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"From The Heart"

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   In the first of our Seasons, Spring is its name,
   Our lives just beginning, no mention of pain.
   We look at the old with incredible eyes,
   What shall we say, when age never lies?
   Going to school to learn about life,
   Pig-tails and pony-tails, no mention of strife.
   The second of our Seasons, Summer is its name,
   Short skirts and trainers, are all in the game.
   Homework is given, but never delivered,
   Nights out in the cold, but they never shivered.
   Make-up, mascara, nail-varnish and boys,
   Gone are the days, when dolls where their toys.
   The third of our Seasons, Autumn is its name,
   Loving a Man, to him it's a game.
   We Love with our Heart, our body, our mind,
   We search all our lives for  ' Mister Valentine '.
   Through man there is born, another new life,
    Sad though to say, she will be no loved wife.
   The fourth of our Seasons, Winter is its name,
   The years have gone by, it brings one such pain.
   I look back at time, and consider it now,
   How have I lived, never taking a vow?
   Those dreams we all have, but never see through,
   Perhaps it's because - I never met you!
   Friendship from afar, by the water's side,
   Images and thoughts, always hitching a ride.
   Years have gone by, with Friendship still there,
   Life's ups and downs, together we do share.
   Times you have crossed, my path in my mind,
   Remembering those times, when you were so kind.
   The trips on days out, a pleasure to start.
   The day that you moved, left a space in my Heart.
   For all that we write, to show how we feel,
   Your letters and calls, my thoughts they do heal.
    Letters alone, with sadness I write,
    Like the birds that cry out, alone in the night.
   The times that we speak, over the phone,
   Never would one think, I was so alone.
   You entered my life, like a breath of fresh air,
   God alone knows, just how much I really care.
   Stay close to my mind, in Spirit and Heart,
   Never let the distance drive us apart.
   True Love I know, will always be there,
   To Love and to cherish, and also to share,
   When I am low, and my Heart feels alone,
   I think of you, and I pick up the phone.
   Be always there, your feelings never hide,
   Friendship from afar, by the water's side.
   I watch the sunrise, and think of last night,
   Wondering if my answer would come out right.
   How could I imagine, that only last week,
   That I would be here, your dreams to seek.
   You stepped into my life, just out of the blue,
   Crossing my path, outside Chester Zoo.
   My day out with the girls, was supposed to be fun,
   What happened to them, was fate on the run.
   Like all 'Get-togethers', friends just drop out,
   In the end I was left, by myself to seek out.
   The arrangements were made, the tickets bought,
   To see the penguins, how the fish they caught.
   I believe in fate, or so it seems,
   I looked into your eyes, and saw my dreams.
   You asked me my name, I could not speak,
   So shocked was I, my knees went weak.
   I whispered 'Hello' , Suzzannah is my name,
   The Heavens just opened - What a time to rain!
   You came prepared, an umbrella you produced,
   I'd never met a man, I wanted to seduce!
   We walked in the rain, my toes soaking wet,
   But nothing else mattered, my mind was set.
   I knew in my heart, I had to be yours,
   My heart I had lost, by opening my doors.
   We toured the tigers, the lions and the bears,
   We talked of our lives, and all of our cares.
   I asked you to hold me, I felt so alone,
   Wrapping your arms around me, I knew I was home.
   Where could we go, What would we do?
   We'd only come out, for a day at the Zoo.
   I watch the sunrise, and look at your face,
   And all of a sudden, my heart it does race.
   Could I have guessed, just one week ago,
   That I would be here, with you, I know.
   I believe that your Love, will see me through,
   Life's trials and tribulations - if your Love is true. 
   Your hand in mine, you often will find,
   With strings of my heart, with yours - my lifeline.
   Pulsating rhythms beat quickly at dawn,
   Evading the shadows, of love so forlorn.
   Beat quickly my heart, never stop for a rest,
   I need all your love, with which I am blessed.
   Your hand in mine, my secrets are held,
   All sorrows and fears with you are expelled.
