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    The newly-written rhetoric poem of mine, which touches the theme of the expectedly coming globally-continental Contract between EU and Russia.

  In the thought for the best future
  Of my dearest son D.W.,
  Moscovitan in generations,
  British and European citizen.
   /* The short and necessary notes are below the main text. */
   _________________ ___________________
   ( rhetoric poem )
   Dominion of Thought victorious upon the darkest legend
   Of enslaved Sun and Heart, love-bless^ed Europe!
   Oh, beautiful creation of the grown Truth of Man - Your State,
   And let this way the strong and the sincere deservefully will find
   More Joy to share the worth and dignity amongst them on the path
   Through all the presence into realm of the embodied dreams for engineered One!
   How proud would have been the emperor of first united Europe Karl!
   How dearly enriched with pride be seen the governors of free Tonight!
   The boons of the embodied Right of Self & Feeling (are) to be saved,
   And that I call all the Tomorrow"s with its Past of wise Man"s Race.
   The world of valuated life for peace and love - oh, many cries,
   And full of earthly hopes, rise in the air to glorify Your days,
   "Mongst which one("s) sadder slightly that, be-said, of the embarrassment
   For the distactfull voice to all Your kind. Your fame! How many ones
   Are ready to lick the coldest stone or eat the tons of hottest sand,
   When they all beg their funny gods to give them exodustic way
   To get to Your belov^ed breast, so generous! Your sacred Grace
   Teach them to be the honest men of self-esteem, while Intellect
   Of Sharing bring their thought up to the very dream sighs in the words:
   That meaning, finally to which they"re all to serve to say at once: -
   "I"m European Yours - not more a victim in the cruel Third World"s hands!"
   How pleasant is to see Your strengthen Fond of dignified Resource
   Of Humanness well-flourished on the providence-united lands;
   How worrying is to recognize, to all the quests of Time, that voice
   Of dangerous idea of Reseparation brings the darker plans!
   Oh, no! Reseparation, partly yet, means the next step to War -
   Dead chance of Eurodom, which will be worse than sudden inside-buzz:
   Chimera of the re-minorified pride crowls mongst the native hills;
   The cunning vultures curiously chase the Sacred Cow"s eyes...It feels
   They are too from the further world, but they are not the daily beggars.
   I mean in such the words: - that would be too bad choice to make for all -
   To bring Civilization back to doubts "bout all the Freedom"s bounds; -
   To feed the "deconstructionists" " blind egos, to make minds go round
   The theme of the refabrishing that system of the tense-control
   Upon the move and "many-faced pence", needs more of uniformed assistance.
   And what will happen after this? That can be so-done cruel multy-schism,
   Which the up-rooted green neuroticism in euromass yet couldn"t know;
   Imagine: one way it will go like the politology should face
   More of the swallowed patriotic feasts, spectaculously legioned
   On the border of the "no-immies lands" (the state or local place);
   Another way, more open regions have to bare those neo-genic bands, -
   Which grows in wild number, yes, - of those too-uneuropean characters,
   Who do remind us...Oh, an extra-one peans from islam-maniacs,
   Which can be heard "bout once-it-use-to-be the ursulens" Provounce,
   Far isn"t yet the worst from all the consequences of this stress.
   Look further! Not the highly-academic eyes can only see
   That threat and all dissimulative harm of it: mad brothers" heat,
   Oh, yeah, who stays the brothers even on the both sides of the Sin
   Of blacken day; then more of chronically-dangerous ideas
   Could also start the new-cut-end(s) "procrustic"*(1) game in EuroEast,
   Where all the superstition and resentment much more often wins
   Upon the liberal surpassing logic and rationalism:
   And then the newly vision from some granny Bojeve*(2) ( blind country saint)
   Or, for example, in new-Kosovo that wrongish policy, be-said,
   Could seriously change the situation; the thought next for the Peace
   Much easily can become a certain treat-like motivation
   For that a contra-polar geopolitician, whose fanciest bet
   Inside and in around - to grow prouder with problem newly found,
   That certain kind of Cosmo-Friend, who"d like to lean the cup of scales his end.
   And that is outside the Europe. - One certain move of public thought,
   One suddenly re-pric^ed private secret, one lunatic, one hot
   Debate, one"s newly catch^ed lucky agent, one (the) bomb-zone precedent,
   Event out of the next half-legal national regret again,
   And this is it: the contra-policy in outside world soon will get
   The chance to use the unity"s disorder for its profit. Then...
