Morifaire : другие произведения.

Shaderunning continues...

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    P.S.: Sorry for that stream - it's just a... well, ok, it's just nothing at all. Nevermind. I'm a 'lil bit... exhausted, so to speak. brain melting and head falling apart, ya know. So, don't bother. That really doesn't worth the efforts.

Life... Death... What for?.. Do YOU know? Do me? Does anyone fucking know a bit, just a little bit about all that shit around?! This world is a pretty upsetting thing, I should notice. Meaningless, disappointing, unecessary piece of dirty butt wipe paper burning in the flame of the Completely Dead and Insane Eternity. I'll die. You'll die. We are all dying here - slowly and painfully, we, tormented and all fucked up by our existence, stinky pieces of forgotten-by-all-of-these-not-give-a-shit-gods decaying flesh. Nothing matters. Nothing 'll happern. And no one 'll remember. Amen, brethren.

"You motherfucker, would you liberate you mind - this time?!" (c) Disturbed, "Liberate".

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