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Bibliography of Raido Vitich

   Author Raido Vitich
   E-mail: raidovitich@mail.ru
   1. hunters of wayward souls 3, 5 units of 40,000 ens
   2. The Demon of temptation 1, 5 units of 40,000 ens
   3. The Guard of seventh gates 2 units of 40,000 ens
   4. The debt 1 units of 40,000 ens
   5. The time matrix 4 units of 40,000 ens
   Miracles do not exist
   Love history story
   Annotation: Love doesn't know any sex or limit and there is neither time, nor decay for people who managed to avoid captivity of false and wrong truth. For people who, in spite of everything, put their dream and followed this, flew like a bird, burnt and called the only thing that was their love.
   Miracles do not exist: the own shoal 15 units of 40,000 ens
   Adventurous story
   Annotation: The world is the Zoo and people are animals in it.
   Some story about psychology of searching for partners, not easy relations between men and women, reincarnation and to what kind people may be put.
   The Sigh of infinity
   Love history story, mystic 9, 5 units of 40,000 ens
   She is not happy with her life. Finally besides all her troubles some old witch brings her from a modern world to the middle Ages and makes her play a role of deceased wife of a very cruel duke who has the only dream that is, taking revenge on his wife who was a damned wretch without any principles who destroyed his family before...
   The abode, Varn
   Annotation: She is a reconnaissance agent, he is an alien who is hunted, but soon a hunter falls a prey to someone who was not hunted before. To survive she will have to die, to understand who he is she should become such an alien as he is. To win their enemies they will have to join hands with each other.
   The main idea of the novel: a firm conception of honor, something good and fairness, to whom are they understandable and inherent? To a human being who considers himself as the most perfect creature of Nature who is the only one who can think and feel and who classes himself as an indisputable bearer of everything good and enlightenment or to whom who was blamed and slandered by human beings, and classified as an inferior and bitterest creatures. Where are there many bright ideals: in the world of a technological progress and intellect or in society that lives according to decree of nature? Can a human being understand and accept someone else except himself?
   The League of who are doomed.
   The world of humanity's sons and daughters
   Are there humanity's curators? Who are they: angels or demons? How do they live and why do they persecute people who create something good? Where from did they come? What is good and evil?
   What are they doing on the Earth?
   The world of angels and demon 8 units of 40,000 ens
   The world of Gods 13, 5 units of 40,000 ens
   Garon 12 units of 40,000 ens
   Some elf and his wife who is a usual woman that was given to him occasionally have to go for searching for her sister in order that they could come back to the modern world. However, the way passes Hell
   Annotation: it is possible of them to know paradise only if they get a centre of the hell, the heroes should make this way. What can they expect from the paradise and hell?
   The shadow war: history of obscure age 12 units of 40,000 ens
   Annotation: If there is a goal, then there is life, if there is faith then there is some sense. Any person passes tests, but not anyone keeps purity of intentions, fidelity to bright ideals. One is puzzled with prosperity, another with misfortune, but there are some people whom disaster hardens, but it doesn't embitter them.
   The shadow war: games with ghost
   First game 10 units of 40,000 ens
   Second game 10 units of 40,000 ens
   Annotation: a fighter is not a sex feature. Courage and valor are in hearts and minds of men and women. (Slavonic battle fantasy)
   Anatomy of complexes 1th part 15 units of 40,000 ens
   He is from another planet, she is from the Earth. They have different views on life, different tastes, knowledge and preferences. Collision of beings of two different races brings to global changes not only in their life.
   Anatomy of complexes 2th part 16 units of 40,000 ens
   Annotation: the world is people and their world is such as they are. Harmony and happiness is an accurate distribution of roles, an honest determination of qualities of identity, in realizing yourself and your destination, but not attempt of driving into common humanity and social morality. First of all a woman is keeper of family, achievements of a man who is a creator. If a woman decides to substitute for a man it may not bring anything except disaster and chaos to the world, the main hero of the novel who is from Phletown thinks so.
   Loan, who is a fairy 22 units of 40,000 ens
   Adventures of Phleton's daughter and a woman from the Earth during her being on the Earth when she came from her motherland, Phleton, she was following her mother who was an irrepressible mutineer (continuing of Anatomy of complexes.)
   The Green Patrol 12 units of 40,000 ens
   The thriller. The Green patrol is specially trained fighters who serve for the Time and Space centre. Their work is helping people who are scientists or tourists who were being stuck in time, providing returning to their time. The fighters are hired not only nowadays, but also in a remote future.
   The green patrol: the code Alpha 12 units of 40,000 ens
   Jumping along time ribbon is usual for main heroes, but at this moment they have another task that is entering some parallel world and it is technocracy...
   The green patrol: the code Omega
   There are many parallel worlds, but if there is a technocratic world then inner world exists as well. What is the inner world and what will the heroes find out there?
   Present day prose
   The banal story 13 units of 40,000 ens
   She has three brothers and none is married since all of them love only her...
   The blue beard syndrome 16 units of 40,000 ens
   (Detective story)
   Annotation: they do not ask for good, that is not charity
   Many years ago, he was almost convicted for not perpetrated crime. He managed to avoid being put into prison, but his fiancИe suicide. For many years, the main hero tried to realize what happened then and find out who were guilty for his fiancИe's death and his troubles. Discovering changes his life very much, but he is late with taking revenge.
   The Kandagarsky izlom (bend) 7, 5 units of 40,000 ens (the novel was published by AST - Astrel, Stb. May 2008)
   Main idea: a woman on war, a woman in Afganistan, who are they who tried to be there? What could they expect there? For what did they go there and what happened to them after that?
   Annotation: it's not so fearful to die and it is much worse to live being died. Not so many people will understand them and they won't understand many people, but they are some of us. The war broke their mentality and conserved their fates on a bend so they think differently. They have their own laws, their own opinion, their life that is not understandable for us and sometimes we can't accept it... For them the war has not finished and even during peaceful time they can find something to fight for the sake of and means are not so important, only result is important for them.
   What the night bird is singing of 7 units of 40,000 ens
   Echo of Chechnya from 90s to nowadays
   (Detective with elements of thriller)
   The Persian nights 8 units of 40,000 ens
   They went to Syria during being on vacation, but only one of them could return...
   (Erotic, an adventurous novel with elements of thriller)
   The hunting Season 12 units of 40,000 ens
   Growing up is an uneasy period. New unknown world of sexual relations calls and attracts youths, but permissiveness for not growing stronger personality may lead to negative consequences for following life.
   The black out mind 17 units of 40,000 ens
   (Psychological detective with elements of erotic)
   There are some works are in the making
   League of who are doomed 4th History of world's mystic ready 40%
   Almeya-Bargaris NF ready 65%
   The Nezabudka of Tikhomara
   (Tikhomar's forget me not) fantasy ready 30%
   Who will have luck? Prose, detective ready 50%
   Strong and weak prose ready 40%
   The name is war Prose ready 60%
   What ice is silent mystic, Aryan fantasy
   1th part 10 units of 40,000 ens, 2 ready 60%
   The gold section fantastic, mystic ready 60%
   The games of oligarchs prose, detective, love ready 80%
   The children of Abyss fantasy (chimeras and werewolves)
   1th part 11 units of 40,000 ends, 2 ready 50%
   The brotherhood of Synon adventurous fantasy ready 70%
   In the mirror of civilization the last 4th part of tetralogy ready 70
   In advance
   League of who are doomed 5th part "the Red snake"
   Menphyl mystic
   Pherganza fantasy
   The 17th Zone fantasy

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