Луценко Роман Иванович, Группа Па 02-15: другие произведения.

Эзотерика и паранормальные явления

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    Исследовательская работа на англ. языке.


Kyiv National Linguistic University

Interpreter's/Translator's Department



   Group Pa 02-15
   Faculty of translation
   Lutsenko Roman
   Research supervisor:
   O.B. Halych
   Candidate of science (Linguistics)
   Associate Professor

Kyiv - 2018



      -- INTRODUCTION............................................................1
      -- THE ART AND SCIENCE OF DEVELOPING SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES..............................................................3
      -- THE PSYCHIC SENSE OF REMOTE VIEWING........................5
      -- THE KAHUNAS AND POLYNESIAN SHAMANISM...................7
      -- CONCLUSION....................................................................9
      -- THE LITERATURE USED......................................................


   The idea of becoming superhuman has fascinated mankind for ages. Emperors of bygone eras searched for the elixirs of immortality, shaolin monks have pushed the limits of what's possible with the body for thousands of years, and the alchemists of old searched for ways to transmute metals into gold. The yogis and holy men of India meditated in caves and explored the tantras and sutras of Hindu philosophy in search of the legendary siddhis, a set of supernatural powers believed to be the byproduct of intensive meditation and yoga practice. Tibetan monks meditated for decades to master the control of their physical and etheric bodies and beyond, learning to travel the astral planes and afterlife, and sorcerers in medieval times sought countless magical powers from healing the sick to controlling others through the use of herbs, spells and spirits.
   Even today, the idea of superhuman abilities captivates the masses. Comic books portray any number of colorful characters trying to cope with their miraculous superpowers, and countless movies and TV shows from Limitless and Lucy to The X Files, Stranger Things and even the entire Sci-Fi channel and more explore the limits of what we believe is possible and then some. You could even make the case that today's scientists and researchers are involved in the pursuit as well: Many believe we are on the cusp of curing all disease and extending lifespan indefinitely. Working body parts can be grown in labs, blindness and deafness are close to being cured, and we can now genetically engineer virtually any trait into human embryos and beyond.
   And yet despite this underlying, intrepid fascination with humankind's innate higher abilities most are skeptical that they even exist. After all, what proof is there? If these abilities exist and can be accessed by anyone, then why don't we see more people walking around demonstrating them? Surely after thousands of years someone would have figured out how to reliably access our innate powers, right? Yes and no. The answer, it turns out, is not quite as clear as it first seems.
   There is actually quite a bit of scientific proof, or evidence, if you will, that indeed superpowers, for lack of a better term, are real and actually do exist. In fact, there are a number of fairly prominent and somewhat less well-known people who clearly have mastery over a wide range of superhuman abilities and can demonstrate them at will and on command, even in the face of scientific scrutiny. And the good news is that these masters of the body, mind and spirit all claim anyone can develop these abilities as well, with a bit--or a lot--of focused practice and discipline.
   Once you dive past the initial skepticism of die hard rationalists in the scientific community and beyond, you find there is mountains of well documented evidence--from prestigious research institutions like Stanford and so on--proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that not only are supernatural abilities real, but they can be trained and developed in nearly anyone with a serious commitment to doing so.
   And, I assume, that's why you are here reading this in the first place. To some degree you are interested in developing or learning more about your innate abilities. Or maybe not. Maybe you still need to be convinced. Either way, whichever camp you fall into, you'll find something powerful in this article that will help you on your journey to tapping into and embracing those higher aspects of yourself.
   Below, we'll explore some of the most well-documented and impressive cases demonstrating extraordinary powers and superhuman abilities in perhaps all of human history and dive into exactly what is necessary to experience them yourself, according to the teachings of the masters who have achieved them.


