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63. En. Circumcision of the Foreskin

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63. Circumcision of the Foreskin

(Translation from Russian. Translation is not professional!!!)

   10. This is My covenant which ye shall keep between Me and you and thy seed after thee: every manchild among you shall be circumcised.
   11. And ye shall circumcise the flesh of your foreskin; and it shall be a token of the covenant between Me and you.
   12. And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised among you, every manchild in your generations, he that is born in the house or bought with money from any stranger who is not of thy seed.
   13. He that is born in thy house and he that is bought with thy money must be circumcised; and My covenant shall be in your flesh for an everlasting covenant.
   14. And the uncircumcised manchild whose flesh of his foreskin is not circumcised, that soul shall be cut off from his people; he hath broken My covenant."

Genesis 17:10-14

   These words from the Bible are given in Judaism as the starting point of the Commandment about foreskin circumcision, which, as the text says, was once given to Abraham by God - as His condition for Covenant with Him, that is, for the possibility of concluding a Union with Him.
   Fulfillment of this Commandment until the present time, that is what constitutes this fulfillment, it is known what exact actions it implies! However, are these actions truly a real fulfillment of this Commandment? The Commandment truly originating from God Himself! --
   Circumcision of the foreskin! What does this Commandment really mean?
   The foreskin! What is it in fact? That is what it really is? Why also the "foreskin"? And the "foreskin" relative to what?
   What they thought the word "foreskin" has implied until now is not what the Commandment itself means by this word!
   I will tell you right away: the flesh, which the Commandment is talking about, and which is really subject to circumcision, is the earthly intellect! This is the flesh of the earthly intellect! --
   This can be very easily seen. Being born on Earth, a person receives an earthly body with all its inherent and necessary organs and instruments. His earthly body is the very last flesh for his Spirit that the human Spirit puts on itself during its journey in Creation. After all, before his earthly birth, he was already appareled in other, more subtle shells, cloaks. Each cloak of the Spirit is in fact nothing more than the corresponding flesh of the Spirit, which the Spirit puts on itself, in order to be able to stay and work at the level, where its next cloak belongs, that is flesh.
   In such a way, being born on Earth, the human Spirit receives an earthly body - its very last cloak, or the flesh.
   However, having been born, the earthly body needs a certain blossoming, before it can become a full-fledged garment, in other words before it can perform its functions for the Spirit to the utmost, that is to the full extent, in its now new field of all purely material, all only earthly, i.e., gross material. Such blossoming is determined by the natural process of the earthly body formation as such, in which sexual power also comes into force, given to a man in order to create a full-fledged connection between him and all World of Matter, and with this also to provide him the opportunity for full-fledged activity there, that is also in the gross earthly world.
   By this time, the intellect also develops, which is only the product of the brain of his earthly body. That is exactly why the flesh of the intellect, which originated from the flesh of its earthly cloak as a product of its activity, namely the activity of its forebrain is indeed what is called and referred to as genuine foreskin! It is precisely the utmost foreskin of its earthly body! This flesh of the intellect is also entirely material, with its density comparable to the density of earthly thoughts, it is precisely for this reason that the intellect is only capable of creating and processing earthly thoughts, which can then be expressed with the help of earthly speech and or writing!
   And the same as the thought itself is invisible to an earthly eye, the flesh of the intellect itself is invisible to an earthly eye, for they are related in the kind! However, this flesh of the intellect, invisible to an earthly eye, becomes already quite visible and tangible for the intellect itself, which in an instant is capable to recognize its presence or lack in another person! And which presence and development determines today almost the entire earthly life of a man! A person who has not developed his intellect properly, meaning by this his development only in pure material direction, is simply not taken seriously, being referred to the category of second-class, or simply failed people, often branding them as strange, incomprehensible, or out of this world people.
   Hence the words in the Grail Message of 1931: "Keep the hearth of your thoughts pure, you will sow peace and earn happiness!" This is the first and fundamental step of genuine circumcision of the foreskin of the earthly intellect! For it is only the earthly intellect that can "smudge" thoughts, that is, it is able to transform spiritual and lightly thoughts into understandable to it "sober" earthly thoughts and concepts. It is quite natural that with this transformation some distortion of the original thoughts also occurs, so that they would become understandable and tangible for the intellect at its earthly level. At that, the intellect by its nature does not distinguish between either "good" or "evil", "dark", or "light", because to it all thoughts are simply "thoughts". -- And the toddler asked: what is "good" and what is "bad"? -- There is no spiritual beginning in the intellect, and with it there are neither morals or morality in it, which however, is inherent only in the human Spirit. However, pure thoughts are that good soil on which morality is multiplied, and with it everything else that is lightly in the person is pulled up, which has been walled up or imprisoned by the intellect.
   Expression"Nothing personal, it's just business" also points to the fact that there is nothing personal, that is spiritual in the intellect, but there is only the "cold" program that is, "business" or "deal", which simply has to be done, without any feelings or emotions. That is why purely intellectual, or rational, people often say that there are no places for any feelings and emotions, so no places for any intuitive perceptions in business, or "Nothing personal, it's just business". This is the whole intellect! It is the most faithful servant if it obeys the Spirit, and is its worst enemy, if the Spirit gives all the reins into its hands! --
   The Commandment of circumcision of the foreskin, once given by God to Abraham, was expressed in our time by Abdrushin in his Grail Message of 1931 in plain language to all today, in all simplicity and clarity using simple and easily understandable words that mean exactly the same thing once instructed to Abraham - in such a way that its correct understanding becomes possible absolutely for every person on Earth! And the Commandment of Circumcision of the foreskin is expressed today in the following way:


-- -- --

   To keep the hearth of your thoughts pure - this is what means to "circumcise" your foreskin, that is, to circumcise the foreskin of one's earthly intellect, for by watching the purity of its thoughts you do not give it a chance to spoil all that is Pure, which it is allowed to touch, when the Spirit wishes to transmit something to the Earth for the embodiment of life on it! At the same the intellect itself becomes clearer when in the purity of its thoughts it is performing what has been entrusted to it by the Spirit in the spiritual intuitive perception that the cerebellum passed to it for processing! --
   So then, the true foreskin is not at all what they have implied by it to this day! It is the earthly intellect, precisely, is that very foreskin, which the Spirit puts on the very last on Earth, thus making it the utmost foreskin, or simply the "fore-"! There has never been or is no other "fore" skin! At the moment of incarnation in the middle of pregnancy, the Spirit clothes into a gross matter body. In the process of the gradual physical maturation of this earthly body, the human Spirit is also gradually enveloped by one more cloak, or flesh, arising by means of gradual formation of its own intellect, or the so-called its daytime "sober" consciousness! It is this "sober" earthly intellect, this sober purely earthly and purely material consciousness, that constitutes true foreskin of its earthly flesh, for this latter has derived from it precisely as its immediate product!
   And it is precisely this human foreskin that: tied him up and deprived him of connection with the Spirit, the Light and the Summits! But the foreskin deprived a man of all this not on its own, but only because of the complete and unconditional subordination of a man to it, its raising by a man to the forefront, that is, because of the complete and unconditional subordination of a man entirely to the intellect alone, having elevated the intellect alone to the forefront of all earthly life! That is why God commanded a man in order for a man to circumcise his foreskin, that is, to circumcise the flesh of his intellect! Not to cut off, but to circumcise! That is, so that he would not give up the intellect, for the intellect was also given to him according to God's Will, but would only shift the intellect from the place of the Leader, giving it a place of just a faithful servant of the Spirit!



Let all hear about this!

In particular, those to whom God had previously commanded it before others!


-- -- --

   How many people have suffered because of the misunderstanding of this commandment! How many was misled! -- But only by the true Knowledge of God's Creation it is possible to move forward and upward to the Light! The Grail Message 1931 does give this Knowledge! It will give all the things needed to all those who seek, in order to fully illuminate and show the Path to the Light!
   Do not be afraid! God, the Light never knows fear, but only the brave-light-joyful steps forward!

