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Black Commando In The World Of Magic

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    Black fighter elite special forces Arnold Luger is tasked to find in the world of magic chip with unique information. Having moved the mighty warrior faces magic, vampires. trolls, spirits, and even pagan gods. It's not easy in the new world, where everything is like in a terrible fairy tale. But Arnold not weak ten, and besides differs in mind, ingenuity and ingenuity! Lots of beautiful girls! Girls barefoot and in bikini. They are very combat and the powerpuff girls.

  Black fighter elite special forces Arnold Luger is tasked to find in the world of magic chip with unique information. Having moved the mighty warrior faces magic, vampires. trolls, spirits, and even pagan gods. It's not easy in the new world, where everything is like in a terrible fairy tale. But Arnold not weak ten, and besides differs in mind, ingenuity and ingenuity! Lots of beautiful girls! Girls barefoot and in bikini! They are very combat and the powerpuff girls!
  General Ronald brown approvingly looked at the video as smartly like the obstacle a soldier of the elite special forces Arnold Luger. Truly this fighter from God, and can and Satan!
  With one blow, a concrete wall collapses, and select fighters fall. Wow. And what speed for such a giant!
  Ronald nodded:
  "That's what we need!" Invite him to me!
  Arnold entered, his shoulders filling the doorway. He was tall, terribly muscular, a lumpy lump of monstrously developed muscle.
  He specifically was without bikes, to better can be was would to consider black Bogatyrskiy torso.
  Arnold is a real African God-his hair is curly, his forehead is high. Dark chocolate skin, emphasizes the relief of muscles. His brown eyes are intelligent, and his expression is good-natured.
  Ronald smiled and said in surprise:
  "You're the best, Arnold." War hero in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. Been in the hottest places, and didn't get a scratch! You are recommended for the most important task!
  The black warrior cried out in rage:
  "Serving My Country!"
  Ronald said softly:
  "You'll have to go alone, with no more than a hundred kilos." And into a world where even your Herculean powers may be useless.
  Arnold replied calmly:
  "It's a noble cause. Besides, if you have to lie down in the ground, it's only once, but if you're scared, you'll die in the shower every hour!
  Ronald whistled and tapped his pen on the table:
  "You're smart!" I see in you, not mistaken!
  Arnold said proudly:
  - I won school Olympiads, in literature, mathematics and physics! Without any indulgences!
  The General nodded:
  "All right! Let's not waste any time. Hurry to the Arsenal and within an hour gather and choose a weapon. Then until the portal is closed, we will transfer you!
  Arnold asked with some surprise:
  "Can I ask a question?"
  "Come on!"
  The black giant with a serious look asked:
  - And why is it important to return from the magical world, some kind of computer chip? Surely they wouldn't even know where to put it!
  Ronald whispered back:
  "It contains unique and absolutely essential information for our Empire!" And return should any!
  Arnold asked softly:
  - What kind of information?
  The General, raising his voice, replied harshly:
  "You'd better not know that!" The chip has a micro-beacon you will have a device that will indicate where to look for it!
  The black giant confirmed:
  "More work, less words!"
  And a powerful, muscular figure rushed out of the office.
  . CHAPTER # 1.
  Arnold very responsibly approached the choice of his Arsenal. Not more than two hundred pounds, and therefore need to take the most valuable. Well, he can make his own explosives from the simplest of products, even using coal and sawdust. But here is a good machine gun with several shooting modes is necessary. And to it a supply of cartridges with a uranium core. The newest kind of binoculars. A new kind of grenade launcher, a very expensive weapon powered by plutonium batteries. But in it you can charge anything, including ordinary cobblestones and throw long distances.
  The best designers of the Empire have developed special devices that work on the slow reaction of plutonium. You can, for example, take with you the most perfect netbook and iPhone with a special helmet, and be sure that the electricity will last for ten years.
  The laser is also quite good-the truth, it only blinds the opponent, but it is possible to deprive of sight of the whole army by it.
  Arnold winced: it's cruel to make people blind. However, if the beam acts on the retina for a short time, then vision is restored.
  Yes laser weapons this thing! Next, you can take an ultrasonic gun with you. The way he is even able to scare animals and people. Should I take the radio?
  If not with whom to speak, then and sense perhaps there is no. But Arnold took two, the most compact, just in case. And who else. In particular a pistol adapted to shoot needles, and some number of extremely strong poison.
  And of course, a lightweight but very durable body armor. Although, of course, naked to the waist Arnold looks very impressive. Well, he has muscles-any bodybuilder, even a champion will strangle with envy.
  And, of course, you can take a unique boomerang, which if you throw it always returns.
  Also a weapon of the gods. But this of course is not all. Some surprises will be picked up.
  Arnold Luger narrowly missed the limit: a hundred pounds. After that, there was no time to say goodbye. You jump on a helicopter, and fly to the gate that opens access to a parallel world.
  Only one person! It is generally sirsaganj, but to fulfill it. If the authorities give an order-it is not discussed.
  Although it would be interesting to know what is really there. Although the wise say: less you know more you will live.
  In the helicopter, Angela sat next to Arnold in a chair. Pretty, white girl. And also a commando. Look how eagerly she looks at him!
  Africans are very popular with women! And it's natural, so Arnold is very strong, durable, but able to be gentle.
  And in battle the beast. He even wanted to entrust the arrest of the President of Venezuela. But here already the administration showed indecision.
  Sometimes Arnold imagined himself in the place of the American President, and mentally shaking his fist: imagined - how he would show them all!
  Impudence is the second happiness, and where the military showed determination-luck was behind them.
  But hesitation, shakiness, indecision make it difficult to win. Arnold himself, of course, is too young to have caught the Vietnam war, but veterans have told.
  Their United opinion: politicians stole the victory that restrained the military. Like, otherwise against such an Armada as they have the enemy would not have resisted. Arnold agreed with it.
  Just as in Iraq and Syria, and Afghanistan, the high command was not on top!
  And the boys are dying... the War has dragged on for years. Arnold is naturally angry, and looks forward to when he turns thirty-five and you can go to the presidency and restore order in America!
  Oh, we need a dictatorship-democracy is a mess! And the wars convinced Arnold of this all the more strongly.
  Angela asked the giant:
  "Are you frowning?" Worried about the mission?
  Arnold answered with confidence and laconicism:
  She didn't believe him:
  "You'll be all alone!"
  The giant said logically:
  - The easiest way to manage an army from a single unit. Moreover from local always can be to garner obedient team!
   The girl nodded in agreement, her bare, tanned foot picking up the bayonet-knife and tossing it up. Then cleverly foot same and has caught. The blonde warrior chirped:
  "Wonderful! You're right Rambo!
  Arnold asked:
  "Black Rambo!
  Angelica answered sincerely:
  "What difference does it make?" Are you black or white? The main thing is a person, and the color of the skin does not matter!
  Arnold nodded:
  "That's right! I love white women - especially blondes-and they love me!
  Angelica chirped:
  - My gentle and black beast.
  I love you so much, believe me...
  My gentle and black beast!
  Here is helicopter lands and large in a hundred sixty kilograms cast, relief muscle inflammation body jumps out from helicopter. Looking on the as Arnold is moving Angelica thought, that Mike Tyson even in early life this a giant in soles not been a match for. And Arnold is so much more. Probably, if he had chosen a career as a professional boxer: he would have been invincible and great!
  You can't earn that much in special forces. Is that some kind of value to hide from the authorities. But professional boxers for one fight row tens of millions.
  Angelica jumped out, too. Hot stones, pleasantly pricked the hard soles of the girl-commando. She is passionately in love with Arnold and the idea that this giant was leaving her, for an indefinite time, it is simply unbearable!
  A powerful muscular girl screamed in despair:
  "You'll come back, I believe!"
  Arnold turned and replied with a smile:
  - Come back from hell with the trophies and prisoners!
  Angelica said loudly:
  "No one will stop you!"
  Have entry was numerous protection with trained dogs -mostly German and Caucasian sheep-dogs. But there were also a couple of very large bulldogs.
  Guards in bulletproof vests and walkie-talkies. In shirts big in several barrels machines. Arnold personality known and to him belong with reverence. Pass through several gates to a carefully guarded and secret portal, where you can get and valuable, and big trouble!
  Arnold found himself in front of a gaping opening. Everything is simply put there, and the transfer is carried out.
  The black giant hesitated. The unknown is always frightening and disturbing. However, Arnold even glad a new barrier. It is true of course and when the war does not end with a victory, no joy.
  Here's how in Afghanistan: how many fighters they killed, and there are more and more.
  You're like Hercules, chopping off Hydra's heads. And in General-for what we are at war? Here in ancient times it was easier: he made a campaign, conquered the territory and went down in history. And now, something already not the! There is still romance!
  Arnold looked at the electronic clock: the last minutes were about to expire, and the portal would close again for a long time.
  And a huge, muscular fighter jumps into the opening. It feels like you're plunging into an ice hole! And this is disturbing and tempting!
   And indeed you proved in dense environment. You pass it like transparent fuel oil, feeling tickled.
  Even it becomes difficult to breathe...
  And then there is a light in front of my eyes and a huge African-American flies out on a thick, orange with purple spots grass.
  All transfer was carried out and was simple. You're in a new world.
  Arnold looks around. He's in the woods, maybe even the jungle. Only trees and similar to earth and unlike. There are palms and vines and giant ferns. And what looked like oaks with hexagonal leaves.
  Many colors. Including the large, colorful buds on the trees.
  Insects fly: larger than on Earth, but seemingly quite harmless.
  Butterflies are so beautiful, and their wings are meter long. And the scents of the forest are so pleasant, as if the air is saturated with honey. Here's a ladybug crawling, the size of a beer barrel.
  Flies a major dragonfly, a long with racing car and with silvery wings.
  Wow, berries, like strawberries, but the size of a very large watermelon. That's interesting. Arnold, of course, had brought with him such a trifle as a miniature toxin analyzer. So you can check for edibility.
  Grows here blueberries-large as a melon.
  The giant commando glanced up at the sky.... Maybe each of them is a little smaller than the Sun, but all together they give the heat of Equatorial Africa. Well, it's even better. Arnold doesn't like the cold much. And in the winter in the mountains of Afghanistan, snow unnerved him. Although on the other hand every trace is visible.
  And here, it seems, warmly, that so pleased warrior with African roots.
  Arnold moved silently, surprisingly for such a carcass, through the forest or jungle. It is clear that soon, he should go to the village. Scouts, appearing in the world of fantasy and, already compiled a rough map of the planet.
  In the village is sure to be your the wizard and the witch. And much of population this the bright elves, and mostly girls. There are about twenty times as many of them as there are men. But the main thing is still a male sorcerer.
  Arnold winced.
  Elves differed greater physical force, agility and reaction than people. Ordinary I would've kept their breed, could a hundred points give odds, even such warrior as captain Angela. Especially if she has some simple magic skills.
  So you better like the girls not to tease. In this world you will not slip neither the tank, nor the plane, nor a large military unit.
  And you can't take the locals by brute force. There are a dozen different species on this planet. And people are probably at the lowest level. Although there is and half-breeds - that have yielded from Union with elves.
  But at all about this world learned little. Several scouts did not return. And the rest were extremely cautiously.
  Perhaps, best in intelligence proved themselves women. They were able to scout something.
  Arnold walked slowly. Look back. Here are the snakes. Like terrestrial pythons, only skin is very bright and spotty, but the big heads. One of them suddenly raised his head and...
  Arnold heard in his head:
  "What do you want, man?" Why, you came with weapons to us!
  The black giant said aloud:
  "I come in peace!"
  Snake in color guise, became approach to spetsnaz. He did not open his mouth, but he seemed to be telepathic, so he could be understood:
  - With weapons go to war, not peace!
  Arnold answered it:
  "If you want peace, prepare for war!"
  The serpent stopped. It was very large, as thick as an oak, and as long as a drill pine. A head the size of a Dolphin.
  The magical beast sent a signal:
  "You are a wise warrior!" Your skin is black, but your mind is bright!
  Arnold answered logically:
  - The mind enlightened not color skin, and fire in heart of!
  The snake noticed:
  "The mind is in the service of war, the logic of passion, and the fire of the gun!"
  Arnold uttered an aphorism:
  "War requires great intelligence, but it is gigantic madness!
  Snake confirmed:
  "Crazy things happen with big minds!"
  The black giant remarked:
  "If it was a lot of madness, it wasn't much of a mind!"
  Snake confirmed:
  "With a small muscle you can move an army, but without a big mind, you can only move talent!"
  Arnold said confidently:
  - Laconic it is not for your mind, great things, not for hugolino considerations!
  The serpent summed it up:
  - The greatest wisdom-will be limited to a small number of words!
  Arnold went on wittily:
  - And still greater wisdom to limit the size of speeches, but to do things without borders!
  The serpent interrupted the flow of aphorisms:
  "You are a wise man! And I think, on stupidity not gonna use weapons! Go in peace! I'll warn the elves not to shoot you!"
  Arnold said laconically:
  "Thank you."
  The serpent added quietly:
  "There are more than a thousand warriors in the village, and each of them can shoot an arrow five, six miles, and with the phenomenal accuracy of the elves. So even your mechanical weapons may be powerless!
  Arnold said coldly:
  "My armor still needs to be pierced!"
  The serpent hissed:
  "There's a special magic to it!" In your world, I know you're a very strong man. But we have magic and your planes, tanks and even nuclear missiles can be a bunch of useless junk!
  Arnold answered with a call:
  "Wit and wit may overcome magic, but magic will not overcome wit, so the most violent storm will not sink a sailboat with skilled sailors!
  The serpent objected:
  - And the sailboats sink and the special forces die! Be careful with your weapons, there are such magicians... That in your fairy tales such and can not imagine!
  Arnold grunted:
  - Tale of a lie, but it hint, good fellows a lesson!
  The serpent stirred. Colored waves passed over it. Then followed a clever remark:
  - Who hovers in the clouds, do not stand up the heavenly Paradise, and you will not see sky-high heights!
  The black warrior answered logically:
  - Sky-high heights, not for mundane thoughts!
  The serpent replied with a wide grin:
  - Be a bird of high flight, but do not soar in the clouds!
  Arnold replied with a broad smile, his teeth as white as a horse's:
  "To be an eagle is not to lift up one's beak; to be winged is not to become a wet hen!"
  The serpent grinned:
  - Who has the brains of a hen, will never become an eagle!
  Arnold agreed:
  "Those with chicken brains don't live in eagles' nests!" Those who have hare hearts do not sit on lion thrones!
  Snake confirmed:
  "A Fox's mind is better than a hare's heart, a lion's grin is more convincing than a Fox's smile!"
  A mighty black warrior.:
  "A lion, unlike a donkey, plows those who fear him!"
  The snakes agreed with this:
  "The lion is not the one who roars, but the one who does not beat!"
  Arnold added logically:
  - From long growls only wheezes throat, from long silence numbs the tongue!
  The spotted Python of wisdom said:
  - Who litters with words, litters with deeds!
  And the giant was found:
  - When a lot of words, there is an inflation of perception!
  And the wise reptile betrayed:
  - If the words of promises rain, there will be a drought of fulfillment!
  Arnold added logically:
  - A shower of empty words, will wash away the Foundation of creation!
  The serpent grunted:
  "Well, that's enough! You're a very clever man! I think your country is proud of you!
  Arnold snapped:
  - And I'm proud of my country!
  Then the black commando bowed slightly and moved toward the village.
  Yes, a lot of wise creatures found on the road. Here, for example, was such a series: "the Lord of the rings." Also the world of fantasy. There were hobbits. Here they also say there is. Similar, on human children: years ten-twelve, and barefoot. But not like in the Lord of the rings, but nicer, and without extra hair.
  In General, there is approval of agents, almost like in Paradise. Eternal summer, almost no vile insects, and fruit can be eaten all year round in almost any forest.
  Here, for example, bananas, here what large: as if gas cylinder every fruit.
  Arnold decided that a little refreshment would not hurt. All the more he after overcoming swathe of obstacles only protein stimulant.
  In General, bananas are very useful attention. Ninety percent of the monkey's diet is bananas, and he's strong and agile. A person needs to eat more bananas, then he will be healthier and faster.
  With the knife, Arnold slid the sliced banana into his mouth. Then he chewed.
  Yes, the fruit was very tasty! Better than on earth.
  Arnold decided he could eat more. And that it is much better than in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  Eat yourself, you can also try strawberries and others, including unknown on the planet earth berries.
  Eat yourself and enjoy the sweet air. Than not Paradise.
  Even in head climbed thought about religion. Arnold, of course, was distinguished from early childhood and a high level of intelligence, and enormous natural strength.
  And of course he didn't like the idea of Christian humility. Like, really, who are you? Clay is obtained!
  And in General the Bible and the Koran contradicted science. And Arnold respected science.
  Yes and at all life teaches - Gods weak not help!
  Here is and himself itself fight your way in life. Especially if you are endowed with enormous abilities.
  Arnold put together in Junior high a gang of youngsters, and committed a number of crimes, for which he was in a children's colony. Where it also enjoyed great prestige.
  But then, he didn't want to be a thug. Really-to plunder the citizens, to trade in dope, to poison the people? Being a criminal is creepy!
  Arnold chose a military career, although he really wanted to tighten it into the case.
  Yes Arnold fought in children's competitions, and always won. Received, fast money, fought and in fights without rules. But the army and special forces were more attractive. Although Boxing career and promised a huge amount of money!
  Yes Arnold of course liked and Boxing.
  Michael Tyson had been his idol since childhood. Michael Tyson is African-American is generally considered a living God. Even defeats of this iron professional did not drop authority.
  Of course there are other guys. For example, Floyd-who broke records for fees.
  Still, Michael Tyson is special. It's a pity, but excessive passion for cigarettes and alcohol ruined him.
  Arnold in childhood, too, began was quit Smoking, but have read, that nicotine retards growth. And Arnold wanted to be big. And he quit. And on alcohol and did not pull. When you play sports, alcohol does not attract.
  It seems that when you swing a lot, there is a load on the liver, and you already get an excess of adrenaline, testosterone and other hormones.
  Arnold read quickly, and usually from an iPhone. He had a lot of information in his big black head.
  Yes offered him to Harvard to go. He had an excellent memory and grasped everything on the fly. But in the elite special forces such a copy were happy.
  Arnold is a real machine and at the same time an intellectual. Even on the smartphone stories fantastic scribbled.
  And he solved problems in mathematics in his mind, knew several languages, and read Russian, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Arabic literature without translation.
  In General, powerful muscles did not interfere with the development of intelligence. And Arnold in this respect was a kind of - the embodiment of harmony. In General, people from Africa have long shown that they are very gifted. Many African Americans are professors, academics, scientists.
  Here is one of them invented such a weapon, that plutonium can work, and if the case may be, and on ordinary coal.
  And microeletronics. Arnold turned on his iPhone... While the Internet connection was working.
  Everything in the world is the same. Countries swear, threaten, agree. In the US, the election campaign begins, and the selection of Democrats is underway.
  Personally, Arnold would prefer the nomination of billionaire boxer Floyd. His skin was black, too, and he had an extraordinary mind, along with dynamic fists.
  Floyd doesn't really want to run, though. And suddenly really choose, and it's such a burden. You'll never get enough sleep, and you'll get stabbed all the time by the media. Both American and other countries!
  Yes and it is not clear whether cope better than others? Looking from the outside other people's mistakes are easily visible. For example, why move troops to Afghanistan? There was enough air power and local forces against the Taliban. In fact, the land units of the infidels are a great propaganda gift to the Mujahideen. And in Iraq it is better to fight the enemy with the hands of the Iraqis themselves.
  And certainly should not have fired the Iraqi military after the deposition of Sadam Hussein. But in General, looking at the battle from the side, each fancies himself a strategist.
  How many books have been written about Hitler's mistakes? Everyone's so smart. And in fact, if you were in the place of the rulers is not excluded that would have done worse.
  Arnold, thinking, not observed, that broke a significant part of banana - kilograms so ten. And heavy.
  When the stomach is full it's great cramps. Maybe get some sleep.
  Just half an hour-a good sleep and you will be ready for new fights.
  Arnold closed his eyes and immediately fell asleep.
  He dreamed that he was Boxing in the ring. Against him the famous Denota, the best puncher of all times and peoples.
  They were fighting about. About the same height, only Denote seems very dry and thin. But here is the speed have Arnold even higher, and he first same strikes knocks his adversary with legs.
  The referee considers a knockdown. Arnold smiles-the audience is delighted! The world champion hardly rises. But it shows a willingness to battle.
  And Arnold holds the classic three again. His blows are so heavy and fast that even the blocks of gloves do not save. Again Denote falls.
  The referee considers ... considers slowly, giving time to the world champion, let slowly, but to rise. But Denota barely rose as he again struck the hardest blows. And one hit the liver. And from such already not are rising.
  Moreover, girls in white coats run out into the ring, carry away the defeated world champion. Such here is the end of the battlefield.
  Fight easy, one-sided and not too interesting! Maybe it's more interesting to play military strategy with a computer. To develop production and throw tanks into battle, than to Tinker with such nonsense.
  However, it's nice to give you a Golden belt, and beautiful girls give wreaths of flowers...
  Well, the whole half hour of sleep is over. Now you get up and almost run around with a backpack on your shoulders. You can even sing:
  "I run, I run, I run -
  Weak in battle will help!
  Arnold even jumped, and twisted into a somersault. Hell, there were dragons in this world. It would be nice to meet one of them. Each dragon has its own Lancelot!
  . CHAPTER 2.
  They were waiting for him in the village. Truth, superficially this was not village, and rather a small, but very a handsome, white stone city. Enclosed by a fairly high and thick wall with teeth. Beyond it were the Golden domes of the temples.
  The gods in this world are real. And if you are in their honor arrange festivals or arrange gifts, be sure to thank. And the temples themselves give health, wealth and prosperity.
  Girls indeed in twenty times more than men. They have bare legs, arms, stomachs. In short skirts, and the stripes of the precious strands on his chest. Ankles bare feet, and strong hands in gold bracelets. Hair thick, long, very bright: and orange, and blue, and red, yellow, green speckled. Well, just like the heroine of the anime.
  All very beautiful and young. At all elves and hobbits superficially not have signs of aging. Fresh and in twenty years and in two hundred! And hobbits at all as children not growing up, although and strong in magic.
  There are a lot of girls. Young men are distinguished by shorter hairstyles, bare, muscular torsos, less jewelry, and sandals on their feet.
  But faces have young men elf such same gentle and beautiful as have girls, and skin on the body, net, smooth, as if in bronze statuettes, without hair cover.
  They are very similar to human teenagers, only very much beautiful muscle tone. And, girls too with muscles, and drawing of each muscle. Such as the world fitness Champions, and each is so beautiful and attractive that it can be Mrs. universe.
  At all elves, as if in fairy tale. Forever young, and girls barefoot and their legs graceful.
  And they are able to pull their toes bowstrings. And bows have elf big and decorated with precious stones.
  In hair have elf brooches, hairpins, have some diadems, and have one the real crown. Was she the head witch?
  On the ears and even earrings. Moreover, earrings are worn by young men. One of them is also wearing a crown. And he has a robe on his shoulders.
  Yes this in sight have observed Arnold strong sorcerers. In addition to adult elves and the children, too, very elegant and the decorations, though, and barefoot.
  However, there is an eternal summer, and soft green grass, and the boots is just not so convenient.
  Truth shoes have Arnold a special and in it quite feet not feel hot! That same team "Isolation" the most the best special forces the US, although "Bloody brigades" with this and not agree!
  The black giant had very sharp eyesight, and noticed everything, could see everything.
  For example, each elf has two swords hanging from his belt. The right is longer, the left is shorter. The sheath of gold decorated with precious stones.
  At all interestingly, where the bright elves take so much jewels?
  Arnold thought it would be a good idea to take out a backpack full of diamonds. How much will it cost? Probably more than Michael Tyson earned for all his fights! Arnold could easily carry two hundred pounds.
  The black giant smiled contentedly. He could use the money. For example, for the filming of the film!
  Here, for example, Arnold dreamed of making a film about Spartacus, and he played a brilliant commander, and maybe even win! That would be cool.
  And that in the army there were many beautiful, almost naked girls!
  And here are such beautiful girls. From people who differ only in that the upper part of the pointy ears like a lynx. And so typical, very beautiful, trained people!
  The chief enchantress, a very beautiful girl with gold leaf hair and a crown studded with large diamonds, said, " I'm sorry.":
  - You are a wise warrior, whether you come to us with peace?
  Arnold said simply:
  "I come in peace!"
  The girl in the crown said:
  "Come in, if you are in peace!"
  And hundreds of warriors at once raised a hand and salute!
  Arnold sauntered through the heavily armored gate. Yes, such a city is not so easy to take. In addition, the walls would have a moat in which swam creatures with shells of giant turtles and crocodiles mouths.
  The most amazing thing was that the shells of the animals sparkled like diamonds. It's luxurious.
  And at all on four suns all precious stones far brighter and more colorful, richer shades Shine, than on Earth. And it makes an impression.
  And the girls themselves are so beautiful.
  And they're greedily overcame. Arnold entered, and before he could blink, the Queen was standing on the wall in front of him.
  The girl looked at the black giant as he softly spoke:
  "You are a mighty warrior... For a man!" But it is our custom before a sorceress that even a human king should kneel and kiss my foot! And if you were not in the rank of king, then in General you should have prostrated yourself and kissed the legs of my assistants.
  Arnold bowed, answered with sincerity:
  "There is nothing so pleasant as kissing the feet of a goddess!"
  And the black giant kissed the bare, pink sole of the goddess. As this girl is nice and sexy smell. I felt dizzy!
  The sorceress commanded:
  "Get up!" We will do you the honors of a human king!
  The girls said a chorus of incantations and in their hands were Golden baskets.
  Graceful hands with rings on the fingers began to scatter colorful petals under the feet of the king of special forces, and the beautiful elf-the main sorceress.
  They moved through the city.
  Arnold a little to extinguish the passion in heart from the fact that next to him marched a fabulously beautiful girl, he began to inspect the house. It was mostly white. But many things are elegant and sublime. Statues, fountains spouting high into the sky. A lot of gilding and small stones.
  Arnold was a little surprised. They can be scraped off by thieves.
  Or do they have so many stones here that they have no value?
  I remembered an old novel about the aborigines of Australia. As if they ate on gold, slept on gold and covered themselves with gold!
  Like, of course, it was fiction. But here in a beautiful city such luxury.
  And temples with Golden domes. Not with a cross, but with flower buds.
  Some flowers on a dome of rubies. Others are sapphires. The third of emeralds, the fourth of Topaz, the fifth of agates, the sixth of diamonds.
  Yes, as far as that's nice and cool! And trivial is amazing!
  Such jewels everywhere.
  Against the background of such luxury, barefoot elf looks not quite natural, and therefore exciting. Skin have girls on four suns tanned, light-bronze. They are like typical blondes on the beach - up to a certain level the skin darkens, but remains quite light and resistant to the rays.
  However, it is a beautiful tan, healthy, athletic persons. yet pale skin is not so attractive, as it causes an Association with some, diseases.
  And this the most. Young men elves, too, very beautiful, as if on picking a. However the elves in fairy tales are usually long-lived or does not age, or age very slowly. Though not immortal. But they live several times longer than people. Happens and in some fairy tales even millennia.
  How long they can last in this world is still unknown. Arnold decided not to ask.
  Of course, he's a guest. And first of all in his honor a feast and a holiday. However, the elves for any reason, ready to throw a party and feasts. Cheerful, albeit belligerent beings.
  The largest Palace, along with the temple of the Gods Baass. From light elves, she is the mother Goddess. And is very revered.
  She is most often light elves stand festivals. And now a feast in honor of the goddess and greet guests.
  At the feast there were soft couches where you lie half. Play children-elves on different instruments, dancing elf. Dishes are served on Golden trays.
  And wine and food, and much more at the table. First, of course, meat dishes. Marvelous exotic animals, birds, fish, shellfish.
  Some animals are similar to earth. For example, ROE deer, zebras, fallow deer. Swans-birds, sturgeon, pike, catfish. There were ducks and geese. But some animals are completely unfamiliar, unearthly. Like a mixture of squid, Rhino and cock crest. Or, for example, a hybrid of a frog, an elephant, a crab. Something just wasn't there.
  What food!
  Arnold had heard that elves and the people of the fairy world ate less than humans, but more. And usually at feasts.
  Which is practical in its own way. Here is girls from kind of elf, dance, challenge hoops, rings daggers.
  Very beautiful when the girl became his hands and began to juggle the torches with bare legs. The other elf lifted her to her outstretched arms. Then another came and picked it up, and then another.
  Seven girls in different colors of jeweled bathing suits stood on top of each other, arms outstretched. The top one was juggling with her bare legs.
  And they have it such tenacious and agile!
  And the number of torches is growing. Moreover, they appear right in the air.
  There were a dozen of them, glowing like Christmas candles.
  Arnold appreciated the strength and agility of the elves. Yes, these are really strong fighters.
  It even occurred to me that there might be a war like this. There is no have people, of course same, there is technique, but have girls magic.
  One of them was throwing daggers with her bare toes. They flew past the boy and stuck around the boy. At the same time, the young elf flew and moved.
  Girls are very agile, and jumping. Some of them take off, and soar as if in weightlessness!
  Arnold sang enthusiastically:
  - Beautiful elf world,
  It's all easy and cool...
  You there such idol -
  But believe me, not dangerous!
  Girls soar, and do somersaults in the air. They are beautiful, they are graceful.
  Arnold looks up and admires. And consciousness notes-elves can fly. So they could attack from the air. And silently fly up to the troops, drop grenades on their heads.
  Overcome any ravine and fly over rough terrain. Or scouting, evading pursuit in hand-to-hand combat. All can girls and boys.
  Arnold also enjoyed the food. Here indeed meat very even tasty. And vegetables and fruit and wine. Yes, just fabulously beautiful dishes. You look like a king. Really the greatest of the greatest.
  Arnold thought it was a good thing there were places where human-like creatures were happy. Live long, and not know old age, diseases, rotten teeth, ugliness.
  What do elves always in a good mood and they are healthy. Even if they do not have TVs, computers, the Internet.
  Although, of course, if they had a computer and games, they would be even happier.
  The game in General is fun.
  Arnold played, still, as a small child in Cleopatra. And stuck for a long time on the second level, misunderstood the task. In addition, a small African-American for some reason decided that the booths are not solid, and made only a school of jugglers. And long suffered on the second Messiah. Until, finally, he built the booths and passed it.
  Next, the black boy learned the art of management. That, nourished German, pottery products and beer let out need not so much how many, allow reserves clay, and necessary number of city, the more map world closed. And you're not selling anything.
  And that at all, on the third mission gold mines there is no and its need to undergo faster, until money not ended.
  But in the fourth mission opens a new and main source of income: collecting taxes. But here you need to know the measure. Big taxes: people start to run away, and small you will not fill up the Treasury. And the police are so disliked is needed to crime was not.
  On the fifth mission, Arnold was stuck for a long time. But already on its stupidity. Took and the salary of the Pharaoh himself has established, and the rating of the Kingdom dropped to zero. And then he made gifts to Egypt, which didn't help much.
  Stuck on the fifth level, Arnold moved to the levels later arbitrarily. And he was having trouble with the army again. It took him a moment to understand how the troops should be managed. But here is some as understood. Passed another mission, where troops only need to send to battle. Somehow I typed them, formed them, sent them. For a long time he built a pyramid, but the child had enough time when he did not go to school yet. Went on raising.
  Then, finally, in the rank of vizier for the first time led the troops to battle and won the first personal victory!
  How pleased the child was-he felt himself at last - a giant and a genius!
  Then there were a couple of battles. The truth is the thing, the enemy has hit another part of the city for the beach and some houses burned, the troops are not formed, but he was overpowered by the police.
  For a while, Arnold did not understand how to build a fleet, and the enemy was at sea. But in the end, and then guessed to build a shipyard and defeated the enemy on the river. Then again sent troops, which won resounding victory!
  Further, Arnold then still a small boy did not immediately figure out how to raise the standard of living, but somehow knocked out the interest and built obelisks!
  And finally became Pharaoh!
  Wow! Such a joy for a little African-American. Who is still in kindergarten, and already-Pharaoh!
  That's how you feel the sweetness of power. When you're a monarch...
  Arnold was again then stuck on this mission. He built too many houses, not caring about people's food. Besides, the boy had made a mistake. Here he looked at the following: the barn holds as much food as the storage yards. And the warehouse yard takes up much less space. So why don't the barns be removed and the food stored in the storage yards?
  So on a large map a lot of houses to build. But the food with the inventory of homes is not going to bazaars. And people are starving!
  Arnold fumbled for a long time until the computer, of course, cheap and old is not curled and the game is not erased at all. Well, the boy, began the history of the genus in new ways.
  Everything went well, and he reached the seventh level in an hour and a half. Only on the seventh level is a little delayed, building a pyramid.
  Then Arnold had almost no adventures. It wasn't until level fifteen that he raised his salary again and dropped his rating to zero. And then Pharaoh sent his army against him.
   And there was a good war, a lot of destruction, but managed to avoid complete defeat.
  Then everything went relatively easily. Only on the nineteenth mission the boy was delayed, as he did not immediately figure out how to build six stately estates, but then realized - you need to add statues.
  And finally and this has passed. Forth already was easier. There was experience, there were wars. Some problems with prosperity. Especially on the twenty-second mission, where the territory is small, and build pyramids and send troops. And in the end passed "Pharaoh" to the end. He was disappointed that it had ended so quickly. But I wanted to conquer the whole world!
  This was the very first black boy strategy game. And he paid her a lot of attention. But in school sports, study and free time is much less than before school. And already there are many with computer Arnold did not play.
  But the game "Pharaoh" remembered. She made children's brains strain and taught the colored boy a lot.
  Arnold knew, of course, that management was no easy task. But, of course, and interesting.
  The chief sorceress was sitting next to Arnold and remarked to him:
  "Are you thoughtful?" Are you in some kind of grief?
  The black giant smiled and answered honestly:
  "No! Just my childhood I remember!
  The sorceress giggled:
  "Childhood! Yes, people are unhappy they have a short life! And most importantly-they are getting old!
  Arnold agreed with a sigh:
  "Old age is bad!
  The sorceress confirmed:
  - Even very poorly, old women are terrible. But of course same magic allows and people prolong youth. So my black Prince, know what you're in for possibly a long and happy life! Better than your world!
  Arnold said with some annoyance:
  "Our world has its charms!
  The sorceress asked in surprise:
  "Like what?" What good are people if they rarely live to be a hundred, and when they do, they become old freaks!
  Arnold answered quite sincerely:
  - Like computer games!
  The sorceress smiled skeptically:
  "Games?" Aren't we playing?
  Arnold took the netbook out of his satchel. He zoomed it in and showed it to the sorceress with a smile:
  The sorceress smiled:
  - Yes pictures of the Caribbean. And this that game that whether?
  Arnold agreed eagerly:
  - Yes, I can show you the game! Here, for example, is one of the most famous strategies in the world: "Cossacks"!
  Arnold switched on the monitor. First came the screensaver of a computer battle with guns, cannonballs, bayonet attacks, cavalry. Next, select the country and map.
  Arnold explained:
  - Each country has its own army, and its uniforms, different houses, barracks, temples, and so on. Here all can be very interestingly.
  The sorceress agreed:
  - Pictures of the interesting. Show me much detail!
  Arnold switched on the land map. The traditional five workers and a small amount of resources: coal, food, wood, iron, gold. Arnold then built a community center and began churning out new workers. Which in turn built a market, houses, mines, mills, farms, barracks.
  That's the strategy. First, the development, and then war. The sorceress watched with great interest. It's really like watching a fairy tale. Then she wanted to play. And Arnold gave her a spare little mouse, showing her how to use it.
  Elves are very good memory and have a reaction. They're like humans, only genetically modified.
  And the sorceress learned quickly. Was a fast learner. And now she began to play, choosing for themselves Russian. And Arnold was playing for America.
  The black giant as more experienced at first took up, throwing masses of infantry. But sorceress quickly learned, and in the second time went spit on stumbling.
  Girl played with passion. Arnold thought that perhaps the elf was the Superman Friedrich Nietzsche had written about. More, strong, fast, smart, smart and balanced. Perhaps more brutal.
  The elves all the while smiling and seemingly perfectly friendly, but always carry swords, and even feasting with weapons. If they are removed only, probably, when they sleep and then keep them close.
  Usually in the books the elves are quite warlike, and elf loving. In movies in sight-this strong warriors. Like would good, but should sit them in his mouth not put!
  Actually, orcs are shown in the movies as the embodiment of evil! But who knows? Here is have Russians there is such a song:
  Poor savage people live there,
  On the face of terrible - good inside!
  Poor savage people live there,
  On the face of terrible - good inside!
  Maybe orcs aren't all monsters and villains. Yes and elves, too,. Here is one scout executed, and is unknown for that. Maybe the girls were made, but there is such beauty that to understand it is possible for any male. Such perfection of beauty.
  The sorceress, meanwhile, began to outplay Arnold. The felt, as quickly has mastered an elf, and lose not like. Arnold decided that the scout and the scout to cheat and entered the code rogue. Then began to throw the infantry from the barracks in automatic mode and building a new one.
  However so forces routinely an elf not going to take. It is the capital have time to develop.
  Arnold felt brutal pressure, and regretted, that chose Cossacks, not tanks. There you can ID the crooks, even against the German T-4, "Ambrosi" and crease like skin.
  And then the maximum you can go from the seventeenth century to the eighteenth, that the decisive value is not.
  For some reason, the game "Cleopatra" and "Pharaoh"got into my head again. His last major problem was the peace mission twenty-four at Pharaoh. It was the first time he had gone the military route, and he did not face any special problems. Except for a little scratch at the beginning. But on a peaceful mission had a lot of time to spend on the construction of the pyramid. And his than you older, the less. And then there's the pyramid hovering! What a shame!
  Arnold waited a long time. But then he did. And began to build in a new way. But again it hovered a second time. And it is not clear why.
  And only the third time the pyramid was completed. Yes it was a long mission. And the more you grow up, the more expensive.
   This was the last significant problem in this game. And the rest went much easier.
  Arnold somehow felt something similar playing "Cossacks". The sorceress, who had so little experience, learned surprisingly quickly. However, what was the experience of the black warrior?
  Too small, when he was playing all these children's games. "Cleopatra" was memorable, and he went through all the missions in it before school. And everything else was a hat acquaintance.
  In addition, Arnold still became fascinated and writing stories on fiction.
  In fact, he was very fast at typing, and he could do a lot of things. Here is for example such narrative - terrorist attack 11 September not was, and as this affected history world and America's. In particular, Sadam Hussein in 2020 still rules Iraq, and Mubarak has just retired for health reasons.
  The most interesting thing is of course that Russia is now fighting in Afghanistan. And even in America, a film was made: "Black Rambo"! Who's fighting in Afghanistan. Although of course this is just a parody of Rambo Three!
  The story on alternative history, was printed in the magazine, and even attracted some interest.
  But then all was quiet. Arnold, however, thought, then, that one thing and the same write it is no fun.
  And now he had a story about the adventures of a boy from the twenty-first century caught in the Spain of the seventeenth. That's interesting. The boy changed places with the Prince of the Castilian Empire, then became king. And the real boy-monarch was in the twenty-first century!
  Something of course inspired by the famous masterpiece: "the Prince and the beggar." Where also changed two boys.
  But in this case the story was more modern and not bad. The new king even succeeded in governing and managed to regain control of Portugal and carry out the necessary reforms.
  But the boy-monarch was in a children's prison in the United States. And that's not fun at all!
  This story grew into a story. Then Arnold was asked to write a sequel, and a full-fledged novel turned out. In fact, both boys had even grown up.
  Spain became the greatest Empire, defeating Britain and France, regaining control of the Netherlands. And the boy-monarch after the colony entered the military school and became a naval officer.
  So in General well all ended. And then Arnold himself did not want to continue.
  Times for writers have come not the best, and it soon became Arnold's hobby, not a means of earning. However, in the elite special forces and a good salary with allowances, one-time bonuses for the job, for the destroyed opponents. And what you yourself will be able to capture. And here case sometimes that bad luck.
  For example, some of the treasures of the Mujahideen.
  Arnold wrote about Boxing. The story of a simple black guy who came to Russia, and there began to make a career as a boxer and fighter without rules. However, he had a hard time. Overwritten, did not press the victory on points, or profitable fights. But, of course, the guy became, in the end, the world champion.
  And it was a great happiness!
  Arnold especially liked that in the decisive battle, it was like in the movie about rocky - all against the Challenger, but he still won. And a knockout in the very last minute, the last round. Moreover, both boxers collapsed. And also the black guy got up a second earlier!
  Yes, Arnold Luger could show off his extraordinary intelligence.
  The enchantress, meanwhile, finally picked up, and the black giant moved on to another game.
  For example, the more modern world war II. Here the African-American used a hidden rogue code. And got on the enchantress a significant head start.
  Arnold has challenged the in battle tanks series of "E", and broke through defense adversary, destroying its barracks and division. Of course, "Sherman" against the e-75 tank is not a rival. He break through it from any angle is not able to, and the enemy gets from any distance.
  Arnold played very confidently. And this time beautiful girls-elf did massage his massive, bumpy from monstrously developed muscle inflammation backs.
  It was so nice...
  The black giant won one battle in world war II after another.
  His six-engine, jet-powered TA-400s were second to none. There are also thirteen aircraft guns on the machine. You can't touch it.
  It is seen as a spiral, the American fighters even able to overtake a similar car. And she drops bombs. So powerful, weighty, some weighing ten tons, at once demolishing the barracks.
  Arnold even sang:
  "Black warrior, I am very calm,
  Black warrior, his fate pleased...
  Black warrior, cool result -
  Elf troops-plunge into hell!
  Although, of course, in strategy, you played dishonestly, using against forty first year adversary, weapons of the late forties. But to lose the elf and the chief sorceress did not want to. There was no telling what she would think of herself in that case.
  Or whatever it takes. Arnold, launched in move and tank E-50. It may not be as well protected from the sides as the heavier mastodons, but it is nimble. And when large masses flow around the position of the army of the sorceress, it is very effective.
  And that the Sherman was tall, with little protection and a very mediocre gun. Far him against 88-millimetrovov with - length trunk in 100 MM tools E-50, and those more 128-millimetrovogo E-75. As this steel host all without ceremonies sweeps away.
  And the infantry also dies under tanks, without any benefit. Arnold gained confidence. His front came, not allowing gaps and lag. And there were no gaps in them. So the sorceress's tactics didn't help.
  Arnold captured a large part of the territory of the United States, and already his Armada came to new York. Of course, usually the black giant himself played for the Americans, but the sorceress was ahead of him in choosing the country. It is evident she is well liked stars and stripes.
  And German tanks and aircraft, perhaps, the strongest. And the mighty African giant was about to triumph.
  . CHAPTER 3.
  At this point in the hall, where feasted, meeting black Diners celebrating a pagan holiday elf, the blaze broke out. It blazed like the Northern lights. And into it, like a mob from the underworld, came the furry, fanged goblins. Very large types, with big clubs, swords, axes.
  Arnold whistled. The numerous elves, twenty times as many as the males, raised their bows and drew their swords, which they had not parted with during the feast.
  The sorceress flew into the air and screamed:
  "How dare you disturb our holiday?"
  The Goblin leader, not as big as they were, but in purple armor, resembling a man, but with a very nasty face, and a large nose, roared:
  "A stranger has come to our world!" Give him to us, and we will not shed your blood!
  The two elf-sorcerers, the boy and the girl, cried out in unison:
  "We don't give away our guests!" And the great serpent said to us: he came in peace!
  In response, a man with a nasty face, wearing purple armor and a gold helmet on his head, said:
  "I am Oquendo the Troll king!" My powers are the elves great! And if you do not want to give the stranger, then you will be attacked by hordes of goblins and orcs!
  Then Arnold stood up and took a step toward the king of the ancient people, shouting:
  - Nu, if I you need, so try me take! Bragging that you're the king? So prove your strength! Fight me, and show me how you deal with aliens!
  The purple armored warrior growled:
  "You're an alien who volunteered to fight!" But it's too much honor for a king to fight some mercenary from the human Empire! I will set my best warrior against you!
  Arnold nodded in agreement:
  "Then give me your word that if I win, you will not attack the elves?"
  The king laughed and replied with a very nasty smile, an evil demon, and steel-tinged teeth:
  - We always fought each other! Unlike humans, we live too long, and if trolls, goblins, elves, orcs, and others did not die in battle, then there would be so many of us that there was nowhere to turn!
  Arnold summed it up unfavorably:
  "War is not only a natural condition of people!
  The Troll king whistled. There was a real giant more than seven meters tall in armor sparkling platinum, and the face of a lion. Huge and broad-shouldered-really like a Tyrannosaurus. And both hands long with a two-storey house to the sword.
  Really fabulous character-a huge, and at the same time quite agile.
  Arnold such giants saw only in movies, but there they, of course not real. And this is really a killer and a bully!
  An African-American commando with a manly smile, said:
  "Very well! With him so with him! Let's start right now!
  Arnold picked up his plutonium-powered grenade launcher. Likely, machine gun such a carcass can and not take, wasn that enter directly in eye. But the seasoned black commando wanted more effect, and loaded a weighty gold tray.
  A huge warrior with a lion's head, quickly, as if the blades of mills spun swords.
  Arnold fired, barely aiming. It is having skill and talent, and intuitive feel when shooting and where.
  The tray flew out with great acceleration. And its sharp edge sank right into the throat of the lion giant. As big as the cabin of the KAMAZ head, flew off. From the mouth of defeated the monster, flew out of the goblet of fire and landed in the back of a Goblin, literally tearing him to pieces.
  The king screamed:
  - Tear this fatal tribe my Eaglets!
  Elf opened on the goblins, and trying to break through after them orca fire from bows.
  The girls pulled the string with their hands and feet. They were flying like small animals weasel.
  Their arrows hit goblins as large as three meters tall, as well as smaller orcs.
  Arnold picked up the machine, to save translated it in a mode of firing single cartridges. He opened fire, too. The first his goal, was, of course king trolls Oquendo.
  But then it turned out that it is not so simple. A halo appeared around the magical monarch, from which the arrows of the elves bounced, and the uranium bullets of an advanced and wound machine gun.
  Arnold looked annoyed:
  - Magic is more powerful than the weapons! And continued firing on less protected targets.
  As it turned out large goblins, obtaining a small, but with powerful explosives within uranium bullet in the head, die virtually immediately.
  The mighty black warrior continued to fire. He hit the enemy very accurately. Every shot was accurate and deadly.
  Some orcs and goblins reached the elves and elves, and they met them with blows, their thickly jeweled swords and sabres. And mercilessly chopped fresh meat.
  Although the smell of the orcs and goblins won't be pretty.
  Arnold shot, making no misses, single, almost without aiming. Basically like when passing an obstacle course, half a second or even less to raise the gun and shoot.
   Or like in a computer game with a pistol. Also, everything is quite simple. Already raising the weapon, you pull the trigger. Or at moving targets, shooting down flying saucers.
  It's pretty simple. Arnold is firing. One of the orcs broke through to the black commando, and the African-American slit his stomach with a bayonet knife.
  Then the warrior from Africa continued firing. But there were many orcs. They seem to be smaller and more prolific herbivores than goblins. They climb and climb.
  And bullets in machine gun modicum and small, but quite heavy. You can't take a lot of them, and spending them on some hairy bears the size of tall people is kind of creepy.
  Arnold used the grenade launcher again. The charge on the plutonium batteries should last a very long time. Plutonium is expensive, but it contains a lot of energy.
  Here you load one of the many gold trays into the neck and shoot. Shot and immediately a dozen orcs and a couple of goblins demolished.
  It is effective, and most importantly you can beat without worrying about saving.
  Arnold fired again. Knocked down a bunch of orcs and sang:
  - And those who do not want to live in peace,
  We make them harakiri!
  Yes, the African-American is a rock of militancy. He fired again, and the tray smeared a mass of hairy creatures across the surface.
  Yes, like the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took up the extermination of the opponents.
  And feels Groovy...
  Here is another hefty tray flies with large acceleration. So breaks orcs and goblins, as if soft-boiled.
  Arnold sang as he fired:
  "If it's an Orc, we'll find it,
  If Orc, we will find...
  Then we will not joke!
  Tear it apart!
  Tear it apart!
  Tear it apart!
  And here is another message of death from the black giant. It really is something terrible. Not an African-American, but a great black demon, penetrated into the fairy worlds.
  The elves are firing and chopping. Some of them throw sharp, thin disks at orcs and goblins. And they squeak like whistles.
  "Never give up,
  Never be reconciled!
  And show their sharp tongues!
  Girls from race elf excellent and deadly. They will not give the enemy mercy and show tremendous skill.
  Arnold, firing at the enemy, knocked out with one shot at many creatures.
  Fortunately orcs and goblins through the portal were transferred to individual portions. And they had time to grind, as the elf well-aimed shots, and Arnold his volleys.
  The grenade launcher on plutonium pounding murderously. Although rather it is not just a grenade launcher, but something more perfect and murderous.
  And very effective.
  Arnold knocked down another batch of creatures, and sang:
  "In the Holy war,
  Will be our victory...
  We are fighters on the ground -
  Our glorious grandfathers!
  Warriors also do not yield and do not succumb. And how they will hit and hit with arrows.
  And their bare feet pull the string, and swords in their hands cut hairy aggressors.
  Wonderful flowing battle. Arnold guns his ultra type grenade launcher, shoots the tray as well as the pot debris.
  The girls here are very cool, and they have very beautiful legs. And such nimble fingers.
  Arnold Lupanov, shouted:
  - The elves of my kind, cool elves!
  And again spetsnaz with African roots will hit. The creatures couldn't resist Arnold. He's a fighter created by the devil. The best of the best is a world superstar!
  And it says something, like Rechenka gurgling.
  And his bayonet powerful black hand struts all enemies. Yeah it will go the way of the soldiers.
  Arnold roared at the top of his lungs:
  - Spetsnaz, special forces, African forces!
  We will move the Orc in the eyebrow and in the eye!
  And acts against hairy monsters, like a club. And not simple, but thermonuclear.
  There is no to such a fighters and not sunesh. But the Goblin tried to hit with a club, so the severed head flew off!
  The warrior from Africa sang:
  "Don't lose your head,
   No need to hurry...
  Centuries should not be measured,
  Breaking bones to beat...
  You write it down in your notebook,
  On each page -
  We will be the orcs to kill,
  We will kill orcs!
  We will kill orcs!
  Exams we'll pass on five!
  And black warrior-terminator go back, and the enemy greatly swings into.
  And the tray will spread another group of orcs. Yes, a great fighter, a warrior of America.
  And shred enemies, like a warrior immortal spirit.
  Elfiyki and small the young men-elves not concede. A fight and children of the elves. They are also very good hands and bare feet with the sword in the orcs of the needle.
  Arnold, too, for a change, fire their plutonium pistol, needles in poison. At the same time and check how the toxins act. The needles are very thin, almost weightless, but poisoned by the latest development of US science.
  So I act very murderously.
  And Arnold sang:
   A needle pierced his throat,
  Not according to the rules of the game!
  Yes from pistol please fly quickly, very good weapons even for twenty-first century. First, very thin needles can be stocked very much! For example, in one thimble, and a thousand such warheads, capable of toxin to kill an elephant. And secondly, the weapon is silent and can penetrate any armor, and up to two inches of armor!
  This is really a terrible weapon and the legendary American special forces group "Isolation".
  Indeed needles can be was to garner many and here not experience their on orcs and goblins sin!
  Arnold used the latest and most advanced weapons of the U.S. army. The fact that even run-in in the wars had passed. And how well the atomic needle gun works. And how many needles can be placed in one clip, killing a full-fledged fighter!
  Arnold, exterminating orcs and goblins, barely having time to press a finger on the button, like some boy in a computer game, was struck by a successful weapon and sang:
  After all, from the taiga to the hot seas,
  Our weapon is the strongest!
  And throws away needles. Mowing down orcs, whole mounds. Not every person, the index finger is able to move as quickly as Arnold Luger.
  And soak, destroy, destroy and spoil magical creatures. Yes it is really fighter, but still scary armed.
  And the occasional bayonet-knife. Which if will resane, even the little bears with a very ugly snouts of the orcs do not seem to.
  The elves suffered little loss now. And mountains from corpses, attackers on them creatures grew.
  It was a good thing the Banquet hall was so large and high. Ten times as much as it looked from the outside! Too after all magic allowing to expand premises, even in rather small houses.
  Arnold, exterminating the attacking beasts, thought that there would be something to tell later. Here there are computer games where even the strongest and most phenomenal reaction won't save you if you do not get a strong weapon.
  But Arnold has such a weapon. And he confidently is leading battle. Elves now shoot orcs and goblins with bows at a distance. In General, very beautiful and sexy looks when such elegant and chiseled legs bare fingers pull the string.
