Пепеляев Юрий Васильевич: другие произведения.

The Prince from an orphanage

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Поиск утраченного смысла. Загадка Лукоморья
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   Tavrida! Ancient land, a crossroads of civilizations, through these steppes waves were nomadic peoples in search of new lands, who was not only here! Here were found the first folding tents of skins and tusks of the mammoth! Here, on the most long-suffering land, in these steppes of the first cavalry fought in deadly battles for the possession of these lands, and not by accident, that our history was here, on this earth, in this provincial mining town. And the hero..., our hero is an ordinary guy...sorry, not quite normal, he is a dreamer, a visionary inventor and if you find it strange that he talks to himself, don't hurry with conclusions, may be the only thing that helps it to survive in this world. And here he was, see, there, covered with tin roof, fair-haired, with a short haircut under the hedgehog? This is our Alyosha, please allow me to introduce...
  Chapter I
  I am alone in this huge world.
  Acquaintance with Aleshka - a dreamer, a storyteller.
  His longstanding mystery about which nobody knows
  but his friend Kolya.
  Prince Alex and his friend the squire Collins.
  Did you ever fly? No, not on the plane, the plane anybody can, but just standing on the edge of the roof, and to step forward, every cell in you will tremble, vibrates like goose bumps all over the body hurry. The body becomes immediately easy, manageable, endure all the heaviness in the chest, and on... I often do, the main thing is to overcome the first fear and right up to the clouds, of course, if the clouds are.
  I like big fluffy clouds or fog, dark bottom, in the eddies, and the top fluffy and white as wool. They are very high, like skyscrapers, those that TV shows until you reach the top, my breath catches, but what a view! My shadow is jumping on fluffy slides, falls into the openings through which the earth can be seen. Here, above the clouds like all kinds of fantastic animals, houses, castles which quickly change their shape, and if lucky, you can see and elves, and in these fabulous palaces. They are not live, I feel the time there is very fast, because we have to live in castles, who quickly changing. Maybe they fly to other air palaces magic country? They are fun rush for each other, shouting and rejoicing. If they accept you into their games, you still catch up.
  I love to jump on these air Perrin as on the trampoline, only you need to be careful, as it is possible so to fail, we would make everything to the cloud through, and if this storm cloud, and then we wet up to the last thread. Lightning and jumped around. Once it gets cold, shirt and pants stick to the body, but just a few minutes of frantic flight and it quickly dries up. Speed dial is not difficult, it is necessary to fly above and how the hill, down, scaring larks that poured from here, my trills. The wind does not breathe, you have to tilt your head to breathe. And still have time to stop falling close to the earth and be aligned along the horizon. Trees, bushes as fast movie, and a flash from below, sometimes there are goats that graze in small groups. Feeling you, they go in different directions. Grandmother, herding them, frightened baptized, looking at the sky-sighted eyes. And I skate on, flood gullies, lasocki, meadows... Very dangerous waste heaps, this is such a small mountain of stones and small boulders. Pull them out from the mines that did not prevent to get coal, and if the mountain will not notice it is possible so to bump that the bones will not collect.
  I like to fly, when the heat, especially as it is now, at the end of spring. Smell of blossoming grasses, bitter wormwood, and as soon as Polsat, head all the way around goes from new smells. Then not very interesting, in a month everything will become yellow, the grass is withered, and only in the flood gullies, where there are little streams, you can see green islets.
  I sing wholeheartedly, you can not be afraid that you'll scold you can whistle, you can admire the distant fields in many-colored rags, as a blanket made of pieces of fabric; small machines-small, dusty road; the clouds. Especially beautiful clouds in the evening when they turn pink, it means that the sun sets and the lights on the side. Everything around becomes a magical pink light, as it is now... Oh! It seems I'm too were drifting, and can be late to build. Do you need to fly home. Home? I do not know whether to call home orphanage? Probably because I didn't live in another house, but once...or may not have that time, it was it in a dream?
  That's orphanage. It is similar to the old Palace. Alyosha went up to the edge of the roof and, trying not to rattle on the tin, gently landed. The main thing that the teachers have not seen, and then immediately begin to exclaim and scaring special boarding school.
  There is still time. He not now, not in a hurry, the body gradually 'thawed'and he sits down, his knees to chin, and, clasping their hands, enjoying the endless expanses, opening here. A light breeze blows on him, and the setting sun illuminates his slender figure pink paints.
  He rarely went here, and only when it was convenient case.
  Here no one bothers you can read a book, to policynet silly rhymes. And to policynet he loved, for example, there is such a poem 'Ungrateful' -
  If quietly sneak up girl
  and to shout in her ear " good morning!
  thank from it you wait, don't wait
  and better shut faster ears and head,
  the scream from her and handbags with books,
  that knocks you must.
  Of course, the verses were not in rhyme, but it does not matter, the main thing is vital.
  Here it was possible to imagine that you are alone in this huge world where there is no annoying teachers, no stupid girls who think of him who knows that (maybe there and not voobrazila, but he has not yet met) but they drew a glance, they all had this platica that and wanted to look for them, what's in there, what they hide. No boys, who always argue that they are stronger than you. It is true and no other but he doesn't want here to climb, may be afraid of heights, or that it will saragat. Alyosha was not afraid, scold and punish often, but for the sake of those feelings which got here, he was ready and made sacrifices.
  He even seems that there is another world, in which it is impossible not to love, he loved all loved the distant forest Islands in the misty haze, flood gullies, steppe, a panel of five-story building. He even forgave the Nikolai Gerasimovna, educators...but it's just not a chick, he had no place here in this world, in his world. He was like a punishment, from which there is no escape, or, as said the grandmother of the preschool children's home, it was a test given by God?
  'What have I done that I sent to the test? "he argued, " am I really to blame, that I don't have parents that they threw me or lost, and here I am... or guilty?'
  - Oh - OSCE-Ah! "came from the bottom the scream, " come, come on down, soon the building!
  - Go " he cried.
  It was Kolka best friend, they were friends with first class, sometimes called 'two brothers acrobat', someone said that they even something similar to each other. Maybe the fact that they were the smallest of the group, however, Alyosha was not quite shy, so he cones and got it.
  He quickly began to descend the fire escape.
  - As you're not afraid to climb on the roof?! - met him at the bottom of the Kolka, when he jumped off the last rung.
  "Why the fear? "said he, " there's so gorgeous! Try it.
  - Aha! Something?! Me and bottom scary looking at you when you are standing on the edge.
  Alyosha laughed, and they rushed home.
   Wait, do not rush for them, I want to acquaint you with one hero of our story, is a manor house. Old manor house, once a lonely standing away from the city, in the desert, now surrounded by new buildings, apparently lived his last years. Once majestic, with the claim to originality, the house collapsed, main entrance, with large, in antique style, with columns, long closed, leaving only the back door, the one that was previously used domestics. All plaster on the walls of the estate was cracked like a cobweb, and stucco decorations in some places crumble, exposing the brick walls, but what to do? Everything has its tensile strength. Why is it still not demolished, nobody knows, may be in the 'top' haven't decided what to do with it, whether the Museum is open, whether on this site Park to break? In any case need to be taken care of seventy-five small tenants.
   And I feel sorry for the estate, now these houses are not built, comfortable, well unless you can compare with the panel, monotonous boxes?! This is not the house, it is a hive some, powdered coal dust.
  This home boasts of its rich history. In this house grew up not one generation of nobility, which served as Russia. In the seventeenth, in civil here was the headquarters of the then white, then red, and even Makhno, and then came the Cheka, and the basement of the estate was used as a prison. When the hard times passed, and began a peaceful life, here instilled restless tribe homeless children, and the house was called children's colony named "Third Comintern", transformed later in the orphanage.
   About this estate is legendary. They say that there are ghosts. What in the deep underground roam ruined soul serfs; accidents, tortured by security officers; the boys piled during the bombing in Domestic. What's here somewhere, buried the treasure is hidden. That -- but, however, we will not hurry up, let us look all by yourself.
   And now I ask to go for our heroes, under the arches of the old manor.
   The building was before bed and in the morning, after getting up, the guys lined up in two rows, the educators were counted them and depending on the mood criticized or praised. On the build was not to be late, otherwise punish the whole group, and the group you.
   They managed just in time. In the orphanage always have to be careful when hurry, I can see that I managed to leg. And if supported, and you've seen, you can 'accidentally' to attack the Joker on the leg, but we have to look to if the pupil, it is best not to step and jump.
   Today was on duty the most strict teacher, therefore, will not be able to povesitsya, to play pillows or Slippers, but they had more fun...
   After everything settled down in their pastels, last time she walked along beds, turned off the light and then... all softly moaning. The teacher realized that they decided to fool around " grinned.
  - If you don't want to you tomorrow punished, you will now be quiet. - Hum continued. The teacher walked along beds. "Okay... " she said quietly, but so have all heard, " I'll give you another chance, " she said and left.
   All were silent, not because of the fact that she was frightened, just could not make her cry, - she was more experienced.
   The silence did not last long, Sanka on tiptoe, ran to the door. The boys waited to hear from students from a nearby bedroom.
  - Go, " shouted Sanka and the guys at once 'waking up' softly raised.
  - Sha! Shut up! - Rick shouted, standing at full height on his bunk. He was verovatnoca and above all in the group, imagining yourself 'leader', and if you could, I tried to confirm it with his fists, but if there was no high school students. Calmed down. - Listen here, " said he, " to talk to them I will, if all goes well, I will agree, and so no one wacol...
   As soon as he said the last words, the bedroom door was slightly open, and inside 'slipped' two high school students.
  - What razladilis?! displeased muttered instead of greeting one of them.
  - Now! - started another without joining, as if the conversation had just interrupted, " we of the Novoselki declared war, tomorrow training, and on Sunday the battle on the wasteland, four in the evening, so that no one popitka did not know about this, otherwise it will fail. Prepare a slingshot, 'grenade', well you know what...
  - And grenades real? "squealed Kostya and, fearing for his courage, covered with a blanket.
   They all laughed.
  - The kids are not to take, " added logged, ' or a real grenade will go bammm.
  All together again laughed
  - Pugaci also do not try to take, the police would be a bit too, " he said finally and proud made by the mission, both high school student, turned and went out.
  All murmured, discussing the news, Rick tried to say something, but all were so passionate about the future battle that was not listening.
  The same noise was heard from neighbouring boyish bedrooms.
  Sorry to intervene again, but I want something to explain.
  The battle did not happen often, previously fought with gangs from neighboring barracks. They were built from the fact that he could get ahold of, clay, Samana, boards, plywood, rags, they were called in the common people 'sanhygiene'. Them around the huge amount. After the war, they like mushrooms erected around. Separated by narrow streets and on the squares, they became the territory of the local thugs and often, usually for nothing, started fighting with each other that even the police did not dare to separate. Sometimes residents of chanchikov, together, attacked the children's home, that's when the fight was brutal!
  The children's home are not loved. Maybe this dislike was like that from the beginning of the troubles of the twenties, when it first appeared juvenile prison, and together with him and moved cheerful, sonosite tribe street kids. Often former pupils 'streets' go to 'craft', clearing the local gardens from the fruit, they steal unwary passersby, and barracks. Maybe not loved, and because they were more United than single gang of any quarter of chanchikov.
  Stories about brutal 'battles' was transmitted orally, lost battles were quickly forgotten, and the victory was remembered for a long time. Sometimes, during a fight, he drank a real weapon left in the past civil wars, and then and domestic. You could hear the gunfire, grenades, then the police took the trash seriously, called internal troops, and fighting for some time they stopped.
  Over time, changiti began to demolish and build in its place Khrushchev, city blocks slowly but surely changed the ruins. Fight gradually faded away as it had disappeared cruel poverty barracks, and with it eternal vengeance streets and homes. Some of the local, left to live in the area, in the new five-story building remembered long-gone time from old habit again began Bucha.
  Of course, with those fights that were in ancient times, it was impossible to compare, but to pay tribute to the tradition, the descendants of opponents again converged on a vacant lot, which was planned construction of a house.
  - Attention! "came the voice of Sasha, metnuvshis from the door, to my bed and the guys immediately subsided.
  The door, grinding, opened and in came on duty.
  Switching on the light, she stood at the door and slowly walked along the beds.
  - If anyone again will rustle, " she said in low voice, no objection will punish all, more repeat I will not!
   When she came out, they kept silence, then someone in a far corner sang and gradually this song picked up by others. No, guys not specifically sang to annoy Marianne, it can be said habit, started from the first of children-street kids. The teachers knew about it and did not prevent them. Every evening they sang the same songs, the kids, going under the cars, coal boxes, and in cars: 'Tuk, tuk, tuk took the wheel, it is a train of Kazan was held in the open door of the car, the little boy-kid walked in...'; about unfortunate love the kid to the beauty of the fatal shooting of a policeman who interrupted the life of Zigana. The guys was so sorry for him, they were his dying, bleeding that some had tears in his eyes, they hated killed his policeman, and believed that Zhigan will survive. Sing a song about the three robbers, riding on a dusty road...
  He closed his eyes, and quietly to himself, plunged into the magic world of sleep.
   Well, we, too, are not going their way, I'll introduce you close the Aleshka, with someone who loves to dream on the roof, 'fly' among the clouds, may be because of his irrepressible imagination and has happened the whole story.
   At first glance he was no different from others, but this is only at first sight, in fact it has its own mystery, which owned it, it knows only his friend nick, my neighbor on the bed.
   In fact they have no secrets from each other, they can always be seen together. Together climb in the orphanage grounds for green apples, despite the fact that they are so small that they can be mistaken for walnuts. Together, play together and get bumps and bruises. Rather, most often beat Aleshko, because he always stands up for his friend, and since they were not very strong and brave, and the force does not always equal, and the result was disappointing.
   So what is this mystery, which is owned by Alyosha? And the mystery is his dream that goes on day after day, year after year. This is his second life, which began after he has read the book about a Prince Alex.
  And so...
  Chapter II
  Prince Alex and Alyosha
  Dragons are approaching. The city and the Kingdom.
  Joke Rica. Punishment in the bedroom girls.
  Dean stood up and saves aleshku.
  Morning, cold and piercing wind, as sneaky Bloch, ducked under the folds of the clothing. Collins yawned so that almost Swano jaw and shivered, trying to zamahnutsya better, glancing sidelong at the master and jealous of his endurance.
  No, he was jealous of good envy, how can you take offense at his master's friend, whom I serve for ten years! No matter what they peers and they have recently turned fifteen years. Alex was a good host, followed Collins felt like a stone wall, though...this wall was necessary because of the owner. He never was restless, he was always looking for adventure and got it often Collins, for example Prince beats with a gang of robbers, and the servant has to seek asylum, to be saved from arrows, and from the robbers. In addition, we must follow his donkey that was not stolen, together with their property.
  'Alex couldn without me to leave! - not without pride thought Collins - that's just imagine, how could he be defeated if I don't feed him, not imprison the sword will not prepare his bed. It will immediately win the same robbers, of course I will get a..., well, that I, for example. I do not want, that it has won, to whom also I serve, will I? Oh! Standing like a statue, as if not cold' .
  Collins admired by the host, who stood on the top of the hill, as if the monument has set itself, only the scarlet cloak, illuminated by the rising sun, waving in the wind.
  The servant sighed and began to excavate the ground.
