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4.After The Snow

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   When I was in the army, I often came to a mariners' boiler's house to warm up. I was just sick of standing the whole freezing day in my trench(not for fighting, we've fought ourselves only, for tubes), with a metal heavy stinging cold even through the mittens crowbar, with no shelter, with no break, since breakfast till dinner, we'd marched to and from our places of job, to our front, in columns, after being arranged in battalions and counted up to ensure anybody has not slipped away, I was sick and sought refuge, and in the mariners' boiler-house it was warm and nobody assailed you, you could just sit on the tube and do nothing.
  Boris said once, if you're from Russia, Russian stuff only (Russian religion, Russian literature, Russian music, etc.) is able to move you. But he was wrong. I like some Russian things, but I listen to Anglo-American rock music, I listen to J.S.Bach though he was a German, I am international.
  Many in Russia can't stand Muscovites. Very snobbish, condescending, always somewhere in the 'warm' places(like a headquarters' - I myself have an example from my army. By some wonder I got for a month into a local headquarter, and there were all the Muscovites I met in the army). But I don't care, I have relatives in Moscow, I don't meet Muscovites daily, I avoid Moscow press in Israel, if I work to enhance understanding between peoples, petty rivalries between sites like Petersburg and Moscow shouldn't bother me. Besides, I read the Russian version of "The Rolling Stone" which I suspect is based in Moscow.
  Henry Miller wrote: Hydra-headed sadness of Jews.
   "Howl" by Munk was sold for 119 million dollars at "Sotheby's". I looked at the picture in the internet newspaper and I did not like it at all. Something which made me want to vomit. But the rich people and I have different constitutions, we should like different art.
  Rabelais: La guerre est belle. Many people agree, many like to fight, because they're hot, and not frozen. But I'm frozen, I don't like war.
  Painting lessons in my school(in my first school, in my second school we had programming instead) did not give me much. Our teacher was a loser, he gave us Greek goddess ' head to copy, a parallelepiped, an aquarium, also Cartesian in its design. I remember once I painted a picture outside of these lessons, to present to my mother for 8th of March. I sat at night, and freely mixed colors on a list. I've got something heavily impressionistic, there was a tree, an oak, dark clouds, and still a sun with its rays. It looked like a verse from Pushkin, about a learned cat on a golden chain walking ceaselessly around the green oak, in Lukomorie(though there was not a cat in the picture).
  Slowly moving, writing a page a day, I don't know when I am finished with my book. Horatius said a good book takes up seven years, three years you write, then edit, then the book just 'matures'. I don't know if I manage it in seven years.
  Jazz sounds come from Israel. Not only the sounds of rifles and war planes, not only coins-jingling sounds, jazz too.
  Study two religions, besides your own, I've read somewhere. I don't have a religion of my own, but I was always interested in religions. Churches were burned in Russia, now they're back, Christianity goes out of fashion in the West, I've studied Buddhism and Daoism. I've studied Judaism too, but it did not last.
  There is a cinema network in Israel, by the name of GlobalMax. I am also a global Max, though I don't know where on the globe I could live in peace.
   Sasha, Lilia's son, studies journalism now. I wanted to give him as a present my Webster's which I bought when studied at the Hebrew University. But he did not want it, he bought himself an electronic dictionary, though it's a bullshit, you can't learn a language with an electronic dictionary, you have to read the dictionary through, from page 1 to the last page. And my Webster's though 'old' ('old'? it's no more than 10 years old and I have dictionaries from 30s), is better than many new ones.
   Once I had a best English-Russian dictionary. I passed GRE with its help, if I studied it more, I could have the absolute grade, but it was 1993, the Great Depression and inflation in Russia, and I went and sold it for the price of a couple of beer bottles, which I regret to this day.
  Though I studied medicine and artificial intelligence in Russia, also served in the army and traveled, mostly I did reading. In the end, I couldn't stand reading a book, it made me sick. But here, in Israel, I had to engage in socially productive work, like a 'metapelet' and simple worker at the bakery, and I did reading differently here. Reading not as a main or sole activity but as an escape from unbearable realities of hot days of baking .
  The average American male weighs 87 kg, and the seats in planes can hold 71,5 kg only. So how they all don't crash under the American weight? It's a mystery.
  An elite education online? Bullshit? I do my self-education online and offline, and it is probably better than an elite education, though mine is rather egalitarian.
  Commentator Kozlovsky, RTVi, says Democrats waste money on expensive social programs increasing mammoth debt of the US. I looked up the info in the internet and found the debt grew much faster under G.W. Bush than under B. Obama.
  I'm writing chronicles, the chronicles of my life, but the chronicles of Russia, America and other countries also get into the picture. Lately, I'm following the chronicle of the Global Warming, and the chronicle of Barak Obama presidency. I'm not the appointed historiograph of Mr. Obama, I do it of my own accord, I'm not letting the past slip effortlessly into Limbo.
  Anonymous authors of ancient Russian chronicles, is your name so important? They did not want glory, they wanted to record events.
  I visited my father recently. He said he was interested in color red in art. He's going not so well, aging and all.
  Though my speed is less than that of F-22, I don't feel the complex of inferiority. Going by feet, I don't care about these 'steel birds' humming above. Our ways don't intersect. I also don't feel myself small before the skyscrapers.
  I know such words in Russian as "блуждать" и "неумолчный". Perhaps, only foreigners studying Russian are using these words.
  I am writing in Microsoft Word, I like unusual words, I once heard you should look up every unknown word you meet in the book, in the dictionary. But when I read, I usually don't want to stop the flow of story to open the dictionary. Sometimes, I look the word up.
  'On The Road' in Cannes. I've read the book in late 80s or early 90s, I took it in the library, it was situated then near metro 'Chernyshevckaya', off Tavrichesky Garden. It was an old paperback, on the blurb it was written this book has turned up the whole generation. I don't know how I choose the book, I think the name of the author was the reason, something unusual, like the name of a luxury car, Pontiac or Cadillac. I read it on the roof of my house, there were people sunbathing there. But I was not really impressed by the book. I remember I got two words from it : stultify and con, Sol hanged up in the university until he understood his stay there was stultified.
  By 2030 42% of Americans will have an extra weight. Television, fast food, computers, boredom.
  Радио "Максимум" раскритиковало песню "Сурвайвал",
  You think to start studying? Start thinking first! It was a recent ad I met on the way to the Central Bus Station. It advertised a college. Seems clever, but it's a usual ad creativity, not containing a bit of sense. Probably, if I went to the philology department, I would end up being a successful ad writer.
  The former owner of the flat where we lived had a weight of 100 kg But he is very satisfied, he doesn't want to lose weight.
  My father dreamed to travel to Japan; he lived not far from Japan, but it was impossible for him to go there.
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