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61. En. The Son of Man - New Eternal Mediator

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61. The Son of Man - New Eternal Mediator!

( for the Holiday of the Rose on December 29, 2017 )

The Prince of Light!

(Translation from Russian. Translation is not professional!!!)

   The Son - of Man! This name is well known to the readers of the Grail Message. But even those few who truthfully try to open up their spirit to the Word, still do not fully clearly comprehend, Who we are talking about, Who is the One called the Son of Man, and Who was given to the humanity as the Eternal Mediator. However, the Word of the Message provides enough instructions in order to make sense out of it and gain clarity on this issue. --
   I will tell you right away: the Son of Man, Who was predicted for the humanity for the whole Eternity as the Eternal Mediator, - is not Imanuel Himself and is not Parsifal Himself, but he is ... the Youth, the Son of Man yet to come!
   "... In grave wonder, a youth beheld this monstrous happening from the Castle of the Grail... the future Son of Man. He was already then being prepared for His Mission, a process which took thousands of years; for He was to descend well-equipped into those lower regions, where Darkness reigned through the volition of mankind.
   A woman's hand was gently laid on the shoulder of the dreaming youth. The Primordial Queen of Womanhood stood beside Him, and spoke in a sad and loving voice:
   "Take in the full impact of this event, dear Son. Such is the battlefield through which you will have to pass in the hour of fulfillment; for at the request of the murdered Savior, God the Father grants that before the Judgment you shall once more proclaim His Word to the faithless, in order to save those who are still willing to listen to It!"
   The youth bowed His head in silence and sent up a fervent prayer for strength, for the echo of such great Divine Love reverberated mightily within Him! ..."

Grail Message,

Report 88 "The Stranger"

   So then, this particular Youth is the announced Son of Man and Eternal Mediator! This particular Youth - named Abdruschin - gave people the Word of Truth in the form of the Grail Message published in 1931 on the German land in Munich.*) Whereas the Word written in the Resonances to the Grail Message, was given by Imanuel! And that's not only intuitively perceived, but is also mentioned in the "Closing Word" given in the end of the Grail Message.

Closing Word

   Abdruschin has now completed His Message to mankind. After completion there now arose in Him the God-sent Son of Man


   who was promised by the Son of God, Jesus Himself, for the Judgment and the Salvation of mankind, after prophets of old had already pointed to Him. He bears the insignia of His high mission: the living Cross of Truth, radiating out of Him and the Divine Dove above him, the same insignia as were borne by the Son of God.

Awaken, mankind, from the sleep of your spirit!


Grail Message, "Closing Word"

   *) The Grail Message of 1931 on the Internet: http://www.abdrushin.us/in-the-light-of-truth/
   This Youth is the Part of Parsifal-Imanuel. He carries in Himself the Part of Parsifal - Part of His Body necessary for the Youth in order to be able to exist in the Creation for eternity. Together with this Part he carries in Himself the Spark of the Living Power of God the Father. This Part is Unsubstantial and derives from Imanuel. This is exactly the reason why this Youth is also the God Messenger and may be also called the Son of God - because through Parsifal He is the Part of Imanuel. This is exactly why the Youth is also called the Son of Man.
   "... Thus the Great Judgment comes about only through the increased pressure of a Divine Ray, passed on through an Envoy from God incarnated in the World of Gross Matter, to Whom God has given a spark of His Living Power. Only that which swings aright in the Laws manifesting the Power of God can withstand the pressure of this Living Power-Spark, which naturally cannot be as strong as the enormous pressure of the Living Power in God the Father Himself! That which swings aright will be strengthened by this pressure, but not to the point of white heat, for which the radiation of the power-spark is insufficient. The radiation of the power-spark, however, is amply sufficient to unhinge all disturbing elements, thrust them out of their false movements, and crush and disintegrate them. ..."

