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To Templtons Fund Jury

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   I propose my research "Whether evolution is purposeful?" for considering and awarding a prize of Templeton's Fund.
   The given research was published in The Scientists of the South Association Issues in 2005 in Beer Sheva. My researches on the subject have been published in some Russian, Ukrainian and Israeli scientific issues and have been registered in the US Congress Library (Certificates TXu 1134375 and TXu 1134376 28.11.2003).
   I proposed crucially new slant on the scientific solution of the God's existence reality problem. Neither of the Templeton's prize winners has proposed such slant.
   It seems to me, I discovered the main argument of the God reality problem scientific solution. This argument is not DNA molecule structure complexity and not "miracle" of life beginnings... but actual way of the Universe development from "elementary" particles up to the present time, i.e., up to cogitative human society on the Earth. This way analysis shows the Universe development is not a random process but regular and purposeful. Its immediate objective should be mankind as integrated, logically thinking cybernetic system. Modern mankind cannot be considered such system yet. The way permits to predict scientifically main parameters and main conditions of the future system conscious elaboration. The regular and goal-directed development of the Universe is based on the initial information. There exists eternal source of information and of nature laws having been introduced into the world picture by religion on the level of intuitive consciousness. This source was called the eternal God. In this Process, own part and own position has been predestined for everything.
   The God reality has been proved not by means of DNA molecule information volume but with answering "Where did this information come from?" and "What is this information ORIGIN?" questions. This origin is defined by "nested doll" law. According to this law, every systems of new level have been made of the previous level systems. Namely, all molecules are made of atoms, all atoms are made of nucleuses and electrons, and all nucleuses are made of "elementary" particles. "Elementary" particles received this information from absolute eternal SOURCE of information, i.e., from the God. Other words, the "nested doll" law is scientific substantiation of the eternal GOD reality.
   Proposed approach ideologically unites science and religion, confirms The Old Testament prophesies. It also promotes the mankind's spiritual integrating, united panhuman noosphere and mankind united system establishing, and it serves for the mankind progress.
   There are some reasons of my approach has not gained proper acceptance in scientific world. The main ones seem to me are following:
  -- Prevalent ideas of only the great ones of the earth are capable to solve such problems. A person with no academic ranks and regalia must be unable a priori.
  -- It is in Russian and almost no scientific terminology.
      -- Whether evolution is purposeful? In English
      -- The Certificates copies
      -- Autobiographic notes.
   Haim Breiterman, The Scientists of the South Association Member. 28.10.2014
   P.S. I have irrefutably proved the Universe natural development. As for the purposiveness, even if I have defined the nearest purpose incorrectly, the development keeps purposiveness because of the nearest purpose existence. Alternative variants of the nearest purpose I have defined can be only either mankind self-annihilation or its thousands years back returning. Both are impossible or almost impossible because runs counter to billions years mechanisms. Even in case of back purpose but not forward and up the purpose exists and the Universe development is certainly informative purposeful.
   Haim Breiterman

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