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The Reconstruction of Big City

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   Dear editors of the newspaper the New York Times in your newspaper at first sight there is interesting to anything non-binding motto "All the news that's fit to print". I sent in your newspaper a few interesting articles on Modern Compact City that is needed to change mankind lives for better. Whether out of envy or so that people did not know about my project but the news you throw in the basket because I am an unknown man in the street and it was not given mind to me to create projects that can invent professors, doctors and academics. And I took and invented it even leading light in science could not hit upon an idea. I would in your place threw of pride and envy, and published my article, instead of that which fills the empty column. And since you do not print all the news and the only spot I on your place never printed as others newspapers do. Who needs it.
   Anatoly Sibilov
   Reconstruction of the big cities
   Ladies and gentlemen! You misunderstand me and think that I make you to do the reconstruction of New York, and all the great cities of the world that seems to the authorities suffocate of the unsolved problems of transport or to build my modern compact Cibilla City. So I created a project, I so planned the city planned that solved the problem of urban traffic including the half-empty buses toiling along like turtles unpopular with urban residents. And it should be noted that the time is money a crucial factor of our lives, we count not only hours, but minutes and even seconds such hasty century and if we lose hours on the trip it has been thrown out of life time and money. I suggest something to humanity, of course it will be expensive but as they say the game is worth the candle. Ladies and gentlemen, let's review my project to the public and let everyone express their opinion my project of a compact, modern Cibilla City whether need people of our planet. I do not ask from you any money or fame, show and tell about my project simply because it has matured a critical time when you need to change the layout of the city with a aim to the normal operation of transport. A few days ago from the FDR highway we went to Park Avenue, 30 minutes, roughly consider 2.4 mile, the other a citizen spent an hour to travel up of highway on the Hudson. And if in the city a million cars and they instead of a 14-minute ride get to the goal an hour or more too goal then they create a headache yourself, the city authorities and even the President of the country, which wants to reduce the emissions of harmful gases by 32% by 2030 year. And if at that time in New York will live at least 17 million and 7 million cars from the East River to the Hudson River will require two hours if there is no reconstruction of the city with the plan I have proposed. I understand when I suggest Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio not to do reconstruction of the city but at least through the channel NY1 (my reference to him as to the editors of newspapers remained unanswered) to show and tell the essence of my project that he and indeed all show absolute indifference, there is not the slightest interest to my project from an unknown person. I know to whom I am referring to print or show on TV as my project has no moral qualms and they display extraordinary malice, envy, that I, an unknown man in the street passed ahead of general architects and planners, took the glory and money that such a layout of the City never arise in their heads. Because I tell all do not try my project to pass off as yours it long time posted on YouTube anatoliy sibilov click My Channel and see my movie Anatoliy Sibilov New Cbilla City then Videos. Interesnee for you to read my fiction novel "Notes of the chronicler of the life on Earth from 2050 by 2096 and travel to distant planets Approxima." ---- Magazine "samizdat" .Sibilёv Anatoly Ivanovich. Samizdat or Zhurnal.lib.ru/editors/s/sibilew_a_i/----
   With regard to urban renewal that is a matter of national importance, millions of people are doing the work the use of which is visible to the naked eye, and all costs not only to pay off and will bring huge profits, it's nice to race on the car or the bus on the thoroughfares of the city without any traffic lights without the headache from point A to point B, and you take your breath away from the trip itself, and that beauty which was created by the architects, engineers, workers hundreds of specialties. With modern building techniques including bulldozer, dump trucks and mixers, plus sand, gravel, cement, high-strength construction materials can be any terrain changed beyond recognition, and to adapt to the implementation of the project.
   Designers and architects in the UAE showed the world an artificial islands in the sea and the highest skyscraper in the world, dreamlike luxury, architectural masterpieces but even they are not smart enough to design cities to break it down into blocks and pave the highway through which rushed incessantly cars and buses. It would be a masterpiece, but it is a pity missed a chance and now I propose to use my other project and it will be or not you want a masterpiece of urban planning, the best mankind has not invented. Someone tries to change the length, width unit building to take credit, but this will not work, and accept the idea that it was not created by you it was done be me. Not only me but also my children, friends will be watching that someone did not appropriate and gave out me for their. You will not engage in reconstruction of the city it's your problem, and in future they will have an effect on the way the global warming which they say and are afraid of, and it is a reality.
   Several thousand years ago, slaves not having the technology that serves us built the Pyramids in Egypt, the height of 149 meters and in China, the Great Wall is longer than 4900 kilo meters, built not for fun but for practical purposes, the people admire and praise them. So I suggest you to build my Compact Modern Cibilla City or reconstruct the city with only one practical purpose to make a difference, actually reduce harmful emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere to 50%, to reduce the greenhouse effect to a minimum, prevent global warming in order that did not melt the ice of the Arctic and Antarctic and humanity did not found under multi meter layer of water with cities, suburbs and cars. I understand that as a result of general urban renewal may fall under the demolition of thousands of buildings and skyscrapers but it is much more harmless than all drowning under water, the buildings and skyscrapers can be built in the new building blocks and will look more interesting and attractive when the red line will be on the lines or even a little to the side. But I repeat, our cities will be with a beautiful buildings and without ugly chaotic layout that creates a headache from all of the layman to the president. So ladies and gentlemen, let's review my project on the public and let everyone express their opinion whether my project need a compact, modern city Sybil people of our planet, it is not one city but many that there was chaos in the cities, and keep the atmosphere by the greenhouse effect .
   Anatoly Sibilov,
   New York, July 11, 2015
   E mail: sibilov2011@yandex.ru
   Tel: (212) 410 3962
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