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Причины 4й Мировой Войны

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    "My friend Jeff Nyquist's book, the Origins of the Fourth World War, is a brilliant result of long term and very professional geo-political research and analysis. His book is based on real facts and information connected with current international developments. Without any exaggerations, it's possible to compare the results of Jeff's work with an intelligence agency or a serious think tank's research and analysis during many months. His book is very important for the national security of America and needs to be used for the protection of the United States from current and prospective dangers." -Colonel Stanislav Lunev, Russian GRU defector

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  5.0 out of 5 stars Telling the Untellable Truth, May 25, 2000
  By Albion W. Knight Jr (USA) - See all my reviews
  J. R. Nyquist tells a truth that even knowledgable Americans do not want to hear: We are not necessarily the world's only superpower and while we have been busy bragging, the Russians and the Chinese have been busy developing producing and deploying new nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. We are endangered not by missile attacks from rogue nations, but from China and Russia who are capable of threatening us with modern weapons we have intentionally neglected to build. Mr, Nyquist lays out his case in a series of notes, each one standing alone, but which cause us to think. He has made a real, but unpleasant, case. We should take his warning seriously.
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  17 of 21 people found the following review helpful:
  5.0 out of 5 stars A Masterful Unveiling of Deception., January 7, 2001
  By William Jennings (Hawaii USA) - See all my reviews
  I bought two additional copies of this book to loan to friends who I care for and who care for the future of freedom in our country and world.
  During the period of time that the Warsaw Pact, Berlin Wall and the Soviet Empire were supposedly falling, I was assigned to Augsburg, Germany with the US Army. Taking classes there with the University of Maryland's European Division in Soviet Political Thought, I first became aware of the warnings of Anatoliy Golitsyn. I became convinced early on that what I was witnessing was nothing less than the greatest deceptive orchestration ever in human history - with the most ominous implications.
  In the ensuing decade, despite my desire to believe that the West had won the Cold War, the evidence of Golitsyn's warnings became ever strikingly real to me, but the overall picture was still hard to define.
  Once I read J.R. Nyquist's book I was awe-struck. Finally, someone had unraveled all the complicated pieces of the fraud and put it all together in an easy to read fashion. The grand deception became crystal clear to me.
  Nyquist's book is a compilation of relatively short memoranda. The breadth and scope of the issues he presents are absolutely necessary to fully understand the deeper motives behind the minds that would construct such an enormous Trojan Horse.
  My prior assignments in the military, including the US Army Intelligence and Security Command, have taught me to be mindful and alert to what might lie behind the supposed apparent. Such is the case here.
  Russian deception has been defined as a "Forrest of Mirrors." Much of what we think we know, even at the highest levels of our own intelligence community, is only illusionary.
  Some pundits point to the trail of evidence that show "proof-positive" of the USSR's demise, such as, rusting Russian ships in port so visible to our satellites' eyes. Think about it...are we seeing "proof" or are we being shown another Potemkin Village?
  Nyquist's book acts like a spotlight pointing out the contradictions that become obvious to the open-minded reader.
  Nyquist is a true, dedicated patriot who has devoted all his time, money and energy into an effort to warn the American public before it's too late. He is tireless in his other projects beyond this book as an intelligence journalist for World Net Daily.com. He loves this nation and values how it has protected freedom and liberty throughout the world...think what the world would be like without the might of the United States. (Contrary to one reviewer here - who obviously did not read Nyquist's book - to suggest ulterior motives of Nyquist is akin to suggesting Mother Theresa was a money-grubber.)
  Now that I've recently retired from the Army after serving twenty years, I have found an even greater service I can provide for our country's freedom, that is, by urging everyone to buy this book and read it very, very soon.
  Time is running out; a nuclear Pearl Harbor may be imminent.
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  5.0 out of 5 stars J.R. Nyquist: A modern Ben Franklin for the Next Millenium, May 25, 2000
  By anthony c lobaido (Moriches, New York United States) - See all my reviews
  J.R. Nyquist is a superb writer and first class intellect. His knowledge of American national security issues is top notch.
