their most amusing clothes, she infected the entire boarding house with her charm and laughter. Everyone who appeared on the territory met a charming blonde and a fat one and immediately began to smile. A cavalcade of people approached the dance floor.
   The sun illuminated the motley crowd with evening rays. A blonde and a fat woman appeared on a small stage. The miniatures in their performance caused deafening applause. A crowd of spectators arrived. Evening breeze rustled posters. Ilya invited everyone to the assembly hall. The barmaid did her best and a few tables were filled with drinks, glasses and sandwiches.
   On stage, the blonde sang funny songs. Fat man called the most ridiculous couples to the stage, he organized weddings between them, the audience laughed. Victoria Lvovna went up to the fat man and began to beat him off the blonde, she was terribly angry. The audience rolled with laughter. And indeed, two gorgeous women and a round fat man brought a smile.
   Hall groaned. Bella climbed onto the stage, she persuaded Victoria to leave the stage. There were good microphones on the stage, and all the words were spread to the sanatorium. Elijah went up to the stage and tried to stop Bella from laughing in the hall, he already laughed enough and saw that now there was enough talk for a long time. Instead of a salute, the pigeons of Count Peacock were launched, and the laughter began to rip. The public, laughing at themselves, began to diverge.
   The wedding of Alla and Yura was approaching, but every day they wanted to marry less and less. After all, Ivan Sergeevich Pavlinov, having promised them three boxes, moved into another world. Alla did not want to obey Yura, but he did not want to listen to her women's requests, and the love itself was gone.
   Alla thought only about whether to marry. She felt sad, working in a pawnshop in the winter did not bring joy. Yura lost interest in her. There were only a few days left before the wedding. She lay, looked at the ceiling, then out of the window: the February rain was drizzling. She noticed that Bella and Ilya looked good together, there was something in them that wanted to envy them.
   Alla wanted to go to her mother under the wing. Drawn to draw. In the head of the bride flashed a tangle of affairs before the wedding. Then she remembered the false wedding with Count Pavlin, and she became even worse, wanted only one thing - to leave this city and forget about everything. Alla felt that Yura would be glad if she refused the wedding.
  Yes, this Victoria Lvovna! After all, she is now the heir to the estate of Count Pavlin. Victoria Lvovna has already expressed displeasure about the pawnshop and the transfer of the apartment to her property after the wedding. Count Peacock made a promise and died, but did not issue a paper, Victoria Lvovna did not take his verbal testament seriously. Longing, in a word, longing. Going home is also a small joy, they did not expect her there. Through the clouds flashed the sun.
   Alla got up, looked at herself in the mirror and decided not to give up, but to buy paints and, in her free time from the pawnshop, draw and not think about the problems. Let Victoria Lvovna think about them. Alla's young face broke into a forced smile. She put herself in order, refreshed herself, made a funny hairstyle with curls and telephoned Jura.
   - Yura, what are we going to do with you: marry or divorce?
   - Oh, Alla! What a question, love! Two days later our wedding, and you doubt it!
   - I do not believe in your love ...
   - To you now to prove or to leave in the evening?
   - I am eaten by doubts about the correctness of our decision.
   - Alla, this is too serious! Live easier. Products ordered. In a restaurant place booked. Your friend has arrived. The dress is ready. What do you miss?
   - Confidence. OK, let's forget it. Well, I went to work.
   Yura was definitely not ready to meet with Alla, because at his home the night was spent by the cashier from his store. They worked together and quietly became friends.
   Alla felt betrayal, and her doubts were not far from the truth. The cashier was called Anya. The girl she was young, energetic, without prejudice. She stuck tight to Yura. And Yura himself did not know how to be with the wedding and with Alla. He doubted that Victoria Lvovna would give them the apartments in which they now live with Alla. He could not believe in women's generosity, and without such a dowry - why does he need Alla? Will cost Anya.
   Mrs. Victoria Lvovna thought and offered Alla and Yura to give the ownership of the apartment of Count Pavlin. The apartments of Alla, Pavel and Yura, located on the same landing, merge Pavel into one for himself, who was quite happy with this decision when there were problems with the bank. He had no doubt that such a decision would suit Alla and Yura, because after the death of Count Pavlin, all his promises were stuck.
   Pasha and Victoria Lvovna in the evening after their arrival came to Alla and informed about their decision with the apartments. Alla fell silent, all doubts flew out of her head, because everything was decided by Victoria Lvovna, who left them to work at the pawnshop and in the supermarket. The wedding was broken. Yura behaved strangely, if not more. He did not look the bride in the eyes, before his eyes was constantly the image of the cashier Ani.
   Alla understood - yes, she did not understand anything, except for one thing: that she was feeling bad, she felt very bad - and she rushed to the sink. She twisted inside out. She recalled that Yura once had a good night in honor of filing an application, and after that they had nothing. She clearly realized that she would have a child and would soon be nineteen years old! So, be a wedding! The young woman returned to the company.
   "Dear guests, and you, Yura, the wedding will take place, nobody cancels it, especially me," Alla said. - You and I will have a baby.
   - Hooray! - cried out Victoria Lvovna, - Guys, I congratulate you!
   - Alla, I'm happy for you, - Pasha put in his word.
   Yura wrapped his head in his hands.
   Pasha and Victoria Lvovna rose from their seats in full confidence that the visit took place. They, wishing good luck to the young couple, went to the apartment of Paul.
   Alla and Yura were left alone.
   - Alla, you know, I fell in love with another woman ...
   - I know, I know everything! Your cashier girls resorted to the pawnshop, and your cashier was told about your love.
   - I do not apologize to you! And you forgive me and consider that it was childishness on my part.
   - I forgive, I have a hopeless situation now. Yura, go to your home today, I need to rest. Work has not yet been canceled. If possible, do not bring Anya before the wedding. I know the name of my rival. Honey, I have a peephole in the door looking at your door.
   "I won't bring it," said Yura and went to his and no longer his apartment.
   Victoria Lvovna made plans out loud about the association of apartments:
   - Pasha, what do you suggest?
   - Do not rush, half a year has not passed since the death of Count Pavlin, leave everything in its place. I got into his business, but the less they touch, the better.
   - And I like to do planning! I love to buy beautiful things!
   - Darling, I will give you freedom and tell you how much you can spend.
   - Chief! Okay, I love a man's hand, command.
  Love did not stick, they went to sleep in different rooms.
   Pasha was not lazy and told Alla, and then Yura, that they could live in their apartments until further notice. When he went to the exit from the Jura apartment, Anya was walking towards him. Yura's eyes tried to show her to pass by.
   - Yura, well, you're a goat! We will have a baby! - Anya screamed at the whole landing.
   - Yura, do you spud all the women? - surprised Pasha.
   - Anya, are you seriously talking about this? - clarified Yura.
   - And then no!
   Alla looked out at the noise from her apartment.
   - Here and Anya appeared! Why make a noise? She asked.
   "Alla, you are both in position," blurted Yura.
   - Marry two! - Pasha quipped.
   Alla blinked her eyelashes.
   "Nonsense," she breathed.
   - True! - shouted Anya.
   - What should I do?! - yelled Yura.
   "Understand without me," said Pasha, and entered the elevator.
   - Alla, Anya, do not worry. I invented everything, come to me, - Yura unexpectedly calmly spoke.
   "Without me," Alla said, and went to her apartment.
   She had no tears, there was a state of detachment from reality, she did not want to think about what had happened. She got dressed and went to work.
   Anya squealed behind the door of the Jura.
   There was a taxi driver at the pawnshop door.
   - Alla, you lingered, I already went out on the street. Waiting for you.
   - Andrew, there are such things! A day later I have a wedding, and suddenly it turns out that cashier Anya from this supermarket, and she showed her hand to the store, is expecting a child from Jura, my fiancé.
   - Alla, do you happen to expect a child? Something you hung up.
   - I am not, but such news is not in vain, and even the hostess, Victoria Lvovna, appeared.
   - News - all news news, and it suits me, it means that you do not get married!
   - More likely no than yes. Victoria Lvovna is dark with apartments and does not give me a pawnshop.
   - Alla, and you marry me: I do not drink and love you since I saw you.
   - Dear Andrew! You are actually very cute, but I still do not love you!
   - to you and there was no time to love me! And now we will find the time and fix everything in terms of love. I'm not completely poor, I have a two-story house and a dog.
   "A dog is clear evidence of wealth." All right, come in, we'll go to your lair.
   - Well, okay! - said Andrew and went to bring the house in order.
   Taxi driver's den was very thoroughly furnished. Several trees grew in the courtyard. In winter, Alla could not determine what kind of trees, but their strong appearance inspired respect. It was clear from the taxi driver's possessions that he was not devoid of common sense in life.
   Alla smiled:
   - Andrey, may I disappoint you?
   - That is, tell the bitter truth?
   - I guess. I'm actually in an interesting position, and the father of the child is Yura.
   - Do not continue, I understand everything, since Yura is now with Anya. Do you want me to please you? I can not have children. So I will take you for who you are, and this will be our child with you.
   - Not bad!
   - Alla, we can sign on your day of registration. I have been living in Cypress for a long time, everyone knows me. You and I will be allowed to solve our problems with registration of marriage in a short time.
   - Cool. Sorry, Andrew, I did not expect this option.
   - And I am so, I am economic.
   - If you're still calm, then I agree. Yura I do not pull with his demands and requests.
   - That's good! Jura need to inform our decision.
  - Though now, - and Alla called Yura: - Yura! Hello! I have news for you! I'm not yours now, I'm marrying another man!
   "Why do you marry another man?"
   "Don't you understand that you are a bigwife ?!"
   "Okay, to whom should I hand you over if you expect a child from me?"
   - Andrei, a taxi driver.
   - I will not give him to him!
   - Stop to mock me! I'm already sitting in the house of the future husband.
   - Is he a rich man?
   - And not that yes, and not that no. He has a good house.
   - Address! Speak the address where you are now! I am coming to you immediately!
   Alla turned her head to Andrew:
   - Andrei, tell me your address, Yura will come here.
   Andrei gave his address.
   Alla repeated the address in the phone, and then said to Andrew:
   - Yura will not leave me.
   - We'll see.
   They were silent. Five minutes later, the gate was pounded. Andrew went to open.
   Yura burst into the yard. Alla saw his furious face.
   - Alla! We will get married! Let Anna marry Andrei!
   - Explain, Jura, what's the matter! You walked with her and walked with her.
   - Understand, my dear woman! Anya is not my woman, she is Andrey's woman!
   "I refuse to understand," Alla said.
   - Anya told me that she is expecting a baby. I talked to her, and it turned out that this child was from taxi driver Andrey. She so paid him once for the trip.
   - What nonsense! Andrei said that he could not have children.
   - He has no children.
   - made it up? The door is open, - the taxi driver was offended and left the room.
   Anya entered the open gate.
   - Andrew, I'm all yours with our child.
   "Come in, Anya, you will be your wife," Andrei quietly suggested.
   "So I"m all here," and she brought a huge bag on wheels into the yard.
   Alla and Yura, without looking at events in the courtyard, went out of the gate.
   - Yura, I missed you so much!
   - I just yearned.
   The relations of Alla and Yura became better every day, they went through a period of contention and betrayal, both wanted warmth and comfort. Yura recalled Anya and her screams with a shudder. Alla recalled her trip to Andrew and pressed herself closer to Yura. They calmed down.
   Alla had the feeling that she was put in a corner of her life, because the losers often came to the pawnshop. Andrey began to visit his Anya more often. The outlet of relations between Anya and Yura is almost closed. Pregnancy is the fourth corner, so all the flights of the soul are silenced. Anya automatically performed all her duties in life, and, if there was time left, she read love romance.
   Winter wedding brought together a society at the same table. Victoria Lvovna did not take her eyes off Paul, who came in a white suit, but he simply eclipsed the groom in a black suit, which she liked very much.
   Ilya came in a light black and white leather jacket and black leather trousers. Elegant Bella came in a black dress with a mink cape. Her gray eyes looked only at him and sometimes at the bride.
   Bride Alla in a white dress with white mink trim claimed for leadership in the society in terms of female beauty.
   But Victoria Lvovna! She appeared in a green leather suit under a crocodile or from the crocodile itself. There were only three couples at the table, but which ones! Unusually beautiful and externally secured.
   The waiters slid silently.
   Victoria Lvovna looked at the audience at the table and got bored, they are all young and good-looking. She remembered that she herself had recently been an ordinary widow, from the cry of "Bitter!" she wanted to cry, but she knew one remedy for all tears: a change of partner, even for an hour, but an obligatory change, even a dance, but in her hands should be a new male body. She went to the groom and invited him to the white dance. Her body vibrated at the touch of a man in a black wedding suit.
   Alla watched as Victoria Lvovna hugged her young husband with her whole body, and thought that a quiet family life did not expect her, and at the same time she realized that if the father of her unborn child is in the hands of the mistress, then from this she can gain financial benefits and looked at Paul. He did not lose heart; the right hand of the hostess looked at her! Their eyes met.
   Pasha invited Alla! Both of them went to dance somewhat away from the Jura and Victoria Lvovna.
  Bella and Ilya remained at the table, they looked at each other and stood at the same time. Three pairs of two tangos in a row danced without interruption, then they took their seats at the table and drank to the young. The situation at the table has changed dramatically, everyone began to talk, eat, drink and not think about who was with whom. Interchangeability in life, as in technology, is sometimes necessary in some sectors of society.
   At the height of the fun, an elderly couple entered the restaurant: the bride's parents arrived. Five minutes later, Jura's parents appeared. They were put with Alla's parents. They rode in the same carriage of the train and had time to meet, as they often stood in the corridor of the train, and did not sit in the compartment.
   And quite unexpectedly, taxi driver Andrey and cashier Anya entered the restaurant. Yura approached them and invited them to the table. Alla announced another white dance. The waiters had to combine the two tables during the dance. Oddly enough, but they danced each in their own pair and grandly sat down at the table.
   Anya amused her society with her tongue, her stories were like jokes about the wedding, but they are quite appropriate. Victoria Lvovna watched as Anya continually turned to Yura, her experience suggested that they were a sexy couple in the recent past. The displeased face of Alla only confirmed this.
   Andrew, on the contrary, never took his eyes off Alla. Alla's mother noticed this too and thought that her daughter was not bored here. Anya was silent, tears filled her eyes, which she thought was of no interest to anyone.
   Ilya brought her a glass of champagne:
   - Baby, calm down! The wedding ends, and life comes.
   Anya drank a glass of wine and became calmer.
   Andrei thought that it was time for him to leave Anya, he saw enough of Alla and decided that he would meet with her again. In the car, Anya fell asleep, so hard, that Andrei was forced to take her out of the car in her arms. She slept the whole day. Andrey worked, and when he returned, he woke her up without asking whether she was waking up or not. The work of Ilya got away with him. The powder of Count Pavlin was again in work.
   When Yasha woke up, he had the idea that he should certainly meet with the girl, because he forgot about her, as if she was carried away with a sensual ball. He remembered that her name was Bella. And finally woke up.
   The trees were still yellow, the sun was still warming when Alla gave birth to triplets. From such news, Yura turned pale, reddened, drank off a can of beer and sat down where he stood. Alla from this news even during childbirth fainted. She was brought to life. She was lying in the maternity hospital and would have washed herself with tears of maternal happiness, if she had time for that. Her three children lay next to her ward. She abruptly lost weight, and all of her somehow lost weight.
   Yura called Alla's mother, he began to look for a nanny. Clothes and other things urgently bought in larger quantities.
   Alla's mother rode with tears of emotion in her eyes: either for joy, or for upcoming worries. We thought long over the stroller, then bought three narrow baby strollers, put the middle one in one direction, the extreme strollers in the other, and welded it all onto one base and put it on four wheels. The eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing. Yura brought food to the house, bought clothes commissioned by Alla for the little ones and left for work.
   Bella invited Alla to live in the palace with the children. Ilya did not object, he could not tolerate bathrobes with birds, and now the palace was not up to bathrobes, there all the adults were spinning to take care of young children. Yura stayed in the city, he had to work and earn money for the whole honest company.
   Victoria Lvovna decided that this triplet had not so badly affected her business. People went to the supermarket to look at the triplets father, the grocery turnover has increased dramatically. Bella was not bored; she helped Alla in everything that was strong enough. But Alla's mother refused to help in two weeks and left with the words: "I have no strength, the climate does not suit me, my health has passed into a state of crisis." She was carried out and no longer called.
   Ilya began to allocate more money to Bella, as things in the boarding house improved dramatically over the past summer or he learned to manage them without Count Pavlin. Salaries were raised to the servants in the palace, so they did not grumble against the presence of children and stopped being afraid of being fired.
   The children grew up, their photos filled the local newspaper, the Cypress residents liked to follow the growth of the triplets.
   White ship regularly drove tourists to the palace, an art gallery opened to visitors. Bella bought paints and, when the children slept, drew. Alla ceased to despond and joined the writing of pictures that were sold in the gallery. Alla put a price on the paintings, and compassionate fans of triplets purchased them. Women received a new impetus to creativity.
   Two young women and servants of the palace were caring for children, and they grew up to the joy of everyone. Victoria Lvovna considered it her duty every month on the birthday of triplets to come and give toys. She did not like to buy things for the little ones, and bought toys with pleasure, she was pleased when the children rejoiced at her arrival.
  The cashier Anya gave birth to one boy and lived quietly in the house of the taxi driver Andrey. She alone coped with all the cares associated with childcare. Andrey did not cease to wonder how hard-working and caring mother she was. Love has gone over to the background, if there were forces and time for it at all.
   In the palace they made a bedroom for the children, a game room, a dining room. All the servants of the palace, who had time, came and played with the children. There was enough work for everyone.
   Yura found a professional nanny, things have decreased dramatically. She organized the life of the kids in such a way that everyone could take a break, and then relax and just sleep. By this time, the children were one year old. Yura united two apartments and took Alla and the children from the palace, he took with him and the nurse.
   The children were now sitting with a nanny. If they sat with her! All three of them were running and turning over all the items, pulling out all the toys from the boxes. The highest degree of disorder reigned in the house. Alla looked at the defeat in the apartment, at the children who constantly rushed to meet her, and said:
   - My dear you. I love you! - and tears of fatigue appeared in the corners of the eyes.
   Yura was used to children, he did not scold them for the mess, but simply took the children's dump truck and depicted garbage collection. Children rushed to help him collect toys.
   Nanny looked at the children and parents and went to rest.
   Everything is fine, but Anya"s son grew up - a spilled Yura! He was more like him than his triplets - this surprising similarity caught Andrei.
   - Anya, and our son whose?
   - Andrei, he is your son.
   - Exactly, my son, but in appearance - poured Yura, still Alla call for examination. I will take a son, go to Alla, listen to what she will say about this.
   - Andrei, do not be silly! Why are you going to her?
   - For examination.
   Alla looked at her son Andrew and blurted out:
   - How does your son look like Yura !!!
   "I brought you a son to confirm this thought." Oh, and your children are like me! Explain, Alla!
   "Andrei, my dear, do you remember, a scarlet evening swam, and we loved each other with you, and these are our little stars with you."
   - Are you kidding me? Are you in yourself?
