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Israelis and U.S. Zionists
Escalate Cyber Warfare

Ernesto Cienfuegos
La Voz de Aztlan

Los Angeles, Alta California - September 6, 2002 - (ACN) Computer
hackers based in Israel in conjunction with Zionists and certain Jews
in the United States have just launched a new "cyber war" offensive
against human rights and anti-war activists and organizations in the
U.S. that are in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle and oppose
the Zionist occupation of Palestine. There are now thousands of
organizations and individuals on the World Wide Web that have been
targeted and whose communications disrupted by a variety of sinister
"cyber war techniques."

Our publication, La Voz de Aztlan, has been one of their primary
targets after the ADL of B'nai B'rith published a series of lies aimed
to discredit our staff writers and our publisher on their website. We
have just learned that the Israeli government as well as a variety of
U.S. Zionist organizations are actually funding the activities of well
trained "cyber terrorists" bent on destroying the freedom of
expression for everyone but themselves.

There are two levels of cyber warfare that the Zionists are carrying
out. The first level is out in the open and consists of efforts to
legitimately take control of the Internet through the passage of bogus
legislation aimed at implementing their controls over the Internet and
by taking financial control of Internet portals such as AOL and other
major Internet Service Providers.

In addition, Zionist conspirators are diligently working on
specialized software aimed at filtering out lists of websites that
they deem threatening to their interests. They than "push" and sell
the filtering software to school districts, libraries, the military,
government agencies, the corporate sector and a host of other
entities. This effectively blocks millions of U.S Internet users from
viewing those websites critical of Zionist policies. The problem is
worst in other counties where Zionists have influence such as in
Australia. La Voz de Aztlan has received three e-mails from Australian
citizens informing us that all of a sudden they can not access our

One principal Zionist organization taking this "out in the open"
effort to control the Internet is the Weisenthal Center of Los
Angeles. The Weisenthal Center's primary operative in the effort is
Rabbi Abraham Cooper. Rabbi Cooper has spent millions of dollars
lobbying the US Senate and has already been effective in having the
U.S. Congress pass a series of repressive measures that have in large
measure impeded alternative and independent information services from
publishing certain articles, editorials and opinions critical of
Zionism. Some of the money used by Rabbi Cooper actually comes from
unsuspecting California taxpayers. A former California Speaker of the
Assembly admitted shamelessly that he put together over $18 million
dollars for Rabbi Cooper. The scam used by the rabbi is to inflict
guilt on certain legislators because of the holocaust and to pretend
that he is doing it to combat "hate" and so called "antisemitism".

The other level of "cyber warfare" being utilized by the Zionists is
right down evil and dirty. It is hidden, covert, malicious and in many
cases clearly criminal. The victims now number in the thousands and

Most of the victims are U.S. citizens of the Islamic faith as well as
Arab American and U.S. Palestinian organizations struggling for human
rights. An article by Michael Gillespie published in the "Washington
Report on Middle East Affairs" describes a number of incidents and
victims. One victim pointed out by Michael Gillespie is Stephen
Mashney of Anaheim, Alta California. Mr. Mashney is an attorney active
in the effort to raise awareness of the plight of Palestinians and for
this he was targeted by the well funded and trained network of Israeli
and U.S. Zionist computer hackers.

Mr. Mashney was the victim of a favorite dirty trick used by the
Zionists. The hackers sent out a message using his name and e-mail
address titled "Down With America". Mr. Mashney who hosts a
pro-Palestinian mailing list realized something was wrong when he
started receiving hundreds of hate e-mails from infuriated Americans.
The malicious and evil "Israeli/U.S. Zionist hacker's network"
included in the message the home addresses as well as home telephone
numbers of other pro-Palestinian rights activists. The faked e-mail
message sent by the hackers, in addition, included as a signature, Mr.
Stephen Mashney's law firm address, telephone number, e-mail address
and website URL.

Other victims of this same Zionist dirty trick are two professors at
U.S, universities. The first is Dr. Francis A. Boyle, professor of
International Law at the University of Illinois. Dr. Boyle is in
addition a respected Palestinian human rights activist who has served
on the board of Amnesty International USA. The fake e-mails sent in
his name have done extensive damage to his excellent reputation and
has disrupted his ability to communicate on the Internet. The other is
Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh who is an associate professor at the Yale
University School of Medicine. The Zionist hackers sent out hundreds
of libelous e-mails to selected members of the Yale community designed
to damage his reputation and to diminish his credibility within the
Yale University community.

