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If only

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  It hurts to be me.
  It's something you don't want to be.
  I'm good at sports, I'm good at school,
  But when I come home it's like a duel.
  My dad is boring that's cause he's old.
  He still has gray hair but he's going bold.
  My mom is young but she still sucks.
  She would never give me back my 200 bucks.
  At home I work, I sleep, I eat.
  At night I wash my dirty feet.
  I do some chores, I clean my room,
  When my parents come home everything goes kaboom.
  My life is like a prison or jail,
  But I can't get out on a million bail.
  I'm stuck with these people that are really lame.
  And whatever I'll do, they'll always stay the same.
  My mom doesn't listen, my dad doesn't talk.
  They are like two crabs that don't know how to walk.
  My mom is cruel, my dad is mean.
  Then there is always someone that goes in-between.
  That's my sister, she's a pain.
  If you play with her it's not gonna be a normal game.
  But then my dad's better.
  It's like he wears an extra sweater.
  He's nicer, he's not selfish, he's smarter, he's really caring.
  My mom would never even think about sharing.
  If only she would not scream, take my stuff, let me do what I want, and give some privacy and show some respect.
  If only both of them would listen and understand,
  Then they could join Ilya's land.
  kaboom - (from Wikipedia) Kaboom is an onomatopoeia representing the sound of an explosion.
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