   Oh, let us think not of somewhat really bad as...(The mad gunshot
   Once used to be a bloodiest start*(3), and that is...) All it simply says:
   The deal of Neo-regulation needs no deeds towards Reseparation.
   "Yes. But what to do? And how it can be reorganized: that mass,
   Those monsterously grown crowds, all this unforeseen breaking chaos?
   And,...all well knows too, what sort of horrid havoc did those diable groops,
   Who used to be the third world"s barbars, also,
   To the Civil Europe yet before the Christ!" -
   As such a clever note can be an answer. -
   ...Well, eternal theme of First and Last...
   And Time, which keeps its boundaries itself with no re-asking to be right.
   Here it is: the proven humanistic thought forces the highest mind
   Again to have another test, and that"s all up to the same question:
   One sense: - Can legal rights of citizenship be renewable in base,
   In thinking of the peoples as if they"re all (by now) the renewed nations,
   As if they are already of the different kind, so quickly changed
   In just one day, one night, with the decision from the but-a-but-tonight,
   As if they"ve soon become all the new-comers-landers" generations?
   All, at once? No? Then the democracy with no guns should stay
   At making point (of) that all the Free Rights of the legal population
   Can"t ever be done anyhow less, since the wise world built its foundation
   Newly-solid and all-blessed; - this way let no speculation change
   That very pricefull thought that Europeans, rooted or well-homed
   Until tonight, deserved not to be crucified with breaking their earned
   Own global pride; they"re for e"er the Europeans Yours, who"ve learnt
   Much of the credit, of the comfort and of the "common (crisis) lot", and...
   Those others.., yes, the throngs, big throngs of men, but still the only part
   Are them in the united legal euromass, a just a some percent...
   (Also, the ethos says: these welcomed friends - yet the pre-europeans.)
   Then the second sence: - Is that the noise of Time ist Will of Time
   Itself, which do relate much to the very soul of a life-kept Word,
   What is the boundary and value, meant to be, of that Full-Right,
   For which Your people stood to vote as most than anyone who sighs aside,
   Yes, for the right to vote to be to move to know to take part, and
   Everywhere "bout the Europe? The way the noise to-day arise,
   How much that satisfies the reached-up pride for the historicised Right
   Of the united euro-cultured people? The most of piecefull needs
   To be all generous, though, can not be this point the finest litmus.
   ...Methinks, "tis just about the right limits of the Right in time...
   The serious new-pric^ed look at that, what kind of difference
   Should be between the status of the patronized man in Eurolands
   And, therefore, the proper, free-way citizen, - that"s what this theme is needed.
   Don"t rush to disagree...The time"s the care, and time is the succeeding...
   ...Yes, here I"ll take a risk to say that even if by chance again
   The borders of the Euro-States should be controlled by stricter guards,
   Then even so the attitude to the new-norms of citizenship
   In present st^andard...can be quite recharged, but not rechang^ed.
   I don"t think, anyway, "twill ever push a some for-going immigrant
   To wait in the tongue-teaching cueue for the rest of ages. He"ll rather get
   More cultural and less - as comlex-made. And it won"t break
   The lovely privilege of full-right citizens to be wher"er they want;
   "Twill help the government indeed to deal with the necessity
   To regulate the desperate mass of the permit-holders in the cities;
   "Twill more harmoniously paint the parts of euroworld; "twill make
   The fortune for the finding better way, for all what "sake and safety" means
   For men and for the states to build the compromise between each other; -
   Don"t have to ask who is whose brother, just do it firmly in recount.
   At least, there"s no doubt that the inter-ethnical diffusion should rather
   Be much less confusion and more, though, like a natural^ized kind
   Of smoother social process ruled to not emaciate the states,
   Ruled to enrich the days of the Empire"s Pride. - To make it right,
   The government should try just to investigate the some new ways
   In practicing the thought of beneficial help in use of the P. Fond:
   The new type of the permit visas for the immigrating victims,
   In the eurozone, can give the right to get the same allowance,
   But sadly it won"t let go "cross the ends of home-givers" lands.
   Alas, in each of the united countries.
