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Out of Timeline

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    "The Legacy of Forgotten Legion" cycle. The view which is third.

The sky's all to pieces below,
And miles of the wasteland - behind.
There's no destination to flow - 
You're out of the timeline tonight.

You're out of the mainstream of matter.
You feel no emotions... no pain.
It is neither worse and nor better.
There's nothing at all in that plane.

The Time's simply diving, you know.
The Matter is burning in hand.
The Time is now melting like snow,
The Matter is streaming like sand...

No movement, no light and sound.
It's madness, but you can think clear.
You're bleeding, but heeling the wound
And feeling the claws of the fear.

You're frightening, you can't find the way
And just don't know what will be next.
But don't be afraid, I can say,
The only way out is death.

Forget all your past torn apart,
Forget all your future and gods.
And die with the honour in heart,
Just letting your soul fly to stars...

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