Сибилёв Анатолий Иванович: другие произведения.

The Adventure of Dick.

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   Anatoliy Sibilov
   Adventure of Fearless Little Dick, His Surprising Meetings with
  Large Butterfly, Gray Wolf, Goldfish, Toothy Pike and Giants.
   My dear friends! This story took place in a small suburb surrounded by fields, meadows and virgin forests. An driver of truck Mr. John Smith and his charming wife Nancy had a son. Dick was blue-eyed child with curly hair the color of rye excessively frisky, naughty, stubborn and did rash actions although mother and father didn't like the way he behaved. The parents were busy and had no time to look what their child did foolish things. Dick tried to not look as the other boys. He did not want to be friend with them because he did not like the way they play hide and seek or ride along a dusty road on homemade scooters. He had completely different interests and liked to jump, to run, to climb on trees and on the roofs of their house. Developed strong not by his age he managed to make a slingshot and made mom to buy butterfly net, she liked him very strong and fulfilled all his wishes.
   Having them, he ran down the street and on the sight of other boys skillfully caught butterflies with butterfly net and instead let them he put ones between sheets of old book in which there were no pictures. After some time he has caught so many butterflies that there were no more place where to put them. But as there were many butterflies and it came easy to him to catch them Dick fled home with the book and returned with a plastic bucket top was covered with nylon net, ran down the street and having caught a butterfly with a butterfly net he immediately threw it into the bucket and she was flying in with no hope to fly out because of tight mesh.
   When in a bucket there was no place for the caught butterflies he ran to the river, drew water with bucket and then poured water with the butterflies in the river but since they were not fish they could not swim and the wings became wet the flow of the river brought them and the strange for Dick it was that they did not take off from the water as geese and ducks. Dick waved them by his hand and again ran to the road to catch butterflies. But since such work chasing butterflies bored him
  and he was tired by evening, he ran out of the house with a slingshot and shoot the cats running around, and even sitting on the wires of chirping sparrows.
   When he gets into a tom cat or a cats they in pain are shouting wildly, screaming and raced into the courtyard but it got worse to sparrows: if a stone hit into them some fell to the ground. Dick was far from a fallen sparrow and soon he began to notice as cat crept, grabbed and ran away. Realizing that he helps the hungry tom cats and cats our shot all evenings hunted for sparrows but since not only the birds and butterflies were bright they tried not to fly here, they became less and soon they did not appear. Dick tried to run down another street but then he was unlucky, he saw a cat near the fence, took aim and shot. The stone get the cat, from pain she strongly was screaming and this times some small straying red dog was running out on the road from fence and snapped at his trouser leg and even bit, he cried out in fear, from court a woman jumped out and decided to help him but she saw in his
  hand a slingshot and on back butterfly net for catching butterflies and immediately grabbed him, took away and cried: "Oh, what a scoundrel, you shot my cute nice cat and Rex, butterflies, and well, let's go to your parents, I will not allow you to run through the streets, shooting at the windows and sparrows. You've caught all butterflies and I now understand why they do not flit and cute birds have flown away from us and do not sing, but I like so much of their singing."
   Realizing that it's impossible easy to get rid of her and tears will not help Dick has to show the way to his house, meanwhile, a woman shouted loudly brandishing a slingshot and attracted the attention of other people, they joined her and soon the crowd of ten women came to the house where Dick lived. Since it was Saturday Dick's father and mother were in the house and heard the cry of Dick at the street they went outside and saw a crowd of women, among them the son and small dog catching in his trouser leg realized that their child had done something bad and need to understand.
   Seeing a parents woman holding an Dick's hand and brandishing with slingshot immediately pounced on the boy's father "Dad, your son to shoot all the sparrows, catching of butterflies, almost killed my red Rex, now I know it he did bad things. I do not want to write the district but if he appears again in our street you will have to leave our village, I take sling, butterfly net like a warning."
   If aunt Katty, the former so-called shell-shocked disabled warrior, was screaming one it would be not so bad but when all women were screaming requiring parents to punish his son and even the threat of eviction from the village made them agitate. Father only repeated to punish son and mother had to take the rap and she immediately turned to the crowd, "Dear women, we will take action, and I can assure you our Dick will no longer run on the street with a slingshot and a butterfly net so that the birds will soon comeback, and sing and lovely butterflies flutter and all will be happy and merry. Remember when you yourselves were children, I do not think that you were the angels, as played pranks in childhood and he is else child and only will go to school in the fall, so do not worry everything will be very good, and we will punish our son, thank you for warning."
   "We believe you, my dear mother, we"ll go home," said aunt Katty, she bent to the dog, whispered something it, Rex opened mouth, came away, Dick became free, he ran to mother and began to cry, a crowd of women looked at him and went to their homes.