  In this book, Mr. Nyquist paints an ugly yet truthful picture about America's current moral state. We tolerate too much weakness, he says. Additionally, America and the West have lost their vision, traditions, morals and culture.
  Mr Nyquist points out that America might well be attacked by Russia in a nuclear Pearl Harbor.
  His last two chapters could be a novel of their own. In them, J.R. paints a picture of America after such a nuclear attack. It reminds one of Hollywood apocalpytic movies like The Postman, Miracle Mile, The Stand and Red Dawn.
  His description of a Super General who will rise to assume leadership over America after such a nuclear attack is scary yet most likely prophetic. Such a war will bring about much cruelty.
  Once Russia [or another enemy or combination thereof in assymetrical, tactic or theater-wide threats] attacks, weakness will no longer be tolerated, he says. Men will get their manhood back. We will treasure our children to help them survive. Abortion will probably be frowned upon. Families will be paramount. Hollywood liberals will find their world turned upside down.
  The best line in the book comes when Nyquist points out that some entities in the West have made billion dollar fortunes while "destroying our national morals and intelligence."
  Of course there are many great lines. And Mr Nyquist has catalouged all of his ideas, numbering many of them.
  In the end, one can see that Americans are delusional about our current state. The stock market will crash. We have funded and armed our enemies, like North Korea, China and Russia. Our military has been ruined. Political correctness has destroyed our society. Even this day, Russia deploys new ICBM's, Stealth bombers and their Akula attack submaries are mapping the Continental Shelf -- looking for new places to play hide and seek -- but to what end?
  JR Nyquist has done all Americans a great service by writing this book.
  I myself bought 12 copies and passed them on to others.
  He is a brilliant writer. This book my just be viewed as a new bible of sorts for the "Refounding Fathers" who restore America after it is attacked.
  Buy it.
  Read it.
  Study it.
  Heed its message.
  It is as good as "When Nations Die" by J. Nelson Black and "The Sovereign Individual" by Rees and Davidson.
  It is a glorious work of amazing depth. An achievement of a lifetime. It is amazing JR could write such a book before the age of 40.
  Marxism is analyzed and exposed for its many flaws. American culture and defacto weakness and collapse is presented in a clear and logical manner.
  In a word, the book is "great."
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  5.0 out of 5 stars Read, research and understand., March 12, 2001
  By "jmcnew@epix.net" (USA) - See all my reviews
  Most readers would find this book interesting but few it seems have the courage or care enough to take it at face value. It is truly horrifying. It is not fiction. It is real. Virtually all of the critisism I have seen levied against Mr. Nyquists writings are little more than personal attacks and do nothing to debunk items he presents as fact. Anyone taking the time to read this book seriously and coroborate Jeffs sources, and augment that with some research of their own, will realize that current global trends cannnot, and will not go on forever. The current leader of Russia was the head of the dreaded Soviet KGB. Despite their adamance in denouncing the NMD effort, Russia has had an ABM system for decades. They are currently depolying advanced road and rail mobile 6th generation ICBMs - the Topol-M. They have had for decades and continue to develop an unparalelled civil defense infrastructure. This list goes on and on. Much of this can be found in this book, and all of it can be corroborated through reliable news sources, if one takes the time to do so. This book comes highly recommended to anyone that would like to have some good insight as to what to expect in the coming decade and would like to have some contol over their own future.
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  14 of 18 people found the following review helpful:
  5.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read for A Thinking Person, September 10, 2000
  By DeAnn Rickers (Minneapolis, MN) - See all my reviews
  Mr. Nyquist wrote an insightful, concise, intelligent book regarding
  the United State's dangerously naive relationship with Russia and
  communism. The book is full of facts and years of Nyquist's research.
