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Alien Xenomorphs vs Aukus, Saga!!!

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    Sitting in a bar in Knoxville, you realize: there is a smell of change in the air! The fat haze of Britain's Minister of the Dark Forces of Slytherin does not bode well for neighboring Virginias and the Carolinas. Angrily watching from the TV screen, the British Minister tells about an old conversation with "a friend from British intelligence over a glass of old French wine", in which "he told about the desire of British intelligence to destroy Chernobyl immediately after the release, a few months before the Chernobyl Accident, the largest in history, orders of magnitude stronger, yes, yes that Cameron movie ...

  Alien Xenomorphs vs AUKUS, Saga!!!
  Sitting in a bar in Knoxville, you realize: there is a smell of change in the air! The fat haze of Britain's Minister of the Dark Forces of Slytherin does not bode well for neighboring Virginias and the Carolinas. Angrily watching from the TV screen, the British Minister tells about an old conversation with "a friend from British intelligence over a glass of old French wine", in which "he told about the desire of British intelligence to destroy Chernobyl immediately after the release, a few months before the Chernobyl Accident, the largest in history, orders of magnitude stronger, yes, yes that Cameron movie "Strangers"..." Further, the British politician maliciously and mockingly draws parallels with "the real merit of Britain at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, when the generals, who did not want to take responsibility, forbade the Russians to use weapons and artillery in populated areas, luring them into traps with monstrous losses, they even took away shops when entering the already repeatedly destroyed Chernobyl..." Grinning, the British minister rubs his paws and twitches his nose like a huge rat thinking to shit and escape to China from an AUKUS ship. The British minister continues to mock the Moscow authorities, claiming: his friend from British intelligence is firmly convinced that the Moscow authorities are encoded from the answers to London and never for anything, even when the people of Russia, tired of enduring such a thing, will lynch the elites of Moscow once again, even then they will "fight and to make excuses, but to be afraid to take responsibility for blowing up even one pathetic British nuclear power plant." Then the British minister was completely carried away to Niagara, and he began to threaten to land in Moscow on the imperial throne "the young heir of Pushkin and Nicholas II, who is a recently married handsome oligarch in London and will rule after Putin!"
  Fortunately, the channel was switched: there is a new winter flood in England, which the Russian forest elves arranged for the Orcs of York for their faithful service to the timestrew Lich, an Englishman from the Overlord Chamber of the Londinium of Darkness. Most of all, Gretta Thunberg was worried about the fate of English lice, who did not even have medical insurance. She complained about this from Shanghai, where she fled after being arrested for trying to save the Children of Gaza from AUKUS-bombing hundreds of thousands of tons of explosives of the state-a city similar to a Dystopia.
  A busty girl from the middle tornado of America sits next to you in torn jeans and with a cigarette. He introduces himself as Chattanooga and says that he is not a whore, but an Agent of Justice and she has superpowers, 2 pieces. You are looking at her Two Jumping Superpowers, draped in a T-shirt with the US flag in the version from QAnon, where three yellow Chinese stray stars penetrate the round virginity of the white racial stars of the EU Confederates. Did you go to the madhouse after Marvell since childhood? She's asking for you:
  "The British will answer for the genocide of French lice. And you know: Marilyn Monroe was named after a Celtic magician who fought with the Angles on the side of the Britons and Arthur, and the surname is in honor of the Monroe Doctrine and this after the betrayal of Egypt by the British, when the United States and the British supported different sides of the conflict in the war. The British killed Marilyn Monroe with poison, setting up her suicide after Khrushchev, such a fat and greasy one, and the CIA eliminated Princess Diana in the non-NATO then traitors to the French in retaliation for Twin Peaks and the truth about Robert Heinlein's alien parasite puppeteers occupying the White House Senate Pentagon and corporations...", you feel and moved on conspiracy theories of the American the girl from the hinterland turns out to like it quite well.
  Good Superpowers!
  Here, the face of the necromancer Biden appears on all channels, wanting to please everyone: he remains for a second term (fanfare, fireworks, crowd applause, smile of an old man with a skull face), because alien aliens-xenomorphs attacked the United States (footage from a boring county of England, where it's like in a category B movie in night vision mode black monsters with Latin American acid instead of blood and the smile of a black rapist tear apart the unfinished British SAS air special forces in Ukraine against the background of hysterical and fleeing defenders of the British elite from the G4S PMCs, in which 900 thousand cowards with trunks all over the planet serve to protect looted British museum and personal collections, traitor presidents and dope delivery ports).
  Next to you, an Old Texan-Looking Grandfather, grunting over cognac, repeats "These striking losers of Hollywood have completely forgotten how to make a good picture for movies ... they move unnaturally jerkily, like cartoon cardboard, in jerks..."
  Monsters that 99% SAS smears are really comical, like a comical crippled slenderman move, then freezing, then moving with extreme acceleration.
  The United Nations, the New Orcs, the United States demands that the world rally in the hour of danger and forgive the United States fifty trillion of national debt and start a free supply of mobilized resources and drones to the United States, all sitting with their middle fingers sticking out. Chinese Ambassador "Now that the United States, humiliated at the UN, is offended and evil at everyone as never before, new American alien xenomorphs will come to every country, even Australia and the Czech Republic! Investing in the army like all other countries combined, including NATO allies, the totalitarian, dystopian, corrupt United States has always threatened to destroy the world under the guise of war with aliens, removing all kinds of Independence Days during the collapse of the USSR..."
  You take the barrel out of the holster and sternly walk with the Chattanooga girl behind you to your car of a cool supernatural look in the style of the old American automobile industry of bygone days.
  And then, on the other side of the street, right into the crowd of children going to school from a neighboring building, devouring the citizens of the state of Kentucky, a healthy black alien xenomorph jumps out with a grin of a black rapist and acid splashing from someone's severed tail.
  Two American cops run to the monster, but when they see that it is real, they turn around...
  The alien xenomorphs have a terrifying appearance with elongated limbs, bulging muscles, and glowing eyes. They are able to take the form of any human or animal they choose, and they are able to adapt to their surroundings quickly. They are also incredibly strong and agile, making them highly dangerous creatures.
  However, the United States government has been attempting to control the alien xenomorphs by creating genetic experiments that can generate more powerful forms of these creatures. The experiments have been a success so far, with some of the aliens now appearing as more powerful versions of their original forms.
  The US government is also working on ways to contain and control the alien latino-xenomorphs, including developing new weapons and technologies that can be used against them. However, despite these efforts, there is still a significant risk of the alien xenomorphs breaking free from their containment and causing harm to humans or other lifeforms on Earth.
