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The Holocaust

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  Can the Holocaust be justified? The Jewish Question?
  Sorry to put the "cat amongst the pigeons" but I am starting to believe that the so-called Holocaust during the Second World War never really took place! Surely it"s a Jewish propaganda media conspiracy to make us feel sorry for them. Has anybody ever questioned the evidence? The concentration camps were probably Hollywood studio sets. As we all know Hollywood is totally controlled by Jewish moguls - Spielberg, MGM, Warner Bros.
  Why is it that we are constantly subjected to Holocaust commemorations on the TV? Are there any Arab commemorations for all the atrocities that Israel has inflicted upon them since 1948? In Iraq alone there has been nearly 1 million deaths since the Allied, Jewish-backed invasion of 2003. Furthermore, there is the continued bombing and destruction of the Arabs in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The Arabs there are treated worse than any Jews that were held prisoners in the so-called concentration camps of Eastern Europe. In these occupied territories there is no sanitation, no electricity, food supplies are scarce and on top of this there is the constant threat of Israeli tanks and fighter jets bombing the hell out of them every day.
  Is it any wonder that Islamic extremist groups have emerged as a direct result of Israel"s actions? As a result of this situation in the Middle East the entire stability of the world is at threat. Look at what happened last summer with the Israeli/Lebanon war - what did the international community do when Israel openly attacked its neighbour and killed over a 1000 people? Absolutely nothing! This is because the international community seems to be utterly controlled by the Jews. If you want to point the blame at anybody, the finger solely points at the serpent of all races - the Jews!
  Perhaps Adolf Hitler was correct about his theory in regards to the Jewish race. The irony being that the Jews have always thought of themselves as the superior race and God"s chosen people on earth. The Jews, as a race, have never had a place on this planet to call their home. Instead, through God"s punishment, they have been scattered to all four quarters of the world. He even gave them a chance for salvation through Jesus Christ, but alas they chose a common criminal named Barrabas. This, in itself, has determined their character. They have successfully intertwined themselves into all the "nooks and crannies" of western societies - the banks, the media, governments and international organisations. Ultimately, they see these engines as a path for world supremacy and the annihilation of the Arabs.
  Finally, I would also like to add that the Evangelists from the "Bible Belt" of Southern USA are directly linked with the Jews in Israel and openly fund Israel"s wars in the Middle East. They too, through some crazy ideology from the Old Testament, believe that the Jews are God"s chosen people and that the Holy Land is their rightful place. All this is at the continued suffering and plight of the Arab people in this region. Is this religion? They should rename this the true Holocaust, which is happening underneath our very noses and nobody is lifting a finger to stop it.
  Now we must move on to the issue of oil and Iraq. As any intelligent person knows, the apparent "war on terror" in Iraq is merely a means to an end for the American- superpower machine. Let"s be honest; the Americans want and need the oil and therefore disguise this reason with the classic clichй of bringing "freedom and democracy" to an underdeveloped country.
  The hanging of Saddam Hussain on New Years Day was a personal victory for Mr George Bush and thus achieved his initial war aim. Mission accomplished. Remember the first Gulf War and Bush Senior in 1991? Furthermore, a chaotic, unstable Iraq is exactly what the Americans wanted. They did their homework, in the knowledge that once Saddam Hussain was removed, a vacuum of power would occur and terror would inevitably ensue. Moslems fighting Moslems (Shiite/Shia factions), brother fighting brother equalling civil war which we see on our television sets every evening. This has all been done before: Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Yugoslavia, Somalia and even the USSR!
  While all this mayhem is going on the oil is quickly being pumped out of the Gulf by Western contractors and exported to America and Europe. The soldiers deployed in Iraq are there for one reason; to make sure that the anarchy continues until all the oil has been extracted. Obviously, the US soldiers are given a daily diet of "freedom and democracy" propaganda in order to make their tours worthwhile. Similarly, the American public are given the same constant barrage of propaganda. But these soldiers are as much victims in all this mess as the Iraqi citizens. You have to ask the question; "Do you see any senator"s sons fighting in the sweltering, dirty streets of Baghdad?" and "When will the Americans pull out of Iraq just like they did in Vietnam?".
  Overall, it all represents hypocrisy and greed. Nothing more. The death of a few thousand soldiers and countless, innocent Iraqi"s is the sacrifice required so the rich can line their "bloody" pockets with oil contracts and run their 4x4 jeeps!!
  Why can"t we have some sort of humanity in this world? Or is it that we, as humans, are all intrinsically selfish that at the end of the day, we don"t really give a s***!
  However, I believe that truth and goodness will eventually win. The dark forces of nature will lie down and die - remember God sees everything and justice will prevail.
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