   ...If I saw me in such a hell of times,
   That wouldn"t be a need to argue, honestly can say, to stay
   Or not to stay within a certain state of Eurospace for me:
   If e"er my dreams was to escape, that"d be the Providential Will
   For such a poor asylum-seeker to find his homeplace in Italy
   Or France, or Greece (Greece, though - orthodox, and I have been renounced...,
   Ah, poor me); the land of each the state in Europe is much big
   Enough to find the likely area with atmosphere surpleasing -
   To hear there all the springest laugh, to share the love with joyous tears
   Of the heart-singing victim, who"ve left his broken life/past/ behind ; -
   And in avoid of contra-ethnic threat in neighborhood, the black or white,
   "Ttwould be not difficult for me to find the gentlier circle of my kind.
   (The getto"s method anyway is not yet in Your plans, oh, isn"t it?)
   After as such a "trip of whole-deliverance", which one could do,
   Oh, would it be far much unbearable for him to live the extra two
   Or three e"en modest years in one country? There"s no flattery
   At all in such the words, which says of how should be truly happy
   Anyone who"s really to escape the hell.
   Before yet he will hear the Rome"s bell...
   But what if me, oh poor hero from another world so damned,
   So suddenly appeared in Your lovely gardens all about
   That very chance to be so contra-culturally rood to say
   There something like: "U-u! Here I came, your welcomed fatal friend,
   And much I want now to pick any fruit and not just even that,
   But let me do dictate my broken-way comprahensivity
   To you around, and all that way, oh, let be newly said, that me,
   Especially Me much need to take all of these so delicious fruits,
   And let it be my proudly-righteous will to taste or e"en to trample them,
   And let me to decide myself which way I"ll spit the seeds all out! -
   Me-think, as such an imprompt wouldn"t let me wait the long time "bout
   All the possibility in sec to learn the baseball cabaret
   Around Me the Bravest
   On the fortunately chosen role -
   To shout loud as
   A whole-friend-maker my-name-Cosmic Ball.
   The hooligan with no window-watching mother will go clapping;
   The local girls above my head will start their lap-dance flapping.
   And this is it: warm, colored-brown napkins on the pension-bed
   Will be my happy...like in the good old Nico"s song: "This-is-the-End"*(4).
   ...Oh, isn"t it? Is not the end of doubts, (for) what we think, dear Europe?
   Especially this time, when all the policies needs more than just a rhyme,
   Even so fanniest sometimes, so full of the ironic spectral light, but...
   The principle, and not the "joke of pride", can be the fateful guide
   To that true understanding which therefore will tell what to protect.
   Me-thinks, the huge amount of the great respect will be the might
   Of power of the "historicized right", - respect for cultivating inner strength
   In the "resources humanly devoted", as like the Root and Seed
   Together ever in their new-dawn light, in Land well-courted
   By the native w[ai]nd....And that, I"m pretty sure, will keep Your sight
   Much clear and so-bright to all the newly-open, farther side
   Of all these, pointed questions. Oh, massive heritage for generations!
   Within: there all the finest products of the built civilization,
   The finest methods of the less-controlling State and Good(s), and...yes,
   All healthy policies and all of the philosophies of Race in Peace
   For grown broods of the Investigators of the Love in no-atom space,
   All "educated prisons"*(5), all the "rightly-human^ized" animals,
   And all of the forseeingly-ecolog^ized gold*(6) - all looking for
   And waiting for...an extra-glance on somewhat...root of the togetherness it calls.
   When outside, look: the nearly-opening boundaries with Russian land,
   This time of greatly-coming contract, asks The Unit for the planned,
   Prepared tactics to survive the new Act of the Races*(7), which is
   Going to be the mad chaoticism of all the spirits newly shared
   And all of the ideas unpredictably and unforseeingly though traced.
   This end, wise Europe better think not just for the immunitet
   To keep within, but also for the bringing up the euroman"s sence in
   The group of russian people who are to become then the extra-soarce
   Of helping strength of the Empire of the wider-open/grow"n Unit.
   That"s what especially You need to follow the objective coarse
   In satisfying later on the Libra"s sence, and that will help a lot
   To any wise, peace-eyeing strategist to make all-fine amends
   For reproduсing the" two-ways, two-fortunes" morals. - On the new field,
   Might be, there on the new field of the brought up interests in Russland.