   We walk until dawn, you ask me to stay,
   To kneel at the shrine, for some time to pray,
   We pray for our hope, our charity, our love,
   Our prayers are answered in Heaven above.
    Your hand in mine, a journey to make,
   How many promises, do we all break?
   Try as we may, to all share one thought,
   Our lives end up, like the bird that is caught.
   With hope in my heart, life's journey I make,
   And there with your hand, each step I will take.
   Your hand in mine, forever please hold,
   To lead me through life, as once was foretold.
   Many times I have wandered, alone in the night,
   Searching for someone to show me the light.
   Your hand in mine, forever please hold,
   Never let go, as my heart will grow cold.
   In the stillness of the night, my thoughts turn to you,
   Of the day we met, when I was so blue.
   You looked into my eyes, and softly said 'Hello',
   I felt that from then, my heart was aglow.
   You asked me my name, and if I would stay,
   I saw in your Heart, what you wanted to say.
   The first time we touched, I knew straightaway,
   My Love for you, would never fade away.
   The decision was made, it was you or nothing,
   I'd had in my life, a great deal of suffering.
   My aim from now, was to prove to you,
   That I, was the only person, right for you.
   The next step I took, with you in mind,
   Was to think of the ways, that you were kind.
   To prove to you, just how much I really care,
   I was prepared, my whole life to share.
   Respect and Honour, Loyalty and Understanding,
   I wanted to prove that my Love was binding.
   Over the years, with all my good deeds,
   I can see now, that my fruit has borne seeds.
   You tell me how special, I am in your life,
   I await the day, when you make me your wife.
   In the stillness of the night, I think of you,
   May our Love forever, stay refreshingly new.
   Footsteps and memories are stored in my mind,
   Of past days, sad days, my thoughts outshined.
   Your face, it beckons, to me in the light,
   When loneliness and sadness need some respite.
   I remember those days, when I stayed with you,
   How could I now search, for someone new?
   Who else knows the passions in your heart?
   Or your desires that you can impart.
   Whispered words of love, float into my mind,
   Winging their way to you I find.
   Why wait at all for you to be told?
   With all of my thoughts for you to behold.
   Morning passes to Noon, then on into Dusk,
   Once again those thoughts, return they must.
   Footsteps and memories of the key in the door,
   The radio switched on for the latest score.
   Thoughts of an evening meal to prepare,
   Memories of past recipes, together we did share.
   Candles that sit unlit in the light,
   Missing the warmth that the match will alight.
   Challenging questions fought out in my mind,
   Searched answers unfold, in letters unsigned.
   How many years, will my thoughts be so blue,
   Will I still feel this way, next year over you?
   Every evening, I wait, for the phone to ring,
   Silence floats by, my thoughts go a wandering.
   Another evening, another day, with sadness in place,
   Will they turn into months, or years with some grace?
   I lay down to sleep with you on my mind,
   With footsteps and memories, my heart they find.
   Why has it taken all these years? ­
   To find You now, after shedding countless tears
   How did I find You, in my sea of strife,
   Did my Guardian Angel give You, my compass in life.
   I searched endlessly, for someone to hold,
   You came at a time, when I was so cold.
   How did you know, what was in my Heart?
   Did you see the light, from my beacon impart.
   I had lost my way, many years ago,
   With no one to help, until you said 'Hello',
   From that day on, my wretched life you saved,
   With You at the helm, the storms I can brave.
   To everyone in life, searching for Love,
   Believe in yourself, and in God up above.
   I truly believe there is someone out there,
   To love and to cherish, with happiness to share.
   Why do I Love you, after all these years?
   The heartaches you caused, and the countless tears,
   When I first saw you, my heart it just leapt,
   Now all these years later, I guess it never slept.
   It stands by your side, in the pouring rain,
   In Summer and Winter, no matter the pain.
   Over the years, you have gradually changed,
   Your timekeeping improved, your clock rearranged,
   You've learnt by now, the message of 'Promised',
   I'm still waiting for my cards, the post man missed.
   You remember my Birthday, Anniversary - our time,
   Since I am a Poet, every card I write has a rhyme.