Grail Message,

Report "Life"

   "... And this small Part who was placed outside of the Creative Will of God, the Son of God Imanuel, so that Creation can form from His radiation and also remain preserved, is Parsifal!
   His Unsubstantiate Core out of Imanuel received form through the Primordial Queen Elizabeth, i.e., He received a cloak which became His anchor, so that He can remain standing outside the Divine Sphere! And this cloak, this form, is the Holy Vessel in which the fire of God the Father, the Holy Spirit, Imanuel, is anchored and out of which He works. With this form, with this cloak, the small part of Imanuel outside of the Divine sphere also became personal, but He remains inseparably connected with Imanuel and thereby equally closely connected with God the Father, Whom He, as a part of Imanuel, can also call Father and He can call Himself a Son of God; for Parsifal and Imanuel are one with God the Father! ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume II,

Report 12 "The Spiritual Planes III"

   However, for simplicity and visualization - what would allow to better reflect His Substance for understanding - we can ask ourselves a silent question about Him: "Whose?" is this Youth, and "Which is?" this Youth?
   "Whose?" is this Youth? - Imanuel's, i.e. the Man's! That is exactly why He is called the Son of Man (in other words Whose? - the Man's - i.e. of Man)!
   "Which is?" this Youth? - Unsubstantial-Spiritual! This is exactly why He is the Eternal Mediator - because He combines in Himself both Unsubstantial and Spiritual! And exactly the One Who was given by God to the Creation and humanity as the New and Eternal Mediator - instead of fallen Archangel Lucifer. But the Youth is the Son of Man also in Quality, because presence of "Spiritual" in the Son also makes Him "of Man".
   "... The Son of Man also issues from Divine Unsubstantiality, directly from God. Through the connection with the conscious spiritual substantiality, His severance made it imperative that He remain separate, yet directly connected to the Divine Unsubstantiate, so that He may stand as the Eternal Mediator between God and His Work. As Lucifer, who proceeded from the Sphere of Divine Substantiality, failed in his mission, it became necessary to send in his place someone stronger who would fetter him and bring help to Creation. For this reason the Son of Man, who was entrusted with this task, issued from Divine Unsubstantiality. ..."

Grail Message,

Report 52"The Evolution of Creation"

   It should be noted here that this Son of Man, who we are talking about, i.e. the Youth, was born and sent by God the Father only after Lucifer could not cope with his task of Helper and Mediator. And this means that this Youth-Son could not be Parsifal Himself, since Parsifal Himself was the First in Creation, and all the rest appeared only after Him, and Parsifal was already Leading the Way in Creation from the very beginning when the Creation had been formed, and moreover - when somewhat later by God's will Lucifer came into the Creation!
   Parsifal is not the Mediator, but - the Pure Gate! His Function Is to be the Pure Gate at the Top of Creation!
   "... Parsifal, the Son of Light, in the Primordial Spiritual, standing at the summit of Creation! The Pure Gate which has opened from the Divine to Creation and leads from God to man!
   According to its meaning the name Parsifal signifies among other things: From God to man! He is therefore the gate or the bridge from God to man. He is not the pure simpleton (in German "der reine Tor"), but the Pure Gate (in German "das reine Tor") of Life to Creation! ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume II,

Report 12 "The Spiritual Planes III"

   Then who is the Mediator promised to the Creation and humanity for eternity by God Himself?
   "... Thus the birth of Christ was not the fulfillment of the prophecies and revelations which, as a gift of God, had promised the human spirits an eternal mediator! Instead it was an emergency act for the entire Creation, which was in danger of being undermined by the erring human spirit.
   Consequently, the Divine part which was then incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth must reunite completely with the Father, as Christ Himself repeatedly emphasized. He must again become One with Him. This fact also proves that He cannot be the promised eternal mediator between God and Creation, the Son of Man promised for this purpose!
   This is the final advancement for Creation which had always been intended only for the end of the first part of materiality, following which Creation then has to proceed evenly and consistently, with the Son of Man as Eternal Mediator at the summit. He at the same time is and will continue to be the highest servant of God. Christ, the Son of God, was a part of the Divine and therefore had to return again completely into the Divine. The Son of Man is the executive servant of God, sent out from the Divine, yet never again able completely to return to the God Head, since He had also received, as an inseparable possession, aside from the Divine origin, the Pure-Spiritual. Thereby and only then is fulfilled the revelation of the promise of the eternal mediator between God and His Creation, of which mankind is a part, indeed. ..."

Grail Message,

Report 81 "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!"

   "... The Son of God who, being purely Divine, absolutely must, through the power of attraction of the stronger homogeneity, be drawn back to His Divine origin where He is forced to remain, after discarding anything adhering to Him which is not Divine. Therefore He could not remain the eternal Mediator between the Godhead and the Creation with mankind. Thus, through the reunion of the Son of God and the Father, a new chasm would have arisen, and the Mediator between pure Divinity and Creation would again have been missing. The Son of God Himself proclaimed to mankind the Coming of the Son of Man, Who will then remain the eternal Mediator between the Divine and Creation. This expresses the sublime love of the Creator for His Creation. ..."