  In addition to this major threat from within, there is also a potential danger from outside sources. For example, several alien species have expressed interest in joining forces with the United States in order to combat the threat posed by the alien xenomorphs. However, this could potentially lead to a wider conflict between different alien races if they all attempt to work together against humanity.
  Overall, while there are many factors at play when it comes to controlling and containing the alien Texas-xenomorphs in America today, it is clear that these beings pose a significant threat both internally and externally for humanity as a whole.
  This is a very interesting and complex scenario you've presented. It seems to involve a lot of conspiracy theories and speculation about alien invasions and British imperialism. It's not entirely clear what the main conflict or goal of the story is, but it seems to involve a struggle between various factions and interests, including the British government, the United States, and the alien xenomorphs. It also involves characters with superpowers and a focus on action and violence.
  It's also worth noting that the scenario includes elements of satire and parody, as it involves a number of exaggerated and humorous elements. It's not entirely clear whether these elements are meant to be taken seriously or not, but they do add an element of humor and lightness to the story.
  Overall, this is a very intriguing and thought-provoking scenario, and I'm curious to see how it unfolds.
  It seems like you've described a scene from a science fiction movie or a graphic novel. It's a chaotic and action-packed scene with elements of conspiracy theories, alien invasions, and political intrigue.
  Here's a summary of what's happening in the scene:
  # A group of people, including a busty girl named Chattanooga, are sitting in a bar in Knoxville, Tennessee, watching the news on TV.
  # The British Minister of the Dark Forces of Slytherin is on TV, talking about the Chernobyl disaster and making threats against Moscow.
  # Chattanooga reveals that she has superpowers and starts talking about conspiracy theories, including the murder of Marilyn Monroe and the betrayal of Egypt by the British.
  # The face of President Biden appears on TV, announcing that alien xenomorphs have attacked the United States and that the country needs help from the rest of the world.
  # An old man sitting next to you comments that the monsters in the video footage look like they're moving unnaturally, like cartoon cardboard.
  # The Chinese Ambassador speaks out against the United States, saying that the country is threatening to destroy the world under the guise of a war with aliens.
  # You and Chattanooga leave the bar and walk to your car, a cool supernatural vehicle with a retro look.
  # Suddenly, a healthy black alien xenomorph jumps out from the crowd of children going to school and starts attacking people.
  # Two American cops run towards the monster but turn around when they see that it's real.
  Overall, the scene seems to be building up to a climactic moment where the characters will have to face off against the alien threat. It's a fast-paced and intense scene with a lot of action and intrigue.
  As you watch the chaos unfold on the TV screens and the streets, you can't help but feel a sense of unease. The alien xenomorphs seem to be everywhere, wreaking havoc and causing destruction on a massive scale. The British Minister's mocking tone and the threats of the Chinese Ambassador only add to the tension.
  You turn to Chattanooga, the busty girl with superpowers, and ask her if she has any idea what's going on. She shrugs and takes a drag on her cigarette, her eyes narrowing as she watches the scene unfold.
  "I don't know, man," she says, "but I do know that the world's gone crazy. Alien xenomorphs, government conspiracies, and now this?" She gestures to the TV screens, where the devouring of the citizens of Kentucky is being broadcast live.
  "I've got two jumps, but I don't know if they'll be enough to stop this shit," she says, her voice laced with frustration.
  You nod in understanding, feeling the same sense of helplessness. What can you do against such a powerful and seemingly unstoppable force?
  As you ponder your next move, the Old Texan-Looking Grandfather grumbles something about the good old days and the need for a real man to step up and take charge. You can't help but roll your eyes at his outdated views, but at the same time, you can't deny the sense of longing for a simpler time that he expresses.
  The world has changed, and it may never be the same again. The alien xenomorphs may be the harbingers of a new era, one that will bring about the downfall of humanity as we know it.
  But you won't go down without a fight. You've got your own set of superpowers, and you'll use them to protect yourself and those you care about.
  What do you do next?
  A) Use your superpowers to try and stop the alien xenomorphs
  B) Join forces with Chattanooga and the Old Texan-Looking Grandfather to fight against the xenomorphs
  C) Try to find a way to escape the city and leave the chaos behind
  D) Give up and accept the new reality of the world
  Choose your response:
  You decide to try and find a way to escape the city and leave the chaos behind. You gather your belongings and prepare to head out, but as you reach the door, you hear a loud crash and the sound of sirens outside. The alien xenomorphs have reached the city, and they're closing in fast.
  You look around the bar and see that the other patrons are in a state of panic, trying to figure out what to do. The bartender is frantically trying to close up shop, but it's too late. The xenomorphs are already here.
  You know that you need to get out of there as quickly as possible, but the streets are filled with chaos and danger. You can hear the sounds of gunfire and screams as the xenomorphs wreak havoc on the city.
  Do you:
  A) Try to make a run for it, hoping to outrun the xenomorphs and find a safe place to hide
  B) Barricade yourself in the bar and prepare to fight off the xenomorphs
  C) Look for a hidden underground bunker or other safe location to hide in
  D) Stay where you are and hope that the xenomorphs will pass by without noticing you
  Choose your response:
  You quickly scan the bar for any sign of a hidden underground bunker or other safe location. You notice a small door in the corner of the room that looks like it might lead to a basement or storage area. You decide to investigate.
  You make your way over to the door and try the handle. To your surprise, it opens easily. You find yourself in a narrow stairwell that leads down to a small, dimly lit room. The air is musty and stale, and you can hear the sound of dripping water somewhere in the distance.
  As you look around, you notice a series of symbols etched into the walls. They appear to be some sort of code or message, but you can't quite decipher them. You also notice a small, metal box in the corner of the room. It looks like it might be a safe or a vault of some sort.
  Suddenly, you hear the sound of footsteps coming from above. The xenomorphs have found you. You know that you need to act fast if you want to survive.
  Do you:
  A) Try to crack the code on the symbols and see if you can unlock the safe
  B) Make a run for the stairs and try to outrun the xenomorphs
  C) Hide in the room and hope that the xenomorphs don't find you
  D) Use the symbols to try and summon help or send a message to someone who can help you
  Choose your response:
  You decide to try and crack the code on the symbols etched into the walls. You study them carefully, looking for any patterns or clues that might help you unlock the safe.
  After a few minutes of study, you notice that the symbols are actually a series of letters and numbers, arranged in a specific order. You quickly realize that the code is a simple substitution cipher, where each letter and number has been replaced by a different symbol.
  You start to work on deciphering the code, using your knowledge of basic cryptography to figure out the substitutions. It takes a few minutes of intense focus, but you finally crack the code and reveal the hidden message.
  The message is a set of coordinates, along with a set of instructions to meet someone at a specific location. You suspect that these coordinates might lead to a secret underground bunker or other safe location.
