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Fantastic trip to Planet Approxima 2050-2096

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Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov

"Notes of the chronicler about life on our Earth from 2050 to 2096 and

hisa journey to a distant Planet Approxima. "


In the mid-twenties of the twenty-first century, there was a relative lull in the world, the wars that began at the beginning of the century were over, and the country's budget was replenished with extra hundreds of billions of dollars. The US government immediately sent them to the economic recovery, to struggle with unemployment reached a record 10 percent and again began the rise of the economy and prosperity, forgotten about hard times, oil on the world market reached $ 156 per barrel which was acceptable for all countries importers, the number of aviation tourists has increased, peoplehad a lot of money, pensioners and rich people have drawn to live in the south, to Florida, it has become a huge construction site, the demand for private property has increased abruptly many people wanted to havehomes and villas with swimming pool.But since everyone was worried about the problem of reducing oil reserves due to the huge consumption by Asian, African and Latin American countries who embarked on the path of economic recovery, the minds of mankind are closely thinking about switching to new environmentally friendly biofuels, solar, wind and electricity. And imagine in the deserts where in the year many sunny days began construction in vast areas of power plants generating energy using solar energy - millions of square meters of panels aimed at the sun collected heat, turned water into steam, it rotated turbines and the finished electricity was transmitted by wire to the cities. Hundreds of thousands of wind turbines were set up and the wind turned into electricity
I remember, not only in sunny Florida, the construction took place but along the whole the Atlantic coast, especially in the states of New Jersey and New York, all wanted to live in their homes with a green lawn and a blue pool. The automotive industry has emerged from the crisis due to increased demand for hybrid cars and small cars. In the mornings and evenings, the multi-mile stream of the car rushed with the workers and employees to and from the city to their native nests. Life in America prospered.
Since the world did not stand still, all countries, without exception, began to develop, and people, including Aboriginal people, savages and pygmies, wanted to have not only a comfortable hut, but also a personal computer, mobile phone and car. And now I present to you our world since 2050, when the population was about 9,000,000,000. As can be seen, a giant population growth jump did not occur, illiteracy has been eliminated in almost all countries, all educated, well-read and sensible. People understood the meaning of life - the smaller the family, the easier it is to live. The birth rate has reached a minimum level even in countries such as China, India, educational activities among the populationplayed an important role, but the main thing is that people have become familiar with the modern way of life and now in every country every family has the most advanced electronics and through it people communicate. The Internet has connected everyone into a large single multibillion-dollar commune, technical and economic progress in all countries is gaining momentum, there seems to be no limit to human thought and everything would be fine and fine, but people were faced with a problem that was difficult to solve - a strong shortage of oil. By 2046, its consumption throughout the world reached 12 billion tons, and since the price of gas increased in China, it was decided to replace fuel and oils in China with partially black liquid gold with coal, its reserves in the ground are impossible to calculate. But the government decided to mine coal from the bowels of the earth, even though it is very expensive, but less dependent on oil imports. Since it requires processing, then black smoke from hundreds of thousands of pipes rush into the heavens despite the fact that smoke emitters are installed and in many areas the sky is not blue but gray-gray. Outside of all cities, especially in Chinese, Indian villages, villages and suburbs, people use only coal and black smoke billows a shaft into the sky. At the moment, the drivers fill the tanks of cars with fuel obtained from coal, black smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipes, but few people pay attention to this - the main thing is everyone is driving, everything is working and everyone is happy.
It is impossible to imagine, but in almost every family in any country there is a personal use of a car, so imagine on our planet at the moment about 3,000,000,000 cars, from cars to trucks. The railways were clogged with trains, passenger and freight trains, some trains in China and India with 40-50 cars capable of transporting up to 6,000 passengers with those who found free space on the roof. It is impossible to list millions of small planes, tens of millions of boats, boats and yachts, the territories of all countries are covered with a dense network of roads, parking lots, huge areas are occupied by airports, seaports, hotel complexes grow from year to year like mushrooms after rain. Every year about 7 billion tourists wander around the country and from country to country, thousands of huge airliners with jet engines with a capacity of up to 2 thousand people and small private airplanes for forty-one hundred passengers take off every day. All this led to the fact that a total of more than a million square miles of usable areas suitable for gardens, meadows, fields, pastures, including suburban settlements as a result of the rampant global civilization and urbanization went under the asphalt.
Having breathed enough carbon monoxide, people sounded the alarm and decided to convert coal into cheap fuel as little as possible and turned to other sources of driving force. Therefore, due to the unprecedented high cost of oil, $ 300 per barrel in 2050 and a huge shortage, all civilian and military marine vessels began to switch to the use of atomic energy, the entire railway transport was electrified without exception, and the cars were powered by natural gas and electric batteries. But there was a problem with the recharge-the process is expensive and long-lasting, gas cylinderswith natural gas create a number of discomforts for drivers - they are heavy, shorten the path of movement by 20% and are explosive. In short, everywhere and wherever you can use natural gas, coal, wind, solar, electricity, nuclear and bioenergy. Since aviation cannot be electrified and nuclear engines installed, all of the aviation fuel obtained after the distillation of oil was evenly distributed among the states in order to maintain partial air traffic between the continents and distant countries and 90% of travelers use only sea liners. Let it take a lot of time compared to the plane but reliably, cheaply and safely. Within the countries and continents, only railway transport is used for communication, 90% of traffic is carried by electric locomotives. Automobile transport due to the high cost of gas, electric batteries are used only for short distances.
In order to support the economy, reduce unemployment, and raise the agriculture of the governments of many countries, including the United States and Russia, have decided to increase financial assistance to low-paid categories of workers and employees, retirees, temporary unemployed. Particular attention from the government is paid to agriculture, farmers are allocated cheap agricultural machinery, machinery, fuel, fertilizers, all for growing grain, fruits, vegetables, berries. Gatherthe harvest, especially fruit and vegetables, unattended retirees, the unemployed, schoolchildren, students and housewives are sent from cities. People are put on buses and taken to farms, returning to the harvest they are bringing tomatoes, berries, fruits, grapes and citrus fruits home.
In the service sector, the workload is gigantic, people work day and night, millions of tourists wander from city to city, from country to country, hotels are fully occupied, restaurants and eateries are packed to capacity, to theaters, cinemas, to get to stadiums resale of tickets for direct on the streets and via the Internet at times, unfortunately the authorities, although trying to fight it, have no success.
Since everyone began to enjoy the full benefits of civilization, the need for quality products increased dramatically, little by little all segments of the population began to associate with nutritious flour, fish, meat and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, the demand began to exceed sentence. A prosperous life continued for a short time - cuts in oil production and the high cost of coal affected the cost of growing, delivering products and selling it to citizens - prices rose, governments printed money and distributed to the population to support them and farmers. But as the price of oil rose higher and higher, a barrel of black gold reached $ 250 in 2046, agriculture declined, in many countries people had to tighten their belts and reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products, a decline began to appear in the service sector. Excursions, flights on airplanes because of the high cost became available to those who moved a lot of money, but cruises on ocean liners and travel, traveling by rail remained accessible to all but formed huge queues, waiting for a trip over long distances had to happen for weeks. If you want to use your car faster, however, such a trip will be very expensive and a long time - replacing electric batteries or recharging costs a lot of money and takes many hours to turn and bribes have become an integral part of life - too many people.
Attempts to make biofuels were crowned with success, but since everything grew slower than they wanted and the processing of wood, corn stalks, bamboo trunks, sugarcane, beets, wheat, rapeseed, rice, millet and other grains required a lot of expensive energy, the sheepskin was not worth the manufacture- driving on alcohol which is five times more expensive than gasoline made no sense. In general, mankind faced a dilemma of how to increase the output of agricultural products as the demand for it increased from year to year and production declined due to a decrease in arable land - cities, suburbs, hotel complexes, parking for cars grew, almost a third the grain grown was spent on the production of biofuels, otherwise there is nothing to fill the tractors tanks to plow the land and combine harvesters to harvest. In addition, it was necessary to pour biofuel-alcohol into vehicles to transport cultivated products from farms to the city and mankind faced two tasks - how to find to an inexpensive oil substitute and most importantly increase the harvest from one site and the production of meat and dairy products to feed the population of our planet .. .
But not only life changed, but also the weather on our planet. After 2046, the winters were short and cold, and the summer was long and hot, although the era of global warming did not come, but fires more than ever mercilessly destroyed fields, forests and housing. On that summer June day in 2056, a large red-hot Plasma flew over our Earth at an altitude of 250 thousand miles, according to scientists, its temperature was several million degrees Celsius, the area in the lower part was up to four hundred thousand square miles, which was flewat an enormous cosmic speed of about 200 miles per second. I dont know to whom it took, but they let go of hearing long before it flew near the earth as if it were beginning to approach our planet and its lower layer could almost touch Antarctica, pick up several million cubic miles of ice from the tops of icy mountains and (steam) together with Plasma will fly into the cold Cosmos. There, the steam will turn into ice, or rather, into huge ice blocks and what people were afraid of, this Cosmic ice hail, as it were, over time did not fall on the Earth. In the lower layers of the atmosphere, it will turn into steam, then condense into water, and these millions of cubic miles of rain can cause unprecedented floods on our Planet. But to our happiness, all this turned out to be an empty talker; Plasma flew above the Moon and no one on earth felt its heat. But I have to say that many firms profited from gullible people, offering them to find salvation in fireproof suits, and I bought as many as three sets for myself, my wife and my mother, but I will tell about this later.
I live in a suburb of New York, 90 kilometers from Manhattan, this is not so far peoplelive even further. In 2055, New York or as it is called the "Big Apple" with its suburbs stretched to the North and West for 80 miles. Frankly speaking, the entire Atlantic coast from Canada to Florida turned into a huge residential metropolis, the suburbs of big cities intertwined with each other as Americans still prefer to live in their cozy homes, even if they are two hours away by car from Manhattan itself which has a job and boils a fountain of life.
No problems in life, I will immediately say for all the years from 2050 from which I describe our life to 2096, the economy has not experienced significant recessions even though the oil import has stopped since 2046. The leaders of the countries that had it in advance in 2040 announced to all importers that they cut oil production and after six years its export will completely stop. Governments and the public were aware of the developments and began to take measures to survive in the current conditions, depending on the presence of natural resources in natural storerooms, including gas, oil, coal, peat, as well as extensive forest areas, flowing rivers, falling waterfalls and the use of unlimited energy sources of the wind. sun and water. Even earlier, for many centuries, people used wind, water and solar energy for their beneficial purposes, so long before the oil crisis, not only in the US but also in many countries, people began to prepare themselves for survival in a rational use of the products obtained after distillation. painlessly switched to other sources of energy, especially atomic energy, so this did not affect the economy and living standards, especially in our US.
But there was a period from 2040 to 2055, when the shortage of cereals, bakery products, meat and dairy products and seafood was acutely felt in the United States. All for the reason that the climate was changing dramatically, the weather was unusually hot in the summer without rains, in many areas of the country steppe fires were blazing, forest fires, countless hurricanes, storms and tornadoes swept through. In addition, vast areas of arable land were built up with tourist complexes, suburbs and parking lots for motor vehicles, paved tens of thousands of miles of new highways, created hundreds of airfields, not counting autodromes for racing on race cars with jet engines. At the Cool Joe circuit near New York, on a straight track, the race cars developed speeds of up to 900 kilometers per hour and on the Martian salt lake, racer George Mooney on his White Hawk accelerated to 800 miles per hour. The sight was thrilling! The whole world saw the race.
As for housing, industrial products, electronics, clothes and shoes, everything is for everyone available, all abundant. The presence of 400 million personal cars from residents of cities and suburbs created and creates a headache for ordinary people like me, fathers of cities and the President is a great problem: how to move on them, from morning to evening on the roads, traffic jams and the problem of putting cars to the parking lot. The state tried to fight with motorists with large fines for the slightest offense on roads and parking lots, but this did not particularly affect car owners and they continue to roll on them since using suburban electric trains is very expensive and there are no branches for each village yet.
In the last twenty years, since 2055, the number of residents in the United States has noticeably increased due to the consumption of healthy food created from fast-growing agricultural products grown with the addition of nutrient substance to the soil or in one genius, a self-taught farmer Uncle Joe in his barn, more precisely on farm in the mountains. Imagine, with his brilliant discovery, he fed the whole world and not just America with a population of five hundred million inhabitants, in whose hands about four hundred million trucks and cars. Its very difficult for them to move within cities and Ill say its almost impossible to find parking for a car, a gas cylinder or a batch of electric batteries without a bribe. There is not even talk about gasoline, biofuel, nevertheless, the demand for cars is increasing year by year, and they are trying to buy expensive luxury cars. People do not reckon with any costs and on Friday evening at least hundreds of millions of nature lovers go in their hybrid cars to the bosom of nature in the mountains, to the ocean, in amusement parks, they grow like mushrooms after rain. Houses in the suburbs are bought up like pies, everyone wants to live in the lap of nature, then they certainly need a car to travel to New York for work, so life does not stand still, it spins up, no one even thinks that because of the fuel the car will stop-on funny let's go on our own two. But I think this will not happen soon, as there is not even a word about the shortage of oil in the USA, scientists are optimistic that it will be enough for the next 20-50 years.
The government takes care of all segments of the population in order to reduce the number of the unemployed are organized by new and new jobs in the sphere of urban economy - new parks, fountains, ponds are being created in any free territory, bridges, roads are being repaired, new houses are being destroyed and new skyscrapers, amusement parks and stadiums are being erected in their place. In order for the automobile industry to prosper measures were taken in her support - any US resident who buys a new car pays only 50% of the cost due to the high cost of fuel. When reselling the car to other hands, the price is determined from the actual price purchased twenty percents lower. Specifically, the factory price of Ford Star is 60 thousand bucks, you bought for 30 thousand, you wished to sell the next day, in a year or seven years you hang up a price tag of 30 thousand bucks and also pay tax 20% of the original factory value and it turns out in your pocket after sales are 18 thousand bucks. So there is no desire to resell a purchased car for a quarter of the price, besides, the one who buys your car from the original factory value pays 20% of the tax, it costs him 42 thousand bucks, the buyer loses the interest to acquire this way and he buys The factory dealer has a brand new car for half the price. In short, it turns out, you bought a car so ride on it for 7 years, the time has passed, you can sell at any price for at least one dollar or a million, your business, you will still pay tax of 12 thousand dollars. But if you hand over this old car to the factory where you bought it seven years ago, then they will offer you any model for half price and without any interest, the state assumes all subsequent costs.
And none of the dealers of this car for seven years has the right to overstate its value for profit, only after seven years can you sell at any price. Many people like this purchase scheme and try to buy not only a prestigious car that will attract the eyes of people, lovely beauties, gentlemen, ladies at the moment and in subsequent years, but also cheap cars, which one you like.
So, due to the use of healthy, however, tasteless food, the mortality rate in the country fell to a minimum - below nowhere: thousands of funeral homes, hospitals, medical colleges, universities are in crisis, people who want to study have sharply reduced, doctors do not find an application for their hands -The people have ceased to be sick, all as young, healthy and vigorous, like to look, live and live. Old people and old women bypass medical institutions by the side, mainly operating and treating people caught up in road, river, sea, aviation accidents and fires. The government has accepted the program; all students studying at medical colleges and universities receive scholarships, after graduation they are automatically enrolled in clinics and hospitals, labor is paid, regardless of whether patients come or not. The President of the country, insurance companies, medical and funeral institutions concerned about this state of affairs in the country hope that with time the situation will change and there will be sick and dead in the same percentage of the population for 2050. It came to the point that if someone died of old age is a whole event, a sensation, people live without disease, enjoy life, but I will describe how it happened later.
Yes, the suburbs with private houses are not the same as they were at the dawn of the XXI century, many miles along and across the same type of cottages that are easy to make, assemble, they are all like two drops of water and often people find themselves in other people's houses considering that this home is their home. What a ridiculous incident happened to me and remembered it for life.
I was returning home with my friend, sturdy John, on his beige car, Ford Gayka of 2060 - now to New York and not let out of him if there are less than two people in the car and he invited me to his house for dinner. I agreed, because from a trip lasting two hours everything was spinning in my head. We drank a little tonic, Stolichnaya, had a snack, I said goodbye to John and went home to which I could get in ten minutes, about mile. Now the average walking speed is five to six, some up to seven miles per hour and I will say why - due to the growth of people over the past twenty years, we began to eat healthy food created by the self-taught farmer Uncle Joe: sickness retreated backwards/ many people became taller, with especially lengthened legs and average person height is up to 6"8. Strange, but the weight of people decreased and makes up 770-180 pounds, such freaks which weighed 500 by one before, 6oo pounds are not there, and all do not go, they just fly like butterflies. Life makes all people move and now the townspeople, on average, travel about 8 miles a day, and some up to 12 miles, and no one feels any tiredness in the body.
From my friend John, I went home I had one over the eight and it seemed to me, at night, I walked along my own street, looked at the house numbers, this is my nest, I went inside, I saw a lot of people sitting at the table, everyone was having fun and drinking. I really did not understand and out of habit began to shout at my wife: "Masha, what kind of a party! Tell me, where did they come from in our house?"
Since I was very drunk and did not really understood that the lady sitting in the chair was not at all mine, but someone else's wife, went to the table, took a bottle of wine and hit it with all my might. A plate of salad flew up, pleased the lady with lilac hair in the face: all the dress was green and mayonnaise, there was no visible physiognomy, everyone opened their mouths and looked at me. The man who was sitting next to my wife, it seemed to me, got up from the oak table and came up to me, he was a head taller than me, took a bottle of wine, picked it up, I thought that he would hit the table like me and the bully hit me hard on the head. I screamed from severe pain, fell and lost consciousness, but I felt like someone was walking around me and soon turned off completely.
When I came to my senses and opened my eyes I saw that I was lying near the threshold of my house, but I became suspicious because, although the numbers matched, the windows turned out to be of a different color and the street was East, not West. It was not far to my house, about fifteen minutes, I wanted to get up, but I already groaned from the pain in my body and realized that I would not only go, but I would not crawl. I decided to call my wife, she was at home, picked up a mobile phone and in a weak voice I told her: "Masha! Hello! And where were you at a party last night?"
And she told me: "Vitya! Hello! But where have you been? I ran to the store, bought a bottle of Stolychnaya vodka, made dumplings with my mother, waited a long time and eventually ate everything, we drank and went to bed. I want ask: "Where did you go, my dear Victor?"
As soon as I heard about the dumplings with vodka my mouth drool, then I began to lie to her: "My swallow, tragedy, went from John last night and I was attacked by bandits, beaten to death and urgently need your help. escape a fine, 1500 bucks on the road are not lying. "
My wife always believed me and having heard that I was attacked by gangsters and beaten with life I lay on the street and the police did not take me to the station, was glad that I was alive and immediately said: "My dear, lie quietly and wait, I will go with my mother in fifteen minutes since it is not far from our house. "
"Honey Masha, do not try to run, immediately fly to the parking lot, take the car and move to me, you will not bring me and you will not carry me, I not only can walk, I cannot turn on my side, in such Im a standing, " I explained to her overcoming the pain in my body.
"Well, my beloved, with mom we run to the parking lot and will soon come for you, be patient," I heard the trembling voice of my charming wife Mary
I must say at once that to a paid parking lot you need not to go, namely, to run at an average speed of ten miles per hour for at least fifteen minutes. A new parking lot was created on a drained swamp, with modern construction of suburban settlements, the house adjoins the house, all are only two-storeyed, designed for two families, and the second floor is more expensiv the first floor as it is safer from robbers. I pay ten thousand for a modest two-room apartment a month while I earn thirty thousand bucks, no garages and all owners of cars keep them on paid parking.
Lying on a cold concrete sidewalk and suffering from pains in the body, I waited for my wife for at least an hour, I thought that she was lost in our suburban village for seventeen thousand people, in which before every home tree grows, everything is compressed to the limit and the narrow sidewalk along which the three of us cannot pass . Because of the large number of cars, all roads are one-sided from the fact that they are racing only in one direction and before the house car can be no more than three minutes, otherwise you will receive a fine of one thousand dollars. Traffic policemen are absent, observation is carried out from space and the fine is automatically withdrawn from the salary.
Finally, the car appeared, I was delighted, I wanted to jump to my feet but it was not there, I cried out in pain with a good foul language, my wife and mother left Magna and when they saw me they almost fell into a swoon and suffered for a long time dragged me into the salon. On the way to the house, we traveled by car for half an hour and could walk for fifteen minutes, they explained to me that they could not get in the parking lot for a long time, then they got into a giant traffic jam.
We stopped near the house, for three minutes they pulled me out of the car, dragged me halfway into the house, put me on a bed, my Masha rushed to the car to drive to the parking lot. I was waiting for her with impatience, only after an hour and a half she returned and explained that she stood in the parking lot for a long time.
I must note in our suburban village, built at the beginning of the century, seventy-five years ago, with curves, slanting, round and intersecting many times streets, roads and one-way motorways, its not so easy to get to a house from any other street, to do this, you need to study the map of the village and the path of the movement, otherwise you can circle in the maze of streets for many hours and not immediately get home-the whole puzzle.
My wife and mom treated me at home with herbs, put compresses and did massage, as I did not have insurance, which we, like hundreds of millions of other people, threw into the urn, why pay money if everyone is healthy like bulls, I did not think that this would happen to me. I will say frankly that blow on my head with a bottle of wine went to my advantage, it was as if I was born again in the light - enlightenment began in my head, I began to think and think differently, my interest in drinking disappeared, I brought order in a single glass bottle , all the cut glasses were broken and thrown into the trash can, everything is only in a plastic container or in light cans, the mother with my wife simply do not rejoice. After home recovery, I found another interesting job in Manhattan, paying forty thousand bucks a month, but it takes two, two and a half hours to go to the office and the same amount back, many miles of traffic jams on city streets, youll want to take the car from the parking lot give the servant a paw faster, otherwise he doesn't see you as he does. Nobody smiles and says thank you.
A little about nature: due to the fact that many people and everyone tend to live in the suburbs because it is cheaper - many swamps are drained for parking, amusement parks with hotel complexes, special attention is paid to the preservation of forests - no one has the right to cut down a tree without permission authorities. For cutting tree for lumber and other needs, arrays are allocated, they have a plot for cutting down trees, cut down and immediately plant with new ones at the expense of those who cut down, so nature is in complete safety. There are no agricultural farmer farms, they turned into firms for the production of finished agricultural products using the new technology of that self-taught genius farmer Uncle Joe-he made a revolution in agriculture and if his there was not brilliant discovery, then the population of the world would have been not nine billion people but maybe only five. I'll tell you what the point is that the kings of parking lots and amusement parks with hotel complexes literally began to buy farms, and if someone did not yield, they would soon burn with fire, bluish flames, and then with their homes and relatives.
Our genius farmer Uncle Joe had a farm in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and no one had the idea to build suburban villages there, especially parking lots, but fearing for his future, he decided to outrun those who decide to take his farm and ensure a safe life.
He and his family, his wife, and his seven sons, grew corn, fed cattle, pigs, geese, ducks, turkeys, chickens, and other animals. But the more the farm, the more feed was needed, but Uncle Joe didnt have enough money to buy from the farmers who still had farms for huge money. Soon the money did not suffice, as the food rose in price year after year due to the fact that nature was a raging cold, then the lack of dogs with unbearable heat. In addition, the kings of parking lots and construction barons have built up all their free space, sold houses and took a lot of money for parking cars. The gigantic spaces of the country were under asphalt and concrete, the settlement approached the village and the one who flew at night on an airplane saw a solid sea of ??lights with the exception of deserts and mountains. When approaching big cities and even in the very high-speed highways were built in two, three levels, but it did not help much. When gasoline began to be given on coupons at a frantic price, a mass of people began to enrich themselves by reselling it, you would not pass to paid parking without a bribe. Soon gas, coal, vegetable oil, wood, alcohol, solar, wind, atomic and electric energy came to the rescue, and traveling on batteries over long distances turned out to be a useless innovation because their loading required a lot of time and money. To carry two sets of batteries, overloading the car, it reduced the distance traveled by 20%, and this was an extra cash outlay, and even the recharging stations were only in cities, people stood for hours or even slept in cars waiting for the queue. Each trip was accompanied by a continuous headache, tires were particularly worrisome, in recent years their quality dropped dramatically and you had to carry two skates, cameras burst like condoms and firms profited from releasing such rubbish for motorists. There was no one to be offended by anyone - energy was worth a fortune, strangely, they did not save it, everyone got used to it, did not grumble and continued to drive.
Those people who lived in big cities did not experience headaches from traveling - to their services subway, buses and taxis, you can go to the parks of nature and entertainment, cinema, theaters, stadiums, restaurants, where the soul desires, but you can buy an apartment only for big money or buy a subsidized urban one-room apartment with all the amenities when you are 65 years old alone or with his wife and income does not exceed 3 thousand per month. If the only rescue in big cities from the problems with movement turned out to be the subway, then unfortunately for non-resident people there is no such line - to the suburban settlements there are no lines. At one time, suburban residents began to manage to get by car to the nearest subway station, put cars on paid parking and go to the city in a crowded carriage, let with five transfers. Soon, the owners of parking lots near the subway stations realized that the cost of parking abruptly shot up, and many motorists were tempted to use them immediately.
When large factories and firms began to build dormitories, employees, workers, buses were delivered from the suburbs, worked for five days, spent four nights in night shelters, for singles it was a pleasure, and for families the real drama began going to the side, love affairs to change. distrust of each other. Since many people did not have the opportunity to get to work by public transport and used the car, they had to put it in garages, skyscrapers up to 60 floors or platforms where the wise owners created framed metal structures with elevators, set the car and raised them to the height of the twentieth floor - everything cars in sight. But here there was a problem. We had to wait for a long time until the parking staff lowered your car from the sky and that this process did not take too long to give a bribe in the form of tips to the paw, there was no limit, the more you give the faster you get the car. Since you can not always find parking near the work, you had to either go by subway or run one to two miles to the office or factory. It was not necessary to think about the bus because it was possible to overtake him by running, traffic jams were created at intersections up to several miles long, and there was no strength to run at that time due to the lack of good nutrition for the simple reason there were many people: many farmers sold for large money their lands magnates and they went under the suburban villages, highways and parking.
Again I repeat, nature was rampant and you can only imagine from 2040 to 2055 with economic prosperity when stores were crammed with cheap industrial goods and modern electronics, normal meat and dairy products could be bought by those who received at least twenty thousand bucks a month including workers at gas stations, parking lots and car repair shops. But in order to get a job at these places, it was necessary to bribe the owner at least a quarter of a million dollars, but the employee could return the money within a year, and then solid revenues despite the fact that it was necessary to share it with his owners. In the course went cash, no one took a tip on his paw with checks, inflation was threatening, prices rose from month to month. I remember buying a bag of popcorn for ten dollars, a loaf of bread twenty bucks, a pound of meat up to one hundred, half a liter of vodka from one hundred to three hundred dollars - with food was real trouble. The hospitals were overcrowded with people on the basis of malnutrition, and it is not known what all this disaster would have ended for humanity if the genius self-taught farmer Uncle Joe had not come into the world, who had set himself the task of surviving with his family at any cost. The fact is that due to the lack of feed and their high prices, he began to slaughter his cattle, sell meat and buy food in Canada for fabulous money, and he had to give customs to the paw, however much they wanted to eat meat and dairy products and plenty live very well
Getting food, hay, transportation was troublesome, expensive and very dangerous for life. Because of the extraordinary prices for diesel fuel, the original ones became more frequent, I would say, unique robberies en route on the high road, which happened to Uncle Joe. Our farmer in Canada, in which diesel fuel was one-third cheaper than in the USA, filled full tanks and safely passed the border, after leaving customs to employees for a thousand bucks, he joyful rushed home with a fodder feed. After driving about fifty miles from the border, he saw a truck standing in front, the driver waved his hand so that he could be helped. The farmer, out of kindness, stopped and got out of the cab, he had not yet approached the driver as a pickup drove up from behind, braked sharply, a young guy jumped out of it, jumped into the cab of a farm van, gave gas and immediately drove forward. Uncle Joe rushed to the standing pickup with the door open, jumped into the cabin in a fever so as to chase the hijacker as he was hit on the head at that time and lost consciousness. When the farmer woke up, he saw unfamiliar terrain, he lay under a tree and, to his happiness, not far from the highway, got up and went to the highway - the money, food and car disappeared.
Returning home, Uncle Joe told his wife and children about his robbery, everyone was bitterly worried about the lost good, but since I cannot cry with tears, the domestic animals demanded hay, mixed feed, and they decided to feed the hungry cattle with a mixture of crushed corn and wheat with added sawdust fifty fifty . But that didnt lead to anything good - the hungry cattle began to lose weight, and here my sons came to the rescue. They read books and read that coal was formed as a result of rotting and subsequent pressing for hundreds of millions of years - grass, cane, fern, trees, and suggested to the father to buy coal, grind to dust on a crusher and dilute with corn and wheat. They did this experiment, and just surprisingly, cattle drank swill, recovered, but the cows gave gray milk that had a slight flavor of coal, it was impossible to drink it, and our experimenter decided to abandon coal.
Illiterate farmer Joe skillfully led his extensive farm and often conducted experiments in his field, he wanted to increase the yield of corn, he guessed: the more heat, moisture and manure the higher the yields, everything grows faster - the bamboo grows to six meters in a year, but where he lived in the mountain valley of Montana, remote from civilization, there was moisture but the heat was absent at the equator, the corn yielded the same yields, as for the taverns grown in the field, if he knew that there is a Smith records book then her and got a million dollar prize - some feed pumpkins weighed up to one ton. His sons chopped them up on the field, the cattle ate with great pleasure, but didnt add weight significantly, as the animals only stuffed their bellies and for the increase they needed corn. And then he decided to create a nutrient substance-solution on the basis of pumpkin mass: he bought a powerful press, squeezed juice from pumpkins, poured it under the roots of corn and noticed that the stalks had lengthened by three feet but the cobs themselves did not gain weight. The cattle ate the stems with great pleasure, gained weight but only slightly, but the milk became thick, fatty like cream.
This inspired our Uncle Joe and he continued to experiment on his farm, but then he ran into a problem - there was not enough water. He decided to punch a well, bought a drilling rig, set to work with his sons, and by the evening of the next day they were surprised when, unexpectedly for them, from the depth of a thousand feet out of the pipe flowed how seemed to him rusty color liquid like oil that smelled like vaseline. But in a strange way, the smell was pleasant and reminded the May clover, a petroleum jelly viscous liquid flooded the ground, and then the sons ran for the barrels, rolled them, filled them to the top and closed the pipe as night fell.
Tired workmen went to bed and when they came to the well in the morning, they saw that all the cattle had gathered near the drilling rig, all the barrels were turned upside down and all the oil and gel liquor was drunk with cattle. On the ground where she had spilled everything, it was licked and swept to the roots, Uncle Joe was frightened and thought that the cattle would disappear and fall into despair. For some time he postponed work and waited for the day when the living creature began to disappear, drove it into the enclosure, but the cattle seemed to go mad, broke through the fences and again rushed to the well. They did not die, only wildly mooed and Uncle Joe noticed that the cows that drank that petroleum-liquid had changed in shape in a few weeks and the weight-gain turned out to be significant. And then he decided to continue the experiment on some bulls and cows and began to add this fragrant clover oil and petroleum viscous liquid to half the water of half of both, and noticed that the more he gave it, the more they drank, the faster they gained weight. He realized and gave them an unlimited amount of liquor - how much the cattle stomach demanded, and imagine in six months they looked like elephants, approaching the weight of three or even four tons of live weight.
Our Uncle Joe didnt limit himself to experimenting on cattle and decided to add more oil-viscous liquid to the mucous oil, began to flood the corn field and soon noticed that the corn began to grow up and at the same time changed color - soon it turned from green to brown-light . Fear engulfed the farmer, he fell into despair, without hesitation decided to hammer one elephant bull, and when they began to carve the carcass, they saw dark red blood gushing from the vein and all the meat had an unpleasant rust color. But the most interesting, the meat emitted a pleasant smell of Mays-someone clover is impossible to resist. Uncle Joe decided to fry and taste the meat and after his pretty cook wife Jane cooked a roast pleasant smell spread throughout the house. Immediately they put a couple of bottles of vodka on the table, sat down and poured meat for a sweet soul, everyone admired the extraordinary taste and yet he, Uncle Joe, his whole family became very upset, did not know what to do with the color of meat, how to change it, and then the quick-witted woman Jane said: "My hubby, don't be upset, I seem to have figured out how to get rid of this rust, we sit and drink the moonshine, we get it by distillation and I advise you to try to overtake this oil-viscous viscous liquid, add a little yeast and when the mass starts playing we"ll distill it and then see the result.
Our Uncle Joe didnt limit himself to experimenting on cattle and decided to add more oil-viscous liquid to the mucous oil, began to flood the corn field and soon noticed that the corn began to grow up and at the same time changed color - soon it turned from green to brown-light . Fear engulfed the farmer, he fell into despair, without hesitation decided to hammer one elephant bull, and when they began to carve the carcass, they saw dark red blood gushing from the vein and all the meat had an unpleasant rust color. But the most interesting, the meat emitted a pleasant smell of Mays-someone clover is impossible to resist. Uncle Joe decided to fry and taste the meat and after his pretty cook wife Jane cooked a roast pleasant smell spread throughout the house. Immediately they put a couple of bottles of vodka on the table, sat down and poured meat for a sweet soul, everyone admired the extraordinary taste and yet he, Uncle Joe, his whole family became very upset, did not know what to do with the color of meat, how to change it, and then the quick-witted woman Jane said: "My hubby, don't be upset, I seem to have figured out how to get rid of this rust, we sit and drink the moonshine, we get it by distillation and I advise you to try to overtake this oil-viscous viscous liquid, add a little yeast and when the mass starts playing we"ll distill it and then see the result.
Uncle Joe was delighted, kissed his wife and exclaimed: "My dear Jane! Great thought! Morning is wiser than the evening, tomorrow we will start the next experiment."
Our Uncle Joe without hesitation the next day gathered sons, told the essence of the matter and began to collect on their own a huge moonshine-oil-miniature installation of fifteen tons. He had three metal tanks, one of them was filled with ten tons of petroleum-viscous viscous liquid, they threw about three tons of ground semisweet pumpkin, half a ton of sugar beet, three hundred of yeast, which accelerated the fermentation of the whole mass, carefully insulated, put powerful electric ten and began to heat up. After a few hours, fermentation began, after a week the tank began to move and Uncle Joe decided to outrun the fermented mass. In the second tank, a metal coil with a tube diameter of ten centimeters was installed, cold water was poured through the incised pipe, the second embedded pipe served as a drain for hot water. In short, the process was irreversible; the end of the coil was led to a third tank to drain the condensate, the final distillation product.
In the first tank the fermented mass was heated to boiling, the vapors rushed up to the coil and soon farmer Joe saw condensate - clean as a tear. He filled a glass, brought it to his nose and smelled a pleasant smell of clover, the farmer even tasted the liquid had a sweetish taste and also produced a non-alcoholic drink. The distillation result turned out to be staggering - ten tons of condensate got out of fourteen tons of mass and immediately began watering the cattle but adding water at the rate of 50% to the condensate
Also poured under the roots of corn, trees, and imagine the queen of the fields grew like bamboo right in front of her eyes and surprisingly a couple of months before the gaze of Uncle Joe, his wife, and their seven sons, appeared a spreading green tree - several cobs hung down and each more than two feet.
In short, cattle, pigs, poultry grew literally by the hour and in six months, bulls, cows reached weight up to 2.5-3.5 tons, daily milk yield of cows was 100-120 liters, fat content was 4-5%. Our farmer did not feed the cattle, he made special muzzles with a hose through which the nutrient substance was pumped under pressure under the pump, right in the mouth, cattle just sucked it day and night, it was not necessary to chew on it, and eventually it brought out a new species of toothless cattle. Apple trees, pears, cherries, cherries and other fruit trees brought extraordinary harvests - just imagine an apple tree with a height of 20 feet on which there are more than two tons of apples. Corn resembled oak - no less than a thousand cobs up to a 3 feet in length hung on thick branches - farmer John Bull achieved such results after three years of breeding work on his farm, lost in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. But fearing for his future, his family, his noble cause of feeding Americans with cheap and nutritious food, fearing kings of parking lots and casinos, he gathered home council and, with family at the dinner table, decided that it was time for him, Uncle Joe, to go to Washington, any way to get to see President Bill Thompson and not only tell but also show a video about his unusual farm with unique animals, fruit trees and a corn field.
After lunch, adult sons filmed a farm with a garden, a corn field, cattle looking like elephants, rams tall with bulls, turkeys like ostriches, mounted and watched through a TV-documentary film turned out to be impressive. Without hesitation, they began to collect his father on a long journey, ordered an air ticket to the capital and the next day the eldest son Michael took his father to the Kalispell airport, put him on a do-it-yourself ride and Uncle Joe went to Washington, where he was lucky as in a fairy tale, he met childhood friend Alex Cook served as secretary to President Bill Thompson. The sons recorded in the barn book the historical date of the fathers departure to Washington on May 15, 2055.
Uncle Joe flew safely to the capital, without hesitation went by taxi to the White House, the driver drove him straight to the metal fence and the farmer paid him and went out of the car. It was a warm, sunny morning and people hurried to work. Uncle Joe went to the gates of the White House and did not even have time to approach them when a white long limousine stopped near him, his head leaned out of the window with red hair and heard a loud exclamation: "Friend John Bull, hello, what have brought you here !?"
Uncle Joe turned his head, carefully looked at the man sitting in the car and exclaimed: "Alex Cook, hello, glad to see you, here is a meeting. I need your help."
"Get in the car, tell the story and I try to help you as the best friend of childhood, I guess you would like to meet President Bill Thompson."
"That's the way it is, Alex, an important thing," said our farmer, got into a limousine, it started off and he told him about his extraordinary discovery on the way. Alex listened attentively to John Bull and promised him that he would give an answer tomorrow, the white limousine turned and headed for the Waterblum hotel. Alex acted on his own, drafted documents, took him to a chic room and asked him not to meet with unknown people and be silent. Tomorrow morning he would drive up to him and go with him to the White House where the president will surely accept this very important discovery and the government will be interested to use it.
Yes, during these years a food crisis was created in the country - everything had to be brought from abroad - from Latin America, Canada and Australia - the government did not spare money, they were printed day and night, all farmers were given financial assistance to maintain farms in an exemplary manner, provided with equipment, fuel, fertilizers, seeds, but with all their efforts due to natural disasters in the country there was a shortage of food, especially meat and dairy products, prices rose.
The government has decided to add to the poor, pensioners and elderly people monthly electronic cards for the purchase of products of five thousand dollars so that they can spend the rest of their lives carefree, spend this money for fun and thus stimulate the economy and agriculture. But not everything was alright with him because huge territories were bought from farmers by building kings, suburban settlements, parking lots and highways immediately arose, the acreage decreased accordingly, the demand for food grew from year to year not only in the USA but in all countries.
The cost on the world market grew from month to month, to become dependent on other countries, to become an importer of meat, wheat, corn, as was the case with oil until 2046, when the last tanker did not want to sail to the United States. All breeders, scientists joined in the development of increased productivity of livestock, breed new breeds, speed up the growth process, weight gain of cattle and poultry, everything was exhausted, the results were disappointing, besides, the climate changed and this greatly affected the crops. Due to the unprecedented summer heat and the lack of rain on time despite heavy irrigation or early frost, up to 50% of the crop was lost in the bud, man has become directly dependent on the whims of nature.
Moreover, such whims of nature took place not only in North America but also on all continents; fruit, berries and vegetables were grown in greenhouses and hotbeds everywhere, but extensive fields were planted with corn, wheat, rice, barley, oats, and herbs. and clovers could not be covered with tapes, and here everything depended on the Lord God.
The next day, his friend, Alex Cook, came to his hotel and told the good news: "Hello, old Joe, get ready, the car is at the entrance, President Bill Thompson agreed to take you, take a new suit, get dressed and go to the White House."
Uncle Joe looked at his friend, smiled and said: "Alex, hello, this is awesome, new suit, I get dressed, just persuade, you have to be with me until the end, I can get lost in that White House, I understand."
"Okay, Joe, go ahead," Alex said, he helped put a suit on his friend and moved to the exit, our hero never in his life saw a single president even in the photo, they didnt watch TV as everything worked from dawn to dusk on his farm and did not keep workers. They got into a white Lincoln and went to the White House, a few minutes later they entered the gate and stopped near the entrance. The guards in black suits opened the doors, Joe and Alex went outside and, accompanied by guards, walked inside where a historic meeting of the genius farmer John Bool and the President of the United States Mr. Bill Thompson took place in a small hall. They greeted each other, they met, the presidential assistants soon arrived, Alex went up to the farmer, took the tape from him, handed it to a tall young man and asked him to turn on a wide flat-screen TV to view the results of the farmer's activities. All those present sat in soft yellow leather armchairs, the young man looked at Uncle Joe, smiled, turned on the TV and soon on a wide screen three meters across the diagonal appeared farm lands with a stone two-story house with a red tile roof, numerous extensions, a plant for distillation of petroleum gas viscous liquid into a colorless energy substance, garden, cattle, poultry, fields with corn, wheat and rye.
Uncle Joe stood at the table and in the course of the documentary film told about his achievements, the President and the sitting guests could not believe what they saw and at the end of the film Mr. Bill Thompson said: "Dear Mr. Joe, thank you for the information and the film, today I will go with you to farm, I want to see personally your cattle, your wonderful farm and if you need help from me, you will get it immediately, now you are taken to the dining room for breakfast, do not rush."
Alex and Jo went to the dining room, after forty minutes the secretary returned and informed the farmer that the President was waiting for him in his helicopter on the lawn of the White House, Joe Bull was delighted and immediately moved to the exit. Through the open door he saw a giant white-blue helicopter, Mr. Bill Thompson stood beside him and waved his green hat. A minute later, Mr. President with his retinue, Uncle Joe, with numerous guards entered the helicopter and it rose into the air. After ten minutes of the flight, they transferred to the presidential airliner and flew to Great Falls, the transfer to the helicopter took place again and the final flight to the farm.
Three helicopters flew swiftly and after dinner already flew over Uncle Joe's farm, from a height of several tens of yards the president and about a hundred accompanying persons admired unusual corn, cattle resembling elephants, pigs in horse height, chickens like turkeys, turkeys were superior in appearance to large ostriches.
The helicopters landed on the glade, Jane, a beautiful wife, came up with a huge loaf and salt, seven stately sons, the hosts and guests welcomed each other, met and made an excursion walk through Uncle Joe's farm. Soon the wife and children separated from the company, an hour later Uncle Joe invited the President and all accompanying persons to dine in the meadow, everyone sat down on oak benches and, like in a fairy tale, appeared on a long table hot steaks, stews, red grape wine, juices and apple pies. The President, Mr. Bill Thompson and his entourage were delighted with the food, wine, snacks and during the feast Uncle Joe addressed the President
"Dear Mr. President Bill Thompson, I ask you to give me all possible help and promise to feed many Americans with cheap, satisfying and healthy food in the shortest possible time, you will see for yourself my achievements, I will help other farmers send them my free energy substance to them, we need drilling equipment and a distillery, I think that in order to preserve all the land, protection will be required, if bad people find out about these riches, they will force us to leave these places that have legally belong to us for the past two hundred years. sincere wishes "
President Bill Thompson listened to him, smiled and said: "Dear genius Joe, I join you and according to your request, from todays night, marines with land and air will guard your farm within a radius of forty miles - neither one side nor bright day nor dark night penetrate your territory, tomorrow geologists will arrive here, builders, and in a short time they will build the most modern distillery according to your project, laboratory, please contact me in my personal phone number for any question. I will tell you this is awesome fantastic spectacle, such a big cattle gaining weight literally by the hour, you feed not only America, but we will help other countries to eliminate the lack of food, thank you very much, dear Jane for perfectly cooked farm simple but hearty food, beefsteak and traditional apple pie I would invite you to become a chef in the White House, but your husband will not let his assistant go even to the President and I believe you are the chief technical manager in this whole genius enterprise and, of course, special thanks your seven sons are helping you day and night, thank you, goodbye, every month I and my wife will personally fly to your farm and be interested in how the builders install oil producing rockers, build laboratories, production buildings and certainly taste delicious beef steaks and apple pie that taste amazing, with your permission I will take a little of both, I myself was a farmer and I understand how difficult it is to expand farming without support. "
Uncle Joe, his wife Jane and seven sons said goodbye to the president and accompanying important people and went to the presidential helicopter, strong guys dragged baskets of food, slowly walked past the cattle of fantastic size, looked around and even touched peacefully grazing sheep with bison, chickens resembling turkeys and turkeys with a well with ostriches.
The president has not flown away yet as seven huge green helicopters appeared in the sky, they landed, everyone saw the descending Marines armed to the teeth, a four-star general approached and reported to the president that the Marines were ready to serve the President turned to Uncle Joe, smiled and said: "Our genius is a farmer!
I am calm for your safety, work for the benefit of the peoples, I believe that you will feed world and tell you a secret under your farm an ocean of liquid gold - about a hundred billion tons and here they are, these brave infantrymen, will protect you and your farm, now we will say goodbye and as I said earlier I will fly back and see how the work is being done a matter of national importance, goodbye genius Joe, Jane and you are a magnificent seven sons-assistants, thank you for the amazingly tasty farmer reception, until the next meeting."
The president was a simple American, kissed Jane, Uncle Joe, sons, they wished Bill Thompson and all those accompanying him on a happy flight, the guests headed for the helicopters and soon seven helicopters soared into the sky. Forty marines with three small helicopters remained on the ground, brave guys armed to the teeth will carry out day and night service around the farm of our genius farmer John Bull as President Mr. Bill Thompson said within a radius of forty miles from the farmhouse.
The words of the President did not go away with business, after three days the builders, geologists, and drillers arrived, the work turned around in full power, and after five months, he had an oil-and-green-brewing complex; to open it President Mr. Bill Thompson flew with his wife Klara, three daughters, advisers, helpers - no less than a hundred people, not counting the guards, on that occasion set the tables, they were full of beef steaks, snacks, champagne, wine, drinks, apple pies, fruit, in short everything was present satisfied and thanked Uncle Joe, his wife Jane and their sons.After the departure of the guests, all the workers of the oil and gas refining complex, geologists, builders and drillers were uplifted, and since the discovery was symbolic, due to the great triumph they all, without exception, took part in the universal drinking party in full measure the next day.
As soon as the complex started working, they immediately organized the shipment of a concentrated nutritional substance to farmers, they received six-ton ??tanks with instructions on how to use them for raising livestock and poultry and growing maize, wheat, oats, fruit trees and breeding fish. A year later, the country felt an abundance of bakery and meat and dairy products, fish, fruit, and the meteorological conditions had little effect on the cultivation of crops. And since the grains were available, they were the feed needed for feeding cattle, poultry and fish, and with the addition of the nutrient substance to them, they grew by leaps and bounds.
But the story did not end there, at the request of President Bill Thompson, they soon began to send five-ton containers with concentrated nutrient substance and instructions for use to other countries - the authorities distributed a valuable gift to their farmers on the spot and in five years all people on our Earth were fed and thanked Uncle Joe for his brilliant discovery. Just imagine: growing a bull from a test tube to a slaughter weighing up to three tons took 6 months, children and adults enjoyed the beefstakes, even small Bushmen and pygmies reached a height of 175-185 cm. As I said above, the disease retreated back, the life expectancy reached 120 years, the population growth in Asia, Africa and Latin America increased abruptly, mostly death overtook people by accident as a result of disasters in the air, on land, under water and underground.
But the main thing was that people became unusually resilient and during race walking it was not difficult to overcome the distance of 8 miles at a speed of 6-7 miles per hour, many people living in the city refused to use cars to get to the service, work, the streets were filled with running, it seemed the next marathon race. All roads were allocated for running around two lanes, not a single car had the right to enter it under the threat of a huge thousand-dollar fine. But since millions of people lived in the suburbs and it was not possible to run to the city for 50 -90 miles, soon there were such traffic jams on the city streets and the avenue that all the running citizens had to be sent to narrow sidewalks. There, a real pandemonium began, and the city authorities decided to extend all the sidewalks by three feet.
Frankly speaking, the human body has adapted itself to meat, milk, eggs, fish, to poultry, vegetables, fruits and other gifts of nature grown on the basis of the nutrient substance of a special type of petroleum-naphthalene obtained by distillation, which has nothing in common with that from which gasoline is obtained by distillation. So the discovery belonging to the genius farmer Uncle Joe significantly influenced the development of a living organism not only of people but also of animals, birds, insects, some types of cats, mice, flies, including mosquitoes after eating such food increased in size.
Just imagine flies in size resembled little sparrows, you sit down at the table and they flock above you, brazenly descend on the table, run around it and tear off pieces of your beefsteak or sit on the edge of a plate with soup and on your eyes draw it into himself - once such a fly can not be killed, no poisons and beams do not frighten them. But a big threat is represented by mosquitoes - its only for them to see a naked body as they swarm like bees, attack it, the bites are not fatal but the pain is palpable, no deodorants can scare them away from naked body, therefore people dress from head to toe . Mosquitoes live mainly in rivers and in the suburbs, sometimes in the evenings they cover the sky with huge clouds, in which case all residents run to the houses and close the windows and doors tightly. People have adapted to scare away the clouds of mosquitoes from the villages, with their as a helicopter ascends into the air with a huge net suspended in it and there are several bloody raw beef steaks in it, having sensed a cloud of mosquitoes rushing behind the wind and when it flies far beyond its boundaries, the pilots drop the net with the bait and it flies to the ground. Among the beef steaks is a small explosive device, it explodes and the bloody pieces fly apart in different directions for a short distance. A cloud of mosquitoes pounces on the bait, after a few seconds the helicopter returns, the pilot turns on the pump and sprays the insects mixed with diesel fuel, all the cloud of several million creatures dies but completely burns.
Dogs are not being walked on the sidewalk now, they are kept only at home and the one who thinks you to lead your beloved friend out is fined a thousand bucks due to the fact that they were so increased before that it is impossible to walk along the sidewalks from the stench, all crapped and soaked so the street cleaners refused to clean and began to quit. On many sidewalks, mountains of garbage were formed, and under public pressure, the city authorities issued a decree-who was walking dogs on the sidewalk will be fined $ 1,000. But to keep the dogs in the house is a troublesome thing and, besides, there are a lot of stinks, but for the sake of the pet they dont part with it as there is little waste, also from people. I noticed by myself, and my many friends often told me that they went to the toilet once every two, three days.
The fact is that the food created by the new technology from the fatty substance of the genius of Uncle Joe fed on the basis of the nutrient substance, pigs, poultry and fish is so high dry and dehydrated that you dont eat it much and you dont want to drink at all, people use it to grow, nobody gets fat. We eat little but what we eat is enough for a whole day of vigorous work and legwork, people almost do not drink drinks, prefer fresh apples, grapes, raspberries.
A few words about the new male problem - impotent - in recent years, their number has increased dramatically, and there is no definite answer - everyone has his own individual case, the doctor has to wrestle with how to cure an illness, because the family is falling apart, everyone has to sit for half an hour before attributed to him a remedy for impotence, as a result, long queues and waited to receive for three weeks or more.
It was then that healers appeared and for a large amount promised in a short time to partially cure this ailment since no one could give an absolute affirmative answer and again the sufferers after several months of successful cohabitation fled to the hospital for help. Nevertheless, the population grew at the expense of those people, nations who have not yet benefited from the fruits of civilization, but fully enjoy high-calorie food created on the basis of the cultivation of cereals, cattle, poultry and fish farmer Uncle Joe. Now the climate did not affect the growth of corn, fruit trees, frost and heat-resistant varieties, the main concentrated substance is stirred with water in a ratio of 1: 100, and there you want to water your small field, you want to feed them cattle, the bird grows like yeast fantastic fast and gaining weight, so everything depended on when the free five-ton capacity arrived from the USA with a nutrient concentrated substance. The whole world thanked the genius Joe and wished him many hundreds of years of life, it did not take a year for him to not be awarded the Nobel and other awards for his contribution to science. Just imagine: there was no man in the world who hadnt eaten at least one beefsteak with a bag of popcorn a day!
Despite the fact that the pack of cigarettes has significantly increased in price, the number of smokers has not decreased, but the problems of tobacco magnates have increased and they suffer enormous losses, as millions of people who are stronger than hesitate to sue tobacco companies and thus have one of the most profitable Light Tobacco Co. So, after a twenty-year trial, one smoker won the case of his father who, before his death, began to sue this powerful company and died of lung cancer ten years ago in 2055 because he did not know that he was smoking poisonous mucus. The lawyers attracted cancer specialists to this case and they proved that the share of nicotine in the tobacco of the cigarette company Light Tobacco was 0.01% higher than the share indicated on the pack. As a result, the victim, or rather his son, won seventy million bucks through the court, but since the father and not the son suffered, they were given only one hundred thousand dollars in his hands and the rest of the money, 69,900,000 dollars, was transferred to the deceased fathers account. In order for the son to receive the remaining money from the bank account, he needs to sue the bank or give him a will that the father inherits all the capital to his son, otherwise the money may remain in the bank account for life. But those lawyers who conducted the case turned out not to be sewn up, promised their client to win this process, and imagine that they won it ten years later. After paying taxes, lawyers and others who defended the interests of the son of an injured smoker-father, he received about five million bucks for which you can buy the meanest one-room apartment in the suburbs.
In general, Light Tobacco, a multi-billion dollar cigarette company, went bankrupt only because several hundred other cancer smokers filed lawsuits against it in an attempt to thwart several tens of millions and company executives declared bankruptcy, and it is unlikely that they will receive money from them. Those other tobacco companies that are smaller in history are silent about them, but they exist, they produce cigarettes, people have not stopped smoking ..
To say frankly money in the hands of people and in their bank accounts in bulk, because they travel a lot, one travel agency "Hades and Persephone" for lovers of thrills opened a new route to the Center of the Earth to a depth of 57 kilometers. In the first year there were so many volunteers who signed up for the queue, paid for the upcoming journey in a capsule.
But once there was a malfunction inside and all three hundred people were at the bottom of the mine, they were sent to another, they would be pulled out, but as luck would have it, an underground microearthquake occurred and all the people in the capsule were burned alive despite the fact that they were all in flame retardants space suits capable of withstanding temperatures up to 2,000 C. The mine itself turned out to be filled with molten lava - it was repaired over time, and in order to sink to this depth in the capsule, you need to wait at least a year.
Technology at the highest level and those people who have hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars fly to Mars. One company "Sky Explorer" mounted a small hotel-rocket "Mirage" and travelers, no less than 77 people admire the Martian landscape from its window and go down to the ground to take walks. The flight takes place in two stages - first, the Red Star rocket takes travelers to the Moon and from it, on another spacecraft, the Modern Magellan, will launch to Mars, but such exciting journeys are very long, from two to three years. I must say the ship "Martian" with 70 travelers disappeared without a trace in 2060 in the valley of "Stone Balls" and still not a word of the spirit, but this did not stop people and those who want to fly a dime a dozen. Flying to the Moon is an ordinary matter, in orbit they collected the city of Cosmos City for seventy thousand inhabitants, I wanted to fly for a temporary residence but when I learned that the cell-room is worth one million bucks for a year, not counting the cost of the field (ten million bucks), I immediately realized that this pleasure was not in my pocket. On TV reports from that Cosmic city, their life is wonderful and amazing - they get gifts from Uncle Joe - several five-ton tanks of nutrient, they grow orchards with fruit. As for food, they deliver ready-made beef steaks, fish, soups, and other foods - heated in a microwave and eat.
But unfortunately, on the Moon, to which it is not far away, troubles happen: so two years ago, three Chinese Mao Song, Zhang Mun and Jiao Qin flew to the Moon on a Dragon rocket and landed erroneously not where they should be. In the area of ??the Deep canyons, while planting the Ma Niang capsule broke the metal legs, the two Chinese Mao Song and Jiao Qin did not know how to escape from the Lunar captivity for three months. No one could help them because the deep canyons around them, water, food, everything necessary for life was regularly dumped. Once Zhang Munya suffered a terrible fate, he approached the edge of the canyon near which lay a dumped container of food fell down with him and crashed. Immediately on the ground, a plan was developed for the speedy evacuation - the Russians and the Americans, together with the Chinese, lowered the second capsule to the Moon near her, she safely descended to the captives, left the Moon on her and temporarily put off flights and descents to the area. The parents of the deceased, Zhang Mun, appeal to the Chinese government to get the remains of their son from the bottom of the canyon, to bury with honor on Earth and to pay insurance of 100 million yuan or 200 million dollars. The government agreed to pay the insurance but categorically refused to send a rocket to the Moon with the team in order not to risk the lives of other cosmonauts.
I will tell you any travel associated with the risk to life - it was, is and will be in space and on Earth. On December 23, 2072, at 3 26 nights in Eastern Time, in the Bermuda Triangle there was an unprecedented and unheard of tragedy since the death of Titanika in April 1912 in the Atlantic Ocean that was talked about a couple of years before August 2074 Sesna Mustang 7 with their paintings and Faberge Easter Eggs, the world famous Hollywood stars Stones-the father, son and his daughter-in-law insured themselves with masterpieces worth two billion dollars, did not crash in Montana on their plane. So, three passenger liners with passenger oils sailed from Miami, Florida to the city of St. George, Bermuda, where they planned to celebrate Christmas on December 25 in the new chic Klaretina hotel complex and where 90 sailing yachts began to sail around the world. Prize winner get 10 million dollars, for second place 7, for the third 4 and the rest of a million bucks. Next, tourists sailed to Bermuda, to Nassau, to celebrate the New Year and January 4, 2073 ocean liners returned to Miami.
Three ocean giant passenger tourist liners: "Perseus" on board twelve thousand passengers and three thousand crew members with entertainers sailed, "Adelia" with five thousand tourists and one and a half thousand crew and "Margo" with nine thousand passengers with three thousand crew approached Bermuda, in seven hours they should get St. George.
At 2 38 nights, after a hectic fun, the passengers of the liners carefree slept, the captains and the navigators received a storm warning from the meteorological center from Miami: from the north towards the Bermuda islands a thunderstorm was approaching with a hurricane wind of up to 130 feet per second and offered the liners to stay off one from one no less than a mile. After half an hour, the weather changed dramatically, black clouds came and heavy rain began. For modern liners, even a nine-storm storm is not a threat and they calmly continued sailing, but at 3:15 the captain of the Perseus Mr. John Smithson and navigator Harry Evans felt their giant ship refused to obey the command and instead of going to the south-east began to change course. Attempts to correct the course did not lead to anything, more than that, "Perseus" seemed to fall into a giant funnel and slowly but surely began to rotate, some giant force pulled the liner to the bottom.
If the rudders obediently obeyed captain John Smithson, as it always happened, he would have brought the liner from the impact of a gigantic wave approaching the "Perseus" caused by submarine landing - a wave at least 70 feet high struck the 1 700 feet vessel and everyone who swam hired received such a blow that they could hardly understand what had happened. But this is not all-"Perseus" itself split into two halves and the water rushed inside, however, the designers had foreseen a lot and because it was broken in length into sections, it did not sink. The two halves assumed a stable position and were out of control, as if in no way continued to float on the surface. But as the storm continued the waves rolled on them and drove away farther and farther from each other. Those passengers and crew members who received minor bruises tried to escape and began to leave their cabins and climb onto the decks, but heavy rain and gale forced them to shelter.
The misfortune happened instantly but nevertheless, captain John Smithson pressed the locator button and the SOS signal was sent to the satellite with exact coordinates. But even without a SOS signal from the "Adelia" and "Margo" liners sailing in a mile, captains and navigators saw the tragedy of the "Perseus" and immediately sailed to help rescue the passengers. If it were not for the storm and rain like a bucket and even under the moonlight, many passengers on the "Perseus" with the help of the team would themselves take rescue actions but even despite those terrible weather conditions, the captain of "Adeleya" Harry Votter sent the airliner to the stern of the "Perseus" a Captain Bill Thixon's "Margo" swam to the bow. Caught near these halves of the split liner, the captains tried to launch the boats, but waves of 30 feet high fell on the ships pushing them to the floating debris. Such a rapprochement threatened to endanger "Adelia"s passengers, and captain Harry Vatson decided to sail to the side, and here he faced an unforeseen difficulty of steering - the steering wheel did not obey him, the ship itself seemed to be caught in a whirlpool. And not only his ship, but also "Margo" and those two halves of the "Perseus".
It is impossible to imagine but the giant ships not only slowly rotated but also came closer to each other, some kind of invisible force from the ocean floor pulled them into a giant funnel. At that time an alarm was announced on the liners, SOS signals were flying to satellites, in Miami, Bermuda, Cuba and the Bahamas, they knew about the misfortune that occurred 150 miles from the city of St. George. Helicopters and airplanes flew into the air, all flying to the site of the tragedy played out in the Bermuda Triangle. Meanwhile, thousands of passengers on these liners and crews with despair watched from the decks and the captain bridges as the ships were spinning in a circle and no one tried to pull the boats or rush into the water so that you were dragged into the pool like a straw. Now the weather began to change for the better, a storm passed, dozens of helicopters flew in, and nevertheless the giant ships approached each other and strove towards the center of a giant funnel. They decided to rescue people with the help of helicopters - they lowered baskets from them, planted women with children, raised them, brought them to the salon and lowered baskets again.
And imagine all this was happening before our eyes as the TV-men arrived and showed how salvation is going. Suddenly, a giant tanker with a half million tons of oil appeared on the horizon. With its help, it was decided to take the liners out of the crater with a cable. But after a while the tanker walked away from this place and disappeared, and as the announcer said, for the reason that if it gets into this crater and even breaks and sinks, a half million tons of oil will cause such damage to the ocean that humanity will have to clear this mess for many years. Such a powerful oil spill occurred in history at the beginning of the century in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico when the oil platform exploded and burned. About a hundred days from the pipe at a depth of 5,600 feet oil flowed, from 500 to 800 thousand tons covered the surface, part of it under water moved in blocks depending on the parts of it under water moved depending on the undercurrents and floated in some parts of the worlds ocean after some time.
What is most surprising in this story is the ocean liners and even the two halves of the "Perseus" slowly circled and did not sink for 17 hours, and therefore hundreds of helicopters, speed boats, small vessels and rescue teams sent to this place. Evacuating passengers from "Adelie" and "Margo" was not difficult, but from the two floating halves of the "Perseus" it was not easy - thousands of passengers were injured by the impact of a gigantic wave, 17 rescue teams lowered them and they helped them upstairs same planted in baskets and raised up. The captains of the ships tried to launch the boats and put people into them, but when they realized the meaninglessness of such actions they refused. The fact is that the seamen were powerless to swim out of this giant crater, the boats with people were striving towards the center and circled helplessly with the liners. The only rescue of people w as carried out with the help of helicopters and all this is visible to the billions of people through the world having place in the Atlantic Ocean. At 9:15 pm, the ocean liners "Adelia", "Margo" and the two halves of "Perseus" found themselves in the center of a giant funnel and, facing each other, began to spin with some acceleration and go under water at the coordinates of 68'35 "54 W and 30 '19 "45 N. Fortunately, by this time the passengers and crew members had left the airliners and nevertheless, out of 33,5 thousand, they could not save 2,897 passengers mostly from the liner "Perseus."
Scientists became interested in the appearance of a giant crater in this region of the Atlantic Ocean and made observations. For several weeks in a row, they dropped inflatable boats from helicopters up to half a mile from the center of a giant funnel with coordinates 68'35 "54 W and 30'19" 45 N and they circled after a few hours turned out to be all together, swirled swiftly but did not drown. After five weeks, seven inflatable boats dropped from helicopters floated quietly on the surface, they were not drawn to the center of the crater, and as the weak wind was blowing in the opposite direction they were carried away from the center of the crater. 150 rubber boats discharged earlier spread in different directions, and scientists understood the strange phenomenon at this point of the Bermuda Triangle stopped. And then they decided to explore the ocean floor with the help of the Russian bathyscaphe "Mir" 49. A week later a scientific research vessel with the "Mir" bathyscaphe 49 sailed to this place, which independently sank to a depth of 17,500 feet and floats with three crew members, but unfortunately bold underwater researchers did not detect sunken giant liners at coordinates 68'35 "54 W and 30'19" 45 N.
A year later, the British Blue Lily airliner crashed in the same area with thousand of tourists aboard, a day later the "Gonchar" ship with marine explorers arrived in the area and decided to explore the bottom: the "Sea Tramp" battleship with a cable to the hull and they began to lower it to the ocean floor with two investigators. After a couple of hours, Captain Ian Claire announced that they had hit the silt, the visibility was zero, the head of the rescue service, engineer Harry Smith, decided to lift them up, turned on the winch to lift, but it was not there that some force pulled the cable down again, the ship began to roll and could roll over. Without hesitation, Ian Claire decided to cut the cable and thus save a hundred people on the ship, that bathyscaphe "Sea Tramp" disappeared into the depths. Then the top management decided to send several nuclear submarines to the place of the tragedy of the airliner, they sank to the bottom and did not even find a single metal wreck - no aircraft, no cable, no bathyscaphe, and besides, one Lun submarine with a crew in one hundred and seven people disappeared without a trace. That is why the decision was taken: from the point of coordinates 68'35 "54 W and 30'19" 45 N with a radius of 10 miles, to consider the area dangerous for navigation of all ships including submarines and flights of airplanes and helicopters over it.
I have to say that all of humanity is watching everything with the help of its multigrid TV, especially struck all the deaths of travelers who descended in the Mariana Trench to a depth of more than 6 miles, watched the life of living inhabitants and colored algae with unusual colors in the form of balls constantly changing shape and color. (I will tell you as a personal witness, that valley is not a dead dark kingdom at all but a bright place with white sand). Suddenly, in the eyes of billions of spectators, a huge fish head with an open mouth appeared in the window of the porthole, one traveler decided to scare her away and showed her a fist with a figure, the fish jabbed her face into the porthole, but he did not allow her to bite off her fist, she sailed away, disappeared but soon reappeared.
We saw a huge stone in its mouth and at high speed with its dull head with a sharp cobblestone poked into the porthole, he could not withstand the impact, he was squeezed inside, a stream of water gushed out into the boat and torn it apart from the giant pressure and people-travelers, there are at least two hundred of them on each boat, squeezed but then darkness fell, light was cut out. It should be said that the travel agency immediately warns travelers that there is no insurance, everyone acts at their own risk, and signs the paper.
To make such a trip, my wife and I waited about three years, went down in different boats, according to the situation in the event of an accident, someone will remain alive and will raise their children. Yes! The "Sea Bass" boat turned out to be gigantic, it slowly descended, we saw all the zones of the underwater world and while diving outside the windows there was an impenetrable darkness and only thanks to the searchlights they saw the world around. But when the light fell on the bottom, a whole white sand an hour circled in the hollow, admired the colorful living and plant world. To our happiness, only small fishes swam and everyone was strictly forbidden to show a fist with a cookie in the porthole.
After the end of the amazing journey, the captain-guide of athletic build, dark-eyed brunet in a white jacket, Mr. Harry Doe handed a cassette with a film of our dive to each of the travelers and shook hands, we thanked him and returned to our homes. Since there were no such traveler heroes like me and my Masha descended to a depth of more than 37,000 feet in our village, we spoke to the residents and showed a film about swimming and descent, everyone was delighted and thanked us. We immediately multiplied the disc on the screen was our film and all recorded it on their mobile phones.
Since my wife and I loved to travel and did not sit still, for two years we waited for a dive in the bathyscaphe to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where, from April 1912, lay behind the legendary "Titanic" after a collision with an iceberg. From New York we sailed on a small ocean liner "Argonaut" to the place where the remains of the four-pipe passenger ship "Titanic" rested under about 13 000 feet of water. Before we reached his place of death from the side of our airliner, we saw two huge swimming bathyscaphes, a handsome blond blue-eyed sports captain with rye hair in a dark tunic approached us, looked at us and said with a smile: "Ladies and gentlemen, an hour later you there will be a historic opportunity to descend into the abyss and see the stern covered with a thick layer of shells, all that remains at the bottom. The fact is that the bow section of the "Titanic" owned by the White Star route company is raised the shipbuilding company "Harland and Wolf" from Belfast decided to restore it in the original and create a floating museum. So you still have the opportunity to see the remains of the legendary ship. Now two bathyscaphes will swim up to us and you will be in groups of fifty a person will sit inside, each seat is located next to the porthole and by the light of powerful searchlights you will clearly see the stern, the main thing is not to worry, you will have a team and a guide, happy descent to you. Your captain is Mr. Joe Houdini and the crew."
My heart fluttered, 13. 000 feet deep, but since my wife and I had already been at the bottom of the "Mariana Cavity", we calmed down to 37 000 feet deep and came back to normal, as you go through a medical examination before going down. With modern medical technology, it is simple - a device like a square-shaped watch is worn on the wrist, and blood pressure, pulse, excitement, and lung function are immediately determined.
In the meantime, our "Argonaut" stopped the course and soon two huge bathyscaphes swam up, they were attached to the liner, the hatches opened and two medium-sized captains, blond and brown-haired, crossed our board, they smiled broadly, waved our hands, we exchanged greetings , broke into a couple of groups and underwent a medical examination in their presence. Since everyone was strong and healthy, no one was excluded from the list, and our group went to the bathyscaphe on the starboard side to the open hatch, we went down it. We found ourselves in a lighted narrow room with two rows of soft comfortable chairs near the windows. I sat in a chair on the right side, my wife Masha in front of me and when fifty thrill-seekers took their places the captain of our bathyscaphe "MIR77" Mr. Harry Korpi came in, he asked us to fasten the safety harness and personally inspect the mount said: "Lady and gentlemen, I ask you not to take off your seat belts or move during descent, swimming and climbing, stability will be disturbed and our dive may not end as we would like. Our guide Mr. Andy Robin will give explanations, everything will be very interesting, entertaining, Thanks for attention."
We clapped our hands, the captain went to his cabin and soon we heard the voice of our guide, he greeted us, immediately the room plunged into twilight, the bathyscaphe moved and began to sink to the bottom. The guide did not close his mouth, he gave explanations, and we looked out the window and, in the light of searchlights, admired the underwater world - fish, fish of various sizes and colors, and after half an hour of descent we were close to the huge sizes of the hull covered with thick outgrowths of shells. Our "MIR77" bathyscaphe continued not only to sail around the gigantic hull but also to descend, a white bottom appeared and scattered fragments of the dead "Titanic" covered with gray shells lay on it. In this place there were no living creatures and algae - a cold, dark, silent, dead sea, some fear for a while gripped me and if it were not for the voice of the guide explaining that before our eyes would have left the place, but sat.
Soon our bathyscaphe began to rise, and when we were on the surface everyone sighed with relief, the captain congratulated us on a safe descent and returning to our real world from the world of silence, we in turn thanked captain Garry Korpi, the crew and guide Andy Robin, we were handed souvenirs-miniature bathyscaphe "MIR77" made of silver, a metal piece from the hull of the legendary ship and a disc-film with a full record of the dive to the bottom where you found a temporary rest "Titanic", since its nose is already raised to the surface/ Thousands of workers and cleans it from the shells in order to rebuild again in a few years and to sail on the route Belfast, London, New York.
Joyful and happy, we returned by the "Argonaut" in New York, after a ball arranged for thrill-seekers in a huge hall of a chic restaurant on the upper deck under the clink of crystal champagne glasses, we thanked captain Joe Houdini, the crew for such an exciting journey. Returning to our suburbs, we gathered at the local club of travelers "On the World", and in the presence of hundreds of people gathered, not only told but also showed a video to them on local cable television for our residents.
Since I try to describe events occurring on our Earth more or less plausibly including about my personal life, I will not hide it, after we began to eat meat and dairy, bakery products and beef steaks based on Uncle Joe's technology with the addition of nutritious on the one hand, people stopped being ill and somehow became healthier, but in fact, I personally and my charming wife noticed that I was physically weak, my desire to sleep in bed and to amuse Mary began to disappear, and it came to that, after consulting with her, he went to the hospital. After six months of going to the doctors and spending two hundred thousand dollars on visits, medications and infusions, my wife and I realized that the first task of the healers was not to cure impotence but to lure the money. Since we loved each other from the school board and my Masha enjoyed the full program even before graduating from school, she had no idea in her thoughts to leave me and run to the next. In addition, there was no running away to anyone, as I wrote earlier, almost half of all men suffered from this disease in the country. As soon as we went to bed, the tragedy began - Masha spread her legs I with my helplessness I spread my hands, all her efforts to bring me to a state of full combat sexuality ended in failure, she roared not only because nothing was working but also because we could be left without children But since tears of sorrow will not help, then in the morning, with a sore head, we fell asleep without giving it a weedy taste. Since they thought a lot and there was little sense, I wanted to enjoy the joy of love and sleep, and she still had insomnia and had to use pills, soon we came to the conclusion that things could end badly and something should be done and I will tell you a chance to help us find a way out of this position.
In New York, I met my colleague in the university, Eddie Berg and the handsome man, young beauties and ladies were crazy about him. Since we were in good relations with him, he invited me to the restaurant "Majestic" and for you, I shared my problem with him. After listening to me, he smiled and quietly said: "My dear Victor, you have no idea, on this basis a year ago I almost lost my life and if it were not for my beloved and dear wife Gerd, would have rushed from the Brooklyn bridge to East River, but she learned from someone that in Brazil there is a place where the tribe of natives lives, led by the leader Mars, and he everyone who comes to him cures to him from impotence, pleasure is expensive but guaranteed and showed me a recommendation to that mediator. In short, we went to that place and that leader Mars not only healed but when we returned after 9 month burly Bobby was born. My wife feels the happiest in the world, we get pleasure at any time, we have a healthy lifestyle, a smile does not fall off her face. So if you want to recover, prepare three hundred thousand dollars for a trip to that place and together with wife you will visit Brazil at the equator. "
Hearing such awesome news, I immediately said: "Dear Eddie, I agree, give me a recommendation and I go to the end of the world, do not rush from the Brooklyn bridge, you know, we want to live and love."
"Fine, Victor, I will give, but I first need to talk to that intermediary, the fact is that everything is illegal, the authorities ask about it but close their eyes, that leader Mars declares to everyone that if someone infringes on his life or thinks to drive him off the ground where the tribe lives for thousands of years then the anger from heaven will fall upon Brazil. Since it does not kill anyone and does not steal it, they give up on it but the benefits of it are enormous, here not only mere mortals but also the authorities themselves float and fly to him like flies on honey. Immediately tell him to the settlement of women not allow, so your Masha will wait for you in a hotel in the tourist town of Novo Airao, " said Eddie and smiled.
We parted with him, having come home, I told everything to Maria, and she heard such a wonderful story that burned with a desire to rush to the natives in Brazil. Eddie called me through the bar and asked me to come to him, I went immediately and he with great joy handed me a letter of recommendation. In order not to bother me with tickets and payback on the spot, I transferred three hundred thousand dollars to Eddies account, he did all financial operations and, on January 7, 2060, I and Masha thanked Eddie and his charming Gerda to travel around Brazil, or rather to the Kasimo settlement to the leader, healer Mars Red Hot Star. According to the program, our group of thirty tourists, fifteen impotent men and their wives, flew a liner to Manaus from it to Novo Ariao on a luxurious tourist yacht "Brazilian Star" in the Amazon and Rio Negro. Having arrived in the tourist town, we were settled in the luxurious hotel "Senora Milla", in the evening of the same day Senor Pedro invited us and immediately, in the presence of our wives, told us the program of staying in Novo Airao and a trip to Aribao, to the impotence treatment center without ladies three days. I will say our wives took this statement without any enthusiasm, but Senor Pedro, knowing their reaction, immediately put an end: "Dear ladies, dear gentlemen, I do not force anyone to part, those who want to be cured and go without wives a step forward, those who want to stay with wives, please do not move, one, two, three. "
I will say all the gentlemen have taken a step forward, who wanted to lose money and return home incurable, Seсor Pedro looked at us, smiled and said: "That's fine, gentlemen, and you lovely sweet lady I assure you will not be bored, everyone day trips and trips to the jungle, swimming in Rio Negro, riding boats, boating and much more, you will not even notice how to fly five days and when your husbands return you will be satisfied with them and they will tell you about the methods of treatment with water procedures in the sacred lake Blue sipping intact Natural infusions of algae, herbs and flowers. Yes, we leave on January 12, at 7 am to be in place by 3 days. "
We thanked Senora Pedro and when my Maria returned to my room, she sat me down
on the sofa and kissing quietly said: "My dear Victor, I ask you only about one thing;
Go do all you need for treatment if you ask to drink herbal infusions
drink, eat fruit-eat, it seems to me that healing herbs are better than ginseng root. "
"My Masha, I will drink and eat, only you dont stay too late in the restaurant, try not to wander through the darkness, I look here as in any city there are enough rapists, besides, be careful, this is not like that there, among the natives, where peace and quiet, especially some ancient tribe, no music, no songs, but I think there will be dances on the sand near the fire, "I said and kissed my wife in her lips, delicate like rose petals.
"My dear I will consider, I refuse to wander in the evenings, I will wait, and now let's shower, soon a party is scheduled as scheduled," said Masha and throwing off her clothes went to wash. I looked at her gorgeous body and imagine that there was no desire to pounce on her like in the old days and to eat.
After spending five days in Novo Airao admiring the views of blue dolphins, riding on boats, traveling through the jungle and drinking wine in a restaurant in the evening and dancing with beauties we, fifteen men, at 7 in the morning from this tourist town on a speed boat "Caesar" sailed along the Rio Negro, then turning into the tributary of the Rio Branco sailed up to the Svetlaya tributary, there remained a few miles to the equator.,