   - what are the jokes, three son - and all yours! After all, we loved each other three times in a row for one evening, and this is the full result of our love with you.
   - It is possible to insult, then let's collect everyone, and we will decide who and whose children!
   - What are you doing? Let everything be as it is!
   - I am not going to refuse from three sons !!! - shouted Andrew.
   "We raised children with Yura, now they themselves run, now it"s easier for us without you," Alla said.
   Yura heard the last phrases when he was about to open the door to his apartment. He froze, then smiled and opened the door.
   - Why shout? Whose children? - and then Yura noticed Andrei"s son: - Boy, how do you look like me!
   - And what am I saying! Let's appoint a medical examination, - spoke Andrei.
   - Change three sons to one? And we will change wives? - Yura perked up.
   - Men, cool down, do not change anything.
   - It is necessary !!! - shouted dads.
  Chapter 16
   Victoria Lvovna rang at the door, she came accompanied by Pavel.
   Alla opened the door and almost choked. The guests went into the apartment with a bunch of gifts and saw four boys.
   - Yura, and one son - you poured out! - said Victoria Lvovna and pointed to the son Andrew.
  - This is just not enough for me! Cried Yura.
   Pasha noticed that the atmosphere is quite tense.
   - What is the matter, fathers of families? He asked cheerfully.
   "We have mixed children and wives," answered Yura.
   "How interesting," said Victoria Lvovna, "let's see who is whose child!"
   - Victoria Lvovna, it's true! The triple is Andrei"s children, and his son is the son of Yura, "Alla said, bursting into tears.
   "A nightmare," said Andrei, and sat down in a chair, before that, he walked around the children.
   The doorbell rang again. On the threshold stood Anya.
   - And here is the second wife! - Victoria Lvovna gleamed cheerfully.
   - Hello everybody! Andrew, let's go home, it's time to feed my son!
   - And now I have three sons, plus your son! - laughing, shouted Andrew.
   "Do not joke, it's too late, let's go home," Anya said.
   - Anya, what do you say? Whose son is you? - asked straight Yura.
   - All gathered for a trial? I do not know what was said here before me, but, apparently, the truth. And I will tell the truth: my son is the son of Jura.
   The doorbell rang. Bella and Ilya appeared in the hallway. They looked at everyone in surprise.
   - The number of judges has increased! - said Victoria Lvovna loudly, - It is very interesting here, come through. The fact is that we are trying to find parents of boys here.
   Suddenly, all four boys howled, screamed and rushed to their mothers. There were three children around Alla.
   Next to Anya was one boy.
   Andrei and Yura stood and looked, never taking their eyes off women with children, and could not choose which woman to look at anymore and which woman should be approached.
   The crowd of eyewitnesses looked quietly, giving fathers the opportunity to choose children.
   Andrei"s son approached his father and said:
   - Dad, go home. Dad, go home.
   - No, that's too much! Anya, let's go home, you're right. Forgive me, my dear woman, - Andrei purred.
   Anya burst into tears in her voice:
   - People! I can no longer hide! Andrei, your son is the son of Yura, I repeat once again.
   Anya's son shouted loudly:
   - Dad, go home! I am going home!
   "Freeze-frame," said Viktoria Lvovna in a metallic voice, "everything will go home, and then, men, pass the tests, if we don"t do it, they will do it in another place." Genetic engineering exists. Check it out.
   The crowd surged through the door.
   - Stop! - Anya screamed. - I know one sign of my son's father!
   People stopped on the landing with bewilderment in their eyes.
   "Go back to the apartment for a moment," Anya asked plaintively and continued in the apartment: "My son has a second language, this is a genetic flaw, it can only be from the father of the child."
   The audience rustled with surprised remarks.
   - People, I have a second language! "The doctor also told me not to marry a woman with two languages," said taxi driver Andrey.
   - So who will be the judge? - asked Victoria Lvovna. - I will not look into his mouth.
   - I! - Alla exclaimed, - this concerns me.
   Alla washed her hands, rinsed three spoons with boiling water and looked into the mouth of the baby, Andrei and Yura.
   - Announce the results of the inspection! Andrew's son, they have the same second languages, located behind the usual language.
   - So, but you need to check the children of Alla? - asked Victoria Lvovna.
   "My children are not subject to inspection by Alla," Yura said gloomily, "they have no second languages, we recently visited the doctor, checked them before the kindergarten.
   "Everyone is free," Victoria Lviv said the last word and went to the elevator.
   Andrei took his son in his arms and led Anya to the exit.
   - Anya, why did you spread a fuss? - Andrey was grumbling.
   - Andrei, it is you who doubted me, and that"s your second language.
   A good motto: do not let outsiders into the palace. Alla heard him and arrived with three sons. Allah didn"t take her nanny with her. Andrew brought the holy family by taxi and landed at the palace. Bella went out to meet her friend.
  Children of two and a half years, while Alla and Bella greeted each other in the palace, fled in different directions.
   Alla looked down, and there was nobody near her. Bella passed Alla's fright, she began to look around, but saw no one. There were no strangers in the palace. Bella handed over an intercom disposal to all employees: whoever finds children, let them bring them to the art gallery.
   Bella and Alla went in different directions to look for boys. Bella went to the birds.
   One boy stood next to the hedge, what is his name - she didn"t know, she didn"t see the kids so often. Bella talked to the boy and led him to an art gallery, where there were plenty of birds in the paintings.
   Alla went to the gate, which went out towards the sea. At the gate stood the second boy, with his face thrust between the twigs of the hedge, he looked at the water. Persuaded his mother to go with her to where the sea is depicted in the pictures.
   The third boy was brought out of the garage, he did not want to leave the car. Found his cook. The cook could not persuade him with pictures, there were no cars in the pictures, but he persuaded him with pies and led him through the dining room to an art gallery. They brought with them a whole tray with cakes, followed by a cook and carrying compote. It is good that the pictures hung above the height of the children, otherwise they would all be greasy from the palms.
   Bella looked at the boys and wondered how they grew up. Alla was glad that all the children were there, and the doors to the hall were closed.
   Spring was gaining strength, and the children together asked to go outside. Bella did not know what to do. She asked the cook and the cook to take hands on one boy, she took the third by the hand, and they went for a walk to the sea.
   Alla walked alone and looked right behind everyone. On the beach, her friends looked at each other and involuntarily recalled how they lay on the sand and were spinning in the sun from idleness.
   - Alla, and how do you drive children to kindergarten? Bella asked, holding the boy by the hand.
   - Oh, Bella, I don"t take all the boys to kindergarten at once, I take them in turn: I"ll take two to the garden, leave one at home so that he can rest from the children. The nanny is sitting at home with him, and she does not lead children down the street.
   - Sorry for the stupid question: how do you distinguish them from each other?
   - Good question. Since year we have been cutting all differently.
   - And who cuts them?
   - A hairdresser for children's haircuts comes to our home, she offered different types of haircuts, she supports them. Others do not catch this identification mark. I distinguish them without haircuts, but sometimes I wonder who is who. They do not have birthmarks yet, they look very much like each other.
   - What do you do with clothes? Dark clothes!
   - Don't step on the calluses, Bella! What clothes? And how much washing! In the kitchen, the lines are strung, and something constantly dries on them. In the summer I hang everything on the balcony, so in the bustle and live. What are you asking me with questions, better tell me why you do not have children, at least one?
   - I have no children, and the whole answer. All the children you have.
   - Bella, take one boy, what you lead by the hand. His name is Vasya, you found him today at the house. Be a man, take it not for the rest of your life, but at least for a month, otherwise I will give up the ends from fatigue, and the nurse is threatening to leave, and she is tired.
   - Alla, what are we talking about ?! I'll take Vasya for a month.
   - Thanks, Bella! Here I helped out, - Alla said and sat on the bench.
   - No, I was the rashly said that I will take. Remember, you lived here for almost a year, and I remembered that one of the boys loves birds. You know, I do not want trouble, resentment and reproaches that I deserve from you in a month. I will not take Vasya for a month.
   - Bella, bless you, we'll go home. Will you take us to the city?
   - I'll take it.
   Alla abruptly selected children from the cook and the cook. Screaming, cursing everyone, she went with the children to the car.
   Bella listened to her screams and said:
   - Alla, the driver will take you, - and went to the side of the palace.
   Alla sat with the children in the car, which was attached to the palace by Count Pavlin for transporting people and products. She had no tears, a bitterness arose in her soul and the thought that it would be time to go to the mother with the children, let her help.
   Mother at the sight of her daughter with three children threw up her hands, bit her lip.
   - Come on, daughter, come on. For a long time came to us?
   - Mom, as we can handle.
   Father left the room:
   - Grandchildren, hello! Hello, Alla! Baba, I'll be walking with the guys! I did not have sons, I have grandchildren! Boys, I'm your grandfather!
   - Grandfather! Grandfather! Grandfather! - shouted three half-hops.
   - I - grandfather Ilya.
   - Ilya. Grandfather. Ilya, the children said.
   - Dad, you can not cope with the boys!
   - Who told you that I can not cope with the guys? I have a friend, we will walk my grandchildren with him. We can handle it.
   After the first walk my grandfather came all covered with soap:
   - Alla, you're right! Walking with three boys is difficult, but possible. A friend has a girlfriend, a former kindergarten teacher. Next time we all go for a walk.
  Alla's father learned a long time ago one truth: it is very difficult for a man to live in a family, and in order to survive, one must be useful to the family. He had long watched men: who dies and why early. And he came to the conclusion: those men live longer who can bear not only men's loads, but do not avoid women's loads, especially if the loads are connected with children and their walks.
   One friend of grandfather Ilya and he suffered a stroke because of his grandson. After treatment, he got up, limped, but he walked with his grandson, and he walks alone among the attendants. Grandpa Ilya decided to keep up with good grandfathers.
   A young man approached grandfather Ilya on a walk, they recognized each other. The young man's name was Vasya, he was Alla's classmate. The guy was not married yet and warmly recalled Alla. The children became attached to him so quickly that they soon ran after him in a chain. He ran away from them, played and naughty, wore them on his broad shoulders. Children from the joy of communicating with a cheerful and strong uncle, who knows their grandfather, have changed before our eyes: ceased to be capricious and carried out all the orders of Basil.
   The grandfather brought the calm children home: they didn"t play pranks, they themselves took off their clothes, went to wash their hands together, sat down at the table and ate everything they put on their plate.
   - Grandfather, admit, than children were drunk? They are like silk steel!
   - We met Vasily, he played with them, and here is the result!
   Alla remembered Vasya's phone number and called.
   - Vasya, hello, this is Alla! Thanks for the kids. They are so good back from a walk!
   - Alla, glad to hear your favorite voice, go out with your children tomorrow after a nap. See you in the sandbox!
   The next day, the children, as if on a holiday, were going for a walk. Vasily was waiting for them with three large plastic dump trucks. The children took the car together and began to carry them.
   Vasily hugged Alla's shoulders:
   - I missed you so much!
   - And I missed you, I got so sick in life after a beach holiday!
   - Have you come for a long time?
   - How come, I do not guess.
   - Stay!
   - Tell me! There they have a father, my apartment is there.
   - Alla, do not waste time. I have a big apartment, I live alone.
   - Vasya, are you serious? I have three sons! They are still small.
   - Your sons are good, you do not know that I served in the army in the north and was associated with radioactive elements. I was still told in the army that I would not have children. Outwardly, I am a healthy person and can be needed by you and the children.
   - And if I agree?
   - I will not give up my words. Your father walks nicely with his grandchildren, he will help us. Your parents will not object.
   After leaving his wife and children, Yura began to recover and think more about work. He went around all the shops in the city, looked at what his supermarket was behind other stores. He decided to increase the prestige of the store.
   Anya went to work, her son went into the garden. Anya was spinning around with Yura again, if such an opportunity appeared. He worked with her easily and calmly.
   Victoria Lvovna met with Bella:
   - Bad, very bad to hide yourself from society. Or something happened and you are silent? They say that Alla came to you with her children, but after you left with her children for her mother and there she found herself a new peasant, or an old one, I have not figured out yet.
   - Thanks for the news. Yes, Alla came here with children. She wanted to leave Vasya for me for a month, but I refused her, I don"t know why. But no, I know. Vasya was still called her boyfriend, she walked with him before the first trip to Abrikosovka, they took him to the army to the north, and we came here with her.
   - So, his name is Vasya? Seem to be. Yura told me that Alla lives with Vasya, but I did not immediately understand. Bella, so why are you suffering? You did the right thing, that you didn't break the brothers into different parts.
   Jura's car drove into the palace grounds.
   "Yura, hello, today is the day of visits," Bella told him, looking after her husband Ilya.
   - Bella, I saw the cars of Victoria Lvovna and Ilya. You probably already do not want me to say anything.
   - You care about the question, why did Alla leave? She has a friend Vasya, she lives with his children. And you rest. She will be back. Vasily is a good guy, but she does not love him. They were just friends from school. Her mother is a weak woman, Alla refused to sit with her children, and Vasily took leave. The vacation will end and she will return.
   "Where do you know everything from?" Should I punish her for treason?
   - No, pretend as if she was with her mother, and you rest, gain strength.
  - Then I went home. I saw Ilya's back, hello to him.
   At home, Viktoria Lvovna looked at Pavel and decided not to remind him of his love for Bella, which ended quite ingloriously.
   Ilya, after swimming in the pool, suddenly came to Bella. He came close to her, kissed her on the cheek and said:
   - Bella, you are not to blame! We will live as they lived.
   "Well, if we succeed," Bella said, and went to her workshop, where she came from that day.
   Vasily lived alone in his big apartment. The first time he was glad Alla and her children. They brought into his life a full existence. He took a month off from work, and this vacation was over. Life in the house has deteriorated sharply. Alla could not cope with three children alone; she could not arrange children in the garden.
   Anya in the house of Yura decided to restore her order: she moved the furniture, changed the curtains, bedspreads. The apartment acquired a primitive appearance, as if it had dropped in order by its appearance. She cooked perfectly and a lot, but all this was not to his taste. In bed, she constantly laughed and talked, nor did he experience physical attraction to her.
   Vasily could not stand a mess in his house and shouted at Alla. Alla got ready and went with children to Yura. In her apartment she found Anya. Alla tore all her irritation on her. Anya packed up, took her son and returned home.
   Yura came home after work and saw Alla with the children. He sincerely rejoiced at their arrival. The children were happy to see their father again and crawled on him from all sides.
   A concert of a prestigious singer was held in a small hall of the restaurant, the entire elite of the city gathered for a concert. Diamonds glittered on bare necks and ears, partially covered with hair. The open shoulders of the ladies glowed with dear grooming. Black color in men's clothing prevailed, slightly shaded by white shirts with diamond barrettes in ties.
   Pasha examined the hall with great interest in the hope of finding Bella. He was happy to note that Illya is in the hall, but a young girl was sitting next to him, having nothing in common with Bella. He frowned and decided to wait, without losing sight of Ilya"s table.
   Victoria Lvovna was sitting next to Pavel, she noticed his search for Bella, and in her heart was glad that her constant rival left the city.
   - Pasha, who are you looking for in this room? The singer will now appear on the stage, the scene before your eyes.
   "Sorry, dear, but I don't see Bella next to your brother."
   - Lagging behind life, dear, they have an exchange of wives with Thor.
   - Not understood.
   - Are you dumb? Illya took Ella from Thor as his owner, and after the first night gave him Bella for eternal use.
   - They are people, not objects!
   - My dear, it means that the ladies agreed to the exchange. Bella is not in the city, Thor took her to her.
   "Less dreams, less tears, and it should have happened," muttered the confused Pasha news.
   Victoria Lvovna looked at Pasha and added nothing. The sparkling singer appeared on the scene. The wait required to explore the hall is over.
   But Pasha continued to look into the hall. His friend Yura was sitting with Anya, a funny, curly creature, and Andrei and Alla were not.
   - Victoria Lvovna, - whispered Pasha, - Yura and Andrey also changed their wives?
   - No, that you, dear. Alla went to her school friend, and Yura took Andrei from Anna with her son, - Victoria Lvovna whispered in response.
   They looked at them accusingly from a nearby table, and they fell silent. Victoria Lvovna attentively looked at Pavel: a handsome thirty-year-old man in a white suit, in a white shirt and white shoes was the most charming and impressive in this hall. She contentedly thought that all his sins could be generously forgiven for her irresistible appearance.
   At the same time, a magnificent couple appeared in the restaurant of the northern hotel: Thor and Bella. They were so close to each other and they looked so beautiful that the entire audience in the hall turned their heads to them, welcoming them with nods, exclamations of surprise and admiration.
   Thor insisted that Bella come with him to a restaurant where they first felt attracted to each other. Claudia Karlovna approached them, congratulated them on their return and noticed Torah that Bella had become a terrific woman, that they were a nice couple.
  In the neighboring town of Vasily and Alla decided to celebrate the month of their coexistence, and together with the children came to the local high-speed catering. Here they ordered the performance of clowns for children, which gave presents to children at the expense of Vasily. All the public, voluntarily and involuntarily, looked at a couple with three children, contented with life. The admiring glances of visitors warmed Alla, Vasily and three identical boys with different haircuts. Strange as it may seem, Alla felt well and comfortably beside Vasya, and the children listened to him. The relative order reigned at home, and she recalled with horror about her former life with Yura and did not even think about returning.
   It is dark and cold in the shower and outside. The wild roar of the child stunned all the space of the room. Vasya managed to drop the wardrobe. The wardrobe, new and fashionable, fell on the same wardrobe with its crown, as a result, the child was in a hut out of the wardrobes, but saved and nervous.
   He shouted, shouted, and suddenly fell silent at the plate with pasta. Alla looked in the mirror and saw her swollen face. Somewhere she already saw such a swelling of the face and remembered: her mother had such a swelling of the face from a honey mask.
   Oh, she bought a honey cake yesterday, ate it almost all in one breath and swelled. Eyes changed their shape under the influx of eyelids. Vasya ate his favorite pasta and was silent for the time being. Quiet. It's dark and cold. She wanted to write a letter to Vasily. Wrote and erased. If she writes something to Vasya, he will immediately appear in his own person, and this is an inadmissible luxury, which is a pity. Vasya Jr. ate a dozen noodles of curls and ran into the bath with shouts:
   - Mom, I love you!
   Yura went with his two other children to visit his mom. He did not like Vasya, or was jealous of big Vasya, but did not take him with him. Vasya Jr. also loved Vasya more than Yura. Vasya fell asleep.
   Alla looked in the mirror, then turned her face away from him with complete hopelessness, but with reliable that the swelling on her face would pass. Alla picked up the phone, dialed Bella's number:
   - Bella, hello, do you have a minute? Vasya is sleeping. Yura and his children went to their mother. And I have swelling on my face.
   - It is clear, you sit alone at home and suffer.
   - Do you know, Bella, I tell you as if you were a ghost, sad for me something, or something, to rush Vasya, when the swelling from the face disappears? With Yura, we are all bad. Oh, I did not leave the fourth child ...
   "You didn't tell me anything about the fourth child."
   - And what to boast of? I arrived from Vasya, drove Anya out of the house. She got accustomed to Jura while I was gone. Yura came home and made me the fourth child. And you know, tomorrow I will take Vasya alone and go with him to another Vasya, and you will tell Yura that I went to see my mother.