  Alex looked into the distance, trying to see the dragons, they were just about to appear. Not noticing the morning coolness, he stood on the hill as a statue, motionless, leaning on the two-handed sword. His blue eyes shone determination, the muscles that are released under a scarlet tunic, were relaxed, and ready at any moment to action.
  The young man seemed asleep standing, but by the way he threw short views into the distance, it was clear that he only something waiting.
  He knew that behind a broken line of jagged mountains, dragons live. From there, because scarlet, in the light of the rising sun, horizon, was supposed to evil, terrorizing the town.
  It was strange that the dragons, before that lived peacefully, hunting in the mountains for snow tours and goats, never causing people of anxiety, had suddenly decided to attack the City.
  Of course, there are cases when some of them, which apparently bore the routine began to misbehave, but this case has always been warriors, knights or princes.
  Now, dragons, attacked the City again and again, with enviable constancy, as if it were subordinate to the will of another.
  Many people, unable to endure such invasion, left Town.
  In the end, the citizens, made long-standing resentment, appealed to the king, Darko and he, without hesitation, sent to the aid of his son Alex.
  The glory about Alex spread far across the planet, he always came to protection if someone was bad.
  This City was almost the only retained its independence. Many times, the neighbouring Kingdom tried to seize him, and more than once there were bloody war because of a dispute - to whom it must belong.
  After one of the battles, in which both sides didn't know anything and suffered heavy losses and were so weak that almost do not become the prey of other kingdoms, signed the agreement. According to him, the City remained neutral, and the Kingdom should not have to claim it. And the Town did not want to be under anyone's guardianship, he was a free and wanted them to stay in the future.
  Here are a few more years, as this Treaty, and to attack the dragons, the City could be considered the happiest on the planet.
  Some of the most courageous inhabitants were hiding in a hollow, in the Bush, morning fog partially concealed their figures. They had been talking quietly with each other, trying to hide from each other growing anxiety. One clutched swords, other crossbows, ready to come to the aid of the Prince, or escape from it all depended on which side is inclined victory.
  No, they were not cowards, they were ready to fight the enemy, whether those on horseback or on foot, but with winged monster was more difficult, moreover, if not the Prince Alex, they would never have decided on such an adventure.
  Of course, Alex didn't need their help, everything was on the contrary, they distract attention from them was not as much help as concern for their safety, but they were needed, the citizens had to believe that participated in the battle for freedom, otherwise the proud name of the Free City will suffer.
  Alex didn't care who gets the glory, at fifteen, he already has seen a lot in life, and he sometimes felt uncomfortable when he was glorified.
  Collins tired of waiting, of course, the owner sometimes thinking, stood still for a long time, probably internally preparing for battle, but now it's been two hours, and he stood as still standing motionless.
  The servant knew that now he should not interfere. For the years of service to him, he got used to the quirks of the owner, and know that he is hot-tempered, and his actions, at times, inexplicable and Collins used blindly obey him.
  He sighed and began habitual to deepen the pit. He always did, and she has saved his life, because the master of all, after the battle, not always paid attention to his servant. It's good if a dragon or fanged beast was one, then the owner to quickly cope with it, and if they had a few! Then Yama was just right, and the deeper she was, the better.
  Still, at first Collins tried to help the Prince, but just was not paid for it with her life, because Alex was behind the magic tunic, trying not to break any of the arrow and not to burn any flame. What is more, he studied in the Royal Alex Knight Academy and the school of magic, where he learned all the tricks of combat and magic, besides Alex could fly. As he learned, no one knew all over the world it could only do it. However, knew the secret and sorcerers, but do they tell about it!
  There are rumors that Alex uses force flight of the next world, but who knows, Collins not especially wanted to get into it. He had studied only how to finish off wounded but still dangerous dragon, writhed on the ground, fleeing from his flame and agony; how to sharpen the sword master, to cook, i.e. all the tricks of the squire.
  Yes, this is not an easy thing to serve squire, especially if you are the owner himself was Alex! The main task Collins during the battle was time to hide well, or to help. If you go early, you can say goodbye to the life, if later, the owner is dissatisfied, what to eat not prepared. But better late to venture out of the pit, than sooner, that he understands clearly.
  Judging by how worried citizens, pozvonila swords and chain mail, by the way Alex 'meditating' more than ever, Collins realized that today is tough battle, and this means that we need a hole to make deeper.
  It is something unpleasant their feet.
  Without opening his eyes in order not to Wake up and not lose the end of the dream, he tried to understand what he was interrupted.
  After spending hands on the sheet, he frightened froze stumbled on something wet. The dream vanished.
  Quickly jumping, Alex pulled back the blanket and in the light of a lamp saw a dark spot, the hand is automatically moved the panties, they were dry, so it was a 'joke' one of the guys.
  He looked bewildered, - all were asleep, we needed to do something to hide traces of 'crimes', or get from the teacher and, of course, there will be no end to insulting jokes guys.
  Quickly sternum sheets, and, trying not to creak of the floorboards, he jumped out of the bedroom.
  The corridor was empty and dark, just at the end, light one light bulb.
  'If only no one met', thought the boy, walking on tiptoe along the wall.
  Somewhere up in the attic heard the creak of the old rafters from strong winds, and the noise somehow concealed his steps. Under the high dark ceilings, which did not reach the light, where it seemed, was hiding ghosts or vampires sounded mournful sighs, and sometimes could be heard howling, like children, the elderly. He recalled the stories about ghosts, and, dying from fear, hurriedly rushed to the door of the shower.
  Alyosha was already almost there, when I heard ahead, around the corner, coming shuffling feet. To run ago he could not, his legs refused to serve him, and if it were not a wall, on which rested, he would have fallen.
  Those few seconds were, for him, forever.
  Because of the bend 'floated' night duty, yawning on the move, seeing him, she stopped.
  - What are you doing? - strictly she asked.
  Is -- it..., wash.
  Seeing, sheets, which the boy tried to hide behind his back, grabbed her and unfolded it, turning it towards the light, began to think, " how old are you? suddenly respirable it is, but you still pissing in bed?!
  He tried to say something in his defense, but the teacher didn't even listen to me, folded sheets in half, she began to run, trying to get wet party on the head. Bright stars fell from his eyes. At the end of execution, she twisted sheets at Alyosha on the head and pushed to the side of the sink so that he nearly fell.
  - That all stretched and hung out to dry, " she hissed, " you will come out into the corridor.
  Choking on tears from resentment, he pulled off his sheets and ran to the sink.
  With this teacher Alyosha was scarce, she worked in neighboring group, but is often seen as it 'raises' my boys and prayed to God that it was not transferred to it, but still no luck, - the meeting was held.
  Vasteras and hanging on the battery sheet, the boy went out into the corridor, the teacher was standing there waiting for me.
  Still in silence, she led him on a semi-dark corridor.
  - Only not in the bedroom girls, - flashed in his mind.
  But she seemed to read his mind and brought me here.
  She softly opened the door and pushed him inside.
  - Will stand here, and don't you sit down, otherwise you'll have here until morning, " she said quietly, his snake in a whisper, " and if I hear any noise from here, you'll be sorry.
  Again, looking around the bedroom, she gently closed the door.
  He knew that sometimes is punishment, but received it for the first time.
  Alyosha has never been in the bedroom girls, and by the light of a lamp began to look around. Everything was just as they had, the same bed, the same tables, but covered belenkii napkins, everything was neatly arranged and clothes properly folded on stools, felt a woman's hand.
  He sighed, wanted to sleep, but when this did not succeed.
  The boy closed his eyes, remembering the dream. He wanted to watch what would happen next, whether Alex to win dragons? He tried to regain the end of sleep, usually he succeeded at once, as if someone had included the following series, but now the dream did not want to return.
  Near the bed creaked, one of the girls, her legs on the floor half asleep, feeling feet Slippers, ran out into the corridor.
  Alyosha held her gaze, and closed her eyes again.
  Before his eyes flashed the images that he recently saw in a dream, they were as real. Alexei was able to exactly reproduce the clothes and weapons of citizens, their conversation. Heard the clicking against the sides of their weapons, as the morning breeze chilling skin...
  - You were punished? "he heard a loud whisper, and opened his eyes, he faced a Jackdaw, the girl who recently ran out.
  Alyosha remembered as three days ago it was staged in their bedroom. Once popitka came out, it was immediately surrounded.
  Jackdaw straulino looked around, apparently hoping to break through the crowd of boys.
  - If you touch me, I will cry, just in case she said.
  - If you cry out, with a smirk muttered Chica, we then you will podlovil.
  - And what you want to do? "the girl realized that blackmail will not frighten.
  "Nothing, the carrier will do.
  - How is it?
  "Just wait, take your clothes off.
  Jackdaw tried to sonicate, but she quickly silenced crumpled shirt. Several hands started to feel her body, her panties also disappeared. Jackdaw resisted and threw her on the bed and began to examine, interfering with each other. The girl sobbed, slowly calming down, she felt the hands of the guys were everywhere, she was even a bit liked this attention, but suddenly feeling the pain between her feet and screamed.
  The boys ran back to their beds.
  Now Jackdaw was on the other side, now she was the mistress of the situation.
  She curiously watched him.
  - Well, why the silence? You're with the average of the group?
  - Curious galke at the Bazaar nose was torn off, " he grunted.
  - No rhyme, " she said.
  - But it's true.
  She brazenly watching it, especially the hillock between her legs was interested in her. The girl licked her dry lips and finger spent on it, then got up and quickly as I looked around, making sure everyone is asleep, slowly raised the light, revealing his chest. Unlike her friends, she was something to look at, chest has already been designed and red nipples visible even in the semi-darkness, and attracted alesse't touch them.
  She smiled as he watched the reaction of the boys. With one hand holding the shirt, she stroked the boy standing body, putting his hand under the waistband of the panties.
  Alyosha jerked.
  You can also to touch me, " she said.
  - Hurt it, he snapped.
  Galya sharply lowered her shirt.
  - What a fool, ' replied she.
  Alyosha was afraid that she might Wake up the others and as though in confirmation of his thoughts, he heard the sound of a berth and a few girls surrounded him.
  Galya, encouraged 'support' friends, began to act more boldly.
  - Then, I say, nose was torn off? And let's girls will prochim him for what they had me over.
  "Not all at once, " he tried to joke, he backed down, until he reached a wall.
  Alyosha knew that girls are no better than the boys, when we act together, and educator who put it here, this is expected and.
  Girls bolder round him.
  All and will otlupit? - slyly grinned she, " and if any finger touch, then I would say that you wanted me to beat, and they send you to spec. boarding school, barbed wire, and if you cry out, until the morning will be here to stay. Girls, keep his hands, " she ordered.
  They fell on him, and secretly began to fight. Everyone understood that screaming was not worth it, cause you'll get in first kid, and then and other.
  He felt, as he tore the pants and several hands began to feel his boyish dignity. Sometimes it hurts, especially when touched testicles. Alyosha tired to fight back, the girls were too much. He leaned against the wall, sometimes pushing away some very annoying. Gradually twitches stopped, girls squeezed and felt his penis in turn, and some hastily with his dick into my mouth, suckling it as a candy. Some did it gently as if it were a Lollipop others lightly nibble, why the boy was hurt. All the girls woke up and even small children, was hanging around and he came their turn, they touched a member and as if burned, pulling back his hand and stupid Chichikov, passed the following. One of the babies tried to put the penis into my mouth and nearly choked, but has not left his own business.
  Alaska was not visible because bowed bodies, what do they do there, but he felt. For the first time touched his most expensive girlish hands, sounded surprised, and sometimes enthusiastic whisper. Some of them, suddenly parted knees, bent, put a member in his crack, girls at first protested, but then began watching with interest. Nasilinna pressed the boy to the wall and began hurriedly to move her hips. She was with the older group and she was transferred to the bedroom, because in the bedroom high school girls were not enough seats. The girl was higher Alyosha and therefore, she had to sit down. Spectators around prevented, their hands were swarming everywhere, even got in my crack of nasilnici. The boy was a little painful, especially when the girl with the power and scope pressed his hips against the wall and even a little tossed it. Gradually the rhythm increased, something about the boy in the lower abdomen, he weakened his feet, and he fell, despite the fact that he was held. Girls like ants swarmed him, lifting her, dragged on the nearest bed. Member stood as a small peak, several hands reached for him, to feel his hardness. Hustled, the girl who "dropped "Aleshka" decided to continue its work. It's back to the wall, stood fast on a member and, primitives, began to ride, upravlyaya it in yourself. Lesha groaned, feeling the pain, but it passed quickly, as soon as the girl got up. Giving him a break, a young rider again, with the power began to take a crack at his cock, pressing on the body of the boy.
  Just heard a fuss, several girls fought.
  If I would not lag behind it, " he heard the voice Dina, - now I would say.
  "And why intercede for him? Fell in love?
  - The fool, " came puffing, cries.
  - Atas! 'squeaked the little girl, who stood at the door, " popitka goes.
  The girls immediately were in their beds, and when he entered Marianna was complete silence all "slept". Alyosha managed to jump, pulling the panties and stood as red as a lobster, it is good that it was dark.
  She walked along the bed, making sure that everyone is asleep, came back to him.
  "Follow me, " she ordered.
  Marianna took him to the control room, a small room, where they fit sofa and Desk with chair.
  Alyosha went for a teacher, head hanging.
  The woman closed the door behind him and sat down on a chair, staring at him.
  Tell me that now was there?
  "Nothing, " he muttered, holding panties, band on them broke, and they were not able to hold on.
  - Nothing? Now attention! Hands at the seams!
  Alyosha from surprise released panties, extending his arms along the body.
  Panties, not holding anything, fell, revealing still protruding member.
  The woman grinned, a member of the boys was a few inches from her, and she involuntarily took him by squeezing a few times.
  "And you say "nothing," she opened and closed the head of the penis, " that's what's done scoundrel, brought the boy to the post, " she said quietly, as though to herself, - now " she said decisively, " go now to the toilet and properly it podrochi, otherwise he will stand, and the stomach will hurt.
  "I... I don't know how - the boy stood as red as a lobster.
  The woman sighed and gently, as if the boy's body was crystal, quickly began to masturbate him. Not achieving the result, she Polynesia member and gently absorbed in his mouth, caressing the head with the language. The member was small and therefore entered into his mouth completely. Marianna, supporting the boy began to suck his cock, his eyes closed. The body of the boys ran waves of pleasure and sweet seizures as it caresses the language of the woman on the head of the penis. At some point Alyosha squeaked in surprise, when out of his cock flew drop of white liquid. The boy would be dropped, because his legs immediately weakened, if the teacher did not support him.
  "That's right, ' said in a half whisper Marianna, wiping his lips, " now quickly in the sink, rinse your baby and instantly to sleep, only to leave panties here, I'll put a rubber band and then I will carry you, don't try to tell me otherwise in the punishment cell week will sit.
  It was the most wonderful words he ever heard from her.
  Chapter III
  Who exploits and the glory - the eternal struggle.
  Rick substitutes Alyosha.
  'Dark' all the rules. The punishment.
  A basement. The memory of his grandmother.
  Alaska thought he just leaned my head to the pillow, was awakened by the most unceremonious manner. From sharp blow something soft and from this strong, he buzzed head as the sound the alarm bell.
  "Come on, baby, get up, - I heard it through the pain, " the rise for a long time already was and don't forget to lay a sheet.
  Alex jumped up from his bed departed Rica, throwing the pillow away, he laughed because he could find a new way to Wake up for 'the Changeling'.