Once having been found on the territory of the leader of Mars, after a one-day stay at the Aribao tourist camp, we went to the Kasimo settlement in three boats, where, according to our leader and guide, George Young, a tall, blue-eyed handsome sportsman with dark wavy hair in blue shorts and a white short-sleeved shirt leader-healer, near which was the sacred lake Blue.
I remember that meeting with the leader Mars and the natives of the Imangu tribe - on a bronze-tanned body - they all wore white thigh-high cloaks, held bows with arrows in their hands, or long wooden peaks with steel tips. A pleasant-looking chief in a blue shirt with short sleeves, yellow shorts and a platinum crown sprinkled with blue diamonds on his head was seated on a large soft red leather chair. Platinum gave some kind of unearthly moonlight, precious stones poured, played and sparkled in the rays of the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. In order that the hot sun did not burn him, two tall natives held a large white umbrella over the head of the leader, and three more fanned their blue fans. I noticed his left hand and noticed a diamond watch on it, they glittered, shimmered and played with all the colors of the rainbow. By himself, he was a real dark-eyed native with bronze skin, black long hair below the shoulders on an oblong head, long-nosed, and with lips that were thick like dumplings.
Seeing us, he smiled, got up, we greeted each other with a show of hands, our guide talked to him for a couple of minutes and told us: "Ladies and gentlemen, our dear leader is happy to meet with tourists, after a short rest, personally lead us to the lake in the second is the sacred sleeping fish of extraordinary beauty and the one of you will catch Harimaku with your bare hands, lift out of the water and sail with her to me, I will give a ring with a blue diamond and good luck will accompany him to the end of life. Each of you can try your luck but need in this lake to find that sleeping sacred fish. Besides, it does not always sleep and in order not to be confused with other fish I give a description: golden brown with dark stripes, a red head with large black eyes rapidly floating near the bottom between the algae. "
As soon as our guide George Young translated the words of the leader of Mars to us, he removed the ring with a blue diamond of extraordinary purity from his pointing finger and showed it to everyone. Seeing such a beauty as a blue diamond glittered in the bright sun, I and all I wanted was to become its owner, the leader put it on his finger. Mars said something to George in his own language and our guide translated: "Gentlemen, for me, a little rest."
Mars remained, George and we went down the path to the jungle, soon we found ourselves on a flat area with tables under spreading crowns, literally three hundred feet could be seen a goal-lake. I will say in this tropical paradise all birds, parrots, big butterflies and even flies with bugs looked unusually bright, beautiful and it pleasantly influenced the mood. Nature generously rewarded this land with lush green lush vegetation, birds flying above us, parrots big bright yellow, green-blue, blue, white, black butterflies. Without a habit, I was even drunk from the aroma of bright colors emanating from a variety of wild flowers. After an hour of rest, the leader in dark shorts with two natives approached us and said something in native language, Mr. George Young immediately translated to us: "Gentlemen, our dear leader Mars, ask you to take a dip before eating, go to lake Blue, you can even try your luck to catch the sleeping holy fish Harimaku."
The leader looked at us, smiled, said something to the natives and along the path through the jungle led to the lake. When he and the warriors came not paying attention to us, they undressed and rushed into the quiet, light, unusually clean, clear water, we soon joined them and bathed in warm water like fresh milk. At first I swam along the shore, but youth, courage and fearlessness took their toll and, as a good swimmer, swam to the middle from time to time looking into the water. I will say that the lake was not so deep, no more than twenty feet, it seemed to me that these sleeping fish could live where there was a small depth and algae grew. I swam and in light water I saw green algae with pink flowers and unusually beautiful bright colors of fish and small fishes. It seemed to me that I got into a giant aquarium with goldfish and that the most interesting thing was that the fish were not afraid of me and swam very close, but it was enough to reach out hand and they got away. Since I was faced with the task of catching a sleeping, sacred fish, I began to look for it at the bottom, for which I had to dive and saw not only bright colors of tropical fish but also huge red crabs crawling between the stones, each not less than four feet in girth.
The time flew by unnoticed, having heard the cry of the native, turned his head and noticed the leader Mars headed for the coast, the swimmers followed him. I, having abandoned the search for the sacred sleeping fish Harimaki, swam to the shore, we got dressed and went along the path to the jungle, to the place where the tables stood. Going to the tables, I saw on them deep blue plates with soup and white meat, red cups with green leaves like a salad and glasses with a yellow drink. Leader Mars smiled and spoke in his native language. George looked at us and said: "Dear gentlemen, our dear leader asks you to the table, everyone should eat crab soup, salad and drink tangerine juice, then a short rest and go back to the river in the evening dinner and sleep in a hut until eight in the morning."
We sat down at the table and after I ate soup with crabs, salad and drank the juice, in my opinion mixed with some strong drink, immediately felt an extraordinary physical strength in the body, I wanted to get up and run, climb a tree but no illusions as it happens with drug addicts after taking LSD or coke. But not only I, everyone revived, wide smiles began to shine on our faces, we sincerely thanked the leader for the delicious nourishing food, Mars looked at us, smiled, then spoke in his own language and George translated to us: "Gentlemen, it's very hot now, sit down some in the shade under the crowns of trees and then go swimming, the maids bring you drinks and drink at your pleasure, I leave you for a while. "
The leader got up and went away with his warriors, we soon saw young charming, seductive natives of medium height walking toward us with magnificent figures in short transparent dresses. It seemed to me that they were the daughters of one mother - all with large open green eyes and dark wavy hair below the shoulders. Smiling, they greeted us in pure English: "Good afternoon, gentlemen," they put large glasses in front of each of us, poured a red drink from a white teapot and said: "Enjoy pomegranate juice" stood aside.
We greeted them, thanked them for the pomegranate drink, and in order not to hold them, we began to drink it. The taste was pleasant, sweet and sour and would say not only invigorating but also exciting. If before I had not shown any interest in a cobbled female body, I now began to think differently, it would be nice to sit and chat with such beauties, but since they were servants of Mars and we his patients, we decided not to enter into conversation with them . The girls poured us a drink in their glasses, smiled, and waving their hands withdrew, leaving an indelible impression of themselves with their appearance and gorgeous body shapes.
Soon the leader Mars came with two natives, smiled and with a wave of his hand, invited us to swim in the lake again. We got up and happily went to the lake, the evening was near, the heat was asleep and it was pleasant to spend time in the water. We swam for a long time and say the appearance of the native women knocked the sacred sleeping fish out of my mind, then I thought about beauties, then in my head a thought arose about the sweet wife before my eyes, especially when I closed them, she appeared to be some young, seductive and I so wanted to possess her. After buying for two hours, we, at the sign of the leader of Mars, together with him went ashore, threw on our shirts and went to the tables, on which were placed plates of soup with crabs
meat, salad, a glass with a red drink and a blue fruit never before seen by me.
The aroma beckoned us, bathing in the water took away the order of forces and we sat down at the table with appetite and cleaned up everything that was on the table and it seemed to me to eat even so much tender, nourishing crab meat but the whole norm. Chief Mars stood up, said something to guide George in his own language, and he immediately translated to us: "Gentlemen, chief Mars gives us a hut for each of you, so today you are sleeping in the fresh air, here the warriors will protect you from uninvited animals, he will show you them and wish good night. "
We got up, thanked the leader of Mars and followed him, soon came up to the huts, each on stilts so that the snake will hardly crawl into it, especially according to Mars, the warrior will guard our rest all night. The leader himself bred us around the huts, I personally thanked Mars, climbed to the meter-height site and went inside, lay on the floor with a mattress with a pillow and a white blanket. I do not know what happened to me, but I was drawn to sleep and soon fell asleep. All night long, I had romantic dreams that I had not seen for at least a year, such charming seductive beauties that I lashed at like a lion, and I say I enjoyed it.
In the morning we woke up the bell, when I heard it, I went down on the grass, as everyone came up to the tables, our George looked at us and exchanged greetings and said: "Dear gentlemen, we bathe before breakfast, Mars is already at the lake and is waiting for you, then we have breakfast, rest, swimming, having lunch, again the lake, dinner and sleep, I will say you look great, swimming and food are good for you. "
We thanked George guide and went to the lake, Mars bathed and saw us, smiled, exchanged greetings and rushed into the water. As George said, our day was spent mainly on the lake and at the table, the same thing happened the next day, but in the evening the leader gave us a surprise that he never dared to tell his beloved Maria. After bathing before dinner, the smiling leader in his own language gave instructions to our guide for a couple of minutes and when he finished George looked at us and addressed us: "Gentlemen, our dear leader Mars is interested in whether you are physically strong and does anyone have any problems? If you feel fit then there will be a surprise for you today. "
At that time, none of us had any idea what kind of surprise it was, but because the fusion of wonderful food and mysterious drinks for two days in a row turned us into the most real full-fledged men, then frankly admitted to him: "Yes, in the form of the leader Mars, thank you." We were in his sight, and I think he did not doubt it.
According to our happy smiling faces, he understood with our health everything is in order and went to the site for the trees where the dining room was. On the way to it, I noticed changes - instead of large tables, there were small ones for two, on a pink plate there was a mountain of tropical fruits, in a decanter of a golden color a drink. George asked us to sit down one at a time and when the leader was seated, he said something to him and the guide translated his words to us: "Dear gentlemen, now there will be a surprise for you, you will be served by lovely charming maid-servants of the Imangu tribe, if you have a desire to spend with girl free time is allowed to them by you and you can even invite to your hut, she speaks with paradise and in a hut. "
As soon as our guide finished talking to us, young girls with blue plates with food began to approach us; boiled crabs sprinkled on top with green leaves. The beauties in short light armless blouses and flesh-colored skirts, all in sight, walked around the tables in goose and sat down at the one at which the man she liked sat, made acquaintance and began a meal with conversation. Strange but the natives spoke excellent English. My charming brunette Venus basically told about the serene paradise life among this tropical beauty, we smiled.
I can not hide, sitting near such a charming, beautiful beauty was a great test for me, she understood what it was smiling and I said I treated me with a fragrant drink reminiscent of grapefruit from the use of which forces filled my body and I wanted so much to enjoy this moderately full Venus little resembling a native woman - she was a real mulatto - of medium height, full-breasted, with a seductive figure, with large green open eyes, a thin nose, plump lips and long black hair.
During a pleasant conversation, darkness came quietly, but it was not there that, unexpectedly for us, colored light bulbs lit up the trees, native servants came to us, removed everything from the table and soon brought a colorless drink and delicacy in a plate - tender raw crab meat with green herbs cooked according to a special recipe and when I ate yummy and drank a glass of drink noticed my strength multiplied many times. At this time, the most genuine European dance music suddenly began to play, my young beauty Venus looked at me and said quietly: "Dear Victor, will you dance?"
Without thinking, I smiled and said: "Of course, my charming Venus."
We went to dance but the dance did not end yet she hugged me and whispered: "Viktor, if you wish to spend the night with me, then I can go to your hut and we will have a great time and tell you more if we like each other, we will have another chance to stay alone, according to the program that our leader Mars makes up tomorrow there will be a second circle - the girls sit at the tables and the gentlemen spread the food - the most real lake crabs are cooked in Indian sprinkled with green leaves. Well, do you agree? "
I think I was either drunk with dope or I was under the spell of this beauty and quietly said: "My charming Venus, I agree, let's go."
Venus took my hand and led me to her hut, a medium height warrior with a spear let us go. We went up to the site, entered the hut, on the floor lay a bed covered with a white blanket and with two blue pillows. The native has thrown off the transparent dress and lay down on the bedspread, I had no choice but to undress and take up the joy of love because I could not restrain myself at the sight of her naked figure. I was happy, I regained man's strength and let the treatment be expensive, but the game was worth the candle, my Maria will not be shedding tears from my impotence.
After giving joy and bliss to me and to myself, my beauty continued the story about her life in this tropical paradise: "My dear Victor, here is an eternal hot summer, we are the last children of the ancient Imangu tribe. I did not count the days and years since my birth , we have a leader and father Mars Red Hot Star, we are his maidservants and children, our love for him is limitless and we do our duty according to the statute, the time will come and we will give birth to his maidservants and warriors. This part of the jungle is our territory, we feed only the fruits of nature, fish and crabs when preparing food in clay bowlers from them. I was growing up, but my appearance and youthful face were preserved, young, fresh, our aging slowed down, white crabs affect the most magical action, I can not say how old I am, very much, you wont believe. girls in our oldest tribe who have been living for many years by male servants, they protect us from enemies, other tribes live in this jungle, but men and women are not as attractive as we are being hunted. But so that they would not hurt us and not hunt our beloved Mars, we agreed with another leader of the white tribe, Tamil, by the way, his faithful servant sailed with you here as a guest. So, from that time on, men with gifts started sailing to us and now our warriors, armed with long tubes from which fire flies, have repelled the hunt of all other tribes to invade our territory. But for this, all the Venus of our ancient tribe have already been paying a lot of time for helping the leader of the white-faced people; it is our responsibility to create happiness for men deprived of such happiness. They arrive in four days and lately there are so many of them that our Venus did not catch and lovely Casia began to sail to our aid, we with them create happiness for guests deprived of them. I will tell you frankly, my dear Victor, the crabs and our drinks have affected you miraculously. I am glad that you created bliss for me on the first night, others didnt get right away, but I dont tell anyone about it and would like to spend the second with you last night. If you are lucky Victor you will go to another doll and create the same happiness for her as me and she will share with her friends then the next time you come here everyone will wish you and I cant be your geisha. So bear in mind, I think you will choose me in the second round so that you can make you happy and at the same time yourself. Agreed, I'm such a delicate rosette. "
I kissed her and whispered: "My Venus, I dont know, but I promise, in the second round I will take you, but it may happen that other lucky ones will make the same choice earlier than me."
"My right to refuse anyone but the latter is not, so we have a charter, while enjoying me," said Venus and kissed me.
Frankly, I plucked up such a force that I was drawn to her all night, we only fell asleep in the morning and woke to the sound of bells. Lying next to me, Venus also woke up, kissed me and whispered: "Dear Victor, get up, the second lap will begin in the evening, I think we are late, but according to the rules, until I let go of my partner, the first lap will continue. Get dressed, I leave the first joyful and happy, and you are the same, if you have sadness on your face, that means I didnt make you happy, and you are me. "
"In that case, honestly, were you happy with me or not?" I asked her.
She looked at me and said: "My Victor, with you I was happy as never before and with no one, even with my leader and with the warriors. Yes, we are going to swim to the lake like everyone else now, our leader Mars must decide whether for the benefit of treatment, he values ??his name, if a tourist does not get what others paid for, others may not come to us and our life may change for the worse, go. "
The first came out smiling Venus, then I am joyful and happy, everyone already gathered in the dining room and waited for the leader. We joined them and soon Mars came over, seeing us he smiled, exchanged greetings and headed for the lake. After buying it, we went to the tables for an hour to enjoy the tender raw meat of white crabs with green leaves and pomegranate drink. After breakfast, the girls left us and we did not see them until the evening. The very same time in vain did not lose, and on this day we not only swam but also tried to catch the sacred sleeping fish. Frankly speaking, we all saw its golden color with dark stripes like that of a tiger, a red head with black big eyes but not sleeping, but rapidly swimming almost at the very bottom. Of course, for us it didnt matter which one to catch her asleep or not, but to grab the one that sleeps is more likely to be rushed like crazy. At some point I was even a little lucky, the fish was lying on the bottom between the algae, but when I dived it touched them, they loosened and the flowers hitting each other probably created the excitement heard by the fish, it instantly awoke and swam off to the side. I realized that the next time I see a fish, I will not dive, but I will sail to the side and begin to swim towards it at the very bottom, trying not to loosen the algae.
On this day, I saw a lot of sleeping fish, but I didnt manage to do anything with pleasure, Ill try tomorrow, we will sail only after lunch to sail in the evening to Novo Airao where our wives are waiting. I would say I liked it so much in this place, especially having fun with cute Venus who looked so young and didnt know how old she was by age. After the evening-bathing Mars talked with George for a couple of minutes, after which he translated to us: "Honorable gentlemen! In the evening, you will choose your favorite girl-pre-offer her the food prepared by the maids, you will go with dear Mars to the kitchen, you will be given plates with meat of crab and put on the table at which you will sit with a beautiful woman, follow the leader. "
We followed Mars to the kitchen, he went to the curtain of lianas, the maid invisible said something to us, George immediately translated: "Gentlemen, stand up one by one, you will get a plate with refreshments and go to the table where you sit beautiful natives, give her, sit down and till the morning she is yours. "
How nice that I found myself not far from the chief, the seventh woman's hand opened the window, served a blue plate with deliciously cooked crab meat sprinkled with greens and I headed to the table where my beautiful Venus sat. I looked at all the tables, the girls sat with the gentlemen, saw Venus behind one of them, she smiled slightly, answered her the same way and went to her, put the plate on the table, the native woman looked at me and whispered: "Dear Victor, I am glad that I made you happy, please sit down, have a pleasant interview, in the night you will enjoy my magnificent body. "
I sat down, smiled and quietly said: "Dear Venus, thanks for the invitation, I am glad that made you happy, pleasant interview."
Slowly, we enjoyed delicious white crab meat, drank a golden drink, but tasted like no tangerine or orange, reminiscent of apple and strawberry. Like last night, the multi-colored light bulbs caught fire, we all danced modern dances, but my Venus tried to leave with me without waiting for the end of the evening, she so wanted to make me and myself happy. That night I finally became convinced that my strength was restored, we fell asleep in the morning, when they woke up she kissed me and said before parting, "Dear Victor, your strength has been restored, you will have no problems, but when you return to strengthen your strength you will be the first time dilute dried crab meat with water and drink by the glass, but our beloved leader Mars tells you about it, we are unlikely to meet anymore, thanks for the chat, it was so interesting and fun with you. "
I hugged her, kissed her and said: "And Venus thanks to you, but before parting, I would like to ask this: your leader Mars offers us a reward - the one who catches the sleeping holy fish Harimaku he gives a golden ring with a blue diamond. So that means? "
Venus looked at me and smiled and said: "My dear Victor, the fact is that this fish cannot be caught with by hands, her body is so slippery and flexible that even if you grab it, it will catch itself and slip. But still I ask you not to catch it, Why do you need this diamond! You must wear a ring on your finger, and this is dangerous in your world, it will envy other people and you will put your life in danger, but even if you touch this sacred sleeping fish, Harimak, good luck all your way of life. Let the ring remain on our leader's finger, it will benefit us. "
"Dear Venus, thank you very much for the clarification, if even touching the sleeping holy fish Harimake is beneficial for a person, I will only try to touch it," I said.
"The right decision, but for now, goodbye, today you float away and, as usual, we dont have the right to accompany those with whom we spend two blissful nights, but Ill say once more that you are normal and fully alert, if there were no children, now they will surely rush to the sacred fish Harimake, then any dream will come true, thank you, "Venus whispered, looked at me, smiled and added:" My Victor, our pleasant time is the ride and the interview is over, you made me happy, thank you, goodbye.
I looked at her, kissed her, smiled and said: "Dear charming Venus, thank you, you made me happy, goodbye."
Venus threw on a dress, waved a hand to me, smiled, sent an air kiss and left the hut.
After her departure, some sadness came over me, but the ringing of the bell revived me and I got dressed and went outside. It was warm, the sun was shining brightly, where our dining room was located were large tables, after a while the tourists approached, we greeted each other and with smiles on happy faces it became clear and understandable, the treatment was perfect for the gentlemen, everything gained man's strength . Soon the leader came, he smiled, no doubt the girls reported to him about our state of health, and it was a matter of his honor to cure us of a male disease and received a good reward. The joyful, happy leader Mars in dark shorts and sandals led us to the lake, it was hot, the golden sun was shining brightly on the blue cloudless sky. Bought for an hour, went to the dining room, ate a good meal, then wandered with the warriors through the jungle, before lunch they took us back to the lake, Mars soon came, talked to our guide George and he translated to us: "Gentlemen, at three o'clock dinner, at four we sailing, the leader appeals to you if anyone has a desire to get a ring with a blue diamond, let that hero catch the sleeping holy fish Harimaku, he wishes everyone good luck. "
"We looked at the leader and loudly said:" Okay, the leader of Mars. "
He smiled and waved his hand to us, threw himself into the water, we followed him, I had no desire to catch her to get a diamond ring but to touch yes. Venus told me that even if you touch her, the dream will come true, and I had it, so that Mary and I had children. I do not know whether it was luck or fate, but before I left the lake at the bottom I saw Harimaku lying between pebbles without movement, the sacred fish was asleep. Algae did not grow here, dived, good luck accompanied me - I gently took it, it was very slippery but held it in my hand, surfaced and shouted: "Gentlemen, dear leaderMars, look, in my hand is the Harimak fish."
Hearing my cry, the gentlemen and the leader Mars turned their heads in my direction and looked at me and the fish in amazement, I wanted to swim with it to the shore, but remembering the words of Venus that even if I touched the sacred Harimaka, good luck would be in my life I let it out and dived into as if to catch the water again. But since I had no intention of catching her, I emerged in a couple of minutes, showed empty hands and swam to the shore. When I entered the beach, everyone surrounded me, started to shake hands and sincerely congratulated me on holding the sacred fish Harimaka in my hand, bringing good luck even to anyone who touches it. Chief Mars smiled, shook my hand and said in his native language: "Harimaka tutu aku kara, seсor." Our guide George immediately translated: "Senor, Harimaka will bring you good luck."
I looked at the leader, smiled and said: "Dear seignior leader Mars, I and these gentlemen have already received good luck, thank you."
When George translated him, he smiled and shook hands with all of us, then spoke in his own language and the translator said: "Gentlemen, now we go to the dining room, after eating
each of you will receive a gift, after returning to Novo Airao for three evenings you will prepare an infusion of dried grated crab meat mixed with crushed dry herbs and drink a glass, all according to the recipe. Come on."
We went to the dining room, on the tables were plates of cooked crab meat, covered in green leaflets from above and a carafe of golden brown drink. After a hearty lunch, we thanked the leader, he looked at us and raised his hand, which meant not to leave the table. Mars left us and a few minutes later returned with two warriors carrying the box, they stood near the table, put it on the ground, the leader spoke in his own language and when finished, George turned to us and said: "Gentlemen, each of you will receive a box of as a gift, after returning to the town of Novo Airao in your room, open it and make a drink as indicated in the instructions, he thanks you for staying in this amazing paradise and wishes you good health, long life, good luck, family joys and children. I will call the name, you come up to him, smile, and as soon as he gives you the box, say, "Hariman Mars, yuk" in our "Holy Leader Mars, thank you," and firmly press his hand. "
George called the names, the gentlemen approached the leader, took from his hands a gilded box the size of those selling two dozen Cuban cigars. I was the last one, took the box with my name on the lid from the hands of the leader, thanked him as George asked: "Hariman Mars, Yuk", shook his hand firmly, he looked at me, smiled and said: "Harimaka tutu aku kara, Signor Victor. "
A few minutes later we went to our rubber boats folded under a canopy so that they would not melt in the heat, the leader was with us. Seeing us, the natives rowers began to inflate the boats, then lowered them into the water, we thanked the leader of Mars, shook his hand and said "Goodbye to the leader of Mars" boarded the boats and sailed along the Svetlaya river from Kasimo village to Aribao. There we boarded the Caesar speedboat and arrived in Nora-Airao in the evening, our wives gathered on the jetty to meet us. I will tell my Maria was delighted with my appearance and realized from a smile on my face that favor getting off at the pier we exchanged greetings, kissed and happy joyful went to the hotel Seсora Miglia. On the way, in short, I told her how they swam in the lake, how we were fed with crab meat, they gave me unknown physical infusions from which I acquired physical strength, about a successful hunt for the holy sleeping fish Harimaka, the wish of the leader of Mars personal gift given to each patient.
I will not hide, my Masha loved gifts, her curiosity knew no bounds and at the moment he heard about him, and I myself was wondering what was the dried crushed crab meat with ground crushed herbs that I had to mix with water for three days to drink in a row, immediately took the box with my name on the lid from my hands, opened it myself and I saw the instructions. Masha put it aside - in the box was a plastic bag with white-green powdered dry powder. My Masha did not stop, she had an unusual scent, she thought there was a surprise in every gift, and since curiosity tore her, she took the sachet, untied it and began to slowly pour the powder into the box and suddenly a blue pebble fell out with it. Masha took him in her hand and, because she was well versed in precious stones, turned it in front of her eyes, hugged me and whispered, kissing: "My dear, beloved Victor, this is a blue diamond unearthly beauty and purity, it costs at least a million bucks. I I do not think that he accidentally got into the box with the powder, tell me."
Seeing the blue diamond, I compared it to the one that was on the gold ring of the leader of Mars, and he understood that he decided to reward me for the sacred sleeping fish Harimaka caught by me and then told the story to Masha as I caught it. Joyful and happy, we kissed, hugged, and immediately, according to the instructions, we made a glass of solution, I drank it and after half an hour had fun in bed like in the old days. Masha was happy more than ever, I also told her about the wish of the leader of Mars to have good children. I will say it all happened, in the same year, in 2060, Alex was born and in 2061 Sam. The blue diamond, presented to me, was decided to be kept for better times, Masha was superstitious and categorically refused to give the jeweler a facet because she was afraid that he would fall into the wrong hands and even worse if you change, luck will be gone from us forever. My wife had her own ideas for the future; she wanted to order a jeweler to make a pair of gold rings with diamonds from this blue diamond for a sons wedding and give to her daughters-in-law. And since then Masha valued the diamond so much that she never shared with her friends that we have such a treasure.
In general, the population of our Planet is increasing slightly, but nonetheless, Indians and Chinese, there are three billion people who hold more than two billion vehicles. The Chinese live well but want to live better and try to disperse all over the world, especially in the USA, Australia, but since they are easily recognizable, they are quickly caught and turned off again to China. Russia is especially concerned about their resettlement, so for several years the Russians created a modern metal wall ten meters high along the entire Russian-Chinese border, in which they left several passages but nevertheless the number of Chinese in Russia does not decrease but on the contrary increases. The leaders of Russia are puzzled how they fall, they are unlikely to jump over such a high wall with the help of bamboo poles, but they practically dont take measures and the Chinese settle mainly in the Far East, grow onions, garlic, vegetables, immediately export to China and have a good profit . The truth for the allotted plots of land is to be shared with local officials, the mafia, the police and I will say everything well.
Several years ago, in the United States, they found an abandoned tunnel through which buses between Mexico and the United States were plying underground, delivering illegal immigrants, its length was only 120 km, dug at a depth of 170 feet and a radius of 23 feet. Since no one was caught, it remains only to guess how many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal immigrants entered the US for big money and eventually became citizens. The organizers of this event have invested a lot of money, but with modern technology it was not difficult to implement this project, and the process of transportation was also very simple. In Mexico, at the beginning of the tunnel, the hotel "Mile" was built into which illegal immigrants arrived, they were lowered by elevator to the site, they passed to the bus, he transported them to the USA, there they climbed elevators and the company to the illegal immigrants release of household appliances. They were dressed in uniforms, placed at workplaces, they performed work. When the shift was over, the servants changed clothes and went to a hotel-type hostel. In the morning, tourist buses drove up to him and brought illegal immigrants to Detroit, Chicago, New York, did not leave anyone to fend for themselves: they were assigned to work: to construction sites, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. This was repeated every day, seven days a week, with the enterprise near the Mexican border producing products, paying taxes and earnings on shares. So imagine how many illegal immigrants of Latin Americans, Chinese, Indians, Thais, Africans and people of other nationalities penetrated over the twenty years of operation of this tunnel. Everything was kept secret not for fear but for money that prolonged life. Some start another business, and with the organized delivery of illegal immigrants, as they say, you will not follow everything, but our authorities are trying to prevent the entry of unwanted emigrants.

Several years ago, in the United States, people found an abandoned tunnel through which buses between Mexico and the United States were plying underground, delivering illegal immigrants, its length was only 120 km, dug at a depth of 170 feet and a radius of 23 feet. Since no one was caught, it remains only to guess how many hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal immigrants entered the US for big money and eventually became citizens. The organizers of this event have invested a lot of money, but with modern technology it was not difficult to implement this project, and the process of transportation was also very simple. In Mexico, at the beginning of the tunnel, the hotel "Mile" was built into which illegal immigrants arrived, they were lowered by elevator to the site, they passed to the bus, he transported them to the USA, there they climbed elevators and got to the company producing domestic appliances where the illegal immigrants work. They were dressed in uniforms, placed at workplaces, they performed work. When the shift was over, the servants changed clothes and went to a hotel-type hostel. In the morning, tourist buses drove up to him and brought illegal immigrants to Detroit, Chicago, New York, did not leave anyone to fend for themselves: they were assigned to work: to construction sites, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. This was repeated every day, seven days a week, with the enterprise near the Mexican border producing products, paying taxes and earnings on shares. So imagine how many illegal immigrants of Latin Americans, Chinese, Indians, Thais, Africans and people of other nationalities penetrated over the twenty years of operation of this tunnel. Everything was kept secret not for fear but for money that prolonged life. Some start another business, and with the organized delivery of illegal immigrants, as they say, you will not follow everything, but our authorities are trying to prevent the entry of unwanted emigrants.
Since no one was caught, it remains only to guess how many hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal immigrants infiltrated the USA for big money and eventually became citizens.
The organizers of this event have invested a lot of money, but with modern technology it was not difficult to implement this project, and the process of transportation was also very simple. In Mexico, at the beginning of the tunnel, the hotel "Mile" was built into which illegal immigrants arrived, they were lowered by elevator to the site, they passed to the bus, he transported them to the USA, there they climbed elevators and the company to the illegal immigrants release of household appliances. They were dressed in uniforms, placed at workplaces, they performed work. When the shift was over, the servants changed clothes and went to a hotel-type hostel. In the morning, tourist buses drove up to him and brought illegal immigrants to Detroit, Chicago, New York, did not leave anyone to fend for themselves: they were assigned to work: to construction sites, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. This was repeated every day, seven days a week, with the enterprise near the Mexican border producing products, paying taxes and earnings on shares. So imagine how many illegal immigrants of Latin Americans, Chinese, Indians, Thais, Africans and people of other nationalities penetrated over the twenty years of operation of this tunnel. Everything was kept secret not for fear but for money that prolonged life. Some start another business, and with the organized delivery of illegal immigrants, as they say, you will not follow everything, but our authorities are trying to prevent the entry of unwanted emigrants.
In 2070, we visited Europe and flew to Russia, my grandfather and grandmother, in their time, rushed to the United States from the USSR. As I wanted to see her renewed at the dawn of youth, I, as a student, traveled to ancient Russia as a tourist - I studied for six years at Moscow University and saw life, but that was a long time ago. When we flew to Moscow and moved in the morning to the hotel by auto-bus, I thought that we wouldnt get there until the evening, and we drove out to lunch, the roads were filled with old and brand new cars, from local Russian Lada to chic Ferrari, Bogatti, Rolls Royces. Thousands of yellow taxis came across to meet us, everyone was eager to get to the Airport, as I found out later that the taxi drivers had good money. In one traffic jam stood for an hour, looking out the window at the sight of skyscrapers a hundred floors and above, I realized in the country the living standards of the population rose and reached the European. Having familiarized myself with the life of Muscovites closer and in conversations with them, I understood how in former times everyone unscrupulously took bribes from each other and various issues. It turns out that in Russia people get less than in Europe, but they live well and even better, it all depends on how you adapted to life, due to home farms, various kinds of hack, and those who have access to living money are state official ones, extortionists, prostitutes, policemen, firefighters, road inspectors, tax collectors - in short, such people recruit at least twenty million in the country, and there are people who take it from someone from their strangers, from foreigners who come in tourists tour, business related stone, waiting for them eagerly. But especially business partners, those are robbed as sticky, many have said goodbye here to their business and are glad that they have enough money for a return ticket to their beloved homeland. True, at the present time there are fewer such cases - everyone insures their businesses, hires ad-lawns, and the harsh laws are in force - you can get 15 years to cheat.
But those who are in power, big or small, live best of all, here is a living big money: can you imagine, little bosses get 7-9 thousand dollars a month and buy Western cars for $200-$300 thousand. Large executives, bankers and magnates buy cars for a million or more, the new Bogatti is from 10 to 20 million, followed by an extraordinary hunt. The average salary of specialists in the production of 30-70 thousand Euros per month and for the highest echelon up to several million, with all sorts of benefits and bonuses.
But it is worth going beyond the bounds of Moscow salary at times, and therefore people are allowed to do all the tricks in order not only to survive but to improve their well-being. Here is the most obvious exaggeration with which we met on a trip on the bus to Mother Volga - a traffic policeman stopped us ten times, our driver did not have time to get twenty-dollar bills, and even at the most famous Russian river, the traffic policeman attached himself to the driver that you could see that the wheels of our bus were dirty. Our driver, without any objection, gave him another twenty dollars and said that he specially came to the river to wash the car, the inspector noticed that washing was strictly forbidden and for this a $ 100 fine was laid. But our driver, as an exception to the rule, he allowed to wash the bus and put a scribble in his hand in which he explained to his friend that the driver had paid him for washing.
We swam in the river, the driver washed the bus, the inspector approached, the driver thrust a note to him, he read, smiled and went home, no one else approached and we soon went back and noticed no one took the fine anymore, it turns out all the exactions are taken only in direction. Fines are small, they do not give receipts, but they have a lot of money a day, employees share with their superiors, the state and most importantly everyone is happy, and they dont say thanks, but they smile.
Several years ago, Russian deputies adopted a law abolishing registration in all cities of Russia, including Moscow, millions of people rushed to the capital and now it is rummy metropolis within a radius of more than 80 miles - the Kremlin is taken for a center-one
of the largest cities in the world with a population of thirty million, with more than fifty million people living in suburbs, as there is good monetary work in the Russian capital, many other small towns have become ghost towns.
Part of the population lives in their single-storey houses with a garden plot, they manually grow everything from potatoes and onions to apples and grapes, cattle, pigs, poultry-everything that grows and grow them manually without any mechanization using a shovel, chisel, rake, fork. It is produced on Mother Earth, including moonshine, brew, wine, Pervak ??alcohol and other types of alcoholic beverages. There are untold riches in the depths of Russia, but now they belong to thousands of billionaires, the state of some approaching a trillion bucks. At the moment, Russia is the only country in the world that continues to export oil, gas and electricity to Europe, but not in the same quantities as in 2035 when Russia produced about 990 million tons of oil per year, but there is no problem with gas and electricity, many countries receive it smoothly and are able to meet their needs in full.
The Chinese began to pull the second branch of the pipeline with a diameter of 1.5 meters since the first pipe had a diameter of only 0.8 meters and the Chinese economy began to slow down due to gas shortage. But not only China, but Europe, the USA, India, Japan appealed to the Russian government with a request to allocate several billion cubic meters of gas and they would transport it with their own gas tankers. And soon the joyful message of the Russian geologists came that huge reserves of oil and gas were found in the Arctic Circle and in the Sea of ??Okhotsk. The leaders of European countries and Japan came to the delight, the Chinese thought because they did not have the right to print euros and dollars. Russian oil and gas tycoons, in fact, the managers of Russia, told the Chinese leaders that the banks of Chinese yuan have nowhere to put and many countries refuse to exchange them for dollars and euros because you can buy luxury cars for them, yachts of three and five billion dollars, ancient palaces, overseas islands, paintings and more of value and luxury.
But since the Chinese are not embroidered, they also had a trump card in their hands - 80% of the Russian population wore clothes and shoes made in China from synthetic materials and Chinese artificial silk produced mainly from Russian oil and gas. Thinking about the fact that in Russia the climate is not like in China where in winter and summer you can walk barefoot, in shorts and T-shirts and leave the Russians without clothes and shoes, they decided to provide China with oil by paving the second branch with a diameter of 1.2 meters and gas in exchange for products and payments Yuan for traveling Russian citizens in the Middle Kingdom and the subsequent purchase and everything went without conflict
In general, the people in Russia are cheerful and hardworking, a lot of time, more precisely from early morning to late evening work on their backyard, and those who live in cities as soon as a wild berry appears, take the electric train and go out of town on a certain route to the selected station, get off and go on foot to the steppe, forests, lobes, meadows and collect the gifts of nature - wild dugout, strawberries, viburnum, raspberries - everything is countless. Later, people go for mushrooms, nuts, tomatoes, carrots, red beet. But from year to year it is necessary to go and walk further and further, and at this time it is necessary to walk on foot up to 10 miles, people get tired overcoming such distances, soon, according to the Russians, there is nowhere to go and there is no need, everything is built up in summer cottages and if earlier they gave six hundred square yards of land in a country house, then with a new resolution of deputies in the Moscow region only three hundred square yards will be given for free, in the European part six hundred square yards, too many people and it is better for everyone to give at least a little. But beyond the Urals, in Siberia and especially in the Far East, from where people flee to the European part, they increased the area of ??summer cottages to 20 acres, all for nothing, only you should work.
Having rejoiced at such a freebie, plus annual revenues for exports of gas, oil, electricity and other natural resources at thousands of dollars per capita per month, many residents of the Far East spat at work and leased out plots to hardworking Chinese for 1000 bucks per hundred square yards, so all felt very good. People in Russia, though not all, but most use healthy food prepared from agricultural products grown on manure because they are not used to eating everything that is devoid of taste and smell, which is why millions of citizens rush in the summer and autumn to the fields and forests for the gifts of nature and they continue to fertilize their household plots with manure, good harvests and, above all, taste and smell.
Yes, many decades ago, on the recommendation of the Moscow mayor, in order to relieve the to reduce the population, the State Duma adopted in all readings a provision according to which all pensioners should be sent to residency in the city-new construction. The rapid construction of such cities on the outskirts of the Moscow region began, and since the number of retirees was estimated at three million, according to the plan, thirty cities were needed for a hundred thousand. In Mother Russia, natural riches are innumerable and coped with this fifteen years later, and since taking care of the elderly is of paramount importance as the slogan reads, "Young people everywhere have a way, old people everywhere have an honor," they created such a standard of living about which they didn't dream. True, since the pensioner is retired to the pensioner, there are honorary and there are ordinary ones who lived using all the benefits in luxurious separate rooms for single or married couples and others in common rooms for twelve people. Accordingly, there was maintenance and treatment of patients and when it became known to the public and through it future Moscow retirees who were to spend the rest of their lives in such cities a hundred kilometers from capitals, then future ordinary pensioners decided to boycott such an order by giving up pensions and continued to work. Since the workers and employees refused to apply for retirement and continued to work, another difficulty arose - young specialists were among the unemployed, and because they were given unemployment benefits, they faced difficulties not in the sense that they lacked money. The reason is that the lack of young fresh brains has begun to slow down technical progress, so the retired brains of the retired people or their complete absence in their heads did not betray what was required. In short, the Moscow authorities resolved the issue in a new way - if the pensioner wanted to go to Town Joy or another typical twin town liketo him, please go ahead, if not, continue to live in Moscow and receive a privileged Moscow pension which is twice as high as in any other city because of the high cost of living.
To say frankly after the resettlement of three to five million pensioners from Moscow, the population not only did not decline, but increased a couple of times at the expense of those who could find a good monetary job and a decent life here, but here they were lucky. Since life in the capital became more expensive from year to year, a moment soon came that the pensioners themselves voluntarily expressed a desire to go to such retired towns and live to the end of their lives on everything that was ready. And it was here that some people realized that on this one could chop good cabbage, cut down the loot, they began to offer privileged places for good money, regardless of whether you are an honorary pensioner or a private. Those who did not spare the money and bought a good room lived like a cat in the bosom using all the benefits and the rest in general position.
When we, as tourists, visited one of the cities for pensioners I was glad that we, foreign tourists, were taken to one of the houses where the honorable pensioners lived, the twenty-story building itself, decorated with glass panels in the color of blue skies, was pleasing to the eye; wide-shouldered doorman in a light suit with a butterfly, the entire staff in snow-white clothes with a Hollywood smile on their faces, sterile cleanliness, flowers in vases. We were shown the rooms where the pensioners themselves lived and it seemed to me to be a real resort, if not a paradise for those who lived there, TV, flowers, wooden beds for a couple or alone, there were reproductions of paintings on the walls. Themselves retired and pensioners fresh, healthy, pink-cheeked, over the years, young citizens who had previously held good positions, artists, singers, or bigwigs of business, but were subject to illness - many rolled into wheelchairs. We were taken to the dining room, pensioners were fed and watered for slaughter, who could not take up a spoon with a fork of a nanny fed from their hands. But in addition to the dining room in this house for pensioners there was a gym, a swimming pool and a room for performances. Life for retirees in such a building was fabulous, but it was very expensive for them. True, the state paid for many pensioners in such a building, those who go, the state paid for many pensioners in such a building; those who came from outside paid 15 thousand dollars a month with a pension of two thousand.
We wanted to visit the house of ordinary pensioners but were refused, though, since journalists are not sleeping and they manage to penetrate them and then upload the internal life of pensioners to the Internet, the picture was not very attractive in general and I personally did not want would be there. The thing is that when retirees living in other cities of Russia sniffed out about paradise life in hostel towns for Moscow pensioners there were so many who wanted to be in them that those who had savings negotiated with intermediaries and wrongly under the guise of Moscow pensioners existed in Moscow and try to prove from the capital whether or not you sought to get a place to live and rushed to Joy towns or any other of 50 similar towns for pensioners in which more than 7, 2 million pensioners lived at a medical rate of 5 million. In short, due to the influx of retirees, there was a shortage of places and responsible managers came up with how to accommodate from 18 to 24 people in tiny rooms for 12 pensioners. They ordered double-decker beds at furniture companies, the order was accepted, they were made, they were brought in, they were placed in rooms and everything was fine; weak people slept on the lower tier, on the second those who moved independently and could climb the bed along the ladder. In the common dining room at a large round table sat for 8 people, here they fed only those who came on foot. Paralyzed and feeble fed right in the rooms where they slept, their appearance aroused compassion and sympathy, those nannies looking after them didnt think too much about their joyless situation and treated the work with non-morality, mortality increased but since everything was officially confirmed by medical workers, an autopsy , acts of death no one claims anything. True, these are only extremes, and on average, if retirees, hundreds of thousands went to the city of Joyous or 50 similar towns like him voluntarily, that means he arranged them. Most importantly, pensioners were not alone and were supervised by attendants, doctors, they were dressed, shoes and did not have to think that in case of death after an illness or paralysis they would decompose for a few days and are unlikely to bury them properly. But in general, because of the infinite riches in the depths of Russia, life is beautiful and amazing!
Now I will talk about the fear that we, the inhabitants of the Earth, experienced in meeting with Plasma in June 2056, everyone thought that our civilization would end but it passed, it flew a quarter of a million miles over the Earth, and since we did not feel any heat and smaller moon then the icy mountains of Antarctica remained untouched. According to scientists on the flight path of Plasma, our planet Earth was purely by chance, this happens one time in fifty million years. A few years ago, they encouraged people to buy heat-resistant vests, but better suits with boots and helmets. We ordered three sets, paid the money and received only three years after the Plasma flight, and in writing, the manufacturers from Smith and Johnson apologized that this happened because of the huge number of orders and therefore they send the ordered necessary costumes with some delay. I will say that three sets of fifty thousand bucks cost us, in our times it is not expensive - my wife and I received 4,500,000 a year.
As soon as the scientists predicted a meeting of Plasma with Earth with an accuracy of one minute, you were in a rush in the country, everyone began to order fire-resistant suits, boots, helmets, and when we rushed to Smith and Johnson we would have to wait two years. I agreed as I had three years to see it, and the money was taken immediately. Until the very last day, the demand was extraordinary, all companies switched to the production of fire-retardant products, it rose in price every day, long queues formed, waited for the importation of helmets and boots, speculators immediately appeared and sold boots from their heads at an exaggerated price.
Since we didnt hope to get our kit on time, we decided to buy it in the store, my family alternately stood in line for three days, once there was such a crush that they almost crushed me, or rather they didnt trample when it was opened, I fell in the doorway, people ran through I, stumbled, fell, stood unimaginable cries and my happiness, I put a head on a send which I bought from my hands, or rather from the head of a speculator with a fivefold overpayment. When I got up, the ribs ached and immediately went to the citizen who sold me the helmet and without hesitation bought fire-resistant boots with a triple overpayment from his feet and placed an order for his wife, mother. He offered me fireproof suits at double the price for the whole family, I said that I had already ordered and I was waiting, but he persuaded me to buy them beforehand when he whispered in my ear "They have been waiting for the promised three years."
And he did the right thing that he bought, they hung in the closet and we all waited calmly for a meeting with Plasma.
They talked about it a lot and for a long time, and when that day came, or rather morning, all residents of our suburban village dressed and shod in fire-resistant suits, boots with helmets on their heads, according to my bum, were dumped on the street and waited for a meeting with the long-awaited Plasma but according to all, it flew high like a meteorite, above the Moon and no one felt any long-awaited heat. At that time I was in New York, ran to work and tore off my newest hat (I thought it was a wave of air that reached me from Antarctica), but in fact it was just a gust of wind. Like many, I was in a fire-proof suit, but trouble struck, we got stuck in traffic, and when we reached the parking lot, there was a short run, I ran, but I immediately realized that you wouldnt be able to escape the extra hundred pounds. Then he took everything off, threw it on the sidewalk, and in a shirt and shorts barefoot rushed to the meeting, can you imagine, three miles ran in nine minutes.
It is another thing to be at that time over Antarctica, travel companies raised the cost of tours to the Ice Continent five times, and thousands of TV companies sent their television operators and correspondents. Our meeting was postponed because the leaders wanted to see a magnificent picture of the Plasma flight over the icy mountains. It was not without deception of humanity from a number of television and film companies that were called coincidence by showing us at this time an ad for a science fiction film received by viewers for the real Plasma flight over Antarctica. The creators of this fantasy, thanks to technical advances and computer surveys, were pre-shot in the pavilions and assembled almost a real picture of the Plasma flight over Antarctica. According to the plan, one cameraman flew to Antarctica and climbed above all on the glacier in order to take pictures, flying at a distance of ten miles of fiery Plasma "Jenny Golden Scythe". Fearless cameraman Bill Crow in a fire-resistant suit from Smith and Johnson stood in front of the lens, and suddenly, before the eyes of billions of viewers, he disappeared from the screen, the camera itself continued to work. And we saw the Plasma (actually invented by filmmakers Plasma "Jenny Golden Spit") turned out to be brighter than a thousand suns, like a rainbow of all colors and shades. A strange fiery comet flew over for several minutes over the cameraman Bill, in his fire-resistant suit with a helmet strap, he fearlessly waved his hands without fear of a fiery tornado. From this type of frost passed through my skin and at the same time I swept undisguised pride in the Smith and Johnson firms that created such a miracle costume. But unexpectedly, cameraman Bill was blown from that glacier by a powerful air wave like a fly and carried after Plasma retreating and immediately showed us a huge giant ice rink from the satellite that transformed Antarctica in the part where the invented Jenny Golden Spit flew. Personnel changed and we saw a studio in which correspondents, cameramen, photographers and other employees gathered. A young, leggy, golden-haired beauty in a pink blouse and a green skirt above her knees said in a calm voice: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I dont think Mr. Bill Crow disappeared in the white desert of Antarctica. the expedition headed by Mr. Robert Deere went by helicopter. "
The frame was interrupted; a blonde with snow-white teeth and a charming smile appeared on the TV screen; Johnson Simpson advertised Marcy Toothpaste.
When I returned home and told what I saw on TV, my dear wife, Masha, looked at me, smiled, and quietly said: "My dear husband, Victor, everything is a lie, I personally saw through the binoculars like a yellow plasma in a few seconds flew over village and disappeared behind the parking lot, imagine, it did not get hotter. "
I sighed with relief, Antarctica was untouched, on TV showed a fake on which many TV companies were going to make a lot of money. This blown-up episode excited the population of the planet, everyone took this garbage for truth, every day for two years, people rushed to TV to hear the news and see the expedition of Mr. Robert Deere looking for the cameraman Bill Crow. And imagine the rescuers still found a cameraman - he had been talking about himself and his misadventures on the Ice Continent for a whole year. According to the operator, the most interesting thing was that the air wave caught him and lowered near the station of Russian polar explorers, which was abandoned in the distant past, in it he found several bottles of alcohol, food left in cans and fed on it until purely by pilot Thomson saw the pilot plane with tourists. He immediately informed his friend Robert Dirou, gave the exact coordinates of the polar hut and was happy and soon went by helicopter to that place. The weather favored the search and in a few hours the rescuers flew to the base with operator Bill Crow, there was no limit to happiness and joy.
Again, rogues declared to the people that fiery plasma from the glaciers of Antarctica vaporized several million cubic miles of ice in the hall, and perhaps in five to ten years it would rain and offered to stock up with boats, rafts, life jackets and inflatable circles. I consulted with my mother and wife and we decided to spend the money right away to purchase life jackets and two rubber boats.
The next day we went to the store, even from a distance saw a long line at the sight of which made me shiver, I didnt want to stand in it, remembering how I was trampled by a crowd when I fell in the store, while buying a flame retardant suit. And I was lucky to see the speculator who advised me to buy fire-retardant suits from him. We drove up to him, he smiled, exchanged greetings and Harry said softly: "Ladies and gentlemen, for you any order at a reasonable price, stock up until the prices have risen, the water is worse than fire."
We shook hands, I made a list for him and imagine three days later a minivan drove up to our house and old friend Harry laid out our ordered good, then helped to bring everything into the house, we paid off and he left to follow the next order, such customers how we had it in bulk.
To say frankly neither in three years, nor in five years and not in ten did the Cosmic Rain pass and all means of salvation lay useless in the storeroom. Im not talking about the money that has senselessly been poured into this shit and I dont regret it at all, because I have given so much work to people and the dollars themselves have depreciated by 15% during this time. I dont know if people were waiting for a cosmic rain or not, but in 2070 our Earth avoided trouble thanks to the joint actions of scientists from the United States, Russia, United Europe and China eliminated the danger that threatened our Planet - the huge meteorite Ivan the Terrible, about one mile in diameter, was destroyed. Scientists, astronomers noticed its appearance a year before the unchangeable collision with the earth, calculated the trajectory and it turned out that it could fall into the Sea of ??Japan near Tokyo, the capital of Japan, near which Yokohama. The total population of cities with suburbs is about 50 million people and if such a meteorite fell into the sea, then small houses and giant skyscrapers with people located not only in these areas but also on all Japanese islands would have been washed away and destroyed in a huge wave. In addition, the resulting wave with a height of 30-40 meters could reach not only China and flood 10% of the territory with a population of 500 million people, but also Russia, the American continents, Africa, Australia, and about four billion people in the world would suffer. . In New York, in the UN glass building, an emergency session gathered on the East River, leaders of all countries, prominent scientists, astronomers, nuclear scientists, designers of rocket technology arrived and after a week of discussions it was decided to urgently prepare to launch a hundred giant missiles, load them with hydrogen bombs and send to a meteorite rushing at us. Scientists have calculated the exact trajectory of the meteorite, the trajectory of the launched rockets and calculated the point at which the meeting will occur and the thermonuclear explosions in space can change the course of "Ivan the Terrible".
Scientists, engineers and workers coped with their task brilliantly, one hundred and twelve of the most powerful tourist rockets flying along the Earth-Mars route were filled with hydrogen bombs, launched at an altitude of about one million mile, a series of maneuvers in space met the "Ivan the Terrible" meteorite. Hand-made rockets flew up from all sides to a meteorite, and being from it at a distance of hundreds of yards from all sides on command from the Earth several thousand hydrogen bombs exploded simultaneously. To say frankly at that moment we did not see and did not hear those explosions, but after a while a message came to the center of space flight in Houston that delighted the inhabitants of the earth, the whole of humanity sighed with relief - the meteorite "Ivan the Terrible" changed the trajectory of the flight and flew a hundred thousand miles away of the earth.
On December 25, 2065, an event agitated all the inhabitants of our planet: a young amateur astronomer from Russia, Andrei Karaskin, reportedly living in a suburb of Novosibirsk, he unwittingly observed an Unidentified Flying Object hunter in the night sky at an altitude of one hundred thousand miles or maybe a space ship flying with great speed. Andrei wanted to take a picture of it, but so far he ran into the house and returned with the UFO apparatus, it flew away in the direction of the Ural Mountains and did not appear again. According to him, having made the appropriate mathematical calculations, the space object flew at a speed of at least eight thousand miles per second.
Initially, no one believed him, but then many messages came from UFO hunters-lovers from Europe and even from India and China - young men and women in one voice assured that they saw a glowing point in the sky flying like a meteor from edge to edge from east to west. But the most amazing message was given by the owner of the yacht German Fritsch sailed with his girlfriend Gertrude Halle around the Baltic Sea. At ten o'clock in the evening, they filmed the starry sky with a camera and then, as if suddenly, a rapidly moving object fell from their East to West lens and disappeared from view in fifteen seconds. Mr. Hermann Fritsch from Germany, who shot a flying unidentified body, first viewed Gertrude with her girlfriend on the home theater screen, then with relatives, friends, and all in one voice asserted that they filmed a real spacecraft flying near Earth. Herr from Germany took the film to a television studio, the staff scrolled it many times, making sure that it was not a fake that was shown to the people of our planet. Ordinary citizens took the film for the truth, but scientists were skeptical about it and thought it was another fake.
Personally, I shot the film on a cassette with TV and watched increasing footage of individual footage with a rocket many times and came to the conclusion that it was not a fake and I could not fall asleep for a few nights from my thoughts: is there really a planet with people in the distant space and they create ships capable of flying for several light years, so as near our solar system, according to scientists there is no such habitable planet. Somehow I shared the thought of that ship with my wife Masha, but she asked me not to think about it, but to focus on the idea how to better and more beautifully arrange our life and make money not for meat and beef steaks made using the new technology. and from raised cows and sheep on Mr. Jack Poker's farm. Having understood her hint, I quit my old job and switched to a new one where they paid twice as much and bought meat, butter and cream right in his yard once a week, forgetting about the rocket.
During the years of my life, I witnessed our turbulent life with its joys, the sorrows from which I felt dizzy and headache. As I wrote above, the main cause of the headache is the problem of getting from home to work, to a cultural event and back. Therefore, all sports performances, cinema, ballet, plays and other people watch only at home, paid channels and advertising take 50% and I will tell in the cultural and sports life no significant changes have taken place, and as for the folk craftsmen, they are for my life there was a dime a dozen and among them the genius Uncle Joe fed the whole world with healthy, nutritious, frankly, gratuitous food. Particularly distinguished people in overcoming great distances in a short time with the help of muscular strength - one eccentric created folding wings, he scattered, then spread his arms with wings, they straightened, expanded, lengthened and the man rose into the air, the flow picked him up and carried him up here it all depended on the craftsman who used his wings. Imagine, some managed with one run of 100 yards in length to fly up to 0.6 mile. In many areas of the country within the main lines, where there is a lot of free space, thousands of young people flew on wings for the time being, but such flights were banned, since the number of accidents on such highways increased with the appearance of flyers over the stream of cars: onlookers drove , were distracted and crashed into other cars; blood was flowing like a river when hundreds of cars collided. Some motorists managed to drive in the absence of and the high cost of gasoline under sail, on solar panels, using chain transmissions, they carried gas cylinders and electric batteries in their trunks. But there was such a fuss with them that they soon had to abandon them, motorcyclists, cyclists took a separate path with a speed limit of 40 miles per hour, as drivers were afraid of them like fire ...
I have to say a few words about cultural life: since people have a lot of freedom
many people go to the cinema to watch see films, an extraordinary effect, you are like the participant in this film, everything and everyone around you, covers fear and horror especially when you watch battles in historical films. My children every week, on Saturday, go to an indoor musical stadium-theater for 70 thousand to listen to musical groups, they are interested. I, with my wife and mother visit the Metropolitan museums, Solomon Guggenheim, Whitney, do not believe, paintings worth 100-150-200 million dollars are exhibited. I could not imagine Henri Toulouse-Lautrecs "Woman Wearing Stocking" was sold at Christies auction for 115 million, Still Life with Irises by Vincent van Gogh for 170 million, Pablo Picassos painting "Boy with Pipe" at Sothebys auction went for 200 million dollars, the White Easter Egg with the Golden Chicken Faberge made by him in 1885, presented by Tsar Alexander III to his wife, Marie Fedorovna, on Easter on the 20th anniversary of the wedding, the unknown person dumped $17 million. But this is not the limit, there are Easter eggs more expensive - up to 20 million "Lilies of the Valley" in 1898 and the "Order of St. George" 26 million took out by the mother of Nicholas II Maria Fedorovna from the Crimea during the revolution on the English cruiser. In the Metropolitan Theater tickets are taken long before the performance. We ordered tickets for 1,000 bucks in six months for the opera Boris Godunov and Queen of Spades, dealers resell tickets for three thousand bucks for hands. But this is not the limit, hockey tickets for playoffs reach 20,000, I, as a hockey fan, cannot overpay such big money and therefore I watch on television. But its not like being in a stadium among a crowd and shouting "Puck, puck, puck" at the very throat and power of the lungs.
However, I must say that sometimes they try to sell copies for the original and, imagine, it is possible, expensive paintings manage to steal from museums despite the enhanced protection. In 2068, a gang of art criminals managed to attack an armored car carrying pictures (I think on a tip) right from the highway, from a gas station, during refueling. As shown on TV inside the van, there were seven guards, the driver and two guards sat in the front seat armed with pistols. In short, the car disappeared with pictures and people, the announcer said that the cost of the paintings being transported was close to 940 million dollars. There is a clear and understandable, some lover of paintings by world-famous artists Eugene Delacroix, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Edward Manet, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, and these paintings were transported by these artists, he found out which paintings and ordered. Now he is admiring them in his gallery, which is closed from human eyes, and there are many such lovers. Since there were 30 paintings in an armored car, it appeared that there were no particularly expensive ones.
But this theft of paintings compared to other small things-August 20, 2074 disappeared airplane Sesna Mustang 7 with three world-famous film actors Stones from Hollywood who were transporting Faberge Easter eggs and paintings of world-famous artists of the XVIII and XIX centuries by insuring their valuable property and themselves 2 billion bucks. These legendary actors Harry Stone, 63, pilot, his son Charlie, 40 years old and daughter-in-law Marilyn, 37 years old were heading from Chicago, Illinois to Seattle, Washington for the Carnegie auction. Since their plane was small, designed for 4 people and carrying capacity was half a ton, then, as they wrote on the Internet, the canvases were separated from the frames, put them in steel cylinders and together with the Easter eggs, Faberge took with them and delivered small frames by car.
The Stone family flew from Chicago with stops for refueling, without any problems, constantly maintaining mobile communication with their relatives. They stopped at Beale Lings, Montana, and flew by airplane through Great Falls to Spokane, Idaho, where, according to their schedule, they had to refuel and fly to Seattle, WA. But unexpectedly for everyone, including relatives, Miss Stones wife Elizabeth, 59, and her two granddaughters, Irene, 11, and Gloria, 10, the connection stopped in the Kalispela-Columbia Falls area near the great lake Mac Donald, the accident occurred in the evening. The next morning, they sounded the alarm, and Major Douglas, the head of the local Civilian Air Patrol, Montana, at the request of Elizabeth Stone at her expense, allotted three dozen civilian aircraft to search for the missing Sesna Mustang 7.
Hundreds of volunteers spent several days, even more, almost three weeks from the air and the land they were combing the Rocky Mountain region, people walked along groups in national forest parks and reserves, Kootenai, Flathead, Lolo and Glatcher. But since you cannot go too far with naked enthusiasm and do not force many to lose a long time, but it costs money, tears clothes and shoes, then the noble and money Miss Elizabeth decided to establish a kind of prize in the new seekers of her husband, son, daughter-in-law 5 million bucks to someone lucky to find them or any part.
Of course, it was not a pity to pay $ 5 million for finding the wreckage of an aircraft transporting such world-famous masterpieces; now I will list them: 7 Faberge Easter Eggs: "White Chicken Egg with Golden Chicken" presented at Easter for the 20th anniversary of the marriage of Tsar Alexander II and Maria Fedorovna, Princess of Denmark, in 1885. The "Order of St. George" presented in 1916 by Tsar Nicholas II to mother widow Maria Fedorovna and taken to her from the Crimea in an English cruiser. "Easter Egg for the 15th anniversary" presented at Easter in 1911 by Tsar Nicholas II to his wife Aleksagdre Fedorovna with portraits of Nicholas II, wife, son, people. Easter Egg "Coronation" with a golden carriage inside, "Easter Egg with Cuckoo", Easter Egg "Lily of the valley" donated by Nicholas II to Queen Alexandra Fedorovna in 1898, pink with pearls, rubies and diamonds, Easter Egg with a cruiser model "Memory of Azov" .
Of particular value there were the paintings of the world famous artists Eugene Delacroix- "Medea", "Dante and Virgil", "Freedom leading forward" and "Naked woman on the di-Van," Pablo Picasso- "Avignon girls", "Girl on the ball", "Woman with a Fan", Henri Matisse- "Gypsy", "Woman in Blue", "White Feather", "Black Table", Vincent van Gogh- "Young Man in a Hat", "Still Life with Irises", "Self-Portrait", "Vincent's Bedroom", Eduard Manet - "Portrait of Eva Gonzales", "Rochefort's Escape", "Flutist", "Absintheater", "Bar in Foley Bergere", "Breakfast in the Atelier", Henri Toulouse-Lotrek "Portrait of Mother", "The Dance at the Moulin Rouge," "Portrait of Van Gogh," "At the Circus Ferdinando".
What is most interesting about this story is that an armored car with picture frames was stolen not far from Spokane, Idaho, but after three days some images appeared again on the freeway not far from Ellensburg, Washington, three people, two shores and three the security guard sat locked in the back. They were discovered by police officers passing by when they saw a car with ramps down on the side of the road. Due to the fact that the captives were kicking at the metal door, they were heard by the police and they broke open and released five hungry men sitting among the gilded frames without canvases. They were taken to the police station, but they all unanimously declared that after they had grabbed the car, they were blindfolded and where they were taken, where they had no idea. As the police robbers who captured the car guessed, they did not expect that the paintings were previously separated from the frames and, disillusioned with the failure, drove the car away from their lair and abandoned it. As it was written on the Internet, the guards and drivers transporting the frames were freed from the handcuffs and released, since virtually all the frames were in complete safety.
When I learned that a reward of 5 million bucks was offered for finding aircraft wrecks or living people, the dead themselves were kindled to go on a search. Mom and wife, the children at that time I had schoolchildren, Alex in December would be 14 years old, Sam turned 13 in November and began to dissuade me, but the desire to grab 5 million bucks turned out to be so great, and I believed I would find fragments of an airplane that I began to convince my wife and mother I will find the airplane and they have conceded. I persuaded my wife to go with me to search for a plane to Montana, but suddenly my mother broke her leg and the doctor put a plaster on her. My dear Masha's trip fell off, she will help Mom and I will have to fly alone. Do not think that I was a fool to go to a distant Montana from the bay of floundering. Since I was a high-class specialist and developed various computer programs, I could use my knowledge to break into any computer protection, then I got into the control room of the Chicago airport. Knowing the brand of the Stones plane and the code data under which he flew and kept in touch with the air traffic controllers and tracing the entire flight route, I approximately determined the last leg of the journey when the Cesna Mustang 7 disappeared from the radar air traffic controllers - it was unclear for what reasons the entire radio connection was disconnected, mobile phone talks, contact stopped and the signals did not even come to the satellite as the radar went down. That's because when the plane fell and the radar did not work, then the signal did not arrive at the satellite and the coordinates of the fall of Sesna were unknown.
In short, I made a map of the proposed area in which the plane-Rocky Mountains might have fallen, near Lake Mac Donald, the Columbia Falls area and the Flathead National Reserve, the very north of Montana. I shared my calculations with my mother and wife, I explained everything so convincingly to them and they agreed with me. September 20, 2074, a month after the disappearance of the Stone plane and unsuccessful attempts to find them from the ground and the air, I said goodbye to my mother, wife and children alone flew in Kalispell, to the lake Mac Donald. I traveled to the place for almost a week with various planes, cars, on a farm stroller, and walked several miles on foot with a large backpack on my back in which I carried a tent, spare clothes, rubber boots, binoculars, a net for fishing, a hunting knife, food, and other necessary trifles.
Frankly speaking, on my way there were many such seekers as I, thousands of boats with brave swimmers and divers plied Lake Mac Donald, but I knew the plane didnt fall into it and moved to the supposed place of the fall of Cesna Mustang 7. I would be frank, so smart was not I am alone but not so much. Adventurers, or rather, searchers who, like me, wanted to grab 5 million bucks looking askance at me but seeing the formidable Winchester on my shoulder trying to get away without asking: "You are not an employee of the national reserve." And most importantly, they did not follow me by offering their cooperation in the search for an airplane. On September 27, I reached the boundaries of the intended area of ??the fall of Sesna, seven warm sunny days wandered around and near my halt place chosen by me near the river, somewhere far away in the north there was a waterfall thundering. The place was a surprisingly attractive-vast forest with no end to the edge, tall trees and golden leaves - autumn took its rights. The fish in this river were apparently not visible, in the evening, when it was getting dark I threw my net and pulled at least half a pot of fresh trout. I chose according to my own taste and color, threw the rest into the river, cooked fish soup and enjoyed it. Mushrooms and berries were the sea, I felt their benefit on myself - from such food I wandered to darkness.
On the eighth day of the search, I decided to dedicate it to rest, I slept until nine in the morning, when I woke up and left the tent the Sun was shining brightly, it was warm, first of all I rushed into the river, refreshed myself and, after feeding, threw a net to catch trout. The water in the river was so clear that I saw how fish of various breeds, sizes and colors swam, and it occurred to me that it was a good idea to take all this beauty on camera. I went to the tent, took a miniature camera, went back to my place, went into the river and took pictures as trout and other fish species voluntarily swim into the net, cling to the cells and start twitching in the hope of breaking free. Not far from the shore in the water, a couple of large bears with thick long red hair carefully caught fish with their paws and ate as if not noticing me. In order to better take pictures of them, I came closer to them and at that moment one of the bears, seeing me standing on their hind legs, began to swing their forepaws and make frightening bearish cries, another joined it. I continued to shoot, the bears unexpectedly for me immediately went in my direction, it became clear to me that I needed to retreat. Without haste, I retreated back to the forest to take refuge in it while continuing to shoot. The predators, realizing that I was scared of them and retreating, grew bolder and quickened their pace, being on the shore they rushed in my direction
I had no choice but to run into the forest and seek salvation in it. I did so, and ran and during my flight I sometimes had a plan to jump up a tree, but since cedar pines grew with smooth trunks, I couldnt climb them and remembering that the bears are climbing trees well and will get to me. I dont know how long it took to get away from them, how suddenly a rescue came - a clearing was cut through the forest and a barbed wire fence not less than seven feet high stretched across it. It became clear to me that I wasnt going through it, but the red bears rushed at my heels and then the thought arose in my head-to reach the fence, then sharply turn and dive into the grass if you could fly longer distances. I did so and lay aside in the grass, but the bears rushing behind me did not notice the barbed wire fence and ran into it with full speed. The wire was so strong that it was not torn, in anger, they tried to break it with their paws, and I crawled to the forest, got to the tree and continued to shoot after hiding behind it. Soon, suddenly, the guards appeared in camouflage uniforms with machine guns, they did not notice me, and I took them off with the bears trying to get to them.
Just a miracle, the bears were stubborn, they are with their bloodied faces and paws broken to blood tried to break the fence of barbed wire stretched in several rows in height with a menacing, frightening inscription with huge letters-PRIVATE PROPERTY, THE PASSAGE IS STRICTLY ALLOWED. The battle of bears with wire lasted for a long time, unexpectedly two guards in camouflage uniforms with guns in their hands approached this place from the other side of the fence. Seeing their bears came into a frenzy, they actually brutalized and even more forcefully tried to break the wire with their paws, but since the sharp prickles caused them unbearable pain, they shouted threateningly. Two security guards hung up automatic machines on their shoulders, took out their mobiles, and began to shoot bears trying to break through the heavy-duty fence. And then something happened that no one expected, one of the bears broke through the wire and rushed to the guard standing near the fence and shooting animals. Since the automatic machines of these guys were hanging on their shoulders, not one of them had time to pick up and shoot, another bear broke through the hole and together attacked the guards. The bloody muzzles of feral animals, or rather their mouths with long sharp teeth, stuck into the faces and bodies of the boys, tore them apart and tossed aside, their paws smashed the chest cells with all their might, the heart-rending cry and the roar of bears were heard far away. I filmed this tragedy on camera, I wanted to help the guys but with my bare hands
there is nothing. Suddenly, from the forest, on the other side of the protected area, other guards with machine guns rushed in, a military helicopter flew up, and such shooting began that could be heard in a cinema equipped with a Dolby system. The bears did not retreat from their victims, and only mortal shots forever calmed them.
I felt sorry for the young guys and on the other hand it became clear that the place where I was striving to get is under the protection of the military. I thought that the protected area is small and the next day I will try to walk along to find its end. Unnoticed by anyone, I continued to stand, shoot and watch the military; the scattered parts of the guys gathered in two plastic bags, loaded them into a green helicopter, and it immediately flew away, the guards left this place and went where they came from. I stopped filming and returned to my camp, the net that remained in the water was choked with trout and other fish species, choosing the best in appearance, began to cook my fish soup, looking around my other bears, as it were, in my smoke the place had a lot.
The next day, with Winchester, on the shoulder I walked through the forest to a waterfall to which was not less than three, maybe three miles, as unexpectedly elsewhere I stumbled upon a six feet fence of barbed wire stretched in several rows in height with a terrible inscription tremendous letters every 300 feet-PRIVATE PROPERTY, PASSAGE STRICTLY ALLOWED. I realized that this was a continuation of the fence near which I was during the flight from the bears and where the tragedy occurred. It became clear to me just to pass illegally, or rather crawl under such a fence and be in that territory, the guards would shoot down like a duck and no one would bear responsibility for my life. As I wanted to get into that zone behind barbed wire, I had no doubt that the wreckage of the plane was there and decided to walk along the dangerous fence. How good it was that I walked a hundred yards away from it, and since I did not suffer from my eyesight, after walking a half mile I saw a wooden tower at least six meters high in front of it, on it stood two strong guys in camouflage uniforms with machine guns at the ready. I immediately laid on the green grass and immediately crawled away from this dangerous zone, at that time I did not know that it was the territory of farmer Uncle Joe who feeds America with his beef steaks and helps even other countries to eliminate hunger by supplying them with nutrient substance and thought that this is a secret military base and from here I should leave immediately, they will notice and then they will kill me ...
I got to my camp near the river, caught trout, cooked the fish soup, and had breakfast, came to the conclusion that the plane was not available to me, it was necessary to finish the search and move it to my place. There was no limit to my disappointment - to be so close to the goal and not reach because of the strict protection of the territory. The next day, I packed my things in a backpack and poked on Winchesters shoulder to the town of Kalispell, from him on a private small plane flew to Great Falls, from him to Billings and then on a jetliner to New York. A couple of hours before arriving at the airport, I contacted my wife on a cell phone, she was at home, picked up the phone and said in a strange way: "Who?"
"My dear Masha, good afternoon, Im Victor, I'm flying," I shouted happily into the phone. "How is your health, mothers, children? Immediately I report back home, meet MT-175 flight from Billings, in two hours I will be at the airport, I will tell you about my trip in detail, but I kiss you and everyone."
"My dear Victor, I heard the joyful voice of my wife. Good afternoon, everyone's health was excellent, they were worried about you, they were worried all the time, you understand wild animals there. I give the phone to my mother, I rush to the parking lot and meet, so do not worry, while you arrive and come home, your mother will make dumplings. How glad I am that you will be with you, I kiss, see you at the airport."
The mother took the phone and I heard her voice rattling with excitement: "Dear son, good afternoon, hello, we were so worried about you. How is your health? I took off my leg with a cast and I run like a young, kiss, we look forward to."
"My dear mummy, hello, good afternoon, kisses, how glad that your leg is healthy, I'm flying, we'll meet in about four hours. My health is wonderful," I said with joy. How are sons? "
"Sam and Alex go to school, now they left for boxing competition with friends, wave for you, I wanted to hear the news."
"Mom, the news will be, though not too optimistic, but this is not my fault, but basically everything was fine, I got stronger in the open air and healthy food and I feel fine, see you soon," I said and turned off the mobile phone.
Our Boeing 797 flew to New York and landed at the airport strictly on schedule, as it was an internal flight, then without any delay, we got on the bus to the airport's glass building. Thanking the driver, we went to the hall, waited ten minutes for the luggage, finally it arrived, I took the backpack with a long bag in which Winchester and other accessories for hunting and fishing were carried. I put all my things in the cart and headed to the waiting room, among the crowd I saw my charming Masha in a pink dress with a green high hat on her head so that I could see her among people. We threw ourselves into each others arms, kissed each other and greeted each other and drove the cart to the parking lot. Putting things in the trunk, Masha got into our silver Ford Mustang and I went with a trolley to the airport to hand it over and get a passport.
Ten minutes later, having passed it and received a passport, I rushed to the car, sat down and we moved to my place, on the way I told her about my adventures that cost me $ 100,000, but since I was receiving two hundred thousand a month, I was not particularly upset . I hadnt yet arrived at the house as I saw on the threshold mom and sons Alex and Sam waiting for us. The car stopped, I got out, we immediately began to hug, kiss, pull things out of the trunk and when they were on the sidewalk my wife immediately gave gas and Ford rushed to the parking lot and we entered the house.
I dont hide it, it was interesting for everyone to hear my story about traveling to Montana, about the missing plane claims I only described in general terms, as I decided to explain the most interesting and terrible episode upon returning home to Masha. An hour later, my wife returned from the parking lot, my mother immediately began cooking dumplings, and when we sat down at the table, I devoured them in detail and told about my search for the missing plane without forgetting to mention my meeting with the bear, which almost ended in tragedy for me. In order to prove the plausibility of the meeting and not fiction, I took a miniature camera out of my bag, connected it to the TV and soon we saw the filmed episode, that tragedy when the bears were chasing me and I escaped near the fence and they broke through the barbed wire and tore to pieces two guards trying to shoot on camera the evil beasts.
This film made an unpleasant impression on my mother, wife and children, even though they saw it alive, I was very sorry that if I had not been in that place, I would have stayed at home, these guys would have survived. I did not argue out loud, but mentally left us with the assignment of opinion - my trip was useful for me and I was sure that there were fragments of an airplane in the protected area. But in order not to part on a sad note, I showed a couple of films like I caught trout and other fish in my miniature network, squirrels frolicking on cedars, but the most indelible impression was made on my relative film about the search for an airplane on Lake Mac Donald. When they saw hundreds of boats, boats plying water and thousands of divers diving inland, they realized how many people were willing to go for three nine lands to grab a prize of five million dollars. Since I could increase the shots, my wife Maria asked me to enlarge one frame and when I saw that, I exclaimed in surprise: "Mom, Victor, I saw a familiar parking attendant, he flew to Montana to Lake Mac Donald, he is missing, I wanted a prize ! "
I looked at my wife, smiled and quietly said: "Masha, but you didnt want to let me go, you know, I managed to justify my trip financially, I can request a million bucks for showing my film on TV. Billions of people will see such documentary footage."
Masha looked at me, smiled, winked and quietly said: "I do not mind, you risked your life and it costs money, let them shell out."
We went to bed at midnight, sleep was intermittent, woke up from nightmarish pictures - scary beast-like animals chased me, I ran to the barbed wire fence, then rushed at it through it in an attempt to escape from the beasts and woke with a shiver in my body . And I will say such horrible dreams that lasted for several days, but to my happiness everything went away, but as for my film, I managed to persuade the owner of Fox TV company and sold it for a million bucks, but Fox earned at least a hundred, but this is his business, to each his own. Having learned this awesome news, mother, Masha and sons were delighted, and therefore the occasion we set out for the next year with the whole family to go to Montana.
The following year, in August, for three weeks, we flew the whole family to Montana, and on the slats we reached the river where we caught trout and visited the place where I was able to escape from the bears who had devoured two young guys. Barbed wire fence still remained on
place, no one took it off, but they didnt dare to go higher in the restricted area where the wreckage of the aircraft lay.
We had a great rest, especially everyone liked fresh river trout, about berries, mushrooms, I dont say it anymore, they were abundant, we enjoyed dishes prepared by mom on the fire. When we had a saucepan and a deep frying pan, we cooked the fish soup and fried fish and mushrooms in them, I will tell you a secret, with special need, successfully hunted mountain sheep, fresh meat was soft and with a pleasant taste. I confess that in a month we gained strength, we saw brown bears and gray wolves, there were no clashes, but all the most interesting moments were filmed on our miniature camera. In the evenings, I did not just contemplate the starry sky and the blue Moon, but also thought to whom this protection zone belongs to and how to get into it. And I will say, when we returned home I began to make inquiries resolutely and succeeded, it turns out that the marines protected the farm of Uncle Joe, the very one who fed and continues to feed the US population with beef steaks and other meat and dairy products and a part goes to countries where people still face with malnutrition problems. Having collected all the data about farmer Uncle Joe, I outlined a plan for a trip to Montana for the next year, but circumstances were such that I had to postpone the journey for ten years - aliens flew to our Earth and went with them to the Approxima planet among the hundred lucky ones. After returning to Earth, the President of the United States presented us, the Americans, the Silver Horseshoe with the excellent Red Stallion bred by Uncle Joe and the modern rubber stroller designed by his sons and at the invitation of a world famous farmer, I and my family visited his farm. Its unbelievable that the circumstances were such that they met the Stone sisters, whose parents died in a plane crash and uncovered the mystery of the missing Sesna Mustang 7 plane, the wreckage lay where I assumed, but I will describe this later on separately.
My friends, my story does not end there, and as I describe interesting episodes of our life and my personal, I cannot miss an important event in which I became a purely accidental person, after winning the lottery ticket of the new lottery "Travel with us" I will tell you an interesting historical event that occurred in the beginning of 2076 - living aliens flew to our Earth on the giant spacecraft "Space Explorer" and I will tell you frankly traveling with them not only saw their amazing planet but lengthened their lives by as much as twenty years. This is how it happened.