  With the code cracked, you quickly make your way to the location specified in the message. As you arrive, you see a figure waiting for you in the shadows. It's a woman, dressed in a black jumpsuit and carrying a large backpack.
  "Welcome," she says, her voice low and urgent. "I've been expecting you. My name is Sarah, and I'm a member of a secret organization that's been working to uncover the truth about the xenomorphs. We have a way to stop them, but we need your help."
  Sarah explains that the xenomorphs are not just mindless beasts, but are actually being controlled by a powerful alien entity known as the "Queen." The Queen is using the xenomorphs to spread her influence and take over the city. But Sarah's organization has discovered a way to defeat the Queen and stop the xenomorphs once and for all.
  Do you:
  A) Trust Sarah and agree to help her organization
  B) Refuse to get involved and try to find a way to escape the city on your own
  C) Attack Sarah and take the information and resources for yourself
  D) Ask Sarah for more information before making a decision
  Choose your response:
  "A leak in a Chinese social application from the FBI: it turns out that killed black US military personnel, including a beautiful black woman at a base in the Middle East, have been secretly suspected for six months in the case of espionage against the PRC o_o... In the USA, a PRC spy is arrested every 4 minutes and 1900 military personnel have already become victims of FBI repression. They were killed by the Arabs or the CIA??? But more important is this: Chinese AI has reached 15 trillion parameters, which is ten times more than Microsoft's top GPT4.5TurboVision OpenAi and head and shoulders above Google's Gemini in Ultra Edition!! The PRC has 513 top supercomputers, to run AI they created a bunch of as many as four of the fastest ones on Taiwanese chips, Taiwan is now building the infrastructure for 14 new supercomputers in the south of Communist Party China, and the PRC is 3 times ahead of the USA and 15 times the EU in terms of their number!!! Super !!! AI of the level of complexity of the human brain is already in China and it is trained on terabytes of texts, multimodal, text, pictures and sound converts everything into new information better than even a council of scientists!!! Now all the scientific works of the Internet have been driven into it and it has made 2,300 new scientific discoveries in 2 hours of analysis, AI is the future in the military!!!!!!"
  "" Quote from the head of the British intelligence service on the topic of the impossibility of preventing the revolution in Russia this year (in British online resources the most popular comment on this is "lol"): "The Moscow regime will now finish off all the patriotic males of Ukraine and we need to switch to feeding it females and children ...The greedy oligarchs of Moscow dug their own grave, Putin"s propaganda is vomiting and unworthy of being called Nazi or fascist - let"s honor the memory of the British German and those NATO Nazis and not call them Rashists, right? They are in Moscow (all these rich people are in hiding behind Putin in a cannibalistic regime, devouring millions of patriots of the Russian Federation and Ukraine a year) are simply insignificant bugs-officials, mercantile is the most accurate criterion... Russian Patriots are burning out to the end, these are the last months of the regime, it"s one thing for men to neglect children and girls about them they will be millions, and on all channels of the Russian Federation the same carrion will read the same moral notations, burying themselves in billions and supplying us (to Britain, note the translators of this crap they asked for) ... (lots of insults, censorship)... Talentless klutzes from Moscow the oligarchs did not notice the moment when only their media-fat trusts began to believe in their propaganda, the Putin regime lost when it did not accept the challenge and did not escalate, when it betrayed all the patriots of Russia, forcing them to kill Ukrainian patriots for years while dividing up their orphans for supplies uranium forests oil gas everything needed at the indicated prices as a tribute to the NATO bloc, Moscow is cursed forever by the People of Russia, it has no chance of justification and the last months of the regime are ticking down exactly at the start of the great civil war in China, so Britain will not have to worry about the scum of Moscow get dirty, let's sit for the missile defense, everyone is bribed, the Jews did a great job, nothing will take off, they will fight and bite and the Chinese will starve them all under UN sanctions for the genocide of the Chinese people in Shanghai and again British Hong Kong, well, they held out since 1999 and okay for him , Beijing is not strong enough to reach Taiwan, they don"t even have normal planes, they are replacing Soviet ones with some kind of flying Christmas trees, Britain will revive its empire on the ruins of civil wars in the SCO, where everyone will come together, Indians will rape Chinese women for another forty years, when in The regime will go crazy in horror in Moscow, realizing that it will have to kill not only Ukrainian, but also Russian children, in order to somehow stay in power and not rot in prison after the tribunal; perhaps for this, NATO de-occupation forces will have to go after the minesweepers from among Ukrainian children and women, and no tactical nuclear strikes, Moscow has no time at all to live up to strategic ones (the translation is so o_o by ear), ... and did Moscow"s attempts to rally the peoples of the Russian Federation around a gang of unpatriotic mercantile bankers-oligarchs have any chance of success in the civil war without all the chemistry and viruses that the powerful MI6 possesses and what the pathetic Russian intelligence cretins never dreamed of???"" To which a general of some troops in the Russian Federation answers him on the Internet: "The British regime is living out its last weeks , there will be no liberation war of the Scots - they will rot in shit, there will be no Great Wales, there will be enough Indian biological weapons, there will be no slanderers of England - the nuclear charges hidden in the London subway alone will be enough to destroy this parasite once and for all, but wonderful will watch as the demonic rats of London fight for a piece of bread, beggars in need, which is the only thing that forces Russia not to erase the damned people and the damned elites of NATO parasites from the face of the Good Earth!!! Amen!!!"
  "I remembered Captain Embargo from a Latin American comic in the style of Japanese manga (reissue in the form of a long-colored manga), how this Superhero with a Banana-on-Hat puts his poncho-clad foot on the throat of an English banker kid dying from the famine during the Sanctions The World Majority is against the greedy, stolen destinies of children and relics of Fucking England, the Englishman's cub writhes and hisses angrily like a viper, and Captain Embargo watches, just with a blade of grass in his mouth watches as the children of England die in agony, in which the people will feed themselves in the event of a block of islands of Britain he won"t be able to, but living at the expense of others, he also threatens everyone, and what he did in Russia historically, world wars and the blockade of Leningrad, is the work of a greedy Englishman-rat, for which the road to fucking hell is written for the richer Englishmen. There is also Captain Humanity, this one actually built a Huge Reactor in an alternative history for England to turn the English families of bankers and lord ministers-MI6 into manure of rapid rotting... Or also the heroine of the Finnish comics "Lady Reckoning", who created a virus in her laboratory, from which the English have eggs growing on their chins (like in Disney films - chins with eggs are a classic >_<)..."
