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It is only point of being...

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    "The Legacy of Forgotten Legion" cycle. The view which is first.

It is only point of being,
What you see and cannot get
That is just the way of seeing,
All the pain you can't forget.

Fill your mind with thoughts of dying,
Change your hand into the sword.
Generation's overcrying.
We shall fall - we've lost the Word.

Join the runes into the phrases,
Cast the spell that you have learned.
Gods will start the new Genesis.
Why, you ask? We've missed our turn.

Go with lightning shines upon you,
Taste the blood of fallen friends.
Do your best, but shall warn you - 
There'll always be the End.

Spread your wings of darkened feathers,
Say your prayers, keep the faith.
Even I don't know the reason
Why the Gods forgot our race.

Our cries've been lost in battle,
Birds of prey are now in fall.
Blade of Time is made of metal,
Fate is sealed, for that is all!

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