Among some of the human rights organizations targeted by the Zionists
for the "fake e-mail dirty trick" is the American Arab
Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) of New York. Monica Terazi, its
director, had her Yahoo e-mail account revoked after the Zionist
hackers sent counterfeit messages in her name to numerous Yahoo e-mail

The "Israeli/U.S. Zionist hacker's network" is utilizing other more
sophisticated hacking techniques to disrupt the ability of human
rights activists to communicate. One is to implant a small "trojan
horse" program on the hard disk of their victims such as the well
known SubSeven Trojan. The "trojan horse" is first sent as an
attachment on an e-mail. If the unsuspecting victim clicks on the
attachment, the program activates itself and opens up certain "ports"
on the computer. Later, with another program, the hacker can connect
to the victim's computer and download any sensitive file such the
victim's mailing list. One can imagine what havoc a Zionist hacker can
cause by having complete access to all their victims most sensitive
files. La Voz de Aztlan has detected hundreds of attempts to intrude
into our hard disk after being sent "trojan horse programs" which
thank God, our "firewall" detected.

Last month, the Zionist hackers from Israel started targeting
activists from the state of Iowa. In these incidents, the hackers were
actually able to intrude and to remotely take possession of their
victim's computers. They utilize the sensitive information obtained,
such as private lists with names and e-mail addresses, to generate a
vast amount of evil deeds. Among the victims in Iowa is Darrell
Yeaney, a Presbyterian campus minister active on the Middle East
Peacemaking Group. Another is author and editor Betsy Mayfield whose
work has been published in the Washington Report on Middle East
Affairs and is active at the Ames Interfaith Council (AIC). Several
women at Ames Interfaith Council also reported that they were shocked
and disgusted when all of a sudden they were exposed to pornographic
and racist text and images on their computer screens. Apparently, the
Ames women were victims of a Zionist "trojan horse" takeover of their
computers. Iowa State University Physics Department computer expert
Dr. Bassam Shehadeh was able to trace the origin of the cyber attacks.
He determined that the hackers were accessing the internet via an
Internet Service Provider called Palnet.com located on the West Bank.
The Zionist hackers were utilizing stolen identifications and
passwords to get access through Palnet.com.

Michael Gillespie wrote in the Washington Report on Middle East
Affairs that "The scale of the Israeli cyber warfare campaign, the
number of targets, and the variety of techniques used, coupled with
specifically targeted intrusions calculated to provide additional
target addresses for the application of the hackers' various forms of
harassment, suggest a sophisticated, coordinated, government-sponsored
program designed to impact directly upon the communications abilities
of the human rights and pro-Palestinian anti-war activism communities
in the USA." La Voz de Aztlan agrees totally with this assessment. We
attribute the particularly viciousness of the "cyber war" being waged
against our publication to the fact that we have taken a
pro-Palestinian editorial policy and have come to the same conclusion.


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Moving Systems - 11- . () "" , - , , . , .

Cyber Terrorism
I have a case

From: Turing
Date: 10 Sep 2002
Time: 05:56:01
Remote Name:


I have plenty of evidence that the "moderators" of
Sydney Indymedia are directly involved in the cyber-stalking,
cyber-terrorism and cyber-defamation - all of which I''ve been
a victim of. It would seem to follow from my propogation of the
documentary evidence linking Domink Suter of Mossad & his Urban
Moving Systems to the September 11 attacks.

Summary - includes defamatory conniptions about peadophilia and
a report on my "suicide":
and the follwing Indymedia page was altered by one of the Sydney IMC
"modreators" to redirect to a defmaotry website:


Nasty! And there's plenty more.

Last changed: September 10, 2002



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Israel Wages Cyber Warfare on Americans
Israel Wages Cyber Warfare on Americans

Israel and cyber terror cells, in the US
an in Israel, are waging cyber warfare
against US citizens. Emails are being
forged. Defamation attacks are being
launched. Americans who have
spoken out against Israeli acts of
terror in Palestine. Americans who
have spoken critically of Israeli
subversion of the US political system
have suffered death threats and loss
of employment. This is a real war and
it is being waged against the people
of the United States.