   - Alla, do not get me involved in your business.
   - Careful you have become! Well, I'll tell him myself. Bye-bye, said Alla and put the phone down.
   Vasya threw up his head, as if he hadn"t slept, shouted, squealed. Tears out of bed and forgot that almost slept. Screeching and screaming from scratch. Alla remembered that Vasya was coping with him with one hand, and decided in the morning to definitely go to him. Vasya-small ran around the apartment, shouted, climbed through all the doors. One for all rattled.
   In the morning, Alla looked at herself in the mirror: the edema somewhat decreased, made a mask on her face and began to collect things. Vasya woke up and did not particularly interfere with his mother's fees. He packed a whole bag of toys, as if helping her.
   Alla took out some of the toys, took the rest and said:
   "Thanks to this house, let's go to the next one," and, taking the son"s hand, left the apartment.
   Light snow lay on their tracks. Life went on. Naturally, the road was not without Andrei. Andrei noticed Alla and Vasya, he stopped the car next to them.
   - Alla, where are you going to go again from your destiny? - asked Andrew, opening Alla car door.
   - Andrei, what are you asking? To mom going.
   - She is waiting for you will not wait! I'm not taking you!
   - I did not call you today, you yourself stopped.
   - You know, my dear, come, I'll take you home. You do not know that Yura left the supermarket and returned home? So my Anya told me everything. After the division of property, Victoria Lvovna began to oppress Yura, and he quit. Go home, and then Victoria Lvovna and your apartment will be credited, and you go to work.
   - Andrey, you are right! I have to work! Yura himself knows what he is doing. Help home stuff attributed.
   - Come on, love! And do not tell Ms. Victoria Lvovna, if you get her eyes!
  Yura returned home, where he was not the last years. There was almost no waiting for him. The apartment of parents seemed to him small and old. Mother gave him a room. Children laid on the sofa. Jura brought a cot.
   Mother met her son with two grandchildren and asked:
   - Son, did you come to us for a long time? And why did you come with children without Alla?
   - Mom, as it happens, I retired from the supermarket. I decided that it would be better. I will go to work. Children in kindergarten give.
   - Yura, you are registered here, we did not discharge you, and your children are not registered with us, they will not be taken into the garden.
   - Mom, are you serious? That got! Mom, and you will not sit with the children? I have no choice! I have nowhere to work there. I did not get on with Victoria Lvovna.
   - Yura, stay. I will not throw you out of the house, get a job.
   Lucky Jura this time. One old friend recently became the director of the company and took Yura to work for good money. But Yura forgot a lot at the supermarket, it was hard to catch up. He practically did not go home; the first month was at work all the time. Children grandmother did not obey. For a month she was very tired and called Alla:
   - Alla, what should I do? In the garden, children can"t be arranged without a registration, but Yura is working.
   "Thanks for letting me rest." So Yura got a job? Good. I do not know what to do! I went to work. Vasya goes to kindergarten. Take a babysitter to help with the money of the Jura.
   - Babysitters we still lacked! We have a small apartment. Where are the children registered?
   - Children were born in Cypress, and they were registered with me, at the place of my registration. I have a regional registration. And you remember, we wanted to register your children, but you refused.
   - So I thought, you are looking not at my Yura, but at the metropolitan registration!
   - Lord! Triple! I do not know what to do with me! Register them temporarily.
   - Well, Alla. Vasya - he is the most violent of the three, it is not easy for you, but we will manage.
   Yura found a young nanny to help his mother. The girl worked part-time, studying at the Pedagogical Institute. She did not argue with her grandmother, using pedagogical methods of education, she easily coped with two very obedient boys.
   The brothers Valery and Vitaly were friends among themselves and did not quarrel over trifles. Vasya among them was always the third, independent. The girl was soon called by name: Ira. She walked with the children once a day, the grandmother walked with them the second time. Grandmothers, who were sitting on the bench, reported to her how Ira walks with her grandchildren. The girl was praised and considered the wife of Jura.
   Yura didn"t bother Irina, but she liked him very much, they had about ten years of age. The situation is ordinary.
  Chapter 17
   In the south, Alla was drawn into everyday work. Spring invaded its edges. The people flew south. Work has increased. Vasya went to kindergarten in the same group as Andrei"s son. The sons became friends. Alla and Andrey once left the kindergarten together.
   The sons ran ahead of them, overtaking each other. They went into a small park, sat on a bench. The children rocked on the swing. The birds sang above their heads. Anya missed Yura, she was told that Alla and Andrey often go together, but she had no strength against this friendship. She had the idea to go to the Jura. The woman dialed the phone number of Jura.
   - Yura, my love, I miss you so much! Dear my man! Your wife and my husband are friends with the children, and I am disturbing them. May I come to you?
   - Are not you afraid, Anya? Come over! I look forward to meeting you!
   Andrei brought his son home and saw an interesting sight: all things flew around the apartment, and some flew into the opened mouths of bags.
   - Anya, what happened?
   - Nothing special, I'm going to visit Yura. Alla will look after you, she coped with three children, and she can cope with two somehow. Really, son?
   - Yes, mother, Aunt Alla will cope with us.
  - Here is a son for her! Son, I do not mind, I love you! Andrei, you carry everyone, take me to the station! - Anya sat down, shook off a tear.
   - I'll take it! Want to come back - wait!
   Yura met Anya at the station, was delighted, brought her to his home. His children flew to her and sat down on their knees. The woman hugged the boys, patted the short-cropped heads.
   Ira entered the room and looked at the woman in surprise.
   "Sorry, I thought their mother came."
   - And who are you, honey? Yura, are you busy again?
   - No, Anya. This is Ira, she is a student and nanny in her free time.
   - Already and Anya. Let go of the man, he will find a woman elsewhere!
   Anya got up. The boys slid off her lap. She grabbed her bags and ran out into the street. She raised her hand, the car stopped and took the woman to the train station.
   Yura ran out of the entrance doors, and the car was already gone.
   Anya came home the next day. There was no one at home; in the evening she herself took her son from kindergarten. The boy pressed against her and cried, Anya also cried.
   Late in the evening, Andrew arrived:
   - How was your trip? He asked his wife. - Quickly returned, did not meet?
   - Met, but the boys already have a new mom!
   - Smart Yura! Alla knows?
   - He still does not know. He has a nanny Ira, a young girl.
   - Alla has to say. Warn her.
   - Righteous what! Caring you, but about others. She will know if she wants.
   Alla came to the kindergarten for Vaska and learned from the teacher that Anya herself took her son. She called her husband:
   - Yura, what happened to you there? Who is sitting with children?
   - Alla, you know that my mother is sitting with children.
   - I do not believe, dear. If Anya escaped from you, then you have another woman. Our rival.
   - There is a nanny Ira. Student
   - Here she is! Happiness to you two! - Alla said and hung up the phone.
   The phone rang. She took it, but it was not Yura, but Andrei:
   - Alla, Jura has a woman.
   - I know, Andrei, but I will not judge them and will not go to them.
   - You know better, but I can not come to you, Anya returned.
   "Andrei, I don"t call you, Vaska and I will live alone," said Alla and hung up the phone.
   Alla lay down a bit. Vaska climbed onto her bed:
   - Mom, call Vasya, I want to talk to him.
   - You are right, Vasya, you need to call the big Vasya.
   Vasya immediately picked up the phone, as if he was waiting for a call.
   - Vasily, it's me, Alla. Vaska and I are alone, we are all abandoned and have found a replacement. Come to us for life.
   Frost - a red nose has taken hold completely of nature. Wind pierced the house. Life was subject to frost. The windows in the buses, frozen evenly without patterns, obscured the desperate passengers who were riding the warmest clothes. Christmas time. Epiphany frost. The frosts struck extremely strong.
   Yura knocked on the door and offered a couple of bags of potatoes. His family has increased, potatoes are always needed, not a single thing is left at home. They brought them a bag of potatoes, threw it on the landing, and the sound of her grandmother realized that she was frozen. Ira ran out with her to look at the potatoes.
   - It is necessary to cut it and see.
   I took Ira's knife, washed one potato, cut it, and it was all frozen in the cut. The guy stands over two bags of frozen potatoes and does not want to believe that here it is, so big and large, and frozen, and not on the street because the potatoes were. Then he looked at Ira and said:
   - Ira, will you live here for a long time?
   "As long as they need me, I'm not leaving." And you sell frozen potatoes.
   - Yes, I did not know that she was cold!
   - This is your business, I have to close the door, goodbye!
   Yura brought home a full salary for the first time. I paid Ira for the work, gave her mother for food and personal expenses. The ladies cheered up. Children received new toys with remote control. He lacked a car, but in the cold about the car you can not think. And he tried not to think about Allah, Yura was sure that she would remember Vasya, and not him and Andrew.
  Tonya, on the site of the blown-up Peacock's palace, built her own palace, more precisely a multi-storey hotel building. New furniture and paintings she would be most welcome. Her husband Seryozha went for furniture. He loaded the furniture in the furniture factory into a huge car with the help of loaders, then put them next to the furniture for the guard.
   With him, Seryozha took money for fines and took the furniture to a new house on the coast of the sea. Tonya met her husband, kissed him on the cheek and began to look with impatience for the unloading of furniture, she was in awe of any careless movement of porters. She decided to put a new, expensive collection of furniture on the second floor for high-class guests.
   The interior for one room of three rooms turned out to be quite impressive, Tonya understood this immediately. Here it was possible to demand good money from the guests, and it was for that. She walked around the room, not even daring to sit down on a chair. The mirrors in the rays of the southern sun flickered faintly, but the mercantile mind of a rich woman, the mystic of the pearl number, did not act, she did not catch the fluids of Bella's paintings. But carefully read the certificate of quality for furniture.
   The rumor of a pearl hotel room immediately reached the right ears.
   Ilya, who sold the land for the Tone hotel complex, received information about an unusual purchase, but missed it. But Bella lost her peace, and not only did she want to enter the territory of the former Peacock Palace, she also wanted to see a pearl set of furniture. She did not understand why he was sold to Tone, and not to her. Naturally, Serezha told Bella about everything by phone.
   Bella and Ilya asked for permission to live in a pearl room for three days. Tonya was flattered that Bella would be her first client and pay her a decent amount of money for three days. Among her jewelry Bella found pearl beads, which are three strings of beads, screwed with one lock. She put on a dark light dress so that the beads lay along the neckline, which was very interesting for Ilya, who was watching her collections in an elite room. She collected a small bag of things, waved her husband with her hand and went to her car, which stood at the new palace.
   Bella was going to the place of the tragic events where she hadn"t been so long ago. The former gates of the palace have been preserved. The guards recognized her and missed her. She drove into familiar territory where there was nothing familiar. It was a five-story pretentious house, made projections. New trees were planted, only an old chestnut tree remained at the gate.
   On the beach was a new pier. From the former hangars for yachts nothing left. The territory of the hotel, clean and well-groomed, was not at all pleasing, there was no past here, everything was new, except for the sea, maple and metal gates. Bella entered the hotel. The coolness of the halls swallowed the young woman, she looked around her at the interior. She was promptly called in for the paperwork.
   The windows overlooked the familiar marina. A sense of nostalgia swallowed Bella, but not for long. She began to fall into a strange state, considering luxury furniture. Bella moved from room to room, and she had the feeling that she was being entangled by the threads of the past.
   Bella felt heavy, pressed her heart, she sat down on a chair. A huge cupboard with a shimmering mirror and pearls in the ledges of patterns appeared before my eyes. She felt that the pearl beads began to reach for the pearls on the furniture.
   Her neck squeezed in such a way that she wanted to shout: "Save!", But there was no voice, there was one pressure on the throat. Bella reached out with her hands to the lock of the beads, pulled her hands together, and with great difficulty unscrewed the lock and threw the beads to the mirror box. At that moment, it seemed to her that the wardrobe smiled approvingly. Bella thought that probably the furniture giant was demanding a ransom of pearls from her. She got up, picked up the pearl beads and hung them on the cabinet handle. The heart let go.
   Bella looked up and met the eyes of Count Pavlin. She shook her head and looked at the mirror again. No, she had the imagination of the eyes of a once strong man. She understood that she would not fall asleep in this room, although she had paid three days in advance. She had a desire to go to the sea and find a piece of past life. Probably, the mirror in the room was from the furniture set of Count Pavlin or it was inserted into the elite furniture.
   Bella went outside, went to the sea, stopped at the pier. It seemed to her that a white sail of a yacht flashed in the distance. "No, that's not right!" Bella stopped her visions of the past. "Better to get in the car and go home to a familiar and adequate husband."
   She took out a mobile phone:
  - Ilya, I am very scared here, I alone will not be able to sleep in this pearl-mirror room. Do sleep among the mirrors? No, and I'm about the same. Yes, I paid for the room, but the value of the furniture is really great. If you want, come, or I'll be back home.
   Bella went down to the lobby of the hotel, asked to remove her belongings from the room. She was told that the money would not be returned to her. She smiled in response. Ilya at the sight of his wife returned only shook his head and said nothing. And she decided that she would no longer think about Count Pavlin, this is too much. Everything has returned to its place.
   The hostess of the hotel reported that the woman settled in the pearl-mirror room, he left without explanation. The hostess of the hotel went into the abandoned room and immediately noticed the pearl beads on the handle of the mirror cabinet. She sat on a chair herself, walked through the rooms and found nothing interesting. For her, it was just luxury furniture, not causing associations. She didn't understand Bella ...
   Seryozha entered the room, he looked at the pearl beads on the handle of the mirror cabinet and remembered how he had presented them to Bella, it was a long time ago, but he didn"t tell his wife anything.
   At the gates of the former Peacock Palace, and now the new hotel Yura saw Pavel in a car, at the wheel of which a woman was sitting. He did not immediately understand everything, he thought that he had hallucinations from the proximity of the dungeon. Yura decided to pull himself together and went to the hotel, there the two girls were talking about Bella and that she was with the new manager of the gaming complex Pavel. Yura was surprised that the name would match, which means Pasha is somewhere nearby! Why not!
   Pasha was at the reception to Tone. She allowed him to explore the dungeon and even promised to help him if necessary, she was very interested in this after purchasing a new collection of furniture.
   Yura came home, that is, to the house to Ivanovna, but kept in the subconscious the thought that he saw Paul at the gates of the hotel, this thought returned to him, he could not stand it and called the hotel. Yura learned that Pasha had just moved into a hotel, he was called his number, but he had nothing to do with an elite number. In the morning Yura showed up at the old friend Pavel. They talked about current affairs and at the same time decided that they would go to the dungeon together.
   Pasha could not stand it and told Bella about the purpose of the campaign. She said she wanted to go with them, for a long time she was interested in the rescue of Victoria Lvovna during the explosion. Bella showed her friends where she and Ilya found Victoria. All three of them began to look for an entrance to the dungeon. They found a crypt through which Victoria Lvovna came to the surface. We went down to the dungeon, the lanterns shone into mystery, and the three of them walked towards the unknown.
   Victoria Lvovna, leaving the dungeon, did not close the door to the round room. Young people came through the open door to the room, saw the objects of everyday life before the war and scraps of clothing.
   Yura said that it is necessary to find something that can be used in life, because he had three sons growing up. Bella came across a metal cylinder, there were women's ornaments in it, but it was felt that there were fewer of them than there were. Apparently, Viktoria Lvovna took all the valuable or someone else came here. Yes, there was nothing interesting here. They began to re-open the doors of the cabinets, but nothing unique in them lay.
   All three of them got into the rookery, since there were no chairs and chairs, deciding that it was time to eat. Bella took out sandwiches and drinks from her bag. The bed under the weight of three people bent and dispersed in two directions. They were on the floor with food in their hands. The lights in the lights went out. Soon they lay on the edge of the bed, something turned them off when moving the two parts of the bed, but the light turned on around the perimeter of the room. Bella looked and saw that the twelve lamps, made in the form of peacock feathers, glow.
   - What if all the focus in these lamps? Asked Bella.
   "But they are highly located," said Yura.
   "We"ll bring a ladder," answered Pasha, "who knew that he needed to climb high."
   They looked at the lamps and chewed sandwiches, washing them down from each of their bottles.
   - Guys, you need to look at the top hat with decorations again, it"s important that one thing was real, did I understand the task of Jura correctly? Asked Bella.
   - Yes, - Yura answered, eating his share of food. He rose, hitting the edge of the bed. Two parts of the bed began to move into one. People were forced to quickly jump on the bed, so as not to be compressed by two parts of one whole.
   "And Mrs. Victoria Lvovna was scared here," said Bella.
   - And I feel uneasy, - Yura responded, - it's time to leave, take the lights, here someone frolicked, writing a dungeon and his mechanics.
  - No, where is the seedling for the mystic life? What do you want, but I did not fulfill the task, I have to look! - Yura objected, having received a strange task from the company that made the pearl furniture set.
   - Take a peacock feather, and there will be a peacock mystic! Said Bella.
   "Such an idea could be said on the surface, and not climb here," Yura answered. - And then, the pen - it is almost flat, but it is necessary that there was a relief of the pen, and this is another work.
   - Then put the decorations out of the cylinder on the bed, see what happens! The color scheme of the pen, you get the idea! And all natural!
   - Bella, you are a genius! - shouted Yura. - And I will get money on my peacock mystic. She is in fashion.
   At that moment, twelve lamps, made in the form of peacock feathers, went out. They turned on the lights, took a handful of colored stones, closed the door behind them and went to the exit. On the way, Bella told them how to make oval-shaped wooden plates, to paint the peacock feather with the colors of gems on them - this sounded convincing. Bella added that for mysticism it is necessary to use paint from these gems found in the dungeon.
   - Bella, this is a box! - Yura objected. - But where is the peacock mystic ?!
   The lights went out from his exclamation.
   Bella stroked the stones, saying:
   - Offended you, these stupid young men offended you!
   Lanterns lit.
   "I persuaded," said Yura wearily.
   "Our man," said Pasha.
   - That's right, boys, you need to make openwork boxes, and put mystical emblems inside the openwork, they will work, I feel it, I have a heightened sensitivity to peacock feathers, probably in a past life I was a peacock.
   "Bella, I completely agree with the openwork casket, with the mystical emblem too, but I do not believe that you were a peacock in a past life, you feel an increased susceptibility to mystical phenomena, you are a subtle person," Pasha said thoughtfully, "and I like you incredibly .
   - Wow picture looms! He had a wife here, and now he is singing the roulades to another woman! - sincerely exclaimed Yura. - Bella, you do not believe him, he is a terrible person! But this is not about that now, I am grateful to you for helping me accomplish the task. Thank! Now I can go home, only I have not bathed in the sea, but it is splashing nearby. Speaking of birds: Pasha, will you go home with me?
   - Yura, I was glad to help you, greet your mom, and I work here.
   - Pasha, you surprise me, but God will judge you. I have a question for Bella. Who will perform mystical emblems for tiaras?
   - Yura, I will make them myself. Say, twenty pieces will be in a month, maybe earlier. So come, call, be ready - take it. I will inform you about the cost of work in addition.
   "The emblems should be ready in three weeks," Yura clarified, "and I will come without a call, so reliable in mysticism." Payment on the fact. And now you would go together far away, I alone want to be at the sea.