  At all this practical, so its feet and people, and have elf stronger hands, and can be more tight string pull, and issue with colossal striking effect.
  The main sorceress, shoots and hands and feet, and even spits at enemies from a tube. Which is quite practical. It is seen that in battle magic, she's the master.
  That's how lightning flies and orcs and goblins. Those or overgrown with shaggy hair, or in armor. And the rod itself tanks.
  Arnold was surprised:
  "What scumbags?" Not afraid of anything!
  The chief sorceress replied:
  "Fear is weakness, but courage requires intelligence!"
  Arnold said logically:
  "You can't argue with the fact that bravery without intelligence is weakness!" The black giant changed his arm from the needle gun to the plutonium battery pistol and continued. - When a warrior ran away, he was still alive, and that's something you can come back and take revenge!
  The chief sorceress agreed:
  - That's right! We elves live by the standards of people for a very long time! And still not getting sick and not growing old, on not very something want to die in combat!
  The black giant sang enthusiastically:
  "Woe to him who fights,
  With the terrible Arnold in battle!
  If the enemy is mad -
  I'll kill him!
  I'll kill him!
  And spetsnaz as will move a heel of a foot in a chin to the Goblin. The bull's neck broke.
  Arnold grinned, continued to shoot and gave:
  - And the power of the mind is also needed!
  And again firing on autopilot. In a real war, of course the enemy coming wave in a psychic attack is rare. In Iraq, the Americans used the tactics of sabotage war. All sorts of mines were planted, even sometimes dollars were thrown in the street, and explosives were under them. Sometimes used and poison in bottles, or gases.
  The main tactic was a blow on the sly. When you day peaceful citizen, and at night fighter.
  Of course, this created nervousness. Another tactic of the militants were shelling checkpoints. And, often happened the bandit will give turn and to leak.
  And in two hours he'd be back again, firing again.
  The damage seems to be small, but very exhausting nerves. Sometimes the gunman was sent very young boys with tape recorders. And there recorded shootings from machine gun.
  Of course, the soldiers could be mistaken for real and open fire in the dark. And the enemy under the guise of planting explosives.
  Yes, there were many different dirty tricks of militants in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  Some craftsmen even used children's cars for sabotage, or drones.
  - By the way, quite dangerous weapons, especially at night, or during a sandstorm.
  Arnold in different battles has visited. And it wasn't often that he had to enjoy what he was doing now - slaughtering enemies in droves! Hundred after hundred, regiment after regiment, you kill orcs not only with the sword.
  Arnold noted:
  - War is the best entertainment, but the worst rest!
  The chief sorceress readily agreed:
  - The worst of holidays, but so interesting!
  And a magical girl threw her bare foot bundle of energy. It exploded, tearing apart the attacking beasts.
  Arnold grunted:
  - Total extermination!
  As a child he played "the Entente", so in this game, very much beating the machine guns from the tanks. When he let three machines, and even past improvements, they could knock out the infantry by the thousands. And it certainly pleased the child.
  And now he's built like a tank. And knocks out enemies, as if they are brainless, electronic units.
  Arnold in his repertoire. The truth is and the index finger is tired. The black giant changed his shooting arm. And the other aimed an ultra-grenade launcher. He picked it up and used the silver forks. Those flown apart, thirty-five of the orcs and goblins had stopped.
  Arnold roared:
  - And I have such a suit,
  Torn in the power!
  Torn in the power!
  And the commando hit the Orc in the groin. He flew a few meters up, and at once stiffened from the pain of shock.
  The chief sorceress nodded approvingly:
  - So them! Beat and do not regret!
  Arnold roared at the top of his voice:
  - Angry Orc crawling on the rocks,
  Hit him with Napalm fighter...
  Orcs show them no mercy, destroy them bastards!
  As bugs crush, beat like cockroaches!
  Again the giant's heavy black-booted foot struck the Orc's jaw. And the head literally tore off.
  Yes terrible African American commando in anger. And wild, frenzied rage.
  If he moved,it was like a battering RAM.
  Elves shoot, and chop. One young elf had his head blown off. Well, crazy axe. Among girls only wounded. One in particular sliced through the bare sole, and she now pulls the string only with her hands.
  But the girl is not discouraged, says:
  - You can live without a leg, but try without brains!
  And winked at her partners-they say, I do not hurt!
  The chief sorceress bared her pearly teeth and said:
  - Fear contrary, we will finish you all enemies!
  Warriors and in fact as will be wound up. And will be enemies to shred, and mutilate.
  Arnold around the seeks to be the first and unambiguously fierce and invincible.
  Shoots at orcs and trolls. And sometimes he kicks with his sledgehammers. His body was a weapon. He's a scary fighter to be afraid of everything in any country.
  One of the sheikhs had been struck by his boot ... his Spine had broken and he was paralyzed!
  Did he think he could joke with Arnold? At the same time, of course, the black giant is not just a piece of meat.
  For example, he once wrote a story about how Shakespeare would feel in the modern world. It was interesting. Shakespeare was not missed in reputable publishers, and he passed only where printing is on demand.
  And as it turned out almost nothing not was able sell! Too old-fashioned, indeed! Nobody wants Shakespeare in the twenty-first century. It's like putting a catapult up against an electronics-Laden attack plane.
  Arnold remembered, too, his battle in Syria. There he captured a Russian t-90 tank as a trophy from the Syrians. They stole it to their positions. Quite a cramped cabin, but the car is quite practical.
  In that battle, Arnold was captured, and one Russian instructor. It then, however, returned and apologized.
  After that, about the unknown black giant, began to talk in Russia. In fact, why did the Russians think that the American special forces are weak? Arnold, was able to fight one with a whole detachment of Syrians. For which he received the purple heart. Just as it captured the Sheikh of the militants in Raqqa.
  But Arnold had never killed as much as he did now. He felt like the coolest of the coolest. And killed itself, and killed!
  Arnold smirked when he was hit by a dart thrown by an Orc. Yes, I lost a little thug concentration. And he is bare-chested and without armor. And broke the skin, blood came out.
  The combat commando thought he should be more careful. And suddenly have orcs as something there is poison!
  All right, he put on his armor with one jerk. He started firing again. And even threw prying the heel of the fork. It sank into the Orc's throat. And the enemy began to die, bleeding to death!
  Arnold roared:
  "Orc, please don't bite!"
  And laughed at the top of his lungs. Laughing, one of the big, gold chandeliers with diamond candlesticks snapped off and crashed down on the heads of orcs and goblins.
  They collapsed, as if a huge wave of tsunami had fallen on them.
  The chief sorceress squealed:
  "My calling is to kill you!"
  And from bare toes will fly lightning. And take magic's only to put on weight.
  Arnold roared:
  "I'm like a bull, butting, and like a tiger, biting!"
  And the bully will jump, spin the chopper in the air, and kick the Orc on the head with his boot. In fact, the skull crumbled. Yes not with those he in sight contacted.
  Arnold roared:
  "Don't cut down the oak!"
  And again let's thrash enemies feet. But, of course, and the gun works by far aptly.
  Arnold remembered another story. In it, one blonde girl fell in love with a black guy. But the fact was, she was a Princess, and the beautiful young man a slave.
  And yet the Princess fled with him from the Palace and was caught.
  For this disgrace she was stripped of her title, and barefoot in rags was sent on a ship with her lover across the seas to the plantations.
  There the girl worked like an ass until she decided to escape again. They caught up with her again. Flogged and branded. After that, the plantations were sent to the mines.
  But the African goddess appreciated the devotion of the girl, the former Princess and gave her eternal youth.
  The Princess, being eternally young, did not die in the mines, but worked until the mines were exhausted. And the surviving slaves were led to bargaining. Since the Princess was young, and when she was washed, she became very beautiful, she was bought for the harem.
  The girl gradually rose in position and became the first wife of the Sultan. Then she bore him a son. Cunning destroyed the other heirs and her eldest son inherits the throne.
  Then she was his eternal adviser. Led in wars-Empire expanded. And when her son grew old and died, the Sultana was able to tear out the will and seized the throne herself.
  After that, rules on, while having in his pocket an eternity, conquered the entire planet Earth.
  But her lover was long dead. As the centuries passed. There was a huge, human, space Empire. And finally, people with the help of science have learned to resurrect the long dead. And the ruler of half the universe first ordered the resurrection of her lover. And he was really brought back to life.
  After that, the ruler married the African and made him ruler of the Empire. After what they, having found force science, absolute immortality have ruled long and happily. More precisely forever and have reached under this absolute happiness!
  Arnold was very pleased with this story. And this work caused a stir, and was popular. Although Arnold Luger published it under a pseudonym.
  But really the work was so successful that he was offered to write on this topic a large, full-fledged novel. Maybe even a series of novels.
  But the lack of time characteristic of a special forces officer who is constantly fighting and performs certain missions affected. Indeed, it is much easier to stamp a story on an iPhone or smartphone than to write large works.
  Arnold killed now representatives of the other world. He remembered how he was hunting for Mullah Omar. As was brutal battle with selected Mujahideen. And the mass of soldiers were killed. And Arnold's two companions were silent forever.
  Yeah, now he's one of the people, but around elves and beautiful elves fight heroically.
  Arnold roared:
  - I'm not kidding and if you need the mountains to turn!
  And again is leading the fire this mighty guy. And he does everything like a ferocious bear.
  He fired a tray of ultra-grenade launchers at the Troll king, albeit shielded.
  The tray is struck in a powerful magical field and were scattered. Yes not reached Arnold goal, but splinters laid all -??? a dozen orcs!
  The black giant sang:
  "My orcs, terrible and evil orcs!
  You cut - we are very wolves!
  And that's Arnold from the gun gave a whole turn. And mowed down the line. Yes, he is a formidable fighter and uncompromising!
  The chief sorceress asked Arnold:
  "Are you a God?"
  The black giant answered boldly:
  "No! I'm more of a Superman!
  The sorceress nodded:
  "Superman-that sounds proud!"
  The frantic onslaught of orcs and trolls began to dry up. In fact, as you can already throw the position of the elf corpses. So the Troll king turned to the chief sorceress:
  "Can't you see that the black guy is very dangerous?"
  The sorceress agreed:
  "He's dangerous to you, no doubt!" She shook her bare foot, hurled her dagger at the Goblin, and continued. "But he's like a father to us!" More precisely brother and protector!
  Oquendo said angrily:
   The bad wolf defender of the sheep! Doesn't your own history teach you anything?
  The sorceress replied with a smile:
  "A wolf can be tamed, too." There are also the civilization of the wolves that are better, you trolls!
  Oquendo nodded and bellowed:
  "Very well! The best thing you can do is stop the senseless slaughter!
  The sorceress replied angrily:
  - And if that, then we you and not a!
  Then her slender, bare foot arched and sent a large pulsar into the Troll king. There was a great shock and shock. Despite the fact that Oquendo was covered by protection, he clearly felt the burn. Even his long nose had a couple of large blisters. And the king roared:
  - I am will have my revenge.
  And turned and disappeared, after which the few surviving orcs and goblins began to jump back and disappear.
  Then, the glow faded almost instantly, and then disappeared altogether.
  Arnold looked pleased:
  "We did win!"
  The sorceress sighed deeply:
  - Unfortunately, but this is probably only the first round of our confrontation!
  Arnold agreed with a white toothed smile:
  - I also think that the main thing is still ahead! But that's the beauty of taking one barrier after another! And when it's over - to experience even a slight disappointment!
  . CHAPTER 4.
  After the battle, left mounds of thousands of corpses of orcs and trolls.
  Elves who were experienced in magic began to prepare a special potion to dispose of corpses.
  The chief sorceress noted:
  - Rare fight! Only two young men died! And thousands of enemies died!
  The young man chief a sorcerer in annoyance, responded:
  "There aren't enough men, and there are two fewer!" And the battle we really did not need!
  The sorceress nodded with a smile:
   I don't need!
  Arnold, however, boomed:
  - But new weapons have been tested, including an atomic pistol that shoots needles! Monstrous weapons-think his can be will launch in a series of, although batteries from plutonium are worth more expensive gold!
  The sorceress sighed:
  - Well, Yes! To whom war and to whom mother native! That's what you are by profession?
  Arnold replied confidently:
  "I am a warrior!"
  The sorceress snarled:
  - And I want peace and creation!
  Arnold answered quite logically:
  "The stronger a man is, the less he is attacked!"
  The sorceress agreed with it:
  "Without a doubt! But strength is not only in muscles, weapons and even magic!
  Arnold nodded:
  "Of course! Usually say power is in the truth! But the notion of, truth and lies there is relative!
  The sorceress became alert and asked:
  "Why is that?"
  Arnold, feeling after a long fight that his stomach was a little empty, began to pick at the surviving dish with a Swan decorated with a cock's crest.
  And began to explain:
  "For example, I am a soldier and I obey orders!" My credo is simple: let my country is not right, but it is my country! And I still love her. Nevertheless, we wage strange wars. Arnold chewed the meat and continued with a rueful smile. - In particular, we have been fighting in Afghanistan for twenty years, it is not clear why and for what purpose? Okay initially, after as collapsed buildings skyscrapers, and died three thousands of Americans, with not ordinary people, and elites all were eager revenge! Yes, it was necessary the son of a bitch bin Laden to reach and destroy! We all understood and approved!
  The sorceress definitely confirmed it:
  "Hearts demand vengeance-vengeance demands sacrifice!"
  Arnold readily confirmed this:
  - Who of us wanted to take revenge to this terrorist. But it's been ten years since bin Laden died! Even for more than a decade. We're still fighting. And our guys die, and many billions of money are spent. One transfer of the soldier costs on such distance: one million dollars! Why should we fight when we have had our revenge?!
  The elf sorceress suggested:
  - Maybe you want to conquer Afghanistan, and include it in your Empire?
  Arnold shook his head:
  "No! It's out of the question! We have liberated Afghanistan from the anti-people regime of the Taliban. However, for more than twenty years there has been a war. The Taliban are taking over one province after another. Our soldiers are fighting bravely. How many we killed Mujahideen, And Mullah Omar, in the end, got. But it doesn't do any good. Apparently the people of Afghanistan support the Taliban and therefore they are invincible!
  The elf sorceress agreed:
  "Probably! It is difficult to defeat the people!
  Arnold bit off the leg and continued:
  - In short, it is not clear why we should fight with the people of Afghanistan, regardless of whether they are mistaken or not! It is his right to have the power of the Taliban or not! And us there already to do long nothing to acquire!
  The young wizard noticed:
  "If you have been fighting for more than twenty years, then to leave is to admit the error of the war and defeat in it!"
  Arnold agreed with it:
  - Yes it turns out, we have to admit that more than ten years fought in vain. And bin Laden was not found in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan. And at all me this war with the outset seemed excessive. Well, it was possible to calculate bin Laden and destroy the pinpoint strike, without starting a war with the Taliban. And even if they had a war, they shouldn't have brought in ground troops.
  The Taliban were defeated by local forces! To not have followed something other than aviation and small units of special forces to use!
  And the black giant exclaimed:
  "What a stupid and senseless war it was!
  The young elf noted:
  - And we are thousands of years old from time to time fighting with the orcs, trolls, goblins. Sometimes with vampires, dwarves, hobbits, or even humans!
  The sorceress confirmed:
   And do we have wars for no good reason! It's true that you are fighting twenty years, and most likely will be finished soon! And we've been fighting for thousands of years, and still no one has created even a decent Empire!
  The young elf confirmed:
  "You didn't!" You people have such weapons without any magic. And we remained at the level of the early middle ages! And to be honest not very much, and I want the elves to leave childhood! Why? Have human a short age and weak health! Forever healthy and we have forgotten how to dream and to sympathize!
  Arnold smiled and replied by eating another leg:
   - Health is good! Here is have people in primarily utter toasts for health! And many people dream about health!
  The sorceress made a clear conclusion:
  "Poor people! Very unhappy indeed!
  The elf wizard asked:
  "Where else have you fought, good warrior?"
  Arnold sighed and said:
  - in Iraq...
  The young wizard chuckled:
  "From the sound of your sigh, does this war seem unfair to you?"
  Arnold nodded:
  "Of course! And unlike Afghanistan, we fought in Iraq from the very beginning unfairly! In fact, what we care about the fact that there is rule of a brutal dictatorship? Saudi Arabia is no better, and yet they are our ally! And so at all this invasion cannot be justify even sense of revenge!
  The elf sorceress agreed:
  - Yes, in the world we have, and you have a little justice! But at least we elves suffer less of people!
  The elf wizard confirmed:
  - Man very weak tribe! And he gets older, and more, and his teeth fall out, and his back bends, and his stomach grows! In General people are those who do not want to be like!
  The elf sorceress confirmed:
  "Especially old women!" They are so scary and nasty! Think about the Gods is it possible to spoil people!
  The elf wizard confirmed:
  "Of course not! How awful!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  - Really old women are becoming terrible! And you are literally amazed at their ugliness! But, alas, they are not to blame!
  The elf sorceress nodded:
  "Who blames them?" But you must admit, people could be taking better care of herself, and try to correct their flaws magic!
  The elf wizard nodded:
  "You should be developing magic." And people are so stupid that their witches and wizards are burned! Although magic can and the woman and the man to restore youth and prolong life for many centuries! What is this madness! Cut down the branch on which you sit, persecute witches and wizards, destroy their books and ancient knowledge!
  Arnold sighed and said:
  "It happened on Earth." True, in Europe, not here! The USA appeared when people already managed to become wiser. And witches were no longer burned! Although heretics and persecuted!
  The elf-sorceress spoke sternly:
  - And people have it now! They staged an Inquisition, crack down on all who owns magic, as well as pagans, heretics, atheists and other dissenters with their dogmas!
  Arnold suggested:
  "Let me go to the people!"
   The elf sorceress objected:
  "Don't! You will kill them as well as the orcs! We elves, too, not ideal, but have us you will find understanding of!
  "We are like the highest form of kinship!" Similar, but only beautiful and without stupid beards!
  Arnold nodded:
  - Yes I, too, smeared itself beard, to she not grew a special hormonal ointment. But if I don't anoint again in a year, the stubble will start to break through and I'll have to shave!
  The elf wizard laughed and remarked:
  - Can potion to make against any of the hair on the human body! So don't worry, you won't have to scrape your snout with a dagger!
  Meanwhile, the elves finished preparing the potion and began to spray it over the mountains of corpses. If they are not removed, it is clear that an epidemic can begin.
  Orcs and goblins don't smell too good even when they're alive.
  Arnold was used to the smell of corpses. Where he only not managed to see death.
  He was on a mission to Venezuela. Almost shot Maduro, but at the last moment, the President of the United States forbade such a mess. Arnold would have done it, though.
  Hunted black giant and drug barons in Colombia and Brazil. Who he killed, who he captured, who he scalped. He even had a case where they took a whole car full of dollars and gold bars.
  Of course, they took a little of themselves, the rest was handed over to the state. Arnold, on the whole, had good means. In fact, most do not have enough time to rent a movie and myself to actively act.
  Although the role of actor of the second plan or a thug he was. But for a positive action hero, Arnold is too big. And a good guy in a fight should always be noticeably smaller and faster than a bad one!
  Arnold had seen the corpses glisten after they had been sprayed. And then the two main wizards - elf and elf began to read spells.
  It was quite interesting.
  Here on Earth, of course, there are also strange things and all sorts of magicians. Here's David Copperfield doing very strange and difficult to explain things. And, too, says - this magic! There are all sorts of predictors who guessed the future. There are prophets and healers. And a lot of different kinds of psychics.
  And some scammers and at all could predictions rig. As for example, the Bulgarian KGB worked for grandma Wang and collected information about all her clients.
  Arnold and he sometimes won the lottery or the sweepstakes. In particular, he predicted Kovalev's victory over Alvarez. Although the favorite was considered a Mexican.
  Arnold believed in intuition, of course. And could feel, when on him looks enemy let even and on the back of the head. And the ability to guess spetsnaz closed screen cards and numbers was. And blindfolded to find coins, or describe objects.
  Many people could see this or that blindfolded. Or predict the score in the match.
  Arnold in this terms of was of course same man with heightened sensitivity, that very valuable for special forces. Yes, and on earth something was.
  And now the corpses began to turn pale, and the furry bodies seemed to dissolve in the air. It certainly made an impression. Need to say Arnold when watched "Star wars", then not too his ability to heroes impressed. Well, they throw lightning at each other. So what? The machine is much more practical!
  Even a bit funny on this look!
  Here is indeed can whether a hundred the Jedi resist against one of a soldier with machine gun.
  Arnold asked the elf, who began to clean up the scattered dishes at the feast:
  "What do you think of magic?"
  The girl with the lynx ears answered:
  "Magic is everything!"
  Arnold nodded:
  "In this world, Yes! But a good machine is more practical!
  The elf answered honestly:
  - Respect such a great warrior as you! But I don't want to talk about what I don't understand!
  Arnold said philosophically:
  - A people very like to talk to the, as times about how what not understand!
  The elf was surprised:
  "About what?"
  The black giant stepped over the bent gold tray and answered:
  "Politics, for instance!
  The elf slapped her bare foot against the pool of blood. Brown spray flew in different directions and answered:
  - Yes perishing about politics can be many to speak! And here is about guys. Have us little men, and for every vicious fighter females literally fight!
  Arnold nodded:
  - I think our men would be happy to be in your world!
  The elf squeaked:
  "That would be fun!"
  Arnold asked the girl:
  - And you would like to play in the strategy?
  The elf squeaked:
  "How about the great one?"
  The giant replied:
  "It's very simple. How I played with your chief enchantress! Believe me it's interesting and funny!
  The elf sang:
  - A game, a game, another game, and so on until the morning!
  Arnold asked the girl:
  "Come on, try it!" Just press the buttons on my command.
  The idea to play a military strategy with the elf prompted the desire to show that people are able to defeat the representatives of the glamorous people, and without the rogue code.
  Well, especially a simple girl really did not immediately cut into the game. She made mistakes every now and then, and built the wrong thing. And of course, quickly lost. But one can see she liked it. And again the girl whirled strategy.
  Her sapphire eyes glowed and she wanted to fight.
  Arnold also played with pleasure. And the sorcerers conjured. First the bodies disappeared. And then the blood evaporated.
  Arnold noticed that his rival had learned quickly and was now resisting more strenuously in strategy.
  The mighty commando was also keen. It's addictive. Especially when you develop technology and you and the enemy. When you have to choose, throw immediately on the enemy a lot of cheap infantry, and invest in something slower, more expensive, but effective! As they say good, cheap does not happen!
  Arnold gave a little elf to develop, and then moved to the battle - RAM heavy tanks. That he truly is a strategist. And under tanks any army will take and will curtail.
  The black giant is not yet cool to the games. But the opponent is not too strong. Yes, at one time in school the boys frolicked in the classroom. Usually shooters were or wrestling. But sometimes fought and strategies. The latter is perhaps the most interesting.
  Arnold noticed that the elf still had the sense to build a few stationary howitzers, and tanks was not safe. Well, they can be accelerated.
  It is, of course, no longer a boy, but loves to play. And the enemy also deploys heavy, but does not have time to fight back.
  Arnold grins. Imagines a new alignment.
  The sorceress-elf having finished recycling, reported:
  - Nu that our a guest writings over!
  Arnold nodded:
  "There's nothing to argue about. Indeed, a lot of corpses disappeared!
  The sorceress asked seriously:
  "What are you going to do?"
  Arnold shrugged his shoulders, which were like a wardrobe, and answered gravely:
  "I'm going to wander the world!"
  The sorceress objected:
  "Stay with us!" Us useful protection such a warrior as you! We can use magic to extend your life for many centuries, and then have offspring!
  Arnold said honestly:
  "I already have children on Earth!" And then... I was assigned an important task and I must fulfil it!
  The elf sorceress was wary:
  "What mission?"
  Arnold sighed and said:
  - Maybe it's better not to say!
  The sorceress's frown deepened:
  "Do you have to kill someone?"
  Arnold shook his head:
  "No! In this case, no!
  The sorceress insisted:
  "What do you have to do?"
  Arnold said matter of factly:
  "There is one thing to be found, from my world!" Someone kidnapped her and took her to your world, in an unknown direction!
  The chief sorceress nodded with a smile:
  "Well, that's possible!" Carry you away? I have seen for myself that much of value can be found in the world of your planet!
  Arnold stressed:
  - And especially in the USA! Although I must say not all of us right to use force!
  The elf-sorceress remarked logically:
  "Nobody's perfect!" In fact, if God Seth wanted to make the perfect soldier, he would make you!
  Arnold said logically:
  - Ideal in principle, is unreachable! Although I for example, rightly am considered the best fighter special forces in the US!
  The elf suggested:
  "Then let's play the game again... Start over or what?"
  Arnold said eagerly:
  - You can finish playing, there is an automatic save! If you want, we'll be happy to finish the game!
  The elf bent down, picked it up, and tossed it into her mouth. After what logically have observed:
  "I am already in a hopeless position! Let's go with the same countries, but first!
  Arnold asked for clarification:
  - So you capitulate, and insist on a rematch?
  The elf sorceress confirmed with confidence:
  "Yes, great warrior!
  Arnold nodded:
  "And it will be!"
  What is again the second world war in the game. The United States against the Third Reich. Again Arnold used the rogue code, but in smaller numbers, to give his opponent a chance. Although, of course, "Panther" and "Tiger" -2 much better than "Shermans" and "Grants".
  Arnold played to himself, examining the card. And his cars had some head start. Let and not such unambiguous as before.
  The sorceress played the strategy well. Resisted stubbornly. Its troops although and lost territory, but won time and in battle went more committed " Pershing."
  Arnold also bet on a very practical "Panther" -2, which has weapons and armor, and driving qualities at a height! What is actually the competition of technology.
  Arnold once wrote a story in which"Panther" -2 appeared on the fronts of the second world war in the fall of the forty-third year.
  On first glance can and not has this decisive meaning. But in fiction, all for something so true.
  All the more together with "Panther"-2 on front arrived still legendary team girls.
  Gerda commanded the crew. And so he took part in the battle of Kiev.
  The girls went to meet the Soviet tanks. And they have an 88-millimeter gun with a very long barrel.
  And as they from him will take and will charge on Soviet tanks.
  Arnold rather comically described.
  Gerda pressed her bare toes on the joystick button and releasing the projectile held:
  "The snow Queen is so gentle!"
  Christina fired a shot with her bare foot and squeaked:
  "Mind-boggling! There will be extermination!
  He fired with his bare toes and Charlotte yelled:
  - I'm the terminator.
  Further embedded Magda, proquota:
  - Brilliant sell-out!
  And also with the help of bare lower limbs!
  Of course, the story was comical. And the German girls fought, despite the snow in just a bikini. And of course, never missed, and thanks to them, the Fritz held the front.
  This story with the girls even went to the comics. And got a lot of feedback.
  Arnold, of course, definitely raise its prestige, even though he knew that it was not serious.
  Although the journals demanded the continuation of the story, and then Arnold took it and bungled.
  This time, girls fought on "tiger" in some AI in France.
  Magda singer's crew are girls, too, and there are four of them. Magda reasonably decided: it is better to combine the duties of commander and radio operator. She even came up with the idea to the designer Aders.
   - You can slightly reduce the run of the tower and tilt the armor plates.
   But he frowned:
   "And retrain such crews?" And while it utryasutsya...
   Magda grimaced:
   "You're too lazy to move." Can't you squeeze the layout, "Tiger" is too high. Just adopt the scheme of the T-34...
   Aders said with a sour look:
   - We're already working on it. But in KV the transmission constantly broke from an overload of levers. You think we didn't have these ideas, save on the camshaft, which gives momentum and propulsion to the transmission. In addition, the location of the driving wheels behind leads to the fact that the caterpillars of the thicket fall off and you can drive your nose into the sand.
   Singer said sarcastically:
   - Head work need to - not the axe!
   The plan of Mondel, with girth and encirclement-the style of Cannes in General is typical of the strategy of the Wehrmacht. But the English were trapped again. Paris was too tempting a target. In addition, the French met the British not as liberators, but as invaders. Persistent fighting and bitterness.
   So I decided to Hide - to take and gouge the capital of France. And here precisely this and waited. Cut off from ports and logistics...
   Tank "Tiger" in the first same day stumbled on enemy machines. Five Cromwells and a brand-new Churchill were heading for Paris. Then the Tiger crossed the road.
   Magda singer rushed to them, she knew how to apply even from the T-34 on the move, and in the "tiger" where a smooth move, the more you can. If only the enemy had not gone.
   If the "Churchill" in its early modifications only 350 horsepower has an engine, the "Cromwell" as many as six hundred. Faster thirty-four, and with good frontal armor tank. Only the gun is unimportant, can only shoot at infantry land mines. By the way, and "Churchill" is also a weapon not an eagle.
   So you can safely approach.
   The English are confused and stop. The tank seems to be the only one, but some are large, with gun hoo! Looks scary. But and to run away cannot be. Shoot like would need to. The Churchill turned and fired into the car... By!
   And here is on him as vlupyat girls-tankistki... Armor is good and from a distance reflected the projectile. Still more than two and a half kilometers, and here as much as 102-millimeters.
   But she did.
   Magda singer asked the gunner Gerda:
   "How much frontal armor do you think he's got?"
   The blonde answered, looking with a sharp eye into the sight:
   "At least a hundred." You can tell by the dent!
   Magda then ordered:
   With olutorsky take!
   Gerda said logically:
   "There's one of the Cromwells standing sideways. We'll take him!
   Singer ordered:
   The side, weaker and less inclined armor of the Cromwell split, and the tank itself immediately sagged...
   Singer exclaimed with delight:
   - Here it is the first debut of "Tiger", his very first victim!
   Gunner Gerda added:
   "And our crew." The blonde terminator winked. "We've never fired on a real enemy before." All-only on trials!
   Magda singer shook her hair:
   "Yes, of course! But the account is already open and it's time to improve it!
   The British did not shoot well. However, that with "Cromwells" take. These tanks, at all it is unclear with what goal made. For tank battles no good, weapons are necessary and there is no trace.
   And as support of infantry still will descend, only on a devil to them then such speed and the powerful engine.
   In a forehead "Cromwell" is protected not bad-70-millimeters and under an inclination. In Board weaker... Four turned their foreheads. Singer asked Gerda:
   - Will be able to get to the bottom of the case?
   The gunner replied:
   - Yes! I'll try!
   Singer slapped the lever with her foot in frustration:
   - Do not try and do it!
   To get into the lower part of the body-the task is almost difficult. It is necessary to lower the barrel on to beat in a straight line, as usual. In General, the forehead of the tower is the basis of everything!
   Gerda usually fought using her sense of space and her sense of the machine. The girl rested her bare soles and now the tank and it one. And will not fail. Then, the weak part of "Cromwell" will not be able to survive because of its scanty.
   Electro-pneumatic rapid-fire gun throws a projectile. Easy recoil and... Cromwell explodes, apparently the ammo rack is completely useless!
   Gerda logically notes:
   "We are warriors, not sisters of mercy!"
   Singer agrees:
   - There is no pity have us for good reason! I do not like violence and impotence - that's just a pity for the crucified Christ!
   Gerda interrupted harshly and sharply:
   - Still let-let us nail!
   "Cromwell" seems to have been born under an unhappy star. Again hit, in the bottom of the body, where he is weak!
   Singer giggled stupidly:
   - Three-zero in our favor!
   Gerda shoots again . This time hit higher, but with the British tank and that was enough. He began to tear, detonating ammunition. And the girls will take and howl in chorus:
   "Four-zero!" Four-zero! What a pain!
   The fifth Cromwell attempted to escape, but this only precipitated its destruction. On Board and crew to heaven or hell. How much someone lucky!
   Gerda-tank summed up:
   "Five-zero!" Goals scored...
   A crash of metal interrupted the blonde fighter's sentence. Hit all the same "Churchill" in the forehead.
   Singer yells:
   - And the last to finish!
   Said and done! The namesake of the Prime Minister of Britain flies to Tartarus!
   And so it turned out the first baptism of fire. Six tanks and the experience of the winners.
   But on this day, the tanks were not limited. Here are the transporters. And for them undertook. Here already easier with distance there Lupi.
   Gerda out of ten shots hit nine, that given the distances to the targets and their mobility, fine. However, the girl is angry for her blunder and roars:
   - Oh, the tail scales, I've caught nothing!
   And for a snack eight more trucks with infantry...
   Singer said jokingly:
   "There was a lot of beating that day - five teeth gone. Whole face bruised, Yes may be governed by fear!
   Gerda winked at her partner:
   "Fear is our way!"
   The next day was even cooler, ran into three "Matildas", "Churchill", four "Sherman" and seven "Cromwells".
   Fifteen tanks against one. And tried to get closer.
   The first Gerda demolished "Sherman" noticing:
   - He's got the most dangerous gun!
   Then a second tank delivered by the us lend-lease noticing:
   "And this one's tall." And the muzzle is short!
   Singer, warrior, which, halted tank, voiced:
   - Nothing is more eternal than fleeting problems and five seconds to solve!
   The third Sherman rolled over from the impact... The fourth blazed with the Olympic torch and began to vomit...
   Then the fire switched to the Cromwells. The British wanted to break through at close range.
   Like the irons on the grass. Hit the barrel and flies like the detached proboscis of a mosquito. And the grass is burning....
   But "Tiger" worked flawlessly, and the driver of the Christina had to turn the tank slightly.
   And they did... One, though, nearly rammed him in the forehead... And "Churchill" found his death!
   Fifteen-zero! This is beyond, though not a record!
  Dreaming about his writings spetsnaz missed a strong counterattack, and came under pressure from the mighty us air force. Immediately felt the enormous power of the air fleet Yankees.
  Arnold replied wittily:
  - Yes I gape, remembering their writings! Ah that same, you give aggressive change!
  At the expense of the latter, the fact that it is not all clear! But changes were also taking place in the US. Each new President gave an update.
  Arnold played himself and moved troops. Well, against the "Panther" -2 American tanks are weak, and still lose.
  The black giant repulsed the attack is counterattacked. And went to the next disassembly.
  Meanwhile, the elves finally cleaned up and put things in order. It was much nicer to smell.
  They finished their meals.
  And even have become again dance, and fight on swords.
  Here the young man and the girl were cut, quite naturally and convincingly. Even scratched each other.
  Elves they are the soldiers of God Seth and so much potential. The girl, for example with a Trident, against young men with the sword is cool. Although they were scratched pretty badly.
  Arnold, meanwhile, was advancing and winning in strategy. Although the aircraft is quite sensitive fried. But the superiority in the quality of tanks-affected.
  Arnold winked at his opponent:
  "What's better than reality?"
  The sorceress answered honestly:
  - The game is wonderful! In fact, it surprises me that it can be so interesting that it does not come off!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  "Very interesting." I'm very fond of!
  To somewhat speed up the denouement, the black giant improved the "Panther" -2 to a more powerful and mobile and most importantly perfect E-50, and began to press the enemy faster.
  To play the way to play. And in General there may be around the corner, expect great things!
  Arnold was determined to win. Here is how many orcs, for example, he right now killed!
  Magic is seen to give additional strength to the enchantress, and she stubbornly resisted. Made maneuvers, and moved....
  It took several hours until, finally, Arnold overcame the enemy and came, finally, to new York. The city fell after a fierce assault.
  After what enchantress proposed, for a holiday and sleep.
  Arnold, who had spent so much time on his feet, and had not slept a wink for a couple of days, readily agreed.
  The mighty man lay down on a bed of rose and other petals. The two elves lay down on either side of him. And after that Arnold immediately fell into a deep sleep.
  And him had a dream about again familiar on own narratives girls.
   They splashed through the water, carrying the latest MP-44 assault rifles over their shoulders and backpacks. And a great pleasure after the hot deck was to plunge into the warm and gentle sea water. Backpacks are still waterproof, and the upgraded machine is resistant to corrosion.
   Gerda splashing, noticed:
   - Even little things like bathing are a major joy in my life!
   Christina has agreed to:
   Yes the world is full of joy! And there will be even more!
   On the coast, the girls had to obey Margaret's orders and kiss the marks of Magda's bare feet. And this is not the most pleasant experience, despite the grace and the beauty of footsteps of the girls-blondes. And kissing her, a little girl was humiliated.
   Magda ran along the coast and whistled a song. She felt quite inspired. Now for the lead roles. I was able to do push-UPS more than others, though my arms and chest remind me of this unbearable pain. More precisely pain dull, and not too dire. So that you can be proud of.
   Only that's why Margaret humiliates other girls. Wants them to hate Magda?
   The blonde smiled. She imagined a handsome young man, felt a surge of desire. Between my legs began to swell... Those lustful thoughts.
   The sand was hot, the North of Australia, the hottest part of the continent. Here in the southern hemisphere, the opposite is true, the first of December is the beginning of summer. And the North is closer to the equator than the South. Of course, it burns like summer in the Sahara. But for warriors this already routinely and not frightening. To touch such sand with lips is much more painful, than bare, coarsened maiden soles.
   So Madeleine invented another torture for the girls. Fortunately short. Then the girls ran to the next base of the British. We should have carved up this continent.
   Gerda caught up with Magda and asked:
   "You must be very proud."
   The blonde Aryan woman shook her head and stamped her bare foot:
   Gerda smiled:
   - Here is how? So much the better! There's nothing to be proud of!
   Magda waved her hand:
   "Don't talk about it! I personally did not want it! Margaret has her quirks!
   Gerda said politely:
   "I knew long ago that Margaret wanted to find someone who would be hated more than she was. Here are all Aryan! More precisely not on-Aryan! And it isn't!
   Magda pursed her lips...Charlotte and Christina caught up with them. However, the two redheads sat silent for a minute. Then Charlotte remarked:
   "Kissing hot sand isn't as humiliating as it is painful." Lips burns!
   Magda suddenly for themselves matter answered:
   - A man would be much better!
   Charlotte confirmed:
   "Right! Men, however, are not so tasty. Although, for example young men...
   Christina laughed and remembered:
   "Hans Feuer, for instance! Very funny young man!
   Magda growled:
   "He's mine!" And don't you dare take it away!
   Charlotte responded with laughter. She found it amusing. And anyway, the redhead was full of confidence that she could do anything. Girl-the fire was noticed:
   "We don't have a tank!" It's sad!
   Magda said suddenly:
   "Coming soon!"
   The beauty's words were prophetic. In fact, the battalion barefoot beauties caught on the way two American "Sherman". Machines with a high silhouette is visible far away in the desert. Girls growled like a wolf saw the sheep. Then they buried themselves in the sand.
   Tanks rode without infantry escort. Inside were Americans, allies of the Australians. The dominion was still at war against Britain, although there was a split within it: some Australians were in favor of recognizing a legitimate, Pro-German king as their suzerain and entering under the protection of the Third Reich. But part of advocated war until the end of. And here the main role was played by American money.
   The US had a base in Australia, wanted to keep its territory.
   But the tactics of the tigress for them was unexpected. Magda and Christina, almost completely naked to the bikini, and came out of the sand. The soldiers, who are always short of women, stopped the tanks. And stared at the tanned and shapely beauties.
   Swinging hips girls came to the tanks. They are so almost naked and defenseless, but beautiful. Tankers unwittingly opened the hatches. The girls scrambled up the Shermans with the agility of monkeys. Their legs are bare, and very agile, Breasts with nipples strawberries barely covered with a narrow strip of fabric, and themselves the embodiment of freshness of flowers. And what strong and muscular have girls hips!
   Tankers can not resist the temptation. Grab girls and start to caress. And Magda and Charlotte, simultaneously embracing the Americans, take their guns from them. And followed by the murderous shots. Men fall with their heads and hearts shot through. Such a bloody meat grinder turned out. They literally shot five Yankees each.
   Sherman tanks captured, no damage. So a glorious operation was carried out. Magda smiled, remembering the touch of a man's hands on her body. It was great! It was the fact that they were your enemies that bothered me. It's not real love...
   Christina also liked this adventure. She wished she hadn't opened fire. But the fact is that in this way to capture the tanks, was their personal initiative. And Margaret is not put in the course. And suddenly this capricious SS major will order to throw" shermany " grenades. We must hurry.
   The girls leaned out of the cars and roared in unison:
   - Order!
   Margaret said irritably:
   "Would we have destroyed them anyway?" Why do we need this pile of scrap metal?
   Christina said logically:
   - I think that'll do! Especially when attacking the base!
   Madeleine commanded:
   - Take the tanks and deploy to the enemies! And you girls will run through the desert with everyone!
   The cars moved across the sand. Despite the fact that the" Sherman " is high and short, the passability is satisfactory. Gerda is a born tankman compared this machine with German models.
   Of course, "Panther", "Tiger", "lion", and even more "mouse" machines of a different weight category. It is logical to compare with the T-4. The last car after the upgrade is superior to the model of "Sherman" in the gun, and is approximately equal in a head-on booking. And the weight of the German tank - less!
   "Sherman" promised to become the most massive American tank, it looked not the most successful. Gun even weaker, than have Tbilisi-34, high much, engines several. The frontal armor, however, is thicker than that of the Soviet tank. But the gun is inferior to the German, in armor-piercing. So "Sherman" is not impressive.
   Gerda asked Charlotte:
   "Do you think America will collapse under our blows?"
   The red devil replied confidently:
   - With such tanks think that Yes!
   And the two beauties laughed...
   After another three hours of Jogging, an Australian-American base appeared. "Sherman" marched ahead, they were to be the battering RAM, and reduce the loss of life. Magda and Christina, as the most accurate, on Margaret's orders climbed into the American cars. Of course barefoot and in one bikini. So much more practical and not so hot.
   So they had the task to disable the batteries and open the battalion inside. That is quite a serious fight. Gerda and Charlotte are also in tanks. And each advises vying. Here's Magda opens fire. Charlotte bare toes, serves shells... The first cannon is destroyed, flipped, and smashed the floor.
   Opens shooting and bare-legged Gerda.
   The Americans and Australians missed the tanks, mistaking them for their inside positions. And let the terminator girls run amok. And the shells were flying and exploding bared volleys of machine-gun belts.
  In the Australian battery detonated combat kit and, it was torn apart. Everything was shrapnel, guns and mortars were torn apart. It was like a tsunami, or Thor himself came out and hammered the Americans and Australians. And flatten tools, to crush bunkers...
   Magda sent a well-aimed projectile, and hammered with all the scope of the bomb. A large cloud of smoke rose into the sky, scattering like paper planes. And pieces of metal melted and burned duralumin. The burned fighters of the green continent fled in flames. So Australia was attacked.
   Gerda, firing with her bare feet, sang:
   "I see an Eclipse in the sky, a black curve symbol... Black wings over the world - space of the pack howling!
   Magda, firing from another tank, and using her bare toes as well, supported:
   "And then the curse rises!" And then-total death! And then the dead shelves! And then the madman leads!
   Girls in bikinis, almost naked, winked and beat, as if knocking out the opponents of dope clubs.
   A detachment of SS "tigress" attacked the base, taking advantage of the moment received at the disposal. Acted as "tigress" is very blatantly and effectively.
   In Board barefoot in bikinis very beautiful girls: Gerda, Magda, Christina and Charlotte managed to knock out five "Sherman" each, while Americans and Australians panicked. The base burned and cracked, scattering shards of sparks. Shards of broken American and Australian equipment flew like airplanes launched by schoolchildren. Everything moved and moved.
   Gerda pressed her bare toes on the joystick buttons and rocking the body, roared:
   - We knights death, will come to you, believe me!
   Magda, too, using her bare and chiseled legs to shoot, giggled in response:
   "Good and evil, love and light... When the dawn of reason comes!
   Other girls in bikinis and with machine guns carried and finished off military personnel of base. How lucky they were. Apparently least clothing in combat and in fact makes you invulnerable! In any case, beauties did not bear losses, and won, numerically superior forces.
   Margaret, too, a bare-legged, black-tanned, blonde beauty, roared at the top of her lungs:
   "Come on, tigresses!" Protect the red color! We're devils! Hey Satan!
   And again, as if mowed scythe lying dead Australians and Americans. Showing that the Wehrmacht all and any mountain at all.
  Almost naked, muscular and very beautiful girl Magda, killing, says:
   - Spirit of nation is strong! We are the coolest country!
   Christina, using for called the shots bare feet, which the very grace, in the answer sings:
   "Me, you, him, her!" A whole country together! Together a friendly family! In the word we are a hundred thousand I!
   : To perform the beautiful, like the snow Queen herself Gerda took as crows:
   - Over the country the sun shines! Heaven and earth! Even children are omnipotent! My homeland! I love your open spaces! I love your forests and mountains! Heaven and earth, and the serpent erupts!
   Charlotte is also using her bare, very cute and attractive legs as a roar:
   "Let us be happy!" Everywhere!
   And damsels crushing tanks their opponents again burst out laughing. Well, they like to laugh. And then there are adventures. And relaxation, and full Otpad, on a quarter.
   Tigresses run over bare feet, flashing round, pink heels, leave a lot of clear traces and let the sand through the nostrils. Shoot often and accurately. Make spit out the British, Americans, Australians. And suffer enormous losses. Actively choking on blood.
   Bare-legged, playing with the muscles rolling under the tanned skin, Gerda here took and sang:
   "I'm a sex symbol!" And a lustful animal! For me, as an emetic, it is a love potion! Since the health is good, and I bit the poison tightly!
   Charlotte this girl, too, with the sculpted muscles and the ivory-toothed grin, sang:
   - The coffin of the drove some as, I Baba a strong a ghoul!
   Falls into the dome first the flag of Australia, and then America. It makes a strong impression. And the dreams of the United States to become firmly on this continent are collapsing. There is already a strong paw pushed the Third Reich. But the battle is still burning out...
   Magda, writhing and masterly shooting, and using, bare toe, says:
   "Give me fire!" I'm burning! Much suffering! Give me fire!
   Charlotte led the way with bare, chiseled legs, mocking sang:
   - Billed! Has run fine! Give me your favorite wench of fire! Invoiced, a sizable fine!
   And girls in bikini are added to a fart in the extermination... The German bronze-beaked eagle also pecks Australia. That's where he managed to get.
   Some fighters are already trying to surrender, but they are aimed fire. Try here you and object. In General, Margaret is an evil woman. She caught the boy by the hair, poked at her dirty heels, made him work with his tongue. And then how to stick a knife between the shoulder blades. Ruthless still, this is a German thing.
   And how he sings:
   "I love blood!" That's all the love!
   And the bare-legged girls are already getting closer to the center of the base. Some of them are firing on the Australians from captured guns. And they are very effective.
   A very cool girl and annihilation warrior Margaret asked herself:
   "What's the difference between a German horse and a big goat?" And that horse is a stallion, and goat's milk milked!
   She fired again...
   Gerda fired and threw a grenade with her bare foot, scattering opponents, sang:
   - In lyrical spied a-mouse white... And that I with a kutsaya do!
   Christina, tossing a grenade with her bare, round heel, comforted her partner:
   "You are a great warrior!" Not a miss!
   Gerda nodded:
   "I don't miss." But is this happiness?
   Christina blinked in surprise:
   "What is happiness?"
   Gerda answered honestly:
   "When you're loved!"
   Christina nodded:
   - It is possible! Love is a wonderful state! It couldn't be better.
   Gerda nodded and rustled into the shell with her bare toes, right into the embrasure:
   "We are the true knights of love and fortune!" And we will be the real light and dawn!
   Christina giggled and put:
   "Churchill is a prisoner!" And now on it there will be capital fun!
   Gerda laughed, Baring her horse's teeth:
   "That's wonderful!" Kind of like another life!
   Christina fired a burst from a machine gun and throwing her bare leg, something killer, said:
   - Another life full of happiness for us and for others suffering!
   Gerda on it again fired, breaking enemies and, bare toes all deftly turned, sang:
   "I know I'll feel bad without you." And no one will discern your suffering! But believe me, that never child Vice, not will love immaculate creation!
   Charlotte as if could to hear sitting in another tank, hissed with a smirk, not stopping to shoot barefoot, graceful legs, on enemy:
   "Amen! Psalter and candle - our enemies!
   Magda, actively using their superb legs, and cutting off adversary, added:
   "I forgive all those I have killed!" - And here unctuous tone girls, has been replaced on aggressive and she has moved bare a knee on metal. "But I will never forgive those who kill me!"
   And lupanula so, that collapsed a host floor with headquarters base. Another flag, the stars and stripes, fell. And Germans consider, completely subdued this region. The English thought to make this continent their own. But they did not think that a gloomy Teutonic genius would come and conquer everything without ceremony.
   Magda noticed with a smile of the Queen, while still using her bare legs for shooting:
   "You can lose a war, but you can't lose a peaceful settlement!"
   Charlotte, also firing with her bare toes, readily agreed:
   - You can forgive any weakness, in addition to humility before their own shortcomings!
   The fire of battle burned low. More and more Australians and Americans surrendered. Although there were several thousand men on the base, three hundred barefoot warriors from the SS women's battalion, the Tigresses, captured it, losing only six lightly wounded.
  More precisely, the girls in the bikini are not lost, and even more angry.
   Surrendered to the Australian General Paramus. She knelt in front of the beautiful and muscular Margaret and kissed the young woman's bare feet. She laughed.:
   - Well, that was quickly dispelled pride! One of our small battalions took one of the largest strongholds in South Australia. Soon the whole world will fall before us!
   The prisoners fell to their knees and kissed the girls ' bare, dusty feet.
  They laughed and kicked the fallen soldiers on the noses with their bare heels.
  Gerda grabbed the nose of one young man with her bare toes, roughly unscrewed his plum and blurted:
  - You will be such!
  Arnold himself dreamed of himself as a white youth, rather weak, whom Charlotte and Christina had strung up on a hook and whipped.
  Arnold swayed and screamed at each blow of the barbed-wire whip:
  "I won't tell you!"
  "Oh, I won't say!
  Charlotte bared her teeth and asked the white boy Arnold had become:
  - A you heels, can be fry, to you became pliable, and the boy?
  Arnold, who looked about fifteen in his sleep, groaned:
  "I won't tell you!" You can even kill me!
  Christina took a burning branch from the fire and held it to his bare feet. The flames licked his skin, smelled scorched.
  Arnold growled:
  "No, I won't!
  Charlotte slapped the wire against her back again. The skin burst and blood spurted.
  The red-haired devil roared:
  - Are you going to say?
  Arnold sang back:
  The son of the Earth will answer no,
  I will never be a slave...
  Believe, will be the freedom dawns,
   Heal my bloody wound!
  Gerda came up to them. The blonde girl picked up a knife and began to carve a star on Arnold's chest. This was very painful for, but white the young man only hissed:
  - I believe your evil is not omnipotent,
  And it will be time to revive the United States...
  And will be the region to Shine even thicker,
  And destroyed the evil Satan!
  Gerda replied angrily:
  - You don't trust us so angry that we you for a quick and easy death sent! No, you're going to suffer!
  And the blonde terminator began to warm the dagger in the fire. And Christina continued to fry Arnold with fire.
  Became the in a dream white boy, a former special forces soldier sang;
  America, America, America,
  Many in it forests, fields and rivers...
  America, America, America,
  Where man can breathe so freely!
  America, America, America,
  You are a great, rich country!
  America, America, America,
  Let's give you hot hearts!
  And at the last words Arnold ... woke up.
  . CHAPTER 6.
  Yes can dream about such a gibberish. Thought black spetsnaz was rising with couches. The two elves jumped down quickly. They slept with the hero of the special forces, so as to become stronger, from such a giant.
  Arnold first rinsed his mouth, washed his hands, and went in search of food.
  A roast lamb with a side dish and a couple of geese were waiting for him. Well, if there is, it really is a lot.
  Arnold with a silver knife and a gold fork began to devour the food. He did it with sweeping movements.
  Yes, food is the most important thing. Here is in "Cleopatra" with food the most the main problems. Simply say directly horror, the case, when there is no on a map fields. And one hunt a lot of food will not collect!
  Arnold ate himself, and hummed:
  - Melons, watermelons, wheat rolls,
  Nice living in the USA...
  Only sometimes the urks rise,
  Need to lead to mind!
  But in any case, black commando knew to sit on the ground he has no right. In fact, it is necessary to look for a chip with very important information for his country!
  And damn it, Arnold would find him.
  The chief sorceress was willing to share the meal with the hero. They ate together now.
  The beautiful elf, wielding magic, asked in surprise:
  - And here is that strikingly-military technique allows achieve such impressive results!
  Arnold agreed eagerly:
  "Yes, of course! The development of technology is of great importance! For example, there are missiles capable of firing at a thousand kilometers with an accuracy of up to a centimeter. Even sometimes you feel annoyed: military valor and skill reduce their value!
  The chief sorcerer nodded, and took the knife with her bare toes, began to cut off her meat. At the same time the girl noted:
  "My concern is whether people from your planet will want to commit aggression and conquer our world!"
  Arnold answered sincerely:
  "It's not real yet!"
  The elf-sorceress noticed:
  "That's right.
  The black giant suggested:
  "Even if it is possible, it will not be so easy to start a war. One desire to conquer is not enough. Here our government really wanted to attack Venezuela, but determination is not enough!