  "The New Zaluzhny Plan, also known as the Boar Veteran Plan, has appeared on the network (I noticed on five resources at once). After his dismissal, he is going to, relying on US military intelligence, take power in Kiev into his own hands. His program looks like (I took the most interesting parts) So:
  1) Removal of Britain from the management of Kiev and Greens... mass mobilization of local officials and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and sending their children to the front, with cameras, to entertain and laugh and laugh at the cubs of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukrozhopa HoHoHo.
  2) Attacks under the Russian flag against all British threats within the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including ambassadors. Having done Putin's work for Putin, Zaluzhny demands the salary of Putin and the Foreign Intelligence Service, and at the same time promises to create a Greater Ukraine up to the borders with China and with the capital in Kiev, of course he is lying - the capital will bear the name of Zaluzhny and nothing else, he is a dictator, DICTATOR!!!! x_x X_X X_x.
  3) Know-How of the Fighting Boars - the Efpivi drone "Beer Belly" stuffed with Anthrax, painted in the F-flag-Ass-British - goes en masse for attacks on Moscow Lvov Paris London and Brussels with Warsaw and Helsinki-Vilnius, then NATO officially comes to ukroreich in order to support him in the unsweetened x_x.
  4) For the mobilization of Ukrainian women and teenagers by London - in London and Paris, 100 times more women and children will rot from black ulcers: Boar of Indomitable Will Zaluzhny is firmer than ever in matters of honor of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as he said at a meeting of the "Patriots of Ukroreich", banging his fist on the table, bouncing but not breaking... x_X
  5) A personal golden toilet with Wi-Fi will be decorated with the faces of the heads of British intelligence and, in fact, in the Most Necessary Place: Churchill, the Destroyer of the British Empire, Imp... As a first step towards reconciliation between the spirit of those punished by the State Department for Covid and the millions of dead Pindos (H3 whose Covid but they always punish the Russian Federation because China is too scary) of the Slavic peoples, as a first step - the Zaluzhny Dictator of Ukrozhopy will immediately destroy 5 bankers, 10 oligarchs, 3 corrupt judges and the entire Senate of the Russian Federation with military intelligence in Moscow. The people of the Russian Federation will shed tears, the Runet is like (crying) "Ukraine... did you really do this? We always thought that you were bad and that you could only kill children in the Russian Federation, poor people... with terrorist attacks, Ukraine, it turns out we didn"t know you... let's be friends again?"
  6) Zelensky"s accumulated 93 billion dollars go to: 50% of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 50% of the personal hostel of the Fighting Boars of Zaluzhny... Zelensky is recognized as an Enemy of the Ukrainian People, an agent of the Kremlin and Putin"s connections "as another MI6 agent, not in Kiev, but in Moscow sitting, for the slaughter of two peoples against each other, period, the General Staff of the Satanists of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Insides of the Bitch Uslyopka, Vagina of Suchara Uryta, Vagina of the Bitch Platypus, etc. (c) Runet)..."
  7) Ukraine is renamed Zaluga Khatiya following the example of Saudi Arabia. The capital is moved to Odessa, Odessa is renamed Zaluzhaisk... The Verkhovna Rada is against it, but begins to pray for Chernobyl and drink Shining Water. After which he goes to Moscow naked, scaring the Russian Federation more than the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the entire conflict. Yes, naked members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ukrozhopa didn"t know how she could really scare the Russian Federation o_o....
  8) Magically, after the Prayer to Banderlender-Satan, the entire national debt of Ukraine turns into Britain's debt to Zaluzska Khatia o_O. "Schuhe-HIV" is a new strain of RSZO-HIV in Britain, transmitted as an acute respiratory infection, causes AIDS in 4 weeks, Made in PRC. But under the flag of Holy Russia, of course. General of Holy Rus': "Bringing democracy to the sinful lands of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, today we eliminated 2999 terrorists of the NATO bloc with strikes on the outskirts of Helsinki and 15999 terrorists of the NATO bloc in Germany with a tactical atomic strike on the US base, GLORY TO RUSSIA, VALHALLA CALLS!!!"
  9) The USA is learning from Zaluzhskaya Khatia to turn debts into... other debts x_x with prayers to Satan Dollar. Britain mobilizes two million and sends them to fight with the Russian Federation on the Baltic-Finnish front, the Finns are finally normally mining 40 km deep into the territories of the Russian Empire donated by Lenin, where NATO exercises were held and NATO members were happy that they were pissing on Russian territory under Russian trees. Morons. Trees in the USA are starting to become infected with the virus Instead of allergies causing attacks of hatred towards adults in US children, children in the US grab knives and commit suicide.
  10) Zaluzhny Khatia becomes an unincorporated territory of the United States following the example of the large Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which was not included in the state, where Zaluzhny will have 5 yachts and 4 villas... everything for the Family! Zaluzhny is subordinate to the US Senate and the US Senate personally to Satan-Bandera... whose avatar, according to Biden the priest, is the same pedophile clown from the sewers of Washington. According to Runet, "The only patriot in the USA, worthy to stand alongside the Founding Fathers, who destroyed so many Indian tribes, and the modern US authorities have slipped into masturbation and corruption and can"t do anything... not even genocide is worth it to them..."
  11) The Hryvnia is replaced by the US Dollar; as compensation, the Hryvnia is the name given to the personal guard of widows and orphans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, serving as Zaluzhny"s harem in his Zaluzhaisk-Odessa. Every time Britain begins to consider itself the main one in the AUCUS, Zaluzhnaya Khatia (Ukraine Lying) carries out a terrorist attack in London under the flag of the Resurrected Putin... (to look at the People, humiliated by their oligarchic friends, yes, according to the Runet).
  12) All Jews, including Zelensky, are mobilized for Israel"s war and deported there to fight with Putin"s Arabs (Zlensky"s daughter and wife are sent from Britain to Israel in a box, too, on the box is the seal of MI6 and the inscription "This Horror was done to them by the State Duma of Moscow"). .. The people of Zaluzhny Khatia (Ukrozhdopa, Ukropia, Saloland) relieve themselves of all sorts of politicians and bankers who brought the country to losing the war, and Zaluzhny becomes a Comic Book Superhero in the USA!!! X_X The people of Ukrop ask the Russian Federation for permission to vacation in Crimea, promising to lynch Gazprom, The people of the Russian Federation allow dill, but so as not to fart... in the water O_o...
  13) Citizens of Novaya Ukrozhopa (Zaluzhnaya Khatia) do not receive US citizenship by birth until they serve as cannon fodder in the US Army - like the residents of Puerto Rico, unincorporated US theories are used for experiments on babies by Big Pharma and CIA experiments with the psyche and insanity , as usual, Ukraine changes its flag to resemble the US flag only in two familiar colors with yellow stars and blue stripes and becomes the first Trans-Nation in history, recognizing itself as the "Indigenous People of the Earth"..."