   Mother, father and Dick went home and began to check up his leg, they saw small bite and blood, Nancy wasn't afraid, she tore out the leaf of aloe, washed with it wound, after put it on leg, bandaged a wound and said "Our dear charming Dick, three week you"ll be only in the yard, if you go out on the road that evil dog will run to you, bite and then we should take you in hospital, be careful and beware of the small red evil dog."
   "My dear mother and father I"ll never more shoot from slingshot at cats, birds and catch with butterfly net charming butterflies and be obedient boy," said Dick and kissed Mom and Dad.
   Father looked at son, kissed him, smiled and said softly: "Our glorious Dick, I understand your desire to shoot a slingshot, I'll buy a packet of colored inflatable balloons, hang on a rope and we all shoot at them and know who is the accurate shooter."
   "My favorite Daddy, I agree, you"ll blow up balls hang them in the trees at a distance of seven paces from me, and we will shoot them, I want to be a marksman, I"ll not shoot at the window, do not worry, maybe it's of use to me ever in my life. Let mom to join us. Mom, do you agree?" I asked Dick.
   Mom looked at child and said: "Our dear Dick if Dad agree that I too will join you."
   "Well, in that case, Dick, I buy small balls and we"ll learn to shoot, I"ll personally do three slingshots by all the rules," said father, kissed mother, son went out and set to work. Daddy, too, in his youth liked to shoot slingshots, he was no different from their boys, and since he made them himself in the evening three slingshots were ready, he handed one to his wife, Dick and himself. Dick took the slingshot in his hands, turned, and said: "My dear Dad, thank you very much, it is better of my homemade," rushed up to him and kissed.
   "Our Dick, as we agreed we"ll shoot at small balls," said mother and kissed child.
   "Ok as agreed, only to shoot small balls," said father and smiled. Standing beside Dick's mother admired a slingshot made by her husband and then said: "Dick, I previously bought four packs of colored small balls, come on to the garden and try to shoot, who one of us is the most accurate."
   Mom left and soon smiling returned with a box of small balls, Dad blew two dozen ones, hung in garden on the long rope between two thick century-old oaks. Dick took slingshot put pebble, pulled rubber and shot, pebble flew past balls, Mom and Dad were upset and tried to show by personal example what they are and began to shoot but pebbles flew past. Dick tried again to get to the ball and this time pebble again flew past. Mom and dad decided not to disgrace himself of his son and before to shoot long time aimed a ball, but this time the pebbles flew past.
   It is only the seventh Dick's shot proved to be accurate, a pebble hit the blue small ball, it burst with a bang, boy, dad and mom cried for a long time and danced for joy, but for their marksmanship, it's continuous failure: Dad hit the green ball with the fifteenth time, and mother in yellow with the twentieth time. Three days later Dick got nine out of ten small balls, dad struck four and mother only two, parents were delighted and have unanimously proclaimed the son of an excellent
  marksman with a slingshot and promised in a few days to go on a picnic in the woods Dick was delighted and promised father and mother that he'd never come out with a slingshot.
   Dick kept his word, he did not go out on the street with a slingshot but in the courtyard before dinner shot inflated ball and perfectly knocked 19 balls out 20. What is the most important thing in the suburbs came back butterflies and birds, neighbors thanked father and mother that they re-educated disobedient son. Joy was no limit of newly singing birds and butterflies flew fearlessly over all the yards.
   It was Saturday, mom, dad and Dick picked up cherries and when dinner came all sat down at the table and during the meal Dad turned to his son silently said "Dick, I have a day off tomorrow and with mom we decided tomorrow we will go into the forest for a picnic: see bunnies, birds, listen to their singing, gather up a strawberries, mushrooms, flowers, I decided to get to know you with the nature, it's a pity that we did not have time and we never went into the woods. I think slowly we get to it and you, my dear Nancy, prepare food, water, juice and we fine spend time. Do you agree Dick? You'll remember it forever. "
   Dick looked at his father, mother, and said happily: "My dear Mom and Dad, I agree to go with you to the forest, it would be so interesting, thank you, and now I go sleep, it's very hot now, in the evening when it is cool, I'll help collect cherries to you, Mom, cooked compote, I so like it. "
   "Well, Dick, everything will be so, go to bed, sleep a little, you are still little and you need to have a rest," said his mother, smiled and kissed him.
