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The Treasure of The Sunken

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    Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov The treasure hunters of the sunken caravel of "Hispaniola", Three hundred years in the womb of an octopus. Adventure and love affair Letter Dear editors, hello. I, Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov, was born on December 7, 1936 in the USSR, in Novosibirsk, I graduated from NISI, a civil engineer. From 1969 to 2000 we lived in Ukraine, station Dachnaya-20 km from Odessa. On November 29, 2000, I flew from Moscow to the United States, arrived on the same day in New York, and a few days later I found myself in the Shelter Peters Place-shelter for the elderly homeless, aged 60 and over. I lived among them for 3 years and 4 months, since on April 1, 2004 I was given a small well-maintained apartment for singles, a studio, and lived in it until April 12, 2007, in Manhattan, in Chelsea, three minutes from Peters Place, it cost me 200 dollars a month, the remaining 400 bucks paid by city authorities including electricity, water, heating and television. I came to decent, kind, sincere Americans, they helped me draw up all the documents and thus gave me, a refugee from Ukraine, the right to live in the USA and enjoy all the benefits of an American, although I still did not have American citizenship but in May 2006 I received the Green Card and since my life is inextricably linked with Peters Place, I constantly touched with the leaders and with those who join the ranks of the homeless including my wife, who arrived in the USA on April 19, 2005 and got all the benefits, December 18, 2006 granted her accommodation in a studio in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan and New York-colored neon burns day and night, crowds of idle wobbly tourists from around the world. But she lived in it for only three months - we moved to a new large one-room apartment in Harlem, we have been living since April 12, 2007, we pay $ 280 per month plus electricity for about $ 36, a telephone and cable TV is $80 + Russian channel NTV $ 35 . It was difficult to sleep in those apartments from the noise of cars, now silence, our apartment is on the fourth floor, the windows look into the courtyard, the streets are far away, trees and flowers grow, squirrels run up to us, they quickly fly from branch to branch and do not they fall from them, in the city they are everywhere, birds sing from early morning to late evening, it is much more pleasant than listen to the roar of cars and trucks. I did not waste time in vain and in my free hours I wrote humor, science fiction, fairy tales in poetry and prose, about love, painted with colored pencils and now I bring to your attention my interesting adventure and love novel "Treasure Hunters of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola." Three hundred years in the belly of an octopus". Thank you for your attention, goodbye. April 27 2012 Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov Summary of the adventure and love story "Treasure Hunters of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola". Three hundred years in the womb of an octopus." Johnny Gray, son of the captain of a fishing trawler, since childhood dreamed of finding a sunken vessel with treasures, shared his thoughts with his father, he considered, if seriously to set out object to find them, then in our time armed with knowledge, possessing modern technology, skillfully controlling it underwater even at depths of 120-180 feet, you can find anything. Johnny turned out to be a capable guy, his parents spared no money and after several years of study, he became a marine archaeologist. He spent more than three years on a scientific and marine expedition in the Mediterranean organized by Russian billionaire Viktor Medvedev in order to search for lost Atlantis. The work was not in vain: amphora with wine, olive oil, marble slabs with gold ornaments were found under water, possibly to decorate palaces and statues to decorate the lost city. On a modern ship, "Athena", he met young people taking part in a voyage and often recalled Mel Fisher who had found the sunken galleons "Saint Margaret" and "Nuestra Senora de Atocha" near Florida with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of treasures. One day Johnny had a prophetic dream from the deck of the ship he saw a strange island covered with black sand, on it stood a naked girl of Spanish appearance, head to toe hung with coral beads, gold and silver chains, chains with pearls hanging on them, a precious stones sparkling in the sun. He swam to her and when he was near, they suddenly flew down and found themselves in a room, beautiful girls lay on the floor, and three warriors with pikes stood nearby. Seeing the beauty with the young man, the warrior threw a lance at him, but Johnny caught it in flight, threw her at the guard, killing him on the spot. He and the beauty went into another room filled with jewels, a platinum diadem strewn with blue diamonds

??????????????????????Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov

?????????The treasure hunters of the sunken caravel of ?Hispaniola?,

????????????????????Three hundred years in the womb of an octopus.

???????????????????????? ??Adventure and love affair??

???????? ????????????????????????????????Letter

?????????????????? ??????????Dear editors, hello.

??????I, Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov, was born on December 7, 1936 in the USSR, in Novosibirsk, I graduated from NISI, a civil engineer. From 1969 to 2000 we lived in Ukraine, station Dachnaya-20 km from Odessa. On November 29, 2000, I flew from Moscow to the United States, arrived on the same day in New York, and a few days later I found myself in the Shelter Peters Place-shelter for the elderly homeless, aged 60 and over. I lived among them for 3 years and 4 months, since on April 1, 2004 I was given a small well-maintained apartment for singles, a studio, and lived in it until April 12, 2007, in Manhattan, in Chelsea, three minutes from Peters Place, it cost me 200 dollars a month, the remaining 400 bucks paid by city authorities including electricity, water, heating and television.

????I came to decent, kind, sincere Americans, they helped me draw up all the documents and thus gave me, a refugee from Ukraine, the right to live in the USA and enjoy all the benefits of an American, although I still did not have American citizenship but in May 2006 I received the Green Card and since my life is inextricably linked with Peters Place, I constantly touched with the leaders and with those who join the ranks of the homeless including my wife, who arrived in the USA on April 19, 2005 and got all the benefits, December 18, 2006 granted her accommodation in a studio in Times Square, in the heart of Manhattan and New York-colored neon burns day and night, crowds of idle wobbly tourists from around the world. But she lived in it for only three months ? we moved to a new large one-room apartment in Harlem, we have been living since April 12, 2007, we pay $ 280 per month plus electricity for about $ 36, a telephone and cable TV is $80 + Russian channel NTV $ 35 .

????It was difficult to sleep in those apartments from the noise of cars, now silence, our apartment is on the fourth floor, the windows look into the courtyard, the streets are far away, trees and flowers grow, squirrels run up to us, they quickly fly from branch to branch and do not they fall from them, in the city they are everywhere, birds sing from early morning to late evening, it is much more pleasant than listen to the roar of cars and trucks.

????I did not waste time in vain and in my free hours I wrote humor, science fiction, fairy tales in poetry and prose, about love, painted with colored pencils and now I bring to your attention my interesting adventure and love novel ?Treasure Hunters of the sunken caravel ?Hispaniola.? Three hundred years in the belly of an octopus".

??????? ?Thank you for your attention, goodbye.

?????????????????????????? ?April 27 2012


???????????????????????????????? Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov

?Summary of the adventure and love story "Treasure Hunters of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola". Three hundred years in the womb of an octopus."

?????Johnny Gray, son of the captain of a fishing trawler, since childhood dreamed of finding a sunken vessel with treasures, shared his thoughts with his father, he considered, if seriously to set out object to find them, then in our time armed with knowledge, possessing modern technology, skillfully controlling it underwater even at depths of 120-180 feet, you can find anything. Johnny turned out to be a capable guy, his parents spared no money and after several years of study, he became a marine archaeologist. He spent more than three years on a scientific and marine expedition in the Mediterranean organized by Russian billionaire Viktor Medvedev in order to search for lost Atlantis. The work was not in vain: amphora with wine, olive oil, marble slabs with gold ornaments were found under water, possibly to decorate palaces and statues to decorate the lost city.

????? On a modern ship, ?Athena?, he met young people taking part in a voyage and often recalled Mel Fisher who had found the sunken galleons ?Saint Margaret? and ?Nuestra Senora de Atocha? near Florida with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of treasures. One day Johnny had a prophetic dream from the deck of the ship he saw a strange island covered with black sand, on it stood a naked girl of Spanish appearance, head to toe hung with coral beads, gold and silver chains, chains with pearls hanging on them, a precious stones sparkling in the sun. He swam to her and when he was near, they suddenly flew down and found themselves in a room, beautiful girls lay on the floor, and three warriors with pikes stood nearby. Seeing the beauty with the young man, the warrior threw a lance at him, but Johnny caught it in flight, threw her at the guard, killing him on the spot. He and the beauty went into another room filled with jewels, a platinum diadem strewn with blue diamonds sparkled above, which the girl dreamed to get. Johnny climbed for the diadem, took it in his hands, threw to the beauty and flew into her arms. Waking up, he remembered about his blue dream of finding a treasure under water, decides to give up work and go to Spain and Portugal in search of the ancients maps and documents of witnesses of shipwrecks. Father helps with money in the Museum of Malaga, Spain, he finds a picture of an unknown artist who painted a sinking ship in a whirlpool not far from a strange island covered in black sand, and in addition, on a deck, he examines the girl he saw in a dream. Johnny gets acquainted with a charming lady guide, begins a love affair, he tries to find a historical document that sheds light on this story but does not find it, breaks up with her and goes to Lisbon, Portugal, where he falls in love with a beautiful girl serving library, she loves it and helps to find an important historical document-?Notes? of a certain duke of Alvar witness of that catastrophe, they list not only treasures but also the approximate coordinates of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola". This document is searched for by treasure hunters from Spain, Carmen hides Notes, she knows that for his loss she faces imprisonment and imitates death, Johnny thinks that his beloved girl was drowning, leaves Portugal and returns to Alaska, but before leaving he sends the picture The Death of Hispaniola to ?Athena? with the bugs hidden in it sending a signal to the satellite to confuse the Spaniards who are watching Johnny who knows the coordinates of the drowned ?Hispaniola?. He tells his father that he is delighted with the documents found and organizes the search, Johnny calls his comrades on the sea expedition, they arrive and they are fully prepared for swimming for treasures, his father?s trawler is modernized and a house is bought in Florida near Miami- this is the base.

????In January 2005, father-captain, Johnny and four young people go in search of a sunken ship with treasures, they not only find the sunken ?Hispaniola? but fall into the womb of a giant octopus, in it they meet four young beautiful Spanish women and seven miraculously survived elderly Spanish knights who have lived more than three hundred years in a strange underwater palace and countless treasures. Johnny falls in love with one of them, everyone returns to the trawler, taking with them a small part of their wealth. For joy, they inform the people of the planet about this having agreed with the television company, the sea pirates from Hong Kong saw the documentary, spotted the approximate place from where the program was broadcast from the satellite, its leader Chun Lu Y ?One-eyed beast? with his 18 fighters flew to Miami to intercept the trawler with riches, the flight is delayed in Tokyo, he connects his friend drug lord Carlos to this and 33 bandits are trying to take possession of them together. Unfortunately, everything for them ended in failure and death - the father and son and their loyal friends become owners of countless wealth.
????Johnny and Sophia, Spaniard, fall in love, she tries to hold him so that he does not leave her and does not go down with his friends into the octopus?s womb for the remaining treasures, but they all beckon them. Sophia wishes them luck and, due to favorable circumstances, they do not go down into the womb and find wealth once on the surface of a giant octopus. Meanwhile, a hurricane sweeps near Miami, it destroys the house where the Spaniards, mother Johnny and the young man Ray who guarded them were. He leads the actions for their safety and saves during the flood, first they swim in a tree, they are carried off to the ocean, the barge catches up with the saved people, they move into it and after a while they see a submarine, it rushes towards them, floats next to barge, Johnny rises on the bridge, father, crew members, joyful meeting in the ocean. Everyone talks about their adventures, Johnny pulls out a handful of precious stones, everyone admires them, he says that in their submarine there are precious stones and gold products as much as they could carry. Adventure ends, the destroyed house is rebuilt, treasures are shared, four girls find princes of love, a wedding is arranged, a happy life does not last long, during the birth Sofia dies, all in mourning, the born girl is alive and well, the world knowes that the woman who lived more three hundred years she gave birth to, but during childbirth she went to another world, the news spread all over the planet and soon Johnny received a letter from Portugal from Carmen, she is alive and gave birth to him a boy, he contacts her by phone and invites her to Miami. She agrees, flies to him, they are happy to meet again, he tells parents and friends about Carmen and her role in the whole story, and she tells him about the mistake made to her as a result of which they lost each other. From the story, Carmen Johnny learns how Semyon Sorokin, the nephew of the Russian entrepreneur of the Athenian expedition organizer, got into the library and started a love affair with the head of the archival department, Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, receives the ?Notes? of the Duke of Alvars on the death of ?Hispaniola? and learns about those treasures lying in the hold of a sunken caravel. Semyon throws ?senora Maria and with a young Signorina leaves Lisbon to go to ?Athena? for the treasures of the sunken ?Hispaniola?. Senora Maria is shocked by the betrayal of the Russian handsome man, but fortunately, a young Italian arrives at the library, another treasure hunter, they fall in love and, in order to take revenge on Semyon, the lady gives the coordinates of the sunken ?Hispaniola? carravel with treasures and Carlo with divers on a modern ship, the ?Margarita? is sailing to the shores of Florida.

????Russian researchers at ?Athena? abandoned the search for the lost Atlantis and the Spanish, Italian drug dealers at ?Margarita? sailed to the place near the coast of Florida where the octopus sank to the bottom with the sunken caravel of ?Hispaniola? in whose holds treasures lay. What was most interesting in the whole story, they managed to raise five chests with gold and silver coins. Semyon, who promised the senora Maria, the senoras Carmen and Sofia for the ?Notes? remuneration, kept his word and sent them a million Euros and jewels. But since the search was over and ?Margarita? returned to Syracuse and Carlo, who promised to return to senora Maria disappeared without a trace with treasures, she without hesitation turned to the private detective office of the beautiful detective Philip Salazar for help in finding the deceiver Carlo. Having fallen in love with her, the detective goes to Sicily, in Syracuse he finds the captain of ?Margarita? Giuseppe Carero and learns an interesting story about the loss of two chests of five with gold and silver coins raised by divers from the hold of the sunken ?Hispaniola?. It turns out that Carlo and the captain decided to pull them and pass on to their mafiosi only three. Arranging with his cousin Marcel, he sailed on a boat with loyal friends to ?Margarita? at the appointed time as she passed Gibraltar and, under the guise of pirates with masks on their heads, grabbed a couple of chests and Carlo. Having safely reached the shore of Carlo, having taken his chest with gold and silver coins, saying goodbye to Marcel left for an unknown direction. Captain Giuseppe and Marcel learn from the detective about the lord Maria who gave Carlo the coordinates of the ?Hispaniola? sunken caravel, about which he told him earlier that he agreed on her arrival with physical evidence to allocate 400 gold and 750 silver coins, according to the captain in a chest raised from the bottom turned out to be 1,200 gold and 3,000 silver coins.

????The detective returned to Lisbon, told everything to his lord Maria and took with him photographs of where she is in the Canary Islands in an embrace with Carlo, as well as a copy of the Notes of the Duke of Alvars flew with Captain Giuseppe to Sicily with Philip. Seeing the charming pompous bosom senor Maria, photographs where she is with Carlo and reading the Notes where the number of gold and silver coins carried by ?Hispaniola? Giuseppe and Marcel was given, they promised her 400 gold and 750 silver coins promised to detective Philip. Returning to Lisbon, Senor Maria, knowing what role? senorina Carmen played in this amazing story, and Sofia allotted them 100 gold and 150 silver coins. But since the lady was principled, she decided with the help of her husband, detective Philip, to find Carlo's former lover or those who killed him because of the treasure, but that's another story. Read the adventure and love story "Hunters for the treasures of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola", In the womb of an octopus" and you will learn in detail how all this happened.

Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov

??????????????????????????Anatoliy Ivanovich Sibilov

?????????The treasure hunters of the sunken caravel of ?Hispaniola?,

????????????????????Three hundred years in the womb of an octopus.

???????????????????????? ??Adventure and love affair??

?????My name is John, Johnny Gray, 28 years old, was born in a small suburb of Anchorage, in the northernmost, coldest and harshest state of America, Alaska on a warm, summer, June, sunny day, on the seventh of 1977. Dad and mom rejoiced incredibly, they invited relatives, friends, neighbors to celebrate such a significant event. My father, his name was Victor, was born in Russia, but in the last days of the war in Germany, he met the charming blue-eyed blonde American Julia Douglas and married and changed his last name Sedov to Gray. So, my father often told me how he and his mother placed long wide brown oak tables under beautiful mighty red-golden maples, elegant silver-whitish birches, among medium-sized apple trees, flowers and roses. On each of the seven tables covered with a snow-white tablecloth, a bottle of French champagne flaunted, there were seven decanters of homemade raspberry-cranberry liquor for many years (when dad and mom got married they began to prepare it to celebrate my birthday, they thought that I would be born nine months later, actually appeared only after seven years. Parents did not sit idly by, all these years they made wine and kept bottles in a dry basement until better times), five liter jugs of Smirnovskaya vodka, Cuban rum, Scotland whiskey, Spanish cognac, soda and mineral water, juices and drinks and fragrant fresh wild and garden flowers, white and red roses as a decoration in crystal vases. Mom and her assistants prepared a lot of appetizers, stuffed with fish, beef jellies, sausages, salami, ham, on plates abundant slices of pork fat, herring, red caviar, chum salmon, pink salmon, crab, salmon, geese with baked apples and plums, smoked brisket, cheeses, all kinds of fruits, sweets, cakes, apple pies, in short holiday tables were bursting with plenty of drinks and dishes.

????There were many guests, mainly relatives, friends, fishermen, sailors and father, who plowed the sea on seiners, trawlers and schooners, catching fish and crayfish. As soon as all the invited guests in elegant suits and dresses sat down at the festive tables in the open air under a canvas awning, my mother brought me to show everyone. She looked at everyone with her blue eyes like heaven, happy with joy, smiled, and said: "Dear guests, me, my husband Victor and our newborn baby are glad to see you, drink to the health of the handsome son Johnny, the future sailor fisherman, together they will catch white fish and red crabs with their father; pour, help yourself, don?t be shy, be at home, smile and have fun."

????The guests poured champagne, vodka, cognac, wine into the glasses at will, shouted ?Urrraa? and drank it to the bottom in one gulp. Father got up from the table, went to his mother with two glasses in his hands, looked at the guests, smiled, and pouring champagne and salty sea water on my head, said: ?Dear guests! My toast: drink to health and happiness - if he didn?t cry, I assure you, my son Johnny will be a healthy, strong, lucky sailor fisherman like me, do not be shy, raise your glasses, drink, enjoy, sing, have fun, dance, we love you. "
????For Johnny, for Johnny,? everyone shouted together and drank another glass of vodka, the forks and spoons clinked, the guests cheered, talked, one of the guests shouted: ?Music, let's music, dance, we need a warm-up.?
????Dad left the table, gave his mother tambourines, picked up an accordion, they began to play, sang the fisher?s favorite cheerful folk song ?They Caught Crayfish All Day?, the guests were merry, joined in, fervently sang and danced right there. Fun would have continued like a dad?s plan for at least a week, but on the third day in the evening from Sunday to Monday, the weather changed sharply, the cold north wind blew, it froze, the guests got stronger and did not leave tables, the food did not decrease, black caviar, a smoked baked boiled ham and dried sturgeon attracted everyone and somehow suddenly a hurricane wind flew. My father said later, in an instant all the tents were torn off and taken to heaven like butterflies, it started to rain, it poured out of a bucket, all the guests said goodbye, promised to come in the morning and instantly rushed home. Father was upset - the whole snack, along with decanters of wine, vodka, and liquor, was washed off the tables, he returned to the house, was upset, and from exhaustion he immediately fell onto a soft bed to sleep.
????In the morning, at about ten o?clock, his mother woke him, he dressed, went to the window, looked and was discouraged - the rain did not stop, all the tables floated between birch trees, maples and apple trees, not a single bottle, no snacks, everything was carried away by streams of troubled water. He understood: guests today will not come even in wading boots.
?????From very early childhood I, like many of my boy friends, fell in love with the sea, the ocean, and often with my courageous beloved father-fisherman Viktor Gray on his big modern fishing trawler "Seagull" went fishing and crab fishing, dad taught me how to swim , tempered, bathed in cold water and therefore in my life I have never been sick. I?ll tell you right away, my cherished blue dream is to find under water any old sunken ship loaded with gold silver coins, precious metals, jewelry and products of the ancient Incas, captured and plundered by Spanish conquistadors and other adventurers who tried fragile sailboats to cross the Atlantic Ocean and thus deliver the treasures that fell into the hands of the Old World.

????My dream arose not from scratch, but from the many books I read in my spare time about adventures and travels, about pirates, and from watching films on the same topic. In my imagination, fantastic paintings were drawn of the Spanish and Portuguese galleons floating across the Atlantic Ocean, the holds of which are completely clogged with gold and silver coins, sword products, blades, halberds, peaks, and gem solutions, brave pirates attack weakly protected ships and often during the battle they sank with untold riches, or even the pirate ships themselves with looted treasures after fierce battles with the royal military caravels went to the bottom with them. But besides, the storms that raged on the sea or ocean threw the ships like chips, tore sails, broke the masts like matches and all the good, together with the sailors and passengers, went into the abyss, nevertheless, nothing frightened people - even more ships sailed and even more drowned with wealth. Before my eyes a giant high-altitude waves, they roll on fragile little ships, roll through them and all who could not stay on the deck are washed overboard into the boiling, boiling waters of the seas, the Atlantic, panic, screams, ships are cracking, they can not stand it and begin to sink.

????I didn?t just imagine it, but I myself often witnessed the sudden breakouts storms: I often went with my father to the sea to catch fish, crabs, and at such moments it became terribly even modern metal vessels could not withstand, split, sank to the bottom. God had mercy on us, our trawler threw like a sliver among the many-feet waves, father with twenty-year length of service, a sea wolf, tried to choose a course so that the waves did not hit the sides. Frankly speaking, such voyages tempered me, just as my dad wanted me to inherit the courageous profession of a fisherman and promised me to buy a trawler after my training.

????I not only read but also shared my thoughts with my father about the myriad drowned wealth riches, he listened carefully to me and said: "Dear Johnny, I would advise you to take a sheet of paper and on it to mark approximately the places of the most fierce battles where the ships sunk, besides a lot of caravels went to Europe with jewelry, hit the storm and went to the bottom. I understand that little is written about this in books about pirates and their adventures, you can get more or less accurate information from reliable sources, from archives stored in the libraries of Spain and Portugal. I notice that you are in harmony with the sea, with which it is equipped with our trawler and equipment, when you move away from work replace me, but most importantly try to study, continue to read books, magazines, make a map of the treasure trove of sunken ships. I?ll tell you a secret: if you find the place of a sunken ship with treasures, I?ll even quit fishing and go with you to search for it if you convince me, you know, we must return the money spent."

????I looked at my father and said: "Dad, you gave me good advice, I need not only to read but also to study various marine sciences, master modern technology and I, armed with knowledge, can eventually try to hunt with you for sunken caravels with their myriad wealth, the game is worth the candle, but it still requires a lot of money, reliable friends and luck, thank you."
????"Son, learn and if you prove to me what I am capable of, I will help you with money, we will install our trawler with the most modern technology and go in search of treasures."

????My father did not spare funds for my education, his sister Miss Rose lived in New York and sent me to her get knowledge. My mother Julia at first objected to this trip, but my father explained to her that without higher education, I would continue the hard work of a fisherman associated with everyday dangers. People knew about them firsthand, there were cases when in a storm the ship went to the bottom with the whole crew. She agreed with my father?s arguments and said goodbye to my parents at the airport and went on a Boeing 747 airliner to the great many millions city of business, culture, science, knowledge and entertainment New York located on the East coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
?????Aunt Rosa, pretty, blue-eyed, golden-haired, busty, leggy blonde middle-aged swimmer-trainer met me at the airport with a wide smile, open arms and flowers. We greeted, kissed, and then rushed off to the brand new dark Ford in the Bronx where she lived in a chic three-room apartment. The city struck my imagination: tall skyscrapers, neon multi-color advertising and an infinite length of a string of trucks, dump trucks and cars, all different, of all colors and brands, ancient and new. Twenty minutes were lost at the entrance to the tunnel crossing the East River, crawled like turtles and finally drove to Manhattan, the heart of the capital of the world, rode a bit among the man-made rock-skyscrapers of Down Town, finally not only saw but touched two majestic 110-story Twin Towers of the World Trade Center 1256 feet high with a television tower on one of them. On 5th Avenue we drove past the 102 story Empire State Building built in the thirties of the Great Depression. Then, after driving along 34 Street, turned onto 6 Avenue and passed the Rockefeller Center of several skyscrapers built in the thirties, including Radio City with a theater with 6,000 seats. On 56th street, we turned to get to 7th Avenue and, being on it, moved to Times Square, bypassing modern skies-crabs lined with glass. It was packed with passers-by and tourists both from America and from many countries of our planet, even this clear sunny day the neon advertisement pictures burned with all the colors of the rainbow, the names of firms, companies flew from top to bottom, the latest news rushed uncontrollably from right to left.
????We crossed Broadway and upon reaching 42 Street turned into 8 Avenue and in the stream of cars trudged to the corner, turned right and moved to the Bronx. On the way, we lingered in a traffic jam: on 53 Street during the chase of policemen for white "jewelers" crawled into a jewelry store and tried to hide. Before our eyes, a shootout started right on the street, three passers-by blacks and two Mexicans were caught in crossfire and lay in a pool of blood on the pavement. Police cars rushing to the scene of the incident blocked the road and we got to her house bypass routes. Only an hour and a half after my arrival in this wonderful city, we drove into the courtyard, my aunt sighed in relief, looked at me and said quietly: ?Like that, dear Johnny, every time there is some kind of bloodshed incident, it?s good that we didn?t get under "a wrestling gun, a fool's bullet and the end. How many innocent people die in vain! This city is not simple, do not trust random people, you can disappear without a trace forever."
????I gently looked at her, smiled and said: "Aunt Rose, spit on everything and protect your health, you can?t escape fate, we?re beaten, robbed, raped in Anchorage, we?ve gotten used to it. Three years ago disappeared two young girls who arrived, before my trip to you found on the shore two headless female corpses."
???She pressed my head to her lush chest and whispered, "Johnny, how good that you spit on everything, but I can?t, you hear my weak woman?s heart beating, and so every time, from such stresses, heartaches arise, life is shortened, bastards. You don?t tell me about such bloody stories anymore" and burst into tears.
????I looked at her, kissed and said: "Aunt Rose do not cry, you have such a big heart, it beats like a hammer in your magnificent chest that you can not grab with both hands, you smile and everything will pass, mom and dad do just that, he says "Smile is the flag of the ship. I won?t tell any more such stories, only interesting and funny ones."

???"Johnny, you comforted me, I will try to smile from such a life as for the chest, then you exaggerate, I?m of her normal size, after lunch we?ll go to the pool and see, I?m proud of my body, how many will undress to admire it, swimmer, my girls-pupils with such figures are just a sight for sore eyes, do not fall in love,? she said, wiped away tears, makeup, powder, smiled and kissed me, no matter how I am her nephew.

????We parked the car, my forty-year-old aunt lived in a stone high-rise building, her husband Viktor, forty-five years old, with a seventeen-year-old daughter, Janet, were on duty at the St. Magdalena hospital for the sick patients, so they could not come to La Guardia airport to meet me. We went up to the second floor with an elevator, she opened the door and entered a cozy spacious apartment, it was cool like in the north despite the warmer heat outside the windows, the air conditioner was working with a fan, my aunt sat me down on the sofa, turned on the big screen TV and went to the kitchen to cook lunch.
?????An interesting music program was going on about rock and roll artists, the tunes of Elvis Presley, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry sounded, I saw them on the screen with the musicians. From the music, my mood rose, it was impossible to sit, I got up and started dancing, I wanted the whole world to hear the magnificent hits of my idols, went to the window, opened it and fresh air filled with birdsong burst into the room. It turns out that the windows of the apartment overlooked the courtyard, maples, acacias grew, birds sat on branches and tweeted their melodies. I looked closely and saw several squirrels with fluffy tails jumping from a bruch to a brunch, and even from tree to tree. It was interesting and funny to look out the window, but somehow unexpectedly I heard the velvet voice of my aunt Rosa quietly entering the room: "Dear Johnny, I ask you to sit for the table, lunch is ready, we will eat and watch your and my idols. When I get sadly I turn on this cassette and in a couple of minutes I?m in a good mood, just like you open the window, turn it on at full volume and enjoy the hits, there were great artists. "

????"Yes, yes, my beloved aunt, so many decades have passed and hits sound and people remember the performers, real kings," I said and went to the table, on it stood a bottle of French champagne MOET CHANDON, pizza, sandwiches, grapes and sweets. I walked to the table, we sat down at the table, my aunt poured a sparkling drink into the glasses, raised the glasses and the charming hostess made a toast: "My nephew, let's drink for your arrival, for ours meeting, well-being, health and going to university."

???"Thank you aunt Rose, let's drink for our meeting and good health to all of us," I said.

????We drank a sparkling drink and, to the tune of the kings of rock and roll, enjoyed snacks, pizza with mushrooms and California grapes. After eating, we called home, my father and mother were delighted to learn that the flight went well, they gave me parting words and asked aunt Rosa to strictly monitor me,

not to get into a bad surrounding.

????After an hour's rest, aunt Rosa invited me to an indoor swimming pool where she trained boys and girls, future swimming champions, I agreed and we went to the Manhattan swimming club on the subway. It was faster to get there than by car, after half an hour we entered a huge building lined with glass panels, reflecting nearby skyscrapers and bright sun, the heat was unbearable and a couple of minutes got into a pleasant cool. I saw several young beauties, young men with parents, they came to sign up, we greeted each other and went on, went into the locker room, changed clothes and headed to the pool, at least thirty beauties and handsome men swam in the pool. Seeing aunt Rose, they waved their hands joyfully and swam to her, went up to the platform, surrounded us and greeted us with joy, we and one pretty brunette with a short haircut and magnificent bosom stared at me and said: "Dear Miss Rose, we glad to see you with a newcomer, he is a real swimmer, hello young man, my name is Hera, I come here to make my figure sporty."

????I looked at her and said: "Hello everyone, my name is Johnny, aunt Rose invited me to swim in the pool and make several jumps from the highest tower, I am a sailor."

????"Boys and girls! Johnny is my nephew, he flew from Alaska, is going to study at one of the universities, however, he has not yet chosen which one. But in general, he is a fisherman sailor, with his father he fearlessly goes on a trawler and even knows how to operate it, he?s a brave young man and this hour will show what Johnny is capable of, look," said aunt Rose and pointed to the tower.
????"I am also bold and fearless, I will show my class, you will see," Hera said.
????We climbed onto a thirty-feet tower, everyone looked at us in surprise, waved with all hands and dived at intervals one by one, and when we swam up to the edge everyone greeted us and shook hands tightly. We swam for about three hours and began to get home, Hera tried all the time to be with me, at that time I already had a magnificent figure, a good height of 6? and a pleasant physiognomy, but tried to stay away from the girls. And this beauty Hera just stuck to me and when we went home before parting, she held out her hand to me and had to kiss her. Then she whispered to me: "Johnny, let's go to the movies, such an interesting adventure film "Sea Wolves".
????I looked at her and said: "Hera, don?t be offended, as soon as I pass the exams and go to university, I?ll definitely go to the cinema, to the theater with you, I can?t let my parents down, they have invested so much in my education, see you soon."
???She looked at me oddly and said in a frustrated voice: "Well, I wish you Johnny success, see you later."

????Disappointed Hera went right and we left on the subway, aunt Rosa saw and heard everything, but did not mention a word about my acquaintance with her student. In the subway and at home, before the arrival of her husband and daughter, we shared our impressions of the diverse New York, I realized that my aunt tried to distract me from fleeting meetings with this seductive girl.
????In the evening, after seven hours, aunt Rosa?s husband returned home with her daughter Janet: a girl of good appearance with long rye hair, blue eyes, pink puffy cheeks and proud posture. They brought a whole bunch of flowers and roses, everyone was glad for the long-awaited meeting, the last time we saw each other in Anchorage three years ago. We greeted, sincerely hugged, kissed, sat down at the festively cleaned table, hosted an evening dinner in my honor by candlelight, drank French Crystal champagne, had a bite of all yummy apple pie baked by aunt Rosa herself. Everyone had fun, melodies sounded, danced, in between I talked about our life in Alaska, gave out gifts to everyone and called home to dear parents. I shared my opinion in a few words about my impression of great modern New York, then handed the phone to aunt Rosa, her husband and daughter, talked for at least half an hour, drank again, had fun, danced until midnight, and finally tired but satisfied with the meeting, went to bed.
????Frankly, Janet struck my imagination with her beauty, exactly like a copy of her mother, only a little more elegant and magnificent chest. Of course, there was no question of any love and affection for her, she was my cousin, tried to devote all my free time to theaters, showed the sights of the ?capital of the world? and prepared me for go to Columbia University and since I knew the purpose of my visit, my interest in the sea, marine life, fauna and technology, radar and navigation, she proposed to submit documents to the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at this world-famous temple of knowledge and sciences at the Faculty of Computer Science. According to the information, having gained knowledge at this faculty and additionally having studied for a year at two other faculties in business and environmental conservation, I just get such knowledge that will allow me to work on exciting expeditions and in them I can acquire additional knowledge and skills in marine underwater archeology and study of the deep sea, study of fauna and flora. Having gained knowledge and experience, with time I can rummage through the libraries to catch the information I need about shipwrecked vessels with treasures and without any hesitation accepted my cousin's advice to go to this university, which I did. Since I went to school without any problems, with great desire and even ahead of the knowledge of my peers, I successfully passed the entrance exams, entered the university, became a student and soon moved to a student dormitory.
????Studying for me was not too burdensome, it was easy, I studied two languages simultaneously, Spanish and Portuguese, my parents gave me money and, as I promised, Hera began to pay attention to me and first I invited her to the movies. When she came to the Regal movie theater in her outfit, I will say frankly the eyes of young people and the girls were fixed on her - a red velvet dress just above her knees with short sleeves with a small neckline in front and behind her body figure outlined seductive body shapes of this charming the girls. About the long chubby legs in leather bright red sandals, I don?t even say how many admired them, envied them and sighed so hard.

????When she saw me she smiled, waved a full hand and walked slowly towards me. I timidly approached her and, standing next to me, quietly said: "Good evening, charming Hera, with your stunning beauty you have struck not only my imagination but also people, they only admire you."

????"Good evening, brave sailor, you are also magnificent. As for me, many admire me on the pages of fashionable women magazines and on television and found out, but I do not give a look. Frankly, you refused to go to the cinema when you made me ?Live, now everything is behind me and I think our meetings will be frequent and long,? said Hera, squeezed my hand and smiled.
????"My beautiful fairy, I can?t guess, you yourself have to understand, I came here to get knowledge, my father is a fisherman sailor, hard dangerous work, but let's not think about it, now we are together and this is amazing, I never thought that I would meet such a young goddess, "whispered in her ear and kissed on the cheek as tender as a rose petal.

????I took her to the hall, there, too, many recognized Hera, she tried to pretend that she was not the one who was taken for, but nevertheless, many eyes were fixed on her. We watched the old British adventure film "The Leaders of Atlantis" (WARLORDS of ATLANTIS), starring Peter Gilmore, Doug Mack Clure, Leah Brody and other actors. We really liked the film, joyful and happy, we went by subway to the many-storied building on 7 Avenue where Hera lived with her parents. When we approached the house, I paid attention to the balconies and immediately realized wealthy people lived here and in my opinion I need to get acquainted with those who are equal in position. It was about ten in the evening, stars lit up in the dark sky, we sat on a free bench and sat in silence for a while. Hera realized that I was preoccupied with something and took my hand in hers and said quietly: "Johnny, what happened? Have you been disappointed in me? Was so sociable and now wilted, relax, I waited so long for this meeting, tell me about how you sailed with your father to catch fish. I believe it is so interesting and romantic-sea, gulls, dolphins."
????"Hera, little romance, mostly hard work, especially when the wind blows and lead clouds and darkness rush over your head, once my father and I fell into a storm, it?s just some miracle that didn?t wash us off the deck with a huge wave that covered our ?Seagull? turned out to be a starboard side to her, then you and I would never meet. Though I am with you and my thoughts are there, with my father, he went catching fish and asked me not to forget about him and the most important thing is to return home literate and open some business on the shore. don?t be offended by me, I?ll tell you frankly I?m not the gallant gentleman you might dream of, you will be bored with me, let's better postpone our serious relationship to a later time. If I meet with you once a week for a couple of hours I?m unlikely to experience it?s great joy. In my opinion I?m not yet ready for a serious relationship, I don?t persecute you, decide for yourself, I?ll tell you frankly you are beautiful. When I saw you in the swimming pool I couldn?t take my eyes off your magnificent body and thought whether that day would come evening when I will be whole be and embrace such a beauty,? I said gently squeezed her hand. I don?t know why, but something happened in my body that made me passionate to touch her bare, chubby knee, and my second hand fell on her.
????"Johnny, if I didn?t like you, you and I wouldn?t be sitting here, I let you kiss and hug me, forget about the time when we?ll meet, I need a romantic and affection now, be bolder, don?t be shy," Hera whispered and pressed her magnificent breasts to mine. I hugged her tightly and started kissing, frankly in those young years I was drawn to girls. And now, her dazzling beauty and tender body like a magnet attracted me to her, I knew what this young creature needed to caress, attention and since Hera let me know that she was not indifferent and caress me, then I couldn?t refuse her this. Hera really wanted to be closer to me, she stood up, not embarrassed, lifted her skirt, sat down on my knees, passionately looked at me with her sparkling eyes, pressed me to her and whispered: "Johnny, do you love me?"

????I kissed her and said softly: "Hera, I fell in love immediately when I saw you, so I say I love you, my sorceress and do everything to make you happy."
????"I also love you Johnny, I am so pleased with you, you just do not let me go, I am so exhausted that I can fall," Hera whispered.

????Passions seethed in me and her, Hera's body shook like a fever, I pressed her closer to me, she kissed me and said quietly: "My Johnny, I reached the boiling point, I beg you to make it all end, you so enraged me."

????"Hera, I didn?t want this, you yourself sat on my lap with my skirt up," I said.
????"My Johnny, you misunderstood me, I don?t blame you, on the contrary, I am so pleased and waiting for this passion to end. You can?t imagine what?s happening in me that I don?t know what to do, I don?t want and can?t get up, but in general it?s wonderful but I want it to be even

more pleasant and please do not judge me for my frankness, "Hera whispered.????"My little Hera, I am also pleased with you, you know what is happening inside me that would take you and eat you," I said and hugged her with all my strength, began to kiss passionately and I don?t know how my hand sank between her chubby soft warm legs and was under her dress. Passion gripped me, my hand began to rise up and the higher it lifted, the more breathtaking, for a moment, and she was at an impasse. Hera cuddled up to me even more, sighed deeply, spread her legs, her hand climbed into my pants, grabbed hold of my toy and whispered: "Johnny, I feel better, I'm already at the finish line, there will soon be an end to desire, be patient and do not let go of your hand, stroke, I am so pleased."

????I couldn?t refuse her this, it wasn?t in my rules to offend and make girl suffer so that I tried very hard and did not disappoint Hera that evening. At midnight she left home, joyful and in a good mood. Since that evening, a strong love has been established between us, we went to bars, dancing, kissing, hugging, and only refused to bring my charming and charming fairy to her closet in every way, despite her requests and supplication, even though she was an adult. I understood what she needed but I didn?t want to go very far and everything was limited to caresses, kisses and twitter of pleasant non-binding words.
??????Once Hera invited me to the house of her friend about whom I had heard a lot but had never seen, she lived on Long Island and we went to her in the dark Ford owned by my beloved. We arrived at seven in the evening, a two-story house covered with gray tiles stood near the sea, maples grew in a small estate, a garden with flowers and roses was on the side. Strange, but for some reason her friend did not meet us, I looked at Hera and said: "My dear fairy, I do not see your girlfriend! Where is she?"

??????Hera looked at me, smiled and whispered: "Johnny, she will drive up later, but in fact, why should we Mary, will we be fine without her or do you want to fall in love with her? We go to the house, everything is prepared for us: champagne, cognac, snacks, sweets. We will remember this evening for a long time, maybe for life, but it does not oblige us to anything."

????We went into the house, went up to the second floor, Hera opened the door and entered a large room, in the middle there was a table and several soft chairs lined with green velvet, on the walls hung paintings in gilded frames, portraits of men, women and young children. Hera looked at me, smiled and said: "Johnny, sit down, I'll bring everything, we can drink, have a snack, dance and have fun today, we'll go to town early in the morning."

????I looked at Hera and said: "My fairy, do as you know, I'm not in a hurry, I am always so pleased with you, I am very happy that I met such a beautiful woman on my way."

????Hera left and after a while came with a tray, on it stood a bottle of French champagne, Scotch whiskey, two glasses, knives, forks, a snack, sweets and grapes, I helped her put everything on the table, she sat on a chair and glancing at me, she said softly: "My prince, open it and pour champagne into glasses, we will drink for love."

????My fairy, I listen and do it, I said, opened the champagne, poured sparkling drink on the crystal glasses, one I took for myself, the other gave to Hera and lifted them loudly shouting soundly: ?For love.?

????We drank sparkling champagne and began to have a bite without forgetting to speak pleasant words to each other. For me, they somehow meant little, but Hera simply changed from them, a smile sparkled on her face, in my opinion it was the most important thing for her in life and for the sake of them she was ready to give me her magnificent body. We chatted, kissed, Hera shared her blue dream of becoming a swimming champion, I looked at her and sighed sympathetically, she did not understand why I was so skeptical about this and asked me to speak and kiss her scarlet lips as tender as rose petals, pressing she whispered her magnificent chest to her: ?My dear Hera, the pearl of my heart, you are charming, your body shapes are magnificent, you are dear to the beauty pageant or to the Playboy magazine. You see, your magnificent breasts without measure will prevent you from swimming butterfly stroke and yours wide ass on the back, too m a large resistance in the water, no offense."
????"Johnny, I?ve already visited a beauty pageant and I?ll be there, I don?t want to playboy magazine, I need to be naked there, they offer big bucks, I won?t be shy," said Hera. She looked at me, kissed and added: "Crystal of my heart, will I really never be a champion in swimming at least our New York, I want it so."
????Hera, I also want a lot, but not everything depends on our desire, you don?t agree to do yourself an operation to remove part of your magnificent breasts and a wide butt, you will disfigure the figure and nothing more. Being a beauty is a dream of billions of people, and you are eat and you will, with your beautiful body you will earn money and popular love."

????"Johnny, we don?t touch this topic anymore, I understood everything, I?m sorry I won?t be a swimming champion, in that case love me for who I am, enjoy my body, it?s beautiful and I hear it from many people, it?s not for nothing that it?s shown on television and they print in fashionable women's magazines, but only in bikinis, "Hera said, smiling and looking at me with her wide-open blue eyes as she added:" But today, my dear and beloved surprise for me from you, I forgot the bikini in which I constantly You see me on the beach and in the pool, you can admire with my body, if you wish."
????"Johnny, we don?t touch this topic anymore, I understood everything, I?m sorry I won?t be a swimming champion, in this case, love me for who I am, enjoy my body, it?s beautiful and I hear it from many people, it?s not for nothing on television and printed in fashionable women magazines, but only in bikinis, "Hera said, smiled and looked at me with her wide-open blue eyes like sky, she added:" But today, my dear and beloved surprise from me from me, I forgot the bikini in which you constantly see me on the beach and in the pool, you can admire with my body, provided if you wish."

????I looked at Hera, kissed, hugged me and whispered: "My darling, only on condition that we drink a glass of champagne for you to be courageous and to me at the sight of your beautiful body rushed at it and ate my dear girl completely."
????"I agree Johnny, if you pounce on me then eat, I have long dreamed that you ate me, after champagne such a good snack," said Hera.

????We drank a glass of champagne, Hera moved up to me, hugged, kissed, smiled, sulked and said: "Just Johnny, please do not close your eyes."
????Hera took off her blue dress and I saw her in a green bikini with pink flowers, she smiled, looked at me, walked over, hugged, kissed and said quietly: "Johnny, I did not have the courage to appear before you in its original form, I told you earlier that I?m embarrassed to show my body to a stranger. If you have a little courage you yourself will take off my bikini, decide, but with one condition we will be together not only this evening, but forever."
????I looked at Hera, hugged, kissed and whispered: ?My dear, charming Hera, I will say frankly for now I don?t have the courage to take off your bikini and, in addition, am not prepared to become your husband. Before I decide to do this, I should talk with my parents, they sent me here not to marry but to study. If I do not fulfill their desire to get an education in order to make my life not so difficult and dangerous as theirs, then the path to the house is closed to me. Without a profession and specialty, I will not feed you and the child who will certainly appear into the light, by If you have a desire to wait five, six years, then we will be friends, and if not, we will disperse and tell you frankly until I finish my studies and meet no girls. I won?t deceive you and decide whether to wait or No. But that?s not all, after graduation I?ll go on a sea expedition and you will wait for me for a year, two or three."

????Hera with sad eyes looked at me, picked up her dress from the floor, dressed and said: "Johnny, you are a brave and frank young man, I thank you for your sincerity, everything is correct, continue to study, I also need to think and decide to wait for you or not. In any case, our love was so sincere, until the morning we will stay in this house, we won?t drink anymore, we?ll leave for the city in the morning, in solitude we decide to continue our meetings or not."

?????Well, Hera, I agree,? I said.

????In the morning, Hera drove me to city in her car, we stopped not far from her skyscraper where she lived with her parents, I kissed her and said quietly: "Hera, I love you, I?ll talk to my parents and call you, you?ll get exhausted" the answer is that what was previously between us will not affect your and my situation, goodbye, please do not be offended by me."

????Hera looked at me, smiled and said: "Johnny, you are a real gentleman, I understand you and I will not be offended by the answer that you let me know. I think a little about myself, there are a lot of fans, the main thing is to make the right choice. See you soon, or rather call."

???We broke up, I returned to the hostel, then went to lectures and when they ended I returned to my closet and called my parents and it turned out that dad found out my affection for Hera before me and I guessed that aunt Rosa informed them of my walks, early attachment to the girl and a serious conversation took place: "Johnny, hello, how are you, how are you, how do you study? We are all right with our health."

???"Dad, hello, I'm glad to call, I live in a hostel, I study diligently."

???"Johnny, you contacted some Hero in vain, the most important task for you is to get as I asked you for knowledge and then go in search of a sunken ship with treasures, love can ruin all your plans, finish your studies and choose a girl for yourself, but now you must choose one of two things ? love or study, it distracts you from the main goals, mom thinks the same way and is very worried."
???"Dad, I understand you, I?ll honestly explain the situation to her, I need a lot of free time to study science, hiking takes it, frankly I forgot about my dream of finding treasures, thanks for reminding me, dad pass the phone to mom."
???"John, hello, how are you, health, study? Everything is in order in our house, we really miss you."

???"Mom, hello, good health, happy for you, thanks for the help, not enough time call often, many different sciences

?????I talked about the city, about my hostel, teachers and promised to call more often, when the conversation ended I thought for a long time what to say to Hera about our premature breakup. After a couple of days, I honestly explained to her my situation ? if my father refuses to finance my studies I will have to leave the university and if I return home ahead of schedule then it will not even take me on a trawler as a worker. Hera was upset, she understood my situation and did not insist ? I honestly broke up with her and since then I stayed away from the girls as much as possible ? no bars and dances, and after six years of education I went to work: the marine research expedition took me to its staff. The head of the expedition, Mr. Richard Dean, a strong middle-aged sportsman, a gentleman, a tall man with lush dark hair and brown eyes, entrusted me with important work - our research vessel ?Athena?, due to the Russian billionaire Viktor Medvedev, set off in search of sunken ships in the Mediterranean Sea of Greek galleys with wine, grain and sunken Atlantis. The main thing in my work was to check the latest radar technology to determine the topography of the bottom and at the same time remove the process of searching for small sunken objects, flora and fauna. The boss assigned me a good salary of 7 thousand dollars a month and plus bonus, it suited me and, most importantly, while sailing on a ship, I will master the equipment and gladly get into work. True, according to the plan, we are preparing Athens to be the first business for a long voyage right in the New York port and only at the beginning of December we will sail to the Greek island of Crete. I had a small separate cabin and spent the night in it, in my free time I looked at aunt Rose and discussed family affairs at the festive table. She was proud of me that I successfully graduated from the university and so quickly found a job that I dreamed of going to the maritime expedition. My cousin Janet married a surgeon a couple of years ago, and now she, her husband Samuel and father worked in the same hospital in Brooklyn, while aunt Rosa continued to train young swimmers.

????Once, on my free Sunday, I went to visit my aunt Rosa, listening to old Beatles songs over a cup of tea and chatting about it, as if by chance she asked me if I was thinking of meeting and having an affair with some beauty, to which I answered her only after returning from the expedition whose term did not know the leader himself. She somehow looked at me strangely and asked: "Johnny, maybe there are girls in your company and you are hiding from me? It's so boring without them!"

????I looked at her, smiled and said: "Aunt Rose! Only a man?s company, but since we will go to the ports we will certainly look at bars and dance halls. I don?t think we will be bored, especially since we live in the modern world, on the Internet everything is there, you can write, chat, read, receive and send any information, I like this kind of occupation. When I get back then I think about it, now I don?t want to burden my life with anyone, the family will tie me hand and foot, my old dream may come true to find treasures of which I speak only to you. if it weren?t for this goal, I would have found a good job in the city, then I could have a family, children, and go with my wife to museums, theaters, in the state, to travel."

?????In this case, of course, you should not think about girls, and by the way, one of them suffers from a young man. You probably remember the beautiful Hera, after your break with her, she went to California, fashion designers invited her to their fashion houses, she how the model earned not only money and fame. A few days ago she flew to New York and called me, she wants to get fit in the pool with my help, Hera will come to our Apollo swimming and recreation center on Tuesday by five in the evening, can you imagine what a meeting," said aunt Rosa talked smiled.

?????Frankly, I would like to meet with her, it?s just interesting to look at her, but still this meeting is unlikely to bring us closer, I can?t give up what I?d want to deceive her and myself. When we parted with her, I was so interested in learning forgot about her and if you hadn?t reminded you of Hera, you swam away and never remembered, but in this case I agree, I?ll come to you and we will go to your center. Now I need to go to the ship, so until Tuesday, "said I kissed my aunt.

?????Okay Johnny, come at three o?clock and go to our center,? said Aunt Rose.
????Frankly, the news made me think about how to behave at the sight of Hera and what to answer if she, being free, hints at me on a date. Then I guessed that all this was no accident and not by accident, my aunt told Hera about me ? my studies were over, I?m not married yet and meeting her can drastically change my life and her.

? ???So Hera, like me, is a free bird, had it been connected with her family, I would hardly have agreed in advance with my aunt that Hera was going to swim on Tuesday. I waved my hand and decided, for the sake of interest, to go with my aunt to her center "Apollo?, and when I was on the ship I called my aunt and said that in any weather and employment I would come to her on Tuesday. She was delighted and reminded me to come to her at three o?clock.
??On Tuesday, I drove up to my aunt at three in the afternoon, she was in a good mood, we exchanged greetings, sat down on a soft sofa in front of the TV and turned on and asked to see the tape while she was going on the road. The Kiss group played for some time, then it was replaced by the Rolling, the aunt talked on the phone in her room so quiet that I didn?t hear what she was being discussed, finally she went in a blue dress with short sleeves to her knees, smiled and said: "Johnny, how I look."

??"I turned, looked at her and said: "Aunt Rose, you are beautiful, magnificent figure, an extraordinary dress, it suits you, let's go."

???"Come on Johnny, turn off the TV, I think we?ll come earlier, today is the day of recording and new people will come to me, no one wants to be fat, they pay to lose weight, you have a sports uniform and it's great for health," said the aunt ????I turned off the TV and went to the door, left the house and moved to the subway, the day was hot, not a single cloud in the sky and the sun was unbearably hot. Everything turned out well for us ? a train rushed in time, there were few people so that we did not have to stand, and most importantly it rushed without any delays on the way and at four o'clock we entered the hall. Fat men and middle-aged shabby ladies were waiting for their aunt, we exchanged greetings with them, she smiled and said: ?Ladies and gentlemen, I will receive you in five minutes, I need to take this young man to the pool, please sit. Johnny, after me in the locker room, the pool in the same place, you will find."

???We went into the locker room, I took off my clothes, put my things in the booth, my aunt threw me a gaze and said quietly: "My nephew, you are like Tarzan-Johnny Weismuller, go, I think you will meet Hero-Jane-Mauri O'Sulivan there."

???????I come, my beloved aunt, and you?ll come up to us, I?ll wait,? I said and went to the pool, from a distance I saw several young guys and beauties were swimming in it. I went to the edge and dived, no one paid attention to me, so Hera has not come yet. After ten minutes of swimming, I saw a tall girl entering the pool in a green bikini with pink flowers, she went to the edge, looked at the swimmers and, as if not noticing she dived into the water and did not come to the surface for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, she appeared out of the water, looked around, dived again and a minute later surfaced in the middle of the pool. Without hesitation, I plunged into the water and swam to her, I predicted, having come to the surface out water she would look for me and was unlikely to dive. When I was near her, I saw her beautiful full long legs in the water and touched them with my hands, Hera shuddered in surprise, then jerked them and sailed away. I emerged, swam up to her, looked into her blue eyes and said softly: "Hera! What an unexpected meeting! Good afternoon, I am very glad to see you, I dreamed of meeting you here to admire such a charming girl with a beautiful face and gorgeous body in bikini. Are you glad? Dreamed?"
?????Hera looked at me, smiled and said quietly: "Good afternoon Johnny, I am also glad to see you, but in general I did not expect to meet you here or elsewhere, I just thought you flew to Alaska, you graduated from your university a couple of years ago but I?ve studied longer, I congratulate you on your graduation and wish you a good job."

?????My beloved Hera, thanks for the work I found it but not on the shore, I?m going on a long sea expedition, for which period the leader himself doesn?t know, but for me it doesn?t matter much, I need practice and they pay well. But anyway, I determined for myself a period of three, a maximum of four years, and I?ll organize my own business. And what are you doing, probably children have already appeared?" I said, looked at Hera.

?????I am doing well, working as a model, general attention, money, in plain sight, fans, but neither my husband nor children, with my profession, I can not spoil the figure. Your news that you are going on an expedition by sea for several years I was sad. If you stayed on the shore you could have met with your consent, I remember that evening when we kissed and hugged on a bench. Let's stay together again until you leave, just sit not on the bench but in that house in Long Island where they broke up without giving each other happy you and joy. This time I won?t tell you: "Johnny, take off my bikini. Do you agree my bird??

???? ?"Hera, understand me correctly and decide to come to me or not. No love, persuasion, tears will make me abandon this expedition. You can consider me a husband, the father of a born child, but until I finish this expedition lasting three-four years our meetings will be fleeting, so decide, I need it that way."
????"Well, let it be so, the main thing is that you don?t refuse, it means that you agree to continue the broken relationship, nowadays you can fly by plane to anywhere in the world and in the port where your ship gets to the gas station and the team arranges rest, you will call in advance me and I?ll fly at least for seven to nine hours, maybe for a day, I think the manager will not object," Hera said.
????"I agree, my Hera, even though we are rushing to that villa in Long Island," I said with joy, hugged my charming Hera, kissed and we swam immediately to the edge of the pool near which stood my aunt Rose, she smiled when she saw us and dived into water. My aunt swam up to us, she and Hera exchanged greetings and turned to me said: "Johnny, are you glad to meet Hero? So many years have passed and love has remained, now you will be together and there will be no pretext and excuse to part."

????I looked at her and said: ?Aunt Rose, I?m glad to meet you, but the main thing depended on Hera and if she thought that we would be well together then join her. But since I got a job I can?t leave her for what "We?ll be apart at that time -Hera also doesn?t sit still and wanders from city to city, from country to country. Millions of people work and live now, I?m grateful to you, my aunt, let's swim, we'll talk later."

????We swam for at least an hour, then went to the locker room, got dressed and said goodbye to my aunt Rosa went in red Chevrolet to Long Island. In brief, I and Hera became husband and wife, we agreed that at any opportunity, she will fly to me at the port where our ?Athena? will anchor for inspection, refueling and the team will take rest and entertainment after a long voyage. I did not hide from anyone about my intention to marry and informed all the expedition members. My parents agreed with my choice and asked at the first opportunity to fly with Hera to Alaska and we promised them, as well as Hera's parents who lived in snowy Russia.

????On December 7, 2000, when I said goodbye to my charming wife Hera, aunt Rosa, her husband Victor, cousin Janet and her husband Samuel, I climbed up to ?Athena? and after half an hour at 7.30 pm sailed from the pier to the Atlantic Ocean. Our captain Alex Bedrov, a middle-aged tall broad-shouldered handsome gentleman with a fluffy red hair of hair with a Slavic appearance, confidently directed our ship to the shores of Europa. My responsibilities included working with instruments, a radar system, echo sounders for plotting the bottom topography and detecting metal objects. As I said earlier, our "Athena" was equipped with the most modern navigation, radar equipment, electromagnetic echo sounders, radars and through satellite communications at any time we saw the location coordinates on the display. In addition, we had a small submarine Rusalka for three people and a self-propelled bathyscaphe ?Argonaut? for two people to study the deep sea.

????At 10 o?clock in the evening, expedition leader Richard Dean invited me, Arthur Boyle, Robert Singh, Adlai Cort, Andrew Dunn and Ray Tiger to his small, cozy room. We sat on soft chairs and, looking at us with his blue eyes, he quietly addressed to us: "Gentlemen, the first thing I want to say is we are going on an unusual expedition, I think none of you are interested in what we work for, we will find everything under water this is our secret and no one will say a word to strangers until the end of our voyage, so use personal underwater photo-cinema-television equipment only with my permission. As for our voyage, we will make the first stop in the area of ??the sunken legendary ?Titanic? and then sail to the shores of Spain, to Cadiz, where on October 20, 1805 the great naval battle took place ? the Battle of Trafalgar between the Franco-Spanish fleet led by Admiral Villeneuve and the English led by Admiral Nelson. We will spend some time looking for sunken objects: guns, cold weapons ?and other things that will catch your eye. If necessary, we will use a bathyscaphe and even a submarine. In all these searches, you will be the only one who is the strongest, most intelligent and I think are the bravest. Even on the shore, our instructors trained you in boxing, wrestling, underwater shooting, sambo, but also taught you how to manage a mini submarine and a bathyscaphe, I think this is a fascinating activity for young people. I must say right away that we will not kill anyone, but we will have to defend ourselves mainly when attacked by marine predators including sharks. Now we are sailing at a speed of 20 knots, somewhere in two days at 8-10 pm we will be in the area of ??the sunken ?Titanic?, ?from New York to it more than a thousand miles and there we will test our equipment and your ability to find parts of the body scattered at some distance from each other under a water column of 11000 feet, this is a practice for future discoveries, I think you can handle it. Gentlemen, make a work schedule, but I think all the members of our team of 15 people will not sleep that evening, remember the drowned during this tragedy. And most importantly, I think in our friendly and faithful team there will not be talkative people when you relax on the beach. Once again I say, we are researchers of the deep sea, we are interested in flora and fauna, not a word is told about the objects found. You already know, we work for the money of Russian businessman Viktor Medvedev, he invested money in our research expedition, all our finds will be taken by other people and they will send us to Russia. Since you are experts, you know very well that with modern technology and the satellites hanging above us with the help of radars, management knows our coordinates at any time. They keep in touch with us and indicate the route, so when we find ourselves in the area of ??the death of the ?Titanic?, they will control us, don?t suspect, friends. Yes, as for drinking on the beach during the holidays, be careful only in moderation and walk in groups of at least three people and not interfere in fights."

????We carefully listened to Mr. Richard Dean and each of us personally assured him that during our work on this expedition we will keep our mouths shut and all the underwater filming of the objects and objects found, with the exception of flora and fauna, is the property of those for whom we work, drinking is excluded, avoid any chance encounters with strangers and avoid fights. Richard Dean thanked us, wished good night, we respectively went with him and my friends to the rest room. Sitting down at the table, we made a schedule of duty ? our round-the-clock work, after which we parted leaving Arthur Boyle on duty, at midnight he will be replaced by Ray Tiger, and at 6 in the morning I start. We shook hands tightly and went to sleep.

????Since our captain knew the coordinates of the area where the ?Titanic? lay at the bottom, our ?Athena? approached her in two days at about ten in the evening. Now we had to find parts of the hull, Arthur Boyle and I sat next to the equipment and probed the bottom with a magnetic echo sounder, read the coordinates from the satellite from the display and passed them to captain Alex Bedrov. Of course, the exact coordinates were recorded in his journal, but our leader wanted to know how we ourselves would find the wreckage of the case using our state-of-the-art technology. He reduced the speed to five miles and at 11.17 pm our echo sounder began to give signals, on the monitor screen we saw a line diagram came to life and began to draw sharp peaks, metal debris lay under the water column and when one of them reached a maximum I looked at the screen and saw the coordinates 41* 43' 35" N and 49* 56' 54" W, Mr. Boyle immediately informed the captain. At this time, our leader, Mr. Richard Dean, came to us, he looked at the screens and said quietly: "Guys, you did an excellent job, we have poop under us, we are above the eternal cemetery of the ?Titanic?, now the whole team will gather on deck and drop a wreath with our memorial message stored in a steel cylinder. I don?t think someone will find it under this many miles thick bottom among thousands of fragments, come on."

? ?We went on deck, our ?Athena? stalled, soon all the crew gathered on it, Mr. Richard Dean with three sailors went down into the hold and soon brought a large wreath of flowers and a metal capsule. He looked at us and said in a tragic voice: "Gentlemen, on the outer surface of the steel capsule the words are carved:" Dear passengers and sailors of the sunken ?Titanic?, people will remember you forever, you are in our hearts. December 9, 2000. "Please, throw a wreath and a capsule overboard."

????The sailors threw a wreath with a capsule into the sea - a metal blank immediately went under water, flowers swaying in light waves floated away from us. Captain Alex Bedrov shot up from the signal pistol, all who stood on the deck threw mostly coins into the water, since there were no other heavy objects. Our ?Athena gave three long beeps and headed for Spain, to Cadiz, where the Battle of Trafalgar took place on October 20, 1805 with the participation of 74 ships and in which Admiral Nelson died but the victory was on the British side. After such a devastating defeat, Napoleon was virtually left without a fleet and for a long time he lost interest in fighting for the capture of England.
????We spent 6 months here, pulled out from under the silt covered with shells and corals a lot of cores, several cannons, old guns, sabers and a purely randomly found box with gold, silver jewelry, necklaces and precious stones. As we understood, this large wooden casket miraculously preserved in the water after lying in it for several centuries was unlikely to be on one of those ships that drowned during the battle. Only now I can say that our vessel was unusual in its design - in the hold there was a cache under the lower deck for things of historical value in which they hid them and if one of the border guards or the marine guard decided to find it, I would hardly have discovered it.
????When a lot of found objects accumulated, our "Athena" went to sea and there a submarine or yacht approached us, we passed found things ?to them and they sailed away. After we got everything of value to this place, our leader Richard Dean instructed Captain Alex Bedrov to sail to a new place to Egypt, where a naval battle took place at the Nile east of Alexandria on August 12 1798 between the English and the French, 26 ships, 13 on both sides. Napoleon appointed Vice Admiral Frank Polo Bree as Commander; Admiral Horace Nelson commanded the British Navy. The French fleet was defeated, the vice admiral died in battle and at least two dozen ships rested at the bottom. According to rumors, the French flagship had jewelry boxes and they sank with her and the vice admiral himself.

????We sailed to this place on July 5, 2001 and stayed until the month of November, I will say frankly under water found ancient cannons, cores, sabers, shotguns, swords and sunken amphora from some ancient Roman or Greek ship covered with shells and corals and only now I realized that the organizers of this expedition were aiming to search for the remains of sunken ships in the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea hoping to find amphorae in them or at the bottom of which Greek, Roman merchants, military leaders, commanders, emperors and legionaries transported not only olive oil, grain but also jewels from rich Egypt and other African countries. We never sailed into the territorial waters of the Mediterranean countries, we circled only in neutral waters for a long time not staying in one place and thus without attracting suspicion.
????The expedition leader was pleased, the organizers spared no money, the only thing that didn?t suit me and others we were allowed to talk to relatives on the phone every two weeks and only five minutes, letters with postcards and photos were sent mainly from the Greek island of Crete and our favorite campsites and Places of rest and entertainment were the beautiful, cozy towns of Paleochora, Stakos, Dalatsos and others, the return address was always with an invented surname. Several times Hera flew in and one day the leader, Mr. Richard Dean, invited her to our ?Athena?, everyone admired her beauty and arranged a reception with a gorgeous breakfast and dancing. All this feast with Greek wines and cooked seafood appetizers: shrimp, squid, mussels, octopus and other gifts of nature was filmed with several cameras on a cassette and she took the one I shot myself with my camera. This festival took place on September 2, 2001 and a few days later on September 11, the World Trade Center with two 110-story twins and other skyscrapers was destroyed by terrorists.

???? I was worried, because the swimming and recreation center in which my aunt Rosa worked and often my wife Hera bathed was next to them. We were all shocked by what had happened and our leader Richard Dean allowed us to make mobile calls directly from the deck or go ashore, just at that time ?Athenia? stood in the port of the town of Paleochora.
????I called Hera several times, but the phone was silent, called back to aunt Rosa and she informed me that she could not reach my wife. In short, she disappeared without a trace and it became clear to me that Hera was the victim of this terrorist attack, was worried for a long time, everyone sympathized with me, but since the responsible, interesting and necessary work for me and all of us continued, it became part of it. Since we had to dive with scuba gear, we went down to a depth of 100 feet, but if the depth exceeded that, we used a diving suit, an ?Argonaut? bathyscaphe, or set off on a small ?Rusalka? submarine. Thanks to such many swimming and diving trips, I felt like a fish in the water and as my five friends I gained experience in finding metal objects the size of a penny with a magnetic echo sounder (one cent coin) and determining coordinates via satellite communications. In short, I was prepared for independent search work in the marine environment, the only thing missing was the map where the ship with the treasures sank.
????We continued to work, one evening our magnetic echo sounder recorded a depth of metal at a depth of 160 feet, an expedition leader instructed to explore the area. Robert Sing and I, in light diving suits, went down to the bottom and found the oldest sunken ship ?plunged to the deck, sunken in silt. I had to turn on the pump and, having pumped out the sludge, we found in the hold several ceramic amphoras with olive oil and wine so tightly corked that a drop of water did not flow inside and did not burst under its pressure. We brought these treasures on the deck, though in none of the seven amphorae there were any gold coins, and yet it was pleasant to us and, frankly, we opened a couple of amphorae. The aroma of wine of two thousand years' aging, or maybe more, spread across the deck of ?Athena?, everyone who took part in the expedition once again drank thirty grams of golden color of nectar, thought about it but our legs didn?t hold, I think all of us remembered the smell and aroma for life grape wine of the ancient world. I must say, we had found amphora with grain, olive oil and wine, but those wines could not be compared with this.
????After a couple of minutes, the expedition leader, Mr. Richard Dean, was delighted with the wine that was drunk, his eyes sparkled with happiness, he smiled, raised his hand up with his big bent finger and said: ?Gentlemen, in this work and bustle we forgot about today December 7, 2001, the anniversary of our voyage, we will celebrate it magnificently, therefore, at 7.30 pm everyone was invited to the table, Mr. Harry Soker take a couple of guys to help you and prepare delicious snacks, you are a master of this matter, as for drinking ?you are concerned, a hundred grams are not intoxicated, for work."
????"Mr. Richard Dean, I take the sailors John Cooling and Andrew King, they are in the cource about the cook's business, and we?ll make snacks you lick your fingers."
????"I agree, take them and make snacks, we have an extraordinary day today," said our supervisor. He looked at the amphora, put a scoop in it, scooped up wine, drank it in front of everyone and said: ?An amazing drink, it encouraged me, in the evening we will try everything and now go to work. Yes, seal the amphora and carry in my cabin not to mix it with other amphoras, everyone else bring in the hold, into the camera."

????Since the evening was far away, we continued to dive, somewhere under the silt were metal objects that were caught by electronic magnetic finders. This sunny December day turned out to be successful for us, me and Mr. Arthur Boyle attacked another ship sunk in antiquity immersed in silt. We constantly kept in touch with Mr. Richard Dean and asked him to lower our hose and turn on our pump. Soon the hose was lowered to us, the depth turned out to be significant ? 150 feet, we brought the end to the wooden skeleton, signaled Andrew Dunn to turn on the pump, and forty minutes later we pumped out all the silt that covered the deck of the ancient ship. The pump was turned off, we climbed onto the deck, on it we saw two wooden covers with round metal rings and tried to open the hatch. We did not have the strength to lift the heavy covers and had to use our ship crane.

???? ?The cables with hooks were lowered to us, we hooked them onto the rings and gave a signal to the crane operator to lift them. Mr. Harry Checker overdid it and jerked sharply, the covers fell off and began to rise, I did not stop the lift and they were on the deck of ?Athenia?. Since the hold was clogged with sludge, we put a hose into it, turned on the pump, and after half an hour it was completely pumped out. I turned off the pump and we looked into the hold ? it turned out to be full of plates, but which ones we couldn?t make out because of a thick layer of shells that covered the top plate. I climbed onto the slab, scraped off the surface from shells adhering to it, and I realized I was standing on the marble slab. Without hesitation, he informed Mr. Dean about the find and he asked us to go upstairs as we should rest. We surfaced, we were helped to undress and he looked at us and said: ?Gentlemen, today we will rest, let's relax a bit, we will anchor and tomorrow we will get a couple of marble slabs and look. I wonder where they were taken? Maybe decorate the lost mysterious Atlantis building facades? Find out! "

????We were delighted, Mr. Dean had an upcoming feast on his mind, he liked the wine, he was eager to drink it and celebrate the anniversary of the voyage with us. I will not hide - our cook Harry Soker and his assistants prepared meat and fish snacks, put salami and Italian cheeses, Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, put light wines, champagne and, of course, Mr. Richard Dean himself brought several bottles of two thousand-year-old wine antiquity. All the expedition members sat down at the table, the leader made a short speech, then followed a toast to strong friendship and success in our business, we first drank a glass of the wine we found, had a good bite, then we started talking and quietly drank a glass of wine for us a glass. Frankly, it didn?t act; our head was clear, my tongue was not braided, only my legs held me with difficulty. Mr. Dean parted, he went to his cabin for wine and brought a couple more bottles, he poured it and we drank a hundred grams of this fragrant nectar. I thoroughly ate and quietly left the participants of the feast, I wanted to sleep. With great difficulty I reached the cabin, took off his sandals, then lay down on the bed and fell asleep soundly.

????I rarely had dreams, but on this night I dreamed of something that was preserved in my memory and made me approach my cherished dream of finding a treasure. My father and I sailed on the "Seagull", somehow unexpectedly among the calm sea we saw a small island covered with black sand on which not a single bush grew. Suddenly, my father threw himself into the water and swam to the island, he swam to it, went ashore and waved to me. Without thinking twice, I threw myself into the water and sailed to the island, but instead of my father, on the shore there was a beautiful naked Spanish girl from head to toe hung with coral beads, gold and silver chains, pearls hanging on them, precious stones sparkling in the sun and iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow. I went up to her and asked where my father was, she took my hand and led me, suddenly the earth fell through and flew into the abyss. How much time I flew I don?t know, only at last my body hit something soft and with it ended up in a strange labyrinth from which the moonlight came in bluish. The girl opened the curtain and led me into a small room with a low round arch, near the walls laid mountains of jewels and charming naked women sat on the floor, covering their magnificent bodies with long dark hair, gold and silver threads with precious stones strung on them. Elderly warriors with long lances stood next to them and before we could take a couple of steps, one of them waved and threw lance at me. A sharp lance flew in my direction and so that it did not hit me, I bounced to the side. I saw it flight, I grabbed the shaft with my right hand on the fly, instantly unfolded the lance and threw all my force at my enemy, the point hit his chest and hit him to death.

????The girl who led me approached the soldiers, they threw their lances to the floor, lifted the soldier whom I killed and threw him to the side, unquestioningly pushed back the cover, went aside and let us go into another high room with an arched ceiling half-filled with jewels. The beautiful woman looked at me and pointed by her hand at gold, silver jewelry, pearl necklaces, precious stones. At the sight of such treasures, I seemed to have lost my mind and began to circle with the girl who brought me here. Suddenly, I saw a platinum diadem with diamonds at the very top of the pile. I guessed ? perhaps having found out about me ? fearless, bold, strong and resourceful, found me and a cunning, seducing my beauty, the beauty brought me here so I could get her a diadem that she knew about but could not get into this storehouse guarded by an evil warrior. I let go of the girl?s hand and climbed behind the diadem, a bunch of jewels grew before my eyes, but nonetheless scrambling I reached the top, took the diadem and threw it to the girl. She put it on her head, the diamonds sparkled, the smiling queen looked at me, blew a kiss and extended her arms to take me into her arms. I smiled at her, pushed myself off and flew from the top with a swallow to her, though I didn?t fall into her arms, hit hard, opened my eyes and saw myself lying on the rug.

????I got up, sat on the bed, that beautiful Spanish girl adorned with jewelry, maybe her maids and warriors stood in front of my eyes, a vision made me remember my dreams and it seemed to me that the islet was calling my father and me to that island covered with black sand where the treasure is buried, though guarded by warriors. I wanted the expedition to end faster and I could go on a treasure hunt, knowing full well that there is no such island in nature like a girl.
????It was like a sign not to forget about my dream of finding a treasure, but I didn?t want to give up such an interesting job - I was paid good money: $ 10,000 a month came out with bonuses. It was still night, I lay down to sleep, but I no longer had a dream, but woke up in the morning from the sound of the ship's bell, to get everyone up.

????I got up, washed and went on deck, we did it every time to listen to the assignment for the coming day, our leader Richard Dean and captain Alex Bedrov stood near the side and looked into the water. . A yellow disk of the sun appeared over the horizon, I approached them, said hello, they answered the same and our boss looked at me and said: "Mr. Johnny Gray, after breakfast you will take two guys with you and you need to get a couple marble slabs that you say are in the hold of that sunken little ship. We will turn on the crane, lower the hook with the straps, you will fasten the plate and raise it. If the plate is of interest, then we will get everything, so get ready for the descent."
????I looked at him and said: "Mr. Richard Dean, I think we need to put on lightweight suits and we will be at least two hours under water, the place is shallow and not so dangerous, I saw small dark dolphins there."
????"Well, dress and arm yourself, we can?t have any accidents, I?m watching everyone?s gathered, I?ll declare the task and for the cause," said Richard Dean and turning to the members of the expedition gathered on deck said: "Gentlemen, good morning, early assignment the rise of marble slabs, if they are of value, we will raise it; if not, we will sail to a new place, now breakfast, please go to the dining room."

????"Good morning, we heard from the expedition members, the mission is clear."
????After breakfast in light diving suits, I, Arthur Boyle and Edlay Court went down to the bottom, approaching the hold they saw plates stacked on top of each other, they looked like they were in the water a few days ago. By joint efforts, pushing the top plate over the edge was moved halfway, above us hung straps attached to the hook. A couple of them were brought to the stove, secured and, by communication, instructed the crane operator Mr. Harry Boy to raise it by 8?, which he did. We put strong straps under the plate, tightened it and, at our signal, the crane operator began to lift slowly? it up. The marble plate safely overcame a hundred-foot water column and found itself ?on deck.
????In the same way, we raised two more plates and spent half an hour on all, the work was such a laborious one. They helped us ascend to the top, all the expedition members examined the plates cleaned of adhering shells, and each wondered how they had been preserved in their original form. By themselves, they were luxurious, the colors of blue skies, on the edges of each slab a narrow strip of gold and in the center a round golden sun with 8 rays ? they indicated parts of the world ? East, West, South and North. Mr. Richard brought the measuring tape and began taking measurements on a square slab: 4 feet long and wide and 4 inches thick. The gold strip at the edges of the slab had an inch of width and 0.1 mm of thickness. The diameter of the sun is 3.3 feet, the width of all the rays is about 6 inches, 4 long ones ended at the edges of the plate, 4 short ones were 8 inches long.

????With bated breath we looked at it, suddenly our leader broke the silence: "Gentlemen, it seems to me that ancient people prepared them to decorate the walls of the palaces of Atlantis, but during transportation the ship fell into a storm and sank with these creations of the masters. Johnny, count the area covered with gold foil, then we?ll estimate the approximate weight of the gold Mr. Alex, we?ll sail, and since we know the exact coordinates, we will return at 11 pm, too many ships sail in this place, people can notice, sail and begin to dive on searching of treasure.

??? ?"Everything is clear, Mr. Richard Dean, sail," said the captain and went to his control panel, after a couple of minutes our "Athena" smoothly sailed in the direction of Egypt. I immediately took my electronic calculator and started calculating the area covered with gold foil and it turned out about 9,000 grams and if an ounce of gold cost about $ 300 then the precious metal adorning the marble slab pulled 90,000 bucks. Our leader contacted the organizer of this expedition, Mr. Victor Medvedev, and since the conversation was about exotic sea fish, it was unlikely that anyone else would have thought of what was going on. Three days later, a gorgeous motor yacht ?Vityaz? approached our ?Athena? and I guessed the boss himself, a Russian billionaire, sailed.

????Three tall athletic builds of a middle-aged gentleman with a Slavic appearance in shorts and T-shirts climbed to our ?Athena?, smiling broadly, welcomed us, we them, Mr. Richard Dean introduced us to the guests: one of them was elderly Victor Medvedev, two young Semyon Sorokin and Vasily Zhukov. Without wasting time, they went down into the hold where they stored the found seafood. Seeing their arriving Russian guests began to inspect the marble slabs raised from the bottom, they were delighted and, speaking in Russian, informed Mr. Richard Dean to continue lifting the slabs until the last, observing all safety precautions. Since I knew Russian well from my parents, I understood what they were talking about. "Mr. Richard Dean, the fact that you found these plates in neutral waters is nonsense. Nowadays several Mediterranean countries can claim them at once, your task is to do everything in secret, I think understanding people work with us, we pay them well, if the catch is a good one, we?ll add bonus ones, no one will be offended. As for transportation, in a couple of days the tanker will come up to you, pour the fuel into the tanks, those people will transfer the plates to the watercraft and deliver to the tanker. Your task is not getting into the field of view of passing to lift ships and liners with tourists from the bottom of the plate. After leaving the tanker, you leave this place for a while and come back in a few days, you know better. Thanks for the valuable find. I can?t understand one thing ? you found these stoves first in the depths of the sea! Why should someone pretend to them? And this is the case with any finds of sunken ships. We leave you until the next meeting, now they will be frequent, "said Mr. Victor and shook hands with us all.

????Mr. Richard Dean looked at the guests and said: ?Gentlemen, everything is clear to me how to navigate at sea even in neutral waters, the main thing for us is not to give others a reason to rush to us while things are going well, I think we?ll raise thirty by the arrival of the tanker one slab, but in general there is a real cemetery of ships with these slabs. The thought constantly revolves in my head - these marble slabs were brought to Atlantis that people are trying to find. If we could find it like these slabs would be awesome! "

????"Dear Mr. Richard Dean, first let's think about the plates, as soon as all of them are in our hands, then you will search for Atlantis and if you find the first, let the world know about your discovery," said smiling Vasily Zhukov, a gentleman with a fluffy red hair and added: "In my opinion, it is not far from this place, such plates with a golden sun were intended only to decorate the palaces of this city."

?????The guests touched the stoves with their own hands and cast a glance at us and went to the metal stairs leading to the deck, they said goodbye to all the participants of the expedition and got to their ?Vityaz? yacht. After some time, the yacht sailed, captain Alex Bedrov went into the control panel and our ?Athena? headed for the area where the cemetery of the oldest ships was located and the plates were not delivered due to the storm to Atlantis to decorate the facades of the palaces of its leaders.

????I did not count the exact number of raised plates, but I have no doubt that there were at least five hundred of them. Pleased with such a find, the bosses who organized this expedition decided to explore the area more thoroughly and soon we attacked another cemetery of sunken ancient barge ships carrying marble columns, cornices and sculptures, possibly depicting mythological gods and goddesses. We lifted everything that we found under water onto our ?Athena?, but failed to attack the Atlantis trail.

????In general, I should notice that our descents under water were always fraught with dangers and two or three people descended. If the depth was 70-100 feet, then we used scuba diver equipment, if we worked at a depth of more than 140 feet then we wore lightweight diving suits. Several times we were attacked by gray sharks, the meeting at Crete, thirty miles from Staros in mid-April, was especially memorable. Fortunately, lightweight high-strength spacesuits made of composite materials and armed with underwater guns offered us decent resistance at that time, the battle ended in our favor

??? ?Our echo sounders recorded a pile of scrap metal at a depth of 180 feet. They dressed me, Ray Tiger and Arthur Boyle in spacesuits and lowered them to the bottom right where the sunken German submarine lay. From the explosion of the depth charges, a huge hole was visible in the starboard side. We swam to the boat and decided to look into the hole, but since we knew from experience that inside they could find a favorable habitat for fish, crayfish, octopus and even sharks, before I poked my head in, I poked my usual ten-foot-sharp spear with what seemed to me to be accumulated for decades, silt and it rested against a gray soft mass. Suddenly, the mass began to move and quickly rushed into the hole, my companions and I pulled away and three long gray sharks, one after another, swam out. Noticing us, they were not frightened and turned to swim towards us, revealing their huge toothy mouths. But since we weren?t timid, Ray and Arthur pointed their guns at them, and I pointed out my metal pike with a sharp tip with a hook on a shark floating on me that could inflict severe pain on her, which the silly predator did not realize. And to the other end of my pikes, to the ring was tied a strong nylon cable capable of withstanding the strongest shark.

?????The impudent shark was so self-confident in its strength and victory over me that I didn?t get out of my way seeing in my hands a long pike directed not at it. When the sharp end of the pike was two feet from her mouth with long white teeth, I sharply pulled my arms forward, the pike stuck into the upper jaw and went outside. Without thinking twice, I reported on the connection: "Mr. Robert Sing, on the hook of a shark, urgently pull it with the winch to the top, Ray and Arthur are fighting off the other two, I need to help them."

?????Mr. Johnny, I hear you, we will pull, she won?t break free from us,? Robert shouted to me in a pleasant voice.

????And at this time, my shark from severe pain, forgetting about me, began to quickly wriggle and spin around the axis, she tried to close her mouth but a foreign object interfered. The attempt to get rid of the pike ended in nothing, unexpectedly for her, the cable pulled up and pulled the shark up and she soon disappeared from view. My comrades turned out to be excellent arrows and charges, falling into their mouths, turned their upper jaws, blood flowed from the fountain outward, mixed with water and, to our happiness, did not get on the suits. I don?t know what happened in shark brains, or maybe they were brainless, instead of attacking us that caused them pain and suffering, they attacked each other and started tearing their bodies with their sharp teeth. Torn pieces of meat flew to the left and to the right, and so that by chance and we would not be in their huge mouths, I shouted over the link: "Mr. Robert Sing! Pull us onto the deck as quickly as possible, we wounded two sharks and I think they got off crazy, tear each other apart."

????"Mr. Johnny, the winches are working, we are already pulling you, Ray and Arthur," I heard Robert's joyful voice.

????I felt the cable pull and pulled me up, Ray and Arthur rose with me, the sharks continued to beat, but soon disappeared from view. When we were brought up to the deck and the spacesuits were removed, we first gave us a glass of whiskey, the expedition members surrounded us and the expedition leader Richard Dean looked at us and smiled and said: ?You are real fearless sea gladiators, we were so worried about you and did not doubt your resourcefulness. Yes, Mr. Johnny, just look at your shark, which you so famously handled, a real tventy-feet monster."

????I turned to the shark lying on the deck and when I saw it even gasped, no, not out of fear, but out of surprise, there, in the water, it seemed not so enormous, the hook stuck in its upper jaw and the pike stuck out all the way. On this occasion, our cooks prepared delicious food from her flesh and with vodka she went for a sweet soul, our marine archaeological work, or rather the search for Atlantis continued.
????Honestly, all the participants in our glorious expedition turned out to be friendly, kind, honest and decent people. I met them, we became friends and often talked about sunken caravels and galleons in the Caribbean. Once, Mr. Arthur Boyle, a handsome middle-aged member of an expeditionary athletic physique, looked at me carefully and said: ?Dear Mr. John! If this ship ?Athenia? weren?t equipped with the most modern electronic sonar equipment, navigation, instruments, we would hardly have found such treasures. If you, I or our friends had money, a ship, all this radar equipment and at least an approximate place of the ship lying on the bottom with gold and jewelry, then there would be a chance to persuade the patron, tycoon, company go on a treasure hunt, we would sail in this case arbitrarily time and radio sounders lot looking at the bottom of the priceless crumble good, as well as some ships transported several hundred pounds of unique items made of precious metals, coins, jewelry, then at modern prices it would be tens of millions of dollars, if John tried to persuade some millionaire and forward, if you invite me I will not refuse, I love the sea, its underwater world and ... a little dollars, they are never superfluous. I think our bosses before going in search of these plates found in the archives data on the cemetery of sunken ships, so purely by chance, at random, no one dares to throw millions of bucks."

????He smiled and winked at me, I also smiled and said: "Dear Arthur! I will definitely invite you if I find at least one of the sunken ships documents in the museum, there are records of which port the ship left and did not reach, it fell into a storm, To do this, you need to spend a lot of time, analyze, put everything together and then set off to search, it?s either lucky or lost. After the expedition, I will leave for Madrid and Lisbon, try to find documents in the archives, such records fantasy since childhood, shared his thoughts with his father and he said: ?My Johnny learn and if you get closer to the goal I will help you and I will go in search of treasures.? I wanted to tell my faithful comrades about my dream in which I saw a mysterious island covered in black sand without a single bush with a beautiful Spanish woman hung from head to toe with jewels, maidservants, warriors, a platinum diadem with diamonds on a heap of jewels wallowing in the mountain but abstained. My thought never came out - this is a kind of hint from above-guy, look for this island with treasures, on it pirates hid the loot.

????The young people sitting next to me, Robert Singh, Adlai Court, Andrew Dunn and Ray Tiger, who resembled Arthur Boyle in unison, unanimously exclaimed: ?Dear John, don?t forget us, we are with you and you are looking for a cemetery of sunken caravels, a ship, equipment we will buy together ship and go on a voyage, you heard how many years ago Mel Fisher discovered the sunken galleon "St. Margarita" and pulled uncountable riches to the surface, he mentioned only gold, gold coins and jewelry in passing, about the place." "Gentlemen! A long time ago, like you I saw photographs, I read in the National Geographic magazine about this discovery, this is amazing, but Mel Fisher spent a lot of time in the libraries of Spain and Portugal, rummaging through the archives. He found maps, magazines, records of the survivors he identified the witnesses of those catastrophes by the logical reasoning method and the approximate burial place of the galleon that sunk during the storm, so I?ll tell you my dear friends, a ship with radar equipment, there is no problem to get sounders, my father has a fishing trawler but there?s no treasured map, look for a map of the graveyard of sunken ships like this and we will set off on your journey with your consent. We already have experience in archaeological research, we know how to work with ultra-modern underwater radar, radio echo sounders, radars, and instruments that help to draw relief the bottom, to feel the thickness of the silt and to find objects lying under it created by human hands and that fell purely by chance or by force of circumstances on the ocean floor. But besides all we are real and brave scuba divers and divers."
????Arthur Boyle looked at me and said: ?Johnny, they didn?t take you for nothing, I think you helped them a lot, like we did all the labor-intensive work perfectly under water, did not scratch the body?s blood, only when meeting with predatory sharks it was not easy. I think you often without their maps stumbled upon wrecks loaded with amphora with wine, grain, olive oil, you sniffed and swam right to them, especially as you found a cemetery of ships with marble slabs and not simple but with a golden sun, I think the boss will appreciate you and if you offer him a map with supposed place sunken galleon, he will provide you any money just addressed to him and do not forget us."
????I looked at him, comrades, and said: "Gentlemen, if I find a clue I will inform you, of course, this will not happen tomorrow, but I have already outlined a plan and will carry it out after the expedition, I'm not in a hurry, you need to gain skill, dive and swim under water."

????I don?t know how it turned out, but suggested that Arthur Boyle try to use the instruments to determine at least approximately the undercurrent in the place where the amphoras were found for the first time off the island of Crete. He agreed, and after numerous observations, I concluded that the largest flow of the surface current from north to east and the submarine stream in the opposite direction and suggested that our leader Mr. Richard Dean move north in a slow speed, probe the ground and probe the bottom with an echo sounder, he agreed and thus in three weeks we stumbled upon the remains of a ship lying in silt and not rotting for almost two thousand years, immediately found thirty amphora with wine and olive oil and next to a cemetery with marble slabs.

???? I, my friends and the head, Mr. Richard Dean, going down into the water, filmed all the work on a video camera and transferred it to reliable hands when our people came to us and they delivered it to the main management. Basically, we did everything without any publicity, our leadership did not need a sensation and I think they did it right. I was looking forward to the end of the expedition, I wanted to go to Madrid and finally that day came ? the chief leaders after fruitless attempts to find Atlantis decided to round off and having gathered us on the deck of ?Athena?, our leader Mr. Richard Dean announced to all of us the completion of ?archaeological underwater work? . That evening, we arranged a farewell feast, drank two thousand-year-old wine, having a bite of fresh sea delicacies prepared by our cock Harry Soker. Everyone was happy and after more than three years staying together at ?Athena? it was not easy to leave. We thanked each other and the next day, arriving at the port of Paleochora, we received checks from Richard Dean?s hands on which we can receive money at the Chase Bank. Before parting, my friends and I leaving ?Athena? shook hands strongly with captain Alex Bedrov, leader Richard Dean and the entire crew, we said goodbye, boarded the boat and he carried us to the pier.
????In Paleochora, we sat in the Grechanka tavern, we shared our impressions about our joint more than three-year voyage on ?Athena?, about plans on the shore, and I told them seriously: ?My friends, remember our conversations , I am firmly determined to find what has been waiting for our discovery for so long, you understand we are talking about treasures lying under water and possibly waiting for us, as soon as I prepare the data to stink you and if you agree to let me know, we will discuss the plan already at the place that I will inform , bye-bye lovers of sea adventures, to see you soon."
????"Johnny, don?t forget us, we believe you will find what you are looking for and we are your faithful helpers, see you later," they cried joyfully.
????We exchanged addresses, phone numbers, and after sitting for half an hour we left the tavern and headed to the local airport, here we parted ways, we shook hands with each other, hugged each other and parted, I waited my flight and went home.

????But before I went to Madrid and Lisbon, I flew to my home in Alaska through New York, I wanted to learn from aunt Rosa about the fate of my wife Hera, who was missing. Before departure, I called my parents that I was flying home via New York, then my aunt and when a Boeing 747 from Rome flew to Kennedy International Airport, I was met by the whole family ? my aunt Rosa, her husband Victor and daughter Janet and her husband Samuel. Seeing me, they handed me a bouquet of fresh flowers, kisses, a short conversation and now we are racing in an endless stream of cars. Victor was driving, at the intersection a red van rushed into the red light, hit into a concrete truck, at least his van flew onto the sidewalk, got into a glass window and disappeared inside, the glass rang, an explosion rang out, gasoline ignited and a fire broke out in the supermarket. What a blessing that we slipped through an intersection with a violation of the rules like other cars unnoticed by the police. After passing the quarter, we stopped in shock but came to our senses but in the wrong place, as if a policeman appeared from under the ground and put a ticket for a hundred bucks, it is useless to dispute. An hour later, everyone was sitting at the festive table, drinking champagne, wine, vodka, I told them about my stay in a long-term exciting expedition without going into details and withholding important information. Of particular interest was the episode with that wine in amphoras, which had been in them for two thousand years, as we tasted it, but did not mention a word about the long-standing plan to find the treasures of sunken ships. Aunt Rosa, as it was not sad for all of us, informed me that among the three thousand who died in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, there was also my wife Hera, we remembered her after drinking a glass of Smirnovskaya vodka.
????That same evening I called my parents and recalled that five days later we would fly to Anchorage with the five of us and asked my father to postpone the trip to the sea for a week, he understood and agreed to wait for the guests, the whole family joined the conversation, he dragged on until midnight and only in fact, having drunk once again a glass of champagne, we went to sleep.
?? ??I was in a hurry to go to Europe in search of maps and historical notes of witnesses of shipwrecks, sunken ships transporting jewelry, aunt Rosa was eager to see her brother and swim on a trawler at the same time, her husband Victor and daughter Janet with her husband Samuel were ending their holidays, they decided to immediately fly to Alaska and the next day ordered tickets. I wanted to look at the ruined World Trade Center and after an early breakfast I went to Down Town where under the debris of ruined skyscrapers on that fateful day there was a charming Hera

???? ?For an hour we walked around the foundation pit where work was underway to restore this area, then we sat in Ford and rushed off to explore the sights of New York. At noon we returned home and began to prepare for departure. Women put their suitcases full of things and gifts at the door, I looked at my things, cassettes and a bottle of wine two thousand years ago. Before the flight, we called home, told mom and dad the flight, and asked them to come in a van to meet us.

????We flew to Anchorage with a Boeing 747 after lunch, mother and father met us at the airport with flowers, smiles and kisses, I was not at home for more than three years after my last visit to my parents, so no doubt they missed me especially since my relatives arrived .

????July sunny day turned out to be very hot even for northern cold Alaska, we hurried to the parking lot where my father parked his Land Rover, climbed into it, immediately turned on the air conditioning and moved to our suburban house. The road is deserted, dad loved to rush off with the breeze, drove along the suburban highway for at least 90 miles per hour, the railway crossing ahead, the green light is on and the train is showing because of the turn, it?s too late to put pressure on the brakes, we?re afraid, dad was concentrated and calmly says: "I ask you to fasten your belts, hold on tightly to each other, I increase the speed."
????I was sitting nearby, the car jerked forward, I was pressed to the seat, a glance at a speedometer it was 150 miles per hour. We flew ten feet from the locomotive. After driving a few tens of yards, Dad gave the brakes, because of the principle, he decided to return to the booth with the duty officer through whose fault we almost came to the haven. When we arrived and stopped we see the broken door, I pressed the horn, the siren howled and somehow suddenly a huge ginger bear with a big bag in its mouth jumped out of the booth, he saw us and immediately ran to the forest. We got out of the car and not afraid of the predator, went to the open door, looked into the room and saw the attendant lying on the floor, entered and brought him to his senses. After some time, Mr. Lee Dankey told the story of how a bear appeared, he locked the door, while he broke it out of fright, the railway man lost consciousness and fell to the floor, the bear broke the remote control with his paw and the alarm was broken. We guessed that the bear scented a bag of delicious food and found it just at the very moment when our car drove up to the booth.

????Lee called his management, we confirmed what happened, said goodbye to duty, he thanked us and we continued moving on, turned onto a country road and after a couple of minutes in the back of the garden saw a two-story red stone house, drove up to the garage, stopped, the door opened, drove in and at the same moment we jumped out of Land Lover, the father opened the door and passing it turned out to be in a large bright kitchen, on the table stood wine, snacks and sweets. While we were undressing and sitting down at the table, our mother was busy, soon on the big table there was a preheated food cooked in advance. My father poured red liquor of his own production from cranberries, apples and currants, he stood up, looked at us and said: "I propose to drink for our safe return from the next world, one of us was born in a shirt if I had not given gas to failure none of us would sit here, I couldn?t turn to the side ? a steep slope was in front. Yes, from now on I refuse to race at a speed of one hundred miles per hour, my fault and that bear is such a coincidence, drink my dear guests, for the meeting!"

????We shouted: ?For a safe return, for a meeting!?, clinked glasses, drained glasses, forks, knives and spoons rang. It was light cool in our house, everyone led a relaxed conversation on a sore subject, then it was my turn, I had to report to everyone how my service was at ?Athenia? developed during the sea expedition, I selected the most interesting moments and demonstrated through the video, ?they were shocked by the amphorae seen lying in sea salt water for a couple of millennia and preserved in its original form, but when everyone saw how we drank that ancient golden wine, they immediately asked what it tastes, smells and is it poisonous?

????I looked at them, smiled and said: ?My lovely mom, dad, aunt Rosa, uncle Victor, cousin Janet and Samuel! What a taste! What a smell! That wine is nectar, has nothing to do with our drinks, while the air I wasn?t poisoned by poisonous gases, it is stronger than vodka, golden amber, I need to try it, my head works, my legs don?t hold, and by the way, I will treat them all to you, our leader Mr. Richard Dean allowed us to take a bottle of this nectar, wait for one minute."
????I got up, pulled a bottle of golden wine out of my suitcase, opened it and poured twenty grams each, clogged it and put it in a cabinet drawer. The aromatic smell of wine spread throughout the room, returning to the table I took a glass, raised it and said a toast: "Mom, dad, my dear relatives, for our meeting and good health!"

??? ?Everyone shouted: "For the meeting and good health," they immediately drank the golden nectar, the wine had an effect on everyone, and they opened their mouths. Our party was delayed and only in the evening, thanks to mom, dad went out into the garden, it was cool, the air was fresh and fragrant, and while walking between the trees we asked how things were with the fishing industry, which my father replied simply and clearly: ?My dear, I have to notice fish and crabs are not running out yet, but the number of ships is growing from month to month, huge competition and prices are falling, however, not so much to give up fishing and go ashore. I?ll say, while it?s tolerable, but the sea begins to storm in earnest, earlier it seemed calmer, I can?t understand what caused it, not I?m afraid to talk about sad things, but last week during a storm two trawlers went to the bottom and no one escaped, the waves reached ten yards. When the helicopters arrived, the sea was raging, there wasn?t anyone to save, the divers were lowered in the evening, imagine of seventeen drowned fishers found at the bottom."
????Everyone was upset, silently wandered around the garden and went on to continue the feast, then turned on the TV, watched the news, a comedy film and the guests went to bed with their mother. My father and I dressed strongly went to the garden where I told him the story of the expedition in the Mediteranean sea and of course about the dream. Father listened attentively and with interest to me, and when I finished he looked at me and said quietly: "My son, I believe you haven?t made anything, the special evidence is the oldest wine, it?s special, but as for your dream about that mysterious a strange island covered in black sand with a beautiful woman seen hung from head to toe with beads, necklaces, gold, silver chains and precious stones on threads, it should be assumed that this is a sign from above. Maybe in fact such an island exists."

?????I looked at him and said: "Dad, I achieved everything that you wanted, got an education, visited a sea expedition and most importantly, I gained experience in it and can independently manage not only our trawler, but also a submarine, bathyscaphe, work with with navigational instruments, magnetic echo sounders, locators, my comrades and I swam with scuba diving, went down in diving suits, sometimes fought with sharks, I spoke with them and they supported me, even agreed to invest in equipping our trawler with modern instruments, a pump for pumping water, in acquiring scuba gear, diving suits, but on one condition, if I find a map of the sunken ship, so if I want to do treasure hunting, I will go to Europe and try to find documents about old sunken ships in libraries, museums, money I?ve earned it and if I spend a part of them, then in case of success we will return everything. You yourself know, if you don?t take risks then you won?t get anything, this is my plan for the future."

????My father listened to me and said: "My Johnny, if your affairs are so good and your comrades have such hopes on you, then why waste time, go to Madrid, Lisbon, you know the languages ??and you will not be able to get help I?m reasoning just like a sailor, if in our time ships drown like cobblestones then there?s nothing to be said about, my son, they brought gold, valuables, not fish but gold, they are growing in value and are growing. I have some strange hunch that you will find a treasure, especially a dream that girl with jewelry, but take your time and rush to catch fleas, and I?ll say, don?t go to any bank for help, you?ll get into bondage, you need to do everything quietly on your own and if you?re sure that those guys are brave and reliable take them with us, I know my trawler, we?ll remake something, replace the engines, it will run like a racing boat, someday you will urgently need to sneak out and you, for your part, will install all the necessary devices and a radio echo sounder, the main thing is to be silent, this secret should be dedicated to those who will be included in the composition. So you?ll rest a week and go, museums, libraries are waiting for you, and maybe a beauty."

?????"Dad, what will mom say when you quit fishing and leave it alone for an indefinite time, will you have to give her an explanation anyway?"

??? ?"My Johnny, don?t bother with all kinds of thoughts, because it will not happen tomorrow, like a minimum in a year, you need to be well prepared, this is not fishing and not a word more on this subject, I?ll say to your mother that you went to Europe to study in university and keep silent there, I support you."
????"Dad, thank you, I understand you believe in success," I said and kissed.
????A week later, I told my mother that I was leaving home and flying to study in Europe and maybe I would join the expedition with which I had worked for years, it is simply impossible to find work in this specialty, she understood sailing with her father, catching fish, crayfish and it will not give crabs and without any resistance gave the green light to my trip. I bought a ticket to Madrid and the next evening I said goodbye to my father, mother, aunt Rosa, her husband Victor and their lovely daughter, Janet and her husband Samuel flew to ancient Madrid. The city itself is interesting: modernity was intertwined with the Middle Ages, found a cheap hotel and since I arrived to find the fate of some ships that did not reach Europe in the archives, in the holds of which were kept gold jewelry and goods, I did not waste time I?ll frankly find documents for work according to which from the 16th to the 18th century about 250 Spanish and 170 Portuguese caravels disappeared, but none of them specifically indicated the place wrecks, and especially how many of them fell into the hands of pirates.

????In short, I did not find any important specific documents confirming the death of a ship in a particular place in the Caribbean or the coastal waters of Florida, in short, hundreds of treasure caravels were drowned but in what place was not indicated. I was not particularly upset, said goodbye to Madrid and headed to the old Malaga, visited several libraries, museums and art galleries - all in general terms, such and such a ship loaded with exotic fruits, goods and gold sailed on such and such a date and year, disappeared without a trace and she didn?t arrive, fate is unknown, whether she drowned, or the pirates captured him, in those wild times they dominated the seas, acted brazenly and without punishment.
????Once I came to a large private gallery-museum of sea discoveries dedicated to all who created ships, discovered new lands, conquered them, by famous and nameless artists who painted sea battles, travelers, ship wrecks. There was a lot of business, and I understood that if you even take a quick look it will take about three days, and if you carefully dig through the archives, then you won?t be able to cope with it in a month and there were a great many of them here, and the scripts, several guides took visitors to departments, told them and answered any questions of interest, a decent fee was taken, they were allowed to take pictures, each photograph cost one hundred dollars, and it was necessary to sign that it would not be published anywhere.

????The first three days I walked with a group, a middle-aged dark-eyed lady with the figure of Venus, a blue-eyed blonde with wavy hair the color of rye in a denim blue skirt to her knees, tightly fitting her lower body and in a pink-lilac silk blouse, drove us into departments and she spoke in detail about the discoverers, their voyages to the unknown and of course about those who conquered, robbed, killed and wielded in the vast expanses of the sea. I got acquainted with the museum and independently wandered around the departments scattering the paintings and once came across one that made an indelible impression on me, excited my imagination and most importantly reminded me of the island that I dreamed of, on which stood a beautiful woman hung with jewels from head to toe. Some strange flat island sticking out from under the water, no more than 3-5 yards deep, covered with dark sand with green algae flowers growing on it in some places, not far from the shore a magnificent three-masted caravel circled halfway into the water circled, next to it doomed people were floundering in the water. Several young beautiful ladies in chic clothes and men in knightly armor stood on the deck and with sad eyes looked at those who were drowning. Since the artist was on another ship, he showed in his picture ?The Death of ?Hispaniola" five more caravels, all of them were far from that strange island.