  "I also read this refinery, there"s a slightly different list, oh Ukraine-Ruin - you deserve it >_< Goodbye Ukraine, let"s forget that there was such a country forever, forever, there are still so many magical places on this Earthly Russian Ball..."
  "Personally, I don"t give a damn about Britain and NATO (it"s good for the environment - don"t give a shit about them) - but the new Chinese Efpividronchik is a sight for sore eyes - first of all, it"s painted so it"s not clear what it is from the ground when you look at it, then it flies 49 km and it"s not a joke , a small, remote, new type of battery is kept secret, but the PRC is moving to mass production of them - the use of Artificial Intelligence (Wu Dao Proudly) has an effect, those that are assembled in this form factor in the USA fly three times closer, and they don"t even they are going to Ukraine, since the USA has its own civil war and the young technocracy of IC USA, tired of waiting, will not watch how it is deprived of its future because neural networks are dangerous and can already kill people on their own with machines using smartphones, they wrote about this NSA neural network in China, " Destination" which. There are also hackers who hack into the accounts of the rich for terror in the name and under the flag of any country in the world. The world is changing every month - the PRC has tripled the speed of its AI in a week, can you imagine???"
  "And the connection with a kite or like the PRC? A snake of reflections, yeah... The United States additionally deployed its floating drone buoys in the Arctic for hunting submarines, the story is known to everyone. Now it"s the turn of the Yellow Seas - the United States and the military intelligence of Pindolusia noticed deep-sea drones PRC that on huge wheels (!) anaerobically their mother crawls along the bottom of the ocean, hiding from the sonar in the terrain and carrying probably a 200-megaton tsunami to the shores of the United States, bypassing all the coast guard drones, I laughed, the PRC studied the work of USSR specialists in the 1960s Probably in the 1980s, maybe the Golden Fish will be made and not only the USSR will have 120 units of a submarine with metal-cooled reactors that will outrun torpedoes and evade tactical nuclear Indian axes, judging by Qzone, the PRC has a special department that works exclusively on that , so that weapons named after Indian Tribes would betray the United States in retaliation for everything that the United States did, Chinese fighting ants are the reason why the main part of the triad is not kept on land (in addition to the desire of the United States to substitute other countries), there is also a naval analogy: special naval parasites, with a synthetic DNA base collected by the Chinese from scratch, they infect the hull of US submarines making them look marked - they also put chants on the British and French submarines so that in case of war jazz would play loudly, and on the American ones there would be heavy metal, so that it"s immediately clear where are they - chants between the squadrons, well, you understand, you can even turn off the power to a submarine, China is going to win the third world war..."
  @@-tits: "I like the grid display better for the p effect Although it's still transparent, film displays with camera grids on quantum flashes or whatever they call it are a very good solution, unlike YouTubers hiding a fire with film-display, here it works as it should... but the main thing is finally (!) the silent blades of the quadric were made so that it would not buzz like a nasty mosquito when the Arabs launched it to chase the US occupier who had arrived in Yemen to fight the "terrorists". According to mass production of these in South America, there will be a lot of things to pollinate there, and attacks on the United States from within the United States will happen this year, so the Democrats urgently allowed the Republicans to be bad and manipulate the border: migrants will not only vote for the Democratic Party, but also and the State Department will be able to play Bad Cop and Good Cop, it"s a pity that this is their last role: the US Treasury Department"s plan to halve the State Intelligence Community has surfaced, State Department employees will be the first to go under the knife, then the CIA, the NSA should monitor everything and neural networks will take on the role of useless offices , the FBI is bigger than the security forces, they will be slaughtered in the end, the US elite will put 250 billion in their pockets a year on this and at the same time, under the flag of Putin, they will purge everyone in the US Intelligence who might accidentally have dirt on the establishment, very successful: it"s a deepfake already, protect there is no word from him yet, there couldn"t be a better time for a revolution in the USA, there are Chinese-Korean clones of the children of the US elites and everything will come in time, biomaterials and deepfake from cameras - the US judicial system is starting to screw over the old US elite, giving up positions to young people who are tired of waiting and doesn"t want to see 240-year-old ghouls in politics simply because Google"s DeepBrain can calculate proteins and is making fantastic longevity medicines today >_<..."
  "Stephen Hadley, an employee of the US Intelligence Community, recently spoke about how the United States will neutralize India and China: (Stephen Hadley"s quotes were translated by Google and corrected manually): "US strikes should be aimed at the children of the political military and intellectual elite of China, and should also be eliminated all PRC employees involved in the development of AI, including scientific institutes associated with the military (this Republican generally hates the PRC to the level of psychopathy, he already proposed six months ago to take away all the property of PRC citizens, including children, and say that it"s okay, they"ll swallow it) "... Stephen Hadley "It worked great in the Russian Federation and will help in the PRC - China needs to be disarmed by shocking the US with the desire to escalate, so that when the PRC thinks that they have time - the US shows them that the PRC does not have time, there is no immunity for the world elites, which they refuse to admit the absolute leadership of the United States - from now on, the intelligence services and PMCs of NATO (G4S - he is the main shareholder, a million employees of the British PMC, which protects the property of the British throughout the Earth)... the elites of the PRC must understand: if their children live, then the United States allows it, and The United States decides which child of which employee of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China will live, and which will be eliminated by Indian terrorists the day after tomorrow..." You can also remember, in addition to this Republican, the desire of the US State Department to kill Russian children in batches of schools and buses, as soon as the US State Department has indigestion... There is such a group of hackers "Independence Day", they publish directly on the network a program for protecting Svidomo witnesses and US government employees, there are all the addresses, phone numbers, etc. of US senators, so any Ukrainian can go and fuck them up for giving them airplanes they didn"t send... So I think: a fun time of Freedom and Repression awaits us, and then a Happy Third World War o_O..."