   Bella and Ilya calmed down. They decided to buy Victoria Lvovna's yacht for personal use for transporting passengers from Apricot to the beach, to the winery, to an underwater cafe. Bella bought herself a boat like a yacht and loved to visit the underwater restaurant, where she remembered Count Pavlin and looked at the seascape.
   Once, Thor, a peppered pavilion in his youth, came up to Bella on a yacht. He came all in white, like Count Peacock, and she did not even tell anyone what the count looked like on that first trip. Yes, there was something aristocratic in the Torah. He predicted her desires and did not comment on her. Illya noticed their friendship, but did not comment on it.
   On one of his trips, Thor gave Bella beads from large natural white pearls. She took them in hand, and she so wanted to throw them into the sea! Bella survived, she said thanks and hung a new pearl necklace on her chest.
   "I played enough with pearls," she said sadly.
   - What do you give?
   - Yourself in a white suit! You are in it irresistible!
   - Ok, I will consider.
   One thing remained incomprehensible to Bella: what was in that wine, because of which Pasha on the beach among the rocks with her so ugly did? She could not stand it and told about love with Paul on the beach and the consequences of this love.
   Thor listened to her confession and said:
  - I know this winery! Quite by chance, my mother, Claudia Karlovna, worked at this plant together with Victoria Lvovna. At the time of Count Pavlin, those who came by boat were selling wine with some kind of white powder, it was Pasha who drank that kind of wine, and it is not surprising that he impatiently hit you against the stones of that beach.
   - Thor, and who are you, actually?
   - I? Yes, I am the illegitimate son of Count Pavlin, more precisely, Ivan Sergeyevich, my name is Viktor Ivanovich. Thor is the name for me invented by Count Peacock himself.
   - But I never heard your name and patronymic!
   - This is Count Peacock so decided, enough of my name.
   - And you look like him! On Count Pavlin!
   - I know that I look like Count Pavlin.
   - therefore to me attached?
   - No, it happened, apparently, the taste was the same with my father, but you didn't have anything with your father?
   - Not! It was human communication and nothing personal. I was sometimes fine with Count Pavlin just because he was there.
   "My mother told me about this property more than once.
   - Did you get a legacy from him?
   - Yes, his appearance, ability to keep and be sustained in any situations.
   "Did Count Peacock know about you?"
   - I knew, but I didn"t show it to anyone, he helped me with my studies, helped my mother. I am grateful to him for everything and I am not angry with him.
   Detective Ilya was sitting in a new Peacock palace and was listening to a report from Bella's yacht. He now knew for sure whose hands the poisoning of Count Pavlin was, the explosions on yachts, but for the punishment of Thor he had no evidence, this was the main legacy of this man. Walk on the yacht safely completed.
   Victoria Lvovna knew about the games of Count Pavlin with sleeping powder, these games and confused her Tonya. So, Victoria Lvovna was glad that she had got off the light of this disassembly with the bank. She liked how Pasha behaved in the face of bankruptcy, so she decided to legitimize his relationship with him without witnesses, as was the case with Count Pavlin. Let her have a support in her life just in case.
   Once on vacation, Jura dived into the sea, swam under the water for a long time, emerged and faced the eyes of the girl, and behind her back was a dark stream of hair.
   - Girl, are you a mermaid ?! - Yura exclaimed jokingly.
   - I am not even a girl, - she answered, coming out of the water, - my name is Alla, if I forgot. I have three children from you.
   - Where are our children? You look so young! You have such wonderful and long hair!
   - Two live with you in the capital, one lives here, with me. And my hair is my secret, and very expensive.
   - Why do we have children separated?
   - It happened. Vaska is sitting there, building palaces out of sand. I love this beach. I wanted to come to you, but I"m looking - Bella is a former fan, I didn"t interfere and went to the sea so that she didn"t notice me.
   - With her, my childhood friend went.
   - And we are friends with her childhood, and how old are you?
   - us? Many years.
   "Bella and I met two friends, they were somewhere around twenty-six, we were eighteen then, and now we have a lot."
   - You are even younger than us, it means girls. You have such a beautiful figure, and your hair ... I'm generally going crazy about them.
   - Why did you give up my hair? They are expensive, I have increased them, it seems, not in vain, and so you would have not noticed me, and now I have a crush. Have you come for a long time?
   - I wanted to go home today, and now I will be happy to stay. Alla, where do you live with Vasya?
   - What's the difference? I have a second husband, Vaska, but he faded to his home, and I actually live alone with Vaska Junior. Therefore, she came up with long hair to please men.
   - I am not married at all, and I have two of your sons, Alla ...
   - Capital, lonely - a dream, not a man! I work as an administrator in this new hotel, and Vaska and I live in it, like that!
   - And I took a room for a couple of days, so I will take off now for three weeks.
   - Wow bid! What do you care?
   - No, I would have to go here in three weeks, and I will while away with you here.
  - I agree to spend the three weeks with you, no one has passed the time for a long time! - and Alla stretched up with both hands, arcing her back, which was flowing long brown hair.
   Yura could not tear her eyes off Alla, he even had the feeling that he needed this flexible woman. He had no desire to love a woman for a long time. And now Yura was melting from one kind of Alla, he flowed like ice cream from the sun.
   She noticed his loving glance, put her hands, kissed him on the cheek herself and asked:
   - Tell me, who are you?
   "I am your husband, the father of your children."
   - It is clear, poor, poor man.
   - No, I still have a way to earn - mystical items.
   - Oh, that bent, he realized what he said? - Alla laughed ...
   Bella forced herself to write peacock emblems for caskets. The paint went all the way to the last drop, but she didn"t know who to give the order to. No one disturbed her, although at first she was afraid of the return of Jura, then she waited for Paul's call, but he was also silent. She put the emblems in the closet and closed the door. Turned off the light in the room, but the light remained. She looked around the room and noticed that a light was coming out of the emblem cabinet.
   "So it should be," Bella said out loud, at that moment, she heard a mobile phone ringing.
   Yura brightened up, spun in front of Bella, in her he felt something real, attractive, expensive and clever. Oh, she only managed to give him his enamels and get the money. They began to draw the monograms of caskets, to hide enamels in them, and so carried away that their hands touched each other over the drawings. Inspiration came to them, boxes were drawn, monograms were refined.
   They felt an unusually strong inspiration and excitement. Yura kissed Bella's hand, she touched his hair. He hugged her, she clung to him, but then abruptly pushed away and went to cook dinner. He followed along like a tamed beast.
   Bella after Jura's departure seemed as if she were ashen as after the death of Count Peacock. She again felt the forgotten necessity of her artistic gift, this condition pleased her. The latter work brought inner joy and a decent income, Bella had the idea to become necessary for his company. But how?
   Natural objects are needed, preferably taken out of the ground not this year, capable of exerting their inadequate influence on a person. And she could only draw, however, owned various ways of artistic painting. Bella remembered the scuba coffee, suddenly found something interesting during its construction and threw it nearby?
   Count Peacock on that trip was unusually beautiful. Again she had a painful feeling of restlessness, but almost immediately the thought was born of painting a picture, so that mystical thoughts would be born by its plot. Why would Bella serve someone? She is her own company.
   It is important that the picture had a hidden meaning. You can see the sea, and from the waves loomed the head of the sea king! She decided to set herself a difficult task, and she really enjoyed it. Bella got into the car and went to buy the best paints, canvases and frames.
  Chapter 18
   Bella was called by Yura, when she had already gained inner freedom, and to his question: "What to do next?" answered:
   - There is an idea: you need to make a set of boxes, but you need to add to it a picture of the sea floor with corals, which will hide the faces of a man and a woman in love with each other.
   - Good girl, great idea. And where to get the corals and the picture?
   - Buy corals, I'll write a picture.
   - Pay now?
   - No, in fact, let's say, in a month.
   "Thank you, my dear, you will help me out," said Yura, turned off the phone and sighed with true relief that you don"t need to invent anything for a couple of months, but just make a nautical set of mystical objects.
   Bella felt herself in seventh heaven: she found herself again, found a cause for herself!
   And soon I heard the call and the voice of Jura:
   - Are you out of work?
   - Consider it that way, and now it remains for me to fulfill your fantasies.
   - Then come!
   - With joy.
  Pasha agreed with Victoria Lvovna to secretly marry. Since they are masters, they did not need to justify anyone about their marital status, but that they lived together, and everyone knew that. After marriage registration, they decided to fulfill their dream of building a modern palace with improved living conditions.
   Bella suddenly had a dream to order a yacht at the shipyard, but without inspiration she couldn"t earn money. Bella remembered Victoria and her always gorgeous appearance: whatever you say, but she remained a woman to follow. Jura was periodically next to her, it is strange that it was he who helped her get out of a long creative stagnation. He, working as a programmer, suddenly began searching for inappropriate subjects. This new position in his life has united them.
   The heat increased. Meadow grass turned yellow. A young woman was sitting on a slope. The waves at sea were silver and held her captive of their beauty. She looked at the sea surface and at a distant church and thought that she had absolutely accidentally met a nun - or not by chance?
   Recently, their meetings were repeated periodically. Women talked a little and went about their business. But this time it was about children, and Bella said with a deep sigh that she had no children, but she really wanted to, and certainly from her husband.
   The nun looked closely at Bella in the eyes and said some holy words that did not linger in the young woman"s head, they were too unusual for the uninitiated ear. In parting, the nun said that because of her first sin, Bella had no children, but the child could still be ...
   Bella looked after the holy woman and went to the slope. And now she collected thoughts together.
   In the evening Ilya arrived. He greeted Bella coldly, the last time he saw her rarely. They went to their rooms. In their new home, they transferred the surviving paintings from the old house and made some kind of art gallery. Bella started a bird house where a couple of peacocks wandered.
   In a word, they partially preserved the customs of the old house. Bella was often at home. Ilya was more absent. They occasionally overlap. Sometimes she took tenants who lived in a guest house. Her life was monotonous and monotonous. Friends remained in the past life.
   Bella was drawn to the massage, which she never paid attention to. The masseuse molded her figure with her own hands, and Bella began to assume the configuration of some beautiful vessel. Wild, in terms of tension, was crowned with success. Something moved in Bella's body. She came to life and flourished.
   Ilya was surprised to see the chiseled shape of his wife. He could not resist, picked her up and carried her to the bedroom in her arms. Usually, the couple slept apart, and then the husband brought his wife on the bed.
   Sometimes real miracles happen in families. Husband for the first time saw his wife. He, with a wild wistfulness of the male, pounced on the unusually beautiful body of the female. With deep tenderness, he barely touched the tips of her fingers. He was afraid that the miracle of desire would disappear! But no! Desire only increased. Bella was beautiful. Her tender body trembled under his fingers and responded to his caress with every cell of her feminine being.
   A keen sense sensation frightened by its perfection, finite feelings and intermediate movements. There was growing frankness in its nakedness and the truth of life. It seemed that for the first time in their lives they had collided in the field of physical love.
   Languid, sensual kisses organically echoed the main tide of desire. Any touch was the height of fabulous feelings arising in their bodies. They were like two electric rays, creating intermediate electrical discharges.
   Spouses swam in the waves of lovemaking. They forgot about time and about who they are on earth. At some infinitely sweet moment, love ceased. Feelings are gone. They disengaged and lay down by themselves, exhausted and happy from incomprehensible feelings.
   No, whatever you say, but for the feeling of happiness you need a victory, even if it is very small, but so necessary! And then the gray, impenetrable sky does not oppress consciousness. And everything's good! All nonsense! Ahead of the goal arose with a small probability of implementation.
  In the evening, the impenetrable sky became the backdrop for the yellow lanterns. The contours of the trees were dark. The buildings glowed with white windows from fluorescent lights. It was drizzling rain. Let it go! All perfectly! Favorite once a man quickly walked around Bella on the turn. She looked a second after Illya and turned her eyes to the yellow light of the lanterns. Passed love. He does not stick anymore. Does not slow down at the sight of her silhouette. And that's not bad. Bella changed the purpose of life. No, she did not organize attacks on a man. Love is always random and natural.
   In order not to think about Ilya, Bella watched television programs about the planets. People have advanced significantly in this matter, but she did not know anything except the names of the planets of the solar system, and the planets, it turns out, are so different, and their satellites always feel the breathing of the planets through their attraction.
   Of course, she felt that her life partner today passed by her cold and detached. Probably her attraction today is very small, but sorry. She must have become a cold little planet.
   So why is there a sense of victory in her soul? No, for now she is silent. Ilya stopped next to a solid wall of dark silhouettes of shrubs. He is waiting! Why did it happen? The lights are shining ahead, and he stands in the darkest place, if he had walked a couple of meters, then there would have been no place to stand. It is light and crowded, and in this place the bushes are a very secluded place.
   Bella approached Ilya.
   - Bella, I'm sorry, I did not notice you. Passed by
   She said nothing.
   "Let's go home, stop being angry with me."
   - I rejoice!
   - What? And you walked slowly, did not call me!
   - You are inside me!
   - What are the riddles?
   - We will have the third and not superfluous.
   - Glad! You have no idea how happy I am! Go!
   They came out of the evening dusk on the highway, but the light of cars and lanterns no longer interfered with them.
   Bella's figure soon began to gutter. The clear boundaries of the waist disappeared before our eyes. She was getting massive and drowsy. She was drawn to sleep or to the table. Constantly wanted to eat. Total laziness was growing. Sometimes she was naughty and was whining, irritable, and then she became so calm, as if everything in the world was indifferent to her, except for her own state.
   This time Ilya Bella was not jealous of anyone. He was sure that their common child was growing inside her body. He sometimes recalled his jealousy from the recent past, then easily threw off sad thoughts and passed on to thoughts of his own future child.
   He was already under forty years old, and the child was the limit of all his desires. He began to work happier, began to acquire real estate, there was a sense to be richer, it was for whom to try and live. Bella jokingly said that they would have a daughter, but even that did not upset him.
   All friends and colleagues gathered for the christening of the daughter. Next to her parents sat a nun as the most honored guest. From early childhood, the girl was given a massage. Her figure was beautiful. Father soul doted in his daughter.
   What to say about the mother! The daughter grew up, she had everything she wanted. As the girl was not spoiled, it is not known, but she took all the benefits for granted. And how strange their acquaintance began and how long they waited for the birth of their daughter!
   Bella did not want to depend on Ilya, because she had long come to the conclusion that any dependence on a man is dangerous with humiliation, and she has no vital energy left for them. She sadly recalled the fog of the mood.
   With her husband, they lived on their own. Daughter Nina ran to her father, then to her mother, and believed that it should be so. Bella is now working on advertising her favorite company. She was allowed to do what she did, and no more ...
   Ilya mechanically handed Bella a sucking candy. Where the candy came from, she didn"t notice, but she took it, unfolded it and put it in her mouth. Candy was real. She felt her hand under her elbow and obediently got into the helicopter.
   - Fly to my yacht.
   They flew, flew and flew to the shore of a huge unknown reservoir. Bella has never been here. The climate here was warmer, the snow was nowhere to be seen. The yacht stood at the pier, she looked like a decent ship with a crew of sailors. Surprisingly, the wild luxury in the cabins was not observed, everything was very simple and clean.
   Bella tiredly lay down on the sofa and fell asleep. When she woke up, she looked around and saw a small cabin. She approached the porthole, outside the window - water and nothing more. No, why, a fish swam past, it means that the cabin was below sea level. A nervous tremor swept over her.
   - Bella, are you freezing again? She heard a voice from a round horn. - Open the door and climb to the upper deck.
  Bella executed the team and saw Thor in the white captain uniform. He was irresistible at the side of the yacht.
   - Hello, Bella! And where are your pearl beads, my pearl diva?
   Bella touched her neck and did not feel the familiar pearls. She looked at Torah in the form of a captain, and it seemed to her that in a past life he was a prince or a count.
   Victoria Lvovna slowly climbed to the deck.
   "And here comes Victoria Lvovna," Thor said with warmth.
   "Hello, Thor, now I will have a company for dinner, but it turned out that God sated - no one had seen it," said Viktoria Lvovna, walking up to the chair on the deck.
   - Hello, Victoria Lvovna! Bella exclaimed in surprise, peering at familiar features that were blurred by time.
   Overboard the sea worried. The yacht went under white sails to meet fate, not knowing fear.
   Victoria Lvovna told Bella about herself.
   - Bella, do you think that father gave me money for life? By no means. He gave money to mom when I was little. And when I was four years old, he gave me a holiday in kindergarten. He brought five masquerade costumes, and the whole group was photographed in gorgeous costumes. After that, he almost forgot about us. I look modest, but from any person I am ready to make a slave.
   Between Bella and Victoria Lvovna ran jealousy, as if a string had broken on a guitar.
   The rain began to drizzle. Bella and Ilya sat on the bench at the sports club. He quietly told her about his affairs, but they were not very enthusiastic about her. Somehow he walked past a newspaper lying on the side of the road, so he would have passed by if he hadn"t noticed bright yellow ad cells circled by a felt-tip pen many times on it. The newspaper, it seems, was crushed in the hearts and thrown out of the car window.
   Oddly enough, but the local detective was hired most often by women. And now Ilya investigated the case, which he was assigned by the masseuse of the sports club Elena Semenovna. She lost a set of natural black pearls: earrings and a necklace. The set lay in a casket covered with black velvet inside, and on top of the casket was made of polished sandalwood.
   Pearls have always been in fashion and out of fashion. She seldom put on a set, for her he was somewhat pompous, so she advertised in a local newspaper that sells black pearl necklace. For some reason, she believed that pearls are not such a valuable piece of jewelry to be carried to a jeweler or a pawn shop. In the pawnshop, all the jewelry was taken at a low price, and this did not suit her. How else to sell pearls, she did not know. She got the black pearls easily, he was presented to her by a son, he brought them from the shores of the Untouched Island.
   With pearl beads Elena Semenovna had three stories. Without knowing the characteristics of the pearls, she put on two strings of white mother-of-pearl beads to the graduation party at school. It seemed to her that the white beads and the graduation party were compatible. She saw in the movies and on TV that ladies from high society wear white pearls.
   Tears rolled in the evening, when the school gymnasium was still full of graduates, it was then that her young man showed his first abilities in her humiliation. The coincidence is random. In life, a great love to selflessness is rare.
   And after a while, Elena Semenovna met her hero again with a great and nervous love. Divine young man, just divine. And what do you think happened? His girlfriend gave Elena Semenovna three strings of pearl beads! As soon as she put on a pearl necklace, she fell into a tearful state. The state of despair was then because of a young man, then because of life, which became inevitably sad during the love, then after his departure to the former girl - these are the three strings of pearl beads.
   And again Elena Semenovna had a string of black pearls. This son Yasha rewarded her with an incredibly expensive gift - black pearls. How did it happen that in her life everything was accompanied by pearls? Elena Semenovna looked over the printed materials about the stones, it turned out that according to the horoscope she was Pisces, and pearls - the jewel of fish.
   And she didn"t buy herself the first pearl beads that she donned for the prom night, she was given them by her aunt. What for? For tears and unhappy love? Or is it a coincidence? Is Elena Semenovna happy or saddened because of the black pearl tears stolen from her? She sincerely thought that black pearl is a treasure. And he was stolen. She called the private detective agency, after watching the beautiful detectives in the movie.