   Love is the key word, in all that I do,
   I awake loving you, I fall asleep loving you.
   Do you perhaps think of me, once, every day?
   Or do your thoughts fly over me, and  pass by my way.
   One day you will awake, and I will not be there,
   God took me away, he needed my presence to share.
   Before its too late, here on this Earth,
   We need some years together, sharing sadness and mirth.
   In my heart I know, that you are the one,
   But I have to find the proof, and follow the sun,
   Remember my words of 'I told you so',
   The days never roll back, only I can say 'I know'
   I ask you to give, some evidence of your Love,
   Something I can see, and feel from above.
   All of these years, nothing by you said,
   I dream of those words, lying awake in my bed.
   I know that you care, and respect all my thoughts,
   Together with my help, my advice and support.
   Just what is in your heart - or in your mind,
   Only you know that part, which I cannot find.
   Birthday, Christmas Day, Valentine Day too,
   Cards you send, messages of 'Love' running through
   But its sadly not enough, just to send these words,
   They need to be spoken, they need to be heard.
   So, I tell you in this poem, especially for you,
   Perhaps you can find, the words that will do.
   To make me understand, your feelings for me,
   Our future together, perhaps I will then see.
   You left your fingerprints on my mind,
   Each waking day, you are there I find.
   You left your first print, the day we met,
   I knew from then, that the ink was set.
   You asked me to go, to Church, and sing,
   My voice you heard somewhere, a whispering.
   We walked through the rain, together hand in hand,
   Leaving our footprints imprinted in the sand.
   Each day, you rang, to share your thoughts,
   Your mind, you said, needed my support.
   Each time, I gave you, my fingerprint of Love,
   You beckoned to me, to fly up above.
   You left your footprints, by my front door,
   I asked you in, your heart to outpour.
   Fingerprints and footprints, all leave their mark,
   Only at night, do they glow in the dark.
   Growing old together, and our journeys fewer,
   Shadowed footprints now left, are sadder and bluer.
   Holding hands together, by the flickering lamplight,
   Saying 'God Bless' before our prayers at night.
   And so when our lives, are coming to an end,
   The time will come, to lay down and send,
   Fingerprints of Love, footprints to our hearts,
   Belonging to each other, and never ever part.
   I have to tell you, just how much you are,
   Loved by me, but only from afar.
   The first day I saw you, I knew from the start,
   That you were the one - we would never be apart.
   What was to happen, how could I tell?
   Was it only my Heart, in Love that fell.
   You were so shy, and I so bold,
   I knew in my Heart, that you were not cold,
   Your Heart had been broken, I just had to find,
   A pathway there, in a letter signed.
   I tried to write, the words would not come,
   So I decided to follow, the rays of your sun.
   With my Heart on my sleeve, I walked past your door,
   I rang your bell, and froze to the core.
   You opened the door, and smiled at my sleeve,
    And turned to your side, I could not believe!
   My name was there, all sparkling in gold,
   How could you be so romantically bold?
   You asked me in, I couldn't say no,
   My Heart on my sleeve, I just had to go.
   You said you'd fallen for my poetic eyes,
   Coupled with my smile, that warmed the sunrise.
   What more could I say - You had said it all,
   I couldn't believe, that for me you would fall.
   'Only from afar', those words I used to say,
   I now 'Thank God' for your Love every day.
   How could I ever, imagine my life?
   To be, without you, or not be your wife.
   How thankful I am, for the Heart on your sleeve,
   Never ever let my Heart, from yours, ever leave.
   The memories I have of your gentle face,
   No other on Earth can ever fill your space.
   Eyebrows that frame those caressing blue eyes,
   Those lips, that smile, which I memorise.
   Thoughts gently unfolding, awaiting a sign,
   The hours and days, never ending in time.
   That voice, which whispers, verses of Love,
   Matched only in beauty by the Angels above.
   That body, that mind, that kindness of heart,
   Michelangelo saw you, the rest was 'Art'.
