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The concept of modernization of the tank of T64, T72 models using turretless, uninhabited module and tank's gun that is being loaded into a swinging chamber

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   An abbreviated version
   // I apologize for computer translation. Unfortunately I am unable to perform a professional translation //
   If the tanks carry out acts against the tanks, modern battles take place at distances of 1500-2000meter.
   In consideration of the increasing of armor thickness and use of active armor, it is necessary to equip the tank by a long-gun having calibre at least 140mm......
   .... Anti-personnel weapons of modern tank is limited by coaxial machine gun and remotely controlled module with another machine gun on the turret roof.
   Passive protection of the tank reached its limit and beginning to degenerate into a powerful barbette able to protect the tank from strike off direction onto the frontal projection only.....
   ..... Active armor saves the day, but above a certain level of protection, it either begins to be a danger to the crew, or it is a greatly complicated and increases the cost of machine......
   .... Vision devices that exist in the tank is or insufficient or be easy damaged on distances of direct contact with the enemy.
   Heavyweight Countries are trying to resolve this crisis by creation of a "the tank of extreme parameters." - by tank that is super-expensive, which must operate under a continuous cover by aviation, armored vehicles of "tank support" and with the infantry supporting.
   Such a way is completely unrealistic for developing countries, leaving them vulnerable, despite the presence of numerous fleet of tanks of level T64 or T72.
   What is the problem of the classical way of modernization of these tanks?
   ..... The restrictions imposed by the size of a tower, which does not allow to place in it a more powerful weapon.......
   .... Even 130mm gun that has length of 50-55 caliber will be to jut out from the body's projection at least up to 2.5-3 meters, reducing the maneuverability and create threatening of "burying.".....
   .... Optical devices that are not inferior by the complexity, cost and size of the aperture of the optics than a optical devices of a planetarium and which are protruding out of body up to half meter, are installed onto tanks....
   As a result of that, a dangerous opponent for tanks is rapid-fire cannons of 22-30mm and snipers with "large caliber rifles".
   That is, we again arrive at a situation that was characteristic for the Second World War.
   There is very interesting paradox.
   On the one hand, in quantitative ratio, developing countries outperform by the park of the tanks to the countries that are avowed as the probable aggressors, but qualitatively, in condition of the air superiority of aggressor - they are completely inferior to them.
   On the other hand, the aggressor has in military service such high-tech and expensive military armored machines, that its economy does not allow them to quickly produce or carry out a radical modernization of a large number of such machines having extreme technical parameters.
   Moreover, because of its conceptual features such tanks as Abrams, Leopard and Merkava are essentially the linear tanks that are not capable to operate in isolation from the forces of support or carry out deep raids by small tactical groups.....
   ... There is a paradox of the modern wars that the country's aggressors conducted the last decades.
   While their opponents passively followed by imposed linear tactic - they inevitably lost.
   As an example - the main battles of tanks in Iraq.
   As soon as the counteraction began at the level of mobile units - the aggressor was at losing ...
   As an example - Afghanistan and the last Israeli-Lebanese war.
   Summing up
   If developing countries upgrade tanks T64 and T72 so that they, retaining their mobility, were best armed and armored than tanks of the probable aggressor, the aggressor countries find oneself untenable in land operations.
   What is required from these modernized tanks!?
   Preserving the inherent ability of these tanks to high maneuverability and big range of action ... ...
   The protection of these tanks must ensure the preservation their combat capability after direct hit of shells of the enemy tanks into the frontal armor at a distance of 1500 meters.
   Armament of these modernized tanks must hit the enemy tanks at a distance of not less than 2,000 meters.
   A small tactical group, composed of a platoon of tanks and support vehicles, should have the ability to carry out raids into the deep rear of the enemy to a depth of 300 km, ....
   .... Such modernized combat unit is in the form of two mechanically and energetically independent modules, each carrying out its own tasks, complementary to one - another.
   The first module - this remotely operated, unmanned gun platform that has highly resistant to the damaging factors.
   The main purpose of this module - ensuring efficient operation of the gun of a caliber 140 mm, with a barrel length of at least 50 caliber.
   The second module is the armored vehicle of control and support, also made on the base of the basis's tank.
   The control module operates at a distance of 300-500 meters from the gun module so it can have more weak armor.
   Its main purpose is an assessment of the tactical situation and the management of the artillery module, suppression of enemy infantry on the flanks and an anti-aircraft defense support.
   What gives the refusal off the crew in the gun module!?.....
   Waiver off a backing under a armor; off equipment that secure the thermal regime and the gas composition gives a weight saving of about one ton.
   Lack off the crew allows increasing the power of active protection.
   .... The height of the body can be reduced approximately on 200mm and at the same time it gives possibility to have additional volumes for fuel and ammunition.