  Detective Ilya actually turned out to be a beautiful man with subtle features. He received the client well in his office, and when he heard that it was a black pearl, he quite smiled. He knew that Sherlock Holmes was looking for only one black pearl and found it in a sculpted bust glued to the inside of a plaster sculpture, and he had to find three dozen beads!
   Vanity warm wave swept the entire body of a detective. He really wanted to find black pearls. Ilya did not immediately understand why Elena Semenovna decided to sell pearls. She explained that she simply decided to get rid of black sadness. At that time, she had a newspaper selling cars in her hands, and she decided to advertise the sale of black pearls in it and gave this advertisement to the newspaper. She did not say anything to Son Yasha about the announcement in the newspaper.
   "Who stole the black pearl?" - Ilya, a lover of detective stories, thought, and then decided that no one had stolen them, but when he saw the newspaper with the announcement, Thor himself took the black pearls from Elena Semenovna.
   Ilya went to a club where Thor was often at. He sat down at his sauna and found out a story about black pearls, and then he heard him exclaiming that this damned pearl he had taken from Yasha"s mother.
   Thor was driving in a car and threw a newspaper out the window. He did not buy pearls. He really wanted to see Alla once more and at the first opportunity to be with her near the coast of the Untouched Island, located in southern latitudes.
   Bella started her workouts from the gym, where young, interesting people prevailed. They monotonously pumped their figures, but her heart remained absolutely free. She was pleased to be among them, she was good in their company, and she herself went through all the simulators, sometimes looking at her watch. The lovers are not watching hours, and Bella was not in love. As for Paul, she did not hold him in her heart.
   Once the careless state of Bella again broke Yasha, whom she had never seen at the club before. She saw him between the pond and the building of the sports club. His hair stood upright on his head, brightening over a black hooded jacket. She could not take her eyes off his face, hair, from all his mysterious figure. It was a familiar and at the same time alien Yasha, who arrived at the club on a dark, sloping car. Where did he just take her ?!
   Bella could not stand it and approached him in the gym, praising his figure. Then she sat down at a nearby simulator to shake the muscles of her arms, but her eyes constantly followed his movement in the gym. She patiently rocked her muscles, reveling in the spectacle in which Yasha and the simulators participated, in which he swung his excellent figure. And his legs were absolutely normal, he was not limping at all, only slightly resembling a man who sharpened her into the red fortress with Alla together.
   In the pool, Bella once again saw a blond young man. She was surprised to see that his entire back was covered in eerie grooves. He swam in the pool very energetically, diving from one corner of the pool to another. A red cap glittered with water droplets on his head, and dark glasses glittered in his eyes.
   From the sight of his back, Bella shuddered inwardly, she could not understand how people were allowed into a very decent pool with such a back? Yasha had thirty indentations on her back, each of them could have been put on a pearl, and they would not have slid down the back.
   Bella went to the on-duty sports club, which at that time was sending black peas from a golden top hat in her mouth ...
   - Excuse me, is it possible to go into the pool with your back covered with a huge number of recesses after the ulcers?
   - Bella, are you talking about? About the navigator?
   - And who is the navigator?
   - Yasha - navigator! You never take your eyes off him!
   - What, is it so noticeable? You did not answer my question!
   - Yes, calm down, Bella!
   - So what about Yasha's back? I had seen him before, but I had never seen his back like this!
   - On his back - healed wounds, he later became a navigator, - the club attendant calmly remarked.
   Once Bella looked into his car: there were nets in the backseat. She raised her head and saw Yasha beside her, she almost accidentally touched his ear, a pleasant impulse ran through her body - it was the only touch to the young man, but it left an alarming and exciting feeling.
   Bella almost fell in love with Yasha!
   The duty officer advised Bella to have a massage at the club. The idea of a massage in Bella's head slowly matured, and she came for a massage. Before the session, Bella saw the navigator and masseuse Elena Semenovna talking.
  Thor sat next to Yasha, the mighty, healthy, uncrowned king of the local sauna. He was wearing one rose-colored towel. On Yasha - what a difference it was. He is not a king. The king radiated power and lightly naughty with a towel.
   The third was Bella, she sat, brazenly putting her knees on the most swimsuit. They talked about training and nutrition, as secular people. Thor looked at them, took a ladle and poured water on the stones of the sauna.
   Par rose and unobtrusively lifted the first man who instantly was sweating. Yasha was left to watch, as the giant, shaking muscle mass, left the sauna. Now next to him sat a strong man, of medium height and very talkative. He quickly talked about his secrets of weight loss and jumped out of the sauna.
   Yasha alone felt the increasing temperature, his body was covered with a thin layer of water, and he came out of the sauna. Soon the men were quietly talking in the waiting room, but Bella ran past them, they were too good, each in its own way.
   She walked and thought about life.
   Bella decided to go to Yasha herself and talk to him on the shore of the pond after training. The grass was green, the mosquitoes were flying. The young people were tired, so they sat on the bench for a moment, and sat for an hour. Bella did not ask Yasha about her back, she asked about his first experience in navigation. And soon I realized that she knew little about her surroundings.
   Rust, which appeared in different parts of the deck due to the fact that the ship in the ocean fell into protracted storms, put pressure on the psyche, and the constant bumpiness oppressed Jung Yashu. He lay in a hammock, as a resting person, but not between the pines, but between the waves, where the ship was falling again. He turned the cube in his hands, and if it were not for this occupation, he would have moved in phase. And he was saved by the thoughts of a girl, more precisely, about a girl who sometimes walked along the deck with a handsome man.
   The young man"s wondrous thoughts were interrupted by a cook, who poked his head through the slightly open door:
   - Yasha, you are well settled, salt water does not drip over you.
   - I have a well-deserved rest, now it"s not my shift to work.
   "The potatoes groan for you."
   - Not! Am I really on the ship ?!
   "I"m waiting in five minutes, but I"m killing the captain."
   - I'm coming, you are our dripping rain.
   Yasha got up and went to work as a junior assistant to the senior chef. The potato was lying in a bucket, locked with boxes so that it would not run away. Jung picked up a vegetable potato knife, removing the minimum amount of peeling, and began peeling potatoes. On the fifth tuber economical knife stumbled upon the metal. The young man carefully looked at the protruding piece of iron, broke the potato: there was a half of the razor blade inside. On the break of the potato were visible traces of the blade. He laid the bit of the blade aside and continued to peel the potatoes. But after a couple of potatoes, Yasha howled involuntarily and put his finger in his mouth: blood was flowing from it, and a second piece of blade was sticking out of the tuber.
   - I will not peel this potato! Yasha shouted to the man who had entered the galley coca.
   - Yasha, not shawls!
   - Egorovich, why are you stumbling into a potato blade ?!
   - Show the blades!
   - Look, please, I in two tubers found two halves of the blade!
   - Wow! They are also rusty!
   - It seems so, the blood is mine, not rust!
   - Shut up and I'll think about it. There is one thought. And you - peel potatoes, a little left.
   Kok thought and immediately remembered the story of this potato. He bought a bag of potatoes in the port from a peasant with a bandaged hand. The bandage on his arm was exactly where the veins pass. The man looked strong but very pale. He asked Koka to take him to the ship, and not alone, but with a girl, naturally, not for a bag of potatoes.
   The team ate their potatoes ahead of time. The fact is that there are teams who love pasta, and there are potato ones. Such a team of sailors that no matter what - all shout: "Give me potatoes!"
   - Yasha, thank you! Get some rest! I'll look at the rest of the potatoes, very curious. The results of the inspection of potatoes will report to the captain, and you keep your mouth shut.
   "Good," Yasha grunted and left.
   He went to the hammock, but now he was not bored, he began to invent a story with a blade, but did not manage to enjoy his imagination. In the cockpit went cook:
   - Yasha, I still found needles in two potatoes! Rusty!
   - Egorovich, and if someone threw this bag of potatoes on needles-buttons?
   - Needles still need to be put up so that they hit the potatoes.
  - That's right. And if anyone was bored, well, they stuck needles and blades into potatoes?
   "To throw it overboard, this potato, and that's that!"
   - What will feed the team and tourists?
   - Not your sadness, macaroni cost. I now think, it is necessary to throw out the potatoes that you peeled, suddenly the iron hid inside. It is good that today the potato peeler has broken, otherwise the automatic machine would have done troubles.
   - Listen, is it not easier to take a magnet and check the potatoes for metal?
   "I'd better throw him all out," said the cook and went to the kitchen.
   The moment the cook throws the potatoes overboard, I decided to see Yash. He jumped out onto the deck and almost collided with a passenger who was talking to a girl in a white T-shirt. It so happened that the ship had uninvited passengers: the girl Ella and a certain handsome Thor.
   Yasha originally wanted to make a free trip on the ship, so he was assigned to work in the galley.
   Thor paid for herself and Ella for the trip, freeing her from work on the ship. During the voyage, he persuaded her to swim on an untouched island. It was about Ella that Yasha thought in his free time. Having watched the potatoes fly overboard, he went over to the sweet couple and said:
   - Thor, I was tortured here with potatoes with blades and needles, which you gave to coca. Everything! I will go home with you upon your return from the Untouched Island.
   - Why from an untouched island? - Thor asked, a very impressive young man.
   "We are told that the Untouched Island is stuffed with traps, like potatoes here - with needles," Yasha replied and caught a glimpse of the bandage on Thor"s hand.
   - I did not throw needles and blades into a bag of potatoes and did not stick them. This bag I was asked by one person to give to the leader of the Untouched Island, but your cook wanted to take it to the galley, Thor seriously noted.
   "I see," said Yasha, although he did not understand anything.
   Chapter 19
   The ship stopped at a quarter mile from the coast of the Untouched Island. Thor was engaged in the black pearl business, so he specifically brought Ella to the Untouched Island and put it at the disposal of the local leader, saying that the girl would be engaged in inspecting the black pearl plantations in the island's lagoon.
   The leader asked: "Whose girl?" Thor replied: "The girl is a draw," and with a clear conscience one returned to the ship on which Yasha sailed during his vacation.
   At this time, the boat was lowered from the ship with tourists, who easily swam to the shore and poured together on the shore where they had something to see. Tourists are different: there are obedient, who go herds and do not go far, but there are tourists who are sly, without a sense of proportion and time, such can go far from the ship. Such people are all waiting and not always waiting.
   Two tourists dived into the exotic forest of the Untouched Island. What they thought was unknown, but, speaking, they stumbled over a black rope and flew somersaults into a pit covered with branches and foliage. The pit was dug above human growth, with rather smooth walls that made it impossible to crawl out.
   It seems that the locals made a multiple trap for unwary people or animals. The bottom of the pit, well rammed, could hold no more than six people in an upright position. Prisoners tried to scream, but the branches above their heads muffled voices.
   After some time, voices were heard on the ocean, calling for tourists who had gone far and for a long time.
   The experience of the ship"s crew was such that if you go with obedient tourists to search for missing tourists, the number of people left in an unknown direction increases. Conscientious tourists were asked to sit in the boats and leave the shore. They were asked to go to the ship to check the composition of the tourist group. One wedding couple was missing.
  Two threads of white pearls were put on the neck of a young woman. Just married tourists called "pearl couple." One man from the tourist group remembered which way the pearl couple had gone.
   The search group on the ship consisted of three sailors of athletic build, it was they who left the ship. They left in the indicated direction. Datura unknown grass floating on a barely perceptible path. The sailors, as if drunk, swayed and stumbled on the black rope. They fell on the heads of the "pearl pair", which managed to crouch and close their heads with their hands.
   Five people straightened to their full height, but no one wanted to laugh at crampedness. Over their heads around the pit, cheerful black men in loincloths jumped, raising their spears in good luck. One sailor had signal flares, he had contrived to launch two rockets into the air. One rocket said that they had found the missing pair, and the second said that they were in danger.
   The natives stopped dancing, looked surprised at the people in the pit, and argued among themselves.
   On the ship, they noticed signal flares. Checked sailors and Yasha boarded the boat. They took with them rifles, allowed for use in special cases, and harpoon ropes. The path along which five people walked was clearly visible in the tropical thickets.
   Yasha walked ahead. He first saw a small circle of natives looking somewhere down. He fired a warning shot into the air. All the natives turned upon the sound of a shot that sank in the strange aromas of the local stupefying herbs. The natives withdrew from the pit and let the armed group of people come closer, they allowed to pull everyone but the woman to the surface with ropes, then they all shouted and moved their spears.
   Yasha suggested that they want to take pearls from her. The natives nodded their heads in unison. The girl took pearls from her neck and filed two strings of beads to the most painted man from a local tribe. The man grabbed the pearls, tilted his head and made a sharp lunge in the direction of Yasha, he probably recognized him as the leader of strangers.
   With a gesture, the native showed that everyone would leave, and Jung was left alone. Yasha waved his hand, giving the opportunity to leave all to the ship.
   The leader of the natives showed Yasha to walk along the path away from the ship. They came to the clearing with strange huts. A fire was burning in the center of the clearing. On one side of the clearing stood a chair woven from thin Bell.
   In the chair sat a blond girl, with whom a native of the neck put on a necklace of white pearls, taken from the "pearl couple." Yasha saw a strange sight: in front of the blond beauty there was a chief of the natives standing on her knees!
   The girl with a gesture raised the leader, and he stood next to the chair. The blond person began to talk with Yasha. She said that she was the leader of the tribe, and the former leader was her husband, then she added that if a sailor wants to return to the ship, he must fill the black thread with black pearls. Yasha eyes on the forehead climbed.
   Then the girl, well, poured Ella, explained in Russian that on the other side of the Untouched Island there is a place where shells with black pearls are found, but the local tribe does not know how to dive and swim, and Yasha knows how to swim and dive. She added that the natives were following people from the ship with one goal: to find someone who dives well into the water.
   When the tourists and the crew on the boats sailed ashore, they all wandered along the coast, and Yasha mostly dived and sailed in the coastal zone. His natives remembered for the most blond hair standing on the head almost vertically thanks to a haircut.
   And Ella, and it was she who added that there are trap pits on all the trails that lead to the huts of the tribe of natives, so they protect themselves from random people and select divers for black pearls.
   Yasha took a black thread and swallowed saliva, he was immediately brought a muddy liquid in a half of a coconut, he drank it. Soon, five natives led him to the other side of the island. He put the black thread in his trouser pocket and calmed down a bit. Attempt not torture.
   A narrow boat bobbed along the shore. Three natives remained on the shore, and two boarded the boat with Yasha. The boat sailed ten yards from the coast, and the natives showed that he should dive. Yasha decided that they were joking, but he dived with a tied rope at his belt. At the depth, he noticed the shells, but he did not have enough air, and he emerged.
  The natives menacingly began to raise their spears. Yasha showed that he needed more air to get the shells, and he also had to tie a small stone on his chest, otherwise he lacks weight. The second attempt was successful, he pulled from the bottom of the sink. They took the shell from his hands and told him to dive again. He took out four shells and showed that he can no longer, we must rest and eat. They brought him a banana and fish, baked on coals.
   At this time, the ship thought about whether it was necessary to rescue Yasha or sail further without Jung, so as not to pay a penalty for violating the schedule for the arrival of the ship at different ports of the tour group. Having thought it over, they decided to leave Yasha on the shore, and on the way back to pick him up.
   The ship sailed and soon safely ran aground until the next tide. In the meantime, during the next tide, the ship broke off on its own and swam further. And no one thought about Yung Yasha. And Yasha thought about them, he even remembered the coca, but he himself knew that the crew of the ship could not risk tourists.
   Blond Jung liked the blond leader. Ella was ready to shorten his black thread or lengthen, she still did not understand what to do. Yasha was diving, and the thread was filled with black pearl beads of various configurations. He just could not understand where the shells of pearls came from so close to the shore.
   He had the feeling that the shells here casually poured out from a passing ship. The attention of a blond girl to a fair-haired young man was noticed by a former leader of the tribe who had been forgotten by her. He decided to take revenge on Yasha, but after he filled the black thread.
   For torture, a tribe had a grill with thirty teeth, a grill was made to them, on request, to bake fish on it. The former leader decided to put Yasha back on the grill and fry him on the fire. On the first evening, when Yasha had already extracted so many black pearls that they would fill the black thread if they were put in a row next to the thread, and when the girl Ella went to bed, the former leader decided to carry out her revenge.
   The bonfire smoldered. Yasha was tied to a metal grill, the pins were pressed against his back, and they all were put on the fire. The grill warmed up and began to dig into the body of the jungle with pins, with every second it became more painful. He was ready to scream in pain, but the strange girl Ella came out of the hut at the strange smell. She, seeing Yasha at the stake, with a wild cry, made him immediately take him off the fire.
   On the back of the youngsters, there are many holes with damaged skin. The natives cured his back with local herbs, but the hollows remained. The girl told the leader that if he wanted her to stay with him, we had to put a black pearl in each depression on Yasha"s back and let him go. By the way, on the Untouched Island, white pearls were more expensive than black ones, and only Ella wore them.
   Yasha was given black pearls and was no longer sent to dive. He was allowed to sail from the Untouched Island on any ship that was the first to reach the island a quarter of a mile away. And Yasha sailed on his ship. When the ship last time broke off, they agreed that they would take the young man off the island on the way back, and all the tourists supported this noble decision. Seeing the long-suffering back of the youngsters, the tourists and the crew of the ship were horrified and began to respect themselves even more for the decision to take Yasha from the Untouched Island.
   The ill-fated black pearl lay at the former Jung in a secret place, Yasha felt pain in his back from the memories, and he did not touch him. After a few years, he wanted to give all his black pearls to his mother, Elena Semenovna. He made beads and earrings from him. But from one type of black pearl mother terribly angry at her son and refused to accept the gift, and he did not understand why.
   He told her that he bought cheap pearls in the southern hemisphere of the Earth on an Untouched Island. Yasha told his mother a part of the story about black pearls, and later he told the whole story of Torah about how difficult it was for him to get black pearls. That is why, seeing an advertisement for the sale of black pearls circled by a felt-tip pen in the newspaper, Thor once again circled this announcement with a felt-tip pen and decided to take the pearl box from Yasha, but he did not have time. Other people also read an ad in the newspaper and began to call, wanting to see or buy natural black pearls.
   Elena Semyonovna regretted that she gave this damned announcement, and her relationship with her son deteriorated. She told everyone who had called her about the sale of pearls over the telephone, that the black pearls had already been sold, and the new owner of the pearls asked him not to be called. She did not think that so many people would respond to her modest announcement.
  Yasha did not know how to get angry for a long time, and life at home suited him in all respects, so he decided to find out why mother Yelena Semenovna was bad about black pearls. And she said that all the problems in her life began with pearls, but white, and then there was black pearl!
   She was just scared of mother-of-pearl black beads. After talking about pearls and former problems, they decided not to touch the black pearls and not to sell them. And they began to eat peacefully. At this time there was a demanding phone call. The call was insistent. Yasha himself came up and picked up the phone.
   A cool voice came from the tube:
   - Hear, man, sell me black pearls! I do not believe that in our city they will give you more money than I do! And if you sold it to someone, say that you changed your mind. I desperately need black pearls! I am the Major!
   - Dear Major, black pearls are not for sale.