????I went downstairs and asked the museum photographer to photograph the picture, a young man handed me a small form sheet, I filled it out, paid one hundred dollars and he said: "Mr. John Gray, your picture ?The death of ?Hispaniola? will be sent to you at your address, you will receive it in a day, but if you want to take the masterpiece faster, come tomorrow. Yes, just in case we need your phone number, this order, if there is an E-mail address, we will send photos of the newly received masterpieces via the Internet and send the selected copies by mail as carte you, you will decorate your house with them, create a kind of museum, however, without the right to take money for admission and duplicate copies for sale. Now many people do it this way."

???? ?I looked at him and said: "Senor Juan Ever, I will come tomorrow and write down the mobile phone number, as for the E-mail address as well as my home, I don?t have it. The fact is that I spend my life on sea expeditions. My leaders are looking for Atlantis and in my free time I fly around European countries looking for documents, I?ll bring my picture to the ship and hang it on the wall, let my friends admire me, thank you."

????I didn?t give him my E-mail address so that the flow of spam emails wouldn?t overwhelm me, and even more so, why would anyone know where I live.
????We said goodbye and I again went up to the third floor, saw a guide and turned to a middle-aged, pleasant-looking golden-eyed lady with blue eyes: "Signorina Milera Goya, good afternoon, could you give me information about the picture, it?s nearby, it?s my name John."

????She looked at me and said: "Good afternoon, Mr. John. Are you not Tarzan?s son, or rather swimmer Johnny Weism?ller? Such a striking resemblance! Come on, dear, I'm glad to help you."

????"Dear Senorina Milera, unfortunately I am not a relative of Johnny Weism?ller, and apparently you are not the most gracious Venus of Milos, but the resemblance is striking. I did not even expect such a goddess to work as a guide, come on."

????We went to the painting, she looked at it, then called on my cell phone, a little conversation with a specialist took place and immediately told me: "Mr. Johnny, I?m very sorry but there is no information about this painting, the name of that artist is unknown, not even I named it, apparently he is a witness to this misfortune, I am very sorry. Yes, but what exactly interested you in it, we have ancient archives, I can dig into them and find information. I look at visitors and not a single one is interested, they walk, watch, and only order paintings. You, Johnny, are completely different, I don?t think this is such a secret! But if I know what I?m talking about, I can and will help, though I shouldn?t talk here, they can eavesdrop on us. Let's meet after seven and sit in the restaurant "Gala", you tell me and everything will be okay."

????In principle, I understood what a pretty lady needed from me, and since I have nothing to lose, and even if it helps me find information about a sunken caravel, it will be fine, and I said quietly with a smile: ?Dear beautiful Milera-Venera, I do not mind sitting with you in a cafe, I think that you are free and no one will pounce on us with threats and even fists.?

????"I understand you, Johnny, don?t worry about this, otherwise I didn?t ask you to sit with me, we won?t think about the bad, only about a pleasant meeting, after seven hours go to the museum entrance and we?ll go to the cafe where you tell us about your secret," she said, smiling, screeching, and handed over her full graceful hand, I took it in mine and kissed it. She looked at me with her beautiful black eyes and whispered: "Until seven, my Johnny."
????I looked at her and said softly: "Until seven, my dear lady," and headed for the exit to walk along the streets of ancient Malaga. It was hot and sunny, there were not too many people, mainly curious tourists wandered or sat in restaurants. After an hour of unhurried walking, I returned to the museum and sat on a bench under a sprawling tree in a shady square; fifteen minutes remained before seven. A fountain was beating nearby and creating a pleasant coolness, there was a museum in front of me and I saw the main entrance from which visitors left. At seven o?clock I noticed how smiling Milera came out of the large doors with some kind of full low lady, they kissed and parted in different directions, she stood on the sidewalk and began to look around. I got up and quickly went to her, she noticed me, smiled, waved her hand and she headed towards me. We, as if knowing each other a lot of time, hugged, I kissed her and she joyful, happy broadly smiled and said: "I missed you so much, Johnny! And you?"

????"I missed you too, my dear Milera, I thought how to see a beautiful lady, you are so charming and attractive, so graceful, such eyes, lips, a nose, a neck, a great figure, and what kind of legs you boldly show them all," I whispered, and kissed her puffy cheek with blush.

????"Johnny, you exaggerate while painting me that I walk in a miniskirt so in such a heat you need to refresh my body. And you say handsome and in my taste, you look like a manly interesting young man, reminiscent of Tarzan, Johnny Weism?ller, a swimmer. With you it?s nice to be anywhere, go to the ?Gala?, there is a calm audience, you can drink, have a snack and dance, I think you will not be disappointed and most importantly not so far from the house where I live in splendid isolation and I should already have not only children but also grandchildren," said Milera embarrassed and smiled.

???? ?My dear Milera, you seem to be a very young lady, I wouldn?t give you thirty, I?m also almost twenty-seven and I will tell you frankly there is no desire to bind myself with my family. ?I met you and fell in love, but since I have to go on sea expeditions for many years, there?s no question of marriage. I just returned, spent almost four years in the Mediterranean Sea, and this will be my whole life. I?ll spend some time here until I find what I need and if I don?t succeed, I?ll leave for neighboring Portugal, I?m telling the whole truth and therefore dear Milera decide for herself whether it makes sense to spend time with me," I whispered and looked at her with mock sadness.
???"Johnny, I understand we will part sooner or later, but you and I will have pleasant memories of our meeting, the main thing now is not to think about anything, we are going to relax, drink a nice light wine, have some fun and I want to hear what you are looking, "Milera said quietly and squeezed my hand.
????We walked and chatted merrily, finally stopped near the old building with the sign "Gala" Restaurant, went into it and found ourselves ?in a small cozy room with a bar. A Spanish melody flowed from the speakers, we sat at a table in the corner, a young girl came up and Milera ordered Nora wine, cold meat, cheese and squid. Soon on the table stood a bottle of wine, glasses, knives, forks, appetizers, tropical fruits and grapes. We drank, had a bite and even danced three dances, then sat down at the table again and finally I told her the dream I saw at ?Athena?. She looked at me and said: "Johnny, you are an extraordinary dreamer, I will tell you frankly that dreams sometimes come true, but Mel Fisher found such treasures, I will try to rummage through the archives but I don?t promise anything. You made an impression on me that I saw you fall in love but I know that all this will not last long, nobody will stop you, but nevertheless I agree to be with you for some time if you don?t mind. In my life I myself was to blame, I was looking for the ideal, but as I understood it some time ago not find and I think it?s easier to find a treasure in the water than the one you love and you. How much time do you agree to stay here, my Johnny?"
?????My dear lady, not so much, I have a few days at my disposal, maybe a month, it all depends on you and your searches for historical documents that shed light on the death of ?Hispaniola? and then I?ll leave for Portugal, I won?t find I will fly to Italy. If there?s nothing interesting and important for me, I?ll go on a marine expedition again for three or four years in the Mediterranean: they pay well, we visit all the neighboring countries, I?ll tell you a secret, beautiful Milera, we were looking for Atlantis, those who organized the expedition have a lot of money and spend them to find it. That you yourself, Miler, believe that Atlantis existed? "

????She looked at me, smiled and whispered: ?Dear Johnny, there is no Atlantis, it?s a dream, a made-up city, but if those rich people have money, then let them look for it, I also believed in a fairy tale about love and there is none. It there is but it short-met, talked and scattered. So now the time is running out, it's time to go home, and tomorrow at work to tell visitors the same thing for the thousandth time, be sure to come, maybe I can find something and you will go in search of treasures. me, otherwise I?m afraid to walk alone in the dark streets at night, here as everywhere bad guys. they? beat, rape and rob."
????"My Milera, I will escort you, if they attack, then the two of us can manage it," I said.

????"Fine," Milera said, ?help Johnny get up, I think I had too much to drink, but nothing, let?s come, not far here?.

????I, as a gentleman, looked after her, paid for dinner and went to accompany her, we reached the big old house, stood at the door and looked at the clock and said: ?My charming lady, it?s midnight soon, we stayed so long that I didn?t notice how time flew by , you know, I?m so afraid to go alone at night in an unfamiliar city, once I happened to such an event that I always sit in the hotel only in the evenings and watch TV. If it weren?t for you, I would hardly go to a restaurant with anyone."

????Dear Johnny! In this case, welcome to my nest, you and I will drink Chinzano and in bed you will tell me about that incident. We?re going faster into the house until the rapists hit us, I'd rather give myself to you my dreamer than them. I myself wanted to offer my nest, but I was shy, and now we just run away, only you kiss me, take it in your hands and lift it to the second floor, "Milera whispered with joy.

????I was delighted, kissed Milera, picked her up and carried her to the second floor, she gave me the key, opened the door and brought her in, closed the door and went with her into a cozy, medium-sized room. Milera lived modestly, I put her on her feet, she looked at me, smiled, and whispered: "Dear Johnny, no one will touch you here except me, you are completely safe, sit down at the table, I?ll prepare everything."

??? Milera kissed me and soon returned in a colored knee-length robe tied around a belt. She looked gorgeous, her full breasts boldly looked at me in the open upper part of the dressing gown, she playfully spread her legs, the floor of the dressing gown opened wide at the bottom, looked sweetly at me and said: ?Johnny, you like my legs. Many dream to look at them and that between them, and on this wonderful night you will possess mine, as you say, the goddess?s magnificent body and caress me, Milera-Venus."

???? She looked at me shyly and whispered:" Johnny, am I really so pretty? "
????"Of course, my dear Milera-Venus, if you weren?t beautiful and not in my taste you wouldn?t go to see you off, and next to the goddess, you have magnificent legs and there is such a lush garden between them, I?m afraid that I will be mistaken in it," spoke, smiled and kissed her."

????She was embarrassed, covered her bottom with a robe and smiled, saying: "My dear Johnny, you won?t get lost, I will lead you into it myself. "
???"I agree, my goddess and I will do everything for you to be sweet and pleasant, bring wine, drink for our meeting and love, I am eager to kiss and hug you," I said, hugged her and kissed her chubby lips.

?????Yes, Milera herself at the moment reminded me of the real captivating, charming and seductive goddess Venus.

????Milera left and soon returned with a tray, put wine, cheese, sausage, ham, fruits, grapes and sweets on the table. We sat at the table and drank Chinzano for a meeting and good luck, had a bite and after a few callings the bottle was empty. Milera got a little drunk, she looked mysteriously at me and asked me to take her to bed. I immediately picked her up, carried her and laid her on the bed, Milera untied her robe and whispered: "Johnny, I'm ready for battle, go to bed soon and tell me why you are afraid to walk in the evenings."
????I kissed her and said a little audibly: "My beautiful lady, close your eyes, I will undress and lie to you."

??? Milera closed her eyes, I undressed, stood near the bed and said: "Mielera, look, I'm ready for battle."

?????Milera opened her eyes, opened her mouth in surprise, and I heard: "Oh, what a miracle, Johnny, you really Tarzan, I so dreamed of seeing such a fighter, I will definitely be pleased."

????I looked at Milera, kissed and said: ?Of course, my dear fairy Milera-Venus will be fine, we will rejoice and laugh, at first pleasant for you, and after that I will tell the story, it is long,? I said and opened its edges a short bathrobe. Milera slightly spread her full legs and said quietly: ?Dear Johnny, you can?t even imagine, I have been waiting for this bliss for so long, seeing you in the gallery I told myself to surrender to such a young man. Some kind of shyness and fear kept me for many years, today I?ve overcome everything and am boldly going into battle, just don?t blame me, I?m in such an excited state now."
????Milera took my toy with her hand and stuck it in her nest, and now the moment he was inside and rested on the hymen, I made a sharp effort, she burst and her head rested on the neck, Milera once said strange, "Oh," smiled and added : "My dear Johnny, I overpowered myself, I was afraid that it would be so painful, but in fact there was nothing terrible. I was afraid of this all my life, you know, I will only be so."

????"My dear goddess, if I didn?t like you, I wouldn?t lie next to you, I love you and should do everything to satisfy you, don?t think about anything, you tell me well with me, you are happy," I whispered and began to pump her up and kiss.
????"My Johnny, I love you, I feel so good with you, I never felt such pleasure in my life, you made sure no one wandered in my garden, kiss me," said Milera and began to kiss me.

????After it was all over and the sweaty Milera lay, turning face to me, catching her breath after a long battle, she softly whispered in my ear: "My beloved Johnny, you would know how good I was and how tired I was, tell me that incident with you."

????"My beloved Milera, I felt so good with you, listen: in the evenings even in the dark, I didn?t really want to look at the dance hall and strip bars after the incident when, for the first time, in Madrid, I stupidly looked into a youth club ?Tricks of the dancing Venus.? Inside there was a beautiful interior, a small orchestra played, strong young men, charming girls in short jeans on the stage danced American dances. The pleasure was not cheap, they took decent little girls by the entrance, and therefore everyone could taste wine as much as they like I bought a ticket and so I tasted joyfully tasting wines that made noise in my head, though I was standing firmly on my feet, there were fewer and fewer girls on the stage as well as clothes on the body ? one sight for sore eyes. Finally there was a burning brunette with dark with prune eyes, she looked around the hall and cast her sizzling glance at me, in some panties she walked through the crowd to me, took my hand and led to the stage, I was taken aback, but nevertheless obeyed her and walked, we climbed to the stage.

??? ?Imagine, Milera, as if bewitched, she did everything she whispered in my ear and after a few minutes stood next to her in her underpants. Everyone shouted, squealed, whistled expressing their admiration, the orchestra played a twist and then I parted, threw, threw, caught my partner, the light went out little by little and everyone shouted Venus, Venus, Venus. Suddenly two charming beauties in shorts flew into the scene and it wasn?t me but they threw me from one to the other, then the light went out completely, the music continued to thunder, those girls threw me in the dark for a few seconds, I thought they would cut the light and everyone would see that Venus naked . An unimaginable roar and whistle rose in the hall, they cut off the light and I saw next to me three lovely smartly dressed girls on the right and left side, in their hands they held my hands and one in front of me. The crowd was buzzing and yelling Venus, Venus, Venus, she stepped aside and everyone whistled, neighing at the horse, clapped her hands and shouted Great, Great, Great. At first I didn?t understand what it was all for and somehow accidentally looked at myself ? I stood in front of everyone what my mother gave birth to, the orchestra played in all ?My suede shoes?, the music inspired me and I thought: I will show you the class, grabbed those three girls and at least ten minutes we were dancing rock. Everyone in the hall was ecstatic, you won?t believe it, my dear and charming Milera-Venus, all the spectators, as if hypnotized, threw off their clothes and pushed to the stage to join us, and I thought as if they would not drag my clothes away for good memory. No, everything turned out to be all right with her, the girls handed it to me and asked them to say goodbye at least once to visit their place. I kissed them all and honestly admitted that unfortunately we were passing through this beautiful city of Madrid, and if there was a chance, I would glance at their youth club "Tricks of the Dancing Venus." And everything happened purely by accident - their regular partner Willy Great was ill and did not come, and I looked at them, in the crowd, pretty Venus noticed me, a handsome brave man, and decided that I could cope with the role and did not fail her, the evening went off with a bang, she suggested money, but I, like a real gentleman, refused to kiss her delicate plump lips in return, which was not refused and parted."
????"Fine, said Miler, the next night you, my dear Johnny, will tell another story as you searched for Atlantis. You rested, I liked the battle so much."
????"All right, my dear Milera-Venus, let's continue the battle."
????In short, I did everything possible to sweeten her, she liked these love joys so much that if she stayed for a year then this time was not enough for her.
????A day later, I returned to my Don Quixote hotel for papers and wanted to leave as I heard Big Ben's melody in my mobile phone, opened and heard a man's voice: "Good morning, Mr. Johnny Gray, this is artist-photographer Juan Ever, your picture is ready, come I thought you forgot about it."
????"Dear senor Juan Ever, good morning, thank you for the reminder, I?m coming to you, I will be sure in an hour," I said, and immediately went to his museum on foot. I kept thinking about my charming Milera at that island and for my misfortune I forgot that I live in the modern world and you need to always be careful on the street, forgot and went into the red light, literally a step away from me I braked a bus with schoolchildren, the driver - he wandered from him and slapped me with a slap from all over, burst into wild abuse, I thanked him and, without listening to numerous tirades and curses, rushed to the sidewalk. Then people attacked me, well, for my happiness, there was no policeman next to me, my cheek was on fire, the blow sobered me up and I no longer thought about the picture. An hour later, the face took on a normal look, I entered the museum gallery, went to the photographer, we greeted each other, he smiled and said: "Dear Mr. John, I?m so glad, so glad, your picture The death of ?Hispaniola? is ready, come on, you will be satisfied, the quality is excellent, a true original. "

????We entered a room filled with sunlight and he whispered: "Mr. John, look at how it is done, modern technology transforms ancient paintings, just like an artist painted it three centuries ago, it is simply amazing."

????I was amazed, I thought I would get a photo, and then a real photo picture framed 1X1 yard in size, picked it up, light and said: "Senior Juan Ever, thank you very much, you have succeeded, the quality is excellent, thank you a thousand times, goodbye . "

????"Thank you Mr. John, come order, welcome visitors, goodbye," said senor Juan. We shook hands and with a precious picture I went to the hotel with the name "Don Quixote."

????? Now I walked along the sidewalk carefully so not to break a picture, in my room I laid it on the table and began to carefully examine: just a miracle, I clearly saw not only the sad faces of young beauties but even their lovely eyes - tonsils filled with tears, luxurious dresses and understood those girls from noble families. Then I began to examine this strange mysterious island and it seemed to me that it was not made of rock and not covered with earth or sand, there was silt in some places and the artist painted green algae with pink flowers on it. As for the caravel, it was without a doubt in the crater of a huge whirlpool. A funnel was pulling the ship with everyone who was on it into this abyss, now I wanted to find some data indicating when, where and with whom this accident happened. Then I remembered the words of the photographer Signor Juan who said that the painting was three centuries old, I took a magnifying glass, carefully examined every inch and imagined I found small numbers and letters ? November 16, 1679 ?The death of ?Hispaniola?. The picture intrigued me and I decided to take a closer look at the faces of the ladies standing on the deck, brought a magnifying glass to one of them and my heart fluttered, one of them was exactly like that dreaming Spanish beauty hung from head to toe with jewelry from gold and precious stones. Judging by her clothes in the picture, I realized she was an ordinary servant, since the lady standing next to her wore expensive jewelry on her blue dress and a diadem strewn with precious stones sparkling in the moonlight exactly like the one I got from the top heaps of drag values ??and threw her, a charming Spanish woman.

????I at least admired the faces of beautiful ladies for at least an hour, but that young beauty was, judging by the image of an unknown artist, much more charming than them and frankly, her image was finally imprinted in my head. I came to the conclusion that seven ships were sailing and if the witness of the picture remained alive, therefore other passengers, the team members reached Europe and maybe someone else left notes about this tragedy.
????In the evening I called Milera and told her that they had given me a picture of the painting and she asked me to wait for it and they would go to the hotel from the hotel with her masterpiece. I told my fairy that I would wait and at 7.15 pm I heard a call: "Johnny, I?ve arrived, take the picture and go downstairs, we are coming to me, I?ve been thinking about you all day."

???"My Milera, I'm going down, wait," I said, and rushed off with the picture down, the lady was standing next to a taxi in a blue skirt to her knees and a pink blouse. Seeing me, she rushed to meet to help, but when she picked it up she immediately said: "I thought it was heavy, just amazingly light as a feather."
???We brought a picture in a taxi and drove to Milera?s apartment, she admired her for a long time and finally said: ?My dear Johnny, actually a mysterious picture, I remember in the ?Gala? restaurant you told me about a girl who was seen in a dream standing on an island with head-to-toe hung with jewelry, I?ll give you a magnifying glass now and if you look at the faces of the painted beauties and see it among them, then your dream, I would say prophetic, has treasures on it but another thing is how you will find the island if it is organic and possible is moving. "

????Milera went into the next room and soon returned with a large magnifying glass, she looked at the picture for a long time and finally whispered: ?Johnny, if that artist painted the island as he saw it, then it was organic and hardly standing still or maybe went under water. If the coordinates were indicated, then on the map we saw where he is. "

????"My dear Milera, because I turned to you, find an eyewitness document, and with coordinates, then you and I will definitely find treasures and become millionaires," I said, and kissed her chubby lips, took from Milera?s hands a magnifying glass and began to peer into the faces of all the ladies and their maids. It?s just a miracle, I saw the familiar features of a young, pretty Spanish servant who was seen in a dream, handed the magnifier to Millera and said: ?This girl is a maid, she was painted by an artist, maybe a coincidence.?
????Milera began to peer into her face through a magnifying glass and said: ?My Johnny, if you are telling the truth then there are treasures in the hold of the sunken galleon on this island, I will do my best to find some document, and if not, as you said you?ll go to Portugal, I?m sorry I can?t go with you. I love you so much, but I don?t understand anything, you?re such a fidget, let?s stay with me for a month. I see you like go around the world. And if you would have found galleon may be you took me with you, my dear Johnny? "
????"My Milera, I love you, but don?t be offended, you yourself said a prophetic dream, if she calls me why I will take you, sail into some unknown, and generally I?ll say on that ship on which we sail there is not one women and the leader are unlikely to take, but in general, no power and love will keep me here, I want to find a treasure, and having experienced such happiness, you will try to meet a loved one, you are brave now, but I will stay with you for a month if after my frank confession you want to leave me beside you, you are the mistress of your lovely body, my beloved Milera-Venus, "I whispered and kissed her lips as tender as rose petals.

??"Johnny, dear, live and love me for at least a month, even for my whole life, and you?ll leave crying and I will remember our meeting, we won?t be sad, let's enjoy love at night, and during the day I will look for historical documents," said Milera and kissed me.

????She sincerely became attached to me, but in general, little or no historical documents shed light on the mystery of the death of ?Hispaniola? were found to be of no use to her and a month later she left her. Farewell was touching but sincere, she understood my purpose and, with tears in her eyes, accompanied me. I firmly decided not to part with the picture and went with it to neighboring Portugal to go to museums, libraries, galleries in the hope of finding a historical document of an eyewitness shedding light on the death of ?Hispaniola?. We kissed each other, I went into the carriage and soon the train set off.
????I arrived in sunny Lisbon during the day, old intertwined with modernity, a taxi drove up to the three-star Hotel ?Adeline??, the number was booked, went inside and found myself ?in a beautiful room, on the walls of the painting, soft carpets, fresh flowers and pleasant coolness. Behind a glass counter sat a painted beauty in a pink blouse and a blue mini skirt with long chubby legs, I looked at them, and she seemed to tease me to quietly part them. Out of curiosity, I even bent down, but she put her leg on her leg, smiled and said in a pleasant voice: "Hello, sir, my name is Katelina, have you booked a room with us?"
????"Hello, lovely senorina, my name is Johnny Gray, I?m here for you, here is my order," I gave the paper, she took it, looked at me, smiled and gave the key. I thanked Katelina and went into my room ? a comfortable room with a large window, a double bed, in the middle of the room there was a table with a crystal vase and fresh flowers, a refrigerator on the wall, a telephone on the nightstand, and a photocopy of the old painting ?Bathing girls ", there was a TV. I saw a second door against the wall, went up, opened and was surprised - in my room there was a shower and a bathtub. Without hesitation, undressed and took a shower before heading to the city. Refreshed, I began to examine the telephone directory, in it you can find everything from a small diner to an art gallery. I chose the National Public Library, wrote down the address, learned how to get into it, and looked at my picture again. I had a camera, just in case I photographed it and went to the library, first I found a photo lab on my way, I got some photos and then took ?the bus-heat was unbearable, inside the stuffiness. After half an hour, it stopped, many passengers got off and moved to the library, a huge building, I went inside and saw several young people, girls serving this library.

????I went to one of them, of medium height, a young, full-breasted, golden-blond, dinky-blond beauty with blue eyes, in a short denim skirt just above her knees and a thin-and-white blouse without a bra through which her body shone through. Just amazingly, I was pleased to admire her breasts, opened my mouth, she looked at me without any embarrassment, smiled and said: "Good morning senor, do you need help? My name is Carmen Nuerra, I believe you are the first in our public library, she?s very big, it?s so hot today, yes, what is your name? "
????I looked at her, smiled, on the blouse I saw a round blue badge with the name of the library and said: "Good morning, dear charming Signorina Carmen Nuerra, my name is Johnny Gray, an American and I would like to ask you how to get into the shipping department, I will be honest, namely, many ships returned to Europe with treasures, but not everyone reached its shores, drowned from the vagaries of nature, the elements, bloodthirsty pirates put their hands in. I am looking for a sunken ship with treasures, more precisely an archival document confirming that such a creature the shaft and the approximate area where this private ship sank and ask in which department the notes of those eyewitnesses are stored. I know in your library hundreds of thousands of documents and if you look for them by touch it will not be enough life, that's why I frankly tell you the essence of the matter. you have a PC, you, dear enchanting signorina, join me and be sure to find that document if it exists. I have an interesting picture, or rather a photo from it, the keywords on it, if you put them in the memory of your PC, then it will give information on which shelf lie important for me and maybe for you and me, dear Carmen Nuerra document dated 1679 year. "

???? ?She looked at me, smiled and said: "Johnny, you intrigued me, come on, I am eager to help you, since there are keywords it makes searching for a document easier, I will do my best to find that sunken ship with I understand that you are not the only one who searches for sunken ships and finds, you know, many years ago a certain Mel Fischer found the sunken galleon ?Nuestra Signora de Atocha? with innumerable treasures, I think you will be another lucky person and you will find a caravel with jewels if you have hands are very necessary there?s even fragmentary data to search for. But I?ll say that we don?t have all the documents on the computer, some are gathering dust in the basement, I liked your bold thought and will try to find if there is a document, come on, Johnny." We took the elevator to the third floor and found ourselves ?in a huge bright room, several hundred people sat at tables, they concentrated on reading old books and examined maps that had turned yellow for many centuries, they didn?t even raise their heads for our appearance. Carmen took my hand, squeezed and said quietly: "Johnny, they are all looking for the treasures of sunken ships, they want to become millionaires, but it seems to me they point a finger at the sky, we have nothing to do here, we go to another office, there are fewer people and chances to find the treasure is greater, so join them, let's go."

???I squeezed her hand slightly and said: "Carmen, you are so charming, such magnificent body shapes, your chubby breasts, they embarrass me, I'm just bastard, I'm afraid to be next to you, I can?t stand it and kiss your scarlet lips, yours as tender as a peach pink cheeks, you are so seductive as a sweet candy, I can?t restrain myself and eat, let me touch your cheeks and lips, I fell in love with you the first time."

????Carmen looked at me, smiled and said: ?Johnny, if you eat me how will you love your beautiful beauty Carmen as you introduced me, I myself am crazy about such words as I can not yield to you. Portugal is not America, here is a kiss in a public place no one shall be fined if he wholeheartedly and by mutual consent."
????I understood everything and kissed her on the cheek, she squeezed my hand even more tightly, I pressed her to me and kissed her on the lips, no one paid attention to us and since it was important, we had to sit down at the table with a PC, I took out a small photograph, she looked at her and said: "A very interesting picture can only be seen under a microscope."

????"Carmen, the painting itself is in a museum in Spain, I have a copy of it on a sheet in a 1X1 yard frame at the hotel and if you wish I will show it."
????"Johnny, I won?t be able to come today, and tomorrow evening, and only then if I can help you find an important document, now give the keywords and look, just kiss me and give me a hug, don?t be embarrassed, nobody sees us here, you fascinated me."

????I hugged her, kissed her, she took my hand, pressed it to her chest, looked at me and said softly: "Johnny, you feel my weak girl?s heart beating."
????I looked at her and whispered: "Carmen, I not only hear the beating of your big and kind heart, but also feel it."

????So, we decided to start the search using a computer: we entered the keywords "Hispaniola's death" November 16, 1679 into it and, to our great joy, read it on the screen: This document is in the archive department and is not listed in the personal computer, please apply to the head of the department, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez.

?????My dear Carmen, it?s implausible, your library has such a document! You know how to draw up the form correctly, go to senora Maria, take it, fill it out, pass it on to someone in a few hours, maybe the next day or later we will have an important a historical document that shed light on the death of ?Hispaniola?, whispered in her ear and kissed her chubby cheek.

????"My Johnny, this is an extraordinary miracle! It turns out we have such a document, but it is not so easy to get it, as a last resort only next week, but nevertheless I will fill out the form and take it to the head of the department, senora Maria Gorriede de Sanchez. You sit, read newspaper and wait for me," said Carmen, smiled and put her cheek for a kiss. I kissed her, she got up and joyfully went for the form.

??? ?Somehow, unexpectedly, I heard the Big Ben melody, someone called me. I took my cell phone out of my pocket and heard the voice of artist Juan Ever: "Good afternoon, Mr. Johnny Gray, I am bothering you about acquiring new paintings."
?????Good afternoon, Senor Juan Ever, I?m not yet on the ship, now in Lisbon, I went to the library, looking for documents on ancient Atlantis. My leader on the last expedition offered to continue work and I'm trying to find something,? I lied to him.

????"Then I'm sorry, Mr. John ?Gray, for a happy search for Atlanitis, may your dream come true, goodbye."????I turned off my cell phone and read the latest news on the Internet until Carmen returned, she sat down with me, put three blank white forms on the table and said quietly: ?Now we?ll fill them in, Johnny and wait until Tuesday, I?ve seen senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, spoke with her and promised to find such things."

????I kissed her and said: "My swallow, I will wait until Tuesday, I think you and I will have a good time, you will show me Lisbon, take a boat trip and if you agree, you will visit my room and see the picture."

????"Okay Johnny, I'll give you an answer tomorrow and now fill out the form," Carmen said and began to fill out the form. Finally she looked at me and whispered "My Johnny, the form is filled out, go for a walk, relax, come and continue our search in the morning, as I said earlier today no visits, tomorrow everything will depend on the circumstances, if you have a desire you can kiss, hug, I don't mind such sweet kisses."

????I hugged her, kissed and said: "Carmen, you have more than one, two such big hearts, I agree to listen to their beats and hold on to them all my life, I love you, tomorrow I?ll come to continue the search."

?????We?ll talk about this tomorrow,? said Carmen. ? I?ll try to find a document so that you can feel the beating of my two big hearts, I love you, snuggled up to me and kissed me.?

?????Goodbye my swallow,? I said, kissed her lips and went to the elevator, she took my hand, squeezed and whispered: ?Johnny, until tomorrow, don?t worry, everything will be fine, put out your hand, I kissed it and moved to the door, she headed to another room and when I returned to the hotel I couldn?t come to my senses ? how unexpectedly I met a young beauty, it's so simple, we got attached to each other, such sweet kisses.

????I came to the hotel hungry, opened the refrigerator and among the appetizers I saw a bottle of ?Rachelles of amber color, I put it away in the corner, took out cheese, salami, a bun and a couple of packets of ready-to-drink Brazilian coffee with cream and sugar, I put them in a microwave and after a couple of minutes I sat, ate and thought about the beautiful Carmen. In the evening, I looked from the window of my room at the ancient city illuminated by millions of colorful light bulbs, spotlights, neon signs, no skyscrapers, maybe no fuss or rush, maybe these people have not parted in their behavior since the Middle Ages, then watched TV and Midnight went to bed. Frankly speaking, in the evenings I tried to be only in hotels, foreign cities scared me, did not visit bars and dance halls at all, I wanted to be alive and find treasures.

???In the morning I woke up at seven in the morning, took a shower, shaved, ate and moved to the library, I didn?t rush and looked at my feet, I didn?t want to get under the car, came before the opening, several dozen people were waiting for the doors to open. And then that instant-young guy in a white shirt waved his hand and people slowly began to go inside. I followed them, in the hall everyone went to their departments, each looking for his own. I hesitantly went without knowing where, Carmen was absent, somehow unexpectedly, as if she had appeared in front of me from the ground, smiled and said: "Johnny, good morning, how did you sleep?"

????"Good morning, my Carmen, I said, what a dream, I was just thinking to see you and invite you to visit me, be my guest in the evening, I think you will be satisfied . And how do you feel, my swallow?" I whispered and kissed her lips.

?? ?She looked at me, smiled and said quietly: "I am glad to see you, you are not imagining, I am crazy with love, I always believed in love at first sight. My lord, I have no doubt that you will deliver me pleasure and I will please you, your desire to find a historical document has come true ... So, a duke, Alvarsky, Pedro de Raules, a witness to that tragedy wrote "Notes", my dear, I?m going to visit you to see a picture that you have and at the same time your room with a bed on which you sleep and perhaps see me in a dream, will we fit together with you? "
?????Yes, my beloved Carmen, we?ll fit in! But how did you manage to find such a historical document, you?re just a genius,? I whispered, immediately pressed her to me and kissed.

?????I?ll tell you frankly, I didn?t leave the library, hid in a small room in the basement and when everyone left I went to a store in which on the shelves there were historical documents not entered into the computer. I found a shelf where documents of 16-17 centuries and imagine found what you need and read, now I have it, Johnny, lucky, you will read! "

????I looked at her, smiled, kissed and said: "My dear Signorina Carmen! I hardly fell asleep, I was thinking about such a beautiful woman, thanks for the find."
?????Come on, Johnny, I?ll let you read an important historical document that is more than three hundred years old, just don?t let go,? she whispered, kissed me, took my hand and led me to the elevator. Again we found ourselves in that small room with computers, I sat down, she left and soon returned with a book in dark leather binding. More precisely, these were personal notes of a witness to a tragic incident, I opened it and saw yellowed sheets of three hundred years ago written by a goose pen. I kissed Carmen on puffy lips, she smiled and told me: "Johnny, sit, read, I'll be back in a couple of hours, wait and don?t leave, here is a pen, paper and write down everything you need."
????She left and I began to read documentary material signed by a certain Duke of Alvar Pedro de Raules ? ?Notes of a witness to a mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679, who was returning to Portugal from Cuba in an area located three-day sailing from Havana?.

????The description is long, interesting, exciting, and it seemed implausible to me, I give brief excerpts: "In recent years, pirates have attacked ships sailing to Europe with impunity to rob and capture young beautiful ladies for their possession and violence. Since they had no peace day by day at night, groups of several caravels gathered and with the cannons on board they all felt less or less safe. On the fourth night of the journey by moonlight we saw an island covered with strange black sand from above, green waters grew somewhere We were struck by the fact that he was sticking out of the water no more than 5-5 meters high, almost flat and as it seemed to me from his dark surface a strange reflection was reflected in the moonlight. We were interested in this and we decided to approach, one of the ships? ?Hspanyola?, which turned out to be closest to the islet, unexpectedly fell into a gigantic funnel. Before the eyes of the sailors standing on the deck of six ships, it literally in a couple of minutes went to the bottom with 50 sailors returning home to the Duchess of Andalusia de Sophia with a retinue and innumerable wealth -12 thousand gold coins ?weighing not less than 20 grams each, 30 thousand pieces of silver, 10 grams, made of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture, the rest of the ships hurried from this strange island located according to our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan Franco about 25 degrees north latitude and between 78 * 45 and 78 * 15 degrees west longitude. In the morning, when the strange island disappeared from view, we noticed how a giant wave was approaching us at least 9-15 meters high, and maybe more. A wave caught the caravels and carried them with great speed into the ocean, all the ships were scattered in different directions and what was unknown to them. Unfortunately, our ?Carmen? caravel was soon captured by pirates, they shackled us and we did not know where we were going. But to our great joy, the Spanish warships appeared on their way, a battle ensued, pirates were killed and we were released. We were unchained and soon informed that we were sailing to Spain, joy swept us and we thanked the noble and valiant captain Pablo Geruda who saved us ... "

????Further, he described his many months of adventure before getting from Spain to his native Portugal, I thought it was a book of some adventurer-writer, but judging by the thick paper she was at least 300 years old. Without hesitation, I decided to rewrite all the written names, the names of the ships, the listed treasures that went to the bottom with the red duchess of the Duchess of Andalusia de la Sofia.

????As soon as I finished writing Carmen returned, something excited she sat down to me, I kissed her and said: "My swallow, priceless " Notes" confirms? that caravel ?Hispaniola ? existed but indeed drank with treasure. Passahgers and sailors near mysterious island. Yes my swallow. I see you are exited! What happened?

????? Johnny, I don?t have time right now, I need to leave, I?ll say, important people came to us to get acquainted with the archives, they are also interested in how you sunken ships with treasures, everyone wants to find them and fill their museum with them, or rather pockets, they too saw the picture that you, rushed here and are looking for exactly that historical document that will shed light on the death of ?Hispaniola.? If important people read the ?Notes? they will get ahead of you and decide not to put the book in place, sit here with it and don?t let go if two tall Spaniards in dark coats and white shirts come hide it so that none of them notice, after three hours I will bring food, in the evening before closing I will hide an invaluable document shedding light on the death of ?Hispaniola?, we will go out one by one and go to your hotel with you, look at a copy of the picture and advise you what to do, it seems to me that you are being watched, sit and wait, I?m so worried and suffering, kiss me on the lips."
????"My Carmen, now I'm starting to understand everything, that photographer Juan Ever made two copies and maybe read the date and the name of the caravel, he guessed that I was looking for treasures from her and I think his accomplices were on my heels," I said, kissed and continued.? Yesterday, in your absence, he called me and offered me paintings, but now I understand, Juan Ever realized that I was looking for documents not from the lost Atlantis as I had lied to him, but from the drowned Hispaniola with treasures."
?????Is it possible that Milera Goya joined me in searches, I thought, but this can?t be. It was Juan Ever who tracked her down while searching for documents in the archives and from her they could find out my intentions and then not of their own free will, maybe with the help of microphones secretly installed in her apartment eavesdropped on our conversation and now they are watching me.?
????"My Johnny, everything becomes clear to me, in the evening I definitely need to visit that hotel, in your room and see the picture, I have no doubt they know where you are located, in which country, city and even hotel: the signals from the sensors are flying into space on a satellite, they are caught using appropriate equipment, those who are watching you are very simple in our electronic age, now I'm leaving, wait for me," said Carmen.

???Carmen left, I began to read the book again, people came, among them I saw two tall Spaniards but didn?t sit down at my table, Carmen came up at two o?clock, she brought a couple of sandwiches with a bottle of orange juice and since there?s it was forbidden to explain where the buffet to eat, it took no more than seven minutes. She took the "Notes" and began to read, but I ran to eat, returned six minutes later, Carmen said where the toilet was, I went, returned, kissed her, she handed me the book and whispered: "My Johnny, you have no idea, I I managed to outwit those two Spaniards Romero and Filip and prematurely sent them from the library to the hotel, listen to how it happened: We have a new, pretty young employee, Sophia Blanca, and these Spaniards turned to her for help finding the document that is in your hands "Notes" but since she didn?t know where it was joyful gentlemen went down to the second floor where they met me face to face and asked to help them go to the head of the archival department senore Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez. I guessed, these seniors are looking for the document that is secret and without request made at night bypassing the alarm I turned off in advance - "Notes of a witness to the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679, returning to Portugal from Cuba in the area located at a distance of three days from Havana" and so as not to risk having created a charming smile on my face and even informed them with joy the situation in the library: ?Dear senores, I will bring you a form, you will fill it in and since today is Friday only on ?Monday at 11 o?clock your archive document will be waiting for you , you just need to contact the head of the department of senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez. I think this will suit you, a short period of three days, some documents not entered into the computer are searched for four to five days, decide for yourself what to do."
????"We agree, my dear senora Carmen, wait until Monday, give the form to fill it in, for your kindness on Monday afternoon you will receive an invitation from us to visit the chic ?White Horse? restaurant at our expense, it is always fun there, my name is Romero and mine friend Philip, it's nice to see such a charming girl."

?????It is very nice to meet you, thanks for the invitation, on Monday, only in the evening, I agree to go to the ?White Horse? restaurant with such charming seniors in the evening. Yes, sit here for a couple of minutes, I will bring the form and you will fill it out, and the more fully you describe it the sooner they find it, the correct name is very important, since there are a lot and more difficult documents to find," I said with a smile and left them. Three minutes later I returned with the forms, laid on the table and looked at the lords, smiled and said quietly: "Just in case, fill in, I will come in three minutes, if anything is unclear I will help.?

??? ?I left and soon returned to the seigneurs, looked at the completed form, smiled broadly with my snow-white teeth and said: ?Gentlemen, I will take your application to the department and you will receive a historical document on Monday at 11 o?clock. Need to hurry? in the department will hand over your form to the document search officer, senor Juan Cardobe. The matter is that senora Maria Gorriieda de Sanchez has gone to the meeting and will not return today. So I ask you, senores Romero and Philip, to come with me now and you will personally hand the application to him and he will direct the search for the book immediately."

????Joyful senores Romero and Philip kissed my chubby hand and I shone with a smile on my charming face went with them to the first floor to submit an application for the search for the necessary historical document. In short, the application was submitted to senor Juan Cardobe, he looked at the gentlemen and asked them to come on Monday. Thanking me and senora Penelope, senores Romero and Philip went joyful to their ?Hilton? ?hotel. So my Johnny, when on Monday senores Romero and Philip come here they will be shocked not finding the document. I can imagine what kind of look will be on their faces, you sit, I?ll be back at eight in the evening, read, think and wait, I?ll hide the book so that they won?t find it in the afternoon with fire and we?ll go to the hotel, it?s important for you, kiss me on the lips, my dear tempter and seducer, I can?t wait until evening, I am in a joyful mood."

????I kissed Carmen and she smiling went to the second floor for her business. Time passed slowly, I didn?t read as much as I thought what to do to get rid of those who attacked my trail, who wanted to enrich themselves with my help. At five minutes to eight, Carmen appeared, she smiled, sat down, I kissed her, inquired about my well-being, if anyone came and sent me to the toilet. When she returned, she told me which door to go out and where to wait for her, I went to the exit and Carmen carried the ?Notes? to the book depository.

????I went outside, sat on a bench and waited for Carmen watching people passing by and came to the conclusion ? like in New York, Lisbon is an international city ? white, black, yellow people. Fifteen minutes later she appeared, kissed her scarlet lips as tender as rose petals, hugged her, took a gentle hand and we went to the hotel, briefly told each other our biographies, bought delicious food and half an hour later we were already sitting in a comfortable room, stood on the table vase with beautiful fresh flowers with a fragrant smell. I showed Carmen a photocopy of an unknown author?s picture lying on the table, she looked at her carefully and whispered: ?Johnny, the picture is amazing, but I?ll tell you this island is organic, it is covered not with sand as you suppose, but with real thick skin what you will see.?
????She took out a magnifying glass and began to examine the surface of the island as it seemed to me covered with either dark sand or thick skin. A minute later she looked at me and said in a disappointed voice: ?Johnny, this island is covered with sand, flowers and algae on the skin cannot grow, they need soil or sand. This is a real island, look for it. Yes, do you know the coordinates?? she said loudly and winked.

????I understood what she was driving at and said loudly: "Unfortunately, my beloved, the coordinates are unknown, the artist did not indicate the place in the ocean where this island is."

?????It's a pity,? Carmen said quietly, meanwhile she reached into her bag, pulled out a small device resembling a voltmeter, and began to drive them across the sheet pasted onto a thick cardboard across, along, from top to bottom. At the beginning, the arrow didn?t move, but moved in the middle of the picture, in the corner where the date stood and the inscription shook feverishly, Carmen looked at me and said loudly: ?Johnny, let's go to the toilet,? she wrote on a piece of paper: Johnny, you need to urgently fly away and get rid of the picture just not today, before flying home, let your pursuers now think that you have no idea about hidden tiny sensors bugs, such thick paper and polystyrene foam, they are in it, talking about love, call me Inesa, I?ll explain tomorrow what to do."
????I looked at Carmen and said: "Inesa, we?re going to take a shower, we?ll freshen up," I ?took her by the waist and hugged her, she looked at me, smiled and said: "Come, just kiss first."

????I kissed Carmen on her scarlet chubby lips, led to the bathroom, turned on the shower, water flowed and rustled, Carmen looked at me, smiled and whispered: "My Johnny, I'm shy, close your eyes, I will undress, say open, you will open eyes and admire me."

????"Well, my dear, I close my eyes, undress," I said, and kissed Carmen.
????To the sound of the water, Carmen threw off her mini skirt, blouse, bikini, stood in front of me, looked at me, smiled and said: "My dear Johnny, I'm ready, look at your little swallow."

????I opened my eyes, looked from head to toe, pressed her to me, kissed and whispered: "My dear Carmen, you are beautiful, I'm crazy about you, what a fig"????I looked at Carmen and said: "Inesa, we're going to take a shower, we'll freshen up," he took her by the waist and hugged her, she looked at me, smiled and said: "Come, just kiss first. "

????I kissed Carmen on her scarlet chubby lips, led to the bathroom, turned on the shower, water flowed and rustled, Carmen looked at me, smiled and whispered: "My Johnny, I'm shy, close your eyes, I will undress, say open, you will open and admire me."

????"Well, my dear, I close my eyes, undress," I said, and kissed Carmen.
????To the sound of the water, Carmen threw off her mini skirt, blouse, bikini, stood in front of me, looked at me, smiled and said: "My dear Johnny, I'm ready, look at your little swallow."

??I opened my eyes, looked from head to toe, pressed her to me, kissed and whispered: ?My dear Carmen, you are beautiful, I'm crazy about you, what figure, these hearts, what legs and between them there is such a lush garden "You are so seductive, you are tempting me."

????She kissed me, smiled and said quietly: "And now, dear Johnny, I close my eyes and you undress."

????"Well, my swallow, I'm undressing," I said, kissed Carmen, threw off my clothes and since I was aroused when I saw her naked, I barely restraining myself said: "Honey, I'm ready, open your eyes."

????Carmen opened her eyes, looked me in surprise, opened her mouth, kissed and whispered sweetly: "Johnny, you hawk, just please don?t bite your swallow, oh, you have such a sharp beak, I?m even scared."

????Since she was aroused by the sight alone, she could not restrain herself, grabbed the beak and stuck between her chubby legs, squeezed slightly, and immediately spread her lips and kissed, whispering: ?Not now, under the shower,? she brought me to the water, pressed herself against me, I grabbed her, we kissed each other and whispered: ?My Johnny, now you not only feel but also admire mine, as you said with big hearts. They are now in your hands, I agree that you hold them all your life and not let me out of your hugs, kiss my scarlet lips, never use lipstick, just look at my face well, from the heat and steam they swelled so much, I?m not as beautiful as you painted me, but in general there is something to see, my swallow spread its wings, tell me, do you like me? "

???? "My dear Carmen, you are beautiful, I?m crazy about you, what a figure, and legs, and these hearts, you are so seductive, tempt me," I said, kissed her, washed and she accordingly me with her tender hands. It?s somehow strange, there have been changes in my body, Carmen looked at me, smiled, kissed and whispered: ?Johnny, wow! I think we should reduce the steam and the heat a little, you?ve gotten so hot!?

????I looked at her, smiled, hugged, kissed and whispered: ?My swallow, it?s not from heat and steam, it?s from your magnificent body, from your big hearts, I touch them and the volcano of passions has awakened in my body, I agree all my life to hold them in my hands, I love you my swallow, my Carmen, very, very, with all my heart. "

????Carmen looked at me and said softly: "I agree my Johnny, kiss, hug and caress me, I love you, wipe and wash my back and legs, only more sweetly."
????I was delighted, kissed her scarlet lips as tender as rose petals, she turned back to me, bent down and I began to rub and wash her back, legs. Soon Carmen bent steeper, slightly spread her chubby legs, I involuntarily touched her body, why my beloved stirred and whispered: "Johnny, you aimed, you are so comfortable, peck me, but in general I?m tickled, tickled, so nice, I can?t restrain oneself from passion , you understand, I?m do it the first time in my life."
?????My swallow, bend a little and my hawk will bite you, just hold on tightly for the bath tub,? I said, and as soon as she was more bent I took her full breasts with my hands, pressed her tightly to me, my beak penetrated her body, broke through the hymen and hit the bone,"

????Carmen joyfully cried out: "Oh, Johnny, a sharp beak pierced my hymen, it is there, I feel so tickled, you understand, I?m your first girl."

???? ?"My dear, I did not doubt it, how are you, nice ?!" I asked clutching to me. "Are you ticklish?"

????"Why are you Johnny, go on, it?s so pleasant for me, it gives me such pleasure, I was afraid it would hurt, now it?s not, such a high, pump me up," she said, slightly curved in an arc and spread her legs. At that moment, a piece of soap slipped out of my hands, I wanted to pick it up, but Carmen quietly said: "Johnny, don?t take, I do."

????She even more spread her beautiful legs and bent her magnificent body in an arc to raise the soap from the floor - it was such a stunned pose!
????Carmen whispered: "Johnny, hold me not to fall, this soap has flown to the corner, I will give it to you and you will soap my back."

????My hands grabbed her magnificent figure and I said: "Ok Carmen, give me soap, lather, wipe, wash your legs and take it clean to bed."
????She bent even more, raised the soap, gave it to my hand and said quietly: "My Johnny, let's rub the back, just be careful not to fall down, the floor is so slippery, hold me tight so that you don?t fall, and everything is fine, so tickled, and bent even harder to the floor Johnny, please don?t stop tickling, I feel like not only laughing but flying, I can?t find a place, how are you feeling, haven?t sweated ?! Reduce steam, I?ve got the seventh sweat broken, you tickled? Do you feel comfortable standing there? You hold me and then I?ll fall down, "heavy breathing said Carmen.

????I pulled Carmen to me, grabbed her waist even more tightly, she was so weak that I grabbed the edges of the bathtub with my hands, I whispered to her that everything was fine with me and continued to tickle her, from such tickling my swallow came into motion, as suddenly a trembling passed through her body, and my Carmen whispered: "Beloved Johnny, I have already tickled, take me to bed, tired of standing in this position, I have no strength to go, the shower is over."
????"Well my darling, the shower is over, I?m taking you to bed," I said, freed from it, she got up, turned to me, kissed and said: "Johnny, this is the shower, you washed it so much, wiped it, but you never tickled me like that I won?t forget, I liked it so much, I was mad with pleasure, come on to bed, rest, I?ll at least recover from this passion. "

????I took Carmen in my arms and carried him to the bed, lay down, she spread her chubby legs and said: ?Johnny, let the swallow rest, it will not fly away, it?s so nice for me, and you? We?ll rest, have dinner and will continue on the bed."
????"What are you talking about, I love you Inessa, I like everything about you, rest and to the table."

????"I love you too, Johnny, that's why I came to you to wash myself in the shower, now I?m resting and at the table, I feel hungry."

????We lounged in bed a little, got dressed and went to the table, I saw a picture, remembered bugs, wanted to break it into small pieces and throw it out into the street like garbage, but my Carmen waved her hands that this should not be done to save us from those who planned to use my discovery and I put it under the bunk.

????"Yes, my Inessa, beloved swallow, time for a bite, they have good drinks in the fridges, do you mind taking a few drops?"

????"Johnny, for the sake of such a meeting, I agree to skip a glass, I don?t think that wine is to the detriment, I?ve already become intoxicated with love, get it, open it, pour it, drink it and we?ll go to bed."

????We opened the refrigerator, took out Rachelle, poured it into the glasses, clinked glasses, followed by a ringing, we drank and rushed to bed, freaked out as we could, laughed to hoarseness, the sofa walked with a shake, after an hour we were exhausted so much that we decided to have a bite to eat. There was a bulk of food, they got sausage, cheese, pizza, sandwiches, grapes, chocolate, a microwave worked and soon they drank for love, then went to bed. We could not sleep for a long time, talked about our lives before we met, she looked at me and said: "My Johnny, you can?t imagine, I?m so glad I met you, so bliss, I feel you love me from the bottom of my heart and I never I will not forget this night of love."

????"I also love you, my swallow, such an unexpected meeting, now I?m thinking about rushing off to the ends of the world with you, do you agree?"
????"She looked at me and said in a firm voice:" My Johnny, of course I agree, we love each other, but not tomorrow, I?m working, for starters we?ll rent an apartment and that's all right, let's talk about love today. When you entered the hall and I saw you, I thought what a handsome man, a real gentleman. Your curious look fascinated me and spoke of many things. I realized that you are not indifferent to me, in love."

????"You are right, my swallow, to see such a magnificent body! You are like Marilyn Monroe, only shorter, everyone cannot be tall, I love you the way you are."
????Tired and drunk with wine and love, we fell asleep in the morning, woke up in the evening and immediately went to the shower to freshen up, stood under the cold water, I washed her with all our heart, we were overjoyed and went to the table. The bottle turned out to be huge and after the second call it still had a quarter of unfinished wine left in it, it tasted good but not too strong, we ate tightly, watched TV and again fell into bed.

??The night flew by, we got up, freshened up in the shower, ate and went on foot to the library, then I noticed sadness on the face of my charming, beloved Carmen and asked: "My dear swallow, what happened, maybe I offended you?"
????"Johnny, you?re not guilty of anything and I don?t blame ourselves, we see each other for the last time, I don?t want yours and your death, tomorrow you must urgently and quietly fly away first to Madrid with a picture, from there without leaving the airport fly to States, just before landing on a plane flying to America, smash the picture and drop it in the trash can, as I did with the book that we read with you yesterday in the library, I picked it up and tore it to pieces so that it wouldn?t fall into anyone?s hands anymore. Only you know the approximate place of that mysterious treasure island, on you?ll go to them and I?ll go to prison for many years for deliberately destroying old documents of historical value. I will be sent to prison but I will avoid violent death, I will give birth to a child there and after many years I will be released until you find treasures, please do not inquire about me you?ll save many lives, I?ll let you know about myself in the near future, I?m doing everything to take away from you your rivals who are rushing behind you and me. I want you to find those treasures, not for long, so my Johnny goodbye. You have no rivals, since there is no book, you have no idea what will happen in the library after a couple of hours when everyone reads on the computer ?Document No. is such and such destroyed? and since I took it last it will become immediately clear to everyone I did it. And I myself admit it, goodbye, rush to take a ticket and fly away dear as soon as possible, you will not help me, I deliberately did it because I love you. "
????"My swallow, why did you do this, for your sake I would give them all the riches of the world, I love you, is it really impossible to be saved in any way?"
?????My beloved John, nothing will save me, I?m facing a term of five to ten years, but you do everything as you have outlined and how things will turn out. Yes, try to lose your mobile phone somewhere in America and get another one, goodbye, believe we?ll be sure to meet my dear together, such is our fate and you won?t run away from it."

????We continued to go to the library, surprisingly, on the sidewalks there were rare couples of young people, cafes just opened their doors, I looked on the big clock on the wall of building it was 10 a.m., Sunday, I showed Carmen and said: ?Sweet swallow, today nobody will put you in prison, the library is closed, Sunday, so we?ll go on a tour of Lisbon, in the evening we?ll go to some performance, on Monday you will surrender to the police for destroying the historical document or rush off to the States with me, no one will find you there."
????"Is it Sunday? She was surprised, I thought Saturday, messed up the days of the week, what about my Johnny, come on, we have a day at our disposal."
????We spent the whole day at our pleasure, wandering the streets, admiring the architecture of ancient buildings and parks from the open top deck of the bus, the guide gave detailed interesting information, we didn?t know grief, we laughed, hugged, kissed, went into a small restaurant, ordered wine, appetizers, salad, delicious chicken noodle soup, delights and in the evening Carmen invited me to take a boat trip on the small old steamer 'Beautiful Isabella?. We went to the port, bought tickets and went to the pier where there was an old-fashioned steamboat, which we had seen, called at it and at six o?clock it set sail smoothly. About a hundred tourists gathered, the sun shone and burned in full, there was heat and many bathed in a small pool, several elderly ladies sat under an awning and drank cool juice. What a pity, I had documents, credit cards and notes from an old document with me, I refused to bathe, but my Carmen frolic from the heart ? she dived, swam and waved her hands with joy for me. So imperceptibly, our ship was 2 miles from the port and slowly were sailing along the coast. We admired the panorama of modern Lisbon stretching along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean - we saw villas, multi-storey buildings lined with multi-colored glass panels, ancient buildings and beaches of white and gold sand of infinite length. People were swimming in warm ocean water cannot be counted, little by little electric lamp lights lit up, neon signs flared up, we admired the indescribable beauty of the Portuguese capital, night Lisbon. Captain Ramero Escubo announced to everyone that the ship was returning to port, Carmen and I were incredibly glad that we had such a pleasant Sunday. I had a camera and photographed not so much the view of the city as my Carmen, we kissed and it seemed to me that our happiness would have no end, but alas, he came suddenly. I don?t know what I ate or drank, but I felt bad, looked at Carmen and said: ?My swallow, sit and wait for me, something with a stomach, I?ll go to the toilet, wash with water and come back.?

????She looked at me and said softly: "Johnny, just not for long, it's already dark."
????? "Good, in an instant I?ll comeback," I said, kissed and went to the toilet. As I remember at that time, she was sitting in a deck chair near the stern, several young beauties were located at a distance. I went into the toilet, found a faucet with cold water in it, there was no glass and drank warm water from the nipple, barely oozing from the blue pipe. In this way I wanted to clear my stomach, this process was delayed, I felt better and rushed to the stern. Once in place, I was horrified when I did not see my Carmen, those beauties also disappeared. I rushed about like a madman on a steamboat but didn?t find it anywhere, ran to the captain?s bridge, I saw Captain Ramero Escubo and told what had happened, he listened to me and immediately announced the alarm, asked all the passengers to help me find Carmen and asked her to climb the captain?s bridge. "Beautiful Isabella" stalled a half mile from the pier, Carmen did not respond, it came to the point that a boat with a coast guard soon arrived. I cheated, gave incomplete information about her, said that I met the girl for a couple of hours and invited her to take a trip on the boat. Young strong coast guard guys personally searched the ship but did not find my beloved swallow. To my misfortune, I did not notice the face of those beauties sitting near her and therefore did not point to them and under such tragic circumstances I could not remember them, my Carmen was standing in front of my eyes.
???At midnight we returned to the port, I rushed by taxi to the hotel, in my room, sat down on the bed and roared, different thoughts were in my head. I did not believe that she threw herself into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but I thought maybe someone abducted her and would demand a ransom from me - they will offer me to give out the coordinates of that mysterious island near which the ?HispanIola? caravel sank and decided to wait for a letter with a note. Since I had a good memory, I remembered the coordinates, copied excerpts from the ?Notes? with my secret code, left a photocopy of the picture, and threw away the rest. And then I remembered how she told me to throw away this picture and thus get rid of her pursuers. I had an interesting idea in my head to direct those who followed me on the wrong path and using someone else?s mobile phone to the attractive, seductive senora Maria Torres with long chubby legs serving at our ?Adeline? hotel and dialed the number of my former Mediterranean expedition leader Mr. Richard Dina. Just happiness, the first time I got through to him and he picked up the phone. ?Mr. Richard Dean, good morning, Johnny Gray? Tarzan ?calls you, how is your health, as an expedition, do you continue to search for lost Atlantis? How do feel captain Alex Bedrov, all the other sailors and expedition members? I?m traveling around Portugal now, I just arrived from Spain. I feel great, relax and have fun with charming ladies, they are so affectionate, gentle and kind, no refusal. And what wine and snacks are here! Lick your fingers."

????"Hi Johnny, I?m glad to hear your voice, do not upset me, with this expedition which will have no end in the next five years I can?t escape to the beauties. What great happiness to be free! We are all looking for Atlantis but where she does not know if you will appear a desire to return, always welcome to ?Athena?, everyone feels great and asked if you call to give you a fiery hello."
????"Thank you, Mr. Richard Dean, I decided to send you an interesting photocopy of the picture that I saw in one of the art galleries in the Spanish city of Malaga. If it impresses you, you can hang it in your cabin or mine, it?s on the marine theme: 'The death of ?Hispaniola?, painted more than three centuries ago by an unknown artist. I can?t say that I?ll arrive at your work tomorrow, but as soon as I rest I will fly back once you invite. I was so interested with you, unusual romance, the wine of two of you millennium old, marine delicacy I want to thank you for the knowledge gained during the trip, especially scuba diving. Yes, if you, dear Mr. Richard Dean, would like me to send an interesting picture a photocopy of 3.3 by 3.3 feet, tell me your new address, thank you, I wish you seven feet under the keel, see you."

????"Mr. Johnny Gray, we will all be glad if you send a photocopy of an interesting picture, I will hang it in my office, let it decorate our boredom. Write down the address, and if you have time, then come and look forward to see you soon, "pronounced Richard Dean.

???? ?"See you soon, Richard Dean, let me run to send," I said, and smiled. I imagined the faces of my enemies when they determined my location in the Mediterranean, for them it would be a shock ? what treasures could be in it if they were transported mainly from America to Europe. Without wasting time, I rushed to the post office and, using the FedEx postal service, sent by plane to Crete, to the port of Paleochora, with delivery to the ?Athena? research vessel by boat, with a notification of receipt, because I wanted to get rid of it faster.
????As for my lovely charming Carmen, I waited a whole week, divers probed the bottom, the corpse did not emerge, no one turned to me for a ransom. Four days later, I received a notification about the receipt of my picture and immediately called on the mobile phone of the charming and gracious receptionist senora Alma Diego, because I did not want my persecutors to expose me with my cunning: "Dear Mr. Richard Dean, good afternoon, Johnny is calling you. How are you and your health? I was sent a notification that you received my picture. I would like to know if you liked it? I?m okay, there are such beauties here, it?s not in my rules to refuse them what is most important to me don't have to "A lot of money is spent - wine and free appetizers, food is incomparable yummy like the senoras themselves."

?????Johnny, I heard Mr. Richard Dean?s pleasant voice, good afternoon, what an extraordinary happiness to spend so much time, keep up the good work if the senoras fly to you like flies to honey. I thank you at once for the masterpiece, everyone is delighted, I hung it in my office and admiring the beauties examining their faces in a magnifying glass. I carefully looked at the picture and it seemed to me that island was somehow strange. If the artist correctly portrayed this is a giant sea creature, possibly an octopus miraculously preserved from those distant times, the era of dinosaurs. were in the oceans 50-70 million years ago, and marine archaeologists suggest that they were up to 3-5 miles in diameter. Johnny, I told your boss from Russia Mr. Viktor Medvedev about your painting, he was so interested that he promises to fly to see it. As I understand it, he wants to abandon Atlantis and look for this octopus. You throw those girls and look for some documents that shed light on this sea creature or on the death of the ?Hispaniola? caravel, there may be such materials in the libraries. If you manage to get them informed, I wish you good luck, see you soon."

????"Mr. Richard Dean, I'm glad that you liked the picture, I will try, but I don?t know anything. Yes, you said that those ancient extinct octopuses were up to 3 miles in diameter. Maybe one of them survived and it was painted by an artist, don?t think Are you swimming in the Mediterranean? If you are swimming, look, you have such ultra-modern equipment, I think there were treasures on that ship and your magnetic metal detectors are able to pick up signals. See you soon, "I said.

????"Johnny, maybe everything, plates from outer space are coming to us, well, let?s forgive the bottom, but it?s big for now," Richard Dean said with a sigh and the connection ceased.

????I handed the phone to Alma Diego, thanked her and upset went to my room scolding himself for a rash step to send a picture to my former boss. When he finds out that I had a document and did not inform him, he will consider me a traitor.
????Having stayed at the hotel for a couple of days and having lost hope of a sudden appearance or call from Carmen, whose death I did not believe in, and considered her act as an escape for obvious reasons to hide from the pursuers with a historical document, I decided to fly home. I bought a ticket to Madrid on Sunday, right there for the next flight from Madrid to New York, I will stay there for a couple of days with my aunt Rosa, she will buy a ticket and I will secretly fly to Anchorage.

????I scolded myself for what I had done not as requested by my Carmen; foolishly sent ?Athena? to co-work instead of breaking it and leaving it in Madrid. But since they don?t wave their fists after the fight, nothing can be changed. In the many-sided and colorful capital of Spain, in Madrid, I spent several days sweeping the traces of his flight from enemies. I relaxed and even came up with an excuse for my former bosses regarding the document - Carmen, who found him in the archives organized an expedition and found the treasure 90% was her property and ordered everyone to keep their mouths shut.

????Without any problems, I flew to New York, took a taxi and suddenly rushed to Aunt Rose and her family. My relatives were incredibly glad to see me and were offended that I did not call them. I kissed my lovely flowering aunt, uncle Victor, the beautiful pretty Janet with her husband Samuel, ?sat down on the sofas and briefly told them about my studies in Madrid so convincingly that they really believed me. But when I told them that I was going to organize a scientific expedition and my father would help me financially, they came to an indescribable delight. True, I did not say a word about my true intention to find treasures, and they took everything at face value. Then we sat at the festively arranged table, beautiful fresh flowers in a crystal vase, champagne, Smirnovska vodka, various snacks, salad, meatballs, dried sturgeon, fruits, sweets, drinks, chocolate cake, apple pie. The lovely hostess brought hot chicken soup, we drank, ate, enjoyed delicious food, watched TV and even had dances. In the evening I called home and heard the velvet voice of my charming mother: "Johnny, son, good evening, kiss, how are you !? I'm so glad that you will be home soon, we are all right, we are waiting for you."
????"Mom, hello, kisses, I feel great, I?m staying with aunt Rosa, Victor and Janet will talk to you, I ask you to meet me at the airport, the date will be clarified, where is father? Is he at home, not swimming?"

???"Johnny, I'm on the wire, good evening, while at home, how health, how are you doing? Tell me which flight we will arrive, we will meet, we will not wait, I kiss," said the father.

????"Dad, hello, kisses, everything is in order, improved my knowledge, wait," ?I said.
????Then, until midnight, aunt Rosa, Uncle Victor and the beautiful Janet spoke with them.

????I will not describe my stay in New York, with Janet and her husband visited many interesting cultural institutions and the Metropolitan Museum, bought a ticket to Anchorage. My plane took off during the day, accompanied me with the whole family, at the airport, aunt Rosa, Uncle Victor, beautiful Janet and her husband Samuel kissed me, they wished me a happy flight and in the future seven feet under the keel. We parted, just went into the waiting room, announced boarding on my flight, all passengers moved to the Boeing 747, we sat down in comfortable chairs and were looking forward to take off. The engines roared intensely, the plane started off and headed for the runway, stopped, the turbines started to work at full speed and the iron bird rushed forward, took off from the ground and after several hours of flight, our airliner landed in Anchorage.

????Dad and mom joyful and happy met me with flowers and kisses, I kissed them, we exchanged greetings and without wasting time rushed home. On the way, my mother admitted to me that she was incredibly happy, finally, having gained knowledge, experience, I will find work here, get married and will be under her wing or next to her. I looked at her, smiled and didn?t even give a hint of what I had actually been doing for so many months in Spain and Portugal.
????We drove into the courtyard of our home, I was incredibly glad that I had returned safely after a long stay in Europe, we went into the dining room, everything was prepared in advance, everyone sat down at the festive table-flowers, champagne, cranberry-apple wine, snacks, fish, crabs, juices, fruits, apple pie, cake. Mom brought the fish soup from the sturgeon, we drank a glass of champagne, then enjoyed a delicious hearty meal, I told them about my activities and told my parents that I was preparing for a scientific expedition. Hearing this, my mother was sad that I was leaving the house again, but I tried to convince her that this would not happen tomorrow, I needed money, there could be no talk of it. Mom was inspired, turned on the TV and watched the program. In the evening I retired with my father to the garden, told everything in detail and showed him my short record from a document 300 years ago, and when he mentally figured out how much this wealth was pulling, he looked at me, smiled and said: ?My Johnny, you're done if we find these treasures we will return all costs, we will receive income and pleasure from the work done, I?m tired of messing with fish, crabs, I trust you, I?m not averse to go in search of treasures."

????? "Dad, we have to equip your trawler with modern radar equipment, an echo sounder, powerful pumps capable of pumping several hundred cubic yards of silt per hour, light diving suits, scuba gear, fuel and much more. We can make a complete list and find out the final cost it?s closer to a million bucks or more. When we start searching for an object in the water, we have to hover here and there for several hundred miles, that witness the Duke of Alvarski gave us approximate coordinates and I will say that they are also from they are dubious, because then there were still no substantial measuring instruments, but anyway, for a start we will get attached to its coordinates: 25 degrees north latitude and 78 * 15 and 78 * 45 degrees west longitude, it is not so far from sunny Florida, from Miami located 25 * 47 north latitude and 80 * 13 west longitude, about 110-120 miles. If there is not enough fuel, we can return to Miami, refuel and continue with new forces, for a start we take the space of the ocean 30 by 30 miles, maybe somewhere in this square that mysterious island that went under water near which is at the bottom of the caravel "Hispaniola" with treasures. Dad, this island is not mentioned on modern map as well as on old ones, it doesn?t seem to exist, I have a photograph from the picture, it is shown on it, I will show it to you now but it?s small, tomorrow in the darkroom in Anchorage, I?ll enlarge it and everyone will see it. I have no doubt that you will find in it a lot of interesting, mysterious, take a look."

????I took out a small photograph, my father looked at it and said: "Johnny, this is awesome, but without a magnifier I see all the beautiful faces of beautiful ladies in expensive, fashionable, chic dresses at the time, they are not simple but judging by notable for everything, the caravel fell into a whirlpool and the island itself was some mysterious, it is not made of stone and earth, you need to have special equipment and photo paper, don?t try to make an increase in the photographic laboratory, find out how much it all costs and I will buy, everything we?ll do it at home, this picture intrigued me. If you give the photo to someone else?s she may be interested in others and can even find people eager to enrich themselves at our expense, they will quietly watch our actions, in the age of electronics is a piece of cake. a word to anyone!"
????"Dad, I understood everything, we act silently and independently," I said.
????The next day I went to Anchorage and bought a magnifier and three sheets of paper 5 X 5 feet in the photo electronics store, arrived home and in the presence of my father made three copies, placed it in a frame, hung it on the wall and when I looked, I was amazed by what I saw real color picture. My father even assured me that the island was reminiscent of some gigantic marine animal, to which an unknown artist drew attention, the skin was smooth and even, silt in some places, here green-golden algae with unusually lush pink and purple flowers grew on it . But of particular interest was the sight of the ladies present on the deck, his father escaped to his bedroom and returned with a large magnifying glass, for at least an hour he and I examined their faces. Finally, I quietly told him: ?Dad, you won?t believe this young maid in a white and pink dress dreamed of me, exactly.?

????Father looked at me and said: "Johnny, you dreamed about it for good reason, your girlfriend guiding star and encourages you to find these treasures. I will invest all the money in this search and we will find the treasures of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola" November 16, 1679."

????We called mom and when she saw the picture we were indescribable delight and said: "Amazing picture, Johnny where you got it, everything is great in it, faces, dresses, flowers, I see tears flowing from my eyes, such a whirlpool, what a pity that they?re drowning, this is the Royal ship got in the abyss."
????"Mom, I bought a photocopy in the old Spanish city of Malaga, brought it here and made an increase. So we admire it, she is very interesting," I said.
?????The picture is not only interesting but mysterious and as if magical, it is not just an island, it is animated, and the faces themselves are like alive, I look at them and I think they turn to us for help,? said my mother and cried.
????"Mom don't cry, I want to help them with dad," I blurted out.
????"Son, husband, I approve your decision, only sail with you, I?m a courageous woman, I myself went several times to the sea to catch fish and crabs. Do you remember those times, Victor?"

????"Julia, I remember everything very well, but we sailed for a week, two, this expedition can drag on for a month, I won?t leave you alone, we sell everything and go south to sunny Florida that you dreamed of wandering around in the golden sand all your life amid evergreen palm trees, bathe in warm water like fresh milk, buy a villa on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and sail from morning to night, sunbathe in the hot sun. Do you agree? "

????"Yes dear Victor, I agree to fly to Florida, buy a villa and fly," said mom.

???? "Once you agree, my dear Julia, I will fulfill your dream, buy a house in Florida, now go get some delicious food, it's lunch time," said father and mother left.
????"My Johnny, I?ll find money, I don?t have enough interest-bearing loans, just don?t have to look for patrons, they will suck us all the good we?ve found and we?ll be left with nothing, talk to your comrades and if they agree to take part in the expedition, we?ll start I understood that our base will be in Florida, near Miami, so I will have to buy a house for my wife and expedition members in the suburbs, we will carry out preparatory work and store all the necessary equipment in search of treasure, a small bus and a pickup truck. Mother herself approved the search that caravel so that you will conduct a lot of research work after which you will receive fame, decent money, our parental help is so necessary for you at the moment, she believes me and you, don?t waste your time and call your comrades if you can rely on them, "said father.
????"Dad, you believe in success like me, thanks for the support, I?m acting as well that I know at least the square where the caravel supposedly lies, and the island that the Duke of Alvarski noticed for such a long time could hide under water, since it?s not mentioned in modern maps, but we?ll find it with the help of radars. So, I?m calling my comrades, now it will be easier for me to convince them, they will make part of their savings, I have a fulcrum, you know how Archimedes said: ?Give me a fulcrum and I?ll shift our Earth," I said, and kissed my father.

????I called my comrades on the last expedition, I had to tell each of them about the apple trees that had blossomed and it was necessary to come to collect them. It became clear to my comrades that I found a map with a treasure and they agreed as one to take part in the search for the sunken caravel. I invited them to Anchorage in order to prepare a trawler, install search equipment, radio echo sounders and sail to Florida bypassing the Panama Canal. A week later, Arthur Boyle, Robert Sing, Adlai Court, Andrew Danny and Ray Tiger flew to Anchorage. My father and I met them at the airport, judging by their appearance, mood, wide smile on courageous faces, my friends agreed to this adventurous expedition with faith in its success. They saw how I was new to my first expedition so confidently pointed out the direction in which to sail and where to look for little ships with amphorae lying about two thousand years at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and we found them with wine and drank for our pleasure.

????Father saw the slender, broad-shouldered young people realized that it was not scary to throw with them, or rather to descend into the deeps of the sea and was inspired, they got to know each other, we shook hands and looking at them from head to toe, he came to the conclusion that the team was excellent, everything was in shape, the guys have a great mood, we ?can count on them completely. We got into our roomy Land Rover and headed home along the desert country highway.

????Briefly I will describe the team: Arthur Boyle is a 30-year-old gentleman of athletic build, athlete, boxer, wrestler, karate, geophysicist, hydrologist, scuba diver, diver, cameraman, my right hand for all matters and questions, an excellent shooter from an underwater gun; Robert Sing-a young man of 28 years, navigator, mechanic, radio operator, athlete, scuba diver, diver, middle weight boxer; Adlai Cort, 27, a hydrologist engineer, responsible for working on an echo sounder, instruments, electromagnetic guidance detectors to detect metal objects and objects of any kind, even cheap, under water; Andrew Danny handsome 30 years old, athlete submariner, scuba diver, diver, specialist in magnetic echo sounders and instruments, excellent cameraman underwater shooting, Ray Tiger young man 27 years old, specialist in radar and radar, responsible for communication with satellites, scuba diver, diver, athlete, boxer, cook, shooter, underwater filmmaker, radio operator, mechanic, excellent marine painter and photographer.

????When we arrived home mom saw my comrades was delighted, I introduced them to her, an acquaintance happened, she invited us to a festive table with flowers in a vase, everyone sat down, raised a toast to our expedition, drank and enjoyed delicious food, drinks, led easy conversation. Each of us briefly talked about our past affairs and activities, most importantly, my comrades hoped that sooner or later I would be able to organize a new expedition and now it is a high point, we set off in search of the sunken ?Hispaniola? caravel. After a tasty, hearty meal, we thanked my mother and went to my bedroom, I showed my friends a photocopy of an unknown artist?s picture, an extract of the treasures on the sunken ?Hispaniola? caravel and the approximate location of the tragedy.

??? ?My comrades looked at me now at the picture and Robert asked me the same question: "Johnny, how did you manage to find an approximate place in a few months, this mysterious island of treasures with a sunken caravel loaded with gold, silver coins, jewelry? Especially this island, it?s not like everything from stone, earth, sand, special, unusual, it?s some kind of living creature of gigantic dimensions that has risen to the surface and eventually went under the water, but to what depth !?"

????"Yes gentlemen, I said, there is an approximate location of the mysterious island, another matter at what depth it is at the moment, let's hope that it is insignificant."
????Time passed quickly, in the evening our friendly company together with his father went to the port. When my friends saw our trawler they out loud confessed to me that we can safely sail around the world without fear of a storm. We visited all cabins, on the captain?s bridge, in the navigational bridge, friends admired the navigation devices and took a short trip, the speed did not exceed 20 miles. Each of my friends tried to drive a trawler, responded enthusiastically, my father carefully watched the one who was driving the "Seagull" but didn?t make any comments and casually said: "Gentlemen, a few weeks ago the mechanics removed the old engines and installed new ones, so in the open sea you can reach speeds of up to 30 knots, you noticed they work almost silently and most importantly they consume 70 percent of the fuel from the previous one, this is a big saving, fewer refueling on the way."
????"Yes, said Arthur Boyle, the ship is excellent, fully automatic, you can use space communications, the screen shows the location of the ship at sea at the moment ? latitude, longitude ? is just a miracle."

?????When I go to sea to catch fish and crabs for any sailor, a fisherman from the team can calmly replace me on the captain?s bridge, the controls are simple, because there?s only one liar and five fishermen, everything is automated. I used to keep 7 crew members and 8 fishermen, progress on the face, in any case, should explain to each of you the work of the engine room, there are times when the equipment we rely on does not work and therefore we have to fix the malfunction ourselves, you always need to be on the alert."
????At 10 o?clock we returned to the port, turned off the engines and went home on a minivan, mom met us and asked us to sit down at the table, the food was excellent with cranberry-apple wine, we had a relaxed conversation in which they touched on the route of the trawler to Florida. Everyone decided to go on it as soon as we finish fully equipping him and us with the necessary equipment and pumps for pumping water and silt. Father and mother found a house according to an announcement in one of the magazines, we had complete information about it and where it was located, contacted the owner by phone and soon flew to Florida to fill out paperwork for a house in the suburbs of Miami near the Atlantic Ocean. We purchased a large stone two-story cottage for modest money. Soon my parents called me to fly, according to the agreement I took Ray Tiger with me and flew to Florida, Arthur Boyle remained the eldest, as soon as my father returned to Anchorage, they went on a trawler and sailed along the western coast of America to Florida. The road ahead was long , with a gas station it would take at least three weeks, it didn?t bother us much.
????We said goodbye to those who stayed in the house and flew to Miami, a few hours later landed and went outside immediately found themselves in a steam bath, despite the fact that December was. Father and mother met us, we got to our Ford and rushed out of town, moved quickly without traffic jams, turned to the side and drove five miles behind green palm trees, behind a tall metal fence painted in dark gray, we saw a stone fortress house made of red granite . Having approached the steel gate, the father dialed the code, they opened and drove into a huge garage, got out of the car and decided to inspect the estate before entering the house: evergreen palm trees grew everywhere, followed by a sandy beach and the blue Atlantic Ocean. The sun sparkled incredibly brightly, burned, I realized it was impossible to do without sunglasses and returned to the house. Mom was busy in the spacious kitchen with a living room, on the table stood freshly prepared food, bottles with drinks, fruits, sweets, a cake, flowers in a vase and we sat down to eat.

???? During the feast, my father instructed us what to do before their arrival, handed me a list for the purchase of necessary things, devices and items including a TV camera, underwater filming equipment that we can not do without on our fun-filled secret expedition, prepare all the papers for going out into the ocean. Since my occupation was related to research activities, it would not be a big deal for me to get them, and we, with a clear soul and conscience, will explore the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. I assured my father that everything will be done on time, there should be no worry about it, the main thing is to safely sail. In the evening we went out to swim, water was like fresh milk, did not want to go out on the hot sand, but since father had to fly to Alaska tomorrow morning, we returned to the house and went to bed. In the morning we woke up at five o?clock, had breakfast, got into a car and rushed to the airport, we said goodbye, kissed each other and wished our father and the crew of the ?Seagull? a speedy return, happy sailing and good luck on the way.
????Time flew by, I acquired everything according to the list compiled by my father and most importantly received all the papers for conducting research in the ocean for a period of one year, every day we negotiated with my father and those who were with him. On the map, we noted the segment of the Pacific Ocean path they traveled that was most exciting for all of us and was December 17, when they sailed the Panama Canal and finally left it in the Atlantic Ocean. My mother, Ray Tiger and the crew of the trawler "The Seagull", led by my father, almost simultaneously opened bottles of champagne and drank the tailwind, even though there are no sails on the modern ship and the engines replaced them.
????In our electronic age, we constantly talked on the phone with each other, on December 22 in the evening, my father called and told them to meet them the next day at about 6 in the morning. I, Ray and mom gladly accepted the news and promised to arrive at the port. We went to bed early, got up at 4 in the morning, put off breakfast, got into our minibus and rushed to the port, found a parking lot with a workhouse and headed to the pier. Incredibly, our trawler ?Seagull? was half a mile away from us, we saw each other with the naked eye, smiled and waved our hands in greeting with air kisses. So far, this ship moored in twenty minutes, father and our expedition comrades Arthur Boyle, Robert Sing, Adlai Court, Andrew Danny went ashore, or rather on the wooden floor of the pier. For the joy of meeting, we hugged, kissed, said to each other, "Good morning," then moved to the parking lot, sat in a spacious minibus and rushed to the house. They exchanged memories all the way and quietly drove up to the garden, the gates opened, drove into the estate and stood in front of the garage, went outside, a warm, damp wind swept through us, without hesitation immediately went into the house, cool, sat down at the table, a snack and drinks were waiting for us, everything was prepared in the evening, something my mother warmed up in the microwave and after a couple of minutes they drank for a meeting, health and a future expedition ...

????I will not paint events related to the preparation of the ship, how we transported, transferred everything necessary for a long exciting expedition to the trawler, I?ll say: January 7, 2005 at 6 am we set sail for six people ? my father, I, Arthur Boyle, Robert Singh, Adlai Court and Andrew Danny, only Ray Tiger remained in the house with mom, by lot, we could not leave her alone. Negotiations were arranged in advance only once a day in the evening at 10 pm no more than 3-5 minutes, everything will depend on the importance of the conversation. It?s good that we didn?t announce to anyone about our, I would say, adventurous plans, otherwise an incredible thing would have happened here from the arrived journalists and TV reporters, but we decided when we find something, then we will announce to the whole world that there?s nothing to be trumpeted for nothing.

????Before we set sail, dad gathered us all on deck and addressed us with a brief speech: ?Dear gentlemen! Our team is a small family, henceforth the grief and joy of everyone is the grief and joy of everyone, we will not fail each other and faith in success, aren't you my dear friends ?! "

????Each of us said: "Our captain! And we will share joy and sorrow among ourselves until the end of our voyage, the main belief in success, no despair."
????"Thank you all for your support, for your belief in success, father said, we are sailing at the set course chosen by Johnny, I think it is correct."

???? We headed to that square of the Atlantic Ocean where the ?Hispaniola? caravel presumably sank with treasures and the Duchess of Andalusia de Sofia, coordinates between 25 * 15 and 24 * 45 north latitude and 78 * 45 and 78 * 15 west longitude. Our radio echo sounders worked, we saw a graphic image of the bottom topography on the monitor screen, the depth increased as our trawler moved away from the shore and the next day the water column beneath us was from 90 to 110 yards, but it didn?t bother us much, because I knew that the ship sank not far from the island that is not marked on any map, and if we find its contours then in this place the depth will sharply decrease.
????We got to the border of the square I selected with sides 30 miles and began to scatter it in length, our radar captured a strip of bottom half a mile wide and at home we calculated how much we burn fuel to sail along in both directions, so we kept fuel and had a few additional fuel tanks: we didn?t want to go to the port to refuel, so as not to incur suspicion, but they sailed away and the track disappeared and no one remembers us except mom and Ray Tiger.
????Four days with short stops (the engines were turned off for one hour per day) did we furrow our square, the depth of the ocean scared, it exceeded 300 yards, nevertheless, none of the team fell into despair, our father encouraged us: ?Gentlemen, even if there isn?t enough fuel, we will return to the port, refuel and continue the business, which I have begun, I won?t back down, it seems to me that island is somewhere nearby and it?s strange that the locators don?t fix it. ?
????I joined him, comrades also did not lose heart, supported me, my father and carefully watched the readings of the instruments. 12 January at 6 hours 03 minutes, when everyone except his father was sleeping, he heard a sound alarm, without hesitation rushed to my cabin and woke me up: "Johnny, get up, good news, I heard signals, not far from us is an island, it seems to me the one we are looking for."

?????Dad, I get up,? I said, stood up and rushed into the wheelhouse with him, heard the alarm, put on the earphones and clearly caught the signals coming from the right side, I began to adjust the locator to the intended object and vague, blurry appeared on the monitor screen I understood that it was neither a tanker, nor an aircraft carrier, but an underwater hill at least 3 miles in radius and immediately exclaimed: "Dad, change course 70 degrees, southwest, keep the direction to the underwater island according to the readings on the monitor, before it about 5 miles."

????Father looked at me and said: ?My Johnny, it?s incredible, but so far no one has said a word, we still don?t know how deep the island is, it will be under us in half an hour.?

????I sat beside me, turned off the alarm and clearly heard a ?beep-beep? in my headphones, as I approached the island I had to reduce the signal strength and the moment the echo sounder gave a reading of 160, 150, 140 feet. We sailed a couple of miles and the father muffled the engines, he himself ran downstairs, woke his comrades: "Gentlemen, rise, all gather in the captain's cabin! Amazing news!"
????Everyone woke up and threw themselves into a small room full of state-of-the-art navigational, radar equipment including radio-echo sounders, they went upstairs and were surprised that we were standing. I pointed them to the depth gauge, they looked at him and gasped-148 feet, on the monitor screen I saw the coordinates: 24'50" North latitude and 78'37" West longitude. More joyful than ever, my father and I told them everything in order and began to discuss what to do next.

????Arthur Boyle looked at us and said: ?Gentlemen, I?m thinking of turning on the metal detector and trying to define thickness of? the silt, it took at least 10 feet in 300 years or maybe more, our dives will not work, the tree will not rot in the water, we?ll turn on the electronic depth metal echo sounder and even under silt we can find large parts of the ship if they were not carried away by underwater current, the main task is to get reflected pulses from the bottom, if they pass through, you yourself know the void, so I think moving at a speed of 5 miles per hour to probe the bottom."

????I thought the same way and supported Arthur, there were no other opinions, and at a speed of 5 knots along we plowed a strange island of signals, the radio waves went into the void and nothing was displayed on our monitors. After noon, we were lucky that our underwater radiosonde detected a long object, drew its contours and we guessed that we came across a mast made of an unusually dense tree species. This inspired us and somehow unexpectedly for all the needle of the magnetic echo sounder moved from its place, crawled up. I turned on the electronic equipment, the display screen showed data-depth, flow velocity and the thickness of the silt to a metal object. I pressed the red button of the amplifier and our cabin was filled with a roar - we understood metal deposits under our trawler, my father pressed the blue button of the echo sounder - the water column is 155 feet plus 15 feet of silt, I looked at another screen, the exact coordinates of our trawler were fixed on it.

???? "Father, pass the signals through the INTELSAT satellite and check whether our instruments are exactly defined the coordinates of the ship."
?????Well, I gave the signal and take the data from the satellite, look gentlemen, they match, our instruments are correct, I put them in my memory and the computer. Yes, Arthur, turn off the alarm, so everyone understands, underneath is a mountain of scrap metal or treasure," said the father.
????"Well, I said, it seems to me that moment has come when you can sink to the ocean floor to which only 155-160 feet, dad drop anchor. Gentlemen! Who keeps me company to go down to the bottom?"

????Everyone wanted to go down to the bottom, I chose Robert and Andrew, we decided to take a camera for underwater filming, in addition we take a cable with a tele-eye, everyone on the deck of the trawler will follow us and in case of danger will render us all possible assistance. An hour later, scuba divers dived into the clear water and sailed to the supposed location of the mast, they directed us by radiotelephone and we were close to it. Father with boys lowered large-diameter hoses, we put them in silt near the burial place of the supposed mast, dad turned on the engines and a ditch began to form before our eyes. It seemed that it was flowing back with water, but since our pumps pumped out the sludge more than flowed back, after ten minutes we saw the outline of the mast, gave a signal to stop pumping, swam to it, visibility in the water turned out to be excellent and began to carefully examine from all sides and touch hands piece of the mast at least 20 feet long. Having looked better, Robert saw the initials of the names cut out, he let us know, we swam up to him and saw them with our own eyes FN, RO, VC, MD, RV, AK, WG, HISPANIOLA 1679. We sailed to the side and asked our father again turn on the pumps to pump out the sludge, we ourselves swam up and on deck and when I found myself ?reported important news: "Dad, gentlemen, we got the trail - here lies the sunken caravel" Hispaniola, ur-raraaa."

??? ?Everyone shouted "Urrraaaa" with joy and threw me up.
????The pumps, meanwhile, worked and drove mud to the side, Arthur and I went to the captain?s room and looked at the readings of the metal detector, it showed signs of life ? magnetic waves were reflected, but they did not give a clear arrangement of the deposits.

???For four hours in a row, the pumps pumped out the sludge, after breakfast I, Arthur and Edlay with scuba gear went down to the bottom, the pumps were turned off and I saw a huge foundation pit filled with clear water. A wooden mast was floating, under it, from the edge was visible the ruined skeleton of a ship sticking out of the silt with a deck. We wanted to swim towards him, but at that moment several huge fish swam out, seeing us they rushed inside, from the sight of these black monsters we lost the desire to approach the skeleton. In addition, the father ordered to come up, and we sailed upstairs that hour. Once on the deck, my father suggested that only the diving suits with large wrenches with which you can defend and break wooden structures continue to sink to the bottom, we wanted to get inside the hold.

????In order not to return back to look for a place where a broken mast lies under water, I asked my father to write down the exact coordinates, he looked at the monitor, called me to himself and said quietly: ?Johnny, it?s very strange, but according to the coordinates, we sailed for 7 hours 5 miles to the north-west, despite the fact that we are anchored, you can?t imagine: our island drifts like an ice floe, it?s like living. If we leave it for 4-5 hours, the island will be 3 miles away and we?ll lose the mast you need to lower the beacon, it will give signals to the satellite, from it to our ?Seagull? and on the monitor we will see the true exact coordinates, we will sail exactly to them and find ourselves near the mast. A real miracle! You have to go down with a lighthouse and firmly attach to the mast so that predatory fish do not attack him like a bait and swallowed."
????I looked at my father and said: "My captain, all the assumptions are confirmed, under us a giant living creature, perhaps an octopus, he does not stand still and sails all the time, no matter how we ?with him found ourselves ?in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean."

????"Johnny, we don?t care about everything, the main thing is we found a ship and if we find treasures we?ll sail to Florida with them. Even if we stay here for three days, 72 hours, we will be 200 miles from Miami. But it?s still unknown how the octopus swims if for 330 years sailed from the place of death of ?Hispaniola? no more than 30-50 miles. It seems to me he is circling near one place, we?ll see, and now put on a spacesuit and under water,? said the father and shouted to the sailors: ?Guys, to me, amazing news - our island is drifting, set sail for 5 miles in 7 hours, Arthur Boyle get ready to dive with Johnny set glad lighthouse. "

????Our comrades went to my father and he told them everything, they put diving-suits on me and Arthur, lowered us under the water with a radio beacon, and fastened it with a wire to the mast and went up to the deck. The working pumps were turned off, the hoses were lifted, the anchor and, having written down the coordinates of our location, were removed from prying eyes, since we were passing near because ships were sailing near us and planes were flying. We didn?t want anyone to notice us and saled closer with the intention of asking what we were doing, and so father decided to sail 10 miles to the side and return at midnight.

????? When our ?Seagull? returned to its place, the island sailed three miles south-west for five hours, we gently lowered the anchor so as not to injure the sea creature, turned off the engines and began to prepare for the dive. I was thinking about a plan to get into the ?Hispaniola? hold, maybe all the wealth lay in it, in the silt and thought up: put all the hoses into the embrasures of the hold of which three centuries ago the gun vents stuck out to pump the silt out and told my father. He agreed, but ordered in order not to risk their lives we need to wear spacesuits. 47 I, Andrew and Robert put on the diving-suits, they lowered us to the bottom, to the sludge and kept with the winches suspended. I noticed that the silt was not unsteady, we could walk on it and asked my father to let the cables go so that we could move freely and even get into the hold, which he did. Soon hoses were thrown at us, we picked them up and went to the board to put them in the embrasure apertures. We did everything right and said to our father: ?Captain, turn on the pumps? and soon before our eyes water with silt rushed up, out of the embrasures floated out giant fish, small fish of all colors of the rainbow, long black eels. Without hesitation, I pulled out the hose and thus protected myself and my comrades, the swimming creature was sucked into the pipe and disappeared into its womb along with water and sludge, and since the pumps pumped out at least 15 tons of water per minute, a huge pit with crystal clear water, and it did not rush into the hose, but as it seemed to us water directed from it into a bottomless well, and I said to my father: "Captain, what happened to the pump? You are pumping to us water! Where do you get it?"
????"John, you can?t imagine, we pump out crystal clear spring water, perhaps
tasted it, is it fresh, keep pumping or take a break? "

????I said: "Father, turn off the pumps, we will look at the well and look into one of the ambergris, I want to know what's in the hold, treasures or rusty guns."
????"Turn off all the pumps, act, be careful at the side, do not stick deep into your head!"
????I did not realize what had happened, suddenly the three of us were pulled down into a pit with crystal clear water, I shouted to my father: "Dad! Raise faster, water pulls us into a pit, we got into a whirlpool, save, turn on the winches at full power!"

???I don?t know what happened to the winch, we went down, Robert and Andrew began to slowly sink into the silt, from fear I could no longer cry out ?Dad, rise? and went into the abyss. Silt closed and I found myself on a strange bottom resembling a rug from a strong sponge, initially without a habit I swayed in different directions and in order not to fall I had to balance my body, somehow suddenly my friends appeared and the fear disappeared.
???Our eyes adapted and we saw that we were in a small chamber reminiscent the wall of huge gut with whitewashing moist walls after white washing. We were perked up and saw a semblance of a hole on the right side and decided to get inside, I bent over and when I passed I noticed how the walls seemed to move slightly apart in living directions. I touched them to the touch ? they were soft and resilient, looked into space and saw light at the end of the tunnel. Robert and Andrew standing next to me pointed their hands in that direction and I realized they want to go, and they were interested to know what was there.
????Without hesitation, I contacted my father: "Dad, first of all, release the oxygen hoses, you can?t imagine up there, we are in another strange under water ?world, it seems to me that we are in the womb of some gigantic sea creature, we are all alive and want to explore him, don?t worry about us."
????My father heard my voice and said: ?My Johnny, be careful and don?t go too far, we won?t help you, keep in touch and let me know in detail what you find in your strange underwater world, I?m freeing up the hoses.?
????I, Robert and Andrew hesitantly moved forward, a weird, soft-touch curtain closed behind us and we were in the darkness, though it was unclear but we saw that the walls and the floor were a uniform, soft to the touch, thick, durable waterproof fabric. We walked forward slowly, approaching a light source we noticed walls and the floor emitted a bluish light, in that tunnel aisle it became light and I clearly saw my comrades, so we approached a dead end wall and did not know what to do.

????For a long time, we tried with our hands and keys to budge the strange cover of the wall that blocked our path, but it was all useless and then Robert decided to find a continuation of the passage of the left side wall ? he put his shoulder against it and flew off his feet. It turns out that in this place the curtain covered the passage, besides we heard a strange dull strum of invisible bells behind another wall. We helped him up and miraculously found ourselves in a small half-shaded room: pale blue light emanated from the walls, floor, ceiling, strange, human speech sounded behind the wall. I heard passages of phrases, they sounded in Spanish and recognized the meaning: "Seniors Fidel, Evo, Julio, I order you to hide behind the wall, as soon as strangers enter the room, attack them, I, Wilfredo, Quida, Edward will attack in front "I think we will be able to protect ourselves, duchess, maidservants, be ready."
????The speech ceased, I translated its contents, it did not bother us much, we are in strong diving-suits made of steel, another thing is that there were living people behind the wall! Curiosity pushed us into the unknown and everyone decided to get behind the wall, took the keys in their hands, approached it with their elbows, with their shoulders looked for a passage and everything ?looked for a passage with their shoulders, and soon the curtain opened. We boldly stepped forward and ended up in a small arched room, none of us could determine the correct origin of the speech and began to act on the touch in two directions - I went to the right, friends to the left. We tried to find a gap to open these strange curtains and I walked in, slightly pushed aside and saw a large hall. Before my eyes a fantastic picture was revealed: countless jewelry and items made of gold, silver, platinum, pearl necklaces, diamonds, topazes, sapphires and emeralds lay on the soft floor resembling our modern synthetics carpets. There was so much of this kind that jewelry hung on the arched wall of the room. Several men in metal armor but without helmets dozed holding long lances and hatchets in their hands and they looked quite healthy. I drew attention to their matte skin color, their hair was dark and very long, almost to the waist, everyone had a mustache and looked from forty to fifty years old.
????I did not dare to go inside alone, gave a sign to my comrades, they came up to me, we opened the curtain wider and fearlessly entered the half-shaded hall.
????If we were without diving-suits, we could not escape death: someone behind me hit the helmet with a hatchet, the metal turned out to be durable and only slightly felt pain. I held in my hand a long wrench, turned around and saw a knight of medium height in armor, hit him in the chest with a scream of pain, fell on the carpet and then another soldier with a long lance pounced on me, he wanted to pierce my diving-suit but the steel was so strong that it was shafted bent and he fell down. My comrades fought off the other knights, it turns out that none of them slept, and as soon as we entered we got up and attacked us. Andrew and Robert pushed the three to the floor, but they quickly got to their feet, ran back to the wall, still holding axes, lances and blades in their hands. I will say that seven brave warriors took part in the battle, one foot taller than me, they threw us with short lances, hatchets, blades, but all was unsuccessful. When everything was used, they were not afraid of us and rushed into hand-to-hand combat, but we armed with wrenches hanging on a chain, unfastening them, began to wave them and when one of the most daring approached me I slightly hit him on the side and he screamed from severe pain fell down on the carpet. Other fighters stood up and looked at us backed away. Suddenly, the Spaniards rushed to the wall, grabbed three hatchets and threw them at us, they whistled flew at me and my comrades, landed exactly on the chest, but the super durable metal suit protected us.

????We grabbed the hatchets that fell at our feet and carried them over our heads to throw them at the knights. In Spanish, through a megaphone, I shouted: ?Seniors, we are not monsters, we are people just like you and if you stop fighting with us, we?ll face you in human form, peace and tranquility "
????Hearing a Spanish speech that was thunderous in this strange hall, they fell to the floor and lay motionless, my appeal was repeatedly amplified throughout the huge hall and was probably heard by other inhabitants of this wonderful underwater palace. Soon, the curtain was opened and three young, chubby, painted beauties with a pale matte skin tone entered the hall, frankly without any clothes, except for a shabby patch of blue satin hanging on full hips. Their dark hair was so long that they touched the knees, they were worn not in front but in front. Thus, the girls covered certain parts of their bodies and magnificent graceful breasts. Long necklaces of large and small pearls of all colors of the rainbow, gold, platinum and silver threads with precious stones strung on them encircled their bodies and this gave even greater beauty to beautiful creatures. Jewelry from precious stones, even in this dimly lit blue room, sparkled and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. Seeing us in our diving-suits, they fell off my feet, as I understood from fear losing consciousness from our appearance and the hoses reaching for us.

????Since the inhabitants of this strange underwater palace were real people like we breathed the local air, I decided to take off my helmet and appear before them with a human face. Without hesitation, I asked Robert to unscrew the nuts of the head of my spacesuit, he took out a small sliding key and after a couple of minutes I removed it, the knights saw me and began to whisper among themselves. I said a greeting in Spanish and explained to them that we are the same people as they, who accidentally fell to them: "Dear seniors, don?t be scared of us, we will all appear before you, take off our strange clothes and assure you no one want harm. "

????? Without hesitation, I unscrewed the nuts of the diving-suit, took it off myself and they saw me in shorts strong and muscular with amazement and looked at Superman. I was a foot taller than they were, soon the knights spoke to me in Spanish and asked how we found them and what our goal was. I told the essence in a few words, then I helped my friends take off their diving-suits and the Spaniards, seeing them, finally realized that we are all the same people like they. At this time, the girls woke up and saw strangers in clothes so strange in their times, stared at us muscular strong and tall handsome men. Since the naked beauties- Signorins had nowhere to go, they reconciled and soon looked at us, at modern people, at ease and had a conversation. We told them about our modern life, how a couple of weeks ago the world celebrated New Year 2005. In a short time we became so friends that the girls invited us to their bedchamber and sang several old Spanish songs with their unusually clear voices. Their beautiful singing shocked us and were ready to listen to them indefinitely, but since I knew the siren myth, I asked the Signorins to switch to a serious conversation and get to know each other, they did not mind and all the brave Spaniards and pretty Spanish women were surprised to hear our names. I explained to them that we are Americans and not Spaniards, my friends cannot speak Spanish and I translate everything to them.

????After some time, one of the girls left and asked us to go to the next room, we followed her and before our eyes appeared a painted, busty beauty sitting on the floor from head to toe hung with gold, platinum and silver threads with precious stones strung on them , emerald ores and pearls of all rainbow colors and sizes. Her hair was long and curly the color of the black wing fell to the waist, covering in this way her lovely naked body. Like her friends, a rag of dark material hung on her hips, I peered intently at her lovely charming face and gasped, in front of me was a lively young beautiful Spanish woman who dreamed about me many years ago during a stay at ?Athena? after drinking two thousand years of wine and in the picture of an unknown artist ?The death of ?Hispaniola?: graceful build, medium height, with an elongated slightly thin matte face with puffy lips, a thin neat nose. Her black eyes resembled two sea pearls, dark long eyelashes and the same crescent eyebrows.
????The picture of ?beauty without any embarrassment looked at us, smiled and said in a pleasant velvet enchanting voice: "Senores, I am the Princess of Andalusia de la Sofia, next to me are my faithful maidservants, Patricia Martinez, Juanita Espinoza and Yolanda Rodriguez, our brave knights-squire , Julio Alvarez, Quida Huerta, Edward Lopez, Fidel Morales, Evo Castro and Carlos Santos. I?ll say we all miraculously survived from the shipwrecked caravel of ?Hispaniola?, it happened on November 16, 1679 and came here by chance: our ship sailing in six other caravels, armed with cannons so as not to be in the hands of pirates, they saw a strange, wonderful island barely sticking out of the water covered with golden algae in the middle of the ocean. It fascinated us - out of curiosity, we decided to get close to it, ?Hispaniola? was the closest to the island, it suddenly spun and it went to the bottom. I can?t say how I found myself in this wonderful strange world because I lost consciousness. When I woke up, I opened my eyes and saw next to me my maids and knights who accompanied me to a large boat swam to the shore of a strange lake with low arches with pale white walls moist, immediately after the whitewash. There were oars in this boat, but an amazing thing - the current carried us to a big grotto and soon stopped near shore, no, not in the sand and at first I didn?t even understand what it could be, and when I entered it with my bare foot I was convinced it was a thick soft to the touch warm living waterproof fabric of the sea creatures. We were glad that we survived and we were not embarrassed by the fact that we ended up in light night dresses. For the joy of living, we sang songs, you can?t imagine - here we eat only flowers, fruits, algae growing in the lake, bathe in it and breathe this life-giving air, we will tell later, this story is long interesting and curious."

