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Загадка Лукоморья
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    Несколько зарисовочек - не более 55 слов в каждой

  1. Revenge
   He is getting completely out of hand. Last time he had brought his slut of a girlfriend home - their home! their own bed! - she had shown her! That fancy white blouse didn"t look so sexy anymore.
  He was so upset...
  But what the dog did he expect? He hadn"t cleaned her litter box in days!
  2. Life partners
  Her partner was sitting in the patio chair, blowing white smelly clouds out of his mouth. She paused for a moment, making a choice between health and closeness. Well, right now she really needed him to hold her.
  She jumped up to his lap and purred as his hand ran along her thick silky fur.
  3. Trust
  The cat purred, warm and touchingly helpless in his arms.
  He ran his palm along her back, then squeezed gently, imagining himself squeezing tighter...tighter...until the purring stops and the body stiffens. So easy. And so irreversible.
  Suddenly, he felt the wave of sheer horror - mixed with excitement - go through his body.
  He could do it.
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