Israel's goal in this war is to insure American
"aid" to Israel and to maintain Israeli control
over American foreign policy as it relates to
the Middle East. The weapons of defamation,
false accusations of anti-Semitism, denial of
service attacks, forged emails, emailed viruses,
and anonymous death threats have been turned
upon the very Americans who tax dollars are
spent to prop up the fascist regime in Israel.

We declare that "enough is enough!" It is time
for Americans to come together and fight against
these violations of our sovereignty. It is time
to rout out those who call themselves Americans
while serving the interests of a foreign nation. We
call on all Americans to stand up against this cyber

Let us come together and discuss what is
happening. Let us demand that the US
Government stop playing lap-dog to
Israel's demands. US law enforcement
should be cracking down on those who
commit these criminal acts! They are not!
We demand action and we demand it now!

Stefan deVoi


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How Sydney IMC frauds Work
by Turing 4:05pm Sun Sep 8 '02
(Modified on 12:28am Wed Sep 11 '02)


algebra - a branch of mathematics in which symbols
are used to represent
ALL members of a set.

August 6, 2002

click image - or go here:

August 12, 2002

click image - or go here:

September 01, 2002

September 04, 2002

click image - or go here:

The last reference to all linked articles clearly demonstrates that a
spamming was already well and truly in progress when "sean" - a "moderator"
at SydneyIMC - intiated another thread with the sole
purpose of character assasination.

In fact, as you can see by the screen-capture attached to the first

Beware of Turing (aka [DELETED])
by cointelpro 5:12pm Wed Sep 4

- it would have been rather difficult for "sean" to not know this.

What time did "sean" initiate another thread repeating the deceitful
techno-conniptions of "cointelpro"? Let's take a look:

Spies on indymedia, take note!
by Demand privacy 8:21pm Wed Sep 4 '02 (Modified on 8:35pm Thu Sep 5 '02)

Why did you do initiate another thread with the same lies, "sean" - three
hours after "cointelpro"?

On examining the respective threads it is evident that the Melbourne
moderators are unwilling to permit defamation, identity theft, and posts
intended to disrupt the operation of a progressive
newswire - unlike the frauds responsible for "moderating" Sydney.

September 07, 2002

An "activist's weekend"! Aren't we being a little actively fraudulent,

Why are the Sydney collective so keen on promoting deception and hate?

Given the details relating to article #18117 (Aug06) and #18513 (Aug 12),
why does the Sydney IMC collective - including you "sean" - refuse to take
action against identity thieves?


": -

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: , , , ..

, , , , : 25 1999- , General Lee Towers military housing complex in Eglin Afb , Ft Walton Beach Fl. - , , , , . - - . .

, , . .


Just another Zionist Provocation:

Warning Leoncarter Is a Terrorist !!
Leoncarter Is wanted Dead or Alive !!
No Photo available

The Death Doctor and Doctor Cyber good .


Date of Birth Used: 1973
Hair: Black
Often Changes Place of Birth:India
Eyes: Brown
Often Changes Height: 5'6"
Sex: Male
Dresses in drag Weight: 175
Complexion: Olive
Build: Medium
Citizenship: Pakistan
Language: English / Arabic

Special notes : Leoncarter is a master of disguise.
Leoncarter may very well be dressing as a female.


Leoncarter has been indicted in the Eastern District
of Virginia for the June 25, 1999, bombing of the
General Lee Towers military housing complex in
Eglin Afb , Ft Walton Beach Fl.

Other known arrest : Leoncarter has been arrested as
a street hooker , beastiality pornagrapher, and selling
beer to kids . When Leoncarter was asked why so many
crimes they said " I have to do it to support my love
Osama Bin Laden " Leoncarter also went on to say " You
watch some day he and I will be together anagin in the
promised land . "


The Rewards From the Justice Program, United States
Department of State, is offering a reward of up to $2.4
million for information leading directly to the apprehension
or conviction of Leoncarter.

Leoncarter Should Be Considered Armed And Dangerous



, , .

Cyber Terrorism

I'll take a look at your links.