?? ?"Dear senora de la Sofia, nice to meet you, my name is Johnny Gray, my friends Robert Sing and Andrew Danny are next to me, we are glad to see you and I will say today January 15, 2005, it?s impossible to believe, you lived here in this strange home for more than three hundred and twenty years, just an amazing meeting, unfortunately we can?t stay here for a long time, our comrades can?t wait for us upstairs and worry about our health, we suggest you visit the modern world, you will see something you didn?t even dream about will be protected and live among people, we sailed here on a ship without sails, "I said, pointed up and continued:" Around you is such luxury and wealth! Do you think that all this is nothing compared to what is up there? You probably remember the flowers, roses, forests, meadows, fields, beast, animals, birds, sky, sun, moon, stars. Would you agree, beautiful Signorina de Sophia, your pretty maids and brave knights-squires, to find yourself there again? I must say right away: the modern world is very much changed compared to what it was when you went to Spain -large city with high skyscrapers, electric lights replaced candles, cars, airplanes, satellites, huge ocean liners without sails 2-3 thousand passengers, while your "Hispaniola" floated about fifty persons, television, radio, telephones. In short, an interesting time and a vibrant life for us. As in your time, people are interested in luxury and acquire jewelry. If you agree to go with us, taking with you even some of them will be enough to live the rest of your life happily, decide."

?????Our dear friends, we are incredibly happy for such an unexpected wonderful meeting, for our acquaintance, and if you say that now 2005 we have lived according to your words in this underwater dwelling for more than three centuries, it?s just such an amazing fabulous meeting! How did you manage to find us? "

????My friends and I briefly told them our story, they carefully and with great interest listened to us and imagine - on my appeal to return to the surface, they as one expressed their desire to see modern Spain and for this they are ready to leave all the treasures here. I evasively asked senorina de Sophia to even see them with an eye and she said bluntly: ?Dear seniors! You said that you don?t mind taking us with you, so now we all go to the store, everyone will take a small part of the jewelry and say,? thanks to this house we go to the other." I think we will be provided with the jewelry that we take with you as you say for life. As for the sun, stars, the moon, fields and meadows with flowers, we remember and often thought how to break out into the world from which we got here. Senor Johnny, look after me, give me your hand and helped me to stand on my feet, do not hesitate, I'm not quite naked."

????I went to a young-looking charming beauty and helped her to get up, bent over, kissed her on the cheek as tender as a rose petal and whispered: "Beautiful senora de Sophia, your eyes speak more than words, I love you more than anyone else, but I notice my friends standing nearby love you all, you will always be with us in complete safety and constant care, people around the world will find out about you, this is such a sensation, many magazines, newspapers will put your beautiful faces on all pages, radio and television companies will broadcast, show you everything to the world, you will see many countries including beautiful Spain, modern Madrid."

????She looked at me and said softly: "Senor Johnny, in your eyes I read something that I won?t talk about, you guess, I trust you and think that you will not leave us to the mercy of fate in a new life and you read through your eyes - you "in love with me. It's beautiful and inspires me to believe that you and your friends are decent people."

????Sophia, the maidservants and the knights smiled with joy that they would enter our modern world and, before being in it, willingly led us through the maze to the secret vault and somehow suddenly before our eyes appeared a real mountain of gold, silver, precious stones, coins, necklaces, other luxury. They stopped and Sophia looked at everyone and said: ?Dear seniors and signorins, before setting off for a new world, we will visit the lake for the last time where we enjoyed wonderful nourishing flowers, thanks to which we managed to survive in this environment, friends. Yes, our rescuers, this storehouse, we collected it for many years, before we leave here we?ll always take as much as we can carry with us, and now we go to the lake to swim, we need to refresh ourselves and sing a song."

?????I looked at Robert and Andrew, we were shocked by so many jewels lying on the heap. I remembered about our camera and began to take pictures of Spaniards and my friends standing near the lying treasures, then Andrew shot me with them. As I wanted to inform my father and comrades on the Seagull about my find, but there was no connection, only when we returned to the ship we would show them the halls and labyrinths of the underwater palace and somewhere among these labyrinths there was a lake in which they found food, bathed and swam. Incidentally, a pleasant aroma of wildflowers came from the inhabitants with whom we met, my friends and I could not refuse them. Frankly, now we were under their protection, only thanks to them we can escape from here, otherwise we will get confused in these labyrinths. Everyone agreed and went, while hiking on the lake, I reminded Sofia that we have a limited time, she looked at me and said: ?My Johnny, if we don?t visit that wonderful lake, we and you will live here for another three centuries, I don?t think you?ll agree to stay here for such a time."

????I was next to her and occasionally kissed her peach-soft cheek and so imperceptibly approached the lake - imagine yourself in a grotto and in front of your eyes an endless length and breadth of a sea with crystal-clear water, no waves, absolute smoothness. I wanted to see the bottom, but at a shallow depth, a continuous green mass of algae with pink flowers slowly moved and somehow unexpectedly for myself I saw floating fish, small fishes, bugs, long snakes, fish of stars and octopuses with unusually motley bright colors in a giant aquarium colors. Senoras removed their jewelry, laid them on the edge, dived into the water and hid in the flowers, we followed after them, the knights freed themselves from the armor and threw themselves into the water, they soon disappeared from sight. I did not dare to swim in dense algae, as I was afraid that, among this variety of marine inhabitants, a poisonous or toothy creature would not swim, but it dared and swam to the girls. I picked a flower and right there in my hand it began to melt, brought it to my mouth, opened it, put it inside and water rushed into it. I realized and shut my mouth, my flower melted and swallowed a pleasant sweet and sour mass resembling jelly. I liked this food and with pleasure I tore flowers and ate.

????Soon Sophia appeared, she took my hand and we swam up, on the surface I looked at me, smiled and whispered: "Johnny, do you like this lake with algae and flowers? They are so fragrant, we eat them for more than three hundred years! "
????I looked at her and said: "My nightingale, I like to be with you wherever you are and with great pleasure would eat you like those amazing flowers, you, they are beautiful."

????"Johnny, I don?t need to eat me, just to kiss, we are floating in the flowers," she whispered.

????I wanted to object, but she looked at me with such a charming look, and besides, such a charming smile shone on her pretty face that she agreed and heard her gentle voice. "Johnny, get more air and swim after me."
?????Good, my Sophia, I am swimming for you,? I said, took in a full lung of air and right there we dived deep into. Hiding in the dense thickets of algae, Sofia spread her hair from her chest and laid it on her back, extended her pretty face, I hugged her, pressed her to her magnificent chest, kissed her lips as tender as rose petals, then she looked into my eyes and realized it was time to swim to the shore, released her from his hands and swam to the edge of a strange grotto. We stepped out onto a soft cloth, Sofia sang, girls, knights, Robert and Andrew appeared from the algae. As soon as they were on the surface, everyone began to sing along to her, even I joined them. Frankly, we didn?t sing for long, as Sofia stood up and looked at everyone and said in Spanish: ?Seniors and signorins, we?re swimming for the last time, please don?t raise any jewelry from the bottom, let them lie, we?ll have enough of those.?
????The knights and handmaids nodded their heads and all rushed into the water. I took in as much air as possible into my lungs and dived into the water after Sofia, we all sailed to the algae and since my eyes were open, in this clear water, I saw everyone as clean as a tear. Caught behind thick, bright golden algae with pink and blue flowers underwater, I saw a strange gray bottom covered with gold and silver items, coins, pearl necklaces and precious stones. The temptation to grab something was great, but we listened to the words of Sofia and swam admiring the jewels. I wanted to swim closer to them, but Sofia, who was next to me, touched my body and shook her head and gave me a sign that I shouldn?t do this and swam behind her.

???Having sailed a certain distance, my friends and I admired the strange phenomena occurring inside this living creature - over a huge area from under the water, air bubbles constantly rose up through the pores in the body of the sea creature, appearing on the surface, they burst and thus all the labyrinths and the large spaces we called the halls were filled with new portions of fresh air. The spectacle is incomparable! Sometimes two air bubbles came close to each other and before our eyes they turned into one. Sophia swam into the depths of this space, we followed her. She turned her head towards us and showed how to take an extra portion of air into the lungs. Sophia saw a balloon the size of my head rising up, swam up to him, touched her lips and he stuck to them. Instantly she opened her mouth and the air rushed inside, into her lungs, a smile played on Sophia's face.

????We followed her example and I will say everything turned out successfully. Seeing a large air bubble, I swam to him, touched my lips, he stuck to them, opened my mouth and the air itself rushed into my mouth and lungs. It became unusually easy for me and now I was no longer afraid that I would be left without air in my lungs. It turned out especially well when the air bubble passing by me was the size of a bull?s head ? I flew into it, opened it
the mouth and all the air entered the body, into the lungs.
????Sophia swam up to me, she smiled and let know to swim behind her, after swimming some distance we found ourselves near a huge underwater garden - here there were algae of all rainbow colors with lush flowers. Colorful fish, ?long sea snakes, skates, stars passed by us. I guessed it was both parasites and cleaners inside the sea creature. After all, it is known that in the intestines of humans and all animals there are parasites in the form of worms and other species that devour part of the food. The girl swam to one flower and waved my hand, I understand she offers to pick it and eat it. I approached the flower, plucked it and immediately put it in my mouth, combining it with water, the delicate flower turned into jelly and swallowed. Sophia did the same, I wanted to pick the second flower and swallow it, but Sophia took my hand with the clock and indicated the time ? I realized that we needed to go back.
????Sofia turned to the side and swam to the place where air bubbles rose from the bottom and our friends swam, I did not lag behind her. caught in the midst of air bubbles, I caught the largest ? my lips gently touched it, opened my mouth and air rushed into it and into my lungs, I felt unusually light and pleasant. Sophia waved her hand and everyone followed her. When we emerged we were right on the shore, entered the soft floor and I began to breathe greedily - there was no air particle in my lungs. Sophia swam up to me and whispered: "Johnny, you did the right thing when you didn?t dive for the jewels, there is a deceptive depth, you wouldn?t have enough air to emerge to the surface, and now we will go to the modern world."

????I looked at her and said softly: "Well, my beloved Sophia, we are sailing into a new world."

????They came back with singing, and since I was barefoot, I felt instability, a slight wiggle and an uncertain gait. It was then that I understood for sure that we were in the womb of a huge living creature, possibly an octopus. We got to that heap of gratitude and began to collect them in our diving-suits with singing, since we did not even have a piece of material. Sofia?s charming singing mesmerized, I fell into a nap and somehow unexpectedly heard her ringing voice: ?Senores and Senoras, we have little time, take everything a little on the road, this good will be useful to us in the new world, fate has bound us, we?ll be together until the end of our lives, take it, hurry to collect jewelry, from our singing this creature fell into a dream, it is satisfied, Johnny, wake up, you are flying in the clouds, it?s time for us to leave. "

????I looked at her and said: "Senora de Sofia, you are right, it is from your charming magical singing, thank you."

??????We had miniature movie cameras and everything that happened was filmed, including the knights, the Duchess of Andalusia and her maidservants, treasures, and even the lake. Each of us grabbed a handful of precious stones, they put them in our pockets, in knightly helmets, we put on diving-suits and went to the hall. Having sat down on the floor, Sofia and her maidservants sang songs, the knights sang along with them and only we were silent at her request, so that other people's voices would not be perceived by this strange creature and then we could not escape trouble. I continued to shoot everything that was happening on a miniature video camera, having performed a few ballads, we got up and explained in detail to everyone how they would rise with us on the trawler "The Seagull".

????We left the hall, it was not easy to drag the diving-suits with treasures, finally bypassing all the passages we found ourselves in front of the place where we had fallen through the silt and started our march through this strange underwater palace-womb, through its labyrinths-intestines.

????I made contact with my father and when he heard my voice he didn?t even believe his ears and asked me why we didn?t keep in touch and were very worried the moment we took off the suits. Briefly, I explained the past events to him and asked him to raise the diving-suits with treasures upstairs at my signal, then lower them to us in a well, tying them to a metal cable. According to our plan, we will be the first to lift men, then the girls, and the very last we will climb to the deck of the "Seagull". Hearing such incredible, sensational news, my father said: ?My Johnny, our work was not in vain, but be in hurry, I?m afraid that if someone comes to us, they may be interested in what we are doing and detect the coordinates, fleets of seekers will come to this place adventures and treasures, wear diving-suits, give signal and we began rise all you."
????"Father, start lifting ?by the first winch when I give a signal to turn on the second, third," I said, right, we have to hurry, otherwise we will be left without everything."
????"Johnny, turn on the first winch, start the climb," said the father.
????The first diving-suit containing treasures made of precious metals, including gold and silver coins, stones, diamonds, necklaces and other luxuries began to rise smoothly up, the mysterious top of the curtain opened, water flowed through a hole in a faint stream. As soon as the diving-suit disappeared the curtain closed, I gave my father a signal, the second diving-suit with jewels gradually rose up and disappeared behind a strange curtain, then the third diving suits treasure. Water flowing down on us immediately went down through the pores and we were always on this strange soft carpet of a living creature. Now I understand why people did not suffocate in the womb of this marine giant - every second a huge amount of fresh air came from outside.
????In order for the diving-suits to return to us, I tied a long, thin, durable metal cable to the second one and informed my father that he would attach the diving-suits to him, he understood my plan and did as I suggested. Soon, my father began to lower a diving-suits, I pulled them up and they returned to us, we began to put them on the Spaniards, as soon as we raised the knights, began to raise the beautiful Spanish women-naked bodies were covered only with precious jewelry, I warned my father about this, he assured that they would find spare clothes and dress at all, after they raised the knight's armor. I, Robert, Andrew climbed the last, and we did a very important job - at the bottom of the well I left a wrench, attached a metal cable to it and when we went up to the level where the ?Hispaniola? skeleton was sticking out of the silt, got to the embrasure and secured the cable by missing its end through the gap between the solid planks of plating, then gave the end to Robert and he attached it to the mast ? it also won?t float anywhere ? many ropes remained, they got tangled and their ends got caught in the destroyed structure of the hold. I was thinking of making it easier for myself to find the well we got into as soon as we get back for the treasures, presumably no earlier than two or three weeks.
????I gave a signal to my father, they turned on three winches and at the same time we climbed to the solid deck of the "Seagull" trawler. Father, Arthur and Edlay helped us take off our diving-suits and after many hours in a strange underwater palace, or rather in the womb of a gigantic creature, saw the light of God. The clock showed 18.29, for joy we kissed, hugged, shared our impressions about the events of today, without wasting time, my father turned on the engines and headed for Florida, Miami. Friends told us that the Spaniards spend time in the cabins of the company, they are so addicted to TV that it is not possible to tear off the magic mirror.

?????Now we had to solve the problem of how to feed the Spaniards so as not to undermine their health. Since no one except me could speak Spanish normally, I went with my father, Arthur and Edlay to the cabin of the company to the Spaniards, when they saw us they were inspired and gladly said that they felt great, they watched the program from Spain and for them it was all implausible sleep. I introduced them to my father and work colleagues Arthur and Edlay and, in turn, introduced them to Spaniards, everyone was glad of such a meeting - after three centuries mysteriously sunken people who accidentally survived in some strange underwater space, the belly of the living creatures found themselves in the twenty-first century.

????When we showed them the adventure film "Royal Pirates" they watched it with bated breath and after watching it began to discuss the miracle they saw and asked me the question how people managed to shoot those events when at that time no one had any idea about any movie cameras and TV, only artists reflected on their canvases people, animals, cities, landscapes, and all this creativity was stored in the houses of rich nobles and all the drawings seemed to freeze for a moment. We tried to explain to them how this happens, they shook their heads in bewilderment and I think from my explanations to them it still remained a complete mystery.

????For a change, we turned on the player and gave them to listen to modern music performed by Bill Halle, Elvis Presley, Paul Anka, The Beatles, Rollin Stones, senores and senoras were indescribable delight, but could not understand where those singers and that orchestra. They looked at the tape in bewilderment, turned it in their hands, our explanations turned out to be incomprehensible to them, we showed how to dance rock and roll and imagine that they were dancing. My friends and I joined them, Sophia did not let me out of my hands, I leaned towards her, kissed her on the cheek and whispered: "I love you lovely Senora Sophia and, with your consent, I would have walked all my life together." She looked at me and said: "My lord Johnny! I love you, I believe you, we will not be alone and will always be together."
????It would have been a long time, but father invited them to the table and our cook Arthur brought them freshly prepared broth with chicken and green tea with a bun, they ate with great pleasure and imagine they were not sleepy, they wanted to watch TV.

????We could not resist and decided to tell the whole world about our sensational discovery and, at 8.30 pm, we sailed a decent distance from that mysterious island of treasures, I would say a giant sea creature, contacted CNN. When they learned about this discovery, they offered to live show the miraculously preserved Spaniards from the caravel ?Hispaniola? back in 1679. We had the proper equipment and broadcast for twenty-five minutes from our anchored trawler, showed beautiful Spaniards and as if to demonstrate our films shot in that underwater maze, as we all typed jewelry into our diving-suits on the road from a huge pile of treasures found, made of precious metals, stones, gold and silver coins. All this untold wealth was like rubbish lying on the floor, at that moment the Spanish knights in steel armor looked a little ridiculous for our eyes. Of course, we also got into the lens of young, beautiful Spanish women who covered their pretty bodies with long hair and gold, platinum threads with precious stones strung on them, necklaces of pearls of all colors of the rainbow, beads and other tinsel.

????We finished the program, TV boss thanked us and asked, after returning to Miami, to invite the cameramen and conduct an interview with all of us. We agreed and on this our connection with them ceased. Wasting no time, we called home, mom took a mobile nickname and dumbfounded us: ?Johnny, hubby, guys and your guests are Spaniards, hello! We just saw the show from your trawler, such a sensational news, I and Ray Tiger are delighted , we look forward to hearing from you, tell me the time separately, but you made a mistake, you should be silent, now the hunt for you will begin, be careful, see you. "
????"Mom, Ray hi, everything is fine with us, you should not think about the transfer, be on the pier in the morning, we?ll clarify the arrival time, we kiss you tightly," I said.

?????Johnny, hi, fantastic, we?ll come to meet, kiss hard,? said Ray
????My father looked at me, comrades, and said with sadness: "My wife said correctly, we urgently need to hurry and try to be at the pier no later than six in the morning, specify the time of arrival, call back and let them know."
????I said: "Yes, gentlemen, in our time it is not difficult to determine the coordinates of any vessel from which a telephone conversation is being carried out using the appropriate equipment and a PC, the signal goes to the satellite, which is what modern sea corsairs attacking passing tankers use, my father rushed at all speed."

?????"That's right, I?m giving full speed, we are not alone, there are many ships coming to the port, I think they won?t notice," my father said and blinked at me: "Cheer up, son, everything will be all right!"

????Father took the paper and began to calculate the time to Miami, immediately contacted his mother and informed her that we were sailing at seven in the morning, she confirmed the message and promised to arrive at the pier. Meanwhile, we prepared our Spaniards for modern life, showed television news, movie clips, concerts from pop groups to opera singers. They were amazed at the architecture of modern cities, cars and planes enthralled them and asked why the horses disappeared, I explained to them that they were replaced by cars, trains, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, other equipment, but they can be seen at the races and at farms and showed them a fragment from the life of modern farmers.

????Due to our rush, I could not pay much attention to Sophia, at 10 pm I changed my father on the captain?s bridge, he didn?t rest for almost a day and somehow Sophia came up to me imperceptibly, I was surprised, she looked at me and said : "Johnny, I so want to stay with you for a few minutes and I?ll go to sleep, tired of loneliness, imagine three hundred years we lived in some kind of oblivion, saw you and everything turned upside down in me, I know you are now in the most important post. Let me sit are you a couple of minutes? "
????I hugged, kissed her and said: "Dear Sophia, you don?t bother me, the ship is moving along the instruments but you also need to follow them and even if you stand next to it you will not interfere, but we can even sit down my princess, you are tired, sit down."

????We sat on soft chairs, I spoke pleasant words to her, confessed my love, Sofia looked at me kindly, whispered to me the same thing and added that the words should be confirmed by deeds and asked me to gently hug and kiss her, so it would be much easier for her on the soul and her cold body and heart will warm. Without hesitation, I began to kiss and hug her and felt that in fact she had a cold body and hands. I pressed her closer to me and she asked me not to let the body out of my arms, as this made her feel warmer. And then I noticed that her body was starting to shake, I asked Sofia what was wrong with her, she looked at me and softly whispered: "My dear Johnny! Knight of my heart! Can't you guess !? This is from love, I?ll explain everything to you sorry you don?t have time. Yes, Johnny, you can?t imagine our life in that strange underwater dwelling and I?ll tell you how I found myself ?in this wonderful world and you cannot imagine our long difficult life filled with interesting fairy-tale adventures.
?????On the third day of our voyage, it was already late evening and the blue moon was sailing across the sky, sailors and the valiant captain senor Edward de Malengo who commanded all seven caravels and galleons earlier skillfully wrecked three pirate ships that pursued us almost all the way from Cuba who knew that in the holds full of gold, coins, jewelry, we saw a strange island and at the request of the Duchess seniors de Sofia our caravel "Hispaniola" swam close to it. On a moonlit night, everyone went on deck and admired the bright colors of the growing individual islands on a strange black smooth surface.
?????The Duchess de Sofia wanted to pick up that flowers to bring to Spain, but suddenly the caravel began to sway and I will say two ladies standing at the side flew into the water wildly screaming. Unable to swim, and even hitting a whirlpool, they drowned before our eyes. The ship began to swing even more, to crack, then circling from a giant whirlpool, and suddenly the ocean calmed down. Captain seigneur Edward de Malengo reported to the duchess that the ship was broken, water fills the hold and urgently needs to be rescued. Realizing that the danger of being weary was obvious, our Duchess Senora de la Sofia ordered all the boats to go into the water, everyone to take their places and sail to the nearby ?Santa Anna? caravel, which was at a decent distance from us but closest to all the sailing ships. In our boat there was a duchess, three knights, four maidservants and three sailors, in another lady with maidservants, knights, kings, sailors and until we sailed our valiant fearless captain Senor Edward de Malengo remained on board as prescribed by the charter, he should leave Cara-vela last. Sailing a short distance, our boat, despite the efforts of the sailors and knights rowing oarsa, could not cope with the current and carried to the shore of a strange island. Soon, such a whirlpool began that we saw how the ?Hispanyola? and boats with the captain and sailors spun. Our two boats also began to rotate, I was giddy and lost consciousness.
????When I woke up I saw myself in a boat next to the Duchess Senor de Sophia, beside three lovely servants Patricia Martinez, Juanita Espinoza and Yolanda Rodriguez, three knights in armor and with arms and as many sailors. Everyone lay with eyes closed, our boat was sailing with the stream, I was glad that I was not alone, woke everyone up, looked around and realized we were in a strange world. It seemed to me that the boat was sailing along a huge smooth lake, not the slightest breeze, it was warm and a strange arch hung at low altitude above us and blue light poured from it. I don?t know how long we were in this world, but I really wanted to eat and drink, and meanwhile the current carried us to a strange grotto.

????Even from afar, I saw a boat near it and three ladies standing in it, four knights, three charming maids, three knights and three sailors. They spotted a boat with us and began to wave their hands. We were overwhelmed with joy, we also waved our hands and clung to a strange coast with an unusual grotto with low arches with pale white damp walls, similar to what they are in the room immediately after whitewashing. So, our boat neared to the strange shore, no, not in the sand and at first did not even understand what it could be. It was only when she entered with her bare foot that she was convinced that it was a thick, soft to the touch warm, waterproof fabric of a living sea creature. We were incredibly glad that we remained alive, hugging, kissing, praying for our salvation and, most importantly, all safe and sound. But since they were in this strange lake for as long as possible, they all admitted that they were hungry and thirsty. I have to tell you, Johnny, 24 people escaped and found themselves in that world, namely: the charming duchess of senora de la Sofia, three attractive-looking middle-aged ladies, seven maidservants including me, six sailors and seven brave knights led by the fearless senor Carlos Santos .

????So that the boats did not carry them, they dragged them into the grotto and then began to think about how to solve our thirst, hunger and find temporary housing. With thirst, we sorted it out simply: I scooped up water with my hand and tried it ? it turned out to be tasty and looked like a sweet syrup, tilted my head and began to drink. After drinking this delicious meal, I got up, looked at everyone and joyfully said: "Senoras and senores, try the water, it is delicious."
????Everyone was happy, at first the women drank then the men and after drinking expressed their admiration for water, it remained to satisfy the hunger and I again showed fearlessness. When I bowed my head to the water to get drunk, I saw algae with flowers and to pick them and try to dive. But this is not all - life was swarming with water - fish, seahorses, stars of the brightest colors and all colors of the rainbow swam. Since there were men nearby and I was ashamed to undress in front of them and show my lovely naked seductive body, I decided to dive in my dress and I would say I almost broke up with my young life, in the prime of my life.

????Diving into the water, my dress got wet and pulled me to the bottom, which turned out to be at a sufficiently great depth and realized that if I swam to the algae with flowers, then I would not come up. And then, having gathered all her strength, she began to row with her hands, kick and, for my happiness, the water pushed me up, the lord captain Carlos Santos who was watching me put a long oar into the water, I grabbed for him and he pulled me to the surface. By this time, out of fear and inexperience swallowed water, while I should hold my breath. They laid me on my back and the duchess, who had seen life, began to put pressure on her chest, put her mouth on mine and began to inhale into herself. Her diligence was successful; water poured out of me, I opened my eyes and began to breathe. When I came to my senses, I said quietly: ?Dear Captain Senor Carlos Santos and dear Duchess of Senora Sophia, I thank you for my salvation. Now I must tell everyone not to try to dive in clothes and, most importantly, before diving you need to breathe a full chest of air and hold my breath until it comes to the surface. I want to dive again into the water and get to the algae with flowers, so I ask the lords to turn away and not look at me."

??????Senores turned away, I took off my dress, dived and soon found myself near the algae, without a second thought picked a delicate pink flower, brought it to my mouth, stuck it in my mouth, and since sweet water fell with it, the flower mixed with it turned into jelly and swallowed. I quickly plucked another flower, pushed off and flew up rapidly, the water pushed me and soon appeared on the surface. But while I emerged, the petals of the flower broke and only a spine remained in my hand. I was upset and invited everyone to dive deep into the algae, told how there is a flower and what kind of surge of strength I got in my body. The Duchess asked the lords to retire to the passage and not to spy on the naked lords. In short, the women undressed, dived into the water with me and imagine, Johnny, they began to gobble them up so dexterously. Having eaten enough, the women dressed and went to the passage where the lords stood, the men saw us, we ate and went to the grotto, where we undressed and began to dive. After a while, they ate, dressed and called us, we joined them and shared their impressions, then, with joy, began to sing songs and tired fell asleep.
????After spending some time at this grotto, our men decided to go through a strange labyrinth like a gigantic gut from all sides of which blue light was pouring and it was impossible for us to seem to get lost to find a convenient place for rest, sleep and a possible exit from this world outside. We didn?t want to let the men go, but their decision was firm and they grabbed the peaks, knives, hatchets to defend themselves boldly set off and we stayed.
????Of course, the flowers satisfied our hunger, but soon we became bored and I, with Patricia, Juanita and Yolanda, decided to go further in search of oysters since they were not visible at that day. Soon we sailed to another underwater garden with algae, here the flowers were brighter and larger, I tried them and they seemed to me tastier and more nutritious. My friends picked a flower and made a test, but since the air was running out, we came up to the surface to take a breath of air. After breathing in plenty we dived into the water and found ourselves outside this multicolor garden, I looked down and could not believe my eyes - the whole bottom was covered with gold, silver coins, jewelry, piles, bracelets, chains, chains, necklaces of pearls of all lay sizes and colors of the rainbow, gems, diamonds. My friends noticed these treasures and decided to dive to take the little thing they liked, but since the air was running out, we emerged, took a breath and dived in order to reach the bottom.
????Already there was little but suddenly out of nowhere appeared black eels that were not too long. We, having forgotten about the jewels, started grabbing them, and despite the fact that they were slippery, we managed to hold them in our hands, sailed with them to the surface and sailed to the grotto where the ladies and servants who were left here were waiting for us. Carefully examining the eels we came across, we did not notice a mouth or an eye, in general they were not living creatures and realized that these were ripe fruits from an underwater garden that had fallen off from algae and possibly edible. We became bolder and began to bite off piece by piece, but since we were 11 then, of course, it was only enough for a sample. Just a en, theseore strange sea fruits resembled bananas but only with a thin soft skin and tasted like a real shrimp-crab paste. And then I remembered the treasure under water, I told everyone about gold coins, jewelry, necklaces and diamonds, the ladies and maids looked at me in surprise and the duchess said: ?Seniors and signorins, we lower the boat into the water and go to that place, look at the treasures on at the same time, we?ll pick up the fruits to eat and to the reserve so that we don?t often go after them."
?????That's right, Duchess of Senora Sophia,? all declared, launched the boat and popped to the place where the fruits were caught and the treasure lay. Once near the underwater garden, I said: "Senoras and senores, look into the water, soon you will see a treasure and floating fruits. You all know how to dive and in a few descents we will get a lot of fruits."

????Everyone looked under the water and soon saw floating dark fruits, the women took off their dresses and in groups of three people dived down. For a short time they scored so much that it?s enough for a long time and immediately sailed to the place where the jewels lay at the bottom. Soon, the Duchess Sophia saw them and exclaimed: "Senoras and Senores, look! A real miracle! If we get them and put on ourselves, then we will all be real queens."
????Some handmaids tried to dive for jewelry but to no avail, I decided to try my luck and to the surprise of everyone I took out a few gold chains and a necklace of large black pearls. The duchess, ladies and maidservants examined the raised items and appreciated their beauty, especially the pearl necklace was most amazing. We decided to turn back and when we reached the grotto we pulled the fruits and the boat itself into the grotto.

??????We ate only one fruit and, feeling a surge of strength in the body and good mood, sang songs. Re-singing everything that was stored in our memory lay on a soft cloth and fell asleep. I had an amazing dream ? I found myself ?in a round hall ? a wall, the ceiling radiated light, sailors and knights in armor lay on the floor, lances, armor and long knives were lying next to them. I went to Captain Santos and began to wake him, he opened his eyes and saw me saying: "Sophia, am I glad you came to save us? We are hungry and thirsty, take us to that lake, don't let us die. We didn't find exit and hit the hall, none of us knows how to exit, there are many exits."

????I wanted to raise captain Santos and get on my feet to lead, but the armor was heavy, he fell, the knightly armor rang, woke up and at that moment I saw something that almost lost my senses: a real white shark was swimming right at us.
????I immediately woke up the girls and when they saw the predator they screamed in fear. We had nothing to attack her and the defenseless rushed to run along the passage in which our knights hid. How good that I had a dream! I remembered that they were hungry and if you didn?t bring them food, they were unlikely to reach the lake and decided to return to bear fruit. I stopped and quietly said: ?Senora Sofia, I had a dream, our sailors and knights are alive and hungry in the hall. It seems to me that if we go this move we will find them. Yolanda, Patricia and Juanita go behind me, for the fruits, Senora Sofia is waiting for us. If we find sailors and knights they will save us, without their help we cannot cope with the shark and get those treasures lying under water."
????"Run away, Senora Sophia, we will be waiting for you," said the duchess.
????I, Patricia, Juanita and Yolanda rushed to our place of rest, that shark seemed to know that we were coming back and looked from afar into the passage in which we hid. Our appearance excited her and she swam to us, but since a decent distance separated us from her, we grabbed thirteen fruits and rushed to run into the aisle. We got ahead of the shark and hid behind a sharp bend where the duchess with the ladies and maids waited for us. Since the strange soft walls of the round labyrinth glowed with blue light, we saw them and they noticed us waving their hands. We joined them and without any fear went forward. I don?t know how long we walked through the maze, but unexpectedly ended up in the same hall as I saw in a dream and on the floor lying sailors and valiant knights: Evo, Vilfredo, Julio, Quid, Edward, Fidel and Carlos. All of them were in knightly armor, next to them lay peaks, hatchets, long knives. It seemed to us that everyone was dead, I went to Carlos, touched him with my hand and he woke up. Opening his eyes, he was amazed and when he saw me and the duchess he said: ?Dear Sophia de Nuestro, how did you find yourself here? Have you been looking for us, your faithful squires !? I see handmaids by your side! What a blessing to be together.?

????We woke everyone, sailors and knights saw us, everyone was glad to see each other, I talked about a shark sailing from nowhere and the squad captain Carlos Santos apologized to us for not providing proper protection and left us. The duchess looked at him and said: ?My glorious knight, it?s not your fault that ours let you go, we see you are all weak in body and hungry, we have brought fruit, eat and go to the lake, you are hungry. Nutritious algae grow in the water there, these fruits and eating them you will improve your health."
????We began to feed them with fruits that were mistaken for black eels. Our sailors and knights were so weak from hunger that they would hardly have risen, but after they ate the fruits were transformed. With tears in their eyes, the happy ones looked at us and thanked us for remembering them and feeding us such delicious food. And then they told them about the trouble threatening all of us with the appearance of a shark, if we do not recapture the grotto then we can die. The knights listened to us and decided to return immediately to the grotto. Captain Santos got up, sailors rose behind him, warriors and picking up lances, long knives, hatchets followed us along a strange arcuate passage-gut that we had no doubt about ? we were in the womb of a gigantic sea creature.

??????When we approached the grotto we saw a swimming shark, and only now I guessed - she smelled human flesh and decided to feast on it. What a blessing that we had boats and with us brave sailors and fearless knights! Captain Santos looked at the warriors and quietly said: "Senoras, we are sailing on a boat to the shark without taking off knightly armor, take lances and hatchets with you, you duchess and signorins stand ashore and distract the predator from us. We will sail to the side and then we?ll attack from the tail, put into action the lances and hatches, she does not smell our bodies inside the knightly armor, let?s go."
????The knights pushed the boat into the water and sailed to the side, we went to the edge and stood at the very water, the shark swam slowly to us and when there were no more than seven steps left, they began to slowly recede, at this time our knights were near the shark tail and started pierce her body. The shark turned its head with its mouth open and at that moment captain Santos, Evo and Fidel managed to stick sharp lances in her upper jaw. And the shark bleeding went to the bottom. We thought it would come up, but the wounds were fatal and the shark sank to the bottom. Immediately out of nowhere appeared fish and began to tear the shark to pieces. Our knights were jubilant, we got rid of the shark and now you can swim in this lake without fear for life. They swam to the grotto and came to this strange shore from soft fabric, joined us, the duchess, ladies, maids and sailors thanked the brave knights.

????Our life went on, we swam for the dark fruits resembling to the taste shrimps-like-crab paste and sang songs. Nevertheless, the idea to went out of this underwater world did not leave us when all hope was lost that sooner or later our rescuers would come to us in boats. Our sailors and knights were fearless and one day they persuaded us to go on boats on a long voyage in search of a way out of this world into the ocean in order to meet a ship on the way. But since we did not want to return empty-handed, we decided to pick up the jewels we saw earlier underwater at the bottom of the lake and set to work.
????The depth of the lake where the treasures lay found out to be unattainable to anyone except me: I could hold my breath, dive from the boat, reach the bottom, pick up what fell, repelled and returned to the surface. Thus, diving many times I managed to raise a lot of black pearl necklaces, gold chains with medallions and bracelets, jewelry made of precious stones, diamonds. The duchess, ladies, maidservants, sailors and knights could not stop looking at this luxury and decided to get from the bottom, if not all, at least some of the jewelry that miraculously appeared on it. Diving over and over again, I took out so many exquisite items that wearing all this luxury from gold, platinum and silver chains and threads with precious stones strung on them, pearl necklaces of all colors of the rainbow, decorating our heads with gold diadem with diamonds, we looked like real princesses were worn until when they had to dive for nutritious algae with flowers and fruits. This work to get the jewels from the bottom so captured us that we forgot about the journey in search of an exit to the ocean and continued to pull out treasures.

????But, my Johnny, it was not so simple in the ascent of these treasures and several times only miraculously surfaced. Once, having gained full chest air, I ducked and reached the treasures lying at the bottom, I noticed a long gold chain with blue diamonds strung on it. I took it and pushing myself from the heap of lying jewelry rushed up, but the chain was so long that the end caught on to other products, did not break out and hung. I did not want to part with her, I rushed with all my might, the chain unhooked and rushed up with it. When I surfaced Eduard, Evo and Fidel grabbed me and pulled me into a boat with a chain and a long necklace clinging to it from large black and blue pearls.

??????One day, Captain Senor Carlos Santos told us a dream ? that hall where the sailors and the knights lived ?the pirates in armor entered, a battle ensued, all the corsairs were killed and the Duchess Sofia said to captain: "My valiant captain, it seems to me soon strangers indeed come to us, I also saw something similar, but you didn?t save us - strangers kidnapped me with the ladies and maids dream, they put us all on the rafts and we sailed. I decided to see where we were going, got up and woke up." Since that time, we have seriously begun to prepare for a meeting with strangers, and in fact, however, you didn?t get to us soon. By this time, as you understand, of the 24 people there are only 11th, three servants Patricia, Juanita, Yolanda and seven knights, which happened to the Duchess Sophia, ladies, three maids and sailors, I will tell later. When Yolanda informed me that unknown knights had come to us, I did not believe her, but since the duchess became for them, my duty did not allow me to go to meet you, and when you entered, we were astonished such handsome knights.
????I didn?t even know who to give preference and yet I made a choice ? you, my Johnny, kiss me, just imagine ? for more than three hundred years without love. I?ll say that you aroused a volcano of passions in me, there is no urine to endure, I tremble from the cold, warm me. You found me and made sure that I am a virgin, and I?ll tell you, if we didn?t sing songs near the lake after swimming, we wouldn?t return to this world, the living creature in whose womb we lived woke up as soon as you appeared in it. I was in my bedroom and felt how my soft bedding on which lay began to sway smoothly. Perhaps you didn?t feel it in your steel armor and you were never left without us here. Coming to the lake with our singing we put him to sleep, you noticed when he returned
the floor resembling soft fabric beneath us swayed slightly, the sea creature were breathing. "

????"Yes Sophia, I walked like a drunk and guessed-you and we fell into the womb of a giant octopus."

????That's how we stayed in the womb of this giant creature near that strange lake, in which we swam for more than three hundred years. We didn?t get bored, our knights held improvised fights, parades, I and the maids walked with them. Since our squire was much older than us and had wives with children, we missed them and asked me when the galleon would come to that lake and take us away. I consoled them and told them that some ship would surely sail to us if not today then tomorrow. I?ll say here we didn?t have the slightest idea of ??time ? a continuous long bright day by the lake until we left it, and a night in twilight in our bedrooms where they fell asleep, it seems to me for a long time. Because of what it was possible to keep track of days or years spent in the womb of a sea creature about which we also guessed and the most interesting did not die, but could have been for a reason. Yes, at home I will tell you about our future life and journey to an interesting, I would say, hitherto unseen fairy-tale world.

????I kissed her and said: ?My dear singer-nightingale, when we get home I will listen to the story and do the very best so that your volcano of passions explodes, if you have suffered three hundred years, then you can bear a couple of days, snuggle up to me, I will warm.?

????She snuggled up to me and whispered: ?My Johnny, I don?t insist, I just admit to you how everything was experienced, I will arm myself with patience and will wait the moment when you my dear will make me happy. And now Johnny is leaving, you will not warm your nightingale, look at the sky, there are clouds, I?m afraid of them, it will rain and thunder."

????I looked at the sky, lead clouds appeared on the horizon, then I took Sofia in my arms and carried her to the room where the senorinas slept in bunks and laid her on the free bed, kissed her and went back to the helm. A few minutes passed and I noticed changes in the atmosphere ? the breeze blew, it intensified, dark clouds appeared, a small rain fell in and soon grew into a real downpour, huge waves rolled one after another on our ship. I realized that I could not cope with the trawler in such a serious situation and ran to the cabin where my father was resting, went up to him and said quietly: "Dad, get up, the storm suddenly broke out, I can?t do without your help, the waves will overwhelm the trawler."

????My father immediately jumped to his put on a waterproof jacket over himself, I also did it and we rushed off to the navigator, it rained like a bucket, after a few seconds my dad assessed the situation and told me: ?Johnny, be strong, the storm is not weak, I?ll have to first to determine the correct direction of the waves through this ink darkness, I saw them, now we do a few clicks of the buttons, everything worked, the automation, this is what was required."
????Indeed, after a couple of minutes the waves no longer hit the side, our trawler cut the waves and went forward ?not to Miami but in the opposite direction. My father told me that in time, by morning, we wouldn?t get to the port and asked me to call my mother and warn her not to come to meet us, which I did in my brief minute conversation. Mom was delighted and told me that it was drizzling, a weak breeze was blowing, she asked me to say hello to everyone and call more often about the situation.

?????All our little team gathered in the chart house, father skillfully controlled the trawler and we successfully survived the storm that broke out only after a day. When father pressed several buttons and looked at the monitor screen, the numbers flickered, and here is the final data, according to the captain, we were at 9 pm from Miami at 10 pm in the evening and at an average speed of 20 miles per hour we would get to seven o?clock in the morning. I had to call my mother again and again, in a one-minute conversation I told her everything was in order and tomorrow at seven in the morning they rushed to the port in two vanes and asked Ray to prepare a present for our guests, he understood me and said okay.

????The weather was beautiful: a light breeze, a blue moon, bright stars, our guests, knights, ladies left the cabins on the deck. They painlessly endured the storm, felt great, watched movies, news, ate with appetite, slept and got acquainted with modern life in short. And now, being on deck, they asked us how the ship without sails so quickly and confidently was sailing forward against the wind, and sitting in cabins they could hardly feel the storm. I tried to explain to them that in our trawler the engines have several thousand horsepower and they are racing our ship forward. I took them to the engine room, pointed them to the steel engine bodies and when I said that in each of them a couple of thousand horses they touched them, tried to look into the bodies in the hope of seeing invisible horses and could not understand how they fit into them, then they went to bed and only we continued to go our steel trawler and according to his father?s words she would sail to the port of Miami at about seven in the morning. We lingered due to a suddenly burst storm lasting 24 hours and this was alarming for us ...

... When we broadcast live on our about Spaniards via satellite for the TV company CNN, it was watched not only in the USA but abroad, specifically in Hong Kong, the leader of sea corsairs-Chun Lu "One-eyed Bestia" and his friends Kim June "Knacker" and Cheng Ji "Bone-setter". In fact, Chun Lu was quite sighted, but when he met his enemies during the attack on the tankers, he wore a black blindfold on his left eye and a red scarf on his dark hair in order to look more like a pirate of old times to more intimidate opponents. He acquired the Chinese name, in fact, his name was Harry Cook, he was a real Singaporean-Englishman.
????A large gang of sea robbers had several super-fast boats and armed with walkie-talkies, mobile phones, pistols and Kalashnikov machine guns were operating in the South China, Celeb and Philippine seas, the Strait of Malacca in the region of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and the island of Borneo. They mainly operated at night: they sailed up to huge oil tankers or container ships, threw grapnels with rope ladders attached to them, climbed onto the deck, attacked the crew and demanded that the captain open a captain's safe where ship money was stored. To cover up their tracks, they mercilessly shot the sailors and dropped them overboard. Since the pirates acted in different places, it was almost impossible to catch them. True, lately, happiness began to go away, the sailors did not sleep on tankers and armed with assault rifles beat pirates. The first victims appeared among them, in addition, border guards were thrown into their hunts, the coast guard, they drove sea corsairs with the help of helicopters ?and now they had to be content with random robberies.
????The gang leaders were sitting in their secret night stash ?The Chinese woman? and discussing their upcoming hard pirate affairs with a glass of vodka surrounded by naked blonde beauties and occasionally glancing at the screens of seven television sets and just at that time young but desperate handy Kim June saw the CNN program and immediately cried to his leader: "My Chun Lu, you just look at this luxury, it?s just breathtaking, unrealistic, the fifth channel."
????Chun looked at the screen and saw extraordinary luxury in a strange underwater castle, beautiful Spanish women and Spaniards in their knightly armor, young people who took gold and silver coins, jewelry, necklaces, precious stones, diamond rings from a huge pile of jewelry, stacked all this stuff in suits lying nearby, and a bunch of goodness almost didn?t decrease. The pirates were perplexed, then in an indescribable delight from the naked Spanish women who covered their bodies with long dark hair and platinum, gold threads with precious stones strung on them, beads, pearl necklaces and other tinsel.
??? "My friends! Exclaimed Chun Lu, as I see the treasure hunters found themselves in some strange fantastic underwater palace, if there is so much good, it will take them several days to rake and raise them to their ship. And what beauties are there! We must to help them raise not only that treasure but also beauties, if we hurry to help them we will be sure to catch it. I know the human nature ? until those divers raise the last coin upstairs they leave that palace. No, I won?t sit idly by and look like a friend e work, so go there."
???Seeing such a luxury, Chun immediately shouted: "Mao, instantly down, switch your apparatus? in to catch the coordinates from where the information is coming to the satellite and record the program, listen to Kim, it's awesome, there are billions of bucks there, if we could get to them."
????Needless to say, among these pirates there were not only illiterate killer scoundrels but also specialists capable of contacting the satellite with their state-of-the-art electronic equipment and extracting the necessary information, the coordinates of floating tankers, and Mao was one of them.?
????He went downstairs and instantly connected to INTELSAT, tuned in to the program coming to the transmitting satellite and imagine the electromagnetic signals of the transmitter flying from the ship to INTELSAT and set the specific coordinates of the location of the trawler in the Atlantic Ocean, though he didn?t record a documentary, skipping that part when Johnny shot Spaniards on the ?Seagull? trawler and then told the gang leader: ?Chun Lu, the ship from which the signals are sent to the satellite is very far from us and close to Florida, the coordinates on the sheet, at the time of the transmission of signals to the satellite, ship stands still, therefore, those treasure hunters there are in the underwater palace. No more information is received."
????"Mao, continue to get information, I think they will soon get in touch again, I don?t mind that the ship is far from us, but it?s near the coast of America, it?s not enough to dig out these riches, we?ll be in Miami in 12-14 hours I can smell their base in sunny Florida and maybe not far from this city, I'll find them."
????Chun took a sheet of paper and saw the coordinates 79 * 32 West longitude and 24 * 57 North latitude, he immediately invited his robbers Kim and Chen, showed them the shit of paper with the coordinate ?and said: "My friends, I suggest going to America, we have money and time, we fly out with our fighters, we?ll buy speed boats on the spot, get guns and go to intercept, I don?t think they will leave those treasures. If they even leave the place ahead of schedule for some reason, the treasure hunters will come back for them anyway and here we?ll make them share with us, our fighters including me 19 people, the jackpot is great, billions of bucks! What do you tell my assistants!"
????Kim looked at his patron and said: ?Chun, if there is not enough money in the general box office, I will add my own to this interesting thing, fly immediately, my fighters are eager for battle, I know them, they will clutch their throats with their bare hands and rip them out of it we? should buy tickets "
????Cheng got up and said: "Chun, I?m the same to me, fly immediately, we will find those treasure seekers not only in the sea, but also under water and on the ground their base, we are not fools.?

????"Gentlemen, I?m with you, order 19 tickets for the next Hong Kong-Miami flight, departing in a couple of hours, there?s time, prepare and hide the money, call the fighters, pick up in an hour and immediately go to the airport," said Chun, smiled and shouted: "My dear friends, let's drink for such a discovery, my toast is ??For Good Luck."

????All those present in the brigade of the Chinese woman poured vodka into the glasses and shouted ??For Good Luck? to the bottom.

????Chun ordered tickets, Kim and Chan called the fighters, collected luggage and hid money, after an hour the tall broad-shouldered fighters gathered in the Chinese woman?s brothel, the bosses greeted the thugs, led them into the basement, Chun not only told but also showed fragments to everyone filmed from a television documentary. The sea corsairs were in an unwritten delight at the sight of such treasures and immediately assured their bosses that for their sake they were ready to rip out the throats of those who voluntarily refused to share with them, break their arms, legs and even gouge out their eyes so that they would not see our light. Everyone was in a good mood, the leaders shook hands with the fighters and ten minutes later they all rushed to the airport.

?????Chun was not embarrassed that Miami was far away; he understood that even on a superfast Concorde they would not have reached in the evening, but they fly on a Boeing 747, all the more so since they flew through Tokyo and Anchorage. According to Chun?s calculations, the vessel in any case with treasures will certainly arrive in Miami where she will be met by correspondents of radio, newspapers and TV. Before heading to Chun airport, strictly ordered Mao to sit in his communications center and record the most interesting fragments about the meeting of the ship with those discoverers who found beauties, knights and untold treasures in the underwater palace. Mao looked at the boss and said: "My Chun, I will definitely give you conditional information so that none of the enemies understand what it is about, but you also keep in touch with me, you know very well we live in a difficult time there may be lengthy delays in flight, I must know when you arrive in Miami. I wish you success and see you soon with treasures and those beauties."
????"My Mao, I will definitely call and inform you about our arrival in Miami and unforeseen circumstances, do not forget, you will receive your share until we meet."

????Mao shook hands with Chun and joined those who flew with him to Miami. He was pleased and no doubt hoped for a successful meeting with those treasure seekers who made such an unusual and important discovery.

????As soon as they arrived at airport Chun Lu Y ?gathered his fighters and briefly shared them with his plan : ?Gentlemen! As soon as we arrive in Miami we immediately get three fast boats and sail to the designated area to attack the ship with our own forces as part of 19 people, take possession of the treasures, the Spaniards, we throw all treasure? with stones on there neck into the water to sharks and together with the ship go into the expanses of the Atlantic to the shores of Africa or South America. If we arrive later of their arrival, this can also be like how far our path is, we will act according to the circumstances. In any case, the one who found the treasures will not leave them and if they leave the underwater palace ahead of time they will return to it and then we will suddenly cover them. In general, we fly as tourists and I?m your guide, gentlemen."
????All the pirates agreed with him, a lady soon announced landing on a Boeing 747 "Star of the East" and 19 pirates arrived in Tokyo after a few hours of quiet flight, but there was an eight-hour delay at Narita Airport. As soon as the plane landed from the speakers, a pleasant female voice sounded: "Dear passengers, ladies and gentlemen, we ?apologize, our flight is delayed for at least 6-8 hours, plastic explosives were put in the baggage of one of the passengers, landing time will be announced later. You have the opportunity to make a free trip to the magnificent Tokyo at the expense of our company?. Welcome to the capital of the country of the Rising Sun, in one of the bars you will have a delicious dinner and music, you will be served by our charming geisha, you will not have to be bored and in this way you will not only kill your time but also relax after such an unpleasant event. In the waiting room you will find Japanese guides speaking English and Chinese. Our liner will not fly without you. Thanks for attention."
????Hearing such terrible news, Chun Lu even changed his face, the whole company was discouraged and confused, precious time was wasted. The leader thought of flying another flight, but unfortunately there was no Miami before and they had to wait until the baggage was checked to find that unfortunate explosive in the suitcase of one of the passengers. Everyone urgently left the salon, Chun Lu Y rushed to and fro, he was nervous, could not find a place and realized such a long stop would frustrate all his plans. The pirate kept Camel in his mouth, it seemed a little reassuring and the thought dawned on him, he remembered that there, in Miami, he had loyal friends of the drug lord Carlos Rodriguez? "Death-cap", Juan Iglesio "Smoker" and Ramon Mokhes "Shorty", the bosses of the underground drug trade syndicate "Red Poppy". These gentlemen distributed heroin, morphine, and cocaine drugs not only in North America, but in Africa and Asia.

????"Gentlemen, Chun Lu said smiling to his saddened comrades, do not be discouraged, I remembered there, in Miami, we have friends, I will inform them immediately and if they agree with my plan of action, they will join us and by common efforts we will take the treasures from of these divers, of course, with your consent. Here, in Tokyo, on the Ginza, in the cafe "Samurai" I have reliable friends and if we are given the opportunity to go on a tour of the capital, we will join one of the groups. I will find out their route, on the Ginza for a while we break away from them and then we?ll join and go back to the airport with them. The owner of this establishment is in touch with Carlos Rodriguez and I?ll ask him to contact him, so he won?t talk to me on the phone, he needs to see me personally, and Sun Yi has such equipment. In that bar-club , we will also have a nice rest, boys, there ?are such charming geisha girls there!
???Having heard such useful good news, the pirate-tourists looked at each other and joyfully approved the boss?s decision. Chun Lu and the company immediately went with passengers to the buses that would drive them around Tokyo for several hours and even drop into Ginza. Once among the guides standing near the huge buses, the pirate leader began to interrogate them at what time they would be on the Ginza and what a surprise one young charming Japanese guide named Beniko Hori gave not only to him but also to everyone a sheet with a full program-route and the time of visiting the restaurant where passengers of the airliner stuck at the Narita Airport will have lunch. The whole trip lasted four hours, an hour to visit the restaurant. Chun Lu inquired of their guide-girl, the dark-eyed Beniko Hori, as the restaurant is called, and when he heard the name "Yellow Sea", he was indescribable rapture, just a five-minute quick walk was within reach of the ?Samurai? brothel. In order not to risk being late for a bus, he only needs to leave for thirty-five minutes, there will be a quarter of an hour left and he and his comrades will spend this time in a restaurant in a circle of other charming young geishas. Everything was found as he had not expected.

????Fifteen minutes after checking the passports, the buses with tourists moved to the city, on a luxurious highway, they raced at a speed of 70 miles per hour in the sea of ??cars, trucks of all models, ages and colors, old and new, drove into the city and a couple of hours We drove through the streets of Tokyo among old one-story houses and modern skyscrapers, finally drove to Ginza and found ourselves in a sea of ??light - a neon sign called for buying, flying, visiting, relaxing and investing, the names of world famous electronic cars and other companies. The world famous street personified modern prosperous Japan confidently striding into the future. Finally, the bus stopped near the ?Yellow Sea? restaurant and all the tourists with a girl guide Benico Hori went inside, just like in the bus in the small cozy hall was fresh, fans and air conditioning worked. Everyone sat down at the tables for four people, soon young-looking attractive geishas appeared in silk colored kimonos, bowed low, greeted, began to offer refreshments and look after the guests.

????Five minutes later, Chun Lu and his three comrades Chao Moon, Kao Ji and Lee Sen left the restaurant, yet ?while on the bus he persuaded the guide Beniko Hori to go away for half an hour with his best friends, she did not mind and asked not to be late as for sure scheduled bus we?ll send back. Chun Lu assured her that she would return to the restaurant fifteen minutes before the departure of the bus and she would not have to worry. And so, having received permission, Chun Lu and his friends left the institution and went out to Ginza at a rapid pace and moved to the ?Samurai? bar-club. It was located in a high-rise building on the first floor, it looked attractive outside and inside, and was visited mainly by wealthy Japanese people who needed good drink and a dose of real heroin. Chun Lu Y and friends went inside and immediately came under the supervision of a bouncing guy, people gathered decently, even though the evening had not yet arrived. He was a newcomer and still did not know Chun Lu, went up to them and began to contemplate from head to toe, the pirate immediately quietly told him: ?Don?t worry, we are to Sung Y on an urgent matter, he is my friend,? and right there boldly went to the bar.
????The gathered people sat at tables, drank vodka, smoked and listened to the music pouring from the speakers. Chun Lu had not yet approached the bar as a bartender with the appearance of a heavy weight wrestler noticed him and began to smile, he was surprised at his sudden appearance here. The pirate also smiled, he had difficulty believing that he would see him at the counter, as usual, Sung Y was serving visitors in another room, hidden from the usual drinking public and coming closer to him, the bartender said quietly: "Hello dear Chun Lu I?m glad to see you, I immediately understood if you?ve flown from far away means something important."

????Chun Lu smiled and said: ?Dear Sung Y, hi, these are my faithful people, we are glad to see you, we accidentally went for a walk in Tokyo and looked at your institution. I?ll say on a very important matter, if successful I will not forget you, I urgently need to talk with boss Carlos Rodriguez, you also keep in touch with him, in my disposition only twenty minutes otherwise everything will fail."

????"I understood, Chun, one moment. Lee Moon, come to me, Sung Y said to the bouncer, be here for me, I need to leave."

?? ?Lee Moon went through the passage to the counter and stood up, Sung Y ?along with Chun Lu and his comrades, went to the door and passed it, they were in a small room, here several young people who were decently dressed sat on the floor and smoked opium from long pipes, near the walls on the mats were young attractive nude blondes, Chinese women, Japanese masseurs rubbed their bodies with fragrant ointments and, apparently, they were very pleased.
????Sung Y looked at the pirate and said quietly: "My dear Chun, if you have time, my girls can serve you and your comrades out of turn and for free, they are in other massage rooms for very important people. I remember how your beauties massaged me in your ?Chinese woman?, what a glorious time it was."
????"My dear friend, Sung Y, I would gladly accept your invitation to massage, but now there is no time, everything will break, lead to your communication center and find Carlos Rodriguez."

?????Well, let's go, business is business? and Sung Y led him through the kitchen to another small room with modern electronics - computers, a flat-screen TV, speakers, a player, shelves full of cassettes and CDs. At the computer sat a young Japanese resembling a wrestler with lush dark hair. Seeing those entering the mirror, he turned his head, greeted with a bow, and smiled.
????Those who entered bowed and Sung Y quietly said: ?Chun Lu, this is our brain center, Yamamoto is the best specialist, he is new to us, he works on the recommendation of Carlos Rodriguez himself and only he communicates with him, no one except him knows the code for who can be contacted by our boss. Dear Yamamoto, please connect us with Carlos, an important business proposal from Chun Lu."

????Yamamoto looked at the guests who entered and said: "Sung Y, and while I contact my boss you take your comrades to the bar for a while, let them relax with a glass of wine, and as soon as I find Carlos I will call you."
????Sung Y looked at Chun Lu and said: "As usual, fifteen minutes, gentlemen, come with me, relax."

????The bartender led them into a small comfortable room, sat them down at a table, and then a pretty, half-naked Chinese woman with magnificent body shapes appeared, she bowed greeted the guests, her Chinese sitting. Sung Y asked the beauty to bring wine and snacks, soon two pretty blondes came in with trays on which stood bottles from Smirnovskaya, glasses, knives, forks and tropical fruits. After them came a Chinese woman with a large tray on which in the plates lay cooked crabs, shrimps, red caviar and slices of white bread.
????Chun Lu looked at his watch, they had twenty minutes left, Sung Y noticed this and said: ?My friend, don?t worry, there will be a conversation in ten minutes, don Carlos Rodriguez will be searched even at the ends of the world, woken up if he sleeps, Yamamoto realized that it is important conversation. Let's drink friends for the meeting and for the deed."

????All poured Smirnovskaya?s into glasses, they clinked and at the same time all made their only toast: ?For success!? Cold wine easily entered the body, knives, forks rang, girl brought snacks, everything was consumed very quickly, Chun Lu was in a hurry. Before the guests had time to have a bite after the second glass, the silver bell rang, Sung Y got up and said: "Chun, the connection has been established, let's go."

????Chun got up from his chair and saig to his comrades: "Gentlemen, no more grams, otherwise you will not be put on the liner."

????"Everything is clear, Mr. Chun Lu, just an appetizer and orange juice," said Li Sen.

????As soon as Sung Y and Chun Lu entered the communications center, the pirate saw a small room on the flat-screen television screen with a table with flowers in a crystal vase and a soft leather armchair. A minute later, Carlos Rodriguez came up to the table in a blue shirt and dark shorts, a tall middle-aged man with dark curly hair sat down and said: "Good afternoon, dear gentlemen Yamamoto, Sung Y and Chun Lu, I see you very well, sit down, I have to talk three minutes, urgently flight to Panama."
????Everyone sat in their chairs, greeted the boss and Chun Lu said: "My dear Carlos Rodriguez, please do not fly to Panama, I have a birthday and I with my family fly to you, there is an interesting proposal to take a boat trip with us if ?you join, invite girls and boys. ?True, three speed boats are needed for travel, as our plane was delayed in Tokyo for 8 hours, someone put explosives in their luggage. Yes! Do you watch TV in your free time? There showed such a gorgeous wedding and such young charming creatures we saw, you do not dream. I recorded them down, and something on cassette, attract show you had never seen. I fly to you and you see fantastic world and beauties."

??? "Chun, my friend, hello, I understand, I?m waiting, I?ll meet, I will prepare everything for your arrival and go for a walk, you know, I love sea voyages and I?ll add you a real friend, before arriving in Miami you will inform me of the flight number, the journey is far, call me on the phone number that I gave you. Don?t worry, I?ll prepare three high-speed yachts for your boat trip, there will be a lot of drinks and snacks, my boys and I will wait for your arrival, we will celebrate our birthday very well. As for the TV, there?s no time to watch what rubbish they show about us, the righteous, we help people and some underestimate, take a cassette, look at the beauties, goodbye, "said Carlos.
?????My Carlos, I?ll bring a cassette, I?ll call you before you arrive, see you soon,? Chun said and winked his left eye three times, which meant they would be very rich.

?????My Chun Lu, I understood everything, I?ll wait, see you soon. Yes, Mr. Yamamoto and Sung Y, I sent your mothers white Dutch tulips for your birthday as soon as you get some stink,? said Carlos Rodriguez. The screen went blank, it meant the connection was over. Sung Y looked at Chun Lu and said: "The boss sent us high-quality heroin through Holland, a caring person, the demand is huge."

????Chun smiled, he contacted Carlos Rodriguez and he reported the joyful and important news that he agreed to take part in this operation, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, the boats were in place and were waiting for their arrival. The pirate thanked Yamamoto, Sung Y and quietly said before leaving them: ?Gentlemen, I will reveal to you the secret of why we are rushing to America, Florida, Miami. Treasure divers found under water treasures, my faithful specialist by definition during the broadcast of transmissions from the underwater palace, not only could retake their film about the found treasures but also to know the coordinates to navigate through the satellites. We rush there, intercept their ship and persuade the treasure hunters to share what they had obtained with us We saw billions of values ??in that strange underwater palace, so your friends will make it to you so much that you will have several institutions like your ?Samurai? working on us. In addition, we will extend our influence to other countries, youth everywhere and they needs drugs, so we will satisfy the needs of the population, and they grow and grow from year to year, but besides all these young wonderful creatures lived there - you?ll admire them. It?s a pity there?s no cassette with me, it stayed at the airport. That's it, friends, I'm leaving, see you soon."

????Yamamoto and Sung Y were overjoyed at this message, the technician shook hands with Chun Lu and wished him success. The owner of the bar left the room with the pirate, they entered the room where the One-Eyed Beast fighters were sitting, though now the pirate flew without a blindfold covering his sighted eyes and a red scarf on his head. Now he has appeared before everyone in the image of a white collar-shirt with the color of an aqua wave with a short sleeve, blue jeans, leather brown shoes with a pointed toe and chic curly dark hair. Seeing him, the guys got up from the table and immediately went to the leader.
????"Gentlemen, things are going fine, I talked with Carlos Rodriguez and he joins us, let's thank Mr. Sun Yi and rush to the restaurant "Yellow sea" at our disposal for exactly twenty minutes, while everything is going on schedule.
????Chun Lu and his fighters thanked the owner of the ?Samurai? brothel for a drink, tasty treats and a pirate shaking his hand added: "Sung Y, we will be returning back through Tokyo, I?m specially with all my squad, 19 people, we?ll make you good gifts, so we?ll make merry long time. I think you?ll prepare good girls for all of us, in my taste long-legged blondes with a lush bust, see you."
????"See you, my friend, I?ll drink for your success, I don?t understand you," said Sung Y, he drank a glass of Smirnovskaya, shook hands with the guests and went to the door. The guests followed him and went through the door to the bar, Chun Lu and his fighters waved at bartender Lee Moon, he splashed a smile and answered the same. Suddenly, Chun Lu?s cell phone began to give Big Ben signals, he brought it to his ear and heard Chen Kim's alarming voice: ?Dear Chun, you?ve got fifteen minutes at your disposal, hurry up, we?ll be late for the plane, your birthday celebration will fail.

????"My dear Chen Kim, we are rushing, after five minutes we will sit at a restaurant at the table, tell us all the good news, I talked with dad and he is waiting for us," said Chun Lu. Shaking hands again with the owner of the ?Samurai? brothel with the words "See you soon, Sung Y" went to the door with his friends. Five minutes later, with joyful faces and a large bouquet of red roses, the leader and his friends entered the ?Yellow Sea? restaurant, they went to the Japanese guide Beniko Hori and brought her fresh roses. She accepted them, began to thank Chun, bowed and with such a cunning and noble gesture he took away his long absence from him, even if he asked her in the bus . Already now, she will not report to anyone from her leadership and especially the border guards that someone has got out of her control, she too may receive punishment for oversight.

????Dinner lasted another fifteen minutes, the geisha, accompanied by the sounds of Japanese melodies, treated the tourists to tea, they danced and even read poetry in Japanese. Finally, a pleasant dinner was over, Japanese guide Beniko Hori got up from the table, thanked the geishas, ??the tourists also made it and said goodbye go to the bus that approached. Having circled the streets of Tokyo for half an hour, the bus rushed on the freeway leading to Narita Airport with a speed of 70 miles per hour. Returning to the airport and passing through customs and border guards went flawlessly, the girl guide Benico Hori reported to the senior officer that no accidents had happened and all the tourists were in full force. The young officer smiled broadly and wished all passengers a happy flight and let them into the waiting room.

???? Chun Lu found a secluded place and briefly told everyone about the negotiations with Carlos Rod rigues and the agreement with him to act jointly, everyone was happy but nevertheless they were worried about the delay in the flight. Time passed slowly, for another four hours they dangled from corner to corner before they announced boarding a plane, on a Hong Kong-Maimi flight. Mine experts found no explosives, but found three suitcases with Iranian black caviar. Unfortunately the owner was not found, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and after a few minutes the plane took off into the cloudless blue sky and headed for the distant American sunny city of Miami with an intermediate landing in cold Anchorage.

????The flight turned out to be long and restless, at the beginning everything turned out to be super-nice-looking stewardesses with long beautiful legs, wide smiles constantly circling in front of the passengers. They brought them delicious dishes, glasses of red wine, and it poured without restriction, even though Chun and his fighters were flying in a cheap tourist class. Films were shown on the big screen, modern music thundered in the headphones, after a hearty meal and a nice drink, the guys fell asleep, no one expected that the hydraulic system would fail and the front landing gear would not come out before approaching Anchorage, and without them a beneficial landing .
????Chun, who was experienced in bindings, was afraid of which his legs were shaking for a long time; he knew that the plane should have landed in Anchorage just a couple of hours ago, but it continued to fly. The pirate understood why the smiles of the blonde stewardesses became wider and they strenuously offered all passengers wine, cognac, whiskey, even though they got drunk, there was a serious breakdown and the pilots for emergency landing decided to develop fuel for a safe landing.
????Chun Lu loved to drink but knew the measure and gave his fighters a sign to strictly observe it, he constantly looked at his watch, another hour passed but the airliner did not land at the airport, the flight continued. The leader of the pirates tried to look out the window, but since the plane flew high and the clouds covered the ground, he saw nothing. Passengers also began to worry and were trying to stop at the flight attendants when they landed. The commander of Jumbo, Mr. Gregory Sokirsyan, finally explained to the passengers about a minor malfunction which will soon be fixed and, just in case, the fuel is burned. The assumptions of Chun Lu were confirmed, he understood, the commander?s explanation is a little comfort for everyone, besides they?re late, so if the airliner makes an unsuccessful landing, you can rattle to the hospital or even prematurely fly to the kingdom of heaven that he don?t want body. The sea corsair did not find a place, he wanted to walk but was forbidden, his knees were trembling, he did not know how to calm down and constantly looked at his watch. Soon, a cute, leggy, curly-haired blonde stewardess with a tray jumped up to her, she looked at Chun, smiled and told him: ?Sir, don?t worry, free strong drinks, drink it and it?s gone, boarding is soon, our liner is in order, now a problem due to the weather, thick fog over Anchorage. "

????"Thank you very much, you reassured me," said the pirate, he took a glass of Smirnovskaya and, let him pass it. Chun Lu felt better, he calmed down and even fell asleep, as it seemed to him for a while, when he opened his eyes he looked at his watch, another two hours passed, when the liner was supposed to land and he was still flying, goose bumps ran through his body. Somehow, the commander?s voice suddenly sounded: "Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts, we are doing the tack in twenty minutes, no worries, thanks."
????Chun could not hide his excitement, they were already almost thirteen hours late. After fifteen minutes, Chun saw the city and the landing strip. His heart beat faster, as it seemed to the pirate, the plane struck the concrete strip with extraordinary force and rushed forward, all passengers clapped, the landing went smoothly, but before leaving again the voice of the ship commander sounded: "Ladies and gentlemen following to Miami, in an hour you will fly on another airliner, your luggage in full safety will be delivered to it by airport transport, no worries, thanks."

????Chun, his fighters, like all the passengers went outside, it was very cold, after all, January made itself felt. Everyone rushed to the buses, they soon delivered them to the airport building, inside it was warm, comfortable, many rushed to the bar to drink a stack of hot drink, the pirate was nervous and could not find a place. Exactly an hour later they announced boarding the plane, Chun called Carlos, he listened to his friend, scolded everyone in the world, comforted his friend and asked him not to worry. The drug lord, as a true comrade, agrees to wait as long as he wants, he will constantly cope at what time the airliner arrives from Anchorage, Chun thanked him, said goodbye and together with the passengers and his fighters headed for the plane, the pirate cheered up after the conversation, yes, Carlos was a true friend and comrade .

??????Fifteen minutes later, the liner took off from the ground and, without any adventure, after a few hours flew up to Miami. The plane was descending and a city with skyscrapers appeared in the porthole, soon the airfield, the airliner landed, all the passengers clapped together, breathed a sigh of relief and after a few minutes Jumbo taxied to the building and stopped. The pretty long-haired, full-bosomed stewardess flashed a wide smile and opened the doors and passengers began to leave the cabin. What a blessing! Chun Lu and his friends flew to Miami without incident during the flight and entered American land, with joy, the heart of an experienced pirate was beating fast, he wanted to throw himself on the concrete and kiss it. A long journey of several thousand miles ended happily, however, still had to go through the border and customs. It was here that our pirate became worried, he was afraid that the photo would not be his face at the security service, but Chun did everything to change his appearance and be unrecognizable. It was a tough time, the American authorities fought with smugglers, terrorists and sea pirates. The experienced sea corsair took out a bottle with a strong drink, drank it and calmed down. He and his friends entered the airport building and immediately got, as they say, into the arms of border guards and customs officers, there were few things with them, they went light, everything else was Adidas sports bags, small suitcases with backpacks were in the luggage, the officers were friendly and picky, young beautiful girl in uniform looked at Chun and said: "Hello, your passport."
????Chun looked at her, smiled and said: "Hello, here is my passport, the purpose of my visit to the USA is tourism, I?m going to stay here only a month, I will stay with my friends, I have a single-entry visa for six months."
????The girl looked at his passport, looked at Chun, smiled and exclaimed: "Mr. Chun, you are from China! Welcome to America!" She handed him a passport, he took it, they said goodbye to each other and the pirate went on. At the counter he already saw another pretty girl-customs officer, she said sweetly: "Hello."
????Chun looked at her, smiled and said: "Hello, here is my customs declaration, I flew to the United States, Miami from Hong Kong, my luggage includes two things ? a hand bag, a small suitcase, I don?t have firearms, drugs, with me 7,000 US dollars, all my life I dreamed of seeing a free America."
????The customs officer looked at him, smiled and said: "Mr. Chun, welcome to the USA, you will see a free America, good night."
????Chun glanced at the pretty young employee and said, "Good night."
????When border guards and customs officers learned that 19 tourists were flying from Hong Kong to the United States, they immediately smiled, said okay, welcome to America and waved them by hands. The pirates also smiled, saying goodbye boldly went to the tape on which the luggage was moving. All things except a large dark leather bag were in place, Chun became agitated, he counted, reviewed things ? it seemed to evaporate. They stood and waited - maybe things of passengers were late and will appear on a tape soon. Yes, things started to pass by, but it was strangers-boxes, suitcases on wheels, colorful bags. Negroes, Arabs came up, took them and left. Chun turned pale, he couldn?t find a place, almost roared, in that bag they hid two hundred thousand bucks and it flew away. He understood, complaining about the loss of a bag with such an amount of money was out of the question, the same good customs officers would ask what kind of things it was and just hint at two hundred thousand bucks right there on the bus with barred windows would be sent not to a friend, Carlos Rodriguez, but to a policeman station. Standing and waiting for too long is suspicious, they will think that tourists from Hong Kong are trying to grab someone else's suitcases. He waved his hand and with his comrades went to the exit, a lot of people crowded in the lobby, they found free space near the wall, stood up and Chun Lu said in a broken voice quietly: "My friends, a great misfortune befell us, it seems to me at Tokyo airport when the employees rummaged trying to find a bomb in bags and suitcases, or maybe while we were moving things from Anchorage to Anchorage, we were thoroughly cleaned, those employees stole a bag with two hundred thousand bucks. Dear Kim I, look into your suitcase, I hid three hundred thousand bucks."
????Kim opened the suitcase, rummaged in things and quietly muttered: "Chun, they have inflated us, stuffed the suit case with some old rubbish, bucks flew away, bastards and are scared to ask for help."

????"My friends, smile more broadly, not everything is lost, soon everything will return to us, on the way out, Chun said, we are in America and this is the main thing, everyone is alive, our friends are waiting for us, behind me, no matter how we have pocket money, seven thousand bucks are not lying on the road, and stop buying a good boat, follow me, friends are waiting for us."

?????Chun Lu Y and his comrades left the building, they had not yet had time to clearly see the buildings in front of them and in the distance blue bus were rolled up, Carlos's head popped out of the window. ?One-eyed Bestia? recognized him, smiled, the door opened immediately and the whole company instantly entered in. The door was closed and the bus moved forward, everyone greeted each other and started a nice conversation so that no one would overhear them through a microphone bug with a transmitter shoved by someone?s hand and so quietly reached a tall metal fence with sharp rods at the end. The gates opened automatically - a luxurious drug defense estate began. Having passed a grove of evergreen palm trees, they drove up to a huge three-story house of white limestone in the back of the garden, a large fountain beat in front of it, streams rose high, several young athletic people with smiles on their faces greeted the guests.

????The visitors poured out, it was wet and hot, wandered around the house for some time, admired nature, the guests expressed admiration and Carlos looked at them and said: ?Chun, what happened, went through customs for an hour, I thought you found drugs or extra bucks? " asked the pirate drug lord.
????"Carlos, trouble, we lost half a million bucks ? someone stole a bag and pulled stones out of a suitcase and stuffed them in dirty linen, where I didn?t know all this, we didn?t contact the employees, you wouldn?t wait for us."
????"Chun, you are with me, you are my friends, I would like to know why you needed three boats, do you want to attack a container ship with drugs, or are you planning to pick up a container with white powder from the depths of the ocean?"
????My Carlos, we should attack the ship that is already sailing in Miami with precious values, go to the house and I will show something that neither you nor I dreamed in my life, but this is true. We can already possess some of those myriad the riches that lie in heaps in some strange underwater palace, I?ll show the film and you yourself will understand what to do, we should hurry."
????"Good Chun, we?ll go look in a couple of minutes, but first we?ll drink for the meeting and for good luck, you are tired and hungry, for me," said the owner. They approached the arriving guests and their assistants Carlos, the owner looked at them, smiled and said: ?My dear friends, welcome to my, our and your home, we will discuss an action plan at lunch. In our business with the distribution of drugs I succeeded, everything is fraught with dangers waiting for us at every step. As for the maritime business, I am swimming shallow, so Chun and your magnificent fighters can?t do without you and I?ll tell you frankly, you are the most decent person to share the news with me. could not let me know treasures, and would become a rich man, a billionaire. So, suggest an action plan, I think they took a lot of treasures with them, but all this is a trifle compared to what you told me under water in some strange storehouse, gentlemen, follow me."

????Carlos led his friends into the house, they entered the large hall, Persian rugs lay on the floor, paintings in gilded frames hung on the walls, but most importantly a huge round table on which there were flowers, bottles of vodka, wine, cold, hot snacks and other all sorts of things. Everyone sat down at the table and the host said: ?Dear guests, drink and eat. Friends! Raise our glasses so that all that luxury is in our hands and then goodbye to drugs, just wait for what will be caught by the neck. For luck! For success!?
????All together they filled the glasses with Stolichnaya vodka, shouted ?For good luck, for success?, drank to the bottom and started to eat sandwiches with black Iranian caviar and all other yummy.

????"Gentlemen, said Chun, the sea of riches, but we can only take them in cooperation with those who have found the treasures, so I suggest our plan of action - we must track down the ship on which they sail, then the base where the treasure hunters will hide those jewels raised to the surface. We don?t have to touch them with our finger until they sail back into place and climb to the bottom, the discoverers know that point in the ocean, store the coordinates in the record with code and in memory. We will observe them every step, try to slip in any way on their ships a few bugs, in addition, we will take advantage of three speedboats on which we place our fighters with guns and a machete, we can?t do without blood, but that?s not all, if we sail to the place where they are, treasures and divers continue to raise good in this case, we sail to the sea and watch them. As soon as they sail, we attack their ship, take away treasures, everyone on board throw at sea with a stone on their neck, I take away the ship, share of valuables and go wherever I look. "

??????Chun blinked an eye on Carlos, he understood, got up and headed for the door, the sea robber followed him to discuss an important matter, a couple of minutes later they were on the third floor in a small room hung with bright Persian rugs, near the table there were four soft armchairs from crocodile skin. Two bosses sat next to each other, took John Player in their teeth, smoked and started a quiet conversation.

????"My dear Chun, Juanito began, I have a whole flotilla of speed boats, you understand in our hard and dangerous business you need them like air, choose any of them and go on a picnic, holds are filled with snacks and drinks, look at the screen, which handsome, roomy, any to your taste and color, speed up to 40 miles per hour. In general, I approve of your plan, if you say the values do not pull out in a week, now we will go with one goal to find out if they stand still or set sail. If it?s worth it, I?ll strengthen our fleet in order to surely deal with them, now choose a boat and then go and see your movie, everything will become clear to me."

????Carlos pressed the button, the carpet parted, and on the screen Chun saw several boats in sequence, he selected three of them, the boss immediately pressed the button and the carpets closed. The owner got up, Chun Lu did the same, and headed for the exit, to the movie watching room where the pirate showed him what he managed to shoot during the broadcast from the seabed, or rather the palace, and then they rushed to the port where three boats would be ready to sail. After a couple of minutes, two friends were sitting at the table, Chun pushed his hand into his pocket, pulled out a disc and handed it to the owner. Carlos took it, put it in the slot, turned on the TV and on the screen appeared charming young naked Spanish beauties covering their charms with long dark hair, pearl necklaces, beads and gold, silver, platinum threads with precious stones strung on them, even that in the dim light they played and sparkled on their magnificent bodies. Spaniards in knightly armor were standing nearby, diving-suits were on the floor, but most importantly, the drug boss saw mountains of jewelry lying around gold, silver coins, precious metal products, jewelry, diamonds, and necklaces. He looked at them with curiosity, and from its countless great number rippled in his eyes, Carlos could not stand it and asked: "Chun Lu, tell me where they are, you know? What charming mermaids, I would like them!"

????"My dear Carlos, I don?t know for sure, but approximately yes, they are here not far from us, from Florida, from Miami, I think they are still under water and continue to collect those treasures, it seems to me that it will take several days to collect only part of that wealth- after all, it?s not so easy to choose it from under the water. I don?t think that they will return from a handful of treasures, in the extreme case, if the treasure hunters have just sailed from that place, it?s not scary, if we rush now we will meet them at halfway, so my Carlos is on the way ? our task is now watching for them not to kill. Look at the coordinates-79'32 "West longitude and 24'57" North latitude, we rush right there on three boats, we surround their ship and make the pioneers force to share with us, imagine, we?ll enrich ourselves thoroughly!

????"Dear Chun, if we get this good, I will abandon my dangerous business, let other people replace me, I try for everyone, satisfy their need, the authorities punish me, my friend, where is justice. Yes, you're done, I understand, yours the guys managed from the satellite during the transmission of the TV signals to it to detect the place where the earnest discoverers of countless treasures worked, well done!"

????"Dear Carlos, while we will consider the approximate place, as soon as we cover them everything is right and then we successfully perform two operations right away, first rob them, then we invite them to sink to the bottom of the sea and raise those treasures ? you, I will be billionears. Can you imagine we will become richer than America?s richest people - Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, Michael Dell and other bosses will not be suitable for us. You will build yourself a 150-storey skyscraper hotel "Juanito" in this sunny Miami. I will order in Finland snow-white cruise liner I?ll call it Chun 1, in Hong Kong I will build a 200-story Chun Lu hotel. Our brave fighters will enrich themselves and goodbye to a dangerous business, we will travel around the world and you know who! With those beauties, tell me, Carlos, do you like them?"
????"Chun, I like them, but most of all that luxury! Tell me, my friend, when are we going for those jewelry?" asked Carlos.

????"My dear Carlos, right now, give an order to prepare a bus and three boats that I picked up."

????Chun, the bus is ready to leave at any moment, the boats in the port are waiting for us, collect your fighters and go on a picnic, we are not wasting time.?
?????Carlos! "Yours and my guys will cope with the combat mission with courage, let?s go."

??????Carlos and Chun Lu Y left the room and went to the second floor, there was nobody in the room, they looked out the window and saw young people bathing in the pool under the blue moonlight and the experienced pirate whispered: ?My guys are resting, Carlos, call your guys and good luck, the sooner the better. ?
???Carlos went to the phone the color of gold, picked up the phone, dialed the number and said: ?Arthur, prepare the guys for a picnic, after thirty minutes I?ll wait at home, grab a snack and vodka.?

?????Carlos and Chun went downstairs, threw off their clothes and joined the swimmers, time passed quickly and somehow unexpectedly they heard a bus horn, the boss looked at the pirate and said: ?Chun, go ahead, time is money, my fighters are ready to carry out a combat mission.?
????Chun signaled to his guys, they instantly left the pool, got dressed, Carlos and the guest went out onto the platform, put on their clothes and went to the bus, everyone seated in their seats, roared the engine and the car moved to the open gate.
?????The second smaller bus had already turned around and joined the one in which the boss and Chun were sitting with his team. In this operation to search for and intercept the trawler, 33 people were involved: 19 - a pirate team and 14 of drug boss. They were all in a good mood, ready to climb at any moment, even into the fire, even into the water, and they knew why, because the bosses briefly explained the essence of the matter to the team members. After half an hour, the buses drove to a private pier, everyone went outside, Carlos pointed to three huge boats and said: ?Chun, good luck on the way, I stay on the shore, just in case I will expose my fighters, you never know. We don?t know their intentions, they can appear at any moment, thirty hours have passed since the moment when the treasure seekers aired a sensational video about the found treasures. They are not fools and did so to confuse their alleged rivals, but nevertheless, sail, look. we will find them here, I will expose everywhere my people and they will smell the ship if it enters the port ahead of schedule. In any case, your assumptions are true ? they will only sail to Miami! And now I am addressing you my valiant fighters ? I represent my best and most faithful comrade ? Chun Lu Y, from now on will be your admiral. Follow his commands, he?s a sea wolf and will lead everyone to victory. Chun, I suggest you go on a boat ?Lady Catalina?, the other two ?Marlin?-captain Richard Smith and ?Ines?-captain Alvar Escabar will follow right and left, I wish you gentlemen happy sailing."

????Without exception, all the sailors shouted: "Chun, Carlos, our new friends, sailors, welcome to speedboats."

????"Carlos, thank you for your trust, I?m glad to meet you gentlemen Richard Smith and Alvar Escabar, my fighters will sail with yours, we have one task - to find and attack, but everything at my command, without noise and fuss, the rush is needed when catching fleas," said Chun Lu Y.

????The pirate shook hands with Richard and Smith, then distributed at his discretion among the three boats of all the fighters, the sailors and captains shouted "See you." Chun added: ?Thank you Karlos for their support, in any case we will find them on land or under water, you judged wisely, try to track them ashore when they get off the ship. Those Spaniards are not like "modern in person and in height, apparently they are at least a foot below us and even more, see you."

????Chun, captains Richard and Smith came to the boats, the engines roared, the last waves, air kisses and boats headed for the Atlantic Ocean. They headed to the point of the given coordinates, but alas, they did not see the ship either close or far away. They would have been sailing for a long time but Carlos?s call was interrupted by their call: "Chun, come back from the picnic, our guests are back and we are waiting for you."

????"Dear Carlos, come back, we will soon, welcome," the pirate answered with joy.
????Chun telephoned captains Richard and Smith with a message from Carlos that the ship with treasure hunters had sailed and we should return to the port. Soon, all the fighters learned this good news and shouted ?Urrraaa? hoarse, boats turned and rushed off to sunny Miami.

????Carlos didn?t fail: there were many berths, but he went to the South under number 7, ships sailing from the Bahamas moored to it. One ship followed another, but it seemed to him all of them were not the ones he expected. At 6 35 a.m. a small ship appeared, a trawler, it did not sail but flew, then slowed down and approached where Carlos was waiting for them. In addition to him, other people walked, he guessed, among them were those who were waiting for the sailing crew and passengers. Carlos read the name of the trawler "The Seagull", 10 men and four ladies went down to the pier, three more people remained on the ship. Carlos guessed that they were those whom he was waiting for, a young man and a lady approached them, a short meeting, kisses and now they all went to the parking lot. The drug lord followed them, a group of people approached a black minibus, seven men and five women entered it, four young people sat down
????????The drug lord followed them, a group of people approached a black minibus, seven men and five women entered it, four young people got into a dark minivan and lost no time they moved in cars to Miami. Carlos Rodriguez acted with confidence, the first thing he by the phone was telling his people which highway passengers had been racing from the ?Sea Gull? trawler, which he had described in all details, and he was racing behind city on Ford. Cars at high speed drove onto the highway and rushed out of town, soon Carlos noticed three cars rushing after him: a green Peugeot, a silver Mercedes and a black Volkswagen.
?????They left behind cars, through the windows of the them the drug lord saw the familiar faces of Pedro Juarez, Miguel Franco and Joe Morris. In order not to suspect those who they were chasing, Carlos on the radio told Joe Morris to get off the track and only three cars continued the race. A minibus and a minivan turned off the highway onto a narrow road, Carlos followed them, Peugeot and Mercedes rushed after the boss. And somehow unexpectedly for him, he saw the back doors of a minivan open and a metal mesh with sharp spikes flew onto the road. The speed was high and Carlos did not have time to turn away: the net fell under the wheels, claps rang out and Ford sharply slowed down, the Mercedes following it could not brake sharply, hit the car with Carlos and stopped. The unscathed boss jumped out of the blue Ford and began to curse those who set them this trap, waved their fists after the van from which the net with spikes flew out. He wanted to rush to Peugeot but Pedro and Franco discouraged Rodriguez from catching up with this stupid idea and even caught up with fear: ?Carlos, we don?t know them, maybe they are the same as us, at a distance from the road they would have shot a dozen bullets into us and all of us would come to an end, well, at least they threw the net and did not shoot from Kalashnikov. "
????Carlos thought better of it and agreed with his comrades. Spare wheels were not enough and had to call for technical assistance. Half an hour later a huge red jeep rushed in, a dark-skinned mechanic replaced the wheels, inspected the car and took four hundred bucks for help and dashed off to the city. Carlos and his friends started the engines and returned to the villa deeply disappointed after such an unsuccessful race ...

????The sea corsair came back irritated, he and the fighters were met by Peter, one of Carlos?s athletic physicians, two buses were waiting for them. As soon as the boats stopped, the private property guards sitting on the bus went outside and headed for them, they greeted the sailors who arrived, they answered the same. Chun, Smith and Richard with the fighters went to the bus, Peter greeted them, they sat down, and rushed to the villa of Carlos. On the way to the estate, in conversation with Peter, they learned that the Spaniards arrived safely in Miami but could not find the base and even told a sad story of how Carlos hit a metal net with sharp spikes and almost crashed from a collision with his other car, but fortunately everything worked out well. Chun consoled Peter and promised that he and his comrades would find the base of treasure hunters not only on land but even under water and asked not to be upset.
????After half an hour, they drove into the courtyard of the villa, Carlos himself greeted the arrivals, he embraced the pirate in front of everyone and said: "Dear Chun, you deserve praise, I, Franco, Pedro were right on the pier where the trawler ?Sea Gull? moored at about seven in the morning, we saw with our own eyes at close range four charming Spanish women and seven elderly Spaniards, with them was a lady and four young broad-shouldered sailors, at least three guys remained on the ship. Ladies, young people with the Spaniards moved to the parking lot, we followed them to unfortunately their base. Those bastards turned off the highway, we didn?t catch them: under the wheels of my Mustang the bastards threw a metal net with spikes. Franco, who was driving me on a Mercedes, hit my Ford, they had to refuse the chase, we called for technical assistance, they replaced the wheels, the engine of Mercedes that hit me worked like clockwork and got home on its own in an hour. I assure you, Chun Lu, they won?t hide from us, the main thing we know is that those treasure seekers are not empty-handed, you are a genius, everything that you stated is confirmed, thanks. My dear friends, I ask for a table, we will drink for success in the upcoming battle for treasures."

????"My Carlos, I am very sorry that everything happened such an unpleasant incident, thanks for the praise, the main thing for me and for everyone in general, you have provided true information, now all our fighters know what we will fight for, for real treasures," said the sea corsair and shook hands with the drug lord.
?????Carlos went into the house and everyone without exception followed him to the second floor in the reception hall and sat down at three huge tables ? various wines, cognacs and vodka, sea snacks, dry sausages, cheeses, tropical fruits and grapes. Each one poured what he preferred, Carlos stood up, smiled and said a toast: "Gentlemen, we drink for success, for treasures and for young Spanish women, they are charming!"

????Everyone shouted "For success, treasures and girls", clinked glasses, all drank vodka and started to have a snack, soon Carlos got up, went to the Chinese and said quietly: "Dear Chun Lu, please follow me, we will talk in my office in a narrow circle."

????The pirate stood up and followed the owner, finding himself in a small room in soft chairs, lit a cigarette, and looking at the sea corsair, Carlos said: ?Dear Chun Lu, I don?t think that I had a clever idea when I got drunk in my head: that if we go on a couple of boats to the place where the treasure hunters found priceless treasures and those lovely charming young creatures, we have enough fighters, divers and we can split into several groups: one will watch the trawler standing in the port, the second will follow by moving I?m sure these guys act like we are illegally and behind the scenes, they don?t want hype and share with the authorities, it will find everything possible to tear most of the treasures from them, neither you nor I report to the authorities how many millions of dollars have been enriched in an unrighteous way. And the third group, you and seven guys from your detachment will choose to go to the place where the divers found wealth, to explore, in the near future. If everything turns out as I intend, then we can independently begin to raise those treasures. According to my assumptions, the pioneers will not go to raise the treasure no earlier than two or three weeks, they planned to prepare thoroughly in order to raise the jewels from the seabed as soon as possible. But we will meet them, we will take away all the good, we will not kill, and when they return home empty-handed on the boat, and even in their native nest they will not find jewelry, money and beautiful girls, it is unlikely that they will contact the police that they were robbed and took away property worth tens of millions of dollars and stole the beauties. They are not fools, they know that they will be taken for their ass for illegally trapping treasures and keeping girls in slavery and for many decades sent to license plates for cars. You, my Chun Lu, acted wisely and did not contact the authorities at the airport that you lost a leather bag with two hundred thousand bucks and took three hundred thousand from your suitcase. We would never see you, my dear friend. You?ve lost half a million bucks for the cause, and we?ll find billions. What do you say to my plan, brave Chun? "
?????My dear Carlos, I agree with such a plan that we have to wait for them, I have the exact coordinates of this place, on two boats we will go on reconnaissance and see if other professionals have appeared there. Nowadays, don Carlos, there are thanks to modern technology, we follow the air, someone may have also noticed the coordinates and hurried to this place. If they are ahead of us, we and our treasure hunters will be left with nothing, I think you're right Carlos and we should act. To know the place where that underwater palace with treasures I should I call Hong Kong my specialist to determine the coordinates of the ship sailing in the ocean. Now there are about 9 am, so he in technical room in its computer center and waits for my call," said Lu Chun. He took out his cell phone, dialed the number and a few seconds later he heard Mao Yu?s familiar voice: ?Dear Chun Lu, hello, I have been waiting for your call for so long. How is your health? How did you get there? What news??
????"Good morning, Mao, it's already evening, we got well, went on a picnic, the walk was excellent, most importantly our hosts are happy to come, I have a request for you: I want to call Nyao and Wing, tell me only the last two numbers."
????"Chun Lu, write Nyao 47 and Win 29 when you reach them, send them greetings from me and my whole family. I wish you a great birthday and return as soon as possible, go home, we miss and say hello to everyone, thanks for calling.?
????"Mao, if you only knew what girls came to us for a picnic! A feast for the eyes. I liked one of them and I persuade her to come with me to you, you will see. I?ll definitely call you when we come for a walk. Goodbye."
????"I am very glad that girls have come to you, I will inform all my relatives, goodbye Chun Lu."

????The corsair smiled and said: "My dear Carlos, gentlemen, our business is fine, I have the exact coordinates and we won?t have to wander around the sea, the main task will be done tomorrow, we will go for a walk today and get ready for long-distance sailing, two boats will sail at 4 pm, in the evening we?ll get to the goal and get acquainted with the terrain on the horizon on the right of Cuba, on the left of the Bahamas. "

??????"I agree to sail Chun tomorrow, you have chosen the right time, we will sail when it gets dark and if the enemies are there we will not notice us, and now we will continue to make merry, gentlemen, and I will say until we finish our business with any drink A then at least get drunk, we invite the beauties and let them entertain us," said Carlos Rodriguez, smiled and added: my friends will raise their glasses for success."

????Everyone poured wine and shouted together: "For success." The party lasted until midnight, then everyone went into their rooms and slept before dinner. The sailing had to be postponed due to a strong storm that had been raging since the morning, a strong east wind was blowing and the rain was pouring like hell. In the afternoon, the weather began to calm down, but because of a gusty wind, they decided not to risk it and postpone sailing for tomorrow, and we planned to sail to the place for 12 hours to return at midnight.

????The next day, at 8 am, immediately after breakfast, Chun Lu and Carlos Rodriguez went into the office on the second floor and in solitude began to discuss a plan of action in case uninvited guests appear near the place where a strange palace is located under the water. Since Chun Lu was an experienced corsair, he outlined his plan: ?My dear Carlos, first we start with the assumptions: if the rivals sailed on a small ship, then we will capture it with our own forces, kill the team and leave only divers alive. If the ship is big, then we will have to return for help and four boats on muffled engines after two nights when many will sleep attack them. To melt the treasure on your own, you will first need to acquire a magnetic echo sounder to determine the depth of the bottom and the presence of metal, a small self-propelled barge with winches, diving suits and breathing mixture cylinders. We will take seven of my experienced fighters with us, tell your people at a private pier, prepare a couple of boats for dangerous sailing and at 12.10 am set sail, the coordinates are known and you won?t have to search for a long time."

????My dear Chun Lu, we have a boat on which there is not only an echo sounder but also a long cable with a TV camera, so if in that place the depth is not more than 160 feet we will lower it and inspect the bottom-full picture we will see on the screen. A few years ago in shallow water a mini submarine with heroin sank and we thus knowing the coordinates found it at the bottom. Can you imagine my divers Julio Peron ?Rat? and Joe Colvert ?Fortified? pulled out the priceless cargo stored in plastic bags, rely on me, I know how to work with this technique, life makes me learn. "

????"In that case, my Carlos Rodriguez, no delays, I am recruiting and sailing."
????"Chun Lu, at 11 am I?ll call you, your guys should be ready, you will board a bus and you will be delivered to a private pier, I will personally meet you. I?ll prepare boats, weapons, snacks and water on such a voyage. ?Seahorse?, I?m on the ?Hound?, see you. Yes, just in case, my captains Richard Smith and Alvar Escabar will be waiting for us, ready at any moment to sail to us, write me the exact coordinates of the point where the treasures lie,? said Carlos and took the pen from the table.

???Chun looked at the drug lord and said: "Carlos, write 24 * 57" 47 'N and 79 * 32 "29' W. In that case, let them grab a weapon."

????"My Chun," said Carlos, smiling, you think we?ll go there with bare hands! I even arm myself on a boat trip as if I were going to war. See you.
????Carlos had not yet managed to get out, as a melody flowed from his cell phone, he took it and heard the voice of an observer on duty at the pier: "Dear dad, hello, some guests are starting to pack up, others are saying goodbye, they were given gifts and joyful are rushing home."

????"Dear Alekhano, try to go home with the guests, don?t wait for me, I?m going to see my friend, tell all my news to my brother Peter, thank you," Carlos said, and looking at the pirate with a smile, he whispered: ?Dear Chun, there was a replacement of people aboard the trawler, those guys with treasures moved home, so that they would not leave the port for a long time. We will try to help them raise those treasures during their absence, our people will track their nest and when they leave we will get into it."

?????That's right, don Carlos, act, after your call, I?ll go to the port with my seven fighters, prepare the boats,? Juan said and shook his hand.
?????We?re going to Chun?s exit, there?s fresh air in the yard, take a swim and get ready for sailing,? the boss said and headed for the door with a pirate. The sea corsair escorted the drug lord, immediately gathered his fighters and, choosing seven, stepped aside with them and explained the task: ?Dear friends, while we go on reconnaissance without a fight, but if there are enemies on our way, the situation will change and you will have to face with enemy, but to fulfill the combat mission, help will be sent to us as part of two boats with fighters of Don Carlos. Our task is to break the enemy?s resistance, we used to deal with long tankers, now we will most likely need to attack a fishing trawler, the guards on board will be beaten clearly from guns with a silencer, arrows Kim, Ren and Lun will do this.

??????Immediately all the boats will swiftly sail to the ship and Chiang, Kao, Jin and Sen rush to the deck along the rope ladders with machine guns to take all the exits under control. Then the rest of the fighters will come up to you and I and Carlos. My intuition tells me that other guys are claiming these treasures, so we rush for intelligence. I think everything is clear to you, so relax until eleven," said Chun and shook each hand and added: "Carlos recommended us to swim in his pool, guys, follow me!"

?????Fine,? they all shouted together and went to the pool, swam until 11am in the morning, as if at that time Carlos had called, the driver of the heavyweight complexion came up soon and waved to let him know to follow him. Chun and the fighters got out of the water and moved to the bus.
????Half an hour later they were on a private pier, Carlos met with the guards, exchanged greetings and without losing time, the boss looked at Chun quietly and said: ?I and your three men are sailing on the ?Marlin?, you are on the ?Ines?, just in case with us two of my arrows, Dan and Bob are with you, weapons are completely hidden, no one is messing around, the boys are on our super-speed boat, they are always happy to rush into battle."
?????Okay, Carlos, I give my great guys Kim, Kao, Lun to the ?Marlin?, will sail with Dr. Carlos, the rest with me, on boats, we will have to overcome at least 80 miles, at a speed of 25 miles in more than three hours we?ll be there, "Chun said, and patting the soldiers on the shoulder and shaking hands with the drug lord, he set off for ?Ines?. When Chun got up with the fighters on the deck of the boat he was greeted by two young body-strong athlete with muscular strong arms, the pirate and his sailors responded that an acquaintance had occurred. After a couple of minutes, Carlos waved his hand, the engines roared, the boats sailed from the pier and rushed to the ocean, gaining speed, towards the Bahamas. The weather was fine, the golden sun shone on the blue cloudless sky, it burned and blinded their eyes, everyone who sailed wore dark glasses and covered their heads with white baseballs. The waves rocked the racing boats slightly, Chun looked at the screen and checked the coordinates, Carlos chose the shortest path and confidently drove his ?Marlin?. At 3 hours and 45 minutes, the boats were two miles from the place where the treasures lay at the bottom. Chun was carefully looking into the distance and somehow unexpectedly he saw on the horizon a small ship resembling a treasure hunter trawler, but since the "Seagull" was in Miami, other treasure seekers sailed here. Carlos also noticed the ship and slowed down, Chun's boat approached the ?Marlin? and soon stopped.
????"Chun, your assumptions were confirmed, guests showed up to us, they stand where good lies under water, I don?t want to give it to them and we will have to fight them. Do you imagine that if we cede this place to them, then we?ll be left with nothing , I think we need to get support, "said Carlos with sadness and pointed with his hand towards the anchored vessel, then he took binoculars and looked into it. After a while, he handed it to Chun and whispered: ?My friend, look, they are pulling a bag of flour from the water onto the deck with a winch. No! This is not flour, it is unlikely they would have lifted it from the water, it seems to me that they attacked heroin deposits. "Each bag is worth a million dollars or more. Is it possible that two ships sank in this place at the same time: one with drugs and the other with treasures! What do you say Chun?"
?????My Carlos, this is the place where treasures lie under the water, if the divers dig for a long time and carefully in the silt they stumble on them and we stay on the beans. We act decisively, we need to destroy them, we should not have rivals. Call for help and attack the ship at night, rely on me and it?s in our hands, and now we?re going to such a distance that the sailors from the ship couldn?t notice us.. You know, my friend, it was possible that a container ship sank here last night during a severe storm, sailors smuggled in one or several containers, and these guys, who undoubtedly sailed for the treasures, probing the bottom by chance with magnetic echo sounders came across this vessel. Let's not guess, the whole crew needs to be shot and drowned together with the ship, we don?t need witnesses and the case is over, I always do not leave any evidence, "Chun said and looked at the drug lord with a smile.

???? "Well, I agree with you, Chun, we sail back three miles away I give a conditional signal on the phone and wait for two boats, I think in the second night they will come to us, the lost captains Richard Smith and Alvar Escabar are the most accurate the coordinates where we will be waiting for them, follow me," said Carlos and the boat picking up speed popped in the direction of Miami. Ten minutes later, ?Marlin? slowed down, stopped and the engine stalled. The ?Ines? boat came up to her and Chun turned off the engine, Carlos waved his hand, the pirate immediately passed to ?Marlin?, the drug lord patted the pirate on the shoulder and whispered: ?Richard and Alvar are sailing towards us, I think we?ll capture an enemy ship whoever he belonged, we?ll drown everyone, we don?t need witnesses and rivals. Chun, I still can?t understand how those people found this place? "

????"Dear Carlos! As my specialist Mao Yu, you talked on the radio and your signal flew to the satellite, so if anyone followed you knows the coordinates of the boat at that time. And those treasure hunters spoke plain text with CNN, then - they gave live shooting of that luxury, Spanish women and Spaniards right from that underwater dwelling, that's why they noticed their coordinates, "Chun Lu said and pointed to the sky where hundreds of communication satellites fly. ?Of course, we could ask our rivals how they got here but we don?t have time to chat with them. As soon as I get on the ship, I immediately destroy the crew, take the money and leave it. In those areas we don?t drown the tankers, here another thing-to America is about a hundred miles away and other harsh laws apply."

????After talking for a few minutes, Carlos and Chun wrote the boat duty schedule until midnight and, according to them, they went off to rest first, after three hours they sent two soldiers for the same time to rest, so that at night everyone would feel o key. At 1 am, Carlos contacted the captains Richard and Alvar on the radio, they were ten miles away, the boss gave them the exact location coordinates with a cipher and at 1.45 a m they all saw two boats sailing towards them. Joy knew no bounds, after a couple of minutes the boats approached and stood up, Carlos invited the captains to the ?Marlin? and in a comfortable cabin the four of them developed an attack on the anchored ship. According to the plan, three boats attack the ship from the starboard side, one sails up at the port side near the stern in order to shoot at point-blank range when trying to escape one or several sailors.