   .... Reduction of silhouette combined with a lack of a full-size tower will give the additional reserve of weight at least three tons.
   Assessment of the tactical situation and the selection of targets by the crew of the control module that moves behind allow reducing optical instruments of the gun module till: cameras of a gun sight; camera of operator and the system of locking-in of a targeting red point.
   Guidance system of the gun module is synchronized by azimuth with the instruments of a gunner locating in control module and aiming of the gun can be carried out as by means of a television camera and as by means of a laser target designator of commander of the control module.
   Design of the gun's module, based on the T64 tank
   0x01 graphic
   Due to the lack of the crew compartment, body height reduced on 200mm, and by means of using of the wedge-shaped hull, height of the most of frontal projection of the hull which can be affected is reduced to 86 cm.
   On-site of driver is made optional, self-sealing, integrated into the hull, fuel tank in the form of divided, independent compartments.
   Equipment compartment that is equipped by vacuum-processed containers with electronic equipments is located behind the fuel tank.......
   The rotation angle of turret is limited up to 80-90* ... ..
   0x01 graphic
   The cone-shaped turret, the main purpose of which is protection of: mechanisms of gun laying; a recoil system (it is not indicated in the figure) and of the docking mechanism for charging equipment, is located on a turret's ring over of the recoil system ...
   0x01 graphic
   The gun is installed in the armor capsule and is biased back beyond the turret ring, forming a swinging part......
   The normal position of gun is the position of "most backward".....
   For preserving of balance and reducing of impact of 140mm gun to an acceptable level, the scheme of the recoil system that take on the impact of the gun together with gun carriage and which is placed horizontally on the turret ring - is used.
   The usage of such a scheme for execution of shot simultaneously with the implementation of the roll forward of all the moving parts will reduce the impact of 140mm gun to a level acceptable for this type of chassis.
   0x01 graphic
   Having command of a shot, controller of gun, before or simultaneously with shot, performs "roll forward" of all movable parts that having a weight roughly of 5-6 tons....
   ..... The inertia of the mobile parts which are moving forward, compensates the excess part of the recoil energy of shot.
   ... In this case, loading of shall not carry out by movement of "shot" to forward into the breech, it carried out by movement of "shot" to backwards into the charging chamber that is swinging, and which is designed as a chamber of the revolving gun.
   0x01 graphic
   In the process of loading, chamber can be moved backward and deviate onto the line of loading.
   The locking of rear of the chambers shall carry out by means of usage the wedge breech and locking the front part can be the same as that used in the revolving guns....
   ..... It is possible to use a locking by more compact (for the given scheme) the piston breech when "shot" has a combustible cartridge case with the front seal ring and a liquid propellant composition is used ...
   0x01 graphic
   ...This scheme allows, before the shot, to carry out of filling the chamber by a light gas under high pressure to change the internal ballistics of the barrel....
   As an example, chamber can be filling by helium.
   ... Such change of ballistics can increase the muzzle velocity .....
   0x01 graphic
   The second module, supplementing the remote-controlled gun module, is an armored machine of remote controlling and supporting, also made on the base of the basis tank.
   .... such machines, which have a good view, a powerful anti-personnel weapons and can provide cover for the group from attack from the air already there .....
   This is a machine of "battle tank support"
   0x01 graphic
   ... They are made on the basis of the same tank as the artillery module is made and it adequate to him by level of armor and maneuverability....
   0x01 graphic
   The main recommended upgrade is the usage of controlled mortars which capable of forming a masking screen above a tactical team, which has the form as umbrella that is transparent in a narrow optical range only.
   This umbrella makes it difficult to sighting the air mobility weapons of enemy, which operating in the infrared and radio range but will not prevents for the team of remote controlling to use an optics that work in the visible range.
   ... Most optimum the small tactical team consists of two the artillery modules, two the modules of remote controlling and has one machine of technical support.
   Machine of technical support that operates under the cover of the main group is fabricated on basis of same main tank, through the replacement of heavy armored nose onto lightweight armored section having an additional roller.
   0x01 graphic
   The machine of technical support carries additional fuel and ammunition for the small tactical team.
   For the machine of technical support, artillery unit armed by a small-caliber quick-firing gun and two missiles such as "the arrow" is installed in place of the tower.
   The machine of technical support is equipped by containers with an unmanned reconnaissance scout and a few mortars for launching of disposable parachuting cameras or balloon probes having cameras.
   Such the small tactical teams are capable operate completely independently within day or over several days with limited autonomy if they can to receive support of fuel and ammunition from independent sources.
   Given that the countries which are situated under threat of external aggression, have a large number of serviceable tanks T64 and T72, their modernization, by the proposed scheme, will dramatically change the balance of power in case of ground operations.
   In some cases, even the existence of the small tactical groups of such modernized tanks may force the aggressor country to abandon the ground operation by reason of excessiveness expected losses.

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