From: Stephen
Date: 10 Sep 2002
Time: 07:00:59
Remote Name:


I have evidence, as well, that some other "leftists" are involved.
I'm really surprised. A lot of people on the left trust each other
blindly and this leads to vulnerability. There's a guy in Houston
whose always on IndyMedia and much evidence points to him being an
infiltrator. There's someone in Maryland too.

I was shocked by this, at first, but it makes sense. Three points:

(1) The left is easy to infiltrate.

(2) Many Zionists have long been involved in "liberal" and "progressive"
causes. This is the first time that one of these causes actually hits home,
in a demographic sense. We are now seeing that some of them are as flawed
as the rest of humanity. This subset is more loyal to their "tribe" than
the cause.

(3) Some activists confuse anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. Their desire
to end racism combined with the conceptual flaw leads them to try to purge
anti-Zionists from the movement, under the false belief that they are
fighting racism.

Thanks for your links. After I look at them, I'll share my thoughts.

Last changed: September 10, 2002


- ,

Cyber Terrorism

Class action against zionists

From: who knows
Date: 09 Sep 2002
Time: 21:05:20
Remote Name:


I'm interested to hear more about a class action against zionists.
On what grounds could this be done ? Are people really serious about
this ? I think it is an excellent idea because it would take the
anti-zioist arguemnt into a court where it would have to be considered
on fair grounds and they could not bully their way out of the resulting

Last changed: September 10, 2002



Cyber Terrorism

I am serious about this.

From: Stephen
Date: 09 Sep 2002
Time: 21:17:45
Remote Name:


There is a clear pattern of attacks on individuals critical of Israel.
There is much evidence connecting these attacks with Israel.
Circumstantial evidence argues strongly that the Government of Israel
is facilitating these attacks.

There are real damages worth real dollars. Thousand of people have been
attacked. Many of these attacks involve defamation, computer viruses, and
terrorist threats. All of these deeds can be held against Israel in a court
of law. We should consider demanding that all Israeli assets are frozen
until the outcome of such a lawsuit.

Last changed: September 10, 2002


Cyber Terrorism

A short version of my story.

From: Stephen
Date: 08 Sep 2002
Time: 20:02:21
Remote Name:


I've been active in politics for many years. I opposed the first war
with Iraq and I went to El Salvador in support of those who
sought to bring democracy there. Despite all of my political work, I
never before encountered any kind of harassment for my activities.

After 9/11, I had questions about why US authorities were unable
to stop the attacks upon the US. After reading several stories about
an Israeli spy ring in the US, I decided to read other books on the
Mossad and Israel's influence in our country.
Many have drawn connections between the events of 9/11 and the
movements of this Israeli spy ring within the US. I began
to wonder whether there might be a connection between US
intelligence failures and the Mossad.

The Mossad has a history of provoking the US to do its dirty work
through "false flag" terror operations. Despite the fact than
many within US Intelligence agencies had information beforehand
about 9/11, no one was able to propagate that information
upward. Some FBI agents spoke of intentional thwarting of
information by their superiors. Other reported that the FBI had
been infiltrated by a foreign intelligence agency from the Middle
East. All of this was surpressed in the press.

I began to write openly about the possible connections between the
Mossad and US Intelligence failures. Immediately after posting such
a theory on a web forum, I became the target of cyber harassment and
death threats. I received threats to my employment as well. In short
order I was fired from my job for no valid reason.

The harassment has continued. I have documented it at

I've had internet forums taken from me through the actions of Cyber
Terrorists. I've had one site hacked I've been the target of denial of
service attacks, forged emails, and attempts to get my
ISP to drop me.

This is what Israel does with our tax money. It must be stopped.
The US should be going after Israel and not Iraq. It is time for
Americans to stand up and say NO to Israel.

Last changed: September 10, 2002

=============== Cyber Scum

Report Internet Intimidation

A Page Dedicated to the Vile Fascist Trash
that Stalks the Internet

[Is the NSA targeting American Forums for Harassment?]

Just like the NAZI period in Germany, the American period of fascism is
marked with vigilantism and terror against those who dissent. Stop Fascism!
has been no exception. We have been the target of a campaign of Cyber
Vigilantism and Cyber Terrorism. Learn who our enemies are, how they think,
what their tactics are, and to whom they are loyal by inspecting the emails they
have sent to Stop Fascism! and the threats they have posted upon our forum.

* * *


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