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    "Но латали одежды нам матери в срок, Мы же книги глотали пьянея от строк".
    Навеяно Владимиром Семёновичем Высоцким, но почему то на английском...

Roads and Castles

Our childhood was ruled By the books on our shelves, With the knights of the past Sacrificing themselves For the pride and the honor. So the battles of old Were making us stronger, Were making us bold. Doctors patched our scratches, Mothers patched our coats, But we kept on our matches And fights till it hurt, We were knights in white armor, We were aces of skies, Books like nothing thereafter Could get us to fly. So we climbed up the hill, Often scared and cold, And we never admitted Inner terror untold, And the foes were defeated, And the pledges were said, And we lived on the pages Of the novels we read. You remember, my friend, How we used to defend Proud ideals of ours The childhood has lend? How we used to be sure There is black and there's white, That there is a simple cure For every possible plight? You remember denying Compromises of soul? But then came first lying Which was seemingly small... And it led to forgetting, Pledges were taken back, And you slowly, but surely, Started losing the track. All the games that we played, And the heroes we prayed, All the poor defended, And the beauties we saved, All new planets discovered, And ordeals disdained, All the majesty cherished - Thrown out, all the same. You remember the girl Living right down the street? You remember cold ice In your chest when you'd meet? You remember first asking Her out for a date, Being scared and hoping That she would consent? That good old Volkswagen Which dad let you drive, The ice-cream, the parking, Your kisses, your life? Though our hearts were still loving Love was doomed from the start Our minds were rejecting This romantical part We trashed our feelings To serve common sense, We moved to big cities And the race would commence. But we'd vaguely remember And always would miss That "bug" with bent fender And the joy of first kiss. Where's that girl from next door, Whom you kissed in that car? Did she marry for money Sacrificing her heart? Do you think she remembers? Or you think she forgot, How to love with no reason, With no doubt or back thought? Do you think she remembers The simple pleasures of life? Do you think she is dead inside? Or you think she's alive? Anyway, it doesn't matter, Days of past won't return, Friends of childhood are scattered, Dreams of young days are gone. But, Friend, you can make a try Resurrecting the flame Though it won't be as high And it won't be the same, You will feel so much better You will feel young again. So don't let your heart settle Turn the wheels, light the flame 1995 - 2002

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