  The reality was rapidly established itself in the children's house has its own laws, if you don't have time to do something along with others, you must first receive blows from their peers, and then from caregivers, but sometimes on the contrary.
  We had to get up, all designed by the minute, cover the bed, dressing, washing and remain in the ranks.
  After sitting a few seconds, and when he recovered from the blow, he launched by Riku tapochki, but he is already out and was hit in the closed door. Leaping up, the boy began hastily make a bed.
  One, two, three - sheet stretched. Four, five, six - blanket smoothly lay on the bed sheets. Seven, eight, nine - blanket on top, smoothed, the edge of the bed - arrow. Ten - pillow slightly obliquely, took his place. A cursory glance, several strishkov. Now get dressed and wash basin. There was no one to quickly under the water, toothbrush hurriedly, 'ran' teeth, noise in the corridor increases, all there already are built. Run back to the bedroom, rubbing himself on the go... He would have the time, but when flew into the bedroom, measurement, even heart stood still, his bed was turned upside down.
  Day started badly, you can see Ricky good mood today, and the fact that it is the work of his hands, he had no doubt.
  Have to start all over again, although he was still a little hope, that will have time to make my bed and get up in the ranks.
  In the corridor already rumble under construction guys began to calm down, and this meant that the verification process begins. In a loud voice command Alyosha realized that was on duty today Nikolai Gerasimovna, nicknamed 'the doctor', the strictest of teachers. Wasting no time, he rushed to the bed.
  When the teacher came to an end system, Alyosha was already in the corridor, trying to quietly slip into place, well, he stood there in the end.
  But he had no luck, the teacher was very observant, and she gave him the all-seeing eye.
  - Today the third group will be punished, " she said its freezing their hearts voice, " because of the delay Perepelkina, after Breakfast, you will be convened extraordinary General cleaning, wash your class, floors, Windows, and so on, then see what you do next, and now all of a March to charge.
  The replicas and the blows which he had received, walking along with them, understood that today 'darker' him not to pass.
  'Dark'is when you are covered with a blanket and beat, and cover that you didn't see who has. Teachers it was on hand, they did not beat children, they simply punishing them by the hands of those same guys. To this he used to, and the other didn't know it was a norm of life, though he knew that there is another life where not punished so often that 'dark' does not exist, but it was more than a fantasy. The youngest was just received from high school every day his portion bruises and lumps, (although, some received more than others), just Alyosha regretted that today not read the new book, which took orphanage in the library.
  Book for him was like an escape from reality into another world, where, although there is a danger, but there hero always wins, you can worry about him, without fear of the consequences, and if it is scary, just go and close the book.
  After Breakfast, when the group was led into the class, the teacher gave buckets, soap, rags, and before leaving, warned: " You are given three hours, then lessons to all managed to do before lunch, or after school will be the General cleaning of the territory.
  When she left, hung oppressive silence, the girls prudent grabbed a bucket and ran over water, guys, they went to Alyosha.
  He looked like a hunted animal, decided expensive to sell his life, and was looking for something to fight back, but as luck would have it at hand nothing suitable was not.
  - Vitek, on the lookout, " said softly Mitya.
  Alyosha inwardly cringed, prepared to fight back, but the forces were clearly not on his side, despite the fact that it was selflessly legalese and tried to bite someone, it pushed into a corner between two cabinets, and covered with a cloth, and began to beat him.
  The boy sat down, hiding her head and sides, bit her lip not to scream and not to cry, it was considered a weakness, but it was even worse. When you strike blindly, it is important to close to not hit on the head and on the sides, we must regroup, head down as low as possible, closing her palms and elbows Boca, because if you go by foot to the side, that half a day then not be able to recover his breath.
  The blows fell one after the other, one could hear the wheezing and quacking from zeal, sometimes strikes were such that I wanted to vsuite, but he bit his lower lip till the blood, suffered. Suddenly, a series of multiple blows to the head and kicking was so strong that he lost consciousness. In my mind, somehow surfaced images of a time gone by, when he is lying on the ground, cut forehead warm blood and over it is worth Rica, still the same five-year as he is. Rick accidentally hit him with a stick, and now with fear and curiosity looked at the result, not trying in any way to help him, then flashed in my head frightened cries teacher, the doctor, the hospital, the darkness.
  Alyosha woke up because it suddenly stopped beating, and became quiet.
  He waited a shock, but instead felt like someone came up to him and tore off his cloth, - this was the Nikolai Gerasimovna.
  She angrily looked at crouching on the floor boy.
  Is it you again?! Now stay away from work, when all work! Well, now all! angrily she said, " sit in the basement before lunch.
  She grabbed him by the ear and under giggles guys took to the basement. Alyosha did not resist, and the forces, frankly, was not, He saw the curious eyes of children when he was led down the corridor replica other educators who met on the way.
  Basement always and at all times of the children's home was a place of punishment cell, there was given narcolepsy guys and left on some hours. The basement was damp and dark, where there was preserved the potatoes, barrels with sauerkraut and just junk - broken chairs, rags. Part of the basement was separated under coal. So the punishment was more severe, the light was turned off and locked outside an iron bar, and so no one can open punished ahead of time, I closed the door and on the padlock. Hence barely heard voices outside, and it seemed that you were in a stone bag.
  The teacher opened the iron door, pushed it into the darkness.
  - Stay here 'the Changeling', " said she in a low voice, " maybe will get smarter, and clicked the bolt.
  Alyosha groped in the dark pile of rags in the corner of the basement and went.
  - Foundling, the foundling, as if one threw. If you look, here half the guys foundlings, but for some reason this nickname has stuck it to him, and he is guilty, that he threw, it was he guilty of what, even this Viper did not hesitate to call.
  Whole body ached from shock, and especially the ear, which led him to the doctor. I wanted to usvit from despair. He buried his head in his rags and wept, well that there was no one there and it was possible to give vent to his feelings.
  - I will take and do something, and they shall come, and see that I was dead, lie cold, with a frozen smile, that the chaos will rise, and can be, and parents will see me " he thought, wiping her tears.
  He presented, as parents went to the basement and saw him on a pile of dirty rags, crouching and stiff, indifferent, did not forgive anyone.
  They'll be sorry that threw me. Let'll cry and cry, I will be still, maybe they will understand at least a little, as I was bad, " he gritted his teeth, trying not to cry even more from self-pity.
  Alyosha somehow reminded of the case in pre-school orphanage which he will never forget.
  One night he had a foot and a boy, clasping her hands, softly, 'whined'. Alyosha had already learned to hide from others the pain that no one is disturbed. He did not want his spared from becoming even worse and tears involuntarily appeared in his eyes.
  Night duty, an old woman, 'grandma' - as all her lovingly called, worried, came up to him and, realizing what's the matter, began to RUB his leg and, having wrapped up warm towel, covered with a blanket. The pain gradually went. 'Grandma' sat next to Pat him on the head. Alyosha felt so good, as if they had no children's home, there was a daily struggle for 'existence' and only then, for the first time he understood that there is goodness, what is man, that you are not indifferent, at least, he wanted to think so.
  She told him the tale of the Prince, on the good fairies and evil wizards and Alyosha felt through her hand, it has involved some force, and has not noticed, how has fallen asleep.
  It became him as a mother, brought gifts, and once he even took home. For him it was like the opening of a New Light, he saw another world, hidden from the orphanage children, these folks somewhere hurrying people, cars, and most importantly there is no fence which separates me from everybody.
  Boy first realized that there is another world. In this world everyone has his house, everyone has their parents, who can caress in a difficult moment, sorry.
  Alyosha with amazement came to know this world, knowing that from that moment he finished the past life, where everything was so clear. He realized that now only dream about him that he would not believe the boys with whom he lived, when will tell about this Paradise.
  It is a few days after that went as lost, not knowing how to tell her grandmother about his dream.
  One evening she brought him a bag of candy and a book 'the Prince of Alex'.
  - When you learn to read the book you will be very useful, " she said.
  Alyosha took the book and sitting in her lap, timidly started to talk about the fact that she took him home.
  - I would love to take you, " she said sadly, " I've already thought about it, but I already old and the law of me you will not give up.
  "But someone has to care for you when you will not be able to walk? - Alyosha was trying to put into words all his soul, realizing that maybe it depends his future life, and I would have helped you, fed with a spoon...
  - Caressing my! she patted him on the head, " Yes and if I was allowed to take you, I still would not have enough means to clothes, shoes, and to feed, my salary is small that even the most lacking, and here feed you, clothe...
  It would be better if he didn't know that there's a better life than orphanage, may be he, like others, did not know the parental affection, would be at its happy.
  Alyosha had not accepted the idea of a lost Paradise, once again, in another children's home, when he was severely beaten, he got over the fence and, remembering cherished the road, began to look for the five-story building where she was 'his' grandmother.
  He remembered, as they passed by a huge monument, past the large trees in the Park, then crossed the road and passing the yard, included in the second five-storey building.
  The trouble was that pre-school children's home was located on the other side of town. Alyosha remembered that they were on the bus, with two changes. Numbers of the buses he knew not only remembered direction.
  The boy wandered through the city, changing buses, drove them out of the conductor, and then he went, intuitive finding the right way and, in the end, he found himself at the familiar door, on the post which was attached a white piece of paper with printing. Alesha still poorly knew how to read and therefore could make out only two words - 'the housing office and to call relatives' the bell was so high that he was not able to reach. Boy timidly knocked on the door, realizing that this knocking is unlikely that someone will hear. Waited a few minutes, he brought a hand to the next hit, but did not dare to knock, understanding what problems will bring.
  'But I'll take care of it' - he persuaded himself, but then found the opposite argument - 'she has little money, and it is not going to feed' - but the other insisted, - 'I will work, and will feed her and myself'.
  Alyosha sat for a long time on the stairs, fighting with itself, without taking a chance loud knock the cherished door until he was driven out into the street.
  Chapter IV
  Captain, captain smile!
  Rats. New friends - Serezha, a Ghost from the past.
  Dungeon. The guests. 'Dark for Ricky.
  I'm not going to beat him.
  A rustle in the corner made alesse suspicious, he didn't immediately realize that this is happening to me. The boy remembered the terrible stories about the basement, that here haunted by the ghosts of the once-lost boys that under the old house there is a maze of cellars, which during the war was used as a bomb shelter.
  He listened carefully, afraid to move. The whisper was repeated, now he was closer. Alyosha sat down, trying to consider this 'something' in the dark.
  Gradually he began to see, as if, once was blind and vision slowly returned to him, only it was something unreal, pale green light.
  A large rat, dragging his long, bare tail, sniffing, sat in the middle of the basement, his forepaw.
  She cautiously looked in the opposite corner from me. Alyosha turned to there opinion and cold with horror, - on a pile of rags lying skinny, frail boy, he didn't move, his eyes were closed. At Alyosha had zapolonila heart and somewhere failed.
  'God', is it me himself lying dead in that haunted basement, and my soul is looking at me from the side' he thought
  Rat ran to the foot of lying, sniffed his fingers and quietly squeaked, at the same moment he heard the shuffling of many feet, and out of the holes in the wall began to run out hordes of rats, heading to the same place.
  Alyosha first froze with horror, trying to cringe become inconspicuous but seeing as rats covered the boy alive, moving 'blanket', wildly shouted, jumped and rushed to help.
  He pressed rat his boots slipping into the food mass, rasshiryaya them in different directions.
  The first was scared and rushed in loose, but more daring stopped nearby.
  From his cry lying stirred and turned his face. It was emaciated face unknown boy. As if waking, he vaguely sang a few words about the brave captain from the movie and fell silent again.
  - As you come here?' Who are you? - zatormozit Alexey it.
  He opened his eyes.
  - What? "he asked breathlessly.
  - You put in the basement?
  - Yes, but I probably forgot, I was knocking, knocking... he again fell into oblivion.
  Alyosha ran to the door and pounded his fist on the cold iron.
  - Open! - he cried out, " this man is bad.
  - Useless... the boy suddenly awoke and sat up, leaning against the wall, " all evacuated, " he said in a hushed voice.
  Alyosha began to beat the door down, but no one ran for help, upstairs was quiet.
  Here, they say, is the course? he had stopped banging on the door and sat down beside him.
  - There are...but I can't open the door, " he said hopelessly, " do you have anything to eat?..
  Alyosha feverishly fumbled in his pocket, Recalling that at the Breakfast took a crust of bread. He often did - sometimes hunger was so awful that I had no strength to tide you over until lunch, and after a single case, when he almost fell into the hungry faint, decided always to do stock. Then, on the stairs, on the way to the dining room, he sat down on the steps and could not move from abdominal pain. His stomach roiled hungry cramps, and no strength to climb, walk to the dining room. And when, after waiting attack, he hardly made in the dining-room, where there was no one on the tables was empty.
  And now the stock is useful. Alyosha took bread and handed it to the boy.
  He grabbed a piece and began feverishly there.
  - What is your name?
  Gray, " he said, chewing, - Serega - he corrected himself, to drink no?
  - No.
  - Sorry, I'm thirsty, - he again leaned against the wall, resting, - what is your name? I you don't remember. Are you new?
  "No..., I am from the third group.
  The boy in surprise and looked distrustfully at Alyosha, " and I am from the third, strangely, he paused a little, - probably, here I stay long, " he added.
  Alyosha looked around, something mysterious, eerie and strange was in all this.
  - Here, in the shelter has a water tank, - suddenly remembered Sergei, " will you help me to open the door to the dungeon?
  - There are underground?!
  "Yes, " the boy stood slowly, apparently gradually came back to him, " come, will help to open the door there's a very heavy.
  He went to the far corner, throwing old chairs a bunch of lying against the wall.
  - Push, " said Sergei, taking hold of the door handle, which before Alyosha had not seen. He grabbed it, and under their joint efforts the door slowly opened.
  There was a smell of mould and musty, stale air. Some shade flashed nearby, and the rustle of wings made him recoil.
  - Don't be scared of them, " said Sergei.
  - What is it?!
  - Ghouls, " he said.
  Suddenly they heard the door somebody squeaked bolt.
  - We are back! happily shouted Sergey and ran back.
  Alyosha jumped behind him, but did not calculate and bumped his head on a pipe sticking out of the wall, his eyes darkened, and his eyes were emitted sparks.
  - Alyosha, are you here? "he heard the voice of his friend Kolya.
  - Here, here, " he replied, rubbing the lump, - turn on the light.
  He turned and he looked around.
  Grey " he called.
  "Who called?
  He rushed out into the corridor and looked confused.
  - Sergey! - once again called Alex. - From here now nobody came?....
  "Yes but you nobody.
  - Where did it go? "he muttered, and went back into the cupboard.
  - Who is he? Here nobody there but us, " Kolya timidly went to follow him.
  Alyosha looked - cellar was empty.
  - The doctor let me let you go, friend cautiously looked in that corner, where he looked, now the lessons will start ...
  - Lessons?! And unless lunch was already?
  "Yes, she probably forgot you out.
  - Forgot... and it is also forgotten.
  - Whom?
  - Serega.
  "What?...- with the participation asked Kolya,
  - It was closed in the basement and forgotten.
  Is during the war? It is even said that it killed the rat.
  "You heard anything about this?
  - Yes, a little. He was punished, closing in the basement, and then, imagine, suddenly began to attack the Germans, the orphanage was evacuated, and forgot about it.
  - These bastards!
  - Who? The Germans?
  And they, too!