????Everyone agreed with the pirate?s plan and at 2 a m, under cover of darkness, the boats rushed to the anchored ship. Sea corsairs were just lucky - on this moonless night the sky was covered with clouds, those who were on the ship could not even imagine that someone was attacking them. According to the plan of the seasoned Chun, half a mile from a standing vessel, they sailed at low speed with muffled engines. Sailing to the board from two boats, the fighters threw hooks with rope ladders and after a few seconds 12 thugs led by Chun Lu Yi with 36-caliber Magnus guns and Kalashnikovs shot the only guard standing on deck. Without wasting time, the sailors rushed to the cabins, even earlier Carlos ordered not to shoot those crew members who refused to resist, he wanted to know from the captain how they got here. After a couple of minutes, the twelve sailors bound hand-in-hand were brought to the deck, all of them had Spanish features, tall and strong in body. Carlos peered into each face, finally his gaze settled on one of them and he exclaimed: ?Juanito Escuardo!? Mexican hermit! This is a meeting! Now you won?t go from me alive, I will get everything I need out of you. You swindled me up for twenty million bucks and stood up with your chest so that not a single gram of heroin would go from our cartel to Europe. Well, tell me kindly, rot, who bothered you to climb into my territory? The United States and Canada belong to me and would go about their business in Mexico and Latin America. I didn?t get to you."

? ??Dear Carlos Rodriguez, first of all, hello and since when did the Oceans divide, you know this is a neutral territory, secondly you made a big mistake, your heads are full of chaff like your dumb-headed friends. You forgot what time we live, look at the sky, there are hundreds of satellites flying, there are hidden microphones and video cameras on all of us, you chat with me and all the information flies to them, I?m no longer the boss, a simple executor, and my boss will admire you tomorrow and your idiots. Soon your Red Poppy syndicate will end, its use the landlords will pull you up on one of the palms of your villa with these scum, goodbye, we will still meet with you in the next world, what you are looking for will never be found here. and the weak, helpless drug dealers I was like, change your attitude towards partners, know that the frayer's greed ruined."

?????Don Carlos wanted to hit him in the face, but Juanito's powerful body jerked his hands so sharply that the rope slipped from his hands, the unexpectedly experienced Chun with a red scarf on his head and a dark blindfold on his left eye managed to point a gun at him and shot. The ?Mexican Hermit? screamed in pain and fell to the deck. The sea pirate looked at Carlos and began to shoot at the standing captive sailors, his fighters joined him and after a few seconds all eleven people were lying in a pool of blood. Without saying a word, they immediately started throwing bodies overboard and when she was empty Chun went to the drug dealer and said quietly: ?My Carlos, if you would listen to me without any chatter and insults we would calmly work. He was bluffing, if even we were seen somewhere in Europe, in Spain, the new boss will not organize anything in an hour and no one will fly in. His chatter has not affected me, let's concentrate and get to work, we have 5 hours at our disposal we need to determine what lies there under water, I begin to doubt that those scumbags in treasures were found at this place. My Carlos, you heard the last words of Juanito Escuardo, ?what you are looking for you will never find here.? I understood that he had in mind the treasures lying at the bottom, they are not here. Let's quickly act on the orders at sea I give back: "Gentlemen, helmsmen on boats, all the soldiers remain here on deck. The first thing you need to inspect the hold, Kim, Sen, Lun, Kao. Ren, with arms forward, if anyone is hiding to deliver alive. Jin, Chao inspect deck and vigilantly watch the appearance of strangers from the hiding places, shoot only at the feet, then we will finish. Carlos, let's look at their captain?s cabin, I wonder what kind of navigation equipment they have. We need to see the coordinates and the bottom topography, we need to know the depth of the ocean at this place, go. "
?????Chun,? said Carlos, ?well done,? he did away with everyone in a few seconds. My talk with his former rival was of no use, what does it matter who sent them, let?s go, look at their modern technology.?
????They went into the captain?s cabin and saw the most modern equipment, several monitors continued to work, Chun looked at one and saw the coordinates 24 * 57 "01N 79 * 32" 23 'W. Yes, ?Isabella? stood almost at the place where the treasure hunters allegedly found hidden treasures. On another monitor, they saw the readings of a 330-foot sounder, the depth is shallow, on the third monitor Carlos saw a clear picture of a camera showing the side of a sunken bulk carrier and several containers lying next to it.
????"Chun, you just see how many plastic bags with white powder are there, this is a catch, how much heroin, it's tens of millions of bucks!" exclaimed don Carlos. I want to go down to the bottom in a diving-suit and examine everything. Maybe there is besides heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and other drugs that alleviate people's fate."

????"Yes, Carlos, there is a lot of good, if you want, then go down to the bottom, no shark will bite, I will not let you go, I have a good diver, Kim, and you will see what lies there."

????At this time, fighters Kim, Kao, Lun, Ren, Sen got up from the hold onto the deck, their faces glowed with joy, it was clear that there was a valuable cargo. Kao looked at the bosses and said: "Gentlemen Chun and Carlos, our enemies hid 10 bags of white powder, I tried, not flour, but pure heroin, if we take with us, we will bring them to the deck."

????Carlos and Chun smiled and the drug lord shouted: "Gentlemen, all in the hold, take the bags to the deck and hand them over to the sailors on boats. I think Chun, still go down with Larsen to the bottom, this Juanito and his team have three modern diving-suits, they don?t even think about hiding them and are in sight Dick Larsen, go up to the ?Isabella? deck, you and I are going down to the bottom, I want to rummage in that container, maybe there?s nothing valuable besides heroin, just let's take long kitchen knives, you never mind. "
????"My Carlos, I am going up to the deck, I am glad to go down to the bottom, yes, I need to grab the knives, there are a lot of sharks in these warm waters, but they are well-fed, and we are protected," said Dick.

????After a few seconds, a tall, strong, athletic young man with dark hair jumped up to Carlos, he first examined the diving-suits, picked up, tried on himself, his boss and said: ?Carlos, they suit us, we dress and let us smoothly sink to the bottom , besides knives we?ll take lanterns with us, there is darkness. "
????"Brown and Domingo, come to me," cried Dick. Soon two strong men of Spanish appearance came up to him and Larsen continued: "Gentlemen, you help me put a diving-suit on Carlos, then on me and like seasoned minders, we smoothly lower the bottom of the ground with winches, we keep in touch, we get started.

??? ?The diving-suits of heavy-strong lightweight materials turned up hust right of Dick and Carlos, they took with them long knives, lights and a solid net: they would put a bag of heroin into it and lift it upstairs. Cables were hooked to the suits and slowly lowered into the water with two winches, they soon disappeared and after a couple of minutes Carlos and Dick were on a muddy bottom near an open container. With the help of a TV camera, a clear image was transmitted to the screen and Chun and the fighters saw the contents of an open container - all of it was littered with bags of white powder. After some time, Carlos climbed inside and said on the walkie-talkie: ?Chun, you can?t imagine, you won?t count this good here, but unfortunately we won?t be upset, even having such kind of good will live happily ever after. I don?t want to come back empty-handed , put it in the nets on the bag and after the signal rise. " Carlos got out of the container and with Dick began to put plastic bags with white powder into the nets. Chun heard a signal from Carlos and shouted: "Brown and Domingo, smooth rise, without any jerks, they have bags in the net."

???? ?"Chun, everything will be fine, not the first time we lift a priceless load, turn it on, watch them, if you report any complications. I remember there were cases when brainless creatures attacked divers, or rather not on them, but on bags, they must have seemed like pieces of meat, launching the winch," said Brown, pressed the button and the slow rise began. All kinds of harmless fish and small fish swam around the cloud divers, 100 feet were left to the surface when a gray shark suddenly appeared, it began to spin near Dick. A bag of white powder attracted her attention, she opened her mouth to swim towards it, clutched her teeth, tore the bag and white powder mixed with water began to flow out. Some of this strange mixture fell into the mouth of the predator, dissatisfied with the fact that it was not a piece of meat, she attacked Dick's steel leg and tried to grab it. But she, because of her misfortune, was not strong for shark teeth, caused possibly severe pain, and she attacked the head part of the diving-suit even more furiously, grabbed Carlos, Chun and other fighters in her huge mouth and in front of her so deformed. Chun heard a strong cry of pain in his headphones, water poured into the holes and Dick fell silent, it became clear to everyone that he had choked since the diving-suit was filled with water. The pirate figured out what needs to be done to save Carlos and shouted loudly: ?Brown, give Dick a free run, speed up Carlos, so you need to distract this creature from our boss when he?s out of danger, we resume climbing Larsen?s diver. Kim and Cao, put on masks and as soon as I shout ?Into the water?, dive and help Carlos drive the sea creatures away from him, grab the long knives with you, on board, just be careful yourself. ?

?????Chun Lu, the task is clear,? two pirate fighters mumbled and came to the side ready to throw themselves into the water at any moment. Chun lost touch with diver Dick as he began to tumble down, but saw Carlos on the screen, he rose, but at a depth of 30 feet two gray sharks somehow unexpectedly appeared, for his happiness they seemed not so aggressive and only circled near the net with a bag of heroin. When fifteen feet was left to the surface, Chun shouted: "Kim, Kao, into the water! Be careful, there are two sharks next to the bag of heroin, drive them away."

????Not responding to the two strong athletic complexion of a fighter with muscular arms threw themselves into the water, they saw sharks and swam to them. Predators noticed live meat and, having left to spin around a strange bag, went to people floating under water. While striking creatures chased after the divers, Brown were lifting Carlos with a winch. It?s good that only Chun listened to him, Carlos tearfully asked his friend to lift the boss upstairs as he had nothing to breathe: from the fear he had piled on his suit and breathed in smelly nasty gas, Chun asked him to endure, and relief would soon come. Finally, a diving-suit appeared from the water, then a net with a bag of white powder, the soldiers standing on the deck picked up a diver and a bag of heroin, lowered them to the deck and if he hadn?t held the boss?s hands, he would definitely fall off his feet. Chun instantly grabbed the key and began to unscrew the nuts of the head of the diving-suit, and as soon as they removed it, a stream of unbearable stink poured onto the deck. The pirate knew what to do in that case ? he put a neck of a bottle of whiskey in Carlos?s mouth and a life-giving drink flowed into his mouth. Having skipped a quarter of the bottle of whiskey, Chun put aside and shouted: ?Gentlemen, help Carlos get out of the diving-suit, immediately wash and look for new clothes in the cockpit. Yes, Brown, turn on the winch and lift the diving-suit with Dick?s body, we will bury him with honor gentlemen, I don?t see Kao and Kim fighters among us, they are not visible on the water. Are they really the victim of those sharks? Critters," Chun cried and burst into tears, he went to the side of ?Isabella? and as a madman began to shout into the darkness:" Kao, Kim, come out, I'm waiting for you."
?He would scream for a long time, but at that time the diving-suit appeared and heard Brown?s voice: ?Chun, the diver Dick is up, you just look, that thing disfigured the head part of the diving-suit and it resembles a sieve from sharp teeth, our comrade choked and, sorry, he got himself sick with fear, the stench rushing from all holes. There is no use for this diving-suit, he is pierced with teeth in many places."

????"Dear Brown, don Carlos will decide, in a couple of minutes he will be clean and fresh like a cucumber, but unfasten the cable from the suit," said Chun and stepped aside. The saddened soldiers stood with their heads bowed, they felt sorry for the diver Dick, Kim and Kao who were lost in the ocean abyss. Soon, Don Carlos appeared in dark shorts and a blue T-shirt, when he saw the mutilated head of the diving-suit, he bowed his head and said sadly in his voice: "Farewell to our dear and devoted friend and comrade Dick Larsen, we will keep your name in our hearts, let the ocean will be your eternal home. Friends, take the diving-space suit with his body to the side and drop it into the water."
???Standing fighters and Chun went to the diving-esuit, lifted them from the deck, carried them to the side and threw them into the water, after standing for half a minute they returned to the winch near which lay a bag of heroin, Carlos took a knife, made a hole, stuck a finger, pulled out white powder, brought it to his nose, sniffed, smiled and said in a joyful voice: "Gentlemen, I was not mistaken, real heroin, it?s a pity that they lost an excellent diver and bag of drug because of the sea creature. The fact is that real flour was transported in this container but several bags of ?coca? were hidden among it. I think we need to return home with heroin in the dark, we?ll flood the ship and it?s finished. Chun, you?re right, those treacherous treasure hunters passed your movie recorded a few hours before sailing . Having risen with treasures, Spaniards and Spaniards and finding themselves in this place, they, having agreed with the CNN television company, slipped them their early recording. Your specialist Mao Yu and my friend in Europe, and maybe others, caught signals and these coordinates were spotted and then we and our rivals rushed here. Now our main task is to track down the nest of treasure hunters on the shore and watch how they prepare for the collection of treasures and possibly mechanized way, manually collect long and tedious. What do you think, Chun? "
????"I will say it?s necessary to take all the heroin and sink ?Isabella?, you don?t need to leave the ship, there is a lot of blood on the deck and walls, we?re acting, Carlos," said Chun, looked at him and added sadly, "Yes, my boss, let's salute "To our fallen heroes, in this abyss, two of my soldiers, Kim and Kao, were killed in order to save you and a bag of heroin."

????"Dear Chun, I express my condolences to you, premature loss, but as they say there is no war without blood, take a gun and shoot three times for every lost fighter hero," said Carlos in a sad voice. They picked up two 36-magnus and shot into the sky three times at intervals.

?????Come, my friend, we need to act,? said the pirate and led the drug boss into the hold, he brought him to the engine room and said: ?Carlos, first we open all the compartments, then we drain some of the fuel, set fire and all tanks with diesel fuel will catch fire and in a few minutes ?Isabella? sink to the bottom. Since we have the exact coordinates of the sunken cargo ship, after we finish with the treasure hunters we?ll go here, I think we?ll never be late."
?????I agree, Chun Lu, we?ll act, we?ll go for the heroin after we finish our treasure hunters. Yes, I took a bar of soap and explosives with me, my Valdemar Gluck specialist put it under the cars of my enemies, it?s certain that the vessel will go to the bottom, I'll go to call him," said Carlos and left the pirate. Found himself in the hold, Chun examined the engine room and the lower deck ? there were no compartments since the ship was not too big. While he was inspecting the engine room, Carlos came down to him with the explosive master Waldemar Gluck holding a bag. Chun looked at the guy and said: "Mr. Gluck, lay the soap where the feed is, after the explosion, the water will pour into the hole and after a few minutes the vessel blazing with blue flame will go under water as I will burn the fuel from which all the fuel tanks and oxygen cylinders will explode, proceed to action, the explosion should happen in a few minutes, by this time we will sail a considerable distance."

?????"Okay Chun, I think the explosives will not explode before the fire reaches it, by this time we will sail off the boats a considerable distance. We open the tap as soon as I put the packet in and let the fuel drain onto the lower deck, I lay the explosion," said Gluck and went to the stern. A minute later he returned, smiled and said: ?Don Carlos and Chun, everything is done, we drain the fuel and set fire, when the explosives explode there will be a decent hole, the water will pour into the hold and after ten minutes ?Isabella? will go to the bottom, to this time we will be at a decent distance from this place, go. "

????Chun went up to the tap, looked at the boss standing next to him and said: ?Carlos, get up on deck and give the order to prepare for sailing, in a couple of minutes I will join you with Gluck and immediately rush from this vessel at full speed since violent explosions and fires on a ship may attract the attention of crews of passing ships."

????"I understood Chun, all boats will be ready to sail, and as soon as you take your place rush to Miami, be careful," Carlos said and headed for the stairs.
????The pirate and Gluck opened several gates, diesel fuel poured onto the deck and began to spread through the engine room, when it flowed ankle-deep with its feet soaked in it, they rushed to the stairs, taking with them a pair of working overalls hanging on a hanger and crowbars. They wet their work clothes with diesel fuel and, being on the pre-last platform, they put them on a metal step and set fire to it. The overalls were on fire, Chun and Gluk with a crowbar threw them into the diesel fuel spreading across the floor, it caught fire, the heat rushed up and enveloped them. After making sure that the diesel fuel is no longer extinguishing, the arsonists rushed up the stairs, a burning air mass and flame darted up, but at that time Chun and Gluck had already jumped out onto the deck and ran to the side of the boat near which there was a boat waiting for them, as the others were already racing away from the burning ship. Carlos waved his hand, the sailors were ready to catch Gluck and Chun so that they would not break their legs. Arsonists jumped onto the deck, caught on the fly they did not feel pain in their legs, they were seated on folding chairs and the ?Catalina? rushed to catch up with the boats that had sailed earlier. After a couple of minutes, an explosion rang out, a fountain of water shot up, a large wave rushed to the boat, but since it flew at least 30 miles per hour, it did no harm. At this time, the fire spread to the deck, oxygen cylinders began to explode, but these were the details, after a few minutes the ?Isabella? would sink and hardly anyone would rush to her aid despite the fact that those who sent Juanito Escuardo and his thugs knew about her death searching for treasures found by Johnny Gray, his father and friends, indicating, as it seemed to everyone, the correct coordinates of their location ...
??... When the artist-photographer Juan Ever guessed that John Gray arrived in Malaga to find any historical document according to which he can find the sunken galleon with gold, silver coins, items and jewelry and got on the track in their museum, found a painting with a sinking strange island caravel "Hispaniola" then he decided to get rich at someone else's expense offered his services to the well-known drug lord Mark Sanchez. The drug dealer, who completely controls the market for heroin, cocaine and ecstasy throughout Europe, has heard a lot about how, in recent decades, individuals with their teams found countless treasures without any risk for their activities under water in various parts of the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas and even the shores of Europe. hundreds of millions of dollars. Mark Sanchez listened to his friend?s voice especially after Juan Ever received an order from John Gray for a copy of ?Hispaniola?s death? picture and overheard a conversation between him and Milera Goya in which the young American asked the lady guide to give some information about the artist and the picture, but since no one in the gallery knew, the treasure seeker did not receive it. Juan Ever finally understood John Gray?s plan after the Yankee ordered the painting, he urgently called Mark Sanchez and informed him that the American was seriously burning with a desire to find a treasure and even got on the track and then the drug lord decided to establish surveillance for the Yankee and promised to send his specialist to the photographer the installation of miniature bugs capable from time to time to send a signal to a satellite with the exact coordinates of the picture at the moment and having received it with the appropriate equipment, it became clear where it is and he. A couple of hours after the conversation, a specialist came to Juan Ever and installed several bugs in the thick cardboard of the picture and put it in the frame itself, immediately called Mark Sanchez and asked him to personally check the coordinates of the picture. A few minutes later, the drug lord called Juan Ever and asked to thank Philip Gamero for the excellent work and send him, Mark Sanchez, a copy of the picture of the? Death of ?Hispaniola? with him only without bugs and to continue observing the American while he was in Malaga.

??????Juan Ever thanked Philippe Gamero and asked him to stay a couple of hours so that he would personally deliver the picture to boss Marc Sanchez and begin to create a second copy. To make a greater impression on Mark Sanchez, he enlarged the picture to a size of 5 X 5 feet and as soon as the ?Death of ?Hispaniola? was framed, Juan Ever wrapped it in plastic and handed it to Philippe Gamero, helped put the van into the back and said goodbye to him. to himself, he immediately informed the boss by phone about sending him a picture and asked him to call in his free time.if it liked it him.
????The next day, as Johnny promised, he did not come for the painting because he was carried away by Mieleroy Goya, so a day later a caring artist called him and made sure that the American gave the correct phone number and did not leave the city. Johnny responded, came to the artist in the gallery, Juan Ever handed him the painting and after he went to the hotel he called Mark Sanchez. The boss got in touch and, having heard the artist?s voice, thanked him for the picture sent and expressed his firm conviction that the Yankees were on the right track and was looking for the island near which the ?Hispaniola? caravel sank: ?My dear Senor Marco Sanchez, the Yankee took the picture, please let Carlo Bergis check the operation of the bugs and tell me the coordinates, according to them we will determine the location of the picture and its owner, we need to make sure that they are working."

????"Senor Juan Ever, in a couple of minutes you will receive them, if that Yankee in Malaga lead the observation after him, if he goes to another city let me know, I will send people and they will not let him out of sight, we need him until you pass on information shedding light on the death of ?Hispaniola.? In a couple of minutes you will receive a number at home and the street where he lives, ?said the boss.

????"I'm waiting, Senor Marco Sanchez," the artist said.

????After a couple of minutes, the voice of Marco Sanchez sounded: "Senior Juan Ever, that Yankee does not live in a hotel, but in a private house, bugs give excellent signals, I give you the address.?

????"Senor Marco Sanchez, I understand that he lives with lady Milera Goya and persuaded her to find information on ?The death of ?Hispaniola? in our archives, I?ll inform you of the results of the observation
and if they change let me know, thanks, goodbye," said Juan Ever.
????According to Marco Sanchez?s instructions, John Gray was tracking the artist in Malaga, but since Milera Goya sheltered the Yankee in the house and she knew the purpose of his visit, he knew with the help of surveillance cameras in the museum that the guide came in the evenings and in his spare time into the room where rare historical documents were stored and read them. A month later, John left Malaga and appeared in Lisbon, which the artist learned from Milera while meeting with him, she herself confessed to Juan Ever that love had ended and the Yankee went to Portugal in search of happiness but did not admit what. Since the photo artist was not easy to sew, he guessed from the picture what he was looking for and understood, Milera could not help him in any way and the young boyfriend left the mature lady.

????Ever had John Gray's phone and he called him, not from the museum, but from the technical room where Carlo Bergis was sitting next to him. Just at that time, Johnny was in Lisbon and was browsing through a computer the names of documents relating to the 16-17th century available in the public library. A trivial conversation between the artist and the American allowed Carlo Bergis to determine the location of John Gray via satellite and on the same day Marco Sanchez sent his people to Lisbon to rummage around in the library and get ahead of the annoying Yankee in search of an archival document. The next day, under the guise of important people, two drug lord agents showed up at the library and began searching. Fortunately for John and Carmen, they turned to the young, pretty senorina Sophia Blanca, who had just returned to work, to help them find in the archives a historical document related to ?The death of the ?Hispaniola? caravel. Sophia, in order not to face the gentlemen in the mud, in turn consulted with an experienced Carmen and when she found out that important foreign gentlemen were looking for, she immediately realized what was happening and suggested that the girl rummage in the department of historical discoveries. Sofia Blanco thanked Carmen, returned to the visitors and led them to the third floor, there really were documents there but they didn?t find what they needed and then they decided to start the search using the computer: they entered the keywords ?Hispaniola's death? on November 16, 1679 years and to their great joy they read on the screen: This document is located in the basement bookstore and is not listed on a personal computer; please contact the head of the archive department, Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, with an application.

????Without hesitation, the joyful gentlemen with Senora Sophia Blanco went down to the second floor where they met Carmen face to face and asked her to help them go to the head of the archival department of Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez. senorina Sophia Blanco once again briefly told Carmen about the purpose of the arrival of the seniors and she knowing about.

?????Senora Sophia Blanco once again briefly told Carmen about the purpose of the seigneur?s arrival and she knowing that they are looking for the document that she secretly took out from the basement and without requesting at night bypassing the alarm system that she had turned off in advance - ?Notes of the witness of the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679 to Portugal from Cuba, which happened in an area located a three-day voyage from Havana "and in order not to risk the loss of work and even freedom, creating a bewitching smile on her pretty face, she told them with joy the situation her in the library: ?Dear senoras, I?ll bring you the form, you will fill it out and since today is Friday, Monday at 11 o?clock, your archive document will be waiting for you, you just need to contact the head of the department, Senora ???Maria de Sanchez. I think it will suit you, three days a short period, some documents not entered into the computer are searched for four days, decide. Yes, let's get acquainted, my name is Carmen Nuerra, her Sophia Blanco, is new and still does not know much about the rules and regulations in our library."


????"We agree, my dear senorina Carmen, wait until Tuesday, give me the form to fill it out, for your kindness on Monday afternoon, you and Sofia will receive an invitation from us to visit the chic ?White Horse? restaurant at our expense, it's always fun there, my name is "Romero Peron and my friend Philip Carerro. It's nice to see such charming and seductive girls, you won our hearts."
?????Thank you for the compliment, it?s very nice to meet you, thanks for the invitation, on Monday, only in the evening, I agree to go with such charming senores to the ?White Horse? restaurant, I think Sofia will accept your offer, have some fun from soul. Yes, sit here for a couple of minutes, I will bring the form and you fill it out, and the more fully describe the document the faster they will find, the correct name has a very large meaning, since there are so many document and harder them to find, "Carmen said with a smile.
????"Senores, I also agree to take a merry make with you in the restaurant, so the evening will be fun, joyful and enjoyable for all of us," said Sofia and smiled broadly.
????Carmen left and returned three minutes later with the forms, put ones on the table and looked at the gentlemen, smiled and said quietly: "Sophia, help them fill in, I will come in three minutes, if anything is unclear I will help."
????Carmen left and appeared three minutes later, looked at the completed form, smiled broadly with her snow-white teeth and said: ?Sophia, you did an excellent job. Gentlemen, I?ll take your application to the department and at 11 a m on Monday you will receive a historical document. Sophia, say goodbye to the lords, they will not return here until Monday."

????Senores Romero and Philip, come on Monday to 11 a m on the third floor, I?m waiting for you, your document will be on the table, goodbye,? said Sophia and handed them a kiss for her chubby hand.

?????Goodbye, charming senorina Sophia, see you on Monday,? seniors Philippe and Romero said joyfully kissing her hand.

????Waving to senorina Sophia with a hand, the joyful senoras Romero and Carmen, with a beaming smile on their charming face, went to the first floor to submit an application to se?or Juan Cardobe, since on Friday the head of the department of? senora, Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, was absent when she went to a business meeting. Carmen knew very well about the love affairs of a loving lady, every week on Thursday evening she flew to the Canary Islands to her boyfriend and returned on a Monday afternoon, joyful, happy and tanned.
????Going to the office Carmen and senoras Philip and Romero saw through the open door sitting at the table a middle-aged but strong body with lush hair of a lord. senorina Carmen heard about Juan Cardobe showing an increased interest in charming young senorinas, so she did not dare to go into his office alone and looked at her companions and said: "Senoras Philippe and Romero, come with me, I will file an application with you senor Juan Cardobe, it will be more reliable, unfortunately the head of the archival department of senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez is absent."

????Senorina Carmen with the representative senores Romero and Philip went into a small office, greeted the seigneur sitting at the table, introduced themselves, he answered the same and asked to sit down. Smiling Carmen went up to the table, put a blank form on the table and said in a velvet voice: ?Dear senor Juan Cardobe, guests have come to our library, they have arrived from Spain and are looking for this document, it?s somewhere in the book depository and are ready to wait until Monday according to the regulation. "
????Senor Juan Cardobe looked at the form, at the Spaniards and said: "Senores Romero Peron and Philippe Correro, come on Monday, you will receive a document of interest to you if it is absent, then there will be no complaints against us, and documents will be stolen in our library as if we were not protecting them, goodbye."

????"Thank you, Senor Juan Cardobe, goodbye," ?the Spaniards said and went out with Senorina Carmen, Romero and Philip kissed her hand and the joyful went to their state hotel, on the way to Hilton they informed boss Marco Sanchez by telephone the results of the document search and happy drug lord asked them to wait until Monday.

?????Romero and Philip did not waste time in vain and spent a couple of days at their pleasure. On Sunday, they went to the port to take an informative and pleasure walk on the ship and, by chance, did not get to the "Beautiful Isabella" on which Johnny and Carmen sailed. Just a minute before their arrival at the port, the ship sailed to the Atlantic Ocean and had to wait another hour for another pleasure ferry "Santa Anna."

????On Monday, the lords went to the public library where they were deeply disappointed - this historical document did not appear in the archives, in fact, it was stored according to the index but someone secretly took it and illegally took it out. They tried to find an attractive Carmen but she was not on the second floor. Having met Senorina Blanca's friend in the department, they asked where Carmen was and looking at them with astonishment she told them terrific news: "Dear senores, have you really not read the newspaper and not watched TV!? Our charming Carmen taking a trip on a steamer with young man disappointed in love and life she threw herself into the Atlantic Ocean and drowned, unfortunately her body was not found despite the fact that divers searched until the bottom of the morning but the search continued. my heart nearly stopped "
????The Spaniards looked at her in surprise and mumbled: ?How drowned!? Such a young, interesting and attractive. We sympathize with you and condole, such grief!? Yes, Senorina Sophia, but what about the document we ordered? "
????Senora Sophia looked at the Spaniards with wide-open blue eyes and said with sadness: "Gentlemen, your document is missing, someone has stolen it, here is the form with the answer, read. It happens," and gave the form forged Carmen back on Friday. Before parting, Carmen instructed her faithful friend, handed her a fake and told about her alleged suicide.

????After reading the form, senores Romero and Philip were saddened, looked at each other, handed it to the sobbing senorina Sophia, thanked for trying to help and said goodbye went to the exit. They guessed that Carmen had stolen the document and hid with the American, passing into the hands of a young man and maybe during the voyage he threw Carmen into the water to cover up for himself the traces of the crime and to pull himself in an unknown direction from the police and Interpol.

????But in fact, everything was wrong, senorina Carmen did not drown, and the document was in the basement of the library, hidden by her. By agreement with her faithful friend Sophia Blanco on Monday, when meeting with the Spaniards Romero and Philip, they will inform them of the disappearance of a historical document shedding light on the search for the treasure of the sunken ?Hispaniola? caravel. The savvy Carmen, taking advantage of the absence of the meticulous head of the archival department of the se?ora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, always personally inquiring from the applicant, which aroused interest in receiving this historical document, decided to outwit the two seigneurs: she herself compiled the second application on behalf of Romer and Philip for notes of the 17th century navigator "Sailing of the Duke Philip de Marneg from El Salvador to Lisbon in the galleon" Carolina ".

????When Carmen, Romero and Philip approached the office of the head of the archival department of the se?ora, Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, where Juan Cardobe was sitting in her place, the smart senorina quietly replaced the application for them and kept her completed one earlier. Entering Senora Carmen?s office, she went to the table, smiled broadly and laid a request on the table, Senor Juan Cardobe, instead of reading the request, stared with his green slanting eyes into her lush breasts peering from underneath an unbuttoned transparent light blouse. He liked this cute seductress and if Carmen was older and he was younger, he would have an affair with her but she just smiled, flirted and let all men know that she did not want to complicate her life with family concerns and therefore continues to flutter like a butterfly. But since Johnny met on her way, for her now there is no one dearer than him. And the fact that she appeared so seductive before Senor Juan Cardobe was not without reason, to divert his attention from the slipped application written to her on the notes of a 17th-century navigator, ?Sailing of the Duke of Philippe de Marneg from El Salvador to Lisbon in the Carolina galleon and thus not to bring on suspicion of theft of a document- ?Notes of a witness to a mysterious tragedy on November 16, 1679, returning to Portugal from Cuba that occurred in an area located at a distance of three days from Havana."

???As soon as senor Juan Cardobe accepted the application and said goodbye to Romero, Philip and Carmen, they joyful and happy left his office and went to the library exit. Thanking the lady Carmen and kissing her chubby hand, the Spaniards said goodbye to her, left the library and soon disappeared around the bend. Without wasting Carmen?s time in vain, to cover up the traces of her trick, she rushed to the second floor to Johnny reading ?Notes?, took them, a couple more documents and went to the basement bookstore. She walked past the guard into it and finding herself in the place where she had hidden the ?Notes?, went to the shelf where the notes of the 17th century seafarer ?Sailing of the Duke Philip de Marneg from El Salvador to Lisbon in the Carolina galleon? and shifted them to another place away from where they were lying in order to take them if necessary, and bypassing the guard, she returned to the second floor to her Johnny who was waiting for her.

????As soon as the Spaniards deceived, the Spaniards left the library without hesitation, contacted their boss and Philip first told him the bad news: "Dear Senor Marco Sanchez, that important document sheds light on the death of? ?Hispaniola" ? Notes of a witness to a mysterious tragedy on November 16, 1679, returning to Portugal from Cuba, which happened in an area located a three-day voyage from Havana," was stolen by library employee senorina Carmen Nuerra and possibly transferred to Mr. John Gray, the owner of the painting ?The death of ?Hispaniola?. Her unexpected suicide, a jump into the Atlantic Ocean from the pleasure ship "Beautiful Isabella", changed the whole thing. Unfortunately, there is no copy of this historical document as well as the name of the person who wrote these notes. We could start the search for the American John Gray, but time is lost, maybe as soon as he received the document from Carmen, he immediately ran away and it seems to me he knew the coordinates of the death of the "Hispaniola."

??Marco Sanchez listened and said: "Senores, her death is implausible, she is alive and hiding with relatives, but so far we will not search for senorina Carmen so she does not have this document as well as a copy. These ?Notes? are in the hands of this American and since we have all his data, I?ll include my specialists and they will locate this Yankee, so get back home."
????Immediately after the call from Lisbon, Marco Sanchez contacted a specialist Carlo Bergis: ?Dear Carlo, good afternoon, please establish the location of the picture at the moment, it seems to me that that American escaped from Lisbon and since the picture is of interest and value to him, it is with him. You can?t imagine that the librarian stole a document with the coordinates of the place of death of the ?Hispaniola? caravel and handed it to the Yankee, imitated drowning and, in my opinion, fled with him."

????Carlo Bergis looked at his watch and calmly replied: ?Good afternoon, dear Senor Marco Sanchez, in order to save energy and long service, the bugs give a signal after three hours, but since I am constantly monitoring, I?ll say, two and a half hours ago, the picture was in Lisbon at the international airport, therefore an American with this fake documentary is flying out of Lisbon but it?s not known. I think the plane is already in flight and in half an hour I?ll tell you the direction where the liner is flying with a picture, an American and that bitch, apparently he promised her a lot of money and maybe a lot of love, but she didn?t drown, trust me my boss."

????"My Carlo Bergis, from now on you will follow the movement of the picture and draw a path on the map, only after half an hour call me back it is at the airport or fly, if successful you will have a good share," said Marco Sanchez and looked at the sky from satellite and signal bugs in the picture now depended on success with the search for treasures of the sunken caravel "Hispaniola".
????Carlo Bergis was incredibly glad that he would receive a share of the found treasures, much now depends on him and decided to treat the important business with zeal. He was sitting near the screen and looking at the monitor when one of the bugs sends a signal to space and the exact coordinates of the picture?s location are displayed on the screen. Exactly at 2 p m the screen lit up for a couple of seconds, he saw a coordinate grid and a red dot, instantly enlarged the image and a sharp look noticed its movement. Carlo Bergis smiled, he understood, the picture was flying, at that moment the picture froze and the coordinates were displayed, checking with the map it became clear to him that the plane was flying over Italy.

?? ?Without thinking twice, he dialed the boss?s phone number, the senior picked up the phone and heard, as always, Carlo Bergis?s joyful calm voice: ?My Marco Sanchez, the picture flies over Italy, the next signal from the bug will fly into space in three hours, I think it will be important for you to know the final destination of her stay. To make it interesting for you to follow its route, I?ll present it on the map."

????"Carlo Bergis, thank you for your faithful service and information, after your message I felt easy, take observation and as soon as you make sure that the picture has arrived at the destination, you will call, I wish you happiness and to the next call," said the boss.

?????Goodbye, Senor Marco Sanchez, the next call twenty-four hours later,? said Carlo Bergis and closed his Nokia mobile phone.

?????A young talented electronic engineer monitored the movement of the picture for 24 hours and at the end of a long journey it found itself on a ship in the Mediterranean Sea, 30 miles from Crete, from the port of Paleochora. Joyful Carlo Bergis immediately contacted his boss by phone and posted him full information about the whereabouts of the painting on board the ship anchored. It became clear to the drug lord that this American got to the ship and in the near future he and his team would go in search of treasures and so as not to Carlo Bergis asked him to monitor all ship movements and every twenty-four hours to give information.

????The drug boss knew about the whereabouts of the picture and now he wanted to use the photographer Huang Ever, a photographer, to establish a telephone connection via mobile phone with an American, and during the conversation, electronic communications specialist Carlo Bergis will determine the coordinates. To do this, an artist came to Carlo Bergis?s technical center and when the equipment was ready to receive a signal, Juan Ever dialed John Gray's phone number. No contact, the Yankees cell phone was silent, after three minutes it became clear to everyone that the American threw the phone away. The artist was deeply disappointed, he realized: John outwitted them and tries to end the connection and without wasting time reported to Marco Sanches. After hearing this bleak message, the boss nevertheless did not lose heart and asked Carlo Bergis to continue tracking an unknown vessel on board of which there was the unaware American and picture with bugs transmitting are hidden in the frame signal to satellite. At the same time, he decided to create a group of fighters, put them on his boat, sail to an unknown ship located in the Mediterranean Sea, attack and to put a live Yankee in whose hands without fail "Notes" with the coordinates of the place sunken caravel "Hispaniola" with treasures.
????Marco Sanchez had large speedboats with sailors transporting drugs from one country to another, and two of them were constantly in Sicilli in Catania and Syracuse under the supervision of his faithful accomplice-mafiosi and boss Giuseppe Carero. Five soldiers were loyal there, ready at any time to go to the specified address to deal with objectionable competitors, law enforcers, karabeners and generally anyone. After talking with Giuseppe Carero and briefly describing the treasure hunt, Marco Sanchez asked his illegal business associate to equip the cutter with teams and include five fighters for the mission, which he would inform three days later about which point in the Mediterranean they would go to capture the ship and one of the crew members .
????But unexpectedly for Marco Sanchez, the ship on which the painting was located and possibly its owner Johnny Gray the next day, anchored and headed for Greece, then to Turkey, entered the Black Sea and moored in the port of Novorossiysk. Marco Sanchez couldn?t understand why the American Johnny Gray sailed to Russia instead of going to the States and, in a conversation on this subject, Marco Sanchez invited the boss to contact the artist and photographer Juan Ever so that he could get Senora Milera Goya to fall in love with the Yankees about him. Having received such a task, Juan Ever without hesitation proceeded to the processing of the lady Milera. By itself, an attractive and young artist began to pay attention to her, and since Milera understood the taste of love, she did not reject pay court of the photographer and fell in love with him. The artist invited her to the Andalusia restaurant to celebrate his birthday, she agreed, they spent the evening at the festive table laden with wines, champagne, snacks, sweets, grapes and tropic fruits. They drank, had a snack, danced, after which the artist went to see Milera home where he spent the night with her. Ever as a man liked her and she invited him to spend free time with her, which he agreed not for the service and the boss?s request, but simply, sincerely, for love. Once in bed, Juan Ever seemed to ask, inquiring whether the American Johnny Gray remained in her memory and asked her to tell why she broke up with him. ?Since Johnny was currently out of reach for her and the relationship would never resume and a new person appeared in her life sincerely loving her, she shared with Juan Ever his impressions of him and what is: ?My beloved Juan, frankly, I fell in love with him like you because of beauty and a strong attractive body, knowing full well that this love would not last long. In short, I surrendered to him and in the course of our joint short life he told me his interesting full of romanticism and adventure life ? for almost four years he was on a sea expedition in the Mediterranean, sailing on the ?Athena? research ship owned by some Russian billionaire tycoon and their main goal was to find the lost city of Atlantis and stumbled upon a wrecked ancient ship with amphorae and there was wine in them. After their leader arranged a drinking party, they tasted wine two thousand years ago and went to bed drunk. That night he had a dream with a beautiful woman standing with jewel from head to toe on a strange island and disappeared into it. As he admitted to me it was a sign from above and therefore abandoned the expedition went in search of this island, visited many cities and not finding anything interesting and important came to us in Malaga to find some story legal document on sunken ships.
????Earlier, I told you, my Ever, in our museum he found an old picture of the ?Death of ?Hispaniola? and directly told me that in a dream he saw this strange island and that beautiful servant painted on it. It seemed to me that he was obsessed with this picture, asked to find some kind of document that shed light on revealing the mystery of the death of? ?Hispanyola?, but unfortunately could not find it and he left for Portugal with the painting. I want to note to you that they sailed through the Mediterranean Sea for a reason, out of curiosity, but searched for the lost Atlantis and told me that they found the broken ancient ships under water transporting marble columns, sculptures and slabs with gold ornaments to build the city of the Gods and drawings in the form of a golden sun with eight rays and according to its measurements on each plate there were up to 9 kilos of this precious metal, at our prices about a hundred thousand dollars. As for the home address, he said that he lived in Alaska, Anchorage, gave a phone number but he was silent, apparently changed his mobile phone. Maybe you, my dear Ever, are burning with a desire to find that island? To do this, you need a ship, but he has one. I think in Portugal he found something and rushed off to his ?Athena?, then the ship is equipped with the latest technology, with radars and magnetic echo sounders. They are able to find the island if it exists and rake the good for hundreds of millions of dollars. Yes, as Johnny said, they found 500 plates under water, we multiply by 100 thousand dollars and we get 50 million bucks. If Atlantis exists, then there?s billions of dollars of good in it, that?s what they are looking for, my Ever, but as Johnny said, apart from the salary and the prize from the finds, nothing happened to him."
????"And yet, he rushed to them on their ship if that ?Athena? is equipped with modern appliances, on such a ship they would definitely find that island with treasures, the main thing would be a map," whispered Juan and kissed ?Milera on puffy lips.

????"My Ever, Johnny told me when they sailed from America to Europe they made a stop in the place where the Titanic sank, stood over the stern for a few minutes and threw commemorative badges to dead people, such as ?Athena?s? magnetic echo sounders, nothing more I don?t know and ask you, don?t think about those treasures. Am I not a treasure for you, my Juan?" Milera spoke and snuggled up against her artist with big plump breasts.

????"Milera, you are my treasure, I will not leave you, there is a lot of work for me in the museum, let others think about millions, you and I will have enough of our money," Ever said, we?ll sleep."

????The next day, senor Ever called Marco Sanchez and conveyed everything he heard from Milera word for word and the boss set out: as soon as ?Athena? was in the Mediterranean Sea near Crete, he would call Giuseppe Carero and attack the ship on two boats but not for the purpose capture and only taking hostage an American who has in his hands "Notes" with coordinates. For Marco Sanchez, things were going well. Three weeks later, ?Athena? left Novorossiysk and again went to the Mediterranean Sea, Marco Sanchez monitored the ship and finally it sailed to the island of Crete and anchored in the port of Paleochora. After standing for three days, the ship lifting the anchor sailed to Gibraltar, Marco Sanchez became clear, the American on board, apparently the island off the coast of America and they know an approximate place. A vessel equipped with modern instruments, radars and magnetic echo sounders is capable of detecting precious metals under water on the ?Hispaniola? that sank three centuries ago.

????In the communication center, Carlo Bergis and Marco Sanchez contacted Giuseppe Carero and gave him full information about the American Johnny Gray, sent a photo via Email and provided ?for the current coordinates of the ?Athena? currently sailing to Gibraltar and approaching Sicily. Giuseppe Carero informed Marco Sanchez about the readiness of the boats for departure. He asked Carlo Bergis to inform where is ?Athena? in the near future. Knowing the speed of ?Athena?, the straight direction of movement, the coordinates of Syracuse, Carlo Bergis made mathematical calculations and immediately instructed Giuseppe Carrero on the phone: to sail at 12 a m in the morning from Syracuse in the south-east direction and three hours later at a speed of 20 miles they will meet ?Athena? on their way, but in order not to miss at 2.55 a m? the captain of one of the boats will keep in touch with her, with Carlo Bergis and Marco Sanchez. Giuseppe Carero immediately on the phone informed Marco Sanchez the good news: "My dear Marco Sanchez, in this regard, this task is responsible and the fate of the business depends on him. I, as a former sailor, accept the leadership of the operation, code-named "Typhoon"-my nickname ?Papa?, "Athenia" is ?Wolf?, Marco-?Elephant? and Carlo-?Shepherd?. At 11.55 p m ?you give us coordinates with a line-longitude Euro, latitude cents, miles-pounds. Every hour, a communication session, at 5 p m to 3 a m at night you, ?Shepherd? give the exact coordinates of the ?Wolf? and I, ?Dad?, are attacking him."

???"I, ?Elephant?, approve of the operation "Typhoon", at 11. 55 p m the ?Shepherd? gets in touch, you have twelve hours to prepare, let everyone sleep well, see you soon, yes, I forgot, the main landmark that you were on the ship?s picture is hanging in one of the rooms, call it ?Flying Dutchman?. The ?Shepherd? sent an email with the photo of Tarzan we are looking for," said Marco Sanchez.

????"Dear ?Elephant?, I made a copy of the ?Flying Dutchman? with Tarzan and I will remember him before the connection," said the Dad and there was silence in the communication center.

???"My ?Shepherd?, continue to follow the ?Wolf?, sleep until 11 pm, I?ll be at your place at 10.30 p m," said the ?Elephant?, smiled and went to rest.
????At 11.30 p m an ?Elephant? entered the communication center, the ?Shepherd? was sitting at the computer, two monitors with dark screens stood next to him, at 11.55 p m one of them would light up, at 12 a m the bug hidden in the picture would give a signal to the satellite, it would be reflected on the screen a coordinate grid will appear, a red dot, and the location of the floating ?Athena? will be immediately determined. At 11.55 p m, the ?Elephant?, Marco Sanchez and the ?Shepherd?-Carlo Bergis made contact with Giuseppe Carero-Dad and he immediately gave a short message: "Elephant?, two cars with hunters set off, hello everyone."

????"Dad, a successful hunt, hello to all hunters and get Euros and cents for sweets from us," said the ?Elephant? and handed over the coordinates of ?Athena?, which is currently floating.

????Communication was immediately interrupted before the next session at 1 a m . This went on until three o'clock, the ?Shepherd? correctly directed the ?Dad? into the square where the ?Wolf? ran. At 3 a m, the next communication session took place, the ?Shepherd? gave ?Dad? the exact coordinates of where the ?Athena? ? Wolf? was located, and when the ?Dad? gave his coordinates, it turned out that the ship was sailing right on them and in fifteen minutes it would be two miles from the hunters. Everything was going great, the boats slowed down and waited for the ?Athena? to sail in their direction. At 3.15 a m ?a ship showed up and so that it wouldn?t notice boats from the ship?s control point, Giuseppe decided to sail to the side, skip ?Athena?, then catch up and get on deck from the stern.

????Giuseppe made such a maneuver and two boats rushed after the ship, according to the plan developed by him, his boat ?Amelia? with five fighters came from the starboard side, ?Gloria? with the commander Santiago Comer and seven sailors from the left. Giuseppe had no doubt that this was the ?Athena? ship that they should pursue and once in the middle of the hull, one of the strongest sailors of this crew, Markelius Crusoe, threw a hook with a rope ladder and boldly climbed onto the deck. The same thing was done on the ?Gloria? boat, and 12 attacking fighters and sailors were on deck. According to the developed plan, Giuseppe and Santiago were on racing boats next to the floating ?Athena? with helmsmen and were waiting for a signal from Mario Berlotti that the sleepy crew was captured.

????The commander waited impatiently for him, looked at his watch, five minutes had passed, ten and somehow suddenly he heard long machine gun bursts and screams of his men on the deck: ?Giuseppe, do not sail, we are free. The captain allowed us to leave the ship freely, wait for us."

????Joyful Giuseppe could not believe it, his mercenaries fell into the hands of the crew and for no reason at all were released by them, he raised his head up and saw Berlotti, he yelled at him at the top of his neck: "Giuseppe, this is ?Athena?, we are free."

????Giuseppe did not know what had happened and yet he was glad ? none of his people were taken hostage and immediately shouted: ?Friends, jump and sail to the boat, we will help you to go up to the deck.?

? ?Soon, one after another, fighters and sailors who made their way to ?Athena? began to jump into the water from the deck. Giuseppe decided to slow down and shouted to the helm: "Benito, stop, we need to raise the sailors on the boat, the main thing is not to let anyone drown."

????The helm immediately slowed down and the ?Amelia? at a low speed sailed to collect seafarers and soldiers floating in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. ?Athena? in the eyes of Giuseppe was moving farther and farther away, he soon saw the second boat ?Gloria? where Santiago was and began to wave his hand to sail towards him. When ?Athena? was far away, Giuseppe quietly said: ?Benito, still a small move, I'm not one of those who leave comrades in trouble, guys can swim and we will save them.?
????"Giuseppe, you are a gentleman," the helm said quietly and soon two boats sailed for the sailors, Giuseppe and Santiago helped them to board and when everyone was rescued they flew at full speed to Sicily, which was at least 50 miles away.

????Having sailed a couple of miles from the scene of the tragedy, Giuseppe turned to Mario Berlotti to tell him what happened on board the ?Athena? and he briefly told the story: ?Giuseppe, everything happened simply and quickly, as I understand it, there are radars on board and when we sailed far away they spotted us and an alarm sounded. The whole team woke up, armed and immediately divided into two groups, acted from their shelter located right in the place where we climbed up hiding behind large metal containers with lids on the wheels for garbage t so that they could easily be moved from place to place on the deck. As soon as one of us got on deck, the three athletic builds of the young guys grabbed us, immediately threw us into the container and slammed the heavy lid. Soon we all found ourselves in smelly containers, rolled up one to the other and heard an unfamiliar speech, but since among them was a interpreter and know our Italian, they heard a native speech: "Italians pasta! How many of you are the leader of the mafia, the pirates? Please raise your hand, give a name and answer questions! "

????The lid lifted, I looked at my comrades, they agreed to start answering questions and immediately raised my hand and I said my name: "I?m Mario Berlotti, detective, not the leader of the mafia and pirates, we are from the private detective company" Europe ", me appointed as elders, all of them agents, fighters of the invisible front."

????"Dear detective Mario Berlotti, our ship is a private property and you had no right, even at night, to secretly penetrate it, for us you are now pirates and have the right to throw you into the sea to sharks, but before we do this I would like to know why secretly at night tried to get into us," said the tall sailor with the figure of Hercules.

????I looked at the sailors who grabbed us and said: ?Gentlemen, I will tell you briefly why we got to your ship,? and began to expound the story, the legend that you, senor Giuseppe, ordered to memorize from the sheet on which it was printed. It?s good that my memory didn?t let me down, and I told them word for word: ?Gentlemen, we complied with the request of one senor from Spain to find on your ship the scoundrel who seduced and deceived his niece, the charming senorina Milera Goya from Malaga. This Yankee lived with for some time he decided to run away from senorina, citing the fact that he needed to see her relatives and that he would return to her in three weeks. Senorina Milera told her uncle, Senor Philippe de Marco, that this Johnny Gray was planning to leave her for a while I got him a copy of the picture ?The Death of ?Hispaniola? and I?m not sure whether he will return or not. And then the uncle we are working on will turn to private detectives for help to monitor her what the Yankee did not know. Specialists in the picture hid bugs transmitting signals to the satellite through for some time they watched the American in this way. Having said goodbye to senorina Milera, the Yankee left, threw out the telephone and all the attempts of the girl to contact him were unsuccessful. Since a month later this Johnny Gray, as he called himself, did not return, then Philippe de Marco turned to private detective the prospects of finding a scoundrel, they immediately determined the coordinates and everything was confirmed ? the picture was in the vastness of the Mediterranean Sea and since that senorina knew that he sailed on ?Athena? everything was confirmed and senor Philippe de Marco decided to entrust us with such an important business to abduct her fiance Johnny Gray and knowing the coordinates of your ship sailing to Gibraltar, we went on two boats to intercept. In order not to spill blood, we, as you see, without weapons, we need only him and not you, and as pirates demand millions. The only thing that we don?t yet know is whether this ship was what they indicated to us or something else.?

?? ?One of the sailors looked at Santiago in surprise and said: ?Senor, you have come to ?Athena? all of your statements are correct but unfortunately there is no American Johnny Gray, he left our ship a few months ago and does not support us so your senorina Milera will remain for a long time in splendid isolation, but as for the picture it has with us, however, he sent it to us from Lisbon and not from Malaga, and if you say there are bugs on it, then we will let go Mr. Harry, take the device and determine if there are bugs. It never crossed my mind that a picture with bugs hangs in my cabin, if it is with transmitters, I just can?t imagine why our faithful friend and comrade Johnny needed to follow us, Harry, believe me and if there?s them all out of order."

????Harry left and soon returned with a smile on his face: "Mr. Richard Dean, 6 bugs, there are no micro-backgrounds with transmitters, so no one listened to all your conversations, this Milera really wanted to know where John was hiding her and he sent for fun the picture with the bugs that we knew about, that?s the whole mystery. So the mercenaries all told the truth and I think we?ll forgive them for the sake of that Milera and our best member of the expedition, but let?s leave the picture at your request, it?s so interesting. "
?????Harry, we?ll leave a present from Johnny, I understand the essence of this story, I?ll tell you later and since I?m not bloodthirsty I?ll let them go in peace, the handsome sailor said, laughed and added, let friends salute in honor of Johnny, shoot up. "

????The sailors holding machine guns held them up and fired, Mr. Richard Dean looked at us, threatened his fist and shouted: ?Over there, detectives executors, if you come across again, you will forever go to the bottom to feed the sharks."
????We thanked them, they gave us a ladder, along it we went up to the edge of the garbage bin, jumped to the deck and shouted: ?Giuseppe, do not sail, we are free! The captain allowed us to leave the ship freely, wait for us? we ran to the board and jumped into the water. So Giuseppe they has a picture on ?Athena? but that guy is not on it and you can openly convey this amazing news for Marco Sanchez,? said Mario Berlotti and added after looking in the direction of the retreating ?Athena?, ?I can?t imagine why they gave us life, any captain on his ship would throw us to the bottom to the sharks or surrender to the police? I will never forget this incident in my life. It's so good that we climbed empty-handed, thank you Richard Dean. Listen, Giuseppe, do you have a case of whisky? "

????Giuseppe looked at him and said softly: "Yes, I will allow everyone to drink a glass, after you survived you need to calm your nerves."

????After drinking a glass of whisky, the sailors who visited ?Athena? immediately relaxed and fell asleep, Giuseppe himself contacted Marco Sanchez and directly informed him the latest news: "Dear Marco Sanchez, our attack on ?Athena? ended successfully, without bloodshed and aimlessly that Yankee scoundrel fooled us all, he?s not on the ship and he was in America a long time ago. We are currently heading for Sicily. I?ll inform you in detail from home."

?????Dear Giuseppe, your mission ended, I believe, not aimlessly, you brilliantly completed the task, without a drop of blood and without loss, thank you very much. The only thing is that sadly John led us around his finger,? he heard Marco's trembling voice.

????The boss looked at Carlo Bergis and said: ?My friend, now I?m sure Johnny Gray has the coordinates of the sunken ?Hispaniola? and I?m worried about something else ? if he left his friends on ?Athena? he is going to sail with whom and on which ship that place, and even without a lot of money in our time, you will not go far."

????Carlo Bergis looked at the boss, smiled and said: "My Marco Sanchez, we need to send our faithful people Romero and Philip to America, to Anchorage where they can make inquiries about John Gray and if he is there they abduct him, take out the ?Notes? with coordinates and everything will become clear to us, you will organize a search and all treasures will be our. I was worried all the time that he was at ?Athena? and the captain knew the coordinates, now I know that only John has them and in my opinion is preparing to collect jewelry."
????"My friend, you correctly reasoned, I will send my faithful performers Romero and Philip to Anchorage and if John is there they will get to him and get the coordinates," Marco said, pulled out whisky, glasses, poured and added: "Let's drink Carlo for success, we are on the right track."
?????For success, my Marco Sanchez,? said Carlo Bergis quietly and drank whisky in one gulp.

?? ?Unfortunately, at first all of Marco Sanchez?s attempts to follow Johnny Gray?s trail ended unsuccessfully ? two performers reaching Anchorage faced a problem ? people with name of Grey turned out to be so many that if you take apart each person by type of activity, then go out to the one they are looking for it will take many months. But a week later, purely by chance snooping around the port, Romero and Philip came across in one of the bars a former fisherman sailor who worked with the owner of the ?Seagull? trawler, Mr. Victor Gray. The Spaniards became better acquainted with the sailor, his name was Richard Taylor, posing as comrade of Johnny Gray on a marine expedition to the Mediterranean and are now trying to find him. Romero and Philip ordered a good snack, a drink, and sitting at the table, offering hearty food to Richard Taylor, asked him to tell everything he knew about Victor Gray, and without any second thought he laid out to them all the information about the "Seagull" trawler, his owner, wife Julia, son Johnny and reached the most interesting moment. "Gentlemen, a few weeks ago, five strong young people flew to Mr. Gray to rest, Victor Gray invited them to a trawler, and since at that time I was still working for the owner as a mechanical engineer on the ??Seagull "during sea trips was present and had to see how they not only controlled the trawler but were also interested in the engines themselves, disassembled, changed, assembled, equipped with the most modern equipment, bought two powerful pumps and quit fishing some time ago, fired us, sold the house and left for well My wife, son and new friends was going to travel across the seas and oceans. It seemed to me that Mr. Gray won several millions in the lottery, but seniors, he was just hidden to us that he didn?t share his win with anyone and I think he did it right, find out who about this, our Mr. Victor would have been left without money and a head, and so, seniors, they sailed away three weeks ago and at an average speed of 15 knots they will get there with refueling and stops for sightseeing in big cities just twenty days later to the Panama Canal. Where to rush, they are on vacation! So, they?ll cross the canal and in secret, Mr. Victor Gray told me they will circle in the Mexican Bay where eternal summer, food and shelter in Mexico are worth a penny, and they spend time on accumulated bucks like in paradise. Often mentioned some port of Cancun where he intends to acquire temporary housing, as he hinted to me that sooner or later he would return, he was born here and everything is so dear to him. Yes, if I had money or won as Mr. Gray didn?t stay here even for a week, I would immediately buy a yacht and go to the Gulf of Mexico where it?s eternal warmth and swim even in January," Mr. Richard Taylor said with a sigh, poured Sigram 7 into a glass , drank and lit Camel.

????And then a clever thought arose in Philip?s head, he looked at the mechanic, smiled and turned: ?Dear Mr. Richard Taylor, you sailed on a trawler for many years, you probably took pictures on the deck or near it more than once, could you show a photograph??

????"Senores, I have hundreds of photos in my house, I can show you and even give any three, but no more, take a taxi and go to my house, you will see my villa, but the truth is on the outskirts, in half an hour we?ll be there" said Richard and stood up.

????"Mr. Richard, we agree," said Philip and smiled.

????Romero paid for food and drink, as he should have given the bartender a tip and, having thanked him, left the bar and took a taxi to the villa to Richard Taylor. He lived in a suburb in a large two-story stone house, led them to his a library, sat down at the table and a couple of hours treating guests with homemade cranberry wine, apple pies, meat and fish delicacies, showed guests photographs. As promised, Richard Taylor gave them three pictures: a view of the trawler "The Seagull? in the port, captain Victor Gray and the mechanic Richard Taylor on the deck and fisher Victor Gray with his son Johnny.
????At 7 p m, the gentlemen, Philip and Romero, thanked Mr. Richard Taylor for priceless photographs and great tasty treats, said goodbye to the hospitable host and went outside to the taxi, which he had ordered earlier, at the request of the guests, as they were in a hurry to meet with fellow countrymen living in Anchorage, whom they were not even mentioned, which of course the simple-minded mechanic did not know about.

????Romero and Philip thanked the sailor and went to the Hilton hotel, finding themselves in a warm room, they immediately contacted the boss and told him the important and interesting information that he heard in the bar from the sailor Richard Taylor and about the photos he had given and sent them by Email. While still looking at photographs in the house of mechanic Richard Taylor, agents of Marco Sanchez recognized Johnny Gray: at the time when they arrived at the library in Lisbon, he was sitting at a table and looking at some old documents. It all became clear to him ? his father was not a simple sailor, but the owner of the ?Sea Gull? trawler; for the sake of treasure hunting, he agreed with his son to go to the Gulf of Mexico, leaving his hard fishing business

???? Mr. Marco Sanchez listened attentively to his envoys, Carlo Bergis made copies of the trawler ?Seagull?, the Gray family sent by e-mail, and showed them to the boss. He looked at them, put them aside, continuing to listen to the information of the messengers and at that time a good thought arose in his head and immediately set it out to his agents: "Seniors, I thank you for the important information, take photos and fly with them immediately to Panama, I entrust you to begin to carry out a new important task - I need to know whether their trawler sailed or not Panama canal . You know how to do this without me. If they sailed through Canal, let me know and immediately fly to Mexico, to Cancun, there you will meet our people and as soon as the treasure hunters will sail to refuel and to organize their temporary base at this time your task is to enter on the "Seagull" and lay the bugs. Thank you very much Romero Philip for a job well done, see you."

????"Our dear senor Marco Sanchez, thank you very much, we try, we are flying to Panama City, as soon as we get information about the trawler, we will call you soon, hello Carlo Bergis and Juan Ever," Romero said and smiled. The envoys of Marco Sanchez Romero and Philip were delighted, they did the job and the boss ruled them in warm Panama to find out if the trawler had sailed through the canal into the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and subsequently found an island in the Gulf of Mexico near which it sank "Hispaniola" with jewelry.
????But in fact, all that the mechanic Richard Taylor told them it was the false information transmitted to him by Victor Gray himself. The cunning sea wolf himself came up with everything to bring down all his fishing comrades, you never know who the outsider will take an interest in where Mr. Gray went on his trawler. Even from all close and distant relatives, he kept secret that he was setting off in search of treasures and composed a beautiful legend about a trip along the Gulf of Mexico and about Cancun.

????While Romero and Sanchez flew from icy Anchorage to hot sunny Panama, boss Marco Sanchez discussed a plan with Carlo Bergis how to get on the trawler?s trail, they had no doubt that father and son and five sailors went in search of treasures, they knew the approximate coordinates of the death of ?Hispaniola? and having on board the most modern equipment, instruments, radars and magnetic echo sounders, it is now easier to find precious metals underwater in steamed turnips. Carlo Bergis thought much better than the boss did and he presented his plan: ?My dear Marco Sanchez, we need a medium-sized ship like a trawler with a crew standing in the Gulf of Mexico ready at any moment to sail to the point where the treasure seekers will operate.?I suggest choosing our main base in Cancun, on the Yucatan Peninsula, where treasure seekers are about to sail. The fact is that all shipwrecks took place in the area between Cuba and the Bahamas. In Mexico, our branch is led by Juanito Escuardo, ?The Mexican Hermit?, who has ships at his disposal that ship heroin, cocaine from Ecuador to Mexico, the United States, and to us in Europe. You, as the head of the powerful ?White Rose? syndicate, give Juanito an order to set aside one of the ships equipped with brave sailors and fighters for a particularly important operation. I?ll tell you, dear Marco Sanchez, if they find treasures they will notify the world with joy and may even send a report from the place of event to some major television company, then I?ll catch a signal and pinpoint the coordinates of the point from where the live show. As usual, the treasure cannot be raised in one day, this takes weeks or even more. We are never late, the main thing is that the fighters should be well armed and the desire to cut their throats to anyone for a good reward. In my center you need to put 7 TVs to watch the most leading television companies in America: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, Discovery, National Geographic. But in general, you correctly thought that you sent Philip and Romero to Panama, if only the trawler ?Seagull? did not manage to sail through the Canal, then I personally fly out with bugs, get on a ship under the guise of a Panamanian pilot and hide some bugs and then we will know their route from exact coordinates. You saw how we followed ?Athena?, in short, without waiting for a call from Panama, call Juanito Escuardo to prepare the ship and wait for your instructions in Cancun. This is the most suitable place from which you can quickly get to the island where the caravel "Hispaniola."

????"Well, my knowledgeable Carlo Bergis, I?m calling Juanito Escuardo right now and will give instructions to prepare, dial me his code number," said Marco Sanchez, smiled, poured a glass of cognac and did not grunt, gulped, drank and bite of lemon.

????? Carlo Bergis dialed Juanito Escuardo's phone number, soon the screen lit up and a middle-aged man with Latin American features, brownish skin, black eyes, dark thick curly hair, with a long wide nose and thin lips appeared. By himself, a full, dense broad-shouldered sports complex with muscular arms and a smiling drug lord looked at the seniors standing near the table and a hoarse voice was heard: ?Dear Marco Sanchez and Carlo Bergis, I?m glad to see you, as I understand something important has happened in our common deeds. I have to say our position would be better, but the Yankees and our authorities are trying to strangle us, but so far we are resisting, the positions have been saved but there are losses, the struggle is for survival. How are you?"

????"Dear Juanito Escuardo, our affairs are no better than yours, we are being driven like scam goats, I do not have time to buy off the impudent guardians of the law and order - everyone wants to live well and pay off day by day higher and higher like the need for heroin, cocaine, extasy and marijuana, while our business is afloat here. I called you not on the next delivery of goods to us, but on the other, we are going on a research expedition and if we manage to find treasures we will get rich and having such money that you couldn?t dream you may going around the world. I attacked and x trace, you have to prepare a high-speed vessel, and in the shortest possible time equip it with a magnetic echo sounder, radar and have on board three or four divers capable of going down to a depth of hundreds of feet but also, respectively, tanks with a breathing mixture. If you do not know tomorrow Carlo Bergis will call you back and will tell you everything you need to lower the diver to this depth, such things lie there! " Marco spoke and pointed to his fingers on which gold rings with large diamonds sparkled. In addition, you need to take fighters capable of protecting the ship from uninvited guests, pirates scurrying along the seas who want to profit at someone else's expense."

????"Everything is clear, Marco, we have the ?Isabella? ship in the port of Veracruz, which is suitable for research purposes, the speed is up to 30 knots, with 4 divers and with me there will be 15 people on board, I want to take part in such a crucial matter myself. Speak where to sail and in a couple of days we?ll be anchored," Juanito said and smiled.

????"My friend, if you have such a vessel, you can prepare it and head for Cancun two days later, then other instructions will follow, we agreed, Juanito, see you soon," said Marco Sanchez and showed a thumb.

?????"Marco Sanchez, before sailing to Cancun I will call you back," see you soon.
?????Carlo Bergis disconnected, looked at the boss and broadly smiling said: "Marco Sanchez, our affairs are developing quite well, the ship is almost ready and at its speed in a day he will sail from Veracruz to Cancun and will wait for the arrival of the trawler "The Seagull", here, the treasure seekers will definitely stop to refuel and prepare for the last throw to the treasure island, I will remain in my place and will wait for a call from Panama from our agents as soon as I connect with you."

????"Good, Marco, I rely on you," said the boss and left the room.
????A day later, Phillip called from Panama and said a shocking news: that trawler ?Seagull? crossed the Panama Canal a week ago. Upon learning of this, Marco Sanchez did not lose heart, he instructed the Seniors Romero and Philip to urgently fly to Cancun and wait for the arrival of the trawler, if it had not arrived and ?Isabella? with the team led by Juanito Escuarda. Arriving in Cancun, Romero and Philip first became interested in the port by asking port workers and employees about the American trawler ?Seagull?. What grief and disappointment it was for them when bartender Pablo Correros from the Calderon bar told them amazing news: "Dear seniors, five young people came to us five days ago to get food and drinks, often mentioning the word "Seagull? and as they talked between myself in English, I heard the word Tampa, they no longer appeared and apparently sailed away."

????Romero and Philip, thanking the bartender and disappointed with such bad news, went to the Ramada hotel and without hesitation called Marco Sanchez. Hearing such news, he without any hesitation asked them to wait for the ?Isabella? ship to arrive in Cancun and to meet with the commander Juanito Escuardo. Three days later, ?Isabella? entered the port and Romero and Philip, who knew the boss of the Mexican branch, noticed him on board the ship and since Juanito was warned about Marco Sanchez?s agents, they got permission and went up to the deck.

??? ?The wise Carlo Bergis, in an interview with his boss Marco Sanchez, convinced him that ?Isabella? should stand in Cancun and Juanito waited for instructions on subsequent actions. After long painful expectations, sensational news came from a space satellite from America ?a short film about how three marine archaeologists in the womb of a strange sea creature found Spaniards and a mountain of jewelry. Carlo without hesitation called Marco Sanchez and asked him to switch to CNN and watch the miracle found in the deep sea. Carlo himself did not lose time in vain, and in addition to transferring from a television to a cassette, he turned on the equipment, which allowed him to fix the coordinates of the place from where the signals were sent to the satellite. He immediately checked the map and determined the location: less than a hundred miles from Miami.

???? When the broadcast was over, Marco Sanchez called and asked to wait for him to make an important decision. Thirty minutes later, he rushed on his silver Mercedes, put it in the yard and ran into the room smiling with his teeth yellowed from nicotine, he hugged Carlo and said: ?Bergis, what girls are there! They are inaccessible to us, and I think little about them, the main thing jewelry, they can?t be counted there and I think our divers as Juanito told to get a couple of trifles. But this is if you, my dear Carlo, know the coordinates."
????"My Marco, the exact coordinates are known, we can immediately transfer them to Juanito and let him urgently sail to the place where the treasures are found. As I understand it, that island sank along with people and treasures, and in my opinion these riches are not from one sunken ship. We?ll be wondering about them, let Juanito sail at full speed to that place, and if that trawler did not sail, then attack it, whoever send him to the sea to the sharks and take the initiative in our hands. The Juanitos?s divers not need outside help and on our own let for two months, we?ll sack everything from the belly of that monster to the last bead. Yes, if those Spaniards are on the trawler by the time Juanito arrives, order not to dare touch them even with his finger, maybe I will choose a lady of hearts, those beauties are so charming and seductive and you can pick it up," said the computer specialist and smiled.

????Without hesitation, Carlo made contact with Juanito and he soon appeared on the screen in his office, seeing Marco Sanchez and a computer man, he smiled and said quietly: "Good evening, though you have already had my night my dear seniors. Any news?"

????"Juanito! Amazing news, I have two lottery winnings: 245 747 and 793.229 euros each, I didn?t even dream of. Now you can safely fly to me, we will walk until we have the last bottle. Take a ticket and fly, do you understand everything ?!
?????Marco Sanchez, what a happy lottery! Thanks for the news and invitation, I will run to book a ticket, I?ll say hello to you during the flight and you will find out and see everything,? Juanito said and the connection was interrupted so that the enemies would not detect them, the signals would fly to the satellite. Carlo and Sanchez knew that Juanito Escuardo would sail in an hour to the place where the treasures lay, they would have to cover more than 700 miles and take a trip of at least a day and a half in good weather. But unfortunately, when 90 miles were left before the underwater treasure, a strong storm broke out and they were forced to sail to the Bahamas. After waiting for three days, Juanito sent ?Isabella? to a place where under the sea there were innumerable treasures and in the morning were in place. Juanito looked at the screen, the ship stood at the intersection of the given coordinates, he gave the order to turn on the magnetic echo sounder, but to their disappointment there were no signals. But he did not despair, and, keeping calm, ordered the navigator to sail 200 yards to the north, then to the west and after spending a couple of hours paving the Atlantic Ocean in calm sunny January weather, magnetic echo sounders recorded a huge amount of metal at a depth of 330 feet. The whole team was delighted, they came across what they were looking for.

?? But Juanito refrained from calling Marco Sanchez that they found themselves neear the treasure, it was necessary to check what was at the bottom. Without hesitation, a television camera was lowered by the winch and turning it on, they saw the hull of a modern container ship and next to one there was opened container , there were several bags of flour or coca or heroin. Juanito went to the deck and gave a signal to everyone to gather at the superstructure, soon everyone except the navigator stood beside him, carefully looked at the young people enlisted in the divers and said: ?Seniors Rivera and Santos, Miguel and Colombo go to the bottom in pairs, I won?t hide -there, at the bottom lies not what we expected but also has great value-sunken container ship and in one opened container in plastic bags or heroin with coca or flour. Colombo, Miguel are lowered first, take long knives and nets attached to a diving ?suit, so once you are at the bottom, you carefully inspect the container, grab one bag each and we will lift you to the top. We will not lose precious time, Santos and Rivera help put the diving suits on Miguel and Colombo, Seniors Peron and Alendro to the winches, you do the descent and ascent of the divers. I and Salvador will watch you and negotiate until you return to the deck, in case of unforeseen circumstances we will provide all possible assistance, but I think it will not be needed."

????Divers and winch drivers looked at the boss, smiled, and each of them expressed his appreciation for the honor of doing a useful and responsible business for the good of their company. The first divers?s sortie to the bottom ended quickly and safely ? white powder appeared in the raised waterproof plastic bags. Juanito made an incision with a knife, stuck his index finger into the hole, pulled out the powder, looked, put it up to his nose, pulled it into himself and said in a joyful voice: "Seniors, pure heroin, I allow those who wish to enjoy it! Each bag that is raised is worth a million bucks and if we will get that container and in it at least a hundred bags each of you will receive at least half a million dollars."

????All who were on deck were indescribable delight, began to throw up Juanito and shouted to the hoarse "Urrra". A few minutes later, the celebration ended and they began to prepare the second pair of Santos and Rivera to go down. While they were dressed and worn, Juanito made contact with Carlo Bergis and, in the absence of the boss, Marco negotiated with him and transmitted the image for three minutes. Since it was a question of found bags with flour of a sunken cargo ship during a storm, hardly anyone could have thought that heroin was actually meant. Carlo Bergis recorded the conversation and the image on the disc, learning that in the container at least a hundred bags of white powder, he himself was indescribable delight, thanked Juanito, asked him to continue working and not get in touch until Marco Sanchez returned to Madrid to collect responsible persons from different regions Europe to coordinate work in connection with increasing pressure from the authorities of the European Union and Interpol trying to identify the organizers of the underground business. Yes, the hard times have come for drug dealers and in these difficult conditions it is necessary not only to survive but also to strengthen their positions and authority. Juanito?s message that 100 bags of heroin was found so pleased him that Carlo took out a bottle of cognac and drank half the bottle while eating a sandwich, cheese and ham, he was drawn to sleep. Since the boss was at a meeting held in one of the ancient palaces of Italy where, at a huge festive table, not only the speeches flowed, but the wine flowed like water, where half-naked girls often served them, dancing in which the mother gave birth on an improvised stage is unlikely Marco Sanchez would come up with a call to Carlo Bergis and wonder how Juanito Escuardo is in search of treasures in the Atlantic Ocean.

????At seven o?clock in the morning, Carlo Bergis woke up, after excessively drunk brandy, he felt disgusting, did not hesitate to freshen up in the shower and sat down at his equipment to listen and see the messages received during his sleep. No information from Marco Sanchez but 2 a m video information ?came from Juanito ? he was standing near a pile of bags of divers on the deck, surrounded by everyone who sailed on ?Isabella?. ?Suddenly Carlo heard Juanito's voice:? Bergis, why neither you nor Marco Sanchez get in touch, an important matter, if we pull out the flour in such a way, then I will be left without divers in day, there are very strange sharks in this area, our diving suits are not saved, Santos and Rivera became their victims, as you can see, they raised ten bags of flour. After intense nervous work we were exhausted and went on vacation, don?t call until 10 a m on your time, hello Marco Sanchez, your Juanito and members of our expedition. "

????Carlo Bergis was delighted, ten bags of heroin could be sold in Europe for 9-10 million Euros, he wanted to go to breakfast, but at that moment he heard the worried voice of Juanito: ?Carlo, we were attacked by pirates, record the speech and an image, it will come in handy in the future to Marco Sanchez."
????Several people grabbed him and led him upstairs, twelve sailors tied hand in hand stood on the deck, all of them had Spanish features, tall and strong in body. "The night is very dark and it affected the success of the pirates, overslept," flashed into Carlo?s head, he looked at the faces and, in addition to Juanito, he saw Romero and Philippe, they looked pathetic, everyone understood the end. Bergis' eyes focused on one of those who attacked ?Isabella? and he exclaimed: ?Carlos Rodriguez? Amanita! ?Next to him stood strong guys of Latin American, European and Chinese appearance armed with 36-caliber pistols and Kalashnikovs.

????Carlos Rodriguez suddenly spoke up: ?Dear Juanito Esquardo!? Mexican hermit! Here is a meeting! Now you won?t leave from me alive, I?ll get everything I need out of you. You chit me up for twenty million bucks and stood up with your chest so that neither one gram of heroin didn?t go from our cartel to Europe. Well, tell me kindly, rot, who made you want to get into my territory? The USA and Canada belong to me and would go about their business in Mexico and Latin America. I didn?t go on ?your territory."

????Dear Carlos Rodriguez, first of all, hello and since when did the Oceans divide, you know this is a neutral territory, secondly you made a big mistake, your head is full of chaff like your dumb-headed friends. You forgot what time we live, look at the sky, hundreds of satellites fly there, there are hidden microphones and video cameras on all of us, you chat with me and all the information flies to them, I?m no longer a boss, a simple performer, and my boss will admire you and your morons tomorrow, your ?Red Poppy? syndicate will end and use it the landlords will pull you up on one of the palms of your villa with these scum. Tell me, where did you get these Chinese pirates ?! I?m more than sure without them you hardly attacked us, much less captured us. Well okay, goodbye, we will still meet with you in the next world, what you are looking for you will never find here. Don?t worry, don Carlos?s fly agaric worm, you?re only able to crush flies and weak helpless drug dealers like I was, change your attitude towards partners, know the greed of the fraer has ruined."
????Don Carlos wanted to hit him in the face, but Juanito's powerful body jerked his hands so sharply that the rope slipped from his hands, he scattered standing fighters and rushed to the side, but suddenly a Chinese man with a red scarf on his head and a dark blindfold on his left eye managed to point a gun at him and fired. The Mexican Hermit screamed in pain and fell to the deck. The sea pirate looked at Carlos and started firing at the standing captive sailors, his fighters joined him and after a few seconds all eleven people were lying in a pool of blood. Without saying a word, they immediately began throwing bodies overboard, and when deck was empty, a Chinese pirate went up to the drug lord and said quietly: ?My Carlos, if you would listen to me without any chatter and insults we would calmly work. He was bluffing, if even we were seen somewhere in Europe, in Spain, in an hour the new boss will not organize anything and nobody will fly in. His chatter did not affect me, let's focus and get to work, we have 5 hours at our disposal, by this time we need to determine what lies there under water, I begin to doubt that those about the raptures found treasures in this place. My Carlos, you heard the last words of Juanito Escuardo, ?what you are looking for you will never find here.? I realized he meant the treasures lying at the bottom, they are not here. Let's quickly act, orders to the sea I give back: "Gentlemen, helmsmen on boats, all the soldiers remain here on deck. The first thing you need to inspect the hold, Kim, Sen, Lun, Kao "...
????Carlo Bergis stuck to the screen, he could not believe what was happening on the deck and remembering about his boss, he immediately dialed a secret code and waited three minutes for Marco Sanchez to wake up and pick up the phone. Finally, the boss woke up and Carlo Bergis heard a tirado of swear words, it became clear to him, next to Marco Sanchez were girls without whom life would be boring and uninteresting for him. Finally, the boss calmed down and said in a calm tone: "What happened, Bergis?"

??"Marco Sanchez, urgently fly home, trouble came, the Chinese pirates captured ?Isabella?, killed all our people without exception and dumped their bodies in the sea. Everything that happened and continues, I watch and record on tape. Juanito Escuardo with opened? text said to our business rival Carlos Rodriguez ?Amanita ? and this refers to us ?what you are looking for will never be found here.? "I realized that those treasure hunters fooled us, having sailed from that place for 50 miles that Johnny Gray sent a satellite recording into underwater space and besides us he was caught, it seems to me by this Chinese pirate and he and Carlos Rodriges are looking for treasures," Carlo Bergis spoke in a trembling voice.

????"My Carlo, the news is amazing, what tragedy I did not expect, record to the disc, I will arrive no earlier than 5 pm, from 12 to 2 p m the final part of the meeting and I, as the head of our syndicate" White Rose ", must be present, day will not change our position, be strong," said Marco Sanchez in a bleak voice.
?????Carlo lost contact, he realized the boss was unlikely to arrive by five o?clock, and generally today, during such gatherings, sweet girls were served for dessert and he, as a lover of a young female body, did not miss the opportunity to enjoy them. And so it happened, Marco Sanchez drove to the house on his silver Mercedes at 11 p m, they greeted each other, Carlo sat him down in an easy chair, rolled up a table with whiskey, a snack and fruit, looked at the boss and said in a sad voice: "Senior Marco Sanchez, brace yourself, a scary story, documentaries, turn on."

???During the viewing of the recording, the boss did not utter a word, he just poured whisky into a crystal glass and drank to the very end - as soon as the explosion rang out and the electric power turned off. Marco Sanchez looked at the communications engineer and said softly: "Carlo Bergis, where did this Chinese pirate killer come from, if it weren't for Carlos Rodriguez, it was unlikely that he had the audacity and courage to climb onto our ship."
????"My Marco Sanchez, we can?t solve this mystery, but at the moment they are looking for treasures together, I?m more than sure if the enemies find them, this pirate will cut the throat of Carlos Rodriguez. Now I?m thinking about something else, about that heroine, think about it, if there were a hundred or maybe more bags of heroin and each one is worth a million euros, then 88 million euros is also good money. Now Carlos and the one-eyed Chinese are unlikely to return to that place, they will start the race for treasure seekers, it?s easier for them, they live in America and we are in Europe. On boats they can only attack, and lift they won?t be able to, if we pull out those 88 bags with our own forces, raise funds for the purchase of winches, diving suits, turn to our Italian friends for help, your branch is there and if we offer our business to lead Giuseppe Carero, then he will be happy. As for the treasures, those treasure hunters are puzzling how to get them faster from the depths, we don?t know what it is. I think it's better to have a tit in hand than a crane in the sky, I know the exact coordinates, only your desire. As for Carlos Rodriguez and that one-eyed Chinese, then after we get the heroin we will find them even underground," said Carlo and looked at the boss. A communications engineer poured whisky into a glass, picked it up and said quietly: "Friends, may the sea be your eternal home, peace and tranquility to you."
????The boss also drank for the peace and tranquility of the deceased comrades, looked at the signalman and said: ?Carlo, you?re right, why lose those 88 bags of heroin, I?ll organize a new team, in extreme cases we will rent a small ship if Giuseppe Carero does not find a suitable one at his friends, dial me his number, just let's not tell him about how our comrades died."
????"Marco Sanchez, you don?t need to hide anything, if Giuseppe finds out he will guard the ship day and night and not sleep like Juanito. If he didn?t expect that they alone he would have ended differently, it was his fault," said Carlo began to type code. Seconds later, the boss heard Giuseppe's voice. In a short conversation, Marco Sanchez gave him the essence of the matter - to go to the Bahamas to pick up black pearls from the bottom for which he was offered a fourth of the pearls caught, he agreed and the boss flew for a personal meeting with him. When Giuseppe found out specifically the depth of the dive, he proposed his plan: ?My Marco Sanchez, in order to save the life of divers from sharks, you need to buy a small controlled saucer with grips and raise bags of heroin not in the net, but in a special bucket with a lid that can be closed ? not a single thing even if she weren?t a bite she would hardly think of gnawing steel with her teeth, and the speed of descent and ascent increased several times, and if the work was organized correctly, in 24 hours more than a hundred bags could be lifted with two winches. May we dispense with a saucer and without tubs ? there is another option we will weld two metal cages ? in one we lower the divers, in case of danger they hide in it, in the other we raise

? ?Moreover, the speed of descent and ascent increases several times and if you organize the work correctly, then in 24 hours you can lift more than one hundred bags with two winches. Actually, I think we?ll dispense with a saucer and without tubs ? there?s another option: we will weld two metal cages ? we lower the divers in one, in case of danger they hide in it, in the other we raise up to ten bags at once while knowing the Archimedes law ?? the water pushes out the submerged body and since heroin is not iron, it can be raised at a time and more, depending on the power of the winches. So Marco Sanchez will sail longer and pack up than pick up those 88 bags. If you agree, then you can begin to act right now - we order powerful winches, diving suits, a breathing mixture, water rifle, 15 Magnum 36-caliber pistols, 7 Kalashnikovs to save my team, 2 cells according to my project, food in short, I?ll make a list and advance to my comrades is 10 thousand Euros for every 15 people. I will find a ship; for its rent for two weeks it will take half a million Euros. I think compared to the income that we will have is one percent. Besides, we don?t know how many bags of heroin and coca are at the bottom. Maybe there are five containers, decide my boss."

????"Senor Giuseppe, I agree, act, before leaving, Carlo Bergis will give you the coordinates and will keep in touch with you. After completing the code operation called" Shark ", I will entrust you with another, more secure and interesting one, but for now let's get this one done," said Marco Sanchez and shook the Italian hand tightly.

???? Frankly speaking, everything went according to the plan and schedule developed by Giuseppe, a couple of days later he and 14 team members including 4 divers went to the Bahamas, and more precisely to Florida. Only on the twelfth day, ?Margarita? at moonlight midnight dropped anchor directly over the place where the two ships-?Isabella? and an unknown container ship according to the signals of the magnetic echo sounder lay. There, at a depth of 330 feet, not only piles of scrap metal were scattered, but also bags of heroin and coca, which the Italian knew about. Giuseppe lowered the cage with divers Romeo and Petruchio armed with a camera, walkie-talkie, flashlights and spearguns. Giuseppe and two other divers Koloty and Augustino were in the technical center and watched those who were under water. Here Romeo and Petruchio got to the container full of bags of white powder and immediately asked Giuseppe to lower the cage to raise them. Three minutes later the cage was at the bottom, the divers started loading the bags and now the first ten bags went up. Suddenly, sharks appeared and began to pounce on the cage rising up, but the steel rods were too tough for them. Three gray large predators saw the divers rushed at them, but they locked themselves in a cage and were also not accessible to voracious predators. Sharks aimlessly swam away into the distance and disappeared into the darkness. After some time, Romeo and Petruchio heard the joyful voice of Giuseppe: "Seniors, all ten bags are in place, continue to work, after an hour there will be a replacement, take the cage, be careful."
???"Giuseppe, we are not tired, very glad that the sharks did not touch us and the load," said Romeo.

????The work was just in full swing, an hour later Romeo and Petruchio in the cage went up, sharks brazenly pounced on the cage and hitting it with their toothy muzzles shook it like a swing. Romeo could not stand it and with a long knife slashed one of them into the upper jaw. The gray predator recoiled back as if crazy, turned around and with an open mouth rushed onto the cage. Petruchio pointed a shotgun at her, fired, and the charge went right down her throat. Blood poured out, mixed with water, and sharks swimming nearby sensing it immediately attacked his girlfriend and began to tear to pieces. A mortal battle ensued between the predators, but the divers didn?t see how it ended for the sharks ? their cage rose up.

????No matter how fast the work moved, but only after a day all the bags from the container, and there were 107 of them, were lifted to the deck. Needless to say, the faces of all the team members shone with joy, Giuseppe threw up and together bawled the ?Urrrra?. The happy mafiosi waved his hand, immediately raised the anchor and sailed a hundred miles, the Italian contacted Carlo and briefly told him the terrific news: "Senor Bergis, good afternoon, our fishing ended successfully, we caught 97 sharks and hurry home, 7 hours before arrival no connection, I don?t want anyone to know about us, before the call."
????"Senor Giuseppe, I am very happy for your fishing, I will inform dad, we are waiting for your call, a happy return," said Carlo. Without hesitation, he contacted the boss and reported in a joyful voice: "Senor Marco Sanchez, the good news is, Senor Giuseppe called, they caught 97 sharks and are returning home."

??? "Dear Carlo, I am glad to hear this amazing news, we can drink for such success, only in moderation, I?ll come to you and we will discuss the topic of how to deal with Carlos Rodriguez and the one-eyed Chinese pirate, I can not forgive them for the death of 13 brave heroes and the sunken ?Isabella?, which bastards," said Marco Sanchez.

?????Come, my Marco Sanchez, I?ll come up with something during this time,? said Carlo, closed the Samsung, took out a bottle of whiskey, poured it into a glass, picked it up and said quietly: ?For 97 bags of coca.?
????After eleven days, ?Margarita? sailed Gibraltar, but Giuseppe was in no hurry to call Bergis and contacted his cousin Marcel and urgently asked him to sail with him on a large speed boat to take 10 bags of heroin which he did not tell his elder boss Marco Sanchez.

????Even before sailing to Florida for heroin, Giuseppe agreed with Marcel that if he succeeds in raising a valuable cargo, he will hide the true number of bags raised from the boss. As soon as ?Margarita? sailed to Gibraltar, his faithful navigator sent a secret code to Marcel, he sailed to the ship at 2 a m at a designated place, Italian sailors quickly loaded 10 bags and sailed to their native Sicily. Giuseppe was not worried that someone would betray him, the whole team consisted of Sicilians and were faithful to him as a father
????Everything turned out as Giuseppe intended ? at 2 a m? a boat with Marcel sailed, ten bags of heroin were already lying on the deck, but before they were loaded onto the boat, ten bags of rice flour were unloaded from the deck, then the bags were carefully lowered with a heroin and a boat, picking up speed ?rolled away from the ?Margarita?.

????When the bags of rice flour in color resembling coca and heroin were taken into the hold, Giuseppe entered the captain?s cabin and connected with Senor Bergis: ?Senor Carlo, this is Italian, we sailed Gibraltar, meet, we?ll be in the port in a few hours, involve our people , see you."

????"Dear Giuseppe, we will meet you, do not worry about anything, dad prepared everything," said Carlo in a joyful voice. He immediately phoned the boss and told him the news: ?My lord Marco Sanchez, ?Margarita? passed Gibraltar, a few hours later sailed to Malaga, get ready to meet."
????"My Carlo, thanks for the news, I agreed in advance with everyone, it was not cheap, I have to pay for everything, everyone wants to live well, but I think all expenses will be more than paid off, after five hours my sentinels move to the port when they see ?Margarita? to me, and I tell you, I think I need to meet them with honor," said the boss Marco.

?????Well, Senor Marco Sanchez, call me, I?ll definitely come,? said Carlo, and on that happy occasion drank a glass of red port.

????At four 4 p m to the ?Margarita? in front of the port, a huge boat sailed with frontier guard ?and dogs, they boarded the ship, immediately checked their passports, went through all the rooms, looked into the hold and found no illegal immigrants, leaving the ship giving permission to enter. Then another boat sailed with customs officers, they introduced themselves and began a thorough inspection of all the premises. Unable to find contraband, young athletes set off into the hold, having seen bags of white powder, the senior inspector looked at Giuseppe and made an incision. He took a handful of powder, looked carefully, brought it to his nose, sniffed, smiled and said: "Seniors, the real rice flour, this is not coca and not heroin, you can take a sample from any bags of your choice."
????Two young employees made incisions in three other bags, examined the white powder for a long time, then poured into test tubes with blue liquid, it did not dissolve and floated, the senior inspector took the paper and began to write. Having finished the description, he looked at the Italian and said: "Senor Giuseppe, no smuggling, all bags of rice flour, sign and you can unload, you need one copy to present to the police to avoid any trouble, bye."
????Giuseppe took a copy signed by the chief inspector, smiled and said: "I thank you seniors for your conclusion, so worried, this rice flour for muffin is so similar to coca and heroin, thank you very much, goodbye."
?????Senor, don?t worry, real rice flour, if it were heroin, the solution in the test tube changed color,? said the inspector and smiled.
????Giuseppe escorted customs officers to their boat, they sat in it and sailed to the port. The Italian breathed a sigh of relief, crossed himself and said: "Passed by, I had no doubt that Senor Marco Sanchez would deal with them."

???? ?Margarita? emitted three beeps and at a low speed headed for the port, to the pier, where Marco Sanchez, Carlo Bergis and several other high-ranking seniors were meeting them. Sailing to the pier, the sailors anchored, secured the vessel with ropes, laid the gangway and those who met boarded the vessel. There was a joyful meeting, the lords exchanged greetings and Giuseppe led the guests into the hold. Once found themselves in it, the Italian looked at the boss and whispered in his ear: ?Marco Sanchez, my trick worked, those twenty bags of rice covered bags of heroin, I think I need to urgently transport the cargo to the base, the inspector gave me paper confirming that we had rice flour."
????"Giuseppe, you're done, the cars are ready, my people will start unloading right now and after a couple of hours the hold will be empty," the boss said and shook hand the Italians.

?????All those who met smiled, they shook Giuseppe's hand and, with surprise, joy, watched a mountain of bags, including 97 with heroin and cocaine.
?????The boss, Giuseppe and those who met came to the deck, the golden sun on a cloudless goalless sky was smiling and warming everyone with its warm rays, there was a huge truck at the pier and four strong physique of young people in dark blue shorts and green T-shirts walking alongside it. Marco waved a hand at them and they instantly went up to the deck, the boss without saying a word led them into the hold, and soon the guys carried bags of rice flour on their mighty shoulders, carefully stepped down the ramp to the truck and began to serve the driver standing in the back of the truck. Since this work required accuracy, then 117 bags of muscular loaders were transferred only in three hours and not in a couple as the boss had suggested. He took the paper signed by the customs officers from Giuseppe, said goodbye to him, the team, put Carlo Bergis in the cabin, he got into his silver Mercedes with his friends and headed for the gate slowly, the truck moved behind him. Two security guards stood at the metal gate, Marco Sanchez drove up to get out of the car, showed the paper with a 100 Euro bill in it, one of the guys from his high ground looked around his bags, waved his hand and opened the gate. The boss got into a Mercedes and slowly moved, a truck drove after him and on the road rushed to the country villa where Marco lived. Two dark Landrovers joined them, and after half an hour turning onto a country road and driving about a mile they drove up to a metal gate with a high fence behind which there was a huge three-story house lined with pale pink marble. The gates opened and all the cars with the truck drove into the yard and stopped near the garage.

???Marco Sanchez and everyone who rode with him went outside, he went to the loaders and said quietly: "Senores, transfer 10 bags to the garage and stack them on the platform."

???He brought the remote control to the door, it opened and the guys started to unload the car. When ten bags were on a metal platform, the boss pressed a button and she slowly sank down from the bag. The people in the basement quickly took them off and the platform rose up. After an hour of work, all the bags were in the basement, the truck drove off to the side, the boss got into a Mercedes, drove him into the garage, got out, sent the remote control towards the gate and they immediately closed. Smiling Marco Sanchez turned to the standing guests and said quietly: "Senores, we are all tired and hungry, I suggest to eat and then we?ll do a test, I think you won?t mind following me into a hospitable house."

????All without any objection followed the owner, settled in the hall at a large table on which earlier two maids at the call of Marco arranged wines, vodka, delicious snacks, sweets and tropical fruits. The guests ate and drank with great appetite, but in moderation since each of them knew that the tasting of a new batch of heroin and coca delivered from Panama would begin soon, which the drug dealer told his partners hiding about the find.
????Finally, Senor Marco got up, smiled and said quietly: "My friends, there is a surprise waiting for you from me that I did not hide from you, we will appreciate the quality of the new party."
????Having taken the knife from the table with him, the owner led everyone to the basement, inside it was clean, dry and the light was on. Sacks with white powder lay flat stacked near the wall on wooden shields in one of five rows. And then Marco Sanchez remembered that to cover the bags of heroin, Giuseppe took twenty bags of rice flour with him, no one separated them from the hold in the car and were now together with bags of heroin. The boss explained the situation to friends and began to take a sample from the extreme so as not to confuse and not repeat. Having made a small cut in the upper bag, he pulled out white powder on the tip of the knife, the fine dust turned out to be flour for the sample, but since none of those present could understand it, whether it was wheat or rice did not matter to them. The first pancake, a bag of heroin, turned out to be lumpy, but the second, third, twentieth, fiftieth, hundredth sack was filled with flour. Marco Sanchez and his friends were in shock, the boss could not understand why instead of heroin they had ordinary flour. Finally, good luck, there was real heroin in 115 bag, Marco Sanchez came to his senses, a smile flashed on his face, the guests were inspired and began to do the test, the heroin was excellent, it can be sold at the highest price. In order not to confuse him with sacks of flour, they took him aside and the boss drew a red poppy on it with a felt-tip pen and signed it indicating the date ..

? ?In short, out of 97 bags raised from the bottom, only three turned out to be heroin, Marco Sanchez understood: someone arranged the transportation of several bags of heroin among bags of flour, because there were not so many of them and it should be noted that several of them seized China pirates with Carlos Rodriguez. But even three bags are not lying on the road, Marco Sanchez selling heroin will return all the money spent on all expenses and he has a lot of them, not counting the deaths of 15 people.

????In the evening, all friends saying goodbye to Marco Sanchez in their cars went home, he was left only with his brain center Carlo Bergis to solve the main goal - how to attack the trail of treasure hunters, find a strange refuge under the water where real treasures lie. Carlo Bergis did not want to go into the water without knowing the ford and offered his boss an ingenious plan: "Senor Marco Sanchez, if Juanito Escuardo and Giuseppe claim that there are hundreds of containers on that sunken ship and each of them will contain 5-7 bags of flour heroin or coca, you can only imagine how much it can be in the total amount of 500-700 bags or 500-700 million Euros. Senor Giuseppe is lucky, brave and quick-witted, he did not lose a single sailor and in one day he lifted 97 bags from the bottom. we will sail and get up for a couple of weeks then for that we?ll shovel 14 containers, we?ll have at least 70-100 bags of heroin. If you agree with me, call Senor Giuseppe to prepare for your departure in Syracuse."
????"Carlo Bergis, your plan is brilliant, I?ll call Giuseppe, I think he will agree," Marco Sanchez said, and now let's drink for future success."

????As for Giuseppe, he was deeply disappointed - before sailing to Sicily, the boss Marco Sanchez personally called him and told the disgusting news: "My Giuseppe, I understand you, you put your mind and effort to go catching sharks, but I have to tell bad news "Of the 97 sharks that were caught, only three survived, the rest died. I'm in shock! This is not your fault and I?ll say all expenses will be paid, as for the other sailing for sharks I will inform you later. Thank you, happy sailing."

????"My lord Marco Sanchez! I could not think that the sharks were dead, our water was poisonous for them, but we tried what you were convinced of, my guys were rushing home, if I needed my services, I?m glad to always do it, see you soon," said Giuseppe angrily spat at the sea and immediately dialed the number of his cousin Marcel. Since the mobile phone was always with him, he opened and heard Giuseppe's excited voice: ?Marcel, hello, how are you!? I finished unloading and return to Syracuse, I want to see my mother. What news is in the house!?

????"My brother Giuseppe, I don?t want to say badly, mom is waiting for you and baked pizza, but only one didn?t burn, the others had to be thrown away, but don?t be upset, we also have this hi-tit for all, happy sailing," said Marcell with sorrow in the voice.

????Upon hearing this news, Giuseppe changed his face and sunbathed, it never occurred to him that out of the whole batch in ten bags there was only one with heroin and the rest with pizza flour. He suspected a cousin in an unclean affair, in his absence the unclean Marcel hid nine bags and was fooling around. Giuseppe went into his cabin, pulled out a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold from the refrigerator, sat at the table and drank a couple of glasses, bites of lemon from the frustration. He had not yet had time to remove the bottle when he heard a melody in his mobile phone, opened the lid and heard Marco Sanchez's pleasant voice: ?Giuseppe, please forget the last conversation, I don?t suspect you of anything, those guys acted correctly. I showed interest in the container ship. Do you think that those who transported flour can hide the bags inside other containers? Even if there are three or five of them in each container with flour, then the game is worth the candle, then only one has opened. You imagine, even three sacks with heroin in each forty containers it is 120 sacks with heroin!"

????Hearing this, Giuseppe perked up, joy swept over him and he said: ?Marco Sanchez, everything can be! I agree to sail only under two conditions, half the flour for you and the same for me, you go with me, I want to play an honest game. Call that day when we sail off. "

????"Giuseppe, I agree, we will sail in a few days, in Syracuse prepare the ?Margarita?-refuel the tanks with fuel, water, you yourself know what you need on the way and grab a tool to open the containers, all at my expense, wait for my call, happy sailing, "said Marco Sanchez and there was silence.
????Joyful after such a business call, Giuseppe went to his navigator and gave the order to raise the anchor, after a few minutes ?Margarita? departed from the pier and headed for Sicily.

? ?Nevertheless, Senor Marco Sanchez did not lose hope of attacking the trail of treasure hunters, Giuseppe informed the boss that ?Margarita? was ready to sail to the Bahamas at any time and soon his plans to find the treasure came to an end - in a few days around the world many television companies showed a report from Miami that shocked the whole world - a huge sea creature attacked this sunny city and caused destruction. Carlo Bergis and Marco Sanchez, having seen a sea creature in action, lost all interest in the treasures that were stored in his womb and spat on treasure hunters and decided to sail to the place where at the bottom lay a container ship with containers in which sacks of heroin were hidden among bags of rice flour.

????Marco Sanchez called Mr. Giuseppe and told the good news he was waiting for: "Dear captain, I'm flying to you, tomorrow morning we are leaving for a boat trip."

????"Senor Marco Sanchez, our sailing yacht, is ready to sail at any time, glad to see you on board the ?Margarita?, the boss heard his companion's joyful voice.
????In the evening, Marcos flew to Syracuse, at the airport he was met by Giuseppe himself, immediately they rushed to the port and boarded the ship where a separate cabin was prepared for him. In the morning, with the first rays of the sun, the ?Margarita? anchored and set sail to the Bahamas. Nine days later, at 11 pm, they sailed to the place where there were two ships at the bottom and several hundred containers, there were only three miles left, as Giuseppe summoned the boss and quietly with sadness in his voice said: ?Marco Sanchez, look through binoculars in the south-west direction, there is a ship, someone ahead of us, without a fight they won?t leave, make a decision."
????Marco Sanchez took the binoculars and on a bright moonlit night saw in the distance a ship twice as large as the ?Margarita?, he looked at Giuseppe and without any fear on his face said: "My captain, sail, we have something to defend."
????Good,? said Giuseppe, and without changing course he continued sailing, there was only half a mile left, Marcos saw several naked sailors with machine guns on the deck, and thundering alternating bullets rushed near and above his head.
????"Giuseppe, they were ahead of us, change course and sail back, we have nothing to do here, moreover, at full speed, if they guess that we have visited we were killed,? quietly said Marco Sanchez.

?????I understand you, my boss, it?s good that we didn?t come here a few days earlier, they would have drowned us,? said Giuseppe, turned the ?Margarita? abruptly and sailed to the north-east to the coast of Spain at full speed. When they sailed for several miles and that ship disappeared from view beyond the horizon, Giuseppe looked at the boss and said quietly: ?Senor Marco Sanchez, you won?t believe,? Athena ?sailed in our place, which was visited by my sailors and soldiers looking for that Johnny Gray which, as you expected, had a map with the coordinates of the place of death of ?Hispaniola? near the island with treasures.

????They outwitted us then, this Johnny was on the ship but they didn?t give him to us and now they get jewelry. I think somewhere near these sunken ships lies that caravel and we all rushed to the sacks of heroin."

????"Is this ?Athena? that I?ve been following for several months? I think I sent you in vain then, they didn?t know about the bugs and as soon as you visited they removed them and we lost track of Johnny. But after the fight they don?t wave their fists," said Marco with a sigh Sanchez ...

?..When ?Isabella? began to sink four boats carrying Carlos Rodriguez, Chun Lu, with fighters, sailors and 12 bags of heroin, sailed a decent distance. This night was dark and the pirate offered the drug boss to sail at top speed so that he could be at the port before dawn and go unnoticed by border guards and customs officers. Carlos Rodriguez agreed with Chun Lu and ordered to sail in Miami at maximum speed and they soon rushed 35 miles per hour. Our adventurers were lucky as never before - they slipped through the dark border guards and customs officers, unnoticed by anyone reached the private pier where a bus and guys with fresh strength were waiting for them. As soon as the boats approached, strong guys ran up to them, they grabbed bags of white powder, transferred them to the bus, arrived sailors and soldiers seated in them, and then a yellow school bus rushed to the villa. Carlos and Chun gave the order to bring the boats in order, docked in the approaching Ford asphalt color and rushed to the villa. After such a long journey, they were not only tired but also hungry. Having found themselves at home, they first freshened up in the pool, then had a hearty breakfast with drinks and went to bed, asking Valeroda to wake them at 11 o?clock.

