Генин Михаил Владимирович: другие произведения.

Maxsims of Michael Migenov

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    Отчаянная попытка моих переводов моих афоризмов на английский. Отчаянность в том, что жанр афористики столь специфичен, что далеко не все переведенное может восприниматься адекватно.

   Hartford, 2000
  Like light darkness also spreads with a speed of light.
  It is shame International relationships are intimate not always.
  The man, stop! Do not go out with fighting from occupation of Environment.
  Multipartyness is not a luxury but means of going forward.
  How often an emigration is becoming the only way out?
  We live in a very interesting era of disposable syringes and Spaceships for reusable.
  Is the feeling of one"s selfworth own dignity a luxury or a first-aid necessity?
  The worst phantom is the one walking around the Europe.
  How nice it would be been to add freedom of business to freedom of word!
  Peculiar nature of socialism is a creation of poverty.
  The luxury of human communication is especially valuable on uninhabited island or in jail cell for one.
  It is very bad, when the hallways of Power turn into labyrinths.
  Love creates people. Hatred destroys them.
  People do not follow the rules so often that when they do them, it looks like exeption.
  There is not such a terrible thing like goal, which doesn"t have means of existence.
  With each new moment there are more people who are younger than I am and less who older than me.
  There is microworld inside of each microbe.
  The corrosion of " Iron curtain "is the only reason it changed to a hard currency curtain.
  The best achievement is a created mutual agreement.
  Poor Ministers! They have one only cabinet for all of them.
  It was not Socialism with a human face, but with outstretched hand.
  Socialistic choice is made of capitalistic Waste.
  Is the war against monuments of totalitarism - liberation?
  If number of genius on a soul of population is equal one that means it is a population of a madhouse.
  An export of revolutions is a reason for getting of humanitarian assistance.
  When greedy pays double price, generous triple overpays.
  It is so difficult to start, but to stop it much harder.
  The closer to Market, the more people whom stand for begging and less that who give money to them.
  If the Man is a crown of nature, the crown is thorny.
  Immigration is not a luxury but means of existence.
  If you do not have words enough, you are an immigrant.
  What Russian does not dream to become a "New Russian"!
  Americans are scatter-heads people. They constantly loose and count calories.
  There are countries, where people"s general rights are to have a driver license.
  To get over the language barrier is much harder than supersonic one.
  The politics is a dirty thing, but it gives a clean profit.
  Be like a parachute - open your talents on time.
  I am ready to exchange a History of illness to a Credit History.
  Sclerosis is a best medicine from Nostalgia.
  The only History Americans may to be interested in is a Credit History.
  We can watch circulation of water in Nature, of paper in America and of the government in Russia.
  Weddings feed ministers. Divorces - lawyers.
  The weather was changing so quickly, that nobody could predict it.
  How often a job itself is nothing compared to work of finding job!
  Population of inhabited island is not afraid of demographic eruption.
  He was sorry, that Maxim: "An eye for an eye" can be realized only twice.
  O Lord! How do I refuse a fellow creature"s wife, if she wants only me?
  There is no rule without exception for exception of that rule.
  At the family orchestra a husband definitely plays the first fiddle, but only if his wife conducts.
  If you feel that you don"t have enough words, it means you are an immigrant.
  If you give your dinner to your enemy daily, you will adjure a friend.
  Weathercock is always on the high place, because it knows where the wind blows.
  A composer and a diplomat are both indifferent to notes.
  She didn"t have time to take care of herself. She could still follow fashion.
  He fell-in-love and lost his memory, so he can not remember the subject of love.
  The Truth is always naked, because of it"s personal opinions.
  He found his love and lost his head.
  Words are not birds, but they can also have wings.
  Life is a labyrinth with a lot of entrances and single exit.
  An executor and a doctor both treat headache with their own traditional methods.
  If an acsioma can not prove that it is the acsioma, it means it is just a theorem.
  Often, Truth, born in argument has no birth certificate.
  The death dream is without dreams.
  Happiness is not money. But what unhappiness without it?
  The best advertisement of capitalism is cultured socialism.
  America is a country of collectors. The poor collect Washington"s pictures, the rich collect Franklin"s pictures.
  In chase an evading life standard an average American works harder and longer.
  Immigration teaches new words first and new business after.
  Its good to live not bad. It"s bad to live not well.