   Filling your dreams with unspoken desire,
   Who will you find to quench your fire?
   Try as one may to put into words,
   How can one count ten thousand birds?
   Poems and songs, we all try to write,
   What we all need is that beacon of light,
   To say what we feel, we know and desire,
   To replenish our thirst and rekindle our fire.
   I believe in God's eyes you are a Saint,
   Sent here on Earth to help those who faint.
   Love and kindness, you export to all,
   Sadness and loneliness, you give them a call.
   No thought of one's self, no malice in mind,
   To learn from this Angel is goodness in kind.
   The memories I have of your gentle mind,
   Many times, I try, to sit down and find.
   Unspoken words written on pages,
   Promised letters to send, in various stages.
   Night has come round to close my eyes,
   Hoping you are there, when I arise.
   Why do I wait, for the phone to ring?
   Hoping that it will, and make my heart sing.
   Was it only yesterday, holding each other,
   Saying life will change, now I will be a Mother.
   It wasn't planned, it was a shock,
   Somehow I expected you to be like a Rock.
   What am I to do, where will I go?
   In two months time, I will begin to show.
   Who to tell, who not to tell,
   Will I be sent to Heaven, or to Hell?
   Have I the right, to bring a new life,
   Into this world, even though I am no wife.
   You promised to leave, your wife of seven years,
   All of a sudden, I feel unspoken fears.
   With having to think, not only of myself,
   To think of another life, and their sacred health.
   No phone call, instead, a knock at the door,
   I can hear in the background, our favourite score.
   I open the door, and see tears in your eyes,
   Somehow, waiting for you, to tell me some lies.
   You tell me its all over, you can't leave your wife,
   The Children need their Father, having another life.
   This wasn't the message, I wanted to hear,
   All of a sudden, my heart filled with fear.
   What have I achieved these forty years of life?
   Nothing but sorrow, anguish and strife.
   Life's never easy, but for some I see,
   Not a care in the world, everything comes free.
   Now my dreams of sharing, our lives together,
   Were shattered the moment, you said 'Never '.
   And so I now know, this new life of mine,
   Will have to be born, without your life-line.
   The times I have waited for the phone to ring,
   My heart would awaken, and start to sing.
   Memories of our Love, will always be there,
   But now, my life will take on, another to share.
   And so the best way, to accept my new life,
   Is to disconnect the phone - no pain, no strife!
   My new life in me, will always be told,
   'Their Father was a Hero, his heart was never cold'.
   The Love we shared went beyond my dreams,
   For the time it lasted, no wrong did it seem.
   Like all good stories, sad endings are to play,
   Into our hearts, little voices have their say.
   I looked into your eyes, and saw a yearning Love,
   Did you travel on the stars, from the Heavens above.
   When you smiled, I knew, in my heart from then.
   I was captured by you, I had to tell you with a pen.
   How was I to know, what you would do?
   My mind was made up - to ambush you!
   My plans I thought out, my objectives set,
   To the Florist - post haste, my first task to get.
   A dozen red roses - especially for you,
   No need to wait for the 'Valentine Queue'.
   No signature on the card, it was for you to guess.
   Just a message to say 'With my eyes I caress'.
   I waited on the corner your expression to seize.
   Your face lit up, sadly; no camera to freeze.
   You read every word, and examined the bouquet,
   The roses all packed, in gold cellophane array.
   I saw from your eyes, silent tears gently fall,
   That wasn't what I expected, from my poetic call.
   I knew from that moment, my fate had been broken,
   Your unspoken words, needed to be spoken.
   Walking to the door, no words could I think,
   Something in my heart told me, I was going to sink.
   I waited a second, my fate in my hand,
   The doorbell played a tune, by the famous Abba Band.
   The door slowly opened, a women showed her face,
   I looked at her wedding finger, no golden space.
   My voice was frozen, I could not speak,
   All of a sudden, my heart it felt weak.
   She asked me my business, what was I selling,
   No answer could I give, my heart it was yelling.
   You came to the door, with my roses all broken,
   With tears in your eyes, over my fateful love token.