   - Well, you, man, not at all right! How much do you want for him?
   "Dacha," Yasha said jokingly.
   - Oh, good! When you go to the cottage to watch?
   "Tomorrow morning."
   - Not a question, but a black pearl show me today!
   - I agree to show black pearls, I wait in half an hour at the address ...
   - Man, I will be in five minutes!
   - Mom, the pearl buyer will come to us now, he gives the dacha for him.
   - Yasha, is it not dangerous ?!
   - Everything can be, but if you are afraid of customers, then we can"t sell black pearls, and you wanted to sell it!
   Five minutes later the doorbell rang. A large man with a very short haircut stood alone at the door, so it was visible through the peephole. Yasha opened the door. Another man in a mask entered the apartment.
   - Man, give me your black pearl !!!
   - But you deceived me, dear!
   - Funny man - we are not joking!
   And the two men bristled with their pistols. One pulled a light shirt from Yasha, his back was bare, and the attackers saw thirty indentations on his back.
   - Man, this is who so decorated you?
   - They fried me at the stake for this pearl, and you came to kill me for it!
   - No, man, tell us your story, you really tortured you very much.
   "It"s time to print my story in a book," and Yasha told the story that happened to him on the Untouched Island.
   - Yasha, I am Thor, we really need black pearls. We will not kill you, show the pearls, tomorrow Madame will come - show you the cottage. We don"t need a cottage, and we really need black pearls.
   Yasha went for a black pearl box and opened it in front of two armed men.
   "Cool, I like it," said a large male Major.
   Thor nodded his head in agreement:
   "Tomorrow you will give us the black pearl after seeing the cottage."
   Both buyers bowed and went to attention through the door.
   - Oh, how scared I was! - Elena Semenovna exclaimed.
   - I, too, was not on my own.
   - Giving you why?
   - So, by the way I had to, now we will have a summer house.
   - Fearfully! And the cottage will not be happy.
   - Eh, now this story must go to the end! - breathed Yasha.
   Life continued to unwind. The next morning, a young lady arrived and showed the cottage. Before the wooden architecture on six acres, I had to drive thirty minutes by car. The dacha was cut from whole logs, the plot was grass and quinoa, that is, the house was built and there was nothing else. With the sixth sense, Yash realized that it was better for them to agree and replace the black pearls with a wooden cottage.
   Yasha nodded to Elena Semyonovna that he agreed, and she agreed. The woman who arrived in the dacha board officially fixed that the cottage now belongs to Yasha and his mother. There was a black thread on the handle of the house door, and it seemed to Yasha that she had the same length as on the island! And the woman vaguely reminded Alla! Yasha shook his head, as if he wanted to shake off hallucinations.
   Elena Semenovna sighed and said:
   - Everything, now I do not have pearls!
   - So it smiled. Look what house we got!
  - Agree. But how much money and money to invest in the country house!
   At this time, two cars with black soil drove up to the site.
   - Hey, owners, take the black earth!
   "We still have no shovels," Elena Semyonovna mumbled.
   - Trivia! Shovels are in the closet! Get the door to her! You also do not know the house well.
   Only unloaded two cars with the ground, as a car with saplings pulled up, they shouted from it:
   - Hosts, take your seedlings.
   "But we haven't ordered anything yet," answered the pale woman.
   - All paid, take!
   And again, all amicably removed seedlings from the car. Elena Semyonovna collapsed on the porch.
   At this time, another car drove up, and from it came the same cry:
   - Hosts, take the outbuildings!
   They were brought benches, a table for the street and a small gazebo.
   Elena Semyonovna, surprised, could not come to her senses as the fifth car pulled up, it contained furniture for the house.
   From the cab of the last car came a man with a short haircut.
   - Everything, we are in the calculation!
   - In full calculation, - Yasha responded.
   Elena Semenovna just shook her head. All cars left. The son and mother looked at the brought good and did not know where to start. But happiness would not be complete without working hands, and a car appeared with people. Arriving people put the furniture in the house, and dug a hole for the toilet. They installed a gazebo, table, benches. Land scattered around the site. The seedlings were planted and watered; it turned out that water had already been drawn to the site.
   Yashu was very interested in a large man, he learned from him why a man wanted so badly to buy natural black pearls. It turns out that a club was created in the city where they were not allowed to enter without black pearls. So he dreamed of buying this large black pearl, and the dacha - what's the dacha for him? He is the main mysterious financial structure! And if you look at the prices for black pearls, then under the guise of black pearls you can find everything except natural black pearls.
   How to use the data, Elena Semenovna did not know. And she continued to say that this large man flies to the sea in a month, in general, his life is well provided for, even the cottage where he had been given the light passed.
   - Mom, all this is interesting, but it is impossible to fight it.
   - It is clear that this new golden elite of society arranged a club with black pearls, but we will use the dacha.
   - Dacha we still do. Summer - it's summer time, and I'll go to work in the fall. They offer me to be a security guard, I'm some kind, and the jung retired. I can still be useful to society, and the money will not harm us. I have a dream - to once again get to Untouched Island, where I lifted black pearls from the bottom of the ocean.
   "Yasha, and I don"t mind that you and I visit this untouched island."
   - And where to get money for the trip?
   - Money can be earned, but I have to do a private massage. Private clientele does not always go into my own hands, and I don"t want to advertise in a newspaper anymore.
   - No, this is not the money. Money for the trip should be bad, not labor pennies.
   - Yasha, you still haven't lost your jewelry?
   - Lost. Mom, you and I have a cottage, you can sell it.
   - Is that enough?
   - I think so, but it is better to get rid of dacha.
   - I agree.
   They sold Yasha and Elena Semenovna a new summer cottage, which they received almost for nothing, bought tickets for the plane there and back. From the last airport to the Untouched Island, you had to take a private boat. And they drove voluntarily for black pearls. On the plane flew safely to a small city. The passing ship in the port had to wait, and they were offered to sail to the coast from the ship on a boat, with the condition that they would be taken on the way back. They agreed.
   Elena Semenovna and Yasha with backpacks sailed to the shore in a boat, issued to them on the ship. They pulled the boat ashore and hid in the bushes, disguised it well. Then they went deep into the island.
   Yasha walked carefully in front and looked for black threads and traps. Elena Semyonovna walked behind and tried to keep up with him. Without stopping, they reached the former campus of the tribe. From the camp of the natives there was only a place for a fire.
   Here they made a rest. Sat Yasha and everyone around him carefully examined, then high on a palm tree with bananas, he noticed black threads that were waving in the air. There was a feeling that someone had unwound a coil of black thread and wound it around a palm tree, and the palm tree grew, and the threads, like a flag, flowed in the air.
   - Mom, if you have rested, then go to the place where I caught black pearls.
  - Is it very far?
   "We"ll get there today and stop for the night."
   Complete oblivion reigned on the shore, traces of people washed the ocean long ago. Yasha walked along the shore, while her mother was preparing dinner from imported supplies, and found a stone with which he dived for pearls.
   "Mom, look at the rock I was diving with." To the place from which I dived into the water, one must still sail in a boat, and she remained on the other side of the Untouched Island. I have to go for the boat, then sail on it along the island.
   - Yasha, and this is not dangerous? You're a different person now.
   - Mom, do you need money? So, consider this Untouched Island as your new villa and let's work on it.
   "Okay, but we'll go for the boat together in the morning."
   - I agree.
   As soon as it dawned, they got up, ate and went on their way back to the boat. On the former parking lot, Yash again looked at the black threads hanging from a palm tree, and stopped:
   - Mom, I ought to climb on this palm tree!
   - It's impossible! Look, the trunk is straight and level, this is not an oak tree, but a palm tree!
   "Am I not a sailor?"
   Yasha dressed and climbed on a palm tree, like a real young man on the mast. On the first branch, he took a break, picked up the strings and was stunned: white pearl beads were fastened on the trunk of a palm tree, which were removed from the bride from the "pearl pair", and the same pearl was at one time on the neck of the blond tribal leader!
   "Mom, I found a white banana here," he climbed down. - Look - this is a white pearl.
   - We just didn"t have enough of it!
   And both continued on their way.
   On the shore, two natives tried to pull their boat out of the bushes.
   - Hey, this is our boat! - Yasha shouted in two languages known to him.
   The natives stubbornly pulled their prey. Yasha showed them white pearls, supposedly changing him for a boat. The natives nodded their heads and left to tinker with the boat. Then, with wild screams, they flew deep into the Untouched Island, but in the wrong direction, where they had just been.
   - Mom, the pearls have already run away, but they returned our boat to us. We are sailing until the weather is good and the natives have not returned.
   Both pulled the boat out of the bushes and pulled it out, then dragged it across the sand to the ocean. The oars were in place, and they swam to where the shells with black mother-of-pearl filling used to lie on the ocean floor. On the shore without them no one has ever been.
   Elena Semenovna refused to leave the boat, said she would sit in the boat while Yasha dived. He put on a rock and dived. Shells lay at the bottom of the lagoon, but they were significantly smaller than before. The first time he did not reach the bottom, he did not reach the bottom and the second time. He caught the board of the boat with his hands and began to rest.
   "Yasha, maybe you shouldn't dive, it's dangerous."
   "Mom, you and I have two weeks of living on an Untouched Island!" From laziness, perhaps, to die? No, it is necessary to train, - and he dived for the third time, but again without result.
   They realized that the goal is very difficult - to get a new black pearl. The tribe probably left this place because it no longer helped them to survive.
   - The bottom probably got deeper? - asked Yash, not addressing anyone.
   "Son, you became older," answered Elena Semenovna.
   They sailed to the shore after unsuccessful diving Yasha in the coastal depths of the ocean. When they came ashore, their eyes widened in surprise: three people came out of the undergrowth to the clearing, a light-headed boy was walking in front, and the natives were walking on both sides.
   On the neck of a little boy weighed white pearl beads, which Yasha had just removed from a palm tree today.
   - Yasha, like a boy like you! - breathed Elena Semenovna.
   "I'm surprised myself," said Yasha.
   "Tata, Tata," said the lad, and he pointed to Yasha.
   The natives approached the visitors from two sides and made a gesture to follow them.
   "Wait, I'll tie the boat to the tree," said Yasha and showed with his hands what he was going to do.
   The natives waited until Yasha fastened a boat to a palm tree, and they all followed the barely noticeable path to the direction from which the natives came. There were huts on a small clearing, but more civilized than before. A fire was burning in the center of the clearing. Standing chair under a canopy. A blond woman was sitting in the chair, the boy approached her and pointed at Yasha.
  - Garik, this is your father, - said the leader of the natives, Ella.
   Yasha Ella asked again, and the leader confirmed that the boy - his son, not for nothing that his former leader was tortured at the stake, it was for that.
   Elena Semyonovna understood one thing: with this semi-wild blonde woman sitting in an armchair, Yasha has a son, and she has a grandson, but has not experienced anything but surprise and curiosity. It did not immediately come to her: her grandson is the son of the leader of the natives.
   Ella asked Yasha to teach her son to dive and swim, the natives could not teach this, and his son should be able to dive. Yasha began to study with his son. After ten days of regular classes the boy swam and dived well. The natives stood on the shore and accompanied his successes with wild cries.
   Elena Semyonovna, without any jealousy, found a common language with a blond woman leader and gave her all the cosmetics and shampoos.
   The test for swimming training was diving behind black pearl shells. The boy dived next to his father for safety, and good luck smiled at him, he pulled to the bottom and picked up the sink. The entire shore was covered by savages, who in unison welcomed the new leader. From that day the boy became the leader of the tribe. And his father Yasha received freedom and could sail on the ship. Until the arrival of the ship remained one day.
   "It's a pity to leave the guy on the island," said Elena Semenovna sadly, "yet he is your son and my grandson
   "He is now the future leader of the natives, and he is not in my power," Yash replied sadly.
   The boy became attached to his father and did not want to let him go. The leader of the tribe Ella lost her chair to her son Garik. The tribe tried to pronounce the new name of the leader.
   Elena Semyonovna and Yasha all days on the island taught Garik the Russian language, but for twelve days it was insanely little, even though the boy made great progress in learning the language of his father. Mother and her son spoke little in their native language, they spoke more in the maritime language.
   The ship sailed on time. The tribe hid in the bushes and invisibly escorted them to the ship. Garik did not leave the bushes for security reasons. Another couple of days - and the travelers were at home.
   Major and Thor came to the house to the travelers.
   - So, pearl gentlemen, why did they sell the cottage? I asked you about this? If only I had been warned! - shouted from the threshold Major.
   "Major, we had to fly to the Untouched Island, there was nowhere to take the money," answered Yasha.
   - It is clear that they flew to the Untouched Island for the extraction of black pearls! And diving just like that, but they forgot about oxygen tanks, it was impossible to take scuba gear? Thor asked.
   - There is no commercial production of black pearls on the Untouched Island, and there are almost no shells at the bottom.
   - I could not say! I would not mind to see the priceless Pristine Island! Exclaimed Thor.
   - The untouched island is not for tourists. He is not on the tourist maps, I was just there by chance, that's why I know about this island, Yasha answered quietly.
   - Especially the Untouched Island is interesting to me, if you decide to fly there, warn me! The dacha was sold in vain, even if it was taken away from the new owners! - exclaimed Thor and left the apartment.
   "That's right, they sold the dacha, otherwise they would never lag behind us," astonished Elena Semyonovna whispered. - Yasha, how are we going to live now?
   - So, as they lived, your vacation is over, it's time to go to work for you, and I will not wait for autumn and will go to work. Sorry for the guy, lives without civilization, I"m already talking about Garik.
   - It is clear, of course, sorry for the grandson.
  Chapter 20
   During the massage in the masseuse's office, Elena Semenovna, the confession of clients begins, rarely anyone is silent from the patients, everyone is trying to express themselves. So through women's chatter go out to people who are hard to find, and then people suddenly find themselves trapped in a gangster structure.
  Yasha sighed and told his mother when she returned home:
   - Everyone has his own problems in life given, but now my son does not give him peace. I looked at Garik, and my whole soul turned over, even though once again go to the island.
   - Yasha, wake up! The child is a native!
   - Yes, but I did not know that I could have children, I was not married! And then the son on the island - the leader of the tribe!
   - So, this is happiness for you, how many years you have lived, and there were no children! Now you will have two of them!
   - Mom, are you kidding? Will Ella have a second child ?! So I am a healthy person on the Untouched Island! I become a full-fledged man there! Great! Tomorrow I go to work, I'm happy!
   "I really don't know that."
   In the house everything was quiet till the morning.
   Green grass blades made their way through last year's grass. The sun friendly met green grass. Willows and aspen trees fluffy earrings - the first flowers of spring. The branches of the bushes delighted the kidneys. Nature was slowly coming to spring. Just a little bit - and all the trees will throw their young sticky leaves into space.
   The sun for the first time in six months, not only shone, but warmed. It is painful to see the last snowflakes at such a moment, the whole being rises against the snow, but it flies and does not please. Bella wanted warmth, sun, not rain and snow, and if it rains, then let it go without snow for at least the next six months. The grass sprouted in whole glades where old grass was removed. The first green appeared in the sun - a feast for the soul and eyes.
   The roads are dry and clean. Just roads, go, and everything. The spring stage of the wipers struggle with a lot of winter garbage is behind, already clean. Spring can easily enter the city. She is waiting. And in the forest is still damp. There are large pools among the trees, but this is all that remains of winter and snow. In the forest is cooler, spring is slower than on open glades and urban lawns.
   On well-groomed lawns near large houses, last year"s flowers were actively sprouting, it was obvious that people had previously planted it, only peonies were left underground. The covered parts of the bodies appeared, the jackets end at the waist, and the fact that below the waist is exposed to everyone, like the first shoots of spring, later bare legs will appear.
   All sorts of hair emerged from under the caps for viewing and intercomparison. On the streets of cities took women's shoes, namely women, and not the socks of boots of the middle kind. The first sunglasses are among the crowd of people without glasses, but soon they will become more frequent.
   Spring is coming.
   Bella watched what was happening around the playground. Sandy kids played on the playground. Mothers of children stood around a polygonal sandbox. Small children accompanied by adults came here from all the neighboring houses.
   One baby came accompanied by a strange child no more than one meter tall. This child seemed taller and fuller than other children. There was a connection between them.
   The rest of the children tried to touch the big child or to pour sand on it. From the sand on the feet of a large child light bulbs lit up. Children from such a miracle moved to the side. They watched from afar like light bulbs flashing on the feet of a large child. Then they took their cars and buckets and shoveled sand on the light bulbs.
   The kid called the big child "Gaga", apparently, he had not yet spoken big words. It seems that the big kid with the lights on his feet was a robot. The robot called the baby "Ilya."
   Ilusha tired of pouring sand. He came out of the sandbox. Following him came the robot. The kid went to the tricycle and tried to sit on it. The robot helped Ilyusha to sit on the bike, he took the handle and took the kid to ride. The movements of the robot were a little angular, but accurate.
   Footpaths in a wonderful children's corner differed with straightness and good coverage. Cars drove away from the playground. The robot rolled Ilyusha two circles around the playground and brought it to the sandbox.
   Ilyusha was sitting on a bicycle, pressing the rubber toy on the steering wheel with his hands and did not want to get up from the bicycle. The robot carefully watched the actions of the baby. Unlike adults, who were talking to each other when they were watching their children and turning their heads, the robot looked only at Ilya.
   Ilusha got tired of extracting sounds from a toy, he twisted his head. The robot immediately helped him off the bike. The boy took the robot by the hand and took the walk. The robot walked alongside Ilyusha importantly. The boy stopped at the swing. The robot shook his head and put the baby on the swing. Ilya clutched at the wooden railing and swung on the swing. Next to the swings was a devoted robot.
  A little girl came up to the robot and began to beat on it with a hand, so that he paid attention to her and put Ilyusha on the swing instead of him. The robot and the bulb did not lead in the direction of the girl. The girl began to cry. Mother began to reassure her. The robot did not react to its sounds, but as soon as the baby said "Gaga", the robot immediately stopped the swing and removed the baby from them.
   Ilyusha ran to the dachshund that ran near the playground. The robot, quickening his pace, followed the boy and stood beside him. The dachshund stopped, looked at the robot and ran to its owner.
   The kid went in the direction of the children's gaming complex. He quickly began to climb the stairs leading to the platform from which it was possible to slide down the hill. The robot was sweeping up the stairs. The kid was already upstairs. In the robot program switched, in the blink of an eye, he was next to the boy. A new light flashed on the robot's head.
   A light flashed in the window of a neighboring house. It was obvious that the robot and the baby were watched from the window and helped the robot to solve complex tasks for it.
   The next day, the robot and Ilyusha went for a walk with a new toy - a plastic motorcycle. It was not easy for them to overcome the curbs, but when they entered the playground, everything worked out perfectly for them.
   The motorcycle was moving with the help of buttons: one on the child"s pedals and the other in front of him. Rotate the baby did by turning the handles.
   Children on the playground from such a toy have lost peace. All children had to drive on a new motorcycle. Everyone wanted to see what and how the motorcycle opens, how to extract music from the buttons on the control panel. The kids are very grateful to the new toys, but any toys get bored very quickly.