   The first thing to understand when it comes to developing these powers if you will, is that there is a lot of them and not every teacher or master is able to demonstrate them all.  According to the the classical Hindu text, Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, which talks about such things, there are approximately 19 siddhis or supernatural powers that are attainable. Here's a sampling of the list of superpowers outlined by Patanjali, the ancient Hindu sage, with added commentary by world renowned parapsychologist Dean Radin, Ph.D.:
   Siddhi III.21. Disappearance of the body from view, as a result of looking at the body with the inner eye. This is sometimes translated as the power of invisibility, because the Sanskrit aphorism contains words suggesting a "suspension of the coarse or limited projection of the body." But it may also be interpreted as the ability to perceive aspects of the body that are beyond the limited scope of the ordinary senses. In other words, we could interpret this as clairvoyance, or perhaps as psychokinesis.
   Siddhi III.39 and 42. Levitation, through samyama on the feeling of lightness. This siddhi is said to allow the yogi to float, hover, fly, or walk on water. It could be interpreted as a highly advanced form of psychokinesis.
   Siddhi III.44-45. Mastery over the elements, through samyama on the elements, enabling manipulation of matter, including the size, appearance, and condition of the body. Variations of these abilities include the fulfillment of any desire, or to create or destroy material manifestations; a highly refined version of psychokinesis.
   Siddhi III.46. Perfection of the body. This could be interpreted as a melding of exceptional mind-body control combined with psychokinesis. It would manifest in extreme cases as indefinite life extension, as incorruption of the body after physical death, perhaps as the "rainbow body" in Tibetan tradition, in which the corpse does not decay but rather slowly fades away and turns into colored lights.
   Achieving mastery over even one of these abilities is a considerable feat and would put you in the .000001% of the human population that has access to real siddhis or something to that degree. Developing full control over all 19 is the stuff that legends are made of. This is because each siddhi has its own subtleties and nuances and often times requires mastery of one or more of the different faculties of the human mind, body, energy body and spirit.
   According to those that have attained them and teach the process of doing so, being able to demonstrate superhuman abilities or is kind of like training for the olympics.  Anyone who puts in the time and effort can qualify, but only the most talented go on to win the gold or even place in the top three. And so it is with the siddhis. If you put in the time and practice, you can enter the realm of the extraordinary and begin to exhibit some of the easier abilities there is to attain, but only those people with an unusual level of commitment or innate natural talent or ability will develop true mastery over one or more of their superhuman powers.
   And this, of course, is in part why it is so rare to see people demonstrating these types of superpowers. Few have the discipline, focus and commitment necessary to train themselves to exhibit them. And beyond that, things are compounded by the fact that accurate information on how to perform them and develop them correctly is often obscure and hard to find. And that is if you are one of the rare people who even believes they exist in the first place.
   But if you have made it this far in your search and found yourself here, you are in for a treat, because what you are about to dive into will surely change your life, and if you are in pursuit of these superhuman abilities yourself, well, let's just say things are about to get interesting...


   One of the most fascinating and easily accessible of all our innate powers is the ability to remote view. Remote viewing is supernatural ability that we all possess to project our consciousness across space and time to essentially any conceivable location to perceive and observe accurate information about that place, object or person as if you were standing there in person. It may sound far fetched, but hold off your skepticism because prestigious institutions like Stanford University and powerful organizations like the various branches of the U.S. military and U.S. Intelligence community (CIA) have invested tens of millions of dollars into researching and developing this superhuman technology over the last 60 years.
   Many books have been written about the art and science of remote viewing and its extensive scientific backing by such authors as Russell Targ, Ph.D., and Lynne McTaggart. In fact, it is well documented that the U.S. military has developed in-depth training programs to teach select soldiers remote viewing abilities and special corps of elite soldiers and spies actively use the technology to this day for intelligence purposes. Some of the people who have been trained by the government and elsewhere to develop these expanded spiritual intelligence technologies have since left their active duty posts and now run training programs of their own to help people who are interested in developing these superpowers within themselves to learn how to do so.
   Books on Remote Viewing
   The following are widely regarded as some of the top books on developing psychic powers and mastering the art and science of remote viewing:
   Limitless Mind: A Guide to Remote Viewing and Transformation of Consciousness By Russell Targ, Ph.D.
   Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook By Joseph McMoneagle
   Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality By Dean Radin, Ph.D.
   The Reality of ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities By Russell Targ, Ph.D.
   The Intention Experiment: Using Your Thoughts to Change Your Life and the World By Lynn McTaggart.


