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A better world through knowledge and information

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  We often like to say: "He who owns the information, owns the situation." But is it? Information technologies have rushed up, and many settlements and even countries are far behind in this development. But why? Because the data exchange plays an important role in the life of the world. Thanks to them we can unite and convey to the inhabitants of the planet with important information about their health, quality of life, report emergencies, and generally about the state of their environment. Who if not we can save our planet from destroying it daily anthropogenic factors.
  Me, as an environmentalist concerned about the many problems faced by people daily. From global, such as global warming, to the most insignificant to many, but so important for people who have dedicated their life to the service of nature. Thanks to the transfer of information and data we can these "minor" issues to bring up for everyone to see and talk about them to the world in order to unite and solve them by all means. An example here might be the preservation of Amur tigers that are currently listed in the red book. These individuals only 500 left. But if people had not rallied and raised the alarm, no one would know about the existence of such problems. In April 2007, WWF experts announced that the population of Amur tigers is on the verge of extinction. With information technology managed to raise the issue at a public display. Tigers were fitted with satellite collars to explore the area of their habitat. As it turned out that they live sufficiently larger area than was their sanctuary. This means that the tigers go far beyond the protected zone, being exposed to increased danger. These data, according to the publication, give the grounds to speak about the need to expand the protected zone of the reserve. Started strict monitoring, accounting individuals. And it's all thanks to society, to us, and of course information technology, distributed data across the world. Now we can proudly say that we help the world to keep the population of Amur tigers. But this is just an example of one population.
  I live in Russia. My native city of Murmansk and the shelter for homeless animals in the Murmansk region could be another example of how information can affect the life of animals and people who find themselves in difficult situations. I'm sure around the world there are many homeless animals. In some cities and even countries the authorities to strictly monitor this problem, but in our strabolgi help from the state to not have to wait. And only through the sharing of data between people by means of the Internet allows you to save the little creature lives and even find them a loving home. It seemed, on what means may be a shelter, if it is not funded by government? Of course money caring people. And not always these people rich. Paying 100 rubles ( about 1.5 dollars) to feed one or two cats. And often donations are of such a nature, when the people giving the money helped the animals to stay alive for another day.
  I urge you to put all the last piece of bread or to give away all my possessions to the homeless. But isn't there among you or people in your city need help? At least in information. I recently found the kitten in the street. I took it home. His photo posted on the Internet and asked all his friends to send data about it to find him a loving home. And you know, everything turned out! I saved the life of one kitten.
  Maybe I'm too fixated on the animals in his story. And how can you save people with communication? I think you read a lot of articles my colleagues about emergencies and other global issues. But I want to bring to you a very different problem, as I have called them "minor" for many. For example, now a lot of people worldwide suffer from cancer. Recently died famous singer in Russia Zhanna Friske. Her death shocked the whole of Russia. Because several years ago the whole of Russia came together and began collecting funds for the treatment of Jeanne. Unfortunately it is not saved. But the money collected was more than it took in, sent to the Fund for treatment of children with the same diagnosis as the singer. And many lives have been saved throughout Russia, the price of life was standing in a huge amount of money. But still there are still many people who need financial assistance for treatment. And often people come to the aid of other people. And only through the sharing of data, they learn about their problems.
  I urge you not to be indifferent, to open his eyes, to access the Internet, take and make at least one small good deed.
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