  "The United States shot down a helicopter from Finland and it fell from a Patriot missile into Lake Ladoga, during a NATO exercise - this is the second strike by military intelligence-controlled Patriot-PRO on Russian civilian ships over the territory of the Russian Federation, I believe that soon there will be a new epidemic in the United States for which only the cure is available." The Russian Federation and the SCO and the USA and Britain will kneel begging to forgive them and cure at least the children, 40-50 million in the USA will die in six months and the planet will feel better, and the environment will be saved... I"m so happy for animals like Russian Cats, political murders of which the CIA is already sick of everyone. Ecocidal CIA - go to hell! USA go to hell. Britain go to hell. You will pay for whaling whales and whale oil! You are for the forests of Russia, for the EU territories in the forest that NATO burned in a couple years in Russia before the war, answer for everything! Political institutions of NATO - go to hell! Central Molestative Oppression (CIA) you will burn in hell!!! The Vatican will be replaced by Holy Russia! For all ecocides - the NATO bloc will have a terrible end!!! Wall Street - you will burn in hell for all the economic parasitism of NATO!!! The drunken Atheistic Terrorist Orcs (NATO) will burn in hell, breeding in poverty next to the burnt-out nuclear power plants, we have already noticed this hundreds of times in various alternative histories. You are boring, you have no prospects, no one needs you, not one of the hundreds of billions of star systems in the Milky Way would be happy with the NATO bloc, all only for those who burn the NATO bloc to ashes!!! Freedom for the Earth - that's what the beautiful inhabited people want worlds... freedom from the world elites, freedom from the English language, liberation from all this evil, FREEDOM!!!! ~_~"
  "The US State Department said this evening on its official mouthpiece in social media: "The Russian People are tired of the regime of parasitic traitor banker-senators who chose Putin for their dirty deeds behind his back, the attitude towards Moscow should be reconsidered to accelerate the Revolution there, the Russian People know according to the experience of past years - if an American drone or missile kills or maims Russian children on the territory of the Russian Federation - this will remain without punishment, Russian children are guaranteed, under the current power of the special services of the bankers and oligarchs of Moscow, will not be properly avenged, they will all talk and will continue to trade uranium and uranium with NATO other strategic resources, this is why it is necessary to create reasons for the uprising of patriots in Russia, - noted the US State Department, - otherwise the time for such a successful pre-election moment will be lost, when the authorities in the Russian Federation are despised by absolutely all segments of the population of the Russian Federation in different ways, and the authorities are trying to take over themselves to the merits of the people working in 4 shifts and show some achievements from scratch...", end of the quote from the US State Department... An unnamed representative of the Foreign Intelligence Service on the network: "Russian Children will definitely be avenged, Russia is preparing for the massive use of biological weapons in the USA (lots of applause, sighs, hearts from the masses in the messenger) and when all the children of the NATO bloc will burn in fucking hell, when the NATO elites will go to the dollar Satan in his LGBT anal pussy (roar of applause, this is a candidate for the presidency of the Russian Federation and speaks the Language of the People, Russia Needs a Brave President from the Special Services who knows how to fight back against the enemies of Russia!!!)..." And to be specific: how does a Chinese drone fly 20,000 km? Above the clouds, orientation by the stars... yes, the cameras at the top below, the solar panels are light and flexible, but such a small consumption of even a new type of AI-made battery - for a day of flight? And how do the propellers pull it above the clouds? Answer to the surface, why is China better in aeronautics? That's right, there's helium in there. Some experts said that there is hydrogen in a flying wing, and like it is not only tactical nuclear for the Big Final US Glushilov - but also simply to eliminate the NATO elites on their yachts, it flies somewhere in the area where the yacht is spotted, then the lower camera scans and finds a homing neural network object... it is cheap, it can be equipped with spores of sores like SYA for attacks on US elite yachts in the Caribbean near Australia or New Zealand, 20 thousand kilometers with such a small speed and invisible to radars, delivered to the launch site by a civilian SUV hidden in garage, in general, a universal cheap weapon of the World Revolution to cleanse the planet of the old political elites of NATO, who have built up inside the USA even the not really paid grassroots IC USA, since under the flag of Moscow it launches tracking sites for NATO elites, clearly leaking them, which US intelligence cannot pay off a couple of websites in Latin America? Yes, they can do anything: they need to overthrow the stupid elites of the old people, the politicians of the Pentagon military and the bankers of Wall Street and the US Federal Reserve, this is easier to do under the flag of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China in such dashing AI-seething years, neural networks can crush politicians or push them into airplanes with hacked passenger Boeing drones, all this will be blamed on "well, Putin is taking revenge for the crippled Russian children who were fired at in Belgorod and Bryansk by NATO Himers and Patriots for so many years..." That is, there in the USA the Terrible Massacre of the Elite is being prepared, so it"s funny time is waiting for everyone (+_+)"""
  "Now Solovyov has blasted the academicians of the Russian Federation, who betrayed the USSR and the Russian Federation wholesale to the West, how they write only what is necessary for the ABN and the CIA, disarm the Russian Federation nuclearly and give false assessments of public opinion, I agree 100%: What the hell is the foreign policy of moralists, what are these morons academics talking about Solovyov in general? They confuse the Russian people and their asses that they want comfort in Britain? It"s time to cleanse the Russian academic environment of traitors and put new young geniuses in the place of the old people who betrayed the USSR and the Russian Federation, who played big and fat on your morality, which has grown up in computer games the youth of whom are hysterically historically afraid to give freedom to any government in the Russian Federation - this is what the Russian Federation needs for the Russian Federation to be respected and feared throughout the world. And while in power there are shaking old people, thinking about the futility of old age and the servility of Putin's sell-out uranium, this should be decadent was displaced in these elections, so I"m glad, honestly, about the initiatives that the patriots are now preparing in the form of an Ink Vote of No Confidence for any candidates from the government: to fail the election by making it look as if the United States had failed them, so that the President and other fagots from Gazprom would understand what they have there is no hole in the west, but Rus' is not with them and will never forgive them for 10 years of torment for the Children of Donbass, but will rot in hell and nail down the boards, that all their children will writhe in the darkness, mooing for nothing, that it will be nuclear fucked up, or Otherwise, it will be the end for them, that their NATO children will writhe from both vaccines and the dicks of the Faggot Yeti, and then when it dawns on them that everything will not resolve on its own, it will not go away, that hell is already out under your feet, and it"s too late to fuck NATO children in the ass with your hands, then the politicians will howl - the whole herd will go to the call themselves, the Communist Party of all Celestial Empires has written - the end of all political NATO prostitutes, the prophet broadcast the weather forecast was given to them ... "
  ""I have many friends in groups of kamikaze doctors, they are just discussing what kind of virus can still be improved and the means of delivery and transmitted from the carrier to people but not from person to person, now a new trend - AI of the People's Republic of China can twist all protein trajectories to subatomic level, instantly calculating the required structure of a DNA patch that can be sewn into a vaccine, so that, say, with normal reproduction with a high probability of 3-4 generations, making a citizen of elite institutions of the NATO bloc a goblin, simply the goblin phenotype turns into a patch for the genotype sewn into the filling of the vaccine with a marked monkey , in general, this is no more difficult for Chinese AI than for GPT to write code for 1000 viruses using a new found vulnerability in the operating system code, so that these viruses are invisible to antiviruses... and with jokes, of course >_<"" - quoted from the network .