  - Oh, you're such lump planted? - Kolya touched his head, " a Nickel got to be applied, so as not spuhl.
  - And what, are you a Nickel?!
  Suddenly they breathe the cold air, as if someone had touched their faces, they frightened look, and, without a word, rushed out.
  They went upstairs, jumping over two steps.
  Already having flown on the first flight, guys calmed down and went slower.
  - Wait, - Alex sat down on the step, " we will rest a little and then I already became ill.
  Kolya readily plopped down next.
  Alyosha leaned sideways against the wall and closed his eyes from the sudden rise of the stairs, he sucked in his breath and blacking out.
  Suddenly he 'dived' in kind 'hole'... and something evenly, with small intervals began to what in the distance.
  - The thunder of cannons, she guessed Shackle, he reached down here in the basement.
  As he was sitting here, Serezha did not remember, only according to his calculations, long ago had to be lunch.
  He listened, trying to understand what is going on there.
  Suddenly, at the top was the noise and screams, came running into the courtyard of the entered machine.
  Sergey understood that evacuation began, was preparing myself for a long time but still couldn't get the machine to take the children to the station, and it is not less than thirty kilometers.
  Cannonade was closer, even basement walls were shaking from their screens.
  Serezha waited for the door will open and will release it, but the minutes passed for a minute, and the basement door was never opened. It until the last moment did not believe that he had forgotten, but when the top was unusually quiet, and the noise of a car is suggested that all went away, ran to the door and pounded on it.
  A roar echoed rushed down to the basement, from his ears, but Sergei did not cease to thresh, putting in it all his despair.
  When the first attack took place, he lay down in a corner and waited, after all, had to recall the teacher that was closed in the basement boy, but time passed, and silence still reigned throughout the house.
  He threw himself face down on the pile of rags and started crying.
  Woke up Shackle from something unusual, he tried to focus and understand what woke him up, upstairs she heard the noise of the motor. I remember! Sergei jumped up, not believing in luck, and stood still, listening, being afraid of frightening her happy moment, something stopped him from screaming. He heard the steps and... speaking in German, Sergei poorly taught German at school, but could understand what he was saying it.
  He clung to the wall, not knowing what to do.
  The footsteps came closer. Sergei rushed to the heap of rags, and he buried himself in it. The door clanked bolt and opened.
  The boy saw through the cloth, as the beam of the flashlight ran along the walls, then again the bolt clanked, steps removed, and the silence finally took possession of the house.
  Sergey jumped up and rushed to the door is closed. He is in despair and began to pull the handle, realizing the futility of their actions.
  The second day of imprisonment passed to him in a daze. He shook the door, knowing that she will not open. To disperse oppressive silence, he began to talk to himself and to encourage myself and scare rats that were snooping around in the corners. I really wanted to eat and drink, stomach twisted into a tight ball. To numb the pain, he decided to go to sleep, hunger is easier to migrate in a dream.
  He woke up because someone had bit him on the toe. He jumped up, rats ran from him in all directions.
  Serezha, staggering as he went to the door, she was still closed. Painfully wanted to drink. He knew he was in the basement, in the shelter has a water tank, but the door leading back did not want to open. To prevent hunger, thirst and despair, and he sat in the corner by the door and quietly singing, immediately reminded parties, holidays. His voice became stronger, 'the Captain, captain, smile...' - he pleaded unfamiliar captain hoarse from thirst voice, that he was not discouraged. Of course, he pleaded not him but himself, but the forces are becoming less and less, and the rats looking out of the corners, became nachalnoe and harder...
  Alyosha came from the fact that he was shaking his shoulder nick.
  "Do you hear what I say? worried he asked, " What's wrong?!
  "Everything's fine, " he through the power smiled, getting up and trying to drive away the gloomy visions that annoying buzzed in his mind, holoda heart. He wanted to believe that Sergey did not forget that he broke free. 'And to Svanetia' " thought Alyosha.
  But what he saw in the basement and now, on the stairs, was so real as if it had happened in reality.
  "I told Mitau that this is Rick pulled, and pulled him from thinking nick.
  - What made? "asked Alex.
  - Well, what Rick turned your bed, and you're late for him.
  "He what?
  "Tonight will be dealt with, though next time is not set meanness, he hesitated a little and added, " and now came the adoptive parents.
  Foster parents are people who have decided to adopt somebody. Usually this was learned in advance and, almost everyone who had no real parents, wanted to like them, to be picked up from here. Sometimes it even looked like a holiday, all sang songs, read poems, they were handing out candy and cookies. The adoptive parents must give something to the orphanage, it was usually or the clock on the wall, or some picture. Girls and boys who wanted to please, immediately became obedient, behaved quietly, not running around, and those who were still, joked and laughed at them.
  - And who do they choose? asked Alexey Kolka.
  - I don't know anyone yet, they talked with many... and me too, " he looked askance at each other, " do you think I might like?
  - Of course, I would choose you, " he replied, without hesitation.
  This response is apparently liked the Kolka.
  - Sorry that you were not there, they would be with you and talk, " he said smiling.
  - I don't need my parents, I myself will bother.
  - Why? All dream to have parents. It's great to be free...
  - Ran, a dreamer, and then we will be late.
  They were seated on their seats when they ran into the class.
  Rick straulino looked around, he knew that he is satisfied with 'dark'.
  "Hey, baby, " he whispered, " you ratted that I turned your bed?
  - From the foundling hear, " he said, not turning around.
  Rick offended sniffed.
  - Well, look at me! - he threatened.
  - All quiet, " said Nikolai Gerasimovna, - Ritalin, you separately to make a comment?
  Rick showed invisible fist and began to pull out books.
  - Be not afraid, " said Kolya, - he will not touch you.
  - I'm not afraid, for the first time or something, " said Alyosha, realizing that this story will not end, Rick will take revenge.
  After lessons, still two hours before dinner, and almost all the guys poured out into the yard, to look, how to build swing.
  The swings were not ordinary and large, three meters in height, as in the Czech Luna Park.
  On the very site, of course, did not put, and so they gathered around, watching as welder.
  Alyosha pretended that looks in his direction, in fact his eyes fixed on her, he remembered, as she stood up for him.
  He somehow liked it, " maybe the fact that they were similar characters, she, like he, tried to be invisible, but if he saw injustice, desperately rushed to protection, despite the fact that the power was not on her side.
  Dean noticed his gaze and blushed and smiled timidly, straightened his little calico dress on from which has grown and, having squeezed among friends, has disappeared.
  Somehow the boy struck in the chest, girl first smiled at him.
  Until the very end Alex walked with a foolish smile, even forgetting to get to his favorite place on the roof.
  Today, on the night on duty Elena Lvovna, educator from the second group, it examined how they were asleep, and left to themselves, which means that it till the morning will not be, only if I don't Wake of the earthquake or fire.
  'Dark' was all the rules.
  Rick was lying on his bed, covered with a blanket, on the sides there were two children from the senior class, and seen that he was beaten on the present. Everything was quiet, and even Rick screamed.
  "Your turn, " said Mitya, Alexei.
  He shook his head.
  "You forgive him?! "asked Mitya.
  "No, I ... don't want to beat him.
  "Are you afraid of him?
  - No.
  "But because of him you got! He also you beat your feet.
  Alyosha stood beside the bunk and watched as Rick lies, not moving under the covers. It was evident, as he tensed, expecting a blow, so from Alyosha that he did not expect mercy. Alex knew Riku since then, as he remembered himself, even with pre-school children's home. He seemed, was always there, and always he got from him, and now was the moment to pay for everything, for fear that haunted Alexei year after year, for all the beatings and humiliation, but he didn't raise their hands to beat crouching under a blanket Riku. No, he did not forgive him, he will requited with him, but not now and not so.
  - If you don't knock, I'll personally Ordabasy, " said Mitya with the threat.
  "I know, " said Alexei quietly.
  "Oh, you idiot, " he spat, " let you in next time though kill, I don't get Poshivailo to help you.
  As soon as the older boys went into his bedroom, all the Assembly talked at once, only Rick was lying, not pokazivati from under the blanket.
  - Why didn't you hit it? asked quietly Kolya, with adjacent berths.
  Alyosha had pretended to be asleep.
  Kolya, not waiting for a reply, he said: " I knew that you're not going to beat him, so whacked him for you.
  Chapter V
  Battle dragons.
  Alex and Alyosha tied in time and in space.
  Alyosha and Kolya went down to the basement.
  Alex knew that as soon cease to wait danger, it traps you, so he did not allow himself to relax. Suddenly he noticed the horizon darkened, her eyes had spring up from a dozen winged monsters, which is rapidly approaching. This time there were many of them, it means that the battle was severe.
  The dragons flew low, their were a couple of dozen, no less great, such Alex has ever seen.
  Several assistants, apparently changing their mind, rushed toward the forest. The others looked at each other uncertainly, many already regretted that got involved in this battle.
  "I'll be back cover, " cried the squire, prudently stepping back.
  - I thank you, my faithful friend, not looking back, Alex said, " but even more I would be grateful if you don't stick your nose out of its hole.
  "As you say, is immediately agreed Collins, " your word is my command.
  He willingly plunged into her hole and hurriedly began to deepen the progress in the side niche.
  - Who heroic deeds and glory, " muttered he, " that eternal struggle! And me and such a life is like.
  The first dragon - leader raced by, not even bothering to look in the direction of man standing on the hill, he wanted only way dyhnut to a flame.
  Alex closed his eyes, concentrating, calling him for help, his body stiffened muscles finely vibrated, rang, the body is filled with ease, and he felt his feet off the ground. He opened his eyes, the dragon was already close. Brandishing a sword, Alex as lightning slid back, gaining altitude, bypassing the destructive flames of the dragon, and jumped on top of him, increasing the speed of the fall.
  The main thing is to get the sword under the base of the neck where armored scales loosely attached to the bending of the body to slightly curved sword fell under the plate, top-down-obliquely, rolling, cutting blow
  Alex had it all worked out correctly and the headless monster, tumbling, flew to the ground.
  The attack was so rapid that the rest of the dragons didn't understand what had happened, but after two dragon tumbling fell down, the building was in confusion, and they rushed to the attack. But Alex rushed among them so rapidly that they had nothing to do with him, on the contrary, they often harming themselves by burning flame each other.
  The last five dragons, seeing that remained of their flocks, in time, turned around, and ran back.
  He did not become them to catch up.
  Kneeling on the ground, he leaned wearily on the sword, watching as survivors, but deprived of flying dragons, killing the locals.
  Happy squire, got out of his hiding place.
  - How we, that is, you made? he amended, taking the sword from his master.
  In this city they probably will not want to fly, " said Alex, seeing the last of dragons look.
  - Probably. I would then, in their place, if only for goats were hunted, - then, remembering what she wants to eat, he added - not bad to eat, the owner may be residents of the city to the scarcity.
  - Now and find out, " Alex said, watching as the citizens who have completed destroy dragons, was approaching them.
  Ahead was a tall, clad in armor, man. By the way he kept separate from everyone else and arrogant mind, Alex realized that it was the leader of the townspeople.
  - Glory to thee, o mighty warrior! - he shouted from afar, is your feat will live forever in the annals of our city, the door of any house is now open for you!
  "Maybe I it will be useful, and now me and my friend would like to eat and relax, you will not do this to us?
  - Of course, Prince?! My house is your house.
  Alex turned to his armour-bearer.
  - You see, all settled, and now leave me, I need to be alone. I'll find you in the city.
  "But sir, how are you will be one, without weapons?! Collins did not want to part with the owner, in this world anyone could hurt you, and with Alex it's safer.
  - Be not afraid, " said he, understanding the cause of anxiety squire, " I'll catch up
  Wait until all disappeared over the hill, he sat down and closed his eyes became mentally cause Royal mage.
  Gradually, beside him, as if materializing out of thin air, appeared familiar silhouette of a teacher, who was sitting with my back to him, his black cloak.
  - I will not stop you, master? "asked Alex.
  "You never stop me, my most capable student, - the magician turned to the Prince, smiling to him, " I am glad that you have won in this battle.
  - I wanted to ask...
  - I know you want to ask dragon brought the king, or rather his wizard. The king himself, has already received the news of the failure and his army now goes to the Free City. I have already warned your father, and he sent for the help all the troops that he was at hand, but I am afraid that we will not make it in time.
  "I will stay in the city and will help them to survive, " said, resolutely Alex.
  The magician hesitated, wondering.
  - I wanted to ask, " he said in thought, " I know you're not sorry for yourself, this is your right, but... don't you feel sorry for that boy, the force which do you use?
  - You about alesse from an orphanage?
  - About it, darling. After all, when you are together and if, at this time, what happens to you, then this will be reflected on it, you know it?
  Alex paused, frowning slightly, of course he knew that runs the risk not only to themselves.
  I only use his power the ability to fly...
  "Don't kid yourself, " softly stopped him, the magician, " when he is in you, he will die in that world, if you die in this
  Alex resolutely looked into the eyes of a sorcerer.
  But I lose the ability to fly, if something happens to him in that world.
  The magician shook his head.
  "If he wants, he will forever remain in you and will die in that world,
  Alex hesitated for a moment:
  - Maybe for him it better...
  Is it to choose..., you'd better help him, so he gets.
  - I understand you, my teacher.
  - Well, that's good, " the magician was about to disappear, but at the last moment turned toward him again, and maybe you'll visit with father and mother, after all, three years have not seen this, don't you miss?
  "Later on, I will finish this thing, and will come to them.
  - Alyosha, get up, " he heard the voice of his friend.
  Rise, the morning sun blinds eyes, the teacher walks along beds and wakes those who are still asleep.
  - How to sleep? - Kohl gave him his eyes, covering the bed.
  - Excellent.
  - Who are you today fought in a dream? he asked
  - Again with dragons, - joked Alyosha.
  And again flew?
  - Yes.
  - I would like also to see such a dream! I like adventures.
  and I, I... I, probably, forever gone into that world.
  Kolya suspiciously looked at him.
  "Don't be silly. It's just a dream.
  Alex looked around and pulled out from under the mattress tattered book.
  - Read it, and then put it under the mattress, " he whispered to him, " maybe you're lucky, will travel together.
  - And what is this book?
  - 'Prince Alex', I already know by heart, don't lose it.
  - Of course.
  - And if you want, build thee an adventure, " he said mysteriously, - after Breakfast want to check if the progress in the dungeon, but you need a torch.
  - There is a flashlight!
  - Only the orders, not to be afraid and no one must know about it, do you?
  - The grave.
  Bags, take a turn in the shower.
  - Yeah.
  After Breakfast - three hours of free time, at this time, Alyosha and decided to check the progress in the basement.
  Kolya was waiting for him at the appointed place, hiding in his bosom flashlight.
  He passed in front of him, looking to the side, letting her there was nothing wrong he's not going to do, and headed to the basement, Kolya, as if nothing had happened, went after him.
  Here was the door. Gently pushing the bolt and turned on the light, they went inside.
  - There should be a door, " Alyosha looked around and headed in the opposite corner.
  "You're sure? Can we get back, here is permitted to enter.
  - Do not be afraid, - groping hand on the wall, feeling the raw Board, he closed his eyes, remembering the location of the door.
  - I will wait for you outside, voice Kolya came trembling tone.
  - Help to push a barrel, " said Alyosha.
  - Forget that.
  - It is necessary.
  Nick sighed and began to help to move the barrel.
  "This, " he whispered, leaning back with rags and feeling for the handle of the door, to help me open.