   The robot followed Ilyusha, who was sitting on a motorcycle. Nearby ran one of the curious children. Only the robot could not give the toy to other children. Ilyusha got off the motorcycle, and immediately another child climbed on him and went, accompanied by his mother.
   Ilyusha saw that a woman with a daughter, who is carrying a new set of toys for the sandbox, are walking near the playground, and they deliberately walk past him. Baby showed his hand to the girl turned into a sandbox. The girl gave the boy a new set of toys. Ilyusha was again in the center of children's games. The robot stood aside and watched his actions.
   Four more people came to the playground: two mothers and two children. The little boy himself was sitting in the stroller, and the girl was carrying a doll in the stroller.
   Ilyusha stopped playing in the sandbox and rushed to the girl with a small carriage. Behind him was relentless robot. Baby interested doll in a stroller. The girl ran to the motorcycle, and Ilya picked up a doll.
   A doll with yarn hair in shiny boots was unusually amusing, but the robot made it put the doll in place. Then Ilusha noticed a goose on a stick, shouted "Gaga" and went to roll the goose around the playground. A robot has joined this game. Goose Gaga returned to its place.
   The kid ran to the swing, the robot began to swing it. Ilyusha stopped holding the railing with one hand and almost fell. The robot immediately picked up the child and forced him to hold the rail. A minute later the boy was again in the sandbox. The cycle of games during the walks depended on the children coming and going, and their parents. All the children knew Ilusha and the robot and, if necessary, helped them.
   Ilya's grandfather created robots to care for babies. With children"s walks, not everything is always good: either the parents cannot walk with the child, or the babysitters do not satisfy the parents. The creator of robots proceeded from the fact that the robot must serve one person, respond to his behavior and not pay attention to extraneous commands.
   Externally, the robot looked like a man. The arms and legs of the robot were developed in collaboration with prosthetists, and electronics-controlled mechanisms were added to them. The head was filled with tracking elements, the mechanical part, and outwardly everything was covered with a good mask and a wig. The body contained power boards, batteries, mechanical elements of the robot's movement.
   Ilyusha's mother was against a nanny-robot, but it was very difficult to argue with Ilyusha"s grandfather, and she only sometimes had to walk with the child and work with him at home. Often a robot played with Ilusha.
   There was a permanent order in the house, as the robot put everything that Ilyusha scattered during the games into place. Mother fed her son, it was her responsibility. The boy was seated on the pot in turns, depending on the situation. The robot watched the boy, his father watched the robot and reprogrammed the chips if necessary.
  The batteries were charged to the robot at night when the boy was sleeping. The cost of robots, like everything else, depends on the series. Buy a robot? Caution. The first samples are always very expensive, a huge work of the creators is invested in them, and only obsessed ones can cope with it.
   The next day, Ilyusha went for a walk, accompanied by a robot and grandfather. The wind blew strong. The kid ran, stopped, asked for chalk, drew stripes on the pavement, gave chalk. He took the car and drove it. The robot and grandfather followed him. Baby ran until he was tired, now and then he tried to sit on the ground.
   Grandfather picked him up and remembered his movements. The robot was walking nearby and did not react to the tiredness of the baby. This is exactly what Ilyusha"s grandfather wanted to introduce to the robot program. The boy's mom was cooking dinner and sometimes she looked out the window, she was always worried about her son.
   Bella, after observing the boy and the robot, spoke to his mom. The women talked, they were disturbed by the robot Gaga. Bella knew the story of Gaga, now she was thinking of how to use this knowledge for herself. Ilyushi's mother said that the Gaga robot is needed in the house, keeping the housemaid around the clock means deteriorating her living conditions, and keeping the robot in the home is another matter.
   Bella decided it was necessary to create a diving robot for pearls. There are many underwater diving facilities in which a person can fit, there are space suits in which a person can dive to a predetermined depth, and a robot is needed to submerge in water and deliver shells of pearls to his master. Then the owner will have no nerve costs and responsibility for the divers for the pearls.
   No sooner said than done. Bella decided to start organizing the creation of robots, but she needed to determine all the functions, what it was for. Although the main reason is very simple - to return Garik to father Yasha. Strangely enough, but it was easier for them to think about the robot - the pearl catcher. They were joined by the designer of the robot Roman Romanovich.
   Designer Roman Romanovich turned out to be quite a wise man. He said that the robot must be sealed, stainless, with a motor. At home, the designer thought seriously about the problem of creating a robot. He thought that if a pearl was grown artificially, then it was both lowered into the sea-ocean and delivered to the surface. And what about the pearls absolutely natural, which itself turned out at the bottom of the ocean? How can a robot distinguish a stone from a shell?
   If the shell radiates at least something, then the robot will be able to catch the radiation of the shell with pearls. We must assume that the shell with pearls is a living being. Now life was felt in everything that happened in it. A lab technician was preparing to receive shells with pearls, for the beginning they bought ten shells with pearls artificially grown in the ocean. Spectral analysis gave a picture of a shell with pearls and a picture of a shell without pearls. The biological field at the shell with pearls sharply differed from the biological field of the shell without pearls, it followed that the pearl was a living being, this also confirmed the change in the appearance of the pearl from the conditions of its use.
   Pearls love to surround the neck of a woman and does not like to lie in a box, it spoils from disuse. If you go through the museums and look at the pearls, which are several centuries old, you can see that he is small, yellowish on the dresses of the queens, like smoked teeth of smokers. "It turns out that pearls are poorly understood, and if you make a hood out of it, maybe you can extend youth," Bella turned onto a favorite path of thought.
   Roman Romanovich was the main creator of the robot Gaga, and now Bella together with him has begun to create a robot named Pearl. They found support from the creator of pearl plantations, the Torah.
   A completely new direction in this work was the creation of sensors by definition of the biological field of shells with and without pearls. The data for this work was provided by Bell, as she maintained contact with biologists.
   The development of sensors engaged those to whom it is necessary by occupation. Roman Romanovich became the chief designer for creating the Pearl robot. The robot was created, it was necessary to conduct a test in the ocean. Plantations where pearls were grown in shells were overflowed with biological fields, it was impossible to apply the created construction of the robot here, but after some refinement and creation of a sensitivity pin on the legs of the Pearl robot, its use on the plantation could be real.
   An expedition to the Untouched Island was planned for a small one; Yasha, Bella and Roman Romanovich took part in it. Thor refused to go, he just paid for this expedition. Ilyusha's mother came to see off her father, and for the first time she noticed the glances of Bella and Yasha, something imperceptibly familiar flashed in their eyes and disappeared, but a little and misunderstood anxiety remained in her soul.
  The road to the Untouched Island was known to Yasha, he really wanted to look at his son Garik, and the black pearls did not bother him anymore. The expedition traveled by plane, on a ship that stops a quarter of a mile from the Untouched Island. On the boat swam to the untouched island. Yasha had already traveled this path, but what he could not have imagined was the location of the tribe of natives headed by his son.
   Bella was dissuaded from the expedition, but she was a sporty woman and decided to go, and did not agree to replace her, although in fact she really liked Yasha. Three people boarded the boat and sailed to the shore of the island. What to do with a boat on the beach? We decided to leave one person to guard things, a boat, a robot, and two people went deep into the island to look for the traces of the tribe, after all they are the owners of the island and without them it"s not good to begin trials, they can be harmful if not warned.
   The tribe was neither in the first place, nor in the second, where Yasha was the last to see them, he was already worried, and noticed black threads on the palm tree. He was not on the island for three years, his heart ached from suspense.
   Jasha climbed up the palm tree, as the youngest of the men, on one black string there was only one black pearl. They took a black pearl on a black thread and returned to the boat. Yasha said: since no one came from the tribe, it means that they will float to the place where he raised shells with black pearls.
   A boat with passengers and oarsmen from their number swam up to the lagoon, where there was once a black pearl. The robot above this place was turned on, and he began to give signals about the presence of shells with pearls.
   Fortunately for the expedition, Yasha knew how to dive well. Yasha, Roman Romanovich and the Pearl robot boarded the boat. Yasha sat on the oars. Roman Romanovich was the first to dive in and quickly emerged in order to take additional cargo. He dived one more time and saw the bottom. At the bottom, he found only one shell, but did not raise it. On the shore, it was decided that the single shell would be lifted by the Pearl robot.
   They lowered the robot to the bottom, next to it dived with an underwater camera and with scuba Roman Romanovich. The robot quickly found a shell with pearls, while trying to lift it from the bottom, it did not work, the robot pulled - the sink did not rise.
   Robot raised in the boat. Yasha sank to the bottom with scuba diving, but when he tried to lift or tear the conch from the bottom, he didn"t succeed, which explains the tribe"s letter that there is one shell with pearls. Yasha remembered that the black pearl helped the tribe of his son survive.
   "What to do?" - everyone asked this question, but there was no answer. The situation is more than extraordinary for the expedition.
   All of a sudden Bella said:
   - You need to take a very sharp knife and try to cut the bottom soil under the sink.
   The advice is more than reasonable. He dived with Yasha"s scuba, cut the ground and took out ... a whole bundle of shells with pearls.
   - Ltd!!! - it was heard from behind the bushes, and male natives headed by a fair-haired young man came out to the shore.
   The robot at the sight of shells with pearls began to honk with all its might. People from the expedition also shouted. And suddenly everything was silent. The boat with Yasha and the pearls approached the shore. He held a bunch of black thread-bound shells over his head. Bella immediately began counting the number of shells in the bundle.
   Yashu's son Garik was more concerned than a bunch of shells. The guy grew up, matured, and all without him.
   Garik approached Yasha, patted his father on the shoulder, said:
   - Why did you take the pearls?
   - And what not?
   - Pearls are ours.
   - Take it if it is yours.
   Garik approached the robot:
   - Who is this?
   "Robot," Bella replied.
   - Who are you? He asked Bella. - Are you his mom? - Garik specified.
   - Then Roman Romanovich - dad - the only woman among men.
   "I will be a dad," said Garik, "and you will be a mom," he continued his speech.
   "Bullshit, boy, you are very young," Bella said.
   - Attention everyone, meet - this is my son Garik, - put in the phrase Yasha.
   "We immediately understood it," said Roman Romanovich, "and we still have to work with the robot, it"s bad that he couldn"t get the sink from the bottom."
   "They were hidden on the bottom and covered with stones, and one was visible," said Yasha.
   - Garik, do you still have a shell with pearls off the coast of the island? Bella asked, slightly naive.
   Garik understood that they were turning to him, but the phrase was quite long, and he did not understand everything from it, so he turned his face to his father for an additional explanation.
  Yasha simplified the phrase:
   "Are there pearls in the ocean?"
   "Yes," answered Garik briefly.
   - Garik, this is a robot, he can get pearls from the bottom of the ocean.
   - Father, robot - leader?
   - No, he's a car.
   - A machine?
   - The robot is not a man.
   - Robot - idol?
   - Garik, go up to the robot, his name is Pearl.
   Garik and the natives approached the robot, examined it from all sides, touched it with their hands.
   "Woman," said Garik to Bella, "I'll show you the pearls."
   "Garik, thanks," Bella sang.
   "Garik, the woman"s name is Bella," said Yasha.
   "Bella is mine, pearls are a robot," said Garik clearly.
   All the men turned their heads to Bella, they didn"t see a woman in her, they knew that she was a girl beyond the age, but her answer worried everyone.
   - Garik will be a man Bella? She asked in tune with him.
   - Garik - Bella - together, - said the young man.
   "Agreed," Bella said with a quiet sigh, as if she was sacrificing herself.
   Yasha grabbed his head with his hands and groaned:
   - Garik, let's go with me, we have girls, we will marry you, you will have children.
   - Garik will not go with you, father! Garik will be here with Bella, - Garik answered and continued: - Bella, let's go watch pearls, - and dived into the undergrowth.
   Yasha was surprised at how many words Garik remembered from past lessons, the guy was naturally clever, and followed his son deep into the island. The natives followed. The rest did not budge.
   Yasha and Roman Romanovich sat next to the robot and discussed their problems. Bella and Garik, accompanied by the natives, walked about twenty minutes and were at the warm lagoon. The place was charming.
   Garik pointed to the lagoon:
   - There are pearls!
   - Where are the pearls? - Roman Romanovich got out of the bushes.
   - My pearls! - exclaimed Garik, as if he wanted to protect him from Roman Romanovich, to whom he immediately had a feeling of hostility.
   Yasha regretted that he did not take scuba gear with him.
   Garik said:
   - Deep here, diving is difficult, there is little air.
   The camp of the natives was not far from the lagoon, hidden from prying eyes from the sea by a ridge of rocks.
   Garik said to the natives:
   "It's time to go to the camp," and added to his father: "You can swim to the lagoon on the boat, bending around the shore while the weather is calm.
   The camp was set up near the camp of the natives. Agreed on non-aggression on each other. Bella Garik led him to a hut, large enough and more like a house of poles than a hut that had been built before.
   The tribe conducted its strange sounds to the hut of the leader.
   Inside the hut on the floor lay a mat woven from flat leaves. Garik offered Bella fruit and baked fish. Bella brought her sealed biscuits, which Garik really liked, and he let her go to the camp.
   In the morning everyone gathered on the shore. The natives, men and women, stood in a semicircle. Yasha put on a light scuba diver suit, he had to dive with the robot. Robot prepared for diving for the pearls. The depth at which the shells lay in chains, connected by a black thread, was quite decent. Robot Pearl and Yasha together lifted one bunch of shells to the surface. Spectators loudly welcomed the winners.
   There was one question - who grew pearls here? The members of the expedition could not believe that this was the work of the omnipresent Thor. Garik was worried about a scuba diver suit, he liked it very much, and he was skeptical about the robot. The extraction of black pearls was getting better.
   Bella calmed down because Garik stopped pestering her. Then she thought, and for a moment Yasha flashed in her eyes with her desire for love, but you can't tell people about it. She realized that in the ocean"s lagoon at a decent depth, the aborigines grew black pearls.
   As it was found out, white people helped them in this, the older of them was called Thor, he had his own business of growing black pearls. The natives mostly protected the plantations, since no one could suspect them of such a thing as growing black pearls, and very few people knew about it.
   On the Untouched Island, the owners of the aqualung plantation did not leave, they knew that the aborigines did not know how to dive from nature, and were not afraid for their sea treasures. All confused blonde leader Ella.
  The girl Ella remained on the island because of her own mischief. She was searched for but not found. The leader of the tribe of the natives liked it so much that he made her the leader of the tribe. Soon on the island appeared Yasha, and from him she gave birth to a son Garik. The leader, seeing a white child, became very angry ...
   All anything, but everywhere there are the powerful of this world. In Cranberry Land, where Bella lived, there was one wealthy lady. She was not going to calm down, she decided to find the pearl of youth, wherever she was! But she wanted to find the pearl with Bella.
   So, Bella had to look for a little pea on the globe. She advertised in newspapers that she was looking for a white pearl with black filling. The award promised a decent one.
   No one paid any attention to the announcement, then Bella gave a TV advertisement that she was looking for a white pearl with a black core for clearance for scientific experiments.
   The owners of pearl plantations on the Untouched Island became interested in the promised reward and forced all the white pearls to look at the light of their workers. Good luck came unexpectedly, in one lagoon of these pearls in brown shells there were several dozen, the owner of the pearl business believed that it was a defective pearl, and always threw it away.
   One worker, by his own admission, collected the defective pearls into beads, no one punished him for it, but he did not encourage him either. When the news that some important lady from a cold country was looking for a white pearl with black specks and promising a reward for it reached this pearl plantation, everyone remembered the worker who collected these beads.
   So, Bella actually got five beads with holes for a thread, but she wanted to find a whole pearl without a heart out. She soon received such a pearl in exchange for money. Bella held the pearl in her hand with trembling hands, and soon she held the pearl powder in her hands.
   Spectral analysis of the powder showed strange bands that were not in the usual white pearls. Powder from the pearl of Bella handed over to Victoria. Greed swept the lady, she believed that in this black and white powder lies her eternal youth. She ate the powder and washed it down with milk. Strange as it may seem, but after ten days her skin became younger, she looked twenty years younger, her whole body rejuvenated.
   Her legs no longer hurt, she could easily run up the stairs; all the internal organs worked, not letting themselves know, that is, everything in it came back to normal. Hair and those flowed healthy shine. The lady alone in all of Earth tasted the pearl of youth, and she told strangers that she was young because she was young.
   "The untouched island, the untouched island, the lagoon is empty and there are no guests in it, all that remains of the hut is a carcass, and the birds yearn and there is no rain. And where are the natives? Well, where are the natives? They all disappeared after leaving the comfort. Untouched island, swimming in the bath, and the fish at the shore pearl peck. " Bella sang a simple little song.
   This verse was imposed on the teeth, but was somehow attracted to her, probably with an unrealized, untouched love for the blond leader of the Untouched Island tribe. Although, how to say - the outbreak of love remained unrealized too.
  Chapter 21
   Bella joined the clan of careless people, where they guaranteed youth for fifty years. Money for joining the clan took a lot. Something like Bella was promised in the clan. Her organs were made wear-resistant, she was kept on all sides, even the brain underwent anti-aging procedures and preservation. Her conscience, too, was preserved.
   The sun rose above the high-rise building and warmed Bella with its warm rays. Golden wavy hair fluttered in the wind and beautifully framed her gentle face. The world met a sunny morning. She recently settled in the modern district of the city of Cranberry - City.
   She was waiting for the return of the spacecraft from the western constellation. Her beloved man was supposed to return from space flight. Or was it a long time ago?
   And now she was waiting. Waiting shrouded a beautiful face with a touch of dream. A magic play of joyful sounds appeared on the mobile phone - it was a message that the spacecraft had landed. Her hair flashed with golden tints; she left the balcony of her apartment in a high-rise building and went into her little universe.
  The large room was like a starry sky, the entire ceiling served as a screen, and through it was visible how the spacecraft moved in the depths of space. A round bed stood in the center of the room, from which one could watch the heavenly screen.
   Bella lay down on the bed, spun on her back for the last time, more than the spacecraft did not move around the screen, she happily jumped up, while her hair sprang up spontaneously on her back. She once again looked at herself in the mirror: steel eyes with a speck of steel looked at her from the mirror with amazement and delight.
   Clothes - and what clothes, homemade tunic decorated her better than any dresses and dresses, but for the meeting it was necessary to dress according to the laws of the space community. A white suit with a blouse, elegant boots with a pearl pattern - and she was ready to meet her beloved from spaceflight.
   High-speed elevator lowered Bella from the fifty-fifth floor. She quickly flew out of the entrance of the glittering house and found herself on the car delivery area, dialed her car code on the control panel, and a minute later her favorite mustang was standing next to her. Golden hair shrouded the back of the seat, steel eyes rushed into the distance, the car fell off the seat and along the wide freeway Bella drove to the meeting place.
   Spaceships arrived at the cosmodrome. They should not have been sought in the open spaces of the Earth, as it was on Earth in the old days. From the cosmodrome, the astronauts flew to their home, so she went to the airport.
   Thor was tired of the flights, but he was still divinely beautiful, but he appeared on the plane. Bella flew out to meet him from the door of the airport, and while he was going down the ramp, she had already run up to its base.
   The meeting of two people who are in love with each other is a great joy for them and for the people around them. Thor took Bella by the waist, she took him by his waist, their arms crossed, and they slowly walked toward the airport.
