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   나의 한국어 좋 아니야. 영어 많이 있어. You'll need RapMon to translate it. 미안해.
  안녕... 너는 비슷한 편지를 많이 받았어. 난 알아. 난 바보야. 난 알아. I asked myself to not do it. But i couldn't stop.
  민윤기. 너 때문에 나의 마음 미쳤다. 원해, 원해, uh 너를 원해 :-) I don't want to get famous by being with you or whatever else. I just want to be with you. 너와 울거, 웃거 싶어. 너와 자고 싶어. If you come back from work so tired that you couldn't get to your bed and had to sleep on a sofa, i want to be the one who'd cover you with a blanket. When i imagine that i'd be able to call you "Yoon-ah", that makes me smiling from all my heart.
  Once i said to myself: "Stop thinking about him. Dating him is impossible." And just at that moment the car passed me by. On the car there was a sign: "Augustine". This sounds closely to Agust D and this is how we in Russia call your "transefered student" from Run BTS! ep.11.))) It's almost like the universe tells me to love you.:-)
  However i am afraid that i'm in love with a picture of you, that i've created. And if (what's possible only in other reality) i get the chance to be with you, i want to know the real Yoongi. Not Suga. Not Agust D. No. Min Yoongi. That's the person i want to know.
  I know that i may be hated by your fans. Of course, how dare i take their oppa!)) But i'm used to be hated. Although it could affect you. And if so, i'd leave. So not to ruin your career. And i know that i'd have to deal with "3 dollars" jokes. But i think it's not so hard:-)).
  I once tried to get to you... but it was so stupid. I made a cover on your song. 하지만 보지마! 제발... It was awfull... why did i even upload it? However it made me interested in doing music. Now i'm learning how to make melodies on computer. So you "infired" me to do music. :-)
  Why am i writing this? What do i wait for? 난 아이돌 아니야. 아름다워? Sometimes. 귀엽다? Maybe. 돈이? 없어.
  And i live in Russia. So there is no chance of getting near to you. BTS doesn't hold concert's in Russia. Especially in my city. And, as i said, i don't have that much money to fly to other country.
  And with your schedule dating is impossible.
  But... i needed to say this. At least to "you" in my head :-).
  I never was so sure about it. But now i'm sure.
  민윤기, 사랑해.
  Sorry RM if you had to translate it all.
  Min Yoongi sorry for taking your time. 진심이야 미안해)
  난 BTS Comeback 믾이 기다리!)
  Kylie Winfer (this is not my real name, it's my twitter and instagram account);-) My real name would seem weird to you.

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