   Dick smiled, kissed his mother, father and went into the house. When Dick fell asleep he had a strange interesting dream: he was sitting by the open window and saw far beyond the river the forest in which he had never been in that his father was going to come with him and his mother on a picnic. Wood was far away but he clearly saw with his own eyes how out of the trees a huge butterfly flew, it was with blue as the sky on the wings that had a lot of red and yellow curve strips. Her big green eyes with a smile, looking at him. Dick has been afraid-if it arrive to the house it can grab him and fly away with him into the wood and then neither Mom nor Dad never find it. But soon the fear has passed, the butterfly flew the closer to home the less she became and when it flew into the yard it was no different from those which were flying in their yard or on a country road. Strange, Dick started waving her by his hand, butterfly realized that she was invited to the house and immediately flew inside, kid wanted to catch it hands but it was so dodgy that he could not even touch it. Dick so was tired out to catch it that from helplessness took a break and lay down on the bed.
   It is not known how long he would be asleep but mom woke up him, she kissed him and said quietly: "My dear Dick, get up, look, in the room is flying unusually beautiful butterfly, but in the yard exactly the same, a lot of them, and besides, it's time for dinner."
   Dick opened his eyes and saw his mother, over him was flying the same butterfly what he saw in a dream, and he immediately said cheerfully: "Mom, I saw her in a dream. Did it actually came flying to us? Yes, it is."
   The kid got up and ran to the window, looked up and saw a lot of butterflies exactly the same one what was flying in the room and somehow unexpectedly for him butterfly flown in the house flew out the window, joined the butterflies and circled in the yard all flew to the forest.
   Dick smiled and shouted: "Lovely butterflies arrive to us, I love you and will never catch you with butterfly net."
   Just strange, butterflies heard him, they turned around and flew back to the yard, they circled and waving its wings again headed for the woods and while they waved their wings, he heard: "Dick, come to the forest and you will see a miracle, we are waiting."
   Kid immediately shouted: "Lovely butterflies, we"ll arrive tomorrow in the fo- rest, meet us."
   He walked away from the window, went to his mother, kissed and said quietly: "Mom, tomorrow we have to be sure to go into the forest, butterflies want to show us a miracle, they're so cute, I"ll not catch with a butterfly net them anymore."
   "That's right, they need love, everyone wants to live and tomorrow we"ll go into the forest in which the butterflies flew away and now we go to eat, Dad is waiting for us in the garden, I baked pancakes, you love them with a sour cream and butter," said Mom and kissed Dick.
   "Well, Mom, come on, I love pancakes with butter and tell dad and you about a dream that I saw," said Dick and with his mother went to the garden, where, during the meal he told her, dad about the dream.
   Dad and Mom listened Dick and when he had finished, they kissed him, smiled and said: "Well, Dick, we go."
   In the afternoon, dad went to the wheat field and mother began to prepare food for a picnic, by plan they are to spend the whole day in the woods. Dick, joy of the upcoming trip, kissed mother, took a basket and went to the garden to pick fallen overripe cherries from the tree, they were very sweet and he loved to eat them and the main one with strawberries make excellent juice.
   The next morning, after a hearty breakfast, mom, dad and Dick went to that part of the forest from which the butterflies flew, it grew up not far from their home, a huge golden sun shone brightly, it was hot, and when they entered it cool covered them, for the first row of large trees the strawberry grew, and they saw a lot of ripe red and yellow berries, father, mother and Dick began to pick it in the basket, little by little they went deep into the thicket, and somehow suddenly Dick saw the same
  butterfly which flew them yesterday, it flew closer to him and Dick heard: "Oh, charming boy, you kept your word, follow me and you will see miracle, there, in deep of the forest there is the Glade of Joy, there my sisters are flying and waiting for you."
   "Well, the butterfly, we follow you, fly to your sisters," said Dick, looked at parents and told them, "Mom and dad the butterfly has flown, it calls us near there is the Glade of Joy and its sisters fly there."
   Mother was close to Dick and saw the butterfly, she waved her hand and said: "My Johnny, we go into the forest, there we"ll see miracle, it is necessary to show it to Oleg, yes, it's close."
   The husband looked at his wife and said happily: "Dear Nancy, I do not mind, let's go, I'll want myself to see a miracle and to show Dick."
   Butterfly was flying, mother, father and Dick were walking after it and soon after thick tall trees they saw the Glade of Joy, it was great. Mom and Dad have been many times in the woods, but never seen this Glade of Joy, and here it is in front of them a real live carpet of flowers of bright colors, all colors of the rainbow blue, orange deep purple, red, yellow and above them butterflies were flying with blue wings and yellow, red stripes and most interesting, they were the size of pigeons
  and even more.
   "Wow," said Dad, "I've never seen such beautiful butterflies, they are gorgeous and huge as doves. And what colors!"
   "Johnny, it is a miracle, such a beautiful butterfly and flowers, they are like roses, only the bigger I enjoy, let's come to them, pick and we shall bring a few flowers home, we will surprise with ones all the neighbors," said Nancy happily.