  The elf sorceress asked:
  "Tell me a little about your world!"
  Arnold shrugged his shoulders and replied:
  "There's not much to tell. There are more than eight million people on the planet Earth and it continues to grow. The climate deteriorates, natural resources are depleted, air and water are polluted. More than two countries that hate each other. Too many religions, too many fanatics. Full of languages and nationalities. In General, the planet is a real Bedlam!
  The elf-sorceress noticed:
  - We also have a lot of different types... Although frankly surprised, as people, as human beings are so different languages? Here is elves the most distant corners of our world, and this hundreds of thousands of miles understand each other!
  Arnold was surprised:
  "You have a very large planet!"
  The elf-sorceress nodded:
  - Yes very much and the main thing different! We have a lot of things you can see!
  Arnold said philosophically:
  "There are ugliness in the army, but uniformity! And here and ugliness, but there is a variety!
  The elf sorceress asked in a serious tone:
  "Are you staying with us or not?"
  Arnold answered honestly:
  "I wish I could stay with you for a while, but... duty first!" You probably know what I mean! Moreover, the chip is not the egg in which the death of Koschei, it is not so difficult to destroy!
  The elf sorceress agreed:
  - Of course, if you must find valuable thing, then this, of course yours right! But still, you know, I have a big request for you!
  Arnold flexed his biceps:
  "What a great lady!
  The sorceress, with a smile that glittered with pearls, said:
  "Make me a couple of children: a boy and a girl!"
  Arnold shrugged:
  - I, of course same much becomes, to commissioned precisely do such a couple of. Guarantees give not can!
   The sorceress said eagerly:
  "Don't! I know how to get exactly a pair! Believe me, not for nothing lived in the world for almost a thousand years! So everything will be great!
  Arnold asked with a smile:
  "When are we going to have children?"
  The elf sorceress answered:
  "In a few hours!" When there is the right combination of stars! We'll be in a tent, and everything will be as if by magic!
  Arnold sighed and said:
  "Well, I'll wait a little longer! What are you going to do?
  The elf-sorceress.:
  "I've got a lot to do!" While you wait for me, and when you will invite!
  The black giant nodded, chewing vigorously with his jaws as he finished the food. Then he began to do push-UPS, putting a couple of larger elves on his back. Then he squatted with the girls on his shoulders. And pulled up.
  In short, did a thorough workout.
  And boys and girls from the world of the elves did to him the same thing, repeating the exercise.
  Arnold was crouching on one leg, and the elf girl was on his shoulders. That's great. And push-UPS on one hand, and on the shoulders of the local, barefoot beauty.
  And you pull yourself up with one hand, and the girl with the pointy ears is hanging on you.
  Some of the elves were also pulling up and doing push-UPS. They have muscular bodies and are strong. Clearly stronger people, and Caribbean faster. However, not such a big difference. Trained special forces soldiers could fight with the elves. Although, of course, this race is hardy, and athletic. Very easy to do everything, including pull-UPS with the load.
  Arnold showed them some tricks. Elves fast and strong, despite the that live many centuries( if not kill in combat, and this is happening very often!), in the technique of martial arts are quite weak. Although stretch marks have them superb. And jump high, could with such jumpiness and speed gold medals at the world Olympic games to take.
  In elves very much, and it's nice. Such girl. Underneath the hair are not visible pointy ears, so that you can completely take over people. All without exception beauties, and very fresh faces and skin.
  Not a single wrinkle, mesh, or extra hair on the body. All the girls are just perfect beauty. The age of the elves is absolutely invisible. The boys look like sixteen-year-olds fitness champion. The muscle - physique reliefs of the apollons.
  Everything looks great and the girls and the boys.
  Arnold even thought: if God did exist, why Didn't he make people like elves-forever young and beautiful? After all, and most pleasant to look at it.
  And that there would be more females than males, and then the world would be kinder.
  That, indeed, is how pleasant it is to look at beauties. And when they sit on your mighty shoulders and all the buzz.
  And you're still barefoot heels the girl's arm, and her legs felt. And elves, like cats, and gentle hum of pleasure.
  Indeed this a remarkable life, and a Golden breed.
  These are elves.
  Arnold thought it would be nice if people evolved to the level of demiurge Gods and created their own worlds and universes.
  Then he would have created a world where one man would have had a thousand girls, and how beautiful it would have been!
  Arnold sang:
  - Without women to live cannot be on light there is no,
  In them sun on may - in them love dawn...
  No matter how I did not give the word, but now I fall in love again,
  I every time at least an hour!
  And the black giant kissed the Golden-haired elf's bare foot.
  And have the little face lit up from happiness!
  Arnold same, as always on perform well.
  Now I understand over the head of a boulder. And he began to squeeze it with his hands.
  With his strength, he could easily set a world record and push, and in the snatch, and collect all the collections of awards. And that's not a hero. But on Amateur for competitions little pay. Now to play somewhere on commercial competition - that would be cool!
  Arnold also acted a couple of times on show of strongmen, so where for the first place gave good money. And to be honest, I wished I had joined the army instead of professional Boxing.
  With his data, he would have surpassed Michael Tyson, and would have been known to the world!
  And so even writes under pseudonyms. And it does, having little time.
  Arnold finished squeezing the boulder. After what became to do bench press over head, tossed in the hands of, almost naked, grapple covered with precious beads an elf.
  So it is more pleasant, and of course easier. A girl to hold in their hands - it's great!
  All elf blonde, but different shades of hair. Arnold liked blondes. Maybe it's because they don't look like black women. However, and Asians well!
  Everyone wants exotic!
  Arnold even sang, and his voice is full of sound, like the Emperor Nero;
  Everyone has their own personal view of love,
  The concept of good and ideal...
  Although people have not grown to heaven,
  But man is no longer a monkey!
  And Arnold sharply threw the girl up, and deftly caught her. Then two elf-women stood on him with bare feet. Then four more girls climbed in. And they stood on each other. And at the end of the seventh climbed boy-elf.
  Thus, the pyramid arose.
  And Arnold stood on one leg, and the other began to throw the ball thrown to him.
  The black giant did it very cleverly. Although there are seven not very small individuals on it. Six girls and a boy at the top. And the elf-boy also juggles.
  Ah, for elves with their phenomenal reaction this and is not difficult!
  Arnold said:
  - Circus girls good,
  Woodpecker chisels!
  Again the black giant tossed the ball. But the leg is already tired of such goods to keep and Arnold changes them.
  Under this still and sings:
  By the power of God Horus,
  Crush the mountains!
  So man you run,
   And you'll only get a prickly bump!
  Arnold had played enough. Then he did push-UPS upside down.
  And girl, too, was upward legs, from above and held hands for boots.
  Moreover, the elf began to juggle her bare toes. It is clear that girls are much better without shoes - in war it is practical.
  So they masterfully and deftly throw, and as always fall very accurately.
  And warrior legs naked so juggles burning torches.
  Yes, few people are capable of it.
  Arnold thought it might be practical to teach the elves to fight with their feet.
  From their blows the strongest fighters would fall.
  In General, of course, the world in terms of military technology is quite backward. Even muskets there is no, and primitive guns. One cold weapon.
  True elf shoot bows very far-they are very strong and bare legs pull such a tight string that an ordinary person and two hands can not overcome.
  Yes, an arrow fired by an elf can penetrate a body armor made of titanium, and fly several kilometers.
  And the accuracy of the high elves. They train since childhood, and they have plenty of time to prepare!
  That began to show the skills of the girl-warrior. First, he shot at potatoes from a hundred meters. Already it is quite difficult for humans, but elf is almost not aiming, and almost never missed.
  Then the girls quite accurately shooting at the potatoes thrown into the air. And this, of course, is more difficult. Then try to calculate the trajectory.
  Some boys, young men, too young elf already sometimes missed.
  Then they began to demonstrate the art of shooting at a greater distance.
  Appeared and the main sorceress. It from a mile away, was hit by a single arrow fired another. And she showed her supernatural power.
  At all something elf in shootings big aces. Arnold estimated that up to two kilometers, they could quite put a soldier, even in a bulletproof vest.
  So it is better to melee in case of war is not to bring. Catapults have elf quite ordinary, although some slightly more complicated and worked on couple of.
  You really put coal in, and you boil water. Then with the help of steam you throw out a boulder, or a pot with a combustible mixture. But the gun is still more effective.
  But the elves of this weapon that is not visible. But includes cold they possess perfectly. Especially when girls throw disks, stars, daggers bare toes.
  Very few people from the human acrobats, high-class is capable of.
  Arnold even put it this way:
   Elves they are acrobats, back from the enemy is a hunchback!
  And again the bow is loaded, and the warrior pulls a tight bowstring with her bare foot. And of course knocks down from three versts of height a crow. Wow!
  Arnold thought that an arrow with explosives could be dangerous for a helicopter.
  Ah that same on war as on war. Although to fight with the elves and did not want to. But an order is an order. And where you will be sent, there you will go!
  That's why you're a soldier!
  Arnold threw a bayonet knife, and cut an insect similar to the earth gadfly, but with the proboscis of a mosquito.
  Yes, it's really cruel! There is no, not an insect cut, and with elves to fight!
  They're so beautiful!
  Arnold even sang:
  My elf you are an endless dream,
  Beauty turns a man into a slave...
  And after death I will not find peace,
  I'll sell my soul to the Devil for a night with you!
  The commando spun. Then he jumped. And he did not dare to shoot a bow. There was a fear that the authority will fall. And Arnold practiced more with firearms. The bow was a secondary weapon.
  Although, of course, for a person Arnold has shot a bow very well, but against elves, he is not so cool.
  The giant commando was throwing the knife with his hands. He was as accurate as ever. And cut up all sorts of insects.
  Here it is really necessary to choose the nastier. Butterflies to kill does not want.
  Arnold growled:
  "I'm like an iceberg in the ocean,
  All around in a continuous fog...
  Don't lie on the couch,
  And from the floor otomis!
  Arnold suddenly felt bored, and turned on the strategy again. This time I chose the game: "Roman Empire". There's a history here, too. And a lot of missions with complications. Something like "Cleopatra", but with very large maps, a variety of troops and constant wars.
  Arnold had already completed his first few missions. Here you need to build another city, provide a certain population and index of prosperity, culture, and build something. Naturally and fighting, and trading, and sending troops. Something like a military-economic strategy.
  The game is difficult and the mission will not pass quickly. Arnold, however, liked that unity it's not quite soulless. And that they can complain about hunger, high taxes, lack of entertainment or temples.
  So it was quite interesting to play. Arnold cut himself, built houses, collected taxes, provided water and food, and generally did a lot for the development of the city.
  Including grandiose construction, and the construction of various structures.
  While Arnold played, the elves and elves finished their practice of shooting and throwing daggers.
  They began to test the catapults. However, this weapon is not too impressive. Cobblestones unless to try to break walls.
  Against infantry bow much more effective. Sorceress however, still and did pulsars. Which beat like grenades.
  Quite a dangerous weapon. And if it does, it will.
  From technology, was still balloon, but primitive, on water couple.
  And can only be seen for the beauty it held: to fly with magic much easier and more efficient.
  Arnold passed one mission and moved on to the next. You wage wars to conquer, and for that you build cities. Everything is quite logical. Maybe in Iraq it was necessary to build several cities and strengthen.
  In General, Arnold thought that politicians are clearly smaller, and do not listen to smart advice.
  For example, what is the point of throwing clumsy tanks into the Afghan mountains?
  And why still not launched in a series of tank a new generation, with more low silhouette, easy and mobile. And the Ambrams was obsolete at the time of its introduction. Although in Iraq he showed himself in the ninety-first year well.
  But during the" desert Storm", in General, the Americans were so amazingly lucky and succeeded. As if they had a higher power on their side!
  Arnold thought there might be something in karma.
  Here is waged war fair and resisted all so well! Have become to wage war unfair all fell down with hands.
  Arnold was still playing. Unlike "Cleopatra" FORTS can be built in the Roman Empire very much. But it takes money, and time until you form squads. And towers and walls can be built. And ships without restrictions and different classes. However, we still need to find a place for moorings.
  Maps here are large, you can build very large cities, with a population of up to three million units. So that can be and month be built on one mission.
  This, of course with steeply!
  Arnold, however, was tired of sitting on one card too long. And he quickly adjusted the population, and the level of prosperity, culture, completed buildings, and fought not without it! And to send troops to other cities is necessary.
  And sometimes at the same time to fight, and send troops.
  Arnold liked it, because it required the art of managing troops, and the ability to calculate the forces.
  Well, the game requires a great mind. Or good reaction and experience.
  And there is also a choice. Archers and slingers are cheaper. Troops with armor are already more expensive. Chariots at all class-cut and shoot and quickly move, but of course far more expensive.
  War elephants are even more formidable weapons, but also more expensive. Strong troops from catapults, but less mobile. There are both cavalry and camel troops.
  Most practical chariots. They are both fast and strong. Troops on elephants less mobile, and their content requires more straw, and other products.
  Arnold played to himself. And at the same time twisted his legs in the air that disperse calories.
  Then, when the mission was over, the black giant decided to eat again.
  The chief sorceress gave him a tortoise the size of a pig, and with a diamond shell. As well as a side dish.
  Arnold with pleasure, and ate and asked:
  "When are we going to have children?"
  The elf-sorceress said calmly:
  "Wait a bit!" Let a little bit of the brightness of the sky will fall as it should! And then we'll do it quickly!
  Arnold replied with a grin:
  "Quickly?" I wanted the opposite way.
  The sorceress replied sincerely:
  "I am trembling with impatience myself! But you are human, and love with you will take away some of my energy! We are elves and elves with people too often, not! Otherwise we will lose the magic power!
  Arnold said logically:
  - So apparently and so little half-breeds!
  The elf-sorceress.:
  - If you like it or to time passed faster, then can let with you again play?
  Arnold shrugged his shoulders and replied:
  "Play?" I, in General something, ready! But maybe something ancient?
  The elf agreed:
   "Of course!
  Arnold included the strategy of the historical plan: Greece against the Persian Empire.
  Also interesting. And you can play for a long time, conquering certain cities.
  The Persian army is more numerous, the Greeks stronger quality of weapons.
  The enchantress was played in Persia, it shows drew large territory. Arnold for Greece
  The sorceress made a couple of moves and asked her counterpart:
  - Do people often play on their computers?
  Arnold answered, quite confidently:
  - Yes often, can even and more often than should!
  The enchantress sighed and said:
  - The game is terribly exciting!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  "Fascinating, indeed!
  The sorceress suggested:
  - So let's play for something substantial! For example, I'll give you a bag of diamonds, and you'll give me your needle gun!
  Arnold has a logical mind:
  - Here on the way back, I would have agreed to play! Why would I carry a bag of diamonds with me now?
  The sorceress offered harshly:
  "You hide the bag!"
  Arnold objected:
  "With your powers of magic, you might as well find it." And then prove that his not figured out orcs!
  The sorceress suggested:
  "So maybe you want some magical artifact for yourself?"
  Arnold nodded:
  "That's what I'd like to play for!"
  The enchantress replied with a smile:
  "I have a stone that deflects arrows. In it you have a bow and crossbow will not be able to hit! Give me that stone against your gun!
  Arnold hesitated:
  "How do you check the artifact?"
  The sorceress said with a smile:
  "You can shoot a bow at me yourself, even at close range, and you'll see that it works perfectly!"
  Arnold jokingly remarked:
  To shoot such a beautiful girl like you? No! I take your word for it!
  The sorceress drew a shimmering stone from her belt and said:
  "Well, let's get started!"
  Arnold held up his needle gun:
  "I agree." We can continue!
  Both partners stared at the hologram. And let's test each other for strength.
  Arnold sensed the sorceress's superior intelligence. She's pretty and skillfully, led a huge Empire, and correctly used the numerical advantage, advancing on a broad front.
  Its troops have made workarounds, and deftly chipped the Greeks.
  Yet Persia is objectively stronger than Greece, and this was too clearly felt.
  Arnold was under pressure. He felt that he had probably chosen the wrong side. The opponent had experience of thousands of years of life and many hundreds of real fights. And ancient strategy for her to navigate much easier. Technology world war II - this for magic world-new. And here all old. And ballistas and war elephants and stuff.
  Arnold felt that he was more and more constrained and his opponent's advantage was growing. Then he was forced to use the cheat code-to part with such a valuable weapon!
  A pistol and in fact proved themselves that super!
  Arnold, with extra money and resources, formed new regiments and improved old ones. And soon gained a huge advantage, in a separate sector of the front.
  There and broke. He'd slammed the sorceress's position. She was forced to retreat. And so Arnold drove the Persian troops from the territory of Greece. After what went already a bit another war.
  But the sorceress fought skillfully, and very cleverly maneuvered. And again it began to increase the advantage in numbers, due to a very rational and skillful use of resources.
  Arnold used the rogue code again and activated his powers. Began to throw the mass of elephants and chariots. Again the Greeks began to conquer and take city after city.
  Arnold even noted:
  - Our, truth, in is, that soup with the cat!
  And again, moves the hand. A considerable part of Asia Minor has already been captured. That's his island. And in the sea the Greeks use Greek fire. Which all very easily shoots. And burn the Persian ships. The troops of Darius and bear huge losses. And the Greeks are moving and moving. And new cities are taking one after another. Flags all over Asia Minor and Palestine.
  Now Arnold had deftly moved his hordes and Egypt. It's his territory. And this means that resources, including human, too. In the battle of the pyramids, the Persians are routed.
  Everything is going fine. And now the Greek and other foreign troops will begin to storm Babylon.
  It seems even a little bit!
  The elf-sorceress paused and said:
  - All my hero! The time has come! It's time to make babies!
  Arnold grinned:
  "You want to sneak out of the game and not give me a valuable artifact?"
  The elf sorceress objected:
  - Time is limited! A boy and a girl can be obtained only with a special, favorable combination of luminaries! So I'm sorry?
  Arnold asked sternly:
  "Are you giving up?"
  The elf-sorceress declared:
  "Save it!" Let's make children and then finish playing!
  The black giant nodded:
  "All right, I'll do it!"
  And clicked on save strategy. Then the lovely elf took him by the hand, and led me in white, embroidered with pearls and diamonds tent.
  . CHAPTER 7.
  After the mad hurricane, Arnold felt very tired and exhausted. It was as if he had not slept for two weeks and had crossed the Sahara desert.
  The sorceress looked exhausted, too.
  Nevertheless, they sat down to finish the strategy, although their heads were now working badly. Yes indeed, often this can not be done. Can and bite the bullet!
  Here is woman and such a energy here magic!
  Arnold was more exhausted, and began to make mistakes. And Persian troops already almost surrounded Babylon have gone in counterattack. Began to win victories.
  The elf sorceress perked up, her emerald eyes sparkling with excitement.
  Arnold braced himself. And the feeling of disappointment make it possible to compensate for fatigue and to stop the enemy.
  But the game because of this leveled and dragged on. This happens in some strategies, when even the computer develops so that it is difficult to beat. And the number of regiments is limited.
  In this strategy, too, there are certain limits, and if you play for a long time, you can fly into a dead end. This is when with the right game comes the balance of power and you can play indefinitely. Something similar exists in chess.
  There are also more and more draws, and fewer wins. That's when Carleson played with the American Challenger, all twelve games ended in a draw! Absolute record in the world championship matches!
  Here and now Persia has developed to the limit and with maximum speed churns out troops, improving their quality. So try, overcome.
  Arnold began to form regiments exclusively of war elephants.
  It's like in one relatively simple electronic game about the second world war, only twenty regiments on both sides. So it is best in this case for the Germans to make all their regiments E-100, and for the Russian is-7, and the American T-93, the British "tortilla", and only Japan's land forces are hopelessly weak without heavy tanks.
  And there are such strategies.
  Arnold tries to crush the elephants, although the chariots and faster. And his opponent is maneuvering them. What a fight.
  You can't take a sorceress with your bare hands. Here is in some strategies black giant won without losses. There are no dead, and the wounded are being treated.
  But the mind of a millennial girl is no joke! Not so easy to beat even the best commandos of the us army.
  Arnold, playing, tried to confuse a little elf talking.
  In particular asked a question:
  - And how do you manage to look so good?
  The sorceress answered honestly:
  "A gift from the gods!" Elves don't age at all! Trolls age a bit, dwarves very even markedly, Ah still hobbits remain superficially as children! It so happened that we have no such trouble!
  Arnold agreed with a smile:
  "It's a beautiful gift that almost all our women would dream of!"
  The sorceress said skeptically:
  - Men what is not?
  Arnold readily agreed:
  "Men, too! Even I sometimes felt uneasy at the thought of becoming old and helpless!
  The sorceress noted with a smile:
  - At all, if would still to gain immortality the an elf was would at all eloquently!
  Arnold reminded him:
  "Many religions promise immortality in Paradise!"
  The sorceress giggled:
  "Or hell!" In the endless duration the torment!
  Arnold grinned and said:
  "Such immortality is worse than nothingness!"
  The sorceress replied with a smile:
  "How can I say?" Even in hell there is hope for Amnesty, or revolution, or that your cruel God will be defeated by a stronger God. And so on that hope still?
  Arnold agreed:
  "There is hope in hell. All the more is unknown what he this hell. I personally do not believe that if hell exists, that sinners are brutally tortured in it!
  The sorceress, curious, asked:
  "What do you think hell looks like?"
  Arnold suggested:
  "It's like a Federal prison." Where the main goal of people is not to injure, not to punish, but to re-educate.
  The sorceress answered logically:
  "Prisons rarely fix people!"
  The black giant nodded:
  - Partly true... but it depends what kind of prison, and what kind of teachers in it. If sinners are not tormented by demons, but by specially selected angels psychologists, if they are constantly under surveillance so that the bad guys, those who are not very bad, do not seduce, then the result can.
  The sorceress nodded:
  - This is getting interesting!
  Arnold nodded and continued:
  - I wrote a story about his vision of hell. Souls of sinners were given the bodies of children before adolescence, so that sex hormones do not play. And she was good and did good things, and was engaged in socially useful work. Each wore a bracelet that measured their state of mind, from red to blue. When the color on the bracelet turned green, it meant that the sinner was reformed, and received liberation from hell to heaven. Before that, the lives not recorded in the book received lessons of kindness in children's bodies.
  The soul and mind were grown-UPS, but the flesh of children affected the mind, and sinners were far more receptive to new things, and had fresher and purer thoughts. There was a process not of punishment, and education. As an exemplary special school for children.
  I in the story even showed the way of two hardened criminals, how they corrected themselves in hell and gradually became kinder, and lost aggression and anger!
  The elf sorceress replied with a smile:
  - Yes, it's interesting, but... the Others show a more primitive hell as a place of torture and cruel treatment! Since we are magicians-necromancers, it is necessary to tell - life after death is and no means always it is sugar!
  Arnold, regrouping the war elephants with rams and catapults on their backs, agreed:
  "People must be intimidated into giving and tithing. And invent a different kind of torture! And in fact...If God Almighty exists, then He as the Supreme mind can not be cruel! And wants to save everyone!
  The sorceress said with a smile:
  - At the expense of the One God who created the entire universe, some believe in him, others say that if such a God existed, then there would be no evil at all! Still others believe that the Almighty certainly created the universe and many other worlds and rested, without interfering in anything. There are a lot of opinions here, but in any case, no one knows exactly if the Supreme God is above all other gods and worlds, or not!
  Arnold replied with a smile:
  "It's like the cosmology of Buddhism!" There are gods and no one to worship!
  The sorceress objected:
  - Just there is, whom prays! There are many different gods who have appeared to people and manifested themselves. For example, if they bring gifts, then the harvest is added, goods are added to the bins, and even monuments are built! There are gods, and they give their messages!
  The black giant was surprised:
  "So there are pagan gods?"
  The elf sorceress confirmed:
  - Yes there are! And often communicate with our goddess, the patroness of the bass. She is very kind and a lot of good for us to do!
  Arnold said with a smile:
  "Well, the world is ... full of wonders." And magic, other effects.
  He paused. I tried to concentrate on the game. So far, it's been neck and neck. Success is variable. Both sides suffer a lot of damage, but immediately stamped new troops. And there is total extermination. And kind of stalled.
  Arnold plays, but pokes a blunt needle into the sand. There is no fracture.
  Enchantress-elf, too, seeks to, but and it not manages, nothing substantial achieve. Such senseless jabs, and furious blows.
  But without special consequences and damage for one or another party.
  Arnold, playing, noticed:
  "And that's how time is killed!"
  The elf-sorceress asked in surprise:
  "How does it kill itself?"
  The black giant answered decisively:
  - These games!
  The enchantress did not agree:
  "It's very useful!" Develops the skills of the commander! And the Manager of the economy, too! I have an entire Empire under control.
  Arnold nodded:
  - That's good, but you start to forget reality! What are you doing now?
  The sorceress answered honestly:
  - No, not yet! While the holidays are over, and the elves themselves know what to do! So that worries me utterly not about than! And when I give birth to a couple of you, the children will be raised collectively! Will be all happy!
  Arnold shrugged his powerful shoulders:
  - It is possible! But in any case, I am constrained! Apparently what I have to find is being removed with great rapidity! And people are waiting for me. I wanted to tell the bosses!
  The sorceress said:
  "If you want to give up, just say so!"
  Arnold said harshly:
  "Never surrender! But I can offer a draw option!
  The sorceress grunted decisively:
  "No! Play until the end!
  The black giant nodded angrily:
  "Well?" You asked for it!
  Even though Arnold didn't want to, he used the rogue code again and again. Now units have become stamped much faster. And their lethal power has increased many times. That same battle there is battle.
  But a bet is a bet! And the Greeks pressed the Persians with their colossal mass. Battles now went under the dictation of the American special forces.
  Arnold said, playing:
  - I will be the absolute world champion!
  And the commando increased the pressure. And so the Persians succumbed and began to retreat and bear enormous damage.
  The elf sorceress said logically:
  "You're cheating!"
  Arnold remarked proverbially:
  - Everything that leads to victory is beautiful!
  Take the upper hand over enemy, Ah, and means not in expense!
  The elf-sorceress snarled:
  "You'll pay for it!"
  Arnold responded with a fury:
  - Winners are not judged! And the loser even as a judge!
  The sorceress nodded, and suddenly said:
  "Okay, I give up!" I will give you artifact only with one condition!
  Arnold looked wary:
  "What else?"
  The elf-sorceress asked politely:
  "Please give it back to me when you return to your world." There he still will not operate, and I can still use them and in no time!
  Arnold felt a sudden pang of conscience and suggested:
  "Maybe I'll leave it to you anyway." I'll do without him!
  The elf sorceress objected:
  - One you in our world will hard! So the artifact does not appear! In addition, some tribes, especially trolls, smear arrows with poison, shoot accurately and at a great distance! So be careful!
  Arnold sang back:
  - Watch yourself, be careful! Be careful, watch yourself!
  The sorceress warned:
  - Artifact diverts not only arrows, but also boulders, thrown daggers, and even bullets... But at the expense of the latter you need to be careful, if too often to be under fire, the artifact will begin to lose power, and it will have a special, magical way to recharge!
  The black commando grinned and said:
  - Usually I kill so often and effectively that I do not get under fire! Or not too climb under them!
  Sorceress barefoot foot passed the artifact, and asked:
  "Kiss me good-bye on the heel, please!"
  Arnold gladly kissed girl in bare, elastic, and clean sole. Felt a pleasant, honey smell of leather elf and said:
  "I'll kiss you a thousand more times."
  The sorceress sang back:
  You kiss me everywhere,
  I'm a thousand years old!
  Arnold said honestly:
  "You don't look more than twenty."
  The sorceress giggled and answered:
  "I'll be forever young, forever barefoot!"
  The black commando sang:
  The anthem of the Motherland sings in our hearts,
  You can not stick a fighter to a foreign shore...
  Squeeze tight knight beamer,
  Die for God-given America!
  Sorcerer as confirmed with relish!
  Glory, America glory,
  Tanks rush forward...
  The division colors of the flag,
  The Yankees welcomed people!
  Sang the sorceress and took, Yes jumped up, as if a ball. And jumping in it increased!
  Arnold once again kissed the bare feet, the elf, and bowed, grabbed all their weapons, went out of the city elves.
  And so much time is lost!
  Follow the lighthouse, apparently the chip is pretty far away and the distance increases.
  The black giant sang:
  - My life as a school,
  And every day control,
  Addition, division -
  The multiplication table!
  Yes, the mood was sad. Yes and fatigue in the body not proceeded. That's bad.
  The black giant thought he just moved away from the elves better in the bushes to sleep. There are no predators near their city, and it's pretty safe.
  And later sleep will be even more difficult-places will go much more dangerous.
  And this should be understood. In fact, he has acquired something: he will have half-breed children. I wonder what color their skin will be?
  But this is not too happy. Children could die. Here the elves to die often. It is clear that the creatures living for many centuries, could for tens of thousands of years of history to populate the entire surface of the planet, if not killed in battle!
  In General, nature is a cruel thing! And sometimes you think, God, did you create this?
  Maybe there is no God! Such a here is single and omnipotent! But it is possible that there is.
  After all, there are other supernatural entities! And someone created them.
  Arnold quickly disguised himself in burdocks, and almost immediately fell asleep. He could fall asleep on command, even on rocks or up to his neck in water.
  Strength training...
  But he was dreaming something very wild. But with girls;
   The SS Tigress battalion continued its triumphant March, slapping the girls ' bare feet. Fighting however, were rare. The Australians resisted relatively sluggishly.
   And only the Americans, who landed in Australia corps, tried to organize defense. Yes goes here friends of Arnold!
   The barefoot girls scattered the American battalion and destroyed seven Sherman and two Grant tanks. In this battle only four girls were injured, and then light. They let the battalion with the Americans close and killed five hundred infantry, mostly Yankees, with their dagger fire.
  Arnold was disgusted and bitter to see it, but he could not yet interfere! Moreover, he himself became a German and fought in aviation, shooting down American planes!
  Yes, even as shooting down: like a real and unsurpassed pilot-Superman. That all crushes with great ease.
  And a real bully. And not black, but white, and already in a dream of small growth.
   The Germans and Japanese advanced rapidly through Australia.
   The continent is not small-bigger than the whole of Europe. So it just takes some time to just get through it.
   Gerda with a smile grinning, and throwing a bare foot stone, killing a soldier, said:
   - Our war resembles a propaganda film!
   Charlotte scooped up the hot sand with her bare, chiseled feet and sang:
   Whether still will be! Toli still will be! Toli still will be! Oh, Oh, Oh!
   Christina grinned, her bare toes darting, her teeth biting.:
   - The harder the rear, the easier the front!
   Gerda answered with a smile, her bare feet launching a boomerang of death:
   "The sweetest burden is the cross of Jesus!
   Charlotte replied petulantly:
   - Yes how many can be about this! Today, we the clerks brains out!
   Christina, barefoot toes launched, something very even deadly and giggled:
   "Certainly! We're heading for the Australian capital. We'll soon have her in the Pro-German crown!
   Gerda with a grin, and Baring her teeth, waving her bare, graceful legs, said:
   - Our cause is right, the fight against the left!
   Magda disagreed, threw the bare stem to the present, kill the soldier and squeaked:
   - And we national socialists are not left-wing? Hitler leaves the capitalists only six percent of the income. And in fact we have socialism. The only thing that working day very long, but is more concerned with foreign proletarians. And our boys and girls urge careless hard workers whip!
   Gerda laughed, too, has launched a naked, chiseled foot, the gift of death, and noticed:
   - The whip is very good! When flogged it's nice! That's what humanists we are!
   Girls in bikinis with bare, sexy legs and really had a lot of fun. They won the company. And made all new feats. Here are three and a half thousand Australians surrendered without a fight. However here the girls have primely the trick and made of plywood large tank vaguely looks like a "mouth."
   The prisoners were lined up and again the girls stuck their bare feet in the face, forcing them to kiss the dusty soles. It's kind of a ritual already. They are used to this naughty tigress.
   Some ladies, however, wanted kisses on the chest. Which the prisoners performed with even greater enthusiasm.
   Gerda and Charlotte also bared their Breasts, choosing to kiss the prisoners younger and prettier.
   Christina that red-haired devil joined them, and Magda refused.
   - Fuck it! And UN-Christian!
   The fireclown fiend slammed her fist into the top of the boy's head in annoyance. From what the lost consciousness.
   The warrior exclaimed:
   "When will you get rid of your hypocrisy?"
  Magda shook her head:
   "It's not hypocrisy! Simply hate, when not a favorite a man you thumping kissing!
   Christina said tartly:
   "Can you walk?"
   Magda replied with a smile:
   "We let them kiss their feet to humiliate them." And Breasts are much more intimate. And exciting!
   Gerda replied admiringly:
   "But when a stranger kisses your Breasts, it's so exciting." It's kind of cool when you're with a male you're seeing for the first time!
   Charlotte confirmed:
   - Novelty in sex is great! It's a pity we have to be innocent... But making love without losing your virginity is also possible!
   Christina noticed, giggling and flexing her muscles and throwing daggers with her bare feet:
   - Yes can be!
   Gerda said smiling:
   And it's so sweet! And great!
   The girls talked about it for a while... Then again they came across a checkpoint.
   However, the Australians this time hurried to throw the white flag. The girls came up with a new entertainment. They laid the prisoners on the sand and walked over them. At the same time, they stepped on their faces with bare heels and forced them to kiss their hot, yellow soles from the sand.
   The soldiers dared not protest. The beautiful but large Margaret also walked. Prisoners do not have even cracked the bone.
   The tigress commander barked in English:
   "You are nobody now, and Germany is everything!" You will work, work and work again!
   The tigresses exclaimed in unison:
   - Sieg Heil!
   They laughed again...
   Then you run again with short breaks. Going from South to North.
   Increasingly, instead of fighting, girls just give up.
   Somewhere, the Panthers are advancing. These predators are crawling on cities and fortified points.
   The Japanese are also taking part in the landing. Their tanks are light, but on diesels and mobile. And most importantly they are convenient to plant.
   Samurai are no less brave than the Germans, but not as skilled and technical.
   Local militias fight in different ways! But the cultured Germans surrender much more readily than the Japanese, whose cruelty has been heard of. Many men dream of surrendering to women's battalions. There are rumors that there are very beautiful girls who like to give love to men.
   And as it misses sex soldier wants to be harassed by a beautiful girl.
   Therefore, the battalion tigress captured several regiments of militia without a fight.
   Men willingly kissed girls feet. Margaret looked at this, so excited that she could not resist and began to flirt and courteous with the prisoners.
   The other girls followed suit.
   But the four had to keep their virginity for the Fuhrer, and they limited themselves to caressing and working the men's tongues on the dirty, calloused soles of the girls.
   So the war turned more and more into debauchery.
   Perhaps they would have drowned in it if they had...
   Charlotte and Gerda were suddenly lucky... As well, and Magda with ontaroi Christine.
   They decided to test in aviation!
   And not with anyone, but the best Luftwaffe pilot Arnold Luger.
   ACE number one, a true legend and a storm of Americans.
   The one that makes the hearts of millions of women around the world tremble!
   A real legend and super man!
   And can even and Superman in an ideal embodiment of!
   But Gerda and Charlotte were lucky!
   Warriors not only tested tanks, but planes!
   So why not try such successful girls in aviation?
   In any case, decided-be loath!
   Let them fly and fight!
   And the very personality of Arnold Luger has already become ultra-legendary!
   Here is he captain and the best soldiers Fuhrer again the helm of the combat plane. And with him, along with a squadron of Hitler's vultures.
   The hunter pilots had literally a couple of minutes to negotiate. After all, you need to distribute the goals and check the course issued by the Navigator of the air group.
   The cheerful Arnold boomed out:
   "Twelve ships with a big gun!" But believe, that kayuk and them will... win!
   Clever Arnold suddenly realized that he was mistaken, deciding if: fighter cover the convoy was not, that's crawling through the sky a couple of dozen "Mustangs".
   The pilot-partner barefoot in a bikini Gerda with a laugh of the girl screams:
   "No, with the grace of a Mustang, Focke-Wulf is very quick in his movements!" Here is the kick the ball smashes the post and the goalkeeper falls under the axe!
   And that they have high-speed twin-engine cars... Arnold aims his 30mm air cannon at the target. Pilots-girls have time to get ahead of him and from the well-aimed shots of their guns flash downed "Mustangs".
   Agnisara, Charlotte shouts: to perform:
   - There are in settlements Fritz, and their steepness traits understands! The horse will stop at a gallop, the burning "Mustang" will pick up!
   Steel Arnold smashing well-aimed shots American fighters, assured:
   - What can you fight a fighter? A shell from a big cannon!
   The American planes were shot down so quickly that they barely had time to fire, and only a few bullets hit the wings.
   Gerda exclaimed, Baring her teeth and shaking her bare feet:
   "We're hitting them.".. And there is no fighters, in vain from at all fielded.
   Arnold warned:
   "You're not happy about the aircobra."
   Five of the Airacobra with a respectable armament aerogun caliber 37 - millimeter and four machine guns 13 - millimeter. Here they are their guns began to shoot from a great distance.
   Tough Arnold responded immediately, throwing his car to the left:
   - Goal! This is not handball!
   Girls-tigresses also very dexterously maneuver and accurately shoot. They are in one bikini, barefoot legs girls, with long elegant fingers, pearl nogotochkami, feel every pedal. Warriors deftly maneuver, but finish off the "aircobra" do not have time. Already shot down! Arnold sums up:
   "This is our victory!" Or rather the first broken bet!
   Firestar Charlotte corrected:
   "That's the second one, my dear." Already believe in my truth, accurately the second!
   And barefoot with a thin waist and powerful hips, the redhead laughed.
   Arnold wished there were more. After all, beneath them all a decent production. It was necessary to take a Yu-287 attack aircraft. That same although massively to storm destroyers, was would extremely helpful, the more bude heroism. Everything rested in this case not fuel, which can be produced in excess, and a certain image of the characters. Here is what-what, and oil have them with surplus lack. To experimental fighters TA-152( creative evolution Fokken-Wolfe) hung controlled cumulative torpedo-bombs-three hundred kilogram pairs of steam, and four hundred and fifty wingmen.
   Arnold even sang with enthusiasm:
   - Love girls! Love, love girls live! With the black captain does not have to grieve!
   The temperature indicator of the hybrid-carbonated oil on the dashboard in the form of a girl's heart Arnold spetsnaz machine, came to the desired level, set by the genius.
   Girls-tigresses something not quite distinct sang. However, you could hear onezero warrior Charlotte:
   - Boy scout! Here is ameritherm knockout!
   Gerda twitching her bare legs, encouraged:
   - Step it up! You're not an ass!
   Arnold leaped up, stretched out, and let out a whimper:
   - Lyric hall, a white mouse and a bug gave feces!
   Gerda corrected, the captain of the American special forces and in this dream the best warrior of the Fuhrer:
   - Well, what man, your the greatest culture are so rude to say! Sing better, something as beautiful as you can!
   Arnold was honest:
   - Yes now, something there is no inspiration! Maybe later...
   Agnisara, barefoot warrior sang:
   - Now it's too late to pay, look at the stars! Look at our monsters, and there are more abruptly in hell!
   Ardent Arnold, still standing, once turned around, showed kukish . He jerked his hand - " Banzai. Saryn on Kichko! he collapsed into the seat with a crash. The propeller blades whirled hysterically, not obscuring the cockpit light.
   Gerda put in sarcastically, twitching her shapely, bare feet, with very nimble fingers:
   - On the front plow Razin! At the helm of the Princess tears! We are torn from the mud to the princes! The Treasury will be plundered!
   Charlotte didn't fasten the seatbelt locks, of course, knowing that if the engine failed on takeoff, there would be no time to fiddle with the flashlight and locks - a fighter-bomber loaded with smart vibro-bombs would go down with an iron woodcutter's axe.
   Ah, and Arnold as the true fatalist put it:
   "Of all troubles, death is the most harmless, for it never repeats itself, and it never gets worse!"
   Bouncing to the right of the captain of the black commando, in the dream of a white warrior, the girl pulled the cables from the pads under the wheels, vyaknuv:
   "We're vultures, but we're tearing up the convoy!" Because Arnold is a tough guy!
   The releasing warrior officer gave the go-ahead, and Arnold released the brakes and began to accelerate the car out of the dive. Like a Cheetah, accelerating by the second.
  Barefoot with strong legs, Gerda sang:
   We pick and peck! The lady with a map of Balde!
   The Firestar warrior snapped:
   "We'll do solitaire!" And knock out all the trumps!
   Under the belly of the fighter-bomber flashed island superstructure, guns, raised barrels in the sky, a stockade of heavy machine guns. The movement of the steel kite stopped, and the powerful plane, slightly sagging, leaned planes on the compressed air, which became the strength of ice equal to the speed.
   Girls from delight hammered barefoot, chiseled legs on armored glass of a lantern of a cabin. Gerda exclaimed:
   "Come on, James bond !" Show acrobatic class!
   Frantically, threatening to break, choosing the handle, the captain-Fuhrer raised the machine above the level of the deck.
   Charlotte said breathlessly:
   "That's great." Use rubber bands firm "Adidas"!
   Gerda Skala like diamonds teeth, howled:
   Was strong, Ah, and now weak -
   Surprise was the fate of the villain!
   But if your heart is not a slave -
   Break the shackles of hell!
   Arnold took his kite aside so as not to interfere with the American fighters taking off to fight him.
   - Come on, gentlemen, on the block!
   And enemy vultures, exploded from the first hits. Well, the captain and in this dream the best warrior of the Fuhrer, of course, did not fail.
   Girls in bikinis should have been easier, since they added that piece of space for a snack... Which one? Where he cleared the sky, his own TA-200.
   The warriors giggled and squealed in a way that was hard to make out:
   - Well, at least give us a little bit to shoot the hero-the terminator!
   The third exploded... The fourth bowed... Fifth, generally the skiff... - monotonically and simultaneously with the temperament muttering in the ear of the captain best soldier of the Fuhrer warrior-shooter.
   Gerda managed to shoot down, aiming bare feet, own goal and screamed:
   "Company up!" Who sleeps moreover kill!
   First in circles and then in eights, as he gained altitude, Stalluk formed his tiny squadron into a triple front, more acceptable to naval vehicles than the standard "pig"bomber formation. Taking a course South-East, six "Steel hammer" rapidly rose to three thousand meters.
   The fire warrior Charlotte meowed:
   "Crush the Bacillus!" Pull off the bog!
   And the snow-white, bare-legged Gerda was perplexed:
   - And why as schoolboys we rush, as if on an air sled, instead of at once we drown them?
   Arnold said coldly:
   "Drown at once: too trivial. Here we are practicing battle tactics. Which we will use against stronger enemies.
   Barefoot Charlotte approved:
   "Right! This will be our sparring!
   The flight was not in complete silence, the radio was set on "receive and transmit" at all. Christina, half-naked, snarled into the conversation:
   "The orcs came out of the tram - it was a chop!" And it tastes like pineapple, we will serve the ball in the pass!
   On the intercom, another warrior commented on the position of the other machines in the ranks. It looked spontaneous and confused. But it allowed captain black knight himself to concentrate on Hyper-navigation and profanity.
   The fire devil roared:
   "Here we go!" Shot from the hip!
   Gerda encouraged all the warriors at once, jerking her bare, precise legs:
   "In war the routine of dulling the sense of danger is most keenly felt!
   Christina with mischief, snapping her bare toes, turned legs, added:
   - There's nothing more dangerous sense of security, with the exception of the situation when it is necessary to suppress the fear!
   Arnold, despite the General playful mood, seriously considered the chances;
   The approach was planned to be difficult - from the East, after a deliberately irregular curve, in no way geometrically related to the course, going North American ships. Although, of course, it was much easier to sink the enemy elementary, but I wanted to maneuver. Pull the eagle's feathers. After all, it would be a wonderful theater. The distance was, by ocean standards, as small as a spit on a map, a hundred and twenty kilometers - hardly even a quarter of their battle radius. That's why Gerda put it so bluntly:
   - We make a beautiful hook. However, we do not know, whom it is very slippery to catch?
   Charlotte with the call was answered:
   "A Barracuda shark!"
   Arnold, by the way, seriously doubted whether he even started this sled from the mountains?
   Of course, to play with muscles and teach pilots useful, but maneuvering at the exit to the target, as well as on the break, designed to disorient the adversary, had to gobble up, a lot of fuel, valued on the authority of red gold.
   Barefoot Gerda said:
   - That's our authority! I don't know how old God is!
   Charlotte released the stud in response, slapping her energetic, bare feet:
   "No matter how many, they're all mine.".. However, us ladies usually adopted hide age. That's the custom...
   Gerda sang in response:
   - Kings, there is one ancient tradition - on the calculation, you need to get married!
   Charlotte sang it to the beat:
   "I don't want it, I don't want it by calculation!" And I'm in love! On love want! Freedom, freedom, give me freedom, I will fly up Junkers!
   Christina put it the same way:
   "It's good to fly when you're hovering over the nobodies-where to fly from a kick in the ass!
   Gerda giggled in response:
   - Who flies, using fuel bitter human tears, will fly in their sweet dreams!
   Steel Arnold sternly warned the girls:
   - You better learn, train, and do not arrange a debate and a contest in wit!
   Charlotte, as a true red-haired devil objected to the captain of the African race:
   "Witty criticism is better than dull praise!"
   Until seats, where was convoy, well held out patrols from air bases canadian Newfoundland and until still not busy Iceland ( dragged out operation-Northern gambit, need to this fate when he sverkhfyurer air open spaces disperse!): Botwood, gander, Harmon field, St. John's, Torbay, Keflavik, Breyddalsvik-these names were memorized glamorous beauties-pilots by heart ( which in other things just seeds, for the Aryan mind), and maps of the United States, Mexico, Cuba and Canada) to the level of, " bear or Winipuh looking for honey." There was a chance that hot American guys, even if they noticed in time.
   What, by the way, girls just wanted.
   Cool Arnold even wanted a serious fight with a whole thousand cars to show his superclass! But the captain and the best soldier of the Fuehrer not to burst. So you need to teach the rest of the fighters the art of war and tactical skill in battles.
   Here, for example, the calculation was built that they will take, will take a relatively small group of winged machines.
  The magnificent Arnold whistled through his nose and sang:
   "Ah, I fly high! Whipping over the cruiser is free and easy!
   Charlotte supported the tune, twitching her bare, chiseled legs and shouted:
   - Let only gulls are circling in the sky need to many, "Mustang" not need very nefarious piston! And this meeting in hell with Satan!
   Arnold as the true black warrior, believed orcs suckers, here is so and imagine; if usual for Americans build for their running mates. Birds of steel "Eagles" either from one of these bases, or from some escort aircraft carrier. "Hitler's Merlin" was not. What wasn't? Yes, very vulture like, marine machine allies. Have TA-200 in silhouette something was only from " winged chimpanzee."
   Barefoot girl Gerda even noticed:
   - I will say we are idiots! All can be, but calculation was under construction in this case far not on logic. Victory will come, it is only in the Atlantic to take on the steep strangers - especially if it's girls-warrior.
   Charlotte spinning her bare legs, and fingers beating out the beat, laughing, said:
   - Yes about meeting with us men-to them empty was! Only dream.
   In one bikini Gerda noted:
   "A man doesn't want to go into a hole for any money, except in the Bosom of Venus!" For this he is ready to pay extra and even give the last!
  Barefoot Charlotte added:
   - Those who never lose their dignity are not afraid to drop prestige!
   Thirty-five minutes of fooling and joking - how commonplace for warriors with bare feet, with the soles of the girls shining like a mirror.
   Empty chatter in the air was the best friend of polar and naval pilots in General-warriors, accustomed to the enormous distances that had to be overcome.
   Although on this occasion, rocking a clingy toes of her bare feet, put it:
   - Who sings in the hour of trial, howl when they realize that he suffered in vain!
   Charlotte, brilliant with girlish wit, and also using her bare toes, added:
   "You can grind anything with your tongue except the stones of tongue-tied stupidity!"
   Christina giggled:
   - Well, girls, I trudge on you!
   Even when they were transferred to combat vehicles that did not have the same range as the purple equator blimps, the barefoot warriors retained the habit of not feeling irritated, without men, or from the absence of bright events in the course of the flight. However, their chatter is not a bright event?
   Gerda put it in her style:
   "A DOE woman is good, a deer man is bad!"
   Charlotte growled:
   The deer differs from an elk, that first shook the second and output goes to Fox!
   Christina spoke up:
   "A true warrior must have the character of a beast, but not the intelligence of an animal!"
   Arnold Luger as captain and black warrior of the coolest special forces added:
   - In the world of wolves, in the place of the lion, as a rule, mark the jackals!
   So to Shine with wit and flaunt aphorisms is very fun. In addition, every forty seconds - control devices, every fifty-seven moments and heartbeats-inspection of air or airless space everywhere and around, if you want to show your coolness. But it's even better to scratch your tongues.
   Barefoot Gerda threw:
   - You want, is strong at bringing down the enemy a blow, do not beat lying on the sofa thumbs!
   Charlotte added, grinning:
   - The most a strong blow, have moreover whom patriotism not on drum!
   Christina giggled, moving the lever to her bare, girlish toes:
   - Chop from the enemy, make those whose brains are not beaten off, and the eyes are not flooded!
   Witty Arnold finished:
   - You can win and number, and use the fruits of victory, only skill!
   Isn't it fun? And not wisely? So thirty-five minutes, no even the theatre did not play a role.
   Gerda, who is almost naked, already bored to joke, and she offered the captain of the black army:
   "Will you sing to us about the greatest of the greatest geniuses?"
   Cool Arnold without further ADO or argument began to sing:
   The sound of the wondrous lyre, echoes,
   I sing, daring, not silent!
   A fist fight is not out of wax,
   Strive to light the way of the beam!
   God torments people with disease -
   The fire from hell was burning sinners!
   I want God to be my friend,
   To not was so hard!
   Christ will come, of course, soon,
   Will leave then, believe me sadness?
   Not okoset after all rage with gaze,
   Sin, freedom, too, a pity!
   I don't want to walk on string -
   I don't want to be sinless!
   Better tricky things,
   Than without luminal boredom thread!
   War in heaven has said will not be,
   And sin will disappear, all bad!
   And for what??? fate?
   We are eager for new changes!
   To live forever-this know perfectly,
   But to live without sin is to wallow!
   War will love the knight passionately,
   Indeed, in the campaign to battle the army!
   Fatherland homeland soldier,
   She him hands in torch-March!
   Unclean monsters payback,
   Them on teeth warrior give!
   Let's end the battle with a generous feast,
   Eat, drink-feet in the dance!
   After all our knights are immortal,
   And word beats not in eyebrow, and eye!
   Although, what to do in a peaceful world?
   You can build a Palace there!
   And dedicate service to Lyra,
   After receiving a Laurel crown!
   But there are other worlds-know,
   Where, too, warriors are rising!
   Draws a boy tank on the Desk,
   What if aliens come to us?
   It is not necessary to undertake to relax,
   Strengthen the muscles, in the strength of the mind!
   We Russians know how to fight,
   When the Archangel suddenly fell asleep!
  Arnold has awakened, and scratched the top of the head: Ah and foolish slumbers him dream about in this world. Just creepy, creepy.
  Although the girls with the names of the legendary four and very beautiful. And very sexy, with their bare, chiseled legs.
  The black commando moved on, walking at a springy, brisk pace.
  He shouldn't be running yet. He is a very powerful fighter, so that any danger will meet with a bayonet.
  Yes his exploits known on the whole world!
  Arnold walked up the path. Around him the jungle again. A lot of trees with big flowers, which is very beautiful. The flavors of the forest. And the herb is very strong and pleasant smell.
  Everything looked fine. There were animals. For example, some silver swans flew. Parrots. Lots of fruit.
  Here and gazelles ran...
  There was also a predatory lynx, it was purple with yellow speckles. She did not attack the giant. She jumped back. In sight estimated dimensions and weaponry.
  Arnold walked along whistling an army song in English.
  Yes, there is calm.
  The mighty commando walked thirty kilometers, until he met nothing particularly large.
  Then I went out on the lawn and saw some elephants. Almost as terrestrial, but pink color of, and glittering as diamonds tusks. The animals were alarmed at the sight of the stranger, but did not attack.
  Arnold was calm and confident. Even went to the elephant and stroked.
  Then he moved on. Then he was hailed in a language Arnold understood at once.
  Yes, it's amazing, but the local language people did not know, but understood. Telepathy here or what?
  The mighty giant turned and saw the one who had called him. It was a boy no older than twelve. He had dandelion-yellow hair and was handsome in shorts and a t-shirt and bare feet. He is a human boy, but his eyes betray that he has lived a long time, although they are clear and young.
  And the smile is white and very clean teeth. In advertising toothpaste can be removed. But in fact, the elves here have all had healthy teeth. That's their genetics.
  But this is not an elf, he has ears like a man. And indeed on Earth he would have been mistaken for a boy who dyed his hair gold.
  Arnold said with a smile:
  "I come in peace!"
