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Israeli Terrorism: Part 2 (Cyber-Terrorism)

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Description Of Criminal Methods in Suppressing Opponents 
Israeli Global Cyber War on Freedom of Expression 


1. The goal of this work is to show that in 1990-s and 2000-s conventional terrorism exploited by
Israelis, was extended to the domain of Internet. Their crimes in general were combined with the
methods and tricks of their criminal actions in cyber-space. There is a small bibliography on Israeli
(Zionist) international terrorism in the end of this work; so, there is no need to concentrate on this
2. As a "military totalitarian ochlocracy" (one of the Zionism critics' characteristics of the State of
Israel), Israeli regime does not tolerate any essential criticism from within Israel or abroad.  
3. Israelis persecute people who denounce: 
   1) Israeli regime's - participation in sex slaves and drugs (+ contraband of arms) trafficking,
cooperation with international Mafia and money laundering, training and supporting of the most
brutal regimes in the world; 
  2) persecution and genocide against new immigrants and ethnic minorities in Israel; 
  3) war crimes and terror against Palestinian people; enslaving Palestinians and other groups of
people in Israel; 
  4) Israeli anti-Christian, racist and xenophobic laws and regulations;  
  5) Holocaust official doctrine (this criticism is called "revisionism");  
  6) Israeli and Jewish Diaspora control over media in many important countries; Jewish
domination in finances, politics and power structures. 
4. Because Israel is fully dependent from financial and material (military) support from abroad, any
criticism of the State of Israel has an impact on issue of autonomy, privileges and enormous power
of the Jewish organizations in Diaspora. They almost everywhere have a status of a "state within a
state", and privileges to form their own "army", police, "government", intelligence, etc. This is one
of the reasons, why Israel persecutes opponents world-wise.  
5. Israelis achieve suppression of independent voices mostly through terrorist methods, violating
any international regulation and law, any international convention and treaty. Amorality is not just
their tool - but their ideology. Cynicism has developed itself to the extremes in Israeli political elite;
"anything that gives something to one Jew or many Jews can be achieved by any means - as well
as there are no true people in the world besides Jews" (one Zionist said in an Internet-forum).  

Israeli parliamentarians, such as Meir KAHANE, Rhavam ZEEVI, and many others, had openly
expressed unlimited racist views, and spread propaganda of terrorism, violence and cruelty.  

*     *     * 



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