Meeting with Planet Approxima.

In New York, at every corner in newsstands, small shops and huge supermarkets sell lottery tickets, now they cost 5, 10, 15, 20 dollars, it is not so expensive, people take them in bundles especially after one homeless Harry Studebaker won All-American Big Lottery 7,864,000,000 bucks. All the newspapers around the world wrote about him, TV showed his new sweet life in a huge villa in the suburbs of New York, 55 miles from Manhattan, bought for 73,564,000 bucks-an acre of land, a cherry garden, a pool and a garage in which kept a Ferrari racing car worth 19,374,000 bucks. But most importantly, Harry Studebaker organized a charitable picnic for ten thousand two hundred and one homeless New Yorker on the lawn of his three-story nest and each handed a check for 100,000 bucks which would last for a whole year a decent life for a two-person family. Just imagine the homeless Harry guessed 15 numbers out of 49, for three years there were solid jack pots ... and now he is lucky, the newly appeared billionaire who has fallen into paradise life.
Hoping to grab millions of dollars in dollars, I also took lottery tickets, no winnings, but I still buy them. Recently, a new lottery "With Us in Space" appeared and, as a thrill-seeker, I wandered around the world and even went to the Moon or Mars, decided to buy tickets, but here, happiness did not smile for a long time. Nevertheless, I continued to take tickets for many types of lotteries in the hope that sooner or later me would be lucky and, fortunately, this happened many years later. It happened in 2076 - January 17 of that year at 9.36 and 24 seconds landed on Florida giant spacecraft "Space Explorer" with 107 living aliens from a distant planet of Approxima.
For us, the inhabitants of the Earth, this was not an unexpected and exciting sensation. A month before they landed on television, two astronomers-American Dick Harding and the Russian Yevgeny Volkov spoke at a general press conference in Moscow in the Palace of Cosmonautics in the presence of five thousand journalists and correspondents of radio and television in almost all countries of the world. Since the inhabitants of the earth had been informed about this press conference at the appointed time, at 10 o'clock in the evening our whole family clung to the television and we, like many people, listened attentively to the scientists who spoke, the correspondents who asked questions and the astronomers who answered them. In order not to repeat the attractive appearance of a woman in a pink short dress above the knee with lilac long wavy hair below the shoulders read a joint message of two astronomers: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Earth dwellers! It is difficult to assume but its a fact that the spacecraft with aliens, radio signals are constantly sent from it, but since the language in which those travelers communicate cannot be deciphered by our electronic devices and therefore we cannot understand the meaning of these messages. We do not think that those who are flying on it, cosmic suicide terrorists, are pursuing a hostile goal - to destroy our earth and civilization. damage to our land. That's because our powers are the United States, Russia, United Europe, China and Japan, possessing super-powerful space-guided missiles capable of destroying that ship still in space on the way to our Earth and according agreement we send our space ships to meet with them, a dozen rockets, and if the aliens refuse to negotiate with us will decide to eliminate them. You know, our scientists had experience, in 2070 they changed the trajectory of a giant meteorite "Ivan the Terrible" with a diameter of about one kilometer flying to us having blown up near one hundred and twenty missiles with several thousand hydrogen bombs. We have enough time to prepare for the meeting of that spacecraft. If we manage to establish contact with the commander of the ship and he informs about his good intentions, we will trust him but nevertheless, until the landing, our space rockets will accompany the aliens even in space with the help of our most accurate laser devices to clarify it and whether there are nuclear charges on a spaceship. According to our calculations, it will approach our land no earlier than in a month if, for whatever reasons, they do not change the flight path. Apparently, those who fly on it have more technical knowledge than we knew from our planet about our existence. To keep the citizens of the earth informed, we will give objective information every Friday at 10 o'clock in the evening. The next press conference will be held in Washington. Now your questions will be answered by scientists astronomers Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov. "
The press conference lasted more than three hours, various questions were asked, the arrival of the ship was all over, was it really with aliens flying with good intentions and not with space terrorists and could our super-powered computers decipher the radio signals they send to know their purpose. Both scientists tried to assure our earthlings that they should not draw conclusions based on fantastic movies with space wars using super hydrogen bombs as a result of which the planets are completely destroyed and debris scatter throughout Cosmos. What is most interesting are the films with the plots about the conquest of new planets from other planets. It is understandable, even hundreds of space adventurers who have fallen on any inhabited planet are unlikely to be able to conquer the country even with the use of their ultra-modern weapons and whether this makes sense.
In short, everyone came to the conclusion that aliens with good intentions are flying to us, but nevertheless, the governments of the United States, Russia, United Europe, China and Japan will send to the ship flying to us no less than ten guided missiles completely launched by thermonuclear bombs and electronic equipment capable of determining the presence on board of an unknown ship of superpowerful explosives, and in the case of the EU, if there is no connection on the approach to the Earth, one million miles to destroy it. According to scientists, at that time the ship was one billion miles from the Earth, it flew at a speed of at least ten thousand miles per second and, as they calculated, the flight speed decreased every second.
Personally, I was skeptical about the fact that a spaceship with terrorists rushes towards us and believed - simple aliens-travelers on it. From the very moment we heard about the approach of the spacecraft to us on lips of all people only and it and aliens. Everyone began to listen to the radio, watch TV and surf the Internet for news and messages. At that time, interest in binoculars, pipes, and home telescopes increased unusually, demand exceeded supply, the price for them rose sharply, dozens, if not hundreds, of new workshops for the production of these products appeared, the Chinese turned the fastest and brought pipes and telescopes to America.In short, who could get this technique did not part with it day or night and looked at that point in the sky where according to astronomers' calculations, a spacecraft flew to our land about what was reported 4 times a day, at 4 am, 10 pm, at 4 pm and at 10 pm .
We also purchased a home telescope tube with a magnification of a thousand times, since there was not enough money for a larger one and, frankly, due to the small size of the spacecraft, we could not see it - only a glowing speck of dust. What to say, according to calculations, all the same astronomers on the twenty-first day of approaching to the earth that ship was located at a distance of about a 500 million miles from us.
I had time and sitting near my pipe I thought how our space rockets would fly to it a couple of million miles from the earth, turn around and fly a parallel course if they do not yet have the speed with which the ship flies. In short, I came to the conclusion that our rockets at a height of one million miles are unlikely to undermine it, only at an altitude of ten to twenty thousand miles when the speeds become equal, but it is dangerous for earthlings as radiation will cover a large area of ??the Earth and if this happens over China, India, Europe or the United States at least a billion people, sooner or later go to the next world.
Every Friday, astronomers Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov held press conferences and brought to the attention of all earthlings about the approach of the spacecraft and the shortening distance. Since they spoke with optimism, there could be no talk about suicide bombers flying to us to blow up our planet, but as far as deciphering radio signals, it was a dead end here, even the fast Russian computers were not able to decipher them.
At the last press conference that took place in Moscow three days before the landing, there were not only astronomer scientists Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov, but also rocket specialists on launching and landing spacecraft. Many correspondents did not manage to get into the hall and they had to sit in the neighboring exhibition hall and see what was happening in the main hall on large screens of televisions. The first was made by Eugene. Volkov, tall, thin, athletic build, middle-aged handsome man with curly blond hair, blue eyes in a white shirt and black trousers. "Ladies and gentlemen, comrades and friends.Immediately inform everyone - communications are made with aliens, their receivers caught our radio signals, and quickly operating electronic computers deciphered them and immediately made up a small approximate Russian-English dictionary, without wasting time we electronically sent them all English and Russian words and expressions and now they and we with the help of electronic translators understand each other. In short, they found us and decided on their ship "Space Explorer" to send on a long journey 107 of their citizens of the planet Approxima. We got acquainted with the climate on their planet and made a decision - the ship will land in Florida, USA, where the temperature currently corresponds to their winter temperature - about twenty degrees Celsius. As agreed by the governments of the United States, Russia and China, between 7 and 12 o'clock three missiles will be launched from spaceports and will accompany them to the landing site at Cape Canaveral. So the citizens of the earth will see the landing of the "Space Explorer" with aliens on January 17, 2076 between 9 and 10 am Eastern Atlantic time or between 16 and 17 Moscow time, follow the news. Thank you for your attention, Mr. Dick Harding takes the word. "
From a green velvet chair stood tall, broad-shouldered, pleasant-looking brown-haired, a gentleman with dark eyes and long black hair in a blue shirt and brown trousers, he looked at the crowd and said: "Lady and gentlemen, January 17, 2076 will be remembered by mankind as the historical date for meeting aliens. Frankly speaking, even with our modern astronomical technology, we have no idea about the location of the distant Approxima planet in outer space. The flight time is far away in light years, and they managed to fly to us due to the fact that their ship was equipped with powerful engines capable of accelerating it to the speed of light and they overcame a certain distance on it. Unfortunately, we have no possibility stage and perhaps in the next hundred years to create such a ship. In addition, a long time to fly 107 travelers and eat on the road, frankly, does not fit in my head. Of course, their ship is not as small as many can imagine, and too gigantic by our standards is about 1,700 feet or more than five hundred meters. To build such a colossus and launch into space is just a miracle. But we have to make a fact-the ship flies to us, as the commander of the "Space Explorer" informed us that his rocket engines are arranged in such a way that a soft vertical landing is performed on any less level surface. Nevertheless, we are preparing a landing area with a diameter of more than 500 feet, since the ship itself has a diameter of 350 feet. In short, our rocket experts on launching and landing spacecraft, based on the size of the Space Explorer's alien spacecraft arriving to us, prepare all the necessary structures for locking, holding the ship in an upright position, elevators for descending people to the ground and ascending . Of course, it will take some time to assemble the constructions before our alien guests descend to the ground, but I think both we and they will wait for that historic moment when an exciting meeting takes place. At present, we communicate with them, exchange television shows, but until they appear at the door of the ship themselves, at their request, we will not show them. Since tomorrow our rockets will start to meet the ship with aliens, then only the day after tomorrow the tele-performance from space will begin and you will fully consider their rocket and then a smooth landing. Thank you for your attention and answer your questions."
There were not so many questions, mainly how did these aliens manage to disperse their ship to the speed of light, and whether our rocket designers could create such a rocket and almost everyone had a request to describe these aliens, show telegraphs of the interior where they spend time paths but astronomer scientists Dick Harding and Yevgeny Volkov, appointed as responsible and chief leaders for meeting, staying and following conversations with aliens, told everyone that the moment would come and everyone would see not only them but receive full information from the lips of pioneers of space. Nevertheless, at the end of the meeting, scientists surrendered and partly drew them - apparently, like me, with arms, legs, torso and head. The present correspondents, cameramen thanked the scientists and began to go away.
My sons and I were amazed not so much by the size of the rocket as the speed with which it flew, at the speed of light. In this case, the time on the ship goes backwards and is received by the Sun, they return to the time from which the flight began. But for a long time we didnt sit down and my wife and my mother invited us to the table to eat homemade dumplings with pepper and meat prepared by them. I will say frankly that luxury we rarely allowed mainly we bought semi-finished products cooked according to the new technology-patties, beef steaks, chicken, turkey-sticks in a microwave and in five minutes a ready-to-eat meal. Noodles, spaghetti, potato purйe, all kinds of cereals, soups and other main dishes already cooked, just need to warm up and eat at your pleasure. It is possible to buy fresh meat, flour only from a farmer, this pleasure is very expensive, it is necessary to agree on a purchase with him in advance, he will tell you what cattle slaughter day and arrive exactly at the appointed time. A pound of fresh beef, pork and lamb is ten times more expensive than a pound of ready-to-cook food in a supermarket and there is no comparison in quality. Once a month we buy five pounds of mutton, pork, beef, eleven pound of white wheat flour, butter, sour cream, cream, milk and honey from a familiar farmer Jack Pokker, we buy the rest of the semi-finished products for everyday meals in the local supermarket.
The next day, on TV, we saw the launch of American, Russian and Chinese rockets from their space centers, a day later they went to a rapprochement with the flying spacecraft "Space Explorer" and in all details the television cameras began to shoot it and send color shots to the earth. Yes, the ship turned out to be gigantic in size and our rockets seemed like toys, now it was not flying too fast and they did not lag behind it. After a while, the earths rockets rebuilt - the American flyer - in front "Space Explorer", Russian to the right and Chinese to iits left. It was clear to all-the American rocket flew to the American continent, to Florida, to Cape Canaverel. Clearly, the rocket experts on launching and landing spacecraft made contact with the captain and gave detailed information about the landing site. Frankly speaking, a special channel was singled out, and from January 17, at 12:00 am, he began to conduct a constant transfer from Space about the landing of a ship with aliens. I, my sons did not sleep and watched a television report about the landing of the ship. At first, the ship flew horizontally as it should be in relation to the ground and when it entered the dense layers of the atmosphere, it began to drastically reduce its speed and, with the help of jet engines located on the hull, assumed a vertical position while continuing to fly to the descent site, to Cape Canaveral in Florida.
Without any doubt, the ship's commander was sent the exact coordinates of the site, he entered them into the computer and the automatic landing began. Being near it, the ship slowed down its flight and, in the vertical position began to descend absolutely vertically. The engines produced such a powerful monstrous bright flame that it flew in all directions for not less than a hundred yards. Without any doubt, the flame temperature was no less than a two thousand degrees F, but despite this, the platform on which the ship descended survived, did not melt, and ten minutes later of vertical descent skillfully maneuvering the "Space Explorer" landed onto the metal plates of the missile complex at Cape Canaverella, after thirty seconds all the engines on 2076, January 17, 9 hours 36 minites 24 seconds stalled and stopped on the scoreboard.
Soon the engineer and technicians arrived to install the giant metal masts lying on the ground, drove various mechanisms, cranes, and began to move and lift the structures and in a vertical position, they embraced the giant ship from all sides thus keeping it from falling. But it seems to me that those designers who designed the ship had foreseen everything in advance, and if he had descended not on the platform but in the steppe on a non-flat platform and then it would hardly have fallen.
I will say right away at the landing site in the morning there was a great, sunny, windless weather and we saw a majestic spacecraft - its entire surface resembled a sandpaper covered with strange particles glittering in the sun like diamonds, they played and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow.
Soon, the announcer announced that the next TV report would take place no earlier than three hours later - the installers would install the elevator and the aliens themselves would air the room in which they had gathered before going down to earth by the earths air, because they themselves would breathe them.
We turned off the TV and because we didnt sleep all night, we went to bed. Before I lay down, I asked my wife, Masha, who was busy in the kitchen, to wake me up at 12 noon. She looked at me and kissed whispered: "Dear Victor, you are so carried away by these aliens that you forgot about sleep, food and me. Well, I'll wake you up, but only in the evening at ten o'clock will I turn off the TV and immediately go to bed."
"Charming Masha, I will listen to your advice, it seems to me that nightly sessions from space will stop, those aliens are already on the earth," I said and kissed my sweet wife and went to bed with the thought of seeing them on television.
At 12 noon, Masha woke me up, kissed me and said quietly: "Dear Victor, get up, eat, wait for the TV, those aliens will be shown later, our specialists did not prepare an elevator, their exit gateway was at such a height that they would increase the additional section, so do not worry, they will report only at seven in the evening."
I kissed Masha and said: "In this case, you can have dinner without haste, I lost all interest in food with these newcomers from space, I was so carried away that I would have looked without sleep, it was necessary that our planet was found and flew to distant lands by a huge team of 107 people. When all will be told to go down, but the most interesting thing for me is how they look. "
"My dear Victor, you heard the scientists say how we just speak differently," said Masha quietly, she kissed me coquettishly and went to the kitchen.
I got up, got dressed, washed and went to the kitchen, mom with Masha and sons sat at the table and waited for me, we exchanged a good day greeting and began to have dinner. My children discussed the main event of our time - the arrival of aliens, they also wanted to see them - are they really like us?
In short, we barely waited for seven o'clock in the evening, turned on the TV and immediately saw a ship standing on the landing, installers installed additional sections and checked the work of the elevator - at least twenty people got up on the platform of a fully glazed elevator so that everyone could see the aliens and the world around them. Next to the elevator were buses, the aliens would be taken to the medical center of adaptation in them, and then communication with earthlings would begin.
It took at least an hour before the big elevator without people climbed up to the ships gateway, the doors opened and after a minute the first seven aliens in golden-colored space suits with glass head helmets entered the elevator car, the door immediately closed and he began to go down. Even if we were still behind the glass, we managed to see their faces shown in close-ups at high magnification - they are all as on selection, twin brothers, people like us, only skin of matte color and very youthful looking young men and only. They widely smiled and looked at the surrounding desert landscape, the ocean expanse in the distance and the space center buildings.
When they got down right now they went to the bus, the elevator went up and already twenty people went down, they went to the blue bus and it continued until the last aliens were in the second bus. Accompanied by long black cars, they went to the medical adaptation center and, as the announcer said, the next TV report about the meeting of aliens with scientists, journalists and correspondents will take place no earlier than a week later.
We turned off the TV and began to discuss what we saw television report - it was very interesting and mysterious for all of us - these aliens of flesh and blood, like us or robots in a shell, all on one youthful face. The twins were a little different in height from each other, everything like ours, the same smooth gait, hand movement, wide smile and absolute trust in those to whom they came to visit. If we had appeared in their place, we would hardly have smiled so widely, above all, would have looked closely at suspicion of everything - so that there would be no such thing that would harm us. In essence, they flew into an unknown and possibly hostile world, but this did not frighten them, the aliens were fearless.
Every day in television reports they talked about how aliens are adapted to our environment, showed very little, mostly their walks through the greenhouse, then in the garden, and finally their conversation with doctors took place on a lawn among flowers and roses. Outwardly, they have not changed, the twin brothers are smiling, although twelve women turned out to be among them and when they were shown to us I could not be distinguished from men. To say frankly our girls and women are more attractive, but since they are from another planet, as we know everything is relative, maybe we are not so beautiful for them.
I will say frankly placed them in elegant rooms of three, four people, carpets, electronics, furniture, paintings, fresh flowers and roses in vases, single wooden king size bed, each with its own bedroom overlooking the ocean or the garden. In conclusion, they showed dinner in the canteen - on each table - fresh flowers in vases, drinks, buns, cakes, snacks, many varieties of cheese, coffee pots, teapots, forks, spoons. Judging by the smiling faces, the aliens were pleased with the earthly food, ate, drank with pleasure and looked at the beautiful young girls serving them.
When dinner ended, they went for a walk in the garden and the announcer announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, at seven in the evening, the scientists, the public and the press will meet with foreign planets, they will tell you about their Approxima planet, show a few movies about their country and the purpose of the journey . See you tomorrow."
We turned off the TV and went to dinner. As always, ready-to-eat semi-finished products from our local beefsteak supermarket with sauce and spaghetty, Italian pizza (by name), strawberries and cake I will not say that we had eaten but in the middle of the night I felt unwell, my stomach was stung and nauseous, soon my mother and wife complained, fortunately the children slept well. We got up and began to drink raw water, but this didnt make it any easier, the pain intensified, we had no choice but to do how to call an ambulance, woke the children and twenty minutes later a car arrived with doctors, they brought us to it for an examination and brought to our knowledge of dangerous poisoning by unknown bacteria and immediate hospital admission. We immediately agreed with them, they gave us some solution to drink, it became a little easier and three of us went to the hospital. I will not talk about the procedures and injections. In total, we spent three days in the hospital ward. Luckily, we were cured of poisoning free of charge at the expense of the company that prepared the semi-finished pizza with mushrooms. Therefore, we were not able to watch and listen to TV shows about the meeting of aliens with scientists, the press, the public, we had to be content with just reading in the newspapers. The most important thing that has come down to us is that they are going to fly back to their planet with a hundred earthlings and a hundred alien comrades will stay until they return to earth, live in different countries under the supervision of people and guides, communicate freely and, if they wish, engage in socially useful work. Do not eat free bread, meat, fruits, vegetables and more.
I should note that 100 aliens who remained on the earth lived only in four countries-in the USA-50, in France and in Russia at 20 and in England 10 Approximants with a full guarantee that their life will be in absolute safety and the local population will adequately address and communicate with the guests .
As I read from our newspapers, the commander of the arriving aliens decided, with the consent of the governments of some states, to gather a group of 100 tourists who wanted to visit Planet Approxima with which they had flown. Consent was obtained - from nine states - the United States, Russia, England, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, and China - 75 English-speaking citizens will depart, the remaining 25 tourists from the other 25 states - a rate of men and women ten to one, the health of each space traveler must be excellent. To this end, the travel company "With us in Cosmos" organized the World Lottery, anyone who won the lucky ticket and there were two thousand six hundred could qualify for the flight. There was no limit to my desire to fly to another planet, but apparently I didnt show it and therefore my wife and mother didnt suspect my intention to visit Approxima ..
I have to say, anyone could buy any number of lottery tickets and I, in secret from my mother and wife, bought a hundred for $ 50 each one. A month later, on television, a drawing was shown - seven aliens - twin brothers in blue shirts and dark trousers - manually spun a glass squirrel wheel with multi-colored balls with numbers; they fell out of it into the tray. A pretty green-eyed alien lady in a pink dress below her knees and brown shoes took the ball in her hand, showed the number and announced it out loud in good English. When I heard her voice, I was immediately distinguished from ours - it was, to my ears, not as alive as ours, but a dry metal one. I followed the lottery draw and wrote down the numbers on paper; twenty winning tickets accounted for the USA and Russia, but the number of the lucky ones turned out to be a million times more. According to the rules, it was necessary to guess five numbers from 1 to 20, bought a ticket, circled any five numbers on it and on the spine, take a ticket with a spine with a digital camera and send an E-mail to the travel company "With us in Cosmos", they send confirmation and waiting for the rally. On each ticket there was a Latin letter - everyone who possessed a ticket with lucky numbers no matter what letter of the alphabet stood in it had a chance to fly. I understood, everything was done specifically to select decent and healthy people for the flight in one place claimed twenty-six and maybe two and three times more people.
When all one hundred winning numbers were played out after a minute, they were shown on the scoreboard in close-up so that people could write and check. Smiling aliens appeared again, one of them got up and turned to the viewers: "Dear ladies and gentlemen! Anyone who holds a happy ticket should call (212) 175 3467 9, call their winning number and get full information for the next action. Thank you , see you on our ship "Space Explorer".
Overjoyed that no one noticed me as I wrote out the numbers of winning tickets, otherwise my mother and wife could expose that they were bought from me. It's not about money, but the fact that they categorically ignored all TV shows about aliens and did not want to know anything about them, therefore only children talked with me and in their free time watched TV with reports about aliens. I had no doubt that if I won the journey to Approxima through the lottery, they would support me. I turned off the TV and, as if nothing had happened, I went to the kitchen to have dinner, where mother and woman put cooked delicious food on the table with them. We turned off pizza with mushrooms and some semi-finished products from our diet after our poisoning and, on the advice of the doctors, leaned on flower tea.
The children have not returned from the gymnasium yet, they were carried away by freestyle wrestling and did not miss a single training session. Mom, Masha and I sat down at the table and enjoyed eating dumplings with cottage cheese, then drinking flower tea without sugar. Frankly, I ate and wondered how to get away from them and start checking lottery tickets.
In order not to arouse suspicion of mom and wife, I went to bed as it should be, I couldnt even speak of a dream, but I pretended to sleep and when my Masha was fast asleep I got up and went to the toilet, I hid two sheets of paper one of them is issued no-measure lottery tickets and on the other winning numbers. I carefully checked the numbers and just before the last one was shocked - my ticket was a winning one. I checked the numbers several times - that's right, they matched. Without hesitation, I hid the sheets of paper and went to sleep, my mother continued to snore in her bedroom and Masha had a dream. I will say frankly lately, dreams overcame us, it was worth falling asleep and dreaming of something that did not happen in real life. In short, I quietly went to bed but did not fall asleep until the morning and thought about my subsequent action - call or not on the phone and still decided to establish contact with the firm "With us in Cosmos" who made me happy. If I approach to making space travel in all respects, then as if mom and wife didn't dissuade me fly to aliens on their planet and see that life, no doubt it is different from ours.
In the morning I got up first and went to the toilet, freshened up with a cold shower, got dressed, took away the hidden sheets with winning numbers and lottery tickets and went to our rest room, which served at the same time as my office. I sat down at the table, took the sheets out of my pocket and began once again to check the winning numbers of lottery tickets. That's right, one of a hundred tickets turned out to have happy winning numbers. I found a ticket and hid it in my pocket, my heart was pounding with joy, at 10 o'clock I would call by phone to make contact with those who are organizing a space trip. I managed on time - Mom and Masha woke up, each looked in the room and saw me with business papers, smiled and quietly said "Good morning," I also smiled and answered the same. As always, they began to bustle about in the kitchen, soon the sons got up and at 8 30 am began to have breakfast. Mom and Masha started talking about our upcoming trip to farmer Jack Pokker for fresh meat and dairy products, for which a survey was conducted with the wishes of what to order first. I and the children decided to buy a couple of five pound of beef and six pound of lamb for meatballs and dumplings, mother and wife agreed with us and added cottage cheese, sour cream, cream, butter and eleven pound of flour. I was delighted and said: "My dear household, maybe farmer's wife Peggy is now busy with her own business, so at ten o'clock I will call him and place an order."
My wife looked at me and without suspecting that I had planned to say: "Victor, do not forget to thank Peggy and Jack for their great products and let them indicate the exact date when you drive up to them, look not to be confused like last time, we will arrive a couple of days earlier and again made trip."
"Masha, this will not happen again, they have spent so much gasoline, they could have gone to the lake and caught some fresh fish, had to be abandoned, he was to blame," I told the note of guilt and began to write down the ordered products and their quantity.
As the children hurried to college, they quickly ate sandwiches with cheese and butter, drank tea with cheesecakes, got up from the table and grabbed their bags and jumped out of the house. I, my mother and Masha started a conversation about what to buy on the birthday of our neighbor Tina, in a day she will be forty years old. In essence, I didnt care what bought to her, now my goal was for mother and wife to sit for as long as possible and decide what to donate, but at that time I would quickly call farmers wife Peggy to order food and at the same time call (212) 175 3467 9 report your winning ticket with lucky numbers. I looked at my mechanical watch "Сlub Room" - seven minutes to ten, got up from the table, looked at my mother with Masha and said: "Dear ladies, you decide what you will buy for neighbors birthday girl Tina and I go to call Peggy, I spoke to you and almost forgot. "
They looked at me and nodded their heads, I immediately went into the room, got a winning ticket out of the secret place, and started calling. The first thing I did was to call Peggy, thanked her and her husband for the good products and made an order, she recorded and told to come to pick them up in a couple of weeks. I once again thanked Peggy, her husband for the wonderful products and promised to arrive on the exact day indicated by her by dinner. After a short conversation with her, I dialed the number (212) 175 3467 9 and heard the metallic voice of the telephone robot: "Good morning, please let us know your winning ticket numbers, last name, first name, patronymic, your birth day, gender, education, height, eye color , physical condition, your position, place of work at present, your home phone number and E-mail address. Any inaccuracy in your message makes it impossible for you to claim to travel with us to the Approxima planet, speak clearly after the signal, we will repeat your message and if everything is correct in say "Yes". Further information will be sent to you by telephone and E mail."
I heard the signal and conveyed all that was required of me, after a few seconds the mechanical voice repeated my data, everything coincided and I said "Yes." Without hesitation, I went to the kitchen, mom and Masha were so enthusiastic about the conversation that they didnt notice my long absence, I looked at them, smiled and said: "Dear ladies, I made an order, after a couple of weeks we are going to buy products and advice you to buy our neighbor on the birth day set "All for beauty" and a bottle of Italian champagne Qyanti, she loves to be painted and she will be her way. "
They looked at me and Masha said: "Victor, you are right, we will do it, we will attach cosmetics and a bottle of champagne to a blue velvet dress, she will be glad. Mom, now go shopping, while lunch the store is not overcrowded. Victor, rush to the parking lot, start your Ford, while you drive up to the house, well get together and go shopping in the supermarket for "Lille and Johnny," there is everything including parking. "
I glanced at my mom and I happily said: "I rush to the parking lot, in forty minutes I will be near the house, be ready, without delay, otherwise you will face a fine for improper parking, 1,000 bucks money is not small."
Masha looked at me and said: "Victor, do not worry, after half an hour we are standing on the sidewalk and waiting for your return."
I kissed my mother, Masha and rushed to the parking to which at least fifteen minutes of running at a speed of ten miles per hour, forty-five minutes later I rode a silver Ford to the house, my wife and mother got into the car and rushed to give Tina gift.
Every day I looked into my computer and only two weeks later I received an email from the agency: "Dear Victor Smith, please go to the Space Travel Bureau at 95 West 33 Str, 77 Fl, Room # 77B, CTB, Ms. Lizabet Stromm, you are a claimant to travel to the planet Approxima. "
I read it many times, I just could not believe that the applicant and now did not know how to convey this joyful news to my wife and mother. I knew they would be against my intention to go on a long journey, and therefore, first of all, he told the news to his sons, they listened to me, kissed me, and Alex happily told me: "Dad, rush to the Travel Bureau immediately and if this is all true truth in no way don't refuse, then tell mom and grandma. " I looked at Alex and Sam and said quietly: "My children, thanks for the advice, Im with you, just dont talk to mom, tomorrow morning I rush to the Travel Bureau. And then Ill inform you, until everything is only preliminary actions, Im not alone, one hundred people claim one place, but if they make contact with me, therefore I come up.
"Dad, Sam whispered, we will be silent, act, you may actually be among the lucky ones to visit that planet, it is awesome. I think on that rocket flying at the speed of light in three years you will return to the earth, mom with Grandma persuade them not to worry, I wish you happiness."
Alex looked at me and said: "Dad, take a movie camera with you and shoot the most interesting moments of your stay on the planet-city, nature, people, I wish you luck, Id be an adult and I never had such happiness in my life from him, millions, billions of people are now dreaming of such a journey. "
The children kissed me and went to their room, but I went to the kitchen where my mother and Masha prepared a delicious meal, dumplings. I kissed them and began to sculpt dumplings, none of them guessed what was on my mind and he didnt say a word about my contacts with the Travel Bureau, and thus the evening was held in a warm and pleasant atmosphere, they talked only about our after-morrow traveling to the bosom of nature, specifically on Long Island.
.. The next day I rushed to New York, found the "Space Travel Bureau" and at the table I saw a young girl of pleasant appearance with a reddish hair in a blunt dress, we smiled at each other and greeted. Lisa Stromm filed a questionnaire for me, I filled it, she looked through and faxed to the Space Center, before parting the girl told me: "Mr. Victor, if your health condition is excellent, you will fall into the number of travelers and make a historical flight to another planet Approxima on space ship "Space Explorer" in the other case sorry, not your luck. "
I looked at her and said: "Honey Lizaveta, Im not offended by health, maybe the aliens will take it, thank you, goodbye."
Good-bye, dear Victor Smith, I think you are a potential contender for a journey, a sporty man, as I see you just have a good health, energetic, programmer, wish you happiness."
I was delighted, came home and told my news to my mother, wife, sons, and then the opinions diverged - the sons called for my journey and my mother and wife objected, but in the end the children convinced them that I would soon return and tell about the life of people to another The planet is so interesting. A couple of days later I received an answer, I was asked to collect presents on the road and on May 17, 2076, to arrive in Texas, in the city of Houston, in the Space Center to prepare for the flight, in case of unwillingness to report at the address indicated, the chance for a journey disappears.
I gave the news to my mother, wife, children, and the debate started again, whether or not I should fly to that distant country, and again Alex and Sam convinced my mother and their grandmother that I should make a trip and began to prepare me for the road. I took a few gifts and edited a film about our genius farmer Uncle Joe from various television programs available in the archives of TV companies.
Three weeks flew by and on the appointed day early on the morning of May 17th we went to New York, to JFK airport where I said goodbye to my mother, wife, and children and flew to Texas, Houston city, to the Space Center. At the office, I met a young, pleasant employee, we exchanged greetings, met Mr. Charlie Dayton sat me in a soft leather armchair, checked the computer, smiled and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, we should go to the next building , everything is great with you, you will train before the flight, you are not just a cosmic tourist, an astronaut."
"Dear Mr. Charlie Dayton, it's nice to hear such a joyful message from you," I said, got up and went down the corridor to the crossing, passed through to another building of glass and steel, where in a special unit with simulators I and other participants of trip had to undergo pre-flight training. Charlie led me to the big hall where the lucky ones had already gathered who were to fly to Approxima. We exchanged greetings, all the ladies and gentlemen smiled broadly, looked me up from head to toe and judging by their faces I realized they were happy to fly with me, a very handsome middle-aged man. And I note, especially fascinating ladies were looking at me, possibly counting on further romantic love adventures. I myself, having looked at everyone, realized that basically they focused on appearance in order to capture the imagination of those aliens who, as they said earlier, were not too distinguished by their appearance, resembling living twin dummies.
Mr. Charlie Dayton introduced me to the ladies, gentlemen, then we went to the table where a nice-looking girl with lilac curls in a white robe sat, we exchanged greetings, an acquaintance happened and it turned out that Miss Diana Cruz will monitor our state of the body after exercising on the simulators using test instruments. On this day, we basically got to know each other - you just imagine that people from different nations from 34 countries gathered in the hall, but everyone spoke excellent English. In the evening, after dinner, they danced, told themselves, but since you couldnt state much in an hour, they sent me to bed at 9, and all of them were in separate rooms with a bed and a TV.
From the next morning, a whole month was engaged in all types of simulators for 10 hours with breaks for food. Immediately after the training, we were given cosmonaut diplomas suitable for space travel and immediately presented our flight manager Mr. Jimmy Tin, a tall, charming gentleman-brown sports body in a lilac shirt, black pants and three doctors from the Harry Hunt Medical Academy: pleasant appearance Cardiologist Mr. Walter Benz and charming blondes therapist Naine Dokova and psychiatrist Jane Borlow. Above it was decided that medical authorities in case of unforeseen circumstances during the flight will help us cope with the problems of health and mood, after all we will fly to Approxima for several years.
Our interview lasted until dinner, and before parting, Mr. Jimmy Tin gave us a surprise: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, on Tuesday, June 16, we will gather in the elegant banquet room of the Hilton Hotel, dinner will be given with a surprise, good news for you - you can if you wish to invite your spouse, ticket and accommodation for two days at the expense of the travel company "With us in Cosmos," the answer to inform me tomorrow morning during breakfast."
The news delighted us, we thanked Mr. Jimmy Tin, wished each other good evening and went to their rooms, without wasting time, I called home, my wife picked up the phone and, as usual, asked: "Who?"
"Honey Masha, good evening, this is me, Victor, your beloved husband. I inform you of the good news, today I received a cosmonaut diploma suitable for space travel, so we will soon fly. But it's not all, next pre-flight banquet will take place next Tuesday and if you wish they will send you a ticket and place them for two days at the Hilton hotel where we will meet for a few hours but without the right to share our room together, you understand complete isolation, decide, "I said, and sighed heavily.
"My dear Victor, good evening, your charming wife Masha is glad to meet you in Houston, at the Hilton Hotel, even for a minute. Do not be offended, but your news that you received a diploma and fly away from us for several years did not make me very happy, mother also worries and only children will be happy that you will fly to aliens. Well, since your dream comes true, then so be it, congratulations on your diploma, until the meeting, I kiss. "
"My sweet and charming Masha see you at the Hilton, kisses, hand the phone to mom."
"Victor kiss, hand over the phone to my mother."
"Dear Victor, hello, congratulations on receiving your third diploma, you are now an astronaut and maybe soon will fly to Approxima, be sure to call when the start is over, we will all fly to the cosmodrome, kiss," mom said with a hint of sadness.
"My dear mummy, good evening, as soon as the launch day is known, Ill inform you, I understand that you want me to be with you, but someone has to Explore the Cosmos, the more I treat you for nothing, you will receive good money for me and the main thing we will meet again on Earth. I have no doubt that with the current state of health of people and your personal, my mum, you will live at least thirty years more and we will arrive in three years, the main thing is not to get into a car accident. Try to be more in the house and ride less by car, kisses Smodrome, give the tube to Sam. "
"Daddy, hello, it's me, Semyon, congratulations on your diploma, I kiss, very glad that everything is going like clockwork, I understand you have little time to talk with us, I promise we will fly to Florida on the day of launch, and on Tuesday early in the morning we spend mum in Huston, thanks for inviting me, "I heard the familiar voice of the eldest son.
"My Sam, hello, the main thing is to calm your mom and grandmother, nothing will happen to me like you, we will meet," I said.
"Daddy, hello, it's me, Alex, I'm glad that you passed all the tests and got a diploma from cosmonaut, we will fly to Florida and at least from the side we will see the live launch of an alien rocket, now it is shown more and more often, very majestic, I would give everything to fly to another planet. You felt such happiness and use it. "
"My Alex, thank you, I will try to use this chance, I kiss, hand the phone to mom, I need to tell her a few words," I said.
"Dear Victor, speak," I heard my wife's velvet voice.
"My sweet Masha, bring me my Swiss mechanical watch with arrows, I really need them", I said, "kiss, see you on Tuesday."
"My dear Victor, I will definitely fly with them, kiss you on Tuesday at Hilton, I feel that you do not forget us," I heard and stopped the conversation after exactly four minutes set aside for us to negotiate with our relatives.
I went to the window and saw in it among the huge semi-dark sky the large matte Moon and a myriad of small red and light stars, somewhere in space there was an Approxima planet not visible to our eyes and telescopes to which we would fly in a few days. After standing for a while I went to bed, until Tuesday there were two days left, I would meet with my lovely wife at the banquet, its a pity that I wont be able to spend the night in the room, such strict rules.
In the morning, during breakfast, I, like all travelers, gave Mr. Jimmy Tin a note requesting that my wife Maria be included in the guest list at the banquet in Hilton. Having collected the notes, he looked at us, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, your beloved wives and husbands will meet with you at seven in the evening in the banquet hall, you will have enough time to talk and dance, immediately after the banquet you will part with them- they stay overnight in a hotel and you are in our space center. I think none of you will abuse champagne and wine, everything is only in moderation."
Each of us thanked Mr. Jimmy Tina and assured that we would only seriously wish to drink in moderation and asked to arrange a meeting with our relatives at least an hour earlier and tell him that our request didnt hang in the air and we didnt arrive in Hilton on Tuesday at seven and at six o'clock and in the hall there was a meeting with loved ones. My dear Masha appeared in her beloved long pink dress, hung a necklace of artificial black pearls and with wavy brown hair just below her shoulders around her neck. We spent a couple of hours before the banquet in a huge hall, and sitting in easy chairs, told each other about our activities. Masha was interested in how I tumbled and spun on all kinds of simulators, sat for hours and days in dark cells or under water in a glass aquarium. A couple of hours passed quickly and at eight we sat down at the tables of four people. On each in crystal vases of roses and bright colors there are tropical flowers, French champagne, Italian wines, elegant snacks including sandwiches with Iranian black sturgeon caviar from the Caspian Sea, fruits and sweets.
Even beforehand, Mr. Jimmy Tin told us that a surprise awaits us at the banquet and we were looking forward to it, no one even suspected that there would be a meeting in person with aliens with whom we had to stay in space flight and on their planet Approxime for several years. As soon as we sat down at the tables as musicians on stage, the national anthem of The Star-Spangled Banner began to play, a charming lady in a dress of the colors of the US flag played it, everyone stood up and silently listened to the singing. As soon as the anthem was over, the musicians began to play a strange melody, not at all resembling our on the stage, accompanied by Mr. Jimmy Tin, seven people of average height, no more than 180 centimeters, went up. According to their youthful faces of a matte shade, I could not determine how old they were and what sex, short hair, platinum hair, all of them were white shirts, green pants and black low shoes. Having finished playing, the musicians stood up and bowed to the guests, the aliens who entered smiling broadly in one voice in English clearly said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen! Good evening! We, the citizens of the planet Approxima, are glad to see you."
We all shouted loudly: "Good evening, dear citizens of the Approxima Planet, we are glad to see you."
From the group of aliens, one of them took a step forward and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, my name is Cleo, I am the captain of the spacecraft" Space Explorer, next to me are my assistants, our crew consists of seven people."
Each of the aliens took a step forward and said his name- "I am Mont, I am Stear, I am Bark, I am Fry, I am Glon, I am Creve, and added:" We are glad that after a while you will find yourself on our ship, on the particle of our amazing Planet Approxima."
Mr. Jimmy Tin approached Captain Cleo, told him something, he and his assistants went to us, they came to the table and personally got acquainted with each of us. I will tell you frankly that alien twins seemed to me, but it turns out among them were two representatives of the weaker sex, as I learned later, Fry and Glon, and for a long time confused them with men. After the acquaintance, we drank French champagne, Italian, California wine, Metropolitan vodka, of course, in moderation, ate, danced, artists, singers, clowns went on the stage and at ten o'clock another surprise was waiting for us - at the same time the leaders of those countries went up to the stage with their wives on a long journey. First of all, they exchanged greetings with us and aliens, there was a historical acquaintance between them and the citizens of Approxima, they shook hands, exchanged phrases, then the high-ranking officials who arrived with their ladies sat down at the tables and the fun lasted. Artists, singers, famous musical groups climbed onto the stage and it all lasted until two at night and before parting with us, Captain Cleo thanked everyone on his behalf and his assistants to everyone present. Then the leaders among us gave short wishes to all of us a happy flight and a successful return to the Earth, they approached everyone who went on the flight, firmly pressed their hand and said: "Be brave and courageous, God is with you."
The leaders with their wives and husbands, the aliens left the room, we were given an opportunity to be alone for five minutes with our beloved neighbors, I kissed my wife and quietly whispered: "My beloved Masha, the main thing do not worry, take care of your health, do not let your mother think like I'm there in space, I will definitely return with gifts, watch for our sons, fly to Florida, as soon as I find out the launch date, send an email, I can call you, see you. "
"My dear beloved Victor, take care of yourself, I believe that you will return, with such foreign planets as Captain Cleo and his assistants will not be lost, I kiss, see you, it's time we, some already go to the rooms, your flight supervisor approaches us, "my Maria whispered. I kissed her, Mr. Jimmy Tin came over, shook the hand of my wife and said quietly: "Dear and charming Miss Mary, thank you for your presence, but you have to leave us, good night."
Masha looked at us, bowed and calmly said: "Happy flight and return dear Victor and Mr. Jimmy Tin."
My wife, along with the other guests, went to the door, turned around, waved her hand to us and disappeared behind her. Everyone gathered around Mr. Jimmy Tina, he looked at us and quietly said: "Ladies and gentlemen, buses are waiting for us, as we today have walked pretty and we will sleep at an inopportune hour, we will sleep until 10 am and frankly if we do not let us down the weather then the spacecraft "Space Explorer" will start in a week, but the exact date will be known on Thursday. "
The news shook us, everyone exchanged glances among themselves, simply could not believe it, and we were still in flight, we asked our leader how long we would fly to Approxima, but Mr. Jimmy Tin just threw up his hands and led us to the exit.
On Thursday afternoon, Mr. Jimmy Tin gathered us all near him and said in a calm voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, our space journey is scheduled for next week on Wednesday 24 June 2076, the start is scheduled between four and five o'clock in the afternoon, please send a message to your relatives arrive at the Florida Spaceport at Cape Canaveral to say goodbye to you, to see the ship and be present when it starts. So as we still have time to relax, then at three o'clock we will go by bus on a little trip to get acquainted with the modern city Houston and its attractions. "
This good news finally shook us, a specific start date, we thanked the supervisor and went to our rooms, I sent an e-mail home, but just in case I called my wife and talked to her, my mother and sons for five minutes. The news shook them and answered that they fly out on Monday to be present at the start. In the voices, I understood the children gladly accepted my message about the start, but my mother and wife with a hint of sadness, they did not want to be separated from me for several years.
After talking with my relatives, I went to the first floor where our group was going for a bus trip and right on schedule at three o'clock on a double-decker bus with an open top and a guide left without haste to inspect the city. It was very interesting and fun, returned only in the evening and our leader Jimmy Tin, who met us at the Space Flight Center told us that tomorrow we will fly to Florida where we will meet with Captain Cleo and his assistants and undergo briefing before another planet. The next day, at 10 o'clock in the morning, we went by two buses to the airfield, flew to Florida, again got on two buses and rushed to the space center where we had to stay in the Space Center building until the start. Half an hour later we arrived at the metal gates, two strong physiques of young officers in camouflage uniforms approached us, Mr. Jimmy Tin left the bus, approached the officers, exchanged greetings with them, showed the documents and they examined them opened the gate and our buses entered the territory The spaceport and soon saw a spacecraft whose dimensions struck my imagination even when we were first shown it on TV in space and landing. From all sorts of messages, I knew the data about this spacecraft - 1700 feet high and 340 feet in diameter. "Space Explorer" stood as though sprinkled with small diamond chips, in the golden rays of the sun, it glittered, sparkled, played and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. We could hardly believe that this ship flew to us from the far Cosmos and we will fly it into uncharted distance.
Arriving at the multi-storey building lined with glass panels the color of the sea wave, Mr. Jimmy Tin said that he would spend several more days in a special room and just before the start we headed for the ship. Coming out of the bus, we met a group of people and saw three doctors from the Harry Hunt Medical Academy among them: a nice-looking cardiologist, Mr. Walter Benz, and the charming blonde therapist Naina Dokova and psychiatrist Jane Borlow. When they saw us, they joyfully smiled, we answered the same, exchanged greetings and headed to the building where we found ourselves in the arctic coolness, we were allocated special rooms. And here in this building we once again passed the pre-start classes and tests, we met three times with Captain Cleo and his assistants. Just a miracle, they spoke very well with us in English and talked about how we should behave on the ship and even showed some rooms on the screen. In general, even without having been on the ship, I realized where we would be in flight, we expect coziness and comfort.
On Tuesday morning, we began to prepare for flight, we were placed in a special room, and since the size of each of us was known, individual suits were made, and we had already tried on them several times to wear them. Several people in white coats helped to put on their space suits, mine quite suited me, and although I was constrained, I could freely move my arms, body, head and walk. Having stayed in them for two hours, those people helped to take off and, until eleven o'clock in the afternoon, they spent free time in the swimming pool and on a walk, then ate and at noon again people in white robes again started to wear suits and was thorough. They connected us to the instruments and breathed for half an hour with a mixture of cylinders attached to the spacesuit. Specialists constantly looked at the instrument readings, finally began to turn them off and I heard a soft voice: "Mr. Victor Smith, you are suitable for flight, congratulations, I wish you a clean space and return to earth, the chairman of the commission of flights into outer space, Mr. Edward Kron. You can sit down and wait for your friends on the flight."
I looked at him and said: "Mr. Edward Kron, chairman of the commission of flights into outer space, thank you very much, I am happy, see you on the Earth."
He smiled, waved his hand to me and walked over to another traveler, and I sat down on a bench and breathed some unusual for me pleasant sweetish mixture resembling the aroma coming from a clover field, it was not our air. At two thirty Mr. Edward Kron and other gentlemen with us left the Space Center building. We, dressed in blue light space suits 100 travelers, 90 men and 10 women, took special buses and slowly drove to the ship, on the way, saw a lot of people behind a metal net but could not make out because they were far away. We drove right up to the elevator doors, went into it, and he lifted us up into the sky and only crossed the gateway as they got into a narrow space and heard English, I recognized Captain Cleo with his mechanical electronic voice: "Dear and dear ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon , welcome to our Space Explorer spacecraft, please go to the premises for assistants to take off their space suits and place them in special closets, I will meet with you later."
Exactly, soon the assistants of Captain Cleo came to us, we exchanged greetings, they took us to a large room, sat down, helped to remove the spacesuits, put them in the closets and led us along the corridor to the hall. Suddenly, the door opened wide and we saw a large hall with seats in front of us, in front of a huge scoreboard with numbers, I understood, the countdown of the return time was starting; fifteen minutes remained before the start.
Thanking the assistants of Captain Cleo, we sat down in unusually comfortable soft armchairs, even pulled to sleep, but at that time the door opened and the ship commander in a snow-white suit entered. Gently smiling, Captain Cleo looked at us with his eyes and said: "Dear lady and gentlemen! Good day! I am glad to see you here on our spacecraft "Space Explorer", on a particle of our amazing Planet Approxima. Since we are always in a monotonous flight, then I will tell you all to sleep in a dream, sleep. If you cant sleep at your disposal, a library with electronic readers with hundreds of thousands of different books, music recordings, movies from the first dumb to the latest, will not be bored, there is a planetarium with telescopes, you can look into space but also the most important thing for all of us Eating points, according to your canteens, you can eat at any time and as much as necessary. After the start, my assistants and I will take you on a tour of our ship and show their location, who wants to get information at what distance from the Earth. We are at the moment and the current time, everything is in front of you on the big scoreboard. I ask you all to check the time on your watch with the clock on the display, it is in front of you, our Space Explorer starts in fifteen minutes, see, the big clock counts down the time and when everything is in order we will go on a long journey. I ask you not to worry, the rise will be smooth and without overloads and it is important for your body. Thirty minutes later we will return to you and take a tour of the ship and look into the dining room."
Captain Cleo and his assistants made a bow to the door and disappeared behind them, I looked at the scoreboard and saw the current time 3 48 27 pm on big watch, it was 11 minutes 33 seconds before the start, I tried not to worry but my heart beat like hammer. Strangely, three minutes before the start, my excitement was gone, I calmed down and eagerly waited for the detachment from the ground, the time on the scoreboard was striving for 4 00 pm. And on the big clock, however, I felt like I was being pressed to a soft seat, I was drowning in it and I continued to get the feeling that someone invisible tightly squeezes me from all sides for twenty minutes as I constantly looked at scoreboard with a clock. At 4-20 pm I relaxed, began to move my body, I even got up and realized the overload passed, my body was adapted to a rapid set of speed and I will say 60 seconds after the start we flew 90 miles per second and found ourselves at an altitude of 2,400 miles, twenty minutes later the speed approached to 600 miles per second and we were already flying 230,000 miles from Earth, simply amazing. Immediately, I note: I, like everyone, was sitting in a comfortable armchair, and if it was moving backwards, it shifted, but I could lie freely in bed, for this it was necessary to press the blue button. In order for the chair to assume a normal position, for sitting, press the green one, in short, it would assume any comfortable position. Nobody fluttered in weightiness - we all seemed to be in a big cinema - there was a huge screen in front of us and flashed on it not only figures but also looked at the constantly changing starry sky - some stars exceeded the size of the moon as we see it with the naked eye.
Thirty minutes after the start, Captain Cleo came into our room with his assistants in blue suits, they smiled broadly as usual, gave us their eyes and Cleo addressed us: "Dear and respected, the start was successful, I see your joyful to individuals that you have safely rescheduled. Do you confirm this? "
We all said together: "Yes, everything is okay."
In this case, now, as promised, we will make an important excursion on our ship, I ask you to follow us. "
Everyone got up from their comfortable chairs with which I personally did not want to part and, together with Captain Cleo and his assistants, went on a tour of the ship, visited the library, the planetarium, the showers, the toilets and, of course, the dining room, right, in it we did not see a single table or a single chair, near the blue walls there were rows of machines like those of which had put a plastic card in the slot of the flight-sandwiches, popcorn or drinks. Captain Cleo went to the machine and explained how to get food or drink for himself: "Dear, we have no hot dog, sandwiches and canned drinks on the ship, everything is only in tubes, everything is simple, you just have to press a green button and a tube flies out, how many times did it press so many tubes of simple spring water, drinks, teas, coffee, milk, beefsteaks, various pastes and even broths, and the shell itself is sterile and edible. - put on the shell, it dissolves and swallow. Each machine has an inscription in English with the name of a food or drink, showing: in this apple juice, I press and get it."
Captain Cleo pressed the green button and immediately dropped a pink tube, he put it in his mouth, a snack and soon swallowed, went to the machine with beefsteaks, pressed the button twice and immediately flew two tubes of a golden color, he put one in his mouth and when swallowed dealt with another tube.
"Dear and respected, I ask to refuel, you lost a lot of energy during the start and it needs to be restored, no restrictions in food and drinks, I ask for the machines, they are always available to you," said Cleo and smiled.
We slowly approached the machines, read what was in it, pressed the buttons and flew off the tubes. I chose beefsteaks, pressed a couple of times and flew two bloody tubes, put them in my mouth and felt the taste of real meat, it differed sharply from our tasteless semi-finished product made from elephant bull meat grown on the basis of technology proposed by farmer Uncle Joe, adding suspicious substance to which we, the inhabitants of the earth, have been used to for many decades. I liked this food and put at once seven tubes of beefsteak, three pasta with goose liver, four tubes with grape juice and two with apple. After talking with the captain and his astronaut assistants for a few minutes, I soon felt that I was getting drunk, I could not stand, so I was dragged to sleep, thanked our good benefactors, said good-bye to everyone, they wished me a pleasant journey and swayed barely reached my chair, fell and immediately fell asleep.
When I woke up, I couldnt understand anything - everyone around me was asleep, glanced at the board and saw that the speed of our "Space Explorer" was approaching 30,000 miles per second, we flew a distance of billions of miles and slept for thirty days . I got up, went to the toilet, immediately felt an extraordinary hunger, wanted to eat that way, went to the dining room, without thinking twice, ate seven tubes of goose paste, drank three tubes of different juices and went to the observatory with a telescope magnifying objects a million times, looked at the stars but soon felt weak, again pulled to sleep, went to the hall, conveniently located in an armchair and fell asleep. You will not believe I slept for 79 days and this is how imperceptibly the year of our flight passed and the speed of the ship reached 180,300 miles per second.
We slept and, dream, heard pleasant music coming from the speakers, soon everyone woke up to one, we saw the doors open and our friends in snow-white suits, Captain Cleo and six of his assistants, entered the hall, they looked at us with a smile, and greeted Cleo He said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, in three hours on our ship a significant event will occur - we are in flight for a year and we will celebrate it with dry champagne, today we will manage only drinks, please go to the dining room and get a bag of champagne and drink tubes E, we are waiting for you."
We got up one by one and went to the dining room where Cleo and his assistants were already waiting for us, they smiled, handed the sachets and shook hands, we pronounced their names, they are ours and I thought how aliens could remember a hundred names. We settled around them in a small room and Cleo told us: "Dear ladies and gentlemen! Many years ago, one of our citizens purely accidentally caught signals from Earth and our people decided to send a ship with tourists so that they could live for a while on the open Planet and permits managers to take a hundred tourists, deliver them to our Approxima so that they can familiarize themselves with our life and share with us about their life on Planet Earth. So that you and we were lucky to meet on our spacecraft, it lays short rd year thanks to the program laid down in its nerve center, as you can see we are with you, the main electronic navigator leads the ship to Planet approximation, now, dear and dear, go to the room where we will celebrate this momentous occasion-year flight. "
We went to the hall one by one, sat down, I looked at the screen - it was inconceivable to imagine - the ship was flying at a speed of 300,000 km per second (670 616 629 mph) I cannot say how many miles from the Earth, because the number of numbers could not be counted - the captain entered the hall Assistants and Cleo said: "Dear citizens! One minute left until four o'clock, now put a bag of champagne in your mouth, crush and wait for the signal that will sound and swallow the contents."
Every single bag was put in the mouth and it began to dissolve, at that moment I felt the unusual scent of flowers, a signal sounded, I swallowed the liquid, opened the mouth of smells that spread in the hall and imagined myself in a meadow in early childhood when there were cars, parking lots, there were few suburbs and highways, but summer-the multi-colored butterflies and mosquitoes bit our naked bodies painlessly. But finally we lost the idea of ??tastes and smells after genius farmer Uncle Joe based on the distillation of petroleum jelly created a nutritional substance and, using a new revolutionary technology, began to grow corn, cattle, pigs, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits and all people all over the world, including the President, thanked him for feeding the hungry and destitute not only with bread, fish, fruits, vegetables but also beefsteaks that had no taste or smell, beautiful apples appeared in the stores, pears with my head, to a child my mother bought apples unattractive in appearance even with worms but from them came the smell and taste.
A minute later, Cleo addressed us: "Dear, take a look at the scoreboard, the speed of our ship exceeded the speed of light, 300 thousand kilometers per second scored in the metric system, we see 380 thousand sirks on the scoreboard (305 thousand km) and according to our central computing we are overcoming the barrier of time and distance, which is understood as follows: on the scoreboard, time continues to go like before, second by second, the same thing on your watch, but the amount of time in the very second previously accepted Nowadays, when we overcame the speed of light, the unit of the one unit changes proportionally to an increase in the units of our ships speed. When the ships speed was 300 thousand km per second, the number of units was one, and at 301 thousand km per second, the number per second increased and became 2 - there is like a second lengthened twice and the flight speed was not 300 thousand but six hundred thousand and now imagine how fast we will fly in space when you see the maximum speed of 310 thousand kilometers per second when the earth and our approximate second lengthen by a factor of 10 and will be 3 million kilometers per second. But so neither I nor my assistants know the true distance from Approxima to Earth, but only the devices of the central computing center, then we will fly at a certain time of the next year with an increase in speed, with a decrease and in a year of flight we will reach a speed of 180300 thousand miles per second. "
We opened our mouths to listen to information from the mouth of Captain Cleo about the flight of our space ship "Space Explorer" at the speed of light beyond its height and at the same time looking at the screen, the speed in front of our eyes increased, now 305,000 km p s. I glanced at my watch and it was a second per second on a large scoreboard, and if, according to Commander Cleo, we were currently flying at a speed of 300,000 a second, I did not feel any overload from such a wild increase in speed.
Frankly speaking, I just could not believe that our ship was flying at such a speed, but since I was a highly educated specialist who was involved in mathematics and programming and studied astronomy at school, I knew that the estimated habitable planet was at a distance of tens of light-years or even hundreds of light years. So, if the ship on which we are flying could not reach speeds exceeding the speed of light by tens or maybe a hundred times, then our aliens would hardly have flown to us and we to them.
My thoughts were interrupted by the joyful voice of Captain Cleo: "Dear citizens and citizens, I ask all of you to go down to the dining room to enjoy the festive food, we are flying according to the schedule, all the equipment, navigation instruments and engines work like a clock."
In fact, I wanted to eat, got up and how it all went to the dining hall. We sat down at tables on which lay a lot of packages with a variety of food, soon came to us aliens, the captain Cleo and his assistants Mont, Stear, Bark, Fry, Glon, Crewe. All in white shirts with short sleeves, dark shorts and brown sandals, they smiled, came up to us, shook hands with the name and said: "Congratulations on the year of flight, enjoy."
We smiled and when they reached me I answered everyone: "Thank you for such a fantastic flight" and called the name. I took a couple of tubes of goose pate, one with chicken broth, three tubes of sausage and two with apple juice, a pleasant melody flowed from invisible speakers. The festive fun lasted at least an hour, we danced, sang, and Captain Cleo and his assistants joined us, as the dance teachers taught them how to dance on earth. Strangely, it turns out they have in the country, no one had an idea about dancing and singing, in between swallowed tubes of food, champagne. I did not lag behind the young ones, I was crucified, I was relieved of what I felt weak in the body, I wanted to sleep and went to the hall. How many sat down in an easy chair and got so carried away by those scoreboards with flickering numbers that looked at him immersed in thought - maybe its just a blindfold, an illusion, programmed and we imagine what we want as real. But I had two watches - mechanical Swiss watches and electronic and noticed-antique watches went ahead counting seconds as modern Japanese electronic figures ran forward coinciding with the second with time on the scoreboard, the speed continued to increase and at that instant was 311 000 km per second, and if, as explained by Captain Cleo, they actually flew at a speed of 3 million three hundred thousand per second. I was deep in thought, how our ship gained such a huge astronomical speed that the time of a second seemed to stretch. In thought he closed his eyes and ... fell asleep.
When I woke up I saw a lot of empty seats, I guessed that people spend time at their pleasure, but before I got up I looked at the scoreboard and didnt believe it-345,000 p s and since he remembered the information given to us by the commander captain Clay he made 13 million five hundred thousand in his mind. km per second. I waved my hand without hesitation and got up and went to the toilet, then I visited the entertainment room, the travelers watched the Hollywood fantastic film "Meeting on the Planet Extria," where the Americans visited ten years ago and met robots in human form, with the highest level of development, but they could not reproduce as living beings and one day the main robot of the President, after a fair binge with the Americans, was short-circuited, all the robots were incapacitated, the adventurers who had flown in became the masters the planets remained there forever due to the fact that in their ship they closed the scheme in an unknown way and they finally killed each other so as not to die of starvation, and I thought about our aliens from Cosmos: are they humans or are also mechanical robots in the flesh , but at that moment I heard the voice of Captain Cleo, which sounded from the speaker: "Dear citizens! I ask you to gather at the observatory, we are approaching the Planet Eskepa where living sentient beings used to exist, but several thousand years ago it ceased to exist and covered with a layer of sand of several tens of meters. We sent one of our ships, Kanelif, to uncover the reasons for the disappearance of life, and imagine 100 travelers with a crew of seven people, along with a rocket, mistakenly drowned in the sands, please take a look at the screen. "
I, like everyone, got up and went to the observatory, sat down in comfortable chairs and stared at the screen - the Planet seemed well with the Moon, it increased, but unlike our blue companion it seemed to be too gloomy and resembled a dark green pumpkin and right there we heard Cleo's voice:
"Dear and respected, we see the dark side, the Sun 3X is shining from the opposite side and at the moment it is incoherently by us, but in general this Planet Eskepa is very beautiful like us and I must say that at the moment you need to fly to it no less at an average speed of one hundred thousand kilometers per second, its kind of halfway between your Earth and our Approxima. "
Frankly speaking, Planet Eskepa inspired us with sadness, immediately after watching we went to the dining room, enjoyed the food for an hour, drank a couple of tubes of champagne before leaving and went to bed, I was used to it and it doesn't surprise me that all travelers slept for several weeks ... like bears in hibernation. When I woke up after another long sleep, many were asleep, but some travelers were absent, I realized everyone went to their favorite corner - to the cinema, library, observatory, or simply enjoyed it in the dining room. But the first thing I looked at the screen-speed was 370 000 kilometers p s , it is impossible to imagine.
At first I went to the observatory and looked into the telescope - the starry sky was as if it were but looked from the earth, even the Sun was burning but not so bright, at least several billion kilometers away, then like our Sun from Earth. After admiring the starry sky, I went to sleep in the hall, looked at the screen, the speed increased 371,000, I waved my hand, looked at the clock - it was November 30, 2077 and comfortably sat in an armchair soon fell asleep. Since we slept by weeks and even months, when I woke up the next time and looked at the clock they showed on January 24, 2078, looked at the scoreboard and didnt believe my eyes - speed in metric terms was 250,000 miles p s. With a wave of my hand I stood up, our hall turned out to be half empty, I understood, the travelers went to their favorite places of entertainment. I wanted to eat, but having understood the cause of sleep, I realized that if I just got drunk and started drinking, I would immediately sleep and sleep like a bear for 8-9 weeks, so I went to the observatory where I met my neighbor in the chair, Mr. Alex Gordley from California, who worked as a programmer and mathematician at NASA in a group of specialists developing the trajectories of spacecraft flights to Mars. After exchanging greetings, we first talked about the duration of sleep on the ship and came to the conclusion that in this way our aliens keep us toned and for a short period of wakefulness we dont have a thought to think about what we drank and why we drank and fell asleep. Then we moved to a more interesting and mysterious topic for me, and I turned to him: "Dear Mr. Alex, you noticed that we are flying at superluminal speed, how the ship develops such acceleration by crossing this threshold and Captain Cleo gave us to understand that time is like rubber is stretched and now stands at 100 units and unusual. The new speed is 400 000 kilometers per second, whereas the time on their watches and on ours is still counted - without advance or lag !. Mr. Gordley smiled, thoughtfully looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, in our free time we will ask about Captain Cleo, as well as the moments that interest me: how did they find us and how did their central computing center manage to plot the trajectory flying to our land. I will say frankly in our center of space flight we and our computing ultrafast devices from the earth to their planet Approxima would hardly have coped with this task. If we are flying at a speed of four hundred kilometers per second undo, in fact, if our modern spacecraft set off for aliens, it would have to fly at least several thousand years, its like an eternity, our rocket speeds are only five hundred kilometers per second. I think next time we get together all together let's ask these questions to Captain Cleo. "
"Fine, Alex, I agree, only dear Cleo can tell us something, but I think not everything, this ship flies according to the program incorporated in his computer, think tank, no consultations with their planet Approxima to which to fly at least 40-50 light years, but I will say the most interesting of their engineer managed to construct a ship flying at a speed exceeding the speed of light-1 200 000 km per second. Some unimaginable fiction! But in fact we are flying, and even to the goal! But even at this speed the stars seem to be in place! Let's go eat, drink and look at the board to increase the speed or starts to decrease, "said I.
"Let's go Smith, time to take food and sleep," said Alex and headed to the dining room.
We arrived at the meal hall, it was empty, we chose our favorite drinks with snacks and, after eating we went to sleep. The first thing we did when we entered the hall was a glance at the scoreboard, next to the approximate signs indicating speed were our numbers, 399,000, Alex also saw them, turned to me with joy, quietly said: "Victor, our ship slows down, it turns out we have overcome half distance, another half a year of flight, and we will land. Fantastic! "
"Yes, Alex, if the ship slows down, its half way, but dont forget, as soon as we get together in six months, well ask Cleo how the ship flies at such a fantastic speed," I said, and headed for my seat. We comfortably settled in them, unusually pulled to sleep and soon fell asleep, it was forbidden to talk in the hall
During the six months of the flight, I woke up three times, the speed went down and everyone already had no doubt that we were approaching the goal. Having fallen asleep for the last time on April 30, 2078, I slept for almost two months, suddenly I heard pleasant melodious music, Alex woke me up earlier and when I opened my eyes I whispered: "Dear Victor, look at the scoreboard, the speed of the ship approached the speed of light, another year of flight and we will land at Approxima."
I looked at the screen and saw the numbers of 300,000, at which time Captain Cleo entered the hall with his assistants, all in white short-sleeved shirts, blue shorts and brown sandals, the commander went to the scoreboard, smiled and addressed us: "Dear, in thirty minutes you will see other numbers on the board, this suggests that our ship slows down and in a year we will land at Approxima, everything goes according to the flight schedule. Now we ask you to go to the dining room to celebrate this significant event, tables with tubes are waiting for you."
We got up and went to the dining room, sat down at the tables-tubes with a variety of food and drinks, Captain Cleo looked at us, smiled and pronounced: "Dear travelers, take dry champagne, today is June 24, 2078, we are 2 years on the way, our ship is slowing down, approaching our Planet, just under a year of flight. "
I, like everyone else, took a tube of dry champagne, Cleo gave a signal, we drank and felt a pleasant freshness in the mouth and a surge of strength in the body, then we ate and drank tubes with drinks, various soups and meat pastes. The fun lasted for at least an hour, music played, we all including Cleo and his assistants danced, our singers sang, laughed and were in a good mood. Cleo and his assistants were in no hurry, and we werent drawn to sleep, the captain pressed the button, the music stopped, he looked at us and with the eternal smile of the baby addressed us: "Our dear citizens and citizens, we have time and we are now all in the collection will briefly tell you the story of how we managed to find your Earth. While traveling on our spacecraft, we undoubtedly wondered at the expense of what he overcame the cosmic light speed and then exceeded it in the last stretch. unbelievably but our specialists, designers and engineers developed and applied two types of engines and fuel on our ship - in the first and third stages of the journey we use a conventional chemical jet engine powered by liquid fuel - mainly during launch and descent so as not to expose the world around us nuclear radiation and the main part of the journey we fly on a thermonuclear rocket engine based on a pulsed thermonuclear reactor capable of creating gigantic thrust and superluminal speed C+1 without which it is impossible to travel in outer space from our planet to the stars and to your planet Earth. When any of our spacecraft reaches speed C, a more powerful pulsed thermonuclear reactor is put into operation, on our ship there are 120 chambers with nozzles.
First one camera starts working and having gained speed С+01 the second is connected to it, after the speed C+02 is set, the third camera turns on and when the ship flies with speed C+04. Thermonuclear fuel is supplied to each chamber, laser guns are activated, explosions occur, the temperature reaches a million degrees, thermonuclear reaction occurs and the more explosions per second, the greater the pressure in the chamber, the plasma expands, flows through the nozzle out into the space, and a jet is created
So, imagine dear citizens and citizens when 100 cameras simultaneously fire and out of 100 nozzles fire plasma breaks out and this is the whole flight path at these superluminal, cosmic speeds! Technical achievements on our planet are significant and such ships have been in operation for at least one hundred years, several of them have been traveling through the universe for the sole purpose of finding another civilization with living beings in order to make contact with them and then exchange groups of people and imagine one of our residents, a young specialist, dear Arost, caught a television signal flying to us from your Earth. As we have established having visited you this signal flew to us for more than fifty years with cosmic speed C, according to your speed of light 180 300 miles per second. Having learned that such a civilization exists, our specialists from the Main Center for Health Restoration, the highest authority, the government, only managed by super-intelligent devices, decided to send the spacecraft Pioneer to you and in 8450, you had the year 2060, started with seven astronauts. The captain of the ship, the respected Garf, with his assistants Rams, Aten, Gol, Vekrom, Adola and Mika, had previously made several trips, including to the planet Eskepa, on which our Cosmic rocket sank. Imagine after a long journey to your planet in 8460, you have the year 2070, they returned to Approxima and told the inhabitants about their discovery of the Earth. According to the captain of the ship, the respected Garf, in 8455 (2065), they flew to the Red Planet initially taking it for Earth. The fact is that the crew of Captain Garf flew not at random but by signals sent from your planet into space and they served us as a beacon. I must note to you and from the planet Approxima the radio signals serving for our ships as a beacon are constantly sent to space at a certain frequency. And already within your solar system, Captain Garf caught a clearer radio signal and mistakenly sent the ship not to the Earth but to another as it seemed to him inhabited Red Planet, according to your Mars. Vowing her a couple of times, the "First Mover" safely landed in the Valley of the Stone Balls not far from a fallen spacecraft flown in from your planet, from Earth, which at that time stood at a distance of 60 million kilometers from the Red Planet. Despite the large temperature drops, it was hot during the day and cold at night and the lack of air Captain Garf and his assistants Aten and Vekr dressed in spacesuits left the ship and headed for the rocket glider that fell on the surface and imagine several bodies of dead astronauts found in spacesuits. Realizing that the "Pioneer" is located on another lifeless planet not far from Earth, Captain Garf sent antennas to it and after a while caught not only radio signals but also television, all these video images and speeches were recorded on disks and the commander decided to fly around the Earth a couple of times a distance of one hundred thousand miles, which was done. Making sure that this is the inhabited Earth with which our genius Arost received the TV signals, the commander of the "Pioneer" dear Garf turned on the shooting equipment and after making several million shots headed for the Moon resembling a lifeless Red Planet. Having flown around a couple of times and taking photographs of the surface, Captain Garf headed towards the Sun, but since the heat emanated from her, he did not to risk and flying a million miles away from it, and after taking a million pictures, he headed for his home planet, flying past Saturn.
Only after our specialists looked at the photos of the Earth and made sure that you are the same people as us, build cities, pave roads, fly in the air, sail ships on the seas, farmers work in agriculture and, after consulting with citizens, decided to fly to you. And thanks to our efforts and high technology, we flew to Earth and are now flying with us to you. Yes, regarding the signals recorded by us from your fallen ship on the Red Planet, it turns out that there were signals for help when you compiled the Anglo-Approxyl dictionary. I dont know why your specialists didnt send the ship to their aid, and when we happened to be there, it was already too late."
Having listened with interest to the story of Captain Cleo, we thanked him, the assistants, and firmly shaking hands with all and wishing each other a pleasant stay went to the main hall ...
I will tell you, we periodically took food, slept like bears, and finally the hall filled with music, we woke up, saw Cleo, his assistants, they smiled and the captain addressed us: "Dear travelers! Good news for all of us, in a hundred hours we will land on our Planet Approxima and from this moment on the screen you will see it and the time striving for landing, to zero and now we ask you to get an invigorating drink."
Amazing news, we fly up to the planet! After a hundred hours landing! We went to the dining room where Cleo and the assistants were waiting for us, they smiled as always, shook hands, called the name and asked to sit at the tables - new tubes appeared in the red packaging - drinks. We sat down at the tables and smiling, Cleo addressed us: "Dear and respected, from this time we will only use invigorating drinks, you will not sleep for a long time, we are on the way to the planet, there are only a few hours left and you should take it as they say you have a healthy sports form, so eat and drink in unlimited quantities, look at the scoreboard, drop into the observatory and listen to music, relax."
When I drank the drink I felt a surge of strength in my body, I took off my sleep like a hand, in that general hall I didnt draw any more and then I remembered the telescopes in the observatory, which I visited the last time more than a year ago. I wanted to see the Planet Approxima, but alas, I did not know its coordinates and looked at other stars, large and small, soon the hall filled with people and Cleo appeared, he pressed a few buttons and a planet appeared in a blue screen and happily said: "Dear and dear here and in the main hall on the screen you will see our and your planet on the other hand, will spend a year in our study, this is a long time, I think you will like it, our life is different from yours, you will appreciate it and make a conclusion, and now admire, we constantly boo-d m with you, there comes a crucial moment and landing."
In fact, I did not want to sleep, but after a few hours, the fatigue took over and we went to the hall. For the first time during the whole journey I saw a dream as if I was on a big meadow surrounded by travelers of our ship, everyone sings, dances and then the musicians appeared, they began to play - first quietly, then louder and loud, the game woke me up. I opened my eyes and heard the music, everyone started to wake up, Cleo appeared with his assistants, all in white shirts, dark trousers and brown sandals, they smiled and the captain with an eternal smile on his face said: "Dear travelers, in four hours we will make landing, look at the screen, three rockets are approaching us, they welcome our return and take us to the cosmodrom, I ask everyone for the last time in the shower, you should wash up, then to the dining room."
We went to the shower, received an extraordinary charge of vivacity, no fatigue, good mood. Cleo and his assistants were waiting for us in the dining room. They sat down at the tables and greeted us and explained that we would not use any other drinks besides the invigorating drink because of the landing, you can drink it anyway. Each of us took several tubes and drank to my taste, I immediately drank three tubes, it turned out to be so invigorating that there was no longer a word about sleep, then returned to the general hall, sat down in easy chairs and watched the time. When it was an hour before landing, we again heard Cleo's joyful voice: "Dear and dear citizens and citizens, my assistants will come to you now, they will help you put on the spacesuits, then go to another room and you will stay in it until the full landing, while our specialists the land will not fully secure the ship. Do not worry, it will not take too much time, we will meet during the descent."
We sat in chairs and looked at the screen, the planet of Approxima looked like a blue moon, it was approaching us all increasing in size. My heart was beating like a hammer, we just could not believe we were flying up to the goal of our space journey, the planet Approxima. After a while, smiling assistants appeared in yellow shirts, they greeted us and asked to follow them. We answered them with a greeting, got up from our chairs and went after them to the room where we left our spacesuits. Having entered the assistant of Captain Mont with a smiling baby on his face, he looked at us and said: "Dear and dear, we have time, without haste of six people, we wear space suits, we immediately go to another room and sit until the esteemed captain Cleo gives permission on the descent, come to us according to the number of your token. "
Each of us looked at the token hanging on his neck on a red silk ribbon of a golden color, I have 39, so I went back and waited for my time. Forty minutes later we were all in spacesuits and sat in another room, a big screen hung on the wall and on it for some time we saw tall mountains and millions of lights, and suddenly everything went out. It turns out our rocket went away from the cities, it became clear that its night on their planet. Soon, I felt like a rocket stalled its flight, began to descend vertically downwards. We caught the vibration, came the unusually loud noise of jet engines, a slight push-touch of the site and everything suddenly subsided, the "Space Explorer" returned to his native land.
Soon, from the speakers came the joyful voice of Captain Cleo: "Dear, our Space Explorer rocket landed. Welcome to the Planet Approxima, in a few minutes I will meet with you and go down the elevator, continue to sit quietly and do not worry."
I do not know what to explain, but when we put on the spacesuits and began to breathe a mixture of spray cans, I felt excellent and no excitement. And Cleo came in with his assistants, they were all in space suits like us, he looked at us with a smile, we got up and went to the elevator with him. In groups of twenty people went downstairs, from the cabin we went to the blue buses with dark glasses standing through which we saw a large bright moon near the tall mountains. The ship's commander Cleo, who was on our bus, got behind the wheel and drove us to the huge building, to the doors themselves. When we were driving along the highway, I tried to look out the window in the hope of seeing the contours of their city, but unfortunately before my eyes there was a space of a cosmodrome like a steppe. Suddenly, the bus turned and I saw a multi-storey building lined with sea-green glass panels. Our bus went to him but did not stop at the entrance but drove through the open gate into the building itself, braked and stood at the door.
Captain Cleo rose from the seat and clearly said: "Dear travelers, stop, in this building, your first house, you have to undergo a course of adaptation to our air and the hot sun, both are somewhat different from yours but are harmless to health , follow me."
Cleo pressed the button and at the same time the doors in the bus and in the building opened, the ships command-deck went inside, we followed him and found ourselves in a small bright room without windows. Pleasant matte light poured from the ceiling, electronic images were constantly changing on the walls, I guessed it was abstract works of art by their artists, though the colors are not too bright. Soon we were joined by our comrades with the assistants of the commander who were traveling in the second bus, and we all went from this room as I understood to the other where we were to remove the space suits and adapt to the local air. We went into a bright room with a lot of booths built into the walls, Cleo stopped and addressed us with a smile from his youthful face: "Dear and dear citizens and citizens, now we will remove our space suits and they will be here until the day we fly back to your Earth. After removing the spacesuits, we will go under the shower and at first you will have to wear the clothes you get after a shower, you must destroy all the germs that we and you brought to our planet. Go to the cabinets with the numbers corresponding to your medal, be not in a hurry, we have a lot of free time ahead. "
I remembered my number 39 and went up to the locker, after some time the assistant Mont helped to remove the spacesuit from me, we hung it up, closed the door, sat it on a plastic chair and quietly said: "Dear Victor Smith, as soon as you hear your number go to the door where the figure 39 will be highlighted, go inside and take a shower when the door opens, go out, put on clothes and go to the last door, press the green button, the door opens and you are clean without a germ in a bright room."
After listening to the distinguished assistant Monta, I thanked him, he smiled and went to the next traveler to help remove the spacesuit and explain the process of getting rid of bacteria. I do not know how long it took us to go through the necessary procedure, but I will say frankly when I came out of the shower I felt excellent and I felt lightness in my body and in movements I wanted to fly and fly. As for clothes, everything is simple - no underwear - a light white shirt with short hands, pants like our shorts to the knee gray and sandals barefoot. Since the air conditioners worked, the room felt a light fresh coolness. It was just as easy, I would say seductively, without underwear, to wear our lovely charming ladies: on all different bright colors, airless shirts and short green knee-length skirts, barefoot red shoes without heels, like those kidneys . Seeing the gaze of gentlemen, our lovely charming ladies were embarrassed, but soon, as if nothing had happened, they chatted with us.
