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    Наш проект вышел за бугор и увидел там GEN Europe. Выдержки из рассылки на английском языке оригинала! Сайт GEN Europe -

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  1. Всемирная организация экопоселений
  2.Европейская организация экопоселений:
  3. Russian Ecovillage Network - на сегодня представлена Владом Кирбятьевым, поскольку он давно знаком с руководством GEN Europe.
  Address: c/o Vasudeva Kirbatiev Basseinaya st 59-106St. Petersburg 196235
  Country: Russia
  Language: Russian
  Telephone(s): +7 8122944189 (Phone) +7 812 11358 96 (Fax)
  22 октября -
  Dear friends,
  Please find below details of an award for young people (10-16 years old) involved in environmental projects. Please forward this to anyone who may be interested. If you do respond to this, please keep us informed.
  In community
  ------ Forwarded Message
  From: Gen Europe
  Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 12:51:10 +0200
  Subject: Fwd: UNEP/Volvo Award for Young People
  Dear both,
   please have a look at this option and let me know if I shall react or who needs to be informed about this .
  From: "Wayne at WTA Education Services Ltd"
  Subject: UNEP/Volvo Award for Young People
  Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 14:00:33 +0100
  X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
  Importance: Normal
  Dear Sir
   We have been given your email as a network that is involved in environmental education and youth work. We understand that you have projects that are eligible for the United Nations Environment Programme and Volvo Adventure -an award to reward young peoples efforts to improve their environment. If this is the case could you possibly alert your network to the Award? We have already had finalists form village communities form as far a field as Guatemala and Tanzania who have been actively involved in environmental improvements and hope to have more finalists from rural communities this year. Details are given below. Thanking you in advance
  Kind regards
  Wayne Talbot
  on behalf of
  Kikki Hugestrand
  Volvo Event Management
  Dept 1630, ARHK1
  SE-405 08 G?teborg
  Volvo Adventure - an international award to reward young environmentalists
  We are writing to ask if you could tell your network that the deadline for the Volvo Adventure Award is closing fast. The Volvo Adventure is an exciting opportunity, for existing and new environmental action projects.
  The Volvo Adventure, arranged in collaboration with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), offers to reward young people who run their own environmental projects. Young people around the world are setting up their own project groups, choosing a subject they can deal with and deciding how they should approach it. It could involve improving the situation for animals, improving water quality or using energy resources more wisely.
  The adventure can begin!
  For these young people it could be an adventure that offers a chance to make new friends all over the world, attract international attention and ultimately win a spectacular prize, such as the opportunity to present their project at an international conference in Sweden, and the chance of a financial reward that could make it possible to run, improve or enhance their project.
  Who can enter?
  Anyone working on a practical environmental project aged between 10 and 16 years of age can enter for the award. They need to be working in groups of two to five people and actively involved in devising and managing the project. They can win an all expenses paid trip to Sweden to present their project to an international jury and present their agenda for action to UNEP.
  Why not enter your own project? The aim is that you should be able to run it as a school or community project and present your ideas on the Internet.
  Start on the website
  What do you need to do to get started? Go to the Volvo Adventure website - . There you will find everything you need to register your project. You will then receive a start-up package with instructions on how to proceed.
  We look forward to seeing your network's projects!
  Good luck.
  Gabriele Krauskopf
  Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) - Europe e.V.
  Twin offices: ZEGG community /Germany - Findhorn ecovillage/Scotland
  Contact details: Rosa-Luxemburg str. 89, D-14806 Belzig, Germany
  Phone:+49 33841 44766 - Fax +49 33841 44768. --
  GEN-Europe e.V. is a registered charity association. Donations are tax deductible.
  Postbank Berlin, Hallesches Ufer 60; D 10963 Berlin;
  Bank code 10010010, Account no: 768 1105
  IBAN: DE 11 100 100 10 000 768 1105; Swift code:PBNKDEFF
  От: Ina Meyer-Stoll
  Кому: ev-forum
  Тема: Gaia Pilot project not accepted by the EC Полное
  Dear all,
  Last week I got the answer of the European Commission that they did not
  select the Gaia Pilot proposal, which was prepared by Max Jensen, Andrea
  Zettel and some other friends of the ecovillage movement. It was a very
  brief letter with no detailed explanation why it was not accepted. All
  involved partners have been informed immediately, this information is
  specially for all of you who have been to the General Assembly this year and
  heard of the project. I want to give thanks to all involved partners who put
  in their energy, enthusiasm, time, idealism, hope, ... I think we all
  learned a lot, also from all the difficulties which came up during the
  The good news is that Andrea and others prepared the Travelling School of
  Life in between (the concept was sent to the EV-forum in early October). It
  is now your turn to contact Andrea to help to activate the TSoL. Andrea will
  present the concept of TSoL at the next conference at Zegg in early November
  (about education for youth and children) hopefully.
  Concerning the discussion about the use of the term "Gaia University" I
  don't have a new input now but I want to thank Andrea and all involved
  designers for not using this name in the new concept. I assume that Hildur's
  concept of Gaia University will become more clear next year, as soon as the
  curriculum, which a group of Ecovillage designers is compiling right now is
  finished. I will keep you informed about this development.
