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The fisherman and the Sea

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Школа кожевенного мастерства: сумки, ремни своими руками
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    the enlish translation of the story

  Once upon a time, there lived a lonely fisherman on the bank of the sea. He had no wife, nor a mother or father. He was absolutely alone.
  He couldn't read, so there was nothing to read. His townhouse was squinted, the roof was broken. But he didn't care about it.
  He loved the sea. He just waited using a fishing net. He took a few from the sea. In the sunny and windless days, he sat in the boat and swum far from the sea shore and listened to his mind. He knew no modern songs, no radio, TV, internet, just nothing. The mind without a civilization. The mind without a word.
  Suddenly he understood something. He learned how to speak with the sea. He used to drop pebbles to the water and the waves would answer to him. It seemed like an everlasting picture from the time of childhood, but nobody could watch it behind.
  Nobody could hear what the fisherman used to hear.
  - What are you thinking about? - asked the Sea.
  - You are.
  - So what are you thinking about me?
  - I think you are God. You gave birth to me, You feed me, then I see the reflection of myself in you. In silence I hear your sing. I'm diving at you, then we become one.
  - My friend, why are you so alone?
  The fisherman felt silent. The question surprised him. Tears dropped from his eyes.
  - I"ve travelled a lot. I have searched for people. I used to imagine them. Sometimes I saw dreams about how I found women and men. I woke up sweated, my heart beated fast, my neck pulsed. But nobody could comfort me, nobody could kiss me, and then say it was just a nightmare.
  - When did you become alone?
  The fisherman fetched a deep blue sigh:
  - There was a time. People were a lot. They were rushing for. They argued and joked, they felt fear and love. They told me that I was blind, and that I couldn't see the beauty of the world. Nobody helped me. I was in the cell of social status. They called me the Blindman.
  The Sea became anxious. Waves beated the boat nervously.
  - People were blind. They didn't see me. They denied me.
  - O The Sea, they cried for you every day! They prayed to you and told you their secrets.
  - But I couldn't hear them. I couldn't it. I slept. Nobody could wake me up.
  The silence came. The fisherman took the oars and began to row to the sea shore. Wind blew on the boat, soon, the fisherman had reached the shore.
  In the evening he tasted the fish soup and watched the stars. In the night he saw a dream about the sea.
  Some days he walked around. There was a beautiful pure nature, but there was no familiar face.
  - Hello, my friend. I've been waiting for you.
  - O the Sea, I walked a lot thinking about you.
  - What had bothered you?
  - People. They were deceived. They searched for you, but didn't find you. They searched for you in others, but didn't find. They imagined you, but found no proof of you.
  - Why did they need proof that I exist?
  The fisherman started to think. The air filled up with bitter sweet symphony. Waves wiggled the boat evenly.
  - So, what's happened to people? - asked the Sea.
  - They told me the population was too much. So the fresh water was not enough. It came the wars for water... The cold morning came once, I woke up and I didn't understand what's happened to me. My eyes pained, the light filled me up whole. Now I could see... But I was absolutely alone.
  - I'm sorry, my friend. I can't turn back time. I don't hear the voices of others, but you. But I'll help you if you'll make your choice.
  The fisherman was full of life. His eyes reflected the light of the sky. He looked at the Sea with tears in his eyes.
  - Yes, my friend. I can fill your life with delicate sensual flower. And you'll enjoy the smell of a woman. Together you'll settle the earth with my children. And you'll learn the happiness and the beauty of the world.
  - What's about you? - the fisherman was all at sea.
  - Now choose: the eternity with me or without.
  - But how shall I talk to you then?
  - I reveal you a secret. You've learned how to talk to me through the Love. If you'll give your love to a woman, you'll lose the link with me. You have to lose, then you'll find. That's the only way of pure love. You fell in Love with me and I heard you. Now I'm hearing the anxiety of your heart. Say just one word, and then you'll be woken by the kiss of your loved one. And your life will never be so alone.
  - Alright.
  - Wake up, my lovely one.
  The fisherman woke up. He was lying on the sea shore and a beautiful woman touched his face by hand. Golden hair dropped to his shoulder.
  - What's happened to me? I guess I knew something, but I forgot it now.
  - Maybe, but who does one care for? - the woman made a smile. The Sea became calm and went out from the sea shore, then came the dawn.
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