   "I do not mind, but do not need to go far, we can lose our way among them," said Johnny and headed to the flowers, his wife took Dick's hand and followed him. Just a miracle the closer they approach to flowers the more they became. When Johnny, Nancy and Dick found themselves near the flowers no doubt that they were the roses, the fragrance which came from the roses pleasantly is intoxicating. Rose bushes so thick grew together besides there were great number big and small needles that to go deep into glade was impossible as to like to tear off them. But most importantly, they are due to high rosebushes higher their growth lost sight of butterflies and standing while Nancy sadly quiet pronounced "Johnny, let's climbed the tree and from height we shall see the whole valley."
   "I do not mind, let's go to a tall tree, out on the edge, it have a mighty strong thick branches and hardly fell off to the ground, "Johnny said and all slowly went to him.
   They came to a spreading oak, thick branches started from two meters so it was not difficult to climb, Mom looked at Dick and said happily: "Dick, soon we will be on the tree, when I was still a young girl then climbed on any tree so that it is to climb on this tree we can without difficulty. Johnny, I climbed, you give me Dick, you"ll climb yourself and we see what's in the middle of the Glade of Joy, high rose bushes were not allowed to pass into the inside, to the centre of glade plainly to see that there is there, it seems to me some little animals frolic among the flowers," said mother and climbed a tree. Having been on the strong oak, she bent down and dad gave her Dick, she took him and soon all three of them admired with seen in the middle of the glade. It was a miracle white hares gray wolves, brown bears, and even horned goats jumped. Playing together, they threw up a big dandelions and catching them.
   The kid wanted a better look at them and asked the father to lift him to another branch at this time mother said: "Dick, you see a magical world, asking you to be kind with respect to birds, butterflies and mosquitoes, the nature need to love, remember about this, we all climbed even higher up the tree and see the fantastic world better. "
   Mom immediately climbed to the next branch, Dad gave her Dick immediately jumped up and turned on the broad branch, all freely placed on it, our baby saw there wonderful picture- in the meadow looks like a huge multicolored woven carpet of flowers: white bunnies, gray wolves, brown bears and horned goats serenely played, it was very interesting, but as Dick was high off the ground his head suddenly began to swim, and he flew down crying in fear, "Dad, Mom, help me."
   But parents have not heard the voice of their son because became keen with unusual fantastic spectacle. This time the baby was falling, or rather as a feather was flying down, at last his feet touched the soft blanket and when Dick opened his eyes he saw in front of him a huge blue wings with red and yellow stripes and he would not believe his eyes, but this time, Dick heard a strange thin child's voice: "My dear friend! I am live defenseless and harmless butterfly, do not be afraid of me, my wing is broken, I can not get up and fly. Please, help me, free my wing of the fallen on it big strawberry berries, look up, you will see them."
   Dick looked up and saw such a large bright red berries which he has never seen in his life, each of them was size with huge pumpkin which his mother grew in the garden. At the same time before his eyes a tremendous head of butterfly appeared It was with green eyes measure with strawberry berry lying on the wing. From a fear little Dick fell on the soft green grass and soon again heard the voice of a butterfly: "A good kind boy, help me to free from them, and then you will fly with me to my sisters sit on my back, and with a height you"ll see green field, colorful
  meadows, pink valley and blue river, there goldfish live and you can talk to them."
   Dick was surprised that a butterfly was talking to him with human voice, he opened his eyes, looked at it, and when fully saw her, butterfly seemed to him like a huge light blue eagle and berries lying on the wing, there were so high that he could get them only with a long stick.
   "Oh dear defenseless kind butterfly," said Dick. "I will help you, do not worry, but for this I need a long stick, I'll run into the woods and you wait for me, I will be back soon."
   "Well, pronounced butterfly, go, I'll wait for you, good charming boy."
   Dick ran into a green forest, grown near the pink valley, he found a young tree resembling bamboo, got penknife with which he never parted, and effortlessly cut it with a bear spear on the end. When he moved to the valley with grown on it blue flowers and roses, not far from the butterfly out of the bushes of wild rose rushed out huge gray wolf with disheveled hair, he blocked the road but Dick did not frighten it, smiled, and with his screw up eyes slyly said, "Good morning little darling little white hare, my name is Dick the Fearless, I saw you as you were playing with a red bear."
   "I'm not a little hare, he cried with human voice, I am a big gray wolf, my name is Smook the Insatiable, I want to eat you and the butterfly because I'm hungry and do not play with the bears, I'm afraid of them."
   And Dick then said, "Well, Smook the Insatiable! How will you eat me if you, my dear, are old toothless wolf!?"
   "Dear Dick the Fearless! I am a young wolf with long big sharp teeth, made indignant he, you just look at them," and he opened his mouth. He was so big that Dick could freely fit in it, he saw a long, sharp teeth capable gnaw any granite stone and Dick calmly continued: "Dear wolf Smook the Insatiable! Your teeth are not so long and I would like to measure it, is it really you are able to bite a butterfly and me, please darling open your mouth over the entire width."
