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The Gold of Statues

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Загадка Лукоморья
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    2 первых части из моей английской поэмы, относимой теме эллинизма и нео-эллинизма Европейского континента.

  Maximilian Guebris
   What statues tell us when they crack? (As like...)
   Of Times, of dream of Time, its myth?
   Or, are they alike the Times themselves,
   Alive? - who neither angry, no blithe,
   Keep their secrets with the marble face,
   And clothed their souls in flesh-like form:
   For that when forms will thus perform
   The end of age, then - with the grace
   Of all imagery in people"s world
   About them - all-freed, the spirits rise,
   And Love declares the Wisdom"s price.
   Exactly like "tis done for men,
   When soul goes through the mortal end.
   And so the times in fact are men,
   And men are times in part of them,
   And dear part of them sometimes...*(1)
   That rare and wondrous surprise, -
   I meant that"s one of hellenistic news
   From modern Greece, - that strangely found
   Solid piece of godly metal, nam^ed "gold":
   In marble - hidden artifact of Love,
   Which pleased the Hume came to behold
   The newest sign of AErope immortal; -
   As an alive boon of poesy for Aristotle*(2),
   How dearly it sings the soul
   Of now-rising, sunniest world truth
   Of those of a "golden heart"(3), which still can see!
   Oh, golden Dionis! Your mystery!
   The blessed body of the godly History,
   Defiled by Teeth and Kiss*(4) of fierce revolt
   Of Anti-Love, restores its grace now
   In breasts of those looking through the Time,
   Sons of Panthean race*(5), - who same like thou,
   God undied, reborn thy being right
   Out of thy very heart*(6), the gallantry of Art.
   Your Light restores the youth of skies!
   The golden eyes of Sun*(7) - majestic fame
   Of Feeling, never been enslaved,
   "Gainst Negligence, Betrayal, Rape -
   How lovingly they shine towards
   That upmost sight of Human Absolute:
   The golden dream deserved to be recurred!
   How alien are the Cosmos" parts,
   One to another, without central life! -
   As like the Dawn"s cold heaven"s lands
   Dyed in a red dream of the mortal Night -
   Where Decay rules their earthly times,
   And not a peaceful Pride. But, look! - To day,
   When golden wings of god of Love*(8)
   Shines onto ruins of a darker myth
   All-shared through centuries (above
   There, see?) - All Universal Just*(9) with,
   As if "twas in the hands of Sky
   Joined th"sav^ed virtues of the Earth,
   The image of New Parphenon arise:
   The heart-grown Thymos*(10), "mongst the columns,
   "Midst all the choral Joys of fatal cosmic Poets,
   Crowns Gella of Tomorrow"s spheres. - The Man"s Rebirth.
   Isn"t Its sacred law a Man of Times? -
   That Rule what engineer Him to be
   Consisting of a golden light
   As noblest kind of super being,
   Whose ethos brings many a piece
   Of life-kept dreams into the present things
   In truth of its surpassing meaning?*(11)
   And isn"t Its reblossomed Feeling, -
   As (a) new-olympic principle for Peace
   "Mongst different Epochs of Word,
   Survived through mad experience
   Of sicken-schismatiz^ed Earth; -
   Is"t not what medicine the world,
   With memories and all of its forseeings,
   Which like the symmetr^ized Health and Wirth
   Will map the ageless State of Gold-Hume living?*(12)
   A winner thinks up"n the Barbar" Sin
   And dead cold stone; unbound Soul
   Of Immortality - triumphant dream*(13) -
   Prophetic like a wave-walked Christ
   By Day of New-Hellenic Moon,
   Hymns many a wonder ever still
   Emperiously columned on
   The back of Cosmic European Wale*(14)...
   (16.04.2012 - 16.05.2012; Moscow; Sergiev Posad, dacha )
  Short Notes:
  1. - Evgemeric philosophy used to share an opinion that the gods were our earthly pra-fathers. Still we can"t ignore the good part of its arguments in nowdays.
  2. - The Poesy is a first science amongst all the others; - whenever all the modern professors and academists can keep their jelousive doubts on this point, we - the poets ourselves- should never forget this great wisdom from unkilled Aristotle, me-thinks.
  3. - This image of "golden heart" relates to the story of Dionis and his mysteries. The Hellenic mythology tells that Dionis, who used to come twice on the Earth, firstly was killed by the cruel Titans: his infant body was torn apart by them, and only his heart was saved godly. Minerva, who"ve took his heart to Olympus to Zeus, since that time became a Goddess of Justice, but the heart of innocent Dionis, which Zeus enclosed then into the godly statue, still remind us of that early time when Minerva, a sister of the "torn innocent god", was a godess of Art. - Me-thinks, all the mystical experiences "of the heart and the mind" in Christianity and other religions, undoubtfully, comes especially from this pre-historical belief.
  4. - Here I mean the two global Sins "against Innocent" in the Early Hellenistic and Post-Hellenistic History, and these particular are: a vandalistic crime of the fierce Titans and the betrayal of Judas.
  5. - Panthea, a mother of Europe, a soul of great infinitive European Pantheon of the gods, and, let me think, the nations also.
  6. - see a note 3. - Plus, that is very much of the philosophical question of "godly self-will for self-reproduction" of Dionis in that context, when we possibly can see him as a god of his own individuality and, therefore, reproductivity. This sense, the great will of Zeus is not different than supportive mystical and elemental power, which fondamentally serve to but a selfish godly desire of little Dionis to survive, to be inexorably reproducted /reincarnated/.
  7. - Apollo, a god of Sun, was thought as a god of the golden eyes.
  8. - The golden wings of Erotus is quite a famous image in Hellenistic mythology too.
  9. - A Goddess of Justice, Minerva. - Also, in these lines, I imagine and explaining an ethical perspective of the pra-scene and pra-idea of a "godly restored" in the globally-cultural and trans-epochal meaning of it.
  10. - Thymos, a very soul of self-respect; as same as Plato, I do think that rational, healthy-social megalo-thymia can satisfy the conception of the "golden republic" more than iso-thymia.
  11. - A philosophical "golden rule". - Being a slightly risky, here I"ve tried to express an infinitive dialog between Plato and Aristotle in a most objective and peaceful way.
  12. - "Golden Age" - a most famous theme of those who still stands opposively to all the ideas of irrational apocalyptic thinkers and dreamers. As you might realize, preferably I argued here with the thought for the expectedly-coming neo-epoch, which is going to be the epoch of physically-immortal Trans-Human.
  13. - An inspireful and noble image of P.B.Shelly, which was hymned in his last poem "Triumph of Life" - that dream, I seriously trust, originally came to him as a some kind of apopheosic "unboundly-prometheistic" feeling, which startingly was experienced by him in his early poetic works. - In thinking of all what serious "transhumanization start" should be, I can"t escape the thought of ethical necessity of neo-platonistic conception (that what can balance the transhumanistic Neo-Libra"s scales ethically and esthetically), and as such a thought I simply expressed in two, therefore, very rational words: "the Soul of Immortality".
  14. - A third mystical "wale of continent", which holds our post-archaic Earth, in my opinion, is a "wale of Ellada"; together with two others, "wale of Hindu" and "wale of Tibet", it still keep a fundamental meaning for European civilization on our continent. - Nowdays, because of the many stressful demographic and cultural distortions, which touches the religious and ethically-intellectual spheres of European World, I find a great meaning of reabelitating that its sacredly-native, enriching Spirit. - And not too spontaineously, also I can say, I"ve picturized an image of Christ here...
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