? ?As the bosses requested, Valerod woke them up at 11 a m don Carlos and Chun freshened up in the pool and after drinking a glass of whisky went to the basement where there were sacks of heroin. They entered a spacious room lit by fluorescent lamps and saw twelve bags lying on wooden pallets, Carlos took out a knife, looked at Chun and said: ?In the morning I always smell, I?ll take a sample from a new batch, Chun, you can too.?

????"Sorry, Carlos, I prefer a glass of whisky, when we work on the water they warm the body and soul, there is only water around and it winds horror," said Chun.
????Carlos made an incision in the bag and pulled out the white powder on the tip of the knife, looked, sniffed and grimaced his face said: "What muck! Chun, this is real flour!"

????The boss got nervous, cut a hole with anger, put his hand in, hooked a handful and sniffed, looked at the pirate and growled: "Chun, this is real flour! Well bastards!"

????Carlos went to another bag, made an incision with a knife, took a sample and flour was in it. There was flour in 9 bags out of 12, and only three contained heroin, Carlos was indignant, Chun began to reassure his friend and explained to him why the flour was in the bags: ?My Carlos, understand who will carry the container of heroin, those people hid several bags among others with ?flour and thus was transported by sea from one point to another, you would be glad that we got three bags ? that?s three million bucks. I?m very glad I returned the lost money, but we have a different goal, you forgot the treasures that pull on hundreds of millions of bucks. Leave this powder until better times, let's go upstairs, gather our people and outline an action plan which we started to work out and abandoned because of a boat trip. Now we have clear treasures in another place and without letting go of the treasure hunters to track the path to their base and toss the bugs onto their trawler. Then when they sail we?ll follow them from the satellite and sail three miles behind them."
????Carlos looked at the pirate, smiled and said quietly: "Chun, you reassured me, this powder costs three million bucks and those treasures are hundreds of times more expensive, let?s continue to develop an action plan."
????The boss and the pirate left the room, they once again freshened up in the pond, drank a glass of Chivas, Carlos went up to the copper bell, struck three times and a melodic ringing rang out in the district - in a minute all his assistants came up to him, he looked at them and said: "Gentlemen, what is the news in my absence with Chun regarding the trawler and his crew? Chun, Peter, Huang, Fun and Chan, please follow me."

????The boss left the table and headed for the door, those whom he called by name followed him, went up to the third floor and got into a bright little room ? colored carpets on the floor, paintings hung on the walls, fresh flowers in crystal vases, on the table bottles with Smirnovskaya vodka, Scotch whisky, Cuban rum, a delicious snack and fruit. They sat down at the table, poured vodka into the glasses and Carlos said: ?My gentlemen, let's drink for the upcoming success, I know we all will have to not only sweat but also have a mind, we are not dealing with amateurs and lovers of advertising. They sailed in quiet the port, not a single scribbler and photographer did not come to meet them. In short, they decided to do everything so that no one knew, they undoubtedly grabbed some of the wealth, the rest would be taken away and then we should know when they will leave and we, of course, will follow them.
????Everyone said quietly ?For Success?, drank vodka and began to have a bite.
???"Dear Carlos, I can?t understand why they left that bonanza so quickly, there are so many treasures that they can?t be raked in a week?" Chun said.
????"Chun, they grabbed something and decided to raise the rest of their wealth with the help of modern technology in a very short period of time, because we don?t know how deep these treasures are, maybe they want to get a deep-sea submarine and send it to that underwater palace divers, maybe some other technique."
???"Gentlemen, said Peter Grole, a handy drug boss, everything is very simple, they sailed without any fuss in order to thoroughly prepare. If the case was completed, they would immediately spread the word to the whole world about the innumerable riches raised from the bottom. Once the guys are silent it means they didn?t do the whole thing, maybe they didn?t have enough of them to put up a decent resistance. -base where they hide their guests and seized treasures, the second attacks the ship. Therefore, we should follow them day and night and find a country villa, so if we want to take possession of those riches we stop the meal, with a sober head we create an action plan and each of us bears serious responsibility for the work entrusted. Anyone who breaks it down to a friendly court, before taking a bad head off his shoulders. If you agree with my proposal, then we vote. "

??"Gentlemen, said Juan Iglesio, the second handy boss, Peter, you're right, they are silent like a fish, the whole thing is yet to come, sensation is an enemy for them as for us. Try to make a bell for the whole world that earned through our business tens of millions, the next day they would have been in prison. They are fine fellows, they hid and probably assume that they had enemies and now we gentlemen should secretly get to them, find out the location of the base and get on the ship in order to establish a few microphone bugs with transmitter. We?ll set them up on the INTELSAT satellite, wherever they are, we?ll listen to their speeches, but the main thing is to know where they?re sailing, their coordinates at the moment. I?m thinking of leaving them a little good and saving their lives, they will not sue us, I think that treasure seekers are not fools and are unlikely to want to share with the authorities, we also do this, we don?t share. "
???"Peter and Juan, I agree with you, so I highlight a dozen fighters day and night to follow the trawler and the discoverers of treasures, you, Peter, create a group of 12-14 best guys and when we go to the ocean for treasures you attack their base where they are treasures and money will be kept in safes, don?t forget the girls, and therefore you will determine their base, let me know right away, give you three days. Now, Chun-we will go to the ship in the coming days and I will personally install bugs, I?ll be calm that they are under our personal supervision, it?s a pity to lose such billions and charming, seductive girls. I will say, I saw them as in that film cover their naked body with gold threads, from my eyes and I'll never leave."

????"My Carlos, I listen to the weather forecast, as soon as it starts to rain at night, we immediately leave for the ship to install bugs, in extreme cases, in any weather we must do this before they leave, I think we can do this job perfectly. Yes, Carlos, while all the guys in the collection inspire them, let them see what they are fighting for, show them a documentary and for the sake of those riches and dollars they will go into fire and water, each participant should know where they are going and what they are looking for, my guys saw excerpts."
????"Chun, you?re right, you take your fighters, I?m with you and we?re going to install bugs. As for the film, they will see it right now."

????Carlos got up and moved to the door, everyone followed him, they went down to the second floor, the guys continued walking, seeing the owner and his companions shouted ?Urraa?. The boss looked at them and said: "Gentlemen, attention, now you will see a documentary and it will be clear to everyone where we are going and what we are looking for, your share of those wealth will be generous, attention to the TV screen, in a minute I will bring a disc and you will understand everything. "

????Carlos left, soon returned with a disc and after a minute the soldiers saw strange labyrinths with heaps of treasures, almost naked charming Spanish women, elderly Spaniards in armor, young people and all of them together stuffed diving suits with gold and silver coins, jewelry, necklaces and precious stones. Everyone was indescribable delight and loudly shouted ?Urrraaa, Carlos, Chun? ...
????Since the day was busy, everyone soon went to bed, at three o?clock in the afternoon Carlos woke up, gathered his assistants Juan and Peter, without wasting time, he gave them the task right from the evening to organize monitoring of the trawler and to track the movement of researchers from the vessel to their base and they immediately went to execute the boss?s order. The next morning, Carlos convened a meeting, attended by his first assistants Peter, Huang and Chun with their leaders Chan and Mao, on the table were strong drinks and mouth-watering snacks, and while drinking and eating they finally decided to create two main groups. The first large of 33 fighters will consist of two teams - the first of 16 gangsters will be led by Carlos, the second team of 17 pirates will be led by Chun. They are on three speed boats attacking explorers of the deep sea at the very moment when they begin to raise treasures from that strange underwater palace, or rather, the womb on the deck of their ship. In the event of resistance, they decided to use force up to the use of guns, the second small group of 12 militants will lead Peter into battle.

? ?As soon as the ship of explorers is captured, Carlos will call Peter and at night he will rush to storm the base where treasures are hidden in safes and beautiful Spanish women are resting in the house. Many spoke out and agreed to hunt down the villa and enter the ship with bugs, Carlos said that this kind of dime a dozen, moreover, he would personally install them of the very latest type and as a specialist of the highest class, but they would not do it today or tomorrow. Chun put in his word and said that he would be directly involved in breaking into a ship half a mile from the shore and it would happen on a dark night from 2 a m to 4 a m.

????In order to track down the whereabouts of the villa, Carlos allocated 12 people and instructed Peter to do so, he agreed and the meeting ended. The boss stood up, looked at those present and said: "Gentlemen, now we will go to the port. I want to check how our guys relate to the responsible business entrusted to them, all go out, I allow a five-minute smoke break and we rush along at the same time to admire that handsome trawler."

???Don Carlos, Peter, Juan and Chun with their leaders Chan and Mao got up from the table and went down into the courtyard - it was hot, the sun was shining unbearably, the black Lincoln soon arrived, everyone sat down in it, Franco pressed the gas and the car started off smoothly. On the highway, Lincoln raced according to traffic sign-in forty minutes later drove to the port. Everyone got out of the car, Carlos showed two fingers to Franco, which meant driving up in twenty minutes later and the company moved forward. Soon they saw the fighter Fidel, he paced back and forth. Seeing the boss came up, smiled, everyone greeted each other and immediately reported: ?Dear Mr. Carlos, this morning at 5.15 a van rolled up, four broad-shouldered guys got off, got on a waiting boat and went aboard, then returned with leather bags, folded them they?ve taken a van. I?ll say they made two moves, I didn?t call, I didn?t want to wake you. "

????Carlos looked at the guy, smiled and said: "Fidel, thank you, next time call me at any time of the day or night, we would rush in an instant."
????"Carlos, they managed in twenty-five minutes, you wouldn?t have time, but next time I?ll definitely call," Fidel said.

????Chun looked at the drug boss and said: ?Carlos, without any problems we will go up to the deck of the trawler, if only the night is darker, but in general he is handsome, after the operation I will redeem him and sail away to Hong Kong, it is more reliable and safer.?

????Carlos looked at him, smiled and said: ?No need to redeem, Chun, after the operation he?s yours, load the hold with treasures and sail where your eyes look, I have seven boats, no more.?

????Soon Lincoln rolled up, everyone dived into it and rushed to the villa. On the way, Carlos touched on his sore topic of finding a villa, and so Peter knew that this was the kind of boss looked at him and said: ?Don Carlos, I?ll try to find the base as soon as possible, without any doubt all the treasures are transported to it and stored in safes , tomorrow I personally will personally monitor those who come to the trawler and leave it. I know the guys are changing and will show my ability to track people."

????"I have no doubt in you and your abilities, Peter, but preferably early, before they leave, treasure hunters also know that it is dangerous to drag out time," Carlos said sternly.

????"Don Carlos, I?ll try, in their house, dozens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars, are not superfluous," Peter said and lit his beloved Chesterfield.
???And so it happened - Peter found the villa and immediately invited Carlos to see that nest.

???Carlos trusted but checked, the next day, personally with Huang, Peter, Chun Lu and bodyguards went to the villa in which the treasure seekers lived on an inconspicuous, old van. A mile from the estate, they left it, the driver drove off Ford and at the direction of the boss, returned after no earlier than three hours. Peter had already reached a short safe roundabout to the estate in advance, and together with the guards all the leaders went on foot to the villa and, unnoticed by anyone, reached the cherished goal an hour later. True, they had to sweat in their shelter before the inhabitants of the villa went outside. Fortunately for them, after a couple of hours, they saw how beautiful charming Spanish women, elderly Spaniards, accompanied by a middle-aged beautiful woman and two healthy young broad-shouldered handsome men, came out of the house in lightly-colored clothes. For five minutes they wandered around the garden, but as it was hot they headed to the pool, threw off their clothes and, in the presence of uninvited guests, hiding behind the thick bushes three hundred yards from the metal fence with sharp spikes, began to swim. Despite the fact that the distance was enormous with field binoculars, the mafia leaders and the pirate managed to discern the beautiful beauties in detail. Carlos took out a movie camera and began to shoot first of all the fence with two bare wires through which the owners let out electric current at night, then switched to the pretty beauties splashing in the water?Peter did not stop and took pictures of everyone who had fun in the pool and sunbathing in the bright sun. What a pity! Soon everyone left for the house, Carlos waved his hand and with his team went to the van who was waiting for them in the appointed place, they silently got into it and rushed home joyfully sharing their impressions of young, seductive beauties in a bikini frolic in the pool.

????When they returned to the villa, Carlos led them all to the third floor, three middle-aged beautiful maids met them and immediately invited them to a festive table with drinks and refreshments: vodka, whisky, snacks, sausages, cheeses, red, black caviar, bread, trout, crabs and other gourmet appetizing delicacies after a drink. Everyone sat down at the table, Carlos immediately went to the TV and soon on the big screen appeared the beautiful Spanish women, they slowly undressed, rushed into the pool and swam.
????Carlos sat down at the table, everyone poured Smirnovskaya, he raised his glass and said: "Gentlemen, for success, we have real faces, it?s all thanks to you Chun, now I have no doubt that there are jewels hidden in the basement in the safes, these Spaniards from that underwater palace, raise glasses for treasures."
????Everyone shouted together Urrrraaaa and drank vodka, the forks rang and an unnecessary conversation ? the boss looked at Juan and said: ?My friend, I?ll tell you frankly, I changed my attitude to the female sex, you noticed which beautiful mermaids, one is better than the other, even I was confused what preference I?ll give, I?ll increase the photos and then I?ll decide. How do you like them?

????Carlos! Amazing girls, any of the three will do, I do not think you are a

Polygamist, they can hide behind bars for that,? Juan said smiling.
???"What polygamy, there?s just one way to handle it, this drug made me impotent, I?ll tell you frankly, if only we find those treasures I?ll abandon this muck and don?t expect any money to get rid of this drug addiction, I want that woman. Peter, you can imagine if those charming mermaids were in my pool, it would be a fun swim! And then we would eat them! You know Peter, I looked at them and throttled and I will tell you in all seriousness, this one with long dark hair doesn?t think to offend, I?ll find out it?s bad, what a chicken, what a splendid ?figure, what a magnificent body! She's my type. I?ll tell you what, as soon as we swim, I call you and you wear them all, as we saw them in that movie, with golden threads on a naked body, we enter, turn on the player and they dance, it will be chic! "

?? ?Carlos, I?ll think over and do as you wish, just think for yourself, they?ll be almost naked, all those threads will not be enough,? Peter said smiling.
????"Peter, you?ll buy all kinds of cheap tinsel, throw it on your bodies and everything?s okay, sorry that they cut their hair, otherwise you would hang bells on them, ring and fill with all your voices."

????"Chun, Peter said, I won?t hurt you, choose either of the two."

???"Peter, Carlos gave me that trawler, we?ll go home without girls on it, it?s better, we don?t have to go through customs, besides the airport workers aren?t sleeping, we?ve already been taught, you can imagine one bag was dragged, three hundred thousand bucks were taken in a suitcase, dirty shirts laid stones for weight, bastards, I just want to roar, " Chun said.

????"My Chun, thank them that they cleansed you, you are in America, but if the customs officers had discovered the bucks we would have met in a few years, and so you saw the ship and those paint live and there is a chance to earn several hundred real million bucks "Now, if Carlos said, I?m resolving tonight, I and my fighters would go right now for those treasures."

????Carlos looked at Peter and said: "Peter, only after my call from that trawler."
????"Carlos! How can people do without your help, you provide half the world with a drug?"

???"Juan, my empire will fall into your hands; I will advise you, do not be discouraged."
???"Thanks Carlos, you are a real gentleman; I never doubted you."
????And now gentlemen have a serious conversation about how to get into the courtyard, the fence is not only high but also bare wires stretch over it and electric current is passed at night. I think we?ll buy a car with a telescopic tower and a cradle to solve this problem. they enter it, lift it, cut the wires, and also make a short circuit. The whole house is without electricity, with dozens of guys carrying cold weapon on their hands and even using guns with silencers, they kill man, the Spaniards are stolen. All values ??of interest and importance are taken away, no more than thirty minutes are allotted for the operation. Since the shots cannot be dispensed with by the inhabitants of the house and they can be heard by neighbors, everyone needs to slip away with the girls and a safe before the policemen come. If safe can?t be opened on the spot, you will have to pull it out of the house with a cable, then pick up it on the car or on the bus and take it off? ?Gentlemen, I believe that no one can cope better than Peter in that serious situation, so in three days you?ll come up with a plan to attack the villa and explain to me in detail, I don?t want to risk my faithful people, to lose them recklessly! "
Peter looked at the boss and said: ?My dear Carlos, in three days I will present you my plan, I?m leaving to prepare for such an important task.?
????"Peter, hold on for a while, with these races I completely forgot to invite our dear guest, Chun Lu, to the ?Daisy? entertainment lounge, tonight we all go to the beautiful Marie Buada Bearares. Now I?ll call her and ask to set the table , without you and ?Harry Lopez, the evening will be boring, let our guest watch how you look after cute young creatures. The fact is that in the morning, Marie Buada called me and invited me to visit her in the evening, today is a closed evening only for us, so there are no outsiders," said don Carlos and smiled.
???"Don Carlos, call her, I agree to go with you, for a whole week we haven?t visited them, I think our hens have been sitting up and sad because of the lack of cockerels. Yes, you should bring Chun Lu up to date and let him grab with them three comrades passionately loving young creatures," said Peter and looked at the boss and the corsair.

???"Peter, we will definitely take Chun Lu and his three comrades," Carlos said cheerfully, dialed the phone number and the seated gentlemen heard a pleasant velvet female voice: "Dear Senor Carlos Rodriguez, good afternoon! As you might imagine, you are free and are going to visit us, the girls were waiting. In that case, welcome, tell us how many guests will be with you and we will meet you with dignity in our "Daisy", try no later than 9 p m, the tables will be set, I kiss."
?????Senora Marie Buada, good afternoon, we started doing business, but we?re going to have seven of you, so prepare seven girls, we?ll try to rush by 9 p m, as we agreed in the morning, hug and kiss,? ?Don Carlos said and smiled.
?????My don Carlos, I?m preparing a table for seven people, come, wait, ciao,? sang senora Marie Buada, singing happily and the phone went silent.
????Carlos smiled, he looked around the guests and said: ?Peter and Harry, I?ll take you to a party with me, Chun Lu, you as our guest will go with your three faithful comrades with us, choose any who do not mind having fun with young charming. Today we are the only ones in ?Daisy?, so no strangers and, please, do not let any of your comrades mess with the girls in the night about the true purpose of your arrival in America, just tourists and my guests, they will tell Mari the whole conversation Buada. "

????Chun Lu looked at the boss, smiled and joyfully said: "Dear don Carlos, thank you for inviting me to have fun, when we do our thing and in your free time you?ll fly with our friends to Hong Kong we?ll meet you worthily and get a lot of entertainment of your choice "As for my comrades, I will take with me Mao Tsu, Li Su and Chan Moon, they will keep their mouth shut."
????"Fine, Chun Lu, at 8:30 p m we rush to Marie Buada, our dark-skinned sorceress, crazy-looking pretty seductress but with a defect, she?s lesbian. Gentlemen, gather in this room at 8.15 p m, yes, Chun Lu, regarding the clothes then we have the usual home situation there, this is our establishment, you can wear anything, you will behave at ease, according to the situation, I think everyone will have fun and most importantly get pleasure," Don Carlos said and smiled.
????"Everything is clear, Senor Carlos, my boys will entertain the girls, everyone will be happy," said Chun Lu, got up, shook everyone's hand and left the room. Once in the courtyard, he saw his friends frolic in the pool, the pirate undressed and rushed into the water, the January hot sun heated it to fresh milk and it was nice to swim. After a while, Chun Lu swam up to the guys and named three names: "Mao, Chan, Li." Young people immediately sailed to him and he quietly said: "Gentlemen, swim after me, there is an interesting invitation, we?ll have a good evening, I?ll tell you everything."

????Having appeared on the hot sand, Chun Lu gladly told them the amazing news: ?Lee, Chan and Mao, don Carlos invited us to have fun with the beauties in the ?Daisy? saloon, I chose you, so I think you will heartily express your feelings and love to them, we leave at 8.30 p m, we meet here at 8.15 p m, no costumes ? short shorts and T-shirts, those girls should see your muscular bodies, you understand we?re not going to the theater and most importantly not talking about the true purpose of our trip, we arrived as tourists, met purely by chance with Don Carlos and he became our friend and guide."

????Upon hearing this news, the guys smiled, thanked Chun Lu and assured that they would not let him down, would not blurt out, and most importantly, the young beauties would be happy to meet them again. Since there was still an hour left, the guys continued swimming in the pool

??In 8 15 p m Lee, Chan and Mao in brown short shorts, blue T-shirts with a golden fire-darting dragon and leather black sandals were waiting for their commander by the pool, here Chun Lu came out of the doors in dark blue shorts, a white T-shirt with a portrait Bruce Lee and in crocodile leather sandals. Chun Lu looked around his comrades, smiled and said quietly: "You made the right choice of clothes, the look is amazing, I think the girls will fall in love with you, wait for me here, go to don Carlos."

????Chun Lu entered the house and at 8.30 p m ?he went out with don Carlos, Peter and Harry, as if everything had been agreed on in shorts, T-shirts and sandals. The boss looked from head to toe of Lee, Chan, Mao, smiled and said: "I have no doubt that you will make a good impression on the girls, let's go."
????Carlos led everyone to the garage near which stood a long white limousine with shaded windows, a physically strong guy standing near the open door and waiting for the boss with the people accompanying him. He greeted everyone with a smile, the boss with the guests sat in the salon, the bodyguard guy sat down at the driver and the limousine slowly drove to the metal gate. They automatically opened and Ford drove through them, accelerating and soon rushing at a speed of 55 miles per hour along a luxurious freeway amid a stream of different-caliber and multi-colored cars, and soon drove up to the outskirts of Miami sparkling with neon-colored lights. After 25 minutes, the limousine turned onto a narrow road and drove up to a huge two-story red brick building, large blue neon letters changing one another illuminated the name of the entertaining bar "Daisy".

????Before the limousine stopped, a medium-sized young-looking dark-skinned beauty with platinum wavy hair to her shoulders stepped out of the glass doors of an entertainment venue. A lilac blouse with short sleeves tightly encircled her body and lush breasts protruded seductively outward. The blue denim miniskirt did not reach a quarter to the knees so that in front of everyone in full view she put on display her full long legs. She went to the door of the limousine, opened and extended her hand to the boss, don Carlos went outside, followed by Peter, Harry, Chun and his comrades, the hostess and guests exchanged greetings, an acquaintance and a joyful, smiling Marie Buada took place all the guests who arrived in the saloon and everyone were in a large half-shaded hall. Near the wall there was a bar, on the shelves there were a lot of bottles of vodka, wine of American and European brands, behind the bar there were four attractive-looking young-looking girls and prepared a cocktail on ice "Margarita" mixing gin, lemon juice, grenadine and sugar syrup. Today, the saloon was empty because the hostess accepted, co-owner of the "Daisy" don Carlos with his guests.
????The beautiful Marie Buada made everyone sit down at one big table laden with wines and appetizers. In the middle of the table were two crystal vases: in one, garden flowers, and in the other, scarlet roses. Nearby stood a huge round high snow-white table with six legs, which served as a mini stage for stripper dancers. As soon as the guests started the meal, three charming young smiling beauties in blue short skirts and pink blouses with long sleeves entered the hall.
????To the sound of music pouring from the speakers, they with wide smiles on charming faces went up to the seated guests, curtsied and helped each other up to the table and began to dance. At this time, four full-breasted beauties preparing a ?Margarita? cocktail behind a bar in snow-white miniature aprons on naked bodies with trays in their hands headed for the table where the guests were sitting. Long beautiful chubby legs were completely in sight, magnificent breasts excited seated gentlemen. Seductive girls, smiling broadly, went to the table, curtsied, and set tall glasses with the ?Margarita? cocktail, wine bottles, snacks, tropical fruits on the table, cleaned bottles of unfinished drinks, plates of unfinished snacks, famously turned around and left. At this time, two beauties dancing on a table artistically undressed a girlfriend in front of everyone and as soon as she was completely naked, the beauties left her. The beauty began to slowly perform oriental dance, wriggling her body and taking unthinkable poses, and this continued until the end of the music. Two girls came up to the table in a green-golden bikini, helped the beauty to go down from the table and took away with them to the dressing room. Soon the music began to play again, three beauties appeared again and striptease on the table, this time two seductive naked girls danced repeating the movements of the first and, as a conclusion, after a break on the table, the three of them were dancing.
????At 10 pm, the hostess of the establishment, the charming Marie Buada, appeared with her attendants, on the magnificent bodies of which were adorned with blue miniature aprons. They stood in front of the table with the seated gentlemen curtsied and senora Marie Buada broadly smiled quietly said: "Dear guests, our sweet lovely charming girls will be served for dessert, only please do not eat them fully, in my sign you will approach them one by one and choose your sweet ice-cream."

???? Marie Buada with the girls approached the stage, the green-blue curtain opened and the guests saw two large bathtubs, the color of the blue moon ? one was filled with colorful cake cream and the other with golden sparkling wine. Charming seductive beauties with magnificent body shapes one at a time approached the bath with a cream cake, threw off aprons and naked rushed into it, smeared one another from head to toe until they were covered with a thick layer of cake cream, finally with senora Marie Buada, they stood and were standing like statues. It was impossible to identify faces smudged with cream and this created an intrigue when a partner chose one that was chosen by him when he admired her while dancing or when they served them at the table.
????Of course, in such a naked form, the girls were presented only in an intimate setting in the presence of Don Carlos and his guests, whereas on ordinary days in the presence of visitors at all the beauties, there were super miniature bikinis for decency.

????The hostess looked at the guests, smiled and explained the conditions for choosing a favorite dessert: "Dear gentlemen, you are seven, the same number of sweet cakes. You all come to me and pull a number from the bag, according to which you go to the bath and choose your cake, if you wish. lick off the cream from her to the best of your abilities, then remove the remains from her body with your hand, take it into your hands and transfer it to the bath with sparkling wine, wash her and finally pour champagne from the bottle on it. The girl gives you a hand and leads you to her cell to thank you, please. "
????"Gentlemen, follow me," Carlos said, got up and went to the stage, followed by Peter, Harry, Chun, Chan, Li and Mao. Once near Marie Buada, each of them put his hand in a blue velvet bag and looked at the number plate. The first number went to Harry, the second to Peter, the third to Carlos, the fourth to Chun, the fifth to Mao, the sixth to Chan and the seventh to Lee. Chan believed that he was lucky, the pirate wanted to see how those who did not lick the cream for the first time personally demonstrate their ability. Handsome Harry went to the bath and in order not to stain his clothes with cream, he threw off his shirt and shorts, then he began to choose a beauty, but since it was impossible to see her face and bodies, he took at random an average girl and began to lick off the cream from the face. Then, with his own hands, he removed from all parts of the body, transferred the beauty to a bath with effervescent wine and washed her from time to time from a large bottle with real Moet Chandon champagne. Washed, neat, seductive, joyful and merry beauty kissed Harry and said in a sweet voice: "My dear senor, I am senorina Penelope, your maid, if you like, then we?ll go to my bedroom and this night will bring you joy, sweetness and comfort."
????Harry looked at the seductive pompous beauty, kissed her and quietly said: "My dear senorina, my name is Harry, I am glad to meet you, I agree to spend a night of love with you and I am happy to give you happiness and pleasure, let's go."
????Harry picked up his clothes from the floor, Penelope took Harry's hand, smiled, waved her chubby hand to everyone and led her boyfriend into her bedroom.
????Then it was Peter's turn to lick the cream from the beauty of Gina, Carlos got Liza and finally Chun Lu started choosing a beauty and, to his happiness, he got the one he noticed during the dance on the table, her name was Carmen. Since the pirate?s face did not correspond to the name, this aroused Carmen?s interest in this handsome man and she tried to find out from him where he was from and what led him to don Carlos on Marie Buada?s instructions at night. The same task was given to all the girls who remained with the Chinese Li, Chan, and Mao. When in the evening Marie Bouad met guests who arrived with don Carlos and it was impossible to hide who they were, ?senorina suspected that Don Carlos was plotting something with new friends and was not introducing her into the course of affairs for a simple reason - he did not want to share part with her arrived, which had never been with him before. But a week ago, he worked out with her a plan to rob a bank in Panama City and where he was planning to fly, but for some reason postponed the flight and became silent.

? ?It?s smart Chun Lu to fetch out from Carmen what the dark-skinned beauty Marie Buada was like, briefly told his fictional story: ?My dear Carmen, a week ago I arrived from Hong Kong with a group of tourists to see sunny Florida and by chance in Miami, in the port, I met don Carlos while visiting a private pier with the aim of taking a boat trip on a speedboat or yacht. I turned to a gentleman of a pleasant appearance walking along the pier with a request to help us foreigners from China, to explore Miami from the deck of the ship. Having heard that we were from Hong Kong, he was delighted and immediately offered his ?Ines? and ?Marlin? boats for our three-hour boat trip. I agreed and we went with him on two boats to see the evening Miami Don Carlos was our personal guide, but the friendship didn?t end, and he, my dear Carmen, invited us all to visit his villa the next day, in short, we made an unusual sincere friendship and don Carlos invited me and my three friends to senora Marie Buada to see unusually attractive and charming young seducer waitress and stripper-dancer. We were intrigued and agreed to go to you where and fell in love with you at first sight. And I?ll tell you frankly when you danced on the table, I dreamed about you and now how we see together. I?m even now thinking about taking you to Hong Kong with me, of course, Carmen, with your consent, though we?ll stay in the States for a while, I?ll call you before sailing."
????"My dear Chun Lu, it is unlikely that your dream will come true: firstly, all the girls and I are illegal, we don?t have documents to fly legally from this country, only to run as we did, leaving the beggarly life in Mexico, secondly senora Marie Buada and senor Don Carlos will never let us go, because we make huge money with our bodies and give pleasure not only to her, to him and his guests, but also to the wealthy visitors of this institution ?Daisy.? For our seductive striptease dances and about - washing us in the bath people pay big ?money. We don?t communicate with don Carlos, but with senora Marie Buada every night when guests do not visit us. In fact, we live in a woman?s harem, her mistresses, you won?t believe, my Chun Lu, she is a lesbian and makes us satisfy her I don?t know how my friends are, but it?s not very pleasant for me. When a man is next to me, I transform and consider myself not a slave of love or a whore, but a girl delivering extraordinary pleasure to my beloved. Therefore, Chun forget about Carmen and don?t say out loud to anyone that you love me and are going to steal from the one who provided you with such happiness to be here and enjoy us. Now he is your master and if you disobey you can lose everything including life. I don?t know anything about Don Carlos, he doesn?t like to communicate with us during love affairs, but Marie Buada, on the contrary, tells us about her past adventures and how she came out of hopeless situations in which she got out alive and not empty-handed. She and her gang robbed banks, attacked on aiming at rich villas and, in case of resistance, mercilessly dealt with those who provided it. Now she is on vacation with us but dreams of attacking the bank, they developed a plan with don Carlos, but at the last moment, for reasons unknown to her, he broke. She let me know that there were about three million bucks in that bank and promised me forty thousand dollars. Although I?m not a non-legalist, I?m not so poor, now I have 50 thousand in my bank account and this is a huge amount for a Mexican girl, so everything is fine in my life."

????"My dear Carmen, I like you, I love you and if you agree to become my wife, don Carlos and Marie Buada will not mind. We will board a luxury motor yacht and sail the oceans to Hong Kong, they will give you a Chinese passport, we will they?ll register, we?ll be husband and wife and fly around the world. True, it won?t happen today and tomorrow, it will take some time, but please don?t tell your mistress Marie about it," said Chun Lu and kissed Carmen.

?? ??"My dear Chun Lu, I love you, if everything is as you say, I agree to become your wife, I promise to be silent and not to tell anyone prematurely about our conversation. It is a pity that I have so little money to buy a yacht on which you could sail with you from here, let's agree - until you have the opportunity, in agreement with don Carlos and Marie Buada, to keep me quiet from this house, but there?s another option, and for the sake of love and to be your wife, I would go if you would agree to it and we could rush with money from here first to Mexico and from it to Hong Kong. In our country, you can make any clean documents for money, from America to Mexico it?s easy to fall. My Chun Lu, don?t be offended by me, but by your behavior and your scars on your back it?s not difficult to guess that you came under fire and the bullets didn?t pass you by. I realized that you are not an angel and are unlikely to have flown here to admire America. But I won?t try to find out, I don?t need it, but I need you if Don Carlos is not yet your happiness recognized you, but from me they will never know who you are.

????So, I tell you my dear and beloved Chun Lu, the diamond of my heart, in this house, in the basement, in three safes are millions of dollars, don Carlos stores them after the sale of heroin and including the profit received from us. senora Maria Buada herself bragged to me that for those who lick a cake cream from our bodies, she has three thousand bucks and two hundred green from each visitors, sometimes they get 150-200 bucks and it turns out in the evening, not counting the sale of the ?Daisy? cocktail 50 thousand bucks and in a year it turns out about ten million green. In my opinion, they don?t know their account, and since it is dangerous to store cash obtained in an unjust way in banks, they hide, as I said, in steel safes. If you agreed to drag money with me from at least one safe, we would only have enough to buy a yacht for us and we would go with you to Hong Kong. No, Chun, I?m not forcing you to do it tonight, you have to think, weigh in your mind and decide, it?s never too late, just contact me and do everything without spilling a single drop of blood," said Carmen and kissed the sea corsair .

????Chun Lu listened to her and was surprised ? by her courage and quick wit, she was like him ? for several hours of communication, she exposed him and realized what kind of bird he was, she just couldn?t and maybe just didn?t want to know what led him to don Carlos. And here he turned out to be restrained and did not blunder to her, which made him fly to America, about the untold treasures that would certainly fall into his hands and only then would he tell her about them and give part of the jewelry for love and fidelity and turn Carmen into a queen. The pirate kissed her and said softly: ?My Carmen, I owe a lot to don Carlos and can?t do it to me disgustingly, as for you, all your words will remain in me and no one will know what you suggested. But in any case, I remember I promise you: if everything happens as planned, I will take you with me but with your consent, and now let's sleep and hope for happiness. I don?t like to brag about it, but you don?t really trust everyone about your plans, Marie Buada can overhear and you're in deep trouble."

???"My Chun Lu, I?m not such a fool to talk to everyone about my plans, but I trust you, and now that he told me that you owed don Carlos I finally understood that you didn?t come to admire the country, therefore I wish you success, but just in case remember my words, I love you," whispered Carmen and kissed her lover.

????"Thank you, my Carmen, I love you and remember your words, now let's sleep, in the early morning, when you still have dreams, we will leave without saying goodbye to you," Chun Lu said quietly and kissed the dancer.
????The pirate could not fall asleep for a long time, he thought about the jewelry that was about to be in his hands, then about the beautiful Carmen. He liked her so much and he was ready to go with her to Hong Kong, but a girl who ended up in a foreign country without documents could not buy a ticket with her accumulated money and fly freely even to Mexico, especially to distant China. As for Carmen?s proposal to steal several million dollars belonging to don Carlos and Marie Buada, kept in safes in the basement, he won?t even bother for the billions which in a few days will get in the hold of the trawler on which treasure seekers will sail to pick up from the strange labyrinths of the underwater palace. Only in the morning the pirate could fall asleep and how many slept had no idea.

? ?Don Carlos himself woke Chun Lu up, Carmen was absent, the boss looked at him and said quietly: ?Chun Lu, it's time to get up, it's already seven in the morning, we will have breakfast at home, you know we are waiting for big things, I promise you will definitely visit here, in the "Daisy", after the end of our operation, code-named "Sunrise", a limo is waiting for us."

????"Don Carlos, I get up, thank you and Marie Buada, I will never forget this wonderful evening, but since this is a big deal, let?s fully engage in it and will not be distracted until the end of the operation "Sunrise".

????Chun Lu got up, got dressed, don Carlos led him to the door, left the room, went down to the first floor and leaving the building a pirate saw Peter, Lee, Harry, Mao and Chan standing next to the limousine, exchanged greetings, got into the car and drove to Villa of Don Carlos. Returning from the party, the gentlemen first took a swim in the pool, then gathered in the common room and after a hearty breakfast, went into a separate room and began to develop a plan of attack on the treasure seekers home base, Peter who sat with them looked at the boss and said: ?Don Carlos, you they entrusted me with this important task, in three days I will bring it as promised, decide the rest yourself."
???Don Carlos looked at Peter and said: "That's right, we don?t need you now, go and get the plan in three days."

????Peter said goodbye and left, the drug lord looked at his subordinates, on Chun Lu and completely switched to an important aspect - how to get into the trawler undetected and stuff it with bugs to eavesdrop on the conversation of crew members on the deck. But most importantly, they will send signals to the INTELSAT satellite, on the ?Katalina? boat there is modern equipment capable of receiving signals from it sent by bugs and the coordinates of the position of the floating vessel at the moment appear on the screen. Thus, the pursuers under the command of Chun are not swimming blindly, the trawler with the treasure hunters is always in sight of what neither the captain nor the team members suspect.
????Chun Lu looked at the drug lord and said: ?Dear Carlos, you and I will do this important work in a few days, they will not sail away tomorrow. I think the guys ordered the equipment and are waiting for it, those researchers of the deep sea want accelerated, maybe in a sanitized way to rake everything up to the last gem, something like a huge ogre. In the streets I saw cars with a hose, they throw the end into a hole with rubbish and stones, it sucks everything that is at the bottom into its tank, so if they take it then in a few hours you reboot all the treasures from the underwater palace, so that Carlos us the bugs require the air."
????Carlos looked at the sea pirate and said: ?Chun, we are following the weather forecast, as soon as it is favorable for our operation - it?s rainy and foggy, we immediately sit on the boat and rush to the ship of explorers of the ocean depths, my ?Sea Rider? is ready to sail at any moment, your fighters, I think, are also prepared!?"

????"Carlos, next week in all weathers we will go to that ship and set up bugs otherwise they will sail away without them and we?ll be like blind kittens, my guys are ready, waiting for your and my signal, success is guaranteed," said Chun.
????Carlos and his companions were encouraged at Chun's words that he would install bugs under any circumstances, because a pirate penetrated tankers compared to which that trawler like an elephant and a pug, in this case the gang leaders drank and broke up.

????Three days later, Peter came to Carlos with a report, he brought several large twisted sheets of paper, after the greetings he laid them on the table and the boss saw a plan of the place near which they had visited three days ago and told in detail the plan of the attack on the villa : ?Carlos, the day before yesterday I rented a Cesna plane with a pilot, we flew around that estate a couple of times and took pictures from a small height, from a bird?s flight of the adjacent territory and the building itself, so I found a dead spot.

? ?From it we will begin a silent assault, the main thing is to overcome a high metal fence with sharp spikes and also those conductors under tension. We drive to that place, with us a truck with a cradle, two fighters rise up, make a short circuit and the entire estate we?ll be without light, cut the wires and with the help of the same cradle all the guys will get outside. From the folding ladders we climb to the windows of the second floor at the same time, we penetrate into the rooms, then everything is very simple, how my children are taught how to beat people silently."

????Carlos looked at his assistant and said: "Peter, I am pleased with you, it entered your head that it hardly got into my head-plane, a photo from the air."
????"Carlos, you said we should protect our fighters and act for sure, if I fail this operation my head will be off my shoulders, and I want to live and love those lovely little mermaid girls, they don?t get out of my head and millions," Peter said smiling.

?????Listen Peter, you just don?t touch the girl I chose, the one with long dark hair, she is charming,? muttered Carlos.

????"My Carlos, you think those girls are just bathing! You yourself understand! They are at least several hundred years old and seemingly 25 years old, besides there are young Spaniards and those explorers of the deep sea. I don?t believe that they are only kissed and stroked."

???"Peter, anyway, keep them to me until I return."

???"Carlos, don?t be offended what they will be, I have nothing to do with them, I?m not their father and I didn?t follow them."

???"Okay Peter, go get ready for the assault, prepare guns, rifles and feed dog with meat and Spanish sauce, know that they are lowered at night, feed them."
???"Thank you Carlos, I?m going to my fighters, they are eager to fight, even this night."
???"Peter, don?t do it today, I?ll tell you on the phone from our boat: "Good night to you."

????On Sunday, Chun heard the weather forecast for next week, they were lucky weather forecasters predicted a rainy night with fog from Tuesday to Wednesday. The pirate called Carlos and told him this good news, the drug lord was pleased to hear it and said: ?Chun, my boat is waiting for us, I bought the most modern bugs, I think on Wednesday at half past one in the night we will go by van to the port and sail at 2.30 a m. How are your fighters?"
????"Carlos, I picked up just four guys just in case, but the two will be involved - Ho Fung and Bow Shu, fearless heroes! They will turn anyone's neck!"
????"Alright Chun, this is your operation; you in your people know a lot about how I am in mine," said the boss.

????"Yes, Carlos, getting into a strange ship at night is a difficult operation, I rely only on trusted fighters, one wrong step and everything will go to the smart, we have no right to make mistakes, as we are dealing with billions of bucks," said Chun.
????On Tuesday at 1.30 am Carlos and Chun got together, for half an hour they discussed the action plan on the deck in order to neutralize the guard and install bugs within five minutes. Everything was agreed, joyful they left the room and went to the car, Chun called his guys and after a couple of minutes Chan, Ho, Bow, Lee approached the van. Carlos looked at them and realized that with such fighters it?s not scary to climb into fire and water, the weather was bad, drizzle and fog, limited visibility, everyone got into the car and slowly moved to the private parking of boats and yachts. The speedboat on which they were going on a dangerous voyage was waiting for them, the drug boss and the pirate greeted the sailors, they responded in the same way and informed the leaders that they just had to start the engine and they could rush to the ends of the world. The leaders thanked the fighters and took places together with their bodyguards. At 2.40 am on Wednesday, a motor roared-seventeen people, including pirate Chu lu and drug boss Carlos, went to the trawler ?Seagull?. It was drizzling rain, light fog, the moon was absent, visibility was limited and it comforted them. At three nights, they sailed to the port side at low speed, without hesitation, Lee Su threw two cat-horns overboard, they clung to a metal fence. Bow Shu as a monkey climbed up, secured the rope ladder, went down and so everyone was convinced of the reliability of the design. Wasting no time, Chan Moon and Ho Fung went up to the deck, followed by Chun Lu and don Carlos, all in masks on their heads, a pirate and a fighter darted to the captain?s cabin, the drug boss and another fighter hid behind the garbage tanks standing near the stern. Chun and his assistant Ho Fung like cats jumped quietly to the guards of the ship, grabbed them, put knives to the throat and Chun quietly demanded: "Gentlemen, no noise, you know, life is more expensive than money, everyone in the captain?s cabin needs to open a safe, where you keep ship money."

????"Gentlemen, we don?t have a safe with money, it?s a fishing trawler under repair, the captain keeps it in his house, my name is Dick, his Bobby, come on, I will show,? Dick said stuttering.

????"Well, just faster, Chun said, threatening Magnus 36 caliber, time is money!"
????The pirate and Ho Fung with guns in their hands followed the guards of the ship, they entered a small room, there was only a bed and a nightstand. Bobby opened it and pulled out folders with paper-mages, Chun ordered Dick to pull out everything that was hidden from under the bunk , he climbed and threw out rubber boots with boots, then turned the bed over but didn?t find anything.
????The pirate looked at Dick, Bobby and gritted his teeth: ?What a nasty thing, a ship without a safe, Ho, we got to the wrong ship. Gentlemen, be silent, however, if you decide to call the police within ten minutes from the moment we in three days your trawler will burn with a blue flame, we leave, sit here for five minutes and don?t stick your nose out to save your lives, goodbye."
????"Thank you gentlemen, we are silent like a fish," said Bobby.

????"Good luck on the next ship, gentlemen, goodbye," said Dick.

????"Sitting and being silent, thank us for being kind, we are not shedding someone else's blood, we are not bloodthirsty, do not even think of calling the police before ten minutes," said Chun strictly.

?????We thank you gentlemen,? said Dick and Bobby at the same time.
????Chan Moon and Ho Fung left the captain?s cabin and disappeared into the thick fog.

????As soon as Chun, Ho and the sailors retired to the captain?s cabin and for some time they searched for a nonexistent safe with money, Carlos and Chan Moon rushed about the deck, setting up bugs in places where no one would guess. At the appointed time, the boss did the work and went down the rope ladder to the boat, after a couple of minutes smiling Chun and Ho Fun came out of the captain?s cabin. They slowly headed toward the side, dropped the hooks with a rope ladder and jumped into the water. They were picked up on a boat, dressed in dry clothes and given a glass of rum to warm themselves and calm their nerves. Meanwhile, the boat rushed at full speed to another part of the port, to a private parking lot. Chun was not afraid that the chase would follow, those guys were safe and sound, nobody touched them, they didn?t even take a cent from them.

??????They knew that if they contacted the police they would not sail very soon, and this is more important for them than doing a waste of time and going to court every day. In short, everyone was happy ? Chun and Carlos successfully stuffed the ship with bugs, and those guys with fictitious names who were on the ship remained alive, safe and sound.

????Carlos, Chun, the soldiers who accompanied them, were delighted with the work done in seven minutes, they were lucky that there were only two guys on duty, if there were three things would have taken a different turn. Upon returning to the villa, on such a happy occasion, they had a drink, everyone drank for a job well done - now they will know through INTELSAT the exact coordinates of the trawler sailing in the ocean, and besides, the people of Carlos on duty on the dock are able to eavesdrop on all the negotiations of the sailors on the deck. To the joy of all the participants of the sortie chatted a lot and after drinking at five in the morning went to bed.

????In the morning, while Carlos was still sound asleep, the phone rang, the boss picked up the phone and heard the voice of the observer Fidel who was on the pier and watching the trawler: ?Carlos, good morning, at 10 in the morning a barge arrived with a long pipe, it was loaded onto the ship, arrived wait, see for yourself, I?ve never seen one like this before, it shines and sparkles in the sun, maybe they?re going to sail, buy. "

????"Fidel, good morning, thanks for the service, I will be in forty minutes, a long way, we will bring you a small toy, wait," said the boss in a sleepy voice.
????Carlos immediately called the pirate: "Chun, good morning, get dressed immediately, rush to the port, a pipe was delivered to that ship, we should look at it, they are getting ready to sail."

????"Carlos good morning, getting dressed, in three minutes we will go to the port."
????"Chun, meet at the van."

????The pirate got dressed quickly, left the house, Carlos was waiting for him, they got into a van and rushed to Miami, after forty minutes two bosses stood near Marcos. They greeted each other. Carlos put on his headphones, after a couple of minutes he took them off, gave them to Chun, the pirate put them on, listened and handed them to the observer. He put on his headphones, looked at the boss and said: ?Carlos, awesome, I hear those guys talking on the ship, they want to repair the engine and sail in three days.?

?????Marcos, when you finish the shift, give the headphones to a friend, immediately inform me of all the most important news day or night, thanks for the service,? the boss said and smiled.

????"Everything will be as you recommend, dear Carlos," said Marcos.
????Listen Chun, are they really going to suck those treasures with this pipe," asked Carlos, in a couple of hours they will rake all the diamonds to the last stone."
????"Carlos, I saw a lot of pipes on barges and ships, but I didn?t see this length, do they really want to use a mechanized way to extract those wealth. If you and I miss them for a couple of hours, consider we stayed on beans. I think we need to intensify observation, to single out another soldier, that they don?t believe, they?ll sail away when they think. Carlos, take the binoculars and look at them, under the tarpaulin, that mechanism, a fine installation that will suck in gold items and precious stones. guys are hiding her, yes, those guys are bragging oh, it wouldn?t occur to me why our observers didn?t report about it and we didn?t notice such a huge thing in a hurry that night."

????Carlos looked through binoculars and said: ?Chun, I have no doubt that this is the same vacuum installation to suck or swallow those treasures, because they showed the world only a particle. We had to come up with this! In short, we?re leaving, we should not loom before their eyes, but in general the pipe is not less than fifty yards, just awesome. "

??"Fidel, watch and listen to all their conversations, if they decide to sail immediately to call day or night, whoever suffers will suffer severe punishment, say the same to Juan, goodbye," Carlos said sternly.

????"Goodbye Carlos and Chun, I will transfer the headphones to Juan and so on from one to another, everyone will call in case of important changes on the ship," said Fidel.

????The surveillance of the ship continued, and on the same day, observers reported to Carlos and Chun that the guys on the deck had mentioned each other several times and by phone that three days later at six in the morning they would go to explore the ocean floor. The next day, observer Jones told the boss that a mechanic had come to troubleshoot an engine. Carlos calmed down, tomorrow the ship will not sail, Chun meanwhile manned the crews, when that ship had not sailed, they were always ready and followed on his heels. The cunning Chun did not believe the words of others, the pirate trusted only himself and his intuition, he convinced the boss that treasure hunters could go for treasures at any time. And therefore, without wasting time, they carefully prepared for departure, though with a slight delay. Carlos and Chun did not want to arouse suspicion and calculated that as soon as the discoverers prepared, went down and began to get treasures from the underwater storage, then three boats packed with cutthroat fighters, led by them, would sail to the trawler from three sides and attack. Without a doubt, those defenseless treasure seekers inevitably have to share the extracted wealth with the sea pirates. Carlos, Chun will try not to spill blood and peacefully release the pioneers on all four sides not empty-handed, they will be given a share of treasures, they will even give the guys a boat, though without fuel but with oars, until they get to Miami, during which time the attackers themselves sail away to a safe place and hide from the police ..

?... When the ?Seagull? trawler sailed to Miami, my father assembled a team and said: ?Gentlemen, I hope you agree to continue our important work, so we should not leave the ship unattended. Today I?m with two members of our team we?ll optionally stay on it, the next morning, Johnny and Ray Tiger will return to the ship and will be on guard duty for a day. Then there will be a shift and so on, two sailors every day on a trawler, we will draw up a duty schedule."
????"Captain Victor Gray, Johnny, I can?t speak for others, I myself will continue our exciting mission, throwing at the most interesting stage makes no sense," said Arthur.

????"And I, and I, and I," cried all the treasure seekers together.
????The consent was unanimous, the first to decide to stay with father Robert Singh and Adlai Court, the captain foresaw that there would be people who would like to take advantage of their discovery, because he decided to keep our trawler not at the berth and a half mile from it, hardly anyone would go unnoticed on deck .

????Finally, the contours of modern Miami appeared on the horizon, all the beautiful Spanish women and courageous Spaniards got out of the cabins and gazed steadily at the contours of the big city. They were struck by tall skyscrapers and giant airliners flying over to land, but tankers and ultramodern multi-story sea passenger liners without a single sail made the greatest impression on them. Spaniard travelers saw cars, buses, trucks and other equipment, all our guests were happy to get into the modern world. Joy swept all of them, the trawler sailed to the port and from a distance saw mom and Ray, they all waved their hands at them, they smiled at us and waited for a close meeting.
????Moored at about seven in the morning, mom and Ray sent us air kisses, we all smiled at them but did not scream. The first to go down to the pier were dad, Robert and Edlay, they greeted each other, kissed mom, Ray, they them, dad explained that only tomorrow they will be home, we can not leave the ship unattended. Father, Robert and Adlai returned to the trawler, we helped our Spaniards and Spaniards get down to the pier, mom, Ray kissed us, our guests arrived, and then we all went to the parking lot. We sat in a micro-bus and a minivan, gave gas to capacity and rushed into the city to confuse possible pursuers. When they were on the highway they noticed how exactly four cars were chasing us, soon one went ahead, three followed us: Ford, Mercedes and Peugeot. Then we decided to leave them ? Ray Tiger, being at home, came up with a way to discourage anyone?s desire to chase us ? he bought several nets with sharp spikes and stored them in a minivan just in case. When we turned off the main road, Arthur Boyle opened the back door and threw off the net, it fell under the wheels of Ford, it stopped abruptly, it was hit by a Mercedes rushing after him, and this was the end of the pursuit. We circled for a long time and finally drove up to our fence, the gates opened, drove into the courtyard of our family home and stopped near the porch. Everyone went outside and quickly went inside, it was very cool in the morning and we were afraid that none of our city none of our guests would catch a cold.

??????Only in the house did we finally relax, my mom and Ray Tiger got acquainted with the Spaniards, but since my beautiful mother did not know Spanish, I translated her what they said and, in turn, conveyed to them the statements of my mother. She and Ray were shocked to see our guests miraculously preserved from those distant times, she soon left and unexpectedly came with a large basket of flowers and gave them all without exception and exclaimed: "Dear charming senores and courageous knights, you are delightful, you are beautiful, I?m glad to see you in our house, you have lived in the underwater kingdom for so many centuries. "

????A few minutes later, Mom invited us into the living room to the festive table ? in vases, flowers, roses, three bottles of champagne, vodka, several bottles of current wine, cheeses, sausages, crabs, smoked trout, sturgeon, red caviar, delicious caviar slices, apple pie, juices, fruits, vegetables, sweets and more. We all sat down at the table, opened the bottles of champagne, poured it into the glasses, and I offered to drink for the meeting, for a happy, calm, and healthy life. We had a snack, my mother brought hot chicken noodle soup, then we ate apple pie with tea with cream. Mom smiled, she kept circling around the Spaniards all the time, brought them dishes and said: "Nice guests, eat well, I suppose you was so hungry in that palace."

????After a hearty breakfast, we sat the guests in a large room in front of Sony's 60-inch flat-screen TV and they enjoyed watching colorful Spain, then decided to show our documentary when the Spaniards saw themselves in the underwater palace, they could not understand how they got inside the glass mirror. I tried to explain to them what was what but my interpretation seemed to be unconvincing for them, then they watched the Spanish film "Carmen."
?????When mom and Ray saw the full film about our adventures under water and meeting with the Spaniards, they were struck by that luxury and somehow evasively asked if we would go there again. I didn?t want to upset my mother and said that only dad can answer this question ? he invested a lot of money in our expedition and should have been returned.

????Mom fell in love with beautiful Spanish women and knights, she bought for them according to their sizes a huge amount of all kinds of clothes and shoes, dresses, trousers, shirts, boots, hats, senoras and senores tried on, looked in the mirrors, changed clothes again and so from morning till the evening. When she found out that I and Sophia loved each other, approved my choice and became even more attached to her, and to other girls, she wanted them to find their favorite life companions and live with them in happiness and joy.
????To tell the frankly modern world shocked their imagination, they saw on TV in a color image many countries including Portugal with their cities, villages, marveled at their beauty and technology - they could not understand how trams, trains, cars move without horses, why planes fly and do not fall to the ground. At first, they watched for hours on the huge liners flying over their heads going for landing or takeoff. We wanted to show them Miami but were afraid that we were being intensely monitored and somewhere in the way a large gang would attack us and kidnap the girls and demand a ransom. I explained to them that we live in a society where, along with good, evil still exists. Fortunately, they turned out to be smart, understanding and decided to postpone trips to the future, as I constantly explained to them that in our modern world people are killed and robbed at home, as it was three centuries ago. They understood us and were content with walks around the estate under constant guard and watching television. We tried them to watch concerts, comedy films that might not affect their psyche, but since everyone learned to switch channels, they joined the militants. Often, on TV, killings were shown, not only with knives, but with guns, rifles, machine guns, explosives, countless robberies of houses, banks, jewelry stores, and as I understood films with a chase, explosions were a great pleasure.

? ?Meanwhile, my friends and I did not stop thinking that there was a serious expedition ahead of us, to that sea creature in which there were innumerable treasures, and I had to explain this to the senorinas and the knights. They listened to me but could not give an answer and only shrugged. I must say, for a few days in this world, our dear senorinas and seniors significantly increased their growth, complexion, their faces always shone with a smile, their eyes sparkled, they became bolder and it was a pity they could not really communicate with mom, father and our comrades from -for lack of knowledge of English. Therefore, I had to translate everything both of them, They tried to learn English in my free time, bought books, but it turned out that they did not know how to write and read even in their native Spanish and decided to postpone their studies until better future times.

????My relationship with Sofia reached its climax and, as she knew from me about the imminent departure for treasures, she tried to spend every night with me until night. even earlier at the ?Seagull? I promised her to arrange a wedding right after returning, but we, with our preparation for sailing, decided to postpone it. She looked at me oddly and said: ?My dear Johnny, your excuses make me doubt, you do not like me, you make me suffer, my body is in a fever when you hug, kiss me. If you don?t guess then I?ll say, I need to get pregnant and not tomorrow, but today and right now. You will sail away and you will think not only about me but about your heir, and then you will tell mom, dad and the whole world about our wedding, so please first go to my castle and then to the underwater palace. Johnny, you have no idea: I?m three hundred years old I am waiting for this unforgettable joyful moment, create happiness for me. Remember when we were swimming and sitting together, you kissed me and said: "Sophia, my nightingale, be patient when we sail and will be at home. I will try to make your volcano of passions explode if you has endured for three centuries, I think you will bear it for a few more days. "Johnny, my patience has burst, I see for you, you yourself lose it, but you are embarrassed to offer me:" Sophia, honey, undress. Johnny, hug me, kiss, caress, I love you, you me, everything will be for love, it?s wonderful.

????Since in the modern world titles mean nothing, then for you I?m just a sweet wife, Sophia, and as for those treasures, they are real and not fake. Imagine, Johnny, collected that luxury for three hundred years and said, I will give them to my beloved. You remember very well, Johnny, when we were swimming in the lake, there, at the bottom, were gold, silver, necklaces, pendants, medallions, chains, jewelry made of precious stones, but it wasn?t so easy to get them. That?s why I said while swimming that no one would dive at all, since that would cost the diver a loss of life. The fact is that that depth is deceptive and no one except me could take in so much air to get to the bottom, take the decoration I like and swim to the place where the air bubbles rise up. Johnny, I didn?t want to upset you when I told you how we got into the womb of that sea creature and were saved in an unknown way. As I said then on the ship, I can?t really say how I found myself in that wonderful world since I lost consciousness. You cannot imagine your long difficult life filled with interesting fairy-tale adventures in that strange underwater dwelling. Johnny, aren't you scared to be in it again? I?m not insisting that I refuse to travel to that palace, you are fearless, but be careful and still have a hunch that you will return. "
????I looked at her and said: "My dear Sophia, I fell in love with you for your beauty and not for the title, you are right - they mean nothing now, in the modern world there are new kings of steel, railways, music, dance, singing - they?ll not be listed, maybe you and I will become celebrities, live my Sophia and enjoy every new day, I thank you that you inspired me in your own words about a safe return."

????She looked at me and whispered: "My Johnny, I do so, yet let's repeat the visit to my castle for the fidelity of the birth of the baby and go to sleep." Without waiting for my decision, Sophia did not hesitate to undress without hesitation, I did the same, put her on the grass and satiated until the morning, we smiled and were sure that the conception would certainly begin.
????And I must say that night, Sophia continued her story about life in the womb of a giant prehistoric sea creature miraculously preserved to our times. Having kissed me, she looked at the blue moon and began: ?My dear Johnny, we collected jewelry, transferred it from the grotto so that we were not in sight and put it in the aisle, there were a lot of them and we put some in the room where you met with your friends our brave knights-squires.

?? ?Once, when I was going for treasures on a boat and diving under water, my eyesight was good, I noticed how a strange bird appeared, like a swan but larger than it, from algae growing far from the treasure. In addition, the plumage of an underwater swan differed from the earthly one in its green-blue color and bright red neck. I knew swans floating on the surface of water bodies, it surprised me why this bird was under water and does not think to emerge. An underwater swan noticed me and I thought already now he would emerge frightened by an unprecedented creature which had already appeared before him. But this did not happen, on the contrary, the swan swam smoothly to me, however, at the moment he was far away and did not have time to wait for him. If I was like a fish with gills and could be under water for a long time, I might have waited, but interest in the treasure forced me to dive to take from the heap of jewelry a magnificent golden diadem with blue diamonds. I reached the treasure, took what I wanted and at that moment swam up to get enough air in my chest. I must say right away it was extremely easy to float, the water pushed me even when I was holding gold items in my hands that weighed quite privately.
????Surfaced to the surface immediately breathed air and immediately fell into the arms of the knights, they grabbed me and put me in a boat. Senora Sophia, maidservants, knights, and admired the diadem found, admired diamonds and tried on their heads. I looked at everyone sitting in our boat and said: ?Dear senora Sophia, senoras and senores, it turns out that a bird like a swan lives in this lake under water, but it?s a pity he didn?t spread his wings, I?ll dive into the water, you see he?s swimming in our direction and if it swims, consider it."
?????I will say this news interested the Duchess senora Sophia, senorinas and senores, they bowed their heads to the bottom and began to look into the clear water in the hope of seeing a bird. I took in air, dived into the water and opened my eyes and looked towards the underwater garden. My surprise knew no bounds; others with their broods joined this swan and swam without paying any attention to me in underwater. A plan has ripened in my head, on our boat, to sail quietly to that place and so as not to frighten them away without diving. I got to the treasures and saw a long tube among the jewels and guessed the spyglass, immediately took it into my right hand, into the left gold things and swam up.

????The knights helped me get into the boat and began with senora Sophia, senorinas to examine the jewels, and bitterly admitted that they had not seen the swan. I looked at them and quietly said, as if afraid that underwater creatures like a swan would not hear me: ?Senora Sophia, senores and senorinas, I saw more than one swan with several broods, but they swam far without paying attention to me. But this that's not all, you just look what you found under the water, a spyglass! Our captain senor Edward de Malengo had such a tube, now I will look into it, it may not break.

????I brought the pipe to my right eye and looked towards our grotto ? it was at arm's length and seemed huge. The jewels lying in a heap not only were nearby, but increased many times in size and sparkled unusually in the blue, I would say, moonlight pouring from all the walls of the grotto. Extraordinary beauty! Joy swept me and quietly said: "Dear senora Sophia, senores and senorinas, the pipe is not broken, a magnificent fairy tale vision! I will look in the direction where underwater swans swim and to the bottom where the treasures I pass to you, you will be amazed!"

????I brought it to my eye and was surprised - the jewels lying at the bottom were near me and increased in size, they shimmered and played with all the colors of the rainbow. Our people who remained in the grotto came into view and only now I understood why 6 sailors, 3 ladies and their three young attractive servants refused to sail with us. It turns out they secretly started a love affair from everyone and now they have taken off their clothes and without any shame and conscience indulged in love joys without embarrassing each other. I did not begin to talk about this Duchess senora Sophia and turned my eyes to the side where it seemed to me that a swan-was swimming. Miracle, through the thickness of crystal clear water I saw birds with broods, though even in the pipe because of the large distance that separated us, they increased in size many times and I saw their eyes as red as sapphire. Suddenly, birds with broods swam up and when they were on the surface, in turn, sent a telescope in that direction and saw how far away the world seemed to me on the edge of the horizon, albeit in a reduced size. A valley without end and edge with tall green grass and bright colors, behind it a wide river like a silver ribbon, then green forests and a blue sky without clouds but also without sun but nevertheless it was light. Along the picturesque valley, hitherto fat animals wandered around with long necks and small heads, birds flew in the sky with wide wings flew in the sky similar to those that they saw under water, fire-breathing dragons soared about which I heard from my grandmother who told me tales in childhood.
??? So, in flight hunting for birds, they flew close to them, released a fiery stream from their mouth and the plumage burned. A flying dragon flew to a bird, grabbed a dead victim in its beak and flew away. In this way, I tried to extend the time so that the Duchess did not see the love joys of the ladies remaining in the grotto, their maid servants, sailors, and they remained a secret for her and everyone.
???I say lovers were not fools and watched us carried away by fishing, and we, in turn, forgot about them and did not pay attention. Now I realized that their love joys continued several times as soon as we sailed to the place where we lay at the bottom of the jewel. If they knew that there was a spyglass in my hand and I watched them! It seems to me that these depraved sailors, ladies and maidservants could deal not only with me but also with the duchess, but perhaps she herself had long noticed their love affairs and tried to stay with us and the knights in our room so as not to be raped by strong sailors.

????Everything that was viewed in the pipe was perceived by me as truth, but sometimes it seemed the fruit of my sore imagination. And yet it gave me great joy. I thought that it was a mirage, just the world that seemed to be in my imagination, but as we learned then everything turned out to be a real reality.
????Having seen all these miracles, she handed the spyglass to the Duchess senora Sophia and it went from hands to hands. senorinas and knights, and for a while I forgot about treasures, about food, we admired the fabulous, outlandish world and we had the idea of going to boats without fearing fears of losing our grotto when we return. Without hesitation, we sailed to him where at that time the remaining sailors, ladies, and their young servants were. After sailing to the grotto, strong sailors pulled her out of the water and sat in a circle, I told those who stayed here about their find and gave the spyglass to Senora Pelossi. She took it, brought it to her eye and began to examine the underwater world, algae with flowers, fish, that's just a pity the fairy-tale valley was not visible from our grotto. Having looked at it, she turned to me and said: ?Dear senora Sophia, your find will bring us entertainment after that boredom, you have brought into our life not only a desire to live, but also hope for our salvation. Senora Sophia! A good thought arose in my head: if we will sail in our boats in the direction from where we sailed here, looking around we can find that way out into the ocean and from passing caravels the sailors will notice us and save ourselves."
????The spyglass passed from hand to hand, at this time the Duchess of senora Sophia, after looking at the lady, said: ?Yes, Senora Pelossi, the idea is correct, but before I go off to look for a way out, I suggest everyone to swim in a fairy-tale valley with unseen before birds, flying dragons, animals and outlandish forests. What a pity no one sees him from our grotto! Therefore, if we sail, you will see everything for yourself."

????Senoras, senores, sailors who were here during our voyage, having heard such terrific news, were extremely surprised, looked at each other and immediately agreed to go to that valley, but not now. Sitting next to the knight Almo Garicia, fellow Eduardo Rodriguez, a11 black-eyed handsome man with long red hair, broad-shouldered with a powerful torso, muscular, recognized by all his comrades as their commander and constantly insisting on finding a way out of this world to get into the ocean, got up and looked at everyone and the duchess expressed his opinion: "Senora Sophia, if everyone agreed to go to that valley, especially with finding a telescope, then for such a trip we need to seriously prepare, we don?t know if there are edible fruits and I suggest Knights should take lances, hatchets and knives with them, in case of danger we can defend ourselves, none of us knows where herbivores or predators roam but it?s just necessary to go, maybe for our happiness we will find a way out into our world and save ourselves. "

?????Well, dear senores and senoras, now we won?t sail and will prepare, it?s fortunate that my servant Sophia found a telescope, it will be useful to us, the Duchess Sophia has said. If we find a way out, we?ll go back here and take the treasures. But we?ll swim after sleep, you need to gain strength, so I propose to go to our bedrooms and sleep well."?

? ??Everyone agreed and followed the Duchess senora Sophia. I will say we then had bedrooms in another place: our highly titled senora Sophia had three rooms ? she slept in one and the other two were maids and knights, so they guarded themselves and her. The three helpers ? Pelossi, Malenga, and Lopez ? had two bedrooms ? she slept in one and the other maids; the sailors had one bedroom located next to them and it was their duty to guard their peace, but it wasn?t there. Purely by chance I exposed them - it turns out that between the sailors, senoras and senores, love arose and they slept all together, but did not say a word about it with senora Sophia. If it weren?t for the knights, loving sailors could have invaded our bedrooms, but to our happiness this did not happen. But when we all gathered together at the grotto, they tried to flirt with us as servants and even with senora Sophia, because she asked the knights to be close in order not to give the sailors the right to approach us. And that's not all: the jewelry drove them crazy, the hands of the sailors shook when they sorted them. But since at that time there were still not so many precious jewelry, and if divided among all, everyone would get a small part. I am more than sure that the sailors with their mistresses planned to finish off with us and the knights and perhaps would have realized their plan but they were held back by the fact that no one but me could dive to the bottom where the jewels lay and since I was actually a chicken laying golden eggs, what was the point get rid of me. And there was another reason - if they kill senora Sophia, the handmaids and the knights, then as the dead bodies decompose over time in a confined space where the poisonous gas spreads and it is possible to get poisoned when breathing in. If you throw the bodies into water, then how to drink it after that and eat flowers and fruits.

????When they found out that I found a telescope and went into the valley and predators are probably found in it, getting rid of senora Sophia and the knights is easier than steaming turnips and their bodies will be in their womb, but they will not touch me and force me to get the treasures so that get rich at my expense. I noticed our sailors changed their attitude for the better: they became courteous, smiled and did not show a desire to seduce the maids. But as for the trip to the valley, at the moment they had no special desire and tried to pull it off despite the fact that they admired her looking at her in the pipe while sailing on boats for jewelry. I understood their plan, the sailors believed that it was not enough for each of the guys to get a large share and guessed that when they went by boat to the valley they would kill not only us but their lovers as well, which they did not expect because of their blind love.

????We did not sit idly by and I continued to get jewelry from the bottom, transferred them from the grotto to a common pile and it grew before our eyes. But since Duchess Sophia was the most highly titled in position, everyone listened to her opinion and obeyed her.

????Obviously, she, like I, knew about the plan of the sailors to seize our boats and take all the jewelry and the telescope I had found to sail to the exit from this strange world into the ocean. After we fell asleep again and woke up, she gathered everyone together and told us about her dream: ?Dear senores and senoras, as if I found myself in that wonderful valley that we all saw through a telescope. I will not describe those animals and birds I met in this valley, the fact is that my path lay to a hill in which there was a big cave, I went into it and saw a ray of hope ahead, without fear I went to it along a wide aisle and facing the exit I saw our blue sky with golden sun and below the ocean was noisy. Suddenly, I noticed a caravel in the distance and started screaming, save, jump for joy, and at some point hit my head on the ceiling and woke up. If this prophetic dream, then we should immediately go to that valley, climb to that cave and go down the aisle to the edge that in fact there is an ocean below and a sky with the sun above. If everything as I saw it, the sailors will return here in boats, take away the treasures and sail to us. Since we are many then we will transfer the boats to the cave, valuables and as soon as the galleon appears start screaming and the sailors hear they will come to us and save us."

????We listened carefully to the Duchess and as soon as she finished the story everyone, including the sailors, immediately expressed a desire to immediately sail to that valley. They were satisfied with such a plan of salvation, and if in fact it will be an exit to our world, then after the boats and valuables are in the cave, they will get rid of us and a decent share will go to six. Frankly speaking, joy swept all of us and we set about preparing for sailing, prepared as many fruits as possible, and in order not to overload our boats, the knights took off their armor but just in case they grabbed pikes, hatchets and long knives.
?? The Duchess Sophia sailed in our boat, we, her four maidservants and seven knights, the other three seniors, the same number of maidservants and six sailors. I constantly looked through a telescope and after a while sailed to the muddy shore. I will say that when we sailed to the valley countless birds that I saw under water swam with their broods without paying attention to us, without fear for our lives and flew in the sky. We pulled out boats on land and began to examine the wonderful world ? tall green grass grew with flowers of the brightest colors, strange and well-fed, four-legged animals wandering in a vast valley with small heads, and the front legs were short and the rear legs were long, massive and when we got up on them it seemed high. In general, different birds hovered in the sky, but there were not so many of them, as for fire-breathing dragons, they really flew: a green-yellow long body like a snake ended with a golden tail. From the big head the color of rye, or rather from the nostrils, long streams of fire flew out when they hunted for birds - plumage burned before our eyes, the fried bird fell, the dragon flew up to her, grabbed, then it fell into a huge mouth and disappeared into it.

????If it is right to say that we were in a valley dangerous for our lives, but the desire to get to the cave was so great that we went to it. Yes, it actually existed, which means that the dream of Duchess senora Sophia was prophetic. The grass grew tall and we disappeared into it to see that cave. Captain senor Carlos lifted me high up, I checked the direction and walked along the winding path so as not to fall under the massive legs of animals thicker than wine barrels eating grass. Finally, we reached a high hill and ended up in a forest with outlandish trees with long golden leaves; fruits with a green-yellow peel lay on the ground. Since we were hungry, we decided to try them, they turned out to be delicious and, fed up with them, went on and finally got to the cave. Just like in the dream of Duchess senora Sophia, a gap was visible ahead, and we went to the edge of the cave. After a few steps, water splashed under our feet, but interest and curiosity pushed us forward.

????We walked and, being at the edge, saw a vast ocean in front of us. I looked down, to the surface of the water it was pretty decent, as if I were standing on the deck of our ?Hispaniola?, even much higher. Small waves rolled over ours, as it seemed to me, a rocky grotto, broke, but not a single drop fell on me and the companions in misfortune. None of us were afraid that there was an ocean under us and looked forward, on the sides hoping to see a sailboat, but unfortunately it did not sail. I do not know how long we admired the blue skies and the golden sun. Since it was evening, it began to get dark. The sun went beyond the horizon and soon a blue moon appeared in the sky with bright and blue stars. And somehow unexpectedly for us in the distance appeared a strange large ship without sails with pipes from which smoke was pouring. I brought the tube to my eye and carefully examined it, it was so close to the ship that I wanted to jump into the water and swim. I understood that this was not a deception ? living people, perhaps sailors, naked to the waist, walked along the deck of the ship. It slowly sailed, we started screaming, the knights waved their lances but the sailors probably didn?t notice us, and only because by this time the sea creature in which they were so submerged in the water that splashes from the waves breaking on the mainsail fell on us. I looked down and was horrified ? the surface was just a stone's throw away, admiring the world around us and an unknown ship sailing, we did not notice how our sea creature sank into the water.

????I could not stand it and shouted: "Senora Sophia, senorinas, senores, we need to escape, leave urgently, we will drown, soon the waves will pour into our grotto and flood it."

????The Duchess looked at me oddly, looked away and quietly said: "Dear Sophia, you are young and have a lot of health, enthusiasm and fearlessness, I ask you to run and believe you will survive until someone penetrates that house and I?ll save those who will be near you. I can no longer live in the womb of this sea creature, eat algae from which I have recently experienced pain, suffering, I consider you my daughter and pass on my title, from now on you are the Duchess senora Sophia, all mine handmaids and knights will serve you, goodbye m oh sweet daughter."

????She kissed me, I did not even have time to thank and dissuade her from suicide, but the Duchess senora Sophia threw herself into the water and did not come up again. In general, everything happened unexpectedly and did not notice the disappearance of the sailors, three lords and their maids. As the sea creature sank, water began to flow noticeably into the passage. Seven knights and three maids standing next to me came up to me and Captain Senor Carlos Santos shouted loudly: "Senora Sophia, the sailors, ladies and their maids, left us and rushed to save ourselves, they realized that soon the water would flood here and flood everyone. I understood their plan to capture the boats, to sail away, and if we don?t drown in the grotto, we?ll get into the stomach of flying fire-breathing dragons or perish under the feet of those strange animals, the water arrives, we should run."

????Yes, we rushed to run, the water came noticeably judging by the fact that with each step we found ourselves deeper and deeper. A wave was rolling on us, but a strange thing was not all the water came to us, most of it disappeared into a bottomless well. When the lowest of all of us, senora Patricia, was chest deep in water, we were a few steps from the exit from the cave, finally jumped out and ran away from the falling stream and got tired to rest. We silently looked at the falling waterfall and now I realized: a sea creature filled the valley with water to nourish the soil on which grass and trees grew.

????Suddenly, Captain senor Carlos said quietly: "Senoras and senores, look at the sky, fire-breathing dragons seized the sailors and carried them towards the forest. We need to be very careful not to fall into the clutches of these birds of prey, as I guess they have very strong eyesight and they noticed people in tall grass, go to the forest."

????The captain was the first to step forward and we followed him, countless yellow-green fruits the size of a baby?s head lay under tall trees and beckoned with their aromatic smell, and their taste was excellent, reminiscent of pineapples. Previously, we ate them and everyone liked them, and since we had nowhere to hurry, we sat on soft grass and began to enjoy the fruits with pleasure. Having eaten and quenched our thirst, we got up and went through the forest to the valley, passing which we will be near the abandoned boats to which the sailors rushed to capture them and sail to the grotto leaving us in this valley. But when they saw their roasted bodies in the mouths of fire-breathing dragons, it became clear to us that the boats were in place, the lords and their maids were unlikely to go into the unknown because the telescope was in my hand and I did not part with it.

????When we were at the edge of the forest, before our eyes appeared a valley reminiscent of its beauty of a living carpet woven from lush flowers of the brightest color with existing huge animals and flying birds. Captain senor Carlos Santos looked at us and said softly: "Dear senoras and senores, we have to go to the valley without being caught by the huge legs of grazing animals, you just look, they jump like hares and do not walk like cows or bulls and this is when they huge weight. Since the grass is tall, from time to time I will have to lift you, senora Sofia, and you will not only direct us to the lake on the shore of which the boats were hidden but also away from these jumping animals. Our goal is the lake, it can be seen from here."

????Since I well knew the place where the boats were previously hid, I looked at the lake in my telescope and determined where they supposedly were lying and said quietly: ?Capitan senor Carlos, senoras and senores follow us in full, our path will be longer but safer, the main thing is not to be afraid, lances, hatchets, knives to keep ready, for me.

????I went into the grass and soon we hid in it, we were just lucky, the animals did not come near us, and those fire-breathing dragons were saturated with the fried bodies of the sailors and were breathing in their habitats. We moved cautiously in the tall grass, Captain senor Carlos lifted me up from time to time, looked into the telescope to the place where the hidden boats lay. So, stepping carefully so as not to make noise and attract the attention of grazing herbivores and flying birds, we safely reached the lake, our boats lay untouched and we breathed a sigh of relief. We sat down on the shore and made the decision to sail to our grotto, wait for the lost ladies with their maids, or leave a boat just in case. Captain senor Carlos and the knights considered if anyone who survived would swim to her, which I personally did not believe because the water surface was full width and without knowing the reference point it was impossible to reach our grotto without my spyglass so from this place he with the naked eye was not visible. We decided to wait for our lost travelers for a while and then go for a boat with us.

????Somehow unexpectedly, Patricia, sitting next to me, said quietly: "Senora Sophia, look in the direction of my hand, a flock of fire-breathing dragons flies towards us and, in my opinion, it is no accident that they sensed us, we need to hide."
? ?I looked towards the outstretched arm of Patricia and saw flying dragons, but to our happiness, they soon turned to the forest and sank down. I did not want to frighten the travelers prematurely and with Patricia looked in the direction of the forest and soon a terrible picture appeared to our eyes. Fire-breathing dragons climbed up carrying the mutilated bodies of our three sailors and their maids in their huge flocks. I brought the spyglass to my right eye and I saw a terrible picture as on my palm. Fire-breathing dragons, as it seemed to me, were from me to the length of an outstretched arm. To three birds of prey of the bodies crushed by the legs of massive animal ladies and maids were not reached and they tried to fly up to those from whose mouth they stuck out to grab a part of the body. But since they did not want to part with their prey, they began to release two streams of fire flame from their swollen nostrils at a flying dragon, he, in turn, at an opponent. The case ended for some flying dragons, sadly their heads filled with gas flammable when connected to air when a fire flame released from an opponent?s nostrils exploded and a headless flying dragon enveloped in fire fell down. The smell of blood attracted predators and the fight for meat began not for life but to death.

????In short, knights and maidservants saw a long bloody battle of flying dragons in the sky, as a result of which the strong survived and, having enjoyed fresh food, flew to their native habitats. Taking advantage of their absence, we got into a boat and sailed to our grotto, waving hands to harmless birds and their broods floating near us. Since we did not want to part with another boat, our strong body knight senor Evo held its nose tightly in his hand and thus safely returned with two boats, brought them into the grotto and started eating those nutritious aromatic and tasty fruits taken from the forest grown in that valley.
????We sat, ate and recalled the drowned duchess senor Sophia and the dead ladies with their maids and sailors. Then we went to our bedrooms and when after a long sleep we woke up we went to the grotto and again our life was reduced to one occupation, raising jewelry from that bottom and when there were a lot of them in our heads the idea arose to escape from here in boats. After we visited the valley and found ourselves on the edge of the grotto and saw the ocean and a ship floating on it with pipes, it became clear to me why we were alive and fell into the womb of this huge sea creature. When we sailed as it seemed to us to a strange island, but in fact to a sea creature of enormous size at that time it was above the water. Perhaps it freed itself from stagnant water and gathered fresh water as we saw while standing at the edge of the grotto, finding ourselves in a valley. Finding ourselves in two boats, we sailed to a nearby galleon, but suddenly spun them, we lost consciousness and did not remember how it dragged us through the hole into the womb of this creature. When it goes under water, the hole is tightly closed by giant gills and water does not leak inside.
???And we, like the sailors who died with an absurd death, had a desire to break out of this womb into our world and started looking for a way out, but unfortunately we didn?t find such a way to sail outside in boats. But the one from which we left with you was known to us and we had a fear that someone, may be a gang, would penetrate it, get to us, find treasures, kill us and leave us. Therefore, we set up a security post before that entrance in the hall, and as soon as unknown people entered, they could gave resist them, injure but not kill, in order to know why they came here.?

????There was no question that the whole world could spread the rumor about the found underwater storage with treasures, about the pretty Spanish women and Spanish knights who had lived in it for more than three centuries, since in this case we would not be able to organize an expedition, others would take advantage and enrich themselves our discovery was therefore silent as fish and at the same time preparing for all sorts of surprises.

?? ?I?ll tell you frankly, at first we were afraid of strangers coming not only to this house but also to the ship and decided to protect ourselves ? we bought several rifles, pistols and taught the Spaniards to shoot them. They turned out to be capable and definitely hit the nines and tens. As for the impressions of modern life, our guests were enthusiastic about it and only one bad thing was that we could not leave the house so that they would not be stolen. We had a lot of affairs, we were preparing for an operation to raise treasures from the underwater palace and came to the decision to get the bottom in diving suits and came up with: knowing the thickness of the water, silt, the height of the side of our trawler from the surface of the ocean to the deck and the depth of the well from which the winch went into the passage let down a pipe 180 feet long, 3?4? in diameter into the well. Three of us will descend along it without diving suits and we will lightly shuffle the jewels, those who on the ship will lift them with a winch. So that the end of the pipe does not cut the soft tissue of that living octopus creature, we decide who will do it will stick the rubberized fabric on the lower end, moreover, it will be flat and an airtight door will be made in the pipe at the bottom. We are lowered by a winch into a pipe, being below, we open the door inside, exit and immediately fall into the well, from it we enter the labyrinth and then we go to the hall where we met the knights and to the passage where the jewels transferred from the grotto lie.

????The fact that the pipe was very long didn?t bother us much, it fit freely on our trawler, nevertheless, we decided to take a pair of pipe sections of ten feet of the same diameter just in case. When we lower the main pipe under water with a crane, if necessary, we will join small segments and weld in separate places for strength. Since water gets into it when lowering the pipe, we pump it out with pumps, put on heavy-duty diving suits for safety, drop in them, work should be done as soon as possible. And this was at the moment only one of the options for descent to the bottom.

????Since cash was required for the upcoming work, the father handed over part of our precious stones to jewelers and received more than three million bucks for them. Dad certainly didn?t tell anyone their origin, but since there was a demand for them, jewelers asked him to bring such diamonds to them on occasion and they would be happy to take them.

????We found ?Steel Pipes? Co in the directory and phoned the boss: "Good morning, Mr. Nick Blum, my name is Victor Gray, I would like to place an order for the production of the pipe according to my design, it is 180 feet long and should be delivered to our ship."

???"Mr. Victor Gray, good morning, Nick Blum is talking to you, I?m glad to deal with any customer, we?ll make a pipe even to the moon for your money, come with your project and make it as soon as possible, our experts have many years of experience, you will be satisfied," I heard the joyful voice of boss of the ?Steel Pipes? Co.

????"Mr. Nick Blum, we'll be there in forty minutes, wait," I said.

????"Mr. Victor Gray, you will be received at our office at any time," said Nick Blum.
????Dad and I took our drawing and by Ford went to ?Steel Pipes? Co. In the office, we met with Mr. Nick Blum - a young man with a fluffy hair in brown short jeans and a colorful shirt invited us into his office, sat down, greeted each other, introduced themselves to each other, handed him the draft of our pipe and explained its features in detail. He looked and said: ?Gentlemen, I see yet two more short parts, I guess they will build up, in general we will get to work, but after a couple of days, look at us, see me and ask you questions. Our experts will present it on your computer I?m looking at the bottom with a hole and a soft base, maybe we?ll make the bottom conical, as I understand it, your pipe will go into the hole."

????"Well, dad said, we will definitely come, you made the right hint, let?s look at its bottom in the computer before manufacturing."

????We wrote a check, said goodbye and left, two days later, as the boss asked, we arrived at the company, saw Mr. Nick Blum, greeted and went to the design office, a young man with red hair invited us to his department. We went to the table with a PC, greeted a handsome engineer Walter Sachs and a minute later saw the bottom of our pipe on the screen, it narrowed to a cone and I exclaimed: ?Stop.? Immediately, the engineer Mr. Sachs recorded all the necessary digital data, we looked at the boss and dad said: "Mr. Nick Blum is the most optimal bottom, you do not need to narrow it, the height and width of the hole remains the same."

????"In this case, gentlemen, we begin to manufacture it, the most important thing is to build a soft and strong foundation, we have it, before sending it in five days we?ll call you back, your presence when loading on a ship is mandatory and sail at least to the ends of the world. Our people so fix it that it has nowhere to go even in a storm, however, some welding work will be done on the spot, thank you, goodbye," said Mr. Nick Blum.

???? "Goodbye gentlemen Nick Blum and Walter Sachs, thank you, we look forward to your call," said the father and shook their hands.
????I also shook their hands and said goodbye, without wasting time, we went home to do preparatory work for the next voyage. The next day we bought diving suits, just in case, there were two additional hoses for transferring jewelry, it was inconvenient and difficult to walk on a soft base in diving suits, it was possible to wear light scuba suits even more so that you could breathe the air that filled the womb of a sea octopus creature. But we will take the final version in place when we lower the pipe into the well.

???One day my father consulted with me: ?Johnny, how do you look, if we buy a small submarine for future underwater work, to put a pipe into that well from which you fell into the womb of a sea creature, or in case of an attack by enemies take refuge in it, I it all seems that someone is watching us. You yourself spoke of you rushing cars."

????I looked at my father and said: "My captain, a great idea, but it costs a lot of money, I have no doubt that they are watching us and should be very careful."
?????In this case, type in the computer ?sale purchase of small submarines? and we will see hundreds of announcements,? said father and smiled.
????Without hesitation, he turned on the computer and after a few seconds hundreds of ads for the sale of miniature submarines appeared on the screen. We found a boat suitable for us and previously phoned Mr. Kisling, the head of the ?Submarines? Company: "Good morning, can I speak with Mr. Ray Kisling," said the father.

????"Sorry, who am I talking to?" we heard a pleasant male voice.

????"I am Victor Gray, I?m calling about buying a small submarine, according to your announcement, I wanted to choose the right one for our sailing," said the father.
????"Good morning, I'm Mr. Ray Kisling, if you want Mr. Victor Gray to buy a boat, come according to the address, I?ll wait for you before dinner, call 001 at the checkpoint, bye."

????"Mr. Ray Kisling, my son and I will be back in an hour, we're going, thank you, bye, bye."

????Without hesitation, we got into our Ford and drove to the Submarines Company, drove up to the parking lot, parked the car and went to the metal gate, went into the entrance and phoned 001, Mr. Ray picked up the phone and dad reminded him of our arrival, Mr. Kisling reported that in three minutes he would come to us. We went out and stood at the gate, an elderly gentleman in a white suit soon approached a medium-sized man, I, my dad introduced himself to him, he led us to the shipyard. From afar, we saw an oblong green submarine, Mr. Kisling looked at us and said: "Dear gentlemen, a great submarine for six places, if it suits you, I suggest we get into it and experience it in my presence."
????I exchanged glances with dad and realized she was suitable for him and then he said: "Mr. Kisling, we would like to get acquainted with it."

????"Please gentlemen, follow me," said Mr. Kisling and led us into it.
????Having found inside, we saw six comfortable chairs, Mr. Kisling closed the hatch, turned on the engine and the submarine began to sink gently under the water. I looked at the device: immersion depth 33 feet, sailed forward, backward.
????"Dear gentlemen, Mr. Kiesling said, you can go down to 200 feet on this submarine, it has hydraulic hooks, you can use them under your hands and catch any objects up to a three wide, you just look Mr. Victor and Mr. John!"
????He pressed the button and before our eyes metal grips came out of the space of the submarine, semicircular plates sticking out like palms at the end, they grabbed a large stone, lifted it up and dropped it. Mr. Kisling removed the grips and when he was 10 feet deep he raised the periscope, we saw ships sailing in the distance, a shipyard. The boat stopped and Mr. Kisling said: "Gentlemen, each of you will experience it in my presence, please, Mr. Victor, I will tell you something."
????My father sat down in an armchair and easily did everything that Mr. Kisling, then I replaced my father, raised that stone several times and threw it, finally we came up. Frankly, we were pleased and said that we were buying it, Mr. Kisling opened the hatch, turned off the engine and went outside.

????Father looked at me and said: "My Johnny, I think we will buy it, baby, what you need."

?????Dad, I think she?ll help us a lot, don?t hesitate, buy,? I said.

???? We liked the boat, we bought it, firmly shook hands with Mr. Ray Kisling. He was pleased, we were no less than him, said goodbye to each other and promised to arrive after a few hours to pick up his Ford. A smiling Mr. Kisling looked at us and quietly said: ?Gentlemen, your car will be completely safe, you can pick it up even tomorrow, yes, I want to remind you that if you have a desire to buy a big boat, I will find it and sell it at a discount."

???We looked at him, smiled and dad said: "Mr. Kisling, I can?t stop coming here soon, but if we need another in the future, we will definitely contact you, goodbye."
?????Goodbye gentlemen, see you soon,? Mr. Kisling said with a smile.
????We climbed inside a submarine, closed the hatch, and since during my first expedition to the Mediterranean Sea I often went down in saucer boats and drove them, everything was familiar to me. On their own, they sailed to the trawler and so that no one from the shore noticed it, they would lift it onto the deck from the side opposite to the port. There were two powerful cranes on our trawler, we attached cables to the steel clamps of the boat and in a few minutes we lifted the boat to the deck and covered it with tarpaulins so that no one could guess from the side and guess what was stored there. Arthur and Robert, who were on watch, helped us, they were delighted with our purchase and after we closed it with a tarpaulin, uncorked a bottle of champagne, filled our glasses, and dad said a toast: "Gentlemen, let's drink for our ?Baby? submarine and for our success."

??? We drank and poured the remainder of the champagne onto the hull of the submarine and popped with Arthur. Robert brought us ashore by boat, we said goodbye to each other and rushed for our Ford in a taxi. The car was on the site, I paid the driver and he thanked us for going to Miami and we moved home on a blue van. Forty minutes later, an ambulance drove into the courtyard and when dad informed the household about our purchase, they were discouraged ? we would definitely go for those treasures. Father so colorfully described our future journey that it seemed to everyone that we decided to take a boat trip and not a dangerous descent into the belly of an octopus. In short, he animated everyone, the gloom subsided and soon they all drank for our ?Baby? and for the success of the second trip for treasures.

????At the same time, at another company, according to our project, we were preparing a steel pipe 180 feet long and 3.3 feet in diameter, plus two additional pipes 10 feet long of the same diameter, just in case: if the main one is not enough, we will have to weld these cutting for what there were joints. The brackets were welded inside the pipe so that you can go down or go up. Outside, the upper pipe had a welded collar and a T-shaped channel at the very end: it goes into a metal groove welded to the side of the trawler, so that the pipe hangs motionlessly and firmly in one position.

????Five days later in the evening, we heard a phone call, my father picked up the phone: ?May I speak with Mr. Victor Gray, Mr. Nick Blum on the wire.?
????"Mr. Nick Blum, good evening, Victor Gray is listening to you."

????"Good evening Mr. Victor Gray, the ordered pipe is ready, our barge will deliver it to your ship with two pieces by 10 o?clock in the morning, be there, goodbye."
??"Mr. Nick Blum, thank you very much, we'll be on the ship tomorrow, wait, bye."
???We were pleased with such a message, in a couple of days we are sailing for treasures. In the morning, dad took me and Arthur, we drove to the port, left the car in the parking lot and went to the trawler, Robert Sing and Edlay Court stood on guard. We greeted each other and Court told an unpleasant story: "Mr. Gray, two masked unknown men burst onto the deck from the port side at 2 a m, two of them ran up to us and asked to open safe, I explained to them that our ship It?s not involved in the transportation of goods and fat, it?s a fishing trawler who came for repairs and we were hired on duty. One of them demanded to take them to the captain?s cabin and show him the safe, we were forced to enter your cabin under the barrel of a gun. did not find safe was extremely surprised and muttered that this was the first ship in his life so that the captain didn?t even have a safe, they, without harming us, left the ship and threatened if we inform the police that this ship will not only burn with a blue flame and everyone will find place in the kingdom of heaven. "

????I looked at the masked gangsters and said: "Dear gentlemen! You didn?t harm us and we are silent, we will inform the boss upon his arrival."

???They went to the side, threw off the hooked cats, jumped into the water, friends helped them climb onto the boat, and he rushed like an arrow into the sea, or rather into the ocean. We thought about why you wake you up at night if they didn?t even touch us with a finger."

???? Father listened to Cort, looked at them and said: ?Robert and Edlay, you did the right thing that you didn?t call the police, you wouldn?t find them anyway, and if we would go to the sea our ship was ruined". This happens, you shouldn?t be upset, especially not once, a barge with a pipe and two short piece of tubes is floating towards us, just look how long it is! Now we will receive them, Johnny and Robert follow me."

???We went to the board to which the barge was sailing, soon she approached the left board and the workers managed to lift, lay and fix the pipes on the deck for one hour with their powerful cranes so that when ship sailed not even one of them would not move. We thanked them and they sailed to their company. Since Robert and Edlay stood on watch all day and were tired, all the more so as we got nervous, they should go home and asked that Andrew and Ray to arrive on the ship. I together with them on a boat went to the pier, they said goodbye to me and walked to the parking lot where our dark new Ford stood, I returning to the trawler and left alone with my father started a conversation about unplanned guests. Father somehow reacted with indifference to the bandits sortie on our ?Seagull?, looked at me, smiled and said loudly: ?My son Johnny, this should not be given any significance, this is not the first time in my life, sometimes I had to give pocket money and those who attacked promised not to come close anymore."

????I did not agree with my father and whispered in his ear: "My captain, they got up for our trawler not for money, more than sure they hid a few bugs to follow us."
????From this trivial topic, we moved on to the main one, what day to go and what course to sail in order to confuse the traces of the alleged pursuers and here father acted wisely ? he took a piece of paper and wrote: ?Son, you?re right, I also thought this way: no matter what day or night we sail at any case our enemies will follow us. Today at night they visited us, we should find bugs and earn money on the way as soon as we set sail and follow us. In addition, guests attached ultra-sensitive microphones and eavesdrop on our conversations, their equipment is not far from us on the shore, you?ve talked rubbish."
?????Father, I said, we?ll sail in three days later at six in the morning and if everything is okay on the way, then at 15 miles on Wednesday at midnight we?ll start work, the day after tomorrow we?ll start refueling. During this time, we must finish the overhaul, the engines junk and if the unforeseen happens, we stand up in the middle of the ocean."

?????Son, don?t worry, during this time we will make repairs, yes, look, our craftsmen have arrived, now we?ll get to work, meet them.?

????I got on a boat and sailed to the pier, met Andrew and Ray near the entrance, stopped and quietly told them: "Gentlemen, on the ship do not exchange a word about the house and Spaniards, do not have a telephone conversation until the next day when come our friends.?. About 10 a m I?ll come to the rescue, unexpected guests may reappear, you arrived at the trawler as a master mechanic."
????Andrew and Ray understood the dangers hanging over us and whispered, ?OK, Johnny.?

????We boarded the boat and rushed to the trawler, went up to the deck and the father said in a joyful voice: "Good morning gentlemen of the mechanics, go to the engine room, continue the repair work, you are late for something today."
????"Good morning Mr. Smith, we got a new part, we?ll replace the one that?s out of order, you have a long transition, we?ll go down to the engine room,? said Endrew, yes, it?s $ 1,700 for repair. ?

????"Well, gentlemen, no problem, the main thing is that the engines worked properly," said the captain and blinked his blue eye.

????We went inside, father wrote the most important thing on paper and handed it to Arthur, he read it, waved his head in agreement and quietly returned to the deck of the trawler. We shook their hands, got down on the boat and sailed at high speed to the pier and said goodbye to Ray. He sailed on the ?Whirlwind?, so we called our speedboat, to the ?Seagull?, and my father and I went to the parking lot, got into the car and rushed home. While driving we carried all kinds of nonsense on the road, we were afraid that in our Ford there weren?t any bugs.
????We exchanged opinions about how we went to watch a visiting circus with midgets that probably never came to Miami and just to brainwash those who overhear us, we had no doubt about it. I noticed the cars rushing after us and especially drew attention to the silver Mercedes and Honda blue. They constantly changed since most of the way our enemies figured out earlier ? we couldn?t constantly evade them. I added speed to 90 miles and raced in violation of traffic rules, our enemies did not lag behind us. To spite they slipped the first turn about which they knew and this puzzled them why we did not turn off. Four miles away there was our reserve inconspicuous turn, near it we braked sharply and when we turned onto a country road, we noticed cars rushing after us with a small distance from sharp braking, not only couldn?t turn, but Mercedes hit the first one, from a strong blow, Honda turned over and the chase ended. We breathed a sigh of relief and after fifteen minutes we reached the house in a roundabout way. Hearing the signal of our car, mom and household ran out of the house and saw us begin to wave, we drove into the yard, stopped near the garage and went out to meet them. My father and I briefly told them about the state of affairs on our trawler, about a safe trip to home, all in the most optimistic colors, without any hint of a chase. We hid from everyone about the real thing that happened on the trawler or on the road so as not to upset anyone. So this time, father did not begin to tell his mother about the incident of unknown persons invading the trawler, he smiled and casually announced that the day after tomorrow at midnight we would go into the ocean for the treasures and leave Ray Tiger in the house. Since the house had plenty of rifles for self-defense, in extreme cases you can use them, in addition, a couple of bulldogs running in the yard will let you know about those who try to climb over a high metal fence with sharp pikes at the end and bare wires through which from 10 pm to 6 in the morning they passed electric current, which, as it seemed to us, had every right to protect private property. Mother in this regard was little worried, she knew that the house was full of people and everyone was confidently shooting at the target but worried about us: she didn?t want us to sink into the womb of an unknown and strange sea creature in which our charming senorinas and brave Spanish senores knights lived saving themselves for more than three hundred years. Hearing such news, they became agitated, but their persuasion did not stop us, my father and I convinced everyone that everything would be okay and soon we will return safe and sound with treasures.
????In the evening of this day, I, father, Robert, Edlay and Andrew, after a short interview, decided all tomorrow to prepare for sailing and set off unnoticed by anyone at midnight. Moreover, while we are at the ?Seagull?, we constantly finish our conversations that we leave the port the day after tomorrow at six in the morning in order to confuse those who are trying to follow us, who did not doubt at all. After dinner, I said goodbye to my family and, as promised, Arthur went to him and Ray on a trawler. As agreed at 9 15 pm, Arthur was waiting for me at the pier, we exchanged greetings, boarded the boat and rushed to the trawler.
????Ray met us, we greeted each other and told me that so far no one was trying to get on board. I, in turn, told them that my father decided to leave the day after tomorrow at six in the morning, I myself gave Ray and Arthur a sheet where the exact date was indicated. My friends were delighted, but when Ray found out that he was staying at home, he became discouraged and soon agreed with his father?s decision - someone had to guard my mother, our Spaniards and the treasures raised from the bottom hidden in a fireproof safe. The night passed quietly, in the morning father arrived with Robert, Adlai and Andrew, we greeted each other and reported that the night passed quietly. The captain immediately ordered me, Ray and Arthur, to go home, rest and wait for his arrival home at three o?clock.

????We went to the parking lot, got into a minivan and went home, my mother prepared food, ate and I immediately explained the situation: ?My mother, dear senoras and brave knights, I have to inform you that we are leaving you for a while, I think ours the trip will not last long and therefore you should not worry, because the superman Mr. Ray remains next to you. If necessary, you can use weapons, there are plenty of them in our house, you can save yourself and valuables to defeat, you all know how to use rifles, guns and pistols ."
????Truly, our Spaniards were optimistic and fearless knights, having heard that in the event of an attack by unknown people they could shoot, they were delighted and all together shouted "Urrraaa, fire or fire." Captain Carlos Santos looked at me, smiled and said: ?Se?or Victor, with such muskets my brave knights will not experience the slightest fear and protect your glorious mother se?ora Julia, beautiful senoras and treasures, only we ask you about one thing - be careful going down for jewels and how get home faster, we?ll think about you all. "

?????Well, sir Captain Carlos, we will try to be careful and will be back soon,? I said, smiled and shook hands with the knights.

??In the afternoon, at three o?clock, the father returned to the house to say goodbye to his mother, with lovely senoras, brave senores and Ray, to inspire the household and once again give parting words in which way to protect themselves in the event of an attack by robbers explaining to them that all robberies occur mainly in the absence of the owner of the house, the hostess, and especially at night.

????We gathered at the table and during dinner, dad said: "My wife Julia, Ray, Sofia, lovely senoras and brave knights, our absence, I assume, will be short, you have a weapon and you can use it with you the earnest Mr. Ray, he will not let you down, all men must be vigilant, especially, as I said earlier, at night, do not lose heart and wait for our return."

????Ray looked at everyone and addressed us all with a short speech: ?Dear captain Victor Gray, Miss Julia, Johnny, beautiful senoras and brave knights, we assure you that there will be peace and tranquility in our house and whoever tries to penetrate this fortress "We have the weapon and the will, no stranger will leave us be not alive, we have the right to defend ourselves, we wish you captain Victor and Johnny Gray a happy sailing and speedy return, call and keep us informed of all events."

????After a late dinner, we had little time left, but nevertheless I found a few minutes for my beloved singer, I paid attention to my lovely wife Sophia, her gaze encouraged me to go with her from home to the womb of nature for farewell before leaving for the unknown. Yes, in fact, getting into that underwater mysterious world, and besides in such a strange way, is not a pleasant thing, and lately I personally began to sometimes feel apprehension. Perhaps she was experiencing the same thing, she herself did not want that we all get there a second time, everything changes and we will return back to our real world !? But at the same time, my nightingale did not try to distract, dissuade me from this trip, as if she believed that nothing would happen to us, and he considered the same thing, just as Sophia did not want to leave in the octopus womb the jewels that she had been collecting for three hundred years often endanger her life.

????I winked at her, Sophia was delighted, smiled, we left the house and looked at me quietly saying: ?My Johnny, while everyone is resting there before you go on a long journey, you and I will look into our rose garden,? and kissed me. I hugged my sweet wife, kissed her lovely scarlet lips as tender as rose petals and wandered into the rose garden. Here it is our favorite place near the bush, we are conveniently located, and after a small prelude, an exchange of pleasantries, she looked at me, took off the blue dress, laid down for herself, lay down, slightly spread her chubby legs, beckoned me with her long chubby finger, smiled and whispered: "My dear Johnny, nightingales do not feed fables, you?ll first go to my castle and then sail to the place where that strange mysterious underwater palace where we spent more than three centuries. It?s incredible that you found me, my adorable friends and our living brave knights, we lived and imagine never remembered that world from which we accidentally ended up in that house with soft blue light pouring from all sides and somehow weirdly it warmed us. made sure himself, breathed the fragrant air, drank wonderful water, ate seaweed with pink flowers, strange but tasty fruits, and imagine yourself healthy and youthful. Johnny, look at what a strange blood-red sun is on the horizon before you sail, but you, my darling don't be scared it, I am with you always, always."

