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  the only way to do cut-ups
  after halfofhundred years after burroughs and gysin and corso did
  to write silly stories on the sand about African silhouettes
  if you wanna start to talk bout them -
  do it right
  it should be in red, in red and electro
  and also bout street lamps which looks like sleepy pythons
  soft drinks watermarks after a hot day in a park
  shadows in the top of trees
  johnny pumps who are thrusting out their noses on a pavement
  sort of garbage cans
  and all the rest of a gang of city animals
  who are definitely better than New God
  a man, a life, a death, America
  and even a yak
  to the story where everybody is going to get a gummy jam with a bored snake, who can speak French and used to make hairdos for little-stupid-driving through-beetles by using that jam and thereby did earning for a living (as a minimum)
  as a maximum - the kingdom in the neighborhood of Trieste just like D'Annunzio had
  so watch out
  those animals can't stand false heroes dickheads neither
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