  Enjoy the wonderful autumn time, best wishes,
  this is the European Ecovillage Forum - email list
  for subscription issues please refer to
  23 октября:
  Hello to all,
  I have been invited to be one of the keynote speakers at the Sustainable Cities Conference to be held in Hong Kong from Nov 3-4. It is expected to attract 1000 attendees including over 100 mayors of small and middle sized cities.
  My talk will be on the relevance of Ecovillages to Sustainable City design.
  I will also be traveling to Hanzhou, Shanghai and Beijing speaking with Government ministers They are especially interested in any standards related to Ecovillages and Sustainable Cities which have been developed.
  This is a wonderful opportunity to open doors in China and spread our message.
  I am compiling a list of standards or self evaluation instruments that might be of interest to them including the GEN CSA, Leeds Building Standards, Chapter 7 (15 Criteria for Rural Sustainability), Building Research Establishment standards, Find your Feet, Ecological Footprinting.
  I would much appreciate input from anyone who is aware of other "standards" that might be relevant.
  I know that some of you have attended Sustainable Cities conferences lately and would appreciate any feedback you might share that could be of use.
  I am preparing a 15 min PPT for my talk. Any inspiration is most welcome.
  blessings and love to all, liora
  Gaia University
  25 октября:
  Тема: Fwd: Bremen Peace Award 2005 - Call for Proposals Полное
  >From: "The Threshold Foundation"
  >Reply-To: "The Threshold Foundation"
  >Subject: Bremen Peace Award 2005 - Call for Proposals
  >X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
  >Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 07:37:20 +0200
  >Bremen Peace Award 2005
  >In autumn 2005 the Threshold Foundation in Bremen will place for the
  >2nd time the
  >following Award:
  >Crossing Boundaries / Breaking Vicious Circles * Bremen Peace Award
  >2005 of the Threshold
  >Foundation for exemplary commitments for justice, peace and
  >integrity of creation.
  >Again persons, initiatives or projects will be honored for a special
  >in one or several of the following areas: Reconciliation, human
  >rights, countering
  >racism, social justice, integrity of the creation, cross-cultural or
  >communication. Award winners will be selected in the three categories below.
  >Beside the money award of 5000 Euro each for one of the proposed
  >the Threshold plans again a publication of a limited number of
  >particularly convincing
  >projects taken from the overall amount of nominations in an English
  >and German brochure
  >to draw the attention of a worldwide audience towards such peace work.
  >The Award has been assigned in 2003 for the 1st time. The Award
  >Winners in 2003 have
  >been Weronika Sakowska (Refugee help in Ruanda), "Parents Circle"
  >work in the Near East) and Hans Count of Sponeck (Resistance against
  >the Iraq war).
  >The Award Winners and 26 other proposals have been documented in a
  >brochure "Courageously
  >Crossing Thresholds".
  >The awards ceremony will be in presence of the award winners
  >November 2005 in Bremen.
  >Invitation for proposals in category A: Award for the Unknown Peace Worker
  >This category targets at little known, small initiatives/projects,
  >but also at committed
  >single persons working in the fields above with special emphasis for
  >initiatives at the grassroots level of peace work.
  >Invitation for proposals in Category B: Award for Exemplary Initiatives
  >In this category we seek for initiatives or organizations with
  >exemplary commitment
  >for the aims of the Threshold Peace Award described above.
  >Invitations for Proposals in Category C: Award for public
  >contributions for justice,
  >peace and integrity of creation
  >In this category an award will be given to persons in the public,
  >who have shown sustainable
  >and courageous commitment for peace and justice, like journalists or
  >academics but
  >also politicians or artists.
  >In category A persons and organizations can nominate themselves, in
  >categories B and
  >C self-proposals are not possible.
  >All proposals must contain the following information:
  >- Name, email-address and web-site of the proposed
  >person/initiative and the name
  >of a reference person (for organizations)
  >- Description of the proposal and reasons for the nomination
  >- In case of self-nominations additionally: Two external
  >referees (with names and
  >email addresses), which may be contacted by the Threshold for
  >further information
  >about the proposal
  >The contents of a proposal shall not exceed two pages. The proposal
  >details must be
  >emailed in German or English language (if possible) till 31 January
  >2005 to Dr Burkhard
  >Luber at the Threshold Foundation (
  >Persons/Initiatives, already nominated for the Award 2003, can be
  >nominated again
  >for 2005, if new activities are presented which has to be documented
  >in the proposal
  >All information about the Award 2003 (Call for Proposals, Award
  >Winners, Award Brochure)
  >can be seen at
  >The English Award
  >2003 brochure can be ordered free of charge with
  >More information are available at
  > or
  Gabriele Krauskopf
  Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) - Europe e.V.
  Twin offices: ZEGG community /Germany - Findhorn ecovillage/Scotland
  Contact details: Rosa-Luxemburg str. 89, D-14806 Belzig, Germany
  Phone:+49 33841 44766 - Fax +49 33841 44768. --
  GEN-Europe e.V. is a registered charity association. Donations are
  tax deductible.
  Postbank Berlin, Hallesches Ufer 60; D 10963 Berlin;
  Bank code 10010010, Account no: 768 1105
  IBAN: DE 11 100 100 10 000 768 1105; Swift code:PBNKDEFF
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