????While she was pouring out her memories, I undressed, fell on her, opened the doors of her castle, went into it and wandered until I went around all its corners and nooks and crannies. I was lost in time and somehow unexpectedly heard the pleasant voice of my smiling Sophia from joyful sensations: "Johnny, you didn?t get lost in my castle by chance, I noticed you are repeating your walk again, it's time to go outside, I'm afraid how there you?ll grab you and start the search, imagine if they see us close together. Actually, I wouldn?t refuse that you wandered until the morning and would fall asleep there."
????Sophia kissed me, I whispered to her: "My little darling is finishing the round, I really forgot that I need to go on a strange journey."

????After a couple of minutes, I left the castle and went outside, the doors closed, we got dressed, she looked at me and whispered: "Johnny, you made me happy and I will tell you - you don?t paint gloomy pictures in front of you, everything will turn out so that we we will meet again after the upcoming journey to that strange palace, go to the house."

???? "My beloved Sophia, I said kissing her when we leave home, try to pray for our safe return. I, you, your girlfriends, noble knights and my friends with dad and mom will make a trip around the world, we will see the world and people of our planet will admire you "It?s so interesting to look at those who came to us after three centuries, it doesn?t fit in my brains, three hundred years without the moon and sun."

????"And without love, the knight of my heart," added Sophia, kissed me and added: Yes, my Johnny, as for the cycle I saw in a picture painted by an unknown artist who was in another galleon, he did not reflect correctly. When we stood on deck, the cycle was not so strong and terrible for us, but feeling the danger, the Duchess de la Sofia ordered to lower all the boats into the water, take seats for everyone and sail to the nearby Santa Anna caravel. In one boat next to the Duchess Senora de Sophia was me, three lovely maids, Patricia Martinez, Juanita Espinoza and Yolanda Rodriguez, three knights in armor and weapons and the same number of sailors in the other ladies, maidservants, sailors, knights and three sailors with captain senor Edward Malengo, and only when they sailed a short distance then at that time such a whirlpool began that turned the ?Hispaniola? and all the boats, my head was spinning and lost consciousness. But as for us standing on the deck, that's right, the artist so really painted me and the duchess. "

????I looked at Sofia and said: ?My little darling, try not to think about the bad, you have another task now ? you have more or less mastered English and my request ? explain to your friends and knights what mom and Ray said, they don?t know Spanish, pray for our safe return. "

??"Johnny, I understood, I will translate the senoras and senores, it is so important for all of us, said Sofia, let's go."

???We picked up a few red, yellow and red roses, a huge bouquet formed and went with it to the house, Sophia put him in a crystal vase of water and a pleasant aroma spread throughout the room. Mom looked into the room and when she saw us, she asked to gather in the common room. When we entered it we were all fully assembled, my father asked me to sit down, we sat in soft chairs, he looked at me and said: "Johnny, you know Spanish well and translate everything from word to word so that everyone understands about what's the matter."
????I got up, my father said, I translated: ?Dear family members, in a few minutes we will leave the house, I have a request for you ? my wife Julia and fearless Ray are with you, do everything that he will tell you to save your lives - there are severe hurricanes, they know how to be saved in such cases: act boldly, we will pray for your lives, for your peace and prosperity, thank you."
????Everyone stood up and said in one voice: "Thank you, we believe you, Julie and Ray, we will pray for your happy sailing and safe return, for the meeting."
????My dear Sophia and her maidservants performed some old songs and kissed us before parting, assuring us that everything would be fine. Mom showed courage, hugged us and without tears led to the garage. Me, dad, Ray and Arthur grabbed several rifles on the road, the household kissed us again, we said goodbye to everyone who stayed at home and rushed to the port in a van. Leaving it in the parking lot, we went to the pier, the boat with Robert soon sailed up, he greeted us, we informed him with pleasure that no accidents occurred on the trawler. We said goodbye to Ray, he looked at us, smiled and said quietly: "Gentlemen, captain Victor Gray, Johnny, Robert, Arthur, I sincerely wish you seven feet under the keel, happy sailing and a speedy return to Miami."

????Father looked at Ray and said: "I think you should set the watch on the night and in the event of a bandit attack, put up resistance with the use of weapons, you have the right to protect yourself and property, but be careful, our enemies are armed."

????"Mr. captain Victor Gray, I promise to fulfill what you said, we will be on the alert, Ray said, and you too be vigilant, we have real enemies of which I have no doubt."

????We said goodbye to Ray, shaking hands with each other and wishing good night, we parted: he went to the van, got into it and as soon he disappeared around the bend, my father, Arthur and Robert boarded the boat and sailed to the trawler. Edlay and Andrew saw us rejoiced at the return, waved their hands and helped us to the deck. Once close we welcomed friend of a friend and went to prepare the trawler for sailing. We did a full audit and but make sure nothing is forgotten, they turned on the engines, and exactly at midnight, under cover of darkness, set sail: a large city with lights and neon signs was moving away from us.
????Father showed us a route according to which, as he say, in a circular way, we will sail to those treasures stored in the womb of a strange sea creature. As soon as Miami disappeared over the horizon, the captain made a full move to the northwest and here we decided to find the bugs hidden on the trawler that should be turned on by our investigators and send signals to the satellite in order to monitor the course of our "Seagull". But alas, for some reason they did not turn on, and we, having lost interest and vigilance in them, went about our business. According to the father?s calculations, we?ll sail to the goal in one day after midnight, do difficult, dangerous work in four to five hours and go down to the bottom. And yet, while sailing, they continued to figure out the options in which way it would be better, more reliable and faster to lower the metal pipe into the well into which we went down several days ago, I would say, purely by chance.
????But not only we sailed, but that strange sea creature! It?s so good that we fixed on the broken mast of the ?Hispaniola? caravel a locator which every hour gave signals to the satellite and we had its coordinates with an accuracy of one tenth of a second. So we knew where the sea creature was sailing, but most importantly, where the mast was and the well into which we will lower the pipe. I looked at everyone and suggested my plan: ?Father, friends, so as not to risk our lives with the help of a submarine and cranes, lower the pipe, it will rest in a soft pillow and after we pump out the water after a while it will be filled again with water in this case, you can only sink to the bottom in diving suits. I, Robert, Arthur and Andrew sink to the bottom of the well, go into the aisle and look for a passage to that hall in which the mountains of treasure lie. We will not be greedy, I thought if I even made three walks then this wealth is enough for us all and the rest of his life-guide and even left their children and grandchildren. If the pipe water will not penetrate we go down dressed as divers and thus speed up the collection of treasures and go up inside of tube to the deck."
??? Everyone looked at me and my father said: "Johnny, excellent plan, I approve of it, we will act what you say gentlemen."

?????Approve, Mr. Johnny,? shouted all together and shook my hand.
????Suddenly, our instruments came to life picking up extraneous signals including electromagnetic waves of a different frequency from hidden, placed bugs. We found them but didn?t throw them into the ocean, because we decided to confuse those who tried to sail behind us with their false course. Now we knew that we were not alone, perhaps this was a large group, and not just lovers, but real pirate professionals. After ten hours, we threw all the bugs overboard, turned the trawler 90 degrees and sailed in a straight line at full speed to the point in the ocean where the sea creature was. We arrived at midnight and immediately set to work ? the first thing we did was to lower our submarine with me and Andrew into the water. After making sure that it was ready for the dive, we waved our hands to father, Arthur, Robert, Edlay Onin, standing on the deck of the trawler, we closed the hatch and began to sink to the bottom. They turned on the searchlights and an amazing multi-color underwater world appeared in front of us - fish of all colors of the rainbow and sizes swam, long, black sea snakes appeared, they tried to attack us, but when they got into the dazzling rays of the searchlights they lost their landmark and swam away. Especially a lot of large big-headed fish with sharp teeth floated out from under the broken board of the sunken ?Hispaniola?, they attacked heavy-duty metal casing and tried to bite it, but it was too tough for them.

????It?s so good that there were two spotlights near our porthole, they blinded the fish and they were forced to swim away, we sailed exactly to the place where the well was in which we went down twenty days ago. Andrew saw a cable, one end of which was attached to the board and the other went into the crystal clear water, frankly we were struck by the changes that occurred during the three weeks of our absence. The whole multi-foot layer of silt disappeared and a black surface appeared before my eyes, which I saw for the first time in a painting by an unknown artist, a witness to the tragedy that happened three hundred years ago, in one of the museums in Malaga, there is simply a striking resemblance. When I informed my father about this, he told me that it was just awesome, but we will comment later, and now we are starting to install the pipe. I gave my dad a signal on his walkie-talkie to lower the pipe, soon we saw its end, and when it was near us, it gripped it. Andrew instructed his father to maneuver the trawler so that it fell into the very center of the well, we also did, but even though the end of the pipe looked like a truncated cone, it hung. We suffered for a long time before the metal colossus began to lower, I loosened the grips slightly and the pipe slid smoothly down. According to the bright red marks on the pipe, I took it to plunge ten feet deep, that was enough and advised my father to lightly weld the pipe to the metal board, then pump out the water and wait for-water arrives or not do into the well and into the pipe itself.
????Father said that the pipe welded with the metal board on a level of deck, put the hoses in and started pumping water.

????Time passed slowly and finally father joyfully exclaimed: "Johnny, Andrew, the water is pumped out, we lower the rope with a rubber ball and if it falls below the length of the pipe, we will know how many feet or inches the rope is below the pipe and pulling it out we will see it is dry or wet."

?????Dad, we're waiting, it's very important,? I said.

????After a while I heard my father?s voice: ?Johnny, we did this research and it turned out that the length of the rope was 3 feet longer than the pipe and it?s dry, so that you can go down to the bottom, we were delighted and immediately began to weld the pipe firmly to the semicircular beam when we finish the work I will tell you."

????"Well, we'll be waiting for your call, do it right," I said.

????Half an hour later they heard the voice of his father: "Johnny, the pipe is welded, relax the grips and float to the surface, the water does not penetrate, we will go down for the treasures."

????"We understand you, weaken the grip and come up," I shouted joyfully.
????I pressed the button, the grips went apart and saw that the pipe didn?t go down an inch, it was firmly attached to the board, we started to go up to the surface, surfaced, opened the hatch and wanted to go on board as my father shouted to me: "My Johnny, I see on the horizon from the opposite side three large boats with people, I think it?s our pursuers, we leave the trawler, we can?t resist them. "

???I said: "Don?t hesitate, everyone in the boat, we go deeper and sail, life is more expensive than jewelry, there are still plenty of gold coins and diamonds in the house, we have enough for everyone."

????Father, Arthur, Robert and Edlay quickly got down to the boat, go down into it, we lifted up the hatch, descended seventy feet and sailed under the water to the side for seven hundred yards. Having risen upwards, hovered at a depth of seven feet, raised the periscope and, we saw as in our palm, our trawler, covered on both sides with large boats and people on the deck, several people naked on the chest armed with pistols looked into the pipe, maybe they thought we were down and waiting for our appearance ...

?... The people of Carlos and Chun watched the trawler round the clock and as soon as the ship went away from the pier, Jack Shorty was on duty that night immediately called his boss, who was fast asleep in a warm bed. Hearing the call, he woke up, picked up the phone and found out the news: "Dear Carlos, that ship has sailed, your instructions."

????"Jack, keep watching, if they sail back in an hour, let me know if they don?t sail back port, good news, thanks for the service," Carlos said and smiled.
????Without hesitation, he got up, got dressed, called Chun, his accomplices and asked everyone to gather in the hall for celebrations and since everyone who took part in the implementation of the daring plan of attack on the discoverers was in the house, and at the ready, they sat in three minutes tables. The cook immediately prepared a delicious snack, three charming middle-aged maids served it, alcohol on the tables and in a relaxed atmosphere behind a glass of vodka began to discuss a plan of action, the only thing that bothered them premature departure. Peter suggested that it was just a tricky move on the part of the treasure seekers to confuse those who, according to their assumptions, were hunting for them and would return to the port again. The pursuers will chase after them and will plow the ocean trying to find them, they will calmly return to the base, sit in it waiting for uninvited guests who will arrive the next night in order to take possession of the treasures.

????"Gentlemen, said Carlos, I join Peter?s opinion, these tricks are capable of anything, so I think the next night we shouldn?t attack the base with the Spaniards, our people can fall into the trap, wait until the morning and if we don?t return, we will rush after them. The bugs left on the ship will give us a clear idea of ??where they are sailing or anchored, and as for the attack on the base, you Peter and your team will carry out that night on which we attack the ship or the next, everything will depend on the time when you hear my message "I?ll give it to you by radiotelephone. I?m sure that at night between 2-4 hours everyone will sleep soundly, act confidently and carefully, so that my dear comrades will drink for the upcoming success."

?????For success,? they all shouted as one, crystal glasses rang, the clatter of forks and spoons on porcelain plates, and a lively conversation with toasts began. Peter looked at the boss, the comrades seated, smiled and said joyfully: "Gentlemen, I assure you all that my team will valiantly cope with the important, responsible task entrusted to me and all the beautiful Spanish women will wait for our boss in your bedroom."

????Carlos looked at Peter and threatened with a finger jokingly said: "My faithful friend, a lover of a young female body, I earnestly ask you not to offend the beauties, I can be offended."

???Peter understood the boss?s jokes and looked at him saying: ?My dear Don Carlos, you know me perfectly, I have not offended any beauty in my life, at her request, and I won?t allow them to complain to you about my mistreatment with them, but I?m not convinced that they are immaculate virgins, so that I have no complaints."

????"Peter," Carlos said, looking at him, stop thinking about it, do whatever you want with them, you bring me the treasures in my bedroom and lay them right on my bed, create a contour of the lady, imagine how my heart will beat."
????"My boss, I truncated, everything will be as you wish, I will keep my word, said Peter. Lord, let's drink for the ladies and treasures."

????The smoke was a rocker, vodka poured into the glasses without a break, the speech did not interrupt, they chattered what they wanted and forgot about the trawler that had gone into the ocean. Of the whole company, only Chun was not too keen on vodka, he had in mind those who sailed and treasures. The pirate sat down with Carlos and said: "My dear friend, it seems to me that we are missing precious time, we should hurry, you know I am late and we have missed the treasures, I assure you they will not return, they have another task, to get to it as soon as possible to the goals and scoop everything up to the last gem, they don?t know about our bugs and thanks to them we will overtake a ship with treasure seekers, hurry my Carlos."

????The boss somehow strangely looked at Chun, fidgeted on an armchair, grabbed his head with his hands, started scratching it with all his strength, tried to get up but did not have enough strength in his legs. He fell to the floor with a stone, everyone rushed to his aid, Carlos muttered indistinctly, resisted, and fought back as if there were policemen trying to put handcuffs on him. And suddenly, somehow unexpectedly for everyone, he burped and a huge mass of vomit fountains escaped from the throat, fell upon the heads of Chun and Peter bending over him. But this is not so bad, he coughed wildly, tensed up, wanted to let to release the accumulated gases, but instead suddenly put on his full pants, the stench spread throughout the room, the carpet was covered with moisture and undigested food.

???Of course, if it weren?t for a great thing, and besides, such an omnipotent boss and his good friend would probably have left one to suffocate in this stench, but they didn?t do this to him ? they took him drunk to the insole, stripped, washed with head to toe, carried out into the bedroom and laid on the bed.
????In the morning, Carlos woke up, he looked around strangely and saw Chun and Peter around him, looked at them and said: ?Friends, what happened??
?????Dear Carlos, you have drunk a little and from here all the consequences,? said Chun. How you?re feeling yourself, you might get drunk and everything will pass, we?re wasting time."

????"Friends, my head like a cast-iron pot, bring a bottle of Smirnovskaya, drink something vodka, everything will be o? kay, a proven way to be in shape," said Carlos.
????Harry ran downstairs and soon returned with a tray, on it there were a bottle of Smirnovskaya, three stacks and several sandwiches with caviar, poured wine into glasses, Carlos, Chun and Peter were immediately let through, had a bite and headed to the shower, the boss was washed for half an hour with cold water and came into full sports form. At this time, Chun explained to him the essence of the matter and asked him immediately to go after the treasure hunters, the trawler did not return.

????"Harry, immediately hiking clothes, Chun, after half an hour we go on boats, the soldiers are waiting for us, they are always at my ready, you Peter wait for my instructions, do not rush, think about the whole operation, take all the riches to my house, take care of the Spanish like the apple of an eye, upon return we will distribute them among ourselves, do not offend the chickens and do not take your eyes off them," Carlos said sternly and shook his finger.
???"Dear Carlos, acting on your signal, my fighters are eager to fight, I?ve already thought about the operation, the attack will take place at night, everything will be okay, I?ll keep the beautiful Spanish women, I will close them in the bedroom from the eyes of others, said Peter, I wish you good luck, see you."

????"Thank you Peter, see you, Steve, you will take us to our boat parking, come back and help Peter, leave, after three minutes start," said Carlos.
????He looked at his friends, waved his hand and headed for the exit, a large bus was waiting for them, they got into it, sat down, started the engine and moved the car forward, to the port. In the parking lot they went outside and warm humid air swept through them, Steve said goodbye to the boss and the whole company, wished happiness, got on the bus and rushed back to the villa. Carlos and his people moved to a private yacht parking, and three speed boats, ?Lady Catalina?, ?Marlina? and ?Ines? swayed on the water. Carlos and Chun decided to sail together on ?Lady Catalina?. The fighters of the sea pirate and the drug boss welcomed the replenishment that arrived, everyone was enthusiastic about the upcoming voyage, especially since each of them knew that they would get a good jackpot. Carlos and Chun went up to the deck, they waved a hand, the engines started, and the three boats slowly moved forward. Going beyond the parking lot, they gained maximum speed and raced along the course of rapprochement with the trawler, after a few hours they were separated by only fifty miles. After a brief interview, Carlos suggested Chun keep this distance, he explained this on the basis of his assumptions ? when the treasure seekers sailed to the place where the riches lie, in three or four hours they will mount their installation from the pipes and begin to pump out the water with the treasures. Four or five hours later, a certain amount of jewelry was pumped out and just by this time, three boats would sail to the ship, surrounded on three sides, and the men threatening with Kalashnikovs would offer them to surrender.
???"You imagine Chun, if they don?t have time to completely pump out the treasures, then we can help them, I decided to disperse with them peacefully, without bloodshed, they will sail away to their home on a boat without oars, to Florida or to Cuba, not far from us and there are no any claims to us."
????"Dear Carlos, you decided correctly, you always need to share, I think there?s a dime a dozen if they thought of pumping out treasures with such a pipe, but still we should hurry, I think you don?t mind, we are going closer to them."
????"I agree, Carlos said, go to the deck, have a smoke and know the ropes."
????They had not yet gone outside when Yu Xin rushed into their cabin and reported that they had completely lost contact with the trawler, the satellite did not receive signals about the whereabouts of the vessel, Chun and Carlos rushed into the wheelhouse, a snowstorm blinked on the monitors, and the experienced pirate did not mislead the drug boss and immediately said: "Carlos, you guess, those bastards found every single bug, smashed to smithereens and threw them into the waters of the Atlantic."

????"I understand you Chun, we are now like blind kittens, they are abruptly changing course and trying to lead us, I'm in shock, we will be left without treasures."

??"My Carlos, they can lead anyone not only me, I?ll find them even under water, this time they won?t leave Chun, we have the latest coordinates of their location before the bugs are thrown out and there are other coordinates ? when they broadcast their joyful message about their discovery of countless riches and the surviving Spaniards. In a couple of minutes I?ll tell you which direction to sail, then we?ll have to split and comb through the ocean several times, strip length 30 miles, each boat used is one from the other at a distance of 5 miles, we have radars and we locate them, act without delay."

????Carlos happily looked at Chun and said: "You judged wisely, Chun, act."
????The sea corsair took a map, made several marks, drew a line with a ruler, called the boss?s name and said: ?My Carlos, I?m going to ?Ines?, the boat is sailing to the far left, in the middle ?Marlin? and you are on ?Lady Catalina? you are sailing to the far right, southwest course, I think we will find a trawler, I will call a boat and switch to it, we will keep in touch with each other, I will inform you and my Mao Tsu on the boat ?Marlin? what course to follow after we comb through a given square, the dimensions are small - only 30 to 30 miles. Yes, the one who marks the trawler first it?s giving me information and I?ll direct all our speedboats to those who suck treasures from the undersea paace."

????Chun told Fellugi to sail up to ?Lady Catalina?, after a couple of minutes the boat touched the side, the pirate said goodbye to Carlos, passed to ?Innes? and sailed to the left flank at full speed. All the time he gave instructions to the boat captains what course to sail and imagine after a few hours of searching for Chun, a trawler was detected by his locator. He was seven miles away, a pirate told the good news to Carlos and Mao Tsu and asked him to keep on approaching. Twenty minutes later, the boats joined together, a short meeting took place at which Chun gave instructions on which side of the boat the trawler would attack, and in case of resistance, use firearms. Wasting no time, they headed for the ship ?Lady Katalina?, ?Marlin? went from the port side, ?Ines? from the starboard side, and here it is that moment when everyone saw the trawler in full view with the naked eye. What was their surprise when they approached him did not notice a single soul on the deck.
????Chun and the sailors looked perplexedly at the trawler and everyone assumed that everyone was sleeping or being under water and possibly rowing treasures. The marine corsair via radiotelephone requested by Carlos and Mao Tsu to get closer to the ship, they with great joy told him the course was taken to the ship and at full speed they were approaching. After a few minutes, the boats raced like meteors and only a hundred yards slowed down to zero, and that was the moment when they doused the trawler on both sides. To the surprise of the sailors, they did not see a single soul on the deck. Carlos became worried and thought that the ship was mined, but then he saw a pipe welded to the side, one end stuck at deck level and the other went into the water. Its diameter struck him and he thought that work was continuing under water or maybe, at the sight of boats, they all took shelter in a pipe.

????Chun shouted out of old habit: "Friends, follow me on the trawler!" and all as one rushed to the deck, interest in the pipe turned out to be so huge that everyone ran up to it, looked in and shouted loudly: "Hello! Divers! Where are you !? Get up! We are your friends!"

????But alas and no echo, there was no answer, nevertheless, everyone was happy ? without a single drop of blood they took possession of the vessel and wealth, you just have to wait until it is lifted or in an extreme case go down the metal steps along the pipe .

????What a joy, Carlos remembered other treasures stored in the house in which the beautiful Spanish women and the Spanish knights remained, he contacted Peter without hesitation and, not holding on, told him terrific news in a strange way: ?This is Carlos, we have everything o?key, go to the girls, give flowers and kiss them from me, we all love you."

??"Well, I'll do it, thanks, Marco will buy them flowers and give them, see you," replied Peter joyfully faithful executor of important assignments.
????Amanita jumped out of the wheelhouse and saw people peering into the pipe without hesitation, jumped overboard and approached the crowd, they parted and the boss saw a huge hole, looked inside a bottomless well with metal steps, he could not stand it, bent down and shouted loudly: "Hello ! Friends! Where are you !? "

????Soon Chun appeared and immediately informed Carlos that there was not a single soul on the trawler, all disappeared without a trace and possibly went down to that vault where the treasures lay. ?One-eyed rogue? raised his hand and everyone saw a cassette in it: ?Carlos, in the captain?s cabin I found this little thing, before going down into the abyss, let's see this record, maybe it will help us in the future.?

???? Carlos looked at him and said: "My dear Chun, I don?t think this is a sex movie, not mind, go to "Lady Catalina."

????"Why, this trawler has everything, go to their communications center and scroll through the most interesting episodes and then decide what to do?," Chun said.
???They came to the communication center, turned on the TV, put the cassette in slot and all saw the seabed, the stub of the mast and the skeleton of an old caravel, the divers flickered and suddenly darkness. Already on the screen is a strange small round room, twilight, more and more light, they walk along a narrow corridor and find themselves in a bright large hall. There is a clash with the knights, almost naked beauties appear, gold, silver threads, necklaces are hung on their bodies, precious stones covering their nakedness in loose hair to the heels. They move into another small room, a beautiful woman with dark hair is sitting on the floor hung with gold and silver threads, necklaces, a young broad-shouldered guy comes up to her and helps her get up, and then Carlos could not stand it and shouted: ?Chun, this is she, a seductive senora, Peter promised me to deliver her to my bedroom."

????The film went on, a lake appeared on the screen, they swam in it and now everything is near huge heaps with gold, silver coins, rings, items, necklaces and precious stones lying around, guys, men and girls collect these treasures in diving suits and the screen has darkened.

. ?One-eyed rogue? shook hands with pleasure, tremendous success, billions in his pocket, all that was left was to wait for the jewels to be delivered from the abyss, but to their regret no one showed up from the pipe and did not give them treasures. He could not stand it and said with irritation: ?My Carlos, we need to look into the pipe, they hid in it for too long, it seems to me that we ourselves must help them to go out into the white light, in my opinion they sensed something was amiss and hid, I wonder how long they sank into the abyss?"
????"Yes, Chun, we need to look into the pipe, what kind of dredger did they come up with? Look at the water, hoses, winch, crane! What a powerful pump! Come on," Don Carlos said.

????Chun Lu and Carlos went to the pipe and began to look into it but saw nothing but a metal ladder in it.

????Amanita? looked at the pirate and said quietly: ?Chun, how long do you think they will stay there? I?ll tell us not to wait until morning, dawn will be soon, other lovers of easy money will appear, stronger than we and us the end. So I think we need to take the initiative and climb for the jewels, they?re right there. We have diving suit, we are gathering a team of divers and down."
?????Chun, said Carlos, I think it would be nice to go down to the bottom of the scuba divers and rummage in the hold, I think it is clogged with gold doubloons, come on, it makes no sense to waste time. I suggest you and a few of your experienced fighters to dive into the lungs of light diving suits, we have seven of them, I think you can do the job, I myself would like to swim in a warm? water."
???"Carlos, first of all, we examine the well, how deep it is and if water can be descended in the pipe, but only in strong diving suits, and now we?re getting down to action, I see a long rope with a ball and I guess those guys threw it in with the goal there is inside water or not."

????"Chun, I agree, lower the rope with the ball and find out also the depth of that abyss."
????Carlos and Chun took the end of the rope with the ball and began to lower it, it seemed to them that the well bottomless, but no rope relaxed and they realized the ball touched the bottom, made a mark on the rope and began to pull up. When they pulled the ball, it turned out to be not a drop of water in the pipe, but the depth exceeded 180 feet. The sea pirate looked at the drug boss and said: ?My Carlos! I, Lee Soo, Yang Fu, Ho Fui, Xian Lin, Mao Tsu and Guo Xin go down to the bottom, my soldiers come to me, we are the most fearless, I agree to go with you into hell and under water."

????Strong physicians approached guys went to the pirate, the drug boss looked at them and said: "With such fighters I myself would go to the bottom, sorry I don?t know Chinese, success to all of you."

?????Thank you for your trust,? said Chun, we?ll get everything out there, everyone will get a good share of the treasures, now we?re getting ready, guys, I think we?ll go down without diving suits, put on them suits, tanks, masks and down. If the ship crashed then part of the treasures was certainly preserved on the seabed under a layer of silt. Carlos, before our guys crawl into the pipe to collect them, do you mind? Maybe by that time those treasure hunters will rise up, and you will help them get out onto the deck. "

? ?"I agree with you Chun, let your fighters explore the bottom and collect treasures, if within an hour no one comes out of the pipe, you Chun, after returning from the bottom, go down to that underwater storage. So that at the bottom you feel full for safety, I propose replacing one of your submariners with my member of our common team. Juan Nurego, get ready to go under water, I know you are an athlete, an excellent photographer and cameraman, take a camera, just in case an underwater gun and forward. "
????Athletic physique, the athlete went to Carlos and Chun, the pirate looked at him and said: "I wish you a happy descent, you, in case of unforeseen circumstances, will insure all members of the underwater team, outfit, in five minutes ?descent."

?????In that case, don Carlos Juan Nurego will replace my boyfriend. Xian Lin, he turned to a tall muscular pirate, you stay with everyone on the trawler, then when I surface from the bottom I will definitely take you with me for the treasure from the underwater palace."

???"Okay, my Chun, I agree, you know better, said Xian Lin joyfully, I dreamed so get into that repository. "

????But at this time, a young, middle-aged, muscular Chinese man with a long braid came out of the group, bowed and said: "My brother Chun Lu, I think you need to save strength before a responsible descent, all the more you know our agreement: if you are in the water that I and vice versa, we cannot simultaneously risk and climb simultaneously into the abyss. "

????Chun looked at his loyal friend and said: "My brother Lee Soo, you are right, in this case you dive under the water, I remain on the trawler, be careful, you yourself know the unexplored world, grab weapons just in case, equip yourself. Yes, Xian Lin, you sink to the bottom with them, since I stay on the deck. "
????"No objection, my captain Chun Lu, sink to the bottom," said Xian Lin.
????Before the fighters descend to the bottom, Chun and Carlos examined them in all their equipment and gave the go-ahead, the submariners rushed into the warm water of the Atlantic. They in a dense group boldly sank to the bottom so that in case of the appearance of formidable sharks to resist. Yes, at the bottom they saw the skeleton of a sunken ship, a floating piece of the mast, one cable end of which was tied to it and the other went to the bottom just in the place where the pipe was hidden under a dark surface. Juan pointed the camera on the? cable and showed those who were on the deck a sunken caravel. When the divers were at the hold and began to inspect it, Lee Su became interested in strange dark ropes, at this time the divers went to the port side. Carlos told him to swim to the side and look into the embrasure, maybe through the hold you can get into that underwater pantry in which maybe there were chests with jewels. The Spaniard answered in the affirmative and swam with the guys to the port side, Lee Soo continued to stay at the mast with strange dark ropes - a whole plexus of ropes stretching to the destroyed deck.

????Here is the embrasure, Juan put his hand in the camera with it, stuck his head in and started leading it in all directions so that Carlos and Chun could see the big picture on the monitor. Three sub-divers had cameras and three monitors simultaneously viewed images from the seabed, so many saw what was happening underwater.

????Somehow unexpectedly for everyone in the hold filled with silt, a revival began - the serpent heads appeared dark dirty in color, suddenly they surfaced and darted towards the embrasures, when they saw a foreign body, long snakes pounced on Juan's head and wrapped a ball around it. After a few seconds, the hand released the camera, the monster snakes rushed out through the embrasures and rushed at the submariners, there were a great many of them, they encircled the bodies, but the soldiers did not give up. Muscular guys used knives, cut them like noodles, blood and flesh mixed with water, suddenly huge ?toothy green-red fishes with purple round spots appeared and indiscriminately attacked snakes, but they turned out to be tenacious and tried to put them on them poison.

???? The fact is that snakes encircling scuba divers stuck to rubberized suits and people were not able to tear themselves away from them, and besides, these long sea creatures squeezed their bodies so that it made it difficult to breathe. Nevertheless, strong guys continued to cut them and possibly got rid of them, but those toothy fish attacked snakes adhering to suits, tearing off bitten rubberized fabric and at the same time human flesh. Blood seeped out, mixed with water and attracted the attention of sharks who swam aside and without hesitation swam to the place of battle. Sea snakes turned out to be tenacious, did not surrender to their enemies, toothy fishes and resisted - their heads swelled like balls, a long sting protruded from their mouths and as soon as they spit out poison on a swimming fish and a predator instantly lost its orientation in space and circles swam until it became a victim of another henna, a shark swimming to it. Nevertheless, this did not scare away the fish and attacking with a cluster of five seven fish, they dug into snakes and at the same time into the bodies of scuba divers, tore costumes to pieces and at the same time fought off impudent sharks. But unfortunately, the forces between sharks on the one hand and snakes, predatory toothy fish and weakened swimmers on the other hand turned out to be unequal. At least a dozen marine predators attacked snakes, fish, and blood-diving divers and began to grab everyone in a row and tear to pieces with extraordinary eagerness. Soon, only inedible metal tanks, movie cameras and knives remained on the battlefield, a sad memory of the fact that submariners were here some time ago.

????Frankly speaking, Chun Lu was worried about everyone, but he was especially worried about the fate of Li Su. If the ?One-Eyed Beast? knew what trouble awaits his faithful of the most faithful robbery comrades, it is unlikely to have allowed him to sink to the bottom. And who could have imagined that such a tragedy would occur under water. At times of danger, the brave and loyal Li Soo climbed under the bullets to protect his leader. And here, in the warm waters of the Atlantic, a faithful comrade died before his eyes and, to the general grief, could not help him.

????Sitting at the monitors, Carlos, Chun, Carrego and other team members looked with bated breath at what was happening in the shallow waters of the Atlantic Ocean. ?The one-eyed devil focused his attention on his comrade despite the fact that he was not alone - the giant from Singapore, Yang Fu, was next to him. Some foreboding of anxiety seized him, Chung's sharp gaze determined that these were not ropes, but living sea snakes and they shouldn?t be annoyed. The pirate wanted to warn his comrades and shouted loudly: "Li Soo, Yang Fu, don?t visit the creatures, they are poisonous! Set sail! "
????But he didn?t hear it, although Li Soo's peppy voice sounded in the pirate?s earphones: ?Chun Lu, look, I am pulling the ropes, even the rope ladder has remained, snakes have stuck to them, they remind us of harmless trepangs, when I return, I?ll grab them and prepare them a delicacy. You just admire them, what handsome. "

????Lee Su grabbed a few snakes and lifted up. Oh, it would be better if he didn?t do this! Long, dark gray snakes began to wriggle, suddenly attacked scuba divers, began to cling to suits, wrapped their bodies around as if covered with glue adhered to rubberized material and there was no way to tear them off. But the most interesting and scary these sea trepang snakes turned out to be so long that pirates encircled several rings and the ends of their bodies still remained entangled in the rope ladder and under the mast gear. Lee Su rushed up, but after swimming about five feet he suddenly stopped and no matter how much effort he was trying to do, he was not able to swim up, on the contrary he was pulled down to the mast. A strong muscular pirate without hesitation put his hand to his leg where he always held a Japanese steel razor sharp knife in a leather case, pulled it out and cut the snake in an instant. Lee Soo sailed a few feet to the side and began to tear off a snake adhering to the braid of rings, but it was not easy to remove it.

?? ?He would not have bothered with her if this snake had not squeezed him to pain, but also her green head with a sting stretched to her naked face. Li Su grabbed her head, made a sharp movement with a knife and cut it off. The mucous mass with liquid escaped and fell on the face with the poison spit out of the mouth and, for his happiness, the sting did not stick into it. The Chinese continued to cut the rings into pieces and toss aside as far as possible from themselves. The Chinese did not lose half of the snake body as well, as he noticed a large shoal of yellow-green fish aside, they rushed towards him and when they were close he recognized the most terrible sea monsters called "toothy witches". The meeting with them did not bode well and could only hope to get to the surface as soon as possible and call their friends for help ? they would definitely pull him out of the water onto the trawler.

????Lee Su gathered all his strength and began to desperately move his arms and legs, he noticed that they was rapidly rising up, a few more seconds and floated to the surface. The Chinese only looked up, to where a bright moon loomed more or less distinctly. The pirate decided to look back to make sure that the "toothy witches" were behind him and turned his head; a shoal of fish with open mouths protruding from which long sharp white teeth protruded was a few feet away, three gray sharks swam behind them at any moment ready to pounce on them. Fear seized an experienced Chinese, his heart froze for a moment and he gathered all his strength to push off to accelerate the rise but the jerk did not work - the fish like bees stuck around him from all sides and pulled him down. A few "toothy witches" pounced on their bare face, covered in snake mucous mass and blood, and tearing pieces of meat sailed away.

????Li Su began mercilessly to cut bloodthirsty predatory fish with a knife under his right hand, he tried to protect his face with fire with his left hand, he felt unbearable pain, and these creatures attracted by the smell of blood even more arrogantly sought to get to the flesh and once again grab a piece of human flesh. But stabs brought him little benefit, the "toothy witches" with sharp teeth tore off the remnants of an adherent snake and at the same time tore the rubberized fabric of the suit with Chinese flesh. Soon the suit turned into sucker-moot, exhausted Lee Su no longer resisted, swallowing water, he began to sink and this time along with the ?toothy witches? - there wasn?t such a place where a bloodthirsty predator would not dig into his body. But predatory fish did not reach the bottom; three sharks, swimming nearby, attacked the Chinese and when he was in their mouth, he was instantly torn to pieces and swallowed along with the remains of the costume.

????Chun Lu came off the screen, got up, went to don Carlos carefully watching the tragedy at the bottom of the scuba divers and captured the very last episode - a hefty shark attacked Juan Nurye, he ended up in her mouth with a telescope and the image disappeared. Don Carlos looked at Chun Lu and could not stand it sobbing, the pirate covered his face with his hands and sobbed sobbingly repeating: "My Lee Soo, I owe you my life, if it weren?t for you, then I would be in your place, goodbye my faithful comrade."

????None of those who were on the deck of the trawler could help the brave scuba divers in any way, no one assumed that sea snakes and predatory fish were able to bite through the rubberized cloth of divers' suits in the hold under the silt. As soon as the last scuba diver?s flesh disappeared into the shark?s mouth, witnesses of the tragedy on the seabed rose and, with tears in their eyes, informed those who could not see the last moments of the life of their comrades, scuba divers, about the untimely heroic death on the monitor screens.
????Everyone gathered on the deck of a tanker and Chun Lu said in a sad voice: "Gentlemen, we have grief, irreparable losses, our friends and your comrades Li Su, Yang Fu, Ho Fui, Xian Lin, Mao Tsu, Guo Xin and Huang Nur-
his died at the bottom from strange sea snakes and monstrous fish. We will never forget them, they are forever in our hearts, but life goes on, grief, pain, loss cannot stop us in an important matter and I think that you are still brave, strong in mind and body, and we will be able to master the treasures lying in the underwater pantry. "I can?t order, only by good will, anyone who wishes to go down for countless treasures will take a step forward."

?? ?All as one step towards Chun, every young lover of gratuitous treasures wanted to go to the bottom, the pirates knew who was in the heat itself receives a double share.

????Chun looked at the daredevils and shouted in a joyful voice: "I didn?t doubt you my cookers and friends, and I will name the names of those who descend into the underwater storage."

????Chun went to Carlos and after a brief meeting they decided to take seven
the strongest and most brave, the four from the team of ?Yellow Corsairs? - Chan Moon ?Playboy?, command, Kim Il ?Handsome?, Yu Chi ?The Pathfinder?, Ho Jin ?Sea Dragon? and three of the red poppy coke cocaine syndicate - Commander Harry Lopez ?Wild Joe?, Jose Ortega ?Dancer? and Romer Colderon Cuticle. "

????So, from the sea pirates, the commander was Chan Moon ?Playboy? - a lover of a merry make and had a special passion for the young female. After successful pirate attacks on passing tankers, the guys spent a lot of money and so that they didn?t lie in their pockets, they immediately got rid of them in the dens and taverns of cheerful Bangkok, which were listed under the easy-to-remember names ?Carousel?, ?Black Sorceress?, ?Aunt Lee? , "Oriental Princess", "Chinese Dragon", "Thai Beauties".

????The whole company of young pirate robbers fell into one of the dens where they were immediately surrounded by care, attention and affection, not only the owners but also the young beauties-whores. Money, like the leaves of fallen maples, flew right and left from the generous blood-covered hands of the seekers of easy money and everyone tried to do the most pleasant for them and provide their services in full. The owners of the brothel, in which the sea corsairs from the Chun Lu gang ended up. For three minutes they drove out all the outsiders so that they did not interfere with their entertainment, the doors were shut tight, the lights were out, candles were lit, creating an intimate atmosphere and immediately the charming girls on whose bodies flaunted bikinis dumped them and nude served the loving corsairs. At the first call of any of them, pretty waitresses flew up to him with a tray with their favorite expensive spirits and snacks. Since the tables were huge, at the request of the guests, twelve-year-old Chinese women swam up to them and, to the music pouring from stereo systems, went up to the tables and arranged dances of Eastern peoples, wriggling their bodies to incredibly bizarre forms.
????But these were flowers, the berries began a little later, when the pretty drunk Korsar Chan Moon got up, clapped his hands, the music stopped, and all the representatives of the weaker sex stood up in a row and walked gnawingly past him. That beauty which he clapped on strangled to the right, the one that clapped in the ass went to the left. The girls on the right were seated at the tables to the corsairs, and those on the left served them. After some time, Chan Moon took out a bundle of twenty dollar bills from his pocket and threw them up to the ceiling. and as if giant green butterflies randomly spinning in the air fell to the floor

????Those beauties serving them pounced on the money and each tried to grab as much as possible, but since this desire was on anyone?s mind, they pounced on the banknote trying to grab it as early as possible and the principle of struggle already acted here. Young creatures grabbed each other by the hair, shoved with their hands, kicked with their legs ? in short, the real bloody rally began. Especially the screeching, howling and screaming from wild pain were dulling us when the corsair Chan Moon threw up ten hundred dollar banknotes up to the ceiling and while they fell down the girls sitting at the tables with the guys instantly jumped from their chairs to their feet and rushed to those beauties who fought for twenty earlier. Dancers, waitresses and strippers poured money on them trying to catch at least one of them from the summer ? they pushed each other out artistically screaming, then grabbed each other for what would happen ? hair, face, legs, hands, bodies, threw, kicked, really . Yes, at that time the roar in the hall was screaming from pain, and to muffle it music was turned on to the fullest.

????But not all the girls were fools, those who knew the bloody finale only ran among everyone and did not join the fight for money. The beauties knew that the guys would take unbeaten to the room for important people with them and they would receive more than those who disfigured their face and body for twenty, forty or a hundred dollars for spending the evening and night with them. Generous Chan Moon did not lag behind his captain Corsair Chun Lu Y and scattered from two to three thousand dollars for one trip to a tavern or den.

??As for Harry Lopez "Raging Joe," though he was a thrill-seeker, he knew the measure; in Miami such numbers as did not work in Bangkok, the police severely punished everyone who acted in public places violating the rules of conduct. But in Miami, there were many entertainment venues where you could drink wine, vodka, various cocktails, dance and watch stripper dancers. But our Harry didn?t have to run around such strip bars to look for fun and adventure ? don Carlos had a daisy in Miami, an entertaining saloon bar for laundering money from the sale of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy pills. The main organizer and inspirer of the entertainment was the inveterate dark-skinned lesbian beauty Marie Buada Beararres, nicknamed ?Beauty Harlem?, which caused shame and horror to the outside world and a lover of thrills. With the consent of Don Carlos, Marie Buada was appointed the owner of this entertainment bar and invited fourteen adult beauties to work, all illegals, twentieth-century slaves with linden-colored documents, in fact, they were unlikely to be more than sixteen. But in the last year due to the difficult financial situation, the owner of the entertainment establishment "Daisy" at the insistence of Don Carlos was forced to reduce the staff to seven whores. Marie Buada saved what she could, spared money for their upkeep, and recently dressed beauties in modest clothes, but since Don Carlos and his guests were interested in a naked female body, modest short white aprons were sewn for four waitresses serving guests, and for seductive dancers, strippers mini skirts with sleeveless blouses to the navel. Since the young beauties shone with their beauty and their magnificent bodies drove the gentlemen crazy, all those invited at the sight of seductive girls simply dug into them and waited for the end of the dances with a striptease to master them for big money.
????After striptease and naked dancing on a separate table, Marie Buada brought them to an impromptu stage, a green-blue curtain was opened and the guests saw two large bathtubs the color of the blue moon ? one was filled with colorful cake creams and the other with golden sparkling wine.
????Charming seductive beauties-winners with magnificent body shapes in a naked form approached the bath with a cream cake, rushed into it, smeared one another from head to toe, stood up like statues and no one could see a face. Marie Buada called seven invited guests to the stage, they took out a number from a blue bag and, according to his gentlemen, chose a beauty for themselves. In order not to stain his clothes with a cream, the gentleman undressed, began to lick it and remove it with his hands from the body in full view of the public. Then he put the pretty beauty in the bathtub with sparkling wine and washed it from time to time pouring water from a large bottle of real Moet Chandon champagne. Washed, neat, seductive, joyful and merry beauty met her chosen one and took her to her bedroom. Once upon a time in the good old days, if noble guests were expected to be ten or twelve, so that the mistress Marie Buada, at the request of don Carlos, would attract additional harlots for entertainment in order not to hit the dirt in front of them and were very pleased with the wonderful evening. What a pity, but these times have sunk into oblivion!
????Don Carlos and Harry Lopez liked this idea very much but it required a lot of money and in order to have it, in addition to the drug lord distributing drugs, they were also involved in robbery and assaulting banks, in which the leaders of the gangs were Marie Buada "Pretty Harlem", Harry Lopez "Wild Joe? and Peter Grole ?Good Guy? united in the common ?Red Poppy? syndicate led by don Carlos Rodriguez nicknamed ?Amanita?. They acted like elusive ghosts, they had their own small aircraft, speedboats, buses, modern weapons, communications and, most importantly, faithful gunners and informants, even among the guardians of law and order. It is known that many people want to live very well enjoying the benefits and fruits of civilization: visiting chic restaurants, casinos, traveling to overseas countries on air and ocean liners, purchasing villas, cars, planes, yachts and much more. Gangs constantly changed the geography of their countless sorties, attacks and robberies, often accompanied by heavy bloodshed. Even the ubiquitous Interpol, the FBI were not able to attack their trail despite the fact that sometimes at the crime scene they found a left sheet on which three capital letters of BMW flaunted. The police could not understand what was hidden under these letters and never believed that this is the name of the Bavarian automobile giant producing expensive luxury cars. No one could have guessed that these were abbreviated initials from the numerous nicknames of the bandera and raider Marie Buada ?Black Magic Woman?- "Dark-skinned sorceress."

? ?The raids took place mainly on banks and houses of millionaires on the outskirts of large cities or in the suburbs. If there was resistance, they would shoot people, with looted goods and money, they would sit in waiting cars, rush to the airfield and fly on light private planes to their dens.
????But since lately it has become dangerous to act in such a dirty and wet way, we have found another safer and more reliable way - next to the bank we bought a private small house for a lot of money, we did digging directly into the basement of the storehouse, and powerful burners silently they cut a hole in concrete slabs, penetrated to the safes, and in one night they managed to get out of steel safes up to several million dollars and washed off safely without leaving any traces and notes. Needless to say, a lot of people were involved in the ?Red Poppy? syndicate and everyone had to give a share, then the money flew like butterflies and they had to get it, then you did not have to sit back for a long time. And here such luck ? thanks to the arrival of the sea corsair Chun Lu, into whose hands such priceless information about the countless treasures of those lying at the bottom of the sea Don Carlos corrected the shaky financial condition - billions of dollars lie at the bottom and hundreds of millions are hidden in the safes of the discoverers of jewelry. And all this is real wealth! The only thing is to safely get them out of those labyrinths of a strange pantry located under the ocean floor. And the brave of the brave go down into this abyss.
????Chun and Carlos looked around the brave seven from head to toe and came to the conclusion that with these fighters they can go not only under water but also to the center of the earth, the sea corsair raised his hand and said: "Dear comrades, you understand that your path is not simple, you are not alone, we are in constant contact with you, I have a record found on a cassette left by those searchers who visited here a few weeks ago. According to my instructions, you follow the route laid by them and imprinted on magnetic tape. So you don?t go at random and this spends time spent in that treasure store, I and our dear Mr. Carlos decided to give you three extra shares, good luck to you, but before you go down, look through the passages of the documentary to get acquainted with the world in which the pioneers visited and may now be hiding there so be careful, follow me."

????The seven brave men thanked Chun and Carlos for their attention and followed them to the communication center, they saw the film and when it ended they went on deck, without wasting time, began preparing for the descent, each dressed in light, high-strength suits with a TV camera and a radiotelephone, so that in the water they will feel completely safe. Since there was no water in that underwater palace and the atmosphere allowed breathing, if desired, it was allowed to take off the suit inside to facilitate movement and to quickly collect jewelry. Each submariner took a long Finnish knife in order to use it in unforeseen situations.

????Before the descent, Chun and Carlos carefully examined the soldiers dressed in diving suits, in order to save their strength and time they decided to lower the winch to the bottom of the well, the descent passed safely and after half an hour they entered the labyrinth according to Chun's instructions. Slowly and confidently, seven daredevils walked forward and finally fearless fighters found themselves in that hall where the Spanish knights met the pioneers. Chun gave instructions, the guys walked fearlessly forward, and now in that room on the floor of which lay a mountain of treasures. The brave men could not stand the jewels, shouted ?Hurray? for joy, fell on them and lay their arms around them. Since the connection was two-way, on the monitor screen of Chun, Karlos, everyone who participated in this operation saw with their own eyes a huge mountain of treasures made of precious metals and stones, gold and silver coins were lying around like garbage. Carlos asked the fighters to bring the TV set to the deck and when it was standing on the table all the pirates and gangsters looked at the screen and as one, in frenzy from the treasures they saw, they started screaming ?Urrrraaaa?, kissing and spinning in a joyful dance.
????Chun Lu came to his senses faster than anyone and contacted the commander of the brave four: "My Chan, please get started, time is money, we all see this luxury, incredible."

????"Dear Chun, it?s possible to go crazy with the sight of this stuff, thanks for bringing me to my senses, getting to work, I'm afraid we don?t have enough tacked bags," Chan said.

????"Chan, don?t worry, there will be enough bags, time is running out, I?m afraid that other lovers of gift-giving money will not join us, act at a pace until you collect the jewelry together, then divide into two groups ? your guys collect the good, Harry, Jose and Romer carry the bags to the pipe. "

? ?"My Chun, I realized we are going to indiscriminately collect everything," replied the senior group Chan.

????Soon, the seven began to work and began to clog the bags indiscriminately, all that fell into their hands immediately flew inside the container. Jose Ortega separated from everyone and rushed to the wall on which hung gold jewelry, diamonds, pearl necklaces. Strange, they seemed to stick and he had to rip them off with force, the Spaniard was perplexed and emitted streams of swearing at those who got this crazy idea to stick them in. However, at least progress was made in the work - all the bags were packed to the top Chun, who was closely following what was happening in the hall, suggested the fighters not to relax and rip everything hanging on the walls off the walls and dump them in a heap. The soldiers responded to his call and, as if stunned, they began to rip off the jewels from the walls and ceilings with frantic force and threw them to the bags. The pile was growing and imagine before their eyes it grew almost to the ceiling of a narrow aisle, the fighters decided to take a break and turned to Chun for advice on whether to continue the work or transfer all the good and lift up.
????Carlos, Chun, and all the lovers of easy money who arrived, contemplated luxury and, most importantly, experienced an unusual delight that for a moment everything would be in their hands, but since the jewelry was not completely ripped off, the drug dealer offered to continue working, he did not want to leave the luxury to others adventurers and he personally conveyed to Chan the desire to tear everything to the last pearl after a short respite.

????There was no limit to joy, everyone was distraught from what they saw as a mountain rising in a long corridor, shouting "Hurray", dancing, ?could not resist, grabbed Chun and Carlos in their arms, threw them up and caught them, several young Chinese and Malays climbed onto a small radar and shouted at full throat: "People listen to us, we are the richest in the world! Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!"
????They didn?t climb down, they just dived into the ocean, surfaced, comrades helped them to go up to the deck and continued to dance ?and bang their cheers with company.

????Chan Moon and his team listened to Carlos?s wishes and relaxed, the boss and the pirate stepped aside and thought about how to transfer all this pile of jewelry to the pipe and the boss remembered that those pioneers took off their diving suits and put jewelry in them, he shared this with a thought with a pirate, he approved such an action plan and he immediately turned to the group commander: "Dear Chan, dear Carlos offers a wise plan - take off your diving suits, quickly stuff them with jewelry and leave the maze, this goodness will be enough for us besides you for the courage and bravery will add you to the share of two more, I think you will be satisfied, proceed to step our brave and fearless heroes."
????"Chun, Carlos, we approve your decision, thanks for the tip and for the attention-get three stakes is what we need, we are already taking off the diving suits.
?????All the robbers gathered on the deck and watched their comrades take off their metal diving suits and now they were stuffing them with jewelry, everyone was indescribable delight, everyone started to dance, everyone shouted Urraaa, threw Carlos, Chun high up, the bosses didn?t mind and somehow unexpectedly for everyone, the ship rocked, Dixie standing by the TV shouted: "Carlos, Chun, here, there is a tragedy."

????By coincidence, when Chun and Carlos were high in the air and the guys wanted to catch them, the ship rocked and they flew off their feet. Two bosses that were not picked up by anyone fell onto a metal deck and screamed wildly from severe pain, they broke their heads to blood and cursing everyone in the world with great difficulty stood up. Chun, Carlos, the soldiers heard a scream, went to the TV and saw a terrible picture: water poured through the maze, it pressed people without? diving suits to jewelry bags, they raised a wild cry and a strange maze came to life, curved in an arc, suddenly a bunch bags tilted to the left where the treasure collectors were.

????Those who were on the trawler saw a tragedy on TV set that was being called live and heard the desperate cries of their friends who were absurdly dying under a pile of jewelry in a strange underwater maze flooded by a stream of water. Gathering treasures, the brave guys mistakenly in the labyrinth mixed up in which direction the exit was and picking up a mountain of jewels, Chan Moon realized that they blocked their passage and began to throw heavy bags of jewelry in the other direction to expand it and go about carrying it to the well, to the pipe. And at this time, unexpectedly for the guys, water appeared in the maze, its level rose and it became clear to everyone that if you did not block the hole, then you could drown. Chun Lu was shocked to see a stream of water and immediately instructed the bewildered guys who were in an unexpected situation: ?Chan Moon, immediately cover the hole with bags, immediately pour jewelry out of the diving suits, quickly put them on and you are completely safe.?

? ?Chan Moon thanked Chun Lu, turned to the jewelers and shouted: "Dear friends, Chun Lu instructed to close up the hole and put on suits, this will save us."
????The guys listened to him and began to empty the diving suits, but suddenly the floor under his feet started to move, bent abruptly, bags of jewelry shifted to the young people, pressed against the wall, and besides, the powerful stream of water in the eyes of the jeweler-gatherers rose higher and higher. The prisoners understood their mistake ? if they had not taken off their diving suits, then the water would not have threatened them and they could have been saved.
????Meanwhile, the labyrinth began to move - its walls were shrinking, bags of jewels pressed so hard on their bodies that their bones cracked, unbearable pain the young strong guys made wild cries but still continued to fight for their lives. Harry and Chan, who were nearby, tried with muscular arms like the Titans to keep their arch, squeezing them, but he, like a multi-ton press, crushed from all sides. Hands could not withstand the load bent and lowered, the soft arch was already pressing on the head, body, legs bent, cracked bones, not enough air. Harry and Chan, suffocated, a stream of water completely filled the entire space, unfortunate comrades ceased to see each other, and this ended their torment.
?????The image ceased, Chun, Carlos, their companions came in indescribable fear, all efforts to raise the treasures failed completely, the ridiculous death of fourteen soldiers is half the trouble, the more terrible happened literally a couple of minutes later. Carlos, Chun, deathly pale, passed through a crowd of young people and headed for a pipe stretching deep into the Atlantic Ocean, into the abyss that devoured seven brave guys. They stopped, looked inside her and with tears in her eyes Don Carlos shouted loudly: "Friends! Let's raise! Where are you? Are you still alive? We are with you!"

????Perhaps he would continue to scream, but then the unexpected happened: the trawler shuddered so that Don Carlos and Chun Lu, standing next to the pipe, could not resist, landed in it and flew down. The starboard side of the vessel to which a huge pipe was welded tilted, there was a crack, a rattle, and due to week welding, it could come off the side.

????Don Carlos was clearly unlucky; he flew into the abyss wildly screaming, but soon became silent - perhaps, but he broke his heart and possibly died. But the sea pirate was blessed with happiness: during a fall into the pipe, he grabbed the stairs with his muscular powerful hands and tried to crawl out, but as the ship's rolling continued, his legs hung in the air. Finally, the pitching stopped, his legs rested on the step and Chun Lu immediately climbed up, the height was not high and he soon jumped out onto the deck. The picture was not very pleasant - several fighters and sailors were lying on the deck. Suddenly, the sea corsair heard the joyful voice of Don Carlos from the tube: ?Chun, I got caught on the stairs, I?m alive, sorry for a decent height, but I?ll try to get out myself. How are you feeling??

????Chun Lu could not believe his ears, he bent down and saw a boss climbing up the stairs 10 feet away, another 15 steps and don Carlos would go up to the deck. The pirate was delighted and shouted: ?Don Carlos, hold on to the handrail tightly and hurry up, I wanted to throw you a rope but it, like people, was washed overboard. I can?t understand what?s going on.?

????At this moment, the ship suddenly tipped heavily to the starboard side, the pirate heard a strong crack, the steel pipe came off the welded beam and went into the water along with Don Carlos. The ship tilted to the left, people still on the deck could not resist and flew into the water, the trawler swaying a couple of times from side to side calmed down. Chun Lu and three strong Chinese Liao Kin, Bow Shu and Hong Xian clinging to a winch remained on the deck and the corsair looked at them loudly shouted: "My guys, follow me on the left side, jump on the first boat that we got, we have a chance survive and we will return to Hong Kong after such tragic adventures."

????Everything happened very quickly, the pirate and his three surviving buddies rushed onto a nearby boat, Chun Lu got into the helm, the engine roared, and the ?Ines? began to move away from the doomed trawler by bandits drowning in boiling water. At this time, the steel pipe that went under the water made itself felt: somehow, unexpectedly for everyone, the water began to bubbling, bubbled, huge bubbles appeared on the surface, for a moment and with a candle with great speed, like a cannonball, pipe flew up carrying away giant mass of water.

? ?The pipe rose three hundred feet, turned around in an arc, and almost whistled flat on a trawler to which two boats had stuck. From a strong blow, the ship collapsed into two, and the two boats standing near it generally went under water along with the pipe and the people who were still alive. A few minutes later, the completely destroyed trawler sank in a giant boiling funnel with those who were trying to escape, not a single living soul remained on the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, only life jackets and light objects floated on the water.
????At this time, the boat was racing at great speed towards Miami, sitting at the helm Chun Lu sincerely worried about the tragic death of Don Carlos, he needed him like air. Without Don Carlos he cannot return to his villa since no one will believe the pirate that purely by chance he and three Chinese escaped from 43 people participating in operation ?Sunrise?. The sea corsair understood very well in the villa of Don Carlos his faithful people remained, including Peter with eleven faithful bandits departing at next night to attack the base of the treasure seekers. And then he remembered how a couple of weeks ago he, along with Don Carlos, visited a party at Marie Buada and began to develop a plan to penetrate the ?Daisy? bar to his beloved stripper-dancer Carmen who swore to him in love and promised to show a place in the basement where she said there were safes filled with millions of bucks stored after the sale of heroin, cocaine, marijuana and ecstasy pills, including income from visitors eager to enjoy the seductive young female bodies. The pirate decided to use Don Carlos?s money for several bags of heroin he had obtained during the attack on ?Isabella?. Why disappear to them in a safe if the boss died tragically and now they are lying without any use and only find out Marie Buada about the death of Don Carlos, she will take all the money and appropriate it without sharing it with Chun.

?????But since they are currently stored at her, it actually belongs to her, and if Chun and his guys appear in the bar in front of Marie Buada?s eyes, she, who saw the pirate together with Don ?Carlos in the ?Daisy?, will definitely expose him an irreplaceable death. Nevertheless, the smart Chun Lu figured out how to give a sign to the dancer Carmen so that she would take him to her bedroom and then with her help he would enter the basement with safes full of millions of bucks. In order not to leave any traces of his crime, he will apply the tried and tested method there in the Yellow Sea, when they attacked tankers, they killed crew members and threw them into the abyss with a heavy load around his neck so that the corpse would not emerge, and here it?s even easier, for long times, Marie Buada Chun Lu will leave in the basement.

????The boat "Ines" rushed to Miami at full speed, in the dark they safely passed the border guards and docked at a private pier where they stood in the parking lot of the boat Carlos. Chun Lu and three Chinese handed the boat to the guards and left, taking with them passports and money for small expenses. Chun looked at his watch, it was 6. 45 a m, he understood Carmen was useless to call at that time, she was sleeping after a night of love, so they need to find a place where they can have a good meal and get to bed until 10-11 a.m. Without losing time, the pirate and his friends went to the parking lot and when they were near it, they noticed the Mac Donalds eatery, and although he always avoided it, this time he decided to have a bite to eat in it. In the early morning there were few people in the hall, the corsair went to the counter, ordered four double hamburgers, four large cups of coffee with cream and sat down at the table and began to eat food. Chun himself ate thinking about how to surely get into the saloon and be alone with Carmen, the unrecognized mistress of ??Daisy?, senora Marie Buada, since the previous plan as he didn?t fit and finally came up with, but it was necessary to lay out for four how to implement it at least 15 thousand bucks. But the game was worth the candle, several million bucks were in the safes, and if they pick them up, they can sail on a small motor yacht in Hong Kong with the beautiful Carmen. The sea corsair knew that every Chinese tourist flying with him had seven thousand bucks on the cards, and as soon as they ate Chun Lu got up, let his companions go out and headed for the door. having found on the street, Chun felt the heat after the coolness in the room created by the air conditioner, he took off his jacket and took it in his hand and went in the direction of the empty bench. Sitting down on it and looking around that there are no people close, Chun Lu began quietly revealing his plan to friends: ?Gentlemen, we have to perform a crucial operation at night, where I will take you to the safes that are stored millions of dollars that I found out by accident. We don?t risk anything, we don?t need to go into the unknown world in diving suits, everything is prosaic: we will found ourselves in beauties' beds and one of them at night, when everyone will sleep, will lead us to the basement where there are three safes with millions of bucks. What do we need to do? To each to remove from cards about four thousand bucks, buy brand new shorts, T-shirts, leather sandals, go to the hairdresser, do hairstyles, I will dye my hair, put my mustache on and go to the bar at eight in the evening, do everything as I will tell you. We are not frail guys, no pistols, no knives, only arms, legs and your male attractiveness. You prominent guys and girls will be happy to spend a long night with you. I think Liao Kin, Bow Shu and Xian Hong will agree with me and will return to Hong Kong in your arms one million bucks. I must say right away that the way back can change due to some circumstances."
????Loyal to their leader, the guys unanimously agreed with the corsair and having rest alternately on the bench until twelve o'clock went first to the hairdresser, did the hairstyles, Chun did not spare money and turned from blond to brown-haired with a mustache, then went to the bank, took off from their accounts for four thousand dollars, bought shorts, T-shirts, sandals in a fashionable and expensive store and took a taxi to the area where the ?Daisy? bar was located.

????Chun and his guys were just a lucky driver, turned out to be a middle-aged Chinese man, Dan Mao, who had fled with his father from communist China thirty years ago, and when he found out that tourists from Hong Kong were visiting him, he was incredibly happy to hear that they were heading to a bar ?Daisy? laid out to them as to his brothers all the information that he had about this establishment: ?Gentlemen, I?m not against you visiting this ?Daisy? and watching striptease dances, but in no case do not stay after ten hours on the final submission-you you will find yourself without money not having received what the hostess of the establishment Marie Buada offers you in front of him. My friend once visited this establishment and threw three thousand bucks away in the evening without any pleasure from the girl he chose. That beauty he ?wanted to, took him to his bedroom, put him to bed and retired for wine. My friend fell asleep without waiting for her and when he woke up that morning he was proudly alone, young beauties came in and offered to leave the room. He had no choice but to dress and leave the premises, run to the police and complain to him that for his money he didn?t get pleasure in the full program would be stupid and dangerous, he could be attracted for trying to seduce a minor and returned empty-handed . Yes, I must tell you my dear fellow countrymen the day before yesterday Marie Buada was taken to the police, I can?t know if this ?Margarita? worked yesterday, so, dear, go and find out. But they didn?t take her away because people complained about incomplete service, but according to past affairs, she once headed the Beauty Harlem gang and committed bank robberies in different cities of the country, on her account dozens of dead. If you want to get detailed information about Marie Buada read any newspaper, I will give you my free. Yes, Chun, we?re coming up. I?ll slowly pass by and everything will become clear."

????Dan Mao slowed down to five miles per hour and drove slowly past a brand new white-stone two-story building with a sign "Daisy", neon letters went out and it was impossible to make out the name of the bar. But most importantly, the doors were sealed and illegally entering the building meant breaking the law and rattling into jail. Chun Lu was depressed, he realized that if the police visited here and closed the establishment, then there could be no question of any safe deposit boxes, especially since they could be directly observed. Having traveled to the end of the quarter, Chun Lu said in a frustrated voice, quietly: "Dear Dan Mao, please stop, we still need to go by, maybe I will meet someone from this place, there was a young beautiful Mexican dancer, I think her hardly taken with Marie Buada."

????The Chinese did not say anything, the taxi stopped, Chun Lu paid off with Dan Mao, said goodbye to the taxi driver and went out onto the sidewalk with friends. Dan Mao put a business card in his hands and said: "Chun, if you need a taxi, call day and night, at your service, I want to find what you are looking for."
?????He sincerely smiled and added: "It will be bad call, I will help than I can."
???The corsair took a business card and said: "Well, Dan Mao, I mean, we wish you success."

?? ?The corsair took a business card and said: "Well, Dan Mao, I mean, we wish you success."

???They all waved their hands to each other at once and a yellow taxi with Dan Mao dashed off towards the wide avenue along which cars were streaming.
??Upset Chun Lu looked at his comrades and quietly said: "Gentlemen, I?ll say my plan has completely collapsed, the police got ahead of us and the safes with millions of bucks were taken to an unknown destination, the bar was closed and the illegal dancers were arrested along with the mistress of the bar Marie Buada. Let's pass by bar and go off in search of a cheap hotel, we?ll buy a big newspaper and find out more about Marie Buada. If this plan goes wrong, then I have another: I'm more than sure Mr. Peter successfully attacks the house of treasure seekers this night, on he?ll leave for sure, therefore only servants will remain in Don Carlos?s villa, one of them is in a good relationship with me after being in my bed, at least a couple of security guards, we will enter the house and wait for Peter and his comrades to return with the looted goods."?

????We agree with you, lead us,? the Chinese said quietly.

????Chun Lu slowly wandered along the sidewalk along the street and approaching the bar he saw a yellow ribbon hanging on the doors warning all not to cross it, without stopping, the guys went on and on the other side of the street the pirate said quietly: "Gentlemen, since it?s dangerous to stay here and rent a hotel for the night it makes no sense, our task is to get into the villa after two hours to Don Carlos, I suggest going to the bus station, we?ll sit there, eat, read the newspaper and go on a taxi at one o?clock in the morning. and if it won?t work out we?ll have to return empty-handed to Hong Kong, where we will return everything, the tankers are still sailing."

????"A great plan, Chun, all is not lost, the main thing is to track Peter?s guys, I?m more than sure that they didn?t make a trip last night, it was very late and today they?ll definitely leave and as soon as they leave we?ll immediately get inside, those who on the way we destroy, arm ourselves and wait for the guys with the girls and jewelry to return. I think it makes no sense to leave witnesses, " Bow Shu said quietly.

????"My Bow Shu, you are reasoning correctly, no witnesses, for those jewelry that will be in our hands, we will find real queens in Hong Kong, there is a bus, we sit down and don't say a word until we get off, I find out where the bus station, " said Chun Lu and raised his hand.

?????The half-empty big bus stopped, the company entered the cabin, greeted the driver with a Mexican appearance, he paid them, at the same time asked where the bus station was, and it turned out that it was not far, a ten-minute drive, but the seats were only in the waiting room and you need to take a ticket. Chun thanked the driver, asked him to stop and sat down with Xian Hong. Exactly ten minutes later, Chun heard the driver's voice in the speakers: "Bus station, ladies and gentlemen, I ask everyone to leave the bus."

????Chun and his team got up with everyone and, thanking the driver, got off the bus, people crowded near a large reinforced concrete building with huge windows. The first thing Chun bought two different thick newspapers, looked at his comrades, nodded his head and went into the building with cool Arctic air and in order not to hang out and relax, the corsair bought four tickets for two nights to the nearest town for $ 15 and showed them to the guy on duty they went half empty waiting room. So that no one bothers them, they sat in the back seats, Chun Lu opened the newspaper and on the third page saw a large photograph of the sympathetic black woman Marie Buada, handed Liao Kin and quietly said: ?Read, then tell me the details, I will read more thick, on it the mistress of ?"Daisy" on the first page, probably done a lot of things. "

? ?After reading several articles about Marie Buada, Chun Lu found out from what his mood had risen and there was a hope to meet Carmen if she really loves him. It turns out that there was a robbery of the ?Daisy? bar, according to the hostess Marie Buada, more than ten million dollars were stolen and this happened four days ago at night by seven dancers and strippers during a night drinking. Lesbian Marie Buada invited the girls to her bedroom, as usual, without any suspicion of an attempt on her life and robbery, they immediately appeared and being in the bedroom immediately grabbed her and threatened with kitchen knives demanded to go with them to the basement with the keys to the safes in which money was kept. Since the dancers?intentions to kill her were serious and life for Marie Buada was more expensive than money, she took all the keys, went down to the basement, opened three safes, one of the dancers sprayed her face with a mixture and then she didn?t remember anything until she came to herself ?bound hand and foot and gagged in absolute darkness in his basement. Last night, a call came from Mexico to the police station saying that in the basement of the ?Daisy? bar there was a bank robber tied hand and foot, a raider and the head of the ?Beauty Harlem? gang. For years, police officers looking for the arrogant and elusive Marie Buada became interested in the call and immediately went to the bar, upon approaching him they saw a yellow tape warning on the doors not to cross the line and for a long time hesitated to take action for fear that the attackers might mine the entrance. The policemen called for help; sappers with dogs arrived at the bar and after the devices showed that there was no explosives, they let the dogs in, the police came in and immediately went to look for the secret entrance to the basement, which took several hours, as the passage to it started from the master?s bedroom , a huge wall cupboard was unfolding and here it is a secret door with a narrow passage. Having reached the very last steel door, it was necessary to open it, but since the strippers didn?t leave the key, the builders had to call and with the help of jack hammers they began to break the concrete wall, but after going into four feet they realized that it would not work and they can get inside only by cutting the burners into steel door a big hole. Since the door was made to order of high-strength steel with the use of non-combustible materials, I had to pretty tinker with it before getting inside and turning on the lights to see Marie Buada naked lying on the hands and feet on the floor. The police inspected the room and saw twelve steel safes walled up in the walls, as it became clear to them that they could not be pulled out by any tractor and the robbers had left no keys, they could not do without burners and began to diligently cut holes in all the safes in a row. The police were lucky, in nine safes heroin, cocaine and ecstasy pills were stored, as for the money, they left one dollar each in the three safes. The police took Marie Buada to jail and sent a request by the Mexican authorities to look for seven dancers who belonged to an unknown gang.

????After reading such terrific news about Carmen?s trick hiding somewhere in Mexico with his friends, Chun Lu decided to immediately contact her for at least one second using the secret phone number that she left to him and he kept in his memory. If he is not false, Carmen sincerely loves him and carried out the robbery of Marie Buada for his sake to fly together or sail from Mexico to Hong Kong. Chun Lu changed and said quietly: "Liao Kin and Xian Hong continue to read very interesting news, Bow Shu, you are coming with me, we will be back soon and it will become clear what actions to take next, not to go anywhere."
???"Everything is clear, Chun Lu, we sit and wait until you return," Xian Hong said quietly.

???Chun and Bow left the waiting room and headed for the exit, having appeared on the square in front of the fountain, the pirate looked at his friend and whispered: ?Bow, we need to walk along the street and find a pay phone, I?ll talk with a friend, it?s not long and we will know what to do."
????"Everything is clear Chun, we will move away from the bus station and we will look for a phone," Bowe said and went to the avenue along which the cars rushed. Having walked through the order from the bus station, Chun saw a pay phone and said quietly: ?Bow, I?m calling, I come to you and after go to the nearest Mac Donalds. We go in, then we go out and we go to the bus stop, we go a few stops and walk to the bus station. Call she?s auditioned and doesn?t want to let Carmen down, she?s an amazing beauty."

???? Bow winked at his friend?s eye, Chun Lu dialed Carmen?s phone number and soon heard a velvety pleasant female voice: ?My beloved captain, hello, glad to hear from you, I kiss, I thought you forgot me, maybe you know about the trick from the newspapers. I'm in Mexico in a safe place and with millions of bucks. After our meeting I had a plan to rob my mistress and did everything for you who need a poor bride. You are sailing from Hong Kong on a white yacht to Mexico, you call me and I?m in a chic I meet you in a white dress. After stormy nights we?ll make a trip around the world and go to Hong Kong or to another place to live and get some children. Beloved Chun, I liked you so much in bed, everything is still in me. Yes, tell me what Don Carlos is with and how are your successes, only without cheating. I smell that you are calling for a reason, in case I help for the sake of our love, I love you my dear Chun."
???"My dear Carmen, I love you as sincerely as you do me, I?ll be honest, our affairs have been left to dust, Don Carlos with his guys and mine too are a pipe, now I have three faithful comrades, I?m in complete despair, and I?m proud of you , you did everything perfectly,? Chun said sadly.

???"My dear Chun, I'm sorry, but don?t be sad, I?ll say what you need to do, go
Don Carlos?s house, she has my girlfriend Delores, tell her my name and she will tell you a secret where he hides ten to twenty million bucks, coke, marijuana and guns. I think everything will turn out like mine, the more Don Carlos is gone and you and Delores and her friends are rushing to Mexico, the most reliable place, act. Kisses, see you, "said Carmen.

????"My darling, this is amazing, thanks for the advice, I?m acting, wait for me, I?ll come with gifts soon, take care of myself, I kiss you, I wish you good luck," Chun said in a joyful voice, hung up and said quietly: ?Bow, everything is fine, we should immediately go to the villa to Don Carlos, now to the bus station, catch a taxi, not everything is lost, we will have millions."

???Bowe immediately raised his hand, a taxi pulled up, stopped, the pirates climbed into the cabin, Chun said quietly: "Bus station, I'll show you."
???The car rushed forward, the driver himself understood that it was necessary to go to the nearest station, since the others were very far away. Having approached the bus station, the taxi stopped, Chun paid the taxi driver, said goodbye, went outside and they the joyful went to bus station. Chun saw a tele-phon-machine, went up to it, stuck a quarter, dialed a phone number and heard Dan Mao's voice: "Good evening, I'm listening."

???"My friend, good evening, I think you guessed it, take us to the suburbs, though not now but at night. We are at the bus station near the place where you delivered us during the day, at 203 North-East Street, look at the map and find it, you will drive by one in the morning," said Chun Lu.

???"I guessed I would be by one, wait near the main entrance, see you later, goodbye," Dan said and the phone went silent.

????Chun hung up and turned to Bow and said: "My Shu, as you heard, we?ll go to the villa to Don Carlos at one o?clock, go to the bus station, take a break, then have dinner and take our luck again, I look at this country, it is slipping away from us."

????Chun and Bow entered the lounge, Liao and Hsien smiled when they saw the comrades, in a short conversation the commander explained the situation: ?We have tickets and we set out for travel at 2.15 a m, we?ll eat tight at midnight, but for now, friends, can relax."

????"Everything is clear, said Liao, let?s rest, we have a long way to go, just don?t wake up, Chun, you yourself should lie down."

????Until midnight, we rested alternately, Chun wondered in his mind the options for penetrating Don Carlos?s villa and chose what he thought was the best.
????In the first hour, Chun and his friends went to McDonalds, who rented a place on the first floor, slowly eating hamburgers and coffee, and went out into the fresh air. The sea corsair took out a blank sheet of paper from his pocket, a pen, and set about drawing a route along which they would rush to the villa. He depicted the way in such a way that it would not have occurred to anyone outside that it was a map ? solid dashes and letters.

???Rest, walk during the day, at one o'clock in the morning five minutes in the morning, Dan Mao arrived, the Chinese took a taxi and it rushed off in the direction indicated by Chun. Along the way, the pirate told the taxi driver a story about the theft of ten million dollars by dancers and strippers from Marie Buada's safes and safely crossed the Mexican-American border. The taxi driver was shocked, he could not imagine how these beauties managed with several bags of bucks to rush through the States and especially across the border.
?????Meanwhile, Chun was carefully looking at the road, and when half a mile was left, he asked the taxi driver to stop and having settled with him and wished him good luck, set off on foot.

????Dan Mao, in turn, having counted the bucks, thanked his passengers, wished success and turned to rush to Miami.

? ?Chun Lu was well oriented even on a dark moonless night and, not hurrying, at two o'clock approached the villa, passed around the house. Light was on in some windows; in front of the garage stood a truck with a cradle and a small bus with engines running. Everything became clear, from minute to minute the people of Peter will come out, take their places and go to the base of treasure hunters. The corsair let his friends know to follow him and, taking cover in the trees, watched the house. The light went out and soon the guys led by Peter came out of the house, got into cars and at a low speed headed for the gate, they opened, a truck and a bus drove out onto the road and rushed to the base of the treasure seekers.

????As soon as the cars left the gates, they automatically closed and now for Chun it remains a mystery how many people are hiding in the house. Peter isn?t such a fool to take all the fighters with him, at least five people are hiding in the house, Chun thought, inspecting the territory. In addition, three huge dogs soon jumped out, the Chinese were not afraid of these wolf-hound, during their stay in the villa they were so used to Chun Lu that he played with them like puppies, another thing people. The sea pirate wondered how imperceptibly for the hiding guards to get behind the fence as soon as possible since he knew after an hour and a half Peter would return and by this time he, Chun, and his comrades needed to get into the house and arm themselves.

?????And then he remembered, on the back side of the estate, wild boars gnawed a hole under the fence and often appeared in the villa. Don Carlos was pleased to see them on his territory and often hunted wild boar with success, he was immediately chopped, processed, roasted on a spit and smoked meat for both cheeks with appetite for vodka. Without hesitation, Chun decided to explore that place and let his friends know to follow him. What was his happiness when he was in that place he saw a hole of such a size into which any of them could freely creep.

????Without hesitation, Chun was the first to crawl into the hole, followed by Liao Kin, Bow Shi and Hsien Hong, and ducking to the ground at a rapid pace, went to the garage. Approaching him unnoticed by anyone, they stopped and at that moment strong wolfhounds Tim, Gray and Silent ran up to them. Recognizing their dogs began to caress, Chun always tossed them bones with meat, which was not encouraged by Don Carlos and might have asked for a bone. The smart Chun Lu foresaw everything in advance, he spared no money, and before heading to the villa, he bought three fresh pieces of meat in a small deli from a Cuban. Now, without hesitation, he threw each dog a piece of meat and since the wolfhounds might have been specially starved for the night, they immediately grabbed gifts from guests and immediately rushed off to the fence. Chun Lu breathed a sigh of relief, the dogs did not forget them, and it could have been worse. He had seen more than once these wolfhounds attacked a scarecrow, the dogs frantically silently tearing him to pieces trying to get to a tidbit of meat hidden inside.

????Safely getting rid of the wolfhounds, Chun and his friends stood near the garage and began to think about a plan to get into the house, now the dogs were not threatening them and people could kill if they were hiding in the house. But he did not think about them, he had support ? Don Carlos was served by three beautiful middle-aged housemaids and strong in body ? they prepared food, served it on the table, cleaned it in the house, and possibly, on the instructions of the owner, guarded the villa in his absence day and night. It?s so good that one of them had feelings for him, the charming Delores with big breasts and a round ass, and even visited his bed and was unlikely to give out his intentions on the orders of Don Carlos ? everything was from the heart and out of love. Since don Carlos was absent and Peter and his team went to the base of the treasure hunters to rob, kill and kidnap, then without fail the housekeepers inside and for Chun and his fighters are not a threat. The most important thing is that during a visit to Don Carlos, Chun Lu was able to talk with them and even knew where their rest room was, although it never occurred to him that one night he would have to secretly make his way into the house. Having thought it over, a clever idea occurred to him ? to go down to the landing through the hatch in the roof-ceiling and get into the house and then go to the rest room on the ground floor. With Don Carlos, they went up the hatch along a spiral staircase and went out onto a flat roof and sitting in rocking chairs, drinking whiskey and tonic, admiring the surrounding landscape, flying birds and wild boars.
????Without wasting time, he explained his plan to the fighters and went up the metal stairs to the roof to the booth, the door was locked, but that didn?t confuse them and with a crowbar they pulled it open with a little noise and with a little noise they came down and went down the spiral staircase at the site. From here, Chun knew all the moves and exits, but had no idea where the three armed security guards-housekeepers were sitting in his absence.??Looking around the room after the room, Chun and his friends in one of them on the third floor saw Delores sitting at the window with headphones listening to music.
???Chun looked at his watch it was 2.40 a m , after fifty minutes Peter and his fighters could come back, they need to act quickly and decisively. The corsair looked at his friends and quietly said: ?Dan, Liao and Bow, stay in the hallway and wait for me.?

??? Chun knocked on the door, opened, Delores turned her head and saw Chung in the doorway, took off her headphones and looked at him for a long time, didn?t it seem to her, because she knew that he and Don Carlos had gone on assignment. And on you, he's here. She beckoned him to her and when he came up embraced, kissed and whispered: ?Chun, I understood everything, you returned alone, if Don Carlos returned, he called me and besides I saw a green light on this sign. What happened , love? Where are they? "

????Chun Lu kissed Delores and said in a quietly sad voice: "My dear Delores, don Carlos, his and my people at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, all our plans were covered with a copper basin, everything was lost, there was only one hope left. I lost everything and only with your help can return the money and if you wish we will rush to Mexico as Carmen did from ?Daisy?, she said that you are capable of anything and you know Don Carlos?s cache, don?t lose the good, think."
????Delores listened and looked at Chun, soon tears flowed from her eyes and she said in a sad voice: ?Dear Chun, tell me how it happened, so many people died, what sorrow, Don Carlos, I served him faithfully. If it happened to you then this can expect Peter and his people for what punishment is, console me, kiss me. If this happens to Peter and his people, I will join your plan, not to leave the good, only in this case. I will not act like Carmen, I won?t betray those whom I serve you want one or no, so I?ll wait until 4 in the morning, Peter won?t return, I?ll call and if we don?t get an answer we?ll act."

. Chun hugged Delores, kissed and whispered; "My dear, if Peter returns, he might think that I arranged so that everyone would die and make his decision to get rid of me."

????"No dear Chun, your people have died, what is the point you should have done this," said the lady, wiping her tears.

????"No, Delores, from that hell three of my comrades returned with me, you can?t imagine what torments people went to the other world, I will never forget it, when Peter returns, if this happens, I will tell everything in order. I know you're not alone, there are two more maidservants with you, how they will react to my plan to take all the good and divide into equal parts," said Chun.
????"Chun, they will agree, not to leave the good to others, I?ll call them and come, they don?t need to hide anything from them, take your guys here, we will wait for Peter," Delores said.

????Chun went to the door and called his comrades, they entered the room and appeared before the lady, she looked at them and spoke quietly, I ask you to sit down, gentlemen and rest, Chun, ?maids will come here soon, we will sit at the table and commemorate our dear comrades, we will wait for news from Peter and then get down to business and then not in the afternoon, but only at night, I see you and your guys are strong, it will take tremendous strength and everything will be okay."

????Only Delores spoke as the pretty servants and security guards entered in one person and not two but three. Chun saw three in the house, but now for some reason four, he looked at her face and remembered, he saw her in the "Daisy" behind the counter. Delores introduced them to Garcia, Safira and Maya, Chun introduced names of his friends Liao, Bow, Shu. Delores seemed to forget about the grief and smiled and immediately asked the maids to bring wine and snacks. They smiled and set off fulfill the assignment, for several visits the table was bursting with manifestations, wine and fruit. Delores looked at everyone, smiled and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I ask for the table, we have sorrow, don Carlos with the fighters and the Chun?s guys untimely went into the next world, let's remember them, drink without clinking glasses, everyone pours as much as he wants."
????Everyone approached the table and began to pour alcohol into the glasses, drank silently and began to bite. Chun couldn?t understand anything, such a booze, when Peter and his people could return in half an hour, but after the third glass he forgot about everything and had fun as if nothing had happened. Delores looked at everyone and quietly said: ?Ladies and gentlemen, we will dance and then buy, Chun, it's already four in the morning and Peter is still gone and it?s unlikely he will be. I?ll say last night I had a dream and I realized everyone would be very sad, but easier everyone?s cap. But we won?t talk about sad things, we?re pairing. Guys, you like the ladies, they are so charming, I think you will all get everything in full."

???The Chinese did not believe her words but said in a voice: "Yes."
???"Ladies, do you like guys !?" Delores continued, "if so then only by lot."
The ladies answered in a cheerful tone: "Ye

? ?"In this case, I write numbers and according to their guys choose ladies 1-1, 2-2, 3-3," said Delores, immediately cut squares from paper, wrote numbers and handed out to the maids and guys formed pairs of Liao Garcia, Bow Maya and Shu-Safira. Then the dancing began, after some time the music fell silent, Garcia took her cell phone and began to ring. Chun guessed she was trying to reach Peter and his comrades, but no one answered and somehow suddenly a pleasant female voice was heard in the receiver: "If you are interested in your bandits, I answer for them: they are all killed, you can pick up the corpses. Yes, better not to appear, if you know the way to our house, we will put everyone on the pikes."

???There was silence in the room and everyone heard a woman's voice, Chun didn?t move and Delores as if there was no grief, the tragedy said: ?Ladies and gentlemen, my dream didn?t let me down, we sit down at the table and commemorate our comrades, then we disperse around the rooms and rest until
8 in the morning, getting up and after a short meeting we get down to action."
????Everyone sat at the table, drank and the ladies and the boys went into the rooms and only Delores and Chun remained in the room. She looked at him, kissed and whispered: "Chun, we have an important task to open: safe deposit boxes, rake in dollars and run away, I mean to rush to Mexico, I think Carmen will help us, you can?t imagine she slipped through the US-Mexican border with ten million bucks. Say you agree to run to Mexico with me, am I worse than Carmen."
????"Delores, I love you not for money but for your beauty, kindness and I?ll say by age we are almost equal, Carmen is young and will cheat on me, and you will not, go to the sofa and rest," Chun whispered and kissed the lady.
?????They went to the sofa, Delores and Chun undressed and indulged in love joys, he forgot about the grief that befell everyone and amused himself with the lady, then they fell asleep and when they woke up it was already the tenth hour. Chun kissed Delores and whispered: ?Honey, we get up, we need to act, I'm afraid the police would not come to us, it's a pity you called Peter, they could detect the call from where the call came from. "

?????Chun, I'm sorry, I didn?t even think, but we know that Peter, like Don Carlos, will never come back here, we get up, decide what to do,? Delores said and kissed Chun.

?????Delores, if Don Carlos had been, he would have told us the safe codes, without them we won?t open safes, I have an idea, we need good disk cutters, there will be a lot of noise but they won?t burn the money, my guys are strong and they can handle it. Now I?ll call one friend who drove us here and in an hour the cutters will be here, give me your cell phone," said Chun and smiled.
?????You gloriously invented Chun, and call the taxi driver,? Delores whispered, kissed him and gave the cell phone.

????Chun picked it up, dialed the phone number and heard the voice "Good morning, I need help,"

????"Good morning, dear fellow countryman, Dan Mao says Chun, I need help, I?ll cry on the spot, urgently bring three electric metal disk cutters with three spare disks and a 90-yards cable to that country house, this was urgent tonight.?
????"Dear Chun, I will bring everything, the best, wait an hour, that's all for you," Dan said.

????"I'm waiting, dear Dan," Chun said and disconnected.

????Satisfied Chun looked at Delores and whispered: "My bird, let's go to the shower, refresh ourselves and then for the meal. "

?????I agree, my cat will freshen up, but don?t eat your bird,? Delores said, smiling.
????Chun and Delores went to the shower and when they finished washing they got dressed and immediately recovered wake up handmaids and guys. Fifteen minutes later, everyone was sitting at the table, only eating, Chun explained his plan of action and just finished looking at his watch, Dan would soon arrive.
????"Delores, we need to drive all the dogs into the booths and close them, they will interfere with us, guys behind me, they will need help," Chun said and got up from the table, Liao, Bow, Xian did too.

????Delores looked at the ladies and gave instructions to remove everything from the table and wait for her, she herself went to the dogs, they knew her commands and without noise would go to the paddock specially gone for them.
????Everything turned out very well, Dan soon arrived, Chun with the guys and Delores met him, wish good morning, they took the disk cutters, spare disks, cable, pirate paid the taxi driver, he was very pleased and before leaving said: "Chun, thanks and if you need help, call day and night, bye all."
????"Good Dan, I remember your phone, wish you happiness," Chun said. Dan waved, everyone answered the same, the taxi left, the guys took the circular saws, disks, cable and carried it into the yard and soon the work began to boil.

?? ?Delores, who knew all the moves and exits, went ahead and turned on the light below, the Chinese saw the door, she opened it and entered a small room, went to the wall on which the picture hung, pushed it back, pressed the button and whispered: "The water leaves pool, in five minutes we?ll go down the hatch. I think Chun, you and the guys will raise the grill, it?s so heavy that Carlos lifts it with a crane, but this is not all, having gone down through the hole, you need to unscrew the hatch and find yourself in the hallway with the door, knowing open the electronic code and get into a cache, there are weapons, coke and three safes with money and jewelry. As soon as all the work is completed, we go upstairs with guns and money, we close everything, fill the pool with water and it doesn?t occur to anyone that there is storage under the pool, come on, the water is gone, as I understand it, we don?t have much time because it?s light, but there?s a way out, since the work can go on for a long time and not cause suspicion, two guys remain in the cache and do the work ? cut the safes, close the hatch, fill the pool with water and since alive connection when the need to replace the water pump out, open the door and the guys out. You know, Chun, if you keep the pool open for a long time, they fly here often helicopters and even policemen, they will notice an open hatch and a lid for us."
?????Delores, I understood everything, if two guys lift the lid we?ll do as you suggest, but if we don?t manage there are two options ? either do it at night or get to work in an hour, go guys and ladies,? Chun said.

????Delores went to the door, pressed a few buttons on the panel, she opened, left the house, Chun followed his faithful fighters. Exactly, the water left the pool and the Chinese saw the grate, without wasting time everyone went down to the concrete base, approached it, lifted it together with four people using a metal rod and secured it so that it would not fall. Chun understood that two of his guys, even with the help of women, would not lift it and he said: "Guys close the hatch, Delores fill the pool with water, get to work in an hour, at night we won?t succeed and give me a cell phone."

?????Delores gave her cell phone to Chun and went to fill the pool with water, everyone followed her. What luck ? they just flooded the pool, as a police helicopter flew over the house, the cops did not notice anything suspicious ? the guys and ladies were already swimming in it ? and left.
While Delores flooded the pool, Chun contacted Dan and asked him to bring in seven hundred feet of blue thick film at least five feet wide. The order was completed, an hour later Dan brought the synthetic film, he drove into the courtyard and put it at the edge of the pool, Chun paid the taxi driver and he went contentedly to Miami. The pirate asked Delores to drain the water from the pool and when it completely went into the pipe he said: ?Guys, we lift the lid and put it to the side and immediately cover the whole pool with foil, we repair the pool. Where we cover the hatch in separate pieces and in the case of lowering the lift we put in side and again to the place, for work."
????Everyone went downstairs, lifted the lid with the grill, put aside and Chun with two guys, ?Bow and Delores went down, Hsien, Garcia, Safira and Maya immediately began to cover the pool bottom with a blue plastic film and now you can?t see the hatch from above with a grill and most importantly everyone will understand that there is a bottom isolation.

????Meanwhile, Chun and the Guys and Delores went downstairs, unscrewed the hatch, set aside and saw a niche with a steel door. The lady pushed the lid, dialed a code on the numeric panel, pushed the door with her foot, she opened and in the lighted room everyone saw from the right wall the shelves on which were plastic bags with heroin, cocaine, pills, machine guns and rifles with an optical sight. On the left side, several steel doors were noticed, everyone guessed-the safes were concreted into the wall, in which don Carlos hid several million bucks. "

?????The Chinese man looked at Safira, the guys and quietly said: "I?m thinking of taking three machine guns and five rifles just in case, Liao and Bow take Xian, let them take the ladies into the house and feed the cutters with the disks, plug them in and get to work, we?ll cut safes."

????Chun handed guns and rifles to the guys, they carried to Xian and the ladies when the deadly weapons were brought into the house, they gave Liao and Bow the cutters and spare disks, they handed one cutter to the Chun pirate, he picked it up, turned it on and the room was filled with such a rattle, clanking, creaking and whistling that Delores could not stand it and stepped aside, and since she had nothing to do here, she climbed out. The walls of the safes were thick but discs were so sharp and durable, then after a couple of hours the front wall of the safe fell to the floor and bundles of brand new hundred-dollar banknotes appeared before the eyes of Chun and his guys. Yes, there were real dollars. Chun began to count the packs, just incredible, they turned out to be three hundred packs or three million bucks. The pirate looked at the guys and smiling said: "Guys, carry to the hatch and pass Xian, let them quickly put them in bags and carry them into the house, I?ll cut a second safe, I think it?s bigger than the first. "

?? ?"Chung, we transfer dollars to the hatch, then we will replace you, we will try to saw together to speed up the process," said Liao and he and his comrade began to pack the bundles in plastic bags and carry them to the hatch. Needless to say, everyone could not believe that they had real banknotes, three million bucks.
????With a second safe, Chun and his guys fumbled for five hours breaking two disks and disabled the cutter, Bowe almost died from a short circuit, it was good that he worked in rubber gloves. In this safe, Chun counted 4 million eight hundred thousand bucks, there was another safe. The guys were tired and decided to take a break and at the same time eat tightly, if they can cope with the third safe in four hours, then the work will end at 10 pm.
????And so it happened - with the last safe they were transported until half-past ten, Chun read 3 million and 900 thousand bucks in it, transferred the money and Delores went down the cache and closed the steel door, twisted the hatch, climbed out, put the hatch with the grill in place, twisted the plastic film and put in the basement. Delores went into the room, pressed a button on the wall, put the picture in place and said: "Dear Chun, the water fills the pool, it is unlikely that anyone from the helicopter will guess that there is a hatch in it and under it there is a storage room with drugs and weapons and the last to separate the bucks."
?????"My charming Delores, let's have a drink first, have a bite and rest, I and my guys are tired, and then we will share the money equally, I think everyone will be happy."

????"I think so too, my beloved Chun, but still, let's do so, let every lady get a million bucks, and you will take the rest, they won?t mind," Delores whispered, kissing the pirate.

????They went into the room on the third floor where they feasted that night, packs with bucks piled on the floor with a pile, everyone looked at mount of dollars ?and did not believe their eyes. Delores looked at the ladies and said: "I ask you, we bring wine, snacks and fruits, we will have a feast, and in the morning we will share the money, each of the ladies will have a million, the rest to our gentlemen."

????We agree,? the ladies said, and went with Delores to the dining room. Soon they returned with big bags, put wine, snacks, fruits on the table, everyone sat down and the thing began a real feast. Everyone was tired and therefore ate and drank to the fullest, but since there were no forces to dance, joyful and happy ladies and guys went to their rooms.

????Chun woke up from the sound of glass and a blow to his head, to his chest, he felt pain in his body and warm blood pouring on his face. The Chinese wanted to open his eyes and see who struck him such a blow but did not have time. The table on which there were bottles of wine and plates flew straight at him and Delores lying next to him. Chun heard her moan in pain ? an oak heavy table hit them with such force that the moan soon stopped and a hole gaped in the wall. Chun and Delores did not see how packs with hundred-dollar bills flew like butterflies, flew apart and flew out of a gust of wind through a broken window. But this was only the beginning ? the wooden roof was torn from the house and, as the leaf fell in the field, the ceiling collapsed down and pressed Chun and Delores. Poor people! They slept so soundly and long that they did not notice the approach of a whirlwind rushing toward the house at the speed of an airplane. With extraordinary ease, the hurricane twisted with the root of the palm tree, picked it up, twirled it like leaves and carried it swiftly up and towards the house. Several of them hit with such force the wall with windows where tired lovers slept that kicked her out and pressed them to the stone partitions so that the bones cracked. From instant death, young strong ?guys only felt pain for a short time and screamed, falling apart stone walls and ceilings ?pressed their bodies into a bloody mess, burying the hope of the villains to enrich themselves at the expense of other people ...
... ?At 3.55 at night, Peter received a message from the boss: "This is dad, everything is okay, go to the girls, give flowers and kiss them from me, we love you all," it meant that they had attacked the ship and Don Carlos gives the go-ahead to attack the Spaniards hiding in the house of treasure seekers. Peter was indescribable delight, gathered his comrades and retold the words of the boss that he gives the go-ahead in the next night to raid to master the beautiful Spanish women and treasures hidden in the safe. Young guys immediately rushed to the dance and of course decided to celebrate this important event for everyone. Peter supported the proposal and soon there were bottles with Smirnovskaya vodka and a snack on the table, everyone filled their glasses and the commander said: "Gentlemen: for the success of our comrades and for our successful operation, today it will not take place ? late, tomorrow, at three nights, attack the Spaniards. "

? ? ?Everyone quietly shouted ?For success? and drained the glasses, during the feast each of a dozen fighters shared his plan of attack on the villa, specifically there were several photos of the estate and the house itself. The bandits came to the conclusion - tomorrow at two in the night, they go to the villa and silently attack it, for which it would be necessary to cut the wires with an electric current, poison two bulldogs rushing around the yard day and night, climb over the fence and enter the house through the windows of the second floor using folding ladders.

????Since there was about a day left before the operation, they decided to get together again at Carlos?s villa tomorrow afternoon, perhaps by that time the boss would give a progress report and Peter, as the senior in the night operation, left Steve ?White Fang?, Nick ?Matador? in the communication center and Harry the "Red Fox." He himself went to his home, he had to thoroughly prepare, the bus and the car with the lifting cradle should be on the move, the tanks were filled with fuel fully and, most importantly, the guns and automatic machines should be hidden in the bus.

????Peter trusted but checked, he almost did not sleep ? every three hours he called Steve and wondered if there was a message from Carlos and when he answered him that there was no news, he thought deeply but did not fall into despair. He knew that in a few hours that wealth could not be squandered and continued to prepare. At five in the evening, his deputy Walter called Steve, Nick and Harry to come to him immediately and in half an hour all the participants gathered at Peter home in the business meeting room. They sat in soft chairs upholstered in pink Chinese velvet, first of all, Steve told Peter that neither Carlos nor Chun had transmitted any message. Everyone took it for granted ? they didn?t want someone on the air to know about their existence, they would sail secretly and tell everything, so almost everyone did. Peter looked all over and said, ?Gentlemen! We?ll not be nervous, I give each of you a plan of the area, the house, there are windows, doors and a fence with gates. You see a blue square, here we leave our bus, Jack, you are sitting in and you are waiting for us to return, where the red square, a lift with a cradle will stand at the fence. Alex, the operation depends on your work, you are also waiting for us, the cables are ready, in an emergency, we will hook the safe and you will pull it out of the basement. I know where people store illegally acquired goods. Guys, we cut two wires through which electric current is supplied for those who live they decided to cut wires from the cradle. We will make the short circuit, completely disconnect the house, we?ll deal with the dogs ourselves, then the lift will lower us all outside the fence and we will penetrate from the side using the ladders through the windows of the second floor. Further, each group of three people acts independently, the task of three nights, when everyone is fast asleep, to take everyone by surprise, to kill the male sex, to capture the Spaniards alive, then to find the treasures and rush off with no one noticed. Guys, in the extreme case, ten to fifteen minutes are allotted, except for guns with silencers we?ll grab a couple of Kalashnikov assault rifles. If you have questions, then ask, no, we disagree before 11 pm, a gathering at the Carlos villa."
???"Peter, what to do with the dogs if they found themselves in the house?" asked Enrique the "Cutthroat"

?????Gentlemen, kill them with silent pistols, Peter answered, do not spare bullets for either dogs or people, act for sure as you did before. "

???"Peter," the White-haired "Bill said, not far from the other villas, what if neighbor dogs come running and barking starts all over the district?"
????Bill, don?t worry, I?ve prepared a surprise for all the dogs ? several dozen pieces of fresh veal with fragrant Spanish gravy will make them rush and feast, after the consequences are known, it?s worth sniffing and the end. Now I?ll let you know who in which group, there are 4 groups: first-me, Walter, Bill, second-Rodrigo, Phil, John, third-Louis, Jan, Nick, fourth-Steve, Harry, Fidel, we leave at 2.30 at night, the operation starts at 3 o?clock, equipment, weapons, ladders , ropes, cutters and other devices checked by me," Peter said and headed for the exit, everyone followed after him.

????At eleven in the evening, all the raiders gathered in Carlos?s house, there were no messages from him, Peter laid out a large sheet with a house plan and part of the fence where the ?White Rose? operation would begin from. Each told a specific plan of action, his responsibilities, the leader was pleased and said: "Gentlemen, we?ll disassemble the weapon, it?s in the cache of our bus, there are four folding ladders in the same place, so now you?re going to rest, I?ll wake you up, before the attack you will like fresh cucumbers, follow me."
????"Peter, said Steve, I consider you a man of genius, you foresaw everything, if we sleep we will feel like fresh cucumbers, but the night is ahead."
????"Gentlemen, I?m not a genius, I went with Carlos many times a night, he asked us all to sleep well before the attacks and not to sleep during the operation, this is the boss?s order

? ?Peter separated everyone ?including Jack and Alex, into the bedrooms, he returned to his office, thought for a while and went to bed. At 1:30 in the night he woke up, went to the shower, washed himself with cold water, got dressed, drank a glass of Smirnovskaya, had a bite and went to wake up the raiders. Everyone went to the shower, took a glass of vodka ?(except for the drivers), Peter looked around all the fighters, he was pleased and with his gang moved to the bus. The guys got into it, he sat with a crane operator, it was two nights, he showed him the way and at two forty-five drove up to the metal fence without any meeting from the police. The soldiers got out of the bus, grabbing four ladders, then Peter got pistols, knives, a couple of machine guns from the bus?s cache, handed out and asked Jack to drive off to the palm trees so as not to loom on the road. He himself went to the fence with the raiders, on the way Peter again instructed everyone about the course of the operation, who with whom and from which side burst into the house from the ladders and then he noticed: "Gentlemen, small changes in three groups of two people, in my six fighters including me - John, Fidel and Ian are you with me." There were no objections from the fighters.

????Since everyone knew everything, without hesitation, they pushed the lift truck away from the gate, luckily there was a dark moonless night, it was possible everyone in the house was asleep and there was no light in any window.
????First of all, Peter gave the task to John and Nick to scatter pieces of meat around the manor, moreover, he threw several of them inside closer to the house, soon, smelling of aromatic gravy, two huge dogs rushed in, but seven feet suddenly got up, turned their faces to the fence and seeing people suddenly with a loud bark, rushed to them. Peter did not expect such a reversal, took aim, and fired a pistol with a silencer to finish them off. The dogs turned out to be so tenacious that they howled at least a minute, they all worried, as if the inhabitants of the house didn?t wake up, and since everything had ended happily, the lamps didn?t light up in the windows, everyone thought it had passed, and Peter himself sighed in relief.

????Peter instructed to cut the wires, the low-speed lift worked almost silently, Steve and Phil in the cradle climbed to seven feet, cut the wires, closed them, the estate turned out to be completely de-energized. In a couple of minutes the whole team found themselves in a foreign territory and rushed to the house with ladders, indeed the windows on the ground floor were barred. They did the right thing by grabbing the ladders, they were put to the windows and the bandits climbed up, the frames were ajar and therefore it was not difficult for them to get inside the room. Rodrigo and Phil climbed into the room in a few seconds and stood on the floor in total darkness. Phil turned on the flashlight and saw a bed, no one was sleeping on it, they understood, the inhabitants were hiding on the ground floor, so it was necessary to go down to them, grab them alive and pull out important information about the jewels hidden in the house.
??? Phil waved his hand and everyone followed him to the door, opened and saw a staircase leading to the first floor. Without hesitation, they walked along the door to it, opened, entered, and did not yet have time to make out the large hall, when someone hit with a blunt weapon on the head with such force that Phil screamed wildly from unbearable pain. Before he could even fall off his feet as another blow followed, he screamed and fell without a cry. Rodrigo standing behind him was confused, suddenly felt as someone behind threw a noose around his neck and pulled up. He began to suffocate and snore, a thin nylon rope dug into the flesh, cut it, blood flowed onto the body, he was suffocating from severe pain of a transferred throat, could not scream and after a few seconds lost his breath.