-- -- --

   It is quite natural that this Commandment applies not only to men, but equally to women as well!
   The true, that is implied by God fulfillment of the Commandments and the Will of God Itself, in other words, living according to the Light God's Will full of love -- this is the true Purpose and Meaning of the Commandment on Foreskin Circumcision, i.e. the intellect, which, having been installed incorrectly, was depriving the human Spirit of the ability to act on Earth in a godly way!
   In other words, the foreskin circumcision of the intellect is needed in order for human's intuitive perception, not a bodily feeling, but the very spiritual sensation, spiritual intuitive perception, that is inside a person to come out, to come out foremost! And the voice of the intellect together with all of its accumulated experience should take the second place! That is to say, in order for the intellect not to be the infinite leader of a man, but to become and remain a faithful servant for the realization of all creative intuitive perceptions of the human Spirit into the earthly life!
   In its current state, the man needs the circumcision of his intellect flesh -- for the liberation of intuitive perception from the yoke of the intellect, and with this also for the ability to enter into a New Union with God! Otherwise, a man now expects complete death! Not only earthly, but also spiritual, which lasts for all eternity!
   Now the time has come for everyone to do this! True circumcision is not the circumcision of earthly bodily genital organs, causing great damage to a man, but the foreskin circumcision of the very consciousness of the intellect in order to liberate the Spirit with its intuitive perception, being the true Leader, from the prison of intellect, in which the whole of humanity is confined today.
   For this true foreskin circumcision a man needs his personal free live will! Without this will, he will not be able to circumcise himself, which, by the way, everyone can and should do himself for his own sake! And no one is capable to do it for him! In the same way, as no one is able to become full, unless he eats the food himself! No matter how much others eat around you, you yourself will not get any fuller and will die of starvation if you don't start eating yourself! In other words, the foreskin circumcision of the intellect, in order to put the intellect into the place originally assigned to it by the Will of God, can and must be performed only by a person himself! To perform this, one would definitely need one's own personal will! Own personal will and the knowledge of how to perform it right, that is, in accordance with God's Will!
   In childhood, a similar action is not possible at all, because the rational intellect has simply not yet formed, so there is nothing to circumcise yet! But as the intellect is going through the process of formation in childhood and adolescence, it is possible to guide the intellect so that it would formed to be always open to the Light - it's possible and this is exactly what you need to do! This applies to parents and educators, and to all adults, when they come into contact with growing children in any way, to do this by means of their own exemplary god-pleasing life! This will then be the best fulfillment of the Commandment given by God concerning godly activities of the intellect! When the intellect is perfectly developed, that is, when both sides of the brain, the forebrain and hindbrain, the so called cerebellum, will equally work together in balance! Such harmonious functioning of all parts of the Earth's brain, in order for it to be purely open to all spiritual vibrations that can come both from its own Spirit, and from the Above -- this is the real Purpose and the Reason for the foreskin circumcision Commandment which was given to people by God!
   In other words, the Earth's brain must have its one-sided hypertrophied development of its intellect "cut off", being the product of the forebrain activity, and which to this day has been forming a barrier and disharmony within the God's Will balance, which consists of equal in strength harmonious and mutual activity of both parts of the brain: the forebrain, generating the intellect, and the hindbrain, the so-called cerebellum, responsible for ensuring quality perception of spiritual intuitive perceptions and then their complete transformation into images that are available for their further formation by the intellect into earthly thoughts, words and deeds!
   But what they have done so far is just horror and monstrous perversion, which just doesn't fit in the head! How on earth could one have thought of anything like this! However, let all the minions and worshipers of the intellect see what it means to be exposed to its impact and what it not only may lead to, but does lead to in life! To such monstrous distortions! And so it happens in all areas, which by their kind are higher than the earthly rational, and where the intellect is given the reins of government! Can you imagine what kind of life is happening on Earth today? Without knowing what kind of life was originally created by God from the beginning and what it should have been on Earth a long time ago, without knowing the True Will of God - this is impossible! However, with the help of the Knowledge laid down in the Grail Message of 1931, people can find it out and also see their lives in true light, and at the same time, if they wish... change it... for the better! --
   It is not surprising that people have not found a true foreskin so far, because they were looking in a totally wrong place, because they always looked at the world and within only by means of it itself, that is, by means of the intellect alone! --
   The very coming of Jesus showed with absolute clearness that everything people were doing with the knowledge given to them and which they already had, that all of it was completely false, distant from God and the Truth! Whether it was interpretation and implementation of the Ten Commandments given through Moses, or whether it was interpretation and fulfillment of the Commandment on circumcision of the foreskin! Like everything else, that had been already given to them and that they already had! For otherwise Jesus would not need to come to them in order to try to help them in order to save them! He clearly told them about it: "You have the Law and know it, but you do not fulfill it!" And the word "to save" itself clearly says that those whom Jesus wanted to save, all of them were already dead and lost forever! Nothing could have helped them anymore! They had already crossed that line then beyond which there was no salvation and return! For them! And where they could not get out on their own! And only Jesus could still try to help them by His Living Word, which alone could still help them to be saved! Such truly hopeless fatal position they had brought themselves into! Otherwise, there would have been no real need for such emergency help for their salvation -- and not from anyone, but from the very Son of God Jesus! For if there had not been such a breaking need in an emergency help, then Jesus would not have come! He did, however, come! And this means that the situation was just so serious, and emergency assistance could be provided only by the Strong Hand! -- -- Hanging on the cross, Jesus said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do!" People did not really know that by killing Jesus they thus already crossed off their names from the Golden Book of Life! Knowing this and being Living Love -- only for this reason did Jesus lift up His Request for the FATHER wouldn't cross out their names in that same hour from the Golden Book of Life, but would give them more time for the possibility of conversion and salvation -- before the Hour, when the Son of Man comes, who will guide them to the Truth, and in such a way he will give them the possibility of redemption and salvation from their already pronounced and self-imposed Verdict, if ... if they wish to perceive the Truth from Him and arrange their whole life according to it. --
   If that circumcision, which was performed by the Jews, and which they still continue to do today, and they are not alone, were true, that is such as the God Himself meant it, when commanded it to Abraham, then the Earth would have long been filled with a righteous life, and righteous people, and with this there would have been no need for the coming in order to save not only the different prophets, but in the end, and the Sons of God themselves: Jesus and Imanuel!
   The trouble for the people was, and still is, that everything, absolutely everything that was given to them from the Spiritual, all this they made earthly, that is, interpreted and understood only on the basis of limited earthly concepts of their earthly intellect!