   Wolf was young and stupid, he opened his mouth very wide, Dick's stick was long and he broke it, stuffed short stick in the mouth of wolf and with malice said: "Grey wolf, shut your mouth a minute, I've measured them and I note, yes, your teeth are strong, they can bite any tree, and even granite stone. "
   Wolf wanted to close his mouth completely but the sharp ends of the stick cut in soft gums, it cried out wildly from strong pain and wept, tears flowed a stream of his green eyes. Oleg looked at the wolf and happily said: "Silly wolf, Smook the Insatiable, go home, parents will bite stick, you can freely eat, speak, only ask you not to hunt hares and butterflies, good-bye, mom and dad have to help you."
   The wolf crying and hopping ran home and butterfly seen all with its eyes said, "Oh boy, I thought that will be end to us, you have kept me alive, thank you very much. I will never forget you and, if I can fly you"ll fly with me and I'll show you our amazing fabulously wonderful world. "
   "Well, pronounced Dick. Wait for me, I'll run for a new stick and help you my dear defenseless butterfly."
   Dick happily ran into the woods, cut a long stick with bear spear, returned to the butterfly and immediately began to shake off the berries, he pierced them with sharp stick, they were juicy, fragrant juice flows down a stream. Dick opened his mouth, began to drink juice and soon felt the extra-ordinary surge of strength in his body, legs and arms-juice was just magical. Boy has become a real athlete, threw a stick in the side, grabbed the strawberry stem and began to shake around with such force that the berries come off and berries flew to the side. Dick put forces pulled the stem of strawberry tree, uproot it, he threw side and completely freed blue butterfly wing from strawberry berries.
   "Oh lovely boy, said happily c butterfly, -Now lift my wing, but be careful, do not break it."
   Dick looked at the wing-it's like sail of boats, he crawled under it, stretched his hands and palms touched the silky soft fabric of wing and began to pick up, blue wings became even. He stepped aside, butterfly confidently waved them, took off the ground and flew in the sky, very beautiful, with light blue wings and there were a lot of red and yellow stripes with round spots of bright golden, green colors. Soon she returned, landed down next to him and said, "Thank you good boy, my name is Gilla and I would like to meet you, to know your name."
   "My name is Dick,-with joy boy said, and smiled - Gilla, you're gorgeous and I'm so sorry defenseless butterfly, you have many enemies: foxes, wolves."
   She looked at him and pronounced, "Thank you Dick, now with you I'm afraid nothing and nobody, jump on my back, I'll fly with you, you"ll see our world and then fly to the river there real live goldfish live, jump, do not hesitate!"
   The butterfly was much more of an eagle and Dick thought that he'd not jump on its back, but he tried, pushed off, as a feather flew up and found himself in the back of a butterfly. Gilla waved wings, took off the ground and flew into the blue sky. Our hero kid with bird's-eye view saw green forests, valleys with roses and flowers of all colors, silver lakes, rivers, it was fantastical world-above his head was shining golden sun-here day reigned. It seemed strange to him at the horizon from the mountains floated a blue moon with a lot of bright red stars, and how Gilla explained him here the day was over and there the night comes and when they arrive to the goldfish would be midnight.
   Since Gilla flew toward the mountains it will soon become dark, but the most interesting thing is the river over which they were flying was light, as if someone had a huge lantern and lighted it on the inside and Dick saw a sandy bonanza with green algae, splendid flowers and lots fish of silver and golden hue. The river suddenly began to expand, the butterfly soon began to lower at its widest point, hung in mid air and he heard the voice of Gilla: "Good amazing Dick! We arrived, jump into the water and you spend with charming goldfish all night, as all light day they hide by buried themselves in the mud from fish of pray, pike."
   Dick looked down and saw gold fish the size of a dolphin, they noticed a butterfly and made a very real dances- whirled, jumped of water, dived raising a myriad of gild, silver drops, spray. They flew up and from the top fell on the butterfly, Dick and strangely none of them did not soak him, suddenly dolphins with human voice shouted: "Butterfly Gilla and boy! Good evening, we ask you to us, dive, we are waiting, we are pleased to see you. "
   It was strange to Dick as the fish could speak with human voice, he rejoiced and shouted: "Good evening goldfish, I am glad to see you too, but I'm afraid to dive, it's very high, I"ll get broken."
   Butterfly joined him and said velvet voice: "Good evening, my goldfish, I'm glad to see you."
   Then Gilla in their native language is something enthusiastically covered in detail to fish, they listened carefully to her and when finished they started emerges from the water and shouted in unison: "Dear fearless Dick, jump!"
