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The artificial day

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The day I broke up with my girlfriend
(well, actually it was her who broke up with me)
The day I broke up with my girlfriend
(in fact the day after, that first day I got drunk and cried like a baby)
The day I broke up with my girlfriend
I asked her
Am I too old?
(she said so from time to time, half in-joke)
Am I too fat?
(and yes, I used to be, but no, not in that day)
If I lied to you ever?
(surprisingly not)
You are too
She said
And I immediately recalled in memory bunch of characters
Who told me these exact words when I watched them patiently
I mean I surely like Mister White, Frank Underwood, Tony Montana
And the other people of this nature
Goal-driven and cinеmatographic
So simple and so artificial
Telling the truth
I didn't get what does it really mean "manipulative"
Except the fact that I realized I behaved like an asshole
Let me not to be manipulative I said
People don't change
So do you
Will stick that way
Which meant
You are an asshole on your own
For no reason at all
It was a bit upsetting
To hear about this
It remains to be hoped that
cinеmatographic was implied.

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