-- -- --

   So always fight, people, for all that is good and pure, that is within us, with all the strength you have so that you do not lose what you have!
   If you have at least a spark of true love in your heart -- no matter what or who caused it to life, and no matter how oppressed and surprising and mocked at it would be, if you have it, keep it in your heart no matter what in the world! Cherish it with all your might, so that it always remains alive in you! And it doesn't matter at all whether your family loves you now or those whom you may have loved, all that matters is that this light of true Love is lit in your heart, the light of true Light, true Peace - this is your true Treasure, without which, if you give it up within yourself under the pressure from possibly the most diverse and difficult life situations, then inside you will become cold and empty -- and then you will cease to exist, and this time -- forever! Mark this well!
   Therefore, take care that your spark of true Love breaks out into a strong Flame, then no hurricanes will be able to extinguish it, and everything else will follow!

July 7, 2019

Alexander Parinov

-- -- --

   In addition, several Abdrushin's quotes:
   "For when the earthbound intellect attains a dominating position, it reacts by first of all severing the connection which makes Light recognition possible, and thus binds the spirit to the physical cloak in which it is awaiting its development, the very cloak which should be its servant.
   The effect of this process, which is in complete accord with the Laws of Creation, is of such a horrible nature that man can hardly picture it to himself correctly, for if he did he would collapse inwardly from fear. ...
   ... Think on it in all calmness what it must mean when that implement, i.e. the intellect, with which the Creator graciously endowed each human spirit on earth as an aid for his necessary development in the World of Gross Matter, that this implement, which is to submit to the spirit and serve it, spreading Light volition in the material environment, and thus ennobling it ever more, and forming it into the Paradise on earth which was meant to arise, when contrary to its task, it actually, as a consequence of your deed, chokes off the spirit from any possibility of connection with the uplifting streams of power from the Light. ...
   ... The domination of the intellect entirely shuts off the spirit from any possibility of necessary development. This, per se, is not malevolent on the part of the intellect, but only quite a natural effect. In this, the intellect merely acts according to its nature, because it cannot do otherwise than to develop its nature to blossom and to its fullest strength, when it is cultivated one-sidedly and given a wrong place by unreservedly subjecting the whole of life on earth to it!
   And this, its nature, is earthbound and will never be otherwise, because as the product of the physical body it must also remain within the latter's boundaries, i.e., within the purely earthly gross material; for gross matter cannot produce that which is spiritual.
   The fault lies solely with man himself and with the fact that he surrendered control to the intellect, thus also gradually enslaving himself to it, i.e., binding himself to the earth. In so doing, he completely lost the real purpose of his life on earth, the possibility of spiritual recognition and spiritual maturing.
   He simply cannot grasp it anymore because the channels are choked off. The spirit lies in the physical body as if in a sack which is tied shut at the top by the intellect. Thus the spirit can no longer see and hear anything, and any path leading to the spirit is cut off in the same manner as is the spirit's path towards the outside.
   That it could be so tightly blocked by the earthly intellect is due to the fact that the binding up already takes place before physical maturity, i.e., before the time comes for the adolescent's spirit to penetrate and become effective in order to take up a leading connection with the surrounding World of Matter for the steeling of its volition.
   At this time, however, the intellect has already been much too strongly and one-sidedly developed through wrong schooling, and it already keeps the physical cloak around the spirit tightly closed, so that the latter simply cannot develop or become effective!
   Pernicious, one-sidedness of education which lacked spiritual balance! The spirit was pressed into a rigid dogma, which has nothing to offer it, does not warm it so as to attain its own free conviction about anything having to do with God, since the teaching itself lacks vitality and has no connection with the Light, for in these teachings the intellect and the conceit of earth-man have caused much devastation everywhere."