   Dick wanted to jump but he was afraid, it seemed to him that he was standing on a high bridge and below the water, but the fear soon passed, he jumped into the river, the most interesting thing he was flying as a feather and felt no pain in contact with water, and when he was under water strangely, Dick didn't choke and wet, goldfish immediately surrounded him to became acquainted, they called their names, the chief Dora told him: "Wonderful charming Dick! In our river you'll never drown, and if you can not swim then we'll teach and when you get tired to sit on my back, we"ll swim and show our fantastic underwater world, which no end in
  sight. "
   "Lovely goldfish, I can not swim, teach me, please," said Dick.
   "Dick, with great pleasure we"ll teach you to swim," cried the fish.
   Soon the Goldfish taught to swim Dick. To go for underwater trips a long distances helped Dora: he sat down on her back, swam quickly, stop occurred under very morning near the tall and thick green algae. Dick went down on a golden sand and heard the charming voice of Dora, "Oh, Dick, butterfly Gilla told us how you saved it, and now we turn to you for help, you have to rid us of a giant, voracious, predatory, crazy pike swimming into our kingdom and swallowing indiscriminately our dear brothers and sisters its huge toothy mouth and we see how reduce our origin before our very eyes. It will take some time and we comp- letely disappear. Our dear Dick, you really admit to it. it cannot be allowed."
   "Never! Cried he, -I love you my dear beautiful creatures, show me her kingdom, and I"ll teach it, your tormentor, crazy pike."
   "Oh Dick, -whispered a fish -You just look at those green algae with a golden color, it sailed and hided, pike opened her mouth and ready to attack. Pike saw you and in confusion, it scared, look at it."
   Dick turned his gaze toward the green algae and saw a huge gray with brown spots pike with an open mouth- teeth like two saws sharp, long, able to bite any tree. The little brave spirit not afraid of her and shouted: "My dear fish do not fear, I with you and make it such that it will forever forget way to you, look! "
   Dick took out a rubber balloon, blew it, swam closer to the pike and menacing voice said loudly: "Good evening dear respected pike, my name is Dick the Guard, the Governor. Now and forever I will defend my gold fish from you, and if you want to stay alive in the future you will never swim here to swallow them. Do you see in my hand a large stone, tell me? "
   This pike was a young, fearless but stupid and having seen the ball as big as her head loudly, confidently said: "Dick the Guard, the Governor, my name is Tina the Voracious, very pleased to meet you. Yes, I see the stone, so what ?! I sleep under them there are even greater."
   Dick to scare her shouted: "Tina the Voracious! Just you look what I'll do with the stone."
   Dick swam closer, tied the ball to algae, swam back, pulled out a slingshot, put a sharp stone in a leather patch, pulled rubber and shot. At the view of astonished goldfish and toothy pike ball with a deafening crash ripped to shreds and scattered in different directions.
   Dick looked menacing at predator and said: "Dear Tina the Voracious, toothy pike I say, if you appear here again, and I'll see you, your body after my shot will be smashed to pieces."
   And pike in fright mumbled, "Oh, Dick the Guard and the Governor, I"ll never swim here, and I will not eat goldfish, only green algae, good bye" -and it immediately swam away.
   "The fearless Dick! shouted Goldfish. Great thank you, we will never forget you, our savior."
   "Good-bye goldfish, he said, Gilla, the butterfly, is waiting for me, we will fly to her sisters, they can not wait for it."
   "Dick, we have a little time, you swam all night and you are hungry on the way to the Gill you make a trip to our underwater garden, you will enjoy the flowers that give extraordinary power you, your body, you saw we long and quickly swam under water, you do not believe we'd swum from one end of our underwater world to other "-pronounced Dora," sit on my back and we swim to him and then to the Gilla, it will fly to that time to us."
   Well, my dear fish, yes, I must admit, I am tired a little and I am hungry, and agree to swim to your underwater garden," said Dick and climbed on the back of Jilla. Fish swam so fast and there was such beauty around that from seen he had captured the spirit of green and golden algae with hanging on them round fruits, they resembled colorful bulbs and here the water was as bright as day. So they swam to the arch of golden algae and swum it they found themselves among the unusual flowers of every color of the rainbow. In the distance the water with casca-
  de falling from a cliff and subtle wave shook the flowers, heads were swinging and miracle hitting each other they create a nice melodious ringing. The waterfall was unusual, water with silver shadow fell unevenly, and so the water as the waves rocked the uneven and jingle amplified or weakened. Dora swam up the waterfall, the water with cascade fell on him but he did not feel that it was pressing him, and what is most interesting moistened him.
   Dora swam the flowers and said, "Dick we sailed, but you do not get down may tear the petals and eat in this place from growing these amazing sweet, soar flowers water taste differs from the ordinary, try and say.