  The boy stretched his lips even wider and answered:
  - Yes we know you the great warriors!
  And in his hands flashed wand. Arnold unwittingly shifted to the side, and suddenly swings into a pulsar. But nothing frightening, in the hands of have kid emerged bouquet.
  There were three more boys, and four petite girls. Just girls and not girls figures, though small, but adult.
  The boy with the wand said:
  "We're hobbits, if you don't understand!" Make friends with the elves! And you fought for them, against goblins, trolls and orcs!
  The girl with the green hair, and the diamond barrette in her hair, said:
  "You are a great warrior!" We respect you, even though you're human!
  Arnold was offended:
  "That people are bad?"
  The girl with the bright green hair answered:
  "People kill wizards and wizards, burn witches... they're cruel!"
  Arnold said honestly:
  "They haven't done that in my world for centuries!"
  The girl nodded and said:
  "I am afara, Duchess of the hobbits and a powerful sorceress!"
  The enchantress showed on the finger the special ring, he had three colors: red, yellow, and green, and probably meant more power.
  All the hobbits, except the boy with the yellow hair, were luxuriously dressed, and wore jewels, but wore short trousers and were barefoot.
  Funny, with jeweled anklets and bare feet like beggars.
  The male hobbits looked like baby boys, the female like shrunken girls. Pretty cute race.
  The boy with the yellow hair, though plainly dressed and unadorned, seemed to be the leader, and said sternly::
  - We have custom warmly to accept friends, and chilly enemies! Since people do not keep their word and oath well, we ask you, are you a friend or an enemy?
  Arnold said confidently:
  The boy nodded and said:
  "Then prove it!"
  Arnold said honestly:
  "I don't want anything from you!" I'm just going to find a valuable artifact stolen from our world! And I have nothing to prove to you! And find artifact desirable to dispose!
  Afara smiled and answered:
  - What can it be and we would like! Such a powerful guy can destroy mountains! And break our \stable for thousands of years way of life, your... progress!
  The boy with the Golden head nodded:
  - That's it! I remember being in the world of men, in the time of Alexander the great! And how they have changed and evolved!
  Arnold whistled:
  - Alexandra? How old are you, young man?
  The boy said with a white toothed smile:
  - I'm the oldest of the hobbits! The very first time visited the Earth more than five thousand years ago... but stayed only a few hours!
  Arnold was surprised:
  "I don't suppose even hobbits live that long!"
  The boy nodded:
  - That's right! Not even a vampire or a dwarf with strong magic could live more than five thousand years! But I'm a hobbit who owns a unique magic wand, which contains the needle Koshchei Immortal! As long as I am the owner of the wand, no one can kill me, and nothing!
  The black commando noticed:
  "And if you take the wand away?"
  The hobbit shook his head:
  "That's impossible! He will be struck by lightning! The wand can neither be taken away nor stolen. I its can only provide, but and the only in is case if uncanny ability will formalized my blood in writing the form of!
  The boy shook his wand, it shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, and chirped:
  "I am eternal! And lived thirty-five thousand years ago! How cool it is!
  Arnold asked with a smile:
  "Well?" Why was he so rarely on Earth?
  The boy's immortal replied with a smile:
  "In the first place, it's not uncommon these days!" And before that it was not so interesting!
  The girl-Duchess noticed:
  "He's telling the truth!" I know the legend of the wandering hobbit. Unfortunately, this boy does not want to be our Emperor, and didn't even wear jewelry!
  The Golden haired boy nodded:
  - Yes, it's too much! But my shirt is magical and can make me invisible, and silent, and even remove the smell! I can in it imperceptibly pass in any fortress, and even the most sensitive predators me not feel!
  And then the immortal kid disappeared.
  Arnold whistled:
  "Oh, my!
  He felt a blow to the solar plexus. And, as if the pile collapsed.
  The veteran commando bent over and began to choke with wild pain.
  Afara screamed:
  - Don't Immortal! He protected the elves, he will protect us!
  The boy reappeared. He bared his teeth and chuckled:
  "The mighty warrior is defeated by me!" Agree, I'm the best defense!
  The boys and girls said in unison:
  - Become the Emperor of the greatest! Unite the hobbits!
  The boy-immortality chilly she and observed:
  "Power is a heavy burden! We have a lot to answer for, and a lot to worry about!
  The kid winked at the fallen commando:
  "Revenge! I want you to talk!
  The stranglehold on his stomach dropped, breathing became easier.
  Arnold agreed with it:
  - Yes, maybe! Here trump received the power of the President of the United States and all the cones fell on him!
  The immortal boy remarked:
  - Don't you envy Trump?
  Arnold replied with a smile:
  "You wouldn't envy him." I think it would be more logical and better to elect Clinton!
  The innumerable boy asked:
  "Why better?"
  Arnold said logically:
  "She's a woman!" And the first female President of the United States! Well, it can not be that the higher powers would set up a woman and would compromise the weaker sex in power! And a lot depends on luck!
  The boy is immortal.:
  "Of course! Luck is much more forgiving! So I was lucky to become the guardians of death Koshcheev! Not to say that a long life tire, but I like it! Always something Yes new is happening! And you will not miss!
  Arnold answered with a smile, his stomach dropping quickly after the blow:
  "Don't get bored." Especially with American politics!
  Afara suggested:
  "Let's take the guest to us and treat him to a feast!"
  The immortal boy agreed:
  "And a festival for the Gods and a feast!" There will be a new entertainment! I love the holidays!
  Arnold agreed:
  "Holidays are good! I love the holidays!
  Afara nodded:
  - Here's to us!
  The immortal boy squeaked:
  "I'll carry you!" Go too far!
  He waved his wand. And Arnold and the other hobbits were right in the middle of the city.
  And the city was rather big! It had temples to various gods. Some with Golden domes. Others with silver. And the third Supreme deity of Mahadeva - studded with diamonds.
  Hobbits had many gods. And was something similar to elves, except that the girls are small, and men very often boys, and barefoot.
  And children as human, can only slightly smaller.
  All barefoot, but with jewelry. Arnold noted that everyone has what is precious, even small children. Let ring or hairpin.
  Hobbits many, but there is among passers-by and elves. Visible and the dwarf... the dwarf Beard is black with a lot of grey, growth low, but the shoulders of the athlete. Here is another gnome walked.
  The Troll visible. Nosed, unpleasant, but a figure like an elf, but with dark clothes and a hat.
  Orcs and goblins not in sight. They are wildly visible. Or unbalanced. Here was someone who looks like a vampire. A pale face, green eyes, dressed in black, and the cylinder on the head.
  Arnold saw the man in the turban. He's got a couple of boy servants with him. Although the boys are barefoot and in shorts can be mistaken for hobbits, but they are bare-chested, skinny and bruised with traces of lashes.
  The immortal boy with a chuckle said:
  "These boys are slaves! In General, many human slaves: are they boys?
  Arnold was surprised:
  "In what way?"
  The immortal hobbit replied:
  "You put a special magic mark on a boy, and he'll never grow up and rise again!" This is very practical-such slaves do not escape, they are submissive and hardy, unpretentious boys. It's a wonderful discovery!
  Afara agreed:
  "And I have some human slave boys!" Although we try not to encourage the slave trade.
  Arnold noticed with a sigh:
  "My ancestors were slaves!" Not a very good state of slavery!
  Immortal popdance with a laugh noticed:
  "But branded boys live longer and do not know the pangs of old age!" And whether to be a slave or a servant - the difference is small!
  A slave boy in shorts brought a tray of steaming ice cream to the group.
  Afara handed one to the boy, who smiled and bowed low to the sorceress.
  Everyone had ice cream, including Arnold. All the more smelled highly appetizing!
  The immortal boy remarked:
  "Being a slave, especially to a hobbit, is not bad for a man!" We don't usually make fun of slaves! Some may even get jewelry from us.
  Arnold tasted the ice cream. It's gorgeous. Unusual, and at the same time very pleasant. Immediately visible to other kitchen.
  The mighty warrior tried to eat slowly. Although in a world where a few luminaries may quickly melt away.
  But apparently hobbits possessed a special secret of freezing, and the product did not melt.
  And delicious ice cream... at the same time there was another boy and girl with him in a loincloth and a thin thread of cloth on his chest.
  They carried bottles of wine and snacks.
  Redo the group. Arnold noticed that the girl was larger than the hobbit himself, almost black from the sun, but with blond hair, and no jewelry.
  The immortal boy replied:
  "A human slave, too!" See on her shoulder, like the boy's rose! It's the magic mark of a slave! They do not age now, but in captivity!
  The mark could only be seen from a certain angle, and the way it discreetly! The girl is slender, but does not look emaciated, the boy is also muscular, alive and healthy. Eyes look fun. In sight he was accustomed to slavery, and physical, itself feels well.
  Also very tanned, dark chocolate, but blond and European features.
  Arnold noticed that the African tan went with the blond hair. And also that people are darker than hobbits, elves, trolls, dwarves, and vampires are nothing to speak of.
  Well, they sat down at the table. Slave boys and slave girls brought more kinds of dishes and gold spoons and forks.
  You could do justice to the meal!
  The immortal boy remarked:
  - Here we only have a snack! The main holiday will be in the Central temple!
  Arnold nodded:
  - Logical!
  Afar with a chuckle said:
  - Will holidays have us, absolute, the upper class!
  And the hobbit-girl, with her bare foot, threw a pebble at the slave-boy.
  He knelt and kissed her bare heel. Then afar grabbed him jokingly with her legs over the nose and the imprint spun.
  Then she tore the leg from the Swan and handed it to the skinny boy. He bowed, and began to gently chew.
  It was evident that the slaves were not well fed.
  The slave boy was very pleased, so smiled his sweet, round face.
  The immortal hobbit noted:
  - But in human countries, work boys are poorly fed and flogged at the slightest provocation! Even there is a slogan: slave or works or sleeps!
  The slave boys were slightly larger than the hobbits and looked about fourteen, fifteen at the most. They bowed low, and smiled flatteringly.
  Arnold thought that people of the white race in slavery were little different from blacks. But then all the bodies of the boys who give you some benefits. Including psychological. When the body is young, and the mood is cheerful.
  That's how the boys in the children's prisons of the United States, still cheerful and smiling. But why shouldn't they smile? Camera cozy, and has a TV and a shower, eating enough, learning is so-so, often skipping. And work account for infrequently! And on the outside in the US terrible unemployment. I wish they would have a slave to send for a couple of months wiser!
  Afara, who evidently did not wish to be silent, remarked:
  - We hobbits modicum and small, but very clever and highly agile warriors! We do not like to kill, but if you have to do it on a clean conscience!
  The immortal boy confirmed, Baring his teeth:
  - Yes on conscience! I remember when thirty-five thousand years I received the gift of immortality, then before that almost died in battle... So many years have passed, and how little has changed in our world!
  Arnold sighed and said:
  - Here is in my, all is changing hurricane pace! Not thirty-five thousand years, but only five passes and so much new that you do not know the planet!
  And the black giant exclaimed:
  "But that's the beauty of it.
  Two slave boys took sticks in their hands and began to fight with each other.
  This is quite a simple entertainment, but when a wooden stick hits your body, it is quite painful.
  The immortal boy, catching Arnold's expression of boredom, remarked:
  - There will be real gladiatorial fights during the holiday! In the meantime, don't frown too much!
  Afara noted with a smile:
  "And we hobbits often fight to the death with wild beasts!" Hobbit to hobbit will not fight to the death with swords, but an animal or a Troll to fight - for a sweet soul!
  Arnold nodded:
  "That's interesting!"
  The immortal boy remarked:
  - I here is, too, necessarily'll fight with wild animals on celebration! Or better yet, a Goblin. However, for me any fight is easy!
  Afara sang:
  - We boldly in battle shall go,
  Under the banner of light...
  And believe, not die,
  In the fight for it!
  Arnold drank the local wine. I was amazed how it tastes good. Yes, just good. Such a great pleasure from this experience!
  And in his mouth, like a greenhouse blooms. How gorgeous everything is here.
  Arnold sang with delight:
  A soldier is always healthy,
  The soldier is ready for anything...
  And dust as from carpets,
  We're knocking out the roads...
  And it won't stop,
  And not to change legs...
  Shine on our faces -
  Shine boots!
  Afara noted with great delight:
  "A magnificent voice, and so strong and powerful!
  Arnold growled:
  "My voice is thunderous! I'm Zeus!
  The immortal boy nodded in agreement:
  - Zeus is the God of super! If lightning strikes, it will not honey!
  Afara chirped, showing her pearly teeth:
  "By the power of the God Zeus we sweep away the mountains!"
  The hobbits and their guest fell silent, and enjoyed their wine and refreshments for a while.
  After boys fought on sticks and girls-slaves. They jumped, jumped, maneuvered. It was evident that the girls were experienced fighters, and bare legs flashed, and muscles rolled under the tanned skin.
  A beautiful female warrior and very agile. In them so much wild frenzy tiger, and highly violent rage.
  Arnold was surprised that until recently submissive slaves so loudly growl and jump, and brutally beat one another with sticks, even bruises remain.
  However, in every man sits its tiger. That claws and growls.
  And the and bites, or tears on parts of! This is not surprising.
  Arnold himself as a child did not consider himself evil, and when he did not beat and did not mock the weak, but on the contrary stood up for them. To hit someone who was already being hurt by others was not the least pleasure to Arnold. No, he was not a man to enjoy the humiliation of others. Especially the humiliation of the weak.
  And what pleasure is it to break a weakling?
  When and with whom to fight with strong people. If one gives victory to the pleasure, because it is over a worthy opponent.
  Of course with weak fight: quite not the! More precisely, this is not a fight, but a unilateral beating!
  No, Arnold himself stood up for the weak or those who were abused in school and in the yard. Even if they were white children.
  Is it possible to be racist? Especially in the US, African Americans are really held in high esteem and respect, and after the remnants of racism left under President Obama.
  Arnold respected Obama, at least for the fact that he had the sense not to fight with land forces, but to bomb the Mujahideen with aircraft, and then fight with other people's hands. This is of course a big plus. As the withdrawal of ground troops from Afghanistan - this three times unnecessary war in America!
  Arnold even sang:
  "Two thousand years.,
  War without special reasons...
  Why did he come to us?
  Added only wrinkles!
  Afara said proudly:
  "Elves don't have wrinkles!"
  The immortal boy suggested:
  - Let us until will show guest our city, and then when will begin celebration, shall go in Central the Yasukuni!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  - Good idea! Great walk!
  After finishing the rest of the snack, the group moved through the hobbit city. Here in and indeed city big, very a spacious. Many streets and white and colorful houses. The statues are tall, the sky is full of fountains. And also trees grow with very lush flowers.
  And the flowers are huge, and each leaf in the Bud has its own color and shade.
  And the strongest, but very pleasant aroma. At all this as if miracle what something.
  Arnold took it and sang:
  "Glory to the good masters-a walk on the waves.
  Some buildings were palaces, and resembled cakes with roses, and many flowers. Others looked like animals. The third in the form of a chic ornament.
  There were many statues of beautiful girls, and not only hobbits, but also other races. The statue of the gods athletes. Great variety generally different structures of incomprehensible purpose.
  When they reached the outskirts, half-naked boys and girls were seen laboring like slaves to erect magnificent new structures.
  They were urged on by hobbit overseers and a few dwarves.
  The immortal boy was ahead of the question of Arnold:
  "They're human slaves!" They work and build! Instead the slaves of eternal youth, and very long by the standards of people's lives!
  Afara nodded:
  "Magical branding makes them docile and allows them to live healthy and young for centuries!" Agree it's very cool!
  Arnold said logically:
  - On the outside great, but the slavery is not so! What joys they have!
  Afara giggled and answered:
  "People like us can watch a gladiatorial match or a theatrical performance and take part in it themselves." Sometimes we treat the slaves to something delicious for the holidays. In General, look at their faces - they are quite happy and feel good!
  Indeed, the faces of the boys, wiry and muscular, were cheerful. Their healthy bodies bore the strain easily, as did those of the girls who smiled, too.
  Arnold thought that the children were cheerful most of the time and showed their teeth. Although only, it seems that the child has no problems. Often their not less, than have adults! And, especially if you are not in harmony with peers.
  Then at all your life nightmare. Here is one and smart white boy strongly offended black majority in the classroom. Arnold took him under his protection and taught him martial arts. The boy had very blond hair - they called him snow white. And he was capable with excellent reaction and quickly mastered the technique.
  Become a fighter among the children, and then at eighteen I moved to the professionals. And now one of the best Middleweight boxers in the United States, and in the world. Even fought for world titles. But a little bit he still lacked.
  Well, everyone can't be world Champions! Alas ... Snow white of course is a young fanatic, and a very talented boxer, and can still become a world champion, beating someone not too strong. By the way, he fought with Golovkin and Alvarez and the fact that he managed to get to them says that Snow white is an outstanding fighter.
  Given that some professionals and forty-nine years won the world Champions, perhaps his friend, who is younger than Arnold Luger, still has everything ahead of him!
  But time passes quickly, and Arnold himself is no longer a young man! Although still young, but already a seasoned commando and a veteran of wars. Of course, sometimes there are thoughts, whether he will become too slow with age, or in General, whether he will lose health?
  Of course in the world of fairy tales, where they know how to rejuvenate, it does not get dirty.
  However, the dwarves at the same time still look old. The bearded, gray-haired, bald. They are not very attractive!
  Boys and girls sometimes sing while working:
  - Hit harder, pull together,
  To was the most beautiful cosiness,
  Our noble work is needed!
  Our noble work is needed!
  And let their muscular bodies move faster, and dark chocolate skin glistens with sweat.
  Arnold winked at the slaves, who bowed back to the stranger. Yes, you can see in a black giant of extraordinary strength.
  And that he was born to command!
  Arnold even sang, pouting;
  I don't care about the others,
  I want to command...
  Even the most important persons -
  I'll make you prostrate!
  And the black giant as jump and scroll in the air spinner. Everyone else gasped.
  Afara sang with delight:
  My black hero,
  And the gods be with you!
  And the gods be with you!
  My black hero!
  In this world the night is almost there, so they wandered around the city for a long time. The size of it is great. Arnold even remembered a more modern version of Cleopatra. There, too, such more maps. You can build one city for six months. And even a year - for millions of people!
  It is, indeed, if you wish to kill time! However not many people would have the patience to play this.
  Arnold walked a few dozen miles at a brisk pace. And he was hungry. Apparently hungry and hobbits.
  But here they were, walking through the fields where they worked, also almost exclusively human slaves: boys and girls. Tanned, almost naked, with cheerful faces. Worked together, and skillfully. Some had finished their work and were resting.
  Played in particular in local maps. Others danced or fought on sticks.
  The latter contest the most widespread in mind its not lethality. Some boys and girls, however, fought with their fists.
  Or bare hands, or wrapped in cloth. And battered their noses, and laughed at the same time, and rocks!
  Arnold remembered that in Texas boys prisoners of children's colony, also worked in the fields, and smiled. They were, however, in striped pyjamas, which they took off because it was hot, and preferred to be barefoot, with only rolled-up trousers.
  Here at all almost naked, of course same, shoes slaves not been paved, but and not need to! Arnold wanted to kick off his boots himself, but he didn't want to. Moreover, they are convenient and they are not hot!
  Armed, of course, Arnold is very powerful, and even with an artifact, diverting arrows.
  But after dealing with the immortal hobbit who punched him like that. It was like a steel battering RAM hitting your solar plexus, and you didn't even see or feel it.
  Arnold glanced at the immortal boy. But he was cheerful.
  Then they reached another table and stopped.
  Here the immortal hobbit sat down and addressed Arnold:
  - While still preparing for the holiday, and the temple is not far, let's play something with you?
  The black commando replied with a smile:
  - On interest, or without interest?
  The immortal boy said seriously:
  - You have experience advantage, so the interest is not interesting! However, don't think, I was traveling through different worlds, and have been to planets that you people in development are not inferior!
   Arnold answered logically:
  "I'm happy for you." But I think it will become easier to play!
  The immortal boy nodded:
  "Let's cut ourselves!"
  Arnold turned on the game-the usual strategy "General", with the technique of the late twentieth century. All on classics, you build, you extract resources, you stamp workers, and soldiers. Only about the technology level of the nineties.
  That however, even better: modern war not too interesting. At least students at the helm of the plane Sadi that seasoned aces. Alas, the role of personal skill has fallen. Everything is done by computers, shooting at each other from a distance of three hundred kilometers. And no skill. And unnecessary to perform maneuvers and to go to the tail.
  There are no air cannons that sent shells. Alas, there is a computer-controlled rocket. The aim where to shoot identifies the computer, electronics leads.
  And you don't need Rudel to get into a tank. You're still no hostiles in sight, and already the computer has made guidance.
  The value of skill falls. Falls hard! Although while robots have not replaced the special forces, but in the aircraft, the pilots-aces are not found. Tanks are also increasingly computer controlled.
  Arnold, however, is still doing everything himself. And from the very beginning faced a serious opponent.
  Immortal the hobbit probably had the experience of strategies, and where similar and did everything right, according to the classics. Deploy workers as quickly as possible, and public buildings. You build the cheapest barracks and as quickly as possible you throw infantry without allowing to develop.
  Arnold however, and himself knew what tactic the most simple and effective against computer. And threw the enemy infantry. A little too late, and the immortal hobbit has more territory under control.
  The infantry masses collided. And began to destroy each other, throwing grenades, stabbing bayonets, shooting guns. And killing each other by the hundreds and thousands.
  Arnold throwing infantry, tried at the same time, and to develop industry, military and economic technology, and fill the mines and mines workers. And make more fields to increase food.
  Need to and power plants improve, to infantry and labor force stamped faster. And use atomic energy.
  But the fact of the matter is that the hobbit-the immortality it makes. But he's better at it. So the movements of the immortal boy are faster than that of the best us commando.
  What did he think? Arnold's paw was like a rake. And have boy brush child, and graceful, a small, but very nimble. He is more comfortable in the strategy to play. General Arnold the strategies good, but in shooters, it's just a master, not a champion. And with his big hands, it's not so easy to control the mouse and joystick.
  Of course, Arnold's fingers, despite their size, were surprisingly nimble. Yet against the childish hands of a far more perfect being than man can not be trampled!
  Not to mention the experience of thirty-five thousand years of living the ageless body of an eternal boy, and the speed beyond human capability.
  Even a special forces phenomenon like Arnold.
  And the warrior felt he did not have time to do everything at once and unwind. And the speed of the game is quite high. And the immortal boy is only good.
  And here is have him already heavy tanks appeared. And infantry against them, not a rival.
  Arnold decided to use the rogue code. What else was there to do? Not to lose to a barefoot boy?
  And now the production of weapons has increased dramatically. Drove and tanks, and nuclear bombers. Such a colossal Armada came out.
  The immortal boy grinned, and also ... applied the rogue code. He just saw Arnold do it. Very perceptive this immortal.
  And the Armada collided with the Armada. Only the immortal hobbit was stronger. And turned the tide of battle, crushing the enemy. Making it powerful and heavy tanks.
  Arnold gurgled:
  "You're an idol.",
  You're a sleeping fire in the fields...
  You're only part of me,
  Shut up, you're lying like you're breathing!
  The immortal boy noticed:
  "Your strategy is similar to others of this kind!" And your hands, for human very are fast, but for me slow, as and reaction giant!
  Arnold tried again to apply the code of the crook, but it was too late. The enemy leaped at him like an avalanche. And the barracks and other factories began to collapse. Perished and hastily built airfields, and other receptacles of units.
  Arnold noted with a sigh:
  "A rare occasion when I am surpassed!"
  The immortal hobbit remarked:
  "Even with your best weapons from the early twenty-first century, you're no match for me!" In this terms of, I you could would easily soak, in any battle!
  Arnold sighed and nodded:
  "Quite possible, since you are truly great!"
  A few minutes later, the computer announced that the black giant's troops had been destroyed.
  The immortal boy shook Arnold's hand and remarked:
  "I could take the arrowhead artifact from you." But my magic wand does it better. And that warrior, where are you going camping?
  Arnold sighed and said:
  - The distance is increasing!
  The hobbit the immortal suggested:
  "Do me a favor and I'll take your artifact myself!"
  The black commando brightened, his eyes flashing:
  - Yes? And what service can I do you?
  The immortal hobbit furrowed his brow, twitched his neck, and after a moment's hesitation answered:
  - Here is not know what have you and beg! Gold I can kill all you want, woman, to attract what you want. It's a little harder, but you can't help it! Except to become God Almighty, but you won't do that!
  Arnold with a condescending smile said:
  "But if you were an Almighty God, what would you do with infinite possibilities?"
  The immortal boy shrugged his shoulders and replied:
  "A lot of good things can be done, especially for people!" When your women grow old, they become worse than dwarves.
  Arnold agreed with it:
   Yes perhaps you're right! Old women are so disgusting! If I were God, I really wouldn't disfigure people!
  The immortal hobbit noted:
  "Well, I'd make them all immortal, forever young and beautiful." And no one would be sick! And maybe in General would make so that all would become absolutely happy!
  Arnold frowned:
  - Making everyone happy is difficult!
  The immortal boy shrugged his shoulders and noticed:
   But I'm not afraid of death and that my happiness! Even such a formidable warrior as you, who destroyed several thousand orcs and goblins, is more harmless to me than a kitten!
  Arnold threw a needle with his forefinger. She flew past the smiling faces of a boy who knew no fear of death.
  There was a sweet smile, and an answering wave of his index finger.
  Arnold was struck by lightning.
  From hard destruction discharges, black spetsnaz lost consciousness, and have him began real brad, of a soldier who received almost lethal, shock an electric shock.
  . CHAPTER 10
  Musical Arnold Luger finished the song, and the girls began to smack passionately and lick their lips with their tongues. Applauded a female warrior who is also a kind of slapping barefoot soles, each about the other.
  Another would be the black giant would be on top.
   Gerda suggested: to perform:
   "We're going to cover them in rattlesnake style." We'll jump out like a demon from an ambush.
   Steel Arnold corrected the girl:
   "Not a demon, but an angel!"
   The convoy did manage to get out, emerging boxer from under Jebb, leaving dazzle in the eyes of the sun. Warrior-pilot the KIND-200 not lied to, with speed and, importantly, not made a mistake course. However, when you're flying under the leadership of captain and black commando need much lopuhnutsya to miss. The speed of the "Fat cuttlefish", which in no small number were already under the German flag, was known-eleven or twelve knots.
   Arnold the pilot rubbed his hands and sang:
   - Not a good environment please come for dinner. Crawling to battle destroyers, will receive a gun in the snout!
   If the captain best soldier of the Fuhrer and black warrior made a mistake in the class definition( which in fact not the case, not even a loaded gun once per year shoots!), had to would do amendment kilometers on six-seven, would still leading acoustic the search for destroyers more 18-19 knots not pull, even if them instead screw attach ears Cheburashka.
   Barefoot blonde Gerda took it and sang, drumming his fingers on the bare heels of steel:
   - Drunk turtle got on the wires! And blow from the scope of the current tear hand! And cried ninja turtle!
   Steel Arnold such a song, with great heat and flame in his voice, approved:
   "That's quite our way!" Only it is necessary not to cry, and on the contrary to show to virgins-tigresses teeth.
   Fire warrior Charlotte, shaking her bare, precise legs, confirmed:
   "That goes without saying for us!" We may be wrong, but we dare not betray!
   Translating machines in a gentle slide, pilots-warriors not long, thinking bumped their foreheads into the wall.
  Their bare feet were so beautiful and sexy.
  Then the glamorous fighter-bomber pilots removed the gas, splitting into two groups, and then into more paired groups.
   Christina: to perform the given:
   - We want someone to kill-will be the highest class! Money needs to be saved up a lot...
   Agnisara, barefoot warrior finished for her:
   "A gun in the eye!"
   Steel Arnold warned:
   "If you go broke, God will not give, do not hope!
   Five destroyers in front and a medium-length line of pot-bellied transport steamers-indeed, the classic "Christmas turkeys" went smoothly, as if on a chain.
   Barefoot blonde Gerda pointed at them with a finger, scrolled Cobra:
   "Here's a kebab we'll soon swallow whole and not choke on."
   Half naked in a bikini Charlotte with a sly demurred:
   "No, we'll swallow it, but we'll probably choke."..
   Slapping her bare, round heels, Christina took offense at the narrow-minded partners:
   "You always have a Bazaar-a mixture of filth and nonsense! And he wants something else. Romantic!
   Steel Arnold not looking at the cheerful enthusiasm of the girls is not particularly in a hurry to join in the conversation. He was a black SWAT warrior, peering out over the waves like a herd of lazy cows.
   The radars that the Orlan subjects must have had were either off, and the sailors who had become slaves to the evil creatures were drinking whiskey, or they hadn't been turned on for the simple reason that the radio waves didn't transmit images of beautiful warriors.
   Charlotte even exclaimed with resentment:
   "Why, they are eunuchs, servants of the orcs!
   Gerda expressed her point of view:
   - Maybe the problem is that contrary to nature allowed same-sex marriage?
   But Arnold had to agree:
   "No one has done more harm to our world than the orcs!" Black magic is the greatest evil!
   Banging her bare heels girl, Magda suddenly did not show consent:
   No, those who have become slaves of the orcs, has its own charm. They do not cling to you and do not paw! And lead conversation, as if with equal!
   Charlotte exclaimed:
   "Come on! Better let us these retainers hell'll soak!
   The Orc servants must indeed have been stoned, for even as the tigresses on TA-200 swam almost silently out of the solar corona, Dolphin-style barracudas a few thousand meters aft of the destroyers...
  : To perform and cute at the same Gerda growled:
   "Your end will not be long in coming!" And these gluttonous troughs did not change their course, nor even their lazy speed.
   Steel Arnold whistled:
   "The cows are coming to the stall!"
   A half-naked Charlotte winked at her:
   - But great as some of the kebabs!
   Almost naked in a bikini Gerda, banged her heels and defiantly winced:
   "Too fat for my taste!"
  Christina: to perform reasonably noticed:
   - If we will scrupulously abide by posts, then people and especially conquered nation, will think, that we not wolf, and Christians!
   Red Charlotte slashed:
   "Ugh! Christians... The smell of censer and pacifism! And we are wild beasts, we are carnivorous tigresses!
   On perform well three thousands of meters, slightly dovernuv, to go with sinks five destroyers, Steel Arnold translated its glamorous couple of with warriors in dive, for him almost immediately followed other steep almost jet machines.
   Half naked Gerda growled fiercely:
   "That's where we'll get them!"
   Charlotte added:
   - After all, our super-cool pilots.
   Christina still in pursuit:
   Selfish is not willing to fold, be sure to check before problem!
  Steel Arnold paid no attention to the warriors in the bikini. Releasing the flaps, the captain of the best wars of the Fuhrer, throwing hawk eyes, kept a strict full face of the destroyer at the geometric center of bomber sight if you are going to put "three hundred" with brazen bomber, available only to Superman chic "into the volcano". Ah-Yes precisely the bottomless blackjack, from which are billowing clouds dense black of smoke.
   Almost naked with bare heels, blonde terminator Gerda sang, encouraging her leader:
   "You'll hit the target!" Because you have no equal, you're better than those who are, you're better than those who was, you're better than those who will!
   In the short months of horizontal bombings and desperate assaults, the captain, the Fuhrer's best warrior, had imbibed in his gut the feeling that a dive bomber's bomb should not be thrown, but fired like a stone from a catapult. Violently erupt from the plane, continuing its trajectory.
   That was what the great captain black soldier elf-Fuhrer's rich intuition told him.
   The fire-devil, shaking her bare, tanned knees, eagerly suggested to the chief:
   - You their great beat and destroy! This is not savagery - fight from the heart!
   Gerda confirmed:
   "Just like that!" Only so, and not otherwise, the eagle in the side surprise!
   Cristina in the style of a Gypsy with the shopping area, maybe even the opposite of Socrates in a skirt added:
   - Attacking, of course there is a risk of defeat, but being attacked, you have already lost!
   Steel Arnold remembered the exercises of modern ships, at which, as captain of naval aviation, he had undoubtedly been present. Here attacks on the horizontal torpedo, releasing a torpedo, the course of which is determined by the combat course of the carrier. In three-dimensional space, of course, much more difficult, because the trajectory of the" shot " of the bomb was influenced by a lot of additional factors. After all, sometimes even the minimum slip of the machine on the air front "skidded" appetizing and generous "Goodies" far to the side.
   Steel Arnold even on the fly made a joke:
   - Don't go boy left, going in the pit, even if, in fact, right!
  The bare-legged girls giggled.
   The captain best soldier of the Fuhrer for himself was not afraid, if only the girls was not the problem. But the group was not in vain recruited warriors of high class, these air Amazons, and Arnold's Father was quite sure that this time no blond and red witch will not miss.
   Gerda in time with the thoughts of the captain and the best black fighter of the Fuhrer exclaimed:
   - No, no one will miss!
   Charlotte said something:
   - With slant not be derailed from the grim Reaper!
   Unlike earlier sunk by Steel Arnold English battleship "Victoria", the destroyer, already filled the entire field of sight of his sight, opened fire only when the falling meteorite, but almost vertically kite-dive remained four hundred meters.
   Christina barked fiercely:
   "Not even trolls can help him here!"
   Gerda, drumming her bare heels, again funny and at the same time wisely gave:
   - Who is late with a shot, always keep up on the cemetery the rest!
   Charlotte, bare feet making wild and aggressive maneuvers, immediately gave:
   - From death clever people do not run away, they try to impose close fight that the longest braid had no scope!
   The anti-aircraft machine gun on the aft superstructure began to silently erupt like bursting fireworks flashes. Then the air cannons began to fire, sounding like red-hot tennis balls as tracers raced upward. Probably the Americans expected that they will get in the forehead diving AG-200.
   Gerda growled:
   "That's right. Give them, soak our idol!!
   Pressing the reset button, causing even a finger slightly podklinilo, and smelling the smell of hex, from the triggered flows, filled with Lucifer energy and magic, almost to the neck, Steel Arnold replied:
   - This is our typical African and American fight! Enemies all uroy!
   Steel Arnold, iron and firm hand, led the fighter-bomber in a horizontal, vibrating flight over the most violently splashing emerald and at the same time foaming pearl beer water. The captain the Fuhrer's best warrior sang:
   "In Africa! Yankees in mane gave! The burst of thunder from the pipes! The Fuhrer is fucked! And the second is behind us... Even stronger gave! Good to go... We opened an account!
   Barefoot blonde Gerda sang to her idol captain the best soldier of the Fuhrer:
   - Good to go... The Barracuda we tear mouth! Good to go... you see that not Vice versa!
   Agnisara devil knocking round bare heels, straightened his companion:
   "Not good!" Not good! Your bra is cool! And still in your cowards, will very a strong fear!
   Steel Arnold singsong added:
   "Well, I'm Napalm! Got it! Got it!!!
   The gunslinger warrior, Margaret, half-naked and athletic, crouched in the fetal position. Another Amazonian diva, Margaret, was yelling into the intercom, choking, not a woman's nasal twang, but how could it be otherwise, if this lady had a neck like a bull:
   - The third glee have love! Will so alone zeros!... Well the goat went...
   Medic give me a shot! Machine gun to put perishing glad! That such machine gun! On the midsection is dancing to SKAT! Useful machine! Guns on us! This brothers simply a disgrace! To the left! Don't run left! There in ambush octopus-enemies!
   Captain Arnold, the Fuhrer's best soldier, who was used to doing things first and then asking questions, snarled:
   - In a big cool battle, an act is planned! And in the battle of karate again come into contact! Ah, that eyes are popping! Why not sing! Boots loudly clap and this reception!
   Steel Arnold pedaled the fighter-bomber, the steering wheel crackled with the load, and the car drifted to the left. The captain and the terrible terminator of the Fuehrer felt the heat, although the winged horse and missed a thick track of "tennis and flaming balls" two or three meters on the starboard, slightly scratched and slightly melted Board.
   Gerda exclaimed:
   - You elementary inimitable captain and black warrior space Fuhrer!
   Steel Arnold sang:
   "I'm bloodthirsty!" I'm ruthless! I'm Russian Tyson and Superman!
   Charlotte, the red-haired Amazon, drummed her bare, chiseled feet on the pedals and sang:
   - For the third time got! The skin is stronger than steel! And the fourth in side - one will pole! And from the far side-the red square is visible! Not go kid left! There will be no bread at all!
   Gerda said, and shook naked, tanned legs, and provisal:
   "Hey, look at me!" Do as I do! Do as I do! I'll tear them all apart!
   The steely Arnold obeyed almost implicitly, but with a hysterical giggle. The distance from the destroyer they attacked has become almost as safe as a worm, even if you graze a ghoul. Then a second and a third, a side-glimpse of the guard ship, burned like a Roman Church candle.
   Charlotte put it:
   - In the Church decided to put candles, but even in the largest number not in forces to extinguish the flame of human passions!
   Gerda added:
   "You can have an icy heart, blood as cold as running water, but a man's thirst for success will always be hot!
   Steel Arnold this time did not support the charming companions, another aphorism. He wanted to trivially win battle and preserve from demise beauties.
   Although the fire from the transports still eight hundred meters away was more decorative than effective, in war three grams of soft lead can sometimes be fatal.
   Here, for example, the cartridge in the American m-16 rifle weighs only three grams, and millions sent to the light. So captain and the best warrior mighty Fuhrer the first time turn around, as if a hound under stalking, has dared only through thirty seconds, vozraschivshis, remembering or almost naked girls:
   - Haste in everything leads to bad consequences, except the rite of suicide!
   Then Steel Arnold gained altitude for emergency maneuvering.
   The fire devil noticed:
   - Bald devil knows, maybe they were not armored destroyers-painfully smooth as a game of notes, then everything went!
   Gerda objected:
   - So after all not in the first time, we so win!
   Steel Arnold slashed:
   - Any people can win the conflict, but only Russians can win the war, so they do not seek to gain material gains for themselves!
  Four battleships were burning, and quite obviously sinking into the water, shaken like a sack under the blows of Klitschko secondary explosions.
   Iron, or rather steel-stainless steel ship, in principle, can burn almost everything, and the bullets and the shells that lay idle in kranzach prosleeve gunners, now with a Bang colorful and however wild the fireworks flew in different directions, leaving a smoky white, pink, blue traces.
   The fire devil slashed:
   - Fireworks war, this celebration, for all except cowards and universal mourning except fools!
   Gerda, shaking her bare legs, then asked a few questions, her wonderful voice:
   "Who could look like a destroyer but be so poorly protected?" A fast-moving minelayer? No, he usually has even more anti-aircraft guns, because he does most of the work off the enemy coast. Yes and nothing to acquire American, winged a ghoul, to do in guarding!
   Agnisara devil, rubbed on the pedal, bare, rough heels, suggested:
   "If this is a landing in Europe, for example, to recapture Britain captured by the Third Reich, then the course of the ships is quite understandable, but their proximity to such wonderful machines is not explainable.
   Steel Arnold put it:
   - Most often confused is the straight gyrus!
   Barefoot, with hair the color of the proletarian banner, Charlotte added:
   - And get out of trouble, convolutions, clearly laid out on the shelves!
   Never vymushiv anything from their convolutions, barefoot girl in bikini, Gerda put it:
   - A lot of scratching language, the one with the void itchy in the head!
   Steel Arnold decided not to joke anymore, and barked:
   - Formation and forward, flying March!
   And without much subterfuge, he led the squadron gathering behind him due West, back into the early sun. The antiaircraft guns had long since left them alone, but a dozen furious fighters rushed to intercept them.
   Steel Arnold mechanically pressed the triggers of the 30-millimeter guns. They are struck directly in the canopy, the glass is busted, but the enemy pilots are choked with debris and blood.
   Only barefoot and bikini blonde Gerda managed to knock down, one car, and the rest went to the already extensive account of the captain threatening to break the Fuhrer.
   Steel Arnold's idea was grateful to fulfillment - the West side was where the survivors of the court certainly will not go. Charlotte winked at him:
   "We won't be attacked by a gray wolf!"
   It was unlikely that the wrecked superstructures of the escort ships had survived the radar - delicate, sensitive electrical devices, not adapted to collide with the crude prose of life-the steel and various mixtures filling the interior of the bombs.
   Steel Arnold sang:
   - And we gave the enemy a calculation! In hockey with the Germans opened a daring account!
   In bomb, that captain the rogue terminator Fuehrer put an accurately with the bow bursting with black smoke pipe, inherited him on the Nativity scene and - slightly eastward ship, oschetinivshegosya monster size of almost battleship. So in this hotel, there were one hundred and eighty-four kilograms of solid explosives, more powerful in explosive equivalent than ordinary TNT or recently become popular liquid explosives or the famous Japanese shimoza. Still the same was the bomb in the captain's warrior ontaroi almost Nude Charlotte, female komandirski the second pair of its executives.
  Burning and temperamental girls, so same rarely promakhivayuscheysya, how often skalyaschuyusya, from of strangers and own wisecracks Amazon. Loving to do minimumo clothes Charlotte put it:
   "The best investment in the coffins of your opponents, though it is never direct!"
   Gerda picks up:
   "The army produces nothing, but it pays for its investment under a bold ruler!"
   And eighty-eight kilos of the same invention of the Fuhrer captain based on the principle of a mixture of oil and aluminum shavings.
   This terrible filler in the hundreds and fifties-of those that hit. Steel Arnold growled:
   - So we gave the adversary! A small Cobra kills an elephant.
   Captain the best murderer Fuhrer deduced summary, compared with size and weight ship this, can, and not impressive, but trekhsotkilogrammovaya bomb leaves in soil funnel, in that can hide tank " mouse." But, about half of its weight falls on faceted iron, pieces of which, dispersed to hypersonic speeds by the explosive decomposition of aluminum shavings and oil mixed with phosphorus, pierce and distort steel bulkheads and decks for tens of meters in all directions from the place of impact.
   So four is massive with hundreds of cannons of the ship were doomed, especially when they came from the captain of the best Hitman of the Fuhrer.
   In the control room of the Otto Bismarck, gross-Admiral Dennitz and the others listened with interest to the translation of the panic and anger radio messages intercepted by the battleship's stations, given in plain text from transports that identified themselves by hysterical call signs. The radio of the attacked ships was silent , which might have meant that they had already sunk, had it not been for the various pretentious expressions repeated several times in the text of the radio messages.
   As always looking like a barefoot savage, Charlotte also sent them her regards:
   - When the winner is the man - the consequence of death and humiliation! When a woman-life and pleasure!
   Gerda added:
   "Women spend more on their victories than all the armies of the world, but they take from the vanquished a contribution which is given with much greater alacrity!"
   Steel Arnold added:
   "Sometimes.".. The woman in contrast to the army without uniforms, wins faster!
   Almost naked bikini honey, and with bare feet graceful legs, Magda complemented:
   - Unlike men for women the real victory is achieved after surrender!
   After these words, the soldiers of the Third Reich, again wary. Appeared in front of the first batch apparently caused them to intercept fighter aircraft fleet of the United States. There were only fifty of them, but the first dozen were heavy, three-seater.
   These are the famous converted fighter flying fortresses of the us army. Each of them has twelve air guns, and four 37-millimeter, and the rest of the 20-millimeters.
   Steel Arnold howled briskly:
   - These monsters are mine and the rest would be up to you guys!
   Christina spoke up:
   - Men dashing fight, them quickly separate! If women fight, don't fight!
   The captain and the coolest knight of the Fuhrer knows the weak point of these air fortresses: too large area of glazing for a better view. Because of this, it is possible to carry the cockpit with pilots at a long distance in the most elementary way. Naturally to admit close such monsters in any way it is impossible.
   So the Steel Arnold whistles, one burst of thirty-millimeter guns, and the armored glass bursts. And a dozen creepy combat vehicles to fall like downed from a slingshot sparrows in a deadly dive.
   The captain of the lucky fighter of the führer growls:
   - Here it is knocking out trumps!
   Charlotte added:
   And trumps the way marked!
   For the rest of the car the girls took very smartly. So that in all directions flew debris, and flaming spray. It looked more than Grand. So this whole pack Yes hammered. Let's go, girls!
   Steel Arnold also helped them a little. There was some resemblance to computer strategies. Or even with shooters, when an experienced player takes the enemy by tens, or even hundreds! However, captain dangerous angel of annihilation Hitler's preferred strategy, lose zero soldiers, and to destroy twenty million! This is really, truly chic, and super-achievement. That never dreamed of Suvorov and Zhukov. However, Steel Arnold, was convinced that at equal strength, would inevitably have smashed the boats.
   Gerda noted:
   - In war as in maps, you need to be able to fight back, and unlike them, you need to save the call, and pass to the enemy!
   Agnisara Charlotte, flexing muscles, naked press, it's not quite agreed:
   - War is the poker to pry the card is not cheating, but a feat of the scout!
   Christina was running on a seaplane, with bare feet, trying to soar into the sky, maybe to get close to them at sighting range, noticing:
   - To fight without cunning that to slurp soup without a spoon, only here hypocrites for some reason discuss only the last!
   Steel Arnold said:
   - In war everything is bigger than in civilian life, in addition to the sloping forehead of officers!
   However, the wit had to be interrupted. A new Armada of enemy planes appeared in the sky. It was as if a great flock of crows had burst from the horizon. Hundreds of enemy winged vehicles, thickly dotted with gun barrels and heavy machine guns. A terrifying and rapidly approaching Armada. Even the sky itself began to take on a sepulchral hue in the dying sun. It was as if a murder had been committed on him so heinous that even his blood had turned white.
   But Arnold didn't blink:
   "We'll give them one!"
   Gerda, whose bare knees were shaking and her heels were pounding, squeaked cowardly:
   "I'm scared!"
  Me too!" Charlotte Admitted.
   To encourage the girls to enter into a state of combat trance, Steel Arnold sang;
   Here before us a cloud rushing Horde,
   The enemy threw hand, making a tough bet!
   Well, what's the deal, Satan,
   It does not put strict rules in a frame!
   What to do Russian - chances are unequal,
   Fascism has a trump card-legions!
   But we are willing - sons of the Motherland,
   Since it is necessary to cut off the millions!
   What does the Fuhrer have at hand,
   Europe, the West, African resources!
   Don't get dues Nazi flour,
   Because there is no abruptly Russian army!
   Achieve can be, us just at a time,
   If we do not surrender and do not falter in battle!
   And there will be a fight-just the highest class,
   The enemy will be in Russia shafts!
   On the plane, we are committed to the fight,
   The battle is just a warm-up!
   And blood will be shed by a stormy river,
   Not a hindrance to us with a celebration bottle!
   We grind the Fritz, so the steam goes,
   That our tanks are super-reactive!
   And self-propelled guns broke through.,
   Will not stop even storms, heavy rains!
   Berlin is near, the bayonet in the hands of the glitters,
   You can see Hitler shaking!
   The Motherland is a solid monolith,
   Without the rod of faith, the nation will perish!
   Though retreated, we know to Moscow,
   But the course of the war, joking, turned!
   I know we should;
   End the journey in defeated Berlin!
   Arnold himself not understood, with what this he sang such a quite not in the contestant steppe song. But you can't get the words out of the song.
   Neither Gerda nor Charlotte, nor Christina and Magda, seemed to understand what they were talking about.
  And only slapped their bare feet and bare, very elegant heels.
   And German troops were already landing in Iceland. Operation "Icarus" was developed in full compliance with the plan. The Americans, exhausted by the huge losses in the air attacks succumbed like pearl porridge under a sharp axe. The mass surrender had already begun. Raise their hands black fighters. In new and new bunkers are painted with white flags.
   Magda shot down a few more planes, using the tenacious fingers of her bare feet, and said, " I'm sorry.":
   Is a genuine surrender of women is possible only to a real man!
  . CHAPTER 11.
  Arnold awoke in a luxurious and cushioned chair. It was decorated with precious stones. Next to him sat the Immortal boy, and on his left, too, in a luxurious chair, the Duchess of afara, she is the ruler of the city, the size of a little inferior to the area of new York. Well, the population, of course, smaller. Many luxurious houses and palaces stand empty or half-empty.
  But for many thousands of years have tuned a great many things. And fountains, and statues, palaces, assemblies, monuments, simple amusement rides, and tall houses. And they continued to expand the city, chasing unhappy, but always young and smiling slaves.
  Arnold was now seated before a sumptuous table. Served a large number of slaves and female slaves. And, slaves were though almost undisguised clothes, but with ornaments. Her ankles and wrists were encircled with jeweled bracelets. The slave girls also had earrings and hairpins and beads. A few even have diamond tiaras.
  Slave boys sometimes wore beads, too. They were much more elegant and cheerful, muscular, and more fleshy, and not as dry bodies as those who worked on the construction site or in the fields. The girls, too, were curvier and a little lighter in skin.
  The bare feet of the slaves and slaves were clean, and even the soles glistened as if oiled.
  They were serving dishes. At a huge table sat hobbits, a bit less elf, even less gnomes, and on several trolls and vampires. There was also a familiar man in a turban, and another in a Sultan, and a cloak. There were several other types from other races: one with the head of a lion, another a hybrid of a cat and a small elephant, turtles with the body of a half-man, a mouse with big ears of Mickey mouse, some cute bear cub.
  There was also a tiger, standing on two legs, with a tail, but monkey legs.
  And, of course, and APE, like gorilla but is larger and a high forehead, and a crown on her head. She was surrounded by several human slave girls, and two armored guards with monkey faces.
  Among the other guests, and the guards of the guard, were powerful, broad-shouldered individuals with boar heads, but the torsos of athletes.
  Arnold noted that these are often found in Hollywood films in the style of fantasy.
  In General there were quite a motley company. And they worked their jaws vigorously.
  At the same time, the slaves staged spectacles. Two boys in swimming trunks, armed with swords and shields began to chop with each other.
  It was a real gladiatorial match. The boys with dark skin and blond hair were quickly injured and dripped blood from both of them.
  Two slave girls carried out bronze basins with coals, and began to throw red flaming stones under the bare feet of the boys with silver ladles.
  Those, though roughened by the soles, screamed and burned. But they kept fighting. Here is one of boys received serious wound, fell. The other held the point of the sword to his neck.
  Afara grinned and said:
  Most of the hobbits agreed. Part of the elves, as well as dwarves and trolls, turned a finger down-death!
  The majority of votes pardoned the boy, but with a red-hot iron cauterized the bare heel, forcing him to cry out.
  Then the girls fought with swords. Also cut sword against swords, and shield.
  The girls delayed the match. In sight they were experienced and well defended, and also sought each other seriously not cripple.
  Warriors were cut.
  The immortal boy asked Arnold:
  - Do you have such fights?
  The black commando replied:
  "Some of them fight underground with knives!" But usually on gloves, or bare hands!
  The immortal hobbit said with a grin:
  "You have a soft temper."
  Arnold did not agree:
  - Sometimes and kill and maim even when hands in gloves! So Boxing is a harsh sport, and fights without rules even more so!
  Afara noted with a smile:
  "We rarely get to murder!" Except when fighting with the beasts. And usually we pardon the losers! We generally treat our slaves humanely!
  Arnold nodded:
  "It shows! Slaves in diamond jewelry!
  Afara smiled and remarked:
  "Gems are more common in our world than in humans. And so they are not so expensive! Although in the quarries slaves work hard. We change slaves from time to time. One sent from the servants to the quarries, and the others from the quarries to the servants! Some boys and girls don't want to go back to the mines. And their comes brutally flog!
  The immortal boy remarked:
   But traces of the flogging is easily healed!
  Afara nodded:
  - Yes! They are very healthy and hardy slaves, and tenacious. Although the air in the mines is bad, it is not so bad for their bodies. And we try to ensure that they alternated work on the surface and under the ground. In addition to those slaves working in the quarries would give clearance light magic. So they can plow for centuries!
  The immortal hobbit shouted:
  - Come on girls move! Or kill each other faster. And the you still move!
  Now the boys began to throw coals under the girls ' bare feet. They jumped and screamed.
  On more gentle those have boys soles, in sight girls worked not in quarries, and on fields, where soil soft, bulged blisters.
  It all looked pretty cool.
  Arnold gurgled:
  - It's disgusting and cruel!
  Afara chirped with a smile:
  "The world is cruel! And against it you will not trample!
  The immortal boy remarked with a smile:
  - Yes, against such there is nothing to argue... And that all in the universe is soft!
  Arnold replied wittily:
  - The girl's Breasts are both soft and sweet!
  Afara agreed:
  "It certainly is!
  An immortal boy with a snarl of teeth, noticed:
  - This is a real adventure!
  Finally one of the girls received a serious wound and fell. The warrior put her foot on her chest and pressed the point of her sword to her throat.
  The girl whispered:
  - Spare.
  The immortal boy yelled:
  - Cauterize both her heels!
  Red-hot pieces of iron touched the slave girl's bare feet, and she screamed in savage pain. Then she jumped and was restrained by the boys.
   And carried away howling and crying...
  Arnold said harshly:
  "It's so cruel and disgusting!"