Resonances to the Grail Message, volume II,

Report 8 "Believers merely out of habit"




Grail Message,

Report 2 "Awake!"


In addition:

   Dear readers! The article does not contain any contradictions. I also do not deal with explaining the Bible. The quote from it was taken only to show that people had once been told about circumcision. In the article, I expressed the idea itself, its essence, but I don't know how it was actually conveyed, in what words exactly. But whatever words were used to convey it at that time, it is unequivocal that it was conveyed in such a way that the correct meaning was noticeable in it. Most likely, it also did not indicate the male gender only, but it was simply said that it should be done that way, that's all. Later the people themselves "clarified" to whom and what should be done -- as it was done, for example, in the Commandment "Honor your father and your mother", where people later added "whose" father and mother needed to be honored. This caused the Commandment itself to become completely distorted thus completely hiding its correct meaning! That is why I do not pay any attention either to the "clarifications" in this Commandment, that is, to whom exactly and what needs to be done. The intellect was already overshadowing the eyes of people then, therefore such a Commandment was given to them, but this is also the reason why they did not approach it in the right way, that is, did not approach it with their Spirit, but only approached it with their intellect. And maybe someone deliberately concealed and hid its true meaning. It's not for nothing that Jesus had to come to their aid.
   Similarly, with the number 8. I do not know why it is there. The figure itself means "Spirit", "Spiritual", "God's Will". It is possible that this is an indication for it to be understood in spiritual sense. I also heard that on the 8th day from birth, the child opens and forms those chakras that are responsible for communication with the Higher Spirituality. And if they cut off a part of a child's body without anesthesia, moreover its very sensitive part, that it would be terribly painful for an adult, then what can you say about the child and his body, psyche, nerves, brain, which are all just being formed, because the child was born only a week ago. This is a monstrous shock, stress, which leaves physical and mental traces and changes for a lifetime. In a word, this is a monstrous crime over the body and the future life of an adult person, since this is a detrimental to the most important tool in earthly life -- the earthly body. For when the body matures, the changes made will in one way or another interfere and prevent sexual energy from circulating in the way it should be circulated in a healthy body in a godly way. Whoever has done such things in adulthood knows the great loss they can feel and suffer from it. But women are subject to similar abuse, although not everywhere, but it does exist. All this is very sad and sorrowful.
   To subordinate the intellect to the Spirit is the true circumcision, for it is the Spirit that cuts off the intellect, that is, it does not give it the opportunity to rule where only the Spirit should prevail, and this means to "cut off" the intellect in its activity. For if the Spirit does not "cut off" the intellect, then the intellect begins to dispose of absolutely everything, including that which is within the competence of the Spirit alone -- and then we are in trouble!
   One reader rightly and correctly remarked that if God wanted, He would have created the human body already without the part that some are cutting off today, and as proof of this also being that over the past millenniums no child has been born yet without this part!
   In the article, I expressed the true essence of the foreskin circumcision, what it really is. I shared what I experienced and what I know for sure. In this, I also never focus on how it will be perceived by others, whether accepted or not accepted. This is a personal matter of everyone. I shared this knowledge only because I see its value and importance for others. He who truly understood what was written, let him thank God only for what he received, since I myself am also just a recipient.

-- -- --

July 14, 2019

Alexander Parinov


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