  The door creaked loudly and walked away, they saw the same stale air, and then, when Alyosha had opened the door with Sergey.
  - Turn on the light and follow me.
  Kolya again with regret looked back at the outlet and turned on the light.
  Behind the door, immediately started stairs cool deep in the darkness, they were slippery, uneven, with blurred edges in the middle, apparently they have helped a lot in its lifetime.
  They held their breath, began to go down, leaning on a wet wall, but it would be better if they did not rely on it...the hand of Alyosha, and then the foot slipped, he inertia sat down and went down, counting booty-speed, well that they were a small height.
  'That is just wouldn't TA-TA-so long down' he thought, trying to grasp something, web together with spiders on the way down stuck to my face.
  Kolka apparently also used this same method of descent, his loud breathing and configuring denoting each step was heard right behind alioshka, and when he finally found himself at the bottom of the stairs, Kolka plopped right about him.
  A few seconds they were silent, conscious.
  - Successfully landed, - finally said Alexey.
  - It's great you invented with descent - sighing, said nick, " I don't feel like it anymore so get down, all red-footed Falcon repulsed.
  - I also do not want, - Alyosha got up, holding his lower back, but quickly.
  - I agree slower, but that is not so painful.
  Suddenly a dark shadow flitted ahead, and disappeared around the bend.
  - What is it? "the frightened asked nick.
  - Vampire " whispered Alyosha, " what you ask, how do I know?
  - It was necessary to take something from weapons.
  "Yeah, slingshot vampire will not take, and other weapons you have. I've read a lot of horror stories, well, what can be?! "he tried to reassure his friend and himself at the same time - if you are afraid of ghosts, they don't bite.
  - What if there are rats-cannibals, said, in war there were many of them.
  His voice trembled.
  "If they were there, they would have died of hunger, war thirty years ago was over, he tried to calm him down.
  They looked around, here went the corridors in different directions.
  - Where will we go? quietly asked Kolya.
  "I don't know, let's go to the right, under the house.
  - And maybe left?
  "No, that will not be lost, it is first necessary to always go to the right, so I've read, and returned, turning to the left.
  - But surely you remember? Well, you then go ahead, but I sometimes confused, where the right and left.
  He lit corridor that went into the darkness. Light trembled on the walls and floor so that Alaska had to take a lantern.
  Silence and darkness acted on them depressing. Alex wanted to sing to disperse fear, but then changed their mind, and they suddenly someone will Wake, and he really eater, trouble later not be gathered, so it's better sleep.
  Nearby he heard a long sigh and warm, stale breeze ran on their faces up to the exit.
  "W-what is this? - shuddered nick, " I am the best on top you wait.
  - Not to be scared, " he mumbled Alex... boldly - now look.
  Lantern lit the long arch of the hallway and stared at the iron door, locked on a large padlock.
  "Well, come, " sighed contentedly Kolya, " how great that so quickly it was over, and not have their lives to risk.
  - Do you think? - Alexey touched the lock and pulled down one by clicking opened. - Rusted from time to time, " he muttered and pushed open the door, she, grinding, was opened.
  - And maybe it is not necessary to go in, " nick even did not make attempts to look inward, and suddenly...
  - And what are you so afraid of? - he stopped his silly predictions - flee always have time, we know how quickly.
  The flashlight beam moved through the rows dusty tables and fallen into disarray furniture. Some things that have turned into dust, apparently here long ago no one there. Nothing and no one disturbed the tranquillity of the dungeon, only drops about whatever tapped his monotonous rhythm on the stone floor.
  Next, with the door lay any tools. Alyosha was chosen because of the piles of little rusty bar.
  "Well, let them now, let them try to get.
  - Who?
  - Yes does anyone, so will agrey!
  Of course lomik not much of what weapons, but he was calmer.
  The room was no outlet, they are not saying a word, turned back.
  - Now the left or... enough for today? suggested Kolya, when the guys stopped at the stairs.
  To the left, we still found nothing interesting.
  - The main n-not to be late for lunch.
  Now they went on another corridor that led them to the opposite side, and again a shadow flitted ahead, this time the guys are very clearly heard footsteps.
  - T-have you heard?
  - Aha - Alyosha caught his breath, but, overcoming the looming fear, whispered, " you are not afraid, we have a few weapons.
  - As you want, and I -- I went on, " stammering, said nick, " but it is necessary for adults to tell everything.
  - What?! Yes once they learn that we were there, we were immediately punished.
  Anyway, I don't want to stay here, " he staggered back and turned and ran for the stairs.
  Alyosha, having overcome the desire to rush after him, devoted to him, shouting after him - I'll see what's there and come back.
  - If before lunch will not rise, I will call adults for help, " cried Kolya is already on the top.
  - I will try to early to return, " he muttered, moving slowly forward, and my hands trembling in the hands of the crow.
  Chapter VI
  Alyosha left alone. Serega.
  Buried alive.
  Butler. The Landowner Semen Maksimovich.
  The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids.
  The turn was empty, he looked ahead, the beam out of the darkness a few iron doors.
  Still slowly, the boy opened the extreme. The door, grinding, opened and... flocks of bats, squeak rushed him, touching the face wings and claws. He pulled back, the crow flew off to the side, flashlight, crashed on the wall, blinked and went out, and in the darkness Alyosha saw the dim outline of a human figure, weakly glowing in the dark.
  He felt cold and backed away.
  'And what I suffered difficult in the basement?! - flashed through his mind, " would sit on his lawn, among the roses, and the book would read'.
  - I have long been waiting for you to come, " he heard the voice of Sergey.
  Alexey restrain himself not to run to the ladder, and sighed.
  - T-you may not appear so suddenly? - stammering slightly, he said.
  - 're human, you have the wind up? - he laughed " I thought you I will not fear.
  "You don't bite, so why are you afraid, why am I only played with rats?
  - It really was, then I was able to Wake up and open the door to the shelter only thanks to you. Because then I really would kill rats. There, in the shelter was little food and water, however, that I still long enough.
  "Then I helped you a lot?
  - Aha!
  "I don't understand!
  "Very well, then, I don't understand...and what are you doing here?
  - Just look.
  "Then let's do it together, bored to wander alone on these dungeons.
  - You want me, like you were wandering the dungeon? - Alexey gradually came to himself.
  - Are you a good sense of humor, " said Serge, " of course boring one, but you better not get in my world.
  "And except you, someone else goes home?
  - Of course, walk, former landowner wanders.
  - The landlord?
  He was a master of this house, and after the revolution, semen Primakov, the name of a landowner, was hiding in his cave, that was bricked up the Central stairs to the basement and was hoping there overstay revolution, Yes then, and could not get out. The first house was used as the headquarters of the NKVD, and then gave the homeless. And when his meal was over, he tried to escape, but it was accidentally killed. Well, have you moved?
  - Wait, I now lantern will include.
  - Why do you need a flashlight, you're in the dark everyone you see only tense your vision.
  He mistrustfully looked around and suddenly realized that he sees, however, everything was in a fog, but still, things could be distinguished.
  - I never thought that I could see in the dark.
  - You much about myself today, you know, " said Sergei quietly and nodded his head, " come Pathfinder.
  "Wait, behind that door I saw some shade.
  - Oh, that the beggar, he will sleep here.
  Is there a way to the top?
  - Recently appeared. Close to build a house and found the clutch, it was considered for some communication, well they, and not to destroy. And this beggar shook the bricks, which touched the excavator, pulled out and now live here.
  "He isn't scared of ghosts?
  - And he himself as a Ghost, even his friends, seeing ghosts, had never come here, and it. We go on?
  - And the next door where will it lead?
  - Open and you'll see.
  Alyosha caught in his voice merry notes and quietly opened the door, there was nothing, or rather, almost to the door, everything was littered with shards of stone, beams. He wanted was disappointed to say something, but in the next second recoiled in fear - right at him, out of the chaos of stones, came a young half naked girl, her dress was hanging in shreds, small and firm Breasts turn white in the darkness, the body was covered in bruises and abrasions. She led a group of gomonova, emaciated and in the same wounds kids, they were also surrounded by pale green halo, some of them were so depleted that were like small skeletons.
  Alyosha started back, drop it deterred wall, on which he rested.
  Sergey laughed:
  - Scared?! Maybe you should not go further?
  - I... I'm in shock.
  "You, the main thing, are not afraid, " he said, letting the kids, - peresel itself.
  - Who is this?
  Are podgotovki, they just transferred from pre-school orphanage before the war. During the RAID got here bomb - a direct hit. First, they began to dig, to bury, as expected, but did not, and then received an urgent order to evacuate, filed a special echelon. Then nicked the Germans, so they remained here. The teacher all the time leads them up, and then they go back.
  Alyosha breath.
  - And why some of them are like skeletons and others not?
  - Those that like skeletons is not immediately died, they even a few days alive lay under stones.
  He held the opinion Gomenasai the kids.
  Some of the guys looked curiously at him, someone was on the go rogue, but seeing strict view of the educator affectedly has grown quiet.
  In the same pants, shirts, dresses, they were like brothers and sisters, what was so different all orphans until recently.
  - If you want, you can come back?
  "No, " said Alyosha will go on.
  "And then we'll go through the wall.
  - Well, you, probably, will be able to pass through the wall, but I'm not bringing.
  "And you click on this brick, - Sergey showed on the stone, which was no different from the others - once it's pressed, immediately pull the wall in this place, is the door, if not immediately push, the brick will fall into place, it serves as the castle and the stopper.
  He looked distrustfully to Sergei and pressed bricks, he obediently stepped aside, and holding it, he began with the power to push the wall. At first she did not respond, but after several efforts, something clicked, and the wall-the door began to move away.
  - Where does this move?
  - In the dungeon of the landowner, here hidden his goodness.
  The door behind them slowly began to close.
  - And the treasure is?
  - He has something better for the treasure, - Sergey slyly looked at him, but his guard, ... stop! suddenly he cried, " don't tread on me.
  - Is it possible for you to come? he wondered during your stay.
  - No, I don't want my bones someone trampled.
  Alyosha looked down, a little skeleton, with the remains of rags on the bones laying right before them.
  "It is I. When out of the water, I was trying to get out of here, but I no longer have the strength to open the door.
  The boy felt a weakness in his legs, and not to fall, leaned against the wall.
  "You what? - laughed the Sergey, " are you still afraid?
  - Yes, a little.
  - Living afraid of it, but the dead don't bite.
  He sighed and carefully walked around the little skeleton and slowly began to move forward.
  My steps are loud were distributed through a dungeon, suddenly, when I opened one of the doors, a pack of rats, knocking each other, rushed past him, they squeak disappeared around the bend.
  Alyosha waited, leaning against the wall until promovise last, evidently an old rat, looked in at the open door and drew back. I saw the old man, with a big white beard, instead eyes were whites, his toothless mouth was revealed in its death throes.
  The boy felt as if he stirred the hair on the head, he wanted to rush back, but mocking voice Sergei stopped me.
  Again trying to scare us, Petrovich, and not tired of you?
  The old man suddenly roared and began to twitch.
  - Yes will be to you, " laughed Sergei, - old age, do the things.
  - Smeeshsya me? suddenly he mumbled, " nothing, I master skaju as you Suda people lead.
  - Come on, come on, what can he do?
  - Posmotrim, - finally said the man and went into the wall.
  - In vain I Keeper offended, - Sergey went ahead, showing the way, he's harmless, but the landlord is evil.
  Alesha already regretted agreed on a journey through the cellar, and would be happy to return, but it was not clever to say about it Sergey.
  - In fact, he and I, incorporeal.
  They entered the great hall.
  - This room! - admiringly, he whispered, " our room, at the top, does not go to any comparison with this.
  Is he out of the cave, it was cut down, or his ancestors, he had just finished.
  - How do you know?
  - Yes we sometimes speak, when he will be bored alone, and he's actually the old man is not bad, knows a lot of interesting, it has a large collection of interesting things.
  They have come almost to the middle of the room, like a sudden flash lit up all around, Alyosha even went blind for a moment, and when he opened his eyes, he saw around him a huge crowd dressed in ancient costumes of people, they were circling in the waltz to beautiful music.
  From the flicker couples, it even felt dizzy. There were many military, Brancusi spurs, footmen ran with trays, carrying drinks.
  Again the old man begins to joke, - tried to drown music Sergey.
  - What is the old man?
  - Yes landowner, if now there will be something terrible, don't be scared, if you scared, then he kills him you.
  Something suddenly changed, I noticed that the light was gradually dwindle, the music was turned into a cacophony, but people who are so beautiful, suddenly began to lose his flesh, becoming the first in mummies, and then to the skeletons.
  He backed away, but he took him by the hand and rudely pushing skeletons dancing to shrieking, made his way further.
  There, at the end of the hall, " he shouted in his ear to the other, - there is a secret room, let's go.
  "Who you calling here?! suddenly she heard a thundering voice, it's my possession, my treasure! - in front of us suddenly there was a huge old man, he was slowly closing in on us, threatening gleaming eyes.
  - Do not make a noise, Maksimych, we just look and all, - Sergey tried to bypass the old man. And then he spit, and as if diving in cold water, passed through it, Alaska nothing remains how to follow his example, but just in case he closed his eyes.
  "And if you take anything will not, ' said the landlord, who already became normal size and walked along with them at a vigorous pace, - why should you go there?
  - This is my first one for the last thirty-three years, " Sergey nodded at him, " are you sorry for will show his collection.
  - We honestly, nothing will take, Semyon Primakov, - the courage, said Alyosha.
  The old man looked unto him, apparently remembering something.
  - What is polite, not like this Vagabond, " he smiled, " well, okay, I didn't want anybody to show their welcome, and show you very much I like you, only cowardly little, and pounding so you often.
  He walked up to the wall.
  - We have passed through the wall, but you need to open it. Click on the picture that right from you, " he ordered,
  He hesitantly pushed on a little picture, one of dozens that were hanging on the walls.
  Part of the wall slowly began to go up.
  Without waiting for wall rises to the end, they come on the scene then under it, and found myself in ... the Museum.
  - This collection, my ancestors, and I, too, has put a hand, " said the old man proudly.
  Alyosha with admiration looked, well-preserved paintings, some he knew, were staring at him from the walls.
  Is it real?! "whispered the boy.
  "How, sir, " the old man lovingly stroked one of them is connected with them the whole story, then, sometime during leisure, will tell.
  - What is this? Alyosha went up to the shelves with all sorts of objects, is also something of value?
  - Valuable?! "he said, wearing a pince-nez, and looking at his collection is priceless, sir, there are statues and works of art, and some of them for several thousand years!
  - All you hide in the basement?!
  - Do not give these barbarians, they will sell.
  - But this is the picture, no one will see!
  - When they will disappear, solemnly said the old man, - I I entrust it to you. Of course, you can pass that to the Museum, but better to replenish the collection. Unfortunately, I have no children left, all perished in the civil, and you, I think, will be able to dispose of my treasures.
  - And if the barbarians will never disappear?
  "I know that there will be changes, and believe that good will come back. There's a wonderful thing, it was acquired by my great-grandfather in Egypt, he approached a small crystal pyramid, standing separately from everybody, on the hill, - he said she has supernatural properties.
  - What is it?
  Is a foreign instrument for strengthening good qualities and reduce bad. I only recently figured out the inscription, how to use it. The inscription made with Egyptian hieroglyphs, and have deciphered this alphabet recently, otherwise I myself, when I was a being of flesh, would use a piece in the October coup.
