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Twin Universe of Antimatter

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    The Universe has a counterpart from Antimatter, where time flows in the opposite direction.



   This is a translation of the article "Двойник Вселенной из Антиматерии" published on 12/20/2016

Twin Universe of Antimatter.

      In all the theories of the big bang, an equal amount of matter and antimatter is assumed after the big bang. And this lack of antimatter in the visible universe is the most difficult problem of modern cosmology. This paradox has been called the "Baryon asymmetry of the Universe". [2] Antimatter is lost. Nevertheless, we sense his presence. This "presence" is most likely known to us and received the name "dark matter" something that is intended to explain the presence of excess mass in the universe of which is not visible but it is invisibly present. You can certainly say that "Dark Matter" is the ether. But in this article, another alternative theory is proposed which reveals the "secret" of the lack of antimatter in the universe.
   About the time.
      So the phrase sounded above. Antimatter is "thrown" beyond our Universe. It is necessary to clarify. To begin with, I will draw the metric of space we are used to in the form of a three-dimensional pipe.


   Pay attention to this familiar space. Three-dimensional. But the fourth dimension is very unusual. Not as straight as a snake biting its tail. It is very important that we are in the illusion that time flows in a straight line from the past to the future. But in fact, time flows from the past to the future, time flows in a circle. Time is looped back. That is why, moving from the past to the future, we always remain in the present. It is very difficult to accept, but it is important to understand further material.
   Anti-Universe and the Universe.
       So the difference between the Universe and the Anti-Universe is only in the direction of the flow of time. Roughly allegorically speaking, our time flows clockwise, and in the Anti-Universe it flows counter-clockwise. But here and there, everything is in the moment now. But the opposite is the flow of time here and there. It leads to the curvature of what we call 'space-time'. Globally, "space-time" is not a pipe. But a pipe that is twisted in opposite directions. Like a whirlwind, similar to an hourglass.


   As you can see the spatial "pipe" twisted by time. Like a certain giant, we turned our giant pipe against and in a clockwise direction. And at the point of twisting a 'point of singularity' was formed. Imagine the situation in our universe, time flows from past to future There in the Anti-universe from future to past. But all the same is in the present.
   Point of singularity.
     Globally, the point of singularity is the point where the separation of antimatter and matter occurred during the Big Bang. Otherwise, this point can be called the singularity point. In the particular case, we must understand that this point of singularity between our universes has been preserved. This is a kind of point where time, the speed of time flow is zero. And all spatial dimensions are deformed to such an extent that they lose their length properties. So "opposite" each elementary particle behind this point of singularity is antimatter. Each elementary particle creates a gravitational field around itself. The center of the gravitational field of any particle is the singularity point. For which in the present is antimatter. Any gravitational field is associated with a point of singularity. Each star, each planet, each atom has access to this single point of singularity. At the center of all gravitational fields are one common point of singularity.