Grail Message,

Report 60 "The Son of Man"

   "... And, following the fulfillment and the proclamation, the connecting path will for all of eternity be the Son of Man, as the promised eternal mediator. ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume I,

Report 18 "Omnipresence!"

   The New Eternal Mediator for the Creation and humanity is that Son of Man who was the Youth! And He was already then being prepared for His Mission during the coming Judgment since the time when He had been announced to humanity by prophet Isaiah (Is. 7:14-16).
   14. Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Imanuel.
   15. He will be eating curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right,
   16. for before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste.

Is. 7:14-16

   Well-known painting "Mother of God with the Infant in the Arms" reflects this very Event! For Elizabeth is the Mother of God, and the baby is the Youth Parsifal.
   "... Genuine visions, however, always showed pictures of Elizabeth with the infant Parsifal or also without the latter. ..."
   "... However, She is virgin! Although She is called Primordial Mother and Parsifal calls Her Mother. ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume I,

Report 49 "The Primordial Queen"


So then, the New Eternal Mediator!

   New - because he was appointed by God the Father to replace the former Mediator - fallen Archangel Lucifer, who had previously represented Love in Devine, which He was supposed to preserve in the Creation as Pure as it was in Divine. However, He blunted and distorted it! And afterwards He fueled the cult of "love" in flesh of terrestrial bodies on Earth in humanity for it to die instead of pure spiritual love of Light in their hearts!
   Eternal - because in addition to the Spiritual He carries in Himself Divine-Unsubstantiality! This very Spark of Unsubstantiality has the Collateral that this Mediator being outside of the Divine Sphere will remain Reliable and Steady for eternity as well!
   And Eternal also because due to the Spiritual element in Him God the Father will not take Him back into the Godhead - meaning that due to this element of Spiritual He will stay with us forever - in the Creation - outside of the Divine Sphere! ... This is - an Unspeakable Sacrifice of God the Father's Love to the Creation and humanity!
   "... But Imanuel the Son of Man was given to men by God, so that through Him they could exist and have in Him an eternal mediator through whose Being the human spirits with the right attitude could also remain eternally conscious!
   For this purpose God gave a Son without demanding His complete return to Him! This is the great sacrifice which He made, this is His gift. This is the promised son-sacrifice for mankind! He does not demand Him or draw Him back into the Godhead.
   The great sacrifice by God has nothing to do with the crucifixion and the Son of God Jesus. The crucifixion was not a sacrifice, neither a sacrifice made by God nor one made by mankind! However, because mankind gave false interpretations to this deliberate act committed against the Son of God in order to exculpate themselves, they also could never comprehend the actual concept of the word Son of Man, were never able to recognize the true sacrifice by God for what it was, i.e., the intentional separation of God from the Son born out into Creation, necessary for mankind, unimaginable greatness of which can never and will never be grasped by mankind!
   It will not be difficult for you to understand that the Son of Man, in accordance with the Law of the Light, could be nothing other than King in Creation, and representative of the Triune God. Placed by God the Father into Creation for the human spirits, He is the only one in all of Creation who comes out of God. ..."
   "... God alone made the great sacrifice in the Son of Man for all of mankind and for Creation! ..."
   "... The Kingdom of the Son of Man however is the Cosmos, Creation! God called the inborn Son the Son of God; for He is active in the Divine Kingdom which is much greater than all of Creation. He placed the out-born Son into Creation, thereby placing Him over the human spirits, and proclaimed Him to mankind as the Son of Man. This is the son whom He separated from Himself for this mankind so that He may rule over them. ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume I,

Report 16 "Jesus and Imanuel"

   This also serves as the reason of all becoming New with the great Cosmic Turning Point! Wherefore with the coming of the New Mediator in the Creation everything has to automatically become New!
   "... There will be a transformation in every kind of happening; and with the Son of Man comes the Cosmic Turning Point! This is the reason why everything, which, in order to continue to exist, must become new and why none of the old can remain unless its striving is already attuned to the Law of the Light! In this case it will be able to remain and only has to be purified so that it will shine like all that is new! However, mankind does not know how grateful they should be for everything which is being fulfilled at this time! ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume I,

Report 16 "Jesus and Imanuel"

   In order to better understand this given to us Son of Man, in other words the Youth - He may be called the Son of Man, in other words the Son of Imanuel.
   Put in other words, there are three Sons of Man for people: Imanuel, Parsifal, Abdruschin.
   Imanuel - Part of the Father, Parsifal - Part of Imanuel, Abdruschin - Part of Parsifal, the Youth, the New Eternal Mediator, instead of Lucifer. Although in reality, there is only one Son - Imanuel, acting simultaneously in three parts!
   "... As King Imanuel in the universe, as Parsifal for the Primordially Created ones and in the spiritual realm, and finally, as the Son of Man for the world of gross matter on this planet Earth. Three in one, working simultaneously, a Divine mystery. ..."

