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In the field of the electrodynamics and quantum mechanics

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  e) In the field of the electrodynamics and quantum mechanics
   1. The inaccuracy of introduction of concept of negative absolute temperature is shown and other interpretation of experiments is offered in the field of inverse systems is given. / Etkin V.A.. About specificity of back - spin interaction. (http: // n-t.org/catalog, 2.02.2002).
   2. Is shown, that the basic equation of the quantum mechanics can be received from classical physics if proceed from the assumption, that the radiation is caused by atoms of energy by braking electrons at their movement on not circular orbits. / Etkin V.A. The clas-sical bases of the quantum mechanics. (http: // n-t. org/catalog /).
   3. The new explanation of a photoeffect based on replacement of photon by a se-quence of solitons is given. / Etkin V.A. The "classical" explanation of a photoeffect.
  ( http: // www.sciteclibrary.ru/rus/catalog/pages/ 5905.html, 26.08.2003).
   4. Is shown, that the expression for spectral series can be received within the framework of classical physics from a condition of equality of frequency of radiation to number of the acts of braking of electron at its movement on a not circular orbit. / Etkin V.A. A classical explanation of spectral series. (http: // www.sciteclibrary.ru/rus/ cata-log/pages/6079.html, 16.09.2003).
   5. The conclusion of the Maxswell"s equations from the first principles of nonequi-librium thermodynamics is given. / Etkin V.A. A thermodynamic conclusion of the Max-swell"s equations. (http: // sciteclibrary.ru/rus/ catalog/pages/7628.html. 7.07.2004).
   6. Is shown, that the account of ordering processes of mutual orientation nuclear spin will be coordinated to experience. / Etkin V.A. About orientational polarization of spin sys-tems. (http: // www.sciteclibrary.ru/rus/catalog/pages/ 5759.html, 5.08.2003).
   7. Is shown, that the potential and kinetic energy has a component dependent on mu-tual orientation of physical bodies. / Etkin V.A. About orientational interaction of physical bodies. (http: // www.n-t.org ", 19.06.2002).
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