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Mary vs. Retired

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    The usual month in the life of Mary Sue, got a job in the APF and was on the other side of the barricades.

  The story "Mary vs. Retired"
  An interesting game: you arrange with the seller you paste the expiry dates, you rub the mold with sunflower oil intensively;
  You work at the post office, you try not to make sudden movements, it's still a long working day, and the turn is a sign of the need for this institution;
  You work in the government, then you are looking for reserves to stay at the helm, and after all the hardened land, the main thing is to dump it in time to London or Israel.
  So now Mary was hunched with a job search. In the Soviet era, she was torn off with her hands, but now as 30 years, not the time, the entire robotization and the employee with a character is not needed.
  In general, who is looking for that will always find, Mary came to be arranged in the non-profit organization "Sweet Life Cheating", an unskilled worker on a fixed-term contract, a staff officer, Mary's stomach seemed suspiciously large, it was not necessary so many pelmeni at dinner.
  "What you need to do," Mary asked before giving her passport.
  - Tint the fence, wash the floors when the cleaning lady for a week on leave. Clients advise and stuff in a nutshell where to send.
  "Where's the new one," Oksana asked, who is one of the chief superintendents here.
  "I," Mary wondered, "that there's such a fluidity here."
  "Let's go and refill the printer."
  - I can not!
  "Youtoub for help!"
  - Is it so short of money for retirement that such savings?
  - There is no simply a family of the Boss, there is nothing to be needed here and squeezes out all the juices. Of course, the managerial staff recruited by blat has all the benefits. The essence of sharashka, like many, to raise money before the mass retirement of people.
  - Correct, irreplaceable. Gastarbeiters we will deliver.
  - Maybe for regions where long-livers, we will raise more. That it was not insulting, and singing to women for 8 years more should work! Oh, this Clara! That she said for these 8 years the planer that gave the women.
  - And, what of modern equipment? - Mary asked, these heartfelt conversations did not give up to her.
  "The counter of the toilet," Oksana said.
  - I thought the foundations are building such palaces, but do not squeeze like a church mouse over a cracker.
  "It's for the state, he does not care for money anyway." And to us only that that we shall withdraw. Tomorrow is a meeting, there will be recruiters in our ranks. Learn, after work, too, you can earn it. For snout - 500 rubles, after signing all the contracts, we still offer insurance. Now the policy is for the pension to go into private hands, the state will regulate only the pensions of the officials. And in general in China there is no such luxury, as silver journalists assure.
  Lavender smell from the stinking, which brought one of the employees, created the illusion of being in the cab trucker. Mary hoped to fix the air conditioners later.
  From the counter a minute ago the old man walked away, demanding a written calculation of the pension, you see whether the minimum size does not suit him.
  "When they die!" - Mary swore to be his own in this get-together.
  - They are all at first, a year later a thousand will calm down! And by the way, you've been here only three days, and already you are making progress in corporate ethics! And how did you manage to close 22 applications for the evening? - praised her colleague.
  - In the garbage dug for Sber, found copies of passports, numbers of snails. Today I think I will go over long-forgotten relatives, I will conclude as many more.
  "Do not you feel sorry for them?"
  - Nothing, in five years will go back, 500 rubles on the road does not roll.
  You can see this attitude to your family, a little strained a number of standing customer, carefully reading the contract and he asked:
  - Girl, but you can immediately see my copy of the contract!
  - You that when you make a photocopy, check with the original?
  - Yes, suddenly, something is not imprinted. Give me a copy!
  "Now," said Mary, and sent a contract for printing, but the paper ran out.
  After inserting new sheets into the tray, the dialog box "repeat" appeared.
  "Ah, why without a signature and a seal?"
  "Because it's your contract," Mary said serenely, and how strange the client was.
  While he signed, the girl returned to that conversation:
  - I just visited the team building! When it will be, I learned so much useful - with a foolish smile, Mary said.
  - Girls, I hate these men, they should only give and not demand. In general, let them live without a pension, we must work, "said Oksana, who was always unlucky with the latter. Actually, this is her nature, although you can take it for fat trolling.
  To interrupt the fatness of the boss, Mary did not dare, let him say, the day will pass quickly.
  The desk phone rang, Mary picked up the receiver and was almost deaf in the left ear.
  - Hello, Mary !!
  - Who is it!? - she did not recognize director Zhora Zhabovich.
  - ZHora! Kroshka write to E-mail Oksana to buy a casino in the Crimea, in the gambling zone.
  - Okay, let's transfer to Oksana, about buying a casino in the Crimea, - said Mary.
  "Did you work in Makee?" - asked approached Igor, he works here as a courier, and changes bottles in coolers.
  "Yes, but how did you guess?"
  - You repeat the order, and periodically shout "free nipple".
  - The pacifier is the rg connector for the computer!
  "I know, it's just that you are shouting with such enthusiasm as if you are counting on a bonus.