Grail Message,

Report 91 "And it was fulfilled..!"

   "...The earth has thus become the last stronghold of the Light on soil which is hostile to the Light. Therefore the terminal point of the Light is now anchored here. The tighter the direct line of the Triune of the Light Activity: Imanuel--Parsifal--Abdruschin, stretches from one day to the other, the more tangible and visible becomes the outworking of the power in the Divine Will, which creates order and forcefully straightens everything which mankind has distorted, that is, in so far as it can still be put right. That which cannot be made straight will have to break. The Power of the Light never permits of anything intermediate.
   Only when this line of the Light is stretched taut and straight does the world tremble from the Divine Power, does mankind then recognize Imanuel in Abdruschin! ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume I,

Report 57 "Let there be Light!"

   The Son of Man, the Youth, the Eternal Mediator in some cases is called Imanuel, in the others - Parsifal, however, nevertheless He is the Youth, the coming Son of Man.
   When they say that in the times of Moses Parsifal came to Earth, it means that it was that very Youth who came to Earth, who came to Earth to study and get ready for His future Mission of Help and Salvation for the time of Judgment. This Youth was Abdruschin - the Son of Parsifal, the Son of the Holy Spirit.
   "... In Abdruschin, for the first and for the second time, Parsifal was on earth, and with these explanations He will likely come a little closer to your understanding today, whereas in the hour of fulfillment Imanuel as such will take possession of the physical cloak of Parsifal after painstaking purifications of this cloak.
   Only then could the full power of the God Trinity gradually sink down into this cloak, in order to fulfill the greatest of all Divine Promises through mercies upon humanity! Thus, immeasurable happenings are unfolding once again before your spirit as a foundation for the understanding about Parsifal! ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume II,

Report 12 "The Spiritual Planes III"

   "... Thus the emissary sent for the Divine Judgment came to Earth in the person of a Prince of the mightiest of Egypt's neighboring states. As an Arabian prince He bore the name Abdruschin. This is equivalent to:Son of the Holy Spirit. ..."

Grail Message,

Report 91 "And it was fulfilled..!"

   However, the Youth was Juvenile only during the Studying and Preparation for His Mission. Upon completion of the preparation period and beginning of Performance He - Has Matured and became an Adult!
   It is Him - the Youth, and now the Prince of Light - Abdruschin - is that God's Messenger who came to the Creation to provide both Help and Salvation, and Purification and Judgment.
   In other words, this refers to the third Part precisely, i.e. about Who was the Baby, the Youth, and now has already become the grown up Prince of Light, the Son of Light, who, first of all, had to gain experience, grow up and mature.
   It was Him precisely who was prophesized as the birth of the Son known to us from the image of the Mother of God with the Child in the Arms and announced one day by prophet Isaiah.
   He is the one - the New Mediator - who was the Youth, the Son of Man. Insofar as Parsifal was already Grown yet prior to the appearance of the Creation, wherefore the Creation appeared from Him and after Him. In other words, also yet before Lucifer was sent to the Creation as the Helper and the Mediator.
   He, the Son of Man - the Youth, who became known under the name Abdruschin - has become for humanity the New and from now on the Eternal Mediator and Leader - instead of Lucifer, who could not cope with entrusted to him Mission of the Mediator. Lucifer originated from the Divine-Substantiality Sphere, when Abdruschin's Roots lay in Unsubstantiality, since He comes from Imanuel through Parsifal as His Part. This Circumstance forever excludes any possibility of the New Mediator's failure at Such a Large Distance from the Source of All Power, wherefore Type of the New Mediator's Origin forever Guarantees Reliability of Performing the Role of the Pure Mediator.
   He - Eternal Mediator - instead of Lucifer. Wherefore the Son of Man, already grown up Prince of Light took away the Holy Spear from Lucifer and put it in the Rightful Hand ... into the Hand of the Prince of Light, who therefore becomes the New Mediator instead of Lucifer in order ... to direct humanity putting into effect the true Grail Principle - the Principle of Pure Strict Love.
   "... This task has been delegated to the prophesied Son of Man. ...
   ... Lucifer had used the "Holy Spear," the Power, wrongly and through his principle inflicted a painful wound on the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality and thereby upon humanity as its sparks and offshoot. The Spear will be wrested from him in this battle. Then, in the "proper hand," that is, by application of the true Grail principle of pure, strict love, it will heal the wound previously inflicted by it while in the wrong hand, that is, through its wrong application. ...
   ... However, when the "Holy Spear" i.e. the Divine Power, is wielded in the proper hand, namely the one acting according to the Will of the Creator, and shows the right path to Spiritual-Substantiality which wanders through materiality as an animating factor, leading upwards to its point of origin, to the luminous Kingdom of God the Father; it will then no longer become lost, but will flow back to its origin as the blood does to the heart, as a result, the exuding wound, which up till then weakened the Sphere of Spiritual Substantiality, will be closed. Thus the healing can only take place through the same Spear as inflicted the wound.
   To achieve this, however, the Spear must first be wrested from Lucifer and come into the proper hand, which takes place in the personal battle between the Son of Man and Lucifer!
   Any further battles extending into the Ethereal and Gross Material Worlds are but the after-effects of this one great battle, which must bring about the promised fettering of Lucifer which heralds the beginning of the Kingdom of the Millennium. These battles mean the extermination of the consequences of the Lucifer principle. ..."