Being in a new bright room without a single window, we could enjoy their real cool drinks, glass decanters were filled with red, yellow and purple and colorless mixtures and before drinking, Captain Cleo warned us to use his glass.
While we were drinking pleasant natural drinks from their fruits and berries, Cleo left us and soon returned with a youthful man like him, I dont think it was his brother, but the resemblance is striking. An alien in a white shirt with short sleeves, brown shorts and black sandals bowed and said something in his own language. Cleo presented it to us: "Dear and dear travelers! This is a respected doctor Lun from the Main Center for Health Recovery, he, I and my assistants will be with you until the separation on your Earth, consider us your guides. "
Dr. Lun, like all his compatriots, smiled and this smile never left their faces for many years and only once, during our separation on the Earth, we and they burst into tears. He carefully looked at us and clearly said in an English mechanical voice: "Dear citizens, good morning! I am glad to see you on our Approximate Planet! Welcome! Each of you will undergo a medical examination - in front of you are small cabins with doors, I open them, you go inside, it closes, for a minute you stand inside holding both hands for two racks quietly looking at yourself in the mirror. As soon as a metal coin token in the grid comes out, take it, the door opens immediately and you exit. You must keep the token with you for the rest of your life. If you lose, then you will be given a new one in any Health Recovery Center; you just have to look in the mirror, in fact, this is a screen-scanner, with its help, the code of your face and eyes is recorded. Now I ask to go into the cabins, yes, try to breathe normally and not to worry when the lights go off for a moment, you are alone there. Do you understand? "
Since we were not from the Stone Age, but from the electronic one, we all smiled and answered with one voice: "Everything is clear, dear Dr. Lun."
"Then forward the first seven respected citizens," said Dr. Lun, coming up to each booth, lowered the token into the slot, he fell into the metal grid, the alien took it and immediately the door opened. I, who was among the first travelers, entered the cabin with a soft even matte light, the door immediately closed, on one of the snow-white walls was a screen exactly like a regular mirror and stared at it, looking at its face. Strangely, during the flight I changed a little, it seemed to me younger, but since I always looked young in my years I did not attach much importance. As soon as he took up the two metal stands for an instant, the light went out and a few blue beams from all sides rushed at my body, they expanded before my eyes and filled the entire space with cold blue light. The snow-white walls of the booth resembled a perforated map, and from the thinnest holes I understood, the stream rushed to illuminate my body from head to toe.
Again the matte light filled the entire cabin, I stood still, looking in the mirror without any excitement, breathing normally, my face and only the ringing of the token falling into the metal grid of the token brought me into action. I saw him, took him in my hand and examined it, on the one hand, it was like gold, on the other, under the form of platinum, and as I found out later on it all the information about my state of health was recorded electronically. Soon the cabin door opened, I walked out of it and found myself in a large, bright room, Dr. Lun walked from that room to this and waited for us. Simultaneously with me from the other booths, our travel companions came out, the doctor approached each of us, shook our hand tightly and smiling in a metallic voice, said: "Congratulations, dear, you passed the test, your health is normal.
I looked at him and said: "Thank you, dear Dr. Lun, I am very glad that I am healthy."
When we got together, Dr. Lun looked at us all from head to toe, smiled broadly and said: "Dear and respected, such an address to all you and us, we add a name, in our country no one says thank you to anyone, as in your case when you were examined, you dont know who gave you the token. Who needs to say thanks?
To invisible device! And yet, you should relax, the main thing is to smile broadly, remember, in our country there are no problems and there are no headaches and heartaches, you dont need to think about anything, you are travelers and are from this moment under the supervision of the staff of the Main Center for Health Recovery, I'll tell him later. Now break up into groups of two, three, four people and settle in this building, spend a few days since you need to acclimatize and adapt and then go to the city and live exactly in the same conditions. The most important thing here is to have to intensively study our language, it is not too difficult and you have to freely communicate with the citizens and, first of all, with us. Ill say right away that there are no keys in our country and therefore all the doors of buildings, institutions, shops, food consumption points, apartments and in general everywhere and everywhere, are covered and covered during the day and night, go in, use, in our case you need to remember their numbers and the floor."
Since we talked with each other and met each other during the flight, I lived with my three friends John from Texas, Neil from Iowa and Alex from California in a four-room apartment - each of us had a small bedroom and everything else - I was carried out in a large comfortable office equipped with the last sample electronically, based on five people doing their job or having fun - there were 5 PCs on the table and on the wall the size of a large window hung a flat plasma TV connected to all PCs connected like ours to the internet. According to the rules of life, every inhabitant of Approxima had his own frequency from birth, so he could send his information through the air anywhere and to anyone, to the outside world, to Cosmos and, in turn, receive any information and even signals from Cosmos. So, sitting in comfortable chairs without interfering with each other, we spent our leisure time. The apartment had a luxurious bath with shower and the kitchen was tiny, because no one ate at home - people ordered food and ate at their leisure in the dining rooms at the building, because there was no stove but there was a table with five chairs and several closets for clothes and shoes. In the bedroom there was a small table with a personal computer; with it, people would perform some types of work, play, read, and so on.
We wanted to watch the latest news on TV, but no matter how much nature and animal life saw it, it was so interesting and we forgot about the dream, but at one o'clock the TV turned off and we went to sleep willy-nilly. We didnt lie around for a long time - at six in the morning TV turned on and heard the voice of Dr. Lun: "Dear and dear John, Victor, Alex, a shower is waiting for you, only five minutes are given for the session, after you get dressed, light clothes for everyone go down in the common room we will conduct training and familiarization with the rules of our life, since you are citizens of the country from now on, you will enjoy all the benefits we are waiting for. "
I had to obey the rules, we went into the shower in order, exactly, the whole procedure took five minutes for each of us, the water did not flow, stood waiting, thought temporarily, but the voice reminded that the procedure was finished for me. I went out, John came in and, strangely, so quickly we not only washed ourselves but got energized - it seemed to me that I was younger by several years, my heart beat exactly like a clock, no shortness of breath, fatigue in my body, I wanted to live and rejoice. We changed our clothes and went to the elevator - our people gathered in the hall, Lun, Cleo and six assistants greeted us with a smile, we greeted each other and how they smiled.
Soon everyone got together, sat down at the tables with a PC, hung a flat-screen TV on the wall, and Dr. Lun told us briefly the most important features of their lives: "Dear and respected citizens since a certain period of our modern history there is no police in the country of Approxima, robbers, murderers, crimes are excluded, all people live unaware of problems, without headaches and heart diseases and our everyday morning and evening stay in the shower with a bath is not just to wash the dirt off the body, but to restore shaky health of that heart. I will tell you dear and respected frankly, I cannot understand how you continue to live with your sick heart, therefore I have to assign you three bath procedures a day and in seven days your hearts will beat like babies, and now before breakfast we will begin to train Approxima language, it is important for communication and life. Please put on your headphones, listen, look at the screen and remember."
We put on the headphones, the PCs turned on and the first page opened on the screen with their letters and Latin characters facing each other. They had thirty letters and they looked like a combination of arcs and sticks, the numbers of the combination of sticks and in a strange way zero for them and we were the same as the unit only without a side stick. In order to know how to pronounce a letter, a digit, a sign, it was enough just to bring the arrow on the screen to the required letter to the digit, the sign of the word, and right there it is written. Since we all were not sewn up, but perfectly prepared and illiterate in their countries, their whole science was by no means quite similar to Chinese literacy, they were rather successful, without problems. I must say on Earth during the preparation for the flight to Approxima, we became acquainted with this language because we knew letters, numbers, signs, many words and phrases, and if we hadnt slept in flight for months like bears in dens, during this time we could completely to study the language, but with the specifics of the flight did not work and now we learn thoroughly. After an hour of learning the language, we went to the dining room to have breakfast: drinks, tea, food differed from ours in taste and smell, but we had to eat and drink, and then went to the hall again for later learning and familiarization first for three minutes with a break for ten minutes they were studying the language, after Dr. Lun told us about the life of citizens on Approxima: "Dear citizens there is no money in our country, everything is free, no one gets paid, people work for conscience until the very last day of life, which comes exactly after a hundred years from the day of birth. Eternal love, we dont have an idea about divorce, how can you get divorced if you married for love and get married not anyhow as today but after experts in Main Recovery Center analyze the state of health of both spouses. And in the course of their life, not only for them but also for all citizens, day and night, there is an observation of the working heart, since all diseases including divorce emanate from it. As for housing, everything is very simple here - you just live in those apartments in which the citizens of the country live from birth to death and they are distributed according to the number of family members - for one single one-bedroom apartment with a study, a young couple live in a two-room apartment with a large room for work, recreation and entertainment furnished with modern electronics and TV, a family of three gets a three-room, of four people live in a four-room apartment with a standard typical office. Since in any apartment there is everything necessary for life, work, leisure, entertainment, then you dont need to buy anything, bulky furniture as such doesnt even have any place to put it in the apartment.
It is very simple to get a place to live: a citizen came from another city or from an agricultural farm and without hesitation, during the day or atnight, he turns to the State Central Exhibition and Exhibition Center which is located in any house. Citizen Dean pulls out a token exactly the same as yours - from all citizens from birth to death - enters the device in a visible place into the slot and a form immediately appears on the screen, he fills it with an electronic pen with his request for housing, presses a button and after some time, another form for housing appears on the screen, fills it with all that relates to the composition of his family, to the place where he would like to receive an apartment, presses a button and waits for the document to appear - he will offer him to choose a home in one of their chosen area of ??houses. Here comes the form, he becomes acquainted with the location of each apartment in the selected area, makes the last hand movement with an electronic pen, signs on the plan of the selected apartment, the final choice has been made. Citizen Dean presses the green button and after a few seconds a filled-in form appears indicating the number of the apartment, house, block and the nearest bus stop to the house in which he lives and immediately a part of the token get out of the machine. Citizen Dean picks it up and sets off on his way to his apartment - all information is written on a token and if he forgot the address then on the bus, at any stop, in any house he put the token into the slot of the machine right there on the screen he sees the shortest path from the place where he is at the moment to his apartment with an indication of the floor and rooms, he will not get into someone else's.
A few months later, citizen Dean married or a citizen of Tai married a child, they had a child, our young couple received a child-owned token and directly from the apartment goes to the Center for Main Contracting in order to expand the apartment, which will take just a few minutes. With the birth of a child, he is placed in a special cradle with sensors, and first of all they record the rhythm of the heartbeat on his card, it is considered a copy and on the original card stored in the State Central Exhibition Hall and from that time until the end of life, which will come in a hundred years, the heartbeat is maintained in infancy.
As I told you earlier, a love marriage lasts until the end of life, nobody chooses each other out of material gain - everyone lives in equal conditions without money, but there are cases when some couples have problems, they are associated with health deviations from normal. Here, the State Special Center for Health Protection immediately connects and if the state of health is not restored if someone is incurably sick, then a decision is made to deprive a citizen of life ahead of time so that he does not suffer himself and does not interfere with the normal life of others.
It seems to many that he is healthy and does not apply to the State Specialized Exhibition Center, its good that smart devices follow people day and night, and if patients do not appear in the State Exhibition Center, the inscription hangs on the screen: "Dear citizen Alex! Contact the State Central Exhibition Hall, the TV will not turn on until you complete the course of treatment," and without the TV the PC will not work, you will not do the work and so on. Our scientists believe that all illnesses, mental and mental abnormalities, bad moods are associated with heart disease and not from brain work, which is why our State Center of Labor and Disability is trying to support every citizen's heart work as it has in its infancy.
In addition, according to your token, you can get not only housing but order food, theater tickets, stadiums, travel, dress, shoe, sew modern fashionable clothes created on the basis of your model, prepare food and so on. And now well go for lunch, its the same for everyone, but everyone will order drinks according to their taste - look at the menu and act like Im an electronic device, enter your token in the slot, choose any drink, click on the one you like and specify the number of your table, it is registered and when we sit down, you will see your favorite drink on the table next to your meal, dear, we go to dinner. "
We made an order, the first acquaintance of using a token card: when I inserted it into the slot, I saw the names of the drinks on the screen, clicked on the selected one and here it was on the screen, in the glass, clicked on another drink and it was on the screen in the glass beauty. We went to the dining room, cooked food was waiting for us on the tables and when I went to my table I saw the drink I ordered. After our meal, I still could not get used to local food and even to drinks, but I ate to the end - it all seemed to me that there was not enough hot pepper that we so abundantly added to our dishes.
The dinner was over, we thanked Luna, he looked at us, smiled and said: "Dear I did not take any part in the preparation of food and did not serve the tables so I dont have to thank me for that food with drinks, everything was prepared by robots, they brought, set and cleaned themselves, washed the dishes and cooked us food for dinner. And now the important one-hour break, you go up to your apartment, immediately shower and rest before the signal, you everyone is free and see you in this room. "
In the old habit, we thanked Dr. Lun, he smiled, waved his hand and went to the apartments, immediately under a five-minute shower and Ill tell you when the feeling came out-excellent and my mood improved and my head didnt have the idea them seemed to me a difficult language. After the shower, we posted televisions, mostly we were shown nature and wildlife resembling our equatorial countries. Suddenly, on the TV screen, we saw the inscription: "Dear, I ask you to go downstairs to the classroom. Dr. Lun."
Alex got up, looked at us, smiled and quietly said: "Dear, it's time to go to class, learning the light, by the way, I enjoy staying in the shower, my mood is rising, I even forget about the house and are eager to see how they are really live, their cities. "
"My Alex, over time, we will be shown everything, now we are not even allowed to open and look out the windows because the air is different from ours, their bright sun or they fear as if they did not receive a dose of radiation, here is another sun. As for the soul reception is the ultimate dream - it becomes easy on the body and the soul, in our hospitals they did not reach it, but in their homes, we leave, " I said and headed for the door. My friends went after me, went into the elevator and descended from the seventh floor straight to the hall where we held classes. Dr. Lun in a blue shirt with a smile on his face met us and said one and all: "Dear, you look great, noticeable change, in a week you will be like boys, our treatment will be to your advantage, I am very pleased."
We thanked him, the words were not empty, they themselves felt relief in our body, a healthy surge of strength, miracles and nothing else.
Dr. Lun sat us down and we continued to study the language, then there was an hour of interview, but of course all this was only in English, we told about our flight and were surprised how we flew at a speed exceeding the speed of light. Our teacher looked at us sympathetically and said sadly: "My dear and respected, here I am powerless to explain to you how it is known to designers and their smart machines, we have a lot to do not only by our people but also by the machines that they design in time you will know maybe one of you will be different here, we do not think that there is nobody smarter than us, you will bring something useful into our life. Yes, it's dinner time, it's seven o'clock, here's a list with the names of the dishes in the local language, try to choose the dishes and drinks. "
Our teacher gave us a list, its good that there were meals and drinks in the local language and with translation into English, and according to him and our knowledge, we ordered the dishes, the drinks and the table at which we will sit. Suddenly, Cleo entered our hall with his assistants, we were overjoyed, exchanged greetings, they sat down with us and inquired about our mood and did not even receive an answer. They affirmatively stated that we had a wonderful appearance and therefore a healthy body that we confirmed. A smile broke over them and our faces; we all got up and when we entered the dining room the breakfast was waiting for us. Slowly we had breakfast, thanked no one, because we didnt see anyone except neat robots, talked for an hour and said goodbye to our friends, went to our apartment, immediately took a shower and then sat down to TV and at least I would say in deaf isolation from the outside world, but nature and the animal world were seen in all its glory, the PC had not yet attracted us without knowing the language, we could not go to their sites, but we knew that in two days, Dr. Lun would explain everything, but in any case, we need to know the language. It was a pleasure to watch the programs, but unfortunately at 1 am the TV sent us to bed and warned me to take a shower in the morning.
For three days we were in deaf isolation, not a single window, but I noticed that the air in the room changed, became more humid, and sometimes the flow blew over us. The teaching continued, the food became tastier, Dr. Lun introduced the rules of life in the country and they sometimes surprised us. "Dear and respected citizens, every citizen of our country has two sets of clothes and shoes, but he or she can change one set at least every day in any store. If clothes or shoes do not fit, you can order them and they will sew, but it will go a few days, there is another option, if you are a fashion designer, you can not sew a dress, shoes, anything from any materials available in the country without going out of the house, but it will take at least a week. To tell the truth if you go to the nearest Palace of Clothes and Shoes then there is so much clothing and about see that you can find any things to your taste and exchange them for old ones and take no more than an hour or even a few minutes to do it. What is it done for? Everything is very simple: in order not to overload your apartment with unnecessary rubbish, no one tells anyone what time and when to go for clothes, shoes and how many times a week to change, and all things are sewn according to the best models and millions of people are engaged in this noble cause."
After dinner, after saying goodbye to Dr. Lun, we went to our apartments, looked at the TV-nature, the animal and underwater world, in principle, everything is like in our land. The fifth day started as usual with a shower, we felt great, we looked younger in body and soul, went downstairs, had breakfast, Dr. Lun, Captain Cleo and his assistants smiled as usual and continued to teach us approximation language admiring our progress in its development. When we went to the dining room, Dr. Lun happily told us the tremendous news: "Dear citizens, in three days we leave this Adoptation Center and go to the city of Brolin, the capital of the state of Siberia, but along the way well go to a mountain resort where we will spend four nights and this evening, when the heat subsides, we will climb to the roof of this skyscraper and from the height of thousand feet we will admire the world around us.
We were all very happy, shouted "Hurray" and continued our studies and I will say the changes were significant, we tried to communicate in their language. The news excited us and we waited with impatience for the time when the elevators would carry us up in the sky. I have to say before our flight to Approxime in New York there were dozens of skyscrapers over two hundred floors high, the spectacle is thrilling, at the final stage of construction Uncle Joe's Tower is 310 floors high and will be the tallest building in the USA the championship is held by the Maritime Mile in the UAE 400 floors, 1852 meters and the Seven Dragon Chinese Tower of 267 floors in Shanghai. I will say that we were so enthusiastic about our study of the language that we forgot about going up to the roof and only at seven o'clock Dr. Lun himself reminded us of this: "Dear citizens, turn off the PC and follow me, the heat is asleep and you are bird's-eye you will see a particle of the country, the Planet Approxima has a diameter of 49,142 miles, consists of 12 continents and is separated by oceans up to 30,000 miles wide, therefore flights are carried out on rockets, ships cannot go to sea as the waves rise to 130-160 feet during a storm."
There was no limit to our joy, we turned off the PC and headed for the elevator, for several ascents we were on the roof of a skyscraper, bright tropical flowers grew in the corners in the beds, metal columns were welded around the perimeter to a height of seven feet, between them were fortified glass panels and in complete safety contemplated the world around us. The huge yellow sun shone brightly and approached the mountains, and as Captain Cleo told us, even in flight, the altitude reached about 35-45 miles and the highest White Mountain on the Planet is 300,358 feet. The visibility is beautiful and it seemed the mountains near us, at the foot completely covered with forests, the snow began from a height of 6-7 miles, away from the mountains we saw the city of Brolin, the capital of the state of Siberia. According to Cleo, he was about 250 miles away from us and therefore we could not see it, we saw only the tops of the tallest skyscrapers with TV aerials, it is home to more than 20 million and covers an area of ??35 by 25 miles. In the city, most buildings are skyscrapers high. from 50 to 200 floors, but several years ago, not far from the ocean of Grozny, there were Two Columns 310 floors high and, by pure chance, their summits - about 220 floors high, together with 17,581 employees, were cut off by a giant meteorite about 2300 feet in diameter flying about 12 miles per second. When he crashed into these buildings, the onlookers got the impression that the broken skyscrapers did not crumble in the air and stuck to the meteorite and he carried them to the ocean, there with them went under water to a depth of 80,000 feet. Its good that it happened two thousand miles from the city - in the place of the fall a mountain of water rose, a wave about 13 feet high formed and rushed to the coast at a speed of 4.5 miles per second. But since the city of Brolin is located not on the coast but on a hill at least 1000 feet above sea level, the wave hit the rocks and without causing any harm to the capital, it was carried back to the ocean. Subsequently, near the houses a Memorial was erected - two huge fountains 300 feet in diameter, around them a pedestal with 20 columns and the names of the dead people were carved on marble pink slabs. On the basis of the twentieth columns, the sculptural group of people holding hands by the hand from among the dead and of course the fountains themselves, their jet beats to a height of about 500 feet is a magnificent sight. But this is not the limit - there is a fountain in the city, the jet of which beats up to a height of 7000 feet, and all this is due to the fact that there are two water pipes with a diameter of 34 feet from the mountains, they originate at an altitude of about 17 thousand yards, all residents drink crystal clear mountain water and since the height difference is huge, the water not only flows to the city but rises to the highest floor of the country's highest skyscraper.
When the sun went beyond the horizon a few minutes there was an inky darkness and we saw a lot of luminous points where the capital was, soon began to lighten and you wont believe: one after another, three yellow moons in different sides of the Planet appeared from the horizon one after the other for twenty minutes . But this is not all, soon the fourth blue moon was added to them twice as large as the first, and all of them, as it seemed to us, were approximately at the same distance as our moon.
But soon we heard Cleo's voice: "Dear citizens, its time for dinner, the lesson is over for today, we didnt see what weve watched tomorrow."
We didnt want to leave but didnt have the right to object, and for two evenings we admired the extraordinary beauty with the radiance of the four moons. At this time, our teacher, Dr. Lun, enthusiastically told us about the city of Brolin: "Dear citizens, it has a good layout, wide transport routes with interchanges, no intersections of roads on the same level, no traffic jams like you, public transport works fine and big buses up to 200 places are never crowded due to the fact that they often and quickly go, in a short time high-speed buses in 40 minutes with stops go from end to end 30 miles and 20 million citizens do without cars, they do not clutter up the territory and therefore everywhere and everywhere there are huge parks with trees, flowers, fountains and ponds with clear water in which colorful fish float freely and birds of all colors of the rainbow float on the surface. "
Hearing his story, we were surprised how people can do without cars and when they told him about New York and especially about Moscow with suburbs stretching for a 60 miles from the Kremlin and that in that metropolis at least fifty million people with 30 million cars of personal use Dr. Lun told us the following: "Dear! Not surprisingly, we experienced the same thing, but we are fed up with this life, the public decided to end this chaos, because everything living around us began to die, people were afraid that become extinct and decided to change not only the way of life but also the layout of the cities. The last 50 years turned out to be the most turbulent, we have achieved extraordinary progress and consider our standard of living to be the best compared to that which was 70-100 years ago, we build rockets flying with an excess of the speed of light, they flew through and through the cosmos, and when a young lover caught signals from another Planet and showed our citizens on TV, everyone began to turn to scientists and specialists of our State Central Exhibition Hall to organize an expedition to fly to you. Immediately included in the development of the route to your Earth electronic machines and when they gave the best option decided to collect 100 citizens who want to fly. It turned out almost the entire population wished to go and had to choose tourists from different parts of the country. In short, we flew to you to get acquainted with your way of life and to use all the best in our life, which we consider to be good but not perfect - somewhere people probably live better than we do. So now on Earth our people and you on the Planet Approxima are such plans. I will say that tomorrow morning we hit the road, all your belongings were processed in a cold vacuum, the microbes were destroyed but nothing is damaged and you put on your favorite outfits after a shower. Immediately after dinner, you will receive your things because now its time to our dining room, yes, I think that you are used to each other and you may wish to live in the same composition in the city, those apartments are no different from those in which you live, but if there is the desire to live independently you can tell me, everything will be decided instantly."
And then I thought to myself, it is unlikely that their people will find something good in our life, in which our heads are bursting with problems and headaches how to survive in our rapidly developing world with unprecedented crime and siphoning money for any reason, including fines, when at the sight of a red ticket in a thousand bucks, hair stands on end.
I talked with my friends and they said that there are no objections, we will continue to live together. Immediately after dinner, we were delivered our suitcases, bags and belongings left packed in a transparent plastic encapsulated in the shower, we thanked Dr. Luna, he just smiled and said: "My dear, I didnt even use my finger, all the robots have done, but since they are soulless, they dont need such gratitude, take them and put on your favorite outfits only tomorrow after the soul, we will meet tomorrow."
We disassembled our belongings and went with them to our cozy apartments and I will say the last night turned out to be exciting and restless for me and in my opinion it was so for everyone. In the morning, we washed ourselves in the shower and in the bath - Dr. Luna's instructions were like that and I felt excellent, we put on the best costumes and at seven o'clock in the morning we gathered our things in the class room. All of us were in a good mood, smiled, greeted each other, and Cleo, seeing us dressed in a fun way, was delighted with us, approached everyone, looked at us and shook his head. This morning, in our dining room, before the road, only invigorating drinks were drunk, as Dr. Lun said a full breakfast would be in an hour and a half at a resort in the mountains. At 8 o'clock, Captain Cleo entered the hall with his assistants, they were all in white shirts with short sleeves and dark shorts, and sandals were different in color on their feet. Seeing us, they smiled broadly, greeted them, we foreigners expressed their admiration for our appearance, especially the ladies and having drunk a glass of drink went with the things behind Cleo to the wide-open doors, the smell of wild flowers and herbs came to us from the valley I breathed in early childhood. We went outside, in the distance we could see tall mountains, light-blue cloudless sky above us. The sun, invisible by us, glittered behind our skyscraper, even though the morning temperature had risen to thirty degrees and I understood why aliens are so lightly dressed. In front of us there was a pond in a large area, in the middle the fountain beat, its jet rose to a height of about a 333 feet, in the water that boiled, foamed and bubbled in the center, flying goldfish played tropical parrots and on the edge, where the water was calm, geese, ducks, swans swam, they dived into the water and fed on algae with lush blue flowers. One by one, big yellow-green buses drove up, two young smiling drivers came out of them as two drops similar not only to each other like to Dr. Lun, Cleo and his assistants in red skirts with short sleeves, in green shorts and black sandals.
They greeted us, we did them, the drivers introduced themselves - one called Caon, another Donk, the guys helped us put things in the luggage compartment for which we received thanks. The drivers looked at us strangely, not understanding why they had such an honor, smiled and asked us to get on the buses. We went to the open door, I sat in the first one, at the front and side windows, the cabin was spacious, comfortable seats and the main air conditioner worked, the fresh coolness was felt.
As soon as our driver Donk got into the bus, the captain Cleo followed him, they looked at us and made sure that we took our seats, almost silently started the engine and smoothly moved off. Our big bus was rapidly picking up speed and soon we were rushing forward at least a hundred miles an hour. Captain Cleo was our guide and gave us useful and interesting information: "Dear and expensive, in our country because of the huge amount of electricity, all buses with electric motors rush at an average speed of 90 miles per hour and here, to a resort place in the mountains , electric cables are laid under the roadway. Passenger buses are designed for one hundred or two hundred passengers, the number of tourists is growing from year to year and many are rolling them through the city from end to end. The road we are traveling on is wide one-way, we will not be about only, in two miles we will drive on the main highway leading to the capital Brolin. "
And for sure, in a couple of minutes we drove onto a busy one-way highway, buses, trucks, dump trucks, firefighters, company cars, trailers and tanks, and no one interfered with us. Soon from the valley we fell into hilly terrain, groves, orchards, people, children waved to us. Just wonder-all motley-dressed: men in bright shirts with short sleeves and shorts, women in sleeveless shirts and skirts above the knees. Somehow they suddenly burst into the foothills with green forests, tall trees like our redwoods and eucalyptus trees, among them animals like our bears, bison and wolves were wandering, there was a reservation for predators. Before us flashed mountain rivers, canyons, the bus went uphill without slowing down, narrow but high waterfalls appeared, they were dumping their waters down with noise. Somehow suddenly, a huge square with a fountain appeared from behind the turn in the distance, and there were seven tall skyscrapers on it - no less than a hundred floors each, faced outside with multi-colored glass panels - indescribable beauty.
Many men, women, children in light colored shirts, shorts, skirts and sandals barefoot walked on the square, our buses stopped and before going out Cleo made a small announcement that delighted us: "Dear, we drove into the tourist and wellness center "Aberia" and spend a few days. Since here the air temperature from 30 to 35 degrees in your costumes will be hot, we will go to the Palace of Clothes and Shoes and you will choose everything that will be available in two sets for your taste and color. While meeting with men and women please you smile and address people "Dear citizen, if you do not know the name, you can not say it, but be sure to call yours and no "Thank you" is accepted, so follow me. Yes, dont take things with you, buses will not leave and first of all we head to the "Palace of Clothes and Footwear."
Cleo came out first, we followed him and found ourselves on the square, vacationers came to us and greeted us, we answered them in their language and noticed that they were somehow surprised to look at from all sides. Yes, outwardly we were different from them, Cleo entered into a conversation with them, they surrounded us all with a dense wall, took pictures, but soon, at the request of the captain, they separated. At that time, our people approached us from the second bus and together they moved to the skyscraper, an abstract painting of a giant size revetted with multicolored glass panels. When they went inside they found themselves in a huge bright room with a lot of elevators and escalators, people sat, wandered, looked at abstract paintings on the walls. We did not linger here, went up to the second floor with an escalator, and it seemed to me that we got to the exhibition of fashionable women's clothing and shoes. Cleo looked at us and said quietly: "Dear and respected citizens, Fry and Glon will go to the women's section, they will help you to choose clothes and shoes, you will go up to the next floor, dear and respected, everything is for men."
Our ladies with aliens went to the women's section, and we went up to the third floor to the men's section. There were few people, a lot of clothes and mostly light for the summer hot season. In short, I chose two sets for myself - lilac shirts, dark shorts and brown sandals - I also changed my clothes and, what is most surprising, with no money, since they lacked them. We went down to the hall and wandered through it admiring the creations of local artists - a solid abstraction, no landscapes, still life and portraits, and no color-electronic drawings. Soon our ladies appeared - in light sleeveless shirts, in skirts to the knees and sandals on bare feet of all colors of the rainbow - they looked charming and seductive. Now we were like aliens with one difference - our faces were different in color of skin, hair, eyes, lips, shape.
We are happy and happy with things packed in blue plastic bags on the way out, on the way, Captain Cleo told us that we will live in the next skyscraper and as soon as we get acquainted with our apartments at 10 o'clock we go down to the first floor and go to banquet. Once on the square where people walked with children, and without them, we again attracted their attention - they approached us, welcomed us, took pictures of us, filmed with us, but especially with our sexy ladies. It would have lasted a long time, but Cleo asked them to leave us alone before the meeting at the banquet and the people with broad smiles on their faces obediently parted.
We came to our skyscraper lined with blue glass panels and Cleo with the eternal smile of the baby on his face said quietly: "Dear, remember this building, we will live in it for four days on the same 47 floor, all four-room apartments have the number four and letters, three-bedroom numbers have three letters and two-bedroom two-letters and letters, one-room units and letters, such is the designation of apartments throughout the country, so when you see the number 4 and the letter A on the doors, you know that this is a four-room apartment A and if you have 4C then you will not enter e in apartment 4B. We go up to the 47 floor, and you occupy the apartment in which lived the same composition. "
Going up on the elevator to the 47th floor, we went to pick up our apartment and liked 47-4V. It consisted of four rooms-bedrooms, a study, a kitchenette and a bathroom with a shower, there was a large flat-screen TV, computers and two windows with a mountain view with snow peaks and waterfalls. Since we had time, we were by turns refreshed under cold jets of water spurting under pressure, it and the temperature we could chang at our discretion but were given only five minutes to wash.
Clean, fresh, in a good mood, wearing shirts, shorts and sandals at 10 o'clock, I, John, Neal and Alex left the apartment and soon met Cleo, Lun, the captain's assistants and our friends and charming seductive ladies in their short skirts and shirts exposing their full legs and magnificent breasts. Groups on the elevator went down to the first floor and went to another skyscraper to a banquet, at the entrance we were waited by men in colorful shirts, in shorts, sandals on bare feet, women in shirts without sleeves, skirts above the knees and sandals on bare foot. They smiled broadly and welcomed us, we started taking pictures with us and finally took us to the banquet hall.
We were seated in a separate group at tables with sparkling wines, drinks, various meat snacks on the plates, but strangely there was no sausage or cheese, and thats because they had no idea how to make these important and tasty products. But as far as fruits, berries and grapes are concerned, they stood on the plates on the mountains. No toasts and chokes, everyone took a bottle of sparkling wine, a drink, poured it into his glass and drank in small mouthful. We walked until lunch, I will say no one danced because these aliens had no idea about the dances and singig. They did not sing for the simple reason that their mechanical, inexpressive voices turned out to be very bad. We had songs, music for a million hours of sound, and it was all stored on several disks, but we needed amplifying equipment and speakers.
So with the rest at the mountain resort, otherwise I will not name it, we began our new life, it was fun, endless smiles flashed on our faces and joy knew no bounds. We spent four days hiking in this beautiful place, small fields covered with flowers, swam in the warm waters of the lakes, climbed high in the mountains for 17 000 20 000feet, and there we saw firsthand waterfalls surpassing Niagara. On the last day of the morning we went to the reserve to see wild wildlife and birds, they differed little from ours, mostly all herbivores and not so aggressive. I was often surprised: they have almost the same animals, birds, parrots, butterflies on the planet and on our Earth. Once, during a picnic on the edge of the forest, big blue-white butterflies flew to us, circling over us, they flew into the valley where bright flowers grew with a pleasant, subtle scent that reached us.
Once we were taken to a distant and very deep, bright lake Urmaa, reminiscent of Russian Baikal, at least one mile deep, and dived on a huge submarine to the very bottom covered with golden sand, many colorful algae with lush flowers and among them there were long shoals , round snake-like and spherical fish. Then we swam in it, and since it was not everywhere deep, its depth did not exceed 15-24 feet along the shore, green algae with pink flowers grew and many fish and small fish of the same bright color as in our aquariums and among they are golden in color with dark stripes, red heads with large black eyes, rapidly swimming at the bottom between the algae, exactly like the sacred sleeping fish Harimaka. Striking similarities! But apart from these fish, the length of which was at least 2 feet along the sandy bottom, large red crabs crawled in a girth of at least two meters. Just some kind of miracle! Like ours on Earth. There are a lot of impressions about being in a mountain resort, its very good that we grabbed movie cameras with us, well present everything on Earth that weve captured to people and they will see nature, cities, wildlife and people of the distant Planet Approxima.
Everything would be fine, but then when we were on the beach, the test of courage began for us, and for women, real torture. The fact is that as soon as the aliens set foot on the sand, they immediately threw off their shirts, shorts, skirts under which there was no underwear, swimming trunks and bikinis, and threw themselves into warm water while swimming with their children. It turns out the aliens had no idea about shame and everyone tried to put their not too attractive body on the show. But since all our men were with beautiful athletic body shapes and the ladies with magnificent, graceful, seductive figures had nothing to lose, and we were at first embarrassed and then easily undressed and rushed into the water. But even here there were their own customs, the men swam away from women, but it was enough to get out of the water ashore, as everyone broke up into family groups again and, as if nothing had happened, were chatting and sunbathing in the sun.
Since our guides, Cleo and Lun, were constantly with us on the beach, the assistants didnt come near us in the water but the aliens didnt refuse to take pictures with us on the beach, it was considered unrealistic and had to stand with them we were their guests and had to give in to the owners. We dressed and went to our buses trying not to remember the beach, and so it was every time throughout our stay at Approxima when we went to the river or lake.
Returning in the evening to our hotel and wellness center, we saw bored aliens, no music, songs and dances, and we had a thought to revive the public. Since we were no stitch, but technically competent specialists, radio and electronics engineers, John and Neil used a computer to draw a schematic diagram of the installation for playing the sound in the hall and asked Captain Cleo to get the column and amplifiers thoroughly from Brolin, he liked our idea I , he immediately approved the request and the day after lunch from Brolin was delivered by the four huge trailers with speakers, amplifiers, a light system and several dozen alien specialists. Eight speakers with a light system were placed and hung in the hall, twenty on the square, as presented and offered by Mr. Neil, and in the evening connecting the PC to the amplifier, we tried to play a cheerful dance song Seven Beauties performed by Tina Armi.
As it was getting dark, then the rest of the aliens on the square heard a pleasant female voice and saw how the colorful light cascade of all colors of the rainbow filled the whole space and immediately revived and watched our ladies and gentlemen with enthusiasm. The fact is that the aliens had no idea of ??dancing and singing, and when we all started dancing to our music, Cleo addressed them in their native language to join us and imagine, if not all, but the most courageous approached began dancing. Since Captain Cleo and his assistants danced well and danced with us, I will say this so affected the guests that after three dances they danced more than those who only admired from the side.
The evening ended late, at the hour when it was time for everyone to sleep, and Captain Cleo announced to everyone that the dances would continue tomorrow, and if there are people willing to learn dancing, it will be organized but training. And I will say many immediately agreed, joyful and happy, we all went through our apartments. The next day, after breakfast, we went by bus for a walk to the park in the wild. Of course, in the park itself, we did not walk around among the animals, but watched their life from a bird's-eye view and from the side, so as not to indulge them with our presence. An air cable road was mounted around the perimeter, visitors took places in open trailers near the wall and at a speed of six miles an hour, everyone admires what happens on the prairie at least ten miles wide. In order to better see the wild world we were given binoculars and from a height of seventy yards with our eyes covered a large area. I will say that a broad river flowed in this park, there were lakes, bushes and countless animals, birds and fish and fish swimming in the water. Predatory animals, crocodiles, birds and fish differed from ours by their bright color and larger size, it is possible from time to time they were thrown food so that the fully strong would not eat the weak.
We stayed in this place for seven hours, at two o'clock we were abundantly fed meat food, drank drinks and ate delicious fruits and berries. Joyful and happy, we returned to the wellness center, organized dinner at eight in the evening and from 9 in the evening taught aliens to dance and then danced to our tunes and songs from ten to midnight. On the last evening, we organized an artistic performance on our own: right on the square we mounted a stage and we sometimes attracted aliens to it - played, sang, danced and didnt even know that our concert was broadcast to the whole country and caused great excitement and interest in us and our performance. When Dr. Cleo told us about it, we were shocked and glad that the aliens praised our work. After the performance and handshakes, we are joyful and happy went to our apartments, tomorrow after breakfast we go to the capital Brolin where we will live for several years.
The next day, after breakfast, we went to the buses, after a short interview with holidaymakers near the fountain and taking pictures with them, Cleo said that they admire us and hope to meet together in the city, in the Palace of Fun. We went to the buses, people followed us, warmly said goodbye, sat down on soft seats and moved to the capital. They waved for a long time after the square with people disappeared behind a sharp turn. Not less than an hour circled in the mountains and finally the buses broke out onto the plain and past us, agricultural farms with tractors, seeders, windmills, combines, grazing cattle, gardens with fruit pickers flashed around, and the contours of the city were more or less clearly outlined to the skyscrapers as they told us Cleo at least seventy miles. Visibility is unmatched due to the cleanliness of the air, and here is a city very close, we raced along a wide highway, the number of cars increased. Somehow everything has changed dramatically, in front of us in all its beauty and relics appeared skyscrapers long before we drove into it, no suburbs, in the whole space where the capital Brolin was located.
Cleo, who was sitting near the driver, began to give us important and interesting information: "Dea citizens, after three miles the border of the city begins, we will drive on one of the numerous highways that cuts Brolin the entire length along and no cross road intersects with it on one level and our buses are not slowing down to the opposite end of the giant city, the length of which is 30 miles. As you noted, we have no suburbs, everyone lives either in the city or with huge agricultural farms. Long ago, our cities had suburbs, millions of people lived in their private houses and villas with garages for private cars, swimming pools and gardens, villages merged with villages, suburbs with suburbs and lived up to those times when the countrys farm lands were reduced to such an area that people in the country were faced with a food crisis - food prices shot up and reached such a level when 80 percent of the population could not really feed themselves. Discontent arose among the people in the country and it was necessary to rebuild not only cities but also redoing life, and now just what happened many decades ago, modern people like it, we do not have rich people, villas and suburbs. Previously, a city with suburbs with a population of twenty million like this handsome Brolin, with those curves and roads intersecting at the same level with millions of cars, we would not drive in two hours, please check in time."
I spotted the time and now we rush among skyscrapers of various heights, architecture and exterior decoration, number of floors varies from 50 to 300, the highest inside blocks or blocks at the edge of low-rise roads, decorated with glass panels made of stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, marble, granite plates and as I learned later even diamond-trimmed and in the sun they play and shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow spectacle can not be imagined. We raced along the main highway and I will describe it - it consists of two wide roads of one-way traffic separated by an alley about 33 feet wide for its entire length, trees, flowers are planted on it, there are ponds, fountains, benches for rest, people walk or go from block to block if you do not want to use the bus or to physically strengthen the body, movement is life. Wild geese, swans, ducks and other birds swam in ponds, fountains, they swam in different colors of fish, each separate road was divided into five lanes ten feet wide, two lanes were set aside for public transport, the first and fifth bus in the direction of travel, the other three for all racing cars. A bus moving in the front lane stops after one thousand yards in the middle of the block, its speed is up to 55 miles per hour, but it travels on thousand yards with stops in a minute and a half, often two minutes go, and on the fifth lane express buses rush speeds of up to 90 miles per hour, they stop after 3 miles and overcome this distance in 3.5 minutes, walk at intervals of three minutes.
Since public transport works like a clock, then there is no need to ride on a personal car, thus the air became cleaner, the roads were unloaded, not clogged with them, many miles of traffic jams, endless parking lots, like at our intersections, have no idea here, so they do not cause headaches, fuel does not fly through the empty air and transport, which is very, very much, moves quickly and safely as the lines do not intersect at the same level.
We raced without slowing down, express buses, trucks, pick-up trucks, dump trucks, huge and small container ships, fire trucks, buses with passengers and tourists rushed next to us, and as Cleo told us there are no police and police cars in the country, there is nobody to chase as crime is completely eliminated, there are no fines - there is no money in the state of Siberia, everything is free for people. On the other side of the alley, the transport moved in the opposite direction, the cars just shallow, we saw buses running down or up, cars moving across, and as a result of the absence of several million cars including motorcycles and mopeds in each city, parking lots were reduced to a minimum the number of gas stations, repair shops, car dealerships, etc., other, other - the city has become more compact. and huge energy savings by reducing the length of urban plumbing, water conductive and power networks.
When our buses were rushing to the opposite end, we saw a wide road, followed by an alley with a lot of walking people, running children, and away from the edge of the water surface of the ocean. Buses drove up to the alley, turned around and stopped. Captain Cleo got up, turned to us and said with a smile on his face: "Dear citizens! We traveled 30 miles in twenty minutes, but since buses make stops - more often than usual, express trains rarely make this distance, respectively, in an hour of fifteen and forty minutes, they all work like a clock, and whatever the high technology in each bus driver insures the car and the driver's electronics. As I said earlier, no one has the right to move along the bus lane, but since some cars have to cross it on the right side to enter, drive inside the block, to the transverse highway, traffic lights and electronic blockers are installed in these places. In the event of a drivers violation of the lane crossing rule, the bus immediately stops traffic and thus prevents a collision - a signal is turned on in the second lane in front of the vehicle and until the bus passes all vehicles in the second lane, at a low speed of no more than twenty miles an hour only those cars are moving that need to cross the bus lane, all the rest rush along the third lane at a speed of up to 66 miles per hour and on the fourth, over a 66-90 miles per hour.
We have time and we will take a guided tour of the city through various magic stations and add-across the country electric cables from which all cars work are laid under all roads, since a hundred years ago when in many cities we were read up to 15 million cars and in a country of about a billion, almost all of the oil was extracted from underground storage rooms. As for electricity, we produce it in thermonuclear installations, hydroelectric power plants, from solar energy, windmills, but now we will stop and admire the ocean of Grozny, then continue the path, please follow me."
Cleo stepped onto the road, we followed him, soon the comrades from the second bus joined us and the captain looked at everyone and said: "Dear citizens, the cars do not go along this road but have the right to turn around at low speed, because here adults and children stroll along, now we come to the parapet and take a few minutes to enjoy our Grozny ocean."
Captain Cleo slowly went to the alley, we followed him, reached the four feet height of the red granite parapet and saw the ocean. At this time, our guide Dr. Lun began to give us information: "Dear citizens and citizens, you have the Terrible Ocean, even in calm, calm weather, behind a 50 feet high breakwater stretching for the entire length of our city 60 sirks (30 miles) in 250 sagas (500 ft) from the coast, even in calm weather, 7 feet high waves roll in. You see, we stand on the edge of a cliff, its height to the ocean surface is at least 150 yards, the beach stretches below and tens of thousands of citizens swim in the warm ocean water. breakwater under water at all about living through 5 sagas, the holes are 10 sagas wide and 40 sagas high so that the water circulates constantly and even fish swim to the bathing area. To go down to the beach and go up, people use elevators and in a couple of days we will go swimming in this beach. The sea ports for submarine cruisers are located on either side of this place, look beyond the breakwater there are two of them, passenger cruises, each two hundred meters in length per thousand passengers. The time will come and you will make a trip to the ocean, we do not build surface ships - during a storm, the waves rise to 100-140 feet and they will easily destroy the ship. Underwater cruisers during the storm go under the water and for people complete safety. I ask you dear citizens and citizens to go to the buses to continue our journey. "
We stood a few more minutes at the parapet and went to the buses. I will say that the Grozny Ocean shook my imagination with its appearance - waves of seven feet high hit the waves with a wave, smashed and splashed up not less than ten feet. Yes, if it were not for him, people could hardly swim and sunbathe on the sandy beach.
After a three-hour trip through the city, the buses turned into the second lane and pass, the city green bus drove into the block, at a low speed approached a skyscraper at least two hundred floors lined with pink marble slabs and stopped. All the free space was planted with trees, flowers, fountains were beating, people were walking, their clothes were not at all from ours and those who rested in the wellness center - motley shirts, shorts, skirts and sandals on bare feet. Cleo asked us to leave, in this house we will live and, as citizens of this country, enjoy all the benefits. We went out and went inside the building and found ourselves in a large spacious hall with elevators and escalators, I understood on the second and third floors Palaces of clothes and shoes. There were a lot of green devices with screens on the walls, Cleo led us to them and said: "Dear Victor, lower your badge into the slot, act according to the lesson you have done in class." I lowered the token, the screen lit up and everyone saw the inscription: "What do you want to find?"
I immediately wrote the "Housing" electronic pen with Dr. Lun's hint and saw the apartment number-176 4B on the screen, pressed the button, the token fell onto the grid and I took it in my hand, everyone did the operation; everyone knew their apartments; it was so interesting. It became clear to all we will live on the 176 th floor, from this height you can see the whole city.
Our leaders were in no hurry, they wanted to explain the main points about our life and Cleo addressed us with a smile: "Dear, I, Lun and the assistants will live in this house with you, you will receive on TV all the information and at 8 am we gather in the hall. Before heading into the apartment, we will go to the dining room which is in any house and is located on the first floor. If you don't even live in this building but you want to try the local food, please, from 6 am and until 12 at night, but you must first do to order what you want to choose from the menu, but if this menu does not suit you, you can order another one in their electronic catalog - it will be prepared within fifteen minutes and no one will argue or indignant since we are dealing with robots and they dont need to say thank you; you order lunch right from home, bus from anywhere - immediately you get time and a table and when you come to the dining room you get an ordered lunch, right there you sit down at the specified table, the robot rolls the cart, arranges ii and got away. Cleaning up from the table shouldnt do anything - the robot will do everything for you and there is no one to say thank you, now we go to the dining room and then take your things from the bus and go up to the apartments with them."
Captain Cleo looked at us and led the hall to the door with the inscription "Eating Hall," we entered it and saw several fountains, a lot of tables, a dozen two people sat at the tables and imagine - we a hundred and eight people freely sat down behind them and made order relying on the taste of Dr. Lun. We had not yet had time to really share our impressions of how the robots on the carts rolled up the food, set it on the tables and drove off, and we began to enjoy the food - the food and drinks turned out to be fresh, tasty and smelling, of excellent quality. There was a lot of meat with local spices not as sharp as ours. The music was muffled, for our ears it was strange, without singing and resembled the murmur of the stream, no one drove us and there was no one to say thanks except our guides, they understood us and began to smile. I will say no soups, borscht, pickles they did not cook but there were broths and certainly with a piece of real meat and not a surrogate, fish and meat were fed to the second, I dont know how they were prepared but they just melted in the mouth and wanted to eat without measure. But since mashed gravy with extremely tasty flavors and various spices and additives were added to fish and meat, I wanted both. Types of mashed potatoes and gravy were not considered, and as I understood they were prepared individually after taking the order before the eater sat down at the table and had to wait three minutes. But then you enjoy freshly prepared food and do not mind waiting. Fresh spring water, juices and drinks are also served according to the order in glasses, but if you are from the street and you want to drink, please, vending machines with various soft drinks, water, press the button and pour what you chose into the glass.
Frankly, after such a delicious meal, drinks and fruits, I barely got up from behind a hundred, in this dining room there was the most delicious meal of all those we ate even in the health center. We got up from the tables, left the bright hall and with our guides went to our rooms - in short, we lived in the exact same apartment we lived at the Cosmodrom and in general they were standard in all buildings, convenient for life, work and - breathing, without any excesses.
In general, life is beautiful and amazing, we have learned a lot and after a month's journey through the country, like everyone joined in the work. People live a hundred years from the day of birth, up to twenty years are taught literacy, general schools, emphasis on mathematics and programming, after training everyone works according to the distribution for the rest of their lives, with different jobs for a certain number of days a year - on construction sites and in agriculture. When a person has passed for seventy years he works 60 hours a month again, in any work according to the distribution, and how sad it is on the last day of a hundred-year-old persons life they call the CEH, he enters the office and, in anticipation of the doctor, doesnt noticeably go to sleep knowing that he goes into another world.
Once we visited a diamond quarry and could not believe that this gem is being shoveled with shovels or, more precisely, with excavators of both individual grains of sand and stone with a large apple in the mass of rock in rock formations. In the notion of approximants, this is a common building finishing material like marble in our country and it is used for industrial purposes. Diamonds are mined in the usual way in a giant quarry - its diameter is not less than ten miles across the top, and not less than a quarter of a mile deep. At the bottom of the quarry, holes are drilled in the walls, explosives are slaughtered in them and rock is blown up. From powerful explosions, tens of thousands of tons of rock are turned into grains of sand, pebbles ranging in size from a tit's egg to a large apple and blocks of several tens or even hundreds of pounds. After the explosion, all this mass falls to the bottom of the quarry, bulldozers and excavators are included in the work, they load the blasted rock mass into dump trucks and they transport it to the mine hoists with a lifting capacity of up to hundreds of tons. There are three of them, on the one hand, roads are laid along them to the bottom. Mine people, bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators and other equipment necessary for all work related to the delivery of blasted rock to the lifting point descend to the bottom of the mine. Half a mile from the mine hoists, a combine was built to separate diamonds from rock and right there, using special technology, the production of cladding panels for buildings and the separation of diamonds for industrial purposes are made. I note: the inhabitants of Approxima have no idea about jewelry, no one wears jewelry made of precious stones, gold, silver, wedding rings, and when they saw jewelry and diamonds on our ladies, they curiously examined them and wondered how they were made. Since there were three master jewelers among us, they offered them their services and knowledge, organized classes and I will say that thousands of citizens acquired the skills before our departure to Earth, several enterprises started producing gold rings, jewelry, jewelry, the demand turned out to be huge since they have done so much good from the morning till late at night.
At our request, we were lowered into the quarry and admired indescribable beauty from the bottom when in the sun millions of diamond grains of sand and stones all over the height and perimeter of the quarry sparkled, played and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow, and the indescribable would say impressive. A fashion designer distant from the profession, the lady asked the respected Cleo for what purpose they mined the diamond and he answered very seriously: "Dear Martha, diamonds are used in the construction of skyscrapers for exterior and interior decoration, to create their beauty and attractiveness and more the ship on which you flew and we are completely finished with diamond chips outside and maybe somewhere else in the industry, I dont know. "
"And we, dear captain Cleo, make diamonds from diamonds, look at my gold ring with a stone, it is from a diamond, it is a pity that it is not as blue as yours, it would not have a price," Martha said and smiled.
"Unusual beauty, a diamond sparkles and plays in the sun! You noticed we have some buildings from the outside trimmed with diamond powder in the sun sparkle, play and shimmer with all colors. But we dont wear such diamond stones on our fingers," the captain admitted Cleo.
Only now I understand why many buildings sparkle and play with all the colors of the rainbow in the bright light of the sun - the beauty is awesome - you need to see it and I filmed those buildings. Before returning to the city, Martha, who knew a lot about diamonds, gathered us in a heap apart from Cleo and said softly: "Ladies and gentlemen, I think none of you are not opposed to taking blue diamonds with you and bringing them to Earth where you can sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. Support me and you will be rich. "
We all realized what was happening and, having ignited the desire to take them with us, we decided right away - we all approach Cleo and persuade him to take with us for the memory of this Planet, our clever Martha will turn to him first. Immediately they went to him and surrounded on all sides charming Martha turned to the alien with a wide smile: "Dear Captain Cleo, on behalf of our respected citizens, I appeal to you with a request to allow us to dial this raw a breed in memory of your wonderful planet. While flying to the Moon, we brought moon stones and pebbles to our Earth as souvenirs and bring approximian stones from your Planet."
Captain Cleo listened to Martha and not presenting the real value of diamonds on Earth, astounded by our interest in stones, and since we were their guests, looking at us smiling said: "Dear guests, take these approximian stones as much as you take know, returning to Earth, each of you has the right to take along gifts by weight only 100 pounds so as not to overload the ship. "
We were delighted, thanked the captain Cleo, he smiled and we scattered across the canyon and everyone chose small and medium-sized stones the size of a large apple-stone, scored no less than 100 pounds of this luxury per person, imagine five cellophane bags. Cleo looked at us and did not understand why we need this breed, blue stones and pebbles that go to them to finish buildings. Our people also did not disclose to him the secret that having such a number of blue diamonds in our hands each of us became a billionaire if not a trillionaire and immediately a fabulous luxury life opens up before you. With our blue diamond pebbles, we returned to our home, put them in leather suitcases, put them under beds and often secretly admired immense wealth.
I became accustomed to the rules of life and I would say everything seemed like a miracle I ordered at home what we wanted, we got used to it, but its a pity that the pepper did not grow in this country and we didnt feel the bitterness of the mouth. I changed clothes once a week, and our ladies not only every day but several times a day, fashion designers at home drew and cut clothes using a PC, ordered any materials, connected to sewing shops and sewed dresses and costumes for themselves , once came to the attention of local fashion-designer, it came to the point that they were shown on TV and soon received invitations to start creating fashion models. I will say, dresses, blouses, costumes, the alien women liked so much that in the evenings, when the temperature dropped to 30 degrees, and in the rooms with air conditioners up to 20, at evening parties and dances, girls and ladies wore the most fashionable dresses. rows. The developed sewing production from 8 am to 12 pm was released by the fact that the orders were taken by ladies, they are now focused on the models developed by our models, and all the newest things were immediately sent to the Network to our sites that were known to everyone. Since among us there were many experts in different directions and are connected with creative professions, they organized various dance circles, visual arts, and amateur art activities. Many volunteers came to classes, and since it was impossible to place everyone in the halls, then Cleo after talks with representatives of the GVTSZ was provided with television channels and our master classes were broadcast throughout the country. After a while, contests began and those who received the highest points differed in dancing - every week they danced on a specially made stage of a television studio and watched them all over the country/ The same thing happened to the singers - there were classes of singing and various dances; from our CD, they entered it into a PC, converted it into a digital diagram with a special modulator, and since the voices of the inhabitants of the planet were programmed by someone and once sounded exactly like our modern po bots. When our Captain Cleo picked up the microphone and sang with his inexpressive electronic voice, connecting to a PC, a modulator converter and an amplifier, Caruso's voice sounded in the hall. Having changed the frequency in the converter-modulator tuned to the voice of the fashionable singer Jacqueline Minor in our time, he sang it with her voice. It so impressed and interested him that for at least three hours in a row he sang without a break with different voices and even whistled as a nightingale.
In short, when people found out about such a novelty to sing with their metallic voice, and from the speakers there was a lively melodic song with a pleasant voice, then the demand for transformers-modulators rose to the skies. But it turned out to be a congestion, where to take those miracles as a basis voices and we decided to help them - donated copies of our CDs with the voices of the performers, and there your choice is what kind of voice do you like to connect the converter-modulator, press the button and sing through the microphone with the voice of Chaliapin, Marianne or the nightingale.
I did not waste time in vain, I got acquainted with the city and often admired it from the bus window. Just imagine, you sit down in an comfortable chair and fly at a speed of 95 miles per hour, admire buildings, their architecture, fountains, people dressed in light clothes and the main thing you go from one point to another without headaches. Since the city is huge, for a speedy trip from home to work or to the zoo, I learned to use a pocket-sized electronic guidebook or apparatus with a board on which indicated the route. Our city Brolin consisted of blocks the size of 1000x1000 yards, and there were 2,000 ones in which 20 million inhabitants live. It turns out that 10 thousand inhabitants lived in each such block. Highways cut the city up and down without intersecting at the same level and if I had to go to another place I in the house included a PC, opened a map of the city, found my block, put a house in it and put a dot, then looked for another block where the object was my journey and also put an end. In a moment, the paths on which I could get to the goal of my journey were made on the PC map, and here I myself decided which way to go and by buses, I could get the route from any place where the device was located and from the bus.
To say frankly, people live without any problems, without headaches and we plunged into their lives, we felt rejuvenated for many years, and most importantly, we had an extraordinary interest in work, tried to create something that was absent in their life and soon found ideas and became famous throughout the country. The fact is that each person has his own frequency and can transfer all information to the outside world and receive and not just wasted for himself but for the common cause. In the Main Center, there are thousands of devices that catch all the information sent by people, and if the idea, plan, project, drawing, music, text, discovery, invention, etc. is of interest, they immediately contact him, the discoverer, the inventor, and then everything went and went: TV, others in the design office and so on. About ten years ago, a young man caught a signal from the Earth, the whole country found out about it, organized an expedition, flew to Earth with people, one hundred people left and the same number peoplle of the Earth were taken to Approxima including me and now Cleo told us that tomorrow we will gather together at the stadium, many citizen of Brolin will arrive and TV will broadcast this historical event to the whole country - the meeting of two different nations. I decided not only to tell in brief but also to show a film about his brilliant achievement, with the permission of Uncle Joe, a discovery that made it possible to feed the people of Earth with cheap, almost gratuitous healthy nutritious food.
Everything turned out that way: there were a lot of people, we met a young man, Arost, the discoverer of Planet Earth, who caught electromagnetic TV signals. We exchanged souvenirs, he spoke, then everyone who wanted it, then they showed his film and I realized it was a New 2006 meeting in Times Square. Cleo asked the head of this event to show my film about life on Earth, and when people saw corn in the trees, the cattle under the growth of elephants, this didnt surprise them much, but seeing how it feeds, with the help of hoses through which the nutrient solution enters through the mouth face mask, everything came in motion. And here they see Uncle Joe taking off his mask, the bull opens its huge mouth and not a single tooth in its mouth. I will tell you all were stunned and asked several times to show this toothless bull, but when I told them it was not one bull, but the breed was toothless by farmer Joe and showed it to everyone, they clapped their hands and whistled for several minutes, which expressed their delight and shouted Joe, Joe, Joe. They thought that he was among us and asked to speak, but I explained to them that farmer Joe is a very important person for the country and he is protected more than the President.
One person asked from whom he was protected and my friend Alex said from insects so that they would not bite to death and immediately expressed his opinion about what the dream of Soviet builders of the Bright Future-Communism came true on this Planet. Not in theory, but in practice, people live a full-fledged life without money and problems, about how the leaders who brewed this mess with an impossible dream with crowbars, shovels, picks and forced labor of hundreds of millions of slaves, flooded Russia in the distant past personally for themselves, a handful of people prosperous life, almost a whole century, hundreds of thousands of false scientists writing up millions of tons of paper (and people shed millions of tons of blood, sweat and tears) led by the leaders hammered people into their heads and in the end spit ends Communism and decided to build another something more ugly social arrangement.
One Approximian stood up and said: "Those false scientists and idiots leaders were devoid of common sense, with mental and mental disabilities and took their delusional, obsessive thoughts as a basis without relying on different opinions of the whole society. We also found people who wanted to build something like in Russia, but in the end our specialists and scientists of the State Central Committee did not allow this, the devices found deviations in the work of the heart, they began to be treated, but since this treatment turned out to be a waste of time for them, the State Center of Advanced Care would prematurely shut off their lives. We dont know what to call what we built, we created but this life didnt come to us immediately, on our Planet there was something similar to yours. When the esteemed Arost discovered another civilization in Cosmos and informed about this discovery in the Central Concert Hall, it was decided to send our first space unmanned spacecraft on the planet and after a while it started. Having safely reached your planet, it circled the Earth several times and photographed it many times, but even a perfect device was unable to catch the thought of your people from a distance. Then, the State Central Exhibition Hall decided to send our citizens to study life on your planet, everything ended well and as we planned exchanged people. You flew in, we talk to you and now, after watching movies and after listening to you, we realized that you, too, had difficulties that our people faced more than a hundred years ago and go to self-destruction just like we went far. If you are protecting your President and farmer uncle Joe who brought out such fruits, corn and toothless breed of cattle drinking some kind of swipes and growing not by years but months without grazing from some bloodthirsty insects, this is not such a disaster. Our people were protected from bloodthirsty people encroaching on other people's property. Money pushed them to crime, greed swept the tip of those in power and their friends to whom they donated oil and gas fields, coal mines, forests and power plants. Our leaders squandered natural riches to the neighboring country of Casrania for their paper money, acquiring luxury, cars, yachts and other goods they produced, they wanted to have more and there was no limit, they ruined their economy and agriculture. Those tricky Kasranians built their car assembly plants in our country, they sold them to us for a pittance and beat all our cities with them.
When they lived to the point that nothing could breathe in cities stretching from the suburbs for a 60 miles there was chaos and people lost hours on trips. Headaches, heartaches shortened the lives of people, there was a gigantic gap between the poor and the rich, and since many wanted to live well, they obtained wealth in a righteous and unjust way, crime swept the country and people were beaten by people. In this way, we realized that these Casranians wanted to set one on others so that people would kill each other, pereravilis and taking advantage of this position to take possession of our country. Then the population turned to the specialists, scientists and smart machines how to do away with such chaos, the devices gave the answer: let the people themselves choose the appropriate model, program, idea, project, lay in the memory of computers and devices and we will choose the optimal model.
Since at that time our people differed little from us in their mental abilities, each presented his own idea-program and when a few weeks later the main apparatus gave an answer, an approximate model of the future life all people familiarized with it and in principle agreed - those cities existed remain such, all management systems and activities are preserved, but the State Central Concert Hall finds a free territory in the country and people build a new modern compact city. The layout of the city was attached, the main attention was given to public transport, and also that everyone lived in equal conditions, the layout of a standard apartment for a family of one, two, three and four people was applied, each apartment had a large room equipped with modern electronic equipment and TV.
Without hesitation, people created apartment models in their life, furnished them as suggested by the main office, put them on display and broadcast them on TV to the whole country, it turned out that 95% agreed to live in such apartments. At the same time, they wanted to know the opinion of people regarding the benefits of the bus when there was no car in private use and began to play a real game as if from point A to get to point B using the bus in the shortest time and calculating the time they spent on the trip by bus and private car the projected city came to the conclusion that such a modern city is suitable for a normal life. The citizens were satisfied and the first experimental city of Brolin decided to build in a new place. There were many vacant territories, and since the sea air favorably affects the health, they began to build it from the Grozny Ocean in a hundred orc (50 miles) from the former capital of our Approximate, the twenty millionth Caradon. Millions of people joined in the work, construction began rapidly with the construction of main highways, then they began to build houses according to projects approved by the people, and after ten years of construction, the city acquired concrete outlines. When people who lived in the old town of Caradon came to familiarize themselves with life in the new Brolin by the ocean, they were amazed by what they saw and refused to return. They joined the work at the new place and when the entire population moved from the old city to the new Brolin, Caradon was completely demolished and the construction waste was taken to the ocean for several years, a single bridge (half a mile) was built and dumped into the water. That place where stood the old city planned, brought land and planted trees. Across the country, we began to build such cities like our citizens. I think even you, dear, dear earthlings, are pleased to live in a city like Brolin, with ours, there may still be a not very perfect system. In the near future, we will show you other cities and you will be convinced. "
We began to speak with laudatory speeches about the city of Brolin, their way of life and finally decided to perform in front of them with our concert - they sang songs with different lively voices, because with singing they could do nothing; their voices were programmed, one fret
To say frankly, our people, especially the female gender, came in suits and dresses sewn around their models from expensive materials with glitters and led the local population to delight. They liked the songs but especially the dances, some young people joined us and I would say everything was top notch. So the meeting was broadcast on television by at least two billion Approximeans had the opportunity to see such an idea, and Ill say the next day, invitations came from other cities to fly to them to meet and learn how to sing and dance. And Ill say for our time in Approxima, we visited several cities where, on TV or in the Palace of Entertainment, our craftsmen gave lessons not only to singing and dancing, but also cutting dresses, costumes, sewing women's high-heeled shoes and diamond processing, jewelry, and everything do not count. From such meetings that lasted throughout our stay at Approxima, everyone was happy and in good spirits.
We returned home late at night, at this time the whole city blazed with colored lights, all the fountains lit up, the water played with all the colors of the rainbow, panels on the walls of buildings glittered, shimmered from one color to another. But the most unforgettable and impressive sight is when four blue moons emerged one after another in the sky from across the horizon in different sides of the Planet.
Since we were citizens of Siberia, after four months in the country, everyone joined the work, but according to their position, those over seventy years should work out the required number of hours per week and made an exception for us as guests who arrived from another planet for pensioners and we worked seventy hours a month for various jobs at construction sites, removed leaves from parks, the roads and several times went to harvest fruit at one of the agricultural farms, since there was not enough labor at that work. The most interesting of the life in this country, the heads of the State Center for Labor using electronic machines, distributed the working population to all industries, depending on the importance of the types of work. Since agriculture and construction were considered to be the most important and time consuming and they always needed physical labor, no matter what kind of activity people did, every adult resident worked on a farm or construction site for a certain number of hours per year. If you do not help the farm to harvest the crop on time, city residents will not receive food, there will be discontent among the population, heart disease from the hassle, as a result of which the number of patients will increase dramatically, many enterprises, including construction sites and farms will remain without additional labor and this can lead to chaos in country life.
For weeding Cleo, even those super-intelligent designers could not invent robots and machines for weeding the fields, planting and pruning trees, picking fruits, vegetables, and berries: "Dear citizens, do you imagine how a robot will pick cherry, berry, tomatos and other gifts of nature, only human hands are able to quickly, gently pick and put them in a box. Only damage the picked fruits or berries, they will disappear on the way, and sometimes it is very long, up to 24 hours in the car refrigerators, so everyone understands what responsible work their OTP send and honestly work for the common good. "
And so one evening Dr. Moon gathered us in the dining room and during dinner he told us important news: "Dear citizens, the day after tomorrow we go to the farm, it is not far from the city, there is magnificent nature, a lake, fresh air, not far from the mountain, so you will be there very well, the work is not too hard, we will gather fruit."
We were delighted that we will visit the nature, fresh air and exclaimed in chorus: "Wonderful! Long dreamed of!"
Cleo looked at us and said: "I dont know how people work on your farms, but Ill tell you right away that the working day starts at eight o'clock, each of you will be given a tool if someone picks fruit from the trees - a long stick with a mesh trap, you bring it to the fetus, press the button, metal segments contract, the root is dissected and the fruit falls into the net, you pull it out and carefully place it in the drawer-fruit, intact, and so everything repeats, in short you will read on the spot, we will be with Dr. Lun with you. I do not think that you are there work long hours, persecute no one will."
I asked our guides: "Dear Cleo and Lun, can I show those farmers a film about our self-taught breeder Uncle Joe."
Lun looked at me, smiled and said: "Dear Victor, bring and show, there is no such miracle in our agriculture, I assure you, they will be surprised."
After dinner, we parted, I walked around the city with my friends, then began to create electronic masterpieces on the walls and went to bed.
In the morning we went by bus and after a two-hour trip arrived at the farm, we were met by the chief agronomist Sambif in a colorful shirt with short sleeves, dark shorts and brown sandals barefoot. We greeted each other, first of all we went to the dining room, we were fed excellent food, tables were set in the garden, fresh air had an encouraging effect on us.
We ate with great appetite delicious fresh food-fried meat with mashed potatoes and sauces, drank fruit and berry drinks and enjoyed the sweet grapes. After an hour of rest, we went to pick apples, pears and plums; the trees on this farm were not high, they carefully picked the fruits by hand and put them in small boxes, it was worth eating an apple or a pear as an unusually pleasant scent spread around.
On this farm, we spent only three weeks, slept in small rooms, after work went to the lake to swim and sail in boats, a few dozen feet was a watering place and here we saw all the animals, cows, bulls, horses and sheep, they all were of ordinary size, they all had teeth with which they plucked high fragrant grass. Sometimes they came into a small shallow lake to drink water and wet the bodies, domestic ducks, geese and turkeys swam with wild ones, without interfering with each other. In general, to get to any farm great happiness and this happens for retirees three times a year. When our youthful agronomist Sambif learned that we didnt believe from another Planet, but Cleo convinced him, without hesitation he asked our guide to organize an introductory meeting with us in his free time, they looked at the schedule of works and agreed, it will take place in three days in Ariek - on our Saturday, at five o'clock in the dining room.
We were delighted and decided to show them documentaries about life on our planet, including mine about Uncle Joe's achievements. As for the work, it didnt seem monotonous to us. Every day they picked fruit, vegetables, berries, tomatoes. After a six-hour dinner, we were put on buses and taken to a special recreation area - a huge lake at the foot of mountains covered with green forests. Around the valley with flowers of all colors, unusually fresh fragrant air, several buildings lined with light blue marble slabs-hotels for visitors from the city of tourists. This lake turned out to be so deep that the leaders of this recreation center organized a descent to the bottom in huge submarines, in my opinion up to three hundred people were placed in one.
We took advantage of this opportunity and went down to a depth of five hundred yards - green algae grew on a muddy bottom with flowers like our poppy of all sorts of different colors, and immediately there were long, flat, bright red fish with yellow tails. They were indifferent to our appearance and did not pay any attention to us, maybe because this submarine sank to the bottom a day several times. The journey lasted an hour and we enjoyed it a lot. I have to say that such trips to different places took place every evening, we did not work out and felt like in a real rest house.
Finally, Saturday came and we gathered in a huge dining room, other village assistants sat with us, we were seated at tables with drinks and fruits and we not only told about life on Earth but also showed films including about Uncle Joe's farm. Frankly, everyone looked at his accomplishments with their mouths open in surprise and they simply marveled at everything, especially at the toothless brute as elephants were growing. They spread their hands from such strange creatures, at the sight of apple trees with oak and apples with the value of an adults head, those present were generally nestled. It was visible on the face of the agronomist how he was embarrassed that on his farm everything was so tiny, tiny and nondescript in appearance. After the films, we told the audience something about life on our Earth and explained that in the current situation when there are about 374 states on the Planet Earth and everyone has a different view of life, each of them has its own money and, moreover, there is a centuries-old enmity between individual countries blessed life as they can not create.
After listening to us, the chief agronomist, the distinguished Sambif looked at us and said: "Dear!. Unfortunately, even on cattle farms we do not have such cattle as in your movie, they all have teeth to pinch grass and chew the cud, I see a strange corn tree, I wonder how people take off the cob."
I looked at him, the people sitting in the hall and said: "Dear Sambif, dear citizens, this corn tree grows out of grain due to the fact that nutrient substance is added to the soil. No heat or cold affect the growth, the main thing is to add water to the root in the absence after four months, a tree with corn cobs weighing up to three or even more tons grows in rains. There is a special mechanical installation - it grabs the trunk and shakes so that all the cobs fly to the ground, the trunk is cut off, crushed and sent it the bunker of the standing machine. It leaves, the mechanical installation sucks the cob, separates the grain from the cob, it is sent by conveyor to the back of another car, is taken to the warehouse and then part of it turns into corn flour, some is mixed with other mixtures, add a nutritious texture and thus prepared food for poultry, pigs, sheep and fish, they grow just by the day, which is why we have such an abundance of food on earth. Our farmers do without expensive labor, many fruits and vegetables are collected by equipment or robots. Apples, pears, cherries, peaches, lemons, tangerines, oranges are collected in the same way as corn cobs-mechanism shakes the trunk of a fruit tree, all fruits fly to the ground, workers and robots collect them into boxes sorting-whole fruits farmers bring by trucks to supermarket and from defective ones are produced juices, so that nothing is lost and the main thing is fast and cheap.
The agronomist looked at us in surprise, smiled and said: "Dear friends, I will show your film to all citizens who come to our economy to help, frankly, in our country there were times when not everything was good for agriculture in our country or like yours, we went through hard times. Over hundreds of years ago, there were mainly large farms in our country from a thousand hag (hectare) and more, oil fields, large enterprises for the production of machinery, agricultural machinery, fertilizers and many others. They belonged to the state and it provided agricultural enterprises with everything they needed.
Unfortunately, the leaders changed as well as life itself, new ones came to replace the old ones, they turned out to be dishonorable and for the purpose of profit they plundered part of the crop, handed over to the side, enriched themselves, shared with the rulers of the country and they closed their eyes on their tricks. Since we were not alone on this planet and we were bordered by a more developed state of Kasrania, but relatively poor in minerals, in particular oil, gas and coal, their leaders constantly negotiated with ours about the construction of pipelines to transfer these important energy sources from us. In the end, our rulers agreed on the condition that they would lay pipelines with their own resources, open new oil, gas and coal fields, install equipment for mining and pumping and pay with their money, torr, to purchase products important for our country. food, which is constantly lacking.
Our leaders made contact with them and flew for the purpose of familiarization, did not return empty-handed, and soon drove around the roads of the capital in brand-new chic Kasran machines, at the sight of them our people were delighted. But since there were few leaders and hundreds of millions of people, only the top itself could afford such pleasure. All other money was spent on the purchase of grain, meat and oil. Those kazransy took advantage of the fact that we buy agricultural products from them and began to inflate prices on them under the pretext of crop failure and our people began to eat less and less bread and meat. Our people liked the Kasransky cars and everyone dreamed in their minds to get it and ride the gratuitous gasoline of which we had the ocean.
Taking advantage of this deplorable situation in the country with food and the authorities' disagreement to share with the people foreign money, torr, which you can get attractive consumer goods and car crooks who wanted to get to power began to agitate the people against the existing leaders under the slogan "All power, money, enterprises and land to citizens" carried out a coup and changed not only the rulers but also changed the system of managing the entire economy in the country.
The rogues who stood at the head of the country, as promised, transferred state enterprises and lands to citizens, but since many wanted to own land, they were divided into small pieces from two to twenty gag (from three to thirty hectares), everyone was happy. The same happened with the companies that won, they got them, but since you wont manage each machine, the cleverest ones caught them by offering the workers in return platinum tokens that you can buy and sell for real money. Some people decided to sell them, while others bought them, and ultimately those who sold had profit-money, immediately bought a couple of kilos of sausage and ate them. The one who bought the platinum tokens did not get anything at all - it was apparently invisible in the country, the metal depreciated as money, it was thrown away as unnecessary trash in trash cans and actually remained nothing. At the moment of the euphoria of the distribution of platinum tokens, people forgot that it is like whole diamonds and gold like the diamonds and gold mined in an open way like ordinary building material. The same smart leaders have entrusted them to manage their faithful friends not only with enterprises, but also with oil and gas fields, hydro power plants, mines, forests and all profitable industries.

