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In the field of thermochemistry and biophysics

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  b) In the field of thermochemistry and biophysics
  1. 1. The Gibbs potential was generalized to open spatially heterogeneous systems by discarding the local equilibrium hypothesis and untroducing specific papameters - thermo-dynamic forses and coordinates of useful works / Etkin V.A. The free energy of biological systems. //Biophysics, 2003, V.48, ?4. р.695-701.(translated from Biofizika, 2003, V.48, N4, pp. 740-746). 2. Extension of the exergy concept to non-equilibrium systems is given. / Etkin V.A. Technical capacity of non-equilibrium systems. // Sibirsky Fiz.-tekhn. Zhurn., 1991.- V.6.- pp. 72-77 (in Russian).
  3. The possibility of using the exergy as a criterion of growth, maturity and aging of biosystems is demonstrated. / Etkin V.A. Exergy as a criterion of the evolution, equilib-rium, and stability of thermodynamic systems. // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1992, 66 (5) (translated from Zhurnal Fizicheskoi Khimii, 1992, 66 , pp. 1205-1212).
  4. An evolution criterion is proposed, permitting separate treatment of the movement of a system towards and away from equilibrium on each relevant degree of freedom. / Etkin V.A. General measure of orderliness of biological systems. // Abstracts of Papers Submit-ted in Biophysics, 1994.- 39(4), p.751 (in English).
  5. The dependence of the potential of a component on the uniqueness conditions of mass transfer processes, and the need for replacement of the chemical potential by its osmotic, diffusion al etc. counterparts, are established. / Etkin V.A. Uniqueness of driving forces of irreversible processes. // Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1989, 63(6), pp. 918-919 (translated from Zhurnal Fizicheskoi Khimii, 1989, 63, pp. 1660-1662).
  6. A method is proposed for examination of processes of multicomponent diffusion, fa-cilitating separate study of the thermodynamic and kinetic diffusion factors. / Etkin V.A. The form of law of the many-component diffusion. / Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry, 1994, 68(12), pp. 518-522 (translated from Zhurnal Fizicheskoi Khimii, 1994, 68(12), pp. 2115-2119).
  7. The possibility of predicting the strength of the effects of superposition on non-stationary regimes is demonstrated. / Etkin V.A. To the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of biological systems. //Biophysics, 1995, 40(3), pp. 661-669 (translated from Biofizika, 1995, 40, N3, pp. 668-676).
  8. A method is proposed for determination of nonmeasurable thermodynamically pa-rameters (such as entropy, or the concentration dependence of chemical potential), based on measurement of the effects of superposition. / Etkin V.A. Thermokinetics (thermody-namics of non-equilibrium processes of energy transfer and energy conversion). - Togliatti: Izd. Mezhd. Akad. Biznes (Int. Acad. Business Press), 1999.- 228 pp. ( in Russian).
  9. The vector nature of chemical reactions in heterogeneous systems is established, and a description is proposed, distinct from the De Donde method. / Etkin V.A. To the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of energy transformation systems. // Soviet. Journal of Appl. Physics, 1990.- 6, 720-725 (translated from Izv. Sib. Otd. RAN-Tekhnika (Bulletin of Russian Acad. Science, Siberian Branch- Engineering), 6(1990), pp. 120-125).
  10. The inconsistency of the linkage phenomena of scalar and vector processes in bio-systems with the Curie principle is obviated. / Etkin V.A. To the non-equilibrium thermo-dynamics of biological systems. //Biophysics, 1995, 40(3), pp. 661-669 (translated from Biofizika, 1995, 40, N3, pp. 668-676).
  11. The generalization of Gibbs potential on open biological systems, grounded on representation of a free energy in function of parameters their spatial heterogeneity is given. / Etkin V.A. Free energy of biological systems // Biophysics (in publication).
   12. The dependence of non-equilibrium systems exergy on mutual orientation of their devices (in particular, molecular dipoles) is established. The existence in a nature of the tendency to the order (in a counterbalance to dissipative processes) can shed a new light on a number of strange appearing phenomena in actual world. / Etkin V.A. About orien-tation interaction of spin systems. // Internet Journ." Science and Techn.", 2002 (in Rus-sian).
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