  Afar shrugged and replied:
  - Of course, it's not very humane, but... that's fighting to loser, hurt. And her heels will be smeared with ointment and everything will pass without a trace. Yes even if not treat, then with its the body all perfectly and quickly and so will heal! Those men who received wounds without being our slaves did not get off so cheaply. Without magic, and people pursue in their countries magic and magicians from wounds remain ugly scars, which constantly aching, itching and aching, can fester. And a man who breaks his leg can remain lame for the rest of his short life!
  The immortal boy nodded:
  "A lot of people suffer from toothache or gout or something for years and die in agony. Many people, without the stigma of magic die from a cold or fever or even a sore throat managed to catch eternal summer. The immortal boy spread his hands and remarked. - To forty years rarely who from people has good health, and so slavery have us, this way to several centuries feel perfectly and not fall ill! And for this gift to the person, quite we have the rights, the slave to torment a little and to force to work! And we try to be fair, and even those who work in quarries, we transfer to other works. Or let's make the weekend fun!
  Afara nodded:
  - Yes! To be a slave to a man is a chance to live five hundred years, without a hole in his teeth or a sore joint, and without a single gray hair. They do not even need to shave-eternal teenagers! Always cheerful and happy! And if you are particularly fond of the hobbit, you can generally live in luxury and have their own slaves and slaves! The young Duchess asked with a smile. - Nu than our slavery essentially worse, than in have people? Most of them are not formally slaves, but serfs or workers. They also work from dawn to dawn, but at the same time they suffer from diseases, old age, and toothache. Even the nobles in the Kingdom of men, by the age of forty, do not look very well and are weak in health. And to seventy years rarely and kings live!
  The immortal hobbit nodded:
  - There is no happiness have people on will! And the stigma on reduce leverage, not very the and markedly, but gives long life, health, and cheerful, obedient character! And they did not suffer morally from slavery!
  Afara said with a smile:
  "Slavery is a fair price to pay for centuries of existence without disease or old age!" It would be unfair to other people that they are free, if the slaves would get everything for nothing and at once!
  Arnold thought of a movie about a women's prison. There the prison was quite modern, and quite comfortable. And it's always women were stripped and searched. And too often and for no particular reason.
  And the explanation was that sitting in cells with a TV and a shower, and almost no work, and eating well enough-unfair. It turns out that women who have committed crimes live as in quite a decent living room, and still eat for free. They must be punished a little. As well as beating prisoners physically inhumane, then you need the criminals to get mentally, the humiliation of a search warrant.
  And it really won't feel real punishment and will not be afraid of jail!
  There's something in that, " Arnold agreed. In fact, many living rooms, especially in provincial cities, are worse than Federal prison cells. And the woman-criminal may seem that she got off too cheaply, having got almost to the sanatorium, having committed a serious crime( and for trifles usually do not put, or put for a very short time!), and that you can continue to create lawlessness almost without suffering.
  In this respect, of course, slavery must cause some inconvenience, since you live for five hundred years, which even by modern standards of the twenty-first century is fantastic. And being always young and healthy!
  Accurately, so as Arnold constantly trains in papers, and dangerous missions, but for something so thank, and already a lot of money! As incidentally and have professional boxers.
  Also you have to pay and blows to the head, liver, kidneys and exercise, and debilitating weight loss and diets. When you eat fish and rice, not what you want.
  Such is the hard fate of martial arts fighters. And if professional boxers at least well paid, some fighters become crippled for a penny.
  However, and in professional Boxing good fees have few.
   You can remember the movie: "rocky." How much did Balboa have to fight? And not so easy!
  Arnold was distracted by the food, he forgot that he was hungry as hell. And let's eat treats. There was a lot going on. Even a hybrid of bison and pineapple.
  And eat yourself.
  Here's a new fight. This time two slave boys with spears and shields fought against the wolf.
  The boys were spared, and the beast was small and not too fanged. But still not so weak that it was immediately filled up.
  The fight began with blood and strokes. And the exchange of shots.
  Arnold, meanwhile, was eating itself.
  The immortal boy remarked:
  - Does the duel still nothing! And at all something electric storm sometimes sparkle when fight mages!
  Afara answered:
  - The best show at the end! We will feast for a long time! Until we all fall asleep!
  The immortal boy nodded:
  - There is magic gives a boost of energy, and we all fall asleep at the same time! And until rejoice fighters!
  Wolf received several injections, and lost the speed. In turn, he managed to scratch the legs and stomachs of the boys, and bit one sensitively.
  But here is boys-slaves his terminally finished off, and the beast subsided.
  On applause they left the lists.
  Next came three slave boys on each side. They were armed with clubs, and began to hammer each other.
  Also such a funny sight.
  The immortal boy chewed the leg of a hybrid bison and pineapple, and judiciously remarked:
  "We're trying to keep people from dying." Humanity in action!
  Arnold asked:
  "Why don't the hobbits fight?"
  The boy-immortality promised:
  "They will! But near the end! In the meantime, watch what you have.
  Arnold ate some more. I remembered weddings and funerals. How many then people managed to eat. Especially at weddings! And fit in their stomachs!
  Yes fantastic! Well these elves and hobbits, that not suffer from diseases and not know old age! Not like people who have constant pain. Can, because children and such merry that movement brings joy, not pain.
  Immortal boy, it seems, is not too interesting to watch such fights, and all pulls to chat. Now he asked Arnold:
  "Do you believe in God?"
  The black commando shrugged:
  "I'm more of an agnostic!" Believe that God, likely, there is, but He for people incomprehensible!
  The immortal boy nodded in agreement:
  "That is the wisest reasoning! What is unattainable and incomprehensible! And here is you have on Earth full of the religious fanatics, in including and those that argue that if God only one!
  Arnold noticed:
  - Do you have gods and a lot of them?
  The immortal boy confirmed:
  - There is and with many I communicated! As there are jinns and angels and other entities!
  Arnold answered laconically:
  - Congratulations!
  The immortal boy remarked:
  "What's interesting is, I'm almost like a God too... Not omnipotent, but with abilities close to a regional God. In fact, there are even disputes who can be considered God and who is not. For example, the king of the Jinn is superior in power to many gods, comparable to the higher entities. And some gods so themselves, calling, quite small and to the same mortals! So in the world in the world everything is relative, and it is not necessary to draw clear lines. Probably not even in the world and in the universe!
  Arnold asked the immortal boy:
  "Are you happy?"
  He answered with a smile:
  "Almost! But still something is constantly missing! Something want still...
  Afara prompted eagerly:
  "An immortal friend!"
  The eternal boy nodded:
  "That too!" And of course immortal children! And can be and immortal parents! And grandparents!
  Afara nodded:
  "You can't have that many at once!" Although, of course, same, exist immortal people - was would he happy?
  The eternal boy noticed:
  "Angels and genies live a long time compared to hobbits, dwarves, vampires... but are they happy?" That's the question!
  Afara said with a smile:
  - And people live not so little as it seems! They have mortal bodies, but they also have souls!
  Meanwhile, five boys were unconscious and dragged out.
  Then the girls fought. The fight sword against a Trident, or crooked sword against axes.
  The immortal boy remarked:
  "It's good when you don't hurt!" But you people have not yet solved all the problems in medicine!
  Arnold said honestly:
  - Perhaps even most of the problems! Old age, for example, do not learn to treat!
  The immortal boy suggested:
  - So let's drink to eternal youth!
  Arnold readily agreed. He was in the right place at the right time.
  Afara clinked her goblets.:
  - The future world will be happy, but whether violence will disappear in it - that's the question!
  Arnold suddenly asked the Immortal boy:
  "Do you know Jesus Christ?"
  The eternal boy answered the question with a question:
  "What do you mean, I know?"
  Arnold replied confidently:
  "I mean, have you seen Him?"
  The immortal boy answered honestly:
  "At that moment I was wandering through other worlds, of which there are many, and believe me, your earthly world is not the most interesting! So I've only heard of Him.
  Arnold asked softly:
  "You think Jesus existed as a person?"
  The immortal boy replied with a smile:
  "It's almost like a legend. I did not find the apostles alive. But there was talk of Christ. And that there is truth, and that lies, and that embellishment of reality... of Course, from scratch such a great faith could not arise. But on the other hand, it could have been done by some mischievous Genie, or God's son!
  Afara asked:
  - In the sense that Jesus is the embodiment of Almighty God who created the Universe, there is no reason to argue! I think Altmer could do!
  Arnold was surprised:
  The immortal boy grinned and replied:
   Altmer is me! And you are your honor, in General, a special forces officer, which means a cool person!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  "I guess I'm cool!"
  Afara suggested:
  "Maybe you could fight someone in the arena."
  Arnold said firmly:
  "Except with a beast!" To a person, especially a slave I in any case I will not fight!
  Altmer and chuckled, Baring his teeth, said:
  "Not with a human?" Ah, that same animals can be and differently to withdraw!
  You personally whom prefer-larger or smaller!
  Arnold said defiantly:
  - It's better bigger!
  Altmer agreed:
  "You'll have a bigger beast." Can make a request to battle!
  The black commando exclaimed:
  "I'm making a bid!" I will fight!
  Altmer jumped and properties, shouted:
  - We soul of not clowns and always let us fight! Come out to fight the great, black warrior!
  Arnold was full of confidence that he would show a good fight. But he had to put down all his weapons and pick up his sword and dagger. The sword was as long as a man and very sharp. The dagger, too, quite a long and capable impress lethally.
  Arnold wanted to put on his armor just in case. But Altmer yelled at full throat:
  - Fight fair and square, with a naked torso! Otherwise there will be no fight!
  Arnold swore, but agreed! What should he be afraid of? And without risk fight even it is no fun!
  And now he was in the ring, huge, muscular, terrible. A true black warrior and Titan. To whom any sea will be knee-deep. And his whole appearance saying that his opponent is not scary.
  Then there was a deafening roar, and a saber - toothed tiger, a giant the size of an elephant, sprang into the arena. And his saber teeth were pure diamond.
  What a monster! The public received the appearance of such a rival with wild delight. Especially howled trolls...
  Arnold grinned and said:
  "I'm not me, and the Tigger isn't mine!"
  Then a black warrior with a sword made a graceful figure eight. It is of course in the special forces learned how to fight with a stick, and also fenced a bit on the foil, and in short, in a duel with swords, not a complete Amateur.
  And I would have been ready to fight with the local fighters, although some of them, to be honest, were too fast, even for an outstanding person. Yes and in principle - magic, there is magic! It gives phenomenal, cosmic, power!
  Arnold, however, tries to set himself up for a difficult, but still a victory. Although losing strategy immortal the boy, black giant themselves feels not too confidently. So he is not omnipotent!
  Conclude the bet. Who is giant, and the rumor that black soldier destroyed an entire army of trolls and goblins have already spread. And they mostly bet on Arnold. Some, however, say that the stranger fought some special, foreign weapon, and people from the planet Earth very quickly develop science, so that they are not to be trifled with. And here is how this giant will show themselves with sword and the dagger?
  Arnold saw that the beast was not only large, but fast. A tiger is a tiger. This is not wolf spears prick, Yes and the he the boys has managed to scratch.
  No, there must be special methods against the tiger, and this is not the easiest prey.
  Who put the immortal boy, remained a mystery: the rate is hidden. But this only added to Arnold's uneasiness.
  It wasn't easy. But how many times black commando looked into the eyes of death?
  And this time fight and win... or die!
  The Gong sounded, and the saber-toothed tiger leaped, flashing stripes of color. Arnold deftly from claws, and fangs-sabers. He tried to slash with his sword, but the point missed.
  The saber-toothed tiger leaped again. His paw suddenly changed direction, and even though the black commando was gone, it hit him on the torso. A red streak appeared on the charcoal skin. More precisely as much as three stripes.
  Arnold felt the pain. What sharp claws this monster has. The us warrior slashed at the tiger in fury. The sharp blade sliced through the skin. Orange blood flowed.
  The monster growled and attacked Arnold again. The mighty commando rolled away, missing the carcass above him. He even scratched his stomach with a dagger.
  Cut the opponent, new drops appeared. Although skin have monster and thick.
  Tigers arched. He lunged at Arnold, rolling over. Although the black commando was gone, a clawed paw sliced open his Trouser leg and sliced through the skin and some flesh on his thigh.
  The black commando spoke out:
  - You scratch like a whore!
  And again made an attempt to counterattack, the sword was very sharp and hurt the skin, durable monster. But so far it has not caused significant damage. Tiger continued to attack. He apparently had some experience of fighting and signs of intelligence. For example, his paw kept changing its trajectory. And despite all the agility of the black commando again touched him. And the claw pierced a chest muscle, causing suffering, and knocking out a fountain of scarlet blood.
  Arnold growled:
  "You're lying.
  And black spetsnaz with all forces lupanul sword on the back in a jump tiger, hoping to break the spine. But the tiger was in motion and softened the blow. Moreover, the monster managed to turn, and hit the Fang-saber on the side of the commando. He even screamed, kidney bruised badly, and cut the skin.
  Arnold fell, and barely managed to roll away. She suddenly felt like a prey, not a hunter. Not like he dictates the rules, and goad on it.
  The tiger leaped again, the commando fell, and the dagger clawed at his stomach again. But the beast is too big. Scratches damage colored, as if in rainbow stretch of wool, but not inflict decisive damage.
  Arnold croaked:
   The devil, the devil, the devil save,
  Someone, someone, someone punished us...
  Give us, give us, in the hands of swords,
  Against, against the new plague!
  And then the commando kicked the monster in the forehead. Hit well, but he missed the poke Fang in the stomach, and the muscles of the press, still thoroughly took and punched.
  Arnold received this time a serious injury, but the usual willpower suppressed pain.
  The black giant stabbed at the mouth with his sword, but this time he got a paw on the thigh.
  Drops of blood spattered him. And the muscle broke through. In General, Arnold was a bloody mess on the outside and held on by an effort of will. However, his will is unshakable.
  The black giant croaked:
  "No, I'm not crying or crying,
  Believe me, I do not curse my fate!
  And as Arnold's only to put the enemy's sword, when he again tried to hit his paw. A pair of clawed fingers flew off.
  The black giant felt a tremendous rush of adrenaline. And with wild frenzy, lashed out on adversary. The strikes followed the strikes. Swords cut the snout of a saber-toothed tiger, slit its gums. Further, between the ears.
  But the sharp saber-Fang, again landed on the already wounded side, causing terrible pain.
  But Arnold, in a fit of rage, kicked the tiger in the chin. And a couple of teeth, knocked out with blood, flew high up.
  The black giant growled:
  - The enemy does not surrender our proud eagle,
  No one wants mercy!
  And again Arnold in the attack. If perishing to beat so to beat. He wouldn't give his opponent a chance.
  Tiger made kind of that backing away, and can and indeed experienced fear. However, when Arnold went on the offensive, then suddenly the tail of the predator-giant hit him on the body. The black giant was knocked down, and immediately a heavy paw of the bully fell on him. His arms nearly broke from the blow, and blood flowed from them. The cuts were on the skin.
  Arnold managed to jump up, and moved in the answer, but his pace pierced and rotten saber-Fang. Even a broken bone cracked. And this is a very serious damage.
  The black commando barely managed to get away. One of his legs is now broken, which means maneuverability has plummeted. And the chances of winning the fight decreased. A huge opponent is still very strong.
  Arnold hissed:
  - Against the tiger, there will be games!
  And still is gone from wave of hoisted, slashing enemy. The, obtaining, on claws, again sabres-fangs shook his. He hit Arnold on the back. Again the tearing of the skin. The black commando suddenly felt weak from his wounds and loss of blood.
  And therefore, should be faster to finish the fight. Arnold leaped up and thrust his sword into his opponent's eye. The blade went straight into his eyes, slid down the channel.
  And at that moment, a sharp Fang of a tiger, struck the chest of the black commando. And even the point came out of the shoulder blade.
  Arnold, despite the wild pain, did not lose consciousness. He continued to press the blade, trying to get to the brain. And on his again collapsed hoisted.
  But the black warrior kept pushing and pushing.
  And the saber-toothed tiger beat him with his paws in his savage rage.
  Arnold's head was buzzing with the sound of a band playing. But continued to poke the enemy.
  At last the saber-toothed tiger was quiet...
  Almost at once the sky fell on Arnold, and his consciousness faded.
   The immortal boy exclaimed happily:
  - Great fight! Wounds and nothing will fix it!
  . CHAPTER 12.
  Arnold, now delirious, a badly wounded man, saw his beloved girls again.
  The girl is in the peaceful pause between the wars.
   And now they had to make a traditional run with a load and in a bathing suit. And after all already the end of January, autumn and winter.
   The winters of the Second and forty-third years, as we know, were early, and already on the road lies a fairly thick layer of snow, making it difficult to run, and burning the bare feet of a girl, red heels.
   A need to escape in a circle of twenty miles and loaded - because they are the elite of the elite. Women who are to give birth to superhuman beings also acquire superhuman qualities in themselves.
   On the snow are beautiful prints of the girl's bare, perfectly shaped nogenic. They look very seductive, although the girls themselves are not laughing.
   Gerda runs barefoot through the snowdrifts, her legs are flushed, and burn as if they were dipped in boiling water. Snow-white warrior, dropped the phrase:
   - Of course, in this there is, something romantic, but and simultaneously painful for. Especially against the background of the African and Australian heat, it seems that it is terribly cold!
   Charlotte, whose veins had turned purple on her knives, corrected her partner:
   - No, not seems, and indeed very chilly! There's nothing to be ashamed of. Frost!
   Gerda noticed:
   - At the end of January in the center of Germany already frosts? And more than twenty degrees? Amazing!
   Charlotte corrected him:
   "It was minus twenty-seven on the thermometer when we ran out. M-Yes! Winter is harsh. Even very severe as in the forty-first year!
   Although it is logical to have noticed:
   - It is good that we did not go on a campaign against the USSR this winter. Otherwise we'd be frozen solid!" How would our poor soldiers fare at such a time? It's hard to imagine!
   Charlotte tossing her lovely bare foot snowballs said:
   - Our people as true Aryans and this frost will withstand. Here is on expense technology I not am sure!
   Although there was surprised:
   "Why is that?" After all, we Germans are just famous for their ability to both invent and implement the latest technology!
   Charlotte explained:
   - A significant portion of our gasoline is still made from coal by the method of hydrolysis. This means that such fuel crystallizes in the cold. Decompose into non-flammable substance. And what is a tank, armored personnel carrier or any other vehicle without fuel?
   Although there are agreed:
   "It's nothing!
   Charlotte hopped her feet in the snow and added:
   "And the grease for our guns." Or more precisely a submachine gun. It will be elementary to freeze in the mechanisms of fire. I mean, you know. The war with the USSR in conditions of this winter would have been suicide!
   Gerda was a little surprised:
   - What the Red Army the data of temperature factors do not act? That Russians are enchanted?
   Charlotte began to explain:
   "Of course not, but... You see, most of Russia is an area of harsh continental climate. They are accustomed to the typical Siberian frosts of fifty degrees. For them the entire technique adapted to movement in conditions big, and deep snowdrifts. Therefore, the Russians can use their machines in conditions that seem to us prohibitive!
   Gerda even whistled, raking the snow with her scarlet bare feet, in surprise:
   "I didn't know Russians were so smart!" They, it turns out, can much... All the better, that our great leader, not began winter to come on their mighty army!
   Charlotte, who was flashing her bare heels, agreed without controversy:
   "It's really better." And for them and for us! However, I am sure our Fuhrer would have found a way to defeat the enemy even in the most difficult conditions for us.
   Gerda exclaimed eagerly:
   "I don't doubt it! Certainly would, found a way! He is more than a man, even a man of genius!
   Charlotte giggled, her bare, round, snow-red heels flashing:
   "Like Leonardo DaVinci?"
   Gerda had supported her attitude:
   "Why?" Although comparison with some Italian artist. Even a still dubious sexual orientation, too perishing loosely for greatest ruler all since the and peoples!
   Charlotte lifted a snowdrift with her bare foot and added in a ringing voice:
   "Too weak indeed! Also an artist... Even children of three years can paint quite good drawings. There is no point in extolling and praising someone!
   Although repeating the maneuver for her friend, she was vzryhlite bare foot snow and put it:
   - Real great people, only humiliates comparison, with whom would the nor was! As if you can find an analogue of diamonds?
   Charlotte corrected him:
   "Not diamonds, but diamonds!" And in this case probably even surbrillance!
   Gerda winked playfully at her friend:
   "Why?" If there are supermen, why not super stones?
   Charlotte giggled in response:
   - When it comes to the prefix over, it can be used in the widest possible meanings. And as superhuman and as sverhamin! These definitions relate only to our attitudes. And everyone sees the world in their own way, even if the state and carries out unification!
   Although there are logically calculated:
   - Unification is impossible! It is contrary to human nature! All people are surprisingly different. In this and there is the most a significant difference their from monkeys!
   Charlotte, shoveling snow with her bare feet, added with some skepticism:
   - Our main difference from animals is that we do not always act on the basis of considerations of personal benefit. Although of course if there were representatives of other worlds, they would consider our behavior illogical.
   Here Gerda objected:
   "Why would they exist?" The very existence of other civilizations is quite scientific. And even more than logical. After all, it is correct to assume that if we have life on Earth, then other planets must have their own intelligent representatives. Otherwise it is like the thoughts of a hermit in the desert who thinks that there are no other people in the world besides him.
   Charlotte corrected him:
   "More like the idea that the rest of the people never existed!" In General, people tend to neglect dialectically thinking. Not all people, and the most narrow-minded of the members of this tribe.
   Gerda teased her friend:
   "You sound like you don't care about people."
   Charlotte was there:
   "What is a man?" The very definition of this concept is more than relative! It's not just a Primate. In man there is, something greater, than from animal! That stands far above the instincts! What anyone will say-a person thinks not only for himself. It has something not rational, but at the same time changing the physical laws of the universe. Gerda several times vzrykhlila bare feet snowdrift, while feeling not only burning, but also pleasant tingling, as if from an electric current. It is such a pleasure to feel your strength, even jumping on very cold snow, which is something like the fire of a medieval rack.
  Gerda noticed:
   "To some extent, the torture of the Inquisition was justified. They show the courage of mere mortals. After all, an innocent person is simply obliged to show firmness and fortitude during savage tortures. Otherwise, he's not a man, but a rag!
   Charlotte agreed:
   - Of course same, real the guy should tolerate, various physical inconvenience. After all, we can not on a planet with limited natural resources to ensure a decent standard of living for all!
   Naked in a bikini Gerda here was forced, though she did not want to agree:
   - Yes, in this cruel world, can't all be equally rich. And such equalization would be elementary harmful. After all, if everyone is equal, what is the point of improving and having phenomenal achievements? There is an averaging and destruction of more developed natural abilities. Competition is the real engine of progress!
   Barefoot in a bikini Charlotte here willingly, even with some heat agreed:
   "You're right, friend. Even without any new ideas, it must be admitted that competition generates new ideas.
   Gerda corrected her friend:
   "That's a tautology. And ideas do not need to be raped, they come by themselves!
   Charlotte then replied:
   "What in our world is given without violence?" Our entire society is a torture and enslavement. Don't know if God, but the existence of evil is obvious to everyone!
   Gerda here was forced to agree:
   - UVA evil is obvious to all! Here of course there are many places deserving of surprise. But what is good? And there is no clear definition!
   Charlotte, shoveling snow with her bare, elegant soles, agreed with great eagerness:
   "Of course not! After all, in the same Bible it is said: love your neighbor, and hate your enemy!
   Gerda interrupted onezero friend:
   - Nowhere does it say - the enemy hate! There are different interpretations!
   Charlotte giggled:
   "And the stars will fall from the sky!" That's what awaits us!
   Christina squeaked:
   - And what ones will be pressed in the fall of the land... Even scary to think of.
   Gerda shook her head very vigorously:
   "You don't have to explain theology. It's too boring. Let's think about how we can break out of the circle of learning, and engage in a specific, severe male combat?
   Charlotte sighed and said:
   - Concrete things... In it the entire and weakness! Their General considerations are too easy to build a moral!
   Gerda hastened to add:
   "And not just morals. Those or other motives actions, in most case mysteries not only for us, but and for surrounding. To some extent, the very fact that you do the forbidden, causes a person a mad buzz. Here plays a role the desire to do what is not allowed!
   Charlotte agreed:
   - Well, of course. It is in man by instinct to be higher than he is. And for this purpose it is necessary to make and not quite usual and loyal acts. To show obstinacy... First of all to the stubborn nature. Which, dared to limit, human fanatical framework.
   Gerda slapped naked, tanned, elegant leg on the snow, agreed:
   - Yes truly, fanatical! Man is not so bad as to suffer like this. Especially from disease and old age! And what could be more tragic for a woman than to lose her beauty.
   Charlotte agreed enthusiastically:
   - Yes, nothing! In principle, the loss of beauty for a woman is the greatest of all the tragedies which in principle can be. Here even the Devil himself will not offer the worst options.
   Gerda said philosophically:
   - And the Devil is not busy with the search for humanity the worst options. He just wanted it to be better, more fun and more diverse than God!
   Charlotte smiled slyly:
   "In this case, it could be. In any case, the fact that our world is not perfect is too obvious. There is not even need to argue about anything and prove!
   The girls fell silent. Of course, it is hard to race in the cold barefoot in the snow twenty kilometers, but for them it is quite familiar. Even to some extent, every step brings joy and is a barrier to your opportunities.
   Gerda noticed:
   "I wonder if we could survive a run on liquid helium?"
   Charlotte smiled, shoveling snow with her bare, elegant soles of her feet:
   "I think we could.".. Although at this temperature, there is an instant freezing of the flesh. And proteins crystallize!
   Although there are strongly disagreed:
   "It's ordinary people's proteins that crystallize!" And the true Aryans do not! After all, Superman, in fact, demonstrates the transcendent possibilities. And what you can only dream of!
   Charlotte smiled innocently:
   "You're right. Exactly what you can only dream of. But all the dreams of mankind, will sooner or later become a reality.
   Although there are agreed:
   "If you mean television, that's the way it is." And not only this e-mail box. In terms of entertainment and various attractions, we really made a huge step forward. Here already the most inveterate skeptic will not be able to object anything. Of course, in other industries, especially in medicine, our achievements are a little more modest. But there is a well-founded belief that we will pull this up too.
   Charlotte said hesitantly:
   - Do you know lagging muscle groups to tighten is the most difficult. Although in principle well realistically. But here we are, of course...
   Gerda interrupted her partner:
   - No, it is not necessary to speak about the difficulties! This immediately discourages all hunting...
   The fire devil corrected him:
   - Difficulties discourage only the lazy, and we do not treat them in any way. Or don't you agree?"
   Gerda waved her arms as she ran:
   - Of course same, I agree, but sometimes so difficult rape own muscle!
   When the run was over, the girls went to the gym. There they sought to pump up their own muscles and acquire even greater flexibility for the bodies.
   There were a lot of repetitions with small burdens, but many times.
   Although with a playful tone said:
   "We're being prepared for something.".. I suspect the conquest of Antarctica.
   Charlotte agreed:
   "It's possible!" Maybe this continent has a lot of oil or some other rare metals. Or maybe it's a great range for the coolest guys in the world. So that running barefoot on snow, us will only on favor of!
   The snow white warrior giggled:
   - Yes, it's the combination of benefit and suffering.
   The girls worked extensively on simulators. Thus vigorously exchanged the impressions.
   Although it is reasonable noted:
   - There is a stereotype that a Russian soldier does not know how to fight. However, the history of various wars just shows the opposite. In particular, the victory of the Russian army over the Ottoman Empire.
   Half naked in an elegant bikini Charlotte then corrected her partner a little:
   - The most valuable is the victory of Alexander Suvorov, not over the Turks, which, in General, for a serious enemy, no one perceives, but over the modern, European in this case, the French army. And the Russian Marshal won, considerably conceding number.
   Gerda noticed:
   - Actually, in German military science it is not accepted to extol foreign commanders, even such worthy as Alexander Suvorov.
   Bare-legged, and almost not covered by clothes Charlotte pulling hand with burden, have observed:
   "You know... I will tell honestly, I paid attention to Russians because they in early modern time, won against Frederick the Great. This, of course, plus they like soldiers...
   Gerda immediately clarified:
   "And the officers, and the generals, too! It is clear that some soldiers are not able to win the war!
   Agnisara devil quite reasonably said:
   - Yes without skillful commanders, soldiers at all not can, to be sure, even not will be able give battle! So the conversation is pointless.
   Gerd squeezing the bare, muscular, tanned legs, the cargo, noticed:
   "Everything is equally important - well-trained soldiers, enterprising officers, resourceful generals. Here, each component either leads to success or leads to failure. However, here I not d, you to explain elementary things.
   Charlotte yawned conspicuously:
   "Don't! Obvious me and so understandable, and complex.... - Agnisara warrior paused only could be heard the gnashing of raping simulators. "You can't explain the hard part." Since this is known only in practice. And to tactical knowledge, it is necessary to approach innovatively.
   Although a little wider, his arms and did some push UPS eight:
   - And who here would argue... It is clear that the war on the cards do not learn. This requires specific battles and more than certain decisions. Here even to discuss alternatives-it is a sin!
  Charlotte, what a miracle red, and very aggressive beauty giggled:
   "Yes, of course... Although the alternative path, and especially the exit, should always be ready! That only our life still will not throw out!
   Gerda sighed heavily:
   "If only the surprises were of an exceptionally pleasant nature." Unfortunately, it often happens just the opposite.
   Agnisara warrior in a bikini decided to turn the conversation to another topic:
   "What direction do you think the expansion of the Third Reich will take now?"
   Gerda, who was barely covered by a bikini, but relief muscles, logically replied:
   - The court on the latest steps, most likely to the West. And yet, or rather on the territory of the United States. Although, of course, the Yankees, the eagle Empire is a very strong opponent.
   Having, so little clothing, but many pride Charlotte here agreed to:
   "Americans are proud, no doubt! I was in the US and was in touch with them. They have a very developed sense of personal dignity and self-confidence. Residents of each state believe that they are the coolest, smartest, bravest. In addition, the Americans being in fact a one-day nation are quite sincerely convinced that they invented the wheel, gunpowder, matches, cannon, telescope, centrifugal pump. And each state attributes the discovery to itself.
   Gerda tossed her bare feet fingers a small pancake from the bar and immediately caught it, it's funny. While performing this exercise, she, Baring her teeth, answered:
   Well, it's not just for the Yankees typical. And there are plenty of such confident knights among our lads. You know: every Sandpiper praises his swamp!
   Charlotte here, too, began to toss her fingers naked legs pancakes, while noting:
   - You know, we, and other peoples, such occurs and does not occur. That is, in his praise is different. But Americans have such a gigantic conceit is found everywhere. It's even their thing.
   Gerda, who herself is almost naked, and barefoot, and froze slightly, and then objected:
   "And we?" After all we Germans, too, consider themselves carriers of Aryan culture better, which and there is no and be not can. Should we even discuss it? Will such talk help in the future battle. Charlotte, what do you think?
   Agnisara the devil, vigorously making press, and waving his naked, strong legs, said:
   - You can estimate the military potential in different ways. Here, for example, for reference information about the United States. The main territory of the United States (called the continental States) is located on the North American continent and extends from the Atlantic ocean in the East to the Pacific ocean in the West. In the South, the United States borders Mexico, in the North - with Canada. In addition, the U.S. includes 2 more States. In the extreme Northwest of the continent is the state of Alaska, also bordering Canada. In the Pacific ocean is the state of Hawaii. The border with Russia passes through the Bering Strait. The USA also owns a number of Islands in the Caribbean sea (for example, Puerto Rico) and in the Pacific ocean (American Samoa, midway, GUAM, etc.).
  She paused, jumped, and did a triple somersault in the air.
  Then the girl, slapping her bare feet, and playing with the muscles of her biceps, continued:
   Under one or another administration of the United States are (but are not included in them) a number of island territories with different status. On the territory of the uninhabited Palmyra Atoll, the U.S. Constitution is fully in force. The remaining territories have their own basic legislation. The largest of these territories is Puerto Rico...
   Almost naked in only a bikini, Gerda interrupted her partner:
   "You don't have to read me the information in the schoolbook. I know her well enough. Maybe we'd rather sing or do a dance than show off our more than controversial erudition. And even if not controversial, but not quite appropriate.
   Charlotte sighed deeply, flexing the muscles of her calves.:
   - But, of course, you must know the territory that we are going to manage. Especially those natural resources that should be developed. Even if you do, it wouldn't hurt for others to read it. - Agnisara warrior muttered. - The American subsoil is rich in reserves of various natural resources, including-stone and brown coal, iron and manganese ore. The Cordillera, Colorado plateau, Great plains and the Primexican lowlands have deposits of copper, zinc, lead, silver, chromite, vanadium, tungsten, molybdenum, titanium, polymetallic, uranium, mercury ores, gold, sulfur, phosphates and other chemical raw materials.
   The slopes of the Cordillera are covered with dense coniferous forests, the Appalachians with broad-leaved forests; there are almost no prairies left. Tundra vegetation is common in Northern Alaska. Rivers that formed deep canyons belong to the basins flowing into the Pacific ocean. The Mississippi (with a tributary of the Missouri) - one of the longest river systems of the planet - stretches for 6,420 km.on the border with Canada are the Great lakes-Upper, Huron, Michigan, Erie, Ontario...
   Gerda shoveling barefoot, very elegant soles of snow, interrupted her friend:
   "That's enough! I've got a head full of science anyway, so let's talk about men...
  Scarcely covered by her clothes, the muscular red-haired Charlotte winced at these words:
   "Men are needed only as males and as instruments of pleasure. In all other respects, women do very well without them. No about these pesky creatures, I do not have the slightest desire to speak.
  And the warrior bare heel broke the ice floe, and shouted:
  "Men, hang you for no reason!"
   Gerda, jumping up and turning the turntable with her bare feet, suddenly agreed:
   "Right! We will find a more pleasant topic for conversation. For example, let's talk about whether it is possible to produce electricity by fusion of hydrogen nuclei, or compression of sand!
  . CHAPTER 13
  Arnold woke up. He lay on a bed of gold and diamonds.
  A couple of elf girls were rubbing his body.
  Pain black spetsnaz, or any weakness not felt. So he wanted to get up. The elf girls squeaked:
  - While the afar did not come, lie down a little! You had a cardiac arrest, and this is serious!
  Arnold said with annoyance:
   Colonel Dickens said to me, " don't go looking for crimes on your ass."
  Elf stomping bare feet, chorus answered:
  "You are a great warrior, and a fine fellow!" With this tiger, no one wanted to be given without magic! You beat him fair and square!
  Arnold said logically:
  "Did I need this fight?" I even forgot to bet on myself!
  Elfiyka has brought the most a perfect notebook with hologram, on plutonium battery in box black spetsnaz and cast:
  - Feel free to play with great. Maybe even me!
  The second elf noticed:
  "You'll be paid to fight!" Most likely gold! Hobbits have a lot of gold in the mines, and you people love gold!
  Arnold shrugged:
  "Gold, that's good! Although again drag with a glee weight!
  The elf said with a smile:
  "Heavy gold is an easy burden!"
  Arnold agreed:
  "The weight of the trophy is light... but not literally!"
  The elf suggested:
  "Do you want me to give you a slave boy or a girl?" He will carry your bag of gold after you!
  The black commando shook his head:
  - Not enough, still get the burden of caring for someone else but yourself! There is no perishing beauties, one far more maneuver!
  The elf sat down opposite the African-American warrior, and offered:
  "Let's play!" Your wonderful machine so perfectly entertains and gives interesting stories!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  - Good stories gives and games! You can try...
  Black commando and do not mind, play. He didn't always have time to play strategy before. And then all will be hockey. The elf might not be an endless boy, and it would be easier to defeat her.
  Arnold has chosen the strategy of the city. You build a city and increase the population through migration, and the enemy builds. Further, the FORTS, and a set of regiments. And after mutual war. The winner is the one who destroys the other, or if the mission is too long, the computer will determine the favorite on points.
  Arnold liked the city mission in his own way. First, it is difficult to defeat the enemy by force: troops are not too much you can stamp, but the towers and walls without restrictions. Plus, the police are involved in repelling the attack on the city. So if you have an experienced opponent, then so quickly you will not win it!
  And the troops are not stamped too quickly. It is possible, for example, only one to have a building of Agency on hiring, and military Academy. So that decides here not brute force, and likely your ability to managerial.
  And destroy all the enemy - clearly not succeed! And he will decide who will raise the standard of living, collect more money in the Treasury, make a higher index of culture, and build monuments in General.
  Cities are cities! By the way, if another option: who will perform the minimum task of the mission: population, rating the prosperity rating of the city, the monument, the rating culture.
  And also definition. But until Arnold decided to give play a girl. It's not so simple: you need fire stations, architect's post, police stations, doctors and so on, otherwise you will not be able to avoid trouble! Here at all not brute force, and mind need!
  Arnold built houses, temples, the Palace of the big city, tax buildings, and so on. Set the above-average salary and the highest possible tax - at first it can be done!
  And began to build, while there was enough money. But it is possible, for example, in the Treasury and in minus to leave, and at the expense of the credit to conduct construction.
  Just do not get carried away much, because if the house does not have time to settle migrants, they, along with other buildings elementary collapse or burn.
  And, of course, it is necessary to build some walls just in case. But that's later.
  The elf having no experience, she was confused. Built far from the road, buildings that collapsed, then there is a fire. And agent and Academy of girl placed on different the banks of - arguing in sight about equilibrium. But this only slowed the rate of recruitment.
  The girl was mistaken and, having placed the Palace of the big city far away from the gold wells, it was necessary to do it as close as possible. Yes and at all was mistaken often, as novice player. And even initially not too cleverly wielded a mouse and joystick.
  Arnold had a big head start, and slowly built. The city in this kind of strategy is generally too fast to build: immigrants do not have time to move in.
  As the saying goes, you need to keep the pace.
  Arnold played automatically, and even a little lazy, so the money was deficiency of, plus we had to spend money on opening trade routes.
  Thoughts raced through his head.
  First, he keeps wasting time. Need to seek USB flash drive and chip with important information, and he itself here dangles. The second, at all, that he has fun, as a already virtually healthy.
  Arnold sang:
  - Although I have long been healthy, but I do not intend to remove the cast,
  At least the hands have become something like tusks...
  I don't care if my legs are like bollards,
  But I seem much more massive!
  I'm in a cast,
  I step on the heels of passers-by....
  But I like to seem like an elephant,
  And feel thick-skinned!
  Funny song, and it seems Russian.
  Arnold built the city blocks, and already filled the barns with grain, meat, and fish. The city grew rich and expanded. So the money from taxes went, as well as from the gold mines.
  And you can buy something copper! Will not be worse!
  Arnold played to himself and felt a certain boredom without war. His opponent was far behind and almost broke. Yes, bad luck!
  But here is some as withdrew from debts. But built slowly, and often she had fires, and destruction.
  Arnold even thought that he should have chosen such a strategy against the immortal boy. Maybe, especially if the opponent has no experience in this, he would have won it?
  Black commando, continued construction. The map is not always suitable terrain. Where the hills are, where swamps, where the Sands, and there the best built non-residential premises, and monuments.
  In the Sands it is best to have a barracks with soldiers, so they have a bad effect on the nearest territory and reduce the prestige of living in the area.
  In fact, a lot of things can be done and build, and reproduce.
  Arnold and statues were put to the majestic estates, raising the rating of prosperity, and they collect the highest taxes. And these glasses! What else can you not produce and do, in such a big city!
  Arnold played himself, and felt strong. Can be, and facilities colossal to do, including and temples and lighthouses!
  And then to build the pyramids!
  Arnold pictured himself fighting in more ancient times. Here is in particular in Africa forms state and conquers territory. Until, finally, the entire black continent becomes one! And there to build a huge Empire! Which is becoming a superpower, conquering space!
  Arnold even sang enthusiastically:
  The expanses of the universe conquer,
  Let us direct our power to creation...
  Above us the Golden winged cherub,
  There is no weakness, believe excuses!
  Yes here is have him already being shelved are prepared to offensive. You can check the strength of the enemy. She's got a weak army.
  Arnold was about to withdraw his troops from the FORTS when afara appeared.
  The hobbit girl was friendly and pleased. She said gently:
  "Well, my warrior, I see you are quite well!"
  Arnold roared:
  - I'm healthy, healthy, healthy,
  I don't need doctors!
  Afar nodded and replied:
  - The festival is not over yet! We usually have the celebrations last for several days. We want you to return to the Lodge and continue the feast with us!
  The black giant felt a strong hunger in his stomach and nodded:
  "Why?" I in principle agree! Why not feast?
  And the warrior of America sprang from his luxurious couch. The elf squeaked, her voice a little displeased:
  "We're not done yet!"
  Arnold nodded:
  - A instead themselves leave play computer! It will be even more interesting for you! I'll put it on the easy level, so you don't get upset! In the meantime, I will deal with strategic issues!
  The elf laughed and remarked:
  "It's a nice joke, but it's clumsy."
  Arnold answered logically:
  "It is better to hit hard than to joke weakly!"
  Afara agreed:
  "Certainly better!" In General, as one warrior: it is better to hit than a hundred times to say!
  Arnold agreed with it:
   Can't be any better!
  After what dressed in armor, and went to on feast. His trousers were as good as new,and his spirits rose. Especially when afara said with a smile:
  "For defeating the saber-toothed tiger, you will be given a diamond the size of a hen's egg." In your world for him would give more money!
  Arnold nodded with a smile:
  "Thank you very much."
  Then stood on his hands and walked upside down. Yes, a diamond is easier and more convenient to carry than gold.
  In the Central Church continued the feast, and was gladiatorial combat.
  In particular fought against crocodile two elf and a boy-hobbit. The girl from the family of elves experienced warriors, and the boy did not miss, very deftly stabbed the crocodile. The reptile, receiving damage, gradually bled to death. And her movements slowed.
  In General quite spectacular battle.
  Afara chirped with great satisfaction, the winner:
  - Let there will be a holiday till the morning, we will break fraera!
  The celebration was indeed raging. The crocodile eventually died.
  Then the girls cut a piece of meat out of it and ate it raw. The hobbit ate his tongue.
  It was funny enough.
  Until Arnold began to eat. Let's paw the boar in the diamond shell. And did it with great pleasure!
  The immortal boy turned to the black giant:
  - You're a great fighter! Although magic is a complete Amateur!
  Arnold said logically:
  - The people on the magic of the bet do not!
  Altmer agreed:
  "People can do fine without magic!" But here we are hobbits no! For us this importantly - magic!
  The black giant noted:
  - For magic their opportunities, and for technology their! Here everything is completely different!
  Afar squeaked and noticed:
  - Magic has its place there, but in some ways, she has technique!
  Alter boastful noticed:
  "People can't really go to the moon." And we in other galaxies with the help magic move! And I can kidnap any President on planet Earth if I want to!
  Arnold said angrily:
  - Kidnap! I personally do not mind them!
  Altmer giggled and said:
  - Yes, it's the words of a true warrior and manly hands!
  Afara said harshly:
  "You can serve your kings." And what they -- we Have a lot of hobbits are kings, and Dukes they are a little different!
  Altmer said:
  "Many hobbits would like me to be their Emperor." But I can kill any king with magic. And I have all the pleasures, including the opportunity to torment someone. Well, why would I want the responsibility, for the benefit of citizens!
  Arnold objected:
  - In caring for the prosperity of his people, too, has its charm. Do not think that bringing good to people is boring!
  Altmer answered honestly:
  "If anyone deserves to be happy, it's the hobbits!"
  Arnold said harshly:
  "Then make them happy by your rule!"
  Alter logical said:
  "What's wrong with them?" They live up to a couple of thousand years without getting sick, without getting old, and even without parting with childhood. Hunger not know, wars have fun. What else did they want?
  Afar with a sigh noticed:
  - Couple of thousands of years live only strong sorcerers! The rest less!
  The logical Altmer said:
  "A thousand years without getting old for an ordinary hobbit." And I can't make them all immortal yet!
  Afara noted:
  - Immortality is a cool thing!
  Altmer nodded:
  "I like it!"
  Arnold reminded him:
  "There was a writer from the late middle ages who had a different opinion!" However, if you're forever young, immortality is cool!
  Altmer giggled:
  "People take me for a boy!" Didn't want to sell me beer, so I am against them hypnosis!
  Arnold chuckled:
  "Hypnosis?" That's cool! And for a bottle of beer!
  The immortal boy remarked:
  "Have power and not use it?" It's kind of stupid!
  Arnold agreed:
  - Maybe stupid! But I, too, a bit possess hypnosis, but never them not enjoyed in purposes personal enrichment, and only in interests countries!
  Altmer said with a chuckle:
  - A lot in his life bullied! And this is a kind of pleasure! You don't know...
  Arnold responded by mind:
  "I know! Doing something that is not supposed to, it's sweeter than even ice cream!
  The immortal boy nodded vigorously:
   - Thanks for reminding me! Just ice cream and we did not have enough!
  And slapped his hands!
  Three girls in the ornaments, he offered them gold in diamonds the tray of ice cream. The beautiful slaves set down their trays and bowed low. Then they moved again, swinging their hips, covered only by strands of jewelry and large jewels.
  Arnold scooped up the ice cream with a Golden spoon. He put it in his mouth. Yes, it is indeed beautiful, and delicious to the taste, nothing better or even the like on Earth black warrior did not come across.
  He ate himself with great relish. Remembering one of the most successful special forces operations in Afghanistan. There they were able to capture a carload of emeralds as trophies. This is a great achievement. Yes received then Mujahideen a strong damage. At the same time, several tons of selected heroin were destroyed.
  That, too, was their good achievement. Arnold himself killed a lot of Taliban. The battle was in varying degrees of success, but ended in victory.
  However, all these successes have not helped America gain a foothold in Afghanistan. It was as if a superpower had encountered the law of karma. And it was becoming more and more obvious that we should leave.
  Apparently the higher powers decided that Afghanistan itself should determine how to live!
  And here against higher forces, even the coolest special forces are powerless.
  Arnold bent the gold spoon with his fingers, then straightened it.
  The immortal boy remarked:
  - I can do it better! And at all you some too big!
  Arnold agreed:
  "I've been told in Hollywood that I can only play freaks!" More precisely negative characters. Positive hero in the fray, should always be less negative!
  The immortal boy laughed and remarked:
  "Then I'm the best actor in Hollywood!"
  Arnold answered honestly:
  - If a part of a child then Yes! But you have the looks of a child!
  Altmer giggled and confirmed:
  "On Earth and other human planets, I was considered a boy. Where they did not sell alcohol and cigarettes, where they were not allowed to go to the movies. And other kids tried to test me! But with my abilities not was problems! And human the young boys, very quickly me obeyed and did their leader of! The immortal kid exclaimed, shaking his fist. - No, for my sake, everyone obeys! I can build my own Empire at any time!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  - You can do it! I believe it! But the Empire is not all!
  Altmer growled:
  "Of course not! The most important thing is freedom!
  Arnold confirmed:
  - America's slogan: freedom and wealth!
  The immortal boy agreed:
  "A beautiful slogan! I don't think there should be equality in poverty!
  Arnold nodded:
  - Equality in poverty should not be!
  Altmer said:
  "I want a lot!" But why would an immortal need a mountain of gold?
  Afar, with a laugh suggested:
  - In order to swim in it!
  "In grief?"
  The Duchess suggested:
  - Well, to still with it move out!
  Altmer giggled:
  "Well, that's closer to the truth!
  Arnold noticed:
  - Well when there is no problems!
  Altmer strictly objected:
  "Only idits don't have a problem!"
  The commando added:
  "And the saints!
  The immortal boy shook his head:
  "No, the saints are in trouble!" A true Saint always helps the weak!
  Arnold asked the obvious question:
  "Do you help the weak?"
  Alter in response to the chirped:
  "My answer is simple,
  I defeat those who are evil!
  Who same weak will help -
  I can't help it!
  Black commando approved:
  "Well said! But you're a bit of a bully, aren't you?
  The immortal boy said logically:
  - A bully is a relative term! For example, when people change the power, the one who changes it, he acts like a hooligan!
  Arnold said firmly:
  - A power and must change! This is an axiom of any society! And I'm glad that we have a term of government limited to only eight years - it's practical!
  Altmer giggled and said:
  "Eight years is too short for a genius, but too long for a fool!" So that here need more such...
  Afara suggested:
  - Maybe and us not Emperor, and common for all President hobbits elect, and then to no one was usually re-elect their every eight years!
  Arnold asked:
  - The President is elected for four years, but the maximum he can be only two fast - that is, eight years!
  Afara chuckled and noted:
  "Eight is a kind of sacred number!"
  Altmer confirmed:
  - It symbolizes infinity!
  Afara squeaked:
  "May our possibilities be endless!"
  Arnold agreed with it:
  "That makes sense!"
  The immortal boy confirmed:
  - Ultimate ambitions and unlimited resources to realize them!
  Black commando noted:
   But often the opposite ambition and the resources to implement them with gugelmin nose!
  Altmer asked sarcastically:
  "You mean your Empire?"
  Arnold nodded:
  "And the United States and beyond!" Everyone wants a lot! Too much!
  The immortal boy said logically:
  "Maybe that's a good thing!" Ambition stimulates science! Here we even have guns and muskets in mass production is not - all the old-fashioned way fighting!
  Afara said indignantly:
  "Why do we need guns?" Why spoil the aesthetics of war!
  Arnold agreed:
  - When the guns are firing, it lays the ears! Catapults are much better!
  Altmer happy chirped:
  - Planes are good, steamers are good,
  Sorcery is better!
  Afara agreed:
  - More or less everyone is happy and fighting with swords. Why mutilate yourself with pieces of lead?
  Arnold nodded his big black head in agreement:
  "It would be a curse if men or hobbits were still maimed with buckshot, or burned with flamethrowers. No it's not the best idea! And what is an atomic bomb do you know?
  Altmer confidently replied:
  "We know, of course! Anyway, I was on a planet where even hydrogen and a couple of annihilation rockets were used! It's not sweet at all!
  Arnold took it and sang:
  "There are no winners in the last war,
  No one escapes a volley of missiles...
  Who same need a just humanity death!
  While the conversation was going on, five boys against five girls fought in the arena. Warriors were several larger boys, and some as their overcame. Moreover, one boy was killed to death, and the others were severely chopped. Two girls were also seriously injured.
  Then the elf stepped into the arena. A lion had to fight against her. Which of course added to the intrigue!
  Altmer suggested:
  "Bet on the girl!" She always shows her class!
  Arnold said honestly:
  "I love girls!"
  The immortal boy chuckled and remarked:
  "Human women see me as a child. But for some reason do not disdain to go to the restaurant at my expense!
  Afara said with a smile:
  "People accept me quite normally. Just a girl of small stature! And you face round and childish! They think you're going to get them into trouble!
   Altmir noted, after a while:
  - But adults are literally shocked when I solve problems in higher mathematics faster than the computer!
  Afara whistled and noted:
  "You're a great knight!"
  The immortal boy squeaked:
  "I'm a kid, kid.,
  And for the job with the head!
  Meanwhile, the elf was fighting the lion. She deftly evaded from jumps of an animal, and struck blows the long sword and a dagger. Arnold noted the girl's speed and reaction. At the same time she worked for the public. Sometimes, allowing the lion to scratch itself on a bare leg, and even on a hip.
  Girl under this sang:
  "It's no use asking any elf for mercy,
  It is given to you to die if you are weak in spirit!
  The warrior deftly killed the lion. But she let him rip the loincloth from her thighs with a paw. Which enlivened the audience.
  And the girl is truly beautiful.
  Arnold noted:
  "You've got a real movie here!"
  Afara noted:
  -There is no not movies, there is no here all truly guy!
  The lion was finished off, and the girl stepped on the coal with her bare foot. And it seemed to her very cool!
  The immortal boy nodded and said:
  "And now I will fight myself!"
  Afara asked ironically:
  "With or without magic?"
  Altmer said with a smile:
  "When did I fight fair?"
  The Duchess confirmed:
  - Then go, tear up the opponent!
   The immortal boy noted:
  - And who in the battle will find, and who in the battle will find,
  With those joke not let us, on parts of'll tear!
  On atoms will erase!
  The appearance on the stage Altmire was welcomed. He was wearing shorts, and light-Holocene looked absolutely like a child. But in the hands of his magic wand, inside which the needle where the death of Koschei, and therefore it is the most fearsome warrior of this world!
  Arnold noted with a smile that seemed especially white against the black face:
  - Little hero with a big heart!
  Afara confirmed:
  - Yes this indeed-a boy-terminator!
  Arnold sang with a grin:
  "Oh, boys, we're raiders,
  Before tanks were the disobedient pilots!
  Oh, loved dollars, gold teeth,
  Before were greyhounds, and now steep!
  Altmer ready for any opponent. But this time something special will be fighting against him. It can not be immortal to spend a trivial battle!
  Afara noted, Baring her teeth:
  - Such now will misconception!
  Arnold said confidently:
  - Yes of course same will!