Since the leaders of the country didnt care about the people, the main thing was to manage and get rich through their henchmen who continued the work of their predecessors, they decided to sell oil, gas, coal and electric energy to Casranians, didnt be stupid money, torr, can not do without energy carriers, a wide stream flowed into vaults-banks. Soon the owners of these industries became the richest people in the world, and as they shared with the leaders of the country, they closed their eyes and the newly-born magnates began to acquire luxury cars, airplanes, yachts, buildings and decided to tear off the skin from their the same people and at inflated prices began to sell products and raw materials to needy citizens, especially landowners and builders. Development in the country has ceased - almost all products old and new were imported from Kasrania - Kasranian currency and torr went freely; among the population, it enjoyed extraordinary demand and respect, more than native devalued mana, they bought not only cars and airplanes, but needles and threads, since all of them were of Kasran production, only raw materials and goods that were not in demand turned out to be our own ones - the economy as well as agriculture fell into decay.
Since something else belonged to the state, the leaders decided to finally sell everything off, or rather spend their faithful friends, began to print their money, mana and distribute to people, but since they could not back them up with their goods and agricultural products, because of price shortages grew first by month and then by week. The country began rampant inflation, devaluation, the leaders did not pay attention to it, everything was on their tables except for living water and bird milk.
Manufacturers of agricultural machinery, machinery, fertilizers, electricity, all types of fuel began to sell their products at inflated prices and get rich every day and every hour and soon they became trillionaires, billionaires revolved around them, the rest of the population belonged to the number of millionaires three or four million mans, a loaf of bread cost up to thirty thousand, meat up to five hundred thousand for one cube (kilo), a tube (liter) of milk thirty thousand, a half-cucumber of fish from two hundred to eight hundred thousand mans, and so on. Since the sar of the land is not manually processed and buying machinery for hundreds of millions or even five and six billion manas is expensive for a new tractor, especially for a liter of diesel or gasoline to lay out twenty five thousand manas, many farmers have abandoned their fields and they are overgrown with weeds in human growth.
At this time, near the cities began predatory buying up land, its owners were pleased and sold it, but not by gags (hectares), but by jays (weave), for each jay they received twenty billion mana, and the prices for bread and meat did not grow by non-tasks but by days. What is the most interesting pensioners - with a population of nine to hundreds of millions in the country, there were about two hundred and forty million who received from three million to five a month and could buy about two hundred loaves of bread or ten pieces earlier bikis (kilo) of meat is now only half CSOs are not outraged. But not only pensioners received such a meager pension, other layers of the working population of at least three hundred million were content with a salary of five to fifteen thousand mans per month. Since there were about two hundred and forty million minor children in the country, it turned out that one hundred and twenty million or 14 percent of the population lived in full prosperity.
The leaders of the country believed that everyone was satisfied and continued at general meetings to enjoy their people with their economic achievements and many trillions of savings in banks. There would have to throw these trillion-dollar savings on the construction of housing, on the rise of agriculture and everything would have been in openwork but so far this has not happened. The quick-witted owners of oil, gas fields, power plants, mines and forests have figured out if to minimize the costs of this lucrative raw material in the country and send more to the insatiable Kasran people whose population was close to a billion people, you can have fabulous profits and immediately began to implement. Our managers first of all raised the prices for all types of energy carriers in the country, which caused many small and medium-sized enterprises to go bankrupt, prices for goods, cars, and agricultural equipment shot up, the cost of services increased. In short, the overwhelming majority of the population - about ninety percent - 810 million, much has become inaccessible - people refused to travel, buy things, all the money was spent only on expensive imported Casran products of all kinds - from cars to meat. In short, the native economy, agriculture came into complete decline, tens of millions of able-bodied people lived on miserable handouts due to lack of work. Young people especially suffered after studying in high schools, many immediately followed the manual - there was no work in their specialty. It was not easier for those specialists who used to work at large enterprises - they were closed due to the fact that their products were not attractive for those who had billions of manas and torr - they ignored prices and acquired Casranian luxury, electronics, cars, yachts, boats , airplanes, sausages, cheeses, chocolate, wine, cigarettes and so on.
They themselves were more far away than our greedy owners of oil and gas fields, coal mines, forests, power stations, who were greedy for money and luxury. They printed unlimited quantities for their paper torres, and there were only one million banknotes, they were buying everything entrepreneurs, enterprises expanded, produced competitive modern products and thus provided their population with work, the economy and agriculture flourished, people lived in clover and traveled not only about Kasranii but often to us.
Seeing our beautiful and rich country with forests, they decided to buy land and houses, but fortunately this did not happen - the population rebelled. Such a humiliating situation of our population could not continue indefinitely when the loaf of bread began to cost a hundred thousand and it was possible to buy only one loaf per day for retirement and about a hundred people finally could not stand the salary and first of all started burning cars of trillionaires, then billionaires villas and they began to smash everything in short, the citizens were indignant, and so that the government acceptable to Casparians did not collapse, instead of oil and gas, they would provide our citizens with machines. But since our lands were rich in minerals, because of the lack of borders, Kasnaras rushed toward us, they began to build factories, factories, car assembling complexes, cars became accessible to everyone and there were about a billion in their country. The cities began to grow, 20 million people lived in the capital Caradon, thirty suburbs, 15 million cars were in their hands, because of gas pollution, people had nothing to breathe. The population became indignant, difficult times set in, because of the large consumption of gasoline, the demand for it increased, it was not possible to buy it for any money only because of cronyism, public transport did not work, and many went to work on foot. In the end, they decided to replace that system of government with a new one, everything went without any bloodshed, and they assigned smart computers to manage the people, the country, and most importantly, they made the most correct decision of farming.
I must say as soon as we changed our way of life for the better and, because of the lack of excess oil and gas, we stopped exporting, Casranians found themselves in a difficult situation because of the high price of benzine, and 90% of the population went on foot. There were no boundaries between our countries, and as soon as the residents learned about our beautiful life, they abandoned the family and ran to us. Since they were people like us, we were not denied to anyone and accepted with open arms, understanding that everything was the fault of their leaders. Billionaires remained with factories where there was no one to work, without gas and oil they turned to their supervisor to keep taking money to prevent the flow of refugees, but since 90 percent of the population ran away and the rest were not overtaken, it was decided to send a delegation to our country and find out the cause of the exodus.
When the delegation arrived in our country and saw our cities and wonderful life, they contacted their leaders and asked them to fly to Brolin personally, see the city, get acquainted with life and decide to adopt our model or continue to live as before. Soon, the leaders flew in, seeing our compact cities with interchanges, breathing fresh air and visiting houses, apartments themselves, at the request of our Central Directorate, decided to merge into one country and since then we have one state of Siberia with two billion people on the Approxima planet.
Let us return to the agriculture - the head of each farm is appointed by an agro-unit; at its disposal from four to five thousand hags (hectares) of land, depending on the climate in the area and the terrain, computers determine the direction of the economy - livestock, grain, vegetable, fruit - infamous and stuff.
Since the Main Computing Center stores all data on the country from the number of inhabitants to the territory, the presence of climatic zones, the need of products for each citizen, the number of crops grown, vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs from one saga, so many farms are created that feed them whole population. Moreover, in every farm there is a cattle breeding department - two thirds is accounted for by cows, since milk and dairy products form the basis of our diet. Each agronomist in his actions is guided by the management plan for the current period developed at the MCC, no one can change it on his own, but since large changes sometimes occur in our nature, the agronomist of natural disasters reports this to the MCC, there are corrected general plans and in general, everything turns out fine. Since, based on many years of observations and experience, it is known how many people can gather fruits, vegetables, berries, and so on in one day from that calculation the number of people is sent for harvesting. As for agricultural machinery, fertilizers, fuel, electricity, etc., there are no problems here - everything is delivered on time and in the amount that this farm needs, so the entire crop is harvested without any problems.
More than a hundred years ago, loners, farmers with their tiny plots were not able to properly manage their farms and the country's leaders abandoned them to the mercy of fate - they did not provide them with equipment, fertilizers, fuel, nothing at all and you imagine how you can even people collect tomatoes, apples, berries on a plot of two gaga. In our farm, fruits are planted on two thousand gagas, thousands of tomatoes, and grains and gaves (clover) grow on the remaining area of ??two thousand gags. Our climate allows us to grow fruits, vegetables, and grains all year round, so everything is grown according to a ladder schedule, we dont collect one another plant, and this is due to the fact that we are constantly sent to the aid of people - all are well - citizens who consume fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, dairy products, meat and in general everything that a citizen lives. You tell us frankly how do you feel here?"
We all said in one voice: "Dear Sambif, fine, as in the country."
Many of us expressed our admiration for the quality of fruits and vegetables, they were striking in their taste and smell, the same was true of meat and meat products cooked on the spot. This farm had a huge dining room for at least two hundred people, and in it, as in the urban setting, each of us ordered food from the menu and when our meals arrived they were already waiting for us.
Our meeting was delayed for a long time, the people present asked us questions regarding the life of earthlings, we honestly answered them that on our land is not so simple, people have not yet given up on money and everyone lives by prosperity. At parting, the agronomist expressed the hope that after our return we would provide the managers with materials about life on the Planet Approxima and maybe something could be used to improve living conditions, to stop hostility between people. We thanked the agronomist Sambif and those presents for taking an interest in our interview, said goodbye and went to the allotted houses for a rest.
Three weeks flew unnoticed, we said goodbye to the agronomist Sambif on the auto-beads and drove to the city of Brolin, where we were waiting for the construction debris left in the stadium after the completion of the work and washing the seats, a week later a concert and fashion show of our craftsmen were waiting for us top specialists from the State Center of Advanced Search should arrive, guests from other cities and several thousand citizens of the capital will arrive. The arrival of the television team is expected, the whole idea can be seen anywhere in Siberia, the fame of our craftsmen has spread throughout the country.
I have to say that there are no railways in the country and all goods are transported by road. mobile tractors, some pulling on two, three trailers; for a distance of one mile, people travel in buses and from above use airplanes of the nearest, middle and long-distance traffic. Before you fly anywhere you need to make an order for what takes a few minutes and the whole journey will proceed according to the desire with or without a guide. In the country at different latitudes, the climate varies from -80 degrees at the poles to 60 degrees of heat at the equator so people live in middle latitudes where the temperature is year-round + 20C + 36C in the afternoon, as in our subtropics, it rains often, water quickly absorbs into the ground, big evaporation, natural disasters occur. Threats from the ocean, when in a storm the waves are understood to 30-50 yards does not exist, since all the islands and continents on the rocky hills and the rocks themselves are so strong that the waves break on them. Vegetation, wildlife, birds, like on Earth, are differences, but they are insignificant, but as far as people are concerned, not everything is like ours, apparently they consist of flesh, but if the Lord God gave us the soul, then they have no such soul as such since childhood they are programmed by apparatuses and those lords of their actions are, on the one hand, approximate creatures are super-intelligent beings, but on the other hand, they are absolutely infinitely naive, naive, innocent, and if we were brought up in fairy tales in childhood and are already familiar with birds and animals , beasts, beasts and rochee, their development starts with mathematics, algorithms, schemes and models that can understand the Earth scientists and are not subject to mere mortal including me even though I have an idea in the field of mathematics. I can not imagine how the thermonuclear rocket engine works if the ship develops a speed exceeding the speed of light a hundred times-100C. Earlier, when we flew to Approxima, Captain Cleo said we can fly even faster, there is no speed limit, but if it is higher than the programmed one, you can leave the route and fly your planet and it will take extra years to return, which is not foreseen. But in general, for them the speed of light is not a guideline, the concept is relative and in their view there is no speed limit and time in the scale of the Universe is fast in a moment, everything is relative in the cosmic world.
When we arrived to them something new was brought into their lifestyle - our voice is alive, with different shades - and they are men, women, children, adults speak in one programmed voice, and if our children are born at any time, any days there is actually as if everything happens according to the time of nature-spring, life awakens, and by the end of the autumn the cycle ends and spring again. In our working room, as in all apartments, there was a super-modern electronics and a flat-screen TV set, we lived on the 176th floor, from which height people seemed to be points. Adjusting the TV with the help of the appropriate commands could increase the point to the size of the screen or, more simply, say a million times and, if necessary, saw the passing lady's face several thousand miles away from me traveling wherever unknown. The possibilities of TV from a PC were fantastic and, without leaving the room, we saw any point on the planet - as they achieved it we were not interested and I would say once again - any citizen could transmit on his own frequency anything and each of us could receive any information she could stored indefinitely in any amount. Nobody paid us or them, but everyone worked not under duress but for conscience, with full dedication, whenever possible, but they ate, dressed, shod with needs, we looked at them and also worked conscientiously, to the benefit of society.
Somehow my friends and I decided to make a little cartoon-tale for children at leisure, and since there were masters of all trades among us we could do something with their fantastic the film turned out to be simple, they took drawings as a basis and not a graphic image; they did it shorter on the conscience, and I noticed that in this country for children, for adults the same thing, robots solve problems that will not occur to our scientific men that in the end will find practical application, is being implemented, but with respect to the shooting of a feature film, so it never occurred to them.
They made a cartoon about a sister, brother, as they found a wounded hare in their garden who were being chased by an evil wolf, the kids began to heal and now the three of them dance on joy on the lawn near the house, sing songs and aside that weeping wolf chasing the hare, he asks to play with them. Without losing time, we were sent to Central Television and, as we enjoyed the privilege of being guests, besides, the leaders knew that we, too, were not bored by the experts, watched and told us and all the approximants that evening at 9 pm they would show us the film. When he was shown all over the country, many immediately began to call to be shown even once, since part of the population was in the service and did not have time to see.
In short, he was shown for a whole week and Cleo informed us that the State Central Exhibition Hall asked us to make another film but longer, and if they need help, they will provide everything they need immediately, as everyone liked that film.
I gathered my people, we conferred and decided to make a feature film-fairy tale about a charming servant girl who saved the life of the king and queen transformed into a rooster and a hen according to the will of an evil sorcerer. For almost three months we shot the film, we sewed shoes and shoes according to our models, hundreds of ball gowns, made three castles with gold roofs according to our project, in front of it was a huge fountain with a park. We explained to Cleo that a ball would take place at the end of the film, it should have about five thousand dancing couples and it would be good to gather people who want to take part in the film. He immediately told us not only thousands, millions of people would agree to take part in the film. Cleo made an announcement on TV and when people heard that there would be dancing in the film and participants would be needed, there was no end. We selected five thousand couples and at the end of the film a grand ball took place on the palace square. The spectacle turned out to be exciting and when people saw themselves in the film, including Captain Cleo, his Assistant, Doctor Luna and his wives and children were shocked - all citizens watched the movie several times. We would have made another film, but the time has come to return to our native Earth - however much as on the Planet of Approxima we lived their year which corresponded to sew four.
I will say a few words about city life, despite the fact that there are many buses that many people dont walk on foot, there are many underground passages to go from one block to another, life boils in them until half past midnight; how at one o'clock the whole country goes to sleep until six in the morning inside the transitions are collected by local artists, their electronic drawings mainly reflect the technique from cars to rockets, the outer space with the ships, the Sun, the Moons, the Stars, the Comets. It turns out very interesting, all the walls are like a continuous electronic canvas and they create their own fancy, fantastic, multi-color, colorful paintings on it, for this the artist is given three square yards of wall from the ceiling to the floor 4 feet wide. He has a box stuffed with electronics in his hand, by pressing a button or several he gets the desired color or shade. Creating his masterpiece in mind, he presses the buttons and right there on the wall there is a dot of the corresponding color, the artist can increase it, give any forms, apply a different color on it, that is, mix and point to point will form an abstract bright picture. So that it is attractive in appearance, the artist draws at home, programs his drawing and comes up with the finished one: he pressed a button and his picture is already on the electronic wall. But when competitions of artists take place, here he draws from beginning to end alive, without a program.
Immediately I will say such walls in any apartment, in all bedrooms, and when we mastered the drawing process, we would create fancy pictures on the walls for hours, if the imagination was not enough, we could choose any drawing through a PC and create it for health.
Just imagine, you are lying on your bed and admiring in the dark your colorful, multi-color paintings created by electronic paints on the walls, like if you are tired of it but like it you save it on a PC and draw another one. You can send a picture on the air and some Alien, Earthman will see it by chance. I will tell you an unmatched spectacle, there is a competition in the country, the best pictures are shown all over the country, they are entered into electronic storages and everyone can print out any favorite picture. Prizes and places do not exist, everyone does everything for the sake of pleasure so that his work, drawing, discovery, invention, idea, architectural project are among the best and hit the Central Television, in which case the whole country will see it, you will become a celebrity and thus bring those are joy and benefit to people. Citizens of the country have everything is available, crime is completely absent, everyone lives for their own pleasure - here it is a bright future, communism in which they live and built it not with the help of shovels and picks on sweat, blood and tears of hundreds of millions of slaves, but for through his mind, based on the highest technical achievements and common sense.
In the quarter where we lived and in others, roads of one-way traffic were laid to any building and thus the goods are delivered and taken out, that waste from the canteens is collected and sent to agricultural farms, they feed the livestock. There are no disposable dishes, they make it beautiful, light and unbreakable, so there is no rubbish, as well as no paper products - everything is on TV and PC, people have no idea about smoking, alcohol, only fruit juices, drinks, pops like our champagne. Garbage is mainly from the foliage, hundreds of thousands of citizens according to the schedule manually and with the help of technology fight it, in each block the bus moves clockwise from stop to stop along the perimeter and those who are in a hurry can use it for their own pleasure.
Before flying home, we gathered in a huge indoor hall with guests of Approxima and shared our impressions about our stay on their land and what our opinion is about their model of social development and people. We thanked them all from the heart and soul, told them that the life they created - surprisingly beautiful, calm, fairytale, devoid of any problems - can serve as a model for everyone, the Utopians dreamed of such a life and the Communists, the creators of the theory of scientific communism, organized a successful a life. My friend Andrei made a small speech and said: "Dear citizens of the Approxima Planet! Thank you for your hospitality, we will never forget you, your life is beautiful and amazing and I will tell you that there were two states on your big Planet thanks to the higher intelligence merged into one. In those conditions in which we live on Earth, where three hundred and fifty states with different notions of the meaning of life and the value of money cannot be created all over the world even in a thousand years. in principle, it is possible to create in one state completely isolated and endowed with all natural wealth with the highest technical level of development and lack of thoughts enrich themselves at the expense of others. The people of your country turned out to be wise and understood the happiness of a person lies neither in his wealth and in the money, the source of all evil, but in serving people, adhering to the concept, everyone is equal and no more equal. You have the highest intelligence when you created your own model of governing a country and your people have no idea to envy one another, each of you is independent of the other, a complete absence of problems, you dont have even the slightest reason to create it for the other - headache, heart pain, and if somebody has a deviation in the hearts work the apparatus GTSVZ immediately give alarm and will take for his recovery and if it is not amenable to cure the hurt disables heart-life. It is impossible to do this here, there are no Health Restoration Centers that would monitor the work of each persons heart, but to create a problem, headache and heart pain is easier than steamed turnip."
At the end of the farewell, we wished them to live like this for centuries, thanked them all for such a wonderful gift as a trip to the Planet Approxima and promised not only to tell but also to show films about such a wonderful country Siberia, its talented and hardworking people.
They were glad to hear such an opinion about their country and model of life and, in turn, told us: "Dear citizens! Our model of life is not a scientific law or formula is the same in the whole Universe and in the conditions of your complex intense life may not be completely suitable you can learn something. We wish you a safe return to your Earth, and our astronauts to return with our citizens of Approxima to our Approxima Planet. "
We said goodbye and went to the buses waiting for us, sat down in comfortable chairs and drove off, for the last time raced down the main roads several times, went onto the road leading to the Cosmodrome, and little by little the city with its skyscrapers began to move away from the eyes, a sharp turn into the side of the dense forest and it disappeared forever from the view, my heart ached and I felt so depressed in my soul ...
A couple of hours later we ended up at another health and tourist center, talked for three days in the encirclement of new people, went with them to the mountains and Cleo told us, pointing to the top of the highest mountain: "Dear citizens! This is Zulla mountain-the height of 300,538 feet, every citizen of our country visits this place in order to touch this mountain with your hands, look at its top and say to itself: "Mount Zulla! You are high and for me your peak is a lighthouse to which I will strive all my life to approach."
Each of us leaned over, touched the rock with a hand and spoke the words heard from Captain Cleo, my fingers felt the grains of sand, squeezed them with my fingers and quietly put them in my pocket, and at that moment I felt an extraordinary spiritual relief.
We spent seven days here, made the ascent to the largest and highest waterfall on Planet-9, 769 feet. Cleo said that the builders brought a cone-shaped pipe with a diameter at the top of twenty meters and two outlets - two pipes with a diameter of 33 feet; water is provided by the city of Brolin, and therefore waterfalls beat up to 710 feet, a ski base is located at an altitude of seventeen thousand feet, we went skiing, made a descent into the valley of geysers and swam in the water at about thirty degrees Celsius. Once we visited a lake about one 3300 feet deep, the water is so clear that we saw golden sand, algae and the brightest colors of fish at the bottom.
Time flew by unnoticed, we said goodbye to new friends, boarded buses and headed to the Cosmodrom, we stayed there for three days and started to the Earth, this time Dr. Lun and Arost flew with us, a young man who caught the signal from our Earth, we constantly communicated with him and helped to learn English to communicate, assured him that in our countries people are kind, friendly and he will return home with a lot of pleasant unforgettable impressions. The smile on his face always shone like all people who inhabited the Planet Approxima and understood that he had no alarm to meet with unfamiliar people, he is not the alone - with him are Captain Cleo, Doctor Lun, six assistants, and we.
The flight took place in the previous mode, the spacecraft "Space Explorer" then increased speed, then slowed it down, for a whole year we flew at a speed exceeding the speed of light and finally landed safely on the Earth Cosmodrom, Florida.

The end of the automobile era in America. Journey to Uncle Joe's farm.

the wreckage of an airplane with masterpieces.

As it should be after landing, an hour before descending the elevator, we put on the spacesuits and waited for Captain Cleo's command to go to the airlock, finally she sounded and wearing helmets on her head went to the exit. Ten people went downstairs, went to the bus, and then we were taken to the adaptation and acclimatization center. When we saw our people, I was glad and turned to one gentleman: "Sir, tell me, what year is now?"
He looked at me strangely and said: "What are you, boy, fell off the moon !?"
I looked at them, smiled and said: "Mister! Not from the Moon, from the planet Approxima."
One young man looked at me and said: "Sir, today is June 27, 2086."
We did not believe it, but it all turned out that way! When we, after adaptation and acclimation, passed through the Space Customs, the officers forced us to undress, take off our shoes and putting all things out for inspection and seeing our diamond pebbles in a suitcase opened their mouths in surprise, the chief immediately called and the chief appeared, he looked at the stones, and said to us, "Ladies and gentlemen! We will confiscate your Moonstones to the police station before the trial."
Mr. Jimmy Tin, our leader and all of us immediately began to explain to him that it was not from the Moon but from Approxima and these are not Moonstones and asked him to look at the document issued to us by Chief Doctor Lee Johnson.
He looked at the paper and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen! Good morning! Sorri, but for a while we leave these pebbles for prevention, destroy all bacteria, call you and take them. Welcome to America! Bye, you are free, here are all the plane tickets for you according to your order, go."
We prayed and he looked at us and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I will be fired, as a souvenir, take only what gets into your pockets, then the rest."
I, like everyone else, filled my pockets with diamonds, we left the hall, said goodbye to friends and immediately called home. Mom, wife and sons were looking forward to my call, they were sitting at the table, at the morning breakfast. Ill say right away that this is not my first call home, when we took a course of adaptation and acclimatization a day several times negotiated, I told them about my preferences, they were about my life. We were extremely happy that we were alive and well and would soon meet at home and promised them that as soon as I had a ticket on my hands I would call them and we would meet. So that for them to be a surprise when meeting, what kind of a young man and handsome I didnt talk to them was by videophone. And with a ticket on hand calling home. We greeted each other, talked to everyone for a minute, and when my wife picked up the phone, she happily said: "Honey Masha, Im holding a ticket, please meet AB 117 flight from Miami, I will depart at 12 50, meet at 2 20, there will be few things with me all will enter the trunk, the main and valuable will come later by mail, I will tell you about it at home, kisses, you have enough time to drive to Kennedy Airport. "
"Dear Victor, thank you for the information, yes I will be in a green velvet hat, a bright red long dress so that you recognize me, ten years have passed after the ball at the Hilton Hotel. I just can not believe, I kiss, in a couple of minutes I rush to the parking lot, we have big changes, you will see everything. "
"In that case, I will be in a black hat, a blue shirt with short sleeves and brown shorts, my charming Masha, see you soon," I said and went to the door where a limousine was waiting for me. It will take me and seven more comrades to travel to the helipad and fly to Miami, and from there our paths will diverge for some time, before meeting at the stadium and then in the White House and begin the journey around the world from the capital to the capital, how can people see. We are alive, happy and joyful as Mr. Lee Johnson told us before in secret.
In a white limousine, we rushed to a blue helicopter, flew to Miami airport on it, and drove a red open-top Ford to a snow-white building for check-in, I said goodbye to my friends as each of us flew to different parts of the USA and flew to New York 12 50. The flight was normal and at 2-20, right on schedule, the plane landed at Kennedy Airport. Passing the border guards and customs officers entered the building, meeting and seeing off the darkness, without any difficulty, in a crowd with a wide-brimmed green hat in the crowd, saw my dear charming wife, she recognized me, we were next to her, my mom and tall sons Alex and Sam. My heart started beating fast, approached them with excitement, we smiled, kissed, greeted, they looked at me strangely, and finally my mother quietly said: "My dear son, Viktor, you are so young, its amazing that if it werent for your hat I hardly recognized you. What a metamorphosis! "
"My dear mommy, charming Masha, dear children Alex and Sam, and about that later, let's make our way to the exit," I said, and headed for the doors. Like everyone, we hurried and making our way through the crowd, mother, wife and the children told me that Im really healthy, younger, I noticed that they had changed but not very significantly. Having reached the parking lot, we got into our egg-colored Ford and for two hours we reached the house as all roads in the city were filled with cars, carts, carriages with harnessed horses of all breeds and stripes. Strong bityugs pulled huge trailers, the same picture was out of town, they drove slowly, because of the lack of gasoline, they traveled halfway through the gas, it ended, they connected electric batteries, they did not reach the house for three blocks, and they had to push the whole family for a mile. I was indignant, cursed, and Alex calmly said with Olympic calm: "Dad, don't worry, everything will be ok, you will see something different, weve got used to it, the oil crisis, gasoline and diesel are cut short, everything changed for the third year after your departure to the planet Approxima, it turned out that all the oil reserves were scooped up almost completely, give three liters a week for a car, people get to work who as they can, you see how many horses run on the roads, they are more expensive than Rolls Royce. "
We dragged the car to the house, as it gained at least two hundred pound or two sets of batteries and a couple of gas cylinders in which half the capacity of the condensate was splashing. The gas went up sharply, was given a certain amount of an electronic ticket, a shortage, the craftsmen diluted it with water, everyone knew, was indignant but did not take any measures. We havent yet finished the car to the house as the wife made a phone call to get it into the parking lot and when we drove it to the house we began to wait for technical assistance, they soon came to us, I was surprised what kind of help it was but my wife told me that this is present technical assistance. My heart began to beat rapidly at the sight of a hefty red bityug, a red-cheeked thick fellow with curly rye-colored hair jumped off his horse, our Ford immediately attached ropes to the might horse, Masha paid him off and the horse pulled the car to the parking lot. I stood and could not believe my eyes, but when I saw another bityug pulling a hefty minivan, it stopped being surprised.
We entered the house, mother and wife cooked delicious food, put champagne on the table, Stolichnaya, drinks and sat down at the table opened the sparkling golden Bourgeoisie, poured it into glasses and said in one voice: "Let's be healthy, with a long-awaited meeting!"
At the sight of chops and beefsteak, my mouth drooled - for many years, as soon as we went to Planet Approxima, we used food-paste in tubes, I ate with appetite, told and showed my film about life on the Planet Approxima, they were amazed and surprised. Since the recordings were for a few weeks, they limited themselves to the most important essays, my mother, my wife and children, in turn, told me about the modern hectic life, I was just outraged and thought why not build such a city in America and many problems went away, our conversation dragged on until midnight and went to bed
Seven days later I received an electronic and telephone message - I was invited to a meeting of us who flew to the Planet Approxima and Aliens at the Yankee Stadium. For us travelers, the entrance was free, they took a thousand dollars from relatives and I had to pay the symbolic price for mother, wife and two sons. The fee is four thousand bucks whereas for all the rest five thousand. The trip to a meeting in a wheelchair cost the same, as the wife said that this is the cheapest, most reliable and fastest way to get from the house to the stadium and back. I agreed with her, in due time the same fellow drove up to the house, Mr. Sanya in a wheelchair, we sat down and in five minutes rushed at a speed of at least 35 miles per hour, along a special left lane in the direction of the car, not a single car had no right to enter it. We overtook cars moving on batteries, hundreds if not thousands of steel horses stood on the sidelines waiting for technical assistance, people were pushing them themselves, the bityugs were pulling trucks in all directions. Our driver, Sanya, was from St. Petersburg when he learned that my mother was from Russia, and I was among the travelers to a distant planet, who was delighted. We met and I told him that there in the big cities there are no cars in private use and all are managed by public transport. Sanya said with a sigh: "Yes, Mr. Victor, we will never have that, I will try to tell you our uninteresting history of movement as you drive. Seven years ago, there was a crisis with oil in the world, Russia stopped exporting it, we have bowels were depleted and at first people didnt know what to do. Since all alternative fuels, solar and wind energy didnt help much and if it weren't for Uncle Joe, many people would not be able to get from the suburbs to the city. brought a new breed of horses able to pull up to ten tons on a good road, the speed is not great - only twelve miles per hour. But if you hook up such a wheelchair in which you are sitting for four, and Im the fifth one designed by his sons, then on the way, the bityug can race at a speed of up to 35 miles per hour how he kept in touch with all the Presidents of the USA and they awarded him with gold medals for the greatest achievements in agriculture, he decided to advance his new discovery in order to overcome the energy crisis. No way, but thanks to his first discovery, the world didnt feel the need for food, everyone was full, but the fact that a billion cars got up due to the lack of gasoline people didnt care, the air became cleaner, it was easier to breathe. But soon the citizens became agitated, buying fuel at rabid prices was not lifting, walking or riding a 30-60 mile-bike or even more could not be done by anyone and somehow the farmer Uncle Joe when meeting with President Barry Sekige promised partially solve the problem with the help of live horse thrust, everything sensibly described and he agreed with him.
Two years ago, our new President Nick Douglas, using his own example, showed the Americans and all the inhabitants of our planet the benefit of using horses in the modern world in the current crisis situation with oil. He was the first to get out of the car into a wheelchair and, in sight of billions of people, drove, or rather, rushed through the whole of Washington along a specially designated traffic lane, but uncle Joe was a coachman, a horse mare. In a wheelchair for four people, a chain gearbox was installed, a mini gearbox and during horse racing Uncle Joe switched the pedals with his feet, which during the ride did not interfere with his hands to hold the reins, adjusted the speed and thus could slow down the movement, jump, trot or will to rush.
When they returned to the White House, the President made a speech, he urged people to transfer from cars to horses with his personal example. Immediately read the position of those privileges that will receive everyone who will have in personal use of a horse with a pram designed by any master and made anywhere but passed a technical inspection and having a state number.
Since all horses are being shod, horseshoes are erased from intensive movement on asphalt, and here Uncle Joe replaced steel with high-strength and lightweight synthetic developed by the Dupont chemical concern. They are not nailed - in special workshops they are poured on a hoof, a press mold compresses a warm mass and a kind of horse shoe-firm is formed that guarantees the horse to run a horse without replacing such a horseshoe shoe for at least 6,000 mile along an asphalt or concrete highway. Replacement of shoes is carried out in the same workshops in a painless way for horses. So, President Nick Douglas said: "Ladies and gentlemen! From now and forever throughout the country, the leftmost lane is assigned to horse transport, the horse in all cases has an advantage over all modes of transport, no one has the right to penalize the horse and drove even if he drank a beer mug, since the bityug is sober and runs the right way, all driveways, tunnels, bridges, parking are free, a place is given to them and most importantly owners of bityugs are not taxed on income, everyone can use it at their discretion. "
A few minutes later the President with his family, Uncle Joe and Vice President Don Sion three wheelchairs rushed across Washington, people were staring from the streets, from the roofs of houses, cameramen flew helicopters and showed the whole world how the President personally controlled the "Hardy" redhead and kicked the pedals. Since all the trips were for informational purposes, an indicative character removed all the cars from the road and the race uncle Joe started, overtook President Nick Douglas and took the lead, then the Vice President overtook the farmer. At the end of the race, the President outstripped everyone and first entered the lawn of the White House. Returning from a historic trip in a carriage with a harnessed horse, President Nick Douglas introduced uncle Joe to everyone and saw the whole world Genius on a horse with a horseshoe in his hand - at one time he fed the people of the Planet with natural steaks and at the moment made a feasible contribution to bring mankind out of protracted energy crisis with the help of hardy bityugs and trotters.
Uncle Joe made a brief speech expressing the idea that at the moment all people just do not have the opportunity to change from car to horse, but he spends a lot of time with horse selection in order to get an economical bastard who can bring maximum benefit at minimum cost and carry a lot, fast and far. Shaking hands with President Nick Douglas, the Genius concluded: "Ladies and gentlemen! Those of you who purchase a horse for ten years guarantee that it will not cause any problems if it doesnt happen because of the drivers collision with the fight on the track and the supply of nutritional food is guaranteed special technology at the lowest symbolic price in many supermarkets of large cities or by reservation. Happy trip on the roads of America dear citizens! "
And what do you think, Victor, I had a some capital and I bought the Kid's stroller with a stroller for twelve million bucks, quit his job and breed people, so if you have the opportunity to buy it and the whole family will travel around America without knowing the grief and care, it is worth to touch the horse and get joy and inspiration, you want to live and love. "
"Thank you, Sanya, Ill think about it, but Ill say its all about money, I dont know what they will give me for our contribution to the culture of communication between peoples," I said. The children and the wife told me that the interest in the bityugs showed an extraordinary and despite on the astronomical value of the horse with the cart formed a long line. Uncle Joe assured the Americans that he, as a patriot of his country, will first of all try to satisfy the requests of his fellow citizens and at the moment the worth of a stroller costs $ 20 million and those who bought it have up to 20,000 bucks benefits per day here Masha suggested her idea that I, as a pioneer who visited the other Planet, can turn to President Nick Douglas and with his assistance to get a little boy with a stroller. I looked at them and grunted: "My charming Mary, the whole thing rests on the money, I do not know what is due to me from the flight."
But wife smiled and whispered in my ear: "My dear husband, you will not believe it - I regularly received one million bucks for you per month, during this time I managed to save 50 million, expenses were wild, gasoline cost a fortune and my sons go to work on anyone, so you can buy a bityug with a stroller and we will travel across the country for your pleasure. "
I looked at Masha, kissed the red lips and quietly said: "My pussy, I do not mind and will definitely write to our President Nick Douglas a letter asking for his assistance in purchasing a bastard with a stroller and then we will rush to Florida."
We rolled to New York on time and thanked Sanya who went to the stadium, had to split up - my relatives went to the stands and I went to the stage, met my loyal friends, with Captain Cleo, his assistants, Dr. Luna, Arost and the aliens who had spent more than ten years in different countries in order to familiarize themselves with the life of the Earth. More than 150,000 spectators gathered in the stands, the event was broadcast to the whole world. After exchanging greetings, Lun looked at me and said sadly in his eyes: "Dear Victor, you have no idea, our people have changed dramatically for the worse, health has noticeably deviated from the norm, but during the flight they will be connected to the State Central Exhibition Hall, and they will take their original appearance, everything will be restored, unbelievable, they look aged, angry, and even pounce on us with screams "Why did you leave us among savage people? This is our big mistake! "
I comforted them that everything would be in perfect order and went to sit down, for three days we shared our impressions of life on another Planet, showed them for hours their city, life and nature taken on disks. Many took it as a fake, deftly mounted films, but the aliens present here convinced many that we were actually there.
The present journalist from Russia exclaimed: "Brothers! Yes, this is Communism, the Bright Future of humanity and if it were not for the capitalist imperialist environment, external and internal enemies, then we would live like them, under Communism."
Another said that upon careful consideration of their food, he did not notice the red and black caviar, but the Kremlin leaders had all this on the tables except for bird's milk and living water so that they would live forever. But alas, for the entire population, this is not created and how they achieved it that they live according to their needs remains a mystery, and as for the cities themselves, they should be given their due, no props, but under capitalist private property it cannot be realized. "
A 124-year-old scientist with a gray hair, who escaped from Russia at the age of twenty to the West, can you imagine riding a deer in a blizzard and crossing the Soviet-Norwegian border, while serving in the frontier troops. According to him, even 106 years ago, he asked for political asylum in the United States, flew to New York, graduated from Columbia University, and all his long life working in the field of cloning got up and said: "Dear friends! You didnt look good at film materials - they built a fantastic interesting beautiful life relying not only for common sense but also due to the highest development of science and technology, they have overtaken us for centuries if their rockets fly at a speed exceeding the speed of light, which means they are ahead of time and it flies back. If this one is young Arost man caught the signal from the Earth, found us at a distance of several light years from their Planet Approxima and flew to us, it says a lot. We all saw their cities in which people live without cars and enjoy life, on our Earth it is unlikely whether too many nations and states, different views of life and the very concept of the goal of life are possible. We now also give up the car and stop the horse craving, though not for joy because of the lack of fuel. "
There was a dead silence at the stadium and then we clapped, who visited the Planet Approxima, Aliens and soon all those present joined ...
On the last day of the meeting at the stadium, when we said goodbye to Captain Cleo, assistants Mont, Stier, Bark, Glon, Crew, Dr. Luna and Arost, I said: "Dear friends! Thank you all very much and your people for visiting your wonderful Approxima planet, farewell. "
They looked at me and Cleo said: "Dear Victor! We do not do anything for thanks, it is our duty and obligation, until the next meeting, you are young, dare and forgive."
I kissed them all, firmly shook hands, parted and thought forever ...
My wife turned out to be prudent, each time leaving the stadium to the street, out of the door they saw our small Sanya standing beside a carriage with a drawn bantyug, he smiled. So now we walked up to the wheelchair, sat down and drove to the house at a speed of no less than fifty km per hour and without a headache got through an hour and a half, mom met us and reported amazing news: "Dear Victor, we called from the White House and asked you to call by phone to Secretary Eckert. "
I ran into the house and rushed to the phone, called and a voice in the handset asked me who was calling and when he was convinced that I was in Cosmos informed me of the awesome news to arrive at the White House with my wife on July 5 by 9 o'clock in the morning.
When my wife entered the house with her mother and sons, I said them out with great joy: "Awesome news, Secretary of President Nick Douglas called Masha, we are invited to the White House."
They heard this amazing news rushed to kiss me, immediately laid the table and we celebrated a significant event with champagne from Stolichnaya. The next day, they began to prepare in advance for a meeting with the President and immediately wrote a letter asking his petitions to purchase a bityug with a stroller as a participant in a flight to another planet and put it in my pocket.
I briefly inform you: when we arrived at the White House, we met not only with President Nick Douglas and his entourage, but also with all the Senators and Congressmen, with our friends, including aliens, but this time we stood in separate groups and only from afar saw each other friend. We smiled, it was all said and understood, I will say they all looked younger and more cheerful. First, President Nick Douglas spoke, then three-minute speeches from ours and from theirs including me, Captain Cleo, Doctor Luna, the discoverer of the Arost Land and some aliens who lived here. We showed the filmed footage, including our films. Everyone was delighted, in conclusion a small speech was heard from Uncle Joes mouth, I couldnt imagine that I would see him alive again and he would shake hands with not only me but the Aliens and the Silver Horseshoe for happiness.
He was laconic, thanked Cleo, Lun, assistants and all the Aliens for their courage and noble heroic deed to fly to Earth to exchange groups of people and provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the lifestyle of other people and later use the best to improve life on Earth and on the Planet Approxima. Everyone started to applaud, after a banquet was held at the White House Lawn, where famous singers, musicians, dancers from different countries were invited and they gave a great performance. When we left the White House, President Nick Douglas said goodbye to us and reported tremendous news: "Dear fearless ladies and gentlemen, I, senators and congressmen decided to celebrate your heroic flight to the Silver Horseshoe Approximate planet, this is an invaluable gift from the American people including a particle from Uncle Joe "All of you turned out to be owners of a bityug with a stroller, each of you will be informed separately when a gift is brought to the house.
Each of us wished to shake hands with Uncle Joe, who was standing next to the President, he agreed, the farmer came up to us and we shook his strong horny hand. Shaking his hand, I told him: "Dear Uncle Joe, in a month I will come to you with my family, do you mind?"
He looked at me, smiled and whispered: "Dear Victor, I am certainly waiting for you with the promised souvenir from that planet and most importantly how those farmers reacted to my achievements in agriculture."
"Uncle Joe, awesome, all later!" I exclaimed with joy and stepped aside. I noticed a wide smile on his face and moved with the Silver Horseshoe to my sweet wife. Since it was midnight, they took us to the Marina hotel in an open carriage, pulled by a red hair bytyug, and spent the night in a room for important people after a hearty morning breakfast - again in a carriage, we went to the railway station and by train "Arrow" on a magnetic cushion arrived in New York, to Penn Station. The children gladly met us and we in the carriage of our friend Sasha rushed to us along the free lane reserved for the horses. But I still have to say that the automobile transport port did not cease to exist - trucks, buses, and light cars rushed along the roads, but with them strong bityugs were hauling one by one, in a pair, or even four, depending on the load of the cart, trailers with containers, tanks, broken trucks, cars. Perhaps for the sake of the exotic, advertising, or attracting rich tourists eager for originality and thrills, one travel company began to use horse traction. We saw how the six strong horses pulled a huge double-decker bus with tourists, drove on a red shirt and blue trousers, held his hands with yellow reins and pressed his feet on the brake pedal and on the chain transmission of gear shifting. The bus itself was designed in such a way that the illumination of the driver was in the open cab of the driver without a windshield. If the bus needed to turn to the right, driver drove it with his hand to tighten the reins by right arm and with his foot he pressed on one of the two pedals, in our case, the right one.
All actions were performed synchronously and the bus did not drag along, but rushed at a speed of 25-30 miles per hour. As for taxis, small buses and ambulances, they were mainly harnessed to trotters one at a time, sometimes two, but trucks, dump trucks, container ships, and with tanks dragged a quartet of bityugs with a horse mare and driver. It was more difficult for drivers to keep in touch, to brake in time, release the brakes, change the speed and, most importantly, turn the steering wheel in the right direction while cornering.
But according to our cab driver Sasha, it was only in exceptional cases: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, when companies have completely consumed the rate of fuel, you know, in our difficult times, the ration for all of them has gone, out of the way-we-hire cab drivers, they will help. Luxury can only be ridden by rich people - gasoline, biofuels and electric batteries are too expensive, and trips are allowed only three days a week. On Saturday and Sunday there are no trips, use public transport, cab drivers, you can ride a horse drawn carriage in your own carriage, or ride a personal horse. See how many carriages. For a short distance in the city it is more profitable to use horse-drawn transport - they will bring beer, drinks, juices, meat, bread to the shops, and in wheelchairs, cabs and carriages of the rich to the theater, train station, restaurant and back home. Imagine a man relaxes during a trip in a carriage, feels like inspiration comes to him, he is a man of nature and not a mechanical robotic world . It's one thing to ride a horse and ride in a car. I think when you drive in my carriage, this is not what you feel when riding in a taxi or car. If you eventually have a trotter with a stroller and you will roll on it driving a horse, then remember what I said. But if it is now very costly to maintain a combined car, only billionaires or favorites can afford to buy a horse, especially a trotter derived from Uncle Joe with his own carriage. I also bought it, as it were, for a pull, but not to ride, but to earn a living. "
I listened attentively to the driver and at the same time looked around, the picture brought me sad reflections: "What will happen in three years when there are millions of carts, stagecoaches, carriages and riders on the US roads? How many new multistory stables, horse dealers, points of sale will have to be built straw, hay, forage and water? " I didnt say that I myself would be one of the lucky ones driving the Ginger in a wheelchair and people from the side would look at me with malice or envy - I became the owner of such luxury - a living horse. I never dreamed of life! And the same old age fell such happiness! And all thanks to the aliens who flew to us! Thank you dear!
After an hour and a half without any problems, we got to the house, I paid Sasha, and he rushed to the taxi stand where dozens of people waited for the carriage to get to the city on their important business. Mom, happy and joyful, met us at the door, we kissed her and as soon as we entered the house I exclaimed: "Champagne on the table! We have a significant event - the President handed all American travelers Silver Horseshoe, a gift from Uncle Joe, we will have a bityug with a cart! Here it is!"
I pulled a real silver horseshoe out of my trouser pocket, kissed it and gave it to mother, carefully examined it and handed it to my grandchildren. Mom hugged me, kissed me and quietly said: "My dear son Victor, I congratulate you on such a valuable gift, now we are not afraid of the oil crisis, we have a personal trotter with the cart and eventually we will make a trip to Uncle Joe, he is a genius, once again saves America from the crisis, already transport, bringing a new breed of hardy bityugs. "
I glanced at my mother and happily said: "Mommy, as soon as we receive the gift, we will surely move to Uncle Joe with a gift, I promised him a souvenir from Approxima."
But most of all, our children admired the gift, they kissed me and Sam openly declared: "Mom and grandmother, if Alex and I had not insisted that my dad went on a trip not to see this gift for us. Our car stands as an exhibit in the parking lot because the lack of gasoline, we would hardly have been able to get a bityug, now its in reality and we will carelessly roll through our village, make trips to New York and go to Uncle Joe so much that I want to see the genius alive and shake hands. "
"I also congratulate you, papa, you deserve this gift, in our difficult time the bityug will help us out great and as soon as we have free time we rush to Uncle Joe, we need to thank him, let's celebrate a wonderful gift," Alex said.
Mom and wife cooked dumplings, chopped cheese, put champagne on the table, metropolitan, fruits, grapes, flowers, and twenty minutes later sat celebrating such a significant event. But besides this gift I had another one, brought from the planet Approxima, diamonds, but for now I have decided to keep silent about them.
Three days later I received an e-mail: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith! The day after tomorrow, be home from morning to evening and wait for the gift."
From such news we did not sleep for a long time and only fell asleep in the morning, the next night seemed like an eternity, only took a short nap, waited for a gift. We went outside immediately after breakfast and sat down on a bench near the sidewalk, waiting for the appearance of a red bityug. We waited a long time, only at 12.30 pm we saw a racing red bityug with a red arc and with a gilded open carriage with wheels on a rubber tire. On an armchair in a soft armchair with a windshield, he was of strong build and a red shirt with dark curly long hair. A horse with a saddle galloped around the carriage, noticing us the driver slowed down, stopped, we exchanged greetings, an acquaintance happened and smiling Mr. John looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, show me your Silver horseshoe, this is the order I need to bring data in the PC for the report, the gift is very valuable, so it should be. "
"Mr. John, Ill bring a horseshoe at home for a minute," I said and ran into the house, came back with it, gave me my hand, he took an electronic device out of his blue jeans pocket, connected it to a PC, enlightened the horseshoe and made sure that it was real and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, sign under the copy of the Silver Horseshoe, then we will start learning to ride, I will show you how to control, brake the stroller, unharness, harness the horse and the places of lubrication, the speed of movement depends on it. Besides from describing how to care for a horse you can harness, unharness, feed and water, in the trunk, feed nutrient feed, energy swipes and even a spare tire on a rubber wheel, as there are four of them in the carriage, and if something happens you can always remove and replace. In short, everything is provided for all occasions. Yes, most importantly, every morning and every evening before putting the horse in a stall it is necessary to give him a briquette of nutritious fodder and a canister of energy liquor in a bucket that is in the trunk. If you go on a trip, you should know that two pounds of nutritional forage is ten pounds and two liters of energy drink with the addition of water is enough for eight hours of rest, but during movement only one hundred miles, and every three hours you need to give an hour's rest. As for water, it is not recommended to give to much to drink, especially during fast driving - I have experience and I will share with you Mr. Victor-8 liters for the night with fodder and liquor, but in summer time with a fast ride of 30-36 mile per hour with the number of riders in a carriage with a coachman, five people try to drink and feed in three hours - no more than 10 liters of water and smoke breaks for an hour. In short, read the instructions carefully and everything will be fine. "
"Thank you very much Mr. John for useful information," I said, shook his hand, signed with an electronic pen, received a pile of instructions and told their wife he asked his sons to sit down and, looking at the driver in his blue eyes, said: "Dear Mr. John, I will try to do everything your recommendations, and that learning is what my sons understand and grasp more than me, let them study, it is more important to them than me. "
"Well, Mr. Victor Smith, but they will still look and you drive into the carriage, but the horse's name is Red," said the cab driver and smiled. I sat in the carriage on an illumination next to Mr. John, took the reins in my hands, my instructor, looking at me with a smile, said: "Mr. Victor, pull the reins and shout to him: "Red, let's go."
I pulled the reins, shouted "Red, let's go," and bityug moved from the spot. I acted according to Johns instructions with foot pedals, switching the chain transmission, braked or, on the contrary, released the brakes without releasing the reins. My children closely followed my actions. The course took a couple of hours, because I and my sons had to straighten and harness a horse in his presence. The Red turned out to be a calm patient horse and, as we noticed, he liked it when we were stroking his red face, sides and withers. Before riding off my instructor, Mr. John handed me a piece of paper, I read it and signed the six-hour training course, put five thousand bucks in his pocket, we smiled, said goodbye, shook his hand and he jumped up on his horse and shouted thanks galloping down the street.
Without losing my time, I asked my mother and wife to sit next to my sons, they agreed, and with the whole family I began to ride in our village. Everybody looked at us with a smile, especially at me sitting on the batting box, an hour later we returned, I dismounted the horse and led him into the house.
On the first floor, our Red horse was given a room, we ourselves slept on the second floor, they pulled out all the good things from the stroller, and then I noticed a strange saddle for two persons, in case there is a desire to ride together, when they put the stroller by the window, it seemed weightless because they did it from superstrong and superlight composite materials. After reading all the papers, we learned the news, in our village we were presented with a house with a garage in it, we will keep the stroller with our horse Red. Having read this amazing news to the end, we saw the code according to which the door would open. We harnessed Red into the carriage and immediately went to the address to see our new nest.
When we approached it, we saw a new two-story red stone cottage with a garage, and since we were masters, we saw a box with numbers on the door, and I dialed the code. Just a miracle, the door opened, we went inside and in the large kitchen with a huge window we saw a fridge, an electric stove with an oven, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a microwave. The women examined the house, I went to the garage with my sons, and having estimated its dimensions, I realized that not only our Ford Xenia but also horse Red with a sidecar would enter it. There was no limit to our happiness, and the next day we started transporting all our things to it, but left something, we were not going to part with it.
In the new house we lived without knowing grief and headaches, enjoyed life, soon wrote two letters - one sent an e-mail to President Nick Douglas to the White House - from the whole family thanked him for valuable gifts and asked him to donate to the state from me from customs diamond stones, the second wrote to Uncle Joe thanked him for the bastard with the stroller and reminded him of visiting his farm soon if he is not so busy with the work of which he has it right up to the roof.
Three days later I received an email from the White House in which, on behalf of President Nick Douglas, thanked me for a valuable gift, jewelers-specialists find it difficult to evaluate it even with hundreds of billions of dollars, several diamond stones will be given to the astronautics museum in Houston, half will be sent to me within three days .
I immediately gathered the whole family and laid out on the table diamond stones the size of a pigeon's egg, which we were allowed to take by Captain Cleo from the Blue Crystals quarry and when my relatives saw them on the table everyone opened their mouths in amazement and my wife said that at current prices lies on the table good for a couple of billion dollars. When I told them that I brought these stones thirty times more and half would be sent to me, they could not believe it, but immediately showed them a letter from the White House - everyone told me that I did the right thing and half of us would be enough for a future life.
Unexpectedly for me, my Masha left us and went to our bedroom, she soon returned with a box, opened it and we saw the exact same color goal-batch of extraordinary purity diamond only smaller in size that I brought with Approxima. The similarity of diamonds was astounding and I even thought to myself that the ancestors of the leader of Mars had long since arrived on our Earth on a spaceship and remained to live. During my stay in Casimo at the Blue Lake where I took a course of restoring physical male health, charming Venus told me in a hut that the native Imangu tribe has been living here since time immemorial, only I dont know how they got here. Perhaps those who flew took with them not only diamonds but also animals. And it even seemed to me that they had flown in from Approxima. Of course, I didnt share my thoughts with my wife about what Venus told me in a hut in order to avoid trouble and said: "My dear Masha, the similarity of diamonds is amazing, but it seems to me that such a diamond is mined in Brazil. But anyway, he brings us good luck and I think will bring more. "
"I agree, my love, we will keep it separate, we have another task, to find to our sons favorite smart wives," Masha said, kissing me.
Three days later, the Secretary of the President Mr. Ronald Jinker from the White House called me and asked me to be home all day tomorrow as I would be sent a valuable cargo upon receipt of which I need to attend and sign for me personally. At the same time, on behalf of President Nick Douglas, once again thanked me for a valuable donation for the benefit of our country. I promised to be at home all day and take a valuable load in the presence of those who deliver it and my relatives, thanked, said goodbye and immediately told my mother, wife and children that tomorrow I receive diamonds. Everyone was shocked, about forty pounds of diamonds worth hundreds of billions of dollars will be stored with us.
The next day, at two o'clock in the afternoon, an armored limousine drove up to our house, three strong guys armed with machine guns in camouflage uniforms came out, my whole family greeted them, they introduced us, I showed the diploma of space traveler. They watched it, asked me to bring the Silver Horseshoe, circled around with a special device and saw the data on the screen, put it on the PC, handed me three sealed plastic bags with a total weight of forty pounds. I signed the paper, then with an electronic pen on the device screen, the guards thanked me, I got them, they got into the car and sped off. My children took the bags, brought them into the house, put them on the bed and cut a durable plastic on one of them with a sharp knife, removed and saw a decently sized green box made of some kind of composite material with a lid with numbers. I typed the code given to me by Mr. Ronald Jinker, the lid opened and before us in all its glory appeared blue crystals of extraordinary purity-diamonds. Some were not less than apples, well with goose, chicken and pigeon egg. We all took them in hand, looked from all sides, and Masha, looking all over the wealth, quietly said: "Victor, there are three hundred billion dollars worth of these diamonds at modern prices, maybe more. Mom, this is so much in one box and there are three of them. Let's see what in the two box !? "
Without wasting our time, we opened three boxes; in them, as in the first, there were blue diamond of extraordinary purity in size from a large apple to a chicken egg, but my mother, sons went through them for an hour and admired the unearthly beauty. Yes, in fact, because they were brought by me from the planet Approxima. And then my wife, joyful and happy, came up to me, kissed me and said loudly: "Victor, I'm sorry, we were wrong, so reluctantly they let you off on such a long journey. Mom, we didnt resist his trip - Victor was so young and rejuvenated health, he loves me so much, brought a lot of memories and such wealth, we should drink for it. "
Immediately my mother and his wife took up to make dumplings, put champagne on the table, Stolichnaya, prepared a snack and let me tell you that we sat down until midnight. In order not to attract attention, they decided to keep quiet and turn them into money to invest in a profitable enterprise, but which one we will think about later.
A week later, I received a letter from Uncle Joe, in which he wrote: "Dear Victor, Hero of Cosmos, I am glad to see you and your sweet family on our farm at any free time for you are looking forward to, firmly shake your hand, your Uncle Joe."
After reading the invitation letter to visit the farm, Uncle Joe shared with his mother, wife and sons, they agreed with me and decided to go with the whole family as soon as possible, but soon the trip had to be postponed for a month. The fact is that we, as the most famous people, after traveling to the planet of Approxima, came to the attention of people, all of us were urgently brought together, singled out a special plane, and within three weeks flew around the world by visiting capital cities. Since the aliens have not yet flown away, Captain Cleo, Commander of the Cosmos Explorer rocket-plane, his assistants Mont, Steer, Bark, Fry, Glon, Crew, Dr. Moon and the young man who discovered our planet Arost have joined us. We were unspeakably happy to see again and I will say outwardly they have not changed at all - they are just as young, cheerful and with a carefree smile on their face. Since it was the height of summer and the heat at that time was on all continents, we were easily dressed-men in color shirts with short sleeves, shorts and sandals with toes on their legs, women in color blouses without sleeves, skirts just below the knees, stockings and low heel shoes. The journey began from Houston, first flew to the capital of the world New York, to Montreal, visited London, from it went by train under La Manche to Eternal Rome, flew by plane to Madrid and then raced to Lisbon, from Berlin to Athens, by plane to Jerusalem, to Istanbul, to Moscow, to Delhi, to Beijing, to Tokyo, flew to Sydney, then to Cape Town, to Cairo, to Buenos Aires, to Rio de Janeiro, Caracas, Panama, Mexico City, Los Angeles and ended up in Miami. We were all taken to the chic Ramada hotel and during a banquet after brief speeches of individual participants of the journey gave the word to aliens they expressed their admiration for the historic cities they had seen, but they admitted that it was chaos and many miles of traffic jams in the capital of Russia Moscow and the loading of New York with hundreds of thousands of horse carts and the horsemen shocked them to the depths of the soul, but the deepest impression was left of the elephants on whose backs people rode.
Finally, Cleo, commander of the Space Explorers, spoke with a brief speech: "Dear citizens, ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for the trip presented to us, we visited your ancient historical and modern cities, we were struck not only by their architecture but also by chaos reigning on roads and streets I have to admit that before our urban redevelopment began a hundred years ago, we were even worse than you, many of our people were wearing gas masks, illnesses shortened their lives and we decided to change our attitude towards a personal car and our way of life. It was not easy for us, we argued and in a dispute, the projects gave birth to the truth, or rather common sense. I think many people on your planet have seen our cities without chaos on the roads, even in the absence of peoples personal use of cars, there is plenty of transport, especially the buses on which our citizens not only ge from point A to point B, but also travel. But this is not as scary as they say "in cramped and not mad", we paid attention to your food, we took on the analysis of meat, fish, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, berries, drinks - there are a lot of harmful for the human body, chemical additives, dyes, and I will tell you this from the fact that a large amount of air is polluted with exhaust gases of automobiles and pipes of industrial enterprises. We were just like you, even worse as I said earlier, people walked in gas masks - the car is the enemy of nature and man. I believe that you will eventually decide to rebuild your cities by planning them in blocks and making the roads safe and without many miles of traffic jams. But in general, you are smart talented people and I will say we are grateful to you dear men and women who have been on our planet for the contribution that made changes in our life - it has become brighter, more beautiful, more interesting, as you say thank you very much. It is not good in your state-temperature home, but we have to fly to ours, in a week the space explorer ship will start at 4 o'clock in the afternoon on our planet Approxima. We do not say goodbye, see you soon dear citizen of the Earth, maybe next time you will fly to us on your rocket, we leave you the map with the route. "
All those who were in the room were laid out, all of us who traveled with them were allowed to say goodbye, we approached our alien friends, firmly pressed their hands and without hiding the sadness of parting thanked them for the flight they gave us, wished them a happy flight and promised to come to the viewing room pad on the day of the start to wave goodbye. The commander of the rocket flight Space Explorer, Captain Cleo, his assistants Mont, Steer, Bark, Fry, Glon, Crew, Dr. Moon and a young man who discovered our planet Arost looked at us, shook hands and everyone said: "Dear men and women, thank you, people on our planet and we will always remember you, bye. "
"Good-bye, dear friends, on our planet we will remember you," each of us said and with waving hands to each other went to the exit, I felt so sad that I could not stand it and shed a man's burning tear. I said goodbye to the ladies and gentlemen and everyone promised that they would arrive on August 14 for the last time from a distance to look at the aliens and wave them and the ship flying away into distant space. Arriving in New York, my mother, wife and sons met me after 23 days of absence, we hugged, kissed and went to the parking lot where our horse Red was waiting for us, we got into a carriage and went home. Along the wide one-way motorway, along with cars, trucks, and buses, trotting horses ran into carriages, carts, stagecoaches, horsemen rode, cyclists raced. Having recovered ten miles from the city, the picture changed a little, on the sides of the road there were cars in which the charge in batteries ran out. To help them for towing, bityugs were already racing, the most reliable form of movement, grooms caught cars and dragged them to the battery charging station. That's because as soon as we got Red with a stroller, we didnt go out on our blue Ford, we didnt want to risk halfway to the house due to the lack of gasoline or gas in the tank half mixed with water (condensate was 50% of the volume).
On the way, I told my mother, wife, and sons about my journey with my friends. and aliens around the globe and last meeting with them in the hotel Ramada. When we arrived home, we staged a festive meal for our meeting and showed a filmed movie about the cities we visited until midnight. At least thirty hours of observations were made on my disk, so the show was postponed to the following evenings. Before I go to bed, I looked at everyone and said: "My dear lovely mommy, wife and sons, on August 13 I will fly to Florida, on August 14 at 4:00 pm the Space Explorer Spacecraft with aliens will start from the spaceport, I think to fly, alone I do not want, tomorrow we will decide who will make the company, but now good night, the morning is wiser than the evening. "
"Good night and pleasant sleep mom, dad and grandmother," the children wished us and went to their bedrooms to sleep.
The next day, in the evening, we decided that the children would go with me, to stand for several hours in the scorching Florida sun at a temperature of about +90 F, my wife could not stand even under an umbrella, they immediately ordered tickets to Miami and I, as a Hero of Cosmos, were not denied however, not for three but only for two. Flying on airplanes due to the energy crisis was allowed only a few times a year and in a very urgent matter - for funerals, weddings, medical treatment and collective tourist visits. Going to Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Miami in a casino is possible only with your own transport - by car, bicycle or horse. But as with gasoline, gas was tight and released at the limit, and electric batteries and their charging at all were fabulously expensive and you couldnt charge 30-40 miles on the road and three times a week nobody dared to go.
My children were upset and cast lots, luck fell on Alex and I entered his name. Sam agreed, his mother and wife approved, but not flying into space but to Florida and assured me that they would be prepared for the return of everything necessary for traveling in a wheelchair to Uncle Joe, who had to be postponed because of tours with aliens around the world in large cities and capitals. On August 13, in the morning, in a carriage pulled by a bityug went to New York, Sam ran and we, mother, wife Masha and Alex admired the surrounding landscape and discussed the upcoming journey to Uncle Joe and what gifts to take with them. I will not completely describe how we flew to Miami, met my friends there, and when everyone gathered we were taken by helicopter to the observation deck. From two to four hours with a heat of +90 F in the scorching sun, though under an awning, they waited for the launch of the "Space Explorer". Everything turned out that way: the leaders responsible for the launch of the spacecraft allowed us to sit in the most permissible proximity to the launch pad, but it was so far from the rocket that we could only see blue buses driving the alien travelers, commander Captain Cleo, his assistants, through binoculars Dr. Lun and Arost discovered our planet by catching television signals. Exactly at 4 o'clock in the afternoon, the farms moved away, the fiery flames burst out of the engines and half a mile high rocket covered with diamond chips that played in the rays of the golden sun, glittered and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, smoothly broke away from the steel plate and confidently picking up speed rushed up, after 60 seconds it turned on altitude of about 2,500 miles turned into a fiery point.
We were waving by our hand as the rocket flew away with our friends who were in it with whom we spent more than ten years wishing them a happy flight, my heart began to beat like a hammer. With heavy feelings, we left the cosmodrome, we were taken by helicopter to Miami airport, I said goodbye to my friends and flew with Alex to New York. Ill say we didnt fly back empty handed, my Alex took the movie camera with him and filmed everything interesting from the appearance of buses with aliens to the disappearance of the rocket in outer space. Safely returning to New York entered the waiting room, we were met by mother, wife Masha and son Sam, we kissed for joy and joyful went to the parking lot where bityug Red withstroller waited for us. I stroked him in the face and quietly confessed: "Red, in a week we are going on a long journey, do not let me down."
The sniper seemed to understand, he shook his head and began to neigh. We sat down in a wheelchair and drove onto the freeway rushed to our suburbs, I looked at the speedometer and gasped-our Red rushed 36 miles per hour. At 10 pm we sat at the holiday table and watched the launch of the Space Explorer with aliens on the big TV screen. At midnight we went to bed and the next day at 11 pm I called Uncle Joe, just at that time he had dinner and when he heard my call he picked up the phone: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, good evening, Victor Smith calls you, the same one you are with President Nick Douglas presented the Silver Horseshoe and with it a stroller with a trotter-bityug Red, thank you very much. I want to say a great hardy horse, if he had not lost that much. Remember, more than a month ago I called you on the occasion of a trip to your farm, did you have time to take us, the five guests, "I said, and waited for answer.
"Mr. Victor, Hero of Cosmos, good evening, I immediately say, come, I wait with impatience, we have a big family and you will not be bored-every day you will have a new discovery, one condition-bring your film about traveling to the planet, see you soon on our farm, wish you a happy trip, hello family, " I heard.
"Thank you, Mr. Uncle Joe, in ten days we will try to come to you, but with the film, I will give you a copy, hello to your family, see you soon," I said with joy and smiled.
"My dear mommy, Masha, Sam and Alex, in a couple of days we go to Uncle Sam, he is waiting for us, collect the most valuable gifts, do not need much, we will buy everything on the spot, no matter how strong Red is but five of us, nutritious fodder, energy-based drink and much more, the total weight of not less than half a ton, if not more, "I said, and looked at them.
Hearing that Uncle Joe is glad to meet us and we go on a long journey in a carriage drawn by Ginger, everyone was delighted and began to collect gifts. And then I remembered the plane Stone Sesna Mustang 7 lost in the farm. Without hesitation, he turned on the computer, HP's laptop, scored the Cesna Mustang Plane Crash on August 7, 20, 2074, and a mountain of information fell out. Having read the text in brief, I understood the plane disappeared without a trace, the search stopped at the end of November 2074 due to the onset of a cold snowy winter, in the summer they resumed but to no avail and since there was no hope of finding it in the snowdrifts in December 2075 they completely stopped. And then the thought arose in my head to try and find myself on the farm to find the wreckage of an airplane with the help of my binoculars-radar brought from distant Approxima given to me by a respected captain Clay. Ill say, this is a unique device the size of our field binoculars powered by electric batteries and you only need to point it at a metal object of any size as electromagnetic waves are reflected from it and the lenses indicate the distance in the sagas, one saga is approximately equal to two feet. If the battery does not turn on the device is a real binocular with a hundredfold increase. Without saying a word to anyone about my intention to search for the missing plane, I put the binoculars-radar in a suitcase and whispered to myself: "If you, lost Cesna, are on the farm, then from me, or rather from my binoculars-radar, you will not escape."
Three days later, I, my mom, my wife and my two sons, in a good, upbeat mood, moved to visit the world famous farmer in a carriage drawn by bityug Red presented by President Nick Douglas and Uncle Joe to the Heroes of Space Travel to another Planet Approxima.
Just imagine a path about 2200 miles long with stops we covered in one week. I made a schedule and clearly adhered to it: from 6 am to 9 am we drove, rested for an hour, from 10 am to 1 pm again with a one-hour rest, at the same time we ate and we fed our Red accordingly. From 2 pm to 5 pm, we resumed the race with an hours smoke break, fed our glorious batman, watered everything in moderation as advised by Mr. John: every morning and every evening before putting the horse into a stall they gave him a 11 pound briquette of nutritious fodder and a two-liter canister of energy drink with water - Just a bucket. Before each trip, one briquette of nutritional forage was given 11 pound and two liters of energy drink with the addition of water not more than 10 liters of which were enough for one and a hundred miles during the movement for Red to measure in moderation, overweight complicates running, and every three hours gave hour rest. The last day's stage from 6 pm to 9 pm was the fastest-evening time, the coolness and our Red was waiting from 9 pm to 6am in the morning for a major rest, nutritious fodder and a watering drink with energy. It turns out 12 hours rushed and the same time rested.
Ill say right away that there were no problems sold to Americans with feeds for bituges grown on Uncle Joes horse-breeding farm, because in all cities and towns throughout the United States, a lot of stores sell special nutrient feed and energy solution, and after drinking it, the bityug gets a dose of energy. True, all this is worth a lot of money, but how not to spend it on the pleasure of rushing to the breeze in an open carriage. I will tell you such carriages and bityugs like our Red in the country were not so many, rare, and when we drove up to the settlement, people looked at us with curiosity and envy, took pictures and wondered where we acquired such a chic stroller. We answered insanely that this was a gift from our distinguished President Nick Douglas and Uncle Joe. Hearing the name of this world-famous farmer, everyone was delighted and fed everyone with meat steaks and fish fillets.
I must say as soon as we set off on a long journey, then in our carriage kept a two-day supply of forage and energy drink for our Red because this special food was sold only in big cities. Sometimes our schedule broke down because of the overnight stay - the fact was that there were not everywhere horse-riding, again in big cities, our Red could not rush at full speed for twelve hours a day.
And in the horse-riding center, everything is at his service - a separate horse room, fresh bedding of soft imported Chinese straw resembling children's bumpers. If the horse urinated, the liquid seeped under the straw and the bedding is dry. On the bottom bityug, and indeed any horse day and night hung waste collector, without him a huge fine, three thousand dollars. The fact is that on the roads and highways of the country horses with carts, bityugs pulling behind them multi-ton trailers and horsemen were apparently invisible, no one set off on long trips by car because of the excessive cost of fuel and its absence for many days. These are such bityugs like our Red grown on Uncle Joes farm, there were millions of horses of other breeds and stripes. So imagine what will happen on the roads if the collector does not hang on the back of a horse. In the evenings, when horse owners donated waste collectors, there was nothing to do without a gas mask at the assembly point - the stench was unbearable: people tried to dump the waste into the tray and wash the collector to save three hundred dollars. Who had the extra money for those was easier, renting the drive, three hundred bucks in cash and then you get a brand new Chinese-made. I do not know whether it is true or not, but I read on the Internet (paper products ceased to exist in 2066) that in China there are currently three hundred million horses, bulls, donkeys, mules including hundreds of thousands of elephants on the roads of the country and in the countryside. India set a record in all jobs including the transportation of tourists half a million elephants. Our country set a record for every three Americans one horse, there are 170 million. So imagine if fifty million trotters and bityugs will be thrown into the roads. But horses are allowed to urinate and imagine no stench and dampness - urine is absorbed into the coating or evaporates, although this rule does not work with the onset of frost and in winter, the surface becomes covered with an ice crust and turns into a skating rink.
Therefore, a Chinese collectors mooring device is attached to the stomach and so that during the ride or the jumps it does not interfere with the horse to drive the mare, the rider or the rider removes it, the urine is drained into a plastic canister and released from it at special drain points and washes its capacity. As for the mocker, at a temperature of 0 * C and below, it should hang on its stomach day and night, otherwise a fine of one thousand bucks is threatened.
And then seven days later, on August 27, 2086, we arrived at a farm fenced with a barbed wire and at the entrance at the metal gates we were met by a guard. Three strong guys with masks on their faces in camouflage uniforms with machine guns ready to shoot at any moment met us, we greeted each other in a friendly way and immediately gave them a paper with an invitation from Uncle Joe. One of them, looking at it immediately contacted Uncle Joe and making sure that we really came to visit him before opening the metal gate, glanced at us and politely said: "Lady and gentlemen, please leave the stroller and go into the stone extension, you should sign the guest log and get a token with which you should not part until the end of your stay on the farm. When you leave the farm you give up the token, sign and you are free, in case of loss of the token, you should immediately call 1357 and explain cause, you will get another but pay a fine of $ 1,000, and without a token you will not leave the protected area of ??state importance. Close to the borders of private property, do not approach, much less stepping into the danger zone, invisible to you Marines can shoot down without warning. In order not to bore you with your instructions and read at your leisure in your spare time, you should remember this is not the whim of Uncle Joe, but the state security service for fighting competitors and terrorists. "
We did not say anything, put instructions on the seat, silently walked out of our carriages and went into a stone extension, sitting at a table with PC sat a young blue-eyed infantryman in camouflage uniform, he looked at us, smiled, we exchanged greetings and quietly said: "Ladies and gentlemen, your ID, my name is Mr. Roger Lorik."
I and my companions got ID, an infantryman carefully looked through them, checked photos with our faces, put the data on the PC and gave us each tokens, they looked like watches and put on right hands and now they need to be worn before the end of the stay at Uncle Joe's farm.
We put the tokens on our hands, signed, Mr. Roger Lorik looked at us, smiled and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Uncle Joe's farm, please do not lose the tokens and wear them on your arm to avoid trouble."
Thanking him for such a greeting, we walked to the open door and found ourselves on the territory of Uncle Joe's farm, our trotter Red with a carriage was waiting for us, we got into it and raced not less than ten miles along the concrete road among the fields finally drove into the fruit orchard trees in the depths of which a huge three-story house lined with pink Italian marble was sheltered, a flower garden with bright flowers and roses was spread on the roof, and men and women in white coats walked around it.
We stopped near the pond from the middle of which beat the fountain on the 24 feet height, white swans and gray-brown geese swam in the water. A tall gentleman in a white shirt and blue jeans came up to us, exchanged greetings with a smile on his face and he said quietly: "Lady and gentlemen, here is a laboratory, I will show you the way to Uncle Joe's house, he is not far," we rushed to the right along a narrow path through an unusual wheat field. I thought at first that it was a corn field, but when I looked closer I recognized wheat ears full of grain that reached human growth. Having passed the field, we saw an apple orchard and in the depths of it behind a small pond with a fountain, with geese, swans and ducks of a decent size, a two-story house made of red baked bricks with Italian windows with blinds and a four-pitched roof covered with blue synthetic sheets. At the brown doors stood a tall, strong-built man of a youthful appearance, but with wavy hair, gray to the shoulders, in a lilac shirt, dark trousers and sandals, barefoot.
Having seen us, six people in a carriage, Uncle Joe, with a smile on his face full with a lush blush, rushed to meet the guests, we exchanged greetings, kissed, hugged, I introduced him to my family. Glancing at us, he shook his head in surprise and said quietly: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, its just incredible that you ventured to go to me two thousand miles in such an extraordinary way, in a carriage with my bityug Red.
"Dear Mr. Joe, if it were not for your bityug with a stroller, we would not have come to you, you yourself know that at such a distance no one in our time would risk going on a trip by car. Imagine your Red in certain areas downhill literally flew at a speed of more than 40 mile per hour, on an even 30 mile, "I said.
Uncle Joe smiled, he was pleased that he had brought such a hardy breed of bityugs, he came to Red, stroked his little face and turned to us and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to stand in the sun, stand hot, take a shower and go to the table, you are a Mr. Tony, unharness the horse and take him to the field, let him walk. "
We took our suitcases with clothes, presents and headed for Uncle Joe, we were met at the door by his charming miniature wife Jane and seven strong men, adult sons like their father, their wives, children, grandchildren, two pretty young maids of Slavic appearance sisters with smiles on the faces, we exchanged greetings, we met and went inside. On the first floor Uncle Joe made an explanation: "Our dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, you have to refresh yourself and change clothes for half an hour, get down to the festive table at four o'clock, today I am at your service until midnight, I want not only to talk but also to watch with your family your films about life on the planet Approxima, I am especially interested in agriculture and its workers, maybe they have something different from us, our charming and amiable maidservants Gloria and Irene take you to your rooms."
"Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, thank you very much, at your request I will review and show the most interesting moments about the life of aliens, we will be in the hall at four o'clock, thanks for the invitation," I said, we shook his hand and parted. The owner left the house and our beautiful maidservants Gloria and Irene bowed to Uncle Joe and took us to the second floor. Passing through the corridor to the third door, Irene and her mother entered the room, Gloria opened the next door for me and my wife, Masha, and we went into a large bright room with a window overlooking the garden and the king-sized wooden bed. Bowing, Gloria said: "Dear ladies and gentleman, this is your bedroom, it has a bathroom, you are out of the way, you have a refreshment and change for half an hour, go down to the holiday table at four o'clock, I leave, see you in the hall, I need to show room for young people. "
Gloria bowed and with her sons came out of the bedroom and we began to lay out things. We had half an hour and without losing time went into the shower, washed, changed clothes and I took the film and with my wife Masha left the room and before going down into the hall looked into the rooms of the children and mothers. Everyone was assembled and we festively dressed went to the hall, at the door we were met with a smile hostess Miss Jane in a blue dress, led to a long table and sat in the middle. The air conditioner worked throughout, fresh coolness was felt in the hall, bottles of homemade wines, champagne, freshly prepared vegetables, fruits, apple pies, drinks, juices, fresh bright flowers, roses and fun began to stand on the richly cleaned table. They drank, ate, talked, on the big screen everyone saw our film as we from New York in a wheelchair raced along the freeway packed with carts, carriages s, horsemen, bityugs pulling cisterns, container trailers, buses with tourists, carts like those in which pioneers of the seventeenth came across centuries mastered, conquered the Wild West, as our Red overtook them and those with undisguised envy looked at us racing with furious speed.
After watching the film, Uncle Joe shared with us his thought about the future: "Dear guests, I will tell you frankly in the near future many millions of Americans will be able to use bityugs as they did at the dawn of the automotive industry Ford model T millions who left the assembly lines, but I will immediately note that a living being is grown much more slowly than a piece of metal is being stamped, but I pass on my experience to other farmers, so now not only in my farm but also in thousands of other bituges are grown according to my technology and I think they will be even stronger and tougher, the main thing that we have achieved is that weather conditions do not affect the cultivation of grain, corn and other grains are growing even in the tundra, and this is the most important thing - we fed people and fed cattle, poultry and bituges and they will replace cars."
I looked at Uncle Joe, all those present and said: "Dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen, I completely agree with the thoughts of a brilliant breeder, soon hundreds of millions of bituges will fill Americas roads and make another revolution on the way man overcomes the problem that he himself created technical progress for yourself, thank you Uncle Joe. Honestly, if it were not for your discovery, we would not know what way we would go and what we encountered and what became of us - you gave people a chance to survive, thank you."
I pulled out the cassettes and showed fragments of the filmed movie about life on the Planet Approxima, Uncle Joe and his family were closely watching the screen - they were interested in the city and especially the twenty millionth capital Brolin with interchanges and skyscrapers, apartments of residents and when the city was replaced by an agricultural farm everything was quiet and was surprised seeing how people manually picked ordinary apples, tomatoes, generally fruits and vegetables, ordinary cows, bulls, sheep grazing in the meadow.
When the film ended Uncle Joe looked at me and asked: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, if so many people worked on my farm at the farm where dear chief agronomist Sambif manages, I would go broke in the first year. Of course, I saw them perfect the technique, but to milk the cows by hand, and so slowly take away the berries, fruits, vegetables, grapes. Where does this Sambif take the money? "
"Dear Mr. Uncle Joe and your loved ones, frankly, people in the country live without money, go to the store and take their own clothes, shoes, eat what you want on the menu in the dining room, you can order apartments with everything you need for normal according to their concept of modern life, without cars, banks, gangsters and robbers. At each farm, construction sites are sent people to help build houses and harvest and I will tell everyone with a great desire to go where they will be sent. We liked life on the farm so much that we didnt want to leave but by race another group has already been sent to writing. In short, people live for their own pleasure, they dont pay money but they all come up with unusual zeal at home or in their offices and immediately put their ideas into practice. Each of them as you seeks to create a better life for everyone but they have no jealousy and lust for profit - no cars and no need - they got on the bus and without any problems sitting in an easy chair admiring the outside world for a short period of time without a headache go from point A to point B. In the city, traffic lights are only on first by wasp for which move and enter buses and trucks in a block with the products, furniture and electronics for apartments.
We crossed the city from the edge to the edge 30 miles long by bus, without a single stop in 20 minutes, the usual one with stops in an hour and forty minutes and express train in an hour and fifteen. Say, people in that country live without problems, exactly one hundred years, and this is how their happy life ends - a person comes to the medical office and does not even know that he is turned off, he falls asleep sweetly and goes to another world. Of course, in our country, people will not agree to live like this, everyone wants to have a luxurious apartment with two, three bathrooms, furniture, carpets, a library, a modern car, a yacht, a plane and many, many millions of dollars in the account. And their requests are modest, only everything that is necessary for a normal life, as for traveling, go wherever you want by plane or bus, they dont have trains as well as ships, only huge submarines for several thousand people are strong storms on their oceans, waves are rising up to 130 feet and does not stand any ship. Everything is easier with a submarine - in the event of a storm, it goes under water and swims to the target. Tomorrow I will show you a film about our journey through their Grozny ocean, as we hit the storm, waves of seventy feet high swept over us, though at that time we were on the observation deck protected from all sides by impenetrable glass. These gigantic waves rushed to us, swallowed, navy-dug the boat completely, but it was made of heavy-duty materials and boldly went forward to meet the waves, plunging to the depth of 330 feet. As captain Dorkis said, sea giant Swordfish of Incoria live below this mark, their weight reaches two hundred tons and develops speed under water up to 30 miles per hour. Seeing a foreign creature that turned out to be on their territory, the stupid fish Heronu with blue skin, the size exceeding Inkoria, they boldly pounce on her and their sharp nose up to 17 feet and strong as steel trying to pierce the enemy's dull face, then takes several turns around the axis and thus increases the enemy's wound, is freed and the whole herd devour the fish to Heron. Our captain told us about the high quality of meat and brown caviar of this fish-monster of incorium and catching them with submarine cruisers and everything is very simple. You will not believe dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen, but the fishermen allowed me and ichthyologist Mr. Glenn Konik from the Oxford Institute to go with them to catch the incorium in the Terrible Ocean.
On the quay we were met by two teams of fishermen led by captains, all of medium height, youthful in appearance. The submarine "Janik", on which we sail, was commanded by the distinguished captain Ger, Adele's second submarine was controlled by Captain Nika, the crews consisted of seven people. We, with indistinct smiles on our faces, exchanged greetings and the captain Ger looked us over from head to toe and said:
"Dear Victor and Glenn, welcome to our "Yanik", we sail to catch the incorium, as you see, we sail to the ocean on two submarine fishing cruisers. The fact is that our cruiser hunts for the incoriums and the cruiser captain Nikae Adelie pulls them to the coast, because he is more than ours twice and reaches a length of 300 meters, now behind me. "
Captain Ger and his crew headed along the pier to the submarine cruiser, Mr. Glenn and I followed him, soon we saw a white cabin protruding from the water with an open hatch. They went down the ladder to the blue hull, its length was at least two hundred yards, climbed behind the captain through the hatch into the cruiser and after passing two compartments found themselves in a spacious light captain's cabin with instruments and three huge flat screens, one of them I saw our sailors of them took their places and on my screen saw me, Glenn and captain Hera."
"Dear Victor and Glenn, please sit in the chairs and look at the screens, after seven minutes we set sail, the Inkory pasture is three hours sailing, 300 sirkahs (150 miles). Today, the weather is calm, there are no big waves and we will float on the surface, then we descend to a depth of 250 sagas (500 feet) and the most interesting thing begins," said Captain Ger and pressed the blue button. On the third screen, I saw the cabin of the Adele cruiser and Captain Nika, sitting in a comfortable chair, on his screen he saw us in our carriage. They exchanged preparations for the voyage, and having received from Nicea the cruisers complete readiness, our captain Ger pressed the button and saw the calm surface of the ocean on the screen - small waves rolled over the hull. I felt a slight push, our cruiser slowly sailed into the vastness of the Grozny ocean. During the three hours of sailing, we admired not only the surface but also the underwater world, and as Captain Ger explained this, because the length of the cable reached a mile, a balloon with circular telephoto lenses and searchlights descended, the images were transmitted to the TV screen and we admired the rich marine flora and fauna at different levels and at the very bottom. As in our seas and oceans, all kinds of fish swam from small skates to predatory sharks, where there were relatively shallow depths from the bottom all sorts of green algae stretched upwards with all colors of the rainbow. I often wondered how people, the animal, plant world, in general, everything has a striking resemblance to what is on our land.
Suddenly, on another big screen, we saw giant blue fishes with long white noses and heard the voice of our captain Hera: "Dear Victor and Glenn, our cruiser approached the Incoria habitat area, we will soon go down, admire how they rapidly frolic on the surface. The thing is that the Inkori from time to time float to get rid of excess water and get a portion of fresh air. On the surface, they are extremely careful and it is impossible to get close to them, otherwise we would hunt for the Inkor in the immersed state."
I will say a few blue Incorias, despite their gigantic weight of 150-250 tons, sailed at a speed of at least 60-70 miles per hour, they liked to float in the air, but especially take it out of the water. Imagine, almost vertically, with a slight incline, completely flies out onto the surface of the carcass 150-200 feet long and the arc smoothly lowers into the water, waving its tail at least 30-40 feet wide - a typing sight. But seeing our submarine cruisers on the surface of the ocean, they immediately plunged into the water. At that time, on another screen, we saw several incorias under water and the captain Ger looked at us quietly, saying: "Dear Victor and Glenn, our cruiser is sinking, we sailed to Inkory pasture, frankly no one even knows its approximate size, it stretches to several thousand sirk (miles) and the number of these monsters with delicious tender meat and caviar are incalculable. You can eat it raw before pre-salt and add spices to it, fried, boiled and steamed, an incomparable taste to the taste. But besides, in each incory it carried Only tons of brown caviar, experts in the invented technology process it and when it is ready, many people use it. Before, before the new way of life, it was eaten only by our leaders with their relatives, friends, billionaires, but basically the rest of the fish, caviar was sent to Casrania getting Casanian money for it and buying their luxury cars, furniture and luxury on them. Now everyone eats delicacies and every year we catch up to 70 thousand incoria, which is quite enough for everyone.
Now pay attention to the screen, our devices have spotted them, so they float to us, I will say, mentally underdeveloped fish, having seen our cruiser, they take it for their primordial enemies, geron devouring caviar which they throw with incoriums. These gerons weighing up to 250 tons live at a depth of 50-100 yards where shoals of fish swim, but from time to time swim into hostile territory to enjoy caviar and often lose the battle."
We looked at the screen and saw three incorias, in appearance each real swordfish, two times the size of a blue whale, a sharp long needle protruded from an oblong head. I will say that even though we were in a submarine cruiser of heavy-duty materials, but at the sight of them mentally felt fear, if they simultaneously collide with our boat (hit in the side) at a speed of 30 mile per hour, great trouble could arise.
My thoughts were interrupted by the calm voice of Captain Hera: "Dear Victor and Glenn, now you will feel a slight push, our cruiser slowed down to 3 hours per hour, stupid incorias will attack us. Though they may be stupid, but as our fishermen noticed the more the size of their eternal enemies gerona, the more the incorium is going to attack them. And now, as you can see on the screen, they will attack our submarine cruiser, thinking that a giant geron has swum to them. You may ask: "Why do the incoria fall on cruiser, he's an inanimate creature ? "I will answer. When our submarine cruiser descended into the Incoria habitat area and they noticed the approach of Yannik and we, using circular cameras, our harpooners on the right side of the hull released the fat of their favorite geron and they smelling the smell flew to attack."
I listened to the captain and without stopping looking at the big screen-three of the Incoria approached us, there was such a push that I could barely sit in the chair, then the second and the third. No matter how strong the blows would be, but our submarine cruiser "Janika" withstood them, but the stupid incorias were left without a nose, and I would say without a snout. After a collision with the cruiser's body, the needles of the Inkory broke into several parts, and the muzzle itself turned into a bloody mess, the blind fish lost orientation and floated helplessly near the hull from which their favorite Heron smell emanated, without any attempt to sail from this strange Herons with an extra strong body ( case). Due to the flow of blood flowing from the disfigured heads, the water turned red.
"Dear Victor and Glenn, the hunt is over, three incoria are towed, our cruiser pops up, we transfer the catch to Captain Nika and continue the hunt, today we need to catch nine incori, now I will reveal the secret. On our cruiser from two sides of the hull in nine embrasures located cannons with harpoons are set at a certain distance from each other, when stupid incorias fight onboard, break their muzzles and lose orientation, our harpooners watching them with the help of cameras and echo sounders each choose their victim, press a button corresponding to the gun, the cover of the embrasure opens, a shot, the harpoon penetrates the body of the incorium and it is in our hands. Now we are rising to the surface, it is necessary to transfer the catch, Adele is waiting for us. You see Captain Nika on the screen, he is smiling, a good catch, but this will not end the hunt, it remains to catch six incorias, "said the captain Ger and smiled.
We looked at the screen and saw the smiling captain Nika, while our cruiser with three incoriums went up, on the second screen we saw how the harpooners were pulling the cables to our cruiser, huge incorium without any resistance. Ten minutes later, our cruiser surfaced, all on the same screen, we saw the endless water surface of the ocean and the cruiser Adele. The transfer of the incorium and the preparation of the harpoons took at least an hour, as the harpooners climbed the cruiser hull, then, according to the custom of the fishermen, while fixing the Incoria to Adele, they cut off decent pieces of meat and went down to the cruiser immediately prepared delicacies and we enjoyed them again by order of Captain Hera resumed the descent to depth for catching Inkor.
I dont know how it happened before, but on this day, the norm was fulfilled, they caught 9 Inkors, for which they spent 12 hours and, according to Captain Hera, on other days they fit in 15 or even 18 hours. Six teams were fishing for Incoria and 4 cruisers were involved. But since the incorium was caught not only in Brolin but also in other coastal cities, a total of 60 teams and 40 submarine cruisers were involved. Some teams caught 9 incori per day, but there were times when it was possible to catch 6, and on stormy days none at all. That's the story, dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen."
The owner looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, with such an abundance of meat, fish and caviar, not to mention fruits and vegetables because they live peacefully, happily and carefree. With our number of inhabitants, they say more than 9 billion, fish in the seas and oceans almost completely caught and it is three times more expensive than meat. The one that is grown by my technology in ponds and reservoirs in a short time my competitors want to recognize as harmful to the human body. When you flew into space, the White Party fighting for clean air and the quality of meat products made a ban on the sale of steaks, sausages and all semi-finished meat products grown by my technology using harmful nutrients for humans obtained after the distillation of petroleum gel and even found particles of oil in their laboratories . Of course, it angered me - for almost twenty-five years all over the world, they had eaten my produce, no one was outraged, did not complain about their health, and turned out to be harmful to you. Imagine for a few weeks the world ate only the products of my competitors by the Johnson and Benson company, which developed twenty years ago the production technology of meat substitute based on the processing of seaweed with the addition of cereals and legumes. Their scientists have brought a new type of algae growing by leaps and bounds, I guessed that they took advantage of my substance, but they and I were silent, because their products did not make me any competition. There were times when the leaders of the company themselves, Johnson and Banson, suggested that I create a single global monopoly company, earn hundreds of billions of dollars for my own pleasure, but I did not agree and then they went on the offensive and won a temporary victory.
Therefore, a Chinese collectors mooring device is attached to the stomach and so that during the ride or the jumps it does not interfere with the horse to drive the mare, the rider or the rider removes it, the urine is drained into a plastic canister and released from it at special drain points and washes its capacity. As for the mocker, at a temperature of 0 * C and below, it should hang on its stomach day and night, otherwise a fine of one thousand bucks is threatened.
And then seven days later, on August 27, 2086, we arrived at a farm fenced with a barbed wire and at the entrance at the metal gates we were met by a guard. Three strong guys with masks on their faces in camouflage uniforms with machine guns ready to shoot at any moment met us, we greeted each other in a friendly way and immediately gave them a paper with an invitation from Uncle Joe. One of them, looking at it immediately contacted Uncle Joe and making sure that we really came to visit him before opening the metal gate, glanced at us and politely said: "Lady and gentlemen, please leave the stroller and go into the stone extension, you should sign the guest log and get a token with which you should not part until the end of your stay on the farm. When you leave the farm you give up the token, sign and you are free, in case of loss of the token, you should immediately call 1357 and explain cause, you will get another but pay a fine of $ 1,000, and without a token you will not leave the protected area of ??state importance. Close to the borders of private property, do not approach, much less stepping into the danger zone, invisible to you Marines can shoot down without warning. In order not to bore you with your instructions and read at your leisure in your spare time, you should remember this is not the whim of Uncle Joe, but the state security service for fighting competitors and terrorists. "
We did not say anything, put instructions on the seat, silently walked out of our carriages and went into a stone extension, sitting at a table with PC sat a young blue-eyed infantryman in camouflage uniform, he looked at us, smiled, we exchanged greetings and quietly said: "Ladies and gentlemen, your ID, my name is Mr. Roger Lorik."
I and my companions got ID, an infantryman carefully looked through them, checked photos with our faces, put the data on the PC and gave us each tokens, they looked like watches and put on right hands and now they need to be worn before the end of the stay at Uncle Joe's farm.
We put the tokens on our hands, signed, Mr. Roger Lorik looked at us, smiled and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Uncle Joe's farm, please do not lose the tokens and wear them on your arm to avoid trouble."
Thanking him for such a greeting, we walked to the open door and found ourselves on the territory of Uncle Joe's farm, our trotter Red with a carriage was waiting for us, we got into it and raced not less than ten miles along the concrete road among the fields finally drove into the fruit orchard trees in the depths of which a huge three-story house lined with pink Italian marble was sheltered, a flower garden with bright flowers and roses was spread on the roof, and men and women in white coats walked around it.
We stopped near the pond from the middle of which beat the fountain on the 24 feet height, white swans and gray-brown geese swam in the water. A tall gentleman in a white shirt and blue jeans came up to us, exchanged greetings with a smile on his face and he said quietly: "Lady and gentlemen, here is a laboratory, I will show you the way to Uncle Joe's house, he is not far," we rushed to the right along a narrow path through an unusual wheat field. I thought at first that it was a corn field, but when I looked closer I recognized wheat ears full of grain that reached human growth. Having passed the field, we saw an apple orchard and in the depths of it behind a small pond with a fountain, with geese, swans and ducks of a decent size, a two-story house made of red baked bricks with Italian windows with blinds and a four-pitched roof covered with blue synthetic sheets. At the brown doors stood a tall, strong-built man of a youthful appearance, but with wavy hair, gray to the shoulders, in a lilac shirt, dark trousers and sandals, barefoot.
Having seen us, six people in a carriage, Uncle Joe, with a smile on his face full with a lush blush, rushed to meet the guests, we exchanged greetings, kissed, hugged, I introduced him to my family. Glancing at us, he shook his head in surprise and said quietly: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, its just incredible that you ventured to go to me two thousand miles in such an extraordinary way, in a carriage with my bityug Red."
"Dear Mr. Joe, if it were not for you bityug with a stroller

