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The Missing Book

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    Королевский венок сонетов (15), написанный для мультфильма (художник Данас Березницкас). Ученик алхимика, купленный в нищей деревне, влюбляется в дочь учителя и хочет завладеть ее сердцем с помощью магии. Но духи играют с влюбленным злую шутку. Сонеты, к счастью, не шаблонные - это замечание для тех, кто считает отклонение от штампа изъяном. Тема может быть средневековой, однако придерживаться всю дорогу middle english было бы пустым пижонством. То же относится к порядку сонетов в венке: объединяющий сонет стоит предпоследним в силу того, что одна из тем всего произведения - "what makes a story longer than it goes". Пилотная версия мультика http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq3uSjvlSG0

  The Missing Book
  Story of Love, Freedom, Passion, Magic, Wandering and Happiness
  told in the Royal Crown of Sonnets
  by Qualligraphus of Yaffo.
  sonnet 1
  An Alchemist appears in a village and picks up a 7 years old boy from a poor family for a student. The boy reflects.
  What other dreams may come that are beyond
  the days and nights, the futures and the pasts,
  to tell their tale fully as I heard
  the story should be longer than it lasts.
  My parents saved my life, they threw me out
  to study alchemy in dark and cold land,
  nine ghostly years blaggering about
  spiritual powers that may come at hand.
  Oh meadows of my homeland, bees and flowers,
  fish in the rivers, drunkards in the fields!
  And here just the junk of mournful mountains,
  nine years now. Imagine what it feels,
  when eyes and ears are full of freaky clowns,
  the shameful visions and uncanny sounds.
  sonnet 2
  The Alchemist sets the Student to hard work.
  The shameful visions and uncanny sounds
  are study cases under numbers, names,
  but Balthazar has three hermetic vowels,
  and they can be invisibly replaced.
  So, after you get water for my crow house,
  you answer all the riddles in this book,
  and after you have boiled me a mouse,
  there is another book for you to look.
  At first you learn that all is one and living,
  and then you learn the lion and the fish,
  and then the words for hiding or perceiving
  the good and evil mushrooms in a dish.
  But snip the sheep before you come aboard
  the timeless journey and the darkest word.
  sonnet 3
  The Student falls in a daydream over a very old manuscript; his soul is full of the most passionate content. He pictures himself the Alchemist"s daughter.
  The timeless journey and the darkest word,
  the old magic books, the rules, the common sense,
  my parents sold me out to foreign lord
  nine years ago... sure, no offence.
  I"ve learned the art so now I can engage
  the power of secret spells and hidden dreams.
  My mentor clearly misses at his age:
  temptations lurk where a young heart beats.
  The Alchemist is cunning, jealous, wise.
  His lovely daughter must become my fate!
  And though I"ve seen her only only twice,
  I should not wait until I graduate.
  Behold her beauty takes me to the clouds,
  beyond tranquility, beyond the worthless doubts.
  sonnet 4
  The Alchemist gives the Student his graduation project and leaves for a business conference.
  Beyond tranquility, beyond the worthless doubts
  don"t let the lust deceive your gentle soul.
  You think about my daughter so loud,
  I hear your thoughts, and I can hear them all.
  You"re either brave or imbecile or something.
  It"s time to really look at what"s your worth.
  When I come back, I want to hear you answering:
  1) Is poetry a shoobe-doo-wap" rose?
  2) What"s in a mirror when nobody pokes?
  3) What can you feel when there"s no body?
  4) What makes a story longer than it goes?
  5) What is it: useless, priceless and rewarding?
  Don"t disappoint me, here"s a week for you,
  oh you who start my heart each beat anew.
  sonnet 5
  The Student rebels.
  Oh you who start my heart as if anew?
  He"s tempting me by cheap pathetic babble!
  He will be gone; I"ll cook my sweetest stew,
  from his own recipes I"ll steal the most able.
  I"ll call the spirits he forbids to name,
  they turn her gentle eyelids to my side.
  They steal away her coldness and her shame,
  and to my home country we shall ride
  on their backs above the highest skies...
  The spirits should abide to my command,
  I"ve done my duties, I was worth my price,
  we"ll never see again this gloomy land.
  Her heart is gentle, sensitive and tender.
  It beats in fever ready to surrender.
  sonnet 6
  Meanwhile, the Alchemist"s Daughter finds a sudden flower in a mournful mountain valley. She meditates over the feeble offspring swinging in the cold mountain wind.
  It beats in fever, ready to surrender,
  my heart, and beauty, to the broken stone.
  Your pale stick is so pale and slender,
  why should you die here frozen and forlorn?
  Am I like you, so desperate and helpless,
  awaiting love I do not know what it is.
  You dream of sun and water, birds and maples,
  my dreams are teasing too, boy, am I not at ease.
  I dream of flying higher than the clouds,
  I dream of dancing naked in the rain,
  and every morning brings me soaring doubts:
  I want to see these teasing dreams again.
  You know the loneliness and I can whisper you
  all things that happen in the dreams I knew.
  sonnet 7
  The Student goes to prepare the spell.
  All things that happen in the dreams I knew
  are now in my hands. Let"s start the show!
  Let all my words be magic, clean and true!
  I want Sulfides make the fire grow,
  I want the Angels and the Spirits come
  and bring my wish to ultimate expression,
  abracadabra rolling like a drum,
  come Azriel and Uriel, come Nature!
