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Life is powder

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Загадка Лукоморья

Life is powder and if you blow on it, i'll fly away.
And we are walking along the endless wire
with thin ice under us which can break away every second.
We need time for silence, for looking into each others eyes.
In you my desire is echoed.
And so silently and slowly it wakes up in you,
that we both get old, our youth will never return
to give us again its pearls we couldn't appreciate before.
And I want your fire, to go through it and be burnt.
I don't have any thoughts to think any more.
After all I've said what I'd better never have said
it's so hard to be understood in this world of pain.
In your eyes of sorrow I find what I'd better never find -
the dreams not to be dreamt of, an autumn rain,
and many sadder things about our life on the ground.
I'd better fly but I can't - I've chosen another life -
the doom to love, and in this I must live.
It's my fault and nobody else's at all.
I prefered playing with fire to peace,
to being left in paradise alone.
But I found comfort in your arms.
No matter your word was goodbye and you built a wall,
my heart is open wide to you, your life is mine.
I need everything to about you even if after that I fall,
break into pieces and turn into powder.
The violet light is filling up my room, through many holes it's creeping in and out.
But I don't care, I'm breathing in harder tonight,
'cause I realized I want to wake up in a better world
with a new hope which won't drown under the thin ice.
The wire's shaking as a leaf on a tree,
I'm shivering with loneliness and cold
'cause darkness is all I have seen for years.
I've chosen a totally unknown road,
my steps get silent - this is all it hears.
And life is powder, and if you blow on it it'll fly away.
People depend so much on the direction of the wind.
There not much I demand - I'm far from you.
I don't beg to return to you - I don't need,
but I am asking it to blow you out of my mind for good.

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