   "Thank you, Dora and fish, I drink water, it looks like strawberry, cherry juice, now I try the petals," said Dick and began to pluck and eat. Oh miracle, when he tore off he heard jingle, boy so carried away to pluck them that soon all the underwater space filled with a wonderful melody that all fish came in motion and whirling dance. But since it was necessary to meet with Jilla which flew to them that he soon noticed how a space filled with bright light and through the water Dick saw edge of the sun, the morning began and suddenly saw flying up Gilla, its blue wings, sails gently swinging in the air.
   "Dick, here and it is time of parting," said Dora, "Jilla arrived, I and all my sisters are so grateful for your help, we will not fear Pike the Voracious, goodbye hero and tell Gilla how you helped us, thank you."
   "And you, my beloved goldfish thanks, I saw these miracles that I will remember for a lifetime, good-bye," said Dick and waved with his hand to goldfish.
   Goldfish circled around him, swam up and after a while surfaced. Dick saw a butterfly, it did him, goldfish, all were happy the long-awaited meeting, he stood up on the back of Dora, jumped, turned out on the wing of a butterfly and with Jilla cried out: "Good-bye cute goldfish, I love you, see you soon," and flew up. Our little hero for a long time was looking around and waving their hands to fish.
   Goldfish shouted in unison: "Good-bye Dick, Gilla, we love you, see you soon," dove into the water and disappeared from view.
   When they flew to the sisters it was morning, the sun shone brightly and Dick told Gilla about his impressions during his stay in the underwater kingdom, about a meeting with gold fish and with a stupid toothy pike Tina the Voracious as she got away with the fear and with its promise to not feed them, and their stay in an underwater garden.
   And butterfly said, "Oh, Dick, you are so fearless, a good boy, I want you to always helped not only me but also all my sisters, near the Valley of Blue Flowers and Pink Roses there are high mountains with snow peaks and between cliffs there is Gorge of Fear and not far the Giants live, they have a boy, he is very bad, evil and when we fly to amazing valley to drink the magic nectar from flowers and return to our Sun Valley every time he hunts us with his long yellow butterfly net and the number of butterflies with each passing day becomes less and less, help us, just you, the fearless and brave hero can punish this naughty bad fool."
   "Well, my dear Gilla,"- said Dick, "I"ll teach this little giants-, fighter of defenseless butterflies, let's fly to him, he will long remember me."
   "Oh, Dick, at first we will fly to my sisters and then start with them to the wonderful Valley of Blue Flowers and Pink Roses," pronounced Gilla with joy.
   When Gilla and Dick arrived in the Sun Valley and butterfly saw them they could not believe that their sister was still alive. All believed that wolves or foxes ate it: in the last flight to the Valley of Blue Flowers and Pink Roses that boy, the son of the Giants, with a butterfly net wounded Gilla, it was strong wind, it grabbed butterfly, carried it toward the Strawberry Valley inhabited by wild animals and it is from height fell to the strawberry tree.
   There was a familiarity, all were cheerful, Gilla told them as a good boy Dick helped it and gold fish. Joyful butterfly began to thank him and then devised a plan to punish the boy, the son of the Giants.
   Dick looked at the butterfly and said, "My dear defenseless beauty! At first one of you will fly with me, and near the house inhabited by giants we"ll lower to the ground, I'll stay, it will come back to you and you will know that I was there. As we fly by night then it is time to sleep and giants will not notice us, you all flight the next day early in the morning as soon as the sun begins to rise and when fly up to the house you"ll see me one butterfly lowers on the ground, I made her go up to
  the sky and join you. I want you to raise the bad boy in the sky, let him fly with you, but for that I need all of you to link with the thin strong nylon fishing-line, it will not tear and will withstand the giant, if you agree."
   "Oh dear, Dick -said Gilla with joy. We all agree, we are thousands of butterflies and we will raise this boy in the sky, even if he is giant.
   And butterflies shouted in unison: "Oh, Dick, are you clever, bright, courageous, contact us, we agree."
   Two days Dick linked butterflies, he explained to them how they will fly in the sky, everyone understood and at his eyes made the flight, landed safely on the ground. Dick again reminded them that they all together at the same time in the morning will rise into the sky and fly to the home of the giants. That butterfly who is not tied to them on his signal from the ground lower to him, then he will join with it to butterflies, tie an end to the fishing line to which they are linked together, all rise high in the sky, and the boy, the son of the giants soar into the sky.
   Since Gilla was clever and chief over its sisters, it repeated sequence of actions, and only after that he started to home of giant on the other butterfly. They arrived at midnight, this time the giant father, mother and son were sleeping in their home, on their powerful snoring even shuddered land.