  The immortal boy yelled:
  - Call of fighters for the fight,
  Let them meet me!
  A million, a billion!
  I'm the wildest cat,
  In me now lives,
  Here is bares his mouth,
  The mighty leopard!
  The audience entered into the bet, not yet seeing the enemy Altmira. But everyone was betting on him, because an Immortal boy can't lose! It is impossible at all, so he is endowed with the magic of the higher gods! Nevertheless, everyone was sure that the show would be on top!
  Afara said wittily:
  - The audience is waiting for another feat!
  Arnold said confidently:
   And the feat will be!
  And that noise was heard and the arena went out... a Real seven-headed dragon!
  He's as tall as a dinosaur, but he's got wings and bigger heads with crocodile mouths. And burn them, spewing tongues of fire. This is a colossal monster.
  Arnold even sang:
  - Waiting for the three-faced monster of hell,
  Hell, fear of the gates!
  Human crow herd,
  A wild cry calling us!
  The dragon had a multicolored skin and shimmered. The arena was huge, like the Luzhniki stadium. So there was where to fight.
  Altmer sang:
  And if we have years ahead of us,
  We will win in the battle of the wild this...
  That will be a lot of heat and light,
  Fire burns in the youthful breast!
  . CHAPTER 14.
  Duel with a dragon indeed-this super!
  The Duchess with her bare feet squeaked, Baring his teeth:
  - The hobbit with the dragon, they are to be honest,
  Not a couple, not a couple, not a couple!
  The immortal boy bowed. The dragon rumbled:
  - That baby crush you!
  Altmer muttered with a grin of teeth:
  "I'd rather fry you!"
  The dragon opened its jaws and lashed out like a flamethrower.
  The immortal boy laughed back, and the streams of fire passed him by.
  After what in the hands of have kid-immortality flashed acute, very vividly glittering sword.
  Afar with a chuckle said:
  "He could blow up this monster with a bunch of energy, but instead it would be a serious fight!"
  Arnold confirmed with a chuckle:
  "We will fight on Earth, in the sky, and in the dark!"
  Altmer waved his sword. He deftly moved away from the flow of the dragon's flame. His seven-headed opponent tried to grab the immortal boy with his claws.
  The young warrior is very cleverly dodged and sang:
  "I'll cut the dragon's head off!" Better same believe me, not case!
  Afara agreed eagerly:
  "It doesn't happen."
  The sword in the boy's hands lengthened and one of the heads hit the blade and bounced off.
  And jumped like a Bunny.
  Arnold whistled and smacked his lips:
   That's a skill!
  Afara growled:
  - Our hobbits are the coolest!
  With her bare toes, the Duchess hurled an Apple core at the slave boy. He received a blow between the shoulder blades, bowed low.
  The girl sang:
  - Like rabbits, boys jump!
  Warrior and in fact configured, fight on all a hundred percent!
  But while the immortal boy fights. And he is a warrior fighting. Dragon fiery jets of his hook not can.
  Tries to shoot down wing.
  Altmer deftly evades and squeaks:
   Like a game of chess!
  And the immortality boy swings his sword like a sickle. And his opponent is scared lows.
  Here's a kid threw bare toes special boomerang. He flew, and struck the enemy in the neck. Cut off the other head like a razor.
  Then he grunted:
  "I am a Barber - you will not find me wiser!"
  The dragon roared:
  "I'll bury you!"
  Altmer giggled and said:
  - I will dig you, I will crush you!
  The boy winked again.
  And that as will take, and in the enemy to launch deadly and burning. Only far the dragon for immortality keep up.
  The young warrior leaped and sang:
  "I can wipe it all out,
  And you will experience a real shock!
  The dragon in response to something I tried to release, but only got the horns. The boy-immortality slashed his backhand sword, and the new head as will fly off, and jump like a ball.
  Then Alter squeaked:
  "I'm a mouse defeating an elephant!"
  Dragon in the answer, growled:
  The boy who had the power of a God squeaked and rolled over. His sword as swings into. And another head will fly up, and how zavershaetsya if they were uleu.
  Afara grunted:
  - This is indeed class winner!
  Arnold objected:
  - Class class, not whether...
  Afara interrupted:
  "It's not just the gods who decide who to be!"
  Arnold agreed and sang:
  "Everything in the world depends,
  From the celestial heights...
  But our honor! But our honor!
  From us alone depends!
  Altmer threw again, this time a boomerang in the form of swastikas in the dragon. Pierced his fifth head. And the boomerang was able to cut into a dozen parts of the monster's head. Red blood spattered in all directions.
  The boy roared:
  "I am the demon of hell!" You're not my kin!
  The dragon hissed weakly:
  - Let us we monsters with you!
  Alter strenuously objected:
  "No, I'm the hero!
   And the boy barefooted toes as grabbed in flight a dragon for nose. And drag him. But in General, was the enemy only has two heads. Yes tight account for the dragon.
  And the second head got a bare heel in the chin and sagged.
  Altmer sang:
  "Don't say too much,
  All reptiles we on scrapping!
  Afara winked at her enemies:
  - This at all became super!
  Arnold confirmed:
  - Yes remarkable in this case will!
  Here such fights go. The boy was released from the bare fingers of their children's feet, the lightning knocked the sixth head of the dragon, and asked sarcastically:
  "Give up?"
  The dragon muttered:
  "What's the point?"
  Altmer honestly said:
  "If I cut off the last head, you'll die!" If you take care of the rest of the head, then grow up!
  The dragon gurgled:
  "You know we don't give up!" I don't like other dragons, so...
  The immortal boy nodded:
  "Good! Not like it or to live and not need to!
  And Alter without any visible effort, tore her bare leg, the head from the body of the huge beast.
  Then he sang:
  - Finished the fight and I win go home!
  Afara exclaimed:
  - Your battle everywhere, where truth!
  The immortal warrior noted:
  "True or false is relative!"
  Afara noted:
  Lie in moderation, observing honor,
  Not to be taken at his word...
  After all there is a saving lie,
  And there is lies empty!
  Altmer agreed:
  "Sure is!" It's very cool!
  The corpse of the dragon was pulled by a whole pack of slaves and slaves. Yes, the carcass is considerable.
  Afara announced:
  "Slaves can eat dragon meat!" It will be solemn and excellent and cool!
  There was a murmur of approval.
  After what continued gladiatorial-fighting. Three girls and two boys were now fighting against the saber-toothed bear. In this case, all gladiators were human and risked their lives.
  And the bear big, a healthy, almost with ton weight.
  Afar noticed with displeasure:
  - It will be difficult for people!
  The immortal boy winked at her:
  - The situation is under control!
  Indeed, people moved quickly enough and stabbed the bear with long swords.
  But the beast itself on the contrary was some kind of slow. It's not easy to puncture it.
  But he himself could not keep up with the girls and boys. And they pinned him up like a carcass with holes in it.
  Afara squeaked:
  "It'll be all right!"
  Here is so his guys!
  Arnold confirmed:
  - Let's show the highest aerobatics! If it if! If! If! If!
  The immortal boy said logically:
  - A good battle all mutually acute! Here you would like to fight!
  Arnold shrugged his shoulders and replied:
  "Why would I risk it?"
  Altmer suggested:
  "Well, for - For the sake of not being thought a coward!"
  The black commando said firmly:
  - Just to fight is a very stupid!
  The immortal boy suggested:
  "You want to fight for a bag of gold?"
  Arnold answered logically:
  "And what will this sack give me in this world?" You'd better give me something like an airplane carpet or a pair of speed boots to get around faster!
  Altmer giggled and said:
  - For this you will need to fight with a very strong opponent!
  Afara suggested:
  "And if he fights me?"
  The immortal boy objected:
  "No! This is not a good option! And such a bully against the appearance of a girl!
  Arnold agreed with it:
  "I certainly won't fight the Duchess."
  Altmer then suggested:
  - Here is the best option-this battle with whom any of our guests! I suggest even with Troll Colorado!
  The black commando nodded:
  - If the bet is something that allows you to move faster, then I'm ready!
  The immortal boy remarked:
  "What do you prefer?"
  Arnold noted with a smile:
  - Something that allows you to fly, and is easy to control and that does not need to refuel!
  Boy-immortality with a chuckle replied:
  "You have to fight for that." But conditions the next - have you one sword, and have Colorado-magic and everything else!
  Arnold grunted:
  "I'm ready for that!"
  Afara noted with a smile:
  "A tremendous risk! This Troll black Duke and in magic strong! The more that you put in the answer?
  The black commando suggested:
  "I'll bet you the Diamond you gave me for fighting a saber-toothed tiger." Would you agree honestly?
  Altmer shrugged and noticed:
  "The Duke has many diamonds!" He would most likely prefer the arrowhead artifact! Which was fair!
  Arnold shook his head:
  "No! I need it myself!
  Altmer angrily replied:
  "So you won't fight?"
  The black commando spoke up and he roared:
  "No, I'll fight!"
  The immortal boy nodded:
  - Then let and realistically fight! Put the artifact for the discharge of arrows against the winged boots! This will be Superboy!
  Arnold banged his fist on the table:
  "I accept the challenge!"
  Altmer willingly nodded:
   I'll let you know about it!
  Then the immortality boy suddenly disappeared. And Arnold still watched the fight as the bear was finished off and remembered something.
  In one movie, someone decided to screen AI.
  Napoleon did not go to Russia, and generally married the younger sister of Alexander the First. This led to some changes in history.
  Firstly, tsarist Russia was at war against Austria, and occupied Galicia. Secondly, France organized Italy, and put there the son of Napoleon and the Russian Princess.
   And then Russia and France conquered and divided Turkey.
  Further, Britain was conquered by joint efforts. The Spanish colonies finally became French, as did much of Africa. And then India and Iran were occupied!
  After the death of Alexander the First, and the abdication of Constantine, a coup occurred, and the fourteen-year-old Roman Caesar Napoleon the Second was elevated to The Russian throne. And after the death of Napoleon in 1836-Napoleon II became the ruler of France and all of Europe and many colonies.
  There was a single super Empire that continued to expand. Napoleon then won the Second, and China and Indochina and the whole of Africa. And Australia and Canada. And died in 1879 at the age of nearly sixty-eight.
  Then Napoleon the Third succeeded to the throne. He wanted to fight, too. But all over the world, France has not conquered only the territory of the United States!
  And Napoleon the Third in 1890 year began war with America. The last country that was not a French possession.
  And a huge army of five million soldiers from around the world entered the territory of the United States.
  Forces would be unequal. But the Americans fought against Napoleon III very heroically.
  Especially four girls: Monica, Leia, Gertrude, Anna! And they fought like cobras and heroines.
  Monica hacked with her swords, and her bare toes made sharp disks. And punched opponents.
  And the warrior sang:
  "Glory To America!
  Leia, too, were cut with a foreign army with swords, and an aggressive hissing:
  - Glory to the best country in the world!
  And, too, bare feet launched murderous.
  Gertrude fought with a huge army, and also bare feet, throwing very sharp needles, and hit the enemies.
  The girl squeaked:
  - I'm a fighter of this class, which is super!
  Anna also fought, throwing murderous presents with her bare feet.
  And screamed:
  - Achievements have us big!
  But not fought, and very heroically this Quartet, but the superior forces of the French are still defeated them.
  The girls were captured. There they were stripped and brutally tortured. Twisted hands on the rack, beaten with a whip, and hot wire. The fire burned her bare soles, was applied to the bare soles of his feet a red-hot iron. But the girls did not recognize the new rule of Napoleon the Third.
  Then they were sent to work, almost naked in the quarries. And America became the new French province.
  When Napoleon the Third died in 1903 at the age of sixty-eight, Napoleon the Fourth became Emperor. His arrival marked a new reign. Strengthening the role of Parliament, and reducing the influence of the nobility. Gradually the world Empire became more democratic.
  And in 1917, the first man flew into space. Thus opened the era of Astronautics.
  In 1922, people flew to the moon. And 1933 on Mars. And by 1950 they had visited all the planets of the Solar System. But in 2000, the first flight to the stars began, a whole space expedition. Here is such a here is AI just from-for one marriage Napoleon Bonaparte with Russian Princess.
  As on the slightest accident depend the fate of all mankind.
  Arnold grinned and growled:
  "Anything impossible is possible in this world!"
  Afara agreed:
  "Everything is possible, of course, o warrior of Africa and the United States! But for now, let's eat hybrid of a turtle and lamb!
  Indeed, the dish is amazing. Especially since the tortoiseshell RAM: diamond shell. And it is rich and delicious!
  Arnold, however, jokingly remarked:
  - About diamonds, can be and her teeth break!
  Afar laughed and noticed:
  - You people had such a funny character as Mowgli. He saw a pile of gold wondered: is it any good?
  Arnold agreed with it:
  "Mowgli thought only with his stomach. We should not descend to his level!
  The boy winked at the black commando:
  - You're coming up handsome! Don't let me down!
  The black commando said confidently:
  "Nothing can stop us, nothing can defeat us!" Like a Panther I will tear the enemy! Like a Panther-salute to the heroes!
  Altmer asked Arnold:
  "What do you think about before you go to sleep?"
  The black giant replied with a smile:
  "Beautiful girls!
  The immortal boy inquired sarcastically:
  "Do you like blondes?"
  Arnold licked his lips and answered sincerely:
  - I just love blondes! They such unusual, and white hair, so go to bronze the skin by! This at all a remarkable class!
  Alter seriously noticed:
  - Soon you will meet a blonde, and a man is a real enemy! So I can console you-today you will not die!
  The black warrior nodded vigorously:
  "Thank you for that!" In the meantime, I will go into battle!
  Here is indeed finished off last of an animal, and heralds announced another battle.
  Now have to fight the two men. Both famous personalities and fighters. But the fame of Arnold Luger is very fresh, and the Duke of Colorado has been talked about for centuries.
  Yes, there is intrigue, and the interest in the fight is enormous. At once offers with a set of rates fell down.
  Altmer noticed with a skeptical smile:
  - A kind of wave of nerves! Big muscle mass and physical strength, a seasoned fighter from the world of people. And magic, the technique, the experience of centuries of Duke Colorado!
  Afara concluded:
  - Found a scythe on a stone!
  Altmer agreed:
  "You could say that!" But magic has an advantage!
  Afara frowned:
  "What exactly?"
  The immortal boy said quite logically:
  - And that we are more or less the behavior of people know, but they are our magic no. Here is a scouted enemy half defeated!
  Afara noticed:
  - We, too, enemy technology fully not know! Here, for example, for me the riddle is the device of Arnold's computer. In it such cool games and the hologram burns, and how similar it turns out?
  Altmer giggled and replied:
  - For a kiss I you, then all will talk! And yet look at the fighters!
  Arnold went out first. In spotted pants, army special forces boots with spikes and very durable, and a naked athlete's torso. In the hands of only a long sword and acute the dagger.
  Not very tricky weapons. True musculature and stunning volume and relief.
  Arnold even slightly more strident on relief became after injured a dragon.
  His opponent Troll Colorado came out in platinum armor, and how much relief his body, of course, is not visible.
   He is shorter than Arnold, and even in his armor you can see that he is thinner and thinner. However, it still about what does not speak, so the movements of the Troll is very fast.
  The black commando, however, prepared to punch and kick.
  Colorado said loudly:
  "You want to fight me?" And do you know, I do not leave my opponents alive!
  Arnold replied with a smile:
  "You'll have to kill me anyway!" But for that you must be ready to die. The black commando asked softly. "Are you ready?"
  The Troll Duke replied with a ghastly smile on his hard face:
  - As you can see, a thousand years of living and fighting, just still alive it means that ready!
  There was a pause. There were bets. Here the views of the public was divided. Many were confused that the Troll Duke was allowed to use magic, which made the fight a priori unequal. And that such magic in this world perfectly knew.
  Arnold, too, was not entirely at ease. He is no longer so sure of himself when faced with this world. It wasn't quite like Earth. And this, of course, deprived of peace of mind. And in General, he again loses time, instead of searching for a stolen flash drive with valuable information. And from this mood even more falls.
  And time in anticipation flows as something slowly. As, probably, at the person when he sits before an office at the dentist.
  But here, at last, the Gong sounds and the duel begins.
  Arnold lunged at his opponent, making a butterfly with his sword. And at the same time held a kick to the groin. The black commando moved quickly. But his opponent parried the blow of the sword, and when the leg cut into the crotch, so cut in response to a strong discharge of magical current. Only an army boot softened the force of the blow, but Arnold felt it all the same, and he was seriously shaken.
  The Duke of Colorado grinned as he released a pulsar of energy from his left hand. The black commando barely had time to shift. Still, he felt the heat of the fireball, and a few hairs on his side were charred.
  Arnold growled:
  "Using magic, you bastard!"
  The Duke replied with a grin:
  "You are nature, and I am sorcery!" Let's see which side will win!
  Arnold attacked again. This time, he swung his sword through the windmill, and kicked under the kneecap. The enemy did not even stagger, and the black commando again felt the shock.
  Yes, it's unpleasant. You feel like you're fighting a tank. Although in some Hollywood films, the characters punched and tank.
  The Duke is a Troll, now he is attacked. His sword moved very quickly, and Arnold, seeing that he could not parry the combination, retreated. And then again struck the enemy foot in the building.
  Ringing metal, and the Troll probably felt a blow. As the look became angrier, and with his left hand flew several pulsars. The black commando swerved, and one of the clots still caught him, leaving the skin at once swollen blisters burns.
  Colorado asked sarcastically:
  "How do you like my bath, your grace?"
  Arnold answered logically:
  "Steam doesn't hurt your bones!"
  Again the black giant tried to attack. But the enemy, being chock-full charged, magic was superior in speed. And here's Arnold Schwarzenegger when he missed a retaliatory attack. The blade sliced through his black cheek.
  The commando growled:
  "Like a woman!"
   Colorado objected:
  "A snake must be struck in the head, and a man in the eye, not in the eyebrow!"
  And then the Troll Duke himself suddenly struck Arnold on the knee. The reflex managed to set aside a leg, still was a bit late, and felt that it seemed to move metal.
  True, Arnold's limbs are very strong. However, the distraction for a split second cost more. The little pulsar shot off the Duke's index finger as fast as a bullet and struck the black commando in the broad chest.
  Arnold felt as if molten metal had dripped on him. A terrible pain, a strong smell of burning meat, a broken thickness of muscle. Truth trained body weathered, although on this time defeat was at all serious.
  Arnold retreated, and then, localizing the usual effort pain, attacked the enemy, using reception-fork. The Troll Duke met him with a parry and a counter - thrust. The black giant managed to avoid defeat, but Colorado's blade still grazed his forearm.
  Blood dripped. Also a nuisance.
  Arnold grunted:
  - The enforcer!
   And retreated when the enemy again made a combination, attacking. The Troll Duke still felt himself master of the situation. He had all the cards, and he moved faster.
  However, Colorado again thrashed the pulsars. He threw a dozen at once, and it was hard to avoid them all. Arnold was hit again, this time in the side. And again the big and deep burn, the terrible pain, and the debilitating wound.
  And the Troll Duke attacks. His swords make a combination, nearly knocking the black commando's head off. Yes hooked with decently a neck.
  Arnold wanted to swear, but he couldn't think of anything witty. And his neck ached, and blood dripped from it.
  Colorado asked sarcastically:
  "Do you people still use the guillotine?"
   Arnold said not very wittily:
  "For your tongue, Yes!
  The Troll Duke played the combination again, obviously wanting to play a little cat-and-mouse, and so his blade accelerated and struck the black athlete in the shoulder, slicing through skin and flesh.
  Arnold's wound was more severe, and the sword was harder to hold.
  The commando felt powerless against the magic, the real sorcery of the enemy. He tried again to beat with their feet, but have him not worked, get adversary. And if he did, he got more damage himself.
  The audience was clearly unhappy with the one-sided fight. Colorado clearly dominated and wasn't going to slow down. Here is his sword again with a great force hit on the already wounded shoulder Arnold.
  The black warrior even dropped his sword, and barely suppressed a cry of pain. Colorado kicked him in the groin. Reflexively, Arnold blocked the blow, then he was hit with such force that the commando flew high into the air. And the blade managed to sink into his stomach, piercing the chocolate bars of the press.
  The Duke is a Troll sarcastically remarked:
  "What a weakling you are!" As seen rumors of your prowess are greatly exaggerated!
  Arnold didn't answer. So as and to speak was painful for, Yes and forces quickly killed. Once again, Colorado unleashed pulsars on him. They landed in a strong, muscular, black body.
  The commando almost didn't respond and it had a very strong.
  Not only that, but his skin was on fire, and Arnold was a blazing torch.
  The Troll Duke, grinning menacingly, plunged his sharp blade into the burning African-American's belly. And began to turn slowly, killing the victim in a painful way.
  Now the blade of the sword had reached the liver. And this is such a terrible pain.
   Colorado raised his left hand and twisted his sword in his right. And index finger of the free hand flew to the burning beam type laser. It sank into Arnold's scorched chest and began to creep toward his heart, literally tearing at his bones.
  At this moment, the black commando, sharply Yariv, of elusiveness to his left, wounded hand and stabbed the Duke Troll dagger straight to the temple.
  Colorado's eyes held a moment of surprise. The Troll Duke's head exploded like a barrel of gunpowder.
  Arnold's battered body was hurled away by the blast, and the black warrior passed out.
  . CHAPTER 15
  In his near-death delirium, new and strange visions seized Arnold. Of course, with girls, but this time a little different.
  Barefoot girls from the Soviet army, but now in the service of the elves arrived in the city of Tulip. It was a fairytale hailstorm with a high pink wall. Very beautiful, with stone houses and many magnificent temples. In addition, the city itself is full of fountains and statues of naked elves and all sorts of fantastic and real animals.
   At the entrance: to perform the girls met the guard, a beautiful female warrior and glamorous of the young man. They laid the bridge, and let the cavalcade of elves pass. The bridge was wide, and the Soviet T-34 was easily carried over it. The tank shone with its angular forms, neat not too long-barreled gun.
   But the orcs already feared him.
   Although not too big a car and not very scary. She was dragged along by cockroaches with diamond shells that glittered brightly in the three suns. Beautiful elf-girls marched, barefoot, with graceful and round heels. They carried bows. The boys clicked their boots.
   A small army was moving, grasshoppers dragging catapults.
   The children of the elves took part in the campaign, beating drums and playing trumpets.
   The city was quite large. Wide streets, tall houses with bright colors and whimsical curlicues. All that was built by elves, distinguished by elegance of form, light, aerial structures, and multi-color variegated.
   Natasha and Svetlana on the way dipped slightly dusty bare feet in the fountain. The statue of an elf with three Breasts glittered with gold leaf and spurted from it. The beauty herself held a Trident in her hands, and her eyes sparkled with natural sapphires.
   In one bikini girl Zoe noticed:
   - And the fountains are very similar to Peterhof. Agree, it's great?!
   Angelica thinly giggled, slapped her bare leg, well, why should she frown, and answered:
   "But with elven characteristics." Here, however, everything is on top! Though it is possible and to call similar-exorbitant search!
   Natasha suggested:
   - The people here are very talented...And the city is so beautiful... Not inferior to Leningrad!
   Svetlana shook her head and slapped her bare foot on the water:
   - The difference in style is obvious. Although the elves and there are similarities with the Baroque style. They are really, guys with taste, but the excess of bright coloring gives the impression of diversity.
   Angelica giggled, and slapped his chiseled, and very elegant leg, said:
   "I like it!" Though colorful, but prestigious and bright! Here you are as though in a fairy Palace of the Jinn.
   Svetlana laughed:
   "The Jinn?" Very even perhaps! I'd love to see you there.
   Zoya slapped her bare, chiseled, very seductive legs, cautiously remarked:
   "There are elves in this world, so there may be jinns!"
   Natasha shrugged her strong shoulders and shook her very sexy leg:
   For us personally it is better that they never existed! Extra hemorrhoids!
   Zoe agreed:
   - Yes hemorrhoids! But where will you go if they do arrive!
   Naked-legged Natasha wanted to say something, when suddenly she saw a man. He was very different from the elves. He was short, but broad-shouldered, even square. With a thick black beard, a broad, wrinkled face, and small, stern eyes. On anybody glittering silver helmet, on the body, despite heat armor. Gloved hand...
   He didn't look like an elf at all.
   The girl commander took a couple of steps toward him, on her bare feet, and bowed, saying:
   "I'm glad to welcome you."..
   The man replied rather rudely:
   "You're human... In the army of the elves? Mercenary apparently... And I was seduced by the gift of eternal youth!
   Natasha with a wide smile, so almost not covered with clothes, answered:
   - But it's good eternal youth. You surely dream about it too!
   The man replied harshly:
   "I'm a dwarf.".. And dwarves never considered it an honor to be beardless undergrowth. We are born with a beard... And with a beard we leave, having lived the number of millennia allotted by the Almighty, into eternity. We have our own concept of honor!
  Angelica, bare feet made eight and blurted with surprise:
   "Do you have any women?"
   The dwarf shook his head:
   Angelica murmured in surprise:
   "How are you born?"
   The dwarf raised her fist:
   - It's our big secret! But not as primitive as humans and elves, through their wombs!
   Angelica said wittily:
   - Children we get primitive, but the process of obtaining pleasant! You don't understand!
   The dwarf frowned and grunted:
   "Why not?" I'm not a eunuch! And elf for the sake of new sensations willingly go to sex with us... But it is the elves don't get offspring! And we dwarves rise to the top! In terms of morality! Since we are the offspring of not for love...
   Angelica suddenly sang:
   "But don't tell me, to marry for love!" Not one, not one king! Not one, not one king!
   The dwarf suddenly softened and noticed:
   - You're not stupid girls and humor. Even among people smart individuals are found, but among the elves ever!
   Angela said sincerely:
   "They're primitive in technique... But aesthetic!
   The dwarf nodded in agreement and suddenly drew a semblance of a pistol from his belt. He grinned.:
   "It's a Blaster." That's what we can do! And these even gunpowder to do not have learned!
   Natasha whistled:
   - Blaster! Does he shoot heat rays?
   The dwarf nodded:
   - That's it! Such an outstanding device! I alone can scatter the entire elven army!
   Svetlana with a smile and slapping her bare feet on the cobbles, asked:
   "So you're a mercenary and you came to fight the orcs?"
   The dwarf frowned and hissed:
   "For money, I could.".. We love money...But the elves they like to say the knights to the core. They think paying mercenaries is dumb! So here I am... To trade, not to fight!
   Natasha remarked with a smile:
   "That's logical, of course... To trade, not to fight! And probably better!
   Svetlana picked up a dropped leaf from the street, stamped her bare foot, and said:
   - Here's one such piece, and is sometimes giant wisdom!
   The dwarf waved his hand and said:
   "I'll go!" Spending time talking to you is more expensive!
   Natasha said ironically:
   "Do you not believe that wisdom can be learned from us?"
   The dwarf made a sly face and said:
   "Can you play cards?"
   Natasha vigorously nodded her head:
   "Of course I can!"
   The dwarf suggested:
   - Play with me on interest!
   Natasha smiled and answered:
   - I am personally not a fan of gambling. Especially the one who offers to play for interest, often a hardened crook!
   The dwarf nodded and was touched:
   "You're really smart, but... You want me to bet my Blaster!
   Natasha looked at the weapon, ran a rough bare sole over the blade, and shook her head:
   "I don't know his fighting power!"
   The dwarf grinned:
   "Don't show it right away!" But believe me this is a very powerful weapon!
   Natasha laughed and asked:
   "A pig in a poke?"
   The dwarf scowled and remarked:
   "It's not a cat... And what can you offer me as an answer?
   Natasha shrugged:
   "I don't know... Maybe a catapult, or one of the balloons?
   The dwarf shook his head:
   "No! Why do I need this primitive. Better, give me, the mechanical miracle that the cockroaches drag!
   Natasha stamped her bare, chiseled feet again and shook her head:
   - We have no right, so to arrive with state, army property. Lose a tank at cards? For this you can go to a Tribunal to go!
   The dwarf scratched his helmet:
   "Is this machine called a tank?" Well heard! You not with Earth hour chase?
   Natasha readily confirmed:
   - Yes, from the Earth!
   The dwarf chuckled again and remarked:
   "You have good prospects.".. If you do not destroy each other in wars!
   Here the representative of the technical people looked back and suggested:
   - Let's play cards on your tank for five times! If you ever win, the Blaster is yours. And if I five times consecutive, then my tank!
   Natasha shook her head:
   "Sounds good, but.".. I have no right to gamble on government property!
   Angelica suddenly, rubbing her bare legs with the stones suggested:
   "Let me play!" You're a Blaster, and I'll make love to you in return!
   The dwarf shook his head:
   "You see, baby... Pragmatism has always taken me up over libido. If like it or play, then offer better tank. I need him, and I don't need the rest!
   Svetlana here, too, voted:
   "What if we play chess instead of cards?" If you know this game!
   The dwarf grinned even harder and chuckled:
   - Chess! I know! But if you're willing to bet on a tank, I'll play chess!
   Natasha sharply objected:
   We of the Light have no right to risk the tank. I didn't know you could play!"
   The girl-gunner grinned:
   - I have the first discharge! I can deal with this bearded man!
   Natasha said logically:
   "The dwarf may be thousands of years old. And you are not comparable to his experience!
   Svetlana answered confidently:
   "But he doesn't know the theory!"
   Natasha sang back:
   - Boring theory my friend, but practice is always more expensive!
   The dwarf interrupted impatiently:
   "Will you play?" I'll give you a head start-pawn and move forward!
   Svetlana nodded her head:
   - If the pawn of choice and I are white, then I agree!
   The dwarf nodded confidently:
   "Come on!" You this Angelin not will help!
   Svetlana held out her hand:
   "Fix it so we can't go back!"
   The dwarf held out his hand. Followed by a hug. Natasha, who also played chess, did not object. Let the self-confident dwarf try to play with such a handicap: pawn F7 and move forward against the first-rank. The catch is that white in this case receives an attack that, if played correctly, cannot be repelled.
   The dwarf made a gesture and there was a chess Board. The same as in humans, with the same shapes and cells. She hovered in the air.
   The dwarf turned his head to Svetlana and said:
   "Remember the rules?" Took-go! Released, the move has been made!
   And the dwarf winked at Svetlana. So with a smile made two moves-E2-E4 and brought to C 4 Bishop. The dwarf answered. Svetlana began the attack. Not only girls but also some of the elves stared at the Board. There was a strong struggle.
   Svetlana launched a strong attack. She threw herself at the vulnerable king and took advantage of her superior development. The absence of pawn f, made a gap in the position of the king of black. And it was not easy for the dwarf to fight back. But it felt like a huge experience.
   Immediately Svetlana put Matt not managed, although she and owned initiative. But the dwarf managed to extinguish the onslaught of her figures. Followed by the exchanges. However, she was able to corrupt the configuration of pawns. Then it came to the endgame. And then the girl was able to create a real sketch, and feeling inspired to get a winning position. The dwarf realizing that the case was lost, was for a long time to ponder and procrastinate.
   The Duchess girl appeared, growling angrily:
   "What's going on here?" Again Sherkhan on something plays!
   Svetlana said proudly:
   - And loses! We're ripping him off like a limpet!
   The Duchess glanced at the Board:
   - Yes gnome, it seems, fell into a trap! Well, you'll give up!
   He answered proudly:
   "Sherkhan won't give up!"
   The Duchess snapped:
   "Then walk faster!"
   The dwarf grinned:
   "There's no clock!" Everyone thinks as much as he wants!
   The Duchess giggled:
   "And you will abuse it?" Will sit for a month?
   The dwarf said nothing and climbed in like a hedgehog. Indeed if there is no hours, then can be pull until indefinitely. One such individual even forced Morphy himself to capitulate, thinking for two hours over each move. Not everyone's ass can take it. And who is Morphy? The most legendary chess player of the nineteenth century, a real phenomenon!
  The dwarf, with his millennial experience, seems to have decided to take advantage of such a loophole.
   He didn't even want to give up the Blaster. And Natasha in this moment turned in thought to what is happening on the fronts of the second world war. And received vision...
   The Germans, along with the Japanese, had already conquered almost the entire Eastern hemisphere. Their ships had already landed in New Zealand. Local virtually not resisted.
   And the factories produced all the new German tanks. Especially a lot was produced "Panther". The new machine of the Third Reich should become the main tank. The next armored vehicles factories were built, trophy lines were launched in various countries. Tanks descended more and more massively.
   "Tiger" -2 weighed about as much as the KV-3, both tanks in the same weight category. Even more powerful was the "lion", which opposed the KV-5 and KV-5. Only "mouse" was out of categories and competition. However, the QMS was preparing for it. Both sides collected a decent mastodons.
   Now the question was mass. Hitler still has a huge advantage in production capacity. And tanks are stamped in large quantities. To find on them tankers, actively use and foreign command a division, any kind of khivi. German crews now have many women and teenagers who drive tanks. More and more tank divisions are being formed.
   But there is also the development of more advanced models. In particular "lion" -2, "Panther" -2, "mouse" -2, "Tiger" -3 and other mechanical creatures. The Germans do not want to stop there. They demand more and more additional achievements and want elite-the best cars in the world.
   And when the two forces come together. Then it will be really hard for everyone. And it will not be possible to count losses! But there is hope for the steadfastness of Russian soldiers and the art of Generalitat.
   The most disgusting thing is not tanks, but aircraft. The Germans have already gone to a series of jet aircraft and a very successful 30-millimeter gun. With such weapons, the Luftwaffe will be very difficult to resist. Especially when you consider that there was Marcel. Such an infamous superass. And destroys Americans utterly godless!
   Natasha thought - will the USSR be able to oppose the reactive German machines? Apparently one YAK-9 will for this clearly little! Need something more powerful, and impressive!
   Dangerous also and ME-309-machine with seven fire points against two have YAK-9. Quite unequal forces are obtained here! Yes, the Germans have developed thoroughly. And expanded, swelled like a succubus, they have an Empire!
   Natasha imagined it, saw it, and was horrified. Over Russia hovered a hellish axe, and they here are cooling off!
   No, it was unbearable.
   The dwarf finally made a move... Svetlana quickly answered, and the cunning representative of the Mercantile race again plunged into thought. That he was clever and mean at the same time.
   Natasha sat down on the curb of the fountain and imagined what was happening in New Zealand.
   Battalion "Tigers" runs through the forests of this country. It's February, which is equivalent to August. Fighting and running after the deserts of Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Australia in New Zealand is relatively easy. But many mountains, and barefoot girls race over sharp rocks. They are swift and very beautiful.
   They shoot before they think. Here ahead move three American "Grand". The warriors lay in wait. Let the enemy closer. Cold-blooded as if hardened animals. "Grands" high with two guns. In a whole for his time good tank, although protected worse "Sherman."
   Margaret commands in a loud voice:
   - On Board the ship!
   And fly in tanks with a cumulative grenade. The "Grands" stop and flash. Metal, red-hot shards fly off from them. Barefoot and slender tigresses in one bikini scream and scream. They are bared to the extreme of a carnivorous predator.
   As said Ostap Ibrahimovic - the ice was broken, gentlemen of the jury. Only instead of ice floes flying broken pieces. And "Grandees" are broken, having managed to spit out from machine guns a handful of presents. There are no losses among the girls, and they even laugh smugly, like elephants!
   After what warriors jump up and again are borne on mountain paths. Their legs, though somewhat roughened by running over sharp stones, still retain a complete grace and perfection of line.
   Margaret even sings:
   We are the tigers of the war, to kill a condemned man.
   Again, the girls caught the bunker, short battle, the local militia killed. Taken prisoner again, forced to do humiliating ritual, kissing damsel, black and green from the grass and stones of the sole.
   Then the captured beauties beat to unconsciousness with their strong, bare legs. They turn into a mountain of bloody meat.
   Margaret says:
   - Day and night we bomb incessantly,
   Pity without knowing shame...
   Hitler is the first of the Gigolos,
   And under him great country!
   A rather ambiguous compliment to Hitler. To compare with Gigolos, it is not very politically correct. But what is said is said.
   Even Natasha thought with the fear that such are the tigress a lot of troubles can cause being on the territory of the USSR. They after all steep and capable on very much!
   Here they came across another victim. Marching convoy. And again battle. Filela, a friend of Christina and Magda, distinguished herself by bringing down the Colonel with a well-aimed shot. Then the rest of the soldiers of New Zealand threw down their guns. There were already more than five hundred prisoners. The girls swaggered over them, even forced themselves to lick. Such bitches.
   Then beat with feet, striking on persons. Let them get used to it. But this time they showed pity and did not mutilate. That same and have warriors, too, there is heart of.
   Vilela sang:
   - We love to kill and this is true, not to hurt the thief's bad! You knights of the raging Horde, to mortal combat alas doomed!
   The girl sang and laughed...
   And again the prisoners are driven by German teenagers. They are great dispersed, beating defenseless militias. Such here, it turns out, pass-fighting. New Zealand is swallowed by Hitler's boa constrictor. And fast enough.
   War, when girls fight-looks beautiful, especially when they are in one bikini. You can see full, chiseled Breasts, thin waists, luxurious hips, muscular, tiled press. Beautiful girls here, just a sight to behold. Even, probably, it is pleasant to men when such beauties mock them. For example, relieve themselves in the face.
   And this is akin to lawlessness! But girls and in fact fair minx. For example, they still like to break the fingers of prisoners of war. That's their basic handwriting.
   More precisely, the newest discovery. However, it is not approved by the authorities of the Third Reich need slaves! And the servants it is better to have the whole fingers.
   And beauties like to laugh...
   Svetlana, who was also waiting for the dwarf to make a move, remembered the columns of refugees near Kiev. Women and children walked barefoot, knocking their feet on the crumpled asphalt. But those who are late, their fate does not envy. For example, nightmarish adventures fell to the lot of Svetlana's friend-Elizabeth.
   Two German soldiers, groping the girl, then abruptly raised by the hair:
   - Schnell! Get up bitch!
   Elizabeth stands up, reeling. The girl turns her head, it is heavy. Ugh! But everything seems to be intact.
   The Germans build columns of prisoners, men and women separately. Elena was surprised that so many had given up. Some women, more than fifty, the wounded are not visible, it seems the Nazis just finished off. Adjusting the butts of girls (almost all women in the military young and newly designed), drove on. It was quite hot, with some women ripped tunics and they "sported" in shirts.
   Elizabeth asked captain Valentina Titus, she had a couple of impressive bruises on her face:
   "What now, Valya?"
   The captain a twenty eight year old rather good looking red haired girl answered:
   - Nothing, if night will the dark, then run away!
   Elizabeth examined herself:
   "I think so!" Captivity is not for Soviet people! Like no damage, the debris had mercy on my body! But my head is buzzing.
   Valentine replied:
   "You look stunned!" BRR! But I don't know how I came to be a prisoner. The submachine gun jammed, and the other girls gave up. In a result engulfed as the latest a fool!
   Elizabeth nodded:
   - Yes, it was the beginning of the war! Had not yet even one German to kill, as he was captured. Wild horror! What if we don't make it?
   Valentine replied:
   - You know you unusually the beautiful! Golden-haired with a perfect figure. I've never seen a more beautiful girl than you!
   Elizabeth waved her hand:
   "I don't need compliments." And you're not a guy!
   The captain noticed:
   "You could be raped!"
   Elizabeth was taken aback:
   "How do you rape her?"
   Valentina was genuinely surprised:
   "Don't you know?"
   Elizabeth blinked:
   - Theoretically of course know, but...
   Valentina narrowed her eyes:
   "Haven't you ever tried with a guy?"
   Elizabeth shook her head:
   "Of course not! In General, the Communists should not decompose morally and making love outside of marriage!
   Valentine shrugged:
   "How can I say?" I think it's a private matter! In addition, men are all different, and you get pleasure from them in your own way. Here it is not so easy to guess, but her husband quickly becomes boring.
   The Komsomol girl on the right objected:
   - For human importantly spiritual communication, not animal instincts!
  Valentina held up a finger:
   - We will not be talking on some dirty topics! We could talk about the party and the construction of communism!
   Elizabeth wanted to say something as he followed the order colón to stop.
   They were right in front of a tarmac where a couple of trucks and a car had pulled up. At the same time there is another column of the persecuted women. Judging by their clothes, they were civilians.
   A fat German man crawled out of a German khaki-painted car. He had an unpleasant, badly shaven face with a triple chin, and a strange double-barreled machine gun over his shoulders. But the cap on which shone the emblem-two lightning bolts, gave SS. The fascist came out in front of the girls and commanded in broken Russian:
   "Equal! Attention!
   The girls automatically stretched out, military training affected. One of the girls really hesitated and got the butt on the ass.
   The SS officer grunted contentedly, looked at the women's legs, and commanded:
   "Everybody take off your boots!"
   The girls shuddered, and a hum ran through the ranks. The fat German yawned ostentatiously and muttered listlessly:
   "Whoever disobeys will be hanged!" -And here same suddenly a formidable shout. - Schnell! Schnell!
   The girls began to take off their shoes. Elizabeth felt her hands move automatically. Such a sense of if submit to fascist fiends for it routinely. She took off one boot, feeling the pleasant warmth of the concrete floor on her bare foot. Then the second, gently put another new, recently issued leather boots( tarpaulin will only appear at the end of the war). Then they heard the screams. A young girl no older than sixteen jumped out and yelled:
   "I won't take the boobies off!" I'd rather be dead!"
   The German hog made a sign, and two tall SS men seized the girl and dragged her to the prepared gallows.
   The girls-prisoners of war let out a sigh, but no one dared to object, apparently affected by the shock of captivity.
   "Hook her up!" The fat fascist shouted. "Don't let him die!" The devil will know how to resist.
  . CHAPTER 16
  Arnold awoke from a monstrous vision, caused by a half-deadly delirium.
  He'd been hurt in the battle with the Troll Duke. But he won!
  And this, of course perfectly! Yes, even won his flying boots, which means that very quickly be able to get to the flash drive with valuable information for the United States.
  Arnold, however, still felt a little weak. Already familiar an elf brought him Golden a tray with food, in this case this was fish salad, and semolina porridge with jam and honey.
  Arnold ate it with pleasure and asked for more.
  The elf objected:
  "You've been badly burned by battle magic." It's pretty dangerous. So while you rest and recover.
  The black commando noted:
  - So as times need food for recovery!
  The elf replied gently:
  - No, large portions can not! You are recommended fractional power!
  Arnold said firmly:
  "Then we'll eat later!"
  And the commando leaned back on the cushions of his luxurious couch. The elf offered softly:
  - Will play in the strategy?
  Arnold grinned and said:
  - Maybe we will!
  She brought his laptop with a holographic monitor on plutonium batteries. Then she turned on the image.
  The girl noted:
  - I've been practicing a little bit, with urban strategies. So can, start play first!
  Arnold said firmly:
  - Only can on interest!
  The elf giggled with a smile:
  - I will serve you with great pleasure for free!
  The black warrior noted:
  - With pleasure, but a little later! While not in the mood I!
  And while really wanted to play. That same on-a new are building city. Arnold chose a larger map. All rank by rank - barns, bazaars, wells and so on. You build in the usual manner. Even as it is doing again is not so interesting.
  Arnold built himself, automatically working the joystick and mouse. And remembering the old days. Here it is, for example, loved different books.
  But, of course, in the first place he was attracted by different kinds of martial arts.
  First of all, of course, such as Boxing, but karate was not bad. Especially liked book Pro the ninja. That's really were the soldiers of the Devil.
  They could do that. One ninja was worth the whole army. And amazed everyone with his filigree skill. And fantastic abilities. Really, it's amazing.
  Especially the ninja war against the US during world war II. How they scouted the base at Peru Harbor, or operated in the Philippines and elsewhere. That got up and as one the ninja sunk a host battleship.
  It was such an impressive story.
  However, to Arnold it all seemed wonderful only at first. Then it was not so interesting.
  A mighty warrior much has passed, and much opened on practice.
  And all sorts of ninjas will not surprise him. Moreover, many of the adventures of the warriors of stealth was trivial fiction.
  Or a strong exaggeration. It is known only about one operation perfect the ninja warrior with the theft of documents from the American headquarters.
  But Japan, of course, proved to be a worthy opponent, but it lacked economic power, and trivial luck. The entire secret codes, Americans received in their hands utterly accidentally.
  Arnold still tried to play the machine. And then I saw that elf he is in no way inferior. And very famously builds a city. Even without fear to erect buildings on credit.
  The more it is mastered and the method of compensation. A combination of a higher salary than the Kingdom average and a maximum tax.
  Arnold saw that the elf had settled in. And began to carefully follow the game. But too quickly troops are not formed, and the number of FORTS is limited. But you can, for example, try to make FORTS of expensive, but powerful war elephants, or chariots. Though really if it is fair to say, against the walls and it is a problem.
  Here is the number of towers in the game, as well as the number of police stations has no limits. So it is not easy to conquer the enemy in any case.
  Arnold thought he was losing his game after all. So can not get an advantage over the female elf. And at all, of course same, elf stronger than people will.
  Arnold played to himself and waited. Let the elf attack him. And he will take the fight, so that he was covered by more and battle towers.
  Isn't that a wise tactic?
  But girl until not sought to come, and built itself city. The map is huge, and you can build yourself up to several million people. And means very even long.
  Arnold wished he had chosen a more dynamic game. And so it turned out somehow boring.
  In General, it's like in Arnold's very first game, Cleopatra and Pharaoh, which his father bought by mistake-thinking it was a movie on a laser disc. And it turned out to be a very intelligent strategy.
  After that, Arnold got stuck on the second level. Then he climbed into more complex missions, and chose the military. Something was finally working.
  At all, in any game there is its grains charm of. In urban strategies it is necessary to think about the welfare of the people, and this is their special and unique value.
  Arnold noted that during an attack on a foreign city, migration stops during the war. Than and can be take advantage of in their purposes, moving troops on adversary. Moreover, not to engage in battle, namely to stand in the suburbs and harm yourself.
  Well, it wasn't a bad idea, and Arnold did. Took and troops with one only Fort moved. Hoping that the elf did not immediately guess what it is, her emigration came to a halt. And at the same time can collapse and burn without labor, newly erected parts of the city.
  Arnold did just that. One the team, with from the most cheap archers introduced in the limits maps elfiyki and there and left. It really helped. But the computer itself suggested, when the elf was building new houses, that no one will migrate while enemies litter the earth.
   Then the girl and moved on his squad three of his. Not taking the fight the forces of Arnold, went on his card. But there came the soldiers of the girl-elf.
  It was necessary to tighten the troops and already most to lose migrants. Yes, the game here is quite difficult. You can't build a strategy that easily.
  Girl-elf battle passed, but having suffered damage, the remnants of three broken squads retreated.
  Already Arnold had entered her territory.
  A tug-of-war and a mutual exchange of blows began. The those attack, then these. And at the same time there is a construction of cities.
  Arnold tried now that the city has expanded a limited number of FORTS to equip exclusively fighting elephants. But she-elf, too, not simple and made, too, most! Which has shown its effectiveness.
  Arnold swore:
  "Well, I don't like to be imitated.
  The elf replied:
  "I take God's example!"
  Arnold was self critical:
  "Your God was nearly killed by a Troll Duke!"
  The elf answered logically:
  "A little doesn't count!" But the main thing that you killed him!
  Arnold laughed and agreed:
  - Yes, not without it!
  After that, the young man continued to move with all the courage of the troops.
  The strategy was developed. Here is both sides brief thinking have become erect wall and towers. And this need to say very even is not a bad idea.
  Arnold, moving the troops, logically remarked:
  "A little like life!"
  The elf girl agreed:
  "Not much, but it looks like it." More precisely a lovely game! I'm in it the real ruler of the whole state!
  The black commando even sang:
  "I will not dissemble! I want to rule! But not a rusty machine, but a powerful power!
  And he continued to build the wall. When Arnold was a child, the strategy on a more complex level, immediately began to enclose the whole city with a wall. And the card was for that game is more trivial and does not have the funds. There was no need.
  Experience is a big deal!
  Here's how in one game, when you built a powerful wall, when the military operations all over. Yes, something really stupid happened.
  But you don't know and you're wrong.
  Arnold even thought that it was good to have such an immortal soul, which in any body is possessed. Here with such abilities it would be possible to rule the USA eternally and thus, having experience of centuries, but in different bodies, really to make the world Empire.
  In General, if there was such a spirit that could travel through different bodies, what level of genius would it reach. And ultimately unite humanity, and end wars and confrontation. In fact, people should be friends! And there should be no real differences between them!
  To have democracy, and something that allows people to develop.
  Including the prospect of space expansion!
  When star empires are created, and you do good on the scale of the universe.
  Arnold continued the game with a certain amount of boredom. This happens when the forces of opponents are equal. And it goes on and on. As it was at opposition of the USSR and the USA, or in other times.
  Arnold in his time in Afghanistan for some time was without a job and churned out the story "Endless war".
  In it, Stalin began the offensive on the Kursk bulge on July 1, 1943, unable to withstand the prolonged pause. This, oddly enough, benefited the Germans, whose tanks, especially the Panther, are better adapted to defense than attack. And they were able, using heavy weapons and pre-prepared defense to stop the Soviet offensive.
  Then the war went on with varying success. Mussolini was not overthrown because the plot did not take shape in concrete actions. The Germans were driven out of Sicily, but held on in southern Italy.
  But most importantly, the Fuhrer ordered to give priority to the program of jet fighters, instead of missiles of the FAA class. Fighter HE-162, easy to produce, cheap and light, maneuverable, fast and almost entirely made of wood entered mass production in 1943.
  This made it possible to better protect the skies over Europe and produce more weapons and equipment. As a result, the Germans were able to hold on to the Eastern front. Although retreated to the Dnieper. Then they repulsed the Normandy landings. And allied attempts to attack in Italy and the Balkans. After Roosevelt's death, the United States effectively ended the war with the Third Reich.
  And Churchill was seriously ill, and then lost the election to Parliament. And without him, everything went wrong. Both Britain and the United States were now fighting formally.
  The third Reich held a blind defense in the East, and stamped new tanks of the "E" series, which were better than the previous ones, but more suitable for defense.
  So the war dragged on... the Story stretched to the whole novel. Arnold then wrote about the war on the Eastern front until June 22, 1956-exactly fifteen years of Grand battle.
  And of course same girls-warriors with both sides.
  Only in the East fifteen years of war. Stalin is already dead, and the TKO is headed by Molotov-as a compromise figure. Beria was lost. And the front that hangs and slow-moving on the river and then along lake Peipsi.
  But here is in Third Reich plot, and as times 22 June 1956 kill Hitler. And finally, the war is over, the truce and negotiations.
   Arnold's novel in America did not cause much interest, though it was translated into Russian. But there, too, was not too popular.
  Arnold, however, was thinking of writing a series on this cycle, with different actors and storylines.
  The game he was already tired, but still on points led the elf, and it was very annoying.
  The black giant wanted to eat and while put the strategy on pause.
  The elf clapped her hands. A slave boy and a slave girl brought more semolina and jam on Golden trays, and a whole glass of caviar.
  After another meal, Arnold felt heavy and dozed off.
  He was having another nightmare.
   The young girl was stripped of her clothes, the SS man even poked a cigar into the pink nipple of the beauty. The girl screamed and screamed:
   - Remember my name is Tanya! Death to fascists!
   The SS officer roared:
   "Rip out her tongue!"
   The girl jumped mardovar with crumpled dirty apron and pliers in their hands. The other Hitler squeezed young girl cheeks, opening his mouth. She tried to resist. but the forces are too unequal. Blood poured from the girl's mouth, and she fainted from the shock of pain. The fascist monster threw the torn-out tongue and trampled it underfoot. Saggy naked girl, the Nazis quickly hung an edge on a sharp ship hook. She let out a weak cry, and trembled, the additional pain brought her to herself. On the faces of the fascists was written bliss, the incredible feeling of sadistic satisfaction when you hurt yourself like. Even if it's a beautiful girl with blond hair. Here the sexual element is mixed with sadism.
   Elizabeth closed her eyes against such tyranny. In the meantime a column of prisoners, civilian women, had come up to them. Their fascists also forced to take off their shoes. The women were young, none of them over thirty-five or under sixteen. Strong Belarusian women, mostly blond, blue-eyed, pleasant to look at, blood with milk.
   The fat officer commanded again:
   "Take off your outer clothing!"
   Elizabeth suddenly blushed, and that if fascists its leave and at all naked? His fingers are already unbuttoning his tunic. Civilian women weep and moan as if they are going to be executed. One of them has a baby in her arms. Hitler snatches it out of his hands. The mother woman lunges and is stabbed in the stomach with a bayonet.
   He falls, screaming. The SS officer runs to the baby, throws it under his feet and begins to stomp. And makes it so that he did not die immediately, breaking the delicate arms and legs.
   The mother howls and is dragged to the gallows to be hung alive on a hook. On the way, they tear clothes apart and beat with butts. Then at the end of the shattered deck, while laughing like a stoned marijuana.