  The old man looked meditatively at him, apparently deciding something.
  - You did something to remind me of the son, and I want to help you. However, this instrument is valid for long, but I think you enough. He motioned for him to come, " get up here, and look closely at the top of the pyramid. I will help you to be bold and decisive, " he smiled and remember, when will this device, be careful and to not happened, do not lose sight, we need complete silence and darkness.
  - He doesn't go crazy, Maksimych? - got excited Sergey.
  - Will widgit, then life with a kind word to remember is.
  Alexey moved cautiously to the pyramid and, bending down, looked closely at the top.
  - To stand long?
  - You will feel, now shut up, otherwise you will not succeed.
  He stood in the dark, for him there was only a small point, the tip of the pyramid, which, as it seemed to Shine in the dark. This glow fascinated, appealed opinion to yourself. And suddenly, all of a sudden ray escaped from the depths of the pyramid, across the top, made it a point and pushed up, shining in the deep of the universe.
  How much time had passed, he did not remember, only found myself sitting on the floor, and the old man and Sergey alarmed looked at him.
  - Do you recognize me? - Sergei asked, when he saw that he was awake.
  - Saw each other once, " smiled painfully Alyosha, - head kind of tough.
  Once joked, " sighed with relief, Sergey, it means that it will live.
  The old man put on his shoulder their weightless hand and, looking into his eyes, said, " I don't know, will act pyramid, or all of this tale, but I think that the journey in the basement slightly tempered you, you must excuse me, old man, for he is sick. I prepared him for the case of intruders and please don't tell anyone about my dungeon.
  - I still can not believe it.
  Hopefully, your silence, and now run up, you are looking for your friend.
  Nick stood at the top and alarmed peered into the darkness of the dungeon.
  - Alyosha! he called, in despair, not knowing what to do, whether to call for help, whether to go down.
  Hearing the familiar steps calmed down a bit.
  - I've wanted to run, to call for help, " he said, " what are you so long?!
  - The long corridors.
  - And ghosts have not seen?
  - Fully and swarming, barely strayed.
  - I seriously ask, ' replied he.
  - Well, go with me, he would see.
  "The hell with you, I'm afraid of the dark - joked he, " and we again came to the adoptive parents, the ones that were yesterday.
  - Looking for you, they want everyone to see.
  - What about you?
  Kolya smiled happily.
  They first called me.
  - And why do I need?
  "I don't know, they just you have not seen... you want to see...
  Alyosha suddenly realized that he desperately afraid that he will appeal to the adoptive parents, and they will choose it, Kolya again will remain in the orphanage.
  - Be not afraid, as if answering his thought, " I'll make sure not to choose.
  "Thanks, " he smiled happily, " you are a real friend! and he turned and ran.
  Alyosha was slowly up the stairs, trying to stretch unpleasant moment 'bride', he never liked this procedure, and if possible, tried to avoid her.
  - Perepelkin, " he heard the voice of Melanie Gerasimovna, " where are you running? Guests are waiting for you. O Lord! - threw up her hands, " where are you so smeared?! Come vividly to change into clean and in a hall. Later we will talk.
  'Again will punish' he thought, and smiled, now he didn't care, he knew what to do, but it will still be punished.
  Alyosha slowly crossed the room and dressing, and resolutely with a sigh, went into the hall.
  Chapter VII
  I'm not your son.
  Foster parents - guests. I'm not your son.
  Nick was offended. Dina offers friendship.
  Alyosha stood up for Kolya. The conversation with the headmistress.
  They sat on the sofa, surrounded by a crowd of boys.
  To sit on the couch, it was allowed only in an exceptional case, it was used only when there was a feast, and when he came guests or some boss.
  Approaching the crowd, Alyosha felt unusual excitement, something was pricked in the heart of anticipation, the crowd parted, and he saw not the young man and woman. It seemed to him that somewhere he had already seen them, but they were younger. Between them sat happy Kolya.
  He stopped, forgetting that he wanted to do.
  - What are you? Walk on, pushed his Nikolai Gerasimovna - Alesha, presented it, is very capable, but sometimes lazy.
  The boy had seen the man and the woman turned pale saw him. The man tried to get up, but his legs were apparently denied him.
  Kolya felt a change and, looking at them, he understood and realized that it was not his place to sit next to the elusive happiness, everything collapsed.
  Alyosha turned his eyes on him, and despair of Kolka attacked him, took over as if it is felt not nick, and he. Quickly pulling himself together, he decided to act.
  - Well, what? "he said, spreading his arms in hand, and deliberately turned around, eyes, hands, feet are all in place and in order. However Nikolai Gerasimovna hid the fact that I do not learn and naughty, I often do, and the rest of the goods in order, Alyosha gave me a wry smile and turned and ran, pushing guys.
  - Yu ago! - shouted angrily Nikolai Gerasimovna.
  "No, " stopped her man, I will speak with him, and he hurried after him.
  Alyosha stood in the corridor, exit, behind the curtains, he slowly walked over and stood leaning against the wall.
  He was silent, feeling the back of his presence.
  Prince! - hardly audible called a man.
  - My name is Alexey, ' he said, not turning around.
  "I know, but we're so in my childhood I named our son, and you for us, we immediately realized...
  - I'm not your son, he turned to him, - Yu I, and my parents Quail.
  "Why do you hate us so?
  Alyosha himself would not be able to answer this question.
  - If you are my parents, then where have you been for so many years?! - he said in a shaky voice, trying to control myself not to bursting into tears, " I waited for you when a little boy was able to understand that everyone should have a father and mother. I begged me to take away, when I was beaten! I hated you, when I realized that you'd never come that you left me!...
  - We did not throw...
  "And now...when I learned to do without you...you come from?!
  "But we have found you!
  - It would be better if you can find another that I again did not suffer, because you will lose me, " he cried, wiping the tears ran away.
  He hid himself on a small island-the clearing in the bushes of wild roses that grew at the children's home into impenetrable thickets. He is one, but still Kolya knew the secret path on which you can crawl on the island.
  - It was right, " he muttered, his face buried in dry grass face, and I and one live, I don't need anybody.
  Alyosha heard he was looking for, but never replied.
  Then after calming down a little villages.
  Not far off there was a crunch of branches, and Alyosha saw Kolya has come out to him. His face was unrecognizable, " he cried.
  - That's what you said? he asked, smearing the tears on her cheeks, - they are gone...they didn't take me.
  He lowered his head, as if he was guilty.
  - I said...that I am not their son.
  - But why did they decide that you are their son? Why not me?! - he cried.
  "I dunno...I didn't ask.
  Kolya wanted to say something, but then, looking with hatred at his former friend, ran through a thorn ago.
  Alyosha was rushed after him, to hold him, to explain, but already at the exit of the bushes he stopped, something held him back, he realized that now nick won't understand it takes time.
  Alyosha again returned to the island and sat up, hugging her knees.
  'Now and no other, he thought bitterly, " and I'm to blame'.
  Without a friend in the orphanage can not, will have no one to play with, no one to share secrets, and in the Kolka from his friends was empty.
  They became friends in the first class, as soon as Aleshko was transferred from pre-school orphanage.
  They immediately found each other, similar like two twin brothers. However, Kolka often was ill and when, from time to time sent to the sanatorium, and had tight.
  Kolya became him as a brother, and he could not imagine myself without him.
  Alyosha heard someone again crashes through bushes of roses, and jumped up, delighted, thinking that it returns Kolka, but the cheers that this someone was published, I realized that it was a girl.
  Dink-gum! All red from embarrassment and work done, she came out of the bushes.
  - That's where you're hiding. she stood up from all fours, adjusting her dress, " you are all looking for, and you're here.
  The boy sat down, trying not to look at her. Before he knew what girls do, to pull the hair, if the case turns up or put a frog by the collar. Now he avoided them, for him they did not exist, perhaps because he did not know of dealing with them, what to say.
  Girls are rarely communicated with the boys, they were playing, they were friends or scritical only with each other.
  What do you want? "he growled.
  - Oh, how rude, she adjusted her hair and looked up at him, " why are you always so wild? Never no one will talk, all avoid, especially we, girls?
  - How did you find here the road? - this question asked Alyosha.
  "And I saw nick get out of here, " she shook her braids, " and you with someone of the girls are friends?
  - Then, come with me, I know that like you, and you me. You are beautiful... and strong.
  - Strong?! "he chuckled.
  - Seriously! Just you don't know, maybe because you have no one to protect or are you afraid? You just have to stop being afraid to believe in themselves. To stop being a deadhead to grow up or something. She hesitated, and I want... I will commit myself to you, maybe you'll grow up? Do you want to cum, but... just not in my crack, and without waiting for his permission, she began to unbutton the buttons.
  Alyosha saw the dress slipped off her shoulders, revealing a girl's body, with two white, small mounds of her Breasts. Then her panties fell to the grass, next to the dress. The boy froze, his eyes wandered over her body, stopping at the bright red nipples and triangle rare volosinov between his legs. The girl took his hand and pressed it to his body. The boys were stolen in the chest and a little dizzy. The girl closed her eyes and began to wave his hand over my body, stopping at her nipples. The boy gradually hotter, not restraining himself, he took the nipple in his mouth. Dina with her eyes closed, groping found his cock and lifted her leg, tried to enter it into her crack, but the member does not want to enter. Alyosha spat on his hand and washed member introduced in maiden flesh, he remembered the lessons with an unknown girl. Dean had his legs, pressing a member of the kid. After stopping for a while, getting used, they hugged each other's waist and began slowly and rhythmically to Nestle on her hips. Dean rested her head on his shoulder boys and gave new sensations. They were pleased from coition, from what they did. Alyosha closed his eyes and concentrated on the inner feelings are pleasant waves wandered over his body. After a few minutes Dean gently freed himself from his embrace and sat down, put the dick in her mouth and began to suck. Alyosha took hold of her head and gently began to stick her head on the member. Sometimes it is not rasschityval power and thrust his gun too deeply, causing the girl began to cough and she involuntarily went tears, but she pulled away, continuing to suck cock. Fellow increased the pace and feeling the approach of the ecstasy with the force pulled the girl's head to himself, splashing out in .
  Nobody scolded, all going about their business, some were preparing homework, other, United in groups, discussed the events, others rushed like crazy.
  Teachers were now not to children, the guests presented a colour TV, and now they have decided how to make it not broke and did not include children and the main thing that was not stolen.
  Alyosha went to my seat and pulled out a notebook, but could not concentrate on school readiness, his thoughts kept going back to suddenly 'resurrected' parents, for instance, to the received gift, to the Dean.
  From his thoughts were distracted cry If he turned Rica beat his friend, apparently he was brought into action his plan for revenge for the 'dark'.
  Alyosha got up and rushed to help.
  "Come on, get away, - angrily said Rick when Alex stood between him and laying the ruts, " you do not touch.
  - Found equal? "he said quietly, wondering his courage and feeling getting drunk on anger of the enemy.
  "Stand back, otherwise he will receive.
  - Why don't you fight with Mitem? Or you strength is not enough.
  - Well, look, I warned you, " he swore and slammed it.
  Alyosha in a split second divined his shot, knowing that Rick will hit it so and not otherwise, and dismissed the head. Fist Ricky only lightly touched his ear. Rick from surprise hit with the whole body at him, lost his balance, and Alyosha involuntarily pushed away from him, as if pushed a sack of potatoes.
  Rick flew away, knocking on the glass Cabinet.
  All red and confused, he jumped up again, and rushed forward, thinking that he wouldn't hit the target.
  Alyosha is not hidden, not run away, as is always done in such cases, something new appeared in his mind.
  Rick fell on him like a bull to a red cloth; he was sure that Alyosha, as usual will fall from the first shock, but it was incomprehensible to him, suddenly, at the last moment Alyosha sat down, and Rick almost tripped over it. The only slightly pushed his body, giving it a boost. Rick flew under the table, knocking over everything in its path.
  A few seconds of silence that followed the fall of Ricky thought seemed to drag on forever.
  Some surprise, but others, especially girls, marveled at ALESCO.
  He turned to the stake, trying to help him, but he was already on his feet.
  - Who asked you to interfere?! he cried, " I don't want you no help. Maybe I specifically wanted...to beat me!
  - What's going on here? - in the class burst into the hotel Gerasimovna, - Ritalin, come on up. O Lord! Even in this day will not calm down. Well, soon to bring everything in order, and all sit down, I want to inform you good news.
  Waiting until everything is settled, she rubbed his hands with pleasure, said: " Today our orphanage guests presented a colour TV, now you can watch movies in color.
  It is as if waking, visited the class.
  - By the way, Perepelkin here? Find him?
  He stood.
  - Run to the Director, I forgot to say that she is waiting for you.
  He lowered his head and walked between the rows for the exit as to execution.
  All suspiciously silent, not often evoke Director, usually after this conversation, guys pay in spec. boarding school, barbed wire or transferred to another orphanage, not better, newcomers are always the hardest to find their place 'under the sun'.
  How would slowly Alyosha was not, anyway, he came to a door marked 'Director'. He stood for some time, and is doomed sighed and knocked softly.
  - Is it possible? he asked, opening the door.
  "Ah, it's you, Perepelkin? Come in, my long you wait, - the head is pulled away for a moment from work, looking at him.
  Alyosha went in, closed my eyes from the sun beating through the window with a double frame, and stood at the door, not knowing what to do next.
  The room was small, it fits only a Desk, three chairs, wardrobe and safe.
  - Well, what are you? Come in, sit down, " showed it on a chair near his Desk.
  He carefully sat on the edge, waiting for her to finish writing.
  Alexey been here a long time was not. This room was the Holy of holies. In it, the guys are rare, and no one wanted to get here.
  Headmistress, still gritted his pen, not looking up.
  The silence was broken only 'crazy' fly, beat between the double frames.
  Alyosha has presented itself to her, just as she, he tries to escape, but invisible 'glass-barriers' do not let him loose.
  'I would rather grow, he thought wistfully, - and forget all this would be like a nightmare, and can really be, to die and to remain in a fantastic world', and Kolya will be no problems...
  Headmistress, finally he put the pen aside.
  - Today for the presentation you made? she asked, after a little silence
  Alyosha sat gloomily, realizing that she was not angry, and I do not know where to start, to persuade him, and what he still didn't understand.
  "Okay, let's not beat around the Bush - dare she, " I am very much interested to our guests were happy with us, not often we make presents, and you're very upset.
  He looked at her.
  "Yes, Yes, you! I don't want to scare you special. a boarding school, but if you are not corrected, will send you there.
  Spec. the boarding school is a house surrounded by a high fence with barbed wire on top. Grids on the Windows and the door locks with glass Windows. There the boys go a system of free time they have almost no, they do not watch TV. In General - the horror. Get us on the tour were taken, (and I think to scare).
  There are also people live, " he grunted.
  She took a cigarette from a pack, and, turning it in his hands, put on the table.
  - Of course, live, you just cannot imagine how they live there. There alive you shit knocks. And how do you come on my head?! All children like children, I dream about foster parents, and you seem not of this world, I just can't grasp that our guests have found in you?
  Alyosha was still silent.
  - I asked them to take someone from the younger classes, so always do, but for some reason they want you. They left very upset, that's what you said?
  "I said that I didn't want to be their son.
  - But why?! Do you like us?
  - No!
  Headmistress did not expect such a rapid and straightforward answer. She paused as if lost thought.