   I said I was sorry, how could I ever know,
   Your heart was taken, I had my dreams to let go.
   I turned away - not daring to look around,
   My heart in tatters, the air empty, not a sound.
   We have all heard the saying 'I told you so',
   But I had to find out, the hard way - I know.
   One morning I saw you, just clocking in,
   Your first day at work, like a shining new pin.
    I looked at your face, and saw you smile,
   I knew in my mind, I should stay awhile.
   In our Lunch hour, when first we spoke,
   A harmless 'Hello', my sleeping heart awoke.
   We laughed and chatted, over croissants and ham,
   We wanted to linger, so ordered scones and jam.
   From Lunch to Tea, and then on to Dinner,
   My fate was sealed, I would be no winner.
   I now had embarked on a new way of life,
   I worked all day and thought of his wife.
   My friends all told me, I had to let go,
   It sounds so simple - but they just don't know.
   Each time, I tried, to finish the affair,
   My Heart was starved of his loving care.
   Forever my thoughts would stray his way,
   Stolen moments at work, in pain every day.
   Walking the dogs, always at night,
   We'd meet at nine, by the lamplight.
   From one day to the next, my mind did slowly find.
   Within my Heart, my love grew increasingly blind.
   Twenty years have passed by, what have I to show?
   Missed birthdays, holidays, and nowhere to go.
   I always believed, that 'Love Conquers All',
   How little I knew, the price for my fall.
   Past chances missed, what could I have done,
   Would one day soon, my Heart feel the Sun?
   Another ten years, how the time flies,
   Believe it or not, I at now worldly wise.
   From mistress to wife, in the last year,
   But into my Heart, someone threw a spear.
   For just as before, I stole from his wife,
   The tables have turned, now I'm his past wife.
   And so begins another circle of lies,
   Nothing said by me, but my Heart it then dies.
   Could this be my punishment, for what I have done?
   Will it be that my Heart, will never feel the Sun.
   So when your friends tell you, 'I told you so',
   Please listen to your mind, - not your Heart - I know!
   You creep into my mind, by the back door,
   So silent you enter, no creeks on the floor.
   My dreams I search, and you I find,
   With strings of my heart, with yours outlined.
   Whispering silent words, of unfathomable love,
   Then release from your hands a brilliant white dove.
   You stay for a while, and then have to go,
   Your heart on your sleeve, but I say 'Don't Go'.
   Why do you come to invade all my thoughts?
   Like a deer that is trapped and forever caught.
   Many years you have come, to enter my mind,
   A path you have worn, a stranger could find.
   Messages you drop, like the post on the floor,
   Collected by me, as I walk past the door.
   Searching through notes, I sift them all out,
   Reject some, accept some, but never throw out.
   Messages of Love, are drenched with desire,
   You enter my mind through a framework of fire.
   Silent, loving words, whispered and spelt,
   Their passion so strong, in my hands they do melt.
   You enter at Noon, and depart at Midnight,
   Resting on wings of a dove in mid-flight.
   You creep into my mind, by the back door,
   My key you stole, like my heart forever more. 
   The first time ever, I saw your face,
   My body, my mind, just entered Space.
   Your eyes they shone, just like the stars,
   To guide me on my way to Mars,
   You spoke some words, I did not hear,
   My heart awoke amidst a cheer.
   The first time ever I walked with you,
   Your hand in mine around the Zoo.
   We looked at all of Noah's pairs,
   And wished like them we had no cares.
   We smiled, we talked, we laughed aloud,
   Imitating peacocks, we were so proud.
   The first time ever I kissed those lips,
   I smelt your skin, just like rose-hips.
   I whispered sweet nothings into your ear,
   And told your mind, 'No need to fear'.
   I saw within, your heart of gold,
   A mirror image - once so cold.
   The in-between times, our lives were fun,
   Sharing each other, Loving the Sun.
   How was I to guess, what would happen so soon?
   When tragedy would strike, and burst our balloon..
   I know to give 'Thanks', for all that we've shared,
   But in my heart, I was not prepared.
