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Maple and tea

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Загадка Лукоморья
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  • Аннотация:
    Поэма о кленовом соке и чае. (in English)

    - Would the car industry advance as fast as computers,
       the car would cost one dollar and
       would run a million km with one gallon of gasoline.

    - Would the transport advance so fast as your company,
       we would have to buy a new car each time, when one
       builds a new road or even draws a new line at the pavement.

You need MAPLE 10, to run at least one of the two commands
plot(log(x+2)/(x+2), x=0.716 .. 0.72 );
with(plots): implicitplot(abs(erf(x+I*y))=2, x=-4 .. 4, y=-4 .. 4);

then you understand the sense of the poem.

Here is the company C of computers; they master:
Per each two years, their PCs run twice faster.

Here is company S of the soft; they work hard as plowers,
So, each new release runs 0.7 times slower;

The soft is to run at the user's PC,
Which is made, of course, by the company C.

Here is user U, buys from C and from S,
the newest model and the latest release.

U presses some key, say, key number K;
The soft S responds, with some delay,
during some time, say, during time t,
to let user U to have some tea.

How many releases per year does sell S to U
to let him have tea, while he has nothing to do,
just waiting response by the soft to key K,
keeping the same time t of delay,
neutralizing the efforts of company C
to run faster U's task at his modern PC?

This problem above is not correct, because
The tea-concern, together with C, of course,
support the efforts of the company S
to make even bigger the newest release,
To force U buy more tea and a newest PC,
to boost business of C and the concern of tea.

Historic note The poem was written in 2007 comparing the performance of MAPLE-10 with previous versions.
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