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    3 difficult situations are described

Consider the following 3 situations:

1. You come to a supermarket. You leave your car at the parking place. You buy food, return to the car, but it is not at its place. You tell about this to the vigilant, then to the police. The police replies that your car had been evacuated and arrested for the wrong parking. You make the picture of the place where you had left your car last time. You show the picture to the officials and complain about the abuse. You bring the inspector the parking, and see, that two workers are mounting the new traffic signal, that prohibits parking just at the place you left the car. The inspector shows you the new traffic signal and confirms that you had violated the rules of parking and should pay the penalty, the service of evacuation, etcetera.. You have evidence, that there was no traffic signal there, when you had parked your car, but nobody wants to consider it.
What would you do in such a case?

2. You make the scientific research in your laboratory. Your set-up occupies two optical benches, and beam, generated at one bench, is coupled to the special measurement device mounted at another bench. The special feed-back channels are also arranged between the two benches. Some colleagues doubt in your results, but you invite them to see your set-up and confirm that it really shows the effect you have described and submitted to a scientific journal. Before the visit of the opponents, one student offers his help to replace the light switch at the entry to the laboratory. You give him the key. When you come again to your laboratory, you see, that the electric switch is not replaced, but one of the optical benches is moved, another one is replaced, and, instead of your set-up you have only many non-coupled devices. You complain about that student. But instead of to accept his guilt, the Scientific Council makes the decision, that one of your optical benches should be replaced. Your friends say, that the movement was approved at the highest level of administration of the Institute, and this is penalty, because you fail to convince some colleague in your results. However, with the ruined set-up, you cannot demonstrate your effect to the opponents..
What should you do in such a case?

3. ..
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