   In fact, that is my certain thought I wrote the days ago, early,
   In the public open page, where I have tried to share my words
   Onto that very-comest point, which says of certain need for us
   (Who calls to be the Russian Europeans) - the need to bring the just
   In that scenario of "open-boundaries project", when, up to time,
   The friendliest shake-hand could not become a reason to reject
   The continentally-esthetic logic: - more rights in Russian land
   With all horizons, - means, - for the new-welcomed Western Europeans.
   No-no, I won"t start fill these lines with those me-known meanings
   Which I expressed once in the article though still accepted not:
   Or yeah, the great "All-continental Europeanization"s Turn"
   Much is the wildest thought for any proper Publisher yet, -
   Although I keep saying "yet", - in nowdays" devel"ping Russia.
   But to all ^this, oh, let me be quite rational to share the word
   For very future of the days for-sought. And here is the focus:
   As soon it will be done both-equal honest ways, the happy flocks
   Of the peace-wing^ed birds will sing the very Move of New Today,
   In which the Russian part of Continent will slowly get back
   To that its view and early stile, which never used to be denial
   To Easy-Goer and Byer-Payer (came) ^from the European side.
   And that"s the fortune: of course, there"s the smile for Gambler-Player,
   But also, you can see that sight, where the smaller business pride
   Of westerners can be more satisfied somehow on this land,
   And there - can you see? - more of the houses, more of the golf-fields,
   More of the publishers, the active cores and clubs, embodied dreams
   For easy-grow"n factories and needed labs, and the job-found people,
   Happy much no longer live in compromise between the Market Black
   And the "black marks" in their dear motherland. Two demons are too-bad
   In Holy Russia; they are the Greed and the Cheat Parasite,
   They"re made of the old ^dog-soup fashion, and just the Open-Heart,
   True, virtues Russian talent, yet can be in forces there to stand
   Opposively to their Jealousy and Pride, with even no (the) thought
   Of who"s talking of the right: there "Nashi/Наши" or "Не-Haши"*(8).
   As soon these Demons will be thus enslaved, You"ll see the open way
   For more of the life-bringing principles and for its good expansion.
   In fact, as one who"s fond much of the thought for "western adaptation"
   Here, who can be critical enough to face the continental view
   With cosmopolitan"s eyes too, - not just the balk-in-sankin" russian, -
   Also, I can tell You a me-seen truth: "twasn"t the perfect deal, me-think,
   The clever Europe nearly did the way it was agreed last year; -
   Oh, yes, the question of diplomacy materially stands quite clear,
   But even so that proud meaning of the ticket in the WTO
   And open door to Eurozone, no, shouldn"t be sold very cheaply.
   There"re the more of positive asp^ects, weighting a lot on Future"s Scales,
   And e"en a big mount of the plastic car details can"t balance
   It so simply*(9). (...I"ve drawn it quite quickly, escaped to tell the story tales.)
   And, also, logic says that "twill be worthy for the both of sides,
   If e"er we"d see the whole of spectrum of the Integration light.
   Ah, much I hope, my dear Europe, that the proper question of the Time
   Won"t turn to us the darkest side of all experience by answer;
   Much I would love to see the European skydome"s stars shines bright
   Onto my Russian side of this still very peasantried part of all the lands.
   And fancy that, I"ve said "the stars": oh, let then all the message carriers,
   As those "rocky-titled" knights*(10), be sent again by the Queen Fortune
   And the King of Ride right straight to here. And let the atmosphere
   In here will be refreshed well with the songs of the good western w[ai]nd,
   And let the shade of European King will meet his further-found bribe.*(11)
   Of course! That only is the fortunately-visioned, certain way
   I can imagine for a Day of Time, for all the future projects...But,
   Thinks to me, I"ve said a lot already in this talking-manner rhyme,
   And that would be a tactfull logic for me to take a pause for a while.
   Oh, wouldn"t it? - With all too many words, is there something else,
   What Poet could ever did for History & Art, if not that thing,
   Which meant to be the open path into the newly Space of Thought,
   Where the thought of the respondent heart can go negotiate itself
   "Bout those things are coming next in the dimension-changing world,
   Which was created time before by the true Poet"s feeling shared,
   And yet...not by his agony...Me-thinks, here I have tried a bit.
   To all the smiles and all the sighs, consequently I"d like to say
   That surely, if we look ahead, there is the only chance for us
   To see sufficiently-continued European World on our Continent
   The way it will be done between still the Unseparated Union
   Of Western part and so the motivatively re-opened (!) Eastern,
   Russian side, and that and only that will be the lucky way out
   From the drainfull situation of the noisy Dept and "human mess
   All fights & doubts about", which also grows with the muslim"s threat.