   Mustang screamed with joy at the appearance of the space pair, and the voice of the machine's control said that the car was filed. The couple in love quickly turned out to be at the door of their high-rise. The high-speed elevator took them to the fifty-fifth floor, the apartment doors immediately opened and they found themselves in a cozy hallway with easy chairs for removing shoes.
   Bella took off her boots, dipped her legs in soft slippers, helped Toru take off her space boots and filled the bath with water, salt and foam. The man felt the brunt of the flight, but he smiled, undressed, and found himself in a healing foam. Forces returned to him.
   The golden-haired beauty was reflected in the mirrors, preparing a quick breakfast, light and pleasant. Both sat at the table. The sun was shining outside the window, it penetrated the dining room through a large window, and its rays touched its golden hair tenderly. After breakfast, they were on the bed under the space screen. Thor looked at the sky as a screen, touched Bella's hair and fell asleep.
   Bella tried to raise her head, but could not, her hair remained in Thor"s fingers, and it was impossible to remove them from his hand. She took a deep breath and removed the thinnest mask from her face along with a gorgeous golden wig. The wig remained in the hands of a sleeping man.
   The girl looked in the mirror and saw the familiar steel in a speck of eyes, everything else was not for the mirror. Bella was many years old, and if she removes young skin from her, which covers her from all sides, and disconnects the batteries from her body, then she will fall from helplessness.
   Probably Thor was just very tired if he fell asleep with golden hair in his hands.
   Bella's real hair hung in silver strands over her thin shoulders, once a noble face, all wrinkled in fine lines, was beautiful in its old age. She took off her artificial skin, the long-suffering, loose skin appeared on the air. Bella sighed wearily and sat down in a chair, her strength was leaving her, but at the last moment she, as always, managed to connect the batteries to recharging.
   A blush appeared on his pale cheeks. A woman of exceptional abilities and willpower again decided to become young. She pulled on a new, breathing skin, put on a new mask on her face with a shock of golden hair and looked in the mirror. Steel smudged eyes smiled at her.
   She slowly walked over to the box, now she had the strength to remove the wig from Thor"s hands. How many times she told herself that it was necessary to charge batteries in time, because breakfast for her body gives infinitely little strength, all her artificial insides required additional energy for their work. Thor slept and smiled in his sleep.
   Bella removed the old mask in a personal closet, inaccessible to others. The young man really was about thirty years old.
  The clan of careless people, which Bella joined many years ago, did not give out their clients to the public. Least of all, the people who entered into it were careless. The smartest people got into the clan with great willpower, masterfully acting. For a very long time, Bella looked for thirty-five years, sometimes she was given less and was called a girl.
   For some time she was young at the expense of the pearl of youth, but, seeing serious signs of aging, she turned into a clan of careless people ...
   Thor, startled in his sleep, woke up, Bella stood in front of him. He held out his hand to her and pulled back - a silvery hair fluttering among the golden strands. Too wise gray eyes looked intently and wary.
   He asked:
   - Excuse me, who are you?
   - Bella.
   - I do not believe you, you are not her.
   - Actually my name is Bella.
   - Lord, and how old are you really?
   - One hundred or five hundred, I do not remember.
   - Oh, and I almost fell in love with you, I wish I was in love with you!
   - It would not have happened, I gave you a sleeping pill and a sedative after the flight.
   - Thanks and on this. And how should I call you now?
   - Great-grandmother Bella.
   - Here is the name! Invented themselves?
   "No, they called me that a century ago."
   - Where am I? Where did you bring me?
   - This is my apartment.
   - How do you manage to be so young?
   - The secret. Very big secret.
   - And I have a grandfather, maybe it will suit you?
   - Do I know him?
   - His name is Garik.
   - How old is Garik?
   - More than seventy or eighty. He is still young!
   - He's decrepit. No, he won't suit me, - and Bella proudly retired from the room.
   Thor swayed a little and sat down again.
   - Bella!
   - What, is it difficult after a space flight? And you offer me a grandfather! In my thirty years ...
   - Sorry, I did not mean to offend you. You are a cosmic woman!
   - It would be so long ago, I love respect in all its manifestations. Dinner on the table, you slept for a long time. You will restore your strength after the flight, in a month the great-granddaughter will return from the flight to the right constellation, and you will get married.
   The sun shone in the butt of the skyscraper, and a shadow reigned in the apartment, hiding the difference between the great-grandmother and great-granddaughter.
   Thor blinked his eyelashes and said:
   - I am in your power, Bella!
   - Clever, I love beautiful and intelligent men since I remember myself. After lunch we will go with you to the lake, the wildlife will restore your strength, and the Earth"s air will return the ability to see reality in a virtual cosmic world.
   While Thor was eating, thoughts of the imperfections of the human body flashed through Bella's head. Even before contacting the careless clan, she realized that the body metabolism goes wrong, it works correctly for up to thirty-five years, and then everything is not quite perfect in the human body. A person needs more energy to live than food supplies.
   All television screens at the time were broadcasting about the need to eat less and use the means to correct the figure. If there is less, then there is little strength in the body for a person"s vital activity; if you take pills that correct the figure, then either the heart or the brain refuses. A person ends up living either with a heart attack or stroke.
   The tablets, which correct the weight of a person, instead of eating fatty tissues, first of all destroy life-giving juices in the heart and brain of a person. The heart and brain fail before the person drops a gram of his weight. To whom is given.
   Bella went through all of this many times, but she always managed to catch the moment of the onset of a heart attack or stroke, she always had the right pills at hand.
   Oh, this struggle with weight against life and for life!
   Thor ate, he is thirty-five, and what will happen next year? His hair is noticeable gray, maybe he is already old for her great-granddaughter? Although he is handsome and handsome in all respects. Let the child be born to them, she will play with the baby, she will be enough for about five years ...
  - Bella, what are you thinking about? Remember youth? You are so good, okay, I will introduce you to my friend, and the three of us will go to the lake, and we will take you a deck chair so that you will not be blown away by the wind. Just kidding, but there"s no friend, now I"ll call him, you will like him, and you will live with new parts for another hundred years.
   - Thor, everything is fine, I agree with a friend, if he is not older than you, I love men from twenty-six years old.
   "You are a monster, not a woman!" She also goes over a hundred years! Well done!
   Twenty minutes later, a friend of Thor called Garik arrived.
   Garik looked at Bella and asked:
   - Who are you? How good you are! Thor, is she your woman?
   - No, my in space, and this is her twin sister!
   - Everything, she is mine! I like her!
   The golden curls of Bella fluttered on the balcony in the rays of the next height of the sun reflected from the windows. From the balcony she came out with daisies growing in the niche of the loggia, and went to her room, where she had pearl pearls. She lay down on her energy bed.
   There was a movie on the ceiling, like the fair-haired leader Garik invited Bella to his hut on the island. Garik was then an untouched boy. Bella always called that island not the Island of the Black Pearl, but the Untouched Island in honor of the failed love with the leader of the island Garik, who also had no woman at that time. Garik was a pristine leader.
   So, in the next room was the grandson of the untouched Garik, which means that someone had touched him, but not Bella, she concluded. She was tired of love intrigues for a long time and looked uncooked dried in a shell. She took out a collection of pearls: white from the ocean, golden from sputtering and black.
   At that moment Thor entered the room.
   "Bella, what a beauty this pearl collection is!
   - You think so? Do you want me to give you the entire pearl collection just for the sake of your grandfather Garik and great-grandfather Yasha?
   "Bella, how do you know all my ancestors?"
   - I know personally your grandfather and great-grandfather, but I don"t know your father.
   "What about the pearl collection?"
   - Before you are samples of pearls from my collection, but not the whole collection, all is in the ocean near the Untouched Island, where your grandfather Garik was the leader of a local tribe of natives.
   - What are you saying? And I did not know that!
   - You still do not know much, so, on the Untouched Island there are two lagoons in which you can grow new pearls well or keep old ones. In the lagoon number two, your grandfather Garik helped a certain corporation to grow black pearls, in the same lagoon I built an underwater pearl palace from pearls delivered to me from Mars, the first batch of this pearl was saved by detective Ilya. He is a big lover of pearls. Listen further: pearls without water and without the intimacy of the skin of a living person deteriorate, so I devoted half a century to collecting pearls, three generations of craftsmen made a pearl palace for me, it is quite large and beautiful. The last master along with me delivered the palace in a spacesuit to the lagoon of the Untouched Island.
   "Can I see him?"
   - Thor, and you are not an agent of any intelligence?
   - What are you, Aunt Bella!
   - I never had nephews, I love the illusion of youth.
   - Excuse me, Bella, why do you give the secret of the pearl palace to me and not to your descendants?
   - I can not his. They are cosmic people, and they are not interested in the secrets of the ocean.
   -You persuaded me! When are we going to the Untouched Island? There are no such islands now, solid civilization.
   "I think the untouched island is in place."
   - Do we take Garik with us?
   - Take, his grandfather founded permanent flights to Mars. They produce white pearls of unearthly origin.
   "Bella, you are a living story!"
   - I am history, I will order a personal seaplane, but you will fly together on the Untouched Island. I'm tired.
   - I agree.
   - However, I'm flying.
  An expedition of three people boarded a seaplane. The plane delivered an expedition to the Untouched Island, and not just to the island, but stopped in lagoon number two. The seaplane team consisted of five people, they all could lead a seaplane on water and fly it through the air, overcoming the terrestrial spaces.
   It remains to sink to the bottom of the lagoon to the Pearl Palace. The depth in this place was about fifteen meters. During the descent and installation of the pearl palace, an underwater viewing platform was made to the full depth of the lagoon; it was possible to enter the upper compartment directly from a seaplane.
   The five-meter-high pearl palace was lit from the inside with a water engine. The shining pinkish palace was clearly visible from the viewing serpentine underwater.
   - Bella, why wasn"t the pearl palace pulled apart in a pearl, because it is not far from the ocean surface? Thor asked.
   - The secret for those who like to profit. There is a satellite security system here, and not one, even I have a receiver who informs me about the situation in the pearl palace - if I even drop a pearl from me, I will instantly know about it.
   "So now I'm the owner of the pearl palace?" - exclaimed pleased Thor.
   - Yes, but the palace is in the catalog of the wonders of the world, it is protected by the law of the Earth, you have no right to destroy it.
   "Then why do I need him?"
   "You will be his keeper, you are the priest of the pearl palace."
   - Does not warm such a thought. Should I live on this Untouched Island?
   - Untouched island has long been mastered by people, but the forest near the lagoon is a nature reserve. All under invisible security. The hut of your grandfather Garik is kept here.
   "Bella, why do you need all this?" What are you, my grandfather loved?
   - Not.
   - Did you have children, by any chance?
   - We had no physical love.
   - What kind of love is this?
   - Untouched love.
   - Bella, do you explain better how you lived to such years, and you look twenty five? And you, in general, strange. That young, the old woman.
   - Ok, I'll tell this story, I need to tell someone this. Many years ago I came up with - or I knew it from my ancestors, I never found out - that there is a pearl of youth, it is white with a black heart. I found such a pearl, ate it and now, for many years I keep my youth, but I feel that I have started to grow old, and now I'm looking for a new pearl for myself. Thanks to the clan of careless people, I keep the outer shell of youth, that's the whole secret. If I do not find a new pearl, then my end is near. I'm feeling it.
   "Bella, what if you try to find this pearl?"
   - Do you think I just collected the palace? Yes, I was constantly looking for the pearl of youth, I collected a whole pearl palace, but I no longer found the pearls of youth.
   - Thanks for the legend, I will look for the pearl of youth.
   Thor believed in the legend. He started his pearl plantation in the ocean at the site of the explosion of the plantation, worked hard on it, crossed black and white pearls. He had already received a black pearl with a white heart, but a white pearl with a black heart did not work.
   Over the years, black pearls became less and less, but a few pieces were still in private collections, their cost was fabulous. Ilya bought a black pearl, made a powder of it and flew to the plantation. He went to the shore of the ocean.
   Waves threw a shell at his feet. He lifted it, uncovered: a white pearl with a black core. He put it in his pocket and decided to keep quiet about the pearl mutant. The fact that he put the shell with pearls in his pocket was seen by the manager from his observation post, the entire coast in this area was visible. The manager increased the resolution of the camera and saw on the tape that Garik took the pearl for which the whole plantation was put into operation.
   The manager had a cold heart and a prudent mind, he knew that the owner was asleep from fatigue and that he was always looking for a white pearl with a black heart, the pearl of youth. He sent a sleeping beam to Garik, which protected the plantations. Garik instantly fell ashore. The superintendent quickly ran to the fallen man and took a conch from his pocket.
  In the house of Torah, the alarm system was activated at the moment when the sleeping beam came out. He woke up and ran ashore. He noticed Garik lying on the sand and the fleeing steward. Thor took out a pocket sleeping beacon and shot into the steward's foot, he fell and began to break the pearl shell with a special tool.
   Thor, with all his speed, jumped to the manager and snatched the pearl shell from him! With a pocket press he turned the pearl into powder, ran up to Garik and poured half of it into his mouth, and gave a drink with seawater.
   Garik quickly woke up.
   - What was it? - he asked.
   "You will live long," said Thor and poured the second half of the pearl powder into his mouth.
   The next day, both friends visibly looked younger, which could not be said about Bella. The wounded manager sat down next to a new catch of pearls and looked through all the pearls. On the catcher and the beast runs. He found a white pearl with a black tint and decided to take revenge on his friends for his injured leg.
   The pearl was powdered and sprinkled with food. They ate a new pearl and coldly looked at each other. They got bored. Apparently, in their body came pearl bust.
   Torah was placed in the house, then sent home. He spent a long time in the hospital, his body was stuffed with incomprehensible elements. It was washed and cleaned. He lay prone and did not rise at all.
   Bella decided to help him and slipped him a little pearls. He smiled and fell asleep. After sleeping, he stood up healthy and told Bella that he was urgently awaited on the Untouched Island. Bella and Thor visited the Untouched Island, they took the pearl finder with them, but there were no pearls.
   Garik, walking along the sandy seashore, found a stone very similar to flounder, only mother-of-pearl. He instantly perked up at the sight of an unexpected find and decided to use a piece of nacre to grow pearl flounder out of it in incubator conditions.
   He broke off a small piece of nacre, placed it in an empty large shell from under the pearl, and lowered it into the sea in a special grid. After some time, the shell with a piece of mother-of-pearl flounder itself opened. He picked up a shell in which a small mother-of-pearl flounder was clearly visible. He was surprised that she had grown her shell on herself, probably an interesting biological process took place.
   After some time, the villagers watched his experiment. In all the news there were shows of pearl flounder grown in the sea. Sellers of souvenirs successfully sold craftsmen with mother-of-pearl flounders to travelers.
   People wore a flounder on their chests as a talisman.
   Nacreous flounders grew unusually fast, their number was arriving. Garik made a small palace of pearls and placed it on his pearl plantation. But a day later, the pearl palace disappeared, and instead of him, he discovered a large-sized pearl flounder.
   The instruments showed that the small pearl palace turned into a single whole, swallowing up completely small mother-of-pearl flounders. By chance, a pearl plantation has grown into a pearl monster. His back began to look out over the surface of the water.
   No one knew how to stop the growth of an underwater monster, eating all the pearls of a pearl plantation, which in a month was filled with a single mother-of-pearl flounder. By sea in this place were prohibited any movement of people. Over the monster lowered transparent dome. The growth of the giant pearl stopped a bit. Garik sighed with relief.
   Underwater shots showed that under water pearl flounder became round. A huge pearl was visible in front of him, he rightly assumed that it was a shell, and the life of an unknown creature developed inside this mother of pearl shell.
   The inhabitants of the island joked over those who hatched from the mother of pearl eggs. Most assumed it was a bird or a crocodile. Garik made an observation tower and watched with her the growth of a pearl egg. Dozens of video cameras worked around the clock, but a month later he removed some cameras.
   By this time, all curious vacationers dispersed. Once Garik heard a crunch, it was issued by a device installed in a transparent dome. He climbed the observation tower.
  The top layer of white pearls cracked, and a layer of black pearls appeared. Transparent dome removed. After some time, the neighborhood was announced the crackle of the black layer of pearls. From the depths of the giant pearl on the surface of the water appeared a huge number of small floating flounders. The cracked pieces of pearl shell fell to the bottom.
   A helicopter swirled over the peninsula, the trunk of a pump that collected mother-of-pearl flounders sank into the sea from it. The second trunk sank into the sea and pulled out of it the mother-of-pearl shell, which, passing through the trunk, instantly dried out.
   Garik could vouch that she had turned into a flat flounder. When he looked at his pearl plantation, he did not find signs of mother-of-pearl in it, even the buttons did not lie.
   Sea travel tired, entertained, and more she did not want to float away into the future or see herself in a hundred years. She did not believe in the pearl of youth. And why is she to her? Everything is so good. Bella is still pretty.
   Bella went to her room. On the wall hung a big fan of Tonya's feathers. She picked up pearl beads, went over the beads one by one and did not find a pearl butterfly. There was nothing unusual around her. But there was an untouched island! And who said she was on Untouched Island? A fan swung on the wall, a coolness appeared.
   On the street there was a pearl shell of Thor, excuse me, a machine with a mother-of-pearl finish. He got into it and said:
   - Bella, you will have a personal device for starting the heart muscle after a cardiac arrest.
   - Well, Ilya, and then you started to complain about your heart.
   - I used all the capsules with golden energy, do you know that? They don't help me anymore.
   - Drink soothing pills and do not fuss, I told you this many times already.
   -And if you start a young wife to transfer energy from her to me? I know you, you drank all the energy out of me with your eyes.
   - is clever. Less than a few decades, as it dawned on him. Yes, I lived off your energy!
   - Took - return! - Ilya shouted with unexpected anger.
   - I do not have your energy! I lived it.
   - I figured it out! - cried Ilya and fell on the steering wheel head.
   - You do not joke, are you alive? Bella asked sympathetically.
   "Bella, click on the red button, a second wheel will appear next to you, take me, the forces are running out," Ilya said in a whisper and calmed down.
   Bella called Roman Romanovich, they both leaned over the Thor.
   - I feel very bad, remember the robot, make a robot that will move my arms and legs for me and hold my head.
   - Ilya, today you are all gone to the mind. A good idea is to make you a robot shell to move in space. We will do it without any problems, but you don"t lose your last energy. Bella, he needs to go to the hospital.
   - Do not take it home, I have everything there. Hollow inside the robot I will pay, "Illya said hoarsely and fell silent.
   The Torah was put on the bed with a bunch of wires at home to keep it going. It was connected to the life-giving system of numerous devices. He breathed and fell asleep. Bella wrote down his last words, cleaned them up and got the desired result.
   In her soul, she considered herself a bison of wisdom, she knew how to survive, she knew how to preserve youth, she knew how to pass by troubles. But more than anything, she loved new goals that she could really achieve. She was sorry for Torah. She always felt sorry for the people who were leaving, without them there was a temporary or permanent void, as after a extracted tooth. But Thor survived. The eternal Thor was worth the candle, for it was worth fighting with nature, weather and time.
   ? Natalya Vladimirovna Patratskaya
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