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Every Night

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    Он не может забыть ужаса смерти.

Every night...

Every night you wake up hearing somebody's scream

Every night you wake up, having a horror dream,

It is all like that day, when you lost someone,

That meant to you much, but he is now gone.

You are feeling your fault, scared and lost,

And you dream about turning back the time,

You imagine you see the sailor's ghost

You imagine you see tears as he cries.

You say sorry and wish it was you, not him

Cruel memory gives you the sight of fight,

And once more you can't find the strength within

To lie down and sleeping spend your night.

It was you, who put last stitch through your nose,

It was you, who cried, sitting near his face,

It was you, who struck the mourning pose,

It was all you... But it's not the case...

Though they told you much, to try and forget,

And they try to cheer you up with drink,

But the memory will never in times let,

To throw away to his death your link.

...But one day you'll sit in your armchair,

And a window will be opened with the breeze,

And he'll say he loves you and doesn't care,

What you did and what your memory seized.


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