   The last time ever, I saw your face,
   Your eyes so sad, they'd lost their grace.
   Your heart so weary, you could not weep,
   Your body lay down, to seek out sleep,
   So soon, this Earth to leave you must,
   Finding Love, now lost - how so unjust.
   The last time ever I breathed with you,
   My heart shed tears, coloured rainbow blue.
   How could I live my abandoned life alone,
   When both our hearts, had found a home,
   Eternal sleep I call unto you,
   To take me now, to my Love true
   Tell me at my graveside, when you come to see me,
   When the snowdrops bloom, and winter is set free.
   Tell me quietly, how you are living,
   If life is kind, or unforgiving.
   Tell me you think, about me, each day,
   And I will tell you how much I pray.
   Tell me about, your fears, and your desires,
   So that I may summon the Heavenly choirs,
   To ask them to guide you, in all that you do,
   And gently remind you, when a visit is due.
   Your Guardian Angel, watches constantly over you,
   He comes to me nightly, to collect Blessings anew.
   Tell me your hopes, your thoughts on our Love,
   And I shall remember our promises made up above.
   We met as the snowdrops were just showing through
   Their shining white petals, against the sky line blue.
   I asked you to Love me, and never leave me,
   You said that your Heart would never deceive me.
   Tell me you miss me, my warmth and affection,
   And I shall offer you, forever my protection.
   I asked you to stay, no matter the pain,
   How was I to know, that heartache would reign?
   I wasn't prepared to be taken away,
   So soon after promising my Love every day.
   From that day, when the snowdrops showed through,
   I was taken to Heaven to be born anew.
   A high price to pay for this Majestic Love,
   But God took me Home, high up above.
   So tell me you miss me forever and a day,
   And I will come to you like the Sun's warming rays.
   So tell me each Spring, when first we met,
   Your Love for me, was immediately in debt.
   Never stop saying those immortal words,
   'I will always Love You, and fly free like the birds'!
   Have I ever told you, what you mean to me,
   You are the Father I never had, I am a Refugee.
   All those years ago, when first we met,
   You came with Mary, your Wife, never to forget.
   I remember the kindness, in both your eyes,
   How tragic that now, only one sees the sunrise.
   How sad it is, the waste of all those years,
   When I knew of you both, but not of your tears.
   Only one phone call, the day I spoke to you,
   Did I realise the hurt, that within you grew.
   You told me of Mary, your Beloved, so ill,
   Her life, out of your hands, how bitter the pill.
   You told me of your visits, seeing her so helpless,
   Your mind in turmoil, your heart in such darkness.
   So many weeks, you suffered in aching silence,
   Your heart in tatters, forever searching patience.
   Until one day, God chose her to leave,
   This Earth and you, sadly, forever to grieve.
   You tell me your Love, for Mary was immeasurable,
   Over fifty years together, memories so valuable.
   I know your heart died, the day Mary left,
   All that is here on Earth, is your shell, bereft.
   I do understand, the pain in your heart,
   My thoughts and prayers, to you, I impart.
   Whatever time is left, in God's hands we are,
   Mary in Heaven, watches over you from afar.
   She sees in your heart, the tears that you cry,
   She tells me to tell you, she did not die.
   She lives in your heart, in all that you own,
   The pictures, the photos, everything in your home.
   She tells me to tell you, Life must go on,
   Each day she rises, with you, to see the Sun.
   All day, she watches, everything you do,
   Making sure that you care, for yourself to renew.
   Each evening she reads, the Psalms while you sleep,
   Then closes her eyes, from within her soul so deep.
   How Blessed you both were, with undying Love,
   I think of you both, on Earth, and Heaven up above.
   People search all their lives, and never seem to find,
   That someone special, who will be to them kind.
   Remember the years, of Love that you shared,
   Many would envy, if they found, someone that cared.
   I believe in fate, and I know in my heart,
   That we keep in touch, while Mary is apart.
   She tells me to watch over you, and all that you do,
   The joy that you bring to me, no-one else can do.