  Money doesn"t smell. Especially, if you pay with a credit card.
  If people start making money out of air, they will smother the world.
  It looks like Odyssey was the first chessplayer. He made such a good move by a Horse.
  Who would be a sponsor, if there would be no tax return?
  Pithecantrope is a harmonicly uncultured man.
  Budget is a product of a constant struggle between income and expenses.
  It is not only gold shines. Calvity, for example, shines too.
  Climbing to the Glory is still not mountain climbing.
  The laws of Nature excuse even inappropriate affairs.
  Hypersensitiveness: dizziness as a result of the Earth rotation.
  Fortune brings no luck. It has only one wheel and it is completely blind.
  Even a snake must be able to shifty.
  A shared point of view results in suspension points.
  Is women"s constancy constant?
  We cannot expect mercy from Mother Nature after all we have done to it.
  It is not a big deal to live up to Jesus`s age. What makes a person believe in you-that"s what matters.
  Who has a lot, wants a lot more?
  Some people earth their talent up expecting future harvest.
  What the woman wants, she gets it.
  Do you need a license if you wish to kill the beast in you?
  He doesn"t know relaxation, only because he has never worked before.
  Tastes differ. Bad taste doesn"t.
  Sharing knowledge with other people doesn"t mean loosing it.
  Fate doesn"t play by rules.
  Fate is the most challenging gamble.
  How unfortunate is to get under the wheel of ones own Fortune.
  Time is the best cure, and also a very expensive one.
  Advertisement is like an accelerator in marketing. Reclamation is like brakes.
  People appreciate briefness but pay for talkativeness.
  Not many people make politics but everybody makes a demographic policy.
  He was so thoughtless, that his thoughts were never tire.
  If you want to smoke, smoke incense. At least it doesn"t contain nicotine.
  If time is money, why can not we save it up?
  If energy doesn"t go anywhere, where does energy crisis come from?
  Learns from mistakes, do not repeat them.
  Storks alone know exactly everything about an ancestry of a human being.
  There is nothing intimate than shared love.
  Do you want to achieve high results? Grow up.
  Today in information revolution era it"s hard to believe that at first there was just a word.
  What will it be if you add all inner angles of a love triangle?
  None can buy life experience. You earn it with years of your life.
  Is it possible to spoil a bad mood?
  Fishermen have a good imagination, their hands, though, are not long enough.
   If we cannot break rules what about exceptions?
  Even if you don"t know the gravitation law, you still live under it.
  Watch out! There is crazy money over here.
  If you want to have a time machine, buy a watch.
  Laziness is the best weapon for time-kill.
  Do not take everything from life. Then other"s people will get nothing.
  Laugh is like a poison: it can kill and cure at the same time.
  Be a human being! Don"t kill time.
  As a rule, evasive person is a person who has nothing to say at all.
  What the Lord had created in 6 days, a Human being has been recreating for 6 milleniums.
  Can heartless people get a heart attack?
  The less of white spot the nature has, the more dirty it is.
  The deeper the knowledge lies, the more expensive it is getting.
  If news is not fresh, it"s not news.
  The more admirers a woman has, the less talented she may be.
  He was crazy about her. In fact he was just crazy.
  How strong a woman should be to show her weakness?
  All good things have just one important minus- there are not enough of them.
  The higher the blood pressures the lower the spirit.
  Lovers don"t search for place under the Sun. There are enough places under the Moon.
  Progress is made by desire to live better than others.
  For Weather Vane there is always a tail wind.
  From mosquitoes point of view all people are donors.
  If you outrun your time, check if your time is fast.
  Time works for us when we ourselves work.
  The history of religious wars proves how many gods like victims.
  Can we figure out the woman"s age by a number of candles on her birthday cake?
  In Moths opinion the law of conservation of substance is nonsense.
  No ameba has ever though of itself as ordinary.
  Sometimes Happiness is not when people find each other, but when they do not.
  It"s when clown doesn"t feel like joking the audience laughs especially loudly.
  "God gave and God took." What should we say about people corruption?
  What can"t be bought for money, can be bough for a lot of money.
  Every student graduates from school at least three times: himself, with his children and his grandchildren.
  Idleness is a very expensive product, manufacturing of which costs a lot of time.
  For hygiene"s sake keep your tongue behind clean teeth.
  In a desert people do not fight for the place under the Sun, but for the place in the Shadow.