  ... So what is it?... What you are not satisfied with?! Please understand, I sincerely want to help them and for you. - She decided, took out a cigarette from a pack and lit it. "I know, " she said after a few puffs, - our house is not sugar, our teachers are not saints, but you are not angels ... should understand us.
  Alyosha saw her slightly trembling fingers holding the cigarette, and winding, thin, bluish a plume of smoke, shining under the sun slowly rose to the ceiling.
  'Well, maybe she'll explain that he did not want to offend the Kolka, " thought Alyosha, is that in addition to these parents, they don't need. And true parents only need to 'tell' them all that was simmering in his heart over the years. No, headmistress is unlikely to be realized'.
  - And what I haven't found?
  "I don't know. Maybe you are offended by them for it?
  "What? They to me, why be offended by them?! - said Alexey.
  "Then what is it? Your parents - they are good people, intelligent, I know...
  She turned away to the window.
  'That's stuck', he thought, but aloud he said, - you may think?
  "Of course, " she waved his hand, not turning around.
  Alyosha went out, carefully closing the door, and walked slowly along the corridor. Was unusually quiet, went lessons, and at the door was heard muffled voices.
  Chapter VIII
  Why do you keep trying to beat me?
  Betrayal Kolya. I don't want you to fight.
  Sassy girl. Dina.
  Like all difficult when needed parent, they are not, and when you already two years will be released in the other world, the parents here. Especially they were needed, when he realized that everyone should be mom and dad. But somehow the teachers before school orphanage did not want to answer his questions about his parents. Guys with older group, said here all those who have given up, or lost, or from whom refused. He didn't really understand how it refused? May be the children played pranks, and parents abandoned them? But he was not a bully, then it has not been abandoned, but simply lost. On holidays he made a wish to find him-parents, but... some were found and he is not. After he began to understand what is actually happening, I realized that it just dropped.
  Alyosha went to class, and took the book, hid on his island, in the rose bushes. Search it will not, and Alaska wanted to be alone.
  He lay on the ground, watching the black ants that dragged all sorts of gravity of its burrow in the ground. Suddenly, a huge beetle, with large branched antlers. He slowly went, not noticing such trifle as ants. On one he even arrived. The ants could not tolerate such impudence and attacked the bug. He tried to scare them away, but ants with each second became more and the beetle had nothing to do, how to quickly retreat. That's a big family, and if anyone attacks on them, they together represent the attack. Maybe with Rica's the way to go, to agree with the guys, whom he beat and if that, together, to defend themselves.
  - Alyosha, " he heard the voice Kolya, - are you there?
  - Yes, prolazi here.
  "I can't, you get out.
  - Now!
  Alyosha quickly crawled through the bushes. He was glad that he decided to talk to him, but already on the way out, he felt unusually strong waves of anger, akathisia it.
  In the clearing, before Bush, crowded with guys from senior class, from another group. Ahead of everyone stood, smiling wryly Rica. It came from him anger.
  - Well, the foundling, caught?! he turned to his friends and those reserved laughed, I wish I could get away from here?
  Alyosha figured this would be a fight, or a beating, because his friends will not stand aside.
  - You promised that you only talk to him, " shouted from afar Kolya.
  - We have already talked, and you get out of here, so you will get, Rica came closer, he remembered their mistakes and have now decided to play it safe.
  - I don't want you to fight, " said Alyosha, he disappeared fear, and he even felt a bit sorry for them, so morally and physically he felt stronger than them all. Alaska it seemed that it was not he, but someone else is now the high school, and he looks at them from the side.
  Guys reserved laughed.
  - He does not want us to fight!
  Rick was looking in his eyes fear, but did not find him, instead, he saw the eyes of a tired man, beaten, held through trials and Rick realized that if now he tarry, we will not be able to hit him. He swung and...., Alyosha - Alex, as if waiting for this blow, in a split second ahead of it, easily bounced back.
  Alex-Alyosha concentrating, remembering, as taught by his Royal master.
  Muscles tensed and familiar vibrated, he felt danger in the back, step to the side, his hand, as if jumped with the stopper, projname pierced the air, him from behind, fell, clutching his stomach, at this point, Rick again rushed at him.
  Block, sliding kick Rica, flew past, right in the thorns of the roses. Now some guys rushed at him from all sides. The main thing is not to fall. Departure from the right, jump into the stretch, kick that one went out of the fight.
  Alex-Alyosha stands back from the heap wallowing bodies, eyes half-closed, he concentrated, some people are beginning to panic, it is necessary to continue to operate.
  The closest guy with a surprised look at him, - awesome lunge at him, and the fear is thrown away. Several more blows, now I have one Rica, and even then, only because he was thrown to the ground running.
  "Why do you keep trying to beat me? asked Alex-Alyosha, standing before him, his voice was calm and steady, as if that's not it, only what was around in the crowd, giving blows to the right and to the left - you enjoy it?
  Rick sat down, Momotov head. He didn't understand what just happened? He tried to get up, but Alex-Alyosha went slowly on him, not giving up.
  Rick started to panic, before him was not the miserable, with childhood friend weakling, with whom he always did anything, talk, and by the way he dealt with his friends, Rick realized that it was not the old Alyosha.
  "I told that I didn't want you to fight, and you're not listening - Alyosha came to himself, his muscles relaxed.
  He stopped, resulting in the order of their thoughts.
  - Don't call me no more baby, " he said quietly, " I was found by my parents, and they didn't quit.
  Rick could no longer stand it, he hiccupped and leaping up, ran away.
  Alyosha was not to catch him, and was walking slowly down the garden path, not noticing anything around. He realized that he now had done something very important, as if someone had helped him, and that someone was very familiar. Alyosha was alone with his thoughts, a kind of veil suddenly slept with him, but most importantly, he has overcome the fear that all the time kept it like iron pincers whole life, and that now Alyosha will never give yourself hurt. All this was somewhat unusual, the body readily obeyed him, ahead of his team.
  'Maybe all this happened in a dream?' he thought, and stopped short, overwhelmed by his guess. He helped pyramid! Looking around, and making sure that it's nobody watching, he tried to take back the state in which was during the fight, but nothing happened, muscles did not vibrate, the body did not become light, apparently this happened, independently of him.
  Alyosha shook his head as if to rid themselves experienced turmoil. He did not notice how he found himself in an Apple orchard.
  "You just did? "he heard a girl's voice coming from somewhere above.
  He raised his head, among the branches of the Apple trees looked at me a girl in jeans and a t-shirt.
  She nagged green Apple about the size of a cherry, and looked with interest at him.
  "Nothing, what do you want here?
  - You cell phone remove, - she tossed aside candy, and deftly jumped down, and I know you, your name is Alyosha-foundling.
  He knew not to be offended him or not, it is very cheeky she conducted herself.
  - You still nobody beats? he asked, watching with interest the creation, with two braids.
  - Nope. You don't hit girls, I know, " she said authoritative, but just in case stepped back.
  - Where? - he has never had to talk, and even more to see so close girls not from the orphanage.
  "You future celebrity, so I decided to show you, " she wiped away a cobweb, and clung to her eyelashes, " you like this, what I had imagined.
  She pulled from his bosom Apple-nut and nibbled looks of it from acid.
  - I will say, too, celebrity - Alyosha looked askance at her, admiring, she was drawn to the sight, and nothing on us stare, we are not in the zoo.
  "No, not like in the zoo, as in the movie, " the girl looked at him with respect, and that's a great fight, fly like ninja, where are you so cleverly learned to fight?
  - Nowhere, - Alexey walked slowly down the path to the house.
  - Fooled - she overtook him and blocked the way - I don't want to talk?
  Alyosha stopped. He suddenly began to understand that she likes him that she does not resemble any of the orphanage girls. He didn't know what to do next.
  - Who are you?
  - I? Alice.
  What do you want? he asked blushing.
  She shrugged her shoulders.
  - From you - anything, just curious, have you always been shy wallflower, and hath given all the heat, I did not expect from you. However, I did not expect from you that you are so rude, but it, probably, will go away with time, " she laughed, and cast him in the next half-eaten Apple turned and ran to the fence.
  She deftly slipped through it, and before they could escape, waved to him.
  - So far, Superman, I'll see you around! - she cried.
  Alyosha saw her eyes, realizing that again did something stupid, perhaps you had to ask, what is a cell phone or had to say something nice, for example, that green apples are best eaten with salt, or that she has a beautiful pair of jeans and the eyes.
  What are they still unclear, these girls! And attractive, and at the same time repelled. Some want to look and look, and on the other, and eyes to raise fear of third did not notice.
  He compared Dinah and this girl, a stranger, something they were like each other. Alyosha blushed, remembering the scene in the bushes with Dina and he once again wanted to stay with her in private.
  Vigorously waving his head, as if she thought, Alyosha, ran away and... after flying through the bushes, ran directly to the house.
  When he entered his class, gudisa voice slightly subsided, his victory over the pupils had to come down here.
  Putting the notebook back into the locker, Alyosha sat his place, looking for eyes with Kohl, who sat at the window, looking away. Its ears, educated sun burned. He did not dare to look towards each other. Entered Rick, he hurriedly slipped to his table. Lip it was swollen. Passing by Alyosha, he quietly whispered: " now you're gone.
  - Built for dinner first and third group, - was heard in the corridor voice of duty.
  Nikolai Gerasimovna, still not calmed down from today's events, didn't notice the swollen lips Ritalina, neither in the General excitement in the group, was built guys.
  - Today you are allowed after dinner, watch TV, children's fairy tale, and the rest of the film.
  - To twelve? "asked someone.
  - What then?
  "But tomorrow is Sunday.
  - Today is not a New year, and you showed no, and now into the dining room, and quiet, I can cancel the TV.
  Alyosha went with the others, but was somehow separate from everyone else, in the views of the guys he caught curiosity and fear, and the girls actually happened confusion, but their purpose was clear, each wanted to please him, so he drew attention to it.
  Some girls tried to go next, smiling at him, whispered to each other and looked at Dean, aleshku.
  All went very tightly to each other and Alyosha felt the hand of the girls quickly stroked the mound between her legs.
  The girls envied her.
  - Alyosha, " said his Nikolai Gerasimovna before everyone around the table, " today you are going to sit here, - pointed out the chair next to him.
  This place was considered honorable.
  - I am very well here, " he tried to defend a seat at his Desk.
  Here, too, " she smiled, (all numb, no one saw that she used to smile) and beat with a fork glass, quietly guys! Today we had a gala dinner, our guests, " she pointedly looked at ALESCO, - has prepared for us a pleasant surprise, for tea, you will get a piece of cake.
  Her last words were drowned in the joyful cries of the children.
  "Quiet, I have not said everything, " she continued, trying to drown the noise, - for Breakfast, everyone will get an orange. Me tomorrow, so today I decided to tell you this good news, and now to supper, and don't make me angry...
  "Can I sit next to Perepelkina, " said Dina came to the Hotel Gerasimovna.
  "Sit down, sit down, lisichkina - she smiled again, " unless of course he wouldn't mind.
  Dean took his plate and under envious looks from girls, moved to it. Alyosha looked up at her, and she caught sight blushed slightly.
  - Give Sol? "she asked.
  - No, I don't need anything.
  He somehow felt as if he was sitting on the name-day. Alyosha barely managed to stand to the end of dinner.
  To hide from prying eyes he hid himself in the only place where it could not find in the basement.
  Opening the latch and not including light, he was gone. Familiar atmosphere, familiar rags in the corner. He sat on them, and thinking.
  He was so used that one on earth, and has long ceased to believe that it will find parents, and now he had a choice that is not pleased. Didn't want to hinder the stake, even if he thinks that now he is not your friend. Alyosha got used to the idea that he was the one that no parents he does not need, and nick is still waiting for, believe in miracles. And Alyosha suddenly understood what to do, you just walk away and not bother anyone..., to go, to go to another...in the magic world in which he lives for many years to fight the dragons, with thieves, pirates, get away from here forever.
  - You fool! suddenly a voice was heard by Sergei.
  "Who's there?! - jumped Alyosha.
  "Don't be scared!
  He saw a pale green haze silhouette Earrings.
  He stood leaning against the wall, holding in his mouth his crumpled eternal cigarette.
  - Do you think they are better?
  "Is that you?!
  - And who else, tell me what you want to do?
  - What do you know? I've already decided.
  "Do you hear, Maksimych, he has already decided.
  - The world invented by you, " the old man came out of the wall and coughed several times, and if you die, you'll die really.
  - You died too!
  - You do not need to get into our world - the old man sat next to Alyosha, - sometimes I want to disappear forever... but... And I liked how you dealt today with these loafers, - he patted him on the shoulder; " but I am afraid that they will not stop at this.
  "I know, so I want to make Dean no longer loves me, that she hated me, and the Kolka will be better after I left.
  - Alexey, ' they heard a timid voice Dina, " you're here?
  Sergey and the old man instantly vanished, and when Dean opened the door, except alioshka, she saw no one.
  "What are you sit in the dark?
  - Well, why do you persecute me? I could not stand it to see her.
  Dean drew back as if it was hit hard in the face.
  - I don't pursue, " her voice trembled, " does the Director is looking for, specifically delayed, well that Kohl suggested where you can be, and I whole territory begala, even in our hiding place looked.
  - Our?!
  - Yes, the one that is in the rose bushes.
  He wanted to break out, to say something sardonic, but stopped, or rather stopped despair, which was read in her face.
  - Why do you want... to be with me? "asked Alyosha as gently as possible.
  "I... I saw you defended it even seemed to me that you... did fly.
  - This is all nonsense, and nothing I did not fly.
  Dina timidly looked at him.
  - Did you enjoy our game in the bushes?
  Alyosha nodded.
  Dina timidly embraced him, and they started kissing. His hand slipped under her shirt, feeling the bumps Breasts.
  "You probably will forget about all of us, when you take from here, about children, about me...? "she murmured.
  - I'm not going to go away, " he abruptly pushed off from her, " why do you all think I want to be adopted, then you from me all you want?!
  - Yes, because only boobies miss this opportunity - broke from her, but then she added, softer, but you smart!
  - And I'm a jerk and I want to achieve, don't want to be someone obliged, " he cried.
  Dean stepped back, shaking her head, and her lips trembled.
  - Why are lucky like you?! Why, like you, don't know how to care for someone this too pleased, and that there, " she cocked his head to one side, nobody waits for us? What you're stupid, and I thought...! she sobbed and ran out into the corridor.
  Chapter IX
  You are my Prince!
  You have dreadful night.
  Forgive me for what I am such a fool.
  Nick asks him to forgive.
  Her steps has long subsided, but he still stood stunned and could not recover. Emotional wave that emerged from the beings in a short dress, had fallen upon him, turned, got hold of. He first saw Dinah such, her green eyes with long eyelashes, which were glistening drops of tears, as if two distant stars, penetrated into the soul, for the first time he noticed how beautiful she is!
  She was correct in saying! - Sergey came up to him, he heard me, " we are a rogue, we don't need that many, after the 'liberation' of here, get in colonies and prisons.
  - This is, probably, before it was, in your time, " he said, still under impression.
  - Ah, - Sergey waved his hand, " you think something has changed?
  - And she is beautiful! "whispered Alyosha.
  - Yes, cool girl, nothing you said it, I wouldn't mind... to make friends with her, only now you don't have to think about it, you have dreadful night.
  "I know, " he shook his head and ran.
  - Be on the alert, " called him after Sergey.