????Louis and Nick walked around the building and on the south side put the ladders to the second wide open window, calmly went up to the room, turned on the flashlight and realized they were in the bedroom. A ladies' dress, a blanket and a mattress were crumpled on the hanger, nobody was lying in bed - maybe the lady went to the toilet, so we decided to take the Spanish girl by surprise and put out the flashlight. Soon, the soldiers heard footsteps, someone opened the door, then closed it and ran away. Louis and Nick rushed after her, before they had managed to run seven steps in the dark, one after the other fell to the floor due to the fact that someone invisible hid around the corner and put out a long stick, running ones stumbled over it and flew at each other. They didn?t have to lie for a long time, several people ran up with hoods on their heads and long hatchets in their hands, without thinking for a long time without noise and screaming, they mercilessly started chopping them like cabbage, the corridor was filled with wild cries, screams and moans from pain, in short, they dealt mercilessly with the raiders , cut into parts of the body lay on the floor.

?? ?The third group of Steve and Harry safely climbed into an empty room on the second floor, it was dark, they turned on flashlights and at that moment someone opened the door. Steve started, he pulled out a gun and did not know what to do, soon the bandits heard the steps of the retreating people. Steve grew bolder and went to the door, he opened it and saw someone enter another room next door and close it. Harry and Steve went out into the corridor and did not have time to take two steps, as one of the silent pistols fired several bullets at each bandit, with a slight moan they fell to the floor and the world ceased to exist for them. Ray and the Spaniards who committed the massacre immediately rushed off to the first floor into the hall where the feast was arranged; it turns out that the main group of Peter, Walter, Ian, Fidel, Bill and John safely entered it through the only dull window of the back wall of the house. When Peter flew around the house in a private plane, he noticed him and realized that this was not a bedroom window, but a room or staircase leading to the basement where the owners were hiding a safe with jewelry and money.

?????Peter still at home decided to organize the main large team and three small two fighters who will distract the Spaniards from his team. And so it happened ? three teams took fire on themselves and Peter, who was not noticed by anyone, made his way to where he was thinking ? when he climbed the stairs to the window, not only was it closed but still had a grate. With hammer he completely knocked it out and the whole company of six raiders hit a small platform, but their door was blocked by a steel door. Without hesitation, he knocked it all the same hammer and a staircase appeared before them. The bandits quietly went downstairs and found themselves in the home library ? cabinets with books, boxes, lots of old crystal goblets, vases, decanters, marble figurines, but there was no safe here and Peter understood it was in the basement. The hijackers immediately began to look for the door and found but not one but two, the leader pondered and realized the left led into the middle of the house and the one on the right into the basement. The leader decided to open, pushed the door with his shoulder, it opened and Peter fell down, but he didn?t feel any pain. He waved his hand and lighting the path with a flashlight, everyone went down into a small basement and before their eyes appeared a huge green steel safe welded to the metal beams of the floor and walls. There was no question of tearing it off and carrying it away with their hands, the lock was also not easy. They all crowded around it and began to puzzle how to pull out jewelry or how to pull a cable out of the basement: that self-propelled crane with a cradle can not be moved even from a place ? for this need a caterpillar.
????At that time, Ray and the Spaniards made their way to the library, in their hands they carried two large gas cylinders. Four Spaniards walked to the staircase, took the steel cover with their hands and while they lifted it Ray, Santes, Evo and Vilfredo opened the caps of the cylinders, the gas whistled, they threw them into the basement, immediately closed the passage with the lid and put up a large barn lock. Falling down the tanks rattled, Peter, his friends could not understand what had happened and rushed to the door, they heard a whistle and Spanish speech, in addition, the passage was covered with steel sheet. The leader was terrified, he realized, they were all driven into a trap from which they are unlikely to escape. He did not understand Spanish and turned to Fidel who fluent speak Spanish: "My friend, what the guy is talking about, would you like to know?"

????"Dear Peter, I don?t even want to translate, terribly unpleasant words:" Dear seniors, Ray, we drove them into a trap and covered them, in a few minutes they will all send to the Kingdom of Heaven, to hell for their atrocities," and the second added: "Let them get into the boiler with boiling resin as soon as possible."
????Peter and his friends rushed upstairs, but climbing several steps they saw a metal sheet above them, they tried to lift it, but since the Spaniards put a lot of heavy objects on it and hung a barn lock, they didn?t even move it by an inch. In desperation, the gang leader and Nick forgot about gas cylinders and started scribbling metal sheets from machine guns, sparks flashed, natural gas filling a small room exploded and the whole gang went to hell ...

????As soon as the Spaniards closed the passage to the basement with a metal sheet, put some previously prepared granite stones on it and went to the kitchen, they seemed to foresee that an explosion would occur and since there was a small amount in the natural gas cylinders, the stove did not budge, apart from the metal safe, there was not a single object inside the room, so only robbers burned down, the building was not damaged. But just in case, Ray and the Spaniards kept several fire extinguishers at the ready and in case of fire from the basement would extinguish it, but this did not happen. In addition, they were not sure that all the robbers were destroyed by them, because the weapons were at the ready, Madame Julia and the beautiful Spanish women were under the close supervision of Ray and the Spanish knights armed with guns and rifles.

???In such a tense state, they spent some time waiting for the dawn, there was silence in the house about the robbers, there was no question. If the surviving bandits were inside, they would definitely have made themselves known, which did not happen. And then Ray went with three Spaniards to inspect the house, the other four knights, along with Mrs. Julia, the mistress, the wife of the fearless captain of the trawler "The Seagull" and the mother of John Gray, remained to guard the Spaniards.

????Unexpectedly for all, they heard a musical insert in one of the rooms, Mrs. Julia realized that her husband was unlikely to call, perhaps one of the bandits' accomplices. She left the knights and went to the second floor from where the tunes came and soon realized, one of killed bandits in the pocket was a mobile phone. She went into the room and determined who had it in his pocket, fearlessly pulled from his pocket and said: ?If you are interested in your bandits, I?m responsible for them, they?re all killed, you can take the corpses. Yes, you better not appear if you know the way to our home, we'll put everyone on the lances."
????Julia smiled, threw the phone out the window and returned to the Spaniards and when they saw them she said quietly: "Senors, everything is okay, I'm with you."
????Soon everyone gathered in the hall, Julia glanced at everyone and said: "Ray, no longer up to sleep, let's clean the rooms of the corpses, then eat and rest."
?????I don?t mind, we?ll clean the rooms with the knights, and you, Mrs. Julia, are preparing food,? he said, and explained to the knights what to do.
????Ray and his assistants went to do the dirty work and Julia and the girls prepared food, soon everyone gathered in the dining room and began to eat with conversations and smiles on their faces as if nothing had happened in the house. After eating they went out into the yard, it was a sunny day and everyone decided to refresh themselves in the pool, then they watched TV and the day passed so quietly. At 10 o?clock in the evening Julia and the Spaniards went to bed, Ray and the Knights went to the second floor, just in case they decided to do observation, the enemies could make another attack, because they had so much wealth!

????Until midnight, it was calm, but in the first hour everything was changing rapidly in the sky, in a large open window they saw a huge lead cloud rushing directly to them from the side of the ocean, a strong wind blew out and it turned out to be difficult to keep one's feet. Ray understood: a tornado was approaching to them, he looked at everyone and said: "Dear Julia and the knights go all behind me, I need to wake the ladies and leave the house, in a few minutes there will be a terrible natural phenomenon, a hurricane, I know where to find salvation, we should run."

????Ray and the knights ran into the rooms to awaken the sleeping ladies, they woke up and could not understand what had happened, and when they gathered in the dining room, Ray told them in an alarming voice: "Madam Julia, girls and knights, it?s dangerous to stay here, everyone go behind me, it rushes towards us hurricane, we will seek salvation outside the house."

????And although the Spaniards did not really understand English by their facial expressions, they guessed that danger was looming on them, everyone jumped up and rushed after Ray. Once in the courtyard, they saw a huge dark lead cloud in the distance, it was rushing towards them, it was blowing so strong that it was impossible to stand on their feet. Ray ran to the gate, opened it, and everyone ran, clinging to the ground in the direction of the swamp, he considered there the safest place. A horror unfolded in front of people, which none of them had seen in their life ? the top of the tree bent to the ground, then somehow unexpectedly powerful trunks cracked and those that could not withstand the pressure broke like matches, others pulled out from the ground with roots and they were few that flew away so still circled like light butterflies and fell far to the side, often reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

????They had not yet managed to reach the swamp when they saw a roof flying over them, Ray turned his head and was horrified ? it was from their house ? debris was strewn around the stone walls. In horror, he shouted at the top of his voice trying to overcome the whistle of the wind: ?Gentlemen, immediately lay down on the ground, a roof flies over us, cover your head with your hands so that the wreckage does not touch it. At the same time take a break and then crawl after me, after a few minutes the tornado will fly and we will get to the swamp with bumps, there are no buildings near it, so we will be completely safe."

?? ?He threw himself to the ground, everyone followed him and at the time, almost over their heads the boards were flying, from where they rushed no one knew but the people were saved and everyone thanked Ray that they actually escaped death. Meanwhile, the wind did not abate, on the contrary, it intensified, Ray realized that it was unsafe to stay here and shouted loudly: "Ladies and gentlemen, apply efforts and crawl after me towards the swamp, it is no more than two hundred yards away."

????He crawled and everyone followed him, they crawled for several minutes, Ray stopped, the young man understood that his strength was incomparable with the strength of the elderly mistress Julia and the Spaniards, they were pretty tired and thus gave them the opportunity to rest. All lay face down to the ground, trees, huge branches, wooden structures of destroyed houses flew over their heads. Mrs. Julia, Spaniards cried soberly, they were so sorry that the house was destroyed, all the good was gone and when they returned there would be nowhere to live.

????Ray sympathized but couldn?t help, now they needed to escape, he waved his hand and crawled forward, people held on to the grass, on the ground so that a gust of wind would not lift them up and take them anywhere. But everything turned out well and now they reached the swamp, now it was dry, numerous bumps served as their salvation, you can hold on to them and if you lie between them then a gust of wind will not tear a bump or a person from the ground, but besides previously brought here a lot of broken structures made of wood, plastic, metal, tree trunks and even broken cars were lying.
????Yes, the wind was buzzing, whistling, no longer above them, but branches of trees, booms, clothes, blankets, wooden structures flying high in the sky, people were so relaxed that they no longer turned their heads to the sky to look at this fear and horror happening over them, somehow unexpectedly for everyone, the wind died down, Ray, Mrs. Julia and the Spanish knights got on their feet and decided to look around what was happening around, almost all the trees were uprooted, there weren?t any preserved buildings in the area and when they turned their heads toward the house did not believe their eyes, fear about grabbed them and Ray shouted: "Lady! Get up, everything behind me, a huge shaft of water is approaching us, it will wash away all of us."
????Mrs. Julia, the Spaniards got to their feet and Ray led them to a long tree trunk with branches lying nearby, he sat everyone down on it, then he sat down and shouted so that everyone would hold tight to the trunk and branches. A water shaft was slowly advancing on them, somehow it gently picked up everything in its path and the fact that it was lighter than water rushed to the surface. So he approached the trunk on which people were sitting and carried everyone towards the ocean, to the right they saw huge skyscrapers of Miami, the city gradually moved away and disappeared beyond the horizon. The water rampart decreased noticeably and soon merged with the ocean, nevertheless, they continued to be carried; sitting on a solid trunk was not very convenient and pleasant. Suddenly, the sharp-sighted eye of Ray noticed a huge barge overtaking them, and since the branches of a mighty tree spread out at least 100-140 feet wide, the barge caught on to them and continued to sail with the tree.
????Brave Ray crawled to it and luckily saw a small rope, one end of which was tied to its nose and the second went under water, he realized that the barge was torn off and carried to the ocean. The young man pulled out the rope, pulled the barge to the trunk, tied it up and asked everyone to crawl through the tree one by one, no one was confused and soon all the happy were in the barge.

????Ray judged it was impossible to sail with a tree, in case of weather changing, when the wind blows again, the ocean waves will shake the barge and the tree with unequal strength and at one moment it will hit the strong trunk and all who were on it go to the bottom. He untied the rope and began to push the trunk forward, soon the barge began to lag behind. It is a pity that there was not a single oar in it, and therefore they sailed by the will of the waves, and no one fell into despair, did not lose their strength of mind and expected a better outcome. A miracle happened - it somehow suddenly introduced itself: Mrs. Julia, who gazed steadily around, stared at one point and shouted: "Gentlemen, ladies look in the direction of my hand, the periscope is sticking out of the water, it?s a submarine, and it pops up, I have no doubt, people spotted us and want to save. "

? ?All those who sailed on a barge turned their heads in the direction of Mrs. Julia?s hand and saw a periscope sticking out of the water, and, as it seemed to Ray, the boat was sailing in their direction and soon surfaced altogether, several people got to the top and Mrs. Julia screamed joyfully : "My Johnny! Victor! Sail to us and save!"????"Mom! Ray! Sophia! Senoras and knights! We are glad to see you! What happened to you? Why are you in the ocean? We are sailing to your aid!" shouted joyfully Johnny.

????The submarine increased speed, a few minutes later it approached and slowed down, Johnny and his father jumped onto the barge, everyone began to hug, kiss and tears flowed from the joy of meeting. Ray, Mrs. Julia, beautiful Spanish women, Spanish knights, spoke briefly about what happened at night in the villa, about the invasion of bandits trying to get to the treasures, how boldly the inhabitants of the villa did away with them, how in the morning the hurricane destroyed ?homes including their villa, as an enormous water rampart flew in and they escaped by first being on a mighty tree, then on a barge detached from the pier and sailing to the tree on which they sailed in the open ocean.
????Mrs. Julia looked at her son, father, the entire crew of the submarine, Spanish women, Spaniards, and turning to Ray said: ?Dear Mr. Ray, we all owe you our salvation, I express you sincere gratitude from all of us, thank you. Johnny, Victor, keep this in mind, he was not at a loss and found a way to avoid death for all of us. "

????Captain Victor and John went up to him, hugged, kissed, shook hands tightly and thanked Ray from heart and he said: "Mr. Johnny, Victor, Madam Julia, my dear friends, beautiful senoras and senores, all this I did it from the heart, and not just on duty, I had to save the lives of people, and now they are all alive and well, and as for the house, I think the safe is preserved and there is jewelry in it, we can build a new cottage ?and buy the latest state-of-the-art fishing trawler "
????I stood up and said: "Dear mother, dear Ray, beautiful girls and knights!" I will tell you our story, which has an interesting end ? we lost our tanker, didn?t have time to get into that underwater palace due to some circumstances, and didn?t get a single pearl from it, but then it fell down that none of us dreamed about. It's great that we, you saved our lives and met, I think we will be able to attach the barge to the submarine and will head for Miami. Father will remain on it, I will tell you about what happened to us, why we were left without a trawler but with treasures, you will see them later, they are hidden and difficult to get, yet a handful of precious stones with me, you just look."

?????I took out a full hand of crystal-clear diamonds from my pocket and handed it to my mother, looking carefully at them, she sighed and handed them to Sofia. The gems went in a circle and reached Ray, he carefully examined them, looked at me, smiled and said quietly: "Johnny, this is a fortune, extraordinary beauty, luxury, magnificence, not without reason you made a risky voyage, for all our collected treasures you can rebuild the house and buy not only a trawler but also in addition a luxury yacht with a submarine for all of us to travel across the seas and oceans."

???? Everyone was indescribable delight, their spirits rose and they watched gasping ?with emotion at the precious stones in the hands of treasure seekers.

? ?We securely attached the barge to the submarine, the father said goodbye to us and switched to it, turned on engine, the "Baby" sailed smoothly and pulled the barge. How lucky that the weather calmed down, the waves on the sea only slightly rocked the barge, it was already early morning, about six o?clock but the night did not recede, and huge gray clouds overlaid the whole sky. I looked at the unfortunate travelers sitting next to me and began the story: "My dear mother, Sophia, dear lovely senoras, senores and Ray! We safely sailed to the place where the mysterious island was located under water as previously believed, in fact, we all know that this is a huge living creature, I suppose an octopus, and here, more precisely, in it, for three centuries you, senoras, senores and countless treasures miraculously got into it. We lowered our submarine from the trawler, sank to the bottom, on the trawler we lowered the pipe, mechanical grips grabbed it and it smoothly entered into the well into which we had landed on our first voyage. We welded the pipe to the side and decided to start the operation to raise the treasures, our ?Baby? submarine surfaced and I did not have time to switch to the trawler, my father shouted that three boats are approaching, and we urgently need to escape.

????Everyone understood that the pirates were approaching us, chasing us all the way, without hesitation, the father asked everyone to get into the boat and sail away until the corsairs noticed us that they had done everything without hesitation. We pulled up the hatch, descended 70 feet and sailed seven hundred yards so that the periscope stuck out from under the water to the full length and saw everything that was happening on the trawler; three huge boats from both sides dangled our beautiful "Seagull?, at least forty guys rushed on ?the deck, looked into the pipe, then seven scuba divers threw themselves into the water, but for some reason they didn?t return. Soon the seven divers lowered the winch into the pipe, a lot of time passed when suddenly the steel pipe fell off the trawler and went under the water it pulled out from under the water, climbed high up and flew flat. The steel colossus hit the trawler in the very place where the boats stuck to the sides, everything was completely broken and went under the water with our ?Seagull?, but no one managed to escape, a gigantic funnel formed, it sucked everyone and everything else floated on the surface, we felt our submarine spinning smoothly and pulled into the abyss. Father turned on full forward and imagine we sailed, after some time it suddenly stopped ? neither back and forth, nor up and down. I rushed to the periscope and saw a strange, fantastic, mysterious world, a miracle, we were on a hill, below us is a valley without end and edge that cannot be caught in sight and destroyed boats lay in it, our trawler split into two parts. They turned out to be far apart, a long pipe made of stainless steel and two small ones sparkled unusually brightly and played with all the colors of the rainbow. I realized that the day had come and perhaps the sun was shining from heaven.

????"Gentlemen, we are aground, you just look at the periscope, some fantastic world, as I believe our " Baby "on the surface of the octopus," I said.
????Our team members went up to the periscope one at a time and looked at the valley stretched beneath us covered with dark smooth skin that cannot be confused with sand or earth, we dared and decided to open the hatch. As soon as the cover was lifted, a stream of uncommonly fresh sea air swept through us, it was different from our city one, consisting of a mixture of oxygen and carbon monoxide exhaust. Robert standing nearby said that this air resembles that which we breathed once in the labyrinths of the underwater palace. I looked at everyone and said: "Gentlemen, under our skin is hard, it seems to me not bad to take a short walk, we will not go far."

????Everyone agreed and went down to a dark smooth and slippery surface, I was barefoot and felt the dense skin of a living creature. By the way, sticky-green algae with unusually fragrant flowers grew in some places on it. They sparkled and played in the rays of the bright golden sun with all the colors of the rainbow. We looked around and moved in the direction of our broken trawler, the bow lay not far from us. Arthur looked at us, took off his shoes and stepped on a soft smooth surface, touched it with his hands and expressed his point of view: ?Gentlemen, it seems to me that we are standing on the surface of a giant creature, perhaps this species of octopus has miraculously survived from prehistoric times, now it has surfaced, I think we should return to the boat if it goes under water to everyone. We?ll not take risks, gentlemen!?

????Father looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, I think the same thing, we are returning to the boat, it will be safe for us in it, it is actually a living creature."

? ?We hastened a step and climbed onto the boat, all our attention was focused on the part that didn?t include wrecked boats, a broken trawler, engines, a steel pipe with two short men and several dozen corpses of bandits trying to use our treasures.
????Somehow, suddenly, an abyss began to unfold on the surface near the boats lying about a half mile from us, a real crater formed and everything that lay on the surface went away as it seemed to us a bottomless break, we were afraid that we would fall into it, but everything worked out well. Some time passed and from that abyss-crater the fragments of an old ship, boats of a part of our trawler, chimneys flew upward, and stopped. The crater began to narrow, lengthen, and when it reached a height of at least five hundred feet, he mentioned a trunk with a diameter of 20-30 feet, a compressed mass of red-brown color flew out of it. In the air, it fell apart and fell in small pieces onto green algae, flowers, then unusually clean engines flew, as if they had been in a washing machine. In less than two minutes, suits filled with jewels shot up from the mouth, bags filled as we guessed with treasures, after them rain from precious metals, stones, gold and silver coins fell, in the sun they sparkled, played and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, we did not believe our eyes. In short, all the foreign bodies flew out of the octopus?s belly and suddenly a water fountain shot up, first mixed with oils and diesel fuel and finally crystal-clear water. Drops of water seemed emeralds, diamonds, in the rays of the sun they sparkled, played and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. And soon, in fact, we saw a giant rainbow from edge to edge of the horizon. But suddenly the fountain stopped beating, that giant trunk began to go into the body and again a smooth ?dark surface.

????Father looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, from the swallowed muck this creature has gone awry, it has pushed everything out of itself and washed its womb in such a way, I suggest you take another walk, you just look there so much good, not to disappear to him we don?t lose anything, but find."
????We looked at each other and, in my opinion, understood, rushing as fast as possible to the place where the suits and bags of jewelry were lying around, picking them up, returning to the boat and waiting for the monster to completely calm down, he would go to the ocean floor and we would sail to Miami,? home with not empty-handed, at least something of treasures we will get."
????We seemed to have lost our minds, joyful jumped out of the boat and rushed to the place where the full bags of jewelry were lying. The distance to the jewelry turned out to be pretty decent, since the surface in some places was soft and slippery, we often fell, got up and ran. Finally, we reached that part of the body of the octopus on which lay individual beads, necklaces, and gold coins. It would take a lot of time to bend down and look for them separately, and since they saw diving suits and bags flying from the womb filled with treasures by those pirates who tracked us, they rushed to them. Fortunately, when they fell, they burst and the jewels piled in heaps on a dark surface. You can?t imagine: in the sun they sparkled, played and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow, reflected from diamonds, sapphires, gold, silver coins and burned eyes.
????We lashed out at the jewels and grabbed everything that came to hand, but then heard the father?s voice: ?Gentlemen, please do not rush to take everything in a row, we are not on a trawler, on a submarine, if we overload it we will not emerge, choose precious stones , brilliants, necklaces, gold is very heavy, grab a few doubloons, we have plenty of them at home."

????We listened to the words of our father and chose mainly jewelry made of precious stones, diamonds, pearls, necklaces of fabulous beauty and about a dozen gold coins. Yes! As we were lucky that the bags did not tear to shreds, we wrapped the collected jewels in them and rushed to the submarine. Frankly, they wanted to take a diving suit with jewels, but my father once again reminded that the boat would not emerge from excessive gravity and we would stay here forever but refused.

????Somehow, imperceptibly, the sun hid behind the horizon, you can?t imagine, we could hardly distinguish the contours of our boat, the surface became slippery and we fell almost after five steps. Finally got to her tired, exhausted and happy. Father climbed the submarine, he took jewelry and dumped them inside. The captain grumbled us because he foresaw that a hurricane would begin soon, and they themselves noticed an impending disaster. The wind blew, it intensified, a dark lead cloud appeared on the horizon, suddenly such a downpour began that I had to shut up the hatch. He poured out of a bucket, after a couple of hours the whole valley with a hill was under water, our submarine began to float, my father turned on the engine, looked at us and joyfully said: "Gentlemen, heading to Miami, in a few hours we will see the skyscrapers of our city."

????At this time, an extraordinary force broke out in a hurricane, we had to go under water, occasionally we raised the top of the periscope in order to see the ongoing madness in the ocean. The hurricane did not subside, the water flowed down from heaven, soon had to go to a depth and sailed for several hours at low speed to Miami. We did not raise the periscope and had no idea what was happening on the surface. Finally, his father decided to come up a few feet to see the ocean, sky and horizon through the periscope. At low speed, our "Baby" began to rise up and as soon as the periscope came out of the water six feet I clung to it and saw the surface of the ocean to the horizon. From the small waves slowly rolling onto the periscope, I realized that the hurricane had subsided, white clouds calmly floated in the bright sky lit by the blue moon, and several tankers with a huge ocean liner headed for Florida.
????According to the readings of the instruments, it was not less than 90 miles to Miami, we wanted to come up, but my father decided not to risk being under the passing ships and went down seven or ten feet calmly to our city. Five hours later, when Miami was six miles away, our ?Baby? surfaced again to the height of the periscope and looking at it, I saw tree trunks, detached boats, wooden structures and many household items on a calm ocean surface. Fear swept through us - everyone understood this hurricane turned out to be so strong that it turned trees, demolished light houses and roofs, partly reached the ocean and appeared on the water floating in the direction of the wind.
????We continued to sail under water and only a small part of the periscope stuck out on top. With approaching Miami, the number of trees floating on the surface, materials and structures was lighter than water, we understood where it all came from, then we saw the barge and people, it was you, father turned on the engine at all revolutions and the boat rushed towards you."

????Meanwhile, the submarine sailed to Miami and pulled a barge along, it was early morning, the sun had just appeared in one side of the vast sky and the pale blue moon was setting in the other. We all had a good mood, we wanted to sing, beautiful Spanish women ? my beloved Sophia, her charming friends Patricia Martinez, Juani Ta Espinoza, Yolanda Rodriguez sang old Spanish songs. I, my mother, Ray and the Spanish knights enjoyed their singing and for some reason, a strong sea current pulled our boat not to the city, but from it and for several hours, as I understood, pulled us to the place where a living creature lived under water. In order not to waste precious fuel, his father turned off the engine and sailed for several hours from the shores of sunny Florida. Since our ladies were tired enough, the men, except my father, switched to the barge and they were helped to get down into the submarine and they sailed in it with comfort.
????And again, a miracle happened, as soon as the ladies were in the "Baby" and tired, fell asleep, the current changed to the opposite and we were carried to the shores of Florida and in the evening the contours of Miami again appeared. In the rays of the setting sun, it was unusually attractive, beautiful, the rays of a golden star shone in multicolor glass panels and windows, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, reflected from mirror surfaces and flew into the azure surface of the ocean, lit up with its unusual purple color and it seemed to everyone water burns with fire. Neon signs mounted on the roofs of skyscrapers in the form of rotating balls, multifaceted prisms, rhombs, circles, ellipses colored the sky with countless brightest colors and it was constantly changing its color like in a kaleidoscope. On this huge giant screen, fantastic images sprang up every moment.

??? At some moment, against this background of light, color and lights, a black silhouette of a giant monster of unusual shape began to appear - round, oblong with several long, wide, round tentacles. The living shadow-silhouette moved from side to side and when we sailed closer we saw something that brought us into a dejected state - giant octopus tentacles protruded from the water. They, like rubber grabbed skyscrapers and tried to bring them down, but fortunately the structures were so strong that they stood still. The giant, meanwhile, rose from the water and we saw on his back a long steel pipe, wrecked boats, our broken trawler, engines and several mutilated diving suits. Three tentacles grabbed the engines lying on his back and threw them so forcefully at one of the skyscrapers that a gigantic hole formed in the wall. Since diesel fuel was preserved in them and a short circuit in the fuel wiring may have occurred, it caught fire, it broke out on the upper floors and quickly spread throughout the floors. Meanwhile, the octopus continued to throw all stranger objects from its back, so the tentacles grabbed the steel pipe and threw it with such force that it flew with a cannonball whistling at nearby skyscrapers. Hitting them, the tops of the buildings partially collapsed and the debris flew down. Then the octopus grabbed two steel shorts of pipes 10 feet long and threw them so that they flew away to the city center. When there were no more heavier objects left on its surface, with its quarter-mile long tentacles, it began to grab cars from parking lots, passenger buses, trucks, fire engines. Here the octopus picked up a huge fuel truck standing at the gas station and threw it like a cannonball at one of the highest skyscrapers, broke a wall like cardboard, gasoline exploded, burned and a huge fireball shot up for half a mile, clubs of black smoke covered the entire western part of Miami. Soon, a huge skyscraper collapsed, and with it several more buildings, and thus they turned into a pile of stones. Dozens of houses were already burning, firefighters could not cope with their affairs for the simple reason that several tentacles simultaneously grabbed cars with firefighters and threw them in different directions. Poor people! Either from fear or from pain, they shouted so loudly that we heard them in angry voices.
????Here the octopus extended its tentacles to one of the skyscrapers with a television antenna, people gathered on the observation deck, several of them grabbed it, wanted to pull it out, but it did not give in and then they began to shake it from side to side. The upper part of the building bent like rubber in all directions and finally the antenna with the roof and people climbed up, the octopus unclenched the tentacles, everything flew down onto the wide concrete pavement and even we heard a roar of impact and the clink of metal and glass.
????It is impossible to imagine that one creature could do so much trouble, turn part of the city into a pile of stones and perhaps hundreds of people found death under the rubble of concrete, panels and metal structures. Suddenly, the city, brightly lit by light and advertising lights, plunged into ink darkness - a short circuit occurred or the authorities specially turned it off and the octopus disappeared from our eyes. But then we heard a lot of cannon shots and somehow unexpectedly for us an armored personnel carrier, a tank, a cannon and a fire engine crashed next to us but without people.

????And then an idea came up in my mind how to distract the octopus from the city of Miami and stop its destruction, save the lives of people, and I shouted: "Father, change course, go to the ocean at full speed, let the girls transfer to the barge, give me an amplifier with a microphone and a pair of speakers, we?ll have a concert in the middle of the ocean, I guessed what this octopus was looking for. "

????"My John, I caught your idea, I?ll tell you frankly we won?t be able to sail far, there?s no fuel at the end and there are no sails, accept what you requested and turn on to the fullest, now the Spanish women will go to your barge," said ?father. The hatch of the submarine was opened because the "Baby" was floating above the surface, the Spanish women began to climb one by one, Robert helped them go to the barge, his father handed him the equipment, he connected me, I connected the wires, gave Sofia a microphone, explained her servants how best to get hooked with the lady and asked them to sing old Spanish songs. They understood me and did everything as intended by me, and when the Spaniards sang their loud voices spread around the neighborhood for miles and most importantly were heard by the octopus despite the fact that we sailed away from him. I looked through binoculars and saw a huge dark mass above the ocean near Miami, its tentacles went under water and soon felt like it sailed in our direction. A huge shaft of water was slowly approaching us, we were worried that it would flood the barge, but nevertheless the girls continued to sing. Finally, a huge wave reached us, our barge and boat climbed fifty feet up to the crest, sailed a mile, sailed a mile and again descended to the ocean surface. After an hour-long concert, when the battery was fully used, the girls stopped singing, and I immediately turned to my father: "Captain, we are heading for Miami, we have to save time, the octopus has calmed down, he is convinced that next to him are those singers who spent three centuries in his womb, I will make a present for him, for several years he will enjoy the singing of our charming girls, we will record their voices in the studio and make mannequins. "
?????My John, great idea, heading for Miami, three hours later,? cried his father.
?????We could not hurry so that the barge would not hit the boat, and then everyone would have to sail to the coast of Florida, which is impossible for many. In the morning we got to Miami and saw several destroyed skyscrapers on the coastal part of the city, firefighters extinguished the remaining fires. We found a safe private pier and after a brief meeting, the father looked at everyone and said: "Gentlemen, it is decided: Johnny, Ray, my wife, signorins, seniors will go to the hotel, you will put yourself in order, have a bite, have a rest. Then, my son, you with Ray, you?ll go to the familiar jewelers to exchange our diamonds for dollars, we need to live, restore the house and other expenses, and I think there are a lot of them. "

????Me, Ray, mother, Spaniards and knights went ashore and bid farewell to my father and team, rushed by taxi to the nearest Mutini hotel. Mom and I had credit cards and settled in it without any problems, washed ourselves, ate tightly, Mom and Signorins and seniors stayed to rest, Ray and I went to the familiar jewelers, I had a few dozen diamonds in my pocket, for which they could give good money for which I can do whatever I plan.

????And so it happened, I found old jewelers, gave diamonds and got a mountain of money, immediately with Ray returned to the hotel, asked everyone to pack up for clothes and in half an hour bought a brand new, fashionable clothes in the nearest store. Returning to the hotel, I began to look in the directory for a company producing speaking and singing mannequins and, to my happiness, found her- "Marty Brown and the Son of the Company." I immediately dialed the phone number and soon I heard a man's voice: "Hello, Marty Brown is listening, Hello."

????"Good afternoon Marty Brown, my name is Johnny Gray, I would like to meet with you, I urgently need eleven singing mannequins - four with female voices and seven with male voices, by the way only with the voices of our ladies and men."

????"Dear Johnny Gray, we will make them to your taste and color, record the voices of your ladies and men at our studio, we will mount them and they will sing, it is best to come, in the shortest possible time we will do everything you order, we are waiting for you with not patience."

?????Mr. Marty Brown, agree, let's go, wait,? I blurted out, looked at the Spaniards, smiled and joyfully said: ?Our beautiful senorinas and senores, I ask you to get ready, we go to the recording studio in half an hour. Ray, call to the nearest passenger transportation office and arrange a three-day van rental, we rush to a company producing electronic mannequins on it, I will talk with Sophia as the leading singer. "

????"Johnny, I?m calling and ordering a van or minibus, we have a lot of passengers and we all have to sit according to the traffic rules," Ray said, and started calling.

????I gathered around myself Spaniards and explained to Sofia that those songs that they would play for many years would sound in the womb of an octopus and asked her to record only those songs from which the octopus received a real pleasure so that all her friends would take part and sink songs with her and the Spaniards.

?????Johnny, I?ll sing some songs, I know why he received true bliss, the girls and knights will sing along, everything will be okay, don?t worry, don?t be confused, we sang for three hundred years,? Sofia said joyfully and sang.
????By this time, Ray had agreed to rent a car and the duty officer asked him to wait for the bus at the entrance that would arrive in ten minutes. We began to prepare for departure and nine minutes later we heard a call, Ray picked up the phone and heard a message: "Mr. Ray, the minibus is at the entrance, you can use it for three days, you should fill in a couple of paper books and pass it to Mr. Henry Stoke, thank you, goodbye. "

??? ?Dressed in fashion, we left the hotel, said hello to the driver, Ray filled the papers, handed them to Henry Stoke, and we rushed to the ?Marty Brown and Son? company manufacturing electronic robots and mannequins. By 10 o?clock we drove up to a huge three-story building lined with pink marble slabs and went inside, we were met by its head Marty Brown, a tall young blond with a shock of thick rye hair, in a white shirt and dark blue jeans. We greeted each other, we got to know each other and after a brief conversation he led us to the museum of their products and saw at least a hundred samples there. Some mannequins did not differ at all from living people, they spoke, sang, laughed, though lovely beauties and handsome men moved awkwardly and the boss openly admitted imperfection. I listened to their singing, I liked it and looked at the boss and said: "Mr. Marty Brown, your products are of excellent quality, but I must say right away that we are not very interested in the appearance and their movements, we would like to know how long they can perform recorded speech or singing whether it is possible to do repetitions in a few hours or days. We have a completely different necessity, our mannequins must be under water but in a dry room. True, before they are in it, they swim in the water for a while, that's why the main condition - they are in any case e should be waterproof and workable for at least seven, ten years."

????Mr. Brown looked at us, smiled and said: ?Gentlemen, we will fulfill all your conditions, but it costs money, ours, or rather your efficient mannequins, can be under water at a depth of one hundred yards in a room or a submarine for at least as many years as there will be our company exists. You yourself know that there is nothing eternal, there is no guarantee that no company exists forever-great empires fall apart, and the fact that they will perform songs is our concern - as you understand, energy consumption should be minimal. The best if they work according to this principle, we will insert speakers into them, transfer recorded songs and they will sound in stereo at a normal optimum volume level, as live people sing with their voices pleasant to hearing. So decide, we hand you ready-made mannequins, you can keep them anywhere and they will perform songs at intervals as you wish, we will make them high-strength, waterproof from composite materials. Metal parts are only in electronics, there are several tens of grams in each sample, everything is simple -threw into the water and there dummies singing a few years. "

????We looked at the boss and I said: "Dear Marty Brown, a dream! We completely trust you, we need 11 mannequins, height 155 centimeters, four ladies and seven gentlemen of moderate complexion, appearance does not matter, the main thing is to sing for a long time."

????"Gentlemen, if your appearance doesn?t matter to you, the price drops, we also have ready-made samples, electronics is another matter, we have no problems with voices, we have our own recording studio, we select mannequins, we record voices and in a couple of days they are ready, we demonstrate, show and even take us to the ends of the earth, our engineers will program them so that you will all be happy, Marty Brown said smilingly. "

????He led us into the workshop and showed several ready-made mannequins in the warehouse, we looked at them and I said: ?Dear Mr. Martin Brown! I agree to take 11 samples ? these four will be ladies and the rest are gentlemen, there?s no need to dress up.?

?????In that case, the ladies and gentlemen follow me to the recording studio, our specialist engineers will do everything possible to make the voices sound excellent,? said Marty Brown and let us know to follow him.

?????We went up to the second floor, entered a bright and spacious room, we were met by two charming blondes with platinum wavy hair to the shoulders in blue short dresses to knee. We greeted each other and the girls introduced themselves to us: Emma and Gala. They listened to us and asked Sophia, Spaniards to go to the next room, what happened there was known to them. Mr. Marty Brown came out soon and happily reminded us that in two days the mannequins would be ready and in the second half, afternoon, ?we could come and pick them up.

???? ?We thanked him, shook hands tightly, said goodbye and the boss went to his office.
????An hour later, the recording was over, Ella and Gala came out with our singer Sophia, Spaniards , everyone was happy and shared their impressions. Ella and Gala asked us to go to the hall to listen to the recorded singing and I will say frankly everyone was delighted with their performance. We took the disk as a souvenir, thanked Ella and Gala for the work done, and expressed our admiration for the singing of Sophia, she sang along. Miss Ella looked at us, smiled and said: ?Ladies, gentlemen, the basis of the record will be included in the electronic program of mannequins, they will be repeated for hours, in addition we have an interesting offer, in your free time you can drop by our company and make a record with an orchestra, old Spanish songs on a CD and offer for sale in music stores. You and we can make good money, think."
???"Dear Ella, we will think over your interesting proposal, as soon as we have free and put our affairs in order I will phone you, thank you," I said, and smiled.
????We said goodbye to them, Ella and Gala with us, we left the building, went through the red gate, got into a blue minibus and rushed to the Mutini hotel lined with pink marble. On the way, I called my mom on my cell phone and asked her to go outside and wait for us - we will go to the port to meet with dad and our team members. She was delighted and said that in five minutes she would be waiting for us at the entrance.

????When our bus drove up, mother stood at the porch, we stopped, she went in, sat down and rushed to the port, on the way we bought all kinds of food, drinks, fruits and drove to the boat. We went out with the whole company, father, Arthur, Robert, Edlay, Andrew were delighted to meet, the girls pulled out food and had a dinner on the barge and told about our affairs: "Father, comrades, we found a company for the manufacture of talking and singing mannequins, senoras with our senores made a record, two days after lunch, they will be ready, so we'll go sailing right away."

????Father and our friends were delighted, before breaking up, we agreed to have a picnic tomorrow, for which we would buy food and a tent to protect ourselves from the scorching sun, we kissed each other and went on a rental bus to the shops to buy food and drinks for a picnic. In the evening we rolled around Miami, Sophia, the girls and Spaniards were amazed at the views of the evening and night modern city, then returned to the hotel, watched the latest news, comedy and went to bed.

???The next day, after ten in the morning, we went to the port, along the way we bought tarpaulin, racks, crossbars to make a canopy and protect ourselves from the scorching sun, and it warmed unbearably hot despite the winter month of February. We drove up to the pier, dad, Arthur, Robert, Andrew and Edlay were sitting on a barge and basking in the warm sun. When they saw us, they were glad, exchanged greetings, rushed to hug, kiss, exchange impressions of the last evening, in the morning, told them about our trips to the store and a trip to evening and night Miami. In turn, the father told us important news that he had completely refueled the submarine with fuel, stocked up food for several days, so it would not be scary to sail across the ocean in search of an octopus. No one was standing, they pulled out a snack from the bus, drinks, fruits, the men put up an awning, the canopy turned out to be excellent, so that everyone was sitting undercover. We ate, drank but in moderation, had fun, sang songs, danced, we had a picnic, we told our father late at night before breaking up that we would go to our villa for a couple of hours tomorrow and share our impressions only after we arrived with mannequins. I asked my father to carefully prepare for the responsible sailing, he promised to check the engines himself, our fate will depend on their work, we knew what that giant whirlpool was, said goodbye and went to the hotel. Our ladies were tired but were not going to sleep, and in the evening we once again made a trip through the night Miami. The Spaniards ?were indescribably delighted with what they saw, I realized that they liked modern life that can not be compared with the past, three hundred years ago.

??? The next morning I called Mr. Marty Brown and asked how things were going. with mannequins, he was delighted with my call and asked to drive to the company after dinner, in our presence, specialists will demonstrate the capabilities of electronics. Since we had time mother, Ray, Sofia, Spanish women, Spaniards, I went by minibus to our villa, which was destroyed during a hurricane. Even from afar, they saw by miracle the preserved walls of red granite stones, only a few palm trees growing near a small pond survived. Having carefully examined all the rooms and the annexes destroyed by the hurricane, we realized that without equipment there is nothing to do here, too much construction waste. We were encouraged by the fact that the basement in which there was a safe with jewels was completely covered with a collapsed ceiling, and since we were not going to rake it, we wandered around the surviving walls for some time and went to the hotel.

?????Our trip to the house and examination took three hours, the time for a business meeting with Marty Brown was approaching and leaving my mother with our lovely senoras and senores at the hotel, Ray and I said goodbye to them and wished us a happy sailing and speedy return, we rushed off to the company by bus "Marty Brown and Company Son." The boss greeted us with a smile, we greeted joyfully each other immediately went to the showroom and saw a small deep pool near the opposite wall. Approaching it, they looked into it and about a miracle: under the water on a concrete base lay our mannequins. Mr. Marty Brown looked at us and said with a smile: ?Gentlemen, as you can see in the water, now we will raise them and the ladies and gentlemen will sing, the water will not let out sounds, everyone is connected to INTELSAT and will sing until the satellite falls, but since their number is increasing year by year, in one of them we?ll buy a channel for our communication, don?t worry, everything will be okay. "

????Mr. Brown phoned and a forklift truck soon appeared with a crane, a young man with a Slavic appearance in blue jeans and a yellow T-shirt introduced himself to us, we told him right there and Harry started to lift mannequins from the water with a crane. As soon as they emerged from the water immediately began to sing, we heard Sophia's charming voice, her friends sang along with her, men joined in, the singing was amazing, bewitching. Harry and Marty Brown listened to their amazing singing, but as work continued soon all the mannequins lay near us.

????"Gentlemen, attention! Follow my actions, I turn them off and on, you repeat, set up Mr. Johnny Gray, we pack them and deliver them to the port, and there your business where you send them started," said the boss Marty with a smile.
????I watched closely every action of Mr. Marty Brown, and when he finished I did it several times. The boss was pleased, me and Ray even more - we are sailing to the lamprey without any delay and if everything happens as planned and the mannequins are in the octopus?s belly, then for many years and maybe centuries it will enjoy the amazing charming and lulling singing of Spanish girls and knights.

????"Yes, gentlemen! They are very heavy, the batteries occupy almost the entire volume, recharging is carried out from the slightest movement, push, any subtle movement, since the mannequins are sealed and the batteries are guaranteed for many years," said Marty Brown and smiled.

????"For us, it is most important that they sing for seven to ten years," I said.
????"Gentlemen, at least ten years, maybe more, it all depends on the existence of our company, we have experience in their production and operation," the boss assured us.

????We thanked Marty Brown for the perfectly made mannequins, finally reckoned, asked to pack them in boxes and put them in the car provided by the company, which was done right before our eyes.

????Everyone left the building, shook hands tightly with each other, and Mr. Marty Brown looked at us and said: ?Misters Johnny and Ray, so that you do not doubt the quality of our products, you can leave one of them as a keepsake and will control us, whether we follow them, whether we provide them with energy, whether they sing. "

????"Dear Mr. Marty Brown, I said with a smile, we fully trust you, do not worry, thanks and goodbye."

??"Farewell, gentlemen," said Marty Brown, shook our hands and we set off for the port.

????Ray was driving the bus, I was sitting with the driver Mr. Tommy in the cab, we were driving slowly, we discussed the problem that people who were left without housing as a result of a hurricane swept over and the arrival of an unknown sea monster. Tommy looked at me, shrugged and lit a cigarette, saying: "Mr. Johnny, I just returned from cold and snowy Canada yesterday and I have no idea about the hurricane and the alien from the deep sea, our skyscraper is intact like other buildings. In the evening, be sure I'll watch television news, maybe they?ll show something. "

????"Yes, yes, look Mr. Harry, interesting and sensational news is repeated," I said something about the hurricane, passing him the story of my mother. Half an hour later, we reached the pier, and the father and crew of the submarine who were sitting on the barge saw our minibus, truck and ran to meet us. Everyone greeted each other and without wasting time began to transfer boxes to the barge, after unloading they thanked Mr. Tommy and the truck left. I gave some advice to my father regarding of sailing and with Ray raced off to the hotel, a short meeting took place and informed mom, Sophia, her friends and our Spaniards-knights of the amazing news about mannequins, showed photographs of them, Ray, me and boss Marty Brown. Then he seated everyone, turned on his pocket tape recorder and everyone heard the bewitching singing of my Sophia, her friends, knights. Everyone was shocked, but since there was no time for long sitting, we had to sail to the place where the octopus was swimming, I began to say goodbye: "My beloved and dear ladies and gentlemen, please do not worry, Ray will be with you, in our short-term absence you will visit the suburbs with him in a minibus, admire the people around beauties and as soon as we return we will immediately begin to restore our ruined house, until I meet you at the pier, I?ll call. "

????I saw the sad faces of people close to me and understood how my mother, my wife Sophia, senoras and senores didn?t want us to go on a dangerous sailing, but since much of the octopus?s behavior depended on it and everyone understood this, they kissed me and wished me a happy sailing to all of us and a speedy return.

????Ray took me to the pier where there was a boat with a barge, my father and the crew met us, after a short instruction and parting words from Ray, he wished us a happy voyage and a speedy return to the hotel. I, father, Arthur Boyle, Robert Sing, Adlai Court and Andrew Danny sat on the barge and after a short meeting decided to immediately go to that square where the octopus found a favorable environment drifting for more than three centuries.
????We will not sail at random, I attached a locator to the mast, which sends a signal to the satellite periodically, our ultra-modern equipment on the submarine caught it and knew the coordinates of the octopus?s location with great accuracy and when we sail to it, we will dump our mannequins exactly where it swallows itself into fresh ocean water with living organisms to support their lives. Dad, Edlay and Andrew got into the boat, my father drove ?Baby?, I, Arthur and Robert were on the barge, the ocean was calm, only light waves hit our boat and barge. We sailed slowly, since we were afraid of a collision, during the voyage we suffered daytime heat and nighttime cold. Father skilful steered the submarine and now we are approaching the given area, I looked at the clock, it was 11.55 p m. Just incredibly ahead of us in the water we saw a huge dark spot, no doubt it was the back of an octopus, I contacted my father via a radio telephone and asked him to go outside. Soon father opened the hatch and Andrew came down to our barge, I asked him to help open the boxes with mannequins, I turned on the electronics myself, tuned the sound to the optimal volume, and soon, among the vast expanses of the Atlantic Ocean, amazing singing was heard. It was as if alive, the velvet voice of my Sophia sounded, her friends sang along with her, sometimes men joined in and we noticed how a whirlpool formed on the side of us. Our work was coming to an end, all the mannequins sang synchronously and I turned to my father: "Dad, the work is completed, we go to the submarine, cut the rope, immediately turn on the engine at all revolutions, there is a whirlpool to the side and it can drag us into it."
????"Johnny, cut the rope as soon as possible, we are pulled into it along with the barge," cried the father.

????We jumped onto the "Baby", all climbed into it, with a sharp knife on a long handle, I cut the rope at the very edge to the submarine and at that moment she pushed off the barge and rushed forward. At first, we were drawn to a whirlpool, I jumped into the hatch but didn?t close it, watched as an uncontrolled barge gathering speed rushed to the abyss that pulled our broken trawler, two boats, pipes and all that floated on the surface of the ocean several days ago. And then that instant barge with mannequins spun and went into the abyss, ?I shouted with joy: "Dad, friends, the barge with mannequins went into the octopus?s belly, full speed! The main thing is not to drag us into it."
???I closed the hatch and our submarine began to sink and we sail away from the maelstrom and so that we were not pulled into it, we went almost two hundred feet into the depths and this saved us. Our entire crew was worried about their salvation and condition of the submarine ? we felt such a vibration, it seemed like a moment and it would fall apart, and that?s all because my father exceeded the engine speed, the device went through the roof. On the other hand, if he hadn?t done it, that whirlpool would have dragged us on and we went into the deep sea. We managed to safely sail out of the danger zone and in order not to risk going under water, nevertheless, for some time an incomprehensible current pulled us back, father suggested that this would happen until the octopus reaches its bed.

????And so it happened ? the octopus found its bed, the funnel decreased little by little, at the end from horizon to horizon the smooth surface of the ocean and the submarine rushed to Florida at full speed. The next day, at midnight, multicolored lights of the neon signs of a modern city appeared, then the light pouring from the windows of hotels and residential buildings, our hearts quickly began to beat, what a happiness, we safely reached Miami.
????At about one in the morning, the boat docked on the side of a long wooden pier, my father called my mother at the Mutini Hotel, she woke up and dad informed her of our return. Mom was delighted and woke Ray, he jumped to the phone, congratulated his father and the whole crew on a safe return to the port. I continued the conversation, asked him to ride everyone on the bus at about eight in the morning, as our entire crew would be on the boat, wished them good night and, having comfortably settled in the chair, lay down to rest. I wanted to sleep, but as everyone couldn?t really fall asleep, we had many tasks that needed to be solved and the first most important thing for everyone was to build a house where we would live, how to deal with the Spaniards who were not adapted to our modern life and pay off with colleagues in expeditions.
????It was not yet eight in the morning when we saw our blue bus, it stopped, mom, Sophia, Ray, Spaniards jumped out of it, everyone began to hug, kiss and even cry with joy, finally, it seemed to us, our adventures with a happy ending ...
????But alas, ahead of us were waiting for other trips to the octopus about which I did not expect but my father knew about them and did not even say a word to me. He wanted this to be an unexpected surprise, but for now, we took all the valuables we collected from the boat on the second voyage from the surface of the octopus, useful things, and closed it. My father found private security guards and asked them to look after our submarine for a good reward, the joyful guys guaranteed its safety and we went to the Mutini Hotel to take a break after many days of ordeal across the ocean.

????As soon as we arrived at the hotel and entered our rooms, we washed ourselves well, at this time the women set the tables - French champagne, Smirnovka vodka, Cuban rum, Scotch whiskey, salmon caviar, crabs, dried sturgeon, cheeses, sausages, smoked brisket, hot chicken soup, salads, cakes, sweets, fruits, grapes and much more, everyone sat at the table, poured champagne and dad said a toast: "Our dear ladies and gentlemen! Let's drink for our health, meeting, we are now a big friendly family!"

????Everyone screamed as one for health, for a meeting and drank champagne to the bottom, since we were hungry like wolves, we ate everything indiscriminately. We weren?t going to go anywhere, we had a bit of everything, had a bite and had a conversation without touching on the main topics, we watched TV-sets and at two o?clock in the afternoon, we, who returned from a dangerous trip, were pretty tired and went to bed. We woke up at seven in the evening, dad sat us all down at the table and said: ?My dear friends, we cannot live long in a hotel and it is impossible to share our treasures, since some of them lie under the rubble of a house destroyed by a hurricane. Let's discuss "Dim is an important aspect - how to properly divide the mined jewelry, if any of you propose the best option and everyone agrees with him, we will immediately begin to implement it, I have a plan, but I want to hear it from you."

???? ?Everyone was of one opinion to get the riches as soon as possible so that they would not fall into the wrong hands and all together came to the conclusion: transfer some of the jewelry into money and buy a truck, camping kitchen, several tents, blankets, dishes, shovels, crowbars, building materials, renting a small crane, in short everything that is necessary for living near the house and for its complete reconstruction on its own, then we will share the wealth. My father agreed, shook hands with everyone, on this occasion they arranged an evening and went to bed at midnight to sleep on soft beds after many days of unrest and ordeals across the ocean.

????The next morning we got up early, at 6 o'clock everyone was on their feet, without thinking twice while the women were preparing food, we all sat down at the table and drew up a work plan, listed all the necessities for living, meals and reconstruction of the house ? the list was impressive. Then they connected the mother ? she wrote her list of necessary things, objects, and since we decided to act at a pace, right after eating we started to put our plan into practice.
????What a blessing, that in sunny Florida, not only in the summer but even in the winter months you can swim in the ocean and sunbathe in the hot sun! First, we bought everything necessary for living in the fresh air: tents, beds, camping kitchen, tools and much more, rented a dump truck. Immediately we moved from the hotel to the villa and started to work, the women were engaged in household affairs, and we were building. I?ll say we worked from morning to night and after five days we cleaned everything up, took out the garbage and reached the entrance to the basement covered with a metal sheet. We put him aside and when we got down to him we saw our safe, blackened by fire, and came across burnt skeletons; six raiders found an inglorious end here.
????In order not to incur troubles, we collected them, loaded them onto our truck and, together with the garbage, took them to a landfill, filled up the bones with all kinds of rubbish, and I don?t know who or not was interested in them. In general, earlier, during the clearing of our house and territory from construction waste, we came across six bandits who were crushed by beams and slabs of young and strong body trying to get into the house to steal jewelry and money. Thus, the attackers counted 12 people and no one escaped death. We lost sweat-keys with our safe and had to buy an electric saw, fiddled all day but sawed it into two halves and took out the jewelry, all coins and items in good condition, bought a safe of even larger sizes and put all the jewelry in it.
????Since the walls were intact, without wasting time, they began to make ceilings on the second floor and the roof, for the third week the women moved from the tents to the house, cooked, ate and slept in it, and we men continued to live in tents except for rainy days.

????Only a month later, the house was completely reconstructed and moved into it, it simply could not be believed, it was a sight for sore eyes inside and out. When we put the house in order in our free time in the evenings we organized improvised concerts. In addition to our couple, three others formed, in the presence of all we announced that we agreed to share a common destiny, became husband and wife. Sophia's friends did not remain offended and each of them chose a spouse for love - Patricia Martinez married Ray Tiger, Juanit Espinoz for Arthur Boyle and Yoland Rodriguez for Robert Singh. We coped with business and set up a fabulous wedding for the whole world for four couples, everything went beautifully and surprisingly in our lives.

? ??Our friends did not want to part with us, and after sharing the treasures, they bought houses near us so we constantly talked, had parties and bus rides to the surrounding places. Dad bought a small bus with his own money and we all fit comfortably in it, everyone was happy and I?ll say we didn?t have to part with the Spaniards, we tried to introduce them to our modern life, to which we were not adapted at this time. Their naivety and sincerity knew no bounds ? so that they would not see everything surprised and showed deep interest ? how could we explain to them and when they sailed with them in a submarine they asked the question: why doesn?t it sink and sail without sails?

???? ?And one day, when we all sat together and celebrated our next purchase, we bought a home TV theater to watch movies because we were still worried about the health of our Spaniards and did not want to get to crowded places so as not to infect them our modern diseases. Dad always liked to knock over three glasses and this feast was no exception: we drank the first glass for buying a home cinema to work long and well. We drank the second glass for our health and a happy, joyful life, ate all with great appetite, deliciously prepared dishes and had a casual conversation. Before drinking the third glass, my father stood up and looked at us and said: ?My dear and beloved wife, son, Sofia, gentlemen, brave seniors and lovely senorinas, I raise my glass and will always raise my glass for our amazing journey and for those riches that presented the octopus. I think we are all happy that our two adventures ended successfully. Yes, I want to take advantage of our purchase and in a few minutes I will show you an interesting documentary, drink and have a snack."

????We drank, started eating, in joyful conversations we forgot about his father?s words spoken to him, he got up and said quietly: ?Johnny turn on the TV, take a cassette and we will see an interesting picture and maybe only with your consent that which was filmed , we can transfer TV to companies. Let the people of our planet see that living creature in whose womb you lived for three centuries. Since we saw everything in the first part, we won?t repeat it but we?ll see what I managed to take off for the second voyage."
?????I turned on the TV and we saw on the wide screen a dark, smooth surface-skin of an octopus, which has no end and edge, on it lay the wreckage of a trawler, boats, engines and several dozens of dead. Suddenly, a huge boat formed and everything that was on the surface disappeared inside it and after a while everything that went out seemed to us into a bottomless crater. An enormous trunk grew in front of our eyes, engines, diving suits flew out of it, bags full of jewels, a water fountain soared into the sky and all this rained down on the surface, lying like garbage-gold, silver items, coins, diamonds, sapphires, necklaces from pearls. Here are a few piles with this priceless good, in the rays of the sun all this luxury sparkles, plays and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. On the screen, we saw how we collect treasures with our hands and carry them to the boat, to the "Baby".

????That's all I wanted to show to those who were not present on our second dangerous trip, and as you can see, when we were on the surface of the octopus, we collected only a small part of the precious stones. Everyone knows that gold is twenty times heavier than water and it seems to me it is preserved, gold coins and articles made of it lie on its surface and are waiting for us. Do you think I'm right or not !? On the surface of the octopus we left a locator that sends signals to the satellite. On our "Baby" there is equipment that receives signals from satellite and therefore we the coordinates of the drifting axis of the lamprey are known .. If we go on another expedition we can find those remaining treasures until they are covered with a layer of silt and I suggest you take a walk on the ?Baby?. Let's go down in the diving suits to the surface of the octopus, wander if we find jewelry, they will not turn out to be superfluous for us, we?ll take cinema equipment and print everything on film. Your opinion !?? Dad spoke and looked at us.

????Everyone sitting at the table looked at father and Arthur Boyle said: "Mr. Victor Gray, I think you're smart, we buy everything together that is necessary for the expedition and immediately go to the square where the octopus drifts, others can get ahead of us. If the depth is the same, you can go down with scuba gears, but in any case, the first time we go down in a submarine, turn on the spotlights and see if there are still gold, silver coins.

??? ?You remember, there were at least a dozen piles of jewelry, plus seven diving suits, in addition, a whole field of scattered objects, each gold doubloon pulls a decent amount. And the most important thing is that this octopus lies in neutral waters and no state has the right to lay claim to treasures in the unknown manner that appeared on it. Why disappear to them in the deep sea? We will pay income tax and all receipts! We found it, look for you too! You will find it will be yours! "

????"Both I and I and I want at the bottom," my friends shouted, even I joined them, and we decided to go in the next few days on our submarine to the place where the octopus lies and if father?s assumptions are confirmed we will buy a yacht and on it sail for the treasures. In order to give ladies, the Spaniards, they decided not to leave alone ? Adlai Court and Andrew Danny will protect their calm, they did not resist, they knew that everything would fit in our big house, just in case there were weapons and you could use them when robbing and attacking.
????We got down to business, we prepared for a whole week and on Tuesday at 11 am we went on an expedition on our ?Baby?, a day later sailed to the point with the given coordinates and descended 160 feet and saw a dark surface, without a doubt it was the back of an octopus. I turned on all the searchlights and started sailing at a slow speed, and since the octopus was gigantic, I had to move along his body several times. We were disappointed, already wanted to return home, but at the request of Ray Tiger decided to continue the search and in the morning we were very lucky - Arthur Boyle shouted: "Gentlemen, look to the right, there is something sparkling, Captain Victor, heading to the right."
????Father changed course, slowed down, soon an amazing, fantastic picture appeared in front of our eyes - gold, silver coins, precious stones, pearl necklaces, goblets, spoons, knives, daggers, blades lay on a huge surface of the octopus and other precious creations of goldsmiths, jewelers. We remembered the diving suits and started circling, and I already shouted: "Dad, north-east course, there is a diving suit, it?s not one of them several."
????Father changed course and three minutes later we sail to the diving suits, began to count, there were seven of them, so many bandits fell into the octopus?s womb and found death there. Gold items were lying around the suits, our joy knew no bounds and now we had to do the most important work. We knew that the octopus was drifting, on its surface near the destroyed ?Hispaniola? we left a locator transmitting signals to the satellite, electronic devices caught it, determined the exact coordinates and thus found the exact location of not only the octopus but also the well into which it accidentally fell then they lowered the pipe. That locator did not suit us, now it was necessary to install the second in this place, in the "Treasure Valley" so that when you return, you will be in it and not look again.

????Father looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, the boat goes up, Johnny and Arthur, you have to go down in suits with scuba gear to the bottom, take a pair of? sensors, fasten them to the three diving suits of those bandits connected among themselves. They are heavy and the current will not take them, let me know by communication, I will check its performance, so start preparing. "
????"Dad, I?m ready to go down to the bottom, you thought it over correctly, when we arrive here we don?t have to look for " Valley of Treasures "and proceed to raise the treasures," I said.

????"Captain Victor Gray, I agree to join Johnny, you judged sensibly, the two of us would be safe," said Arthur and shook hands with the captain of "Baby."
????Arthur and I began to prepare for the descent ? Robert and Ray helped us put on suits and as soon as our submarine surfaced, we attached balloons, took locators and armed with long knives through the open hatch we went outside. Robert and Ray accompanied us, they will wait for our ascent to the surface and help to climb the submarine.

????Arthur and I simultaneously plunged into the water, the descent went quickly and safely, fish from large to small and all colors of the rainbow swam past us. Once at the bottom, we first put together a bunch of three diving suits with jewelry, connected a steel cable to each other, attached locators and contacted my father: "Dad, check the work of the locators, I included them in the work."
?????After some time, I heard my father?s voice:? Johnny, the locators are working, I received signals from the satellite and set the coordinates of ?Treasure Valley? for the current time. Get up and sail away from this place so as not to attract the attention of the crews, ships are passing by and may be interested in what we are doing in these waters. "

?? ?"Dad, I understood everything, we are rising," I said, waved Arthur's hand and in order not to rise up with empty bags, they indiscriminately stuffed them with jewelry from the lying diving suits. It took a little time and we immediately began to climb up. The climb went smoothly, but at some point they were still afraid when a flock of white twenty-foot sharks appeared on the sidelines. Fortunately for us, they sailed past without paying any attention to us. Soon we saw the hull of our boat, joy swept over us, I emerged and saw Robert and Ray, they noticed me, Arthur, waved their hands and smiled. They threw us a rope ladder, I first climbed, then Arthur and with a broad smile, he said in a joyful voice: "Gentlemen, we are not empty-handed, we grabbed a bag of jewelry with us as proof that there is still something there, I think it makes sense to dive after them."
????"Johnny, Arthur, tell and show later, in the boat, there, in the distance, in the southeast, I see some kind of tourist ocean liner," shouted Ray.
????I looked southeast and saw a multi-story airliner, but since it was early morning and our submarine was small, hardly anyone noticed us. We quickly climbed into the "Baby" and while Robert was closing the hatch, dad had already begun to lead her under water. Arthur and I told father and Robert and Ray about our meeting with the sharks, then pulled out bags of jewelry, poured them into a chair and everyone began to admire them. The captain looked at all of us with a smile and said: ?Gentlemen, I prompted you to go here for the treasures, they are available and will serve as proof for our ladies that it makes sense to sail behind them. But next time, none of us will go to the bottom without diving suits to go down, in these warm waters there are many sharks of all kinds, we?ll think about other aspects at home, and now we are heading for Miami."
????We are in an excellent mood, full of optimism, we headed to the shores of sunny Florida, to Miami, home, we did not maintain contact with our relatives. First of all, we agreed with the guards to look after our submarine, backing them with bucks, they shook hands with us, smiled and assured that not a single living soul would decide to come close to it, which they would pass on to their successors. Thanking them, we went to the parking lot, not yet reaching it, I called my mother and told Edlay to come for us on the van. By agreement, he knew where we were waiting for him, such was a conspiracy, and when half an hour later the blue Ford drove up to her, we jumped into it, circling the streets for about ten minutes and making sure that no one was chasing us, drove onto the highway and rushed home. Our family welcomed us with great joy, we smiled, immediately led to the house, the table was set, but before starting the meal we went to freshen up in the pool. The water resembled fresh milk and, having swam for half an hour, they moved into the house.
?????We sat at the table with wines, champagne, drinks, snacks, fruits, sweets and flowers, during breakfast we briefly told mom, Sophia, Adlai, Andrew, signorins and knights about our expedition, about the treasures that we saw on the surface of the octopus and how visual Arthur and I took out a bag of jewelry and poured it onto the table. But it didn?t make any impression on our mother, she didn?t want us to go after them, she was afraid for our lives but I looked at her and expressed my point of view: ?My dear mother, if we don?t do it, others will do it, I I don?t want to remove these treasures from the body of the octopus because I don?t want to be enriched, and so that others do not see it, no one knows except us that this is a living creature. People might think that this is an island and begin to scrape, dig up this vulnerable, living flesh, axis lamprey will come into a rage and move in the direction of? Florida, Miami. Many inhabitants will perish, there will be great destruction, modern technology will destroy it in the end, I am so sorry for this living creature if he hadn?t seen anyone of these beautiful creatures, our valiant knights, and wealth, he kept everything in his womb. "

????"I understood everything, my mother said, in this case I approve of the expedition, just think about how to collect the treasures and not get him out of a dream state."

????We considered various options and came to the conclusion: you should not dive and trample on his body in suits with lead shoes, only with scuba gear in flippers, they roughly coincide with the structure of the skin covering of the octopus and he won?t feel that someone is marking on its surface. Since the process of collecting treasures will be quite lengthy and we did not want the "Baby" looming on the surface and someone noticed we had to decide how to descend from the ocean depths into the living body of the lamprey axis. We thought for a long time and came up with an original way, from a large submarine, since ours turned out to be small and was not suitable for this purpose. Without losing precious time, my father called Mr. Kisling, the head of the company for the production of underwater boats and research apparatus in the depths of the seas and oceans, where we bought our "Baby" and heard a pleasant female voice: "Good morning, Miss Evita is listening."
????"Dear Miss Evita, good morning, my name is Victor Gray, I'm calling a newspaper ad to buy a submarine, can I talk to Mr. Ray Kisling?"
????"Mr. Victor Gray, handing the phone to Mr. Ray Kisling," said Miss Evita.
????"I am Mr. Ray Kisling, good morning Mr. Victor Gray, if you want to buy a submarine, come to our shipyard, I will explain how to get there, welcome."
???"Mr. Ray Kisling, a few months ago we bought a small submarine from you, at the moment we need a large boat, and my son and I will come to you in an hour, thank you," said the father and smiled.

????"Oh, Mr. Victor Gray, I remembered, you and your son visited us, come, I will pick you the boat most suitable for you, I will personally wait at the gate, until we meet," we heard the interlocutor's joyful voice.
????We immediately packed up and taking Arthur Boyle with us in a blue minivan set off to the shipyard, Mr. Kisling met us at the gate, we greeted each other and went with us to that part of the bay where used and new submarines, boats, motor yachts and underwater vehicles stood.

????Our van stopped near the pier, near the gate, we climbed out and saw Mr. Ray coming towards us, he was smiling. As we approached, we shook his hand, said hello, he looked at us and said: "Gentlemen, follow me, I?ll say at the end of February, we launched three brand new submarines, two sold and now one of the remaining ones is on sale. Of course , we have others, but I want to offer it to you."

????"Okay, Mr. Ray, show, we'll see if it suits the price and size, we'll buy," said the father and followed the boss.

????We entered the shipyard and, after two hundred yards, stood at the pier and fixed our eyes on a brand new boat a hundred feet from us. Compared to ours, it looked impressive, as the others standing aside were especially large and did not fit us, and we pointed to the boat proposed by Mr. Kisling. He immediately gave us its characteristic: ?Gentlemen! The boat is designed for ten people, it can sink to a depth of three hundred feet, there are two mechanical arms, stones and pebbles can be collected from the seabed, they are especially sucked, everything found is collected in a container mounted in the case, if necessary, it closes, for research, what is needed. So, gentlemen, if it suits you, come with me and I will demonstrate it at work."

????"Mr. Kisling, father said, if she turns out to be the way you introduced her to us, let's go."

????We went for Mr. Kisling, climbed a long wooden ladder to the hull of the boat, climbed into the hatch and ended up in a bright room, one seat for the captain-by-navigator near the control panel, ten chairs, three portholes, one in front and two on the sides. Mr. Kisling sat down in a chair and asked me to pull up the hatch, I twisted it with a special handle and our boat began to sink under water, only ten yards deep, we saw at the bottom several large stones, pebbles and even flat metal objects the size of a cent. The boss pressed the blue button and two mechanical arms began to stretch outward, they came into action before our eyes - they lengthened, shortened, grabbed large stones, pebbles, coins and everything folded into a container, the boat maneuvered, began to rise, the periscope advanced. Each of us came up to him and saw standing boats, yachts, hulls of the company, his father asked Mr. Kisling to train to manage the boat. He gave way to a chair and dad skillfully maneuvered her, raised stones and small things with his mechanical hand, then I and Arthur drove.

????Mr. Ray looked at our movements, sometimes he suggested with what lever it is better to control with a mechanical hand so that the objects are better held in it and do not fall, at the end he took the place of captain. He pressed the blue button and the boat surfaced, I unscrew the hatch in the hole, the lid stepped aside, the light filled the room. Mr. Kisling turned off the engine, everyone climbed up, the captain led us to the bow and saw a large container with a lid up, stones and pebbles lay in it. We threw them away, at the bottom lay a few coins the size of a metal dollar.

????We were delighted and father immediately asked about the price of this miracle submarine, the boss answered within a million bucks, we looked at each other and decided to purchase it, dad wrote out a check right there, Mr. Kisling took out an electronic book, entered everything received from dad information, contacted the bank and a minute later the bucks from our account went to their bank account and said: "Mr. Victor Gray, no problem, you became the owners of this wonderful submarine, I shake hands with you all and wish you a happy sailing, thank you, I?ll need technical assistance we are always at your service, see you soon."

??? ?"Mr. Ray Kisling, thank you very much, we are happy with your ?Baby? submarine and I think ?Seahorse? will also do great, thank you and goodbye, we are leaving, give the order to open the gate," said the father, smiled and shook hands with Mr. Ray Kisling.

????"Gentlemen, no problem, happy sailing again," said Mr. Ray Kisling.
????We shook his hand and sent Arthur home, we climbed into the boat ourselves, waved our hands at the joyful boss and sailed to the parking of yachts and boats, to our "Baby". When they entered the waters of the Atlantic, I closed the hatch and went under the water, sailed at a shallow depth and kept looking at the periscope. When the smiling guys Ray, Andrew, Robert met us before our ?Baby?, they expressed their admiration for the boat that they bought, dad told them about ?Sea Horse?. My father did not want to leave the boat unattended and Ray and Andrew stood watch on the lot, soon Arthur drove up to us and we went home. On the way, my father shared his opinion about the submarine and how to collect treasures from the surface of the octopus and expressed the correct thought: ?Gentlemen, we won?t collect good with mechanical hands, we will have to buy scuba gear and manually collect treasures. Since the submarine has enough free space, we able to hold several scuba gears, in addition, we need to purchase a device to fill the cylinders with a breathing mixture and weld a metal box, it does not fit with large holes, we will lose everything."
????We agreed with him and the next day we got everything necessary for immersion in water and collecting treasures including seven scuba gears and an apparatus for refueling them. We went sailing with a six-father, me, Arthur Boyle, Robert Sing, Ray Tiger and Adlai Court, Andrew Danny stayed in the house. He and the Spaniards with arms will protect the inhabitants of the mother and our beautiful senoras-wives, they wished us a happy sail. At midnight, we went unnoticed by anyone into the water and moved to the place where the octopus was drifting. The locators we left every two hours gave signals to the satellite, our devices on the submarine caught them, recorded the coordinates and sailed focusing on them. So that no one would accompany us with our tail, we had to make circles, and at eleven nights we were close to diving suits full of jewels and locators tied to them. Our submarine hovered ten feet from the dark surface of the octopus, my father turned on the spotlights, they lit up the underwater space and we saw wallowing jewels.

???? Our work plan envisaged- ?Seahorse? rises to the surface, three scuba divers sink to the bottom, a boat with three crew members also sinks to the bottom, hangs three to five feet from the surface of the octopus and with mechanical hands the operator achieves what is captured them and puts in a box welded to the upper part of the body. Three scuba divers collect jewels from the bottom into durable nets and then put them in a box. As soon as the time spent by scuba divers ends, the submarine rises with them. On the surface scuba divers open the hatch, go down into the boat, the other three in diving suits ready to go under the water rises to the hull, they are given air tanks, they attach them to themselves and the boat with them goes under the water and jewelry collection begins. Then the submarine with scuba divers floats up, scuba divers descend into it and in order not to loom, the ?Seahorse? goes under water for a long rest, scuba gears refuel and everything repeats.

? ?By the first descent, I chose Arthur Boyle and Ray Tiger, our submarine climbed to the surface, we went outside to the landing area in light waterproof suits, we were given scuba gear, we were fully equipped, we closed the hatch and the boat with us went to the depths. Now she reached that part of the octopus where the diving suits and scattered valuables were lying, we dived into the water and swam to them. I bent down and my hands touched the soft surface of the marine giant, the jewels lay here and there and so that my dad could see them well, he turned on the spotlights.

????I will say frankly from mechanical hands at the beginning of the sense that there was little, until you bring them to a coin or thing, hook them, take them to the container, lay them down and bring them back to the next item, then during this time each of us picked up to twenty doubloons or other products. But when we swam to the diving suits, mechanical hands helped us a lot. They grabbed one of them and led to the box, popped into it, we unwrapped, poured out and left a heavy diving suit on the surface of the octopus so as not to overload the boat, otherwise you would not emerge. But in the diving suits of the jewels it turned out not so much, most of them got enough during the fall the diving suits they got down and we had to collect them on a vast territory.
????Spotlights helped us a lot - thanks to them in crystal clear water we clearly saw separate gold coins, jewelry made of precious stones, metals, placers of pearl, scattered over a large space. At one point, I remembered when they flew up from the octopus?s belly with a fountain along with water and poured with rain over a wide area. We collected everything that came to hand indiscriminately, put it into a leather net, when it was filled, floated to the boat and poured into a container, and so everything was repeated many times until there was a mixture for breathing in balloons. Then we got to the site, stepped on it, the submarine surfaced to the side and so every time only in different places to confuse those who would try to track us down.
????Having removed the equipment, we brought it through the open hatch to our comrades, then went downstairs, I changed my father, sat down in a chair, he, together with Robert Singh and Adlai Kort, climbed out, Arthur Boyle gave them the equipment and as soon as they said everything was ready we closed the hatch and the boat sailed to the target. The collection of jewelry continued until there was enough mixture in the tanks for breathing under water, scuba divers entered the area and the boat surfaced to the side, and not for long. The teams changed in a few minutes, on the submarine went under water so that no one outsider noticed us. After a couple of immersions of each team, we went aside and drifted, we needed a rest.

????I don?t know what the container?s capacity is, but after 24 hours of jobs it was full, on the octopus?s body there were still plenty of jewels, but we realized that they couldn?t collect everything and my father looked at us and expressed his point of view: ?Gentlemen, I think we should come back because the boat starts to emerge with difficulty, overloading it, we can be at the bottom, or rather, on the body of an octopus, he will wake up and lose not only treasures but also life, so decide. "

????Arthur looked at us, the captain, and said: "Gentlemen, I think you won?t take everything, we can reload the boat and not come up, they say the frayer's greed destroyed, we sail to Miami."

?? ?Everyone supported father and Arthur, dad started the engine and the submarine headed to Florida, to Miami. After sailing ten miles, we came up and stopped, I asked Ray, Arthur and Edlay to go up with me to the platform to collect jewelry from durable metal nets to bring them in parts to the boat. Robert will take them and pour them in a pile. Without wasting time in vain we took up the dangerous work - Ray and I lay on the platform near the box and raked up jewelry in leather nets, handed them to Adlai and Arthur, they carried them to the hatch and handed them over to Robert. Then we changed and I will say frankly transported for such work for several hours: the boat was constantly rocking and everyone was afraid to fall into the water. As soon as we pulled out all the jewels from the crate, we climbed into the boat to the last pebble, lifted up the hatch and in an underwater position sailed to the shores of Florida, to Miami.
????We did not have to sit back and everyone, except for his father, transferred the drag-valuables from the pile to the twelve leather bags we had, but they weren?t enough, and some of the jewelry remained on the floor. According to our estimates, we collected at least four hundred pounds of gold, silver coins, chains, chains, pendants, medallions, various products, pearl necklaces, and precious stones. We looked at all this luxury with bated breath, it will bring us all a fabulous profit. Now we were no longer simpletons and were not going to tell the world about the treasures found in order to attract the attention of the bandits and the authorities to force us to share with them some of the extracted not only labor, intelligence, but also risk to our lives.

????By agreement, we did not communicate with family members, no one was waiting for us, and having safely missed the underwater guard and customs service, we arrived at the port at about ten o'clock in the evening at a private pier. I and Ray Tiger left the ?Sea Horse?, got to the parking lot and called my mother from the landline phone, hearing my voice, she gladly announced that everything was in order in the house, I asked her to kiss everyone and call Andrew, he picked up the phone and joyfully said: "Johnny, hello, with the return, I am racing at full speed, wait half an hour later."

????"Dunn, hi, grab the bags from the garage, please take your time, we don?t need delays, you know what fines, we caught fish and are waiting for you," I said and stopped the conversation.

????We walked away from the telephone box and stood aside to see our approaching minivan. Half an hour later they saw a blue Ford, Andrew noticed us, drove up, we jumped into it and slowly went to the pier where the submarine stood. Father and the guys were waiting for us, seeing Ford joyfully waved their hands and as soon as the whole crew got up they greeted Andrew. Wasting no time, we began to transfer leather bags of precious values ??to the van and, as the part remained on the floor, we made a decision: Arthur and I rushed home, my father and Robert, Andrew, Ray and Ray collect the remaining goods in bags and wait for my return.

????Arthur and I sat in a van and rushed home observing the traffic rules, after half an hour we safely drove into the courtyard, all the family members were already standing on the wide porch. Seeing us waved their hands together, they approached us, we left the van, everyone rushed to hug me and kiss me. So there was a joyful meeting, without wasting time, the lords together began to help us unload the treasures and bring them into the house. Having finished unloading, I said goodbye to everyone, my mother and Sofia kissed me and leaving Arthur rushed to the port. Bags of jewelry were already waiting for me, they were quickly put in a van and Robert Sing and I rushed home. The family happily met him and immediately set about unloading a quarter of the bags full of jewels. They were beyond the power of our ladies, the knights helped us drag them into the house, and as soon as they brought the jewelry into the large room, I said goodbye to everyone and went to the port a second time to pick up the remaining three bags of treasures found and the submarine crew.
????I safely rushed to the pier, father, Ray Tiger, Adlai Corti and Andrew Dunn were waiting for me, we moved the last three bags of jewelry into the minivan, my father looked at me, at the swimming comrades, smiled and said: "Gentlemen, our submarine not a trawler or a yacht, it not only lifts up but has electronic locks and without a plastic card with a magnetic tape and the corresponding secret code, no one in life will penetrate it and operate the engines. Since the security at this private pier is very serious, either what about if it happens that someone steals a boat in tow, then I just put the map into the slot in the suitcase and the coordinates of its location and the depth of immersion appear on the display, that's why I decided that we all will "relax at home and sleep like people after such an intense and long voyage, I?m going to close the boat."

?? ?I looked at my father, ?friends and said: ?In this case, we will mark the successful end of our adventures related to the search for treasures in the family circle, our work was unprecedented success. Father, close the ?Sea Horse? by electronic lock and go home, friends, get into the van."

????While we got into the car, father approached the boat, opened his suitcase, pressed the number buttons a few times, closed the silver case and went to Ford, sat down, I started the gas and our blue minivan gently rolled to the highway along which it was driving solid cars, buses and trucks we were rushing

?in stream despite the late time-life did not stand still, each driver had his own purpose of the trip. After half an hour, we drove up to the fence, the gate opened, drove into the courtyard, and all the household people standing by the pool rushed to meet us: my mother, my wife Sofia, the spouses of my friends, Arthur, Robert and the smartly dressed Spaniards in old clothes with lances in hands. I stopped Ford, we got out of the minivan, greeted each other, kissed, hugged, tears of joy flowed down our cheeks. I drove the car into the garage, washed my hands and face under the tap, and went into the house where everyone was sitting at large tables set with wines, snacks, fruits, sweets, and flowers. First of all, we drank for a safe return, ate deliciously prepared dishes with great appetite and had an easy conversation. Before drinking the third glass of wine, my father stood up and looked at us and said: ?My dear and beloved wife, son, Sophia, gentlemen, senoras and senores, I raise a glass for our health and for the wealth that the octopus presented. I think we are all happy that all our adventures ended well and we?ll sleep sound today. Yes, in a few minutes I?ll show you an interesting documentary, drink and have a snack."
????We drank, started to eat, in joyful conversations we forgot about my father?s words spoken to him, he got up and said quietly: ?Johnny turn on the TV, I will connect my case and we will see an interesting picture, and only with your consent that which was filmed we can transfer the film to TV companies. Let the people of our planet see not so much wealth as you dear senoras and senores, but that living creature in whose womb you lived for three centuries. Since we saw everything in the first two parts, we won?t talk again and see what I managed to remove on our last voyage."

????I turned on the TV, my father connected his suitcase and we saw a dark smooth skin on the screen and before our eyes the underwater world, spotlights illuminate the surface of the octopus on which countless gold, silver coins, jewelry, precious stones, diamonds, sapphires, gold blades inlaid with diamonds, necklaces of small and large pearls of all colors of the rainbow. Here the mechanical hand carefully picks up a gold dagger with a white bone handle, the jewelers masters decorated it with precious stones, the second mechanical hand picked up a long gold chain. We see how two hands squeezed a diving suit and carry it to a metal box welded to the side of the submarine. In the frames were scuba divers picking up jewelry in leather nets with a dark smooth surface, this is us. I saw myself, my father and our comrades, my dad scrolled individual episodes several times at high speed, then the boat was leaving, the treasures were disappearing and we were floating to the surface of the ocean. A large light blue moon shines on a huge sky and many red and yellow stars sparkle, the picture disappears.

????"That's all I wanted to show to those who were not present on our dangerous journey, in a few days we will meet, I and Johnny will edit the film, you will watch it again and we will offer the TV companies, thank you all my friends and helpers," father carried and looked at us.

????"Dad, friends, I think the morning of the evening is wiser, we?ll sit down tomorrow and discuss everything together, we should not endanger all our lives," I said.

????We wished each other good night and our guests went to sleep in the bedrooms allotted for them, tired, we immediately fell asleep.
???In the morning we woke up of a silver bell encrusted with diamonds, given by my father to my mother, some unknown jeweler made it in 1597. We woke up and after breakfast we finally shared the treasures collected from the giant octopus in our last voyage.

?? ?We said goodbye to friends, drove to the cars and they went to their homes, and my dad and I edited the video. A few days later, my father invited our traveling companions, showed an edited record, everyone was happy and agreed to transfer TV to the companies.

? ??When we contacted one of them and showed excerpts, the leaders offered a lot of money for the full video presented to him, we agreed and soon the whole world saw a story with an octopus, treasures, beautiful Spaniards who had been in his womb for more than three hundred years. A couple of days later, mom invited all our friends and their wives to a party, we ate, had fun, danced and told interesting episodes from life, and then, as if in conclusion, dad said: ?Ladies and gentlemen, I gathered you all together for a reason, yesterday I looked into my suitcase stuffed with electronics and I?ll be shocked. You know, on the surface of the octopus we left a couple of locators attached to the diving suites, they send signals to the satellite, my devices catch them and indicate the depth of the diving. Suddenly sea ??creature gone to the bottom, now you?ll see the numbers at what depth the locators."

?? ??Father left the room and soon returned with a suitcase, laid it on the table, opened it, pressed the blue button and said quietly: "Look, ladies and gentlemen."
????As if on command, we all fixed our eyes on the screen and saw the figure 1020 feet. Dad looked at us and said: ?The octopus will never come to the surface again, so that it will not threaten anyone else. It seems to me that this ocean creature has received large and serious injuries for his life and decided not to collide with our civilized world. There the octopus is in full security, he went there from where he accidentally swam up."

????Frankly, we were upset, but in the end we came to a consensus that without it ?is safer for all of us. Yes, here we cheated and decided not to mention or report to anyone that the octopus went to the Atlantic Ocean bottom and when we saw our video recording on TV, many adventure lovers and especially free treasures set out to find the octopus from which we gathered a rich harvest jewelry, necklaces, gold, silver coins and in the womb found wonderful, charming Spanish women and brave knights.

????And again, we, fearless explorers of the deep sea and adventurers and treasures, decided on our submarine ?Sea Horse? to go to that part of the Atlantic Ocean where an octopus lived a few days ago. When we approached a given area, we saw at least fifty modern yachts with motors plowing the ocean and imagine they were close to that place. But since the hero of the video disappeared, which was not known to anyone except us, the yachts combed not only the given area, but also sailed beyond it and all searched and did not find that treasure island floating in the water.

????The father led the submarine aside and began to dive, and when we were at a depth of five to ten feet he said: "Gentlemen, we are at the point where the octopus lived a week ago and safely, we collected some of the treasures in time, as you see, it went to the bottom."

????I said: "Dear captain, what is the depth of the ocean in this place?"
????"Gentlemen, there is no secret, to the bottom about 2200 feet, but now about 1100 feet to the surface, from this depth it is unlikely that divers will decide to pick up treasures, if only they lie on the mountain and they can be rowed, as they say, with a shovel, in this case it makes sense to go down. You?ve made sure my device didn?t let me down, now I am measuring the depth with the Intelsat satellite. "

????We agreed with the captain, plowed the area for about an hour, Arthur and I stood on the hull and looked around. Suddenly, I saw the familiar contours of the ship in the distance, picked up the binoculars, looked and gasped, ?Athena? stood half a mile from us, people were huddled on the deck. I handed the binoculars to Arthur and said quietly: ?Look, there is ?Athena?, they sailed for treasures.?
????Arthur took the binoculars, I went downstairs, went to the control panel and on the display I saw the coordinates of our location and since there should have been two readings since a pair of locators were attached to the suits, I realized we were not at the moment over the ?Treasure Valley? but above the ?Hispaniola?, where one locator was attached to a broken mast, and it still continued to send signals to the satellite. I understood that ?Athena?s? captain Alex Bedrov and the leader, Richard Dean, saw our chronicle on television and sailed to the ?Treasure Valley? and probed the bottom with magnetic echo sounders and found researchers in a controlled bathyscaphe and found placers of jewels and the ?Hispaniola? caravel itself from the hold which we didn?t get no jewels indicated by the Duke of Alvars in the ?Notes?.

??? ?I looked at my father, friends sitting next to him and said: "Gentlemen, ?Athena? came to us, where we served, for them the depth does not matter, I have no doubt - they lowered the deep-water bathyscaphe and collect everything what remains on the surface of the octopus. I don?t feel sorry for those treasures, let them collect, the main thing is that they do not wake the octopus. But in general, it?s best to return home, I don?t see the point of being here and watching those who are trying to grab the crumbs all the more not so close to them. Robert, call Arthur, screw up hatch and go under water."
?????That's right, Johnny, we don?t care about the treasure lovers who arrived, it?s not so easy to get it, and if they get it, they can use it for their own good, and we return home, we got what we have, other things are waiting for us,? said the father and smiled.

????Robert went to the hatch, stuck his head out and shouted: "Arthur, into the submarine, we are sailing, the captain thinks we have nothing more to do here."
?????I?m coming, I think so too, it?s good here and home is better,? we heard, Arthur appeared in the hatch, he went downstairs, Robert closed it and after five minutes, we silently sailed to Miami. Each of us has personal memories of this creature and I think the most pleasant ones, especially for me - I found in the octopus womb not only treasures but also the lovely, charming beauty wife Sophia, who spent more than three centuries with her friends and brave knights .
????We lived and did not know grief, Sophia became pregnant, I, parents, our friends, Spaniards ?were overjoyed. But soon an event happened that shocked me, my relatives and friends after watching a documentary called ?Underwater Odyssey of the Bathyscaphe ?Marine Explorer? in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean on television in mid-March. The film began with the words: ?Ladies and gentlemen! senoras and senores. You will see an exciting film about the sea creature we found in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean miraculously preserved from distant prehistoric times in a favorable habitable environment. Unfortunately, its size is so large, more than two miles wide, that we are not able to show it completely but try to sail from edge to edge, follow us."
????My friends on the expedition ??Athena? and I who saw her in the area where the sea creature sank to the bottom already had no doubt that they had a modern deep-sea bathyscaphe with engines for scuba diving. So, this device calmly descended to a depth of 1,200 feet, it slowly sailed seven feet from the dark surface of the sea creature and appeared to be on the edge of a precipice, at least 2,200 feet to the ocean floor in this place, and this corresponded the thickness of our octopus. The apparatus sailed over a sea creature and a movie camera filmed everything that lay on a dark surface - first, viewers were shown a broken ??Hispaniola? wooden caravel, lying on the side of a broken mast. Then the underwater vehicle turned out to be in the ?Treasure Valley? area where we collected jewels and since there was still enough of them there, the researchers circled above them showing the viewers in all their glory. Moreover, they had equipment capable of enlarging the image, and for the inhabitants the small pebbles lying on the surface seemed to be the size of a stone, the gold chain took the size of a chain to raise the anchor. Such pictures aroused not only admiration but also excitement; beauty shocked the imagination of weak unstable people and acted on the psyche.

????I realized that those who removed the jewelry lying on the surface of the sea creature and showed them tried to prove to everyone that their depth was not the limit, only they, unlike us, didn?t even say a word if they got at least one precious stone, gold silver coins, items, pendants , chains, pearl necklaces and other priceless good, as they say, everything was left behind the scenes. And I think they did the right thing ? no one will blame the leader and organizer of such a scientific research expedition in plundering the treasures belonging to Spain, Portugal, England or any other state. Then they showed three diving suits lying on a smooth surface, connected by a chain, a mechanical arm reached them and hooked the bundle away to the side of a pile of jewelry. My relatives, friends, Spaniards realized that for modern bathyscaphes the thickness of the water and pressure do not matter and treasures can be obtained from any depths.

?? ?The fact that the researchers, led by Viktor Medvedev, the organizer of numerous expeditions, found a sea creature and the ?Valley of Treasures? before I considered it our mistake, but after watching this documentary, my thoughts changed. The fact is that the creators of this film showed in it not only researchers, but also four Spanish women thanks to whom the Russian young handsome Mr. Semyon Sorokin, the nephew of the new Russian billionaire Viktor Medvedev, in one of the libraries in Lisbon, obtained a historical document about the death of the caravel ?Hispaniola? of a certain lord of the Duke Alvars- whom Pedro de Raules and this pushed him and his uncle in search of a sunken ship. And here it was soon that these Spaniards were shown not only on board the ?Athena?, but also traveling in a bathyscaphe over a sea creature lying on the ocean floor. First, we were introduced to the mature beauty senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, the head of the archive department, then the young, charming creations of the library staff senorinas-Evo Garcia, Sofia Blanco and my beloved Carmen Nuerra. I looked at her and could not believe her eyes ? she was alive and floating on ?Athena?, and wondered why Carmen had deceived me. The movie camera showed her standing near the bathyscaphe in a blue loose dress to her knees, a necklace of black, blue green pearls flaunted around her neck, her dyed wavy brown hair to bare full shoulders gave her an unusual charming beauty. Her figure changed somewhat and this indicated that she became pregnant and despite this fearlessly sinks to the seabed in the bathyscaphe. And then I wondered if she really bears my child and by the presence on ?Athena? indirectly Carmen lets me know that she is alive and thus wants to contact me. Seeing her, I was simply confused but to nobody, especially Sophia, I did not even let know that one of these beauties, Carmen, my wife is pregnant ?from me.

????And yet, I made a decision, Sophia, my wife, under no circumstances will I leave her because thanks to her we remained alive and safely climbed from the womb of a giant creature onto the deck of a trawler with treasures. There is something magical in it that is not inherent in ordinary people. We continued to live and enjoy life, before giving birth, the wife felt a little pain, a doctor arrived and examined her and ordered her to be taken to the hospital. We immediately brought Sophia to the hospital and after a few hours with severe pain, a healthy, beautiful girl resembling a mother was born through a cesarean section. No matter how the doctors fought for my wife?s health, she died, I almost went away from grief in another world, everyone was in mourning. Three days later we buried her with all honors without any publicity, we did not want to arrange a show. As for my daughter, she was named Sophia as her mother, everyone loved her and filled her with toys and dolls.

????Since this was an unusual case, a woman who lived in an underwater dwelling for more than three centuries gave birth to a living girl but she died of pain - this sensational news spread throughout the world - our names, photographs of Sophia, my personality, Sophia?s newborn daughter flashed again. Thousands of people sympathized with us and wrote letters to the address indicated by us, to the mailbox, we picked up mail every day, read and looked at the addressee.

????Once I noticed a letter sent from Portugal, my heart was racing, but it was beating fast, I opened the letter and saw a photo of my beloved swallow Carmen with a baby boy and a short inscription - Beloved Johnny from Carmen and Victor who love you, further date and phone number .

????I didn?t tell my parents about this letter, without thinking twice, I called Carmen to Portugal and heard her pleasant velvet voice: ?Hello Johnny, forgive me for doing this, it was necessary for our well-being, I only believed you would find treasure in this situation ?and you indeed found them. I and your handsome son congratulate you and kiss you with all my heart and soul."
????"My beloved Carmen and Victor, hello, I am glad to hear your lively voices, I ask you to fly to me as soon as possible, I look forward to giving the address, I will send the money, you deserve it, you will arrive and you will tell everything. You can?t imagine "I?ve said so much for you, how good that you sent a letter, I kiss you and my son with all my heart."

????"My Johnny, I'm so glad to hear from you, I?ll say frankly with money I have no problem, how I book a ticket, I?ll immediately inform you about the flight to Miami, meet us, kiss you from the bottom of our hearts."

????"See you, my Carmen and Victor, however I send you money, kiss, call," and indicated her number.

????? ?I immediately sent her the money, seven hours later she called me and informed me that she had received $ 5,000, bought a ticket and indicated the day of departure from Lisbon and the flight number.

????Even now, I did not say a word to my parents that in two days my beloved Carmen with my son Victor will fly to me. After all, it was thanks to her that I visited this mysterious island with treasures and remained alive. Just before the flight from Lisbon, Carmen called and asked me to arrive at the airport to meet her. I happily shouted into her phone: "Dear Carmen, I look forward to your arrival, don?t worry, I think we get to know each other, I kiss you and baby Victor."
????The plane flew in at seven in the morning, without saying a word to anyone, I rushed to Ford at the international airport, left it in the parking lot and went to buy a bouquet of red roses. Throwing thirty dollars for a bouquet slowly went to the building, the announcer announced the names of flights, finally I heard: ?Ladies and gentlemen, the plane Lisbon-Miami made a landing.? My heart began to beat fast, a few minutes later I saw my charming Carmen with a baby in her arms, she was wearing a long blue dress with short sleeves and a pink wide-brimmed hat with a yellow ribbon. I rushed to Carmen and kissed her with the baby in front of everyone, handed her a bouquet of roses, we said good morning to each other, picked up the baby in our arms and joyful happy went to the parking lot. I put them in the back seat, started the engine, gently set off and drove off onto the road, added speed and raced further, obeying traffic signs.
????Before approaching the house, I called my parents, my mother picked up the phone and I said to her in a joyful voice: "Dear mother, pick flowers with roses, please meet me with the guests, after ten minutes we will drive to the gate."
?????Johnny, what guests, why didn?t say anything about them earlier, I?m surprised, but I?m running to pick roses and flowers, in which case I?ll prepare something,? said my mother.

????When we drove into the courtyard, dad with mom and Spaniards stood with flowers and roses, the car stopped, I got out, opened the door, picked up the baby from Carmen?s hands, helped her out and said plainly: ?Carmen and Victor, welcome to our house these are my parents, mom Julia and dad, fearless captain Victor, next to them are our most dear people, Spaniards, dad and mom, this is my wife Carmen, son and your grandson Victor, for you baby they are grandparents, I think you will have fun with them like them."
????Parents and Spaniards looked at her, baby, me and said: "Hello senora Carmen and Victor, welcome to our house." They went up to them, kissed her baby and handed fresh flowers with roses.

????Carmen looked at my parents, the knights, and said joyfully: "Hello dear mother, father, seniors knights, I am glad to see you," and kissed them.
????Parents invited us into the living room, a table was soon laid, we, joyful and happy, drank for our wonderful meeting and just now told my parents and seniors the Spaniards how I and charming Carmen met in the library, how she helped me find a valuable document and unexpectedly parted.
????In the evening I gathered my friends, Spaniards, I met each other, had a gala dinner, I explained to everyone how I met my wife Carmen and what her role was in this whole story, everyone began to thank her and wished us long years of life and happiness .. .

????At midnight, when we went to bed, Carmen told me a story about how her friends, at her request, helped her to leave the ship "Beautiful Isabella", she did not destroy those "Notes" of the Duke of Alvar Pedro de Raules. Back on Friday, I hid them in a place where no one would find them, the more the document did not get into the PC?s memory and hardly anyone could use it and wrote a statement for a two-week vacation. When I returned to the library after half a month, everyone looked at me in surprise, the management told the police that Carmen was alive and that the matter was closed.

????"You know, my dear Johnny, I thought you would go on an expedition, find a treasure and a point would be put, but fate-villain intervened, you got up in a strange underwater dwelling and found miraculously preserved Spaniards. Then I realized, you considered me drowned and I had the right to love her and marry. I reproached myself and blamed, this is my unforgivable mistake if you knew how I cried." She kissed me and continued: ?My dear Johnny, by the way, as my friends told me, those two Spaniards Romero and Philip came to the library, they looked for me and documents related to the death of the ?Hispaniola? caravel and since they weren?t there, senores stopped visiting the library, but that?s not all, when I returned to work in our library, an interesting handsome Slavic-looking treasure hunter with a strange name Semyon Sorokin visited me, he, like you, was looking for a specific document called ?Notes?. Having found out what the young man is looking for with us I asked my friend of senora Sophia Blanca to help him find in the archives of the historical document bound with the sinking of the ?Hispaniola?.

?? She, in order not to face the gentleman from Russia, in turn consulted with her friend senora Eva Garcia and, when she found out that she was looking for a foreign gentleman, she immediately led him to the department of historical discoveries on the third floor. There really were documents there but he didn?t find what was needed and then senora Eva Garcia and handsome Mr. Semyon Sorokin decided to start the search using a computer: they entered the keywords ?Hispaniola's death? on November 16, 1679 and to their great joy read on the screen: This document, "Notes of a witness to a mysterious tragedy on November 16, 1679, who was returning to Portugal from Cuba in an area located a three-day voyage from Havana," is in the archival department and is not listed in the personnel computer, refer to the application to head of the department?s senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez.

????Without thinking twice, the joyful gentleman and senorina Eva Garcia went down to the second floor where they met me face to face and asked to help them go to the head of the archive department, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, to find this document. Guessing what important document this gentleman was looking for, and by this time I knew that they would look for it more than once and didn?t put it in place, creating a bewitching smile on my face and told him with joy the situation in the library: ?Dear senora, I will bring you a form, you fill it in and since today is Tuesday, at 11 o?clock on Friday, your archive document will be waiting for you, you just have to contact the head of the department, senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez. They?re looking for them on your computer for four to five days, decide. Eva Garcia, I?ll bring you the form, and you help him fill out and take it to the head of the department, senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez, but my name is senorina Carmen, what about you? "

?????My name is Semyon Sorokin, I agree, my dear senorina Carmen, wait until Friday, please bring the form, senorina Eva Garcia will help me fill out and for your kindness, if you are free, I can invite you both to the ?Dancing Gloria? dance club. There is always fun and interesting "said the sweet Slav and smiled.
?????I looked at him and said: "Senor Semyon Sorokin, unfortunately I am married and can not walk around the entertainment venues, but the charming Eva Garcia is a free girl and I think she will agree, ask her."
?????The handsome Slav looked at Eva, smiled, and said softly: "Fine se?orina, if I invite you to Dancing Gloria, you will agree to come with me."
????Eva looked at the Slav from Russia with a smile and said without hesitation: "Yes."
????I went and returned three minutes later with the forms, laid it on the table and looked at cheerful Eva and Semyon realized that they had found a common language, smiled and said quietly: "Just in case, Eva, fill out two forms, I will come and take the head of the department senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez."
????I left and appeared three minutes later, looked at the completed form, smiled broadly with my snow-white teeth and said: ?Senorina Eva and senor Semen, let's go, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, she?s waiting for you, especially with us those who are interested in historical documents of the distant past. "
????The joyful gallant senor Semyon kissed the chubby hand for me, senorina Eve, and she shining with a smile on her charming face, went with him and with me to the first floor to submit an application for the search for the necessary historical document to the head of the department senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez. Dear Johnny, I myself could tell this Slav that the document was stolen by someone unknown and can return home, but I wanted him to get a response from our boss and spend three days in company with cute Eva, who suffers from love and affection, bored with loneliness. In short, we went to the se?ora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, just at that time she was in her small office, the door was open and sat at the table looking at the papers.
????Seeing us a pretty middle-aged dark-eyed pompous lady of Spanish appearance with a gorgeous figure with brown curly hair to the shoulders and puffy lips painted with red fat lipstick in a long green dress with short sleeves, she smiled, we exchanged greetings and invited to sit down. Senor Semyon and I sat down in soft chairs, senorina Eva Garcia went to the boss and filed application forms.

???? Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez took them and asked them to sit down Eva, she sat in a chair and waited for the head of the department to read them. Finally, she read and looked at us, smiled and turned to the Slav: "Senor Semyon Sokrokin, there are a lot of historical documents in our library, dishonorable people come across among the visitors and unscrupulously steal them, if it turns out that an important document is missing, you will receive a form with our apology: Our employees will look for a document for three days, on Friday at eleven o'clock you will go up to the third floor to our charming senorina Eve Garcia.

?? ?By the way, you are not the first to look for historical documents about shipwrecks "galleons with jewelry sailing to Spain and Portugal and imagine some treasure seekers are extraordinarily lucky. By the way, how did you find out about the death of the ?Hispaniola? caravel?"

