Шенгаут Михаил Владимирович : другие произведения.

Lights of Small City

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The Light of the Small City

The boy was riding east towards the rising sun Leaving all he knew and loved behind Looking for a chance Of life with fortune and romance What will he find In the unknown land? The lights of his small city were to dark for him, The love of local maiden not enough. The grass was not too green And often in his midnight sleep He would fly above The clouds of his old life Towards his dream. Somewhere in the Hollywood the films are made, Somewhere on Wall Street the money flows, Cities near and far Are waiting for the next big star The game is played Where life would roll ahead With the roaring noise. * * * Here I am, I have arrived, The overwhelming pride Will take me on this ride. What a sight... Is it a day or night? The glamor of Time Square lights Suppresses fear inside. To the top...Go fast, don't stop, Don't let the tears drop, It is your stone, Sisyphus, roll it up The slope where summit gleams. Watch out, don't lose your steam, And you are bound to win. That's it! You've reached the peak. The world is at your feet. Where will you go from here, Now, that you have your victory? * * * Who was living all these years inside my skin? What illusions caused the state I'm in? Winning hasn't been All what it seemed inside my dreams, The wheel has turned, The fire's burned, The lesson's learned. * * * The man is riding west towards the setting sun, Leaving all his victories behind, Grasping for a chance To purchase back what he sold once, His soul, his heart, So may he get Another start Grasping for a chance To purchase back what he sold once... Full head of silver hair, Made him a wiser bearer Of the golden heart. 2007

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