  The best medicine from love is to live on an uninhabited island.
  The simpler a particle, the more complicated science machine is needed to discover it.
  It is better late Renaissance than never Renaissance.
  How much energy do women spend to prove their weakness?
  How often kings have been powerful because of their queens?
  It is not bad to have dreams. It is bad not to have them.
  In era of science and technician revolution Manuel labor is becoming just a wild.
  It is better to live by ones mind, than by somebody"s stupendous.
  Silent movie said a lot in cinematography.
  Do not hide your denominations from people and people will tell you about your default with joy.
  Tell me about your business and I will tell you if I want to become your friend.
  Time is not only the best doctor. It is the best killer, too.
  A woman certainly was created first. Otherwise where did the Devil get his horns from?
  If the Earth still has white spots it is because of snow.
  The moment he found his place under the Sun the weather would change.
  Even the most sensitive equipment is incapable of the most primitive feelings.
  In the kingdom of curse mirrors normal mirrors are considered defective.
  Spokes were put in somebody"s wheel long before the wheel was invented.
  Zeus was extremely lucky. In his time a lighting- conductor had not been invented yet.
  Logic of a bureaucrat is always formal.
  How healthy should one be, to survive doctor"s treatment?
  A dialogue between a dentist and a patient is a monologue.
  Can people give their soul to the Lord, if he has already sold it to the Devil?
  The reason people don"t die of happiness is that the dosage it too small.
  The Babylonian Tower could have been constructed if people had had a good interpreter.
  Give me the whole Globe and I will find a lever for it.
  Geometric figure: family circle, inscribed in a love triangle.
  When the number of divorces increases the more singles get chances to get married.
  A drop of nicotine can kill a horse, but it is a human being who it really kills.
  Adam sacrificed his own rib for Eve. Modern wives are much more expensive.
  The worse your health gets, the more you appreciate it.
  A human mind is able to destroy any myth. Especially the myth on abundance of minerals in nature.
  Money doesn"t smell. How do, however, things that a woman can buy smell?
  Career opportunities are complicated in Heaven, too. How many angels want to be the Archangels?
  In Aleve"s case Lord had to be actually triune: a witness, a judge and a lawyer.
  Maybe, silence is gold, but a word of truth is more valuable.
  When demographic situation gets worse, storks become unemployed.
  Sand beaches are the hottest spots on Earth. People are constantly fighting for their place under the Sun.
  Sometimes, it is impossible to keep silence. And how difficult it is to begin speaking.
  The ancient woman"s job is paid for by antiquarian prices.
  What is a disbelief in oneself - atheism or pessimism?
  With the growth of nationalism, national income drops.
  There its good where it"s not bad.
  Ecological catastrophe starts with the Economic one.
  Don"t be so selfish, remember: the less you get, the more others get!
  The higher barriers, the stronger the desire to go under them.
  Laundered money smells good.
  How often a fairy-tail wealth is nothing compared to real wealth?
  If work created a man, and God created a man, then it means that God did a hard work to create a man.
  Don"t repeat other people"s mistakes. Make your own.
  Today, only dinosaurs don"t buy life insurance. The only reason for that is that they are extinct.
  The only freedom in totalitarism era is levitation.
  Maybe that classic American smile is just an advertisement of the American Dentistry?
  What a triangle doesn"t dream to be a love triangle?
  Where there are more horsepower"s, there are fewer horses.
  When foreigners of all countries unite, they become Americans.
  Do you want to understand each other? Speak the language of love.
  Bad weather doesn"t spoil bad mood.
  At long distance, it is hard to keep intimate relationships between lovers.
  Everyone can become a millionaire. Not everyone is able to live up to it.
  How long do you need to work to earn your right not to work?
  What Pyramid doesn"t dream of it"s own Pharaoh?
  An advantage of the heartless is that they never have a heartattack.
  Americans are pessimists because they try to insure themselves from everything.
  The only advantage of the poor, is that they have a better appetite.
  It"s good to be able to drink vine. But it"s also good to obtain from drink it.
  Can dirty thoughts befoul clean conscience?
  Maybe, the first business on the Earth was bargain with conscience.
  It"s a good thing to be proud of your ancestors. It"s a bad thing if nothing more to be proud of.
  The true love is if you love your wife, like an alien"s wife.
  When cooks rule a country, people are hungry.
  To earn a little, you should work hard too.
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