  - And, why the casino was bought for the money of our pensioners, because it is more criminal than a profitable investment? - Mary asked Oksana, who, despite the fact that she had risen from the bottom up to this post, did not tupila childly, as if burned out at work.
  - On overexposure, the chief of negotiable money is not enough, that's for free and credited. A couple of months to buy back, maybe even at this price.
  After a couple of minutes, Mary found out that the main office of the fund's management is in a different place, and there all the staff are recruited for the sake of good with good salaries. What to do, you need to work, poking on the keys, she decided to go for a refusal.
  "Hello, this is the PF" Sweet Life Cheating, "said Mary, concealing the first word, state or non-state.
  "No," answered the blonde woman's voice.
  - This is me fund, you yesterday filed an application for withdrawal.
  - Yes, because there is no reporting! Said that learned text.
  - So all the information on the site, through the login-password. Oh, - Mary stopped short.
  - What!? - was frightened by a sharp change in the intonation of the blondie.
  - You have only a year with us, at the transition you will lose part of the investment income. So I will not waste time on you.
  And with a quiet conscience, Mary hung up and ticked that the application was worked out. We must take on the next, I wonder why others do not like ringing.
  Literally before the closing, as the brake bosses like to do, Oksana began to distribute the TSU (valuable instructions):
  - Mary, at the expense of the fund of 30 trips to non-replaceable leaders of the central union, in a remarkable Zazhogino. In order not to forget where their place is, they decided to oppose it, there is no need to be an expert, that if there is indulgence, women will be given instead of 8, 5 years.
  Why Oksana criticizes, so she herself in 63 years to go out, and already a little bit on the head bo-bo.
  - I wrote down, send trade unions. What else? - Without even raising her head, Mary said, there is no force for evening recruitment.
  - Sauna for the evening, you need a counting house with an audit bend!
  - Good sauna for cross-eyed inspectors. Can I do it?
  - Go, stop! If the State Department will call directly! And she waved her hand to the parrot Mary did not say anything.
  Finally the day approached the end, as Robi came, he had to wait until Mary fought back from two aggressive clients, those who retired early and were unhappy with the calculation formula.
  - Hi, the boss said to connect with you directly.
  "I'm no longer a foreign agent, you've turned me around." You participate in the action "Buy a proofreader for the constitution?"
  - Yes, how much can you? Tell Volodya, let her throw it out in the trash.
  - And, what is the pension there too? Asked Roby.
  - Oh, and that he was going to smear?
  - Yes, everything just to bend under the IMF. It is he since 2008 began to howl about the fact that the able-bodied population is declining. Yes, and from their submission were in the WTO.
  - Foo, sixes, I yell at the voice!
  - Ah, I about what.
  The next day was a lot of fun, it turned out that you need to periodically make trips. So with the bandits from the PF in the chapter with Mary, what to do, she was listed as a handyman, broke into the office of the company Vektorin Prom LLC.
  - Everybody lie! Check for a gray salary! By the mechanism of Golikova!
  After an hour of searches, Mary together with a muscular brown-haired man with a stupid tattoo on his arm, a pack of envelopes was whipped by the director of the firm in the face.
  - Where are the envelopes? Why the gray salary, you understand that we steal !?
  "It's a mistake, an accident!"
  "Eat the envelopes," ordered the brown-haired man.
  "Money is in there!" - Mary was surprised, such generosity, just a pack of paper was lying next to her.
  "There will be nothing more satisfying, now a couple of such people will get up and pay them legally."
  "Bon appetit," said Mary, and sat down on the swivel chair.
  After making three trips, she returned to the office and began to service the queue that had arisen.
  "Good afternoon," said the middle-aged man.
  Squinting Mary gave him a look of 40 years, and that mini-game intuition.
  - Good, passport please.
  And first of all looked at the year of birth, 1984.
  "Bingo!" Is there tea or coffee? - Mary asked, seeing that this is most likely a crocheted blogger-troglody, like those who bring their aunts to the post office.
  - No thanks, I have a question I have worked in my life for only a year. The rest is on yourself, without paying any fees. Potatoes in the garden planted, and the internet was sitting.
  "And," Mary asked, not understanding where he was going.
  - In Lokhov shares from the FIU, pay 12,000 and we will not double. Can I transfer to you the savings and count in old age at least a minimum?
  - Oh, it? ... Sure you can.
  "But is not it profitable for you?" You are more commercial!
  "I beg you, not the fact that you will live, and we will index according to our rules," said Mary.
  The girl glanced at the top pocket of the shirt in which the cell phone was peeping out.
  - And if I want a good pension, I need to do?
  "We can consider your apartment as a life annuity." This is an average of two years, so as not to cause suspicion among neighbors.
  10 days have passed.
  - Mary, open the letter, read it and make a couple of suggestions! Said Oksana.
  "I'll end with Loh," said Mary, loudly to the whole audience.
  - What's so right, he has the surname Loch, how not to use such combos.
