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    The senseless subreality.

Night is calling
From the wasteland,
Where I'm meant to
Fly not falling.
All those places
Divin', breakin'
All to pieces.
Feel the flame burns!
Souls're awakening,
Flesh is melting,
Hearts start fleeing.
Join the Brethren!
"Not for living".
Crypt of Shadows - 
Enter's there.
What is feeling?
Who shall rule you?
Anywhere - 
Point of zero.
Find your curses,
Kill you hero,
Melt in fear!
So say voices.
Mind in sequence,
Life in circles...
I'm not joking!
Turn the frequence - 
Wind is blowing...
Nothing more... then 
Mind is blasting,
Lights are sparkling.
Calls of silence,
Words of sirens.
Why're you raging?
Can't you feel it?
Nevermind, then.
Only moonlight
Joins the hollows - 
Bridge to Darkside.
Free to follow - 
Is it honest?
Can't be painless.
Just be careful
Not to hit me.
Levitation - 
That's the secret!
Wrong is right and
Right is fighting
Not tonight and
Not tomorrow.
Seeds of Shade will
Grow through horrow.
Why, you hear me?
Now you're there!
Disbelief is
What you wear.
Let me lead you
To the wastes,
To the shady
Hidden places
Of your soul, or
Let me leave now
Into Darkness.
Gods are listenin'
To the warlords.
Spirits whisper,
Spirits' crying
Of the warhorns,
No denying - 
Please, procced with...
Birds return to
Land of tears.
Shot is missed.
All you hear
Is not real,
Just belive me - 
Fate is sealed.
So... you know it.
That is better!
Words and letters
Can't describe it...
Just destroy 'em!
What?! You're trembling?
Waste of fortune...
That's the torture!..
There's no secret - 
Time is dying.
See the stellar
Light is crying,
Free for flying,
Words are lying!
That's the process
We can't handle.
"Launch in progess" - 
Curse is settled.
Now, stop frightening!
Just enjoy this.
Feel the lightning's
Striking painful - 
All shall suffer!
Land of faithful
Can't survive the
War of Justice.
Stalkers hunt for
Souls disasting.
Stop! You feel it?
So, it's here...
Steps of Lilith...
Know what happens?
Skies are falling,
Night is screaming - 


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