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Words are torn apart...

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    "The Legacy of Forgotten Legion" cycle. The view which is second.

Words are torn apart,
Nightmares have come true.
Land of frozen hearts,
Men of disapprove...

Cries upon the wind,
Blood on hands of Fate.
Souls are full of sins,
Death cannot be late.

Towers made of dust -
The last line of defense.
Darkness of the past,
Life just makes no sense...

Children of the night - 
Born to live in Shade -
Creeping out of sight,
Feeling what we hate.

Fear and mistrust... 
It's our doom today.
Destiny is fast - 
Now it's time pay.

It is time to die - 
Our fate is sealed.
Fire in the sky
Cleans the battlefield.

Shadow of Twilight
'S hunting for our souls.
He won't stop the fight
'Till achieves his goal.

Blade of darkened steel - 
Symbol of the Hunt.
Fear's all we feel - 
We're no more than ants.

Fight 'im with your might,
Face it, if you're strong.
If you win - you're right,
If you loose - you're wrong.

Justice for our crimes
Shall be brought to all.
We'll all die some time...
And now it's time to fall.

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