   So listen to her words, so gently does she speak,
   Your Love, She feels, and returns to, each week.
   I remember the first day, I walked through the doors,
   So silent and calm, it seeped through my pores.
   The fears and apprehensions, within me before,
   Vanished so quickly, and were there no more.
   The moment I spoke, with those Angels of Care,
   I knew my Mother would breathe in God's air.
   The courage I found, to challenge my fears,
   Where did it come from, after all these years?
   I crept into the room, where peacefully she slept,
   Inside my Heart, the tears they just wept.
   Why should it all, simply end like this?
   I was not prepared for the farewell kiss,
   I watched her breathe, so silently there,
   The strings of my Heart, I felt them tear.
   How many thoughts had crossed my mind,
   To say I was sorry, for being unkind.
   The sun filtered through, the window so bright,
   She opened her eyes, they sparkled alight.
   She smiled at me, and asked me to stay,
   I looked at her strength, and started to pray.
   I prayed for her strength to see me through,
   Those desperate hours, which she only knew.
   In my Heart of Hearts, I was not prepared,
   With God's Love, my heartache would be shared.
   Night crept into morning, this to be her last,
   I searched in her face, memories of her past.
   Suddenly the air became silent and calm,
   An Angel stood beside me, whispering a Psalm.
   I know in my Heart, she is now at rest,
   The time she was given, on Earth, was Blessed.
   May one day soon, I see her again,
   Walking amongst Angels, and free from her pain.
   The Hospice, The Doctors and all Carers there,
   From all walks of Life, their Love they do share.
   Forever My gratitude, from my Heart, now at peace,
   To those Angels fighting wars, which never will cease. 
   Friendship, near and Far
   Never have I known, anyone like You,
   Who gives from their Heart, so generous and true.
   Your knowledge and wisdom, I listen and learn
   No different in age, do I discern.
   Here in this land, so foreign to me,
   I find in You, a safe haven to be,
   Through clouds of sorrow, You give me hope,
   Never would I manage to simply live and cope.
   With life's daily battles and challenges each day,
   Praying for guidance, to see clear my way.
   Your Friendship so warm, like the sun's healing rays,
   Stay close by my side, through all my rainy days.
   Be it here in this land or many miles away,
   I know you will stay, by my side every day.
   Your armour you give, to shield my Soul,
   Little do You know, how You repair my weeping hole.
   October, 8, 2004  
   Do You know what Your Friendship means to me?
   My life would be unbearable, no future would I see.
   With Kindness and Understanding, our Friendship seeks no name,
   No Envy, no Malice, no Jealousy, no Pain.
   Love and Understanding, between Friends should always be,
   No need for explanations, with Tears we both set free.
   Sadness and Happiness, Heartache and Fears,
   All are banished away, when we each re-appear.
   From one Continent to another, one Culture one Race,
   Never did I think, one thousand problems would I face.
   With Your Help and Support, Your Patience, Your Time,
   You absorb all my Fears, you become my Life-line.
   My Best Friend, My Soul mate, My Companion through Life,
   You have made my journey bearable,  through all these toils and strife.
   Never forget what our Friendship means to Me,
   Here at home or miles away, Your Merciful Heart I always see.
   Remember these words, Unspoken lines of Heartfelt truths.....................
   Monday 13th June 2005
   Another evening as before, but little did I know
   Your call to me, would a life-line throw.
   Three hundred miles, your voice did send,
   Messages of warmth, sad feelings to mend.
   From Strangers to Friends, one step at a time,
   I needed to hear, for my Heart wished to climb,
   Those treacherous rocks, of grieving pain,
   With arms outstretched, I caught your 'healing rain'.
   From nowhere You came, and touched My Heart,
   Our special, spoken language, only You could impart.
   Your feelings You shared, and whispered to Me,
   My Heart catching each syllable, only I could then see.
   Travelling East to West, to see You soon,
   Only hours apart, covering three full cycle moons.
   Your warmth I feel, enveloping My mind,
   Another evening as before, no sad thoughts will You now find.

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