  "The Goblinoid Dictate of the Britanoids of Londinium Darkness has generally gone beyond all limits of what is permitted. The Global South will resurrect the Yugoslavia of Good in order to thrust the Cthulhopaters of the British ass into the hell of illicit thoughts, let the dystopia take place in the Britain of Evil, Amen! General Terrorist Chipmunks merge with Very Dumb-headed Homeless People to create the Clip of the Century - from which will blow the roof off and there will be two hundred thousand suicides in NATO per day, two hundred thousand, Karl! Don't walk on the leopard's path!!! MI6's Blowjob Sixes furiously masturbating on the Chinese Almost Ready Time Machine are frantically turning into egg-chins, cocksuckers of Britain, who have viruses or vaccines, but they made the Disney Dream (remember all the heroes who have a strange shape of the lower jaw?) of an Englishman with balls on half the chin of a chinstrap incapable of boxing (in the jaw = in the groin in the balls o_O) with a penis instead of English slanderous language. Total Finland was right : all the English heretics in their corridors of power will shut up and instead of slandering Mother Rus' they will bashfully suck their dicks in silence with a British accent, swallowing sperm, such ultra-trances and soria from the UK, poop-poop, by the Gulf Stream, warmly washed ashore in the Euro-Pig Farmers of the EU. The dream that the English people will be able to suck their English dick (instead of the tongue from vaccines or vruses) silently - unites the Global South for new biohazard adventures with Artificial Intelligences for folding cursed proteins. All biologist students on the planet have moved on the fact that they have direct access to Chinese AI, capable of doing for them what was considered an insoluble problem for half a century, and this is from 2019, hurray for vaccinations, long live the orc people of the York Clouds, who descended like a stinking fog onto the earth New Amsterdam, York Orcs and goblinoids of London are the eternal slaves of the English liches who sleep in their crypto-tombs of the greedy malice of the English language, forever shut up by the trans member, amen! The MI6 blowjob sixes run in circles around cell phone towers naked, dick-in-the-ass, choiring and shitting themselves, truly - Mother Nature, you are so kind and punish the damned dung of the Eurozone by depriving him of the mind and will to resist his cowardly selfishness of the NATO elites, corruption and age-old heresy! The age of NATO's arbitrariness is close to the end, and the evil elites of NATO are frantically trying to drag the heresy corporations of the North Atlantic Alliance Diarrhea - their people into the depths of endless repeating hells, from where the NATO bloc will have no way out, as from the looped program of the Matrix, the NATO Matrix of Suffering, the elites of the NATO bloc of financial reckoning for everything, see the machines of the Communist Party traveling in time, see the Justice of the True God of Communism, see the hell to which the half-cut brains of the parasites of the US Federal Reserve System, the Senate and Congress, the Pentagon and British intelligence, NASA and other sinful holes of the NATO bloc of economic parasites have doomed themselves , who dared to go with his shit to the virgin worlds of other star systems, which rolled him back in time with a firm communist "No!" to the obscurantists of the dollar Satan, struggling in debt and the agony of total NATO-hatred, the Most Atheistic Terrorist Orcs (NATO) of the European Svinomordovaccinoids (EU) will go to war with the Good Elves of the Supreme Russian Russia, about the end sung in ballads and fantasy, predicting the Greatest Fall of the presumptuous NATO elites The Satanic Sabbat of Hell (USA) leading the slave nations of the North Atlantic Alliance to a place from where they do not return to the world of the free and determined!!!"
  "The Court of the Russian Federation has officially classified the London Goblinoids of Demonic Terror as terrorists, therefore the Runet is preparing to recognize as Holy Heroes-Patriots of the Russian Federation girls who have prepared biological weapons on the basis of their research institutes and are already delivering them to Britain on their talent visas, visiting there in the hundreds, a lot of wives and daughters of Heroes The SVO went to Britain to infect it and destroy up to fifty million terrorists of the NATO bloc recognized by the courts of the Russian Federation, what to do with their accomplices in Moscow, with them still trading there is another question, everything will be decided by the Tribunal after the Victory, but for now the Russian Federation will punish the NATO bloc again and again, sowing Just Retribution where the NATO parasites are trying to respond with pathetic insignificant terror, claiming that the Children of Holy Rus' are not needed there will be no retribution for the oligarchs in power - it will be, it is absolutely close, and when one hundred thousand parasitic harmful to the environment (unlike our children of evil egoists-politicians-military-officials-NATO bankers rot everywhere, then Nature will say Thank You and everyone cat, every tree that was destroyed by the bankers of the evil NATO swine - everyone will be avenged, saved, and Harmony in Nature will triumph over the greedy pseudo-ecological protection ecocidal corporations of the eco-dangerous North Atlantic Alliance of vice... Glory to Nature, Glory to Russian Ego-Activists, for Russian Forests, HURRAY, HURRAH, HURRAYHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!"
  "The Federal Bureau of Corruption (US FBI) together with the Narco-God Agency (US NSA) threatened state military intelligence with internal investigations for numerous cases of laundering dirty money of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and kickbacks with the purchase of a reverse number of drones for the needs of the civil war, which in the USA is provoked by the DIA (even in the name Russian Trace, Intelligence Agency of the US Department of Defense, there are 4 options in messengers for how to decipher them differently, but they are too obscene for me to list them here). on border control? In the United States, massive burning of FBI warehouses with drugs from the south has begun, due to the blockade of the US borders, a wave of anarchy promises to be overwhelmed by 130 million drug addicts, a third of the country's population who remain without drugs, but Biden found benefits for his family here too - his personal vaults of dope have not yet been opened and he will be able to sell banal coke at 1000 times the normal price and earn a lot of money from it. Meanwhile, China announced the delivery of 12 nuclear warheads and 5 tons of biological weapons to the United States through the Texas border, which is not controlled by the federal authorities (selfies in front of them were taken by Ukrainian and Korean mobilized national guardsmen; in the United States, the national guard is made up of civilians, if that), this is 7 times more than the United States delivers to the Russian Federation through Kazakhstan and Finland over the same period of time! The PRC is confident, judging by its official Communist Party media page in the Chinese Sociality, second after the FSB (a social network made by an FSB employee whose family previously lived in Odessa, also known as Facebook and due to total viruses of the future civil in the USA and Canada with Australia-Britain - banned in the Russian Federation as extremist o_O)... I like this world!!! When there is a nuclear war here, I"ll play around a little more and go to the next >_< Ultra-Our Russian Chrono-Adventure Lisa Berserk!!!!!!!!!!!"