  - Processing of personal information is required? Loch asked.
  - Yes, it is required everywhere, we generally bought a database in which you were found and agitated, - said Mary after thinking, here and Facebook with its plums is not needed.
  Mary as a piranha proved her bloodthirstiness, gave out a komorku, and hanging a sign the technical break went to where she poured herself a chefira, switched on the phone "Hop, musorok", for the background and read the letter after 10 minutes, she closed the lid of the laptop, . In general, you need to remove loopholes for early retirement, and that there are no crowds after 60 for disability and others. The system in this is debugged this as proving every year that your arm or leg did not grow back.
  "Mary was moving!" I need ideas. The government lobbies our interests not for free, time is money! So, Matvienko coals in panties crammed to stir. Said Oksana.
  "What have I come up with?" Raise retirement retirement for strippers for the same 8 years.
  - Stop! This is where do?
  - One of the items, to provide the herd with work!
  - Not a herd, but still tell a lot of livestock! Oksana cursed. - I understand you, I think decrepit stomachs and cellulite is not needed, there the business itself decides. When to kick the shl * xy on the porch.
  - It is clear that there are not enough vacancies for watchmen, so it is necessary to organize camps for those who do not need a "market", such as a prison with free balance and free attendance. We will attract them to the presidential elections, to cut down the forest, to sew the hats. So to say, the zeks will have competition.
  - This is nonsense! Said Oksana, staring at Mary, whose face did not have a grin.
  - Why? To rework the idea, beautifully to depict. Coupons to the needy wanted to give, and this part of people can still be milked.
  - You would advise her to cancel the safety techniques on the ground to solve the problem with people.
  "This is already blasphemy," said Mary, although the same Kemerovo, showed that the shopping centers are not subject to control, as are a number of other institutions around the country.
  There was an awkward pause.
  - Hunger Games, 12 people age 60, go to the duel for the right to retire. Is there only one left, how do you like the idea? I thought of it myself, "Oksana said with pleasure.
  - Norm, but let there still deputies one at a time, let their salaries work out.
  "The old men will kill him first."
  - Tochnyak, to help him identify the best fighter from the National Guard.
  "Why would he dunk the old men with his bare hands?"
  - Aha! Mary said skeptically. - If they have lived, then strong, let them take experience. But the House-2 rating will be beaten.
  - I feel like Kozhevnikov, used. About this one from sharashka! No brains, sit in the hole! - said Oksana, she likes to distort facts, as does "Teach good."
  Discussion of ideas took three hours, and now Oksana was tired of the girl:
  - Mary is free, go to the groups and newspapers to comment on the necessary articles, and then there is silence, as if all do not care.
  "I understand, why not order a factory of bots?"
  "You do this for your salary, but you have to pay them."
  - Oh, the idea came, and what if the old men will be engaged in mining, or freelance. There physical strength is not needed! Anyway, this generation can work for a PC.
  - This is a good idea, that's just with health !? Not everyone can look at the monitor for hours.
  "Do not care, let's say they are to blame," said Mary.
  Running through several portals, she hung in classmates, as Oksana stepped in unobtrusively:
  - Mary needs to wash the boss's car.
  "Why me," Mary asked, as if it was not part of her job under an employment contract, that it was difficult to get into a car wash? Toad chokes to call.
  "Quickly, let your husband say this."
  This was the last straw. While wiping the front panel, she saw accidentally a flock of bugs, and especially fragrant and in the name of "green" sacrificed to the nearest of his relatives. Actually, pushed them to the secret places.
  Applying for dismissal, without working off and received in the accounts department their 35,200 rubles.
  "Ah, why are they paying us in the envelope?" - asked Mary, realizing that bandits only honest people are taught.
  "Tell me more loudly!" - the accountant was indignant.
  On the stairs, the joyful Mary met Oksana, who was flushed, sweaty and wearing yellow rubber gloves.
  - Mary, you look like a cherry, and the taste of fly agaric, what are you doing with a car?
  - And, why did they chew me up? - she asked, and rushed to the ridge, in fact, why talk.
  Just a few moments was not disclosed, so you can say everyone gets what they deserve.
  Descending the subway, she was home in 40 minutes. After washing her hands and changing her clothes, she put a cold stale pasta in a bowl, soya cutlet and began to eat without appetite.
  "Heat up," Robbie said as he entered, he felt sorry for her.
  - Leave it!
  - What now?
  - Nothing! I resigned, I have to look for work again. Specially I will look in the envelope. Why statistics used to be 3.4 working for 1 pensioner, and now the collapse is expected to be 1 to 1. Where is the vaunted robotization, the modernization that all the time spend for billions of rubles. And the meaning of throwing pennies at 1000 rubles, if inflation and excise taxes on gasoline in a moment will devour the additive. - That's right, all the same the pension will be canceled by 2030. They will say that people are immortal, but the fact that you can not afford this inoculation for 1 million euros, well, sorry.
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