  The corridors were empty, and only of the bedrooms could hear the hubbub of the guys.
  Alyosha carefully walked over to the girls ' bedroom and knocked. The door which opened like it already knew what was going to be guests. He thrust freckled face some girls, he didn't even remember her name. She looked him over from head to toe, stopping look on his crotch and smiled.
  - And it is not yet, " she said rapidly, and not giving him a chance to open his mouth, added she is looking for you, " and slammed the door.
  He stood deep in thought, not knowing where she might be.
  - Yu! I heard the voice Director.
  Alexey started, to him hurriedly went Director.
  - Finally found you, " she sighed, and not in her usual manner, put her arms around his shoulders and led the way.
  The boy was taken aback and even because of that I missed the start of the conversation.
  - ... not sleeping and waiting for my call, I gave them our conversation, of course, not all, but only the essence, you promised to think about it.
  - Why don't they take Kolya, they first chose him.
  "My God! What does nick, if they want to take you?!
  He hesitated for a moment.
  - And if I wasn't, they would Kolya took?
  'I don't know.
  - May until tomorrow can wait?
  - Of course! Of course! I believed that you were not foolish boy, and that it is absurd to blame the parents, Director patted his head and hurried to his office, apparently hurried to reassure 'sponsors'.
  Alyosha was walking slowly down the corridor. Suddenly he heard a sob and looked around, dense curtain covering the window in the hall, someone stood.
  'It!' she guessed the boy and timidly approached, not knowing how to comfort her what to say.
  "What?" - Dean pulled back the curtain and biting his quivering with resentment lips, looked at him, came to regret?! "she sobbed, not exactly. And if you think I'm imposed on you, then you are mistaken, " the girl tried proudly to smile, but she had bad happened, " I...I don't need... boobies.
  He almost didn't hear her words, he saw only her eyes in tears, which sparkled with stars, felt her thoughts, speaking about something quite different, and it again washed over her shining space. He took a step toward her and, without a word, slowly, word she was made of crystal, hugged.
  Dean tried weakly to push off, but then sunken in his hands and began to weep aloud, as if, flew stop holding her.
  - What are you?! - the boy awkwardly patted her on the head, " forgive me for what I am such a fool.
  She took his head off his shoulder and looked at him with tear-stained eyes.
  "You're not a fool, and not a fool, - with tenderness she said, " you are my... Prince!
  The bedroom was already turned off the light, guys, from old habit that began since the Foundation of the orphanage, crooning song of the vagabonds, about the plight of homeless children.
  Alyosha in the light of a lamp, slipped to his bunk and hurriedly began to undress.
  - Where have you been? - asked Kolya, " does the Director was looking for.
  - Has already found.
  Nick was silent for a moment and apologetically whispered: " are You sorry that I showed our hiding place, I was deceived.
  He slipped under the covers.
  - May be right, that you did this.
  He was silent for some time, apparently intending with the spirit.
  What about the adoptive parents, as would be continued Kolya started talking, I am not offended, you're my friend, and you should ever get lucky.
  Alex raised himself on his elbow and whispered, " don't worry, tomorrow you'd be all right. Goodbye! - And mentally added, "tomorrow anybody to you will not disturb".
  - You and everything will be okay, " nick covered with a blanket.
  Chapter X
  The last battle
  The Storm Of The City. The trap. Captivity
  Rick brings his plan into action.
  Alyosha in the hospital. The penalty.
  Kolya comes to the rescue.
  Mom and dad.
  "Prince! "he heard the voice of his squire.
  Alex jumped up, took off from itself a naked girl who was riding his cock, trying to understand what happened.
  - The assault began? "he asked shortly.
  - No, the citizens are sent to the meeting cavalry, and she now drives the enemy along the main road, " he said, smiling broadly.
  - Why not waken me? I asked! - Alex quickly got dressed and rushed out into the street.
  - I have told, that they will do it, " the squire ran next, handing him the sword, their little.
  The Prince ran to the city wall, where crowded defenders. At the sight of him, they parted respectfully.
  - What have they done?! desperately whispered Alex - you had to wait for help, and then...!
  At first glance, he understood. Best power - cavalry citizens, pursued the fleeing enemy, but it was a maneuver to lure the main forces of the city and destroy them. He saw at once, but only where they will come from? Where hides an ambush?
  - Prepare archers and barrage urchins, " he said briefly, and on my first signal shall be ready to speak.
  Alex sighed and soared.
  Taking height, he looked around, the adjacent forest standing on the hill, it seemed, was full of the enemy's cavalry, they waited for the signal to attack, when the troops of citizens'll get away from the walls. And over the hill, orderly, stood, ready for action, the main forces of the enemy, they were not visible from outside the city walls.
  Everything was decided minutes.
  Alex came down.
  - Urgently set Jerzy along the edge of the forest, and as soon as the riders, delay, " he ordered ran up to the commander of archers, and I'll try to warn cavalry to return. As soon as the main force back, retreat in the city.
  Commander Archer nodded and ran to his squad.
  'If only they launched an attack ahead of time,' he thought the enemy hidden in the forest, hurtling at top speed to the fighting.
  Already flying up to a huge cloud of dust raised by the hoofs of the cavalry, Alex saw emerged from the forest first enemy riders, but Jerzy have already been exposed and archers sent the first shafts.
  The commander of the cavalry understood at once what had happened, when Alex sat and briefly explained. Yet all heard the signal of departure, but the bulk of cavalry citizens already deployed horses ago.
  It was necessary to somehow hold the enemy and warn the others that would be the other half of the group turned to the city.
  Alex decided that he drew his sword and rushed into the thick of the battle.
  Quietly into the bedroom, the night off, three black shadows slipped to the bed Alyosha.
  "Hold him, - whispered Rick to his friends and leaned over the enemy, having soaked in the liquid rag over the face of Alyosha and groping his carotid artery.
  If they looked around, they saw how near appeared pale green glow boy Ghost.
  The appearance of the legendary Prince, was forced to give the first ranks of the enemy. Alex came as hurricane, bringing confusion.
  - To immediately go to the city, " he shouted to the riders who like to resume the attack, seeing as the enemy retreated, - in the forest ambush.
  Those minutes, which won Alex, was enough to cavalry citizens were safe.
  King Ted, garcoa on his black stallion, on top of a hill, from disappointment gnashed their teeth.
  - That kid again?! - he hissed angrily, " where the Royal mage?
  He immediately appeared about their Lord and stood in the bow.
  - Who told me that you have unraveled the mystery of flight of the boy? "roared the king, who promised that he would be safe for us? Who promised that we'll take your bare hands?
  "I did, sir, it is necessary to wait a little, said the mage.
  - How long should we wait?! While he would kill all my people?
  - Several minutes and it will fall at your feet.
  "Look at me, and then the very'll get.
  The king drove the spurs into the flank of the horse, and took in a quarry.
  Several selfless riders and Alex, holding back the onslaught of the enemy, gradually pulling back to the gate.
  Alex rushed over the heads of the enemy like mad, cleaving sword spreading fear, but of power were clearly not equal, better equipped and battle-hardened enemy horses ' oppressed citizens...
  A cloud of dust, stood over the battlefield, concealed from Alex whole picture, but he realized that people were saved from destruction.
  Suddenly, Alex felt as he caught his breath in the eyes darkened, and he stone collapsed under the hooves of enemy horses.
  The most courageous citizens was rushed to save him, but they stirred.
  Inspired by the death of the Prince, the troops of the enemy rushed to the wall of the city.
  - To stop the assault! "roared the king Ted, " we are leaving!
  "But sir, " said someone from around his retinue, we are almost there!
  "Fool! We are not able today to capture the city, and in the evening will approach Dark, with fresh forces. We then return when will deal with the Dark, and then the city will be left alone, because these cowards will never go away from your city to help him.
  Sergei tried to draw the attention of Ricky and his buddies, desperately waving his hands and grimacing, but seeing that they are so absorbed that all the efforts in vain, he howled and when those in horror turned around, fell on them.
  One of them, from fright reached under the bed, the other has perceverance through the sleeping next door Kohl, and Rick slowly sank down on the floor and gave me a wry smile idiotic smile.
  Kolya, awakened such an unceremonious manner, jumped up, he thought he saw a Ghost, which is the second melted into the air.
  Next, sat on the floor Rick and softly chuckled, rolling his eyes.
  Nick pushed Alexei, trying to Wake him, but he did not want to Wake up, only his hand lifelessly hung down from the bed.
  Nick jumped from the bed and cried.
  -- Good mage - king Ted was riding on his horse and saw his lifeless sacrifice that was carried by wagon, will receive the award, and now make it come to life. Boy I need a living.
  Prince alive, sir, ' said the magician, considering the prostrate body.
  - Make so that he stood, without help, " said Ted, otherwise, I will entice him dad.
  The magician bent over the body and began to act.
  The approaching siren of the ambulance had ripped the night silence. Last time, uzviv, the siren died down at the door of the orphanage. The doctor grabbed the suitcase with the red cross, ran into the open door, and after a while and the black boys in white robes, with a stretcher squeezed him.
  Duty teacher with a pale face, ran out of the bedroom into the bedroom, calming guys. She had already called the Director and waited for help.
  The magician was performing a ritual. He was frightened, when the king will turn again
  attention to it, still he could not say anything encouraging, the Prince was not alive, breathing was superficial. The magician has already used all means at hand, but all in vain.
  The king had not hurried, he was riding next to the cart, occasionally glancing at her.
  -If the boy isn't alive - he thought, " it will be difficult to bring the plan into execution. But the plan he bore many years.
  For this he was preparing for a year, had secretly been trapped at the main gate, which was supposed to hit the enemy. But it is one thing to make a trap, another - how to make a neighboring king, along with a detachment to get in the gate, he was very careful.
  Now the plan is about to happen. He, in the eyes of the king Darka, will slowly kill his son, and he will rush to storm and then he, the king Ted will destroy Darka, his Kingdom, and seize the richest city at the same time.
  The distance seemed native walls of the castle, and the king Ted hastened my own escort, he was told that the king Dark turned his army right up to the borders of his Kingdom.
  - The boy is in a coma, " the doctor walked away from the bed of the patient, - we have done everything we could, the rest is up to him whether he wants to live.
  And nothing can be done? an older man with hope looked at the doctor.
  - Frankly speaking, I did everything I could, I can't help it, was used unknown poison. We as possible cleanse the body, but... This could last another day, maybe years.
  The woman sitting on the other side of the bed, bent over lying boy.
  "Excuse me, but him who you are? - asked the doctor before you leave.
  - We are his parents.
  - Can't be him from the orphanage.
  - Now, I hope not.
  "Got it, you adoptive parents? - he mercifully looked at them. - I was warned.... Take another, " he suggested.
  - We don't need another, we need our native son, we are so long to find him... When he can take home?
  The doctor shrugged.
  - As I understand it, he did not give consent, so until the patient will remain here, " he said with regret and went out.
  Alex slowly regained consciousness, close in front of him, sat a stranger to the old man, which was not difficult to foresee the magician.
  Seeing that the prisoner opened his eyes, mage sighed with relief, " the Prince woke up, sir, " he said and bent bow, and walked away from the stone bed, instead, it appeared arrogant strange man's face.
  'The king Ted' - he thought Alex.
  Alright, then, " he rubbed his hands the king, " and I was worried that my idea will not work. These fools out of the city, will regret that help Darko. - Hey! The servants, " he cried, - bring it up.
  - He is still weak, - tried to get him out of the magician.
  - Not so weak that not stand to see his father, ' said the king, " and not strong enough to defend myself when I get it slowly kill.
  Alyosha got to his feet and dragged him along the corridors, then the stairs to the top of the fortress wall.
  He stood tied between two high soldiers. On the edge of the wall, below, as far as he could see, was in the midst of the army, preparing for the attack.
  In the distance, on the hill, the Prince saw the blue tent of his father. He was standing on a hill and was giving orders.
  - Be careful - king Ted turned to one of his subordinates, is on my signal would open the gates, and after the king of the dark, with his squad is on the inside of the helmet.
  He will lead an army to storm?!
  - Of course! He turned to the soldier: - begin to buzz, and you, - he turned to the executioner, " get ready, now, will be presented before the eyes Darka.
  Alex knew why he's still alive, and what danger awaits his father, courtyard, where they entice, was surrounded by high walls, and on top of arrows with crossbows.
  Signal horns attracted the attention of king Darka, he took the telescope.
  - You start, " said the king Ted to the executioner, but so that he would not immediately died, and his father had sense enough and time to find out what is required of him.
  The executioner, grinning, approached the victim and raised the knife.
  Suddenly he blinked, sun ray fell from a height, as reflected from the blade of a knife, for a few seconds blinded him. From above, and his sword drawn in a long tunic, was flying a young fellow, very similar to Alex.
  - How? the king was struck dumb with amazement, Ted, but no one gave, all as one, fled to escape the blow of the sword.
  Collins?! Nick?! "asked Alex, when he landed next, with a few strokes of the sword, was released from his bonds, as you're here...?
  "And you thought I forgot? he smiled, putting a sword behind his back.
  "But how did you get here?
  - Forgot about the book that I received?
  Alex smiled.
  "I must warn father about the trap, and then together we'll fight but now we will have a lot of time.
  - Personally I am not going to stay here, waiting for me in that world brother Alyosha.
  "I remain in this world, Kolya, and you decide to stay, we travel together to fight...
  Collins nick shook his head, stepping back.
  "You don't understand, I just helped you to come back, this is not our world, and there " - he waved his head awaits us the father and mother.
  You have found parents?!
  We found parents, they took me and you, now we are brothers.
  So, I don't have to stay here?!
  "Of course not, but come on, they're waiting for you.
  "Where are they?
  "Over there, " I pointed to a blue tent standing on the hill - hold on me, I will help. - Alex grabbed her shoulders of a friend, and Collins, jumping down from the wall, went to the tent.
  The Prince was a little nervous.
  He had not seen the father, even forgot what it looks like. Father was standing by the tent, looking for the coming of the son and his squire.
  Alyosha stopped, he knew him, it was him! He was sitting on the sofa, surrounded by children. He turned pale when he saw him, Alexei! It is they, father and mother came to him in a dream, and were with him all the time in this world. That's why Alyosha's heart skipped a beat. He stopped, hesitated, first coming to the father.
  The father opened his arms, and Alex drowned in them.
  - Increased! he smiled as to leave him, and, peering into the face of his son.
  - Father, You don't have to go through the Central gates, there's a trap! - Alex noise exhaled.
  - Thank you warned, I was there and wanted to go to the assault.
  Alex hesitated, not daring to ask, helped the father himself.
  - I know you wanted to know - you stole the Gypsies, when you were three years, we hoped that they will demand a ransom, but did not wait. We were looking for you in all orphanages, children's homes and now have found,
  - Mother here?!
  - Here, waiting for you.
  Alex rushed into the tent, and walked towards the familiar woman.
  "Mom! " sighed he opened his eyes, looked at him the most beloved woman in the world.
  - I'm here, son!
  He saw in her eyes the tears and asked, " why are you crying?
  - I am happy that you woke up, and that you recognized me.
  He looked around the room.
  - Where am I?
  - You are in the hospital, but the doctors said you'll soon get better, and we will take you home.
  - Where Kolya?
  - He's asleep, Kolya insisted on this, said that only he can help you.
   - It is well thought through, to help me - whispered happily Alyosha, falling asleep again.
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