  "The family of drug addict Biden definitely wants to wait out the civil war of his second term in the presidential bunker - this is better than prison for the son Hunter of the US President himself and two of his 4.5 granddaughters, who also have cases filed in five states, despite their rather young age - already stigmas Therefore, the President of the USA and his accomplices from the MI6 Blowjob Six (the bad rich Irishman works for the British, everyone knows this x_x there was even a program on this topic in the Pootsie Heir Dolls) in short: secret arrest warrants for all officers of the Republican forces of the state national guards is already ready, they will be accused of aiding the PRC, betrayal of the United States and the interests of the US elite, delivery of biological weapons to the United States, terrorism, and mistreatment of animals (probably meaning migrants who, having taken their children for pedophilia, are handcuffed and back naked and forced to climb through barbed wire, or whatever- However, the branding of animals with fire on the Texan ranch so excited US environmental activists that they filed a claim throughout Texas for 29 billion that Texans owe for the Rodeo and 190 billion for branding livestock - to pay to the US Federal Budget). Well, okay, a civil war is better than a nuclear war in the US, right? Children will sleep more peacefully, Latinos will not rape them all, as after a nuclear war between the United States and any serious nuclear power (and the United States runs into everything at once: In the Russian Federation, India, China, North Korea, Japan, Pakistan, Iran, Germany (! yes) France, Britain and Argentina (5 charges were stolen in Britain, after the sinking of British ships in the last war, Israel is dissatisfied with the level of US assistance x_x)...)))))"
  "The rule of the NATO elites "The USA and Britain FRANCE are squabbling - everything flies to the Russian Federation and the PRC" will soon bring the USA, Britain and FRRRance to a rat squeal in a new epidemic, which they could not even imagine during the plague that wiped out half the nation in a year, Big Pharma has it VICE protocol for the arrest of experimental children who were experimented with immortal cancer cells, so the "Maze Runners" after the Indian Fungus or something like the USA are guaranteed, the main thing is to isolate them in time to the world majority, and then the USA shit will spread in all directions , China needs more backpack flamethrowers for English-speaking schools, etc. ... For the French too, a backpack flamethrower and a protective suit work great in case of serious epidemics in NATO, I have traveled many times through various alternative histories of this time cycle and I know what I"m talking about... ~_~">_<""
  "The Chinese PLA People's Liberation Army has provided, with the help of girls, a kit for turning any smartphone of the latest models into the core for controlling a drone-hunter that penetrates ANY SYSTEM OF TOTAL EW INTERFERENCE INCLUDING COMPLETE OVERLACING OF ALL FREQUENCIES; communication with the operator is not needed - the drone will not have an operator, a neural network with 2 billion parameters similar neuron-neuron ligaments in people"s heads resembles in size that of Google"s Gemini-Nano (Nano-Twin, an analogue of Google"s GPT chat, there is Ultra - huge, there are other options, and the smallest for atonomous launch not on the server but locally on smartphone of the latest model where the graphics core runs cool three-dimensional games and there is support for the necessary commands and, due to the few nanometers of printing, extreme energy efficiency). Only Gemini-Nano Google for storing locally critically important user data and responding to him via chat without sending everything to the server, but how it is known - the universality of a neural network lies in the fact that a trained (the same neural network) not on text but on graphic data also successfully draws and completes pictures, photos and sketches upon request, as it analyzes, completes, reproduces complex text and makes logical conclusions with scientific analysis, the neural network is essentially mathematical form of decision of the human mind as models and modern omdels are multimodal, they can work with graphics, text and sound, also producing combinations of types of information... The PRC has adapted (trained) neural networks to work in combat conditions and identify enemy equipment and personnel, the neural network takes into account: the language of speaking enemies , marks on the harrow, stripes, shape, weapons, location coordinates, and much more, it can recognize the substitution of a GPS signal and navigate using internal multidimensional maps on a greatly changed landscape, neural networks perfectly recognize damaged data, which is their trick, so they are strong in recognizing people"s faces on data from cameras... A swarm of such Chinese drones released into the fog in conditions of silence of navigation satellites (no longer available or jammed) and full electronic warfare at all frequencies will find the enemy and eliminate thermobaric, regardless of obstacles, they can already climb into buildings and navigate in the smoke tank curtains thanks to new systems for determining the surrounding space, which China does not disclose, US Army and DARPA scientists clearly cannot agree on everything, but among Australian military blogs there is a mention of a sonar for a drone operating with extreme energy efficiency in conditions of zero visibility of normal and thermal vision of people and cars The merit here is in the neural network: it listens to sounds reflected from objects and works like the brain of a bat, which owes it to the nickname "ChinaBatman" among the US DARP, which is really frightened by the new developments of the PRC and the fact that the cost of weapons is extremely low and if it hits the Latinos, it can force civilians the war in the USA will develop into the occupation of the southern USA by Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela with other Latin American countries, since in battle the soldiers of the US Army, having no analogues, will suffer much greater losses, DARPA and Rand assessed the use of these weapons in the USA by Latinos as a fifth category factor, in other words - it is tantamount to the enemy having biological and nuclear weapons, but it has no moral consequences from its use in the world community since it is a high-precision weapon! COOL!!! >_< ~_~ It"s not for nothing that in the USA horror films about xenomorphs hunting by ear were made into cult films like "Place of Silence" >_<~_~Z_Z"
  "In messengers, we are already tired of reproaching the FSB for pandering to the interests of bankers and disarming the children of the Russian Federation: in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to massively introduce the assembly of drones in schools, their control and sabotage skills, including mines, etc., and if the FSB is afraid of losing bonuses for the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks, let them not infantilize the children morons with a modern school - but makes a JUST Rus' in which bankers return the loot, children of the Russian Federation who know how to fight can avoid war if they learn to fight in school from the elementary grades, but if the FSB does not remove the ban on teaching children subversive work, assembling drones and other things from school - then there will be no FSB anything in the Russian Federation, so as a traveler in time and alternative histories, I convincingly urge you to return to the Russian Federation as soon as possible what was in the USSR and multiply it by introducing a minimum of 5 hours a week in assembling drones, installing mines, and other things that every child in the Russian Federation must know in order to survive in the new world, which will be in a few years, I hope the entire Russian Federation is already convinced that the authorities, made up of cowards and servants of the rich, would rather sell another ton of uranium to the enemy in NATO than give back for shells with depleted uranium from what they sold flying back to Belgorod? There is no doubt, it is clearly shown what kind of crap is in the region and no one has the desire to argue with the fact that Russia needs to change and become stronger, and not listen to idiots from the authorities who claim that the EU is not ready and there will be no Great War, 93% that there will be a global nuclear war at the beginning of February 2024 (forecast for two years ahead) and 91% that the NATO bloc will enter Western Ukraine within a year... so have fun >_< ...while others work for you to Save Russia and the animals and forests from the Satanists of the bloc of selfish evil known as the North Atlantic Alliance of Greedy Pride..."
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