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Загадка Лукоморья
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He felt her soft enchanting hair
That fell across his tender palm
Her heart's no reason for the calm
The fate's no reason to be fair

She'd better to the creepy moor
The bottom where the sorrow dwells
Than change her life to human hell
Of shortened love and long obscure

He shone the bright - she's dark and small
But time before he warmed her face
He lost his love and fell from grace
She's left alone within the halls

He promised - she did listen then
Her heart was pounding out that time
The world did witness to the crime
She left the wood to live with man

Just for a second he awakes
Intoxicated are his handsome eyes
He turns away as he arise
The fire burns down all his fakes

Quietly she left. The sun of night
Through fierce of wind did recollect
The blackened figure siluhette
That was embraced by winter tight

The field did sparkle. Wood confused
Did murmur scratching with its trees
It'd better never let her free
Than vainly pray for her excuse.

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