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In the field of non-equilibrium thermodynamics

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  a) In the field of non-equilibrium thermodynamics
  1. The possibility of replacement of the local equilibrium hypothesis by the "softer" hy-pothesis of local homogeneity is shown. / Etkin V.A. Fundamentals of energy dynamics. - Togliatti: Polytechn. Inst. Press, 1992.- 120 pp. (in Russian).
  2. Phenomenological (free from any hypotheses and postulates) substantiation of all statements of the theory of irreversible processes Is given sequentially. / Etkin V.A. Ther-modynamics of non-equilibrium processes of energy transfer and energy conversion. - Saratov: State Univers. Press, 1991.- 168 pp.
  3. A thermodynamic proof of the generalized reciprocal relations is proposed and their validity for a number of nonlinear processes is demonsrated. / Etkin V.A. Phenomenologi-cal evidence of non-equilibrium thermodynamic reciprocal relations. // Khimicheskaya termodinamika i termokhimiya, Moscow: Nauka, 1979.- pp. 8-13 (in Russian); Etkin V.A. Proof of differential reciprocal relations in nonlinear systems. // Russian Journal of Physi-cal Chemistry, 1982, 56(5), pp. 345-352 (translated from Zhurnal Fizicheskoi Khimii, 1985, 56(5), pp. 1257-1259).
  4. Exact analytical expressions for heat and work in open nonequilibrium systems are derived. / Etkin V.A. Heat and work in non-equilibrium processes. //Izv. VUZov, Ener-getika, 1988.- V.4.- pp. 118-122 (in Russian).
  5. A method is proposed for determination of the effects of superposition of diverse physico - chemical processes, dispensing with unwieldy equations of balance of energy, impulse, mass, charge and entropy. / Etkin V.A. Method of studying linear and non-linear irreversible processes. // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1991, 65(3), pp. 339-343 (translated from Zhurnal Fizicheskoi Khimii, 1991, 65, pp. 642-651).
  6. The inconsistency of the postulate on the dependence of each of the fluxes on all thermodynamic forces acting in a system, is demonstrated, and an alternative form is pro-posed for the generalized laws of transfer of energy, mass, charge etc. comprising a single driving force with information on the superposition phenomena of diverse processes pre-served in its entirety. / Etkin V.A. Alternative form of generalized transfer laws. // Journal of Engin. Physics and Thermophysics, 2000, 72(4), pp. 748-754 (translated from Inzh.-Fiz.. Zhurnal, 1999.- 72 (1). -pp. 776-782.).
  7. The possibility is demonstrated of further reduction of the number of kinetic coeffi-cients in the equations of linked transfer processes (from n (n+1) /2 in the existing theory to n) is shown. / Etkin V.A. Uniqueness of driving forces of irreversible processes. // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1989, 63(6), pp. 918-919 (translated from Zhurnal Fizicheskoi Khimii, 1989, 63, pp. 1660-1662).
  8. A series of supplementary is established between phenomenological parameters at the interface of diverse scientific disciplines. / Etkin V.A. Thermokinetics (thermodynamics of non-equilibrium processes of energy transfer and energy conversion). - Togliatti: Izd. Mezhd. Akad. Biznes (Int. Acad. Business Press), 1999.- 228 pp.
  9. The possibility of detectivy effects of superposition in non-stationary regimes is demonstrated. / Etkin V.A. Synthesis and new applications of the energy transfer and en-ergy conversion theories. (Abstract of D. Sc (Tech.) thesis. //Moscow: State Techn. Univ. Press, 1998.- 35 pp. (in Russian).
  10. The possibility is demonstrated of extension of the existing linear theory of irre-versible processes to a series of nonlinear systems. / Etkin V.A. Proof of differential reciprocal relation in non-linear diffusion processes. // Teploprovodnost i diffuzia (Heat conductivity and diffusion).- Riga: Polytecn. Inst. Press, 1983.-V.12.-pp.57-71 (in Russian).
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