Grail Message,

Report 45 "The mystery of Lucifer"

   "... Thus It was this part of His mission that was the hardest for Parsifal. If He wanted to help, only one thing remained for Him to do: He had to live for a time as a man among men, unaware of His origin or His Mission; for otherwise there would never have been experiencing! Not only that, but He also had to come into direct contact with all the faults of this humanity, had to suffer them personally, so that through this personal suffering He could at least attain to a knowledge of them. He could never reach true understanding, for the distortion of human opinions and human laws would always remain alien and false to His nature and origin. For this reason He was also unable to think or to act in accordance with the erroneous human laws. Although living on this earth, He could only carry out the Laws of God, to which many of the legal concepts of an extremely depraved and narrow-minded mankind were frequently opposed and hostile. ...
   ... He was therefore ruthlessly drawn into the maelstrom, which led Him through everything that was wrong among men. Not just close to everything, for that would not have sufficed; but He had to become personally involved in everything, so that amid this horrible entanglement He would recognize all the evils one by one, and through His own suffering find a way which would offer human beings a possibility of escaping from those fatal clutches. He was obliged first to walk the road of salvation personally, thereby blazing the way for mankind, every single one, in order then to show them in the Word how they can struggle to free themselves from all these evils.
   For this reason He could be spared nothing, because He had to become familiar with everything that oppresses and torments human beings, and pulls them away from the Light!
   Thus, every earthly evil was put in His way so that by suffering it Himself He would overcome it first; in overcoming it He had at the same time to tear out each particular root and trample it, and prepare the path which would lead men on toward the Light. ...
   ... That was the greatest and the hardest sacrifice He made for men on earth. ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume II,

Report 21 "The Living Word (Pentecost 1935)"

   News about this Event - about the Coming of the New Messenger of God and His Difficult Path -- penetrated all spheres, therefore it is quite natural that this Script has also been very frequently reflected one way or the other in one or the other form in humanity, according to the epoch and perception.
   Yet all of these stories - are just the Resonances of the Only One Story. The Story about the Path of the Youth, the Son of Man where He was Growing up gaining his own experience, and together with it - the Knowledge!

The Warmest Gratitude to the Lord our Father that He allowed His Son to come!

   Below are a few well-known references, which one way or the other narrate about the aforementioned Events:
   Prophecy of Isaiah.
   14. Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Imanuel.
   15. He will be eating curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right,
   16. for before the boy knows enough to reject the wrong and choose the right, the land of the two kings you dread will be laid waste.