we would not have come to you, you yourself know that at such a distance no one in our time would risk going on a trip by car. Imagine your Red in certain areas downhill literally flew at a speed of more than 40 mile per hour, on an even 30 mile, "I said.
Uncle Joe smiled, he was pleased that he had brought such a hardy breed of bityugs, he came to Red, stroked his little face and turned to us and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I ask you to stand in the sun, stand hot, take a shower and go to the table, you are a Mr. Tony, unharness the horse and take him to the field, let him walk. "
We took our suitcases with clothes, presents and headed for Uncle Joe, we were met at the door by his charming miniature wife Jane and seven strong men, adult sons like their father, their wives, children, grandchildren, two pretty young maids of Slavic appearance sisters with smiles on the faces, we exchanged greetings, we met and went inside. On the first floor Uncle Joe made an explanation: "Our dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, you have to refresh yourself and change clothes for half an hour, get down to the festive table at four o'clock, today I am at your service until midnight, I want not only to talk but also to watch with your family your films about life on the planet Approxima, I am especially interested in agriculture and its workers, maybe they have something different from us, our charming and amiable maidservants Gloria and Irene take you to your rooms. "
"Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, thank you very much, at your request I will review and show the most interesting moments about the life of aliens, we will be in the hall at four o'clock, thanks for the invitation," I said, we shook his hand and parted. The owner left the house and our beautiful maidservants Gloria and Irene bowed to Uncle Joe and took us to the second floor. Passing through the corridor to the third door, Irene and her mother entered the room, Gloria opened the next door for me and my wife, Masha, and we went into a large bright room with a window overlooking the garden and the king-sized wooden bed. Bowing, Gloria said: "Dear ladies and gentleman, this is your bedroom, it has a bathroom, you are out of the way, you have a refreshment and change for half an hour, go down to the holiday table at four o'clock, I leave, see you in the hall, I need to show room for young people. "
Gloria bowed and with her sons came out of the bedroom and we began to lay out things. We had half an hour and without losing time went into the shower, washed, changed clothes and I took the film and with my wife Masha left the room and before going down into the hall looked into the rooms of the children and mothers. Everyone was assembled and we festively dressed went to the hall, at the door we were met with a smile hostess Miss Jane in a blue dress, led to a long table and sat in the middle. The air conditioner worked throughout, fresh coolness was felt in the hall, bottles of homemade wines, champagne, freshly prepared vegetables, fruits, apple pies, drinks, juices, fresh bright flowers, roses and fun began to stand on the richly cleaned table. They drank, ate, talked, on the big screen everyone saw our film as we from New York in a wheelchair raced along the freeway packed with carts, carriages s, horsemen, bityugs pulling cisterns, container trailers, buses with tourists, carts like those in which pioneers of the seventeenth came across centuries mastered, conquered the Wild West, as our Red overtook them and those with undisguised envy looked at us racing with furious speed.
After watching the film, Uncle Joe shared with us his thought about the future: "Dear guests, I will tell you frankly in the near future many millions of Americans will be able to use bityugs as they did at the dawn of the automotive industry Ford model T millions who left the assembly lines, but I will immediately note that a living being is grown much more slowly than a piece of metal is being stamped, but I pass on my experience to other farmers, so now not only in my farm but also in thousands of other bituges are grown according to my technology and I think they will be even stronger and tougher, the main thing that we have achieved is that weather conditions do not affect the cultivation of grain, corn and other grains are growing even in the tundra, and this is the most important thing - we fed people and fed cattle, poultry and bituges and they will replace cars."
I looked at Uncle Joe, all those present and said: "Dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen, I completely agree with the thoughts of a brilliant breeder, soon hundreds of millions of bituges will fill Americas roads and make another revolution on the way man overcomes the problem that he himself created technical progress for yourself, thank you Uncle Joe. Honestly, if it were not for your discovery, we would not know what way we would go and what we encountered and what became of us - you gave people a chance to survive, thank you."
I pulled out the cassettes and showed fragments of the filmed movie about life on the Planet Approxima, Uncle Joe and his family were closely watching the screen - they were interested in the city and especially the twenty millionth capital Brolin with interchanges and skyscrapers, apartments of residents and when the city was replaced by an agricultural farm everything was quiet and was surprised seeing how people manually picked ordinary apples, tomatoes, generally fruits and vegetables, ordinary cows, bulls, sheep grazing in the meadow.
When the film ended Uncle Joe looked at me and asked: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, if so many people worked on my farm at the farm where dear chief agronomist Sambif manages, I would go broke in the first year. Of course, I saw them perfect the technique, but to milk the cows by hand, and so slowly take away the berries, fruits, vegetables, grapes. Where does this Sambif take the money? "
"Dear Mr. Uncle Joe and your loved ones, frankly, people in the country live without money, go to the store and take their own clothes, shoes, eat what you want on the menu in the dining room, you can order apartments with everything you need for normal according to their concept of modern life, without cars, banks, gangsters and robbers. At each farm, construction sites are sent people to help build houses and harvest and I will tell everyone with a great desire to go where they will be sent. We liked life on the farm so much that we didnt want to leave but by race another group has already been sent to writing. In short, people live for their own pleasure, they dont pay money but they all come up with unusual zeal at home or in their offices and immediately put their ideas into practice. Each of them as you seeks to create a better life for everyone but they have no jealousy and lust for profit - no cars and no need - they got on the bus and without any problems sitting in an easy chair admiring the outside world for a short period of time without a headache go from point A to point B. In the city, traffic lights are only on first by wasp for which move and enter buses and trucks in a block with the products, furniture and electronics for apartments.
We crossed the city from the edge to the edge 30 miles long by bus, without a single stop in 20 minutes, the usual one with stops in an hour and forty minutes and express train in an hour and fifteen. Say, people in that country live without problems, exactly one hundred years, and this is how their happy life ends - a person comes to the medical office and does not even know that he is turned off, he falls asleep sweetly and goes to another world. Of course, in our country, people will not agree to live like this, everyone wants to have a luxurious apartment with two, three bathrooms, furniture, carpets, a library, a modern car, a yacht, a plane and many, many millions of dollars in the account. And their requests are modest, only everything that is necessary for a normal life, as for traveling, go wherever you want by plane or bus, they dont have trains as well as ships, only huge submarines for several thousand people are strong storms on their oceans, waves are rising up to 130 feet and does not stand any ship. Everything is easier with a submarine - in the event of a storm, it goes under water and swims to the target. Tomorrow I will show you a film about our journey through their Grozny ocean, as we hit the storm, waves of seventy feet high swept over us, though at that time we were on the observation deck protected from all sides by impenetrable glass. These gigantic waves rushed to us, swallowed, navy-dug the boat completely, but it was made of heavy-duty materials and boldly went forward to meet the waves, plunging to the depth of 330 feet. As captain Dorkis said, sea giant Swordfish of Incoria live below this mark, their weight reaches two hundred tons and develops speed under water up to 30 miles per hour. Seeing a foreign creature that turned out to be on their territory, the stupid fish Heronu with blue skin, the size exceeding Inkoria, they boldly pounce on her and their sharp nose up to 17 feet and strong as steel trying to pierce the enemy's dull face, then takes several turns around the axis and thus increases the enemy's wound, is freed and the whole herd devour the fish to Heron. Our captain told us about the high quality of meat and brown caviar of this fish-monster of incorium and catching them with submarine cruisers and everything is very simple. You will not believe dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen, but the fishermen allowed me and ichthyologist Mr. Glenn Konik from the Oxford Institute to go with them to catch the incorium in the Terrible Ocean.
On the quay we were met by two teams of fishermen led by captains, all of medium height, youthful in appearance. The submarine "Janik", on which we sail, was commanded by the distinguished captain Ger, Adele's second submarine was controlled by Captain Nika, the crews consisted of seven people. We, with indistinct smiles on our faces, exchanged greetings and the captain Ger looked us over from head to toe and said:
"Dear Victor and Glenn, welcome to our "Yanik", we sail to catch the incorium, as you see, we sail to the ocean on two submarine fishing cruisers. The fact is that our cruiser hunts for the incoriums and the cruiser captain Nikae Adelie pulls them to the coast, because he is more than ours twice and reaches a length of 300 meters, now behind me. "
Captain Ger and his crew headed along the pier to the submarine cruiser, Mr. Glenn and I followed him, soon we saw a white cabin protruding from the water with an open hatch. They went down the ladder to the blue hull, its length was at least two hundred yards, climbed behind the captain through the hatch into the cruiser and after passing two compartments found themselves in a spacious light captain's cabin with instruments and three huge flat screens, one of them I saw our sailors of them took their places and on my screen saw me, Glenn and captain Hera."
"Dear Victor and Glenn, please sit in the chairs and look at the screens, after seven minutes we set sail, the Inkory pasture is three hours sailing, 300 sirkahs (150 miles). Today, the weather is calm, there are no big waves and we will float on the surface, then we descend to a depth of 250 sagas (500 feet) and the most interesting thing begins," said Captain Ger and pressed the blue button. On the third screen, I saw the cabin of the Adele cruiser and Captain Nika, sitting in a comfortable chair, on his screen he saw us in our carriage. They exchanged preparations for the voyage, and having received from Nicea the cruisers complete readiness, our captain Ger pressed the button and saw the calm surface of the ocean on the screen - small waves rolled over the hull. I felt a slight push, our cruiser slowly sailed into the vastness of the Grozny ocean. During the three hours of sailing, we admired not only the surface but also the underwater world, and as Captain Ger explained this, because the length of the cable reached a mile, a balloon with circular telephoto lenses and searchlights descended, the images were transmitted to the TV screen and we admired the rich marine flora and fauna at different levels and at the very bottom. As in our seas and oceans, all kinds of fish swam from small skates to predatory sharks, where there were relatively shallow depths from the bottom all sorts of green algae stretched upwards with all colors of the rainbow. I often wondered how people, the animal, plant world, in general, everything has a striking resemblance to what is on our land.
Suddenly, on another big screen, we saw giant blue fishes with long white noses and heard the voice of our captain Hera: "Dear Victor and Glenn, our cruiser approached the Incoria habitat area, we will soon go down, admire how they rapidly frolic on the surface. The thing is that the Inkori from time to time float to get rid of excess water and get a portion of fresh air. On the surface, they are extremely careful and it is impossible to get close to them, otherwise we would hunt for the Inkor in the immersed state."
I will say a few blue Incorias, despite their gigantic weight of 150-250 tons, sailed at a speed of at least 60-70 miles per hour, they liked to float in the air, but especially take it out of the water. Imagine, almost vertically, with a slight incline, completely flies out onto the surface of the carcass 150-200 feet long and the arc smoothly lowers into the water, waving its tail at least 30-40 feet wide - a typing sight. But seeing our submarine cruisers on the surface of the ocean, they immediately plunged into the water. At that time, on another screen, we saw several incorias under water and the captain Ger looked at us quietly, saying: "Dear Victor and Glenn, our cruiser is sinking, we sailed to Inkory pasture, frankly no one even knows its approximate size, it stretches to several thousand sirk (miles) and the number of these monsters with delicious tender meat and caviar are incalculable. You can eat it raw before pre-salt and add spices to it, fried, boiled and steamed, an incomparable taste to the taste. But besides, in each incory it carried Only tons of brown caviar, experts in the invented technology process it and when it is ready, many people use it. Before, before the new way of life, it was eaten only by our leaders with their relatives, friends, billionaires, but basically the rest of the fish, caviar was sent to Casrania getting Casanian money for it and buying their luxury cars, furniture and luxury on them. Now everyone eats delicacies and every year we catch up to 70 thousand incoria, which is quite enough for everyone.
Now pay attention to the screen, our devices have spotted them, so they float to us, I will say, mentally underdeveloped fish, having seen our cruiser, they take it for their primordial enemies, geron devouring caviar which they throw with incoriums. These gerons weighing up to 250 tons live at a depth of 50-100 yards where shoals of fish swim, but from time to time swim into hostile territory to enjoy caviar and often lose the battle."
We looked at the screen and saw three incorias, in appearance each real swordfish, two times the size of a blue whale, a sharp long needle protruded from an oblong head. I will say that even though we were in a submarine cruiser of heavy-duty materials, but at the sight of them mentally felt fear, if they simultaneously collide with our boat (hit in the side) at a speed of 30 mile per hour, great trouble could arise.
My thoughts were interrupted by the calm voice of Captain Hera: "Dear Victor and Glenn, now you will feel a slight push, our cruiser slowed down to 3 hours per hour, stupid incorias will attack us. Though they may be stupid, but as our fishermen noticed the more the size of their eternal enemies gerona, the more the incorium is going to attack them. And now, as you can see on the screen, they will attack our submarine cruiser, thinking that a giant geron has swum to them. You may ask: "Why do the incoria fall on cruiser, he's an inanimate creature ? "I will answer. When our submarine cruiser descended into the Incoria habitat area and they noticed the approach of Yannik and we, using circular cameras, our harpooners on the right side of the hull released the fat of their favorite geron and they smelling the smell flew to attack."
I listened to the captain and without stopping looking at the big screen-three of the Incoria approached us, there was such a push that I could barely sit in the chair, then the second and the third. No matter how strong the blows would be, but our submarine cruiser "Janika" withstood them, but the stupid incorias were left without a nose, and I would say without a snout. After a collision with the cruiser's body, the needles of the Inkory broke into several parts, and the muzzle itself turned into a bloody mess, the blind fish lost orientation and floated helplessly near the hull from which their favorite Heron smell emanated, without any attempt to sail from this strange Herons with an extra strong body ( case). Due to the flow of blood flowing from the disfigured heads, the water turned red.
"Dear Victor and Glenn, the hunt is over, three incoria are towed, our cruiser pops up, we transfer the catch to Captain Nika and continue the hunt, today we need to catch nine incori, now I will reveal the secret. On our cruiser from two sides of the hull in nine embrasures located cannons with harpoons are set at a certain distance from each other, when stupid incorias fight onboard, break their muzzles and lose orientation, our harpooners watching them with the help of cameras and echo sounders each choose their victim, press a button corresponding to the gun, the cover of the embrasure opens, a shot, the harpoon penetrates the body of the incorium and it is in our hands. Now we are rising to the surface, it is necessary to transfer the catch, Adele is waiting for us. You see Captain Nika on the screen, he is smiling, a good catch, but this will not end the hunt, it remains to catch six incorias, "said the captain Ger and smiled.
We looked at the screen and saw the smiling captain Nika, while our cruiser with three incoriums went up, on the second screen we saw how the harpooners were pulling the cables to our cruiser, huge incorium without any resistance. Ten minutes later, our cruiser surfaced, all on the same screen, we saw the endless water surface of the ocean and the cruiser Adele. The transfer of the incorium and the preparation of the harpoons took at least an hour, as the harpooners climbed the cruiser hull, then, according to the custom of the fishermen, while fixing the Incoria to Adele, they cut off decent pieces of meat and went down to the cruiser immediately prepared delicacies and we enjoyed them again by order of Captain Hera resumed the descent to depth for catching Inkor.
I dont know how it happened before, but on this day, the norm was fulfilled, they caught 9 Inkors, for which they spent 12 hours and, according to Captain Hera, on other days they fit in 15 or even 18 hours. Six teams were fishing for Incoria and 4 cruisers were involved. But since the incorium was caught not only in Brolin but also in other coastal cities, a total of 60 teams and 40 submarine cruisers were involved. Some teams caught 9 incori per day, but there were times when it was possible to catch 6, and on stormy days none at all. That's the story, dear Uncle Joe, ladies and gentlemen."
The owner looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, with such an abundance of meat, fish and caviar, not to mention fruits and vegetables because they live peacefully, happily and carefree. With our number of inhabitants, they say more than 9 billion, fish in the seas and oceans almost completely caught and it is three times more expensive than meat. The one that is grown by my technology in ponds and reservoirs in a short time my competitors want to recognize as harmful to the human body. When you flew into space, the White Party fighting for clean air and the quality of meat products made a ban on the sale of steaks, sausages and all semi-finished meat products grown by my technology using harmful nutrients for humans obtained after the distillation of petroleum gel and even found particles of oil in their laboratories . Of course, it angered me - for almost twenty-five years all over the world, they had eaten my produce, no one was outraged, did not complain about their health, and turned out to be harmful to you. Imagine for a few weeks the world ate only the products of my competitors by the Johnson and Benson company, which developed twenty years ago the production technology of meat substitute based on the processing of seaweed with the addition of cereals and legumes. Their scientists have brought a new type of algae growing by leaps and bounds, I guessed that they took advantage of my substance, but they and I were silent, because their products did not make me any competition. There were times when the leaders of the company themselves, Johnson and Banson, suggested that I create a single global monopoly company, earn hundreds of billions of dollars for my own pleasure, but I did not agree and then they went on the offensive and won a temporary victory.
Since my dear, charming and quick-witted wife Jane foresaw that hard times could come with fuel and mechanical horsepower would be replaced by real live single strong horses, I suggested that I should choose horses and I would choose hardy battles who could overcome long distances with a minimum of forage consumption. For ten years I have been breeding not only a new breed, but a new nutritious fodder with energy swill, and when the White Party banned the sale of steaks, sausages and all semi-finished meat products grown by my technology using the harmful for human nutrient substance obtained after the distillation of oil (in fact, energy harmless Vaseline) I without hesitation phoned President Barry Sekidge about what happened, about the collusion of Johnson and Benson to promote their product on the American market and it can negatively say camping on the mood of people and cause their dissatisfaction with the low-calorie eating empty food.
President Barry Sekidge listened to me and said: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, I will make every effort to rehabilitate your bright, immaculate name and your product will again be on the shelves and in the homes of citizens. I know, tomorrow comes to work independent a commission of scientists studying your products obtained after adding nutrient energetic substance under the roots of plants, in feed, in water. They are embarrassed by oil and gas, but Ill say that after refining the oil we drink the alcohols that we drink, ladies cosmetic. Imagine, our lovely ladies, girls actually smear their lips with oil, they lick them, we kiss and express admiration for the pleasant smell, taste, aroma. In short, I am on your side Mr. Joe and I will ask gastroenterologists to objectively conduct patient tests. I myself have been eating for nearly thirty years with your steaks, meat, sausages, dairy products and how you know how to be healthy, I think in a couple of weeks they will make a correct conclusion, so don't worry, Mr. Uncle Joe. "
"Mr. President Barry Sekidzh, I dont worry about it, I have another kind of request for you, you see what is going on with road transport, its going through a hard time, the energy crisis starts to suffocate us, the car can get up and its impossible to deliver cargo to its intended purpose, Yes, and the people themselves from point A to point B will fall for a long time, tediously and with headaches. I wanted you to fly to my farm to look at my bityugs, horses drawn by me personally, in time they can replace the car - they eat little and use many Avda, they use me developed fodder and nutritious energy drink, "I reported.
Hearing my news about the horse I had bred, and the President was visionary, he immediately said: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, get ready, in a week I will lie down and admire your horse tractors, and if necessary I will help you immediately, see you soon, I will call you a day before arrival."
"Thank you Mr. President Barry Sekidge for your support, see you soon," I said, and smiled, knowing in advance that the idea of ??Johnson and Banson would fail miserably. And just a week later, a wave of demonstrations swept the country demanding that natural steaks, meat and dairy products and sausages be put on the shelves and not substitutes made from seaweed with the addition of cereals and legumes. Dear Mr. Victor Smith, I, wife, the children have seen on television many hundred thousand demonstrations with the slogans "Down with the counters of ersatz meat Johnson, Benson", "Return us Uncle Joe's natural steaks", "Johnson, Benson are enemies of America", "Johnson, Banson to the gas chamber or to the electric chair, Uncle Joe, we love you, you are with us", he immediately burned stuffed Johnson, Banson, There were loud curses against them and often turned over vans with the name of the company. Independent commissions of scientists studying my products, energy vaseline extracted, obtained after the distillation of nutrient substances and gastroenterologists began work after a three-week study and tests of those who received products based on my technology, concluded by sending it to President Barry Sekidge, senators and congressmen my meat and dairy products created on the basis of the nutrient substance obtained after the distillation of energy petroleum gel is not a threat to the human body. Immediately my lawyers instituted a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Johnson and Benson, won it in an international court in The Hague, and I donated all the money to the Education for the Poor Foundation
The people exulted, everyone was hungry for natural steaks because my company did not stop day or night, they laid out the accumulated billion beefsteak owls on the counters of the country at bargain prices, a happy and happy life went back to its former course. Meanwhile, I was waiting for the arrival of President Mr. Barry Sekidge and as soon as the commission gave him an acquittal of my products, he immediately called me: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, good evening, firstly congratulations on the victory, and secondly, wait for me through three days, flying to watch your horses, I will have a lot of people, I wish you and your family success and good health, see you soon on your farm. "
"Dear Mr. President Barry Sekidge, good evening, I am very glad to hear your voice and thank you for your help, I am justified, but most importantly, you will fly to my farm, my family is looking forward to you. My horse tractors are ready for the demonstration, Thank you, we wish you and your family good health, see you soon, your Uncle Joe. "
I was overjoyed, told my wife and sons about the arrival of the President to us and immediately began to prepare for the meeting. Our task is to present to the honored guests of the horses-horses, with correspondents of radio and television of Internet publications will arrive with Barry Sekidge and with their help people all over the world will see my new breed of hardy bityugs, interest in them will appear and, accordingly, buyers will appear. The next day, we pulled trailers with twenty-ton containers and cisterns to our landfill; our bityugs, in full view of billions of viewers, would be pulled along a circular road. Next to the road, we mounted open stands on which we put the whole harness, fodder with nutritional supplements, energy swipes, our crews and strollers for families to drive citizens in the event of a critical fuel situation and a stall with our batyugs.
Three days later, President Barry Sekidge arrived in his blue helicopter at 10 o'clock on a warm sunny morning wearing a white suit, with his young charming fair-haired Anna in a pink blouse and brown leather skirt just below the knees, with advisers, followed by three green helicopters with correspondents flying up television broadcasters. I met the guests with my family and employees, exchanged greetings and immediately presented horses, all of black color, massive, with strong legs, they looked impressive. Non-stop cameramen were shooting them, me, wife and sons with their cameras, especially when the President approached the horses and stroked their faces with his hand. Then we proceeded to the most important and important point of this meeting - our bitugi, individually and easily, pulled ten-ton trailers, in a couple of twenty-ton and four forty-ton container ships, at a speed of up to twenty km per hour for four hours without a break, and they drank, this was theirs there was stamina.
So that my guests would not be bored and ascertain the endurance of horses-tractors, I invited President Sekidge and his charming wife Anna to sit in a carriage on rubber wheels designed by my sons. My favorite handsome bityug Red was drawn into it, my hope for the future from which I intended to bring out a new breed of enduring trotters. The President agreed and sat down on a soft seat with his wife Anna. I climbed up on the beam and with a quiet exclamation "Well, my Red, forward" pulled the reins and my trotter easily rolled us, soon he began to run faster and in five minutes he drove at full speed at a speed of at least 31 miles per hour. The warm wind ruffled his long hair , he whistled in his ears, sometimes turning back he saw the joyful face of the President, he liked such a race, and this meant a lot to me. If he approves of my plan to use trotters and bityugs in everyday life on the roads of the country, then not only me but many other farmers will start breeding new breeds and breeding horses and they will take a worthy place in our newest post-crisis history and will score the fountain .
For two hours I was riding the President in our race course and when he was joyful, happy and satisfied with such a fast-moving race, he jumped off the carriage to the ground and looked at the correspondents and TV men with a smile on his face and sparkling eyes addressed them: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am very glad that in our country there are such people like Mr. Uncle Joe, I will say: we are not afraid of any energy crisis, you witnessed how we raced at a speed of at least 31 miles per hour. Pay attention to the horse tractors still without rest pulling trailers with dozens of tons of cargo. So, dear Uncle Joe, to propagate the introduction into our life, into our life in the current difficult times with the position of the fuel, I decided to place an order for the first thousand horses, tractors. a couple or four harness to the bus tourists will be happy to wish to race on it with the breeze on the roads of our country and admire the sights of our beautiful cities. Thank you. dear Mr. Uncle Jo, our visit ends, continue to work for the good of our country. "
I looked at the important people and said: "Dear Mr. President Barry Sekidge, ladies and gentlemen, I and my family are happy to work for the good of the country, we are going through difficult times with fuel and therefore enduring trotters, bityugs will benefit America. I think to bring more stronger, more durable and low-consumption forage horses due to the use of new energy grains. You yourself can see with what ease horses-tractors still do not pull but freely roll a weight of 10 tons per live horsepower. You just imagine -six tractors pull on the highway in a tank of 60 tons and now in the absence of you Mr. President Barry Sekidge time I invite all in our garden under the apple snack, ask you to follow me. "
The guests followed me in unison, the tables in the garden were filled with steaks made from natural bull meat grown on clover, grape wines, juices, fruits, sweets. Everyone was happy and, after a hearty lunch, thanked the hostess for the tasty treat, saying goodbye to his wife, children and those who took part in the demonstration of my achievements, the guests went with me to the helicopters. Before entering, they took me off with the President, he shook my hand and quietly said: "Dear Mr. Uncle Joe, thank you for the meeting, continue your selection of horses of the new breed, do not stop there, we will need millions of trotters and bityugs and we will overcome the imminent energy crisis, do not forget, the first thousand tractors have been ordered. But I will tell you a secret, it would be nice if you take the conclusion of trotters like Red, I really liked the ride, until a future meeting. "
"Mr. President Barry Sekidge, I will take into account your wish, the next time I ride you in a modernized carriage, my children will construct it. If everything goes well, we will make millions of them and imagine Americans with a breeze will roll not only along the roads of America but also beyond its limits , see you soon."
The president flew away, and my wife and I, and with my sons, took up the new project, not forgetting to feed people with beefsteaks and meat and dairy products, and have imagined a lot in seven years. After the next election, Nick Douglas, the former mayor of New York, became the president of the country. Heavy fueling times came, he became interested in using horses in everyday life and made my dream a reality. Two years ago, by his own example, he showed the Americans and all the inhabitants of our planet the benefit of using horses in the modern world in the current crisis situation with oil. Nick Douglas was the first to get out of the car into a stroller and, in sight of billions of people, drove, or rather, rushed through the whole of Washington through a specially designated traffic lane, but I was the coachman, my Red trotter. Exactly what I gave you, on which drove across America to get to my farm.
I will immediately say in my wheelchair for four people, a chain gearbox, a mini gearbox, designed by my children and made by myself, and I switched the pedals with the legs of the horse, which during the ride did not prevent the hands from holding the reins, adjusted the speed and thus could slow down movement, jump, trot, bastard or give free rein to race.
When we returned back to the White House, President Nick Douglas addressed the people: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, you saw how Uncle Joe and I swiftly, with a breeze swept through a horse drawn by a regular horse on Pennsylvania Avenue. I call on all people with their own by personal example, transferring from a car to a pram, each of you will have in your personal use of a horse with a pram designed by any master and made anywhere but having passed a technical inspection and a government number will receive significant privileges - give you away forever throughout the country, the leftmost lane is assigned to equestrian transport, the horse in all cases has an advantage over all modes of transport, no one has the right to penalize the horse and the carrier even if he drank a mug of beer, since the carrot is sober and runs the right way, tunnels, bridges, free parking, a place is given to them and the most important thing is that the owners of bityugs are not subject to income tax, everyone can use it at their discretion. "
And Ill say that since that time the demand for horses has increased dramatically, among rich people I could go and roll in harnessed trotters and bityugs in the whole family. Now tens of thousands of farmers are engaged in breeding horses, the price for them is falling, there is a lot of competition, car factories have switched to the production of carridges, stagecoaches, cabs, vans, light bodies of tourist and school buses. Harness a horse, a pair, a four or a six, cling to them any driving means on the rubber course and forward. I think our dear guests, today we had a good day of our meeting, it is already midnight, good night, tomorrow you will enjoy our farm, rest, your guides will be alternately charming sisters Gloria and Irene, our servants know more than we do, so you will not be bored. In the evening, we will meet again and, dear Mr. Victor Smith, you will show and tell us something of the interesting life of aliens, they turn out not to be bastard, such high technical achievements."
"Surely, our dear hospitable hosts, thanks for the refreshments, good night, tomorrow we will continue, I have something to tell and show," I said. Mom, wife, sons thanked the owners and we went to our bedrooms.
I say, we slept soundly and carelessly with the windows open - fresh air from the meadows and mountains flew to our bedrooms and it seemed to me I again got on the planet Approxima, to that Health Center located in the mountains at an altitude of 12 000 feet.
The next morning, no one woke us up and we got up at 10 am, refreshed in the shower, Masha went to wake up my mother, and I sons. At 10:30 we went downstairs and saw sweet Gloria, one of two maidservants, we greeted each other and she asked us to go with her to the arbor for breakfast. We gladly agreed, and on breakfast, Gloria gladly told us: "Our dear guests, today I will be your guide, I will show you our sights, as Uncle Joe and Miss Jane are very busy, drilling specialists arrived, they suggest that at a depth of 3,200 feet found huge reserves of nutrient vaseline, so that for the next thirty to forty years, humanity is provided with natural meat products. Today we will not get to the drilling rigs and to that oil field, Uncle Joe will show it to you."
"Dear Gloria, we will be happy to get acquainted with the sights with you, your presence creates a positive aura, gives a good mood and this is important," I said with a smile.
I will say for breakfast we were served scrambled eggs on butter, buns with poppy seeds, tea with cream and honey, we thanked her and half an hour went to the lake. It was very hot and a swim in such a day is a pleasure. When we came to him, we found everything on it for a pleasant swim, swimming, entertainment and recreation, boats, hammocks, chess, checkers, dominoes, playing cards and fishing rods. At first we swam, then we sunbathed, swam on a boat, fished, listened to music and played the fool. Since we set off for a long time, we grabbed thermoses with coffee, tea, home beefsteaks, sandwiches and at two o'clock we had dinner.
We spent a day at the lake at our pleasure and asked Gloria to repeat tomorrow, but she looked at us and said with a smile: "Dear guests, tomorrow you and I will be on a mountain river, my sister Irene and go on foot, not in a carriage, picks up food and picnic in the open air. Now well go back home, take a fruit orchard, pick up apples, pears, plums and cook compote and then, after catching you, Mr. Victor, tell everyone about life on the planet Approxima, they have it so interesting and unusual, I like it."
"Yes, their life is different from ours, it would seem to live without money and the desire to work is extraordinary, many work not only in the service but also in the house, charming Gloria," I said, and went to the orchard, picked apples, pears, plums and went to home. When we returned, they were still at work, Irene, in a blue dress just below her knees, met us, helped bring the fruit in and began to make fruit compote with Gloria, to make a salad. I wanted to treat them with my favorite food and asked Irene to give us beef, pork, lamb, flour, salt, eggs, pepper with a meat grinder and after receiving everything necessary, the whole family began to make dumplings.
We have not finished making the dumplings as the whole family returned from work - they had a busy day today - Uncle Joe and his wife Jane were present while drilling a new well - only in the evening we received the first test of vaseline nutrient but the laboratory analysis results will be known only tomorrow. His seven sons and wives were employed in the carriage workshop and the stables where the breeding breeders-trotters of the bytuegs sample were raised. Here, on the farm there were only thirty horses, they took sperm from them and sent, upon request, to farmers who grew such a popular breed, supplying them at the same time nutritious fodder and energy swill, which is produced only here and they are only used by trotters and bastards brought by Uncle Joe.
When Miss Jane's saw how we make dumplings, she asked what kind of little cakes we were doing, Masha smiled and said: "Honey Miss Jane, I don't know if you like our dish, we make dumplings, you will try it and say."
"Well, we do not mind, all the more from our natural meat, flour, make, eat, if you like, you give the recipe and method of preparation," said Miss Jane and went to change clothes.
In short, we made dumplings, cooked, laid out on plates, put on the table and all sat down for supper. Of course, there were steaks, seasonings, salads, homemade sandwiches, fruits, sweets and wines, including Stolichnaya. We explained to everyone that the meat dumplings should be eaten with pepper, diluted with vinegar, sour cream and butter. I will say dumplings for vodka, our owners liked and they asked for a recipe. As if by the way, I told everyone how we, inhabitants of Planet, being on Approxime on the farm of the chief agronomist Sambif, fed him and the workers with dumplings and not only them, but with steaks and sausage about which they had no idea. "Dear owners, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the efforts of agronomist Sambif, captain Cleo and Dr. Loon all over the country on television showed how we made dumplings, steaks and sausage. who was on the farm and tasted them. Imagine, on this farm we organized three workshops for the production of damplings, steaks and sausages. I would say that there was no problem with meat, flour, they cut the most fat bulls, rams, pigs, but I understand everything was done manually, while according to the drawings of our specialists, electric meat grinders were made, presses with forms for beating steaks and dumplings forms. People came to our farm, brought robots, but they did not cope with their duties and they were taken. manually and then with mechanical devices they made dumplings, sausage and steaks, with refrigerators transported around the country and the people having tried them came to indescribable delight. "
Hearing how we instilled the taste of aliens eating beefsteaks, sausages, dumplings, the hosts first wondered how it had never occurred to them to make such delicacies from meat and then came to the delight that thanks to us they would enjoy them. That same evening, we watched a film about a trip to them on a farm in a carriage into which he had drawn the bytueg Red. The hosts watched it with a bated heart, especially when we were on a slope at a speed of up to 43 miles per hour fixed on the speedometer. At midnight, happy, joyful, we went to sleep in our bedrooms.
Ill say right away on the third day of our stay on the farm, having gathered again at the festive table in the evening with flowers, wines, juices, delicacies, fruits, sweets. We not only enjoyed the food, but also demonstrated the film about our stay in a quarry where the workers mined diamonds. True, before starting, I left the owners, returned with a leather bag, took out a dozen diamond blue stones each with a pigeon egg of extraordinary purity, put it on the table in front of the owner and said: "Dear Uncle Joe, this is our gift to you and your family, I think you will happy, these are the real diamonds from the planet Approxima, jewelers by your order will make your favorite jewelry to taste and color. "
Uncle Joe, glancing at the stones, even opened his mouth in surprise, even though he never held them in his hands, but he knew the price, gave three to his dear wife Jane, and taking one diamond in her hand, she looked at it from all sides and gave the sons two stones and gave the sons two stones, leaving themselves smaller in size. The boys and their wives looked at luxury with curiosity, the mother, as the mistress, looked sternly at the sons and said: "My children, the cost of each of these precious stones and diamonds at current prices is close to ten million dollars, whoever I know the price. and purity! Unearthly beauty! Mr. Victor, to you, your wife Maria, mother Katerina and your sons Sam and Alex, thank you very much for your valuable gift. "
Immediately everyone thanked us, firmly shook hands and Uncle Joe looked at me quietly, saying: "Dear Mr. Victor Smith, your sweet mother Katerina, charming wife Maria and the glorious sons Sam and Alex, thank you very much for the gift and in turn want give up from us, you guys, to each my trotter Red with a sidecar, in our time you will need them more than ever."
Hearing such a shocking news, I said: "Dear Joe and Jane! Thank you so much for horses with strollers. As for diamonds, Ill say: for good people, you dont feel sorry for good, use it on your own, let's watch a movie about ours visiting the quarry where these gems are mined. "
My sons personally thanked Uncle Joe, his wife Jane, sons, their wives for a valuable gift, for horses and carriages clung to a wide screen where I and my friends were at the bottom of a deep quarry and looked curiously at the blue diamond inclusions on the rock walls around the perimeter. At our feet there were small pieces weighing several dozen grains to pieces with a large apple with thousands of grains. Away from us, not less than two miles, powerful explosions thundered and stones of various sizes flew in different directions. Some time after the explosions, huge dump trucks arrived at the place with an excavator and began to load everything. So we come to them and start photographing unusual blueness and purity of stones, pebbles, choose among them pieces the size of a pigeon's egg to a large apple. On the screen, we are happy, happy, we stand with plastic bags filled with stones, I hold in my hand a blue diamond resembling a plum of extraordinary purity, buses come up, we enter them and once again see the walls of the quarry with sparkling diamonds.
I will say that the hosts who watched my film were surprised by the blue diamond inclusions in the rock walls of the quarry and not only they but all of whom we showed the film. Before going to bed, we wished each other good night and went to the bedrooms, I will say our walking and horseback riding not only gave us pleasure but also required energy and effort.
For three weeks we traveled around the farm for the purpose of familiarization; our guide alternately had a few people - Mr. Joe and Miss Jane - saw a factory with an ultra-modern installation for cleaning a viscous, dark-red viscous fluid that no one could give a definite name - see oil and taste petrolatum. Then in the assembly hall he told all employees of the distilleries complex, technologists, engineers, workers, drillers, geologists engaged in the complex process of mining and creating concentrated nutrient substances, breeders creating and growing a new breed of bityugs, grains, gardeners about their historic educational journey on Planet Approxima, about how, with some surprise, its inhabitants watched films about our civilization, cities, villages, farmers' achievements, especially about Uncle Joe's farm, on its toothless breed. We showed a film about our stay in the country of Siberia, in the city of Brolin, gave a few copies to them and they sincerely thanked me for the gift.
Uncle Joe's sons drove us to the local hippodrome where three, sometimes four hours riders go round trotters, to the side, in the pen they did the jogging of the bityugs and our Red was running among them. My sons whistled to him and when he heard the familiar call, he got up, once he came back and saw us, he broke away from everyone and galloped to us, got up near a wooden fence and began to shake his head. We stroked his face, sides, withers and I after him motivated him gently said: "Red, while you rest, we are not going to go, let's go to yours."
As if he understood us, he shook his mane and rushed to the flock at a gallop, while we waved our hand after him to the large deep pond where the geese and ducks of no less than an ostrich were swimming. When we looked at the clear as a water, he could not believe his eyes, among the green, brown, red, blue and orange algae the size of a birch and with lush flowers of all colors of the rainbow floated carps resembling dolphins. The younger son of Uncle Joe, who led us on the excursion, was also stately and gallant as father said, not without pride:
"Dear ladies and gentlemen, you can not believe but these fish are only six months old, here are the most favorable conditions for all fish, we add nutrient to the water and the algae grow like trees. But besides these algae we brought out a new sort of corn this is why swans, geese and ducks the size of an ostrich grow here. And you would see their eggs! Geese rush every week, an egg like an ostrich, even more! We sent an egg weighing 9 pounds to the exhibition of agricultural achievements Guinness. I have to say that the demand for eggs, fish, swans, geese, ducks is huge - mostly restaurants are ordered. Now we are going to do a little boat trip, its dangerous on a rubber boat, pikes sometimes come across, can you imagine, they are like small sharks teeth bite into the rubber and bite through. You know yourself to be with such a pike in the water is very dangerous."
We went with Mr. Henry to the pier near which stood the green-yellow boat "Swift", our guide helped the ladies to go on deck, then the men-ranks and swam. In the middle of the pond, the width of which is a mile and a length of three, we found ourselves in a garden on the water: on a small island 500 by 1000 feet towering a foot from the water, not fruit trees but real corn plants grew, some trunks reached 3-4 feet, there were branches on these stem-stalks, and corn cobs less than 2 feet long hung from them. Imagine a 15-foot-high corn tree, I would note that many were growing right out of the water, and the number of cobs was incalculable. Geese and ducks floated around this surface corn field, but sat on the boughs and picked out the seeds. I have to notice that the cobs themselves were not like those of the ordinary queen of the fields, but resembled wheat ears of grain that were in sight.
Seeing such a miracle, I asked our guide: "Dear Mr. Henry, how do you manage to plant corn, is there probably an island under water in the spring?"
Mr. Henry looked at me, smiled and said: "Mr. Victor, a week ago there was a heavy downpour and the water level in the pond rose by six feet because the corn stalks-trunks were under water, but this is not scary - the more moisture and sun the larger corn. When it matures, we collect the cobs, manually pick up to two thousand grains and prepare for planting. In spring, the island is never flooded and since the field itself is small, then we plant the corn manually, mainly for geese and ducks, sometimes swans arrive. Previously, this island is empty and now it brings great benefits to them and us. In the autumn, we dig out the trunks and throw them into the water along with the cobs, after a while the decomposition process begins and those carps we grow feed mainly on corn stems and cobs and as you can see resemble dolphins in size, They have tender meat and cooks manage to make such tasty steaks that are five times more expensive than regular meat steaks, today we will have such steaks for the evening. True, in the process of growing corn, we shed a field with a nutrient solution every week; it is like fertilizer, it is absorbed into corn, and not only does it grow, but also those who eat it - carps, geese, swans and ducks. Catching them is easier than steamed turnip-birds become so heavy that they cannot fly, they just swim. When the corn grows and there are no ears, we feed the bird with nutritious mixture in special pens and toss carps, because they grow like yeast. Catching birds and carps is done once a week for a year - we only select large ones, fines continue to grow in favorable conditions."
I have to say, glancing into the water, we saw huge carps swimming fearlessly at algae and enjoying lush flowers. I realized that if no nutrient solution was added to the water, the algae would hardly grow from a birch tree. By themselves, the fish, according to Mr. Henry, were not aggressive and, having admired some time, swam to the shore. When we returned to the pier on the way we saw a pike not less than 7 feet in length, when the predator saw us did not retreat, opposite she opened her mouth threateningly and rushed at our boat with metal lining, its good that it turned out not to her sharp teeth. Out of anger, the predator began to throw even more aggressively, Mr. Henry took out a long metal hook with sharp point, and when the distracted pike attacked once again, he plunged it into her face with such force that he pierced his head through. The predator tried to get rid of the gaff, but the blow was fatal and she gave up the ghost. We wanted to raise it to the deck, but since the weight was at least half a ton, we had to be towed to the shore, my guys held a hook with a pike, and Mr. Henry drove the boat and soon sailed to another pier. Henry anchored and we went to the pier, my guys did not let off the hook with pike, our guide rushed to the wooden house and soon returned with a circular saw.
We realized that Henry would score a pike, so we dragged the predator ashore, he cut it into pieces, threw it onto the boat and swam to the pier from which they began the journey. I say, on the shore, on fire, we cooked fish soup, and since the pike was young, the meat turned out to be soft and juicy. This day, like the previous ones, brought us unusually pleasant memories. And so every day we traveled in a carriage with some guides and jointly reflected large and small cattle, poultry, visited corn plantations, fields of wheat and peas, in apple, plum and pear orchards.
I will say that our trip to Uncle Joes farm was a turning point in my new sons life. Faced with such charming young blonde sisters as Gloria and Irene, Sam and Alex realized that they were not indifferent to these beauties, threw glances at them and did not object to be friends with them, encouraged them and began to live, three days later the sons secretly from my mother admitted to me that they completely fell in love with the girls - Alex in Gloria and Sam in Irene, and the beauties themselves have sincere feelings for them.
Hearing such amazing news, I approved their choice and advised not to miss the chance and get families, since Alex was 26 years old, and Sam was 25 years old, many children run around. In secret from them, I told the news to my wife Masha and my mother, but I was not surprised by their more attentive than they noticed changes in the behavior of their sons, their evening walks with the girls and later return to the bedrooms. In short, mother and my Masha were delighted with the friendship of our sons with girls and advised me, talking to Sam and Alex, to confess their love to their dear and beloved beauties and make proposals before our departure home, but only if their relationship is sincere. to my wife and mother to fulfill their request and waited for the moment when my sons would share their secrets with me, but it turned out that even without their recognition the young lovers had gone very, very far.
I will say that after returning from Approxima, something affected my body and started to suffer from insomnia, my wife knew about it and asked to see a doctor, but with these trips I did not have time and gave her the word to return immediately go to the hospital. As soon as we went to bed, my first task was to pay tribute to my wife, after which she was completely pleased that she had blissfully asleep, and I suffered for several hours in bed. My sleeping wife, in the evening, before falling asleep, asked me to sleep quickly and not to fling back and forth, go out into the corridor in soft slippers or even into the courtyard and walk here for an hour. I listened to her advice and, as soon as Masha fell asleep I left the room, left the house and went into the garden for at least an hour. Then one day, having run an hour in the garden, I, as usual, returned to my room. Just went to the room where my sons were sleeping, when he heard an unusual cheerful laugh. I got up, listened and did not believe my ears; I could hear the feminine laughter, and soon a man mixed up with him, my Alex laughed. Suddenly, someone fell to the floor, and when the girl laughed loudly, it became clear that Alex had fallen, and I caught his cheerful voice: "Dear Gloria, my swallow, have you hurt yourself?"
"My dear Alex, how can a swallow break! Just fell on you, let's try it, change the position, not you on me, but I on you. Are you tired of hanging on me? "
"No, my little bird, I agree, at least until the morning!"
"Until morning, my hawk cannot be postponed until tomorrow. Let me bite me again and let us buy bye. Yes, do you like my little bird? "
"My swallow, very strongly and always agree to peck her, rushed off."
Everything became clear to me, Alex frolics here with Gloria, and Sam enjoys with Irene in her bedroom and happily, happily, silently goes to his room. I decided not to share my thoughts with Masha that our sons are so playfully having fun with their friends. Well, let them be young, they want and need to use the moment. The next meeting with my sons, I would say, their frank confession happened in the evening after dinner. I pretended that I had no idea about their love joys, and they, who were disturbed by something, asked me to go with them to the garden. I agreed, we sat on a bench under a spreading pear, and Alex, being older, showed me the cards: "Dad, we sincerely fell in love with the girls, they loved us, Sam and I confessed their love. They told us that everything between we are beautiful, and even made them suggestions. But then something happened that we did not expect, Gloria and Irina set a condition: until they discovered one secret for which they incognito settled on the farm, the maids did not leave it. Since the term is not defined, they can stay here for a month, a year and even more. And then I turned to my beloved girlfriend: "My charming Gloria, you know that I love you and if I shared my secret with me, you could help those of you and your sister to reveal her if it is in my power. As a last resort, I can attract my father and imagine you and my sister and we are three together with dad, five people would have us killed the mystery. If you are looking for some treasure in this place, then we dont need it, it will belong you and we will not tell even Uncle Joe at least what you are looking for on his land and we can try to persuade him to leave you all we"ll find on his territory, even after you change your attitude to us. It is so hard to leave after such tender kisses and meetings, it happens."
Gloria looked at me and quietly said: "Well, my Alex, I love you and tell you a secret, but not a word about Uncle Joe and anyone except your dad at all, he can help us very well. So here I and Irene has been looking for the lost plane of our parents Cesna Mustang 7 for more than a year, it happened on August 20, 2074. According to our calculations of the route of the aircraft, it disappeared in this protected area, we are looking for it but so far without success."
She didnt say anything more, and I looked at her and said: "Honey Gloria, in that case, rely on me, not only I, but brother Sam and Dad will do our best to help you, but we dont know where to start the search."
"My dear Alex, in a few days Irene will go to the waterfall with you, she knows the area where we are looking for a plane more than me, she has a nose, but unfortunately so far no good results," said Gloria.
I kissed her and said quietly: "My dear Gloria, know, me and my brother Sam will stay here with you until we find the plane, but I think the search is accelerating now, my dad has a nose, and a great scent."
"This is beautiful, I have no doubt, my Alex, that your dad has an excellent sense of smell and luck, he managed to visit another planet and see another world," Gloria whispered.
Such extraordinary news, Dad, and you will have to help us and them, what do you think, are there any doubts? "
"My dear sons, the news is amazing, as for the plane crash, it was in a mountainous area near the border with Canada, in Montana. I myself personally went after a month to find the missing plane, you were in school then, you had your hobbies and not Mom, I together with you in the summer of 2075 flew to that area of ??the Rocky Mountains to rest, caught trout and other fish in the river, gathered mushrooms and berries and dreamed of going to the area where the plane went missing, but it was guarded, the secret military base thought but really how to find out Now this is Uncle Joe's farm. I am glad that you have such interesting girls, and since I want you and them to find happiness in life, including that plane, I will try to help you with what I can, so when you meet your favorite girls, tell them I'm ready to join search but do not tell me that previously visited there with me and my mother," I said.
"Thank you dad, you are a strong and courageous traveler, I think we are not afraid of the gray wolf, as for your and our trip to Montana, we will keep silent," Alex said and looked at his brother. Sam looked at me and said softly: "Our dad, we will keep silent, especially since I have vague memories from that trip to Montana, more than 10 years have passed."
"That's right, I myself forgot about my travels to Montana, Approxima was on my mind," I said and looked at the sky.
The children kissed me and went to their dear beloved girls.
I must say, a week after we presented diamonds to Uncle Joe, miss Jane, their sons and wives after breakfast, everyone went to the workshop where the carriages were made. Even in the courtyard, we saw seven carriages that looked attractive, nothing except for coloring, they did not differ from each other. Uncle Joe looked at my sons, smiled and said: "Dear Sam and Alex, here are the strollers, choose any two, as they say the taste and color of a friend is not there, they are yours."
"Thank you, Mr. Uncle Joe for the gift, and master gentlemen to you," my sons said, and began to choose strollers. I stood aside and watched them and in the end Sam chose a silver color, Alex Brown, rolled them aside, to the growing maple trees and Uncle Joe smiled and said: "Tomorrow evening we will go to the stable, dear Sam and Alex, choose trotters, the choice is huge, they are so important in our difficult time, I think from year to year the demand for elite horses will increase."
"Great, Mr. Uncle Joe, you go about your business and we will go to see your sights with Irene, today she is our guide," I said and with my mother, wife Masha and sons, we went to the house where Irina was waiting for us, one of the two maid-sisters who helped the owners of the house. Charming tall blonde with blue eyes and wavy platinum hair in a pink dress just below the knees sat on a bench under a canopy. When she saw us she smiled, got up and when we came up she said quietly: "Dear guests, relax for a couple of minutes and go to the waterfall, it is not Niagara, so you can swim and get a massage under its cool waters, and I will run for the horse, take food, drink."
"Well, Irene, we will wait, go," my Masha said and they all sat down on the bench and the girl went to fetch the wagon. Soon she drove up in a cart drawn by a black horse, stopped at the door of the house, waved her hand to us and jumped to the ground. We approached her and she said quietly: "Men, follow me, we need to take food, drinks and water, we will rest until the evening, and you Miss Catherine and Mary get into the wagon."
I, Sam and Alex followed Irene into the house and three times carried two boxes of refrigerators with food, drinks and an inflatable rubber boat. And then I thought: instead of grabbing a net with me, there is definitely a fish in the river, ran to my bedroom, found the net and put it in a plastic bag with it left the house. Seeing me with him, Gloria somehow looked at me strangely and in my opinion having guessed that she smiled in him. We got into the wagon and drove to the waterfall, after an hour of fast food we drove up to a wide river resembling a lake, tall pines grew along the banks, in front of the cliff there came a sound of falling water. We drove about two miles and in front of us there was a waterfall with a height of no more than 23 feet, to the cliff with which it fell was not less than a half mile. Irene stopped Carl, jumped off the wagon and said happily: "Ladies and gentlemen, come, you can jump into the water, who do not swim well to swim far from the coast I do not recommend, very deeply, they say up to 70 feet. Get me right quiet in fact, at the waterfall, it is stormy and if you want to admire it, you need to go to it on foot, allow you to stand under the waterfall only at the very edge. If the thickest water can be brought down and carried to the middle of the river strong whirlpool will tighten and not to escape. Therefore, Uncle Joe for thrill seekers to go under the stream ordered to stretch a cable with straps and rings from shore to shore. If you attach a seat belt to your body, you can go from shore to shore under falling water, the feeling is very keen. So first we buy here, swim, ride a boat and after lunch take it to the waterfall, get lost without me."
"Great, Miss Irene," we answered in unison and, before rushing into the water, inflated a rubber boat, lowered into the water, and my mother and my Masha swam in it for a while, they were still bought in the river without swimming far from the shore. The most interesting thing for all caused Carls bathing to the black; he boldly dived into the water and confidently swam to the surprise of all. My sons helped me to set the net, then began to swim, although good swimmers, but having heard the instructions of Irene not to swim far from the shore, they swirled near me and waited impatiently for dinner, after which we would go to the waterfall whose noise came to us.
I will say that we not only swam but also sunbathed on the hot sand, the sun was shining brightly and unusually burning that day. Before dinner, I looked into the water like a tear where the net was placed, and the trout and other types of river fish got entangled in it. I called everyone to admire the catch and I will say what they saw made a pleasant impression on everyone, especially admired Gloria. We pulled out a net, chose a trout and I asked Mom and Masha to cook the soup. Gloria watched as my ladies cleaned the fish, cooked the fish soup, and my sons and I set up the net again and continued bathing. Swimming in the water and watching the trout and fish, I came to the conclusion that this river, Quiet is the same one, in which I swam and fished while being here in 2074 alone and in 2075 with my family on vacation, only then were we behind the barbed wire guarded by the guys in the camouflage zone , it was here that I tried to get there, somewhere in this part are the wreckage of the Stone's plane.
I came out of the water and went to my things, there, among them was binoculars presented to me by Captain Cleo, he was like a miniature radar, electromagnetic waves reflected from the metal, and since the engine is not wooden, you can get distance right up to us from it. But if the wreckage of the aircraft lie somewhere else, then my binoculars-radar is unlikely to catch them. Imperceptibly from everyone, I began to look at the terrain, to begin with, I brought the binoculars to the waterfall, before him, as if by hand, and immediately saw a metal bridge with a cable. I switched on the power supply from the battery and right there the distance 3,200 feet appeared on the lens - electromagnetic waves reflected from the metal and indicated the distance - the radar worked clearly.
Inspired by the success, he began to point his binoculars at the forest area to the left of the waterfall and unexpectedly saw the distance 7,200 feet - at such a place were metal objects from which electromagnetic waves were reflected. My heart thumped with joy and excitement in the chest with a hammer - perhaps there are fragments of an airplane lying there, I wanted to visit the other side of the waterfall as soon as possible and having approached the forest again to look through binoculars-radar in the direction in which it detected metal objects.
I didnt want to be mistaken and therefore I didnt prematurely stir up interest in my discovery, immediately turned off the power, put the binoculars in a sealed case, hung it around my neck and went to inquire how to cook the ear. Seeing me, my wife smiled and happily reported: "My angler, go call your sons, in five minutes the fish soup will be ready, the taste is incredible, the trout turned out to be fat and will be full until the evening."
"Fine, my dear cook, to the call of my sons," I said, and went to the shore. Seeing me with a hand, they realized that dinner was ready and swam to me. We went to the fire, even from a distance we smelled a delicious smell, the ladies enthusiastically greeted us and sat down on a rag and soon enjoyed fish soup and fresh trout. Frankly, I ate and thought as if to get to the other side of the waterfall. Our ladies were not in a hurry and if it were not for my resistance to lift them, they would have sat until the evening. Having rested for half an hour, I looked at my son and let them know that it was time to go to the waterfall, they understood me and having retired with Irene for some time they talked with her, returning to me Sam quietly said: "Dad, Mom and grandmpther, I and Alex suggest you go to the waterfall to admire it, put sandals on your feet so as not to cut your feet and go easier."
Sam quietly said: "Dad, Mom and grandmpther, I and Alex suggest you go to the waterfall to admire it, put sandals on your feet so as not to cut your feet and go easier."
I looked at my sons, smiled and said: "Sam and Alex, the offer is accepted, I will go to the waterfall with you, put on sandals and go ahead."
"Fine, Sam said, well go to the waterfall in five minutes."
At this time, Irene came up to us smiling and made a declaration in a velvety voice: "Dear Miss Katerina and Mary, we are now going to the waterfall, I ask you to put shoes on your feet and throw dresses on your shoulders, the sun burns unbearably and without habit get burned skin."
Mom and Masha, who wanted to see the waterfall nearby, immediately began to wear sandals and threw dresses on their shoulders, came up to me and the sons ready to go, our guide Irene looked at us and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, were on foot, we dont hurry we will be the main thing to keep up, about a half mile from the waterfall, not far."
She boldly stepped forward and headed for the bushes, we soon found ourselves on the path of which only family members of Uncle Joe and the lovely sisters of the maid knew about the existence. I looked at my watch, it was 1 40 pm, we were in no hurry, and twenty minutes later we approached the military center. A huge mass of crystal clear water fell with a noise and a roar from a 23 feet high height, at the bottom it froze and myriad splashes flew in different directions. For me, as a thrill-seeker, it was now interesting to be under the stream of falling water, but did not dare to stand under it. In view of the height of a 3 feet from the surface of the water, I saw a steel wire with a diameter of my finger, with a removable lock on it with a hitched seat belt. There were four such belts, so I and my two sons can simultaneously pass to the opposite shore under a dense stream of a waterfall insuring each other. Having understood my intention, mother and wife immediately began to dissuade me from such a risky journey, but my sons convinced them that we were nothing will happen and we will soon return back - the width of the waterfall did not exceed one hundred yards. Irene stood silently on the side listening to the guys persuading the mother and grandmother, and when they agreed to let us go, she came up to us and said: "Gentlemen, attach seat belts to your body, put special gloves on your hands and holding them by the cable, carefully stepping onto the bridge, boldly go forward, I will help you."
She personally attached safety belts to our bodies and handed leather gloves said quietly: "Gentlemen, please do not linger, come back in the same way, do not forget about safety belts, happy transition."
"Thank you, Irene, we will try not to linger," we said. I, as a senior and a first step, stepped onto the bridge and, taking two steps, came under a strong stream of falling water from a height of 23 feet. It seemed that the firemen from the powerful hose tried to knock me down with their powerful jet. My sons did not lag behind me and went forward, being in the middle and having stood under a powerful stream, they moved further and found themselves on the other side.
We stepped onto the hot sand and looked around - there was a forest a hundred yards away from us, the trees were no different from those that grew on the opposite shore - spruce trees, pines and American tall cedars. Alex looked at me and said quietly: "Dad, Irene asked us to go to the forest and even go at least a hundred yards deep, it all seems to her that its in this part that the wreckage of the missing plane"
Alex and Sam, no objections, I picked up the binoculars presented to me by Captain Cleo, it is like a miniature radar, electromagnetic waves are reflected from the metal and since the engine is not wooden we will get the result right up to the distance from us to it. But if the wreckage of the plane lies where somewhere else, my binoculars-radar is unlikely to catch them. Come, try not to torture, "I said, and we, waving our ladies with our hands, confidently walked to the forest.
Having walked a hundred yards, we approached the edge of the forest and stood near a tall cedar, cedar brown cones were lying on the grass, I picked up one of them and it seemed to me that it was unusually heavy for its size and was surprised. My sons raised a pair of cones and looked at me Alex quietly said: "Dad, just a miracle, give them to the ladies."
"My Alex, no miracle, they are just raw. Children, we start exploring the terrain with binoculars-radar," I said, looked at him in the same direction in which I spotted metal objects from that bank. Since the trees were with thick trunks then in the depths of the forest they were standing by a wall, and what I had behind it I would hardly have known without going a couple of hundred meters. But my radar did not let me down - on the right side of us at a distance of two hundred yards there was a metal object, but whether it was an airplane engine remained a mystery to me and we had to go to solve it. I handed the binoculars to Sam and said quietly: "My boy, look in that direction, the radar shows the distance to the metal object reflecting the signals."
Sam looked in the indicated direction and exclaimed: "Dad, the miracle device, exactly, to the metal object, we need to go, it is not so far."
Binoculars took Alex, looked at him and saw the numbers said softly: "Dad, we dont waste time, maybe there are fragments there, we are in sandals and quickly get to the place so as not to get lost, I grabbed a compass, a waterfall in the west, but the main thing we hear it."
"Okay, kids, let's go, you just have to look at the radar so as not to go astray, the forest is not a field and you have to go around the trees," I said, and confidently went forward. We were in a hurry because we had little time, we were waited on the other side of the ladies and I would say to walk in shorts through the woods it turned out to be not so easy - there were bushes of wild rose hips with sharp needles on the way, but it was flowers - after two hundred yards it began to swamp , but since we were light, we didnt fall through but our legs were bent. To overcome half mile spent half an hour and finally saw the wreckage of the plane, my heart fluttered and not without excitement said: "Sam, Alex, see the tail on the right, follow me, let's see them? You may remember, and the sisters told you how 12 years ago, On August 20, 2074, before my trip to Approxime in the north-west of the United States, in the state of Montana, in the Rocky Mountains, a private plane Sesna with three rich travelers, that is, Irene and Glorias parents, was missing, but it mysteriously disappeared, can you imagine Miss Elizabeth, grandmother even offered a reward of five million bucks to anyone who found the wreckage. At the time, it was a decent amount, I myself went the same year to search for the missing Cesna, but the trip was fruitless on TV and what your lovely sisters Irene and Gloria told you."
Particularly inquisitive Sam immediately turned to me: "Dad, indicate the direction of the hand, I do not see something."
I stretched out my hand in the direction of the wreckage and he fixed his keen gaze quietly exclaiming: "Dad, I see, yes it is the wreckage of an airplane, the tail sticks out, we need at least a couple of minutes to visit them and inspect the place, maybe it's Cesna Mustang 7!"
I rushed to the wreckage of the plane, the children followed me, came to the crash site and saw a terrible picture - on the ground near the tall cedar there were broken wings on both sides of the broken hull covered with a dried top of a broken tree, next were chaotically lying others On the side, in a strange way, the preserved tail is sticking up and the engine. Walking around the broken plane, we noticed the remains of a skeleton without a skull and extremities lying in the grass, it became clear to us that the animals were here, maybe they climbed inside the broken body and pulled out their bodies and devoured them tearing them to pieces, and you may still fall when you fall. - crawled out but from impotence and large fractures died right there near the debris and the predators took them away. How many people were actually in the fall, we could not know. But it became clear to us that something had happened in the air, the plane began to descend, due to the tops of the trees and fell down.
"Alex, look at the compass, where the waterfall is, I dont hear its noise, I think the flight-trick tried to get to the river and sit in the clearing but didnt reach," I turned to my son
He took out a compass, looked and pointed to the east, I looked at the body of the airplane and mentally imagined that the pilot actually wanted to sit near the river in the afternoon, he definitely saw it.
My fearless sons Sam and Alex offered me a crazy plan to get into the saloon and examine it, at first I did not agree but then I gave up and they crawled through the torn door. After a while, I heard Sam's joyful voice: "Dad, we found several steel cylinders, let's pull one out for research."
Soon they came out holding a steel case no less than four feet and a half in height, I guessed: they were students, sometimes the artists held and carried papers, projects, paintings so that they would not wrinkle and soak. We twisted it this way and that trying to open it but failed, maybe the place where one half of the pencil case entered another artist smeared a thin layer of durable glue and it turned out to be hermetically sealed so that the moisture and air did not penetrate it so that the canvas was preserved in it in its original form . I wanted to take it with me, but Alex objected: "Dad, we will leave the pencil case in place, we will not get to that bank and if we lose it in the river we will throw millions of dollars to the wind, we have another interesting find besides him, look, a white chicken egg but it is not simple but golden in weight."
I looked at it and with my keen eye noticed a thin line separating the two halves of this man-made egg. Since I had a good memory, I remembered that this "White Easter Egg with the Golden Chicken" Faberge made by him in 1885, donated by Tsar Alexander III to his wife Maria Fedorovna on Easter on his 20th wedding anniversary, some unknown person dumped 17 million dollars for it.
I still didnt really consider the found egg as they heard a wolf howl coming from the depths of the forest and realizing that we were in danger, especially when we didnt even have sticks thrown at the aircraft body and Sam took the egg and rushed to the waterfall by him. We ran around the neck, not paying attention to the wild rose hips and the swamps, from time to time Alex looked at his compass and, thanks to him, reached the edge - not far from us the river flowed. Meanwhile, the wolves did not lag behind us and there was a reason for this - they smelled our naked bodies and swiftly rushed towards us. We ran out of the forest in a strange way, and we realized that if we ran to it, we did not have time and the wolves rushing after us would catch up and decided to run to the river, rush and swim despite the whirlpools Iren was talking about.
When we ran across the clearing, the ladies-mother standing on the other side, my Masha and Irene saw us and could not understand what caused our flight, but when they noticed four wolves, they understood the reason and I can not believe Irene howled by wolf. The howling wolf somehow put the wolves in confusion, they got up and stared at the women standing in the bikini on the other bank a couple of hundred yards away. Just at that time, the wind was blowing in the direction of the wolves and they, sensing a gentle female body, forgetting about us, hesitantly ran to the waterfall. And Irene continued to howl like a wolf, wolves joined her and we didnt see what was happening, but the most important thing was that the predators did not run after us. We rushed to the shore, rushed into the water and swam across the river at full speed, forgetting about the whirlpools. I will say that here it was at least three hundred yards wide, to our happiness the River Quite did not let down its name and soon swam to the shore. Jumping on the sand, we turned our heads toward the waterfall and could not believe their eyes - wolves stood on their hind legs on the shore and, looking strangely at women, howled Irene - it gave the impression that she influenced them that they were in her power and obeyed her.
Irene saw that we were safe in stopping to howl and shouted to us: "Gentlemen, hide in the bushes from the wolf's gaze, we go to you."
We immediately rushed to the bushes and continued to watch the wolves - they were rushing along the shore, the female body beckoned them, but the noise of the waterfall and the falling water boiling in this place frightened and they did not dare to swim towards them with some strange howl, wandered lazily to the forest, stopped, looked around and I guessed the ladies hid from them out of sight. After a while we saw Irene, my mother and my wife Masha, they smiled without fear of meeting the wolves. We had no choice but to smile and when we approached for joy we began to hug and kiss.
The ladies immediately threw us with one question: "What happened?" And I looked at them immediately replied: "Dear ladies are nothing special, just decided to look into the forest, I saw cedar and went to him, picked up bumps and as a souvenir we give you, we were smelled by evil gray hungry wolves and chased after us. Irene, thank you very much, if not your wolfish howl, the meeting would hardly have taken place here. Accept a modest gift from us, here are cedar cones, but that's not all, I will have a great gift. But, dear Irene, tell me how are you learned to howl as wolf that they understand you
We gave her cedar cones and she taken them smiled and looked at us quietly said: "Thank you very much, gentlemen, this is a long story, someday I will tell you, its time to go home. If it werent for me, the meeting would not have happened, you cant imagine those wolves you meet are swimming, they would catch up with you in the water."
In short, we returned to our bathing place, Carl lay on the grass and saw us stand. While Irene harnessed him, I and my sons went to the place where we left the net in the river, Ill say when we looked down through clean water like a tear they saw about a dozen trembling trout and other species of fish. We pulled the net, chose a trout, with a couple of dozen other fish, moved to the cart and the ladies saw the catch came in indescribable delight. I looked at them, smiled and said loudly: "Dear Irene, mother and Masha, tonight we will cook fish soup and treat Uncle Joe and his family, I think they will like it."
"Of course you will like it, Mr. Victor Smith, today we ate a great fish soup, let's hurry so that the fish do not become rotten," said Irene.
"So that it does not deteriorate in the heat, we will cover it with grass, tear it," I said.
Everyone began to tear grass, moistened, in the water, covered the fish and sat in the wagon went to the farm. I did not know whether or not to tell the girl about our discovery and to search myself, I told her the story about the plane found and showed even a Faberge egg. Hearing my story about the plane and seeing the Easter Egg, Irene looked at us with sadness and tears in her eyes and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, it was the plane of our parents and my sister Gloria - my mother Marilyn Stone and father Charlie Stone and Harry broke Stone, they were heading from Chicago to Seattle, their plane Sesna Mustang 7 disappeared on August 20, 2074, at that time I was 11 years old and Gloria 10. After the death of my grandfather pilot, mom and dad, my grandmother Elizabeth Stone told us about the mysterious aircraft accident location which nobody knew but assumed that the radars did not trigger the signals to the TC7 satellite. The search was carried out on a large scale, undertaken not only by grandmother Elizabeth but also by my parents' fans, famous film actors from Hollywood, the police, the civil aviation squadron and the insurance company, the insurance amount was two billion dollars.
When Gloria and I grew up, we set out to find traces of an airplane search and what you think we found is a white spot, a place that was not examined, this is Uncle Joe's farm. It turns out this area with a radius of 40 miles whose center was a petrolatum complex. By decree of President Bill Thompson dated July 25, 2055, he was considered an object of state importance and not a single private plane and not a single person had the right to penetrate the limits of this zone. And when it came to the search for the crashed aircraft of my parents, the search pilots flying up to the borders of the territory of Uncle Joes farm immediately received a warning to be shot down, any penetration was equated with the terrorist act by the enemies of any stripe and competitors at the highest level. Therefore, no one poked his nose into the area and the search for the crashed aircraft was not conducted as the US government did not even respond to the request to make at least one overfly within the boundaries of the intended disaster. It is clear, try one plane with a bomb on board, fly to the distillery complex and blow up millions of people for a month or even more will be left without meat and dairy products, there will be a catastrophe all over America.
As an adult, our grandmother, Miss Elizabeth, revealed to us the secret why they insured themselves, the aircraft and the two billion dollars worth of valuables transported - mom and dad were taking the collection of Russian jewelers Peter and Carl Faberge made of gold, silver, diamonds, to be auctioned to Seattle 7 Easter Eggs and a couple dozen paintings by French Impressionist Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, Edouard Monet, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso including Eugene Delacroix's four masterpieces. According to the grandmother, before the flight, the canvases were separated from the frames, rolled up and put in strong cases, all the jewelry, Faberge Easter Eggs were also carefully packed as if they knew what could happen and how she believes the insurance company insisted on it works of art will continue.
Hearing about such values ??and how they were packed, I understood the pictures and the Easter Eggs survived and this was confirmed, dear ladies and gentlemen, found the Easter Egg of Faberge. But then my sister and I needed to find material evidence and show the insurance company Plato to get insurance of two billion dollars, since its president, Mr. Arnold Hennoke, after the catastrophe claimed that this was not provable and our parents could imitate it. So he told her that the grandmother would not receive a cent and still refuses to pay. And his company received for insurance from my parents $ 100 million, of course, was uninterested in the death of parents to pay two billion-large waste. And my sister and I started, as our beloved Alex and Sam know about, decisively acting, I managed with the help of my mother's friends to get a route map from the dispatchers who watched Father Sesnas flight, and its end point rested on Uncle Joes farm.
We were just lucky, we read the announcement on the Internet: Due to the large workload on Uncle Joe's farm, two young girls are required who are familiar with preparing delicious meals and taking care of the house. Without hesitation, we decided to get settled on Uncle Joes farm, talked to our grandmother explaining the reason to her and she agreed with us. Without hesitation, we wrote a resume, enclosed photos and sent by e-mail. And imagine, a week later we received a message - our candidates approached them, they sent us tickets and we went from Chicago to Montana, to the Colombian Falls, where Uncle Joe's farm was located not far from them. At the checkpoint we were instructed, we, like everyone who came to the farm, first put a token on the right hand, put us in a carriage and drove to the house, where we were met by Miss Jane herself, lovely charming blue-eyed blonde with wavy gray hair dyed to the neck, We greeted each other, made an acquaintance, and with a smile on her face she led us into the house, sat down at the table and, at a delicious dinner, explained to us our responsibilities: to cook and clean the house. Miss Jane led us to the modern kitchen, showed all ten rooms in which we need to wipe the windows every morning and vacuum the carpets. Then, with the hostess went to our room on the second floor where we will live, she was a big light, with a window overlooking the garden, with furniture and electronics. Before leaving, Miss Jane asked us to go down to the hall at 8 o'clock when everyone gathers around the table and she will introduce us to the whole family.
Miss Jane left and we sat down in a chair opposite the open window, looked at rose apples hanging on the branches, sang birds and the fragrant air floated directly at us. It was pleasant to our soul that we got into that place in which, according to our assumptions, the broken plane of the parents was lying, but it was embarrassing that the farm territory was so huge and where to start the search did not fit in my head. We had free time and a couple of hours breathing in the scent of the fields, we enjoyed the music and watched TV. At five to eight we put on short blue dresses and went downstairs. Uncle Joe's family members gathered in a large dining room, Miss Jane greeted us with a smile on her beautiful face, we exchanged greetings, we met and sat down at the table. First we had to talk about ourselves, but that evening we did not say a word about our intentions. The very last came Uncle Joe himself, our appearance made a pleasant impression on him, what to say when young and attractive girls appear among the society, ladies pay attention to them. Even without me, you know that Uncle Joes family is the most ordinary, they are cute, but their appearance cannot make others pay attention to them. And we conquered them and when we learned that we were the children of the famous Hollywood actors Stone killed in an air crash, they let us know that they wouldnt have to be in the position of maidservants and everyone who was free would help clean the rooms and cook food. In short, we actually were like members of their families, but when I told them about my goal, in their free time they took an active part in the search for the crashed plane, but imagine that in two years you did not go as far as you did. I do not know, it is either luck or something else, because I say we went into this forest but could not see that crashed plane."
I looked at our guide, smiled and said: "Honey Gloria, not only luck helped us, but also this miniature binoculars-radar presented to me on the planet Approxima. When we were on the edge I decided to visually look into the forest and imagine the electromagnetic beam was reflected from the metal engine to which it was 1,200 yards. I think you didnt go into the forest at such a distance, and you couldnt see the wreckage of the plane through the wall of trees - the weeds grew around it; cut by plane while descending, perhaps there was an attempt to sit on the edge between the river and the forest. It seems to me that when the plane was looking for the aircraft, the pilots of the plane did not notice it covered with green tops. You would never think of using a radar, it would be great about this plane was found, everything that your parents transported was preserved in it, another thing they are not alive. In addition, we found eggs with paintings, wanted to take one, but refused because of fear of missing it in the water when crossing the bridge, wolves appeared the same way Alex threw a pencil case into the body of the aircraft and grabbed an Easter Egg ran. Ill say, dear Gloria, if it were not for your howling wolf they would have rushed to us and you and your sister would never know about the place where the wreckage of the plane.
At six o'clock we arrived at the house, at the fountain Iren was waiting for me in a blue dress to her knees, when she saw us she smiled, ran up and mysteriously asked her sister: "Well, how was the trip, Gloria?" And then to us: "Ladies and gentlemen, did you enjoy the journey to the Quite River? Have you been to the waterfall?"
Gloria looked at her sister and continued to sit in a cart with sadness in her blue eyes, said quietly: "Irene, the trip was fruitful, I confess, gentlemen found what we were looking for, I will tell you later."
We went down to the ground and looked at our charming conductor in one voice quietly uttered: "An unforgettable journey, thanks Gloria."
Irene kissed her sister and said sadly: "Really, how did you manage?"
"My dear sister, then, just look at how many gentlemen trout were caught, first bring the caught fish to the house, by the evening we cook the fish soup, then go into the summer house and Mr. Victor Smith will tell everything. I will put Carl on the spot, unharness Carl and when I will return to try to consider the find, but for the time being we will not inform Uncle Joe."
Gloria removed the grass to the side and showed the catch, Irene already gasped in surprise and exclaiming: "This is the catch! Well, Gloria, we bring in the fish, I will run for the buckets." Irene ran into the house, brought a couple of buckets, laid the fish down and I and my sons carried it to the kitchen. Returning we approached Irene, she looked at her sister and said softly: "Gloria, wait, do not linger, eager to hear the good news."
Irene led us to the summer house and sat down on the chairs, waited for Gloria, she went to the stable to unharness Carl and lead us to graze. While she was engaged with a horse and a cart I briefly told Irene about our discovery, the missing plane, and showed her the Faberge Easter Egg without revealing it. Seeing him, she even doubted that it was man-made, but when I let her hold, she looked at us in amazement and said quietly: "Yes, it is not simple, but golden in fairy tales."
Finally, Gloria came up, seeing the Easter Egg in her sisters hands saying in a trembling voice: "Dear Irene, this is the physical evidence of your parents' missing plane, now you can try to open it, Mr. Victor Smith, act."
I took the egg in my hands and tried to separate the two halves by rotating them with my hands, but they stuck to each other with words, but I managed to shake so much that they moved at the junction and separated, and there was a downy ball inside. I pulled it out, he was heavy by weight and it became clear that there was a gold product there, he gave the sisters and quietly said: "Gloria and Irene, take off the fluff, it's curious what's inside."
Irene and Gloria took the ball in their hands, carefully began to take off the fluff and a golden hen appeared before our eyes, it was a Faberge masterpiece. The hen went around and we predatory on all sides considered it. Finally, I looked at the sisters and said quietly: "Dear Irene and Gloria, we will not do anything without Uncle Joe's help, this is his farm and therefore the wreckage of the missing aircraft will not be taken out of its territory and if you need the help of experts to install an airplane model, you need to get permission from him In the evening I consider dinner time to tell Uncle Joe and Miss Jane in confidence about our findings on their land."
The sisters looked at me and said: "Mr. Victor Smith, we agree."
"In that case, I will talk to them myself, let you know and act, and now let's disperse, soon everyone will come and have dinner," I said, wrapped the golden hen in fluff, put it in one half of the Easter Egg, connected it with the other and put in pocket. The sisters got up and, waving our hands with us, went to prepare the table, since mom and my wife wanted to help them, they joined them, they would cook trout soup.
"Well, I said, let's make a list of necessary things and when talking with Uncle Joe I will ask him to give them to us, only after a thorough examination of the salon will we turn to the authorities for help."
We immediately made a list of necessary things and, to our happiness, we had almost everything except for a boat with a motor and a hunting Winchester, but if Uncle Joe agrees to help us, he will get everything. Encouraged by the future success, we waited for the return from the work of Uncle Joe's family, on the ninth evening we heard the bells ringing and we saw three racing carriages in which the farm owner, his wife and seven sons and their wives sat. The children and I immediately left the summer house and waited for the approaching of the carriages, so they appeared from behind the garden and the people sitting in them began to wave to us, we smiled and answered the same. They have not yet arrived to us as Gloria came out of the house with Irene, my mother and wife Masha meet hospitable hosts. After exchanging greetings and short phrases about business, everyone went to the house, to the dining room, the snacks were prepared, the steaks attracted their appearance and smell, the decanters with drinks and juices decorated the table, fruits, vegetables delighted the eye. When everyone sat down at the table Irene addressed the sitting: "Ladies and gentlemen, today Gloria and our guests went to rest to the waterfall and imagine trout caught, now Irene and I will treat you with fish soup, I think you will like it, enjoy."
Irene and Gloria began to spread the ear with a piece of trout in deep bowls, put in front of everyone sitting, saying "Enjoy" and making a bow. Everyone started eating and I would say everyone liked the ear as they asked for a supplement. After finishing our dinner and thanking the Lord God, everyone began to disperse, I approached Uncle Joe with the same person standing beside him and said quietly: "The good hosts, Mr. and Miss Joe, thank you very much for all that you are doing for our pleasant stay, but I would like take you a couple of minutes and talk on a very important matter."
Husband and wife looked at me and Uncle Joe said: "Well, Mr. Victor Smith, let's go to my office, we are free tonight and do not hurry to sleep."
I, Uncle Joe and his wife went to the second floor, went into a spacious office, we sat in easy chairs and fully told about the discovery of the missing plane and showed the Easter Egg. The hosts listened attentively to me, looking at the Golden Chicken from all sides. When I told them that the cost of this Easter Egg is $ 17 million, and the total insurance with dead people was $ 2 billion, they even opened their mouths in surprise. As soon as Miss Jane finished the story, she looked at me and said: "Dear Mr. Victor, we unfortunately do not have time to look for an airplane, let's do this - everything you need to provide, in the evening you report on the results, and so every day."
"Miss Jane and Mr. Joe thank you very much, tomorrow we will need a big rubber boat with gasoline and three Winchesters, there are a lot of wolves in the forest, we need to protect ourselves from them and then we will involve civilian accident experts in the work, to establish whether this plane actually belonged to the actors and not to another person."
"Mr. Victor Smith, with my permission, without any obstacles, all specialists dealing with crashed airplanes will enter our territory and I want to add - if you need help, I can give my two grandchildren, Harry and Dick, for three days, they are physically strong, well shoot and control the boat, find gasoline," said Uncle Joe.
I looked at the hosts and happily said: "Dear Miss Jane and Mr. Joe, I thank you and I am pleased to agree with you - let your grandchildren Harry and Dick take part in the search, I think we will go at 10 am, the main thing is to grab the Winchesters and the rubber boat."
"Agreed, Mr. Victor, we meet at breakfast during the morning and my grandchildren are preparing everything necessary for traveling to the missing plane, we could never assume that it s on our farm for more than ten years, well meet in the morning, good night," said Uncle Joe.
"Good night, Miss Jane and Mr. Joe," I said and bowed out of the room in a good mood - Uncle Joe gave us two grandchildren to help us. Having returned to my room, I found the sons waiting for me, the wife and mother, together with the daughter-in-law and sisters, cleaned the tables, washed the dishes and the floor in the dining room. I told them about my talk with the hosts and when they heard that tomorrow two grandsons of Uncle Joe would join us -Harry and Dick - came to an indescribable delight - we are not afraid of the gray wolf and the main we have motorized boat and Winchesters.
After listening to me, Alex and Sam went to their girls and I sat down in a chair and considered a further plan of action - we would have to invite experts and then begin negotiations with the president of the insurance company "Plato" Arnold Hennok to pull out two billion dollars of insurance from him.
The next morning at 8 o'clock we gathered for breakfast, as usual we greet each other and deal with health, Miss Jane and Mr. Joe with smiling faces brought their strong, tall, broad-shouldered grandsons Harry and Dick to me no more than twenty years, in colored shirts with short sleeves and dark denim shorts. I understood with such guys, we will not be afraid of our dangerous enterprise. Mr. Joe looked at the grandchildren, and he smiled and said: "Mr. Victor Smith, they are in the pursue a course and will be with you until the end of the search, Harry and Joe will not let you down, after breakfast you can go to the river, an inflatable rubber boat with a motor is already on the trailer and most importantly gave you three Winchesters, bon voyage, and now we have breakfast."
I looked at the owner with my wife, smiled and said: "My dear Miss Jane and Mr. Joe, thank you very much for the help, with guys like your grandchildren Harry and Dick we will cope with any work, I will not take you away from work, let's go have breakfast."
The morning was warm, sunny and everyone sat down at a long table in the garden, breakfast did not take more than fifteen minutes, the owners with their sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren wished us luck sitting in the carriages went to the distillery, Harry and Dick remained with us. Since we knew each other from the first day on the farm, I didnt have to introduce them to my sons, wife and mother, and when they found out that the guys with us were armed, they sighed with relief. I knew that the boat, though rubber but not dimensionless, was confirmed by Harry: "Gentlemen, the boat with a cargo is designed for only five people, so the ladies, except for one of the sisters, will stay on the shore, let's not waste time, I and Dick will drive the carts, you you take out everything you need for work and the main food, I think we can stay there for more than one hour, fifteen minutes on the road. "
"Fine, Harry, we will go on time, everything is ready with us, Gloria will float to the other side with us, the rest of the ladies will stay at home, we will not overload the horses," I said.
The guys went to harness horses and we went to the house for things and food, meeting the sisters in the kitchen, I told them the essence, Irene was not upset that she stayed in the house with my mom and wife and right there my sons began to carry out refrigerated boxes with cooked food and drinks and water, a pot for cooking the soup, then carried out into the courtyard of our things-camera, shirts, towels, three flashlights, Winchester, his binoculars-radar, hunting knives, a network. Soon we drove two carts, one was driven by Harry, the second was Dick, we laid down all the things, but before we set out, I asked our assistants to grab a couple of spades. While they were taking their seats in carts, Dick instantly demolished the house and returned with two shovels, got into our carriage and we waved to mother, wife and Irene and they went to the waterfall of Grozny where we had a great time yesterday, wishing for a happy journey and good luck, catching fish in the net and managed to find the missing plane in the forest.