   Before Christian missionaries and encroaching Western culture effectively stamped out Polynesian spiritual traditions in the later part of the 20th century, Hawaii was a hotbed of Kahuna activity with powerful shamans regularly and openly demonstrating a long list of extraordinary superpowers. Kahunas, which are essentially Hawaiian shaman or spiritual elders/wisdom keepers, were the product of thousands of years of sophisticated Polynesian spiritual knowledge that had been passed down secretly from generation to generation. As the Polynesian diaspora spread westward into Hawaii long ago, the Kahuna secret wisdom came with it and flourished on the islands.
   There are literally hundreds of documented case studies and firsthand accounts of truly extraordinary superhuman feats being performed by the Kahunas, ranging from walking on scorching hot lava for extended periods of time and instantly healing life-threatening wounds, broken bones and any and all disease in a matter of seconds (to the point where any record of them ever having occurred couldn't be found or seen) to instant materialization of physical objects, levitation, the ability to manipulate reality in their favor, the ability to contact and interact with spirits at will, the ability to teleport and bilocate, the ability to see into the future and past at will and to project their consciousness nearly anywhere on the planet or in the universe and observe what they saw, among many other things.
   We know this in part because a budding scientist and parapsychological researcher named Max Freedom Long found himself on the Hawaiian islands in the early part of the 19th century.  Fascinated with superhuman abilities and these sorts of things, he quickly became intrigued by the stories he was hearing about the Kahunas from the Hawaiians whose trust he had gained. Through a series of highly synchronistic events he finally got in contact with real Kahunas who could actively demonstrate the supernatural powers outlined above, however, there was one catch: They refused to reveal any of their secrets as it was forbidden to do so to non-Polynesians in their cultural traditions.
   Not one to be deterred by unfavorable circumstances, Long figured out a backdoor to gain access to the miraculous secrets he sought--by decoding the Hawaiian language. It turns out, as is often the case in indigenous cultures, that their secrets were passed down orally for thousands of years and their entire system of consciousness and spiritual wisdom was encoded into the etymology of their language. Max figured this out by meticulously studying Hawaiian and Polynesian languages and through a multi-year-long practice of trial and error eventually unlocked their secrets and began to gain access to their legendary powers.
   Fascinatingly, the esoteric knowledge he found hidden in their language, which had been passed down as spiritual wisdom for thousands of years was not only up to speed with what Western psychologists in Europe and the U.S. had discovered about the nature and structure of the mind, but it was far more nuanced and sophisticated by a long shot.
   After discovering the Kahuna secrets to performing superhuman feats and demonstrating extraordinary abilities, he went on to write a series of books that offered an entire system and practical framework for putting them into effect.
   Thankfully, those books are still in print today and contain many deep insights not found anywhere else into unlocking these same abilities within yourself.
   They are The Secret Science Behind Miracles and The Secret Science at Work. There are others that he authored as well but these two, read in the order outlined above, are the only two that sincere seekers in this domain need to get started on the path to developing advanced abilities and extraordinary superpowers.


   Whichever path you choose to begin your pursuit of superhuman powers and abilities, one thing is sure, it will require dedication, time and focus more than anything else. If I could impart one final piece of knowledge it's this: don't ever give up. When it comes to the realm of the extraordinary, often times the difference between those who are successful and those who fail is simply persistence.


      -- D. Fortune. Esoterics and Its Work.
      -- J. Evola. The Yoga and Power of Esoterics: Tantra, Shakti and The Other Way.
      -- H. Jonas. The Gnostic Religion.

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