Is. 7:14-16

   Novel "The Count of Monte Cristo".
   The Novel "The Count of Monte Cristo" was written in 1844 году. 31 year prior to the birth of this very Count. And in 1931 He publishes his main work "In the Light of Truth" the Grail Message.
   The fact that Alexandre Dumas wrote this novel does not necessarily mean that he knew all the Script Background. But one thing is for sure - inasmuch as such a story was written, even if under the guise of a novel, then it means that in the World of Thoughts this Script had already Taken Place!
   Notwithstanding all the variety of assigned forms and details, the main line nevertheless remained the script about the Young Man, his trips, struggles, confinement, transformation, release from confinement, discovery of the treasures, rescue of a beloved woman, and at long last victory over evil.
   It goes without saying that such coincidence in such detail and being so close to the Implementation of these very events in the Reality is simply impossible! No question that the contents of this novel was perceived by Alexandre Dumas the same way as in the remote past people perceived at heart discovered News about the Sacred Grail, which has reached our days in the form of legends and folk tales.
   How symbolic! Edmond Dantes after his trials while in confinement becomes the Count of Monte Cristo. An island where the treasures are dug is an image of the Grail Castle where the True Treasure of Life - Grail rests, which contains the Main Treasure - the Power of Life itself!
   Therefore, here are more details:
   Edmond Dantes is the image of the Youth, who has to acquire earthly experience and knowledge while traveling with the spiritual bandage over the eyes.
   The Count of Monte Cristo is the Youth who has completed his earthly education and begun his Mission, grown up and therefore having become the Count, the Prince of Light announced as the Eternal Mediator, the Son of Man Imanuel-Parsifal!
   The Count means the Duke of Light, the Son of Light.
   Monter Cristo (the name) is the Mountain of the Holy Cross, it is the Castle of Saint Grail on the Top of Aggregate Creation. (Monte - a stone, foundation, mountain; Cristo - the Cross).
   From Italian Monte Cristo (Isola di Montecristo) is translated as the "Mountain of Christ". Therefore, it may be also called as the "Mountain of Salvation", since the word "Christ" means the Savior. In such a way, the Count of Monte Cristo is not just the Count, i.e. the Duke of the Castle of Light, but also the Count, the Duke of the Mountain of Salvation.
   Mercedes is the image of human femininity who falls in love with young Edmond and promises to become his wife (engagement in the novel). But Edmond gets arrested and she, thinking that Edmond is dead, gets married in the church with Ferinand. In other words, earthly femininity promises to the Light to take the Godly Path (to become Ferinand's wife), however, notwithstanding the promise (engagement), she still gets back to the earthly way (gets married with Ferinand).
   Ferinand - Mercedes' cousin, is the image of earthly, material man, who plunged into materiality.
   Abbe Faria is the image of life itself as the Teacher. The life itself filled with worries aiming at acquisition in the hearth of experience - Knowledge! And it was Abbe Faria who taught Edmond and confided in him about the hidden Treasures in the Island! This means that the Treasure may be extracted only by means of acquiring experience in life itself, and then its comprehension! Wherefore Human Spirit wishing to come back to the Spiritual Kingdom, must mature spiritually, what is possible only by means of life itself, its comprehension and feeling! And the fact that Abbe Faria was presented as the prisoner and called by people insane shows spiritually lazy humanity, which is afraid of efforts, required for present Godly life, and this is the reason why humanity avoids it (confines it in the prison), and calls it crazy!
   Villefort is the "royal" prosecutor. This is the image of an earthly intellect, which authoritatively became the head of everything (therefore it is called "royal") and decides everything (that is why it is called the "prosecutor").
   Danglars - the accountant, the banker is the image of earthly life, not in the sense of high society, but in the sense of remote from real, true Godly life. The image of the banker points at the absence in the life of a Godly Creation and presence of only meaningless exchange by ashes of the earth.
   In the end of the script, Danglars becomes a bankrupt, which means that such ungodly life is completely ruined at long last (i.e. becoming a bankrupt). --
   Good cinematization of this novel is the Soviet movie "The Prisoner of Chateau d'If" released in 1988 by Odessa motion-picture studio.
   Scene of the story is laid in 1815-29 and 1838. However, precisely 100 years afterwards, the following events took place:
   1915 - being a German citizen Oscar Ernst Bernhardt was interned to the Isle of Man, England. Time of World War One.
   1929 - the great Cosmic Turning Point came and together with it the Judgment of God.
   1938 - on March 12, 1938 Abdruschin was arrested by the German national-socialistic regime authorities.
   Is a visual illustration of the main life stages of the Youth: His disciplemaking, struggle, growing up, disregard of self, saving the life of a beloved woman and victory over evil. Where the main characters are:
   Hercules - the Son of Zeus, who has become an earthly man but retained a drop of Power from His Father, God (the image of the Youth).
   Hades - the ruler of the otherworld (the image of Lucifer).
   Megara - the image of earthly femininity.
   (For those, who is interested, I recommend to watch an American cartoon "Hercules" made in 1997).
   Adventures of Sinbad
   The same script line.
   John Bunyan, a story-allegory "The Holy War"
   The Prince Imanuel appeals to a man and fights for the release and salvation of the city "Soul".
   Epistle of Nostradamus to King Henry II
   Well-known Message of Nostradamus to King Henry II, in which the author appeals to the King, however not the earthly King, but the King of Light, the Duke of Light. The fact that the King's Name is not written as Henry, but Henry the Second, means that the author does not appeal to God the Father Himself (Henry), but to His Son, who is the Vice-King! In other words, to That Son, Who has separated from the Father through the Birth Outwardly - otherwise He would not have been able to become King "the Second"! Thus, this is the appeal to King Imanuel-Parsifal, the Duke and the Prince of Light, the Son of Man, who is the very First Monarch of the Universe - i.e. the Creation!