   Elizabeth whispered:
   "And is there a limit to their brutality?" Who gave birth to them, a woman or a wolf.
   Valentine said passionately:
   "We will never forgive or forget!" For every atrocity the fascists will pay handsomely.
   Elizabeth replied:
   "There's not enough money for that."
   Valentina was joking:
   - What will remain, then on Japan!
   The main Hitlerite still did not calm down, his dull eyes burned with madness, his small mouth twisted:
   "Now I warn you!" We will take you to German territory. Those who will behave well, waiting for a good place, food, and in the future honorary citizenship of greater Germany. But if anyone escapes, for every fugitive, I will have twenty hostages burned alive. You understand me! The scoundrel's roar increased. - And now you will clearly see what it means to disobey the Fuhrer.
   The fascists rushed to the colony of civilian women and chose a dozen of the most ugly-looking. They were unceremoniously dragged by the hair, and knocked into a pile. After that, the SS began to twist the women with barbed wire. Those desperately screamed tried to escape. In the answer received butts on shoulders and in thumping(that not lost consciousness).
   The fat officer grinned contentedly:
   - Well, now the torch to them! Let them "enjoy" the pain!
   And again the idiotic laughter of the fascist beasts. Three degenerate-looking SS men hauled out the gas tank and unscrewed the lid. Despite the distance, Elizabeth could smell the stench of fuel. It appears to have been low-octane gasoline produced by the coal hydrolysis process. For all the numerous equipment the Fuhrer lacked natural oil, even taking into account the supply of the USSR, so the physicists of the Third Reich showed ingenuity. This gasoline was a feature, lower than normal flame temperature, and also the fact that he was starting to freeze already at nine degrees below zero. In due course it will affect the course of the war. Twisted metal barbed wire women desperately waved their hands( those who had them free), the Nazis smiling and showing their tongues shouted something in German.
   Elizabeth asked desperately:
   "Will they be set on fire?"
   Valentine replied angrily:
   - No release! And even cakes will give on the road!
   Elizabeth burst into tears:
   "And yet it is so cruel! Ah okay men, but women why must so suffer!
   Valentina made a suggestion:
   - The Germans need the Slavs, just as slaves. A slave must fear and obey! This is a dictatorship that is based on fear! And to intimidate, you have to hurt!
   Elizabeth's blue eyes flashed:
   - And to anger need, inflict pain!
  The flames broke out, the fire spread not as fast as with ordinary gasoline, the women tore, trying to break the wire, from their bodies cut with needles, dripping blood.
   Elizabeth seemed, that time crawling surprisingly slowly, as if serpentine, blew a fresh wind, and body, barely covered by easy straitjacket became chilly.
   The flames finally engulfed all the female martyrs, their cries much louder. The skin was covered with blisters and went down. The smell of burning grew stronger and stronger. He was sick and the girls ' eyes were streaming with tears. The chief fascist crowed with a malicious grin:
   "If anyone escapes, I'll burn you all!" Heil! Heil Hitler, the greatest ruler of the universe!
   The fascist soldiers took their harmonicas from their belts and played them merrily! And it is visible complete lack of hearing the Nazis did not suffer. But that made the music even more sinister.
   The fat officer roared in Russian:
   "Music, music, music!" Then sadly, then timidly breathing! Who merrily dances to the tune that brightens the soul! Music flows, music, music, away sadness, enough Germans to grieve! Endless, eternal, young, from which so want to live!
   His assistant, the red-haired officer, crowed:
   "Everybody's dancing!" Well bitches dance or I'll burn you all!
   The girls shuffled their bare feet timidly. The chief fascist shouted loudly waving his arms:
   - Come on! Bitches and whores, come on!
   Girls have become in discord to move much faster, but it's a little reminiscent of the cultural dance, but rather was the wild dances of the Papuans, coasts of Paraguay!
   Fascists ran up to women and beat fists on the person, something heart-rendingly squealed and grunted.
   Arnold awoke from a wild nightmare-a hellish dream indeed!
  The black giant asked the elf girl, who was still playing some other strategy with the computer.
  - Why am I such wild horror movies?
  The girl-elf answered honestly:
  "Battle magic works on the mind!" But it will soon pass! How are you feeling?"
  Arnold half rose, and shaking himself, answered cheerfully:
  - Well, now much better!
  The elf girl suggested:
  - Maybe you'll do some exercises! And I until with computer'll play!
  Arnold nodded approvingly:
  "That's what I wanted!"
  The black giant invited the slave girl to sit on his shoulders and began to Crouch with her. Then he sat down two hundred times with a load, transplanted it on his back and five hundred times wrung out on his fists. Next, he did the press, and then pulled up on the chandelier, and the girl hung on it.
  In sight was human slave girl simply in delighted, that concerns, his smooth and black skin.
  Most of the scars and burns were gone, and his body had regained its strength.
  And slave girls are so beautiful. Tanned, almost like Africans and blond at the same time, which looks so beautiful against the dark chocolate skin.
  Arnold stroked the girls, their tanned legs and noticed:
  - Run along the curve path,
  Staggering, girls legs...
  Nothing that so night is short,
  Because luck is very very close!
   Then immediately three slaves walked the broad back of the black hero.
  Arnold returned to his strategy after a good stretch. But an elf played against computer-history kind of, and already has passed several steps about than boastfully told the African. He congratulated her with restraint and remarked:
  "You're growing by leaps and bounds!"
  The elf girl giggled and answered:
  "My great genius! I'm growing! Now I have the position of king's judge!
  Arnold nodded and said:
  - While you play! I'm going to get my winnings!
  Suddenly emerged afara, she a Jack-in-the-box jumped out from snuffboxes and lovingly cast:
  "Don't walk! I brought you what you deserved!
  Arnold said happily:
  "That's great!" Flying boots, whose were they?
  "The Duke Of Colorado!"
  The black commando said proudly:
  "And now they're mine!"
  Afar nodded and said:
  - You have a hero now a colossal magical and not only magical Arsenal! What are your future plans?
  Arnold did not try to be cunning and answered bluntly:
  - I'll take the flash drive and come back! I have nothing more to do with you, although your world is undoubtedly very interesting!
  Afara said rationally:
  "I don't know if magical things will still have their power in your world." They need recharging magic!
  The commando nodded:
  "If the authorities let me go, I'll try to visit your world again!" That would be great!
  Afara agreed:
  "Our world is beautiful!" But I would visit yours!
  Arnold noted with a sigh:
  - Our world is quite cruel and divided! Here was when the Russian writer Efremov. He had a bright future: the Era of met hands! Alas, all this is so beautiful, but at the same time it looks utopian!
   Suddenly an immortal boy appeared beside Arnold. He winked and noted:
  - Do you have any other religion which teach future... Although not for everyone, but only for the elite!
  The black man said logically:
  - Or all will be saved or nobody! Not can be division, on their, and of strangers!
  Afar, it is quite agreed:
  - Yes such a division should not be!
  Altmer noticed:
   But like it or not, but it exists! And there is a certain injustice in this!
  Arnold sighed and said:
  - All people should be happy!
  Altmer agreed:
  "No doubt they should, and not only people, but somehow they can't!"
  Arnold sighed and offered:
  - If you have a job, for a short time, then I'm ready to do! But only for a very short time!
  The immortal boy shrugged his shoulders and replied:
  "The festival is over, and I will wander the worlds again!" And there are planets, or space empires more advanced than humans! They can even travel on starships.
  Afara said with a smile:
  "There's something you could do for us!" Here in particular, the orcs occupy an Outpost in a bend of the rivers. We can't attack it yet - there is a truce agreement. But these robbers from there from time to time make raids, and kidnap our subjects, and even more often slaves. Moreover, the orcs kidnapped people first tortured and then eaten!
  Arnold spoke harshly:
  "Well, they're geeks! Why don't you take the Outpost??
  Afar sighed and noticed:
  - Sami until he can not take, or will happen very big war and the gods do not give consent. Although the desire to wipe off the face of the planet the orcs and goblins very big!
  Altmer growled in anger:
  "Orcs are savages!" They are absolutely not constructive tribe! They build nothing but towers and fortresses, and that by the hands of slave men, and they can't even read and write!
  Arnold whistled:
  "A serious charge!
  The immortal boy continued:
  "And now there are a large number of human slaves and slaves gathered in the Fort-they are building a tall tower so that the orcs can follow us at a great distance. So that have you black giant there is chance many people free!
  Afara added:
  "And take them to us to take care of them!"
  Arnold hesitated:
  - A can better them all -??? on will?
  Altmer shook his head:
  "No! They have a magical brand, and already slaves in their perception of the world! Someone will make them slaves again! Even if they reach the human principalities, they will become slaves, or even go to the stake! And so be under us normally!
  Afara added logically:
  - They indeed, will become then would still whose-either slaves, or in forests run wild. But there, however, they will be caught! Including us! And wild animals are found-though they were killed a lot!
  The black giant said emphatically:
  "I will ask the slaves what they want, and I will act according to the opinion of the people!"
  Afara giggled:
  - The opinion of the people... That can just when a lot of democracy-it's bad!
  Arnold noted:
  - I kind of agree! Although if the us presidents are not very, you will not understand, it is from an excess of democracy, or its lack! But after Clinton, we are particularly dissatisfied with our presidents!
  Altmer nodded:
  "Ask the slaves!" They will gladly accept slavery from us, and if you are in a hurry, you can go on the March right now! Winged boots are easy to control, you can even mental orders. And your weapon is safe!
  Afar has once again reminded:
  "Orcs are very cruel to humans!" But if you kill them, they will only respect the human race more!
  . CHAPTER 17.
  Arnold in full battle gear went into battle. However, a couple of hours spent trying out boots-runners. Yes, they obeyed mental commands, but you also need to be able to think correctly. And not to break accidentally.
  The elf, meanwhile, played strategy the history of the genus, and has grown to the Chancellor. With each new mission, the maps became bigger and the tasks more difficult. And demanded more time.
  Arnold, figuring, that in combat, him computer hardly need, left elfiyka, promising to return and take from by the time, as she will pass entire history kind of until the end of. But it's a long time... There you literally conquer the entire ancient world.
  And you can play for months. Let even girl-an elf on rare capable player.
  Arnold himself, of course, tried everything and went into battle. The thirst for a fight was great, especially how not to help people. And the flash drive will not go anywhere! With such winged boots with him nothing not tackles! They were accelerating to five or six hundred kilometers per hour. So catching up with the unknown kidnapper of the flash drive was not a task too difficult.
  Yes and at all, if would not anxiety superiors, something this he Arnold so long not goes on the link, then in such a wonderful to stay was interestingly longer!
  There are genies, too, which is kind of weird.
  Arnold took off on winged boots, and sang:
  "She looked to heaven, and I did wonders for her!"
  What once again try to fight the Arsenal interesting. The more micro-camera filming everything during the battle and it is of interest.
  Arnold flew in side large Fort orcs and sang:
  - We boldly in battle shall go,
   For the glory of the elves,
  And all the enemy will erase,
  In the fight for it!
  The song, however, is clumsy. In General, I remembered one AI project.
  In it, Roosevelt and Churchill did not dare to land in Normandy in forty-four. And as a result, the USSR was able to take control of all of Europe.
  And then the cold war was different. As a result, the USSR managed to avoid collapse, and even took control of all of Africa and Asia.
  In addition, the course of history has changed a little. Stalin died a little later, and managed to remove the old guard, replacing the team with a younger one. And Shelepin became Stalin's successor. And after him Lemons.
  This, of course, changed the course of history completely.
  However, the four American girls defy the Soviet Empire and all ends with a Happy ending, and America wins all. Moreover, the Islamic world is defeated by Communist atheism, and on all the planet is much calmer!
  Yes different AI compose a lot and they even make movies! Such a time has passed.
  It was particularly interesting how the United States developed without the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. What would happen in this case? Abraham Lincoln after the victory over the South, strengthened his power, and then went to a third term!
  The result was an authoritarian regime of personal power Lincoln, who was elected to a fourth term and a fifth!
  The US has become a country with a very huge presidential power. And Lincoln's successor declared himself Emperor at all, holding a referendum under it.
  And then there was a dynasty. It may even have benefited the US. Having developed military muscles, the Empire began to conquer other States.
  Yes, and has not yet conquered the whole world, including Russia, where the Bolsheviks came to power. But the US defeated them too.
  In short, AI was a conspiracy against the world Empire.
  And of course the question is: the conspirators - heroes or scumbags?
  In fact, the fall of the dynasty could plunge humanity into chaos, and civil war.
  On the other hand in the twenty-first century absolute monarchy, too, is not too great. And inhibits the development of mankind.
  So it's a double-edged sword.
  So everyone can consider differently who is right and who is wrong!
  And here, finally, and Fort orcs. My God, how huge it is - a real fortress Gibraltar, and thousands of slave boys and slave girls building new walls.
  Arnold noted:
  "It is not only the gods that forbid hobbits and elves to storm the fortress!" They themselves fear choke on blood, attacking such a citadel!
  The black giant estimated that there was an army of orcs and about ten times as many goblins.
  It will be a great battle!
  Arnold moved to the orcs, who were near the wall. They whipped boys and girls mercilessly, slashing their backs. And they did it very actively. The young slaves picked up speed, their dusty, round heels flashing like a squirrel in a wheel.
  Poor children and girls, although on fact them can be years quite??? and many. But eternal youth is too expensive to pay.
  Arnold flew to a pile of stones and took, and loading a weighty block, lupanul from a grenade launcher. The plutonium batteries worked flawlessly, and one stone knocked out two dozen orcs at once.
  They roared wildly and rushed at Arnold. Then the black giant again used pistols with poisonous needles.
  How practical it is that each needle is so thin, with poison. How many can even one infantrymen carry combat kit. Well, just like in a computer game with no limit of combat supplies. You go to yourself, you exterminate enemies. And this need to say highly effectively.
  Arnold barely had time to press the needle with her finger and throw stones at the reusable atomic grenade launcher with her feet. And thrash yourself these orcs thrash.
  Here is the first the team shaggy creatures Poleg, but flew the other the team.
  And you thrash them with great pleasure.
  You destroy opponents, but there are a lot of them. However, orcs move in different ways and allow themselves to be destroyed in parts.
  Arnold was reminded of a simple game "Cossacks". There is also a mission, you are only one rider and need to get money. Take them away from gangs of robbers. A lot of thieves you're the one gang will prevail. So you approach them from the side. Part of the gang is coming to you. You slowly leave, then when they break away from their, then attack and destroy. Then you ride to the priest and he heals you. Injuries from the fight disappear.
  And then again you need to come again and to tear off part of the gang. Yes, such a mission takes time. But the whole gang will kill you trivially. And so they destroy in parts, and treated for wounds that the game is fast. Unlike life.
  Arnold beat orcs and goblins. And when they got into a tight one, he, using boots-runners, flew to the top and continued to fire.
  Moved in another pile of stones, and again from an atomic grenade launcher on orcs and goblins. The latter were a little slower to die of poison, and were quite large.
  It is good that there are fewer of them.
  The black warrior, crushing the enemy, sang:
  - Africa is terrible for you Yes, Yes, Yes,
  Africa for orcs terrible, Yes, Yes, Yes!
  Will our warrior, orcs, destroy all!
  Hunter turn into game!
  And again Arnold as homicide swings into a grenade launcher. And it hurts these creatures.
  And needles as their thresh famously.
  Arnold deduced the moral:
  - Kill, kill and you will love!
  And the new cobblestone rushes with great acceleration. And then the hail of stones from the weapons.
  And fall punched and broken orcs and goblins. Their skulls are flattened.
  Arnold with the spiritual pressure of the crowed:
  - To break, destroy and tear apart,
  This is life, this is happiness!
  And again black spetsnaz on orcs will take and will Bang. And then there's the gun. And whole ranks of animals mows. But they are evil and bloody the orcs. But the needles beat out the enemies, like hailstones of rain.
  Arnold took it and sang:
  - And if we tear apart along the way Kolobok,
  And Goblin catch-the trouble is small!
  And again a handful of stones from an atomic grenade launcher. That's really a hell of a tool.
  And himself Arnold, of course, fighter level super. And he hits everyone like they're chops.
  And don't forget to yell:
  "I'll tear you up, you'll have a kangaroo, and you won't like it!"
  And here is Arnold for diversity gave turn and uranium bullets from mini-machine gun. Mowed down a line of orcs. But of course a gun with poison needles is best.
  The black warrior took it and sang:
  - Fire water fill the glass,
  I the guy a steep - 'll crush metals!
  And warrior black color of as wink, and again from grenade launcher strongly will give.
  He is a fiendish fighter indeed. And those who are against him will come to an end!
  And Arnold will roar:
  - Will Apple trees bloom on Mars,
  And the United States to dominate the world!
  The black commando was convinced of the latter. Here is when such as he will come to power, then will all a hot bath.
  And again as will hit on orcs, from an atomic grenade launcher, and will release a cloud of needles. And another hundred creatures will fall.
  Arnold sings enthusiastically:
  "Hundred by hundred, regiment by regiment, the orcs are cruel, we will quickly wipe them out!"
  Will warrior very us glad, steep tickles our outcome!
  And again to thresh these shaggy. With great grandeur and aggressiveness!
  Actually, one of the AI's was also beautiful somehow, and Arnold described how the Russian girls fought.
  In forty first year Hitler after seizing Islands Crete, changed his mind go on the USSR. The fact that Stalin did not attack Germany during the offensive against Yugoslavia convinced the Fuhrer that there were no plans to attack him from the East.
  In addition, forebodings suggested that there will be no easy victory in the East, and it is better not to climb there.
  The Fritz strengthened Rommel's group, and were able to persuade Turkey to let troops into the middle East. The British were routed in Egypt, and driven out of Iraq and the Middle East. Soon, Franco consented to the seizure of Gibraltar.
  After that, the Germans could easily transfer troops to Africa, and then to the middle East.
  India Fell. And after without an extra $ problems just for six months captured Black continent. And the culmination was the attack on Britain and the landing in the metropolis in November 1942.
  In two weeks England had fallen. And the Fritz finally gained a foothold in the Eastern hemisphere.
  But the war with the United States was still going on. And it was delayed because of the remoteness of the ocean, and the difficulties of transferring troops.
  Relying on the resources of Africa, much of Asia and Australia, the Germans are building a large Navy. They together with Japan are and submarine war.
  The forty-third and forty-fourth years were spent fighting at sea. Iceland and Greenland were captured. And in forty-fifth, already possessing tanks series of "E", Germans landed in Canada, and concentrated forces in Argentina.
  Such were their plans. Although the stretched communication and made it difficult to attack the United States.
  But by September, most of Canada was invaded.
  Both German and Japanese troops entered the Northern United States.
  But here Fritz met four girls.
   Monica, Leia, Gertrude and angelina.
  Four beauties joined the battle. Monica, Leia, Gertrude are blondes, and angelina is red.
  And let the girls destroy the huge army of the Third Reich.
  They are firing machine guns.
  Here's Monica throwing a grenade with her bare foot and singing:
  "Glory to my power! All mowed down!
  Leia gives turn. Also mows enemies queue, and squeaks at the top of his voice:
  "My army is strong!"
  And barefoot foot throws a gift of death.
  Firestar or red angelina launches bare toes gift of death and squeaks:
  - My victory!
  And, too, gives turn!
  Next is Gertrude bare foot fucking gift of death, and how deafening proboat:
  - I am the champion!
  And again will launch a murderous turn.
  Monica shoots the fascist Horde again and sings:
  "Glory to my world!
  And barefooted fingers legs is abandoning murderous gift death, breaks opponents.
  Is leading the fire and Leia. She is a very accurate girl. And bare feet on the enemy as throw grenades.
  And the girl roars:
  - I Hyper warrior the US!
  Next, angelina shoots. Makes this very even aptly. And from her bare toes flying killer gift.
  A beautiful girl roars:
  - I will be the absolute world champion!
  And as will show warrior its a long language!
  And then Gertrude tried. And, too, as will give turn. And then, with bare toes, he would hurl the gift of death.
  And scatter all opponents on scraps of meat.
  So the four girls are actively working. The head of the army of the enemy is clearly running out.
  Although there appear formidable tanks, series E. Well, the girls are waiting for them.
  Monica throws a grenade with her bare foot and squeaks:
  "We'll fight in space!"
  And from its bare heels the gift of death bounced and on the caterpillar E-50. This machine was damaged and stopped.
  Warrior yells:
  - Super!
  Forth Leia in combat. Also barefoot, as the gift of death will throw. Crumble the enemy. And the tank was tight.
  And the warrior roars:
  - I'm a girl in a bikini!
  Next, angelina fights. Also barefoot grenade throw on E-75, and the German vampire is tight.
  And the warrior will provisit:
  - I there is the kind, that will show super class!
  And Gertrude fights. Also a warrior, not knowing pity and doubt.
  Beauty picked up and squeaked:
  - Big regatta!
  And from barefoot legs flew a murderous grenade.
  Monica shoots again and squeaks:
  - Aerobatics, and crew!
  Her bare limb will also take and the stream of death will throw. And all enemies will break.
  After what warrior vyaknet:
  - I'm a super girl!
  And Leia in combat the real the heroine. And the enemies are weird. And barefoot a grenade will throw, and a lot of enemies will take and will break. And after prooram:
  "I am the girl who is Superman!"
  And here is in combat angelina,, too, barefoot foot gift death throws. The enemy will tear apart, and sing:
  "I'm a hell of a demon."
  And dolbanet on enemy queue.
  Gertrude's in the bag. Shoots itself without curiously ceremonies and prejudices. And take, bare toes present annihilation run, and enemies to kill. This is very combat?
  The four girls fought like knights or angels. But there are limits. And here is warriors retreated...
  The autumn and winter of forty-five were hard fought. The forces were unequal. The Germans tanks E-series too and stronger, "Sherman", and even small "Pershing". And jet aircraft and has no equal. And even were discrete, made invulnerable to all small arms to appear.
  So the United States gradually captured all sorts of foreign divisions of the Third Reich.
  Most of America is captured in the fall and winter. Plus more revolts in the South of the United States, and treason generals with German roots. As well as the undoubted superiority of new machines, and even underground tanks of the Wehrmacht.
   And in the spring of April 1946, after the Horde of the Third Reich surrounded and took Washington and new York, the United States capitulated.
  So the next page of the war was turned.
  But here is in 1947 in year in may began another battle, this time with Japan.
  And the campaign against the USSR was again postponed.
  And here are four girls from the United States did not give up and again fight with the enemy.
  The summer of forty-seven, and the heat, a female warrior in bikini. And fight themselves.
  Monica throws a grenade with her bare foot and squeaks:
  "I am the terminator!"
  And gives turn.
  Leia, too, shoots, and makes very aptly. And again her bare feet are throwing something. And exterminate.
  And the girl screams:
  - Combat aerobatics!
  Next, angelina is firing. Crushes opponents. Knocks them out in droves. And her bare toes, again throwing something brutally murderous.
  Warrior shouts:
  "I'm steel claw!"
  And Gertrude itself shoots, and mows down enemies. Then he would throw the gift of death with his bare foot and mutter:
  - Military subjects, and mathematics!
  And again all as will take and will mow down to insanity!
  The four of them are fighting. But the forces are unequal. New tanks series of E-50 Have, more dense layout scheme, below two meters heights, and 170 armor broadsides, 250-millimeters forehead, and weight sixty five tons under engine in 1800 horsepower.
  Not resist against such a Japanese. As and against ME-462 which, all without curiously ceremonies crushes, as Kolobkov all planes adversary.
  And against, still and compact disks flying. And they break everything.
  In short, in six months Japan was defeated and all her colonies captured.
  That same and this happened. The Fuhrer soon conquered all the countries of the world except the USSR.
  Until all was more-less peacefully. But Stalin died, and Nikita Khrushchev seized power. Again, relations with the Third Reich became complicated.
  Not to mention that the USSR was developing nuclear weapons. And there was the twentieth Congress, which condemned the former policy.
  And on June 22, 1956, the Third Reich, on the orders of an elderly, but very aggressive Hitler, began the invasion. His Horde counted on a quick victory, but he was waiting for an unexpected surprise!
  Not only four American girls, but also four Russian beauties and witches joined the battle with the hordes of the Wehrmacht. And a whole group of girls in different childbirth, and also all witches!
  Arnold, as he recalled his story, had destroyed nearly ten and a half thousand orcs and goblins.
  Those, at last, having understood that the opponent to them not on teeth, began to fire from a distance arrows. But even that was of little use. Arnold, however, now had to advance himself.
  And he moved on fortress, shooting from different species weapons orcs and goblins.
  Arnold behaved itself as if Schwarzenegger from movie, shooting literally all their opponents. It was the movement of a genuine terminator. Which nothing not stop, nor shake not in forces.
  Arnold goes and shoots orcs and goblins. He is an indestructible warrior of the spirit of Africa.
  A real, invincible fighter! It has such an iron grip of teeth and steel.
  A young man from Africa and America sings to himself:
   Orcs show them no mercy, destroy them bastards,
  As bugs crush, beat like cockroaches!
  The rating on the blood, it will be harder than steel,
  The black king of the Earth, and always on the beat!
  Then fly sharp needle of poison, and follows wild extermination of the orcs and goblins.
  And black warrior itself sings:
  - Oh, this guy is always on fire,
  He is in eternal glory and cuts all on the sawmill!
  A powerful blow to the legs, the neck of the Orc who tried to jump on the American heroes - broken!
  Arnold sings to himself, howling:
  - A strong blow, boy Almighty, and the interest of the guy is quite athletic!
  And he hits all the orcs and goblins like a club on a puck, and they fall dead.
  And Arnold roars to himself:
  "I'll be, I'll be, a world champion, and I'll jump, I'll jump into the Pacific!"
  And how this warrior will jump higher. He'd kick the Goblin in the throat again.
  And then the black commando began to throw his boomerang. From will fly, will cut off orcs heads and back. And then again flies, as if sword retaliation. Imagine their crushes and destroys the howling pack.
  Arnold roared:
  "The orcs have no chance!" Orcs have no chance!
  And again with a boot as will strike!
  Some human slaves, seeing such destruction, also began to rush at their cruel masters. Used in the battle of the pickaxe, crowbar, hammer, and weapons of dead orcs. The latter was already very much. And the fighters dispersed to the fullest.
  Boys and girls rushed at the hated enemies. In a savage rage they hacked and stabbed them. Some of the boys even tried to shoot from bows orcs and have them this well worked. And participated in the battle and girls. One of them was particularly adroit, and even threw fragments of spears and daggers into the crowd of orcs with her bare toes.
  Arnold shouted approvingly:
  "We are not slaves!" We are not slaves!
  And increased the impact on the enemy, using an atomic grenade launcher.
  Too many poison needles had already been spent, and what was left the black warrior decided to save for more emergencies.
  The slave girl, half-naked and muscular, slashed at the shaggy creatures, sang:
   But the pulsation of the heart and veins,
  Tears of our children, mothers...
  They say we want change -
  Throw off the yoke of heavy chains!
  And the beautiful warrior was throwing daggers at the orcs with her bare toes. And it was so cool and aggressive!
  The slave girl is the real embodiment of the fighter. And cuts enemies.
  And then a bare leg as will throw.
  And with it, the other girl was a redhead. Also cuts orcs. And then with his bare foot he throws the murderous. And defeats enemies.
  From orcs remain only killed and broken corpses.
  And here the red slave and the blonde slave are so beautiful and strong and muscular. And shred orcs and, dissecting.
  And here is their bare legs with a sword so deftly.
  Here the red slave threw, and at once to three fighters to orcs, the dagger cut throats.
  And the girl with white hair, also bare foot, hurled at the enemy slaughter. And cut their throats. And the orcs took it and died in agony.
  Here's how to step yourself a beauty. No, do not give the enemy mercy. And they cut them down and skin them.
  Arnold also destroys enemies, and destroys! And his weapon is a grenade launcher and a boomerang. Plutonium batteries, long enough. And you can charge anything. And now the goblins ' heads are split.
  And the black warrior sings:
  - For us America, that Siberia, that Alaska two Bank!
   Africa will be more beautiful than all countries, we have many glorious monkeys!
  And Arnold as will take and will put on orks, a whole heap of boulders. And fifty of the enemy broke the bone.
  And girl-the blonde in combat as they.
  Here is took and barefoot foot again the dagger threw. And five of the orcs they killed.
  A girl red, bare toes, threw a sharp blade and a lot of orcs slaughtered.
  Here's the girl again in a wild swing. And throws at enemies with all the frenzied fury.
  Arnold nods approvingly:
  - Very famously! You're cool!
  Blonde girl answers:
  "And you are a black God!"
  The commando logically noted:
  "That compliment sounds ambiguous!"
  Warrior in response threw her bare toes pointed object rasprava orcs and noticed:
  - What anti-slavery of course!
  And the red-haired beauty launched her bare feet murderous and hexagonal, squeaked:
  "What is natural is not criminal!"
  Arnold agreed with it:
  - Yes, that naturally is not a crime! So get ready beauties to win!
  The number of orcs and goblins dwindled. But here is on Arnold jumped out mercenary-Troll. He tried to hit the black commando with a pulsar.
  Arnold deftly dodged, and in the answer lupanul from pistol with toxic needle. Although the Troll was to protect, but the needle is too small object and passed it through a magic matrix. And a powerful opponent, trivially failed.
  The black giant sang:
  - Science not boredom, and magic beats!
  Technical step athletes forward!
  The blonde girl threw another dagger, her bare foot and confirmed:
  - Athletes forward! Magic beats!
  Another Troll tried to attack Arnold with pulsars, and even a whole series. The black warrior lashed out with his atomic pistol. Punch was only the fifth time - see defense matrix was better. But this Troll, having received a mortal wound, fell.
  Redhead girl launched her bare toes sharp star and chirped:
  - May my Holy land be famous!
  And bare heel as you'll bash the Orc in the head. He has a cervical vertebra and cartilage.
  The blonde terminator also launched a bare foot into the enemy sharp and faceted ring, singing:
  -I such a warrior that simply Superman!
  And both beauties burst out laughing at the top of their lungs.
  And Arnold finished off the third Troll, then the morale of the orcs and goblins finally fell. They began to scatter. And the slaves on the contrary cheered up, and let's destroy the foes with a vengeance.
  The boys and girls were furious. Their furious energy is literally overflowing.
  Arnold growled:
  "The violence will end!" And the one who is strong - well done!
  And slave girls several hundred at once, threw bare feet smashing objects.
   The redhead squeaked:
  "Freedom to slaves!
  The blonde added:
   - Freedom strong spirit of!
  . CHAPTER 18
  Orcs and goblins finished off, and the blonde and the redhead, even managed to finish off the fourth Troll. The Fort finally fell.
  And thousands of prisoners have finally found freedom!
  Arnold exclaimed at the top of his voice:
  - Glory to human rights!
  Both girls and boys shouted in unison:
  "Thank God!
  Black commando, jumped and twisted into a somersault. Numerous slaves and female slaves were delighted!
  Ah, that same won, finally, a big victory. And can be, for example its and be noted.
  Arnold and the other boys began to build tables and clear the slopes of the corpses of orcs and goblins. And the slave girls were preparing a treat and everything was very fun.
  They worked with enthusiasm.
  And even sang at all throats;
  Death is not the worst thing in the world,
  Because it gives life...
  The apartment is full of cockroaches -
  And so coward-hold on!
  You will not be able to create a Kingdom for yourself -
  If you're just a slave!
  And to face strong body of hussars,
  On the head of basurmanin Bang!
  There will be a new time and faith,
  Rod will return its Russian power!
  And dispel deception Chimera,
  Us not will give belobog in hell fall!
  We'll be able to win back the favor of Lada,
  To take away the strong anger of Perun!
  To celebrate we will be richly parades-
  Let's take the rune marks!
  We can bring the news to anyone,
  Who wants to break into Eden!
  God will heal Velez and the lame man,
  Let there be no problems with Svarog!
  If the mind is you shines brightly,
  You will be able to choose the right path...
  There will be warriors brave children,
  And the Fatherland to the enemy do not bend!
  There is no trifle, you know in the universe,
  Life from small things-a strong chain...
  Apply to the success of the old -
  And the end of the clubfoot roar!
  Here we reach the freedom of dawn,
  And on this we and light of and is...
  Let sparks in fraternal friendship.,
  It will be the most victorious result!
  Yes, girls and boys sang beautifully. It was like a children's camp. And young years all seems thus bright and joyful. And you really enjoy life all the time.
  Running, flashing naked, dusty, but elegant soles of the girl, and the boys do not look older than fourteen, fifteen years. All tanned, almost like Africans, but with blond, long hair, and muscular, lean bodies.
  In General it is beautiful when the body is muscular and without excess fat. But with constant hard work and a forced diet, a well-fed slave could not, in principle, appear.
  And eternal youth, a guarantee that you will not grow fat. In any case, the team here from many thousands of slaves looks young and in combat.
  So the orcs and goblins were piled in heaps, sprinkled with sulfur and fuel oil, and then set on fire. And in the sky rushed, black, clouds of smoke.
  Arnold noticed:
  "A decent cremation!"
  The blonde warrior agreed:
  "More than worthy!" When the body burns, the soul is greatly relieved.
  Warrior-ginger confirmed:
  "It is a great relief to the soul if it has lost its mortal body!" And much better to burn, especially if you are gnawed by worms!
  Arnold laughed and remarked:
  "We're going to a new world!" If die - so as death there is no, for heroes!
  Girls, in General, configured very even on-combat. Thousands of boys and girls dance around giant fires. Slapping their bare, graceful feet - these freed slaves.
  The blonde warrior chirped:
  "It will be our victory!"
  Warrior-ginger confirmed:
  "In the Holy war!"
  Then the girls, using the captured supplies of the orcs, prepared a noble feast. Both warriors and warriors began to eat.
  There was game and vegetables and fruits and other food. The former slaves even made cakes and pastries.
  You can relax with pleasure, and eat for a sweet soul.
  Arnold ate the food slowly. He pictured himself fighting in Afghanistan.
  It was a slaughter, all the slaughterhouses slaughter.
  They were approaching bin Laden's lair. And that was when the Taliban still held most of Afghanistan.
  And so the real battle unfolded. There were only a dozen American special forces, plus local enemies of the Taliban, but they were also few.
  Then they had to give up, so as not to incur unnecessary losses. But Harry's black boyfriend died and four others were injured. Slightly scratched then and Arnold. Plus, the helicopter crashed and six other Americans were injured.
  It was a duel. More precisely battle, with large-scale scope. Personally, Arnold shot down three Taliban helicopters, and killed more than a hundred Mujahideen.
  In General, the most annoying thing in this war is that Vietnam was repeated. When you commit the deeds, and the other guys are fighting valiantly, but it was no use!
  The Americans won most of the major battles in Vietnam and suffered more non-combat casualties than combat. But in the end, nothing significant was achieved.
  Except the shame of America's defeat and humiliation. In fact, Arnold marveled at how badly the United States began to lead in the last years of the war. It was as if the higher powers had turned their backs on America. And of course you should not have chosen trump for President - he is both the oldest and the year of birth forty-sixth - which is very ominous!
  Arnold believed in horoscopes. For example, a bull and a tiger do not combine, and I can not form a tandem. And indeed on horoscope bull-Hitler, attacked tiger Stalin. And at first the bull had an advantage, but then the tiger wounded with fangs and took up, but at a high price.
  It all seemed to fit. The relatively lucky Clinton from forty-six is young, and luck loves youth. But since his forty-sixth year, Bush has been an extremely unsuccessful politician. And a month older than Clinton, which also confirms the idea that the successor should not be older than his predecessor. And then a good horoscope for Obama-the year of the Bull, and the sixty-first-when the first man flew into space.
  Himself, truth, President was not very. But really with a successful horoscope. And bin Laden got, and kadafi was overthrown without loss, and in General Obama did not fail anywhere: and did not get covered in blood!
  Although certainly not really the role of the President was pulled: and character. And abilities.
  But he brought the economy out of the crisis, dropped oil prices, and did a lot in General. His successor is more than fifteen years older than his predecessor: it's a wonder that nothing good happens. Although there is like would and ability to and character. But there is no luck, and luck does not smell!
  Arnold thought the Russians were right when they sang:
  "What is a knight without love,
  And what is a knight without luck?
  And indeed it would be Arnold tried to act on the principle that the insolence of the second happiness.
  And it would be nice to introduce an upper qualification for the presidency. To keep the old people out. Luck more likes youth. Maybe that's why the greatest and most successful American presidents passed away young: Kennedy, Lincoln, the relatively young Roosevelt. Theodore Roosevelt, the youngest President of the United States, did not run for a third term.
  And you can remember Washington-also did not go to the third term!
  Of the old presidents, Reagan was the lucky one.
  But this is rather an exception confirming the rule. And who is this Reagan?
  How did he even get elected President?
  Also lucky that Carter was attacked by a rabbit, otherwise figs would be such a conservative and the old man would have become President. And then still it was lucky that Gorbachev became the General Secretary, instead of Romanov. It also influenced the course of history.
  Arnold caught himself thinking that he was talking politics to himself. In fact, the course of history does not suit him. Is he unnatural?
  Starting with the collapse of the twin towers and the war in Afghanistan. But so here resisted, as should was would on normal go. As if some strong field began to harm the United States. And now they exist!
  Arnold and on Earth met psychics, magicians, soothsayers, gurus, including the ranks of the special services.
  Well, hypnosis itself black commando owned, even if not quite perfect. But Arnold could, for example, and talk to the prisoner, and to deceive anyone. Make a suggestion. Plus still and himself resisted hypnosis, that for spetsnaz it is important.
  When you feel that you are under pressure hypnotist, first of all remember the multiplication table, and resist him. Otherwise you will try to turn into a zombie.
  But Arnold was not particularly gifted in hypnosis. Though above average. And after all in special troops such strong hypnotists there is. That they can even talk to a corpse!
  Arnold felt their influence. And power are phenomenal. And something like the waves the human brain emits in a hypnosis session. Well, the aura of Arnold saw.
  Yes, it really is in all people and animals: bioplasm. And it can be seen by anyone, with certain exercises. And photographed this aura. It is yellowish, but sometimes with different shades.
  Arnold himself felt sometimes capable, on aura to see lies man or not.
  Even more precisely, does he believe in what he says. Here many politicians especially young and do not lie. In any case, they believe in their own words, but then they are unable to fulfill their election promises.
  Not everything depends on them.
  Although Arnold from the very beginning was against the introduction of ground troops into Afghanistan. In fact - this is obvious stupidity. Yes "Ambrams", this such tank, that in the mountains and not turn.
  And in General, the US is somehow not too successful political and economic system. Presidents change too often, and often, the successor is older than the predecessor. MIC is not very perfect, and there is no proper control.
  For example, until now, a new generation tank has not been made! Anyway, in honor of the introduction of machinery has problems.
  And most importantly, it is not clear why you are fighting? How stupid to fight in Syria, and then the enemy of the United States to Assad, all the earth, the Mujahideen repulsed just give!
  Is that really stupid? For then climbed?
  Arnold didn't like such stupid wars: when your country didn't get any benefit from it.
  Was it worth it to overthrow Saddam Hussein, to strengthen Iran? And with Iran to fight, it was weak! In General, when someone is preparing for the presidency, be sure to study the horoscope-otherwise it will be tight!
  In General, US presidents should not be elected by the people, but by special services. To then not was problems.
  And the, in fact, even for their country becomes ashamed. Then bill Clinton is disgraced.
  And in fact that the President is not a man or something? And he can't relax with a girl?
  And why litter from the hut to take out? Too much democracy in America and too free a media. For example, in dictatorial countries, the press is under control. And there people and in fact think, that their rulers simply super!
  And in fact even worse intellectual abilities than in the West.
  Although of course you can condemn Bush Jr., at first he acted wisely in Afghanistan, and avoided losses. And then he began to make blunders.
  Of course, the President would have to understand the futility of moving significant ground forces into the mountains of Afghanistan.
  You can't kill all the Taliban, but they can be held back by air strikes and local forces. For example, using the legitimate army of Afghanistan. Which should be armed and trained. And themselves and not to meddle. Can, except small groups special forces, and the there where can be avoid losses.
  And so only raised the popularity of the Taliban, so the very factor of the presence of foreign troops, irritated the local population. And the Taliban gained popularity. They have become patriots of their country, who fight against foreign and infidel troops. Of course, it was much easier to defeat the Taliban by the hands of the Afghans themselves.
  The same should have been done in Iraq. To fight with the Mujahideen troops of the Pro-American government. And themselves in close combat not crawl.
  Arnold doubted the wisdom of his command. And professionalism, too. It was not necessary to lose so many soldiers.
  Arnold himself would not have allowed it.
  It would be possible and would have removed Saddam Hussein, but would put in his place another dictator is also a bad guy. But Pro-American and would not dismantle the power system of Iraq. So to change dictator-enemy, the dictator of the other, hitching a new horse to the old wagon. And all the goals would be achieved.
  By the way, Venezuela seems to have found their new horse. But then trump showed himself to be a paper tiger. So sometimes you think about luck and bad luck. And how many elementary miscalculations are made by politicians themselves!
  Arnold himself, for example, in Venezuela would have replaced the dictator of the enemy of the United States, and without resorting to a direct military invasion. Just make Maduro's generals, American generals, and pay the salary of the U.S. army. Roughly, as it was done in Iraq. But how stupid it is to buy generals and then fire them.
  Need, was saying And, say and it Comes! And then all would be well for America. Arnold thought so. However, of course, in politics everything is not so clear!
  Of course, it would be necessary to share with the local generals, but it is better than losing thousands of their soldiers for no good reason, or spending billions on the war.
  Arnold, of course, understood that it's not easy, but the U.S. experience has shown that the local elite - it is necessary to share. Big mouth pulls the spoon! So the British colonies were lost to greed. But Russia was stronger because it was divided. And if the overthrow of the Romanovs had not happened( also largely accidental, so with all the dissatisfaction with this autocratic regime, the people and the elite did not take another power, and that there was a coup it took a lot of not too likely coincidences at once!), then Russia could have their colonies and not lose!
  The tsars of Russia gave equal rights to their territories, and invited local princes to the court.
  It gave strength to the Empire. In the United States, Texas and California, also conquered from Mexico, received equal rights with other States. And nothing was infringed, and even had local self-government, greater autonomy including their own laws. Where there is the death penalty, and where it is not.
  Where there is a casino, and where it is forbidden. In Mexico itself, they had less rights and autonomy than in the United States. Maybe it was possible to include all of Mexico in the United States. To not it's a shame was no one.
  Of course, Texas and California are better off than Mexico.
  Arnold noted that Americans have done a lot of good things for progress and for world peace. But in recent years, things are not going well.
  It's as if there are forces that interfere with all the great empires. And that there is no them obstacles in this. And that all the great empires after the rise are in decline, and decline.
  And why is that? When, finally, humanity will become one, and the threat of mutual destruction will disappear?
  When, finally, will be confident in building a space Empire, and a great future for all people!
  When will science finally evolve so that humans can create new planets, resurrect the dead, and attain absolute immortality? Isn't that what everyone wants? Will our universe become a true Paradise, and all people forever young and beautiful?
  Arnold was distracted by the food, chewed a little meat, but even his heroic stomach is not able to withstand everything.
  Young slaves and slave dancing. They were free now, and they enjoyed it with every fiber of their being.
  The black commando said:
  - There is nothing more beautiful than freedom,
  But be reasonable, throwing off the yoke!
  The feast was almost over, and there was no food for it. The slaves would soon be heavy and sleepy.
  Arnold suggested that before everyone went to sleep, they should choose their superiors.
  First of all, hundreds and thousands. It to be a tight ship, and kept in order.
  The girls and the guys happily proceeded to the election. They voted with their hands and feet.
  The blonde girl logically remarked:
  - We can choose and not those!
  Arnold sighed and noticed:
  - And we have too often dissatisfied with presidents! And senators even more often! Who will not choose, that promises does not keep!
  Girl-ginger logically noted:
  - Frustration is good, then people are becoming more demanding, and is not as submissive sheep in the stall!
  Arnold grinned and remarked:
  - In some countries people and at all hammered until extremes! You can't say that about us, although a lot of people run into us!
  The blonde girl whistled and remarked:
  - America is a beautiful name! Maybe we'll take our new Republic and call it America!
  Arnold was surprised:
  - You want to create a Republic?
  The girl nodded:
  - Yes!
  Arnold asked in surprise:
  "Why the Republic?"
  The blonde answered sincerely:
  "Because the monarchy is obsolete!"
  The red haired girl added:
  "And if the king goes mad, he can't be legally removed!" And so the continuous usurpation!
  Arnold said wittily:
  - To oligarchs a bagel, to the people a hole from a bagel - here and there is a bourgeois Republic!
  The blonde girl giggled and remarked:
  "That's progress! And glory to us!
  Girl-ginger, too, have observed:
  - Someone need to choose, and of course better their, than of strangers!
  Arnold said firmly:
  "We're calling an election!"
  Followed by numerous discussions and even fights. The boys were especially honest with their fists. Although most of them are adults by years, and some of them a couple of centuries behind, but in their mentality they are real children. And teenagers fight pretty hard.
  Arnold himself has allowed in his fists, flexing them.
  But, in General, everything went more or less constructively. And began to elect children.
  And girls of course. Such here is young and akess creative skills warriors and warriors.
  Arnold even sang:
  But if you have to choose,
  And the choice is difficult...
  We choose wooden suits,
  Which dress, not ashamed going out in people!
  And a powerful fighter as will jump up, and barks at the top of his voice:
  - I am the world champion!
  And fly up, turning in the air in a somersault!
  This is really the giant of African and world champion!
  And so Arnold rode, and thought at the same time. That it's really time to leave Afghanistan. And that Gorbachev, that made wisely: is gone from this strange! And they let the people decide how to live and how to cope.
  In fact, they have nothing to do there!
  In General, Arnold believed that it was not necessary to allow terrorist attacks on its territory. And not to climb in all cracks. So it is much more logical. Even more stupid to be a sheep in sheep's clothing!
  In fact, what can a sheep in the skin of a wolf? He growls a little and sulks!
  It is necessary on the contrary: to be a wolf in sheep's clothing. The real strength to have, and not just to bluff.
  And at the same time to check capitalists from MIC-where they spend taxpayers ' money? And the money is really really spent! And then disappear!
  Arnold, grinning, said:
  - Who will win and who will lose! There are different things!
  And the black giant winked at his partners...
  Yes, for some reason, bad luck, scary... and now he has made another feat, and happiness in himself does not feel.
  Arnold began to exercise. He did push-UPS again, putting the girls on his shoulders, squatting with the girls and pulling himself up. Did and a corner, and under different angles press. Then he put a girl on his shoulders and did push-UPS on the bars.
  In short, worked, and plowed over the form. I wondered why the Americans were so unlucky. And air defense does not work, and some primitive drones can not shoot down.
  And that now he as if a fly in the dough is stuck. Probably, the luck of the United States began to turn away, the arrival of Bush Jr. The, as Governor Texas, signed 122 death sentences, and no one not pardoned.
  And when you sign death sentences: you burden karma! It is impossible, death sentences to sign - to yourself you do damage. And sometimes the country suffers from it!
  Of course, signing death sentences, Bush Jr. worsened his karma. And what do some other presidents who sign death sentences think: for example, Lukashenka? After all, you also worsen your karma, and the country also suffers!
  But Arnold himself, how many people did he kill? How did he burden his karma? The blood of living things is not water. And it hits your conscience and soul and body!
  You can't be so cruel!
  Arnold sighed and sang:
  Fragile flower petal-
  If it is broken long ago...
  Although the world around and cruel -
  I want to do good!
  Yes good to do want, but here is as something not is obtained! And after all understandable, that evil then to you will return!
  And if you are President, then to your country!
  Napoleon also became a hostage of bad karma!
  Only Genghis Khan could build an Empire on blood! However, its construction was short-lived!
  Arnold was very proud and happy to have been born in the United States.
  And it inspired him to battle and feats!
  But now you feel as if you have passed a complex, computer game.
  Good for you, but which still benefited the country? And the is obtained, only on the keyboard thrashed without bribery.
  Arnold wished he had gone into professional Boxing. I wouldn't have to kill so many people.
  I would come out of it the ring with the Klitschko brothers. How long would they have held out? Yes, with the data of Arnold, you can win all in a row. And be taller and cooler than Tyson!
  Arnold even sang as he continued to charge. He sang an aggressive song in his strong voice:
  And what is this guy about whom crackle and rustle,
  Stepped into the ring, ready to pound anyone into dust and gunpowder?
   Everyone says he's young, his fist is a hammer,
   But pricked, he had to fight looking for an excuse.
  The boy in the shirt inspires fear on fighters,
  Beat-wave, the dust - those who are aiming below the groin.
   He was tall and weighed a good ninety.
  And with legs his, guys, whip forces routinely not simply.
  The swing is sharp, the blow is hard, but who is he?
  What's the new champion up to?
  The one that everyone tinder, talk around,
  He has to step into the ring and show that he is definitely cool!
   King Ring! Mean Borz, then he is still the guy has a brain.
  Exploration with a jab to the body immediately see the style and force.
  Don't know unnecessary movements, he is without a doubt a genius,
   Faster the shadow gets to the solar plexus.
  Where the power of a flock of crazy lived.
  Hits with both hands, suddenly hook, acute, if awl.
  Newspapers write: Angry and aggressive, primitive
  However, the interest of the guy is quite athletic
  Not for fun, not for millions
  The nameless kid knocks out the Champions.
  He is the one who has reaped his sweat year after year,
  To take the jackpot, and lo
  He's doing an uppercut now.
  King Ring! (I said I don't need a crown - I changed my mind...)
  Tell me, who is he, who is this guy?
  The king is always at his best,
  You want to box-stand with him in a pair.
  Who knows what the price of the crown is?
  Hey, Champ, practice dives and inclines!
  Arnold began to yell and jump himself overflowing with martial enthusiasm;
  Again reception Desk, smartly passes deuce.
   So many persistent need, then sewing and cutting!
   The boy would have knocked his own shadow down,
  First round, last round, finish Basta, count down!
  So what kind of guy is all the fuss about,
   Went into the ring ready to chew the ropes like a bubble-gum?
  Crown swing: all the puke on the floor in your shot-drink!
   See the crown in the ring? Remember, this is the King Ring!
  After such a song, anyone will feel like a giant. After a good workout, Arnold saw that almost all the slaves and slaves completely exhausted, go to bed.
  The great warrior, the American special forces placed guards just in case.
  The blonde girl approved:
  "The evil orcs may come at any moment!"
  A redhead warrior have observed:
  "But we'll meet them and kill them!"
  Arnold agreed with it:
  "We'll kill him!"
  Both boys and girls were placed on guard. The beautiful gathered here host.
  Arnold thought that white people were pretty enough, after all, and not to be thought ill of.
  There was a time when blacks were oppressed in the United States. Even in the second half of the twentieth century, there were still manifestations of racism. But then it all sank into oblivion!
  On the contrary, now in the USA black leather, this is a sign that you're the one, true hero.
  Arnold ran, checked all the guards. He denounced those slaves who began to nod, and sang:
  Sleep bears and elephants,
  Uncles sleep and aunts...
  All around sleep must,
  But not at work!
  Then the black giant like a laugh, its a good joke. And his large, pearly teeth as oskalyatsya.
  Arnold is a great warrior. Even feels like Mowgli, or Tarzan! He is ready to break any opponent!
  That is true warrior spirit!
  The mighty African sang:
  Yes glory awaits us,
  We're going camping...
  Orcs simply darkness,
  Don't go crazy!
  The belligerent mood became even steeper. No, Arnold will stop at nothing, even a battering RAM made of titanium.
   Arnold said, waving his fists:
  "I could break a mouse with one punch!"
  And indeed it was evident that a large warrior class.
  Well, in the meantime, you can sleep. Moreover, the next step will be the flight for the long-suffering flash drive, and you need to be alert and alert.
  Arnold lay down on the rocks and almost immediately fell asleep.
  . CHAPTER 19.
  Dream and in fact proved and delusional and interesting.
   Apparently Adolf Hitler really has a perverted imagination. But over pregnant women he puts barbaric experiments. Here is already in the USSR celebrated 23 February. On parade were the tanks, the KV-3 and KV-5. Stalin also showed that he had the answer to the German heavyweights. KV-4 until not typically recognized produce a in metal the form of. But it is clear that Stalin is not so easy to take.
   However, Hitler's determination to turn East only grew from this. It is all the more obvious that America will not get them. Iceland has fallen, and now the United States can not even bomb the factories of the Third Reich in Europe. But America itself to get out of the office the ocean is extremely difficult. We must first build a huge fleet, with a large number of large, surface ships.
   And fleet so quickly as planes and tanks not be built. In addition, the United States has a fairly large population, and armed, and is determined to fight hard. In any case, across the ocean will have to throw a huge number of troops than Stalin can take advantage and hit from the East.
   Thus, the Third Reich had only one choice: to break Russia, and only then to take up the United States.