We spent almost an hour and a half on the road, finally arrived at a familiar place, a waterfall rustled a mile from us. Without losing time, the guys straightened the horses and, while inflating the rubber boat, put the engine and loaded it with everything I needed, I installed a network with my sons. Since one of our assistants had to stay on a shore to look for horses, they cast lots, Dick walked with us, Harry reacted philosophically and waved his hand. We got into the boat, Dick started the engine and with the words of happy swimming, and see you soon, sailing to the other side approaching the waterfall in order to walk less to the forest. As the current approached the waterfall, Dick decided not to risk it and the boat buried its nose in the sand three hundred yards from it. We went ashore, laid down all the necessary things away from the river on the grass, removed the engine, dragged the boat, blew out the air, covered it with grass and tarpaulin so that the hot rays of the sun would not melt the rubber. Now it was necessary to determine the direction in which we should go to the plane by the shortest path. I took out my binoculars-radar, turned the woods in which the debris lay, looked and soon determined the direction, distance, looked at the satellites and said in a firm voice: "Lady and gentlemen to the target 1,600 feet, go to northeast."
Dick and Gloria became interested in my strange binoculars, I gave them a look at it and were shocked, where the debris lay, the numbers flashed. For the sake of curiosity, I and they brought binoculars at Harry, he was very close, and since there was a gun and a metal pan with him, the distance 2,400 feet, were highlighted. There was no limit to surprise, but since we had to hurry, we plunged our backpacks with things and the Winchesters onto our shoulders. I will say it was difficult to go, our rooks with thick-soled shoes got stuck in the mud, nearly a 1000 yards of that place had to be overcome. Half an hour later we were standing by the wrecked plane, seeing it Gloria burst into tears, we had to calm her down. Finally, they began to examine the wreckage, walk around it, and here my sons, putting on their heads a sort of mask with a cut for the eyes with photo-riders, climbed through the hole that served as a door inside.
Five minutes later, we heard Sam's voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, we found a real treasure in the back of the cabin, let some of you climb up to help us in the salon to help pull out the canisters and boxes, maybe Faberge Easter Eggs in them."
"Sam, I am crawling to your aid," I shouted and wanted to get inside but Gloria glared at me said sternly: "Mr. Victor, I myself, take the camera and shoot."
"Well, let Gloria be according to you," I said, pulled out a miniature camera brought by me from Approxima and started shooting on a disc, the volume of which was ten thousand hours of excellent color recording. Harry and Dick went to the broken door and after a minute took the cylinders, I shot them, only one was preserved, the rest were deformed and very strong. Uncle Joe's grandchildren took brown boxes in which I had kept the Faberge Easter Eggs.
"Dad, we got everything that was stored, climb out of the darkness," Alex shouted loudly. Gloria got out of the first one, Alex and Sam followed her, I took off their happy smiling dirty faces and covered by spider weed hair and clothes stopped filming.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I counted twenty-five pencil cases and six boxes, one on a plane crash, probably broke and the golden egg was on the floor," Alex reported.
Each of us took in the cases and counted on the weight, what a pity several of them turned out to be twisted. We did not have time and attempt to reveal even at least one of them. We put them aside and invited my companions to stand near the wrecked plane and a heap of cylinders to witness our presence and discovery. My children, Dick and Gloria, with a wide smile on their faces, stood near the broken case and the cylinders with boxes, I shot them with a camera on a disk, then I got up and already Sam shot us. So I wanted to remove the broken plane in more detail from all sides a broken cockpit and finished with a tail section, did not miss the skeleton lying around without a skull, and even climbed inside the broken cabin - all the seats were torn.
Since there was no doubt that the plane belonged to the actors Stone, before returning to the rubber boat left on the shore, I suggested that my companions spend some time searching for human remains, hungry wolves dragged them apart and hardly far away. Everyone agreed with me and we walked around the fragments for at least two hours, gradually moving away from them carefully peering at the grass. Its good that we grabbed steel shovels and thanks to them we managed to find four more skeletons, severed limbs and all five skulls in different places. I shot them down with a camera and wondered: "Why were not three but five on the plane. This discouraged not only me but all my companions, but since we had to move the cases with pictures and boxes to the boat, we decided to return here tomorrow. We returned to the plane and saw a pile of cases and boxes, said: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are five people, we will transfer as follows: we take two cylinders, carry over a hundred yards, come back, take ten more, then the rest with boxes, and so for all at once, I think we'll manage until the evening. "
"We dont mind," my companions shouted, and Dick added: "Gentlemen, I suggest leaving extra items with shovels, well come back tomorrow, well take not two but four cylinders, things will speed up."
I agreed and left all the extra things, knives, shovels in the body of the plane, took with us the Winchesters and the water bottle. If it were not for the swamp, we would have managed quickly, but our feet fell into the mud and overcame 500 yards in three and a half hours, since we returned four times from place to place. As for the wolves, they only watched us from afar from our noise and cries, fearing to approach the people at two hundred yards. Dick and Sam decided to put an end, they made a couple of shots in the air, the wolves instantly disappeared from view and did not appear again.
When we left the forest, Harry, who was on the other side, noticed us with pencil cases, began to wave his hands, we answered him the same. He would like to help us but the wide river in this place and the fact that horses grazed near him did not allow such a throw. And we continued to go in such short stretches and finally reached the lowered boat lying on the grass and covered with a tarpaulin. Having rested for a few minutes, the tarpaulin was removed from the boat, the grass was thrown to the side and we began to inflate with a foot pump. Soon it took her shape, we moved it to the water, put the engine, put the capsules with the boxes in it, sat down and Dick looked at us happily said: "Floated." He pressed the green button, roared the engine and our boat confidently picking up speed rushed to the other side. Harry waved his hand to us, we told him and after a few minutes of sailing the boat slowed down, buried in the sand, the motor stalled and we jumped ashore.
"Ladies and gentlemen, I waited, I thought what had happened, but when I saw you at the edge with cylinders, you realized you found something valuable and did not want to part with it," said Harry.
"Yes, Harry, we found valuable pictures that had lain in the plane for twelve years, metal cylinders were deformed when the plane fell, but since they are airtight, they may be preserved, we will find out everything in the evening. I must say there is a carcass and it is very difficult to go. And how are you ? What about the fish? " I said.
"Mr. Victor Smith, I am very glad that your trip was crowned with success, the trout is trembling, waiting for you, now we will quickly prepare, we have no hurry, we will have lunch and we will move to mine. If tomorrow we go to the plane, then Dick will stay on the shore and I will be with you, but I'm running a net now, "said Harry and rushed to the river.
I knew that it would be difficult for him alone to help pull out the net, I would say there was at least a dozen or so not counting other fish species, we chose the largest one, the rest was left for the bait, we wanted to bring it home and fry for everyone. So, we made a fish soup, ate, bathed, while Harry and Dick harnessed the horses, Sam and Alex and I pulled out a net with fish, put them in a wagon and went home. We just left the garden and saw the ladies who met us - mother, Irene and my wife came to us, I knew from their smiling faces that they were glad that we were back safe and sound. Gloria could not stand it and shouted joyfully: "My sister Irene, we found pencil cases with pictures and boxes with Easter Eggs, rejoice, you will go tomorrow."
"Im glad, my sister Gloria, thank you Mr. Victor Smith," said Irene, standing next to the cart.
"Gloria and Irene, this is my duty but of course a bit of luck," I said and smiled.
We drove to the house, the horses got up and jumped to the ground, I turned to our assistants: "Harry and Dick, I ask you to bring a handheld electric saw, we will have to cut the ends of the cylinders, stainless steel is very strong, we'll do everything when you are there "Of course, you took part and should see the canvases. And now, lovely ladies and gentlemen, let's bring first caught fish to the kitchen, then things, Winchesters, canoes and boxes to the house, to my bedroom, we'll open its."
Everyone happily moved the fish to the kitchen, then took two cylinders and carried them to the second floor in my bedroom and for two times they and the boxes in which the Faberge Easter Eggs lay. Things and Winchester carried my sons into the bedroom, saw Harry and Dick out of the way, and they waved their hands to us and went to the carts; I, sisters Irene and Gloria, my sons, mother, wife, stayed in the room from all sides with curiosity, scrutinized from the darkest stainless steel cylinders and boxes for twelve years, it was interesting to everyone how the canvases that had lain for so long remained. Before the return of Harry and Dick, I briefly told Irene, Mom, Masha about our journey to the wreckage of the plane without forgetting to mention the five skeletons found. Irene heard about the fact that five passengers were flying and not three who were stumping her and wanted to call the grandmother, but Gloria asked to postpone and contact her immediately after we opened the cylinders with boxes and see the canvases and Easter Eggs.
Soon, Harry and Dick came back with two electric hand-held circular saws, they stuck them into the socket and waited for my consent to start cutting off the ends of the cylinders. I opened one flat undeformed pencil case, lightly hit one end on the floor and showed where to cut steel. Harry pressed the green button, started the engine, the disk spun and the room was filled with the screech of steel on steel, less than a minute later the edge of the pencil case fell off and we all saw the canvas collapsed. I looked at Gloria and quietly said: "Charming lady, please pull out the canvas, how did you put us on the right path."
Gloria glanced at us, with her slender fingers squeezed the edge of dense material and pulled over, Irene held the canvas and when it was fully stretched, it was unfolded. All stared at the colorful canvas and saw the artist's autograph, Eugene Delacroix "Dante and Virgil", 1822. It is perfectly preserved, no mold, after reviewing the picture from all sides it was put aside, onto the bed and inspired by the success, we set to work. First of all, we leveled the deformed cylinders in order to give them a more or less regular, even shape, then Harry and Dick cut off the edges, my sons helped them to hold the cylinders, Irene and Gloria dragged miraculously preserved canvases in twelve years in a broken condition in a broken container of the cabin that had collapsed on the ground plane. My mother, Masha and I straightened the canvases with painted masterpieces and piles of them folded separately, by the artists name. After three hours of work, even before Uncle Joe, Miss Jane, their sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren arrived home, we did our job. The sisters took out sheets of paper and together with us began to write out the names of the paintings of each artist, here they are: Eugene Delacrue- "Dante and Virgil", "Freedom leading forward", "Naked woman on the couch" and "Medea", Pablo Picasso- "Avignon girls "," The Girl on the Ball "," Woman with a Fan ", Henri Matisse-" Gypsy "," Woman in Blue "," White Feather "," Black Table ", Vincent Van Gogh-" Young Man in a Hat "," Still Life with irises "," Self-portrait "," Vincent's Bedroom ", Edward Manet-" Portrait of Eva Gonzalez "," Rochefort's Escape "," Flutist "," Absintheater "," Bar in Foley Bergere "," Dinner in Atelier, "Henri Toulouse-Lautrec-" Portrait of a Mother "," Dance at the Moulin Rouge "," Portrait of Van Gogh "," Ferdinando's Circus ". The names of Faberge Easter Eggs were written out on a separate sheet, there were seven: "White Chicken Egg with Golden Chicken", "Order of St. George", "Easter Egg for the 15th Anniversary", "Coronation", "Easter Egg with a Cuckoo", Easter Egg Lily of the Valley, Easter Egg with the Memory of Azov cruiser model.
Joy knew no bounds, the sisters kissed me, my sons, mother, Masha and grandchildren Uncle Joe, Irene looked at Gloria and full of happiness said: "My dear sister, now call your grandmother and tell the truth about found by Mr. Victor Smith airplane twelve years and surviving paintings with Easter Eggs."
"My dear Irene, bring a laptop, let the grandmother see our friends who took part in the search for the aircraft and at the same time found the masterpieces," said Gloria.
"Gloria, don't go, use mine, it's the most modern," I said, turned on HP and an image of the room with all of us appeared on the screen. Gloria dialed the phone number, after a few seconds the screen split into two halves and on the right side we saw an elderly lady of attractive appearance with long gray hair wearing a pink dress. By the expression of her charming face, we realized that she would have been surprised to see such a big company, but at that time Gloria's pleasant velvet voice sounded: "Dear grandmother, good evening, how is your health? I and Iren have excellent, I dont ask Surprise, beside us our dear friends, here is Mr. Victor Smith, he is the protagonist of our events and discoveries, it will be a great surprise for you to find him-in the forest found missing 12 years ago in the forest, the Cesna Mustang 7 plane that was lost 12 years ago was found, driven by our grandfather and your husband, Harry. Unfortunately, they did not doubt anything, but besides my mom and dad there were two more people on board, we found 5 skeletons, I think you need to report to the police and civil aviation headquarters, let them send experts, criminologists, experts for investigating this case. I ask you not to get involved with the Plato insurance company at this stage and not to inform its president, Arnold Hennock, about the find. And now, my dear grandmother, look for the masterpieces found and the Faberge Easter Eggs "
We showed her the pictures we found, Easter Eggs and heard her sad voice: "Dear granddaughters, ladies and gentlemen, good evening, I am glad to see you all, my health is beautiful as you see. I thank Mr. Victor Smith so much for this discovery, and I will say it shocked I thank you very much the hero of not only this discovery but also of Cosmos, I have an excellent memory and saw you on television several times. As for your request, my dear Gloria is late today and tomorrow morning I call the police and the headquarters of civil aviation, I lie down with them so what meet. Now tell who is with you, I guess, but I want to know specifically."
"Dear grandmother, hello, Irene said happily, next to Mr. Victor, his charming wife Marie, wonderful mother Katerina, and their two sons Sam and Alex and grandchildren of Mr. Uncle Joe Harry and Dick, all participated in the search for the missing plane with pictures. I will not hide my sorrow that our parents died, now the most important thing is to identify the remains and bury with honor. I ask you to inform us tomorrow in the second half of the results of your negotiations with the police and aviation accident specialists at what time they should be with you in the middle of the day we will go again to the plane-Gloria visited the place of the crashed plane and I didnt. for some reason it broke down and everyone died."
"My Irene, good evening, you look great, its understandable that Im healthy and agree with you if five skeletons are found, but neither my husband nor your mom and dad reported about strangers on the plane. I think you carefully look at him, remember what I told you? Well, my granddaughters, ladies and gentlemen, I wish everyone good health, thanks for the help, see you, tomorrow I will call at this time."
"Grandma, do not worry, we will do everything, we will try with our friends to comb through the whole neighborhood and find a gun or knives, kisses before the meeting," said Irene, sending her a kiss and waving a pen.
We thanked Miss Elizabeth, I turned off the HP laptop and it was decided to leave the pictures with Easter Eggs in my bedroom until Uncle Joe returned from work with his family. I asked my mother and wife to go to the kitchen to help Gloria and Irene to prepare dinner. Remaining with our sons and grandsons of Uncle Joe Harry and Dick, we decided to go tomorrow to the wrecked plane and more carefully examine the terrain for searches on the ground, in the grass of knives, pistols. Harry understood how to speed up the search and told him to take a couple of metal detectors with him, it appears that they were in the house and belonged to the public. Uncle Joe assumed that many meteorites were hiding in the earth, since he himself personally discovered a whole dozen and they were kept in the home museum of discoveries. I was extremely happy and asked Harry to take them with me, it would be easier to find metal objects with them if they were available.
Thanking Harry and Dick for the help and shaking hands with a friend, the guys went to their place and I stayed with my sons and began to think about how strangers managed to get into the plane and if they decided to kidnap him with the pictures, then why fell off on Uncle Joe's farm. Our window was open and at the ninth hour we heard the bells ringing - the farm family was returning from work. We covered the pictures with a blanket and went to meet Uncle Joe and his assistants, and only three carriages with harnessed bityugs came out into the square in front of the house, seeing us they waved, smiled, my children and I answered them the same. In their joyful and happy faces, I had no doubt they were in the know, Harry and Dick called them and reported on the finding of pictures. Uncle Joe and Miss Jane jumped to the ground and rushed to us and congratulated us with incredible success. In turn, my sons and I thanked them for their help. We went to the house, the people who had arrived from work first washed their hands and then went to the dining room, the sisters Gloria and Irene, my mother and my Masha prepared an excellent dinner-meatballs with spaghetti and sauce, meat pies and fried fish, for a dessert cake and sweet drinks with fruit and berry juices.
The main topic of conversation was our trip to the broken plane and found pictures with Easter Eggs, but at the end of dinner Uncle Sam, with sadness in his voice, told us the equally interesting and at the same time terrible news from his point of view: "My dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, the drillers in the bowels of the earth found the most real oil and not the oil-vaseline viscous liquid from which by distillation we get the nutrient substance, thanks to it people grow cattle, fish, grains, berries in the shortest possible time under any adversity of nature and fruits are all that is needed to meet human needs, a healthy lifestyle and his health. Im afraid to think about what will happen in the consumer market in five years when oil and gas reserves run out, Im even afraid to report this to our president. Imagine all my work because the absence of the nutrient substance from which high-calorie fodder is obtained and the energy swill will turn the new breed of trotters and bityugs that I derived into the most real nags, they will not be bought. This is ruin! "
I looked at the host, the hostess, sitting, smiled and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Uncle Joe and Miss Jane, we are all mortal and nothing lasts forever under the moon, therefore I will say: you shouldnt take everything so close to your heart, your petroleum fluid is over, but there is still so much plant biomass and algae in the seas and oceans. For many decades, people have been creating artificial meat from legumes, so let others think after you how to save life on earth. under your territory? "
"Mr. Victor Smith, you correctly say not everything is forever under the moon, let others think after us, this is enough for my age. As for oil, you wont believe it - its reserves in the underground reservoir found are in the order of seventy billion tons, America can at least fifty or even eighty years live for its own pleasure, so that soon horses will become rare again on the roads, three hundred million cars will flood all the highways. Of course, my family and I will not lose anything, the oil below us, if the government refuses to protect my territory by hiring an army of security guards, its a pity people will eat beef steaks and sausage made from soy and algae. Everything, I finished, let's move on to another topic, to painting, my grandchildren told me that you, Mr. Victor Smith, found paintings belonging to the Stone sisters, I want to see masterpieces of which are two hundred years old."
"Fine, let's go to my bedroom and see everything," I said, got up and headed for the door, Uncle Joe, Miss Jane, their sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren followed me. The sisters Gloria, Irene, my sons, mother and wife stayed in the dining room, they need to clean the tables, wash the dishes, vacuum the carpets so that in the morning everyone can have breakfast in a clean room - cleanliness is a guarantee of health.
I will say that the paintings and Faberge Easter Eggs made an indelible impression on everyone, Uncle Joe and Miss Jane looked at them with special interest and eventually asked: "Mr. Victor Smith, what's next?"
"Miss Jane and Mr. Uncle Joe, the rest will be the most interesting, since the awl in the bag does not conceal, and Miss Elizabeth, the grandmother of the sisters Gloria and Irene, is already aware of the events about the plane found, the pictures and the Faberge Easter Eggs, she communicates with the police and headquarters of civil aviation, tomorrow she will call her granddaughters and let them know when they arrive here and start an investigation, their task is to identify the remains, find the cause of the crash, the perpetrators and bury the actors with honor," I said.
Uncle Joe looked at me and said: "That's right, there are no objections from our side, everyone who is supposed to be in the investigation will be unhindered in front of you, along your route, with your presence and my grandchildren."
"And I have no objections," said Miss Jane, and added: "Who needed to kill actors to steal the paintings? This is my assumption. Yes, we can help the specialists to hire specialists to make frames, they will look great in them."
"Thank you Miss Jane and Mr. Uncle Joe for help and assistance in finding the airplane, tomorrow we will continue the search, I think somewhere near the wreckage there are knives or pistols, in the extreme case, experts will find the cause of death of people," I said.
"By all means find, Mr. Victor Smith, good night," said Miss Jane.
"Good night, Miss Jane, Mr. Uncle Joe, and all of you ladies and gentlemen," I said, and led them up the stairs.
I returned to the bedroom, put the pictures in a pile, covered them with a rag, cleaned the Easter Eggs separately for bedding and now I was wondering what to do with my pencil cases and boxes lying in the bedroom of my sons. Soon, Sam, Alex, mother, Masha and Gloria with Irene returned, we sat down and I told them that Miss Jane and Mr. Joe do not object to the arrival to the farm of all persons involved in the investigation of the death of people and their identification. The sisters were delighted with this news, outlined an action plan for tomorrow, and our sons with their beloved girls left us, wishing us a good night with my wife and mother.
The next day after breakfast, we went to the plane in search of a revolver or knives that could have killed the pilot and his son with his daughter-in-law by those who, in an unknown way, entered the cabin. This time, Irene went with us instead of Gloria, in the house with her left my wife and mother. When we got to the wrecked plane and saw it saw the girl was shaken, she burst into tears and had to calm her down. For almost two hours we probed the earth with metal detectors, but we didnt find any knives or a pistol and returned to the plane to pick up the left things and move to a rubber boat. Until that time, Irene, who was afraid of the sight of a broken Cesna, unexpectedly for us with full fearlessness approached it and quietly addressed me: "Mr. Victor give me torch, sharp knife, I want myself to get inside and look cock pit and saloon."
"Maybe I'm with you, Irene, get their alone is dangerous, there may be poisonous snakes," I said, and handed her a flashlight with my sharp hunting knife.
"They are not found in a pile of metal, but they can be beneath them, it doesnt hurt, especially theres little space and well interfere with each other, but stand by the broken door just in case," the girl said seriously, and same climbed inside the cabin.
I got up near the hole that served as a passage in the plane and carefully watched Irene crawling inside, she soon returned holding the box in her hand and when she got out she handed it to me and said softly: "Mr. Victor, this is a tape recorder with a miniature disc, only it can reveal the secret , the pilot could not turn him off, it was a trick of my grandmother who was watching and spying on her unfaithful husband. He had mistresses and often flew away to secluded places on his plane. So when my grandfather returned, the grandmother pulled out a disk, put an empty one and staying alone she was listening in private on my tape recorder chattering. My grandmother did not tell about how she dealt with him, but nevertheless they didnt part. When we grew up and she told in details about the missing plane with valuable paintings and Faberge Eggs worth more than for a billion dollars of unsuccessful searches in him and I and Gloria burned with the desire to continue them and she found out about my sister Glorias intention to find him suggested where he could disappear and most importantly revealed to me the secret about the hidden magnet he interior wall that no one knew except her. It looks like it was preserved, but for us the most important thing is the disc itself, from it the grandmother will know everything.
"In this case, Irene will reveal the secret and we will know who the two who fell into the plane is possible with the permission of your grandfather," I said, and immediately put the tape recorder in my pocket and headed towards my sons and Harry aside. We didnt tell them anything about the tape recorder found and, since the main thing was done, looking at the sky said with surprise: "Ladies and gentlemen, its time to go back to the boat, its time for dinner, I got hungry for something."
"And I," added Irene and looked at the guys.
"In that case, were going, sorry that we didnt find a knife or a pistol," said Harry.
"Gentlemen, do not despair, we will return here when the grandmother arrives at this hour, Sam, go ahead, you know where to go," said Irene.
At her insistence, we walked quickly, crossing the boat to the other side where Dick was waiting for us to stop, having heard from us that the search results were worthless, he was even upset, but I convinced him that it was not fatal and as soon as my grandmother Elizabet arrived, we would immediately continue the search. This time we went without soup, quickly biting Irene asked the guys to pull the horses and go home. While Harry and Sam were fussing with horses, I and my guys pulled out a net with trout and other kinds of fish, put them in a carriage and comfortably seated rushed to the farm.
When we arrived at the house, Gloria, my mother and my Masha met us, my wife was surprised at our soon return, today, in such sunny weather, it was possible to have a nice time on the river. Thanking Harry and Dick, we jumped off the carriage and came up to meet people, Irene looked at her sister and asked: "Dear Gloria, did our grandmother call you by any chance?"
"No, you know she promised to call in the evening. Yes, did you find anything?" .
"No, our metal detectors turned out to be weak, they didnt find either a pistol or a knife, though I found a tape recorder, but whether he works or not I dont know, let's go to the house, we'll figure it out," Irene said.
"Will it benefit him, Irene?"
"Of course, Gloria, if he works."
We entered the house, went up to my bedroom, I pulled out a small box and showed Gloria, sons, mother and wife, they somehow strangely began to study it spit, spinning trying to find the button that will press the tape recorder. I looked at it and realized that this recorder, you need to unscrew the bolts, pull out the disc, put it on a special playing equipment and the recording will start playing. Irene looked at me and said: "Mr. Victor Smith, turn on your HP laptop, I want to talk to my grandmother and find out what the reaction of the police and civil aviation crashes and when they arrive."
"Okay, Irene, turn on HP," I said, went to the laptop, pressed the yellow button, and right now we appeared on the screen. Irene dialed the number, the screen split into two halves - one we flaunted on the other - a smiling grandmother in a blue dress appeared, seeing us she waved her hand to us and said: "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing? I dont ask you about health everyone is in a good mood and in good health, I also feel fine. I want to say that the policeman called and the headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol, its head, Major Mr. Douglas, you wont believe, he was in shock, after twelve years people found the missing plane of importance, after all they know with whom they have dealt, he agreed to go the day after tomorrow with three experts to you, to your wilderness, to the Rocky Mountains, to the Great Waterfalls. I will say, it's not easy to get to Uncle Joe's farm, specify the route tomorrow in the evening, police captain Mr. Roni and Major Mr. Douglas will let me know when we are leaving, and I will tell you, this is the last, important news."
"Grandma, hello, I found this thing here, so take your playback device, we are waiting for you impatiently, the owner of this farm Uncle Joe agreed to freely let anyone who has an affair to investigate the crash, call us or directly to phone 406-937-5839-103," said Irene and showed the recording device.
I magnified the image and heard the voice of Miss Elizabeth: "Dear Irene, it's amazing, now we will learn a less realistic picture of the incident, you have done a good job, I have always believed in your memory and acumen, keep it before my arrival."
"Sure, grandmother, call me, kiss, until the next call," said Irene.
Gloria joined the conversation: "Grandma, good afternoon, we are looking forward to you, so you are bored, I think everything will be revealed soon, you are all kissed, you would know what wonderful people are standing next to us, if not Mr. Victor Smith, we are unlikely would be able to find our plane. "
"My granddaughter, I understand everything, Mr. Victor Smith will receive a reward of $ 5 million for the assistance rendered, thank you space hero, my gratitude has no limits, but for now see you all, I kiss everyone," said Miss Elizabeth.
I turned off the laptop and looked at the sisters: "Dear Irene and Gloria, now we need to talk to Mr. Joe and Miss Jane about allowing the police and Civilian Air Patrol helicopters to land at the edge of the forest in Grozny Falls, not aircraft there will be experts and policemen dragging twelve miles in a carriage when they have modern helicopters. "
"You are right, Mr. Victor Smith, they will not have time, we will meet Mr. Joe and Miss Jane in the evening, we will say that the day after tomorrow they arrive and there was no incident and tomorrow we have to go to the plane with long poles and red rags on end, put them where the skeletons lie, the police must act quickly and surely," said Irene and looked at me.
"I agree, the right decision, Irene, tomorrow you will go to the plane with us, Gloria do not be offended, you will be at home with my mom and wife Masha, at any time my grandmother can call and talk to her. You see, we can delay," I said .
"No offense, I stay at home and you do things," Gloria philosophically reasoned.
I looked at my watch, it was 6:40 in the evening, the family of Uncle Joe would soon return from work and quietly said: "Dear ladies, it's time to cook dinner, so we will meet at the table there and talk to the owner and his wife."
"We agree, see you at dinner," the sisters said and went into the kitchen, mother and Masha joined them in helping to prepare food. My sons and I did not intend to sit with my hands and decided to go downstairs to find Harry and Dick to prepare long poles, Irene correctly suggested, you need to stick them near the skeletons and there will be no problems with their searches. And I say, we found Harry and Dick, explained what was happening and before the arrival of Uncle Joe and Miss Jane from work they prepared ten poles tied to them, just in case, red rags and set out to go tomorrow after breakfast. In the evening, after dinner, I and Gloria and Irene talked with Uncle Joe and Miss Jane about the arrival at the farm of police officers and specialists from the civil aviation headquarters for whom the most suitable place for landing in the Grozny waterfall area and the forest edges, but they agreed with one condition That grandmother will personally call them tomorrow night, and Miss Jane and Uncle Joe will discuss the issue with her, she will indicate the names of the heads of specialists arriving for investigation, and those officials will contact the farmer and the final issue will be resolved. We thanked Miss Jane, Mr. Uncle Joe, wished them good night and went to my bedroom to contact my grandmother for an important conversation with her.
In order for the mother and wife to clean the room, I sent my sons to help them, being in a room with Gloria and Irene turned on the HP laptop and despite the late hours, Miss Elizabeth was still awake and was glad that we contacted her. In short, Irene handed over to her everything that was necessary so that police officers and experts from the headquarters of civil aviation flew to Uncle Joes farm without any problems on helicopters and so that she would not get confused immediately sent her an electronic message indicating the coordinates of the site where they can descend. Negotiations between granddaughters and grandmothers Elizabeth ended up tomorrow at any time the leaders of the specialists sent here to investigate should contact Uncle Joe or Miss Jane, since this area is guarded by marines and military helicopters as directed by the President and any airspace violation equals illegal entry into a particularly important military facility without further investigation; in short, the helicopters will be shot down. The grandmother replied that she would definitely warn the heads of the police and the headquarters of civil aviation, and in the evening after six she would inform when they would arrive, since everything was quite serious. We thanked Miss Elizabeth for wishing her a good night, she said the same and the connection was lost.
Gloria and Irene thanked me and wished quietly the night went to the dining room to help clean the room and I wait for Masha and my mother. They came in half an hour, we turned on the TV and watched the TV series "Who Stole Emilia" with the inclusion of advertising and the latest news from different parts of the world. As always, first news from the criminal world, then about the economic recession and its consequences in Asian countries, the continuation of the energy crisis and interesting solutions. The Chinese tourist company has acquired from the Norwegian shipbuilders an ocean liner "Starfish" for 12 thousand passengers, its peculiarity is that it is self-supporting and retractable with giant sails, so that half of the way it goes under sail. But the special news which shocked me the Russians and the Chinese drilled a couple of wells in the region of the Sea of ??Okhotsk in neutral waters and attacked a huge reservoir of oil estimated at 80-100 billion tons and according to the opinion of the oil industry experts, production will begin in a year, promising output the first half tons in three years will go to the level of one billion tons.
I looked around and heard that I didnt notice how I had fallen asleep, in the morning after breakfast we went in carts to the Grozny Falls. In a rubber boat with a motor, I, Sam, my sons and Irene crossed over to the other side, grabbing long poles with red rags, we got to the wreckage of an airplane and, having rested, moved to the skeletons. Since we knew approximately where he found it and put a pole with a rag near each of them. Having finished this important work, we returned to the rubber boat, swam across to the other side where Harry was waiting for us, and having had a bite of trout cooked by him, rushed home, strong trotters with a breeze carried us wherever the terrain allowed. Frankly speaking, as such, there was no road, just a broken track from a lot of trips in carriage and even carts.
We arrived at five o'clock, mother, my wife and Gloria with smiling happy faces greeted us and the girl gave us a pleasant surprise: "My dear sister, gentlemen, my grandmother arrives tomorrow morning, Mr. Joe and Miss Jane singled out a service helicopter and he will deliver her directly to the house, here on this site. In addition, they temporarily provide the helicopter to police officers and specialists of the Civil Air Patrol and the National Transport Security Council, they will have to investigate the reasons for the crash of our aircraft firs. Important work will begin at noon, we need to be prepared to meet and grandmother and specialists."
"Dear Gloria and Irene, the news is amazing, but Ill tell you - if your grandmother doesnt come by 10 o'clock, then one of you will immediately go to the waterfall with us, we must meet specialists and guide them to the wreckage of the aircraft," I said looking at the sisters.
"No delays, Mr. Victor, but tomorrow I will fly with you, Irene, in any case, will remain with the grandmother to listen to the recording, and the next day they will go to the hammock, the debris will lie there for some time."
"I dont mind, Irene said, all the more grandmother needs to rest and now just in case, dear Mr. Smith, turn on your laptop, you need to clarify when mom flies out of Los Angeles in Spokane."
"Ladies and gentlemen, in this case, go to my bedroom, and you Harry and Dick spread the horses, we will meet at dinner in the evening," I said in a joyful voice and went to the house. Harry and Dick, having waved us, drove the horses to the stable, and we were in a bedroom, but we did not establish contact with our grandmother. We exchanged greetings and Miss Elizabeth with a wide smile on her pretty face reported to us: "Ladies and gentlemen, got the last message from Miss Jane - since my plane arrives in Spokane at 8 in the morning, the helicopter will take off from your house at 6 30, so decide, granddaughters, which of you will fly to meet me. Regarding specialists, they will fly to the house by Miss Janes helicopter between 11 and 12 o'clock in the afternoon, we will wait for them, without me no one will go to the plane. I will tell you a secret with us, they are interested in visiting the disaster site we think they will tell you everything at dinner."
"Dear grandmother, thank you for the good news, in the morning I will meet you, happy flight, kisses, see you soon, we are so bored," said Irene, smiling.
"Dear granny, I do not mind, we will prepare a festive table for your arrival, kisses, happy flight, see you soon."
"See you soon, my granddaughters, ladies and gentlemen," said Miss Elizabeth, after
kiss waved her pen.
We answered the same, I turned off the HP laptop and looked at everyone and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, we need to go downstairs to the kitchen, I think tomorrow will be a busy day and lunch will come in the evening, so we will eat it capitally in the morning, I suggest to make dumplings and to treat everyone."
"Our grandmother loves any tasty food, so we will treat her and generally all dumplings, let's make them," said Irene and smiled.
"I think the same for me," Gloria said with a smile on her face and headed for the door.
At 8 o'clock we not only made dumplings, but also cooked dinner completely - cooked rice, made three kinds of sauces, fry cutlets and for lovers two dozen steaks. Immediately, after returning from work, immediately after the magnificent dinner, Miss Jane informed the schedule of tomorrow: "Dear sisters, a helicopter will arrive at 6.30 in the morning and you can even fly together to meet your grandmother. As for the police and specialists, as soon as they arrive I, my husband, Mr. Victor Smith, grandmother and you, Gloria and Irene, will fly to the house at the helicopter to the waterfall of Grozny, the rest stay at home watching the farm, you need to prepare an excellent table for 4 pm for the participants in the investigation of the crash plane they get hungry, you need to put a bottle of cold vodka and wine."
After hearing such interesting news, the sisters thanked Miss Jane and Uncle Joe for the opportunity to fly together on the airfield in Spokane to meet her grandmother. The owner and the hostess wished everyone good night left the dining room, we answered them the same, then their children and daughters-in-law with their grandchildren left. Gloria, Irene, my mother and wife began to clean the dishes, the room, and since the sisters had to get up early, I let them go and joined the sons in cleaning. Having finished the work, we went to bed, tomorrow will be a busy, responsible day.
At midnight I woke up from the rumble of thunder and glittering lightning, I got out of bed and went to the open window, slanting rain poured out of a bucket and even penetrated to the window sill. I covered the window and went to bed, lay down and lay for a long time in my head - that if the rain lasts until lunch tomorrow, we will not get to the plane and then we will have to postpone the arrival of specialists the next day.
I got up at six in the morning, looked out the window and was surprised - it was dry, the sun was rising in the east, not a single cloud in the blue sky, no signs that it was raining like a bucket at night. My sons in short-sleeved shirts sat in an arbor with Gloria and Iren, they had blue dresses just above their knees, they were joyful and happy about something. It became clear to me that a strong love relationship was established between my sons and these charming sisters. I did not want to interfere in their privacy, opened the window and went to bed, I knew there was someone to accompany the girls without me. But he could not sleep, soon he heard the roar of the helicopter's engines, but did not get up, all the same, we didnt see the square from our window, it went out into the garden. A few minutes later the helicopter flew away and I lay for half an hour, got up, woke my wife, kissed me and, as if nothing had happened, asked my wife: "My dear Masha, did you not see off the sisters?"
She looked at me strangely, smiled and said: "My Victor, you were in a dream like our sons saw them off."
I realized that my wife and maybe my mother already knew that Sam and Alex had fallen in love with Irene and Glory and did not want to bring their relationship to my attention. We got up, washed in the shower, got dressed and went to the dining room, you had to make breakfast, the family went to work as usual. True, today there was an exception - Miss Jane and Uncle Joe were left to meet Miss Elizabeth. While my women and sons cleaned the tables and the room, I, the owner and mistress, walked through the garden enjoying the singing of birds and breathing the fresh, fragrant air flying to us from the meadows. At 8 40 am a mobile phone plaid, Miss Jane turned it on and we heard the pleasant voice of Irene: "Dear Miss Jane, good morning, grandmother flew in, we met her and take off in a minute, at 10 am, as the pilot Mr. Rick said, we will land in front of the house, thank you very much, hello to us from Mr. Uncle Joe, to everyone who is with you.
"Irene, good morning, thanks for calling, greetings from me, my husband and Mr. Victor Smith, Miss Elizabeth, Gloria and the pilot Rick, happy flight, waiting with impatience, call again before arriving, whole," said Miss Jane.
"My Joe and Mr. Victor Smith, as you heard Miss Elizabeth flew in and at the moment I think they are already flying, all according to our schedule, at 9 30 am we will call police captain Mr. Gear to find out they flew out with Major Douglas and Captain Ros," said miss Jane
We continued to wander through the garden, the weather was gorgeous, the sun was shining brightly, the heat was high, there was not a cloud in the blue sky and the breeze was blowing. At 9:30 am Uncle Joe called the police captain Mr. Gear to report that at 11 am two police experts would arrive with him, Cook, Bligh, Major Douglas from the Civil Air Patrol with his Assistant Elmer and Captain Ros with Lieutenant Mick from the National Transportation Safety Board. Everyone was happy, the schedule of the day is not yet broken, after fifteen minutes Irene called, and happily reported the flight was normal, at ten they would land. I looked at my watch, it was seven minutes before the helicopter landed.
Miss Jane glanced at us and offered to go to the landing where the helicopter would descend, and when we arrived my sons, mother and wife Masha were there and saw us waving their arms pointing to the sky in a westerly direction. I glanced at the blue sky and saw a silver-colored helicopter; it flew swiftly toward us and went down. Three minutes later, he hovered above us at a height of hundreds of yards and smoothly went down, the wheels touched the ground and immediately the engine stalled. When we approached the door opened, the pilot's head, Rick, appeared, he waved his hand, the stairs immediately descended, Irene walked first, followed by an elderly, pretty blond lady of medium height with gorgeous shapes in a green-yellow dress just below her knees. The long wavy hair of platinum hue to the shoulders gave her face an extraordinary appeal. She confidently descended the stairs, stepping on them with her brown low-heeled shoes, a smile never left her puffy lips, big blue eyes sparkled and I looked into her and remembered, this actress played in many TV shows and in the comedy film "Wish me luck" . Gloria was holding Miss Elizabeth from behind, a dark leather handbag hung on her shoulder. The height was low and Miss Jane and my Masha were on both sides holding her in any case. The last one to go down was the pilot Rick with a big brown suitcase and a purple bag with things.
We exchanged greetings, introduced ourselves, Miss Elizabeth looked at me and said with a smile: "Mr. Victor Smith, thank you very much for everything you did in search of the missing plane, my granddaughters told a lot about you. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad to see you Thank you very much Miss Jane, you are a respected sorcerer of goodness and a blacksmith of happiness for the people Mr. Joe and everyone who is here. I think we dont have much time to talk, the experts, the police will soon arrive and we should fly to the disaster area, let me change clothes and get ready before they arrive."
"That's right, dear Miss Elizabeth, we have an hour at your disposal, you change clothes, and before you leave you need breakfast, we will not be in the forest for an hour, so ten minutes for food can enough," said Miss Jane and smiled.
"Fine, I'll be ready in twenty minutes, thank you for the invitation," and after talking with the granddaughters, Miss Jane and my sons who carried things, they went into the house.
I will not describe about the breakfast and the conversation of the guest and the hosts took place, at 11 am the helicopter flew with the specialists and as he was walking down we left the house. As soon as the captain of police Mr. Gere touched the ground because of the large employment without going outside. He waved to us in greeting and loudly shouted because of the noise of the operating motor: "Ladies and gentlemen, good morning, I ask you to go to the salon. You will meet in flight."
A metal ladder was lowered from the salon, and I, Mr. Joe, Miss Jane, Miss Elizabeth, her granddaughters, and my sons went up to the salon to greet the captain and everyone who flew with him, started counting and turned out their fourteen people. The helicopter immediately rose and flew to the waterfall of Grozny, Miss Jane introduced me to Captain Geer, and he, as a responsible officer in this investigation, immediately asked me to go to the pilot's cabin in order to indicate the landing place. He introduced me to the pilot Mr. Crag, we exchanged greetings, I called my name, smiled and flew to the northeast according to the coordinates I had previously given. Here the River Calm appeared, the Grozny waterfall flashed in the distance, and I asked pilot Crag to go down near the edge of the forest where a long wooden pole with a red rag stuck out of the ground.
The helicopter descended into the clearing, the pilot Craig turned off the engine and announced via communication: "Ladies and gentlemen, the flight is over, be careful when going down the stairs."
Captain Gere, a middle-aged, tall, strong-built brunette with dark short hair on his head, opened the door, lowered the stairs and first came out into the clearing, followed by women and then experts.
Having gone down to earth, we spent a few minutes getting to know each other; you needed to know who is who and who is the name. In short, it turned out with captain Gere flew counting the pilot fourteen people, his team had seven people or two police experts, Cook and Bligh and four police officers. With Major Douglas from the Civil Air Patrol, Elmer's assistant, Captain Rosa from the National Transport Safety Board, other than Lieutenant Mick, was accompanied by three more assistants. Without losing time, the police unloaded from the helicopter shovels, hooks, electric circular saws, electric power generation engine, water canisters, hand trucks and saw a mountain of what needs to be moved through difficult-to-pass forest, thought that everyone would have to sweat tightly after passing more than a 1000 yards with such cargo through the furnace place.
Breaking ten minutes, Captain Gere looked at us, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, since we have to stay in the forest for some time in order to inspect the debris and get to the recorder, the black box, we need to carry this equipment and carry, even with a smoke break."
Strong guys without objection took on shoulders, tools, electric disc saws, water in cans, three people rolled a trolley with an engine for generating electricity and I would say going deeper into the forest for a couple of hundred yards faced with the difficulty I forgot to warn Captain Gear was stamping and after the rain the feet with the shoes went into the mud. Of course, if you go without load, the dirt doesnt do but these extra pounds made themselves felt. After walking about 100 yards, Captain Gere, who was walking next to me, stopped and said softly: "Mr. Victor Smith, with such cargo and women, we will not go far, I think let's go light, see the wreckage of the aircraft, maybe there is a platform somewhere near them and we will put a helicopter there."
I looked at him and said: "That's right, Captain Gere, women, we will leave a heavy load near the helicopter, but the pilot Craig should go with us, he will definitely decide whether or not to land the helicopter, make an announcement."
Captain Craig turned to the companions who came after us: "Lady and gentlemen, we return to the helicopter, the women and the cargo are left near him, the men go light to the wreckage of the aircraft and at the same time look around the landing site and you will find yourself in place without problems."
I will say all agreed and we returned to the helicopter, a heavy load and the women were left under the supervision of my sons at my request since wolves were in the forest. With us to the wreckage of the aircraft went to the helicopter pilot, Mr. Craig and I will say in an hour we got to the place. While the specialists and policemen examined the wreckage of the plane, the helicopter pilot and the policeman went to find a suitable place for the helicopter landing and soon happy returned and Mr. Craig reported: "Gentlemen, a couple of hundred yards from this place are a suitable landing site, I think guide back to the helicopter and in an hour we will fly with women and cargo."
"That's right, Mr. Craig, without circular saws, we wont get to the black box, and without it, we wont solve the mystery of the planes death, but I wont let you alone if you get lost while we find the day." spoke Geister and looked at me, said: "Mr. Victor Smith, no one knows the way to the helicopter except you, lets our genius, let's even give you just a policeman with a gun and you personally, Mr. Johnson, you go with the pilot and Mr. Smith. "
"I looked at the captain, smiled and said:" Well, Mr. Gere, I agree, with a guy like Mr. Johnson we are not afraid of a gray wolf, by the way, gentlemen, they live here and be careful. "
Without losing time, we went to the helicopter, and since we were light and in a hurry, after forty minutes we got to it, the women and my sons saw us delighted and learned from the pilot that the landing site was found altogether enraptured. We didnt even have to work; in our absence, the ladies with Alex and Sam lifted everything they had previously taken off to the helicopter. We entered the helicopter, the pilot closed the door, went into his cabin, turned on the engine and a couple of minutes off the ground. I was in the cockpit next to him and suggested the direction to the wreckage of the plane, flew very low, finally saw our people waving to us and now it was left to sit on the platform found earlier by the pilot Craig as he said a couple of hundred of the wreckage of the plane.
"Mr. Craig, I see the platform, heading south-west," I said happily.
"There is a course to the south-west, the pilot reported and changed direction, I looked down and suddenly saw a small glade, showed the pilot and he looked down exclaimed: "It! "
The pilot slowed down and, flying up to the center, hovered over the clearing, began to slowly decrease, and we felt a slight push-touch with the ground. Mr. Craig turned off the engine, we stepped out of the cab and looked at the seated men and women, announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, flew, smooth landing is complete, please go out." He opened the door, lowered the ladder, went out first and helped the ladies to go down to the ground, or rather to the grass. Now it was necessary to go to the wreckage of the plane where specialists led by Captain Gear were waiting for us, but since they were circling, they lost their reference point. Fortunately for us, we heard the screams of our people coming to the right and soon saw Major Arnie Douglas, who was tall with lush red hair, walking toward us, followed by three policemen. I must say that this place wasnt swampy, why they moved so quickly to us, I understood they needed electric circular saws and a power generation engine.
Having noticed us, they stopped working and began to happily wave their hands, we answered them, finally came to the wreckage and got up. Miss Elizabeth shed a tear at the sight of the wrecked plane and walked around with her granddaughters and Miss Jane, the spectacle was not a pleasant one. At this time, the police brought the engine, hooked up circular saws and began to cut off those parts of the aircraft that prevented the body from turning over to get to the black box. In order to carry out the important work before dark, two police forensic officers, Captain Bligh and Lieutenant Cook and Major Douglas, went with me and my sons to collect fragments of human bodies in the forest. Since they all lay in different places, we were divided into three groups: I went with Blai, Alex with Cook and Sam with Major Douglas. How nice that we have previously put poles with red rags on the skeletons and thus reduced the search. Frankly speaking, if you take a human skeleton for one hundred percent, then each one is left no more than 20-25, but most importantly, as Harry Bly said, the skulls were more or less preserved from wind, snow, rain and insects, they looked dark and rough. Bly and I spent a couple of hours searching for fragments, he wanted to find some more parts, but Ill say the searches were not crowned with success. Due to the complexity, we collected five separate skeletons, or rather, all that was left of them if we count by the skulls and put separately into five plastic bags.
The rattle of electric circular saws cut metal irritated on the ears, the policemen cut one part off the other, set it aside, the experts themselves carefully examined them, removed them and loaded everything into computers. The work was in full swing, there was no time to even really eat, only at three o'clock afternoon they had sandwiches and drank hot coffee with cream. After a smoke break with new forces, they began to cut the body and only at five o'clock they got to the black box, everyone started looking at it and Arnie Douglas as the captains Ros and Gere concluded that it was preserved and can be decrypted but decided to take it with you. Since the main and important work was done, Captain Gere thanked everyone who participated and asked the police to transfer some parts of the crashed aircraft to the helicopter for examination, tools, engine, circular saws and even tare and plastic left over from the food. In order to quickly cope with the work, I asked the sons to help the police and they unquestioningly joined them.
At this time, Captain Gere in the presence of his assistants Cook and Bly, Major Douglas from the Civil Air Patrol, Assistant Elmer, Captain Ros from the National Transport Safety Council, me, Miss Elizabeth, her granddaughters Gloria and Irene, Mr. Joe and Miss Jane made a brief statement: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, I thank everyone who took part in the search for the black box and human fragments today, this is the end of our work. As for the plane wreck, dear Miss Elizabeth, solve the problem with Mr. Joe and his wife, Miss Jane, they are masters of the territory which is currently scrap what to do with them.
Since our work in which was attended by representatives of three independent missions: 1) Police Department No. 27 Commission of the State of Montana in whose territory a plane crash led by Captain John Gear took place, 2) Commission of the Civil Air Patrol of Montana headed by Major Arnie Douglas, 3) Commission from the National Transport Safety Board of Montana headed by Captain Henry Ros was completed, then in the report of the conclusion we indicated a black recorder box, a radar and collected human fragments for five persons to identify the causes of the crash and the conclusions which took place August 20, 2074. I ask you dear Miss Elizabeth Stone and Mr. Jo to read the act and sign the authenticity on the display. Yes, the results of the crash will be known in a few weeks after a thorough examination by experts and as for the human fragments, everything is simple - in five days they will be completely identified and dear Miss Elizabeth Stone will be sent to your address. Taking it you go to the specified funeral home of the city of Los Angeles and decide for yourself whether you will bury or cremate the remains. Please, Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Joe come to me, due to the fact that the time is nearing evening and we need to fly any comments and questions are unnecessary. Tonight, at dinner, I will answer questions. If I can find the right answer, everything is not so simple in this catastrophe. You will receive a copy of the certificate upon arrival at the farm."
Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Joe came up to Captain John Gear, read the letter and thanked him and signed the date on the display at the end of the act. I, as an outsider, was not included in the act, which is why I did not lose anything. Captain John Gere thanked us, closed his computer, shook our hands, breathed a sigh of relief, and happily announced: "Lady and gentlemen, with a clear conscience to the helicopter, Mr. Joe, frankly, Ill have to linger for an hour in your house to rest."
"Captain John Gere, no problem, thanks for the work done, everyone is well and hungry, until we arrive everything is ready for rest, to the helicopter," said Uncle Joe, smiled and took a couple of shovels headed for the glade to which the police were walking. We all took on the wreck of the aircraft necessary for the examination and sending of the helicopter. Miss Elizabeth and Miss Jane looked at the wreckage of the aircraft in one pile, wept and moved behind us. When we reached the helicopter I called Masha and informed about the completion of the work, she understood me and asked not to worry until we arrive at the table for everyone.
Before the pilot took off, Richard Craig thoroughly examined the unfolded parts of the aircraft, the tool, circular saws and the engine in special containers, tightly closed cover and headed for the cabin. Stopping at the door, he looked at us and when everyone sat down on the seats he asked to fasten his seat belts and made sure that everything was in order, he said: "Ladies and gentlemen, take off in a couple of minutes."
The pilot entered the cockpit, roared the engine and soon the helicopter began to rise smoothly upwards. As soon as we were above the tops of the trees, we began to rapidly pick up speed and in a minute we were already flying over the Grozny waterfall, over the Tranquil River. Having safely landed on the landing near the house, we left the helicopter and, as Mr. Joe promised, for all those who flew in to inspect the wreckage of Cesna Mustang 7 and took part in the work, an elegant table was organized, they drank wine and vodka at will and in moderation. Before leaving the table, Captain John Gere expressed his point of view on the air crash that took place for twelve years with a few words: "Ladies and gentlemen, everything happened because of loss of pilot control, and at that time the plane was at a low altitude and flew with a minimum speed as if trying to land and I say he did not reach just a thousand yards from the glade for the reason that he flew to the top of a very tall tree and falling down Cesna hit one of the trees and fell down on its belly in some incompetent way.
In all likelihood, the pilot was pulled out of control, and if the plane fell from a great height it exploded, there was a lot of fuel in the tanks. I can even say that when the plane fell, no one died, seriously wounded people crawled out of the cabin, but then they suffered a terrible fate - the beasts of prey attacked them. But a more detailed presentation, dear Miss Elizabeth, you will receive when we decipher the recorder and experts from forensic medicine identify the identity of the victims and state the version of the death. That's all I wanted to say, we all condole your irreplaceable grief and ask you to courageously accept what happened. To you, dear Mr. Uncle Joe and charming Miss Jane, thank you very much for the food, I'm sorry you were detained but you can't do without it, you yourself saw what position everyone got, but fortunately we managed one day. I will issue you the act of imprisonment in two copies and I firmly declare that Mr. Joe and Miss Jane will not be guilty of this in your case, so continue to work for the good of America, live peacefully, sleep sweetly and have good health. Before you part, you will read carefully the contents of the act and write on the display of my computer again."
Captain John Gere took out two copies of the act from the red folder and handed one Miss Elizabeth and the other to Mr. John. The lady began to carefully read the three pages and agreed with everything signed on the computer display, she thanked everyone who took part in the work and asked to send all the information to her home address in Los Angeles. Mr. John, having read the act, also signed, thanked everyone who took part in the work and the experts who had arrived began to leave the table, everyone thanked the hosts for the tasty treat and to shake hands with them. Fifteen minutes later, the helicopter took off and headed for Great Falls, Montana.
As soon as the helicopter flew off, we went to the house, Miss Elizabeth thanked Mr. Joe and Miss Jane for their help and, referring to fatigue and my granddaughters, went to her bedroom, I was eager to listen to the recording on the disk of the conversation in the cabin of the aircraft during the flight between those who were in it. Mr. Joe and Jane asked me to replace the girls to prepare dinner for their sons returning from work with their wives and children and went to their office to make plans for tomorrow. I implicitly agreed and with my ladies and sons began to clean the tables and then prepare dinner. We coped with our responsibilities, prepared a delicious dinner, fed everyone a delicious meal, then cleaned the room and went to bed.
In the morning, as usual, Masha and I got up at 6:30 am, washed, did the exercises, and first looked into the kitchen, Gloria and Irene worked as they should in the kitchen. When they saw us, they waved their hand to us, we exchanged greetings to them and approached them. Gloria took me aside and said quietly: "Mr. Victor, Grandma wants to invite you after breakfast to listen to the contents of the recording, she does not understand everything about what happened on the helicopter. Some mysterious incident in the cabin."
"I would be happy to help her unravel what happened on board," I said, and since I had nothing to do in the kitchen I went to the garden. Soon, the sons appeared and, having exchanged greetings, asked if there was any news. Looking at them, I honestly admitted: "My children, for any news, they will be after breakfast, please be patient, Miss Elizabet wants to let me hear the last part of the recording about what Gloria reported."
"In that case, as I understand it, Miss Elizabeth cannot figure out that record herself and wants to invite you, so that after breakfast everything will become clearer," Sam said.
"We wont guess, sons, Miss Elizabeth and her grandchildren of the past cannot be returned, although the pictures and Faberge Easter Eggs are completely safe and experts of forensic medicine are identified by personality fragments and buried with honor," I said, and added sadly, "through some days they will leave the farm. "
"Dad, I have to inform you of the good news - Gloria and Irene invite us to go with them to Los Angeles, so you and mom and grandmother will have to go back to New York yourself, but everything can change if Miss Elizabeth invites you, Mom will already know this and approves, "said Alex, smiling.
"I am happy for you children, with such girls you can go to the end of the world, I think Miss Elizabeth will not object," I said and smiled.
At eight in the morning, as usual, everyone gathered in the dining room for breakfast, Miss Jane and Mr. Joe consoled Miss Elizabeth and her granddaughters and promised to solve the problem of aircraft crashes in the evening, they did not want them to litter the forest. Miss Elizabeth thanked the hosts for their care, help, reception and not to think about this insignificant problem until the evening, which this disaster created.
As soon as Uncle Joe's family went to work, and we, my wife, Masha, my mother, Alex, Sam, Gloria, Irene and Miss Elizabeth were left alone. She looked at everyone with her open blue eyes in a velvety voice said: "Ladies and gentlemen, because of our busy schedule, we didnt have time to really talk about a very important topic. More in the helicopter, even earlier, in the negotiations between me and granddaughters, Gloria and Iren, I learned about their acquaintance and mutual affection, love, with young people Alex and Sam. I will say even more - my granddaughters confessed to me, let it not be a secret - they spent time with young people in bed, I do not approve of their deed, but love is strong and, in the heat of passion, they have not kept their desire to know each other in love joys and, after a fight, do not wave their fists, then I dont mind their friendship. And if you, Mr. Victor, Miss Marie and Miss Katerina approve of their affection for each other, then we will not break their love, waste time and thank tomorrow Miss Jane and Mr. Joe for their hospitality and help to leave this hospitable house and fly to Los Angeles to my villa. I understand you have your home in the suburbs of New York, you will return to it at any time, but you will live with us for a while. You yourself understand that you need to arrange a funeral first thing, then a magnificent wedding and organize a gallery - these pictures and Easter Eggs cannot be kept closed in the closet, let people admire these masterpieces, they all now belong to my granddaughters and their lovely chosen ones, your word is Mr. Victor and miss Marie."
I didnt waste my time and looked at my sons and the ladies expressed their opinion: "Ladies and gentlemen, charming Miss Elizabeth, if young people love each other and as you say they already know the joy of love in bed, I dont mind, I wish them happiness. Since you are waiting for business in Los Angeles and soon there will be a funeral for a husband, son and daughter-in-law and then a wedding, then I join you and maybe the day after tomorrow we will bid farewell to the hospitable hosts and fly."
My wife is happy and joyful because our sons have found such charming and lovely girls looking at everyone said: "Dear Miss Elizabeth, if you approve of the choice made by your beautiful granddaughters, then I and my mother just wish them strong love, long happiness and sweet babies."
"I also wish my grandchildren and charming girls love, happiness and a lot of cute children, let them live in friendship and harmony," said my mother, went to Miss Elizabeth, shook her hand, kissed her and added, "what a pity that Glorias parents and Irene and your husband didnt wait for a joyful and happy wedding day."