"To the most Invincible most Powerful and most Christian Henry,

King of France the Second:

Michel Nostradamus, his very humble and very obedient servant and subject,

wishes victory and happiness

   Ever since my long-beclouded face first presented itself before the immeasurable deity of your Majesty, O Most Christian and Most Victorious King, I have remained perpetually dazzled by that sovereign sight. I have never ceased to honor and venerate properly that date when I presented myself before a Majesty so singular and so humane. ...
   ... While I was seized with this singular desire to be transported suddenly from my long-beclouded obscurity to the illuminating presence of the first monarch of the universe, ...
   ... Seeing your royal splendor to be accompanied by such an incomparable humanity, I have paid my address to it, ...
   ... It is to a most prudent and most wise Prince that I have dedicated my nocturnal and prophetic calculations ..."

"Epistle to Henry II"

Done by Michel Nostradamus at Salon-de-Crau in Provence

June 27th, 1558

   Ihtiandr, the Amphibian Man!
   "And the Spirit of God hovering above the waters"! (Genesis 1:2).
   And with this Sacrifice one Son was created by Ihtiandr, who became the Amphibian Man! Henceforward He lives in the Water, though He can get out of It for a short period of time. In the Water - it means in the Creation! This is an Unspeakable Sacrifice of the Love of God, the Father to the Creation and humanity!
   And movie "The Amphibian Man" gives an earthly example in order for a man to imagine at least a little how big must the Love of the Father be to created creatures that for their sake He gave His Own Blood Son to live forever in the Water, whereas He Himself has been living and will continue living above the Water and outside of It!
   "... and owing to the nature of His Origin, which combines Divinity with Spirituality, the Son of Man, as King of the Grail and as the only Mediator, is able to cross the border into the Divine Sphere from Creation. ..."

Grail Message,

Report "Life"

   December 29 is the true date of the Birth of Christ. According to the current calendar, this is that very day, when once upon a time Jesus was born on Earth - in the stable in Bethlehem, what was witnessed by the Star, rising in the sky, seen by the shepherds and the three Kings.

In additions, here are some observations:

   Jesus - Love: number - 5, Imanuel - Will: number - 7.
   Jesus began to proclaim the Word when he was 30 years old = 5*5+5.
   In 1923 (on 7*7 year of the birth) - the author began writing the reports of the Message.
   In 1931 (in 7*7+7 years after the birth) - the Grail Message was completed and published.
   July 21, 1929 - beginning of the great Cosmic Turning Point, and with it the Judgment.
   21 = 7+7+7, July is the 7th month, 1929 = 1+9+2+9 = 21 = 7+7+7. In total: seven numbers seven!

-- -- --

   "... If, however, the Word had not been given to them after the darkness had taken hold among men on earth, they all would have to be lost and sink into disintegration together with the Darkness which closely surrounds them. ...
   ... Men would never have been able to do this of their own accord without this help. ...
   ... Therefore, the great sacrifice stands all by itself as a consequence of the God-Perfection of the All-Holy Will. ..."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume II,

Report 37 "Do not fall in the temptation"


This is how the Undistorted Word brought to people looks like - the Grail Message of 1931:

0x01 graphic

* * *

And always, only the Word itself should be subjected to testing and verification!

All the Gratitude belongs to Lord the Father!


December 29, 2017

Aleksandr Parinov


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