   Dick jumped to the ground, a butterfly flew back, without hesitation he went to the house, looked through the open window and saw the sleeping giants on the floor. Dick immediately went into the yard, made a noose and put it on the ground, walked a tree and not having closed eyes stood waiting till dawn when the giants would wake up.
   Giants woke up early in the morning and appeared in the yard, Mom and Dad were tall, tree height, thick and clumsy as their son looked thin, he probably was eating without appetite, half the growth of his father, very smart, all the time was running around the yard and continually turns its gaze into the blue sky. Dick stood behind a tree and looking out of it saw the giants, he suddenly heard a cry of joy of
  young giant: "Mom, Dad, look at the sky, butterflies fly into the valley today we will have a good tasty delicious meal."
   Dick looked like giants in the sky and saw the linked butterflies flying to the home of the giants, they were all different from each other of coloring wings. It seemed in the sky the wind blew a huge blanket of every color of the rainbow and it was flying to the home of giants. Little giant rushed to the spot where in the middle of the yard lay butterfly net, his foot got in a loop, Dick immediately pulled the fishing line and the boy-giant did not even feel as a noose squeezed his leg, he did not take the butterfly net and waited when butterflies would fly up closer to home. Dick ran from the tree and waved with a green branch, butterflies spotted him, one of them flew to him, lowered, Dick rushed to it, jumped on back and they flew into the sky to the butterflies tied with nylon fishing line. When he flew up them the end of his nylon fishing line he attached to one that hung tied together with butterflies and shouted: "Gilla, all butterflies rise up to the sky."
   They heard his call and butterflies flew up to the blue clouds. Boy giant suddenly fell on his back, soon invisible force pulled him up, here he was high in the sky upside down, he was scared and from fear thundering voice cried out: "Mommy, Daddy! Save your only son!"
   Giants were at home, when they heard the voice of his son ran out into the yard and saw him high in the sky near the blue clouds. They began to run around the yard waving his long arms in an attempt to help his kid, but what they were high their arms did not reach clouds. Mother-giantess wept with tears and asked the butterflies to release their son. Dick turned to the boy, "Little giant, my name is Dick the Fearless, call your name and say butterflies that you will never hunt them and I release you immediately."
   Everyone has heard his voice and the parents shouted: "Oh dear delicious butterflies, release our dear little son, he never in his life will not be hunting for you."
   The boy tearfully addressed the butterflies, "Oh lovely creations, my name Strom Fowler, please, release me, I will not hunt you for the sake of delicious food ever in my life, I'll be a good boy."
   Dick cried again, "Oh giants, take net and break, and burn it and I will release your son, Strom Fowler."
   "Well,"- said mother-giantess, -caught butterfly net, broke at several parts, kindled the firewood and in full view of all the butterflies burned it.
   Butterflies were excited and happy, began to lowered to the land, and when feet of baby's parents giants touched grass Dick with his penknife cut fishing line, Strom Fowler fell but parents ran up, they raised him to his feet and embracing, kissing his beloved child, watched the butterflies flying over them. They were heading to the Gorge of Fear behind which, according to Gilla, the Valley of Blue
  Flowers and Pink Roses began.
   During his flight, Dick with penknife cut the nylon fishing line linking the butterflies flew past the Gorge of Fear and got in the Valley of Blue Flowers and Pink Roses surrounded by high mountains with snow-capped peaks with an unusually beautiful and fragrant flowers and roses. Each butterfly chose its favorite flower and sitting on it smelled unusually fragrant aroma, drank nectar and dew. Dick stretched out his hand, tore a small fragrant flower with drops of dew on the petals and began to drink it, to inhale the aroma coming from the flowers and made drunk, baby felt low in the body, closed his eyes and fell asleep.
   And you imagine yourself during sleep Dick turned to the other side, flank ... and fell to the floor, he cried out in pain and fear, "Mom."
   She was in the room, heard his voice, ran up to him, took child her arms and kissed him. Dick saw his mother, kissed her, told her about his dream and said: "My dear mother, I"ll catch butterflies, flies, mosquitoes only in the house and yard, bring ones to the fence and let them fly to their families!"
   And his mom said, "All right Dick, you, we, all have to love nature, all living, creatures, all who were born to live."
   In their spare time, father, mother and Dick use to go to the forest, the kid took his little flute and played to the birds, squirrels, they listened to him with great interest, and sometimes they reached the clearing, climbed a tree and admire how to play with each other gray wolves, white eared bunnies and brown bears, imagine, everyone was very happy. Dick played them a pipe, but they were very far and didn't hear the melody and continued to play ...
   Anatoly Sibilov
   May 12, 2003- July 25, 2015
   Anatoliy Sibilov
   309 East 118 Str, Apt 4D
   New York, NY 10035, USA
   Tel (212) 410 3962
   E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru
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