   It is this "strip" that separates our universes. And such a "point of singularity" is in fact the center of any gravitational field, the center of any particle even elementary behind it is always a "anti double". Lost due to the deformation properties of the length. The only thing that can break through to the other side is the gravitational interaction. And only under certain conditions. It is in the properties of the "point of singularity" that the reasons for "quantum teleportation" must be sought.
   About quantum teleportation
     From this point of view, one can even take another look at the effect of "quantum teleportation". When two photons entered into interactions and then spaced apart in space "feel" each other at a distance, that is, they interact. So it should be because our habitual photons are separated in space, and not their "singularity points". I will explain in more detail. Globally, all points of the singularity are one "space". Deformed, but without space, but with zero time and what we perceive as centers of gravitational fields or multiple points of singularity is essentially one point, one space with countless inputs. But these inputs are the same "rabbit hole". It is just that some particles approach closer to the singularity point, while others are far away from it only by slightly thrusting their heads into this "rabbit hole". We are talking about graduation. The slower the time flows on the "board" of a particle, the closer it is to the point of singularity which. And deeper than all the particles are photons. This is due to the relativistic effects caused by their speed. Therefore, it is easiest for these particles to "feel" each other through this point of singularity. Through space devoid of length. At the same time, it is obvious that there is a certain critical barrier at which this connection can exist. So for example, if one photon loses energy, it moves away from the singularity point and the second remains at the same distance. And the entanglement disappears. Most likely, quantum entanglement is a gravitational effect [5][6], since only gravity is a short-range force. But bodies capable of feeling each other through this fabric of zero space should not be as close to each other as possible, but rather to the "singularity point" equally deeply dive into the "rabbit hole". The point of singularity is the path for "quantum entanglement" the path for instantaneous gravitational interaction between entangled elements of matter.
   "Fuel for the stars"
   According to the proposed theory, the "missing" antimatter is very close, as if on the "wrong side" of our Universe. Present. Behind the point of singularity. We feel this substance as an "extra" mass of our Universe. And we believe that the excess mass of our Universe is due to the presence of some kind of "dark matter" somewhere. We can not detect this "substance" but we can only track the excess mass as during the "explosion" this antimatter (dark matter) is thrown out beyond the limits of the metric of space that we are used to. But under certain conditions, the metric of space can "break through" and this antimatter appears to the outside in our metric and stars appear at this place, etc. Thus we solve the problem of fuel for the stars. Which for a long time should have already burned all thermonuclear fuel and went out. Fuel for the stars is antimatter which enters our world through these points of singularity or "wormhole". That is, the stars are not exactly a fusion reactor; this is a reactor in which annihilation reactions also take place. Hence, the neutrons that emit stars. Neutrons are a side effect of the annihilation reaction. Let's just say this is a known fact. In fact, neutrons only indicate that annihilation reactions are taking place in the depths of the stars. The sun is not exactly a fusion reactor. This and the reactor on antimatter.
   On emissions of antimatter.
    Of course, all this is at the level of fiction. But all too logical to line up. It is necessary to understand only the conditions for the formation of this "wormhole". Antimatter cannot disappear without a trace. It must be somewhere nearby. And the excess mass of the Universe about which they so often speak may well indicate this. Naturally, all the "evidence" is indirect, but there is something in it. For example, in 1997, American scientists discovered in space a giant release of antimatter 3 thousand light years long. "The source of this new and unexpected phenomenon is a mystery to us," said astrophysicist Williams PERSELL from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. For specialists, it remains a mystery - why such a huge amount of antimatter was formed in that region of the Universe, where, as it was believed, it could not be. There is no explanation yet for the reason why the release occurred only in one direction [3]. But if we assume that there was a spontaneous formation of a "wormhole" leading to the Anti-Universe, then everything becomes less clear. Scientists also have witnesses that antimatter is born during a thunderstorm. [4] While it is difficult to judge whether there is a breakdown of the space metrics. But at least something.
   On the extraction of antimatter.
      Hence, breaking through the "wormhole" in the part of the Universe where antimatter is missing from the Big Bang. For example, from a spacecraft. We will get a constant flow of antimatter on board.
   It is necessary to carry out a certain "camera shutter effect". Once the cause of the "point of singularity" is the deformation of space twisting under the action of multidirectional time. It affects the course of time, forcing time to flow at the point of singularity, at least for a moment, against the usual course of time, in the direction that flows in the Anti-Universe, we can reduce the deformation. At the same time, giving the space at the singularity point the extension property. And then the annihilation of any molecule at a given point is inevitable. Two particles from the Universe and Anti-Universe will meet and anigillate. Thus, by creating locally, for example, in the reactor zone, the "reverse time effect" about which we spoke above, we will get a point of penetration into our world of antimatter from a parallel Anti-Universe. And then the usual pononnik. Or a photon engine. Just ordinary photonikas suggest picking up antimatter in space. And here the source of antimatter is the "wormhole". It is clear that it must also be proved that there is antimatter somewhere on the wrong side of our space. But the idea is very beautiful. thus, it is not a "vacuum" that is a source of unlimited energy, as some people think or dream of, but what is on its "wrong side".
   On the development of the Galaxy.
   Understanding the conditions for the formation of this "wormhole" of a certain well outside our metric. We essentially get a source of antimatter. And there is not much of it. So in order to reach the nearest star you need only 17 grams of antimatter. The life of antimatter is 1000 seconds [1] but having this singularity point or "wormhole" on board, according to which "antimatter" will come on board the ship .... The whole galaxy will be ours. It is only important to understand how to create a source of antimatter at any point in space on board the spacecraft.
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   Author: Andrey Lemeshko

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