  I hear the murmur! Spirits move the air!
  I feel them coming closer, closer, yet
  the time is nigh, I should be fast, but where
  is the Book of Joy without Regret?
  Oh my. The mix gives orange pulses in the blender,
  the shadows move. It is her shape they render.
  sonnet 8
  The Student calls the Spirits to action and suddenly notices that they are not exactly those he was going to summon.
  The shadows move, it is her shape they render,
  the spirits should be here all by now
  to take my wish into her heart, so tender
  her heart shall love me, I have no doubt.
  No second thought, no slightest declination.
  This is the time to turn the Magic Hat!
  Farewell, my slavery! Shine, my inspiration!
  Remake the Elements if there"s need for that!
  The air moves like whirlwind, light and thunder,
  But lo! The spirits laugh before my eyes!
  The sneaky demons entered yonder under
  obedient and innocent disguise!
  What havoc, disillusionment and pain!
  Mischievous spells I uttered in vain!
  sonnet 9
  The Daughter notices a sudden transformation over and through her. Frightened by such an unexpected enhancement of her own beauty, she runs away.
  Mischievous spells I uttered in vain,
  my body"s burning, heart is beating faster,
  I feel a horror creeping up the vein
  towards my heart. Now what is this disaster?
  What"s happening to my bosom? Nasty breasts!
  My hips expand, my belly"s hot and heavy!
  I feel strange heat and cold in the chest,
  lust and desire swoop me haunting, raving.
  Oh dear mirror, show me the looks!
  Am I so ugly! Oh! Unhappy hour!
  I have to run away from dear walls and books!
  A journey to my dreams has turned so sour!
  Oh run my feet from shame and deadly shiver!
  The journey took me to another river.
  sonnet 10
  The Alchemist comes home, notices the havoc and gives the Student his last assignment: find the Daughter and the missing book.
  The journey took me to another river,
  I"ve been delayed. Oh what a boring mess!
  My daughter"s gone! Go find her and retrieve her,
  across the world to save my darling grace!
  You called the spirits in the wrong succession,
  and one of them unwatched ripped off a book.
  You could not fix the spell of heart possession?
  Without the book you could not find the hook?
  Well, no more books for you until it"s over,
  to tell you what to do and where you erred!
  Burn high like Fire, like the Wind you hover,
  around the world until her voice is heard!
  And be like Water each and every day:
  the Water swings the Earth to make its way.
  sonnet 11
  The Student wanders the World in Madness.
  The Water swings the Earth to make its way
  He traveled days and nights his mind astray
  Lord of the Dolls has Theory of Strings
  Throw me a thread a trembling traveler sings
  Along the riverbanks inside the city walls
  The traveler calls the Master of the Dolls
  To see bee lingual alligators in the sky
  Catch the appropriate and fetch a proper fry
  This Alchemy was meant to reinforce
  The shells the shores the walrus and a horse
  Dimension hillybills and hollyballs
  Revealing us the secret waterfalls
  And when I meet her, this is what I give her
  Of all who love her I am the believer
  sonnet 12
  The Daughter wanders the World in Madness.
  Of all who love her I am the believer,
  being a spirit or a body? Both?
  I cannot find a chain of truer words,
  I want his lips to say these words in fever.
  What sea shell should I whisper on the shore
  to make him look my way a little more?
  Is that the reason rather than excuse
  for putting spirits to my private use?
  There is no other answer. Now what?
  Whose walrus rolls Royce in the sunny spot?
  Such is the book of Joy without Regret,
  the most beautiful of all I ever read .
  The book of force that holds through heat and cold
  in every strangest story ever told.
  sonnet 13
  Shattered and ragged, the lovers meet.
  In every strangest story ever told
  the golden bliss belongs but to the gold.
  Sometimes the gold escapes it like a goat,
  as if the gold makes it more than told.
  When fresh is now more than all before,
  he met her standing by a closed door.
  On his advance she realized at once:
  the door was her, and opened for the chance.
  She said, last night I dreamt about a book,
  well, I should like you too to have a look.
  When I awoke, I wrote what it read,
  I fancy what you"d say about that.
  "The "Joy without Regret", he said, "in bold,
  The Dreamer gives her Beauty to behold."
  sonnet 14
  what other dreams may come that are beyond
  the shameful visions and uncanny sounds
  the timeless journey and the darkest word
  beyond tranquility beyond the worthless doubts
  oh you who start my heart each beat anew
  it beats in fever ready to surrender
  all things that happen in the dreams I knew
  the shadows move it is her shape they render
  mischievous spells I uttered in vain
  the journey took me to another river
  the water swings the earth to make its way
  of all who love her I am the believer
  in every strangest story ever told
  the dreamer gives her beauty to behold
  sonnet 15
  They married on the sunset and lived happily ever after.
  "The dreamer gives her beauty to behold:
  of all who love you I am the believer",
  his voice went ringing pure ear gold,
  "love is beyond regret for feeling fever".
  Oh those mornings, honey, milk and corn flakes,
  free from distorted parent figure complex!
  She blushed a shooba dooba doowap" rose,
  and, as the wind blows and the story goes,
  the sacred dreamers of the sacred dreams
  who travel rivers through the world that seems,
  the blood, the flesh, the spirits and the selves,
  they live in love that needs no further spells.
  Beyond the doubt and certainty ying young,
  what other dreams may come, they are beyond.
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