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How does it feel?!

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    Навеяно творчеством Dirty moleculas. P.S.: Хех, почти что песня получилась...

When the cone of sun is melting,
And the broken skies are falling
Right dow on your face - 
How does it feel?

You are lying, you are standing,
Your emotions 're uncontrolled.
Excepting the pain,
Nothing is real.

So, tell me, man,
When cross the line - 
Do you feel the same?
Just leave behind
All signs of life - 
Cleanse your soul in flame!

I'll wait until
The End of days,
Until the world collapse,
And mark the point
Of the exit way
On all distorted maps.

Seven walls and seven ceilings,
All the stairs just lead to heaven.
Door in the floor - 
What could that mean?

Seven lifes and seven feelings,
One plus one - here goes eleven.
You're looking for more?
And how does it feel?!

So, hear me out
Just one more time - 
You should never stop!
Prepare to shoot,
Prepare for crimes
Until you reach the top.

The time has come
To face the fate.
Release your wrath from seals!
Right from the sheath
Take out your blade
And tell me how it feels!

There's nothing left behind me,
There's nothing live inside me.
Nothing to gain!
Nothing to fear!

Jesus was a silent speaker,
Jesus couldn't hit the weaker.
But I am no saint,
And you'll got to hear!

You'll listen to
The words I say.
Don't interrupt my speech!
Don't shout at me,
Don't cross my way,
You motherfucking leech!!!

Take off your gun,
And drop the knife,
Then simply stop your claims!
Just leave behind
All signs of life - 
And cleanse yourself in flame!

Lying dead in front of you - 
How does it feel?!
How does it feel?!
And there's nothing I can do - 
When it's not real,
When it's not real.
Overdose of raving terms - 
Fighting with mills,
Fighting with mills.
When your mind's just food for worms - 
How does it feel?!

Оценка: 1.00*2  Ваша оценка:

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