  As such, do not sit down and expect to read it like a novel or even
  like other non-fiction books. It reads more like research notes and
  thoughts organized and presented as bullet points. I had no problem
  whatsoever following Nyquist's facts, thoughts and arguments.
  until the last couple chapters does he theorize on what might happen
  if Russia attacks the U.S. I thought he was overly optimistic on how
  Americans will respond. But, he said himself that he took an
  optimistic view. Up until that point he delivers historical facts,
  insight and dead-on commentary on the decline of the U.S.
  educational, military, political and social systems and lack of
  strategic thinking thereof.
  One must remember that the Roman Empire
  fell not from external forces but from within. ....
  So far, I have
  purchased two copies and envision purchasing more due to family and
  friends' interest. I highly recommend reading this book thoughtfully
  if one cares about the future.
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  9 of 11 people found the following review helpful:
  5.0 out of 5 stars Origin of the Fourth World Wars by J R Nyquist, November 5, 2001
  By A Customer
  This review is from: Origins of the Fourth World War: And the Coming Wars of Mass Destruction (Paperback)
  This book is a must read for any thinking America. It is easy to follow as it is written in numerical lists of thoughts or points the author wants to make arranged in a logical sequence to make a very valid argument. We should not be letting our personal freedoms slide by being frightened into giving them away to preserve peace and safety. Our forefathers gave up their lives when it was necessary to preserve these same freedoms we take for granted. Neither should we allow our Constitution become invalidated by manipulation. If you believe there is a Creator God and that he wrote the Holy Scriptures for our admonition you will see a clear coorelation to them in this book that is presented from a purely secular social standpoint. God pleads for us to return to him and his commandments.
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  13 of 18 people found the following review helpful:
  5.0 out of 5 stars Read it and think for yourself, October 6, 2000
  By Barbara Pefley (Stockton, CA United States) - See all my reviews
  If you think Communism fell along with the Berlin Wall, this book is a must-read. It is not in the least dry or boring but on the contrary, easy to follow and interesting. This is not an opinion piece. It is fact-filled and compelling.
  If you have ever wondered why our Federal government often seems to act contrary to logic, wonder no more. As you read, your own common sense will tell you that this book hits the mark time after time.
  There are also some fascinating observations about our present-day American society.
  Prospective readers: You can choose to spend years gathering facts by studying the insights of Solzhenitsyn, Golitsyn, CIA analysts and political scientists, or you can buy this book. We should all be grateful that Nyquist has done the heavy lifting for us.
  Read Origins and do some independent thinking -- always a good idea.
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  5.0 out of 5 stars Are we not now beyond Thermonuclear War?, February 3, 2001
  By Chris Benton "heysponge" (Solvang,Ca) - See all my reviews
  Yes, you may say we are beyond this, for we are a global village and the Communists have lost. We are too "modern", and their will be no more large scale wars for mankind values life more now. Besides, we are the only Superpower and our Military is second to none, and the Berlin Wall has tumbled and trade has taken over. We are helping the Russians and engaging the Chineese. If you think this, my friend you are whistling past the graveyard. Do yourself and family a favor and read this book. Then go read some recent articles from valid reliable newswires regarding Russia and other Communist countrie's shenanigans for the past few years and then re-read Nyquist's book. Or, if you think the Communists are not such bad guys and really value life, go get ahold of The Black Book of Communism where you will find what Communism has produced in the last century - 100 Million Dead people, then go read Nyquist's book. You have to get your wits free of the idea of all this peacenik... you've been hearing on the television as it does not fit in with Mankind's Historical records. Every once in awhile someone starts shooting and although no one really wants war, It is a very common occurance. Read Nyquist's book and see thru the deception the Commies have run on us and see what is coming down the pike.
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  5.0 out of 5 stars Nyquist is Brilliant, May 5, 2008
  By SALLEE (ny, ny) - See all my reviews
  Jeff Nyquists book and essays have opened my eyes to the threat we are STILL facing from Russia. A blind man could see it and the liberal media is hiding the truth, because they are sympathetic to the communist/socialist ideology. The last chapter was chilling.
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