"Miss Katerina, such is the fate of perishing, I would say that everything happened so absurdly, according to the recording on the plane, there were no strangers. In Kalispell, Montana, perhaps due to an early agreement, they didnt know my husband Harry, son Charlie and daughter-in-law Marilyn flew in three, they were joined by a cute couple, actors from Hollywood starring with them in the comedy film "Let There Be Light, Johnny" Mr. Max Sanley, handsome for 30 years and Miss Greta Jummy, matchless beauty 27 years old. I understood they rested on the summer cursor in the Rocky Mountains in the Glacier National Park. And here, Mr. Victor, I will need your help, listen to the recording and find out what happened on the plane during the flight from Kalispell, it was from this place that the controllers stopped communicating with the aircraft. not to return, not to punish anyone, but I want to know. Now let's listen to our young lovers who have found each other on this farm, "said Miss Elizabeth.
I will say when granddaughters Irene and Gloria and our sons Alex and Sam heard that Miss Elizabeth approves of the choice of young people who love each other and therefore become husband and wife, as well as my consent, mothers and grandmothers unusually cheerful, a wide smile flashed on their faces and stood up in pairs. Sam stood hugging Irene, Alex and Gloria, kissed each other for joy, and when it came to their recognition they just asserted that they loved each other, their intentions were sincere and forever and by mutual consent they indulged in love joys. We had no doubt, everyone agreed that there was no need to break their love and decided to put an end to this frankly, I, my wife Maria and my mother were afraid that an actress from Hollywood would refuse to give out her beloved granddaughters for my sons, after all, we ordinary Americans didnt consider our merit to be another merit and when Miss Elizabeth approved their choice everyone was happy so much . Since there were no outsiders, they got a bottle of champagne from the fridge, glasses, opened and drank the happiness of those in love.
From this time on, we behaved simply, as if we were related, Miss Elizabeth, her granddaughters, our sons kissed me, Marie and my mother, and we, respectively, theirs. Immediately I, my wife and mother agreed to go to Los Angeles, but when we decide after Miss Jane and Uncle Joe return from work.
We were all happy: young people will start a new family lifestyle, they will have a goal to acquire children, to take care of their education and search for themselves in work. But as life went on, Miss Elizabeth looked at everyone, smiled and said softly: "Lady and gentlemen, I ask you to do a useful job - to clean the room, to cook dinner, and Mr. Victor and I will go to listen carefully to the recording to the end, let it already not so important, not to punish anyone, but to know is necessary. "
The girls, my boys, my wife and my mother immediately set about cleaning the room, and Miss Elizabeth looked at me with a smile and winked resolutely and went to the stairs. I followed her admiring her seductive figure and full legs. We entered a small bedroom with a window overlooking the garden, a brown leather sofa stood by the right wall, a wooden bed covered by a white duvet was by the left, and a pair of large pillows of lilac color were laid at the head. On the table in a crystal vase is a lush bouquet of wildflowers plucked by granddaughters and there was a small white device to play the recording.
"Please sit on the sofa, Mr. Victor, we will listen to the last minutes of the recording, from the moment when our good acquaintances appeared in the cabin, as I said earlier in the acting room," Miss Elizabeth said sadly in her voice.
She went to the table, turned on the device, sat down next to me on the sofa and soon the engine noise came, after a while a male voice came out in the cabin: "Greta, Max, please sit opposite Marilyn and Charlie, take off in a couple of minutes, make a landing in Spokane, as it is in the evening, its 6 40 am now, I think we will spend the night at the hotel and then fly to Seattle. "
"Mr. Harry, thank you, we will sit as it should be, go to the cabin, we will not move with the place so as not to upset the balance," Max said.
"Okay, Im coming, ladies and gentlemen, you are free, you have cognac, you can enjoy, Marylyn, Charlie get a drink from the bar."
"Everything will be okay, dad, we will treat them," came a pleasant male voice, I guessed it, said Charlie. The recording clarity due to the high sensitivity of the microphone was extraordinary, there was a slight blow of the bottle on the table, someone put the glasses and a drink was poured into it.
"For your health, Greta, Max," we heard Marilyn's velvety voice, the sound of a bakery, and then another lady, Greta, made a toast from herself: "For your health and success, Charlie and Marilyn."
"Dear Marilyn, would you find your favorite Segram 7 whiskey or Carso's champagne? Wet 96 we drank almost every evening," sounded Gretas pleasant melodious voice.
"There is a champagne of Ballator, from our sunny California, pleasant, we will try," whispered Charlie. A few seconds later the champagne was on the table, I heard a shot of a departing cork from the bottle, a hiss and a stream of pouring drink into glasses. At that time, we heard the joyful voice of the pilot Harry: "Ladies and gentlemen, height 4,000 feet, speed 220 miles per hour, the flight is normal. Are you satisfied with the food? How sad that I can not tear myself away from the helm, my autopilot does not work. "
"Mr. Harry, you are not supposed to drink anyway," Max said, yes, I see that the plane has darkened, have we not flown into a cloud?
"This is the sky, clouds of ladies and gentlemen! Soon we will break through," came the voice of the pilot.
Silence reigned in the cockpit and suddenly Marilyn's anxious voice sounded: "Greet, Charlie, Max, what a strange flash and shake! Have we not fallen into an air hole?"
"Dad, what happened?" anxiously in his voice said Charlie. There was no answer. "Max, Greta, Marilyn, into the cockpit," came to us, the noise could have guessed that everyone rushed to the cabin and heard Marilyns disturbing voice: "Charlie, dad unconscious, take a seat at the helm! Max, Greta, help me move my father to the salon! "
There was a noise, a pilot's moan and his weak voice: "Lightning, some kind of fireball, and a projectile may break next to the plane. Our plane was thrown to the side, this is not a pit. My Marilyn, in the cockpit, ask Charlie how the instruments work. "
"Max, give dad a sip of whiskey, I'm going to Charlie's cabin."
"Charlie how to control?" Marilyn turned to her husband in an alarming voice.
"My dear, its stupid to lie, not a single device works, the power supply is turned off, the engine has stalled, I try not to overwhelm the plane, in short, we continue to fly blindly, I can not decide on the terrain, I try to plan on some clearing but below us are mountains and continuous forests look in the windows, look for any narrow strip and prompt me, said Charlie without any fear and panic."
"Mr. Harry, you are not supposed to drink anyway," Max said, yes, I see that the plane has darkened, have we not flown into a cloud?
"This is the sky, clouds of ladies and gentlemen! Soon we will break through," came the voice of the pilot.
Silence reigned in the cockpit and suddenly Marilyn's anxious voice sounded: "Greet, Charlie, Max, what a strange flash and shake! Have we not fallen into an air hole?"
"Dad, what happened?" anxiously in his voice said Charlie. There was no answer. "Max, Greta, Marilyn, into the cockpit," came to us, the noise could have guessed that everyone rushed to the cabin and heard Marilyns disturbing voice: "Charlie, dad unconscious, take a seat at the helm! Max, Greta, help me move my father to the salon! "
There was a noise, a pilot's moan and his weak voice: "Lightning, some kind of fireball, and a projectile may break next to the plane. Our plane was thrown to the side, this is not a pit. My Marilyn, in the cockpit, ask Charlie how the instruments work. "
"Max, give dad a sip of whiskey, I'm going to Charlie's cabin."
"Charlie how to control?" Marilyn turned to her husband in an alarming voice.
"My dear, its stupid to lie, not a single device works, the power supply is turned off, the engine has stalled, I try not to overwhelm the plane, in short, we continue to fly blindly, I can not decide on the terrain, I try to plan on some clearing but below us are mountains and continuous forests look in the windows, look for any narrow strip and prompt me, said Charlie without any fear and panic. "
"Max, Greta, to the portholes! Look for a clearing below us or a river; Charlie is trying to come along, she called out loudly to Marilyn.
A few seconds passed and Marilyn's joyful voice sounded: "Charlie, on the right I see the river and the waterfall, there is a wide clearing and you can land.
"My dear Marilyn, I see her but we cannot reach it, we are above the very tops of the trees, our Cesna loses its height."
"My dear Charlie, we are rapidly flying to a tall tree, turn it away or we will die," Marilyn said in an alarming voice.
"It is already late, the plane can not be controlled, do not turn away, goodbye, my dear ..." For several seconds the fall sounded heart-rending screams, cracks, crashing and as the plane fell randomly, it was audible as it broke into pieces hitting powerful tree trunks . For some time it was heard as the bodies of people screaming in pain, flied like a ball through the cabin, hitting the walls. A strong blow followed and everything fell silent; the recording was clearly stopped; the microphone failed due to mechanical impact.
Miss Elizabeth, who was sitting next to me on the couch, burst into tears and I had to comfort her, stroke her wavy ash hair on my head, kissed my cheek lightly and wanted to call her granddaughters, but she looked at me with her blue tear-stained eyes and whispered: "Victor , do not, Gloria and Irene should not see me crying and guess that the last seconds of their parents' lives were terrible, they may ask me to play this record and what they heard will affect their psyche. I myself almost lost my mind, sit with me, me need to calm down I have to discuss with you alone the important point and the question: "What caused the crash? Yes, dear Victor, state your version, it is so important for me, although it does not have any special significance. "
I looked at the charming lady and said: "Honey, Miss Elizabeth, if you were not for me, my sons, wife and mother are the closest relative, you are now for Sam and Alex as your own mother, but nonetheless scary, uncomfortable and embarrassed to sit close to such a lovely lady. I will not hide, the fate of young people depended on you and thank you very much for your decision. You are so charming and I will thank you for the rest of my life and comfort you with your permission. I will express my version of the crash, my dear, only I ask you to any one never tell this, I dont want to mention her, otherwise our whole family may encounter problems in life, and we dont need them either," I pulled her close and kissed her chubby cheek.
"Dear Victor, if you knew how happy I am that my granddaughters were determined, your sons are so clever but for the kind words thank you very much, there will be peace, comfort and love in our house, "Elizabeth whispered, kissing me with her plump tender lips like rose petals," I am not the enemy of my granddaughters and my kiss as proof. If you are not very pleasant to my kisses, then tell me without embarrassment. I kiss you and it calms me, I think my dear Harry is sitting next to me. "
"Charming Elizabeth, one bliss to sit near you, your kisses are so sweet that make me thrill and inner excitement. From your body comes the kind of heat that melts my heart and I lose my composure, I want to hold you close and eat like sweet Do not be offended, I came out of that age when they confess in love and fall in love, if you were not a close relative today, you could have eaten, and so not. I must say that despite your age you are such a charming, seductive and loving, you have such a gorgeous body and an ardent heart, I feel it beating in your full lush chest. "
With these words, Miss Elizabeth guessed what I was getting at, emboldened, transformed, revived, emboldened, looked at me, kissed and unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse. The edges opened wide and two full moons appeared, she took my hand and pressed it to the left warm and tender chest. I began to bluster her, Elizabeth's body trembled as if in a fever, she pressed herself against me, kissed and whispered: "Victor, caress, it comforts me and soothes, I am a weak woman and at the same time kind, I know, any man needs female caress and a man's woman. I don't mind if you eat me."
Elizabeth was in my taste and I would say though she was over seventy, but she looked and held on like a forty-year-old woman of medium height, full but in moderation and the main thing was what to hold on to. Since she wanted that, I, as a man and not a stranger, and even more so my own, should not have disregarded because I kissed her and said softly: "Dear charming Elizabeth, we have little time and a lot of desire, decide for yourself."
Elizabeth looked at me and whispered: "Darling, you know, such a case may not present itself soon, but I just can't stand it, let's eat me right now."
Elizabeth got up from the couch, took my hand and led me to the bed, but she didnt lay down on it, but on the floor, on the rug and lifted her skirt slightly apart her full legs. I did not waste time, lowered my pants and pounced on the reclining lady, she first frolicked but soon exhausted and kissed me softly said: "That's it, there was more desire and passion than the process itself took, you know, Victor, Im not that horse was what she was in her youth, but the most important thing was great satisfaction. And you? "
"I was pleased to rush on your gorgeous body, sweet horse. But in general I can say I could not ignore the seductive relative, but I ask you Elizabeth, do not show that you are in contact with me. You know, we are at that age. All this is fun for us, my kind Masha, will not be offended if you ever lure you back to your bed. Just let us agree less often when we come to Los Angeles, we will find time and retire in your bedroom, and now get up, get dressed and go to yours, my sweet and desired seductress."
"Fine, my strong rider, but if you have such an opportunity tonight, let me know and I will wait, better on the bed, this whole rush does not give such pleasure, we leave, I dont have to know the cause of the crash and as I guess you won't tell her here, "said Elizabeth.
"That's right, I dont want for the reason that you can let it slip and this may affect my reputation, but when I express my version in your house the hearing does not reach anyone, it will remain within the walls of your villa, and as for your desire then wait, come at two o'clock in the morning, I first need to appease my wife. I noticed that after she was pleased, she would sleep soundly, "I said, and kissed the lady.
"Fine, dear Victor, satisfy Mary, and then I, the seductress, will wait impatiently," Elizabeth whispered happily, kissing me.
We got up, got dressed, Elizabeth removed her reproducing device, put on her makeup, looked at herself in the mirror, sat me in the chair, sat on the sofa herself and called: "My dear Irene, please come with Gloria, with the elect, Miss Mary and Madame Catherine, before lunch , far away, you need to solve an important task before the arrival of Miss Jane and Mr. Joe."
"Grandma, we are in a rose garden, in an arbor, can you come to us, here is such a fresh air," said Irene.
"Okay, we're coming, wait for us," Elizabeth said, smiled, closed her cell phone and looking at me whispered: "Dear Victor, they are waiting for us in the garden, let's go," got up and headed for the door. I followed her, our appearance did not arouse any suspicion, we were greeted with joyful smiles and the question asked by Gloria sounded: "Grandma, you understood the record of what happened on the plane."
Miss Elizabeta looked at everyone and said in a sad voice: "My dear, the plane didnt happen about what Captain Gere said, let's not think about what happened and decide when we take off, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, we need to hurry like that how the remains will be sent and they must be buried with honor. I must admit that my son Charlie, an actress, Miss Greta, was on the plane that Jummy and actor Mr. Max Sanley. We won't talk about this here anymore."
Everybody decided to fly tomorrow to prepare for the funeral of Miss Elizabeth's husband Harry, her son Charlie, daughter Marilyn, Greta Jummy and Max Sanley who died in an airplane race and then arrange a wedding. I will not hide, it was pleasant to all of us that young people found each other granddaughters miss Elizabeth and our sons make their nests. Of course, I didnt want to live in Los Angeles, though I couldnt leave my sons as I decided to open a museum of masterpieces with my own money, but I havent shared my thoughts with anyone yet. It was simple with the pictures, but besides them I personally had the Red trotter and my sons on a trotter with a carriage presented to them by Uncle Joe and Miss Jane, but so far Miss Elizabeth did not know about it.
Having agreed to go to Los Angeles first, I had to inform Miss Elizabeth about the trotters and strollers, and when she heard the five of us rushing here in a carriage, she came into indescribable delight and exclaimed: "Mr. Victor, Alex and Sam! I ask you to show me your priceless gift, I dreamed of having a horse all my life but I couldnt succeed. If we have three strollers then I suggest to go to my glorious city on them, it will be so romantic, eager to rush in the stroller and not to fly an airplane and the pictures will be with us and not somewhere luggage they do not get lost! "
"In that case, ladies and gentlemen, after lunch we go to my red-haired trotter, you Miss Elizabeth to admire this handsome man and carriages. Miss Jane and the missionary promised my sons trotters to choose from, it will happen tomorrow in their and our presence so young couples rush in their carriages. Romance!" I said, looked at the lady and winked.
Miss Elizabeth smiled and, being in a good mood, looked at all of us and looked: "In that case, my dear, everything changes, we will not go tomorrow or the day after, in any case, rush along the road and contemplate the world around us much more than look at it from above and see Im a cloud. So I suggest that after lunch I go to the Red trotter, so I want to see a horse and a carriage on which you rushed here from New York. Fantastic! "
Everyone agreed with Miss Elizabeth, the girls and the ladies soon went to the dining room to cook food, I went with my guys to the garden and told them in a whisper about the tragedy that took place in 2074, none of us had any doubts - the plane was shot at modern weapon-projectile exploded near the plane, a flash blinded the pilot. The blast wave not only threw Cesna away, but brought down all the instruments and the engine. With sad thoughts, we went to the dining room, had lunch and took away the tables and accommodations went to the workshop where the craftsmen, under the leadership of Uncle Joes eldest son, Mr. Gregory, collected modern carriages.. Once in the workshop we exchanged greetings, I explained the reason for our visit and Gregory Joe took us to the site where our carriages were. Seeing them, Miss Elizabeth was delighted, and since I, my wife and mother were obliged to her, with her approval, our sons became the bridegrooms of such charming grandchild brides, they decided to give her a present. Having taken her aside, I happily said: "Our charming Miss Elizabeth, I, my children, wife Masha and mother will offer Mr. Joe and Miss Jane to buy you a carrage with a bityug and give you. I think they will not refuse, the point is that they have a huge number of people who want to buy strollers with trotters. Now let's go to the corral and look at the handsome men."
"Mr. Victor, Miss Masha and Miss Katerina, Alex and Sam, thank you very much. But is it worth worrying and wasting money! We can use this money for a magnificent wedding, and then a funeral. There is no certainty that the insurance company headed by Arnold Henno will pay me 2 billion dollars, "said Miss Elizabeth looking at us.
"Our dear Miss Elizabeth, if he doesnt even pay the insurance, well do without his money, we dont feel sorry for the children, let them live in happiness, love and joy, and you just have to donate a stroller with a stallion, you endured so much grief and our gift will be your consolation," said my Masha and kissed her sister-in-law.
Miss Elizabeth looked at my wife with undisguised surprise and said: "Dear, charming Miss Marie! If I dont get this insurance, Ill have to lay my villa, to pay my debts. Do you think the experts on the magic word flew and their disinterested desire to help me establish the cause of the crash and identify the person? They'll send me a bill for several million! All hope is for insurance, otherwise I'm bankrupt."
I looked at our company and said loudly: "Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest everyone to walk with me to the stable, look at my trotter, Red, I forgot when I last saw him," and headed to the corral. Everybody followed me, having walked 500 yards to the stable behind which, under the supervision of three jockeys, trotters galloped along the treadmill, the rest of the bityugs, and all of them were reddish, slowly did a run along the wooden fence. My children whistled, one of the red horses stopped, turned around and saw us rushing to us. At the wooden fence, the horse stopped, screamed, and then began to shake his head. We stroked his face, withers, sides, Sam turned to Miss Elizabeth and spoke with pride: "Miss Elizabeth, this is the Red on which we are from New York in a carriage five of us for the week rushed to Uncle Joe. Just imagine if we, eight men and women in four carriages harnessed by such handsome men, will enter Los Angeles."
"This is amazing! All our relatives and friends will go crazy at the sight of such beautiful horse, in our town one artist bought a carriage with red hair for 50 million bucks! A crazy amount! But with what envy everyone looks at him in secret, a certain billionaire of my girlfriend offers him $ 75 million for horse, but he does not agree to give him up even for a hundred. Imagine, my dear, he rolls along the highway with the beauties and the TV people are rushing after him. And I will say, he probably didnt earn by advertising. Im over hundreds. My children, Victor, Marie, Miss Katerina, let's get out of here, I dont want to upset myself with an unfulfilled dream of becoming the owner of such a smart trotter. But Ill say that Im so glad that our young people have such trotters, they ride me."
"Of course, dear grandmother, we will take you to Los Angeles and you go through some street," said the granddaughters, kissing her, "I think you will wave your hand to people."
We stroked the face of the bastard, and I quietly whispered to him: "Red, we are not going to go, go to your friends, see you."
Sam whistled and Red rushed to the trotters doing a run and we went to the house, or rather to the stable, Irene and Gloria harnessed Carl to the stroller and drove Miss Elizabeth six hours to see the sights of the farm - visited the pond with carps of dolphin-sized, wheat fields, looked into the gardens and returned to begin to prepare dinner, at 8 pm Joe's family will return from work. Ladies cooked spaghetti with mushrooms and cranberry sauce, dumplings, baked meat pies, and for lovers of steaks, the food was for all tastes - sliced ??cheese, homemade sausage, smoked meat, everyone's favorite apple pie, fruit, grapes, drinks, sweet juices cold and raspberry-fruit wine. At 9 pm, everyone sat down at the tables and leisurely enjoyed the food, the fact is that tomorrow Uncle Joe and Miss Jane rest until dinner, as the head of the family and the company informed us that drillers, geophysicists and geologists would arrive in the second half and give a final conclusion underground tank oil or petroleum jelly nutrient mixture.
Miss Elizabeth sincerely thanked Mr. Joe, Miss Jane and the whole family for their hospitality and help, immediately informed them of their intention to leave the day after tomorrow because of the importance of the affairs, without saying anything that her granddaughters and our sons of the couple just mentioned about the upcoming funeral. Hearing that her granddaughters were going with her and I were embarrassed with my family, they offered to postpone the conversation the next day, as they should think about how best to part with Miss Elizabeth due to the fact that the wreck happened on the territory of their farm. We switched to another more or less relaxed topic, but we didnt sit for a long time - at 9 pm Mr. Joes entire family went to rest and we wished them and they quietly left the night. The young people began to clean the tables, my mother went to bed and my wife and Miss Elizabeth went to the summer house to discuss an important point of our common living and joint activities on which she insisted as the presence of expensive masterpieces worried her and she could not rely on the young.
We sat down in the summer house and for a couple of hours of discussion came to the following - I am appointed as the head of our art museum and in charge of financial activities, Miss Elizabeth and Masha will be assistants and guides, my sons and their wives will play the role of guards, and my mother will keep order in the house. Regarding the departure, they were scheduled for the day after tomorrow and Miss Elizabeth asked me not to talk about the trotter and the stroller, since we only have enough of what we have and can not throw away extra money if we decided to convert the villa into a museum. I dont know if the granddaughters told her about the diamonds Miss Jane and Uncle Joe donated by us, but he himself, as if forgetting about them, didnt say a word to the sweet little girl and promised that while talking with the farm owners I wouldnt talk about a trotter and a carriage.
When we finished the conversation, we went to the house in a good mood, near the bedroom of Miss Elizabeth said goodbye, wishing each other good night, kissed her and sent her into the room. When we went to bed, my Masha began to reproach me: "My dear Victor, you are behaving incorrectly, Miss Elizabeth sincerely wishes our newlyweds the best, actually puts all their works of art at your disposal, appointed the head of the museum and you hide the fact that we have there are diamonds for which you can buy not only a horse with a stroller, but all of his stable. Therefore, I ask you when we meet with Uncle Joe tomorrow, offer him anything, but buy a stroller with a trotter and present our sweet Elizabeth."
"My Masha, I did not tell her to make a surprise, give her insurance or not, and we will invest our money in acquiring paintings, they cost tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. As for a carriage with a trotter, I will persuade Uncle Joe and present it, but "You have not a word about diamonds with her, so sleep well and do not think," I said and kissed her. Masha calmed down, I gave her pleasure and when I fell asleep I got up and knowing that because of my insomnia I did not go to sleep before two, I wandered around the corridor. And then I remembered that Miss Elizabeth invited me to her, walked over to her room, pressed the door, it gently opened itself and saw a lady in a blue dressing gown above the knees with headphones listening to music. I silently entered the room, closed the door and went to the sofa, Miss Elizabeth noticed me, stood up, smiled and quietly said: "Dear Victor, I am so glad when my beloved rooster next to me, sit down and tell about the planet Approxima how people live there and how they love. "
I sat down next to him, kissed her and whispered: "Charming, attractive and seductive chicken, I dont tell at once, but I think we still have plenty of time ahead and you will not only hear but see. I must immediately say that my Masha is not jealous of you I even insist on doing the best for my mood, paying attention, taking care and giving gifts, so if I persuade Mr. Joe to get a trotter with a carriage and go to Los Angeles. How do you feel about that? "
"It's nice to receive such a gift, but where do you get such a lot of money with Masha? I frankly do not insist, but thank your wife for your concern, thank you very much," said the lady and kissed her.
I, in turn, kissed her and said quietly: "My temptress, let's not waste time, you are already trembling, you are unbearable and we will disperse, you know yourself if Masha will wake up and I cant suspect that Ive gone to you."
"When you are surrounded by passion, Im very weak and kind to you, imagining how my husband died, gave her word not to get married and tried to avoid men. But when my granddaughters told about how you found the plane and then I saw you changed in the computer "I decided to give up my decision and mentally tell myself if the handsome one wants to possess me," said Elizabeth, undid the dressing gown and disband the edges. The night was moonlit and I saw her naked body, magnificent breasts and tight full legs, gradually she began to push and I immediately laid down on her warm soft body.
At first my hen was cackling, squirming, but soon her ardor was asleep and honestly confessed to me: "My dear Victor, the passion has died away, I have gone out, I dont need anything more, and you can continue to walk in my garden."
And I could not calm down, an extraordinary power arose in the body and pumped it for no less than an hour, finally finished the race and she kissed me happily whispered: "Finally, I was afraid that the session would last until the morning, Masha would come running, would catch a hurt and pain -this scandal."
I looked at Elizabeth, kissed me and said softly: "My Elizabeth, do not worry, Masha completely loved you, she is conscious of me and even hinted to me that I enjoyed you, good mood. Im spending every night with her time, and since she gets everything, she noticed that she began to worry about you, a cute, lonely chicken. If you enjoyed it completely, then I leave, I think you are happy, good night, and until next time. "
"Of course I am satisfied, I dont need much, now, my cock, I will sleep peacefully, see you in the morning, good night," said Elizabeth and kissed me.
I hugged Elizabeth, kissed her lips and went to the door, waving her a pen. In my bedroom, everything was without a change, my wife was fast asleep, she lay cautiously on the edge, and half an hour finally fell asleep.
In the morning, as usual at 8 o'clock, we gathered for breakfast, everyone in a good mood greeted each other and inquired about their health, then sat down at the table and, enjoying the meal for half an hour, exchanged impressions about the past yesterday and then touched on the topic of departure. Uncle Joe and his wife did not try to persuade us to stay for a few more days, they understood that Miss Elizabeth had a lot of worries ahead and when the breakfast ended the host invited me, my sons and a lady to take a walk with him to the stable. We left the table and went to the workshop, the eldest son Mr. Gregory was walking with us. When Uncle Joe approached her, he looked at us, smiled and quietly said: "Dear Miss Elizabeth, I, my dear wife, our whole family, as a mark of respect for you and decided to give a present, choose any stroller, it is yours along with the trotter, so you can take a trip to Los Angeles on it."
Miss Elizabeth was shocked, such a fabulous gift, she threw her glance at everyone and said: "Mr. Joe, thank you very much, your wife, children, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, I can only wish you all good health, happiness, long life and a prosperous business. When my grand daughters have a wedding, we will invite all of you and pre-present a gift, thank you again."
Miss Elizabeth chose the blue carriage and immediately went to the stable, where Uncle Joe and his son Gregory called the main groom, they turned out to be the middle son Max, when he saw us he smiled and Mr. Joe asked him to bring three trotters - one to Alex, another to Sam and the third miss. Elizabeth, they are all red color. They were painted with numbers and we thanked Uncle Joe and the standing sons went to the racetrack with trotters. There we were seated on benches, and at that time Uncle Joe, his sons Gregory and Max pulled the trotters into light carriages, sat in them and made seven laps and stopped against us. I will say trotters rushed like the wind, and if specifically the average speed was 30 miles per hour. The jockeys approached them, Uncle Joe instructed them to unwrap the trotters and we headed towards the house, after lunch a helicopter would fly in and he and his wife would fly to a meeting with specialists from geologists, geophysicists and drillers. In short, happy, joyful and happy returned to the house, we were met by the ladies and the first thing I did, Miss Elizabeth my sons heartily thanked Miss Jane. At that time I walked away with Uncle Joe and looked at him quietly and said: "Dear Mr. Joe, thank you very much, I sincerely thank you, Miss Jay and your entire family for inviting, accepting, giving gifts and in turn giving you more three diamonds, but it will happen a little bit later, as soon as I return to New York, I will let you know about it. I assure you that those diamonds will make chic diamonds enough for everyone."
"Mr. Victor, thank you very much, your wife, mother, sons for accepting the invitation, we did not miss you and learned a lot about life on another planet. Of these stones came out chic diamonds, they have no price, thank you very much see you, my dear Victor, in the evening, "Uncle Joe said and firmly shook my hand.
Let me briefly say, immediately after lunch we began to pack up, the pictures were rolled into three rolls, wrapped in plastic, Faberge Easter Eggs were carefully covered with soft material, placed in boxes with down so that no shaking even blows would destroy them. In the evening, in our honor, the hosts made a fun festival and in the morning after breakfast I, my wife, sons and grandchildren of Uncle Joe followed our trotters, they listened to us, led us to the workshop, harnessed them in strollers and drove to the house. They immediately pulled out things, presents and said goodbye to hospitable hosts and invited them to visit the wedding of young couples in carriages drove to Los Angeles.
We didnt hurry much and Ill tell our motorcade of four carriages with red bytuegs along the way provoked undisguised attention, curiosity and even envy. We were photographed by ordinary people and TV people, motorists gave way, but a special interest manifested itself in Los Angeles - the helicopter of LACTF television company circled above us and filmed until the evening when a three-story pink marble-tiled building was faced with pink marble-girls in white blouses and blue skirts just below the knees met us near the metal gates. We greeted them with smiles on their faces, they inquired about our health, we met, and continued on our way to the palace. The estate was decent, with a garden and a small park. On the square in front of the house there was a fountain, our horses stopped and first of all we brought our belongings, gifts and pictures with boxes, then I with my sons and their wives drove to the landing area for the helicopter and then put the carriages on it, unhurnessed the horses and placed in the garage where there were luxury cars. Girls overtook them on the court and ran to the garage with open doors to get some fresh air. I say that the temperature was below 30 degrees in the shade, and the California sun burned down mercilessly.
When we returned from the garage, we entered this fabulous house-palace. We were struck by the luxurious decoration, that is, the taste of Miss Elizabeth was at the height. We walked on three floors - in the first large hall for receptions, to the right of the common dining room, to the left - various service rooms with laundry, sauna, jacuzzi, spa and gym with exercise equipment. The entire second floor is a small art gallery, and the third bedroom, the entire right side, was given to the newlyweds, and our bedrooms were located on the left. For mom, choose a room with a shower and a bathtub next to the stairs, ours was behind it, and in extreme cases Miss Elizabeth calmed down. I will say that in all the bedrooms there are two large windows facing the garden, there were air conditioners so that they could regulate the temperature and even the humidity in the room. I am not talking about wide wooden beds, furniture and crystal chandeliers on the ceiling and thick carpets on the floor. First of all, we washed out of the road, dressed in new clothes bought earlier, and after the elegant, dyed and powdered Elizabeth entered the pink blouse and green skirt just below her knees with her and my mom, we went to the first floor where our sons were sitting at the big table in colorful short-sleeved shirts and dark blue jeans with wives in white blouses and yellow skirts just below the knees. We sat at a table with flowers in crystal vases opposite young lovers, three maidservants in blue dresses with a white apron brought sandwiches, sausage, cheese, salads, wine, champagne, sweets, fruit, cakes. At first they served hot chicken noodle soup, Miss Elizabeth poured champagne into glasses and, not getting up from bed, made a toast: "My dear and beloved relatives, let's drink for the fact that the case brought us all together, we got married and live together and we will create in this house for the benefit of our dear young men Sam, Irene, Alex and Gloria, we wish them happiness, love, joy and children, we will have a wedding later. For you, dear! "
"For you, our dear lovers!" We said that they all clinked glasses and drank champions Moethe, knives, forks, called and talked, and since we had no hurry, we sat until the evening. So that the music from the speakers was fun, everyone danced and we felt great. I tried to drink only drinks, as many decades ago I stopped using wine, vodka and all alcoholic beverages, nobody forced me, although the ladies tried everything, but in moderation. Before leaving during the dance, Miss Elizabeth whispered in my ear with a smile: "My dear cock, if you suffer from insomnia, then look at the chicken, we will quickly chase it away."
I looked at her and whispered: "My dear chicken, I will try to drop you after midnight to get rid of insomnia, just dont close the door, we will soon go feed trotters."
"I agree, I will not close the door, I completely forgot about trotters, they also need to be fed," she said quietly and smiled.
After the house party was over, before I went to bed, my sons and Miss Elizabeth went to our trotters to feed and drink at night. Earlier, as soon as they entered Los Angeles, they bought fort 100 pounds briquettes with nutritious food and as many two-liter energy jerry cans in a Los Angeles supermarket. First of all, we approached the carriage, took a briquette from each of them and a two-liter canister of energy liquor and headed towards the garage where our trotters stood. When they saw us, they began to laugh, they greeted us with their faces, we put the briquette in front of each of them, and now we had to add two liters of energy liquor to a ten-liter bucket of water. We had buckets, only eight liters of water left to pour. Elizabeth showed where the tap was, we poured two liters of energy liquor into each bucket, added eight liters of water, mixed it and placed it in front of each trotter. The hungry horses ate and drank their night meal, we piled the buckets together, turned off the lights, and entered the house.
While we were feeding and watering the trotters, my Masha, mother and girls went to bed, I and Miss Elizabeth wished my sons good night, and they went with her to the bedrooms. Before I went to my room, I kissed Elizabeth and wished her good night, and whispered to her: "My dear chicken, I will try to come after midnight, do not close the door, we"ll talk."
"I'm waiting, my cockerel, my door will always be open," she said softly.
I went into the room, my Masha was lying on the bed in a robe and slightly spreading her full legs, I undressed, rushed to her and fell into her arms. I tried to pay tribute to her and I would say she was overjoyed not only because of the pleasure, but also as she confessed that our children were determined and their wives were not only cute and charming but also talented girls. Yes, I myself noticed how they not only sang but played the piano and danced a ballroom dance, perhaps in childhood the grandmother hired private teachers. We talked for a long time, I once again rewarded Masha with love and as soon as she fell asleep went to the hen to get rid of boredom. The door was open and when Elizabeth came in she was lying in a robe on a bed with headphones on her head listening to music. Seeing me, she took them off, smiled and beckoned me with her finger, I walked over to her, bent down, kissed her and lay down to her. Without any preparation, without wasting time and words as she was unbearable, I pounced on her. At first my hen cackled, squirmed, but soon her ardor was asleep and honestly confessed to me: "My dear Victor, the passion has died away, I have gone out, I dont need anything more, and you can continue pecking my bird."
Some extraordinary power arose in my body, I seemed to have been pecking at her bird for at least an hour, I was already tired of myself and I honestly admitted kissing her: "My sweet chicken, not that tired, just tired, I think well finish the race tomorrow you do not mind, you already have enough, I feel you are exhausted and probably want to sleep."
She kissed me and whispered happily: "My dear cock, Im just sleeping I do not want, as for tomorrow, then come, we will continue. In general, let's agree, you are the master in this house, and I am your obedient slave, not only at night but also in the afternoon. Tomorrow we will all get together and discuss an important point - how to snatch two billion dollars of insurance from Mr. Arnold Hennock, President of the Plato insurance company.
"My sweet slave temptress, forget about those two billion dollars, when I found Uncle Joe's farm, I found the wreckage of an airplane with masterpieces and Faberge Easter Eggs, "I whispered kissing the lips of the former actress tender like rose petals." Tomorrow we will gather and I will tell you what we shouldnt do and when you get the conclusion signed by the police captain Mr. John Gear will understand."
"My Victor, if I dont receive this money, I will have nothing to pay my debtors and you, you must receive the promised five million dollars for my find. Do not sell this villa to me!"
"My dear, you have paid me with your magnificent body and with your consent my sons have found such charming wives. If you had resisted everything could go differently, and everything would be happy. I only have to appease you every night for it , we are no longer young people and I will say Masha, too, as a token of gratitude, she is ready to give you valuable gifts and will soon do it. She loves you and worries about you alone. But now you are no longer alone, we are with you and I think happy. I and my Masha would not like if girls are against you the will be out for our sons. It would be a mountain! And everything was like a fairy tale-ordinary guys found fairy princesses. I'm leaving, good morning, charming chicken, till morning."
"Go, my dear master, I will say that I now feel surrounded by sincere people and love, I am pleased, good night, we'll talk in the morning," she whispered, kissing me.
I hugged Elizabeth, kissed him, stood up and headed for the door. My sweet Masha slept peacefully, she did not suffer from insomnia, and I only fell asleep at two nights.
In the morning we got up at 8 o'clock, the bright sun beat on our wide windows, with Masha went under the shower, got dressed, went to get mom and went to the dining room. The smiling Miss Elizabeth in the burgundy dress below the knees was already sitting at the table, we sat down at her, kissed her, she got us, started a conversation, then the sons and their wives came up, they kissed lovely servants in white dresses with friendly smiles on beautiful faces gave us dishes, then sat down and spent half an hour at breakfast. We talked about various topics, but with the maids we didnt say a word about the paintings and the Faberge Easter Eggs. But since the girls knew about the purpose of traveling to Uncle Joe's farm, Miss Elizabeth sincerely shared with them that the paintings were found, visited the plane crash with the police, saw the plane fragments found, but experts and police have not yet had a definite reason and send her the result of the investigation in a few days together with the identification of individuals.
When we finished breakfast, I got up and reminded all: "My dear, we ate and thank the Lord God, now we need to feed our trotters, so we will go to the garage where they are looking forward to us, asking for fresh air."
All came to life, really ate themselves and forgot their assistants, they immediately got up from the table
We went out into the courtyard, the hot California sun shone brightly, at least 30 degrees was in the shade. We went to the garage, saw us trotters stood up and began to shake manes, in their eyes it was evident that they were glad our arrival. As it should be, they received their daily ration of a ten pounds briquette of nutritious fodder and a two-liter jerry of energy drink with an eight-liter mixed-water bucket. But if we take in heading for a walk in a carriage, then it will take half an hour to give a full portion of food - a nourishing briquette and a bucket of energy drink. Unless you drive it, this portion is enough for 6 hours. Of course, this pleasure costs a cheap ten pounds nutrient briquette and a two-liter canister of energy drinks costs $ 50, daily food for a trotter pulls 150 bucks. But imagine how proudly you are sitting in a carriage and rushing among the cars - everyone gives way, people wave their hands and take photos endlessly.
Having fed the trotters, Miss Elizabeth asked us all to stroll through the territory of her villa and wandered around the garden and the park for at least an hour. Despite the autumn day, the heat was unbearable, and in order to hide from it, we went into the summer house, sat down on wooden benches and Miss Elizabeth looked at us and said quietly: "My dear, let's agree, we will intermarry and turn to each other to a friend, just from this time, Im just Elizabeth for you and you are Victor, Marie, Katerina, Alex and Sam for me. Since our house should be the owner, they will be Victor and now well listen to him as we should deal with the insurance company to knock out two billion dollars from it were insured paintings, Faberge Easter eggs and the most important people who died-my husband Harry Stone, my son Charlie and his daughter Marilyn."
I looked at the hostess, sitting and began: "Dear Elizabeth, my dear relatives! We are faced with a unique case, I will say, to insure property, people, and in general anything simple, they take money for it with great pleasure, but give little desire In our case, innocent people may suffer as the president of the insurance company, before issuing insurance to anyone, first of all hires lawyers and specialists who, based on the official conclusions of those who conducted the investigation, draw the appropriate conclusion and Ill say that in our case pilot Harry Stone will be guilty, I dont know for what reason the plane approached the territory of state importance protected by the military which had rocket launchers at its disposal. Mustang 7 was considered flying with its passengers-terrorists a bomb capable of blowing up the distillery complex. And if it had happened in the country, hundreds of millions of people would have lost healthy food for several weeks. when we listened to the recording, Marilyn asked: "Greta, Charlie, Max, what a strange flash and shake! Have we got into an air hole?" Then there was a noise, a pilot's moan and his weak voice: "Lightning, some kind of fireball, and maybe a projectile rupture next to the plane. Our plane was thrown to the side, its not a pit. My Marilyn, in the cockpit, ask Charlie how the instruments work . " So think about what to do. "
"It turns out that our grandfather-pilot himself was to blame for being in the protected area of ??the military, the plane was shot down and there was no one to make a complaint?" cast Gloria.
"Grandma, everything is not lost in us, let's not despair and wait for the investigation, there was a black recorder in the plane and since the lawmakers and lawyers of the insurance company won't write to refute it written in pen you can't knock it out with an ax, "Irene said.
"In this case, we will wait for the results, you granddaughter calmed me, we have a chance to return the money intended for insurance," said with a sigh of relief Elizabeth and a smile played on her face.
"Dear Elizabeth, in this case, you will never expose the masterpieces and Faberge Easter Eggs to the general public. It is only for Mr. Arnold Henno's agents to sniff out that the insured paintings are preserved as his lawyers bring a lawsuit not for two but for three billion dollars and in addition to false testimony, in your old age you are imprisoned until the end of your life. And hiding such masterpieces in the basement and admiring them in secret is a crime. If we get right to the solution of this moment we can win, I can help you with something at no matter how good the relationship between us is, I suggest tomorrow to turn to a professional lawyer to conclude a marriage contract between our sons Marie and Alex and Sam and your grandchildren Irene and Gloria, without any deposition.
I do not know what my children think about this, but since they are not yet financially determined and they need material support, my wife and I have decided, until a marriage is concluded between them, even their trotters with carriages are taken away. from them, this gift was given to them by Uncle Joe at my request. Me and my Marie personally do not need anything, I think about them, about my sons. The fact that they are sleeping with their beloved girls for me is not talking about anything, nowadays only legal marriage holds hearts together. Please do not be offended and do not think Elizabeth that I am pursuing some mercenary goals, Masha and I are financially secured just like you and that we dont have pictures and the palace is not so sad for us. I will frankly say the words are volatile and those promises not backed by paper are empty bells. And, most importantly, do not think Elizabeth that we are trying to take advantage of your predicament and impose your own conditions on your inability to receive two billion dollars. But no matter how bitter it is true, you will not get them from Mr. Arnold Hennock's insurance company. And also, on a visit, its good, and at home its better, whether my children will stay in this house, and after a few days we sit in a carriage and rush to New York with our own power, Im not used to looking at flowers aimlessly, "I said frankly, looking boldly in the blue eyes of Elizabeth, her granddaughters and sons.
My boys looked at me strangely during my monologue, but they didnt interrupt, and the girls became agitated, and Elizabeth herself squirmed at the words about the marriage contract. At the sight of luxury, I didnt lose my mind, its not mine and the fact that Elizabeth orally appoints me as the master of her palace is an empty ring for me. I told Elizabeth, I dont need anything, but I wasnt going to throw money into the wind, well give everything to our sons and if a marriage contract is concluded then everything that I bring my children in case of divorce will receive theirs and without it they will remain without a stake and a yard. Here, on Earth, much is built on lies, not like on Approxime where everyone is naive as children and nothing to share and lose - everyone has everything the same - left one apartment and ended up in another, the same.
There was silence in the summer house, it seemed to me that no one expected such a categorical statement from me and after sitting for a while Elizabeth looked at me, my wife, my mother, our sons, smiled and said: "My dear, Victor, Marie, Katherina, Alex and Sam, I dont mind, so today well find a law office, tomorrow well draw up a marriage contract and a month after the funeral of the remains, we can have a magnificent wedding before, I think my granddaughters Irene and Gloria will agree. "
The girls looked at everyone and exclaimed with one voice: "Of course, we agree!"
"In this case, we will try to take over all the financial expenses, Elizabeth, and as for the insurance money, well think about it after we get an act of investigating the plane crash. I think today we will go for a walk in two carriages around Los Angeles "I said and smiled
"Fine, Elizabeth spoke with pleasure, I will call my friends and we will stop at Hollywood, to the dream factory, it will make a stir, we will not only be photographed but shown on television."
After lunch, Elizabeth found a law office to create a marriage contract, called her friends at Disney World and at 5 pm, all but the maids in two carriages went to Hollywood. We were solemnly greeted, had a reception with champagne, filmed and immediately aired, returned in a great mood and with great impressions. Since my personality was widely known in connection with traveling to the planet Approxima, they asked to tell the most interesting moments, and since there was a recording on the disk with me, it not only told but showed the city of Brolin, as we rested at the mountain resort and when they saw tall Mountains with waterfalls of their surprise knew no bounds.
The next day, in three carriages went to the law office of Mr. Garri Berg, the marriage contract was made in such a way that he arranged for everyone and that was the most important thing. When we returned home, we had a family party for the newlyweds on this occasion, as the main celebration will be only after the burial of the identified remains of the crashed Stone. As a gift, Elizabeth presented the newlyweds three million dollars each for the purchase of their favorite things, jewelry, equipment, but promised at the wedding to present one picture for each pair. The newlyweds sincerely thanked Elizabeth, kissed her, and when our turn came, I took out four blue diamonds of extraordinary purity, each the size of a goose egg, and handed Gloria, Irene, Alex and Sam from myself, my wife and mother. At the sight of such diamonds, the girls and Elizabeth held their breath intently and with great surprise looked at them, the stones passed from hand to hand.
At this time, Masha took a diamond stone about the same size and color from the pocket of her dress and presented it to Elizabeth herself. She tried to refuse such a valuable gift, but the wife insisted and Elizabeth took it, looked at it from all sides for a long time and finally said: "Charming Marie, I, my granddaughters, are immensely grateful to you, Viktor and Katherina for such valuable gifts, thank you very much. I will say frankly, if diamonds are turned into diamonds and we can not only pay them back with debts but buy several dozens of masterpieces at auction. I will try to do so, now there is a real opportunity to attach a new building to the house and arrange it in it Alerieu. As for my gifts to you, I dont know your tastes and therefore I donate three million dollars and buy everything I like, I always do so and no one is offended."
Elizabeth wrote out three checks, handed us and kissed me, Marie and my mom, we thanked Elizabeth accordingly, kissed both joyful and happy ones who continued to walk. At 10 o'clock at the time, the fun was postponed, we went to feed our horses, then walked around the garden and at 11 pm we sat down at the table, I only drank drinks and juices but danced along with everyone. At one o'clock in the morning they went to the bedrooms, did not cheat their dear wife with affection and love, and did not bypass Elizabeth. Frankly speaking, my Masha was philosophical about everything, she was not selfish and understood perfectly well that she should be happy in life, not only she but also those around her. Especially since we were not more than seventy-forty years old but more than seventy-odd, and in this old age there might be jealousy. And since we lived mostly not for ourselves, but for children, everything was done with mutual consent, and although Elizabeth tried to make me master of the house, November categorically refused this role, but they listened to my advice and did everything. We didnt have any disputes and disagreements, but the goal was and we decided to put it into practice. After the wedding, construction work will begin, we will attach another building-gallery to the palace, buy paintings and let people admire.
As for the act of the commission on the results of the investigation of the plane crash, it looked unconvincing for the reason that the black recorder turned out to be disconnected from the beginning of the flight and the main reason for the crash of the plane and destruction was considered to be a fireball. Everything became clear to us and Elizabeth agreed not to contact anyone and spit on those two billion dollars for the sake of her own gallery in which we will put on display the preserved masterpieces, Faberge Easter Eggs, the new paintings and the nail of the exhibits from Approxima which Elizabeth estimated, and she knew about precious stones, exceeded a billion dollars. Since we were one family and there were no secrets between us when I brought diamonds from New York where I kept the diamonds in a secret place and showed her Elizabeth estimated them from 750 billion to a trillion dollars.
But as for the identification of personalities, everything was conditionally normal, we believed all five people, or rather the remains - Harry Stone, Elizabeths husband, Charlie, her son, Marilyns daughter-in-law, their friends, actor Mac Sanley and Greta Jummy were buried with honor. Thousands of people came to say goodbye, all those who filmed and worked with them, on this day the world learned about those actors who died in a plane crash twelve years ago. Three weeks after the funeral, we organized a magnificent wedding for Alex and Gloria and Sam and Irene. A lot of people gathered, invited Uncle Joe, Miss Jane, their sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren, everything was fine, walked for three days and after the newly-weds went for a month on a sea voyage on the "Sea Wanderer" . Due to lack of time, the family of Uncle Joe stayed only one day and before leaving us, he told a story that our humanity may encounter in the coming years due to the fact that the underground storeroom is depleted; "My dear Victor, I will tell you a secret, the drillers in the bowels of the earth found the real oil and not the oil-Vaseline viscous fluid from which by distillation we get the nutrient substance: thanks to it, people grow cattle, fish, grains in the shortest time under any adversity of nature, berries and fruits are all that is needed to meet human needs, a healthy lifestyle and his health. I'm afraid to think about what will happen in the consumer market in five years when oil and petroleum jelly disappears, Im even afraid to report about our president. Can you imagine, all my work because of the lack of nutritious substance which yields a high-calorie feed and energy swipes turn deduced me a new breed of trotters and Bityug in most of these nags, they will not buy it. It's a ruin! "
I looked at the host, the hostess, seated, smiled and said: "Dear ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Uncle Joe and Miss Jane, we are all mortal and nothing lasts forever under the moon, therefore I will say: you shouldnt take everything so close to your heart, your petroleum fluid is over, but there is still so much plant biomass and algae in the seas and oceans. For many decades, people have been creating artificial meat from legumes, so let others think after you how to save life on earth. under your territory? "
"Mr. Victor Smith, you correctly say not everything is forever under the moon, let others think after us, this is enough for my age. As for oil, you wont believe it - its reserves in the underground reservoir are estimated at eighty billion tons, America can at least fifty or even eighty years to live in your pleasure, so that soon horses will become rare again on the roads, three hundred million cars will flood all highways. I and my family will certainly not lose anything, oil is under us if the government refuses to protect my territory If Im hiring an army of guards myself, its a pity people will eat steak and sausage made from soy and seaweed."
"My dear Mr. Joe, if you get even fifty bucks from each ton of oil produced, then your income per year will be from 5 to 15 billion dollars, this is great as regards your trotters and bites then their owners are unlikely to be upset that they are not so fast, but what handsome ones. No Rolls Royce, Bogatti, Ferrari can be compared to them! Look at the riders from the side, so you dont worry, the demand for your trotters will not fall as well as the price as for nutritional fodder and energy drink then for him in your horses will last for many years, especially do not worry," to comfort Uncle Joe told me.
We broke up with Uncle Joe's family, and after the happy wedding ended, we began to implement our idea of ??creating a gallery. Elizabeth invited an architect, Mr. Arnold Cohen, specializing in designing art galleries, and he offered us several of his projects. We looked at them and agreed on a three-story gallery outside of marble-clad sea-green and blue skies, which cost us $ 450 million. While the gallery was being built for two years, we were not idle and, since our children and Elizabeths granddaughters were not bored, they decided to go to jewelers' courses - why should our diamonds, which are of great value, be transferred to the wrong hands for processing. For two and a half years, they worked as apprentices to the distinguished jeweler Mr. Harold Sperry. Having an artistic taste and being talented, they practiced on our diamonds and in order not to ruin them during the practice they paid Mr. Harold Sperry a month for two hundred thousand bucks. Frankly speaking, the jeweler seeing the diamonds on which my sons practiced and their wives was extremely surprised by the extraordinary blue and purity of the crystals and even wondered where they acquired them, but since we did not want to reveal the secret of their origin, they simply answered by inheritance. But since we needed money and out of respect for the master jeweler, he was sold ten stones each from 180 to 200 carats, valued at three hundred million dollars, of which he would make three dozen diamonds and sell them for half a billion bucks or even more.
As soon as the building of the art gallery was rebuilt, we began to insert our paintings into special niches, then covered them with bullet-proof glass of extraordinary purity and transparency. Along the perimeter at a distance of four feet from the walls on which the paintings hung, we stretched a red rope attached to bronze racks so that visitors did not approach the masterpieces. We have provided a lot to protect our paintings in order to prevent the attack of maniacs and especially theft. The armored glasses covering the canvases were thus fastened to the frames and to the walls, which could not be torn out without a breaker hammer. Imagine what would be the noise in the building if someone thinks of a jackhammer to break the concrete wall around the picture. Moreover, in each room there were such sensitive microphones that we could hear the noise of randomly flying flies through amplifiers. But they especially provided for the protection of Faberge Easter Eggs and the processed diamond, the blue particle "Approxima Particle" weighing 2560 grains or 512 grams estimated by experts at $ 1 billion. Just imagine - on the third floor in the Round Hall the walls and the dome of which is made of armored glass in the center on a mirror pedestal of 4x4x4 feet stands out of a bullet-proof glass can of the same diameter and 3 feet high and contains a blue diamond.
From time to time the bottom of the bank is filled with water through an invisible tube of the bank and you can only imagine the diamond is distorted by the glass walls and water for the viewer. It increases a couple of times, the sun's rays fall on him and he sparkles, plays and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Spectacle unmatched!
After some time, the water is drained and everyone drives a blue diamond, undistorted to the viewer, in a giant bank. In the same hall, we set up for the visitors all the Easter Faberge Eggs: we put bulletproof glass cubes 3X3X3 feet with masterpieces on mirror pedestals 3X3X4 feet. The pedestals and the glass cubes themselves with Easter Eggs of Faberge and the bank in which the diamond "Particle Approxima" was located were so attached to each other and the floor that it was possible to tear it off only by a tractor. There were barriers around them in the form of an outstretched round red rope attached to bronze risers, so it was impossible to reach the stretched cubes with the outstretched hand, it was not allowed to stretch at all, but it was possible to stretch the head closer to see the exhibits better.
When we opened our gallery and rumors of a billion diamond spread among people, world-famous heroes of the Cosmos Victor Smith who traveled to the Approxima planet and Hollywood movie star Elizabeth Stone giving autographs and allowing to be photographed from the number reached their maximum, the long queue stretched out on the street, and people stood there for hours not only to see the "Particle Approxima" diamond, but to get an autograph and take a picture with us. Just imagine, we took $ 100 for the entrance, while 150-200 bucks went into other museums, up to 9,000 curious people passed per day and had 9 million dollars per week, 450 million bucks a year. In addition, we sold colorful booklets for 100 bucks with a disc on which was recorded a three-hour journey around Approxima and souvenirs in the form of miniature Easter eggs of Faberge and the diamond Particle Approxima. In short, the total revenue reached half a billion a year, but since taxes were paid and there were large expenses for the maintenance of the gallerys staff and guards, the purchase of new paintings in their pockets made up only 30 million with an average salary in the country of one million dollars a year. But what a pleasure from our work! I will not hide, from giving autographs I stayed in the gallery from morning to evening, all visitors stretched purchased booklets, their books, leaves with poems, and Elizabeth and I only knew that we signed them and took pictures.
Since the rumor about our gallery spread not only across the US but beyond its boundaries and those who wanted to visit it were more than enough and the main exhibit was a diamond of a billion bucks, at least 20 people crowded around it along the perimeter all the time. Thousands of we posted an ad "Ladies and Gentlemen! Please consider the diamond" Approxima Particle "no more than a minute. There are a lot of people who want to!"
Yes, there were so many interested people that some curious people could not get through to him then came the next day. It came to the point that they occupied the queue in our gallery from the evening and then we turned to the visitors to reduce the diamond viewing time to 45 seconds and then to 30, but since people paid money, they could not drive them away from the exhibit and there were many people who wanted queue already in two days. Imagine the attendance of our gallery has grown to 15 thousand people per day.
We didnt sleep, and my sons were constantly present in the hall on the third floor and noted how several young people visited our gallery and carefully examined not only the diamond but also the pedestal, walls and ceiling, entrances and exits. Since people in the room accumulated a lot, it was necessary to ventilate, and in addition to the fact that air conditioners were working in the walls and there were opening frames in the dome. True, they soon stopped walking as they realized that with people their undertaking would end without result, and at night, when everything was under guard, the alarm would go off and then they would catch it.
I will say in 2089 the revival began on the roads of the country, more and more gas stations opened and the opening of the oil reservoir on the territory of Uncle Joe's farm played a big role. This year more than 100 million tons of oil were produced at this field, the next year already 200 million tons and the third more than three hundred. In addition, Russia contributed to the revival of road, air and sea transport - in the Sea of ??Okhotsk in 2089, Russian drillers produced 500 million tons and in 2090 one billion, of which 700 million tons were exported.
Again, as the tourism revived twenty years ago, people flew on planes, sailed on ocean liners, rode trains and buses from country to country. And such a confluence of favorable circumstances contributed to the prosperity of our art gallery. Just imagine to see a diamond worth one billion dollars flew to Los Angeles not only from US cities and towns, but also from other countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, Central, Canada and Russia. Possessing huge money, Elizabeth not only bought masterpieces of 100-200 million bucks. Four years after the opening of our gallery in 2093, attendance reached its apogee - 20 thousand visitors a day, and our profit with booklets and souvenirs was one billion dollars a year.
And once, having gathered all together, we decided to build a new gallery, twice the size of our existing one for $ 700 million. Elizabeth showed extraordinary activity and at the same time possessing a delicate scent and insight suddenly changed the desire to build a new gallery. Frankly speaking, I didnt particularly express the desire to create an additional burden for myself and sometimes expressed my thought to Elizabeth that it would be better for us at that age not to strain our head with thoughts about how to organize our business, but rather to deviate the rest of our lives to travel . And imagine she agreed with me and approved my decision.
We refused to embed our money in a new gallery, deciding a healthy big gallery will require a lot of maintenance costs, you need to purchase at least a hundred new paintings, and this will at least cost $ 20 billion and it will not be known for visiting. And since we did everything together, we all gathered together and again sat down at the round table and began to discuss whether or not to build a new gallery. If for the first time we decided to build something, then we refused to build it for the second time, we decided with public health, while the crowd knocks down and there is a queue, let them better wait to get there, at least we will find additional empty spaces on the walls and hang up the acquired pictures.
Anatoliy Sibilov, New York
07 07 2003 - --05 05 2019

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