?????Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, the American Mr. Johnny Gray worked on the ?Athena? research vessel for several years, he quit six months ago and the expedition leader Mr. Richard Dean received a strange picture ?The death of ?Hispaniola? dated November 16, 1679, he became interested in her and in consultation with his chief executive from Russia, Mr. Viktor Medvedev, at his request, sent a copy of the painting to his office in Moscow, I?ll say straight away, Mr. Victor Medvedev, my uncle, his sister, my mother, new Russian? he got enough money to carry out expensive marine archaeological expeditions and, as it were, his chief adviser on their organization, gathered scientists, archaeologists and carefully examined the picture almost under a microscope, they came to the conclusion that this is not an island but a huge living marine creature inhabited on our land several dozens million years ago and miraculously preserved in a favorable environment, scientists suggest that in that part of the Atlantic Ocean at the bottom it was preserved in its original form as dozens of millions of years ago and in it from generation to generation these outlandish marine creatures survived. As a visual aid, I suggest you take a look at the photo and you will understand everything, dear charming senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez the main thing for our scientists is to find not so much treasure as a strange sea creature," said senor Simeon Sorokin, pulled a photograph from his pocket and handed it smiling joyful leader, and from what: she liked him and he liked her, so if he needs a document she will hint about spending the end of the week with him in her beloved Canary Islands at his expense, after all, his rich uncle allocated money for him.

????Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez took it and began to examine it, the photograph so interested our boss that she pulled out a large magnifying glass from the box and through it looked at the miniature picture of the ?Death of ?Hispaniola? for a long time.

????Suddenly she tore her head from the photograph and looked at us quietly said: "Senorinas, come to me, look at the photo and tell me what this island is covered with. "

????We approached her, the first through a magnifying glass I looked at a photo of Eva Garsia, the second I and since I saw the picture more than once, Johnny, it was clear to me that the artist portrayed a strange sea creature. There were no differences, and Eva and I expressed the idea that this is not dark sand, but possibly a thick skin.

?????I thought so, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez said joyfully. Therefore, if the name of this document is entered in our computer, then it lies on one of the shelves in the basement storage and as an interested person to help science, I personally will take part in the search for the historical document ?Notes? of a witness to the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679, who was returning to Portugal from Cuba in an area located a three-day voyage from Havana.? So Senor Simeon Sorokin, consider that it is in our hands and I, as related to science, I wanted you to find me at ?Athena? as soon as you find the marine creature?s area and see for yourself the most ancient giant, apparently it?s not less than two miles in diameter. Senorinas, you?re free, go do your business, I need to talk to Mr. Semyon Sorokin. "

????We left the office and headed to our departments, I went and thought, Johnny, about your rash act, why did you send a copy of the picture to your ?Athena? if you knew that the ship is equipped with modern equipment and if your former bosses undertake treasure hunting then can get ahead of you and all your efforts will be destroyed.

? ?And now I had to do everything possible to get it out of the library altogether.
?I knew in our library any document has a magnetic strip with a code, and possibly even a radio frequency tag, in one of the rooms or maybe in the office of senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez there is a terminal with a reader for magnetic and radio frequency tags and transmitted over the air to a personal computer where they are stored and indicating their exact location on shelves, racks, in departments and basements. It is impossible to get documents out of the library building either through windows or through doors, and only our boss should type the name of the archive document in the terminal as a graphic image of the room, shelf and lying book appears on the screen of her personal computer. But if the book or document is not in place, then senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, turning on the appropriate equipment and entering the code into it, immediately determines where the loss is located, unless it is carried outside the building. What a blessing it is to this day in our library that it never occurred to anyone to install security cameras at the entrance to the book depository, which I knew very well.

????And again, I had to do this so that senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez did not find the document, I walked, thought and came up with what seemed to me a clever idea. On the second floor, I said goodbye to Eva and went to my department. There were not so many readers, I sat down at my table and began to wonder in my mind how, unnoticed by anyone, to get into the basement book depository where I had hidden the ?Notes?. My head worked well, I turned on the computer and printed a false application in the name of Romero Jimenez to find a 17th-century historical document, ?The Duke Philippe de Marneg's voyage from El Salvador to Lisbon in the ?Carolina? galleon stored in the book depository and took it and went to senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez so she signed it. I went down to the first floor and went to her office behind an open door and saw a boss sitting at a table reviewing documents. Everyone knew if the doors are open you can go into the office to sign the application and at the entrance to the vault for documents of no particular value. I entered the office, filed an application with senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, she looked at it, signed and wanted to go as she looked at me and said quietly: "Senora Carmen, I?ll tell you in secret, this Russian gentleman became interested in me, he liked me and invited me to the ?Marabella? restaurant. I don?t even know if to go or not? I like him but the Russian gentleman is much younger than me."
????I looked at her, smiled and immediately whispered: ?Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, I?ll tell you a secret that you are so seductive, your figure reminds Veiner Milos, if he comes to bed he will kiss you not only your fluffy lips, but also the whole body. I saw through his eyes blue as heaven, he thinned with your beauty, don?t get lost and go to a restaurant, try to put on a mini skirt so that he sees your chubby legs. New Russians are very rich because in bed you can give him a good hint have fun in the Canary Islands, so you can convince him in any way that the ?Notes? will be found no earlier than Monday, as the clerk who searches for them cannot find this place due to the fact that some librarians come for the materials themselves, take them and then put them down if you find him ?Notes? and they find that prehistoric sea creature, they will definitely invite you to ?Athena.? But I will tell you a secret they are looking for not only this creature but also treasures, I think on that caravel ?Hispaniola" there were jewels and then Russian cavalryman Semyon Sorokin will give you breathtaking gifts. In general, Mary, you can even put a condition - a fourth of the found treasures? falls to you."

?????You judged correctly, Carmen, I?m going to the ?Marabela? and I?ll hint to the Russian cavalier Semyon to go on a weekend to the Canary Islands and then, if successful, they should share with me. So, give me a request, I will sign, go and take a document you?ll get a reward for your tally,? said the joyful senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, signed the document and handed me the form.

?I thanked senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, left her office and quickly went to the basement book depository. I must say that there was no special supervision over those who entered and exited it, since everyone believed that it did not contain particularly valuable documents and it was difficult to find the necessary papers. With the application signed by senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, I went to Senor Alevardo Mangari, an elderly man with a good appearance and a mustache a la Picasso. We exchanged greetings, I showed him a request, he smiled and took it and missed it in the vault. Having entered it, I first found the document I had postponed earlier, ?Sailing of the Duke of Phillippe de Marneg from El Salvador to Lisbon in the ?Carolina? galleon, then went to the place where I had been hidden several weeks ago, ?Notes? of a Mysterious Tragedy November 16, 1679 returning to Portugal from Cuba which happened in the area located at a distance of three days sailing from Havana "and headed for the exit. When I approached Alevardo Mangari then " Notes " put in the middle of the multi-page document? ?Sailing of the Duke of Phillippe "and when I was near the guard I showed him, smiled and quietly mysteriously said: ?senor Alevardo Mangari, I carry at the request of?senora Maria Gorried de Sanchez to an important foreigner, she is interested in the travels of ancient sailors."
????Since he had no thoughts in his mind to suspect me of stealing, he did not even glance at the document, but looked me up and down, smiled and said: ?Senorina Carmen, go, I trust you, let the foreigner read about Portuguese sailors."
????I walked past the guard and went up to the second floor, the first thing I needed to do was hide the ?Notes? so that at the end of the day I could remove them from the library in any way. Of course, I couldn?t do it alone, and I attracted my faithful friend senorina Sofia Blanco to help. So, my Johnny, you have to reward her, otherwise the document could have found up in the hands of senora Maria Gorried de Sanchez and she would have handed it over to Mr. Semyon Sorokin and even further ?Athena? sailed into the given square and had on board modern equipment and controlled self-propelled bathyscaphe researchers ahead of you found a sea creature and sunken ?Hispaniola? with treasures.
????Seeing her sitting at the table and filling out a form for another historical document, I went up to her, sat down and told her briefly that there was another serious treasure hunter for the sunken ?Hispaniola? caravel and found support from the head of the archival department of senorina Maria Gorried de Sanchez fell head over heels in love with a Russian young gentleman named Semyon Sorokin.
????After listening to me, Sophia looked at the ?Notes? the size of a leather-bound photo album with large thick sheets and whispered: ?Carmen, these ?Notes? are simply impossible to hide on our bodies under the dress, they can only be carried in a briefcase or case. Anyway, at the exit passing through arches with scanners from the library, invisible magnetic marks in the book will work, an alarm will work and the guards will immediately expose the intruder. I have a scanner with which I can read magnetic, hidden and invisible to the human eye radio frequency tags but it?s not possible to destroy them. During the day, it?s risky to act, they can see us behind this case and the radio signals can sound in the room with the terminal where all the information about the documents in our library is stored. But if we linger in the building we don?t have a night at the exit from the library and we will be figured out-no one has the right to stay in the building after nine hours, you become a violator and you will be punished by the leadership."

????I looked at her and said quietly: "Dear Sophia, I know about this, the main thing is that we, like visitors, are not marked at the entrance and I?ll tell you a secret to stay in the building for the night is not a problem for us and most importantly we will have a note that we left the library in the evening, at seven o?clock in front of the library, we check in at the checkpoint, leave for a couple of minutes and come back. Since no one is following us at the exit except the steel arch with scanners and there is a mark that you?ve left, go back to the library and do your thing for our guidance, we marked that worked day and went home about what the dream of every employee. Sophia, who comes into my head that we came back, stay with me, to destroy the magnetic, RFID tags and you will eventually get the money which never dreamed of, I believe it."

? ?"My Carmen, in this case there is nothing to be wise, not for money, but for the sake of our faithful friendship I will do so that these "Notes" remain without magnetic and radio-frequency tags, we hide so that no one except us will find among thousands of books. In the evening at seven hours, we will single-handedly note at the checkpoint that we left the library, again we go in, calmly climb to our second floor, we hide, then we go down with ?Notes? to the book depository and there I will do the main and important work for us. So tomorrow for senora Maria Gorried de Sanchez and the one who wants they will be unavailable to use the ?Notes?. Of course, she will guess that the magnetic and radio frequency tags have been erased and force all employees to shift all the books to find her. I?m already starting to act: I call my dear boyfriend Carlos Murray and he will bring the encoder in half an hour to erase magnetic and radio frequency tags necessary for our work," whispered senorina Sophia. Without thinking twice, she dialed the phone number and said quietly: "Dear, good afternoon, I ask you to urgently drive up with my encoders to meet me."
????"Okay, honey, I?ve got it all, I'm going, wait," I heard.

????"Carmen, we are waiting for the next call while we are doing our business," Sophia said and continued her writings, but for the sake of interest I began to read "The Duke of Philipp Sailing." Half an hour later, the phone rang, Sophia picked up the phone and a man's voice came to me: "Darling, I arrived."
?????Honey, I'm coming,? Sofia whispered, and blinking at me with her right eye went to the door. After five minutes I saw in the hall a tall, handsome Spanish-looking man in a blue shirt and dark jeans with a brown leather case, Sophia was walking next to him, they came to my table, we exchanged greetings and he introduced himself: ?Carlos.?

????"Carmen, I said, nice to meet you. Yes, Carlos, the main thing is to show us how to use the device to destroy the magnetic and radio frequency tags on the book."
????Carlos pulled out two small boxes, red and green, from his briefcase and began to explain: ?It's simple, look, I have two encoders ? green for erasing magnetic marks, red for radio-frequency ones. Before us is a book, there may be several of them in it marks from cover to cover, that is, on each sheet, see what I do: I raise the green encoder above the sheet to a height of a third meter, to erase you need to press the bare button and if there is a chip with a magnetic mark, a red lamp lights up on the screen. It?s worth pushing the green button and how much they were not all demagnetized. Now the time-magnetization-reversing will not but you can see there is a label or not. Carmen, take the encoder in your hand and press the blue button. "

????I took it in my hand, lifted it above the sheet, pressed the blue button and the red light came on, it became clear to everyone that there were magnetic marks.
?????Carlos, I understand everything, there are magnetic marks, you just have to click on the green button and all of them end. What a good device,? I whispered.
????"Carmen, to destroy the RF tag, you need to use the red en-encoder - you raise one third of the meter above the sheet, press the blue button, if it has a red light, then press the red button and on the other end in the terminal with the RFID reader, as well as magnetic, a short alarm sounds, but since the erased label, the signal stalls. If you erase these and other codes now, the signals will be heard by the person on duty in the room with the terminal where data about all books is stored and documents available in the library and where they lie. It seems to me that just in case there is a person on duty and keeps constant records and supervision. At night it?s unlikely that anyone will be on duty, the library managers assume that all the employees are at home, there is an alarm and she monitors everyone at night who gets inside and moves from room to room. "
?????I looked at Carlos, my girlfriend and said quietly: ?Dear wizard, I understand everything, Sophia, I don?t want you to commit a crime for me, we?ll agree, you?ll go home with Carlos, I understand how to erase magnetic and radio frequency tags and I?ll do the work myself, thanks for the invaluable help. Carlos, tomorrow after twelve o?clock Sofia will call you, you will come and I will personally carry out the briefcase with encoders. You understand, I will do this important work for me in a calm environment, thank you very much if everything ends successfully I promise money, gift."

????They looked at me and Sophia whispered: "Carmen, I also think so, you understand everything and most importantly it?s easier to hide one, you know where, I wish you success, and you my Carlos will return to your work and will arrive at seven o?clock, now it?s only five."

?????Okay, I'm leaving, Carmen, I wish you success, hide the encoders in your briefcase and take it off, everything will work out for you,? Carlos said and kissed me and Sofia left.

??? ?I?ll tell you frankly at night, from two to three hours, I was messing around with the erasure of magnetic and radio-frequency tags from the ?Notes? and without any noise did the work. A couple of times I checked the presence of magnetic and radio-frequency tags with green and red encoders, and when everything was erased and destroyed, I hid in a closet and held it until Sophia appeared. When she saw me she was delighted and realized that everything worked out well, but I told her how I worked and listened quietly: ?Carmen, pick up the documents, take it to the book depository and hide it so that no one will find ?Notes?, if not today then tomorrow the alarm will rise and they will look for the culprit of such a trick. If senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez herself were not interested in finding treasures from the sunken caravel of ?Hispaniola?, she would have waved her hand, documents were lost and are lost, go and be careful. "

?????Thank you, Sophia, I?m going, I?m carrying a document.? Duke Philippe de Marnega sailed from Salva Dor to Lisbon in the ?Carolina? galleon in place, I whispered to her and put ?Notes? in it and went to the book depository. At the entrance to it stood a guard, senor Alevardo Mangari, when he saw me, he smiled, we exchanged greetings, I showed him a request signed by senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, the document ?The Duke of Philippe's voyage?, he waved his hand and went into a huge room with shelves on which were documents and books. First of all, I hid the ?Notes? in such a safe place as was known only to me, then put on the shelf the document ?Duke Philippe de Marneg Sailing from El Salvador to Lisbon in the ?Caroline? Galleon where it was originally and headed for the exit. smiled at him and said quietly: "Senor Alevardo Mangari, you have so much free time, in this repository there are such interesting books written by people two hundred, three hundred years ago about their difficult journeys from America to Europe ?and you could read them enlarge your horizons."
????"Dear senorina Carmen, I?d be glad to read, but in this case I?ll be distracted by what is not appropriate according to the rules of conduct at the post, and if senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez recognizes or sees herself, she will expel me from work, here are valuable books and materials for losing -there will be troubles. If I get distracted and someone unnoticed walks past me and leaves with a book and they look for it, then I will be guilty. But since I enter into the journal everyone who enters and leaves and there is an application signed by the boss, she will be responsible for the loss of the document and it was held, and I've had no demand. So it is better to miss than to answer, my dear senorina Carmen," said Senor Alevardo Mangari and smiled.

????I returned to my room and continued to do my own business. On Thursday, in the second half? senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez summoned me and senorina Eva Garcia to her and gave us the task by Monday to find the document ?Notes? of the witness of the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679, who was returning to Portugal from Cuba occurred in an area located at a distance of three days from Havana. " She was more than ever unusually joyful and kind to us. I realized she has a good relationship with the Russian guy Semyon Sorokin and flies with him to her beloved Canary Islands. Just before we parted with her, she took out two large boxes of chocolates tied with a blue silk ribbon from the table and said quietly: ?Dear senorinas, this is a modest gift from the respected new Russian Mr. Semyon Sorokin, on Monday we will invite you to the ?Marabell? restaurant. But also that?s not all, which of you will find the first ?Notes? I?ll apply to our management to appoint a senior employee of the department. There are thousands of books in our book depository and I think it will be difficult for you to find this important historical document. Tomorrow you will begin your quest, so I wish you success dear senorinas."
????We looked at her, smiled and said: "Thank you, Madam Maria Gorrieda de Sanches, until Monday, we will try."

? ?Eva and I left the office and went to my room on the second floor, the working day was over, the visitors started to disperse and after half an hour took joyful sweets and in a good mood we went home. It became clear to me that Eva was dreaming, having not yet found the document, she imagined that she would try to find the ?Notes? first to get a promotion. I was glad that in time I destroyed the magnetic and radio-frequency tags on the sheets of the document and became inaccessible to senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez since I disappeared in the terminal and was not available for identification on a personal computer.

????On Friday, at ten o?clock in the morning, I first met Sophia, treated her with chocolate ?sweets and told her about a meeting with senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez. Hearing the news that she was going to petition the management to appoint a fortune as the senior employee of the department for the document she found, she looked at me and said: "Carmen, then rush to the book depository, senorina Eva Garcia is already in it and looking for a document, she did not even explain to me what she?s in such a hurry about him. Now it?s clear that he sees himself as our boss, even if he tries, I think if everyone, including our senorina Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, is looking for a document, they are unlikely to find it."

?????In that case, Sophia, I?m going to the basement to help Eve, otherwise they might suspect,? I said, and went to the book depository. Caught in the basement, she found Eva, greeted and joined her. Before lunch, the search for the document was unsuccessful, I went to dinner, Eva stayed to look for the document and asked me to buy her a sandwich and a cup of coffee. I left and returned an hour later, Eva continued to search for ?Notes?, but her mood was not as good as in the morning. She quickly ate and again began to sort through books, but until the evening success did not accompany her, Eva wanted to stay, but she knew the situation - at nine o'clock everyone except the guards left the library and silently upset, with a sour face, went out with me.
????We said goodbye and went home joyfully, Eva asked me to drive up on Saturday, I promised, but since I didn?t want to become a senior employee, I thought that only you would find the treasure because you put all your mind and efforts into it. All other treasure seekers only tried to find them at your expense and get rich. So, Eva, upset, came to the library on Saturday and continued searching for ?Notes,? all day in splendid isolation among scurrying gray rats, she went over book after book, document after document, but she didn?t find the one she needed. The girl mentally cursed those employees who had not entered into the computer either the room number or the number of the rack where the "Notes" were. Unfortunately, ?Notes? were not found by the end of the day, disappointed, with a severe headache at seven in the evening, Eva left the library, there was no question of dancing and until Monday stayed at home with the only thought if she could find ?Notes?.

????On Sunday, I was relaxing, but when I came to the library on Monday, Eva was already in the book depository and was intensively looking for a document. And here you are! No result. When she saw me, she asked why I didn?t come on Saturday, I looked at her and said softly: "My Eva, my head ached so much that she lay there all day in bed, today I went out through strength, we?ll try to find today, up to three hours still far, without a break we?ll go over the storage facilities and proceed.?

????Up to three hours, working in full force, only half of the documents were sorted into the library, but the ?Notes? were never found. Frustrated with dull faces, we left the basement empty-handed and headed for the office to senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez. She had just returned from the Canary Islands by this time, and after a pleasant stay with a young handsome Slav from Russia, she was sitting in a comfortable armchair looking at documents, joyful.

????When I and Eva Garcia first entered her office, we exchanged greetings and, sadly for all of us, informed senora Maria Gorriieda de Sanchez about our unsuccessful search for ?Notes?. Senora Maria listened to us, was upset, and without saying a word, called the duty officer on duty at the archive center where there was a terminal with a device for reading magnetic and radio-frequency tags from archived documents and then transmitted over the air to a personal computer where data on all books and documents available in library and is constantly monitored and monitored. All the library staff knew that on each document there were magnetic and radio frequency tags.

?? ?"Senor Jorge Perret, good afternoon, there is a historical document in our library ??Notes? of the witness of the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679, who was returning to Portugal from Cuba in an area located at a distance of three days from Havana, read the magnetic and radio frequency label and skip the signal on the document, I need to know where it is."

???"Good morning, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, in a couple of minutes I will give you complete information about the whereabouts of this document," said Jorge Perret.

????Two minutes later, senora Maria and we heard the voice of Jorge Perret: "Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, the location of this document cannot be determined, the radio frequency tags are not transmitted over the air to a personal computer, in short someone may have stolen it."

????Hearing such an unpleasant message from Jorge Perret senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez even changed face, without hesitation, she called the head of the security, senor Raul Pedro, about an important document missing, but he gladly informed her that over the past six months there had been no case of illegal smuggling or documents. Poor senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez grabbed her head, she did not know what to do and who to blame, I began to sympathize with her grief, soothe and gave her advice: "Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, everything is not lost, let's continue searching for the document in the book depository, we sorted out only half of the books. If that new Russian is interested in getting a ?Notes? and has a desire to continue to take care of you, then he will agree to wait at least a month and we will continue the search, and if we don?t find it, you will get your hands apart, apologize end of course i I understand your desire to find a document and go with them in search of a sea creature, but if the document actually disappeared, then there?s nothing left to do but to announce to Interpol and let them search. "

?????No, senorina Carmen, while you do not need to declare any Interpol, continue searching ? Notes?, take senorina Sofia Blanco to help and bring me a document at three o?clock next Monday, I will order the guards to let you into the library?s library on Sunday. Now you are free, and tomorrow the three of us will go to the book depository, my condition remains - whoever finds the document becomes a senior employee, it means a lot, until tomorrow, " said? senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez smiling.

????We said goodbye to the boss and headed to our departments, I walked and thought: if we don?t find the document next week, it is unlikely that she will back down and draw as many more employees, someone will certainly find the ?Notes? and senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez will be known the coordinates of the death of "Hispaniola" and decided to pull the document out of the cache. Having climbed to the second floor I said goodbye to Eva and went into my department, senorina Sofia sitting at the table when she saw me smiling and when she approached her she said quietly: "Carmen, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez called, obliged to help you find the document, from her tone I realized that if we don?t find it, we are in trouble, so we need to lay it out but before handing it to them we?ll destroy it and she won?t know who and when did it, especially the ?Notes? in her hands and let her read with her boyfriend that journey. "
????I looked at my friend and said: "Sophia, I need your help, only you have to be fearless, we will catch a big rat, from its jaws with sharp teeth we will make a kind of forceps and where the coordinates are written, and as I remember at the bottom of the sheet, and no one realizes that this is our trick. "

????She looked at me, smiled and said quietly: "Carmen, I?m fearless, I don?t need to catch rats, there is a shop selling rodents, I?ll call Carlos, I?ll give the assignment, he will buy and explain the assignment in the evening, so don?t worry after a couple of days with us there will be mechanical jaws with rat sharp teeth and gnaw through the entire document so that no one will guess about our trick in life, the main thing is to distract Eva."

????I was delighted and whispered to my friend: "Sophia, call Carlos to buy a mechanical rat jaws."

????In short, my beloved Johnny, I and Sophia did everything as planned, in our hands with the help of Carlos were mechanical rat jaws with sharp teeth. Now we had to use them skillfully, for which several hours in a row we trained to gnaw off pieces of paper from separate sheets and then from the book. We well mastered this kind of occupation and we could only take advantage of the absence of Eva, but she saw in us her rivals who were the first to find the document, came to the book depository earlier and left later, thus not giving me the opportunity to go unnoticed by her at night.

?????? ?And yet, on Saturday, I and Sophia outwitted her and stayed all night to do the work I had planned, and when on Sunday senorina Eva came to look for a document, she met only my friend, on the one hand, was surprised by my absence, and on the other, she was glad of the documents there was little to sort out and she was given a chance to find it if she would send Sofia home. But she didn?t have to use this reason, and since Sofia knew that I had done the work, but I?m still in the basement and I need to quietly go out for Eva, she got ahead of her, took her aside and told her a fiction: ?My Eva, Carmen called in the morning and said unpleasant news, she went dancing at the ?Carousel? yesterday and after drinking an extra glass of Margarita she felt disgusting, she barely got home and is lying with a sore head, so I leave you. If you don?t find a document by Monday, don?t think about telling senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez about that Carmen and I were absent on Sunday. Yes, Carmen asked me to find the scanner left to her yesterday and remove from rabid rats from the shelf in the cabinet, if they break it, then you need to reimburse the cost. "
???Upon learning that Carmen was ill and Sofia wants to leave, Eva was incredibly happy and went to help her to look for my scanner in another room. I?ll say on Tuesday before I go to look for an important ?Notes? document, we were handed three scanners to read magnetic and radio-frequency tags from documents, so there was an increased chance of finding it. While Eva and Sofia were looking for my scanner, I left my shelter and quietly left the book depository, went up to the first floor and headed for the exit from the library. Ten minutes later, a smiling Sofia joined me at the appointed place and we went to her place so as not to get caught purely by chance. Eva was left to look for ?Notes?. On Saturday night, in order to stay overnight in the book depository, we outwitted Eva: Carlos called Sofia and asked us to urgently leave on an urgent matter. Sophia and I said goodbye to senora Eva and left her, before leaving the library, she checked in, left, and immediately returned. When we entered the book depository, Sofia was the first to go, I followed her, and since Eva was in another room at that time, I managed to hide behind her behind the shelves unnoticed. I waited about an hour, finally Sophia and Eva left the book depository and left their shelter. First of all, I pulled the document out of the cache and opened on that sheet where the Duke of Alvar Pedro de Raules wrote the coordinates of the death of ??Hispaniola? with treasures.

????The line turned out to be the bottom and this simplified my work, because I wasted no time getting the mechanical rat jaws and in this place I began to gnaw at them the book to the full thickness folding the pieces into a plastic bag. After three hours of accurate work, the last line on all sheets, along with the coordinates and description, disappeared. In order not to arouse suspicion on the part of? senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, I bit through sheets of paper throughout the entire thickness of the ?Notes?. I looked from the side of the book and I had no doubt that it was the rats that gnawed at it and since this work lay for three centuries in different places, it is not surprising that more than once hungry creatures ate it.

????I put the ?Notes? in place and went into the shelter to sit but not sleep, as there were many rats in this basement. I interrupted the night, with the help of Sophia left the book depository on Sunday, and on Monday returned to continue the search for ?Notes?. At two in the afternoon while Sophia distracted Eva in the next room, I took out historical work from the cache and kept it near me waiting for the return of my girlfriend. As soon as Sophia approached me, I handed her the ?Notes? and whispered: ?After five minutes you will shout:? Eva, Carmen, I found the document, come to me! Now step aside."

????Sophia took the ?Notes? and walked away a couple of steps from me, she saw the manuscript from all sides and came to the conclusion: the rats worked hard. She opened the document, leafed through and realized, the bottom line of all the sheets is missing, in some places the rodents even climbed into the second but only partially damaged and without effort you can read the written by the witness of the death of ?Hispaniola?. I gave Sophia a sign and she shouted aloud: "Eva, Carmen, I found a document, come to me."

???? ?I approached her and soon ran up to Eva, she saw a leather-bound document in Sophia?s hands and almost lost her mind from grief why she couldn?t find the ?Notes?, after finding them she could become a senior employee . Missed such a chance! The historical document went hand in hand, we examined it for at least ten minutes and cursed rats that gnawed the sheets. We had time and we read that page on which the Duke of Alvar Pedro de Raules described the jewelry transported to Portugal and how the ?Hispaniola? caravel died.
??? ?At three o?clock we went with a historical document to senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, going to her office, we saw behind the open door a magnificent lady sitting at the table resembling the figure of Venus Miloska in a blue knee-length dress, next to her was a young sportsman with a Slavic appearance in a white shirt and blue jeans. Seeing us with a historical document in the hands of Sophia, she smiled and said in a pleasant voice: "Dear senorinas, please go to my office."

????We went in, exchanged greetings, Sophia put the ?Notes? on the table and said quietly: ?Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, I found it in a common heap of documents of no value lying on the floor. Here or elsewhere they are greedy "hungry rats worked on the document, be careful, maybe they are different and the infection will get on you."

????The head of the archival department carefully looked at the historical document nibbled almost from all sides and did not know what to do, finally she realized, pulled out two pairs of rubber gloves from the drawer, one she took for herself, the other handed it to Semyon Sorokina and put it on to leaf through a handwritten document, then gave it to the Slav and he scanned it and quietly said, ?Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, in fact the rats really ate it so seriously that the bottom line of each sheet completely disappeared and what the senior Herz described of Alvarsky Pedro de Raules remains a mystery, but nevertheless we know the name of the author and maybe in other libraries you can find some other additional useful information and I would like, with your permission, to get a copy of this invaluable material. "Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, you have Xerox, in three minutes two copies will be ready and we will read interesting excerpts."

??????Everything is right, Mr. Semyon Sorokin, a few minutes and everything is ready. senorina Eva Garcia, make two copies on my Xerox,? said senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez and handed her the ?Notes? written by the Duke of Alvars Pedro de Raules.

????Senorina Eva Garcia took the historical document and began to copy, three minutes later she handed one copy to senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez to another new Russian, he quickly looked through them and joyfully exclaimed: ?Dear senora and senorina! I found the most important thing that was required I give you brief excerpts, listen: "In recent years, pirates have attacked ships sailing to Europe with impunity to rob and capture young beautiful ladies for their possession and violence. Since there was no rest from them, day or night, groups of several caravels gathered and having guns on board, everyone felt more or less safe. On the fourth night of the journey in the moonlight, we saw an island from above covered with strange black sand, green algae grew in some places. We were struck by the fact that he was sticking out of the water with a height of no more than 17-20 feet, almost flat and as it seemed to me from his dark surface a strange reflection was reflected in the moonlight. This interested us and we decided to get close, one of the caravels, ?Hispaniola?, which turned out to be the closest to the island, suddenly fell into a giant funnel. In front of the sailors standing on the deck of six ships in just a couple of minutes, she went to the bottom with 50 sailors returning home to the Duchess of Andalusia, senora de Sophia, with her retinue and innumerable wealth of 12 thousand gold coins each weighing at least 20 grams, 30 thousand silver coins 10 grams, items made of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture, the rest of the ships hastened from this strange island located according to our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan de Franco ... "

????A handsome man from Russia looked at us and happily said: ?Beautiful ladies, for your find, to begin with, I invite you all to visit the chic restaurant ?Marabella ? a couple of days in the evening, but after our successful searches you will receive rewards and gifts in the form of jewelry and you our dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, our leader and my billionaire uncle, Mr. Victor Medvedev, will invite you to ?Athena? and you will personally see that sea creature miraculously preserved from those distant prehistoric times.

????? ?The fact that the rats gnawed at the coordinates is not scary, that captain senor Juan Franco did not then assume that it was not an island but a floating giant living creature, it is constantly moving and only using modern equipment from the satellite can we fix its location. I will say frankly this is a very expensive pleasure, it will take several million dollars to invest, and now knowing what treasures lie on its surface, it is worth a quarter billion dollars, then our leader and my uncle Mr. Victor Medvedev will receive a copy of the priceless historical ?document will immediately decide to look for a creature floating somewhere within three days of sailing from Cuba, this is approximately in the Bahamas, so the sheepskin is worth the candle, as they say the game is worth the candle. Therefore, lovely senorinas and you, dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, prepare your outfits and in a couple of days we will have fun at such an important event in the chic restaurant "Marabella".
????When I heard that this Russian was not very interested in the coordinates of the death of ??Hispaniola?, but what treasures sunken, whether it made sense to spend crazy money on searching for a swimming sea creature in the Bahamas, my Johnny, I was not worth it. Honey, you and I thought that this strange island was motionless, but when I heard that this giant sea creature was moving, I was discouraged ? will you and your team manage to find it !? And then I just wondered how he guessed about the approximate location of the death of ?Hispaniola? when I learned that all this happened within three days of sailing from Cuba, you can imagine how he correctly predicted.

????In short, all my tricks with ?Notes? did not lead to anything, most importantly the new Russian Semyon Sorokin knew that a quarter of a billion dollars worth of jewelry caravels could go on a quest. I was desperate that your former bosses from your stupid trick learned the secret about the death of ?Hispaniola? with treasures, but could not help you anymore. Our esteemed senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, having heard about a quarter of a billion bucks of sunken goods that had sunk with a caravel and Mr. Semyon Sorokin approximately knows the location of the sea creature and ?Athena? will certainly go in search of treasures was indescribable delight and immediately announced: ?Senorinas, I am pleased with your work, thank you very much, I think you all want to go to ?Marabela? in a couple of days, so we meet at 9 pm at the entrance, you are free. Yes, I will try to address to our Chief? to promote you in the post. "

????We looked at each other and as we wanted to distract ourselves and have fun, we agreed. Satisfied senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez smiled, a young handsome Slav stood up from his chair, kissed our hands, and we went joyfully to our departments. I walked and thought not so much about the treasures, but about the upcoming evening in the restaurant and an event that would certainly happen on it, the culprit of which would be Eva Garcia. The fact is that when we were in the office of senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, I noticed how the Russian handsome womanizer cast his eyes on the young, charming and seductive Eva Garcia standing near Xerox in a short blue mini skirt with beautiful long full legs. It?s a pity senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez didn?t see this; she could cancel the party in the restaurant, just as she understood that a woman and a man needed young and beautiful bodies.

????We returned to our departments and Sophia and I began to speculate whether the Russian researchers floating on the ?Athena? will be able to get ahead of you having the approximate coordinates of the place of death of the ?Hispaniola? with jewels by a quarter billion dollars. I was already ready to give up everything and rush to you to warn about new seekers of treasures and speed up the beginning of searches if possible, but Sophia convinced me not to take a stupid step: "Carmen, I will tell you frankly, the Russians do not pose any threat to you, you gave them "Notes" written by the Duke of Alvar Pedro de Raules. It turns out they were interested in the presence of treasures on the caravel "Hispaniola" and knowing about them they are ready to give us rewards and gifts. Having found out handsome Semyon that thanks to your efforts they got these "Notes? he would make you rich, and if I weren?t married Johnny he would offer his hand. So he is like a friend to us, but you have real enemies, the Spaniards Romero and Philippe whom you passed through your fingers and if you make contact with Johnny will betray himself and him. I have no doubt Romero and Philip agents working for some boss who is interested in getting treasures from the sunken ? Hispaniola ? are looking for Johnny around the world and if you make contact with him they will take you hostage when they find out about it. I think you watch movies and see how bandits with knives and electric saws cut off fingers, little hands and scissors of victims to get the necessary information.

????? ?Sit down and do not hang out, Johnny will do all the work in a calm atmosphere, he will get ahead of the Russians, find treasures and will definitely call you. Understand me correctly Carmen, I do not dissuade, it?s just better for both of you and you will be whole. And a couple of days in the evening we?ll go to the ?Marabela? and take a walk from the heart, it seems to me that at the party, wine and champagne will pour over the river. "

????"Well, I will not distract Johnny from his preparation for the treasure hunt, I think those Spaniards forgot about me and if I put my nose out they will start hunting for me, and this will end for us both deplorably, I'll go to the bottom for a while and if he finds the treasures then I?ll let him know, and now, Sofia, we?ll talk about what to wear for a party, " I said and smiled.

????Sophia looked at me and said quietly: ?Carmen, I?ll wear a pink long dress with sequins, you know, I can?t stand out because I go without Carlos, and I advise you to wear a short transparent light dress to the knees, let?s look at your beautiful body, yes, already seven in the evening, let's go home. "

????There were few visitors, Sofia rang the bell and announced: "Senoras and senores, the library is closing, I ask you to leave the building, welcome tomorrow."
????Everyone who was in the hall began to leave him, we collected books, put them in half and turned off the light, and went home. Two days passed quickly, on Wednesday at nine in the evening we gathered at the door of the ?Marabela? restaurant - Sophia came in a pink long dress with sequins and bright red beads around her neck, I am in a transparent light dress to my knees with a necklace of blue pearls, senorina Eve, shining with joy, had a short sleeveless red velvet dress with a neckline and short sleeves that encircled her graceful figure. Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez dressed up as if she had gathered for a business meeting - a long dark skirt, a white blouse and over her a blue jacket with brooches, a gold chain sparkled with a pendant sprinkled with diamonds on her full neck. A handsome Russian from Semyon came in a black suit with a bow-tie over a snow-white shirt and examined all of us from head to toe, in my opinion I was surprised why we dressed so frivolously, but smiled and exchanged greetings entered the hall.

????There were not so many visitors, the tables were ordered in advance, and as soon as we sat down a waitress approached him, Senor Semyon ordered champagne, wine, snacks, drinks, sweets, fruits. After a couple of minutes, she and another waitress brought the order, including two vases with flowers and spilled sparkling champagne into the glasses, drank for our health. The snacks, wines, drinks, sweets were great, we enjoyed them, exchanged phrases and I noticed a Russian womanizer sitting next to senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez opposite senorina Eva was carried away by her, he smiled, gave her compliments, poured drinks, served sweets. When orchestra began to play out Russian womanizer of respect for senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez invited her to a modern shake dance, she danced impeccably and the senoras and senores sitting at the tables clapped, our couple was delighted and gave everyone air kisses. Since the cavalier from Russia did not want us to be bored he invited us and we danced with him. He was a great dancer, like himself, I don?t know what he was saying to the girls but he whispered to me: ?Charming Carmen, you are nice and beautiful, if you agreed you could go with me first to Russia and then when on our ?Athena? experts will install new equipment capable of satellite sensing the seabed in large areas, I would take you to the ship and we would go with you in search of a sea creature. The fact is that he went to the depths and so no one will see him from the deck of the ship and indeed nobody about him except our officer John Gray, who sent us a picture ?anything does not know what we'll find a sea creature with lying on her caravel ?Hispaniola? with treasure and you will get any jewelry that you want. I just want to say today treasure seekers equipped with the latest equipment and millions of dollars can get them on the deck of ship. Our Johnny is a competent specialist, but he doesn?t have such a ship as our and it?s unlikely he read the ?Notes? written by the Duke of Alvars Pedro de Raules."

????I looked at him and said softly: "Dear senor Semyon Sorokin, first of all you promised senora Maria Gorriieda de Sanchez to invite her to ?Athena? and I can?t imagine what will happen to her if she sees me next to you. And secondly, the main thing is that I and senorina Sophia are married, we cannot leave our husbands, and as for senorina Eva Garcia, she is in search of a gentleman and would gladly accept your invitation to go on a journey, in search of a sea creature, so keep in mind. If I were as free as Eva then I immediately accepted your offer, I can?t leave my beloved husband, this is not a reason to refuse, I told you about this three weeks ago, sorry senor Semyon."

?? ?"In that case, charming Carmen, I do not insist, but as for Eva, she is charming, thanks for the dance," whispered Russian handsome Semyon, kissed me on the cheek and led me to the table with the girls sitting and senora Maria. We continued to drink, have a bite, dance, it was unusually fun, chatted nonstop, and soon the musician on the stage turned to those present: ?Senoras and senores, now you will have a long dance for the prize, the winning couple will receive a valuable gift, please everyone to take part, but I?ll say, our main task is to cheer you up before you leave our hospitable establishment, the wonderful ?Marabella? restaurant.

????The musicians played a tango, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez picked up the handsome from Russia senor Semyon led closer to the stage and as an inveterate dancer began to trim pa in front of everyone and despite the magnificent forms, the partner danced him impeccably. But then the musicians began to play rock and roll, the pace of the game accelerated and senora Maria Gorrieda ?de Sanchez began to go astray, out of breath and asked her gentleman to take her to the table. He took her away, sat her on a chair and wanted to sit down, but at that time the joyful smiling senorina Eva got up, went up to Senor Semyon and invited him to the dance, he smiled and they started to dance. The musicians accelerated the game, the dancers began to move faster, and soon, at a frantic pace, many couples began to tire, dance out of time and one after another left the stage. Finally, there were three couples, and among them were senor Semyon and senorina Eva. The musicians stopped playing, one of them went to the edge of the stage and loudly announced: "Senorinas and senores, there are three pairs left, they will go on stage and continue to dance, which of them will beautifully and accurately dance the dance will receive the first prize, the other two, second and third? ones, please, be on stage."

????Three couples took the stage, the orchestra musicians began to twist, the dancers began to finish the pretzel, as the rubber twisted bodies and made incredible movements, the partners threw their partners and skillfully caught them. Then a shake sounded, it was replaced by rock and roll, the pace of the game accelerated and the two couples began to go astray, exhausted, and finally only the handsome Russian Semyon and charming Eva continued to dance on the stage. The orchestra finished playing ?Prison Rock?, the group leader walked over to the remaining couple and announced loudly: ?Dear senorinas and senores, this couple is the winner of our competition ? Everybody Dance? and is awarded a ticket for two that can bring a charming couple together on their fantastic month-long journey to ancient China. Before they receive the lady and gentleman will give their names, I will write them in a ticket and in three days happy travelers will fly to an exotic country."

????Hearing such terrific news, the joyful smiling Eva in front of everyone rushed to hug and kiss the Russian handsome man, then she and him went up to the musician holding the ticket and said their names. As soon as the musician entered their names, handed the ticket to Eve and addressed her: ?Dear lovely and charming Eva?! Are you satisfied with such a prize? Agree to travel with Senor Semyon in Ancient China? "

????She looked at the musician and joyfully said: "Dear senor, I am very pleased with the prize and agree to travel with senor Semyon, but I don?t know if he agrees to go on such a long journey with me."

????The musician looked at the Russian handsome man and smiled to him: "Dear senor Semyon, senorina Eva wants to know if you have agreed to travel with her in Ancient China for so long?"

????He looked at the musician, senorina Eva, smiled and said: ?Dear sir, thank you very much for such a valuable prize and I will say frankly I do not mind traveling with such a charming senorina Eva, but as for rapprochement, it will show the future, we don?t know each other, but I want to say thank you to her, to you and everyone who provided such a prize, I?m happy, thank you very much. "

????Of course, Eva and Semyon were in seventh heaven, they smiled, kissed as if they knew each other a long time ago, but as for senora Maria Gorried de Sanchez, she couldn?t find a place and I guessed about the tricks of her former boyfriend who had found a skillful gentlemanly move to get rid of her. senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez was discouraged, she did not look towards the stage and did not listen to Eva and Semyon expressing their words of gratitude to the organizer of such a fantastic journey through Ancient China. Soon the joyful senorina Eva and the smiling Semyon approached us, I and Sophia heartily congratulated them on such a valuable prize, and only senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez muttered something incomprehensible to us in Russian and continued ?finita la comedy?.

????? ?Russian handsome Semyon looked at all of us and clearly said: ?Dear senorinas and beautiful senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, I sincerely tried to make us all fun and pleasant, each of you had a chance to win a prize, but if you for your reasons couldn?t do it , I had nothing to do with it. Senorina Eva didn?t miss it, we will go on a trip in a couple of days, she agreed and when we get back we will get together, tell and show interesting sights taken on video and movie cameras. you charm senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez, my promise remains valid - as soon as the participants of the research expedition to ?Athena? find a sea creature, you will receive a free ticket, fly to the Bahamas by plane and you will personally see it on board our ship. I thank you all for your efforts to find me "Notes" and as promised each of you will receive rewards and gifts, thank you for coming and joining the company, see you soon. "
????We thanked Mr. Semyon Sorokin and he looked at us and said: ?Charming senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, charming senorinas Sofia, Eva, Carmen do not break away, after a few minutes they will drive cars and take you home. If you have a desire to accompany us at the airport, on a long journey through ancient China, we invite you, senorina Eva will inform you about this."
????Five minutes later, cars drove up, we said goodbye to each other, sat down and joyful headed home. In truth, I will tell senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez was very upset: right before her eyes, there was such a tragedy for her-new Russian Semyon left her for a young girl. As for parting of the senorina Eva and the Russian handsome Semyon, I, Sophia and senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez went with them to the airfield, in the bar we drank champagne, wished them a happy journey to Ancient China and an early return. At parting, senorina Eva and senor Semyon kissed us, and fortunately for all this was not the last goodbye and not the last kiss, especially for our lady.

????As I personally understood and what senorina Eva did not hide from us, she went with him to China and then to Russia accepting the offer of the rich Russian handsome Semyon to become his wife. They were so happy that they decided to make the honeymoon first, and only then senor Semyon went on a difficult search for a sea creature with a sunken caravel ?Hispaniola? with jewels worth a quarter of a billion dollars. In my opinion, Johnny, they did not believe that you, with your limited finances, made them serious competition and therefore were in no hurry.

????Due to the great busyness in preparation for the search for the sea creature and the sunken caravel of ?Hispaniola?, senor Semyon and senorina Eva did not arrive in Lisbon but sent the senora Maria Gorriieda de Sanchez and sent us electronic messages and filming and, in my opinion, they differed, hardly our lady received pictures where senor Semyon and senorina Eva passionately kissed and hugged so as not to annoy her, but she understood the most interesting young couple did not send her.

????In January, the world spread the news that you, Johnny, found in the strange underwater palace innumerable riches and living senorinas and senores who had been in it for more than three centuries, then there was a significant break and, like a bolt from the blue, the appearance of a giant sea monsters crumbling skyscrapers with their long tentacles. We saw how pipes, fragments of boats, a ship and engines flew into buildings.

????Then again the lull for a while and once again showed how you collected jewels from the surface of a sea creature. I saw you, friends and I felt uneasy - it was my fault that a beautiful Spanish woman stood between us and more than sure if you knew that I was alive you would hardly have made such a choice. But let's move on to Russian researchers - at the beginning of March 2006, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, Sophia and I unexpectedly received an invitation from senor Semyon Sorokin to fly to the Bahamas on the appointed day for a week at his expense to go with them to Athena to the place where lay at the bottom of the sea creature they found. senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez gathered us together, she was in a good mood, glad to see the sea creature from the news received, and decided to fly on March 15 to Nassau on Friday.

???? ?Senora Sophia sent an e-mail to senor Semyon Sorokin about our readiness to fly on March 15 to Nassau and in a few minutes received an answer from him that the tickets were ordered and will be delivered to the library of senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez tomorrow between two and three o?clock afternoon. I won?t describe how we were preparing for the flight, how they flew about meeting us at the airport with our dear senorina Eva and senor Semyon Sorokin. They brought three bouquets of tropical flowers and handed us, the fragrant smell almost intoxicated us and I felt dizzy. We exchanged greetings and at ten in the morning we went to the port by car, there we boarded the boat and rushed off to the large ship standing a mile from us, from afar I read on board the ?Athena? and it became clear to me, here, while traveling, it will be our hotel. Once on board we were greeted by the crew and the expedition, acquaintance occurred, and as I noticed, our ?Athena? lifted the anchor and headed to the place where the sea creature was. The ship sailed, we were seated at a table right on the deck under a large awning and treated to fine wines, champagne and surprisingly delicious snacks, sweets and tropical fruits.

????After a delicious dinner, senorina Eva led us to inspect ?Athena? and when they went into the cabin of the expedition leader, Mr. Richard Dean, I noticed a photocopy of the painting ?The Death of ?Hispaniola? hanging on the wall, my heart beat faster and I guessed right away that this one we are looked with you that evening when you enjoyed my magnificent body. Everything became clear to me: so that no one would follow you, you send it to your ship on which you worked for more than three years. We were provided with separate cabins and we spent in them three nights of our fantastic sailing.

???The most interesting moment in this interesting exciting travel story occurred the next day when ?Athena? slowed down and stopped. Early in the morning, senorina Eva invited us for breakfast, we left the cabin on the deck and I noticed that a large apparatus with screws appeared in the stern a bit like the color of the sea wave, and because I saw something similar on television while the scientists were diving to the bottom a real self-propelled bathyscaphe and perhaps on it we have to plunge under water to see a sea creature.

????And so it happened ? the first sank to the bottom was with senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez, I noted the time and looked forward to returning. The device appeared on the surface in an hour and a half, the hatch opened soon and a smiling Semyon Sorokin appeared, followed by our joyful lady and two expedition members. They went to the deck, judging by the appearance of the senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez was delighted with the dive and shared with us their impressions of what she saw on the seabed and showed photographs captured on a digital movie camera. Sophia and I simply could not believe on a dark surface in different places lay jewelry, gold, silver coins. Of course, they did not wallow in heaps and in bulk, they were leftovers, but it seems to me that for one dive so much good was raised that more than justified the cost of such an occupation. But the most exciting pictures followed further - in the picture I saw the remains of a sunken partially destroyed wooden "Hispaniola" and before my eyes came a picture of the death of "Hispaniola."

????The next dive was scheduled for two hours in the afternoon, during which time the technicians will prepare the deep-sea apparatus ?Marine Explorer? and I and Sophia will take places in it. The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining bright, the temperature rose to +35 C degrees in the shade and the awning above the dining tables saved us from scorching rays and heat. At the end, dinner was over and I was looking forward to when Senor Semyon Sorokin invited us to take places in the bathyscaphe. Time passed slowly, the technicians carefully prepared the apparatus for immersion, just like two hours, four cables were hooked to the rings of the bathyscaphe, lifted by a crane into the air and gently lowered into the water. Seniors Semyon Sorokin and Richard Dean went down through the hatch into the apparatus, for about five minutes they checked the operation of its engines and making sure that the ?Marine Explorer? was ready to dive, Mr. Jack Harrison came up to me and Sofia standing next to me announced: ?Senorinas, please follow me be careful when going down the ramp. "

???Sophia and I followed him, went to the hatch, Senor Semyon Sorokin helped us down into a small bright room and sat us down on soft swivel chairs near a large porthole, there were three in all, so the view was significant. Our self-propelled bathyscaphe slowly descended into the water and under the light of three powerful searchlights illuminating the dark space, we admired the toothy sharks, fish, sea snakes, stars and other living creatures of various sizes and colors floating by us. Having descended to a depth of more than four hundred yards, I noticed a huge black bottom in the window and immediately guessed, beneath us was a sea creature, at least 7 feet to the surface.
????Unexpectedly for myself, I noticed a small pile of jewelry lying on it. My heart began to beat faster at the sight of such a luxury lying untouched. We sailed through them and Senor Semyon Sorokin smiled and said: ?Beautiful senorinas, our pump sucked the jewels and they ended up in the drive, so our dive was not in vain, but most importantly for you you saw a sea creature close in size make up more than three kilometers. It?s a pity that we can?t examine it completely, but you will see the ?Hispaniola? caravel, but for now we?ll continue our treasure hunt.

????I won?t say that there should be a lot of jewelry, necklaces of pearls, pendants, medallions, gold and silver coins and items, but since their cost is very high, the game was worth the candle or, as Russian handsome Semyon said, the sheepskin was worth the candle. Somehow, unexpectedly, I saw spacesuits lying in the side view in front of the side window and said quietly: ?Senor Semyon, turn the bathyscaphe to the right, there are diving suits but without head parts. I don?t know if you saw them before??
????He turned his head to me and said: "Senora Carmen, we have not sail in this place and have never seen diving suits, thanks for the find, you are so attentive."
????Senor Semyon immediately changed course and soon the apparatus sailed? to the diving suits, jewels were lying around them and they were immediately sucked into the drive. Senorina Sophia, sitting near another side porthole, suddenly exclaimed: ?Senores, to the right of our bathyscaphe other diving suits are lying and also without head parts, this is a treasure trove. It seems to me that people were hiding behind the treasures and maybe there was a battle between them because of them "Just look! There are treasures here and there! Mr. Semyon, turn on your pump and suck in the jewels!"
?????Adorable senorina Carmen! Got to turn on the pump,? said Simon and smiled.
????We sailed in this area over the surface of a sea creature for an hour and a half sucking in jewelry. Before sailing to the sunken ?Hispaniola? caravel, three diving suits connected with each other were hooked and together with them our ?Marine Researcher?, changing course, slowly sailed to the north. Ten minutes later, I saw a wooden skeleton of a wrecked ship ahead, next to it lay a stump of a mast with ropes. A strange thing - near him circled such a variety of fish, sea snakes, skates, stars and mollusks that we did not see during the descent and sailing over the surface of this prehistoric creature that miraculously survived to our times in a favorable environment.

????Senor Semyon, who was sitting at the control panel, directed our bathyscaphe to a large embrasure and? 6 feet away, stopped the course and turned to me quietly saying: ?Dear senorina Carmen, we sailed to the sunken caravel of ??Hispaniola ?, you remember what in his "Notes" the Duke of Alvar Pedro de Raules wrote: "In recent years, pirates attacked ships sailing with impunity in Europe with the aim of robbing and capturing young beautiful ladies for their possession and violence. Since there was no rest from them, day or night, groups of several caravels gathered and having guns on board, everyone felt more or less safe. On the fourth night of the journey in the moonlight, we saw an island from above covered with strange black sand, green algae grew in some places. We were struck by the fact that he was sticking out of the water with a height of no more than 5-7 yards, almost flat and as it seemed to me from his dark surface a strange reflection was reflected in the moonlight. This interested us and we decided to get close, one of the caravels, ?Hispaniola?, which turned out to be the closest to the island, suddenly fell into a giant funnel. In front of the sailors standing on the deck of six ships in just a couple of minutes, she went to the bottom with 50 sailors returning home to the Duchess of Andalusia Senora de la Sophia, with her retinue and innumerable wealth of 12 thousand gold coins each weighing at least 20 grams, 30 thousand silver coins of 10 grams, items made of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture, the rest of the ships hastened from this strange island located according to our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan de Franco ... "
????So, beautiful senorinas Carmen and Sophia, with your help, we sailed to the sunken caravel of "Hispaniola", I will say frankly: if everything described by the Duke of Alvar, Pedro de Raules regarding the cargo is true, then he is in the hold. Those jewels that were lying on the surface of the sea creature have nothing to do with the wealth that was transported by the Duchess of Andalusia, Senor de la Sofia. Imagine Carmen and Sophia, they are lying there and waiting for us to pick them up, to make sure of this ?I will launch a flexible mechanical arm into it for the manufacture of which it took a lot of money and a lot of time, but on the other hand we are not threatened by marine predators who have found a comfortable place for them in it. Mr. Richard Dean, senorinas, see what happens before your eyes. "

???Senor Semyon pressed the blue button and we saw how the telescopic tube at least 4? in diameter began to come out with a head at the end, it went into the embrasure and after a while long black snakes with ruby-red eyes burst out. At least a dozen pounced on our windows, others on a mechanical arm, the review stopped, but at this time on the screen we saw an image transmitted by the TV-eye from the hold. It turns out that in addition to the miniature tele-camera, there was an electric flashlight on the head, it illuminated part of the space, thanks to which we saw in the hold various miraculously preserved ancient barrels with wide hoops and chests bound with iron wide clamps. My heart beat quickly, the sailors kept gunpowder in such barrels, and in the chests they used to transport jewelry, therefore everything was confirmed: they contained untouched gold, silver coins, jewelry, jewelry. But there was the only difficulty in how to pull them out; the chests were much more embrasures. Senor Semyon began to speak Russian with his uncle on the walkie-talkie, but since I understood only a few words, I didn?t know what it was about. When he stopped the conversation, Senor Semyon quietly said: ?Mr. Richard Dean, senorinas Carmen and Sophia we are coming up, our time is running out. Next time we will descend tomorrow, our engineers will install additional equipment and try to remove the barrels of gunpowder and chests from the hold that we will recognize tomorrow."

???A flexible mechanical telescopic arm began to be pulled inward to take its position, by this time several long black snakes had died in an unequal battle with monstrous-looking, big-toothed fish. Having driven the stupid sea serpents away from the window and seeing us, they made every effort to cut through the thick glass with their long sharp teeth and lost all hope of penetrating our room to the side. Senor Semyon pressed the green button and the ?Marine Explorer? began to climb up and when it surfaced it turned out to be a few yards from the side of ?Athena?. The bathyscaphe was hooked with cables, pulled to the side, the technicians opened the hatch and helped to get down to the deck. Everyone who was on the ship met us, joy knew no bounds and congratulated us on finding the wooden barrels and chests on the sunken ?Hispaniola?. Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez and senorina Eva led us to the table, sat us down, gave us an orange drink and began to question what we saw.
????We not only told, but also showed them on our digital cameras pictures of the found? diving suits, jewelry, the skeleton of the ?Hispaniola?, long black snakes and big-toothed fish trying to cut through the glass of the porthole. Seeing these terrible monsters senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez became discouraged and looked at us quietly said: ?Signorins, I don?t sink to the bottom anymore, I?ve ?seen enough, but as for you, decide for yourself. Frankly, I can hardly suffered a dive, age is not the same, I will watch your dives from the board of ?Athena?. When I heard from you that there are chests in the hold and they will be full of jewels, I think Senor Semyon will appreciate our work, thanks to the ?Notes?, he and his uncle decided to such an expensive sail. Now the most important thing is to get the chests, but from such a depth it is not so simple. When you showed me these big-headed predators and snakes, I realized that dangerous divers in steel diving suits would sink to the bottom, if they attack them or hoses, they are threatened with death. But let's not say bad, the expedition leaders will decide for themselves what to do-raise treasure chests or will continue to collect treasures from the surface of the sea creature. In general, I will say this journey I will remember for the rest of my life and all this thanks to you, dear ladies."

????Our conversation continued until dinner, and when the leaders and participants of the expedition sat down at the table, we heard from Senor Semyon a laudatory speech in our honor: "Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, dear senorinas Carmen, Sophia and Eva, I?m from everyone - the leaders and participants of the expedition, express our sincere gratitude and I want to assure you that your efforts will be more than rewarded if we get the treasures from the ?Hispaniola? or not. In any case, tomorrow we will sink to the bottom and try to raise to the deck for fun "Athena" at least about in the chest, no one knows what is in it. Our experts figure out different options, the fact is that we cannot use the help of divers, in the hold of the caravel, unknown predatory fish found favorable living conditions and therefore we can?t risk people's lives. So enjoy your meal and relax, tomorrow at eight in the morning breakfast and at nine in the morning

?? ?So enjoy your meal and rest, tomorrow at eight in the morning breakfast and at nine in the morning the first descent, in our team with me are Mr. Richard Dean and senorinas Carmen and Sophia. I must tell everyone that our descent is of the nature of reconnaissance, the fact is that in the previous descent we devoted too little time to a full inspection of ?Hispaniola?. But in any case, we hope for the best and for success."

????Sophia and I were delighted, tomorrow we are going down again, warm feelings seized me and I wanted to scream with joy all over the world: "Johnny, thanks to your desire to find treasures, I became a participant in their searches." If you hadn?t arrived in Lisbon and got into our library, nobody in our world, including you, would not have known me about the treasures of the sunken ?Hispaniola caravel. And it turned out somehow strange ? instead of looking for treasures in the holds of the caravel, you found them unknown somewhere in the underwater temple, in the womb of an octopus, and now I became a participant in the search for jewelry in the hold of ?Hispaniola? for your stupid trick. But let's not talk about it, listen to what happened the next day.
????After breakfast, at nine in the morning, I, Sophia, senores Semyon Sorokin and Richard Dean took their places in the bathyscaphe and began a slow dive to a depth of more than 350 yards, gray, white and even dark sharks, fish of all colors and shades swam past, starfish, skates and snakes. Finally, we were ten feet from the deck of ?Hispaniola? and were struck ? a thick layer of shells completely covered it, so that even our mechanical arm did not penetrate the hold, there were only loopholes. Senor Semyon, without hesitation, directed the bathyscaphe to the starboard side and, being near it, before launching a mechanical arm into the embrasure, turned off all outdoor lighting and ended up in pitch darkness because the light did not penetrate the water that was many hundred? yards high. As soon as the mechanical arm with a spotlight at the end was in the hold, Senior Richard Dean turned it on and a bright light filled almost the entire space. The inhabitants of the hold, black long snakes and big-headed fish, revived and started in a chaotic movement, they darted from side to side and finally noticing the embrasure on board rushed towards her, to get into their native darkness, out. It became clear to me that the light annoyed them and they tried to get rid of it in this way. Since they didn?t bother me much, I glanced at the searchlight screen and illuminated the hold clogged with barrels and large forged chests.

????As soon as the hold was freed from snakes and big-headed fish, the searchlight turned on, illuminated the embrasure, and before my eyes another metal telescopic tube with four hooks appeared from our bathyscaphe. She penetrated the embrasure, the hook caught on the wooden board, our bathyscaphe moved back and several boards broke into the air before our eyes, the destruction of the ?Hispaniola? began to create a hole in the board through which, as I understand it, we can sail inside the hold. Yes, the calculation of our organizers of raising jewelry from the hold turned out to be correct: only the lower part was destroyed, the upper part was untouched and therefore the deck covered with a layer of shells did not collapse. But Senor Semen?s plans did not include the bathyscaphe to sailed inside the hold ? in case of deck collapse, we will forever remain alive buried in the apparatus and therefore a sequence of actions was previously developed. The bathyscaphe sailed to the side and the second mechanical arm started clearing the hold barrels in front of the chests and, as they prevented them from reaching them, they hooked them one by one and pulled them out. Finally, the space was freed, a telescopic hand with hooks touched the back wall of the forged chest, we felt a push and one hook pierced the lining. After a couple of seconds, the forged chest moved and began to slowly pull up to the bathyscaphe, and when it was overboard, Senor Semyon pressed the blue button and the mechanical arm with a searchlight pulled into place. Senor Semyon began to speak Russian, having finished transmitting a message to the ship, he looked at us and said quietly: "Senorinas Carmen and Sophia, before your eyes we got one of the chests that we will know in it when we put the ?Athena? on the deck and you personally open it. Rise! "

????Our bathyscaphe began to slowly emerge with the chest hanging on the hook of a steel pipe and imagine safely climbing to the surface. Now it was time to pull the chest out of the water, and as we continued to be in the bathyscaphe, we saw four divers go down, they pulled a strong net under the chest, secured it and started to lift the apparatus with us on the deck with a crane. First of all, the network was unhooked, then the bathyscaphe touched the deck, they opened the hatch and the technicians helped us get out. Sophia and I shone with joy that the dive ended so happily and returned not empty-handed. The weather was beautiful, in the blue sky the sun was shining brightly without habit, it was blinding, senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez and senorina Eva ran to us with sunglasses, dressed and started to kiss with joy.

?? ??Everyone who took part in the expedition approached us, congratulated them on success, shook hands and examined them from all sides trying to put their fingers into the hole broken by the hook.

???We went to the shell and realized that it was preserved thanks to them. Now our researchers had to open it and it was decided to cut a small part of the top of the chest with a power saw. One of the technicians brought a saw and began to gently cut the corner, everyone held their breath and looked at it, and when the cuts were made, Senor Semyon looked at those present, smiled and said: ?Ladies and gentlemen, now senorinas Carmen and Sofia will reveal the secret of the contents of the chest, please clear cut part."

?????We went to the chest, took the cut off part of the lid with our hands, picked it up and saw gold and silver coins lying in the chest, we took them out and showed them to those present. Everyone who stood on the deck shouted Urrrraa loudly for joy, approached us and, holding their breath, looked in surprise at the coins in our hands, looked into the chest and did not believe for persuasion, they themselves pulled out handfuls outward and admired such wealth in a chest.
????Mr. Viktor Medvedev, who is standing next to us, looked at us and announced: "Gentle exchange, go up to the chest and with a joint effort turn it over, pour the contents on the deck, you need to see what the sailors were transporting. "

????Sailors and researchers approached the chest, turned it around and gold, silver coins, chains, rings, pendants and medallions fell down through the hole on the deck, they were in this state as if they had been put in the chest a few days ago. This is because water did not penetrate the oak chest bound in iron and then the crustaceans clung to it and the tree was preserved. For a few minutes everyone was admiring the jewels and coins, then they were transferred to the safe, and senor Semyon announced that the next dive would take place tomorrow because it would take a long rest after a busy day and technical inspection of the bathyscaphe. At two o'clock we had a lavish dinner, even drank champagne on the occasion of such a success, the men did not sit for a long time and went off to do the technical preparation of the bathyscaphe for tomorrow's descent, and we, the women, ate and drank, and I and Sophia had to tell senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez and senorina Eve details about our descent and how we managed to raise the treasure chest.

????The heat was unbearable, but it was pleasant to sit under the awning, a powerful fan worked on us and created a pleasant cool, we had players and we listened to our favorite music while browsing magazines. At 9 pm everyone gathered for dinner, drank champagne again, fine European wines, seafood and meat snacks were of excellent quality, they served cake, sweets and tropical fruits with grapes for dessert. Before leaving for rest, Senor Semyon looked at me with Sophia, smiled and said quietly: "Senorinas, you are a talisman for us, imagine you and I are completely safe and we feel confident in the success of the goal, you create your presence in the bathyscaphe an aura of complete calm so Carmen and Sophia relax and until morning, tomorrow we go down to the bottom at ten o?clock. Good night."

?????Senor Semyon, thank you for your trust, such dives give me great pleasure, do not always happen and not with everyone, good night,? I said and smiled.
????"And to me, senor Semyon, Sophia added, perhaps you are right that you are taking us on such a dangerous journey, it is impossible to imagine four hundred yards of water above us, a lot of pressure and yet at such a depth there is life, good night."

????Johnny, our next descent for the jewels went well, those big-toothed fish and sea black snakes that had chosen the hold returned and as soon as the spotlights lit it, they instantly left their habitable place. We spent a long time with the chest, we were not able to break through the hook a thick layer of shells that covered it from all sides. Two hours later, the treasure chest was lifted onto the deck, happiness and joy knew no bounds, we were hugged, kissed, and the seniors cut the hole for the first time with an electric saw and poured everything that was on deck of? the ??Athena?. Frankly, from what I saw, my heart fluttered: gold, silver coins, diamond rings, earrings, chains and precious stones sparkled and shimmered in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow.

???? ?Senor Semen looked at the jewels and went to the technicians who were examining the bathyscaphe. Perhaps he had plans to lower it to the bottom ?that day in the afternoon, but for some reason it did not settle down. In the evening, the weather changed, a strong wind blew, and when it began to rain, our captain Senor Alex Bedrov felt that bad weather would turn into a storm after consulting with the expedition organizer Viktor Medvedev and, at the request of senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, who wanted to go ashore, sent ?Athena? to the Bahamas and when they sailed to Nassau they were surprised by the calm weather near these paradise islands. Me, our lord and senorina Sophia and Eva were sent to the port by boat, three gentlemen -Semyon, Dick and Peter, sailed with us. It was also decided at ?Athena? that we would spend three days in the Bahamas for pleasure, then senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez will fly to Lisbon, and I with Sophia and Eva will continue sailing until the end of searching of the treasure chest with jewels and coins.
????We were placed in a posh hotel, Eva stayed our the chief and fulfilled all our wishes - we traveled by car, which she rented, flew over the beautiful islands in a small private plane and in a self-propelled yacht.

????On Saturday March 23, I, Sophia, Eva, and senor Semyon Sorokin, at the International Airport in Nassau, said good bye the joyful and happy senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez to Lisbon. Before we parted, we wished her a happy flight, she did seven feet under the keel to us, and as soon as senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez entered the hall of the departing passengers, we immediately went to the seaport, boarded a boat waiting for us and sailed to ?Athena?. Boarding us, we met the seniors captain Alex Bedrov, leader Richard Dean, sailors and expedition members. The organizer of the research work, senor Victor Medvedev, had already left for Russia on an urgent important matter and the husband of Eva, senor Semen Sorokin, remained the main leader.
????"Athena" wasting no time at full speed went to the area where the sea creature lay at the bottom. Sailing closer, they saw several ships and large yachts, and since they were here before, their presence did not surprise us. Our ship stalled and, as it was in the evening, senor Semyon decided to go down to the bottom of the bathyscaphe at nine in the morning. At 8 pm, we had breakfast, as always there were bottles of champagne, European wines on the table and no one was forbidden to drink a glass to anyone except the night guards. Since the senores Semyon, Richard and Captain Alex went to bed at twelve in the morning, seven guys armed with automatic weapons stood on night combat duty - four stood watch on the watch until three at night, then they were replaced by three guys who were sleeping and woke up but those who later rested were next to them . The posts were located at the stern, bow and near the radar, in addition, the radar system from all sides of ?Athenaa? worked clearly so that any rubber boat with uninvited guests appearing on the radar and an audible alarm immediately sounded.

????Johnny, I have to say, in the area where the sea creature was lying at the bottom with jewels, several amateur yachts and ships sailed on surface of the ocean. In my opinion, those treasure seekers had bathyscaphes and like we caught treasures, but they didn?t catch my eye under water, I personally, when the searchlights were on, saw a distance of no more than five 17 feet around and then a continuous wall of darkness.

????There were no incidents that night, at eight in the morning we had breakfast, everyone was in a good mood and waited for a signal according to which they informed everyone that the bathyscaphe was ready to go under water. The men did not have breakfast for long, they had enough work and left us, and we, three friends, sat and shared their impressions of those days spent in the paradise of the Bahamas. At 8 50 a signal sounded, we got up and went to the bathyscaphe, senor Semyon looked at us, smiled and said: ?Signorins Carmen and Sophia, after ten minutes the descent, keep in mind that it will last at least a couple of hours due to the fact that we got up to the side of the ?Hispaniola?, in our absence, the new ?Margarita? ship was located near it, the route was extended by half a mile."

?????Senor Semyon, don?t worry, the Signorins drank little before the descent,? said Eva and smiled, most importantly to have enough breathing mixture and a charge of electric batteries.

???? ?All the better for the senorinas, there?s enough air and electricity,? Semyon said and climbed into the bathyscaphe together with Mr. Richard Dean, the crane lifted the apparatus from the deck and gently lowered it into the water, Semyon appeared from the hatch and waved his hand.

?? ??The technicians threw a wooden gangway, help me and Sophia to get to the apparatus, Senor Semyon helped us get down inside, then they closed up the hatch and began to smoothly plunge into the water. Since the exact coordinates of the ?Hispaniola? location were known, we sailed to it in a direct way. Fifteen minutes later, our "Marine Explorer" reached the place, next to the case lay barrels stretched by us a few days ago. When approaching the hole, Senor Semyon threw a mechanical arm with a searchlight into it, the light cut through the darkness, and as soon as the light was illuminated, long sea black snakes and toothy big-headed fish floated out.

????We messed about? with ?the third chest two hours ?before the hook went through the growths, the wrought iron and the boards penetrated inside. Sophia and I noticed this hook was of a new design - if there were four hooks in the old ones in the front, then in the new one there were only two. If we hooked the chest with the old hook, then we punched a new one with a sharp tip due to the spring compressed to the end. A metal telescopic tube with a sharp tip hook brought up to the wall of the chest, Senor Semyon pressed the green button, the spring unclenched and the sharp hook with the tip flew forward. Perhaps the wrought iron in this chest was so strong that there was not enough effort to break through it. It took a long time to get the spring in its place for the next shot, but nevertheless two hours later the hook got inside and we sighed with relief and sailed with a chest of jewelry to ?Athena?.

????I will say that during this sailing, by agreement, we didn?t keep in touch with captain Alex Bedrov in advance, and as I later found out from Eva when two hours passed, they were all worried and every minute of waiting seemed like an eternity. As soon as our apparatus appeared on the surface, four scuba divers threw themselves into the water, they were given a strong nylon net, they led it under the chest, hooked to the crane slings along with the bathyscaphe, and thus lifted it onto the deck. When we left the apparatus everyone kissed, hugged and congratulated us, took us to the table and poured Chivas into a glass to calm our nerves and restore our strength. We drank and I will say frankly calmed down after painful experiences, we had a minimum of breathing mixture and I almost lost consciousness, the same thing happened with Sophia. Fortunately, it all ended happily, we came to our senses and after half an hour walked independently on the deck.

????The men first of all cut a hole in the chest with a power saw, I and Sophia pulled a handful of gold coins and showed everyone with joy shouting Urrraaa. Senores poured gold, silver coins, rings, chains, precious stones onto the deck, each approached priceless good, took it in his hands and admired. Senor Semyon looked at those present and quietly said: ?Senorinas and seniors, we will have a wonderful dinner in the evening, today, during the voyage, we have all survived enough, so tomorrow we will rest and gain strength, we need to move away from stress, so all relax and think only about good."

????The day after breakfast, we rested, read, listened to music and, for the sake of interest, looked through binoculars behind ships and yachts with treasure hunters who had come here. The fact is, Johnny, you showed a documentary about how scattered jewels were collected from the surface of a sea creature with scuba gear and those who had the desire to get rich and reliable ships set sail for a given area. They found it by your mistake, by the radars you left sending signals to the satellite. When we picked up three diving suits, among them our experts found two radars, I have no doubt that you attached them to the ?Hispaniola? because the ships were spinning in that area.

????About ten hours on the ?Margarita? ship closest to us, the movement began, I saw two divers in suits, brought to the deck, hoses and cables were hooked to them and a minute later they disappeared overboard. The sailors standing by the winches launched them and the divers without any doubt went to the bottom. It was hard for me to imagine that divers could go down to a depth of more than 350 yards and in my opinion their goal was to get to ?Hispaniola?, they learned from us that there, under water, are treasures. If I see them, then they see everything that is happening on our ?Athena?, and yesterday, when we pulled a chest of gold, silver coins and precious stones from the bottom, and scattered them on the deck, the observers from ?Margarita? saw them and decided for themselves to get it. Therefore, they were preparing for a long time to raise jewelry from the "Hispaniola" and only it was not clear to me how they learned about it.

??? ?But soon everything became clear, the Italians sailed to us. Carefully examining the people in one of them, Sophia saw a handsome middle-aged man, handed me the binoculars and whispered to me: ?Look at the deck, there is an Italian, I recognized him, he came to the library, asked me how to get to the archival department of senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez it's possible to find "Notes," his name is Carlo Giovanni."

????I took the binoculars, looked carefully and quietly said: ?Sophia, yes, he is handsome, but as for the sailors, I can say that the Italians are on it. Without a doubt, they sailed from Italy, more precisely from Sicily, last summer I rested on this ?ship saw the island in the port of Syracuse. The Sicilian guide proudly told us that the beautiful ?Margarita? and a dozen of these ships belong to some Italian mafiosi and he leases them for good money, thus covering his dirty business related to the spread of drugs, murders and extortion of money from clandestine illegal companies."

????It became clear to me that the treasures of the sunken caravel ?Hispaniola? are currently being hunted not only by Russians but also by Italians. I handed Eve?s binoculars and offered to look at a ship belonging to some Italian mafiosi who was half a mile away from me, spoke about the descent of two divers under water and she looked at me quietly and said: ?Carmen, don?t be surprised, we look after them they are behind us, how can we hide what is happening on our deck Those sailors and treasure seekers know everything about our diving in the bathyscaphe to the bottom, how sorry we left that place over the ?Hispaniola? due to the fact that senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez suffered from motion sickness and Semyon decided before put her in Nassau and bring it back to normal. We sailed and ?Margarita? stood over ?Hispaniola?, their divers descended right to her. Yesterday magnetic radars on the bathyscaphe found them, for unknown reasons they were carried 50 yards away during descent and while they were getting to ?Hispaniola? you left it, so we had real enemies and therefore, to secure the next descent from them, our captain decided to install additional means of protection. They have the task of hooking a bathyscaphe, lifting it up with a crane and mastering it to lower it under water and raise chests of jewelry. I think you, senorinas Carmen and Sophia, will probably stay with me on the deck next time."????Upon hearing this news, Sophia and I were discouraged and couldn?t imagine that we wouldn?t see ?Hispaniola? anymore. In the meantime, we were so interested in what happened next to the divers, sooner or later they would return and would not leave for a minute. Two hours passed and they did not return, we thought that the divers were busy with the chest for a long time pulling it out of the hold and trying to hook it on the cable to lift it up. Finally, the revival began on ?Margarita? ? several sailors gathered at the starboard side, they looked into the water and soon the divers appeared in diving suits, strong guys put one of them on their feet and put the other on the deck. People acted quickly, soon the diving suits were lifted and we saw a tall, strong, muscular athlete, he felt excellent and confidently stood on his feet. It was more difficult with the second one: they put him on a stretcher and carried him into the room, only three people remained on the deck, they were talking about something, looking overboard. The winches continued to work, it became clear to us that the divers managed to hook chest with jewelry.

????I was lost in thought and came to the conclusion ?Margarita? was not here by chance, but on the tip of? senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, who gave the coordinates to the young handsome Italian Carlo Giovanni who met her in the library.
????Yes, in fact, after the first successful attempt to raise heroin from a sunken container ship in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, the boss Marco Sanchez himself, software engineer Carlo Bergis and the ship?s Italian captain Giuseppe Carero sailed here a few weeks ago. After an unsuccessful attempt to raise heroin from a sunken container ship, since ?Athena? turned out to be there and the ?Margarita? drove away automatically without the force of her crew automatically dropping back to Sicily, Syracuse did not repulse the hunt for the mafia boss Marco Sanchez to search for treasures from sunken caravel "Hispaniola".

???? ?Saying goodbye to captain Giuseppe Carero in Syracuse, Marco Sanchez and Carlo Bergis flew by plane to their native Malaga. Of course, they were very upset and cursed at what the ?Athena?s? crew was saying that they didn?t even allow them to sail close to the sunken container ship and didn?t even manage to pick up a single bag of heroin. But the boss and his programmer now knew perfectly well that the ?Athena?s? crew did not have the coordinates of the location of ?Hispaniola?s? death, and they were a victim of deception of that Yankee who accidentally attacked a trail of treasures that had nothing to do with those transported by caravel to Portugal. After analyzing everything, the boss and the programmer came to the conclusion that the Yankees Johnny himself hardly knows the coordinates of the death of ?Hispaniola? and decided on the plane: without losing precious time, Carlo Bergis personally flies to Lisbon, goes to the library where Romero and Philip visited and get important document shedding light on the death of "Hispaniola" ??Notes? of a witness to the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679, who was returning to Portugal from Cuba in an area located at a distance of three days from Havana" which they say was stolen by a library employee senorina Carmen Nuerra and possibly handed over to Mr. John Gray, the owner of the painting ?The Death of ??Hispaniola?. Now the senores Carlo Bergis and Marco Sanchez did not believe in this bullshit document lies in the library but someone is not interested just to transfer wanting to get part of it in their hands, they decided: the programmer will promise the important person the share of the treasures found in exchange for a copy of the document.

????Arriving in Malaga in the evening, the boss and the programmer first ordered a plane for an eight-hour morning flight to Lisbon, a hotel for three days, got into a waiting silver-colored Mercedes and went to the programmer?s apartment on the way discussing the details of the conceived event. Thirty minutes later they drove up to the house, for a couple of minutes Marco Sanchez agreed to drop by Carlo Bergis to drink a glass of Black Hennessy for the success of the forthcoming trip to Lisbon and to receive a copy of an important document. Caught in a four-room apartment with modern furniture, paintings on the walls and marble sculptures in the reception hall, Carlo sat the boss at the table, pulled out a bottle of Black Hennessy from the fridge, a delicious snack and looked at
the guest said: "My Marco Sanchez, before we drink, I want to visit you virtually in the library where you have to find notes, bring a computer and we will get all the information you need."

????Carlo Bergis brought the Toshiba computer, turned it on, typed the keywords, and a couple of minutes later the message appeared on the screen - ?Notes of a witness to the mysterious tragedy of November 16, 1679, who was returning to Portugal from Cuba in an area located at a distance of three days from Havana,? an archive document, to receive it, you should contact the head of the department, senora Marie Gorrieda de Sanchez, a waiting period of three to five days."
?????"My boss, as you understood from the information, the document exists, just contact senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, I?ll type in the keywords and we will see her face, but regardless of the lady?s appearance, she?ll have to have a business or maybe a love relationship " said Carlo and smiled.

????The programmer typed in keywords and soon on the computer display appeared a sympathetic middle-aged dark-eyed pompous lady of Spanish appearance with a gorgeous figure with brown curly hair to the shoulders and puffy lips painted in red greasy lipstick in a long green dress with short sleeves. Marco Sanchez couldn?t take his eyes off her, he personally liked senora and looked at Carlo the boss said: ?What a lovely lady, I just fell in love with her, Carlo, you have to show all your qualities to win her heart, outwardly you won?t reflect and I think you can find a common language with her."

?????My Marco Sanchez, she?s to my taste, even in the photo I see her gorgeous body, pretty, generally beautiful, it will take a lot of money and break a decent share for the document, I?ll make two copies for you and me,? said Carlo Bergis.

???? ?The programmer pressed a few keys and soon Xerox typed two color photocopies of? senora Maria, took one for himself, the other handed over to the boss, he smiled, thanked Carlo, picked it up and began to examine the pretty lady. While he watched, Carlo made a couple of copies of the picture ?The Death of ??Hispaniola?, put it aside, turned off the computer and poured wine into the glasses, smiling and said: ?My dear and faithful se?or Marco Sanchez, we will drink for the success of the plan, henceforth I am Italian Carlo Giovanni, no calls before I get a copy of an important document. I?ll try to stay for a short time, we don?t have much time, I think my appearance will melt the heart of the beautiful senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez in whose hands the historical ?Notes? unknown to anyone, provided that she is free."

????"I believe, Carlo Giovanni, you will succeed, the boss said, smiled, drank a glass of Black Hennessy and continued, you can handle it and in a few days a copy of the document will be on this table. Please show all your talent and irresistible external data, I think the lady will delight you and subdue melt her heart, you will succeed. Do not forget the main thing, women love with their ears, you yourself know everything."

????The host and guest had a lot of fun chatting, drinking, eating, and since things were important, they got up from the table half an hour later, Carlo escorted Marco Sanchez to the car, the boss wished the programmer a happy flight, success, return with a copy and added before saying goodbye: ?Carlo, tomorrow at 6 00, Juan Bruno will come for you and take you to the airport, good night, "shook his hand and got into a Mercedes."

?????Thank you, senor Marco Sanchez, see you soon, good night,? said Carlo and waved.
????For Carlo Bergis, everything went perfectly: the plane took off from Malaga without delay and landed more than an hour later at the Lisbon International Airport, he walked through the border guards, customs officers, got into a taxi, got to the hotel, changed clothes, puffed up and like a real fun and a cheerful Italian in a white shirt with short sleeves, dark blue jeans and brown crocodile leather low shoes with a small silver case went to the library. At twelve o?clock, Carlo entered the hall, there were few visitors, when he saw a pretty young library employee, he smiled and said quietly: ?Dear senorina, good afternoon, my name is Carlo Giovanni, I am Italian and I would like to speak with the head of the archival department senora Maria Gorriieda de Sanchez , can you tell me where is her office?"

????Senorina smiled and said in a velvet little voice: ?Good afternoon, senor Carlo Giovanni, my name is Sophia Blanco, come on, I?m only away from her,? senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez is free, you need to hurry, today is Thursday, she finishes work and leaves for the Canary Islands to the meeting, come on, she?s in a good mood today."

????Senor Carlo thanked the senorina and followed her with a smile on her face, she led him to the study with the door open and said quietly: "This is senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, she is free if the door is open."

????Carlo took a step to the door, stood up and began to examine the head of the archival department: a pretty lady of far middle age with dark big eyes and magnificent breasts seductively protruding from a large section of a light blue dress to her knees sat at a large table. Brown curly hair to the shoulders, puffy lips painted with red lipstick, a neat nose, and a slightly elongated face gave her an unusual appeal. Seeing a young man standing near the door of a pleasant appearance and athletic build, she smiled and said quietly: "Senor, if you come to me then come in."

?????He timidly entered the office and since it was not a matter of Sophia, she went to her room. Once alone, senor Carlo and senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez exchanged greetings, introduced themselves to each other, asked him to sit on a chair and, sitting down, the Italian outlined the essence of his visiting the library. After listening to the Italian lady looked at him and told about the situation existing in the library according to which all need to write an application for the required document and wait for three five days.

???? The smart senor Carlo noticed that senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez became interested in him and did not hide her flaming eyes on him, he smiled at ease and since everything went well for him, and she even hinted that she was not against with him free time he decided to act immediately. The programmer looked at her and said softly: "Dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, please give me the form, we will fill it correctly and I agree to wait until Monday. I love to sunbathe, swim and have fun in my favorite Canary Islands and if you have free time then I invite you to fly with me, you will like it."

????Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez looked at the guest, smiled and said: ?Dear senor Carlo Giovanni, I?m going to the Canary Islands for a conference this evening, it may happen that we will see you tomorrow afternoon on the beach, we won?t lose this time and fill out the form, if everything goes well then my employees will find the document on Monday, only I have a request for you, try to quietly leave the library."

????"Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez got up from the table, went to the closet, took out a green form, closed the door, sat on her chair and said quietly:" Senor Carlo, come to me, we will fill out the form. "

????Carlo got up from his chair, went up to the seigneur and stood beside her, she laid down a green form on the table and wrote clearly in Italian: "Senor Carlo, I know for what purpose you need a document, tonight we will fly to the Canary Islands and discuss everything conditions, if they suit you and me, then you will receive it on Monday, otherwise the employees will look for a long time and when they find it will no longer be necessary. "

????Senor Carlo read it and wrote right there: "My charming senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, you know I will do my best to remember the time spent in the Canary Islands forever, I love you not for the document but sincerely, I think all conditions will suit us."

????After reading, she turned her cute face to him, he bent down to her, kissed her cheek and wrote: "My senorina, write where and when we will meet after work."
????Senora Maria Gorriieda de Sanchez wrote: "Book tickets for seven hours,
you?ll call on this phone and I?ll tell you where we?ll meet, now imperceptibly leave. "
?????Senor Carlo rewrote the phone number, gently hugged the lady, kissed her on the cheek and whispered: "My dear and beloved senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, you are so seductive sweet that I would eat you all and ?now."
????She looked affectionately at him, smiled and whispered: "My dear Carlo, tonight you will eat me and enjoy me, leave."

????Carlo kissed her again and left the office, he walked through a half-empty room, left the library and joyful feelings swept over his senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez was in his nets and fell in love with him head over heels. Losing no time, happy Carlo Bergis ordered two tickets for 7 15 to the Canary Islands, called dear senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, she told in detail where they would meet at the airport at 6 o?clock and happily reported that she booked a hotel for four nights, until Monday .

????Carlo Bergis had no intention of visiting the sights of Lisbon, he took a taxi and went to the airport, and since in the morning he had never really had a bite to eat, as soon as he got to the house after paying the chauffeur, he went to a restaurant, sat down at an empty table, ordered Bacardi rum with steak and after sitting for half an hour went out into the fresh air. Carlo did not like to sit and spent an hour walking along the path along the building in anticipation of the lady where she made an appointment, and a senior resembling Venus did not come out of his head and eyes.

????There were ten minutes left until 6 o?clock and when Carlo went towards the building he saw a lady walking towards to him in a green velvet dress to her knees, with a small backpack on her back and a black bag in her hand, he recognized from a distance the smiling senora Maria Gorriieda de Sanchez and accelerated his pace. Upon meeting, he hugged her, kissed her unpainted chubby lips and whispered softly: "My dear traveler senora Maria, you are so charming and lovely, you only dreamed about you, thought you won?t come, change your mind. Yes, we have time and you can go to the bar, let?s have a glass of champagne and go to the landing."

?????I agree, just not too much, they can?t miss it, now it?s so strict,? the lady

whispered and kissed Carlo and took his hand and led him to the airport building.

???? ?They went into the bar, there were few people, and going to the counter, Carlo ordered two glasses of champagne,?the bartender gave them a smile, the lovers immediately drank it and went to the waiting room. Everything turned out well for them, they soon announced boarding, without any problems they went to the flight, no delays in departure. The Boeing 767 safely landed at the Tenerife Airport, located 9 kilometers from the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and after a few minutes, the lovers rushed into a hotel taxi in which senora Maria stopped for four days each time. Arriving at the hotel, Carlo settled up with a Spaniard taxi driver, took a backpack and headed with the seigneur to the hall filled with coolness. A cute young Spaniard greeted the guests, they checked her registration on the computer, and since the room was reserved in advance, senorina Jennifer handed them the key wishing the couple a good night.

?????Once in a one-room suite with a bathtub and shower, Carlo drew attention to the king-size bed, on which you can sleep at least across. This spacious room cost a lot of money, but since the lord loved luxury and paid for it, those who invited her to spend a pleasant time on these paradise Spanish islands with snow-white beaches under the hot golden sun, what was her concern for someone else's wallet: you want a gorgeous body and women?s affection, pay the price. Putting the backpack and case in the closet, Carlo went to the seigneur, hugged, kissed and whispered: ?My charming senorina, I think before you start eating it would be nice to drink for our meeting, there is champagne, vodka, whiskey in the refrigerator, if you wish you can go to the restaurant."
?????Dear Carlo, we?ll go to the restaurant tomorrow, you?ll prepare a table and I?ll go to the shower, I need to freshen up, if I need help I will call,? Carlo said with a smile and headed to the shower room.

????Carlo pulled Spanish champagne, Smirnovskaya, Bakkardi rum, salami, cheese, a couple of slices of white bread, glasses, two forks and a pair of knives from the refrigerator. No sooner had Carlo cut the sausage when he heard the velvet voice of senora Maria: "Dear Carlo, bring me a robe from the closet, I washed myself."

????Carlo went to the closet, opened and as if there was a silk robe with pink flowers, he took it off and carried it to the shower. She turned out to be not only with a shower, but also with a small bathtub, in her slightly spreading her full legs lay the soap-washed senora Maria. Seeing Carlo, she was embarrassed, smiled, raised herself, pressed the handle and rain fell down from above her head. Senora looked at Carlo sweetly and quietly said: "Beloved, you should have a refreshment too, here we will not be crowded, climb, I will move."
????By this time, the foam, mixed with water, had completely flowed out of the bathtub and Carlo, having seen its graceful forms, said: ?Beloved senorina, you remind Venus of Milos, if you invite, I will go into your bathtub with great pleasure and wash your magnificent body.?

????Without any hesitation, he threw off his clothes before her eyes and climbed into the bath. Seeing him ?with a smile on his charming face, she whispered sweetly: "Carlo, you are a real Apollo, I think everything will be class in our relations and I will try to satisfy your request, but now about that, hug me, kiss and love me, I can?t live without love and my passion is young people. I give them my love and from them no gratitude, continuous promises spilling into deception."

????Carlo looked at senora Maria, kissed and quietly said sweetly: "My dear Venus, I will try not to deceive you, my intentions to love such a charming beauty are sincere. You do not consider yourself an elderly woman, I consider you a middle-aged lady, I?m also not twenty years old, I?ll soon celebrate thirty, my appearance is deceiving. We won?t talk about it, now my main task is to make you the most pleasant, I understand why you invited me, so I?ll wash it out from the heart, get dressed and go to the table. and you washed, I?ve already prepared everything for dinner, we?ll drink for our meeting, for love, for our common cause and in the royal bed, it?s better there, you?ll like it. For me, my beloved, the bed is the bed of love, I?m superstitious a person and if we make love in bed it?s safe for the unborn baby. I?ll say that I have good intentions and it would be sad for us if we part with time for mercantile reasons. I don?t promise you golden mountains, everything will depend on circumstances, if everything will go as planned, we get our share of found drag the values ??for which will fight to the last breath."

????Senora Maria looked at Carlo, smiled and whispered: ?My dear Apollo, if your intentions are sincere, as I understand it, you and I can a strong form and faithful alliance based only on the principles of love. And what if for some reason those treasures which you and your friends are hunting for will not get to you, in which case what will be your move. "

???? "My beloved senorina, I?ll answer you in bed, let's not tempt each other, you and I are washing ourselves in the shower for so long, but still I wouldn?t like to keep hold of you in this trough, I don?t want to conceived a freak," said Carlo, hugged her waist, kissed, turned off the shower and helped Mary get out of the bath. Venus and Apollo got dressed, turned off the light in the shower room and went to the table, he sat her down, opened a bottle of champagne, poured it into the glasses and kissed the lord said a toast: "Charming Maria, we will drink for our sincere love."

????They clinked glasses, drank to the bottom and had a bite to have a conversation of an acquaintance nature, Carlo so convincingly told her about his life that he dispelled all her doubts about his good intentions to be with her. Carlo drank but knew the measure, not for the sake of showing off, but in general did not abuse alcohol in life, the seigneur liked it and mentally figured that it was a huge plus in their future relationships in which she believed. Having finished dinner, they cleaned up everything unfinished and not eaten from the table in the refrigerator, Carlo took Mary in his arms, carried him to the king's bed, and they gave each other love and affection, not only this night but also the following.

?????On Monday they had to say goodbye to this heavenly place, the tickets were in their hands and according to the agreement of senora Maria will give him a copy of the ?Notes? in her apartment so that none of the library staff accidentally sees them. Since Carlo was aware of the events, he considered that this was the most correct decision in their common business. Happily and joyful, they returned to Lisbon, senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez, right from the airport, took Carlo to her posh three-room apartment and, having showered, set off on the wings of love to the library. At seven o?clock in the evening she returned home, by this time senor Carlo prepared an assortment of Italian appetizers with cold meat, ham, pork sausage with cheese, salami, put fresh beans on a plate, cut bread into slices, decorated it with green lettuce and put on the table a bottle of Chianti light wine. Even at the door he kissed a smiling mistress, grabbed her in his arms, carried her to the sofa, sat down and looked at him quietly said: "My dear Carlo, I brought what you asked but don?t be surprised that there isn?t what you are looking for, the place of death "Hispaniola", coordinates. The fact is that at that time there were no exact tools to determine them, but I will help you and pass them on for your sincere love, read the document, there is something to go in search of, the game is worth the candle. "
????Senora Maria Gorrieda de Sanchez took the stapled sheets from her bag and handed them to Carlo, he began to read the most important passages: ?In recent years, pirates have attacked ships sailing to Europe without purpose, to rob and capture young beautiful ladies for their possession and violence since there was no peace from them, day or night, groups of several caravels gathered and with the guns on board, everyone felt less or less safe. On the fourth night of the journey, by moonlight, we saw an island from above covered with strange black sand, where green algae grew, we were struck by the fact that it was sticking out of the water no more than 5-7 yards high, almost flat and as it seemed to me from its dark surface a strange reflection was reflected in the moonlight. We were interested in this and we decided to approach, one of the caravel, "Hispaniola", which was the closest to the islet, suddenly fell into a gigantic funnel. Before the eyes of the sailors standing on the deck of six ships, in a couple of minutes she went to the bottom with 50 sailors returning home to the Duchess of Andalusia senora de Sophia, with her retinue and uncounted their wealth is 12 thousand gold coins each weighing at least 20 grams, 30 thousand silver coins of 10 grams each, items made of gold and precious stones. Seeing such a terrible picture, the rest of the ships hastened from this strange island located according to our brave and valiant captain Senor Juan de Franco ... "
?????Carlo looked at Maria, hugged, kissed and said: ?My charming Venus, since I do not thank you, but for our love with you, I promise to snatch as much as possible from my boss, trust me. But the most important thing will be back after the searches if you don?t think about it."

?????My dear Carlo, don?t think that all the treasure of the sunken ?Hispaniola? will be transferred to you, but even half of all of the above is worth a good amount. You know my phone background and email, I?ve your e-mail, phone, we will constantly exchange information , so tomorrow go to your boss, prepare the ship, deep-sea suits, experienced ?divers and urgently sail to the Bahamas. ?Athena? has already set off for them, it is equipped with the most modern equipment, believe it, but soon I will be on it and if you will be near Bahamas ?islands success is assured. Now drink wine and go to bed and tomorrow fly. "
????"My charming Venus, tomorrow I fly, I think my boss will agree to organize expeditions , we are in constant contact and as soon as the treasure hunt ends I?m flying to you, and now we?re going to dinner, first of all we will drink for love and then for the success of our common business with you,"? whispered Carlo, kissed Maria and led her to the table.

?????Carlo gave Mary a blissful night of love, she was in seventh heaven with happiness and like a couple of lovers cooed almost until the morning. Maria could not resist and in a fit of passion told him everything about the relationship with the Russian, and as the Italian understood, she was doing everything to him to take revenge on the deceiver Semyon who had left her for the sake of a young senorina. In the morning, the joyful Carlo said goodbye to the happy Mari who found love and flew to Malaga. As soon as he flew from the airport, he called Marco Sanchez about his return with a document and asked the boss to meet him at the communication center. Hearing a message from Carlo, he agreed and promised to arrive at noon to familiarize himself with the document. Without losing time, the programmer got into a taxi and went to his center, on the way he considered a plan of action to confront the ?Athena? crew not only equipped with modern technology but also armaments, great interests collided here, it was hundreds of millions of dollars and it?s just that nobody will not give up despite the fact that the jewelry lay deep under water.

?????At noon, Marco Sanchez arrived at his communications center, Carlo met the boss and after the greetings told him about his successful trip to Lisbon, showed a copy of ??Notes?. Marco Sanchez carefully read the most important passage about the number of gold, silver coins and jewelry and looking at the programmer quietly said: ?Carlo, I agree to take part, but you need to involve captain Giuseppe Carero again in this matter and therefore phoned him now, but don?t think to tell him about ?everything is written about treasure."
?????Good boss, I'm calling,? Carlo said joyfully, his master Marco Sanchez agreed to invest in the upcoming expedition and dialed the number. After a couple of seconds, a voice rang out: ?Carlo, good afternoon. What's the news??
????"Giuseppe, good afternoon, good news, I found a house, Marco Sanchez asks you to come with us to see him, I pass him the phone," said Carlo.
????"Good afternoon, Giuseppe, if I tell you it makes sense to inspect the house, then believe me it is very good but your last word," said Marco Sanchez convincingly.
????"My friend, I agree to go see the house, but first let Carlo fly in and show his photos," said Giuseppe.

?????Carlo flies out today, Giuseppe, wait for him,? said the joyful Marco and turned off the mobile. He looked at the programmer, smiled and said: "Carlo, pack and fly, we should not waste time, if, as your senora Maria says, even half will go to us, then we will justify all the costs, you and she will get a good share."
?????Thank you, Marco, I?m flying to Syracuse, with the captain we will recruit brave guys and experienced divers, this time no one will easily drive us from a golden place. I won?t be in Syracuse for a long time, as soon as ?Margarita? sailed to the Bahamas I?m coming back in Malaga, I need to keep in touch with senora Maria, the success of our business depends on her. On Thursday I fly to the Canary Islands to meet her, in Lisbon we can be noticed by library staff and senora Maria will be suspicious. They are in touch with her friend released husband, nephew of the organizer of expeditions, money, billions of dollars, "said Carlo, poured into glasses Hennessy Black, gave his boss and said a toast:" Dear Marco Sanchez, drink to the success."

????"And for the jewels in the hold of the sunken ??Hispaniola", added Carlo.
????They drank and headed for the exit ? Marco Sanchez rushed off to a business meeting, Carlo went to his apartment, changed clothes and flew to Girappe to Syracuse to pick up the crew, divers and apparatuses for generating the breathing mixture. At five in the evening, Carlo on a Mercedes of ?Marco rushed to the airport, at seven o'clock in Syracuse, a blue Fiat was waiting for him and took him directly to Villa Giuseppe. They greeted each other, sat down at the table and ate fine Italian wines and ate delicious cheeses, sausages and pizza. Carlo read out an important passage from the ?Notes? regarding the valuable cargo in the hold of the sunken ?Hispaniola?. The number of gold and silver coins and jewelry had such an effect on the captain that he immediately called to his boss Rafael Tartino and asked for the rent of ?Margarita? on behalf of Marco Sanchez. Since they conducted common affairs and were in great friendship among themselves, there were no objections. "Giuseppe was overjoyed, on this occasion, he poured Italian Rossi and after drinking with Carlo for success, promised him to pick up a crew, four experienced, strong divers and all equipment and devices associated with deep-sea diving tomorrow with a sober head.

???? ?"Giuseppe was overjoyed, on such an occasion he poured Italian Rossi and, having drunk Carlo for success, promised him to pick up a crew, four experienced, strong divers and all the equipment and devices associated with deep-sea diving tomorrow with a sober head.

???? Since Giuseppe knew many heads of companies and specialists in Syracuse, they helped equip ?Margarita? with modern instruments, apparatus, equipment and diving suits in which divers are able to descend to a depth of more than 1400 feet and on Thursday at three in the afternoon the ship headed for the Bahamas. Before sailing, Giuseppe and Carlo agreed that the ?Margarita?, sailing to the Bahamas, would be anchored near Nassau and wait for information from Malaga from Marco S?nchez or the programmer and as soon as the coordinates of where the ?Hispaniola? lies at the bottom of the vessel with divers area.

?????Soon, an interesting event shocked mankind - the world got acquainted with a documentary shown with the permission of the treasure hunter Mr. Johnny Gray on many television channels and in different countries and senor Carlo Bergis not only watched it but also rewrote it. Without hesitation, Carlo immediately called his boss and talked about the documentary he saw. Marco Sanchez became so interested in him and promised to come at 9 pm to fully view it.

????At the appointed time, the boss arrived at the call center to Carlo Bergis, they warmly greeted each other, sat down in soft chairs, on the table stood a bottle with Smirnovsky and pouring a glass of two seniors drank for health and success. Carlo Bergis turned on the TV and soon they began to watch the last journey of Johnny Gray and his friends for the treasure values. When the two lords saw piles of jewels scattered on a black surface on a vast area and the process of collecting them underwater, after watching the film, Marco Sanchez looked at his faithful friend and said: ?Carlos, I don?t think that this sly Johnny collected all those jewels, he showed all people a film for a reason, for some personal reasons, but I?ll say there is hundreds of millions of good. What?s the reason? Have they gathered so much that there?s nowhere to lay down. But if we organize an expedition we can justify give all the expenses. "

????"Marco Sanchez, the whole point is that the sea creature with all the jewels and the ?Hispaniola? caravel lying on its surface with treasures in the hold went to the bottom and now lies at a depth of about 1400? feet. There are a lot of people who want to get the jewels, but there?s little opportunity, even the discoverers themselves do not have such an apparatus capable of sinking to such a depth, but the owners of ?Athena? have it. Moreover, I want to say this Johnny does not mention the sunken caravel that he was hunting for, it seems to me that these guys forgot about it after finding other hidden treasure. Thanks to the information received from my loving senora Maria, that creature is fifty-five miles from where the container ship with heroin lies, the coordinates are known and I can show it on the map. That Yankee-John is a very smart guy, he fixed the radars in those places where there were accumulations of jewelry, sailed on his ship and scuba dived after them, some guys collected, others picked up, folded, hid and transported home bypassing customs and border guards. How he succeeded was not our business. Now my task is to get to ?Margarita? and wait for additional important information from senora Maria ? she will give the exact coordinates of where ?Hispaniola? lies, Captain Giuseppe immediately sets sail, in place the divers sink to the bottom and begin to raise the jewels," said Carlo and looked at the boss

???? ?"In this case, Carlo urgently book a ticket to Nassau and fly, join the captain Giuseppe, sail to the place and boldly start raising treasures. Yes, on occasion let all outsiders know who the owner is, but try to refrain from applying, the main thing be clean even though you are in neutral waters," Marko said quietly, poured Smirnovskaya into glasses, one handed Carlo, the other took himself and looked at the programmer, said a toast:" For success and a happy return with gold coins, my dear friend and comrade trust and verify, they are highly valued. "
????Marco and Carlo drank vodka, had a snack and discussed the important points related to the raising of jewelry and their subsequent delivery to Spain, came to the following conclusion: if successful, Carlo remains on board the ?Margarita? until returning to Malaga, so that none of the crew did not steal at least part of it he keeps the treasures found in his cockpit under his vigilant eye. The programmer expressed his gratitude to the boss for his trust and promised to prevent the theft of jewelry before returning to Malaga and he would tell him as soon as Gibraltar passed that Marco think out the best option for delivering them to Spain by border guards and customs officers. He wished Carlo good luck in raisin