   The Wehrmacht actively increased its forces and increased the number of divisions, including foreign ones. The army had been called up since the age of twelve, and the khivis had filled every available seat.
   Barefoot terminator girls Charlotte and Gerda dreamed of wars and now have the opportunity to hunt the rebellious Sheikh Mullah Umar, the main rebel against the orders of the Third Reich.
   Warriors, smeared with protective cream, again raced barefoot on the hot and prickly Sands of the desert. They raced like meteors. And with them, along with a company of girls. Not former tigresses, and other less experienced, but also elite. And all in bikinis and of course barefoot undergo brutal internships.
   While the Sheikh is not too popular and fight with the Wehrmacht, he has no courage. So the hardest part is finding him... A very difficult task. Girls can do it, although it is not immediately pass it.
   Barefoot, almost naked, Gerda imagined a large spaceship. Here it is on its steep ridges rides... That's great.
   She thought of Arnold the hero, too, a big black boy, not even twelve years old. Athletic, memorable kid. Great son of Africa!
  But Friedrich, on the contrary, is still a child. It is even surprising how he received such a high award as the Knight's Cross of the Iron cross with oak leaves. This is about like the gold star of hero of the Soviet Union.
   Barefoot Gerda, more like a black Arnold, who promised in the future to become a mighty hero-a man-a real God of Africa. If he'd been older, she'd have hit on him. A very handsome boy, facial features is correct, the nose, in spite of Boxing, not flattened, but straight and slightly upturned. Broad, chest and shoulders... The skin is black and shiny, the hair is curly! She remembered him... It is a pity, that traveled this couple young warriors-Aryans white a boy and black, in Africa. In the middle East and Saudi Arabia, there is much more mystery and magic.
   Now they are barefoot and in bikinis running through the desert in search of the Sheikh. It is not yet found, but during the interrogation of a prisoner found out that the Deputy Emir Laden, in the oasis Bida. And so the weather is not established flight, had to get there on their own...
   He and barefoot Charlotte are not afraid, but the young girls are exhausted in the end. Already several times fell. Then the blonde terminator and the fire devil picked up their partners on their shoulders and dragged them on themselves. But now it is clear that the limit has come. And can be, and more precisely need give company recreation. Even at the risk of the Emir leaving.
   Both girls rested in a special way. They crossed their bare feet in the Lotus position and fell into a special, unique dream;
   Charlotte tickled the young hero black Arnold Luger stiff in the cool of the fog heel. And when young knight-Aryan and son Africa ( In dream Arnold Luger - as if chocolate a boy! he opened his eyes and jumped up, whispered:
   "It's time now!" Let's start - green berets exactly three hundred and sixty people. That's a hundred and twenty apiece.
   Barefoot Gerda with a lascivious cunning added:
   "Not every man can do that!"
   And so began the sweep of the rocky terrain from the green berets. Arnold the hero, firing through the haze, growled:
   White snow, grey ice on the cracked earth. The city rises out of the mist, not only to live in peace to me!
   In pink with flashing sparks-snakes in the fog, the militants from the us special forces can not be seen. But heard their cries, and the groans of the dying. Barefoot Gerda also fires in a familiar manner, not aiming, not thinking, but hitting. The sentimental girl promised:
   - Be sure to put a candle in the temple for all of them, and we will pray together.
  Barefoot and red haired Charlotte approved of this impulse:
   -That's it! You will pray, but only in bulk, otherwise by name and father out of breath to remember!
   Night battle is interesting, but when the battle in the morning and fog...
   But the green berets returned fire, firing very often, because you need to fill the enemy with supertechnologies or hyperdurosity!
   And then the triumvirate took them up... Splattered brains with churning shards is not the most sirloin part of the proceedings. And here is when bullet engulfed in bundle of a grenade, which obveshan thug beret, Yes and jerked, as if frog swelled with skyscraper or torn womb fly flaming a fire annihilation viscera.
   And with them it flew away in different corners of the boxers from the special forces. But one with his head ramming granite rock... In the skull of the African-American the most durable place in the tank.
   Arnold-hero the great warrior of America and Africa, in the dream was different, and fought against her, giggled:
   - Dismantling Prussian special forces with walking chops!
   Bare-legged Charlotte confirmed after four opponents fell silent, with one movement of a long female finger:
   - Such people in Hollywood, them only Prussian guy judges!
   The battle turned into a clicking, slow and confused enemy. And already littered with corpses... That killed Sergeant flying through the cooler into the abyss, and the other is already head over heels rushing as if from a blow...
   Gerda shoots very often and at the same time jumps like a kangaroo with each shot and hit her confidence increases. The girl giggles and throws a grenade with her bare toes and Baring her teeth, threatens:
   "Oh, my chops!
   Battles of special forces, not always fleeting, but necessarily bloody. And the Nazis in its time, too, received.
   Radio signals chirped, the enemy called for urgent help. Gerda warned the strong Arnold-heroes:
   "They've got the latest rocket launcher!"
   The boy-Aryan and simultaneously African grinning, giggled:
   - I know that there is, and already of walking to it!
   Barefoot Gerda suggested without a shadow of mockery, the boy:
   "When you kill an enemy, don't forget to show respect for his human personality.
   Arnold-hero, giving the queue, which stopped seven fighters of the American special forces, noticed:
   "I respect the human person." And the people of the United States are waiting and will not wait for liberation from the chains of capital. Here this case, I think it's a pity these soldiers are ordinary guys, probably born in the poor or even the poor Negro families... I want to cry.
   Even: to perform Charlotte, was kind of lame. But to shoot agnisara devil has not ceased, and even accuracy added although there is nothing to add.
   The Aryan and African boy had already reached the rocket launcher. You just need to choose a target... Judging by the noise, an armored personnel carrier with a beeping radar is approaching. Arnold the giant grinned rapaciously, and the three black, well-muscled men frothed in the bathroom. The Aryan and African boy smiled and crossed himself:
   "It's not your fault you guys are here at the wrong time...
   And fired almost without sight charge. Leaving behind a long orange Fox tail, the missile raced toward the goal.
   A sudden gust of wind for a moment dispelled the gray-wheat haze, sitting in an armored personnel carrier fighters saw flying like a brave Japanese kamikaze in their direction fiery "fighter" screamed. Without much success, they tried to turn the wheel, but the ground-to-ground missile struck like a circus knife thrower's throw with infinite precision. With a terrible howl in the sky soared winged ghouls fleeing from the fiery hell. It was a deafening, eardrums-shattering crash as dirty, crow-winged, molten debris flew into the air.
  Barefoot Gerda spoke:
   The Raven symbol of wisdom in is not the one whose body he arrived to bite!
   Arnold-the hero with a cunning added:
   - Fallen with courage not subject to decay, coward survivor stinks worse corpse!
   There was a rainbow-colored haze of light, as if the air had been sprayed with expensive perfumes straight from Parisian salons. The boy-Aryan-African released another much heavier charge gift, it synchronously supported almost naked Charlotte, she has her own charge at hand.
   In addition, the girl threw her bare fingers sharply honed disk.
   A jet of steel had been knocked out, and the newest, shark-like, tracked infantry fighting vehicles were crawling up the steeps. Adapted to fight in the mountains coffins with air guns.
   But seasoned fighters masterfully covered column that was immediately swept away by a tsunami wall of flame as if from an exploding cans of fermented mushrooms of the fuel tanks.
   Arnold the giant chuckled:
   - Have a nice Happy ending in heaven!
   Bare-legged Gerda growled like an angry female leopard:
   "I am free as a Falcon in the sky!" Forgot together with Rod wise fear!
   On the right, a comet-rocket sent waves of painted cars flying like an Olympic swimmer. The wreckage burned and continued to explode even in the air, as if a terrorist like bin Laden had planted a thermonuclear charge in every wheel.
   Barefoot Charlotte gave:
   "Here are the bombs!" Right bricks on the head split!
   Arnold is a giant resounding sang, shooting at the enemy:
   Peace is war according to the fighter,
   You can't harness a pioneer!
   We will continue the work of the Holy father,
   Such will be our strong faith!
   There is no more merit-to serve the Motherland,
   After all, a military affair is never holier!
   And life is very fragile, a thin thread,
   Though luxuriantly bloom rose sultry May!
   When young, and the warble of the Nightingale is merrier,
   And in old age even honey-bitter and viscous!
   That's why people love children,
   For them plant generously-raspberries and beds!
   Arnold the hero shot as if he were pouring lead from a waterfall. He dug up a good machine gun from the amers. Rapid-fire, and together almost does not recoil, so that the firing and singing will not be interrupted.
   Yes, life is tough, prickly sow Thistle,
   In it it is possible to be lost-to disappear a devil in Putin!
   But the faith of the fighter will come to communism,
   Know, there will be a flight to Mars of children of the Messiah!
   Native Land - was down to the fighters,
   And the souls of children in heaven rushed!
   For hell gates - only one scoundrels,
   And the Devil among them pricked up his pitchfork menacingly!
   Will not land under the tank to moan,
   There will be, believe me on the ground patriots!
   Love you Motherland-good mother,
   Rushing to the assault-combat pilots!
   When loud onetary fire,
   And the Sun mighty, bright will become!
   The Fuhrer the great shook my hand,
   And became easier fluff with trophies satchel!
  Half-naked Gerda, mowing his meat in uniform grass coolly, as if putting a signature on the Protocol, noted:
   The wolf - nurse of the forest with the people, descended to the level of animals, but without the physician wolfhound ambulance will come to no fact!
   From the left side of warrior of the cars out at speed ( so it seemed to her in battle trance!) frozen reptile a peasant in impervious bronnyky. They yelled and cursed very colorfully speaks English. And in the hands of pistols, megaphones, other picturesquely distort fancy automatic rifles and assault carbines with several optical sights, and the likeness of the first infrared bells and whistles. However, the latter is not terrible. Bare-legged Gerda knew that in the fog they Maxim show blurry spots. And there would be no point in shooting. Girl-tigress declared, making a steep reversal and dolbanuv, butt in the face of the us army commando:
   "It won't hurt you!" And here is chop the accurately there!
   Arnold-hero released the latest rocket of increased strength and a semi-liquid explosive mixtures. Hit almost exactly, moreover, the discarded armored personnel carrier as if torn scrolled through the other machines, forcing them to jump, or fold into an accordion.
  Charlotte: to perform the same switched to Hiking part. If we destroy, without compunction, all that comes under the bullets of the machine.
   The warrior especially liked the M14 assault rifle. You can thrash the enemy from a colossal distance. The cartridge is not too heavy, but lethal.
   In General, the M14 rifle at the time of its appearance quite satisfied the American military. She was enough easy, had greater effective range called the shots, a good the accuracy of and uboynost of ammunition.
   And you can also use grenade launchers, those that remained after the dead green berets... Although, of course, and pity those guys.
   Together with the M-14, a new M76 rifle grenade launcher (which was mounted on the rifle) was developed and adopted by the U.S. army, as well as the M31 cumulative 66 mm rifle grenade.
   Arnold-the hero outlined the mortar of enemy special forces as the purpose, rushed to the piled-up cobblestones of an ambush, but from that party six in spotted very even nasty poisonous color green suits ran out to meet him. Arnold the hero flew straight at them, on the way still managed to call the seventh fighter with his seemingly childish, but in fact strong as steel Shin in the chin. Weighing no less than a hundredweight, the big man also rushed to the abyss.
  And Arnold, the hero has lashed out at the other buffaloes. After all, all six of them have rapid-fire submachine guns in their hands, and each is ready to discharge his vile leaden essence.
   As in slow motion the boy saw that the barrels of the guns began to turn in his direction. The young warrior pulled the trigger three times on each finger captured from the brave American soldiers pistols. Two-tenths of a second per shot, and even a sturdy stainless steel spring will not be able to feed the cartridge into the bore.
   Americans are a fine people, brave practical, but these people measure life by minutes, and even hours: all six bullets and starlings from a mink escaped from a trunk. Then they hit the green berets in the head, smashed the forehead and eyes, and one hit right in the open for a shout of a huge mouth. Arnold-Bogatyr issued with a sad smile:
   "I hate it myself, but duty is duty!"
   The fighters collapsed, spattering blood with whale fountains, but the boy was already running in long leaps, fearfully aware that he was late, that all the red Rangers were late for distribution, and that the Imperial military tracking machine, if it let them out for a moment, caught them in its nets moments later...
   However, barefoot Gerda did not think so, and did not believe in his lateness, and took hard pressure, and fire frequent, not knowing the concept of "by".
   The snow white warrior even had an aphorism in her head:
   - Forget about the bad "milk" in the shooting, if you want to not forget about the fresh milk kids!
   But I have the feeling that the noose on the neck, in spite of all the twitching, not only continued unabated, but and clenched harder.
   Especially with the amplifying hum, huge "meat grinders", there is already without a shudder of the earth from jet missiles can not do...
   Arnold-the hero made a marking, having estimated drawing... Well, the more enemies, the more interesting the war. That's the only reason, multiplies the foes are smart do not call. Although he that makes, clicks on triggers and reduces the number of adversaries.
   Barefoot Charlotte also fights without a shadow of embarrassment. After all, he and half-naked Gerda fought even with German flying saucers, and then caught trying to escape to Mars possessed Fuhrer. Not German, but from some other parallel universe! So that them after this green berets or other fighters? Tigress girls are born warriors in this their charm and common vocation!
   And boy-Aryan African from the country of the USSR and at the same time, the U.S. came really fast!
   Warrior Arnold-Bogatyr however, experienced at all not fear, and excitement! In the sky and the fog began to thin out. It was getting hot in every sense of the word. With the roar and noise of gigantic dinosaur-like beetles circled the heavy army helicopters of the brave and superbly trained US army. Barefoot Charlotte felt them and took the "grinder" under the scope. However, almost naked Gerda beat her, firing first. Indeed, she was there to peel from the grenade launcher. The helicopter thundered, sending coals and steel shards flying from the clay pot. Barefoot Charlotte demolished the second helicopter and gave:
   - Us guys in this life only with the truth along the way!
   Warrior-Aryan on the run saw in the valley, more precisely in the area of the plateau sank a freighter. Missed the bitch... Well, now they will be given pepper like a Fox under the tail. From there, like mushrooms after the rain, yellow-bottle figures jumped out and, at the same time, played harmonicas.
   Charlotte grunted:
   "Well, SS.
   However, after the command, the soldiers, crouching, immediately rushed to the luxuriously blooming nearby bushes. It looked like a clumsy attempt to relieve himself.
   Then, as she flipped across the clearing, bare-legged and majestic, she saw several helicopters landing, covering him from all sides. These were other artists for Aria.
   It wasn't the Marines, it wasn't the national guard, it wasn't the green berets, it wasn't even the Marines. This time they let the group "Cool cooperation", the most combat-ready, as it is considered to be a special unit in the United States. If you do not read and even cooler , of course, "the Immortal eagle" the NSA.
   But there is no word about" Immortal Eagle "anywhere, and" Cool cooperation " does not come off the TV screens. They had heard so much about her, seen so many movies and posters, that now even their hearts jumped with excitement.
   Arnold, the hero spoke with the head:
   "This is the moment of truth! This as have young warrior glades or white rossov, a boy, which instead same for applications forces adversary suddenly saw before a the most illustrious warrior someone else's tribe. And fearfully, and at the same time the heart beats with glee: if he wins, then his glory will fly to heaven, where in the unattainable light the Race is found...
   Barefoot Gerda instead of supporting the joke, or rather a reasonable remark, fired from another captured barrel, causing the helicopter to smoke its tail, to begin an involuntary dive. Accompanied with a threatening fall into a huge boulder.
   Arnold-the hero as if goosebumps climbed up the slope without ceasing to wool green berets. Fortunately the fog is still thick. Who does not know how to grovel up and looking the visor will not telepit eyes! Already ten huge helicopters landed landings, lining up beautiful such in the form of swastika svaroga asterisk around several rocks with winding paths. The battle triumvirate continued the utter destruction of what was left of the battalion, but additional groups of elite special forces popped up like tin soldiers scattered by a boy from a box.
  Bare-legged Gerda herself took over the helicopters. For her, shooting at flying targets is a favorite hobby. Girl-warrior loath even makes freaks and somersaults, singing;
   In war know happiness-flour pale shadow,
   It is illusory imaginary greatness!
   After all, the sun is not lazy to get up....
   And in the rest of the, alas, soul not a bull!
   There's a lot of blood wars in the battle pours,
   And can, in fact, flow for a long time!
   And March-throw in rapid flight,
   When there is a goal - crossing the Volga!
   War does not need our Paradise,
   She burn down, the whole white light trying to!
   Blazing sun radiant beam,
   There is no place in life for miserable parrots!
   But why the world in hearts not lives,
   But why the cruel dust of grief?
   Though love and all the way around,
   Where is the middle of happiness?
   Oh, before that, all the old things we have,
   We do not have time to build happiness, people!
   As if in world chief Karabas,
   Each castle is a ruined Troy!
   Where not throw, cruelty and defeat,
   Any ready the bandwagon to make a brother!
   Was a giant, and now a miserable dwarf,
   Hunt in ears densely shove cotton wool!
   But what in the world is grace?
   Such is the word without self-interest...
   God can give us happiness,
   From birth and, alas, to the grave!
   Shoot already urine you believe me, no,
   How can people be so exterminating!
   When he left a generous territory for lunch,
   And the three-faced monster from hell barks!
   But the duty of the Fatherland will perform soldiers,
   Otherwise there is no place on the planet,
   Though the satchel torn from some patches,
   But the children will be fed from the prey!
  Special forces soldiers then rose and, bristling in all directions with machine guns, remained in place, waiting. As such slonopotamus else to look. Smoke began to smoke from the barrels...
   Arnold the big man could see the officers talking on the radio, a ring had already closed around the hill, then another, wider one, but he still had about seven minutes before the Isolation team began their hunt. And it is confident (Although if it comes to their triumvirate, what confidence can we talk about!) and skillfully tighten the noose, trying not to lose a single person. And means can be sing. And the boy-Aryan and African began to sing a song, beautiful full of enthusiasm and energy;
   My friend the sword of damask shines in the darkness,
   The enemy is perfidious blood wiped from the knife...
   How many misfortunes on our Earth,
   Not the warble of a Nightingale, but only the clang of metal!
   What in the world do we see? There all hard -
   Hungry children, ugly old age.
   From the boat fell away breaking the oar,
   The Lord cannot give his love a little!
   But Marx will say directly-there is no Supreme,
   Our world evolution-era achievements.
   If you want to have meat you for lunch,
   Do not think to run away from your sins!
   Create a harvester to remove rye,
   A beautiful picture shines on the poster...
   Science will give you the youth's mother,
   And will any citizen under parade!
   Decorate the path of the Golden star chest,
   It is an indicator of great achievements!
   Is communism the Messiah-the country,
   May Eden become an Interuniverse achievement!
   At the throne sometimes oligarchs make noise,
   Blood from the people, the thief wants to drink!
   But the system marches dashing Oct,
   We saw the terrible triumph of the Russians in May!
   War the comes, then bored sometimes,
   Not know and himself, what wants warrior...
   This came passion for the game,
   When you're a real Viper avenger!
   A bigot himself a fair rascal believe me,
   And the evil ruler is a burden to the people.
   The clerical shackles will come to an end,
   And the pure Muse will reign!
   The boy-Aryan-African felt in itself chic spirit of on victory, but understood, that now even for them, such sophisticated in all fighters yet to harsh exam.
   Opposing triumvirate opponents professionals, because he knew every step: all can be learn on one books, but with different authors. Those who are brought up in the countries of capital do not have the Bolshevik spirit similar to Communists.
   That's their weakness. But the enemies are well armed, and they are also trained to survive in any conditions, to achieve their own with the minimum losses, and if possible without them at all. Neither Arnold-Bogatyr, nor barefoot blonde Gerda, nor flashing bare heels, red Charlotte did not know this. But here is surprising fact: on training and training every spetsnaz from "a Steep cooperation" was spent about 1.5 million dollars ( the cost of thirty tanks "Sherman")! And such fighters here the whole thousand! Imagine what a force of special forces here unfolded!
   Is the dream of a futurist war!
   Arnold-Bogatyr logically shot aphorism:
   - For whom the army is too expensive, he will be cheap with his role under occupation!
   Less than a minute later, the young warrior made a leopard's leap. Sweat was pouring into his eyes, his heart was pounding like pebbles in a baby rattle, and the bare feet of a handsome, black boy ran across a burning strip of Napalm. And this mixture is much more burning than ordinary coals. The peak was already so close, right at hand, when the young warrior felt the shots. Two feet away, sand rose, and something with a tungsten tip shattered the cobbles. And another bullet, or rather a dozen Goodies, hit almost at his feet. Scorching the ever-defenseless, knocked-down soles, scratching the rough heel of the boy. The others whistled high above their dust-streaked heads, for in such a fog no Rifleman in the world could have hit with a simple army rifle....But if you shoot automatic weapons, it will not be great.
   And the boy-Aryan-African, vzvivshis a bindweed, is gone from adversary in a long hop. He had a reason to whistle through his nose in unison with the occasional insect that flew out of the grass.
   A bare-legged Gerda knocked transport with a hundred special forces soldiers "Cool cooperation" on Board. That's the advantage of a conventional grenade launcher from homing complexes? Yes, that he is not afraid of heat traps or similar tricks. But for the blonde terminator, such a showdown is the embodiment of the highest dream. If only the recoilless charge would fly...
   And if you got, then let the special forces of the eagle Empire fly with a Smoking tail into the abyss! And this time as literally as possible!
   Girls-tigresses chose tactics of fast movement of preventive attacks. Most go to the enemy, and not wait until he ventures to poke. Surely "Isolation" I wanted to do a RAID, and they will have to fend for themselves.
   Tactics boxer weight "Pen", to rush to the giant, denying the benefits of ranged. As the thirty-fourers had a chance against the Panthers only at the General dump.
   Well, the special forces can only catch bullets from them. Not understanding how a thousand people can be attacked by all three? Incomprehensibly, for America then still not knowing about Rambo.
  . CHAPTER 20.
  The first thing Arnold did when he awoke was exercise. Former slaves and slaves were warming up.
  At the same time did pull-UPS and press, push-UPS and so on bars. In fact, we trained with great activity.
  After several hours of training, including fencing, the Duchess of afara appeared.
  More than ten thousand slaves and female slaves gathered to greet her.
  The hobbit girl announced solemnly:
  - I offer you former slaves of the beasts, their friendship and patronage!
  There was restrained applause. And even whistling. Like why is it such a joy for us.
  The blonde girl shouted:
  - We want to build our own world!
  The redhead warrior confirmed:
  - And to live in the state! The state of freedom!
  Afara said logically:
  "You have a magic mark on you!" This means, that you under magic and owe someone Yes will obey! If you come back to us, I promise a good attitude and nutrition, a long life in youth without disease!
  The blonde warrior asked angrily:
  "And if we refuse?"
  Afara answered honestly:
  - Then you can't live long! You will be killed by the orcs through the magic of the brand! And so we are fully capable of protecting! You will live centuries, and have joy!
  The ginger girl whistled:
  "Oh! Is that possible?
  Afara replied wittily:
  "Anything is possible for a slave!" Especially losing your life! That is, let's fight and work! And you will have joy!
  The blonde warrior squealed:
  "We are not slaves!" We are not slaves!
  Arnold said soothingly:
  "Don't get excited!" A slave is not one who is in chains, but who is poor in spirit! So be real fighters!
  Afara exclaimed deafeningly:
  "Glory to great wisdom!
  Warrior-ginger with this agreed to:
  - Future glory!
  Arnold asked from Afar:
  "What are we going to do?" They are like children who ran away from home and got into Peter Pan country and don't want to come back!
  The Duchess replied with a smile:
  "Bring them back into slavery!" They are obedient, being branded! You are their master now!
  Arnold asked with a smile:
  "Do we still have time?"
  Afara answered confidently:
  "Not much, but there is!" What do you want?"
  Arnold said, honestly:
  "I need to get back to you and get my laptop." And then? Perhaps I can persuade them to become your slaves! Although the word slave is a bad word!
  Afara nodded:
  "Slave is a bad word!" But even worse is anarchy!
  Arnold asked anxiously:
  - A orcs and trolls, they, that can through stigma kill?
  Afara replied with a grin:
  "That's one way to keep slaves in line." What did you think?" Slavery is a way to avoid old age and disease, but you have to pay for everything! Alas, even power is not given for nothing!
  Arnold said indifferently:
  "That's right - no one will give anything for nothing!" Free cheese only in a mousetrap! Even for a penny a beggar should at least stand on the street. And it is sometimes harder than to move a few boxes!
  Afar laughingly said:
  - Yes, maybe! But in General it will be interesting. Actually, you didn't want to be a boy yourself?
  Arnold grinned and stuck out his tongue:
  "It would be interesting if you were a boy, and white and blond!"
  The girl with the red hair cooed:
  - A boys love, I their together'll collect, and in the coffin of the all'll let you down!
  And the warrior shook her bare, chiseled leg. The girl laughed and bared her teeth.
  Girl-the blonde proposed, its option:
  "We can live with the hobbits, not as slaves, but as volunteer warriors!" I like the army!
  The ginger girl giggled and sang:
  - We girls highly are loved,
  Is life good and bad...
  A single sail and soul, a single sail and soul,
  People and homeland are United!
  Afara shrugged and answered:
  "The high Council may consider it!" We target brave warriors. But usually people fight worse than us and elves! But after the rejuvenation work good!
  Girl-the blonde very the beautiful warrior.
  Arnold jumped and twirled, and very actively began to sing:
  I will destroy everyone,
  I'm the champion of Champions...
  There is no, not will interrupt life thread,
  I'm the winner of millions!
  What can you say?
  The blonde and the redhead bowed and said:
  "We agree to be your warriors!" And prove that worthy!
  Arnold nodded vigorously:
  "Well, I flew!
  And he and Afara raced through the air. They hovered in the sky like birds. There was magic and artifacts. And you can admire the beautiful view of the blooming world.
  Arnold thought that he, too, was thinking too darkly of his world. The us army is stronger than ever and the economy too. The President is not a fool, though he has quarreled with everyone, but does not wisdom say that insolence is the second happiness?
  And that the country has a historical minimum of unemployment, and crime is falling!
  And that he himself managed to create a lot of useful and wise things?
  So why go into a bottle and freak out?
  Arnold said to himself:
  - I love girls, I love my country, and even more the army, especially when it wins!
  And of course it's time to say an aphorism:
  - If the rear is useless, military fervor will not help, well, if there is no fervor, the rear will go to the enemies in the afternoon!
  And black warrior made in flight triple somersault.
  Why was he in such a bad mood? After all, so many victories have already been won!
  Any comic book hero in his place would be proud! Yes and that comics! Shoot a movie about Arnold's possible!
  And in General he is really a champion!
  Here the media in the US and around the world did not like trump. But the President was generally successful, though a lot of idiots. Women seem rude, and uncultured, African Americans are not happy with the fact that they are not enough in the team, well, sexual minorities understand what they are dissatisfied with!
  Arnold himself loved white women. And always had a negative attitude towards racists.
  Black, red, yellow, white, brown... Doesn't matter! The main thing to be an honorable man!
  Arnold said logically:
  "Skin color, like eye color, doesn't matter!"
  Here they came again to the Palace of the hobbits. The elf is still playing strategy. Damn, what is fanaticism. And that history kind of the long. And especially when you're a Pharaoh and then an Emperor. The world is great, and you conquer it.
  And maps under the end of the colossal sizes.
  Arnold remarked to the girl:
  "Don't get too carried away! You could damage your eyesight!
  The elf replied with a smile:
  "My eyes are always young." We in this terms of, far stronger and sharper vision, than people!
   Arnold said logically:
  - The water wears away the stone, and any armor able to penetrate the damask!
  The elf giggled and noted:
  "Much less a laser!" Or Lasers To Hyper Lasers!
  Arnold laughed and said:
  - The lasers to Hyper lasers cool!
  And watched, as an elf plays urban strategy. Here the technique does not go beyond antiquity. But something is developing. For example, catapults are improved over time and throw fire, or a lot of balls. There are fighting elephants, fighting camels. Increases the number of units and the length of the map. Missions become more complicated and you need to build more cities, and the population increases.
  And the index of prosperity and culture does not stand still. And grows up itself from mission to mission. The world is big, and you need to build a lot of cities. And mostly, of course, in the South. Apparently, the North is not necessary to capture.
  But you conquer the Chinese, the Indians, and the Indians. So the game is very long. And each mission has its minimum population, prosperity, culture, monument, and Kingdom.
  So that here quickly not gonna pass in any case. It's a wonder that the elf is so carried away. It's just some kind of gambling!
  Arnold asked from Afar:
  - And you, what do you think about these games?
  The girl said seriously:
  - You can lose your head!
  The black commando added:
   And the throne, and health and so on!
  The Duchess reminded him rationally:
  "You brought a large set of games with you!"
  Arnold replied:
   - Yes! But I think it is not superfluous!
  Afara agreed:
  "Not at all."
  The girl took it and sang:
   The game follows the rules of the game! Break through and break through everything!
  The warrior-Duchess stuck out her tongue.
  Arnold said quite logically:
  - In all these games there is a lot of useful, especially for managers!
  The Duchess suggested:
  "Play with me!" After all, you can play several hands at once!
  Arnold nodded:
   Do you want to play chess?"
  Afar glumly noticed:
  - Chess and we have, on the boards! No, I want a live game and strategy!
  Arnold was surprised:
  "Do you have chess, too, and thirty-two pieces on sixty-four squares?"
  Afara nodded and looked indignant:
  "What surprises you?" We are sometimes in your worlds. Do you think it's human fantasy invented-elves, dwarves, trolls, hobbits and others? No, it actually exists, including Koschei the deathless and the God Zeus, and Poseidon and others!
  Arnold whistled:
  "Cool, though!
  Afara suggested:
  "Give me something cosmic!"
  Arnold grinned and said:
  "I love space!" Well, let's play!
  Arnold turned on the strategy. You already have a planet, with resources, as well as a certain number of workers and funds. By the way, as workers you can take beautiful girls in bikinis.
  Then you develop mines, mines, sow fields. And you build military, civil, economic academies. Or even several research centers at once.
  You master a planet rich in resources, but without civilization. You build cities and spaceports. Naturally, you develop science and technology. And you make warships.
  Strategy is difficult. You can even connect a military and economic adviser! So they are part of the task for you to decide. Here by the way, can the commander afford to choose. Of course, the more abilities, the more expensive it is.
  But you can command yourself. Although usually the economy is led by the President.
  Arnold and afara began to play. The Duchess enthusiastically built and destroyed the planet. And then other planets can be mastered.
  But the most interesting is the space battles.
  There are flagship ultra-battleships the size of a huge asteroid, and a lot of smaller starships.
  Different classes and different types. And how many in them of all kinds of weapons? Here at all, all can be said-super!
  Afara plays, but with less experience, lags behind in deploying forces. But she builds spaceships, too.
  Arnold remembered Hamilton. The liked write Pro space, and the rest worlds.
  Only here is not guessed, that capable do these people, turn real star war in amusing game. Where thermo-quark bombs can take down an entire planet!
  And then it all goes away.
  First, Arnold churned out cruisers, then battleships. Then the battleships were built. Here it is necessary to do reasonably. Since the battleship is built for a long time and requires many means. But Lupita is very deadly. And his guns are so powerful.
  They punch through any armor like blotting paper.
  Arnold even sang:
  "My artillery, I'm not a fat pig!"
  And while not in a hurry: let the enemy also build a fleet. And there will be a big fight.
  Afar however, quickly mastered the game and a lot of planets.
  And here in strategy, the first space battles begin. At first small skirmishes and an exchange of blows.
  Afara chirped, Baring her teeth:
  - I there is hobbit-class super!
  And moves new troops to a killing distance.
  Arnold responds with evasive maneuvers. And the Duchess meets him. There is mutual extermination.
  Blaze blown up cruiser. It's like they were actually burned with Napalm. Here is such fighting.
  Here is in battle has entered and battleship. Like he's fucking with all his guns. Yes famously threshing.
  Arnold gurgles:
  "I will win!"
  Afar said this:
  "No, I'm going to win!"
  And there should be a hard exchange of blows. It's like two knockouts hitting each other.
  And again, exploding ships, burning ships, and split the cruiser. And units die.
  On both sides fighting beautiful girls and it's great.
  Arnold took it and roared:
  Girls are very beautiful women,
  Girl blue highly aggressive...
  They want a son from Africa,
  And I have sex only on schedules!
  And how Arnold will jump, and jump, turn over.
  He'll sing:
  "I am the epitome of change,
  I am the son of my era....
  I'm a gentleman and a Superman,
  My business is good!
  Again, the black guy in the game, something will take and get up. And will transfer troops from a state of stupor to a breakdown. This is simply the highest heroism.
  Arnold took, sang:
  - We have opened the planet to Nations,
  In space path, to unknown worlds...
  Heroism feat glorified -
  To erase forever the death of scar!
  And the black giant moved the space troops. He's a great fighter.
  Afara chirped:
  "I'll turn you into feces!"
  Arnold barked in response:
  "I'll burn you!"
  Afar to act became more active. Her ships were moving, in one direction or the other. The girl kept stamping her bare feet and whistling:
  "Doo-Doo-Doo! From the gun I will go to heaven!
  Arnold hissed:
  "It's going to be cool."
  And again as dolbanet whole pack of starships, on the right flank of the enemy. Yes even grinned and squeaked:
  "I am the Duchess!"
  And the troops are allowed to bypass. Tries to pass distant sectors. And Arnold himself roars:
  - There will be new victories,
  Will be the new soldiers!
  And again, his starships to break through the melee. And there they fight themselves, and act aggressively.
  Afar in response sang:
  - Aggressive beast,
  A real Pharaoh...
  Ah, and where aggression -
  There me not reason!
  And the Duchess would throw a sharp dagger into a tree with her bare foot and then start laughing!
  Arnold nodded:
  - You super!
  Afara corrected him:
  - Not super, and hypersuper!
  The black giant agreed:
  - You can give a thousand points ahead! Yes that a thousand-a million!
  The Duchess, drumming her bare toes on the keyboard, murmured:
  - How many there millions of. And the jackpot!
  After what warrior took and, too, jumped. And roared:
  "I am a monkey-also a man,
  Not to go for the banana - a whole century!
  Warrior took and jumped up again and spun around. And chirped:
  - Will in paws ache,
  I'll eat a whale at once!
  The Duchess is really so combative and promises to beat everyone! And here was her new space fleet, on the attack again. Stormy beauty, not that the computer, and with imagination.
  Arnold also leads a squad of newly built space cruisers into battle and roars:
  - Will, will, will our victory!
  The Duchess readily confirms this:
  "He's not going anywhere!" Go on a hike!
  Arnold acts tricky and tough. His troops are arriving just where they need to be. But the opponent does not miss-deftly parries. Although the black commando and was at first a chance to crush the enemy immediately, but he hesitated. And now the girl has a powerful defense.
  Arnold with anger, observed:
  "There is no justice in the world!
  Afara objected:
  - The strongest wins!
  The black commando objected:
  - Genghis Khan had no chance against China, but the Mongols conquered China!
  Afara chuckled and noted:
  "So there's a point to it!"
  Arnold said logically:
  - Tactical prowess decided!
  Afara snapped:
  "And I'll beat you!"
  The Duchess moved the newly formed ships to the left flank and attempted to overturn Arnold there. But and the tightened forces. Starships were damaged and exploded. Metal broke, barefoot girls jumped and the flames of the fire grabbed their bare heels!
  Arnold hissed:
  "In wild wrath we shall win!"
  Afara objected:
  "I will win!"
  Arnold apparently disagreed, but decided to remain silent. In General, all these games take a lot of time. That's what Washington said-be moderate and reasonable!
  Black spetsnaz decided to go to the defense and undermine the forces. He growled:
  - Forces torture, stump break! Forces torture, stump break!
  And again the movement of troops and turns.
  Afara hurled the spaceships at the right flank, hissing:
  "You're a great fighter, but I'll beat you!"
  The Duchess had something original in mind. And it was to throw the fight single-seat fighter. Which, however, was not wise.
  Arnold remembered the computer throwing infantry into battle. And it was mowed down by tanks and destroyed by stationary howitzers.
  The warrior of the black special forces sang:
  - In a coffin'll drive you some as, will come a lousy a ghoul!
  Afar in response, hissed:
  "My ghouls, my ghouls!
  And threw the starships more on the right flank of the enemy. The girl Duchess was clearly trying to confuse the black warrior. But he kept the defense.
  In General, the ability to defend themselves in war, is of great importance. For example, Rommel showed, that can be successfully fight and more numerous and heavy tanks adversary, under active defense.
  Afara sang:
  -Three - four-hands wider!
  Six and five-are starting conjuring!
  And warrior threw in battle additional forces. And she maneuvered.
  Arnold sang with a fury:
  - I'm a fighter, I'm a fighter - very strong,
  And please observe the barrier...
  We enemies very simply soak,
  And there will be no black problems!
  And the warrior bared his teeth. In fact, that against him some there special forces? He himself the most a steep spetsnaz!
  Afara girl and in fact the most combat from combat. And so moves his troops.
  And really keeps the situation under control. And bare toes legs, flailing on the joystick buttons. And starships in a combat situation.
  Arnold successfully completed the exploration of several more planets. And began to build factories there.
  Afara chirped:
  - Opportunities, we are different, but the victory will be mine!
  It really turned Arnold on. But he still continued to fight bravely. In General, as say the wise: a warm heart and a cool head, and not Vice versa!
  The black warrior, while continuing the strategy, began to build heavier ultra-battleships, hoping to turn the tide of the war. Warrior he and in fact from the most steep. And it is, would be able to twist Maduro and alone. And that Arnold wasn can be stop?
  The black warrior sang:
  - I will be the world champion! And there and the entire universe!
  Then in the head swept herds of the word dashing songs;
   Sometimes the Caprice is cruel-fortunes are not sisters,
   After all, how long this pirate did not know!
   We are the chips of that big, unknown game,
   Which God created for dinner!
   But can we know the Supreme gifts,
   After all, the world is floating around on the air!
   In fact, the rock will sharpen the axes,
   And even was lucky, ' t deliver God got caught indifferent!
   After all, happiness is fragile, like an island,
   Amid an ocean of grief and misery!
   And a timid man is so lonely,
   His soul reigns not by a storm, and the mist of the storm!
   Oh, apparently heavily under the fatal star,
   In the constellation of Sagittarius in the white light be born!
   I soar like a Nightingale striving for my dream,
   Around the smile, the folly, the curves of the face!
   Do not believe not really, this will be eternity,
   That same person, to be a worm is doomed!
   And where is the kindness and wise cordiality,
   Not so justice-a fleeting dream!
   Cruel, hypocritical in our world of power,
   Sometimes to burn out all the fire!
   Raging hurricane of human passions,
   And it seems crooks and crows around!
   I want to find a ray of daylight,
   To know that chivalry is alive!
   But on the search for my slightest answer,
   And all as if this would still!
   Oh, where are you Holy spirit,
   Yes, how much you can swim under the clouds!
   People have sight and hearing,
   You to them fly, not flit circles!
  After what big warrior, observed:
  "I'll beat you!"
  The strategy game was so long that Arnold got hungry again and ate during the space battle.
  No one could beat anyone. And passed, hour after hour in the game. It's a wonder that there was almost no night and it somehow facilitated sitting at the computer.
  They cut and cut.
  Arnold roared:
  - For the vastness of space, we turn to the coils of the mountain!
  Afar agreed, and willingly:
  - Yes, we will turn off! And burn to the ground!
  After what girl-the Duchess again moved space Armada.
  Arnold, after many hours of play, was so tired that in order to raise his concentration, he began to dictate aphorisms, himself under his breath;
   When building a Paradise, drag boards for your shed! Only in the barn will you become a goat, a blazing, roaring donkey in the heat!
   Fight for the Homeland right, even with left receptions!
   The right battle for the Fatherland requires a reward, except for the execution of the left hand, with leftist looting!
   You can replace any loss, if you do not lose faith that change is needed!
   Children's thinking is a defect that passes not with age, but with the experience of adult deeds!
   Stupidity actions most often stems, from excessive wisdom preceding him inaction!
   Sweet speech unlike honey, on bread you will spread, but sweet-mouthed smear, it is possible to get on bread!
   If the conscience is like glass, the bile into the heart is not glass!
   Need lot more movements with maneuvers to not are worth on death, and dostoyat until victory!
   Men have only one good thing that stands, but it is bad when it stagnates!
   Despotism as huge team bus, one half of sits, another is shaking, controller one, but all the rest hares!
   No more like a ship in a storm, half sick and the other tossing!
   It's a poor soldier that never wants to become a General, but even worse, that only dreams of brilliant epaulets, and he was to lazy to grease the boots wax!
   Luck as a woman obeys the mind and strength, but does not tolerate rudeness and nonsense!
   Bees of luck love to fly to the fields of diligence, patience and diligence! And the sweet nectar of success, going more generously from the meadows irrigated with salty sweat!
   War differs from chess in that in chess the victory with large victims is valiant and beautiful, and in war it is criminal to disgrace!
   Cowardice can preserve life, but will kill all pleasure from lived!
   Poverty is not a guarantee of virtue, but it is guaranteed not to taste the sweet fruits of Vice!
   Spiritual poverty, often leads to poverty and bodily, planting spiritual poverty, gives rich shoots of material prosperity!
   To cut the opponent with an oak head, does not demand big skill, but if at it oak firmness, only the real master will be able to remove shavings from the enemy!
   And you can't take shavings off an oak soldier if the cutter is sharpened with a stump!
   It is easier to turn the enemy to ashes, properly inflaming his anger, smoke his brains with blinding fury!
   The smoke from the fire of inflamed hatred eats out the eyes of the one who is kindled with rage, but to the arsonist himself through this haze the most cloudless vision of the attack!
   Unexpected moves to blame on the head of the enemy is not soft snow, flaming ashes!
   Dispute a game of dubious utility, but undoubted fascination!
   Man can on all spat, but not from just spit it out!
   It is good to be a beast in battle, it is bad to be an animal in the division of prey, and an insect in the development of a plan!
   The end never comes to him who begins his journey with good intentions, and continues with good deeds!
   The voice can hit him and not stroking, but without a vision of the battle, will squander not only crazy eyes!
   The road to success is sometimes a lifetime, cutting a corner is expensive, but it is easy to stay without a corner of refuge!
   All the scientific discoveries work in the first place on the closing pages of the life of individuals who are not lucky enough to become soldiers!
   War is not a quiet place for Dating girls, but a loud point for the acquisition of concubines!
   The most persistent faith is unbelief, because it is empty in emptiness, and emptiness is not subject to criticism and does not contain flaws!
   The paradox is that the empty soul, the heart, is overflowing with an abomination spewing malice! The gold souls are not sticky stick from the bloody sweat of coins!
   Changes are always for the good, even the side ceases to hurt from the change of position, and the people get bored from the change of the ruler!
   A dream can not be put on a leash, fantasy can not be chained, but reality is easy to turn into a dungeon!
   Nuts tighten up, without tearing off a thread, heads on the contrary twist tearing off!
   It is better to be a strong tyrant than a weak liberal-the first is feared and respected - the second is humiliated and despised!
   The little killer is the biggest killer not criminally liable!
   Dodgers tend to be clumsy with their hands if they have to reach for them... public needs!
   Courage is a collective feeling in form, individual in content and subjective in nature!
   Bullet not God, to it bow down, not traits, to its fear, not an angel, to on it look, but who treat it precisely thus, deserve saintly dignity!
   The song helps to live without sorrowful howls, to build without being built by the adversary!
   Who is not looking for easy ways to fight, will gain significant trophies!
   If not passed ambush, let them soon leave a shame - be honest, open battle, it is luck for you!
   Honesty in war is good when you do not fool around in the teachings, but when the battle is coming, cunning boldly apply!
   Anyone can urinate in the toilet, only the one who will never allow himself to be planted at the Parasha is able to soak the villain!
   Storm invasion of the Motherland comes to the ruler that too long waiting for the weather from the sea!
   The personal should not contradict the public, except when it comes to the delusions of the crowd, which can not and do not know society!
   Who quietly put the society above the personal and put it in your purse jingle cash!
   And to a snowman in the desert is sweeter than to one who undertakes a wet task, without ardent confidence in his own coolness!
   Rare luck at the expense of the stupidity of the enemy, will not replace the systematic use of a trained mind!
   Miss and in battle can be more than once, but only when the goal is not swept by the only desire to accurately get into a peaceful place!
   Fall into the trap, who delays the decision-making time, and does, without considering the moves, when the sickle goes past the millet!
   Here is the work made from the APE man, but to struggle, hard work and knowledge will make a man out of the demiurge!
   Evil is the other side of the good coin, without which the reward loses volume and weight!
   To push with those who are close is peculiar to stupid people, but in order to push strangers you should have the sharpest wit!
   If you want to make ends meet, bring to blows those who are trying to settle scores with you!
   A big spoon tears your mouth, from a small belly from hunger, and just do not avoid the hassle of fighting excess weight!
   Everything is hard to part with, except the extra pounds of weight and getting rid of them is not easy!
   How easy it is to fly, and how difficult it is to climb!
  After that, Arnold was intellectually exhausted. Already rippled before the eyes of the space battles.
  It seems, that and an elf, which, waged virtually endless history kind of fizzled out, and dozed off. And the Duchess was relentless and increasing the pressure.
  Afara was a girl who seemed to have a lot of stamina. And to overcome it in the space battle could not be.
  Arnold decided to cheat.
  A black commando.:
  "I have a special mission from the government!" And still continue to lose with you time!
  Afar with a sigh replied:
  "Yes, great warrior! You're looking for a magnificent artifact!
  Arnold agreed eagerly:
  - With very valuable information I need a flash drive!
  The Duchess sang back:
  - And what in the world does not happen,
  Even the fish flying in the sky!
  Arnold slammed his fist on the table:
  - Stop playing! While something more serious to do! And then we cut ourselves for days, like small children!
  Afara noticed:
  "Aren't we eternal children?"
  Arnold asked:
  - More like perpetual teenagers!
  The Duchess giggled and remarked:
  - But grow up specifically!
  Black SWAT team, angrily declared:
  - Until, finally, stop toying with dope, and seriously to address search for artifact!
  Afara offered with a smile:
  "Let's call it a draw!" And you can do great deeds again!
  Arnold laughed and said:
  "That makes sense!"
  Afara gave it away wittily:
  "A sharp mind against a sledgehammer of imbecility!"
  The black commando was about to say something else when two figures in black camouflage and carrying submachine guns appeared beside them. A hoarse voice said:
  "Hands behind your neck, black!"
  Arnold noted with a smile:
  - Long live political correctness!
  The man in the mask snarled:
  "You think I'd be afraid to call you a nigger?"
  Arnold, in response, stood up and suddenly kick in the groin. The man fired his machine gun, but the stream of bullets missed him.
  And the blow threw him up. The girl in camouflage also fired, but hit her partner in the back. A burst of armor-piercing uranium-core bullets ripped through the man's back. And he died on the spot.
  The girl screamed in Russian:
  "I'm innocent!" It's an accident! Damned chance!
  Arnold laughed:
  - Women in special forces-this, of course same, with steeply! But not so, to their thresh!
  The girl tried to kick Arnold in the groin. But he blocked the blow. And wanted to was to answer, as afara made the girl trip. She fell, and another black warrior jabbed her chin with his knee.
  Beauty passed out.
  Arnold quickly searched it, took the gun and armor. Left the girl in just a bikini and barefoot.
  When she came to, she was bound. And even bolted to a palm tree, and almost naked.
  Arnold said with a grin:
   Tatyana Rybakova, the captain of the special forces! Welcome to the world of magic!
  The girl swore:
  "Damn it! I got caught so stupid!
  Arnold noted with a sneer:
  - You're still the major Yamadayev killed! Now you just can not avoid revenge and punishment!
  Tatiana growled:
  "Because of you!"
  Arnold chuckled:
  "You're going to tell the investigator, not me!" I was only doing my duty!
  The girl rubbed the soles of her bound, bare feet one against the other and stammered:
  "Now what?"
  Arnold shrugged:
  "I don't know. There's no point in taking you prisoner! I'll only be scolded for teasing the Russians again! To kill you? - Black giant shrugged his shoulders and said. "I've killed women before, but you're tied up and not dangerous!" No, such a beauty, and even blonde I will not kill!
  Afara quite seriously suggested:
  "Give it to me!" I will make her a submissive slave! Hold up and she will hundreds of years to enjoy life!
  Tatiana frightened squeaked:
  "I don't want to be a slave!"
  The Duchess replied with a smile that was very sweet:
  "But you won't get old and sick!" You will be forever beautiful and young!
  Tatiana with a sigh noticed:
  - Well, that's better! How long will I live?
  Afara answered honestly:
  "Five or six hundred years!" And if in that time we improve the magic, then longer!
  The white girl smiled and said:
  "Can you think?"
  The Duchess replied coldly:
  "Not for long!" Our black guest is going to find an artifact that was stolen from his homeland, and he has a right to you!
  Tatiana suddenly blurted out:
  "We were sent for that artifact, too!"
  Arnold perked up, and waved his fists:
  "What do you really know about it?"
  The girl answered honestly:
  "I don't know what's in the flash drive!" But Ramzan, ordered to find her to deliver to the headquarters of the special forces! Apparently, there really is information is very important!
  The black warrior offered:
  "My Duchess does not wish to kill such beauty!" But if you want to make her a slave, she is very cunning, and it is better to send her in chains and to the mines!
  Tatiana squeaked:
  "You're a scoundrel!"
  Arnold answered honestly:
  "I'm a pragmatist!" And I'm worried about my own safety!
  Afara nodded:
  "We'll send her to the mines!" And we will bind her with an enchanted chain that she will not be able to remove! But in the meantime, let her eat with us, and have a little fun!
   Arnold agreed:
  "Let him eat and amuse himself, I am not a beast!"
  The girl was untied. Beautiful slaves brought trays of food and wine.
  The little feast began. And Arnold began to sing, and the girl-prisoner, the captain of the Russian special forces picked up;
   I chose the path of a pirate,
   Wanted to find his the seas of fate...
   Though I speak of a pirate, waiting for retribution;
   Hanged-the worm will only give the corpse carving!
   But the master bows to beat fasted,
   And as a boy I ran away from the estate...
   Although it was cold on the road barefoot,
   After all, did not let the lad on the threshold!
   He reached the port, only in rags,
   Got on the ship at one o'clock in the night...
   Caught the guy and well, let's flog - I;
   Wow, thought soul in hell with Satan!
   But after the whipping was given a cap -
   Said going a cabin boy yet!
   And even the cook poured, imagine the bottle,
   Let the mash is bitter not because of the brandy!
   Of course it is difficult sea,
   The thirsty flour, it is a dangerous storm,
   But the power of the spirit is a matter of profit,
   And if there is a head, then away with the axe!
   The corsairs caught us like a kitten,
   There was a boarding and blood in three streams!
   But I don't have the character of a child -
   No wonder the boatswain beat me teaching!
   All was Board - I same has excelled,
   And the pirate captain said so:
   - Bravely this boy-cabin boy fought,
   He is the spirit of a Corsair bravely revealed!
   In brotherhood of the sea was adopted - that's good luck,
   Dream come true with birth almost!
   Now you can hit back at anyone,
   And pret merchant overtake and thunder!
   There was money-a generous production,
   Lowered a lot, too, without fuss...
   It was usual, with luck, know the cash,
   But gold will fly like a Sparrow...
   The demise was not fun;
   Drove the executioner severe-the scaffold.
   Somewhere gone luxury updates,
   From hunger in prison, slept in the stomach!
   In the crowd of pirates curse loudly,
   Flying: stubs, bones, shoes!
   We are servants of hell, the mob certainly knows,
   Themselves on sea in sight not with hands!
   Loop, alas, a shameful death,
   Surely ended my life...
   In chains attended sadness, grief,
   Long forgotten relatives of the fugitive!
   But I didn't want to hang in a noose,
   Took a foot to the gut - dropping the executioner!
   After all Russians always knew how fight,
   And if the Corsair, so you have to fight, not cry!
   The latest battle of course difficult the most,
   In the hands of the axe, that executioner wore!
   When you're angry, the pressure is not small,
   And fear, as if nettles mowed!
   Others rushed into the fight guys,
   Where in the goner zeal came from!
   Probably from the father of the soldier gods,
   Which has decided to betray the government!
   And the mob suddenly thought changed,
   Now the dogs well done -
   Here is riot square the entire already was seething,
   Went on the attack from street fighters!
   What happened is rare, but it happens;
   From the noose broke again on horseback!
   And that the rich man, he torments the poor -
   Not knowing, that for this be war!
   Beaten off the ship again Black Roger,
   Again, we are together, the sea astern!
   Yes I murderer - only very are a good,
   And for me a poor man, as brother native!
   So let us sing, until loop is free,
   Share with a beggar and live in fun!
   Soul Corsair wants to become noble,
   Can not stomach when you're in the cage game!
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