   And like in the beginning of the 90"s, here starts the new Epoch;
   And time we hears the first cracking sound of the "cold wall" brick,
   We recognize as well: spirit of the "anti"s" works against the clock,
   And...shall we use the magic stick to re-enchant the darker spell
   Of the old zelousy"s block (as like in Russia - grow"n newly-soviet),
   Or shall we try just to invent the lingua-mathy formula, so yet
   For that we all could know how to speak the komsomol"s "privet"
   Re-pricefully, re-motivatively, re.....? The wise knows what"s the better bet...
   OK. I"m finishing here my sonnetings. The dearest spring
   Is coming nearly soon on its swift wings, and the cold winter
   Will break the ice under its own footsteps, walking by, and Time...
   I really trust that Time, - the dignity friend of the constructive mind, -
   Time wins upon the all co-toturing doubts and all of the denial(s).
   / 08.05.2011 - 17.02.2012 - Moscow /
  The some short notes within the text:
  1. - Procrustes - "the stretcher", well-known old-greek miphological figure, whose favorite and anti-humanistic game was to stretch and to cut the alive bodies. As soon I realize that the lands and the countries sometimes also are like the bodies, which feels, I let myself to use this word pro-verbally in the certain context of expression.
  2. - "granny Bojeve" - [ boжеv, in slav"s transcription ]. As you might know, the "boжe" means the god. No, I don"t want to hurt the folklore"s fans anyhow personally with this me-made replaying image, however I want to be honest to admit that I don"t share much of the interest and sympathy to some uneducated and no-intelligent country prophets, like babushka Vanga and others. There"re a number of the similar characters in Russia, and my experience, since the early 90"s and up to the very today, tells that much often their words brings not more than just a chaos in the common human life, and especially - by the time of the serious social changes.
  3. - "a bloodiest start"; - the beginning of the First World War and the bloody murder of the Prince of Austria was exactly that sort of start, isn"t?
  4. - The famous song by Nico "The End", which she had sang together with J.Morrisson.
  5. - The Spanish "prison reform" in 2011makes me wonder of that if my Russia will be ever able and willing to bring a such a clever and humanistic educated program into the "russian prison" life or...never at all...
  6. - In the words of the gold, I"m simply sharing my futurologic vision of that economical scenario, in which the goldprice will be consequently freed from the oilprice, and that will undoubtfully happen on the way of the inexorably-growing processes of the ecologizing the Earth.
  7. - There"s a frightning expression:"Act of the God"; much I"d like to think that the "act of the races", can keep a kind of gentlier meaning anyway.
  8. - "Nashi/Наши" - You"ve heard of this loud youth organization in today"s Russia, haven"t you? - "Не-наши" is undoubtfully "no-nashi". - As the clever writer H.J.C. Grimmelshausen said once: "That time when I was in service for Russian King, the most difficult thing for me was to understand who"s there "Nashi" and whose "Ne-nashi". Although he"ve meant especially the battle, me-thinks, his words
  are much clever enough even for the peaceful time here, and for the time of today also; so if we"ll look at all so-called political mood"s changes in modern Russia, those which touches more and more people of the different ages and stiles, we always can find some kind of parallel with this funny example.
  9. - That"s certainly about that "profitable"politically-economic contract, which was discussed by the end of the year 2011 between ministers of EU and RF.
  10. - "rocky-titled" knights; - Here I didn"t meant only those official modern-rock knights and dames as, for example, sirs of Her Majesty of England mr McCartney, mr John and mr Jagger, or the others of another His or Her Majesty in the cultural European world, but undoubtfully I was thinking of all those "warriors of the western culture", whose rocky-psychic attack once became a great break-through for the many unfree mind-bound Russians in the time of beginning of the new democratic epoch here, in 80-90"s; - in seeing the whole panorama of cultural levels and interests from abroad, I"ve been thinking of those of course, whose time surely coming this year and after-years, all those creators who realize it again and who feel themselves being the missioners.
  11. - I won"t risk here to think that the story of the legendarily-prognostigated " bribe on the East" for the king Karl the Great is the story somehow unknown. From my side, I only can say that